Outward How To Craft Tent

Simple Tent

Simple Tent
Item Details
Class Deployable
Type Tent
Effects -5%Staminacost of actions
Weight 5.0
Buy 32
Sell 10
Object ID 5000010

Simple Tentis a form of tent that is frequently seen in the Outward direction and is used forResting.


Well-made tent that helps protect against the weather, compared to a bedroll. Sleeping in this tent gives a small bonus to stamina use.


Provides the following benefits to the “Sleep: Simple Tent” buff:

Icon Name Duration Effects
Sleep: Simple Tent 2400 seconds (40 minutes)

Acquired From

Sources that are one of a kind Sources from Merchants

Source Quantity Chance Locations
David Parks, Craftsman 1 100% Harmattan
Felix Jimson, Shopkeeper 1 – 2 100% Harmattan
Patrick Arago, General Store 2 100% New Sirocco
Shopkeeper Doran 1 100% Cierzo
Shopkeeper Lyda 1 100% Monsoon
Shopkeeper Pleel 1 100% Berg

Sources of Loot Containers

Source Quantity Chance Locations
Adventurer’s Corpse 1 6.9% The Slide,Ziggurat Passage
Chest 1 6.9% Abandoned Living Quarters,Abrassar,Ancestor’s Resting Place,Bandit Hideout,Bandits’ Prison,Chersonese,Corsair’s Headquarters,Dead Roots,Destroyed Test Chambers,Dock’s Storage,Electric Lab,Enmerkar Forest,Forest Hives,Forgotten Research Laboratory,Ghost Pass,Giants’ Village,Hallowed Marsh,Heroic Kingdom’s Conflux Path,Holy Mission’s Conflux Path,Immaculate’s Camp,Jade Quarry,Levant,Mansion’s Cellar,Necropolis,Oil Refinery,River’s End,Spire of Light,Tree Husk,Undercity Passage,Vigil Pylon,Voltaic Hatchery
Corpse 1 6.9% Abrassar,Blister Burrow,Blood Mage Hideout,Destroyed Test Chambers,Forgotten Research Laboratory
Hollowed Trunk 1 6.9% Antique Plateau,Enmerkar Forest,Hallowed Marsh,Hive Trap,Reptilian Lair
Junk Pile 1 6.9% Abandoned Living Quarters,Abandoned Storage,Abrassar,Ancestor’s Resting Place,Ancient Foundry,Ark of the Exiled,Berg,Cabal of Wind Temple,Caldera,Cierzo (Destroyed),Corrupted Cave,Corrupted Tombs,Dark Ziggurat Interior,Destroyed Test Chambers,Electric Lab,Face of the Ancients,Ghost Pass,Harmattan,Heroic Kingdom’s Conflux Path,Levant,Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility,Mansion’s Cellar,Monsoon,Montcalm Clan Fort,Necropolis,Oil Refinery,Oily Cavern,Old Sirocco,Ruined Outpost,Steam Bath Tunnels,Stone Titan Caves,Sulphuric Caverns,The Eldest Brother,The Grotto of Chalcedony,The Slide,Vendavel Fortress,Vigil Pylon,Ziggurat Passage
Knight’s Corpse 1 6.9% Captain’s Cabin,Corrupted Tombs,Damp Hunter’s Cabin,Jade Quarry,The Grotto of Chalcedony,Under Island
Looter’s Corpse 1 6.9% Abandoned Living Quarters,Ancient Foundry,Bandit Hideout,Royal Manticore’s Lair,Wendigo Lair
Ornate Chest 1 6.9% Dead Tree,Vendavel Fortress,Voltaic Hatchery
Soldier’s Corpse 1 6.9% Ancient Hive,Dead Roots,Heroic Kingdom’s Conflux Path
Stash 1 6.9% Berg

The sources listed above were created in real time. To force an update of the data, please click here.


Each tent has its own special effect, and higher quality tents usually offer a greater stamina bonus for sleeping.

Icon Name Weight Effects
Calygrey Bone Cage 5.0 +0.25Healthper second +10%Physicaldamage bonus
Camouflaged Tent 4.0 Ambushchance greatly reduced +5%Stealth-10%Staminacost of actions
Corruption Totemic Lodge 5.0 -15%Staminacosts +10%Decaydamage bonus -35%Lightningresistance
Ethereal Totemic Lodge 5.0 -15%Staminacosts +10%Etherealdamage bonus -35%Physicalresistance
Fire Totemic Lodge 5.0 -15%Staminacosts +10%Firedamage bonus -35%Frostresistance
Fur Tent 6.0 +10Cold Weather Def-15%Staminacosts
Ice Totemic Lodge 5.0 -15%Staminacosts +10%Frostdamage bonus -35%Fireresistance
Improvised Bedroll 2.0
Lightning Totemic Lodge 5.0 -15%Staminacosts +10%Lightningdamage bonus -35%Decayresistance
Luxury Tent 6.0 FasterHealthrecovery from RestAmbushchance increased -20%Staminacost of actions
Mage Tent 3.0 Reduces the amount of burntManafrom sleeping by half -15%Manacosts
Plant Tent 0.2 RefillsHungerandDrink+10Hot Weather Def
Scourge Cocoon 2.0 RaisesCorruptionwhile sleeping Reduces the rate at which maxManais burnt while sleeping -5%Staminacost of actions
Simple Tent 5.0 -5%Staminacost of actions

Outward Tent Recipes with ingredients,nutritions,instructions and related recipes

16th of February, 2016 (Recipe via the Colorado Outward Bound Columbine Cookbook) Cooking Suggestions for the Winter. Keep an eye on your fire. If you’re going to be cooking with wood, put down a layer of. Fromoutwardbound.org 7 minutes is the estimated reading time.


2019-04-05· Outward is an open world role-playing game in which you must make various items and explore a mystery environment filled with numerous perils in order to progress. After completing your quest and collecting new recipes, you will be able to manufacture new and stronger weapons and armor as you go through the game. In this tutorial, we’ll go through all of the different recipes. Fromgamersaddikt.com 40 seconds is the estimated reading time.


2019-04-03· A poisoned Horror Bow is one of the most effective long-range weapons in Outward. To create this unique weapon, complete the instructions in the following recipe: 1x Horror Chitin; 2x Horror Chitin Fromgameskinny.com Reading Time Estimated at 3 minutes


Fromyoutube.com, you may play Facebook:rpg, which is one of the finest RPGs that is comparable to Fallout.


Guide to the Best Early Bag Locations on the Outward Bound! The most effective weapons are: list=PLl Xou7GtCi407LzJFV3j0tDO4Q-Q22vg index=4 list=PLl Xou7GtCi407LzJFV3j0tDO4Q-Q22vg From youtube.com, an early video.


Recipes for Outward Crafting, updated on April 02, 2019. Salt is a difficult-to-find substance that is used in a variety of cuisines in Outward and allows you to produce simple Travel Rations so that you can travel over the world. Cierzo is the finest you’ve got. Fromsegmentnext.com


2019-03-28· Making recipes is a process that allows you to manufacture products that are necessary for survival in Outward. Recipes from your survival menu, prepared without the use of a Cooking Pot or an Alchemy Kit. This tutorial will show you how to complete all of the crafting recipes in the Outward game. Please keep in mind that this is the most recent version of the list. I hope you enjoy it. a comprehensive list of all crafting recipes and supplies You may create these recipes on your own.


Outward – A Guide to Crafting Recipes. 0 votes were cast. Rating for this article. Recipes for Making Crafts – A Guide. Create Almost Anywhere. Recipes from your survival menu, prepared without the use of a Cooking Pot or an Alchemy Kit. The arrow (x3) represents wood plus iron scrap. (x3) = iron scrap + thick grease = bullet (x3) . Ice-Flame. Fromen.magicgameworld.com


On December 20th, 2020, all crafting recipes will be sent forth; the Debug Menu will be sent outward; the Biggest Backpack will be sent outward; all factions will be sent outward; and the whole skill tree will be sent outward.

How to Make Money on the Outside; Guide to Outward Achievements; Guide to Outward Efficient Cooking; In order to achieve. Fromyekbot.com


a total of 11 rows The Simple Tent is a style of tent seen in Outward that is used for resting purposes. Provides the “Sleep: Simple Tent” ability. Fromoutward.fandom.com ClassDeployableTypeTentEffects acts have a 5% cost in terms of stamina Weight5.0


2020-03-01 Outward: Recipes – A Comprehensive Guide. 06/04/2021 Alperda Gorria’s blog was published on March 1, 2020. The following is the table of contents. Supplies crafting, food crafting, alchemy crafting, and weapons crafting are all examples of crafts. It is essential in a huge universe of role-playing games, such as Outward, that we acquire certain positions that will allow us to withstand the complicated problems we will face on a majority of our journeys. As a result, under the Let’s Talk about section, Fromhablamosdegamers.com Reading Time Estimated at 3 minutes


04/04/2019 Outward- All Crafting Recipe For Foods, Drinks, Potions, and Elixir (2019-04-05 By ang3l191 in Linux, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One 5th of April, 2019 Outward is an open world role-playing game in which you may team up with your pals and explore some mythical monsters or dungeon bosses as a group of individuals. Fromgamersaddikt.com 6 minutes is the estimated reading time.


2015-11-18· Outward Bound has learned the significance of locating a decent campsite via the thousands of courses it has conducted over the years. You should follow a few simple criteria when choosing a nice spot in the woods for your Thanksgiving feast, regardless of whether it is a daytime event or an overnight camping excursion. Finding a campfire-friendly location is the first step in preparing food for a group of people when camping. Fromoutwardbound.org 8 minutes is the estimated reading time.


2021-09-22· A new Outward update (which will be released on September 22, 2021) is now available for PC download (Steam). Several bug patches are included in the current version, according to the official Outward patch notes, which are available here. In addition to this, Outward patch 1.18 contains a number of stability improvements. In a previous major upgrade, a new faction, new monsters, new talents, and status effects were all introduced. Unfortunately, a large number of players are still active.


Outward Update for September 22, 2021 It is now possible to play September 22, 2021 on Steam. Patch Notes for the September Update (September 22nd). Fix the accumulation of Gilded Shiver of Tramontane status (it now applies 3 status). Fromgame-updates.info


Outward is an open-world role-playing game that merges fantasy and survival aspects to create a game of hard-won fights and long-lasting effects. Travel across the land of Aurai. Fromign.com


2019-04-03· In this Outward Beginner’s Guide, we will walk you through the process of getting started in Outward by providing you with some fundamental tips and techniques. These tips and methods will assist you in surviving your opening moments in the game because Outward is a difficult game that will put your mettle to the test, particularly during battle situations.

In order to live in Outward, you must have a thick skin and a strong sense of self-preservation. Fromgameshedge.com


Outward is an open world survival role-playing game developed by Nine Dots Studio that can be played solo or in co-op (online or split screen) with up to four other players. This step-by-step tour and instruction will lead you through the process. Fromneoseeker.com


Feeding through outward mouths. This is a timed quest, so make sure you do it as soon as possible to get the greatest outcome. Speak with Laine once more, and she will set you up with a 5x Plant Tent and recipes for. Fromneoseeker.com


I have not yet seen or come across any tent recipes. I know of two sites where you may purchase a real, basic tent. 35 silver may be obtained in the first city if you buy number one. The other can be discovered in a cave, conversing with an NPC dubbed The Immaculate, according to the story. He will offer you a piece of his survival equipment, which will include a tent among other things. a second level 1 point was awarded to the original poster 1 year ago. Thank you so much, guy! In the instruction, I believed I spotted a formula for a simple tent that I could follow.

From the website reddit.com


The “Well Rested” buff that comes from sleeping in tents, homes, or inns will allow you to save stamina for a short period of time, and drinking water will also offer you the “Well Rested” buff. In contrast to sleeping at reusable tents or on bedrolls, where you will constantly be thirsty and hungry, staying in inns or bought residences will always satisfy those need. In Outward, you are not given with a global map by default, as there is none in the game. Fromsteamcommunity.com


Outward. All of the Discussions Screenshots Broadcasts of artwork Videos Guides to the Latest News Reviews Outward Discussions in general Specifics about the subject. smallmak. 3rd April, 2019 at 10:08 a.m. Tents Is there a finer tent than the opulent one that we have? If so, what is the best way to go about obtaining them? 1-12 of a total of 12 comments are shown. Kommissar K. is an acronym for Kommissar K. Posted on April 3, 2019 at 10:11 a.m. “Plant Tent” that is only deployable once and has language to it has been brought to my attention.


Cooking your fish for other dishes is generally a better idea; in particular, you should avoid grilling Rainbow Trout because the raw form is required for several specific recipes. The Pot-au-Dey du Pirate (three dishes) consists of three pieces of any fish combined with salt. The nutritional value, Health Recovery 2, and Mana Recovery 3 of your salmon are all greatly increased as a result of this. You utilized three different types of fish. Fromreddit.com


Outward is a game that is quite punishing. After starting the game, you will be dropped into an unfamiliar environment where you will have to fend for yourself and ensure your own survival. Your adversaries will not only include fierce bandits and savage beasts, but also the elements such as the weather, food sickness, and dehydration, among others.

Good weaponry alone will not keep you safe; it is also critical to wear clothing that is appropriate for the present temperature and is correctly fitted. Fromguides.gamepressure.com


Edited on April 30, 2019. Flagged on April 30, 2019. View the previous history. Doran, the NPC Shopkeeper, is one of several NPCs who may be discovered in the world of Outward. He resides in Cierzo and is a member of the Ledger team. Fromign.com


a total of 15 rows Tents are a sort of deployable object in Outward that may be used for resting while exploring. Each tent has its own unique impact, and higher-quality tents typically provide a broader range of options. Fromoutward.fandom.com

Outward Game, How To Craft Tent

Achieved through the Source Quantity Locations David Parks, Harmattan 1st Class Craftsman Felix Jimson, Harmattan Shopkeeper Nos. 1 and 2 Patrick Arago, General Store 2 New Sirocco Shopkeeper Doran 1 Cierzo Patrick Arago, General Store 2 New Sirocco Shopkeeper Doran 1 Cierzo

How easy is it to make a tent at home?

Make a basic tent by tying a string between two solid points and stretching it. A sheet draped over it in an a-frame form may be used to construct a basic, quick-to-assemble tent. Add some pillows to the bottom of the bed and you’re set to go. Another alternative is to thread a dowel beneath the cloth and then connect strings to the end of the dowel to hang it from the ceiling.

How do you decorate a den?

Globes, toys, little ornaments, and family pictures may all be used to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in a room. A coffee table, bookshelf, or a bookcase are all good places to put them. Aim to avoid grouping too many trinkets together because this can make the place appear congested. Choose a handful of your favorites that are in keeping with the color scheme.

How do you use a den?

Globes, toys, tiny ornaments, and family pictures may all be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a den area. These can be displayed on a coffee table, on shelves, or within a bookshelf. Aim to avoid grouping too many trinkets together because this will make the area appear crowded. A few favorites that are in keeping with the color scheme should be selected.

What should I put in my fort?

Light blankets, spare sheets, beach towels, and tablecloths are all good items for a blanket fort. Sofa cushions are a good example of this. Laundry clips, clothespins, binder clips, and chip clips are all examples of clip types.

How do you make colored fire?

Your options are as follows: Potassium chloride produces a purple flame when ignited. Magnesium sulfate produces a white flame when heated. Strontium chloride produces a crimson flame when heated. Copper chloride produces a blue flame when burned. Lithium chloride produces a pink flame when ignited. Copper sulfate produces a green flame when burned. Sodium chloride produces an orange flame when burned.

How do you shade a flame?

Take the softest pencil you have and darken the background even more if you think it’s feasible with the medium pencil. This will increase the brightness of the flame even further. If you have a charcoal stick, here is an excellent area to utilize it since it will give you a great dark shade without requiring you to draw as much.

How do you make a perfect fort?

Here’s a quick run-through of our loose tutorial on how to construct a blanket fort: Rearrange your furniture so that you have enough floor space to build a fort on.

Make use of your imagination when working with your resources. Lightweight sheets should be used on the top. A clothes line should be strung across the room. Clothes pins can be used to keep sheets together.

How do you make a tent without sticks?

Set up your tent by tying one end of your rope around a tree, far enough away from the trunk so that when it is hanging loose, it reaches the middle of the location you have in mind for your tent. In case the tree is too high to reach or shimmy up to knot one end, toss the rope over the tree and work with the double length instead! 2.

How do you make a tent house in bed?

15 Different Ways to Make a Tent (DIY tents) So let’s get this party started: Make a canopy bed using an embroidery hoop and cloth using this easy DIY project. Make a no-sew tepee out of bamboo and thread to keep warm in the winter. Make a reading nook in the kids’ room for them. Making an outdoor playhouse for the summer, courtesy of a children’s activities site. Make a play tent out of a clothesline. This toy tent is constructed from dowels.

How do you build a den in your room?

Construct a tunnel fort. Obtain two large pieces of furniture, such as a sofa and a table, and place them next to each other around 2-3 feet apart. To construct the roof, drape a sheet or blanket across the space between the pieces of furniture. Secure the roof by laying something heavy on top of it on either side of it to weigh it down and keep it from falling off the building.

What is drawing the fire?

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How do you make a homemade tent blanket?

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Exceptional Bed Fort The first step is to build a roof. Attach a sheet to each of the four bedposts in the corners of the room. Pillow Pile is the second step. After you have placed the sheet on the bed, construct a towering pile of pillows in the middle to serve as two sides and to prevent the sheet from drooping. Step 3: Open the door. Make a door out of a sheet by draping it with extra elastics. (You are not required to have one. Step 4: Make it your own. Step 5: Have a good time.

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Getting Things Started: Drape sheets and blankets over living and bedroom furniture, such as a sofa, tabletop, bed, dresser, television, and so on, and then construct a structure around them to keep them warm. The linens should be hung teepee-style from the ceiling. Safety pins can be used to attach sheets and blankets to the bed frame, if desired.

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StepsBuild your fort in a secluded location. You may conceal your fort by concealing it behind shrubs or trees, or even against the side of your house.

Make use of an old shed. If you have a shed in your backyard that is not utilized on a regular basis, it would be an excellent location for a covert spy fort. Make use of a tent. Make use of a little playhouse. Construct a fort in a ditch.

How do you make a fort without a chair?

Wrap the blanket in a shawl. Step 1: Choose a table for your event. Choose a table with four legs that will serve as the foundation for your fort. Make sure the table is at least 18 inches high to accommodate someone who is crawling or sitting on the tabletop. Step 2: Drape the blanket over your shoulders. Place a cover over the table to keep it from getting too hot. Make certain that the blanket is not going to fall and that it covers the table on all sides.

What do you need to make a den?

How to construct your den Locate a tree with a fork in the branches that is somewhat low to the ground. Make a frame by putting some long, straight sticks in the fork and fanning them out to create a frame. Bendy sticks should be woven in and out of the upright sticks to create the walls. Cover your den with natural materials to make it more concealable and weather resistant.

Sleeping in a tent in a city : Outward General Discussions

No, there isn’t, but if you sleep in the inn, you will receive a buff that reduces stamina for any activity for a little fee of 25 silver that will last for an extremely long period. ToJde 5th April, 2019 at 1:20 a.m. It is quite acceptable to use a tent in the city; there are no repercussions for doing so. I enjoy setting up my own campgrounds, complete with a tent and bonfire, and sometimes some food strewn across the ground (food rots only in inventory not if you drop in on the ground). Valor 5th of April, 2019 at 1:31 a.m.

  1. It makes things easier if I need to take a break or skip a meal.
  2. It’s something to employ when your maximum health and stamina are nearly non-existent, to put it another way.
  3. It’s a convenient method to do all of your crafting, cooking, and alchemy tasks.
  4. When you drop bags on the floor, open them and press the “inv” button to open them with it, then place objects inside the bag or into other containers in the area to be used later.
  5. Kai last revised this post on April 5, 2019 at 6:32 a.m.

Outward Crafting Recipes Guide – Food, Alchemy, Weapons, Crafting Materials Locations

In Outward, the next open-world role-playing game from Nine Dots Studio and Deep Silver, you’ll have to travel over a wide and dangerous landscape in order to acquire objects and recipes that will improve your chances of surviving the ordeal. You may build and unlock a wide variety of Weapons, Foods, Potions, and other things to enhance your overall strength and effectiveness. The following short Crafting Guide for Outward contains every item you may manufacture as well as their formulas in three separate categories, namely, Cooking Pot, Alchemist, and Weapons (see below for more information).

  • Cierzo is your best chance if you want to obtain some salt.
  • Check to see whether it’s empty, and then go to the shoreline.
  • Make 5x Clean Water and 5x Salt by filling the Water Skin with Salt Water and putting it in the water skin.
  • Fishing When you first start playing, fishing is a terrific method to obtain goods and normal food, and it becomes available straight away after the tutorial.
  • The Fishing Harpoon is your greatest option, so make it a point to obtain one.
  • After obtaining this item, all that is required is that you locate a body of water with a fishing place.

Many of these sites can be found in Cierzo, and they are distinguished by bubbles in the water that can be seen from a distance and swimming fishes. There are a plethora of more sites to be found in the Outward universe.

Cooking Pot Items

  • Gaberry Jam: 4x Gaberries
  • Pot-Au-Dey-Du Pirate: 3x Fish + Salt
  • Turmmip Potage: 3x Turmmip + Salt
  • Gaberry Tartine: Bread + Gaberry Jam
  • Meat Stew: Meat + 1x Gaberries + Salt
  • Ga Mussel Bar: 4x Common Mushroom
  • Mineral Tea: Clean Water + Gravel Beetle
  • Mussel Bar: 4x Common Mushroom
  • Mussel Bar: 4x Common Mushroom Pungent Paste: Egg + Ochre Spice Beetle + Fish
  • Cierzo Ceviche: Rainbow Trout + Seaweed + Salt
  • Miner’s Omelet: Egg+Egg+Common Mushroom
  • Spicy Bitter Tea: Spicy Bitter Tea + Ochre Spice Beetle
  • Ocean Fricassee: Larva Egg + Fish + Seaweed
  • Clean water + 1x seaweed in the cooking pot/kitchen
  • Luxe Lichette: Azure Shrimp + Larva Egg + Seaweed + Raw Rainbow Trout
  • Soothing Tea: Clean water + 1x seaweed in the cooking pot/kitchen
  • Soothing Tea: Clean water + 1x seaweed in the cooking pot

Alchemist Items

  • The following ingredients are used in Crystal Powder: 4x Mana Stone
  • Mist Potion (river water + Ghost’s Eye)
  • Cold Stones (Mana Stone + Blue Sand) x3
  • And Mist Potion (River Water + Ghost’s Eye). Hex Cleaner is made from clean water mixed with greasy fern and salt. Endurance Potion: Clean Water + Krimp Nut + Egg
  • Clean Water + Krimp Nut + Egg
  • Great Astral Potion: 1x Astral Potion + 1x Ghost Eyes = Great Astral Potion. The Fire Stone may be obtained by purchasing 1x Mana Stone and 1x Thick Oil from the Alchemy Kit. Exceptional Endurance Potion: Endurance Potion combined with Krimp Nut
  • A Discipline Potion consisting of one water, one Ochre Spice Beetle, and one Livweedi is used. To make an Astral Potion, combine 1x Star Mushroom with 1x Turmmip and 1x Clean Water. Gravel Beetle + Blood Mushroom + Clean Water = 1x Life Potion. Spiritual Varnish: 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Ghost Eye + 1x Mana Stone
  • Poison Varnish: 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Occult Remains + 1x Miasmapod + 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed
  • Spiritual Varnish: 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Ghost Eye + 1x Mana Stone
  • Poison Varnish: 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Occult Remains + 1x Mia

Weapon And Other Utility Items

  • Fire Rage: 1x Thick Oil + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Ice Rage: 1x Seaweed + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Poison Rage: 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed + Linen Cloth
  • Fang Axe: 1x Iron Axe, 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap
  • Old Lantern: 2x Iron Scraps + 1x Thick Oil + 1x Lining Cloth
  • Arrow: 1x Wood + 1x Horror Bow: 2x Horror Chitan + War Bow + Occult Remains
  • Ice: Flame Torch: Makeshift Torch + Cold Stone + Iron Scrap
  • Horror Bow: 2x Horror Chitan + War Bow + Occult Remains a Fang Club (1x Iron Mace + 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap)
  • A Fang Sword (1x Iron sword + 1x Predator bones, 1x Linen Scrap)
  • A Fang Trident (1x Iron Spear + 2x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap)
  • A Fang Trident (1x Iron Spear + 2x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap
  • A Fang Trident (1x Iron

How to find a safe place to sleep outside a town in Outward? – Outward Guide

NextFAQHow do I get my missing backpack back? PreviousFAQHow Can I Restore My Health? Your character will spend several nights in the woods throughout the course of Outward. In addition to regenerating health, sleep also allows you to skip the night (which is important if you don’t want to travel in the dark). Sleeping in the outdoors, on the other hand, is not the most secure option. The sleep menu may be accessed either through the use of a bedroll or a tent. Here you can see the % probability of being attacked while sleeping.

There are, however, areas outside of the towns where your character will be protected.

Learn more about these locations by reading this page.

How to find a safe place to sleep outside a town?

This is straightforward: simply seek for sites where butterflies may be found. There are several locations around the entire map where your character will be safe while napping (you get 0 percent chance of getting attacked while sleeping). These locations are simple to locate since butterflies will be fluttering close. If you don’t want to waste time on guarding, search for butterflies and set up your bedroll or tent in their vicinity instead. NextFAQHow do I get my missing backpack back? PreviousFAQHow Can I Restore My Health?

How to Make Money – Outward

  • Located in the Enmerkar Forests, the Cabal Wind Temple is home to Shell Horrors, who drop precious Horror Chitin (sells for 60 silver). All of the adversaries in this dungeon, as well as the Ornate Chest, respawn every seven in-game days, making it an extremely profitable dungeon if you are willing to take on a large number of Shell Horrors. You can utilize the Chitin to manufacture terrifying weapons and make a lot of money.
  • One method of making the run faster and easier is to take use of the lever on the top floor of the dungeon, which, when activated, triggers a trap that kills everyone in the vast center chamber on the bottom floor, near the Ornate Chest. Simply attract all four Shell Horrors on the bottom floor to the center room and “lock” them in using the gates. This will complete the task. Then, as soon as you can, return to the upper floor and use the trap lever to eliminate them all in one go! You may draw any stragglers down to the central room, then head back up and repeat the process. The trap lever is reversible
  • If you don’t manage to kill them all, attract them back to the central chamber.
  • An easy option to make the run faster and easier is to take use of the lever on the top floor of the dungeon. When activated, the lever sets a trap that kills everyone in the vast center room on the ground floor, close to the Ornate Chest. Simply attract all four Shell Horrors on the bottom floor to the central room and “lock” them in using the gates. This will complete the task. Go up to the higher floor as swiftly as possible and use the trap mechanism to eliminate them all in one fell stroke. If you don’t manage to murder everyone, lure any remaining survivors back to the central chamber, then return to the top and repeat the process: the trap lever is reusable.
  • Once the Shell Horrors have been dealt with in the manner that you see appropriate, loot the Ornate Chest (which often includes Marble-tier stuff) and simply escape the dungeon south by the ground-floor exit to the south. Based on the items you find, you should be able to earn over 800-900 Silver every run.
  • Bandit encampments must be dismantled. These, on the other hand, are difficult, so make sure you are properly prepared
  • When it comes to spending your time, killing bandits and human adversaries in general is typically the most rewarding option, as their equipment is quite expensive.
  • A considerable deal of silver may be earned by engaging in activities like as crafting, alchemy, mining, and fishing in general. Always keep a harpoon and a mining pick with you.
  • Fishing may bring in a lot of money, especially if you use the catch to produce fish dishes. To begin started, all you need is a fish harpoon (which may be located in the starting location), and then you can go exploring any shoreline in search of fish. A simple fish dish consists of three portions of fish. 1 x Sodium chloride (salt be acquired by boiling salt water). 1 × Rainbow Trout is another option. 1 x Seaweed (optional) 1 teaspoon of salt (Cierzo Ceviche)
  • To save money, make use of theCrafting Recipes website rather than the in-game recipes and recipes. Early on, Gaberry Tartine is one of the greatest recipes to spam for profit because of its high profit margins. Master-Chef Arago sells the bread you’ll need for this dish.
  • Conflux Mountain is a good place to look for mana stones. They respawn and, on occasion, award you with Hackmanite (50 silver each occurrence)
  • Gravel bugs can be found in the mining industry (RNG). Combine these with water and blood mushrooms (which may be discovered in caves) to create life potions, which can be sold for 8 silver apiece. It is necessary to have the Alchemy Station and to place it on a Campfire before you can begin to work. You may combine them with any Greasy Ferns you come across to create Greater Life Potion, which can be purchased for 18 silver. (Avoid purchasing the Ferns, they are too pricey.)
  • As soon as you have 14 Travel Rations and have saved up enough of whatever it is you’re selling, you may hang on to it and sprint all the way to Levant in order to sell your merchandise. You’ll make more money since the things there have a greater resale value (i.e. Warm Potion sells normally for 4 Silver at Levant is 5 Silver and Astral Potion sells normally for 8 Silver at Levant is 9 Silver.) Use the rapid trip option from the debug menu to make this procedure much more efficient if you don’t mind.
  • The most silver per kill may be found at Hallowed Marsh. But you’ll want to make sure you’re well-prepared before you walk into it (a flamethrower will come in handy if you’re going the magical way).
  • Coralhorn Antlers (obtained from red deer in Enmerkar Forest) sell for 18 silver each
  • Coralhorn Antlers (obtained from red deer in Enmerkar Forest) sell for 18 silver each
  • Obtaining Gold-Lich Mechanisms from theSpire of Light or the Voltaic Lab Hatchery (located in Chersonese, near the shipwreck) and using them to manufacture Gold-Lich Shields, which can be sold for 240 silver, is a common practice.
  • Kill the Manticore in Enmerkar Forest and bring its tail to Chef Iasu in Berg to receive three loaves of Bread of the Wild and two gold ingots for your trouble. You may do this every few days or so if you like.
  • Early in the game and throughout the game (and maybe even late in the game), after you have paid your debt, the most effective way to get money is to purchase an Alchemist Kit as well as as many Thick Oil, Star Mushrooms, and Turmmips as you can locate. Gather Water (of any sort) from the ocean, then use it to make Warm Potions (1x Water 1x Thick Oil) and Astral Potions (1x Water 1x Turmmip 1x Star Mushroom), which you can sell for around 200 silver a bottle. Sleep for three days and then repeat the process. InBergand other locations, you may acquire a Plant Tent to keep you from becoming dehydrated and hungry while you’re resting, allowing you to work even quicker and more profitably. In the event that you own a home, you may utilize your bed instead, which would achieve the same result. This technique has been patched out of the system.

How to Survive in Outward (Tips, Tricks, & Basics)

Outward is an action-adventure role-playing game in which players may craft, explore, and combat a wide range of opponents in a 3D environment. Taking place in the magical nation of Aurai, the game features an immersive and open-world setting in which players are invited to embark on their own quest and battle in whichever manner they see appropriate. Outward’s emphasis on survival mechanisms, on the other hand, is one of the game’s most distinguishing features. In order to live in this environment, players must learn how to keep their character nourished, watered, and well-rested during their journey.

SleepingResting in Outward

Getting acclimated to sleeping is the most vital thing to learn to do. Aside from satisfying the character’s need to be well-rested, sleep also provides an opportunity for the character to recharge their vitals (i.e. health, stamina, and mana). The majority of vitals, particularly health, do not recharge themselves. If the player does not have access to special objects or potions that can rapidly heal them, the player will have to rest in order to restore the player character’s health and fitness to pre-game levels.

  • If you fail to keep the player character refreshed, they will experience a decreased rate of stamina recovery.
  • All of this implies that the player should virtually always have a sleeping item on their person at all times.
  • It may be purchased in Cierzo, or it can be made by combining two animal hides.
  • Sleeping, on the other hand, has a few distinct characteristics.
  • The most prominent component, though, is the fact that there is a high likelihood that the player may be ambushed by adversaries when they are resting.
  • Another way, which is typically not stated in the game itself, is to sleep in a location where there are a lot of butterflies.
  • It is common to see them dispersed over the map, although they are also found in groups.

If you sleep near one of these locations, your chances of being ambushed are reduced to zero percent. If we state that sleeping is the most important thing a player can do to recharge their energy, we aren’t exaggerating in any way.

Water Management in Outward

If you fail to keep the player character hydrated, they will grow dehydrated and eventually thirsty. Players will burn through their stamina three times as rapidly as they would otherwise. If the player character becomes even more thirsty, he or she will do 25 percent fewer damage. As a result, make an effort to keep the player character hydrated. While there are numerous consumables, such as tea, that can help the character quench his or her thirst, drinking water from a waterskin is the most hydrating and effective choice.

  • They can also be obtained by purchasing them from merchants or looting them from bandits.
  • It can be filled with river water, ocean, or any other type of water.
  • Players will want to walk toward the nearest kitchen station or set up a cooking pot over a campfire in order to prevent this situation.
  • This will result in the production of pure water, which has no potential of having a negative impact on the player character.

Food Management in Outward

If you fail to keep the player character hydrated, they will grow dehydrated and ultimately thirsty. Players’ stamina will be depleted three times faster as a result of this. The player character will do 25 percent less damage if he or she becomes even more thirsty. Try to keep the player’s character hydrated as much as you possibly can. There are a variety of consumables, such as tea, that can help the character quench his or her thirst; however, drinking water from a waterskin is the most hydrating and effective method of doing so.

  • Aside from that, they may be purchased from merchants or taken as booty by bandits.
  • It may be filled with river water, ocean, or any other type of water you like.
  • Players will want to walk toward the nearest kitchen station or set up a cooking pot over a campfire in order to prevent this scenario.
  • As a result, pure water will be produced, which has zero possibility of having a detrimental impact on the player character.

Temperature Management in Outward

Another factor to consider is the ambient temperature. However, even if there are various times in which the temperature is mild or unimportant, the player must keep an eye out for signs that their character is becoming too hot or cold. If the player character becomes overheated, they will have to expend 50% more stamina for each stamina-based action that they perform as a result. If the player character becomes too chilly, they will experience a 15 percent loss in movement speed. If either state becomes too severe, the player character either becomes more susceptible to getting a sickness or suffers a reduction in the amount of damage they can deal.

Clothing is frequently labeled with either a cold weather defense rating or a hot weather defense rating, allowing the player to defend oneself against the elements with relative ease and convenience.

As a result, the player’s best chance is to rely on created goods and consumables as much as possible.

Nonetheless, if the goal is to continue exploring, it is recommended that players rely on consumables such as bitter spice tea and cactus fruit, which are both resistant to cold and hot weather conditions, respectively.

Another alternative is to travel to a new location, such as a regional dungeon or a city. Temperatures in cities are typically neutral, whereas temperatures in regional dungeons are typically different from those found outdoors.

DiseasesSickness in Outward

The sickness component adds even another degree of complexity to Outward’s survival mechanisms. The most common illnesses include the common cold, dyspepsia, and infection. These can be contracted by contact with wild animals, exposure to harsh weather conditions, ingesting contaminated water, or consuming badly cooked food. As long as the player continues to meet the requirements of the player character, these ailments will gradually fade away on their own accord. In most cases, within a few days.

  • If they are unable to completely eradicate the disease, they will almost certainly be able to put it into a state of remission.
  • However, the most effective strategy to prevent the player character from experiencing any of these disease-related side effects is to just avoid catching them in the first place.
  • More:5 Role-Playing Games in Which You Are Not the Chosen One WWE Undefeated Review: A Middle-of-the-Card Match Information about the AuthorPaige McMullen (161 Articles Published) Paige McMullen is a writer and editor who has a particular interest in video games and gaming culture.
  • She has written for a few of volunteer groups and had a couple of articles published on Muse Media’s website.

Outward – Guide for Farming Money Meanwhile Gathering Materials for Gear

This guide will walk you through an unusual farming strategy I devised in order to obtain materials for better gear than what is currently available in Cierzo. You will be required to run back and forth, so plan on investing some time. Other Outward Orientation Guides:

  • Chest Locations (Enmerkar)
  • Equipment and Skills
  • Money-Making Guide
  • Legacy Chest Locations
  • Health, Stamina, and Mana
  • Skills and Trainer locations
  • Chest Locations (Enmerkar)
  • Map of the Hallowed Marsh with labels
  • Map of the Enmerkar Forest with labels
  • Find out how to get the largest backpack within five minutes.

What is the Guide About?

This is a farming approach that I came up with while playing around with my friends, and it worked rather well. This allowed me to not only prepare my character for the hazards of the game’s universe, but it also allowed me to earn a respectable sum of silver (the game’s money) in the process. During the procedure, you will be required to navigate your way to the conflux, which is as difficult as it sounds. It is from there that you will be able to purchase finishing supplies that the merchant does not offer, as well as sell whatever you have gathered from the region yourself.

What Merchant Will You Need to Rely On?

The Soroborean Caravanner is a trader who is widely available in our major town Cierzo, and he specializes in a variety of goods. He appears to be selling Shark Cartilages, Thorny Cartilages, and Beast Golemn Scraps, based on what I’ve observed thus far. What is it about him? In exchange for our supplies, he will sell us the tools and equipment we will need to make our weapons. For instance, take these thorny cartiladges, for instance. There are two spots on the Chersonese map where he may be found, which should be noted.

This one is close to the beach and is available for rent. All merchants reload their inventories every seven in-game days, and the confluxes you will be visiting will respawn everything within them after you have cleared them out (if you chose to).

Any Useful Items?

We have a Soroborean Caravanner in our major town Cierzo who is a merchant who is easily available in our main town. He appears to be selling Shark Cartilages, Thorny Cartilages, and Beast Golemn Scraps, based on what I’ve seen so far on his website. What is it about him that makes you think that? In order for us to be able to manufacture our weapons, he will sell us the materials we need. Take, for example, these thorny cartiladges. There are two sites for him on the Chersonese map, which should be noted.

  1. Located close to the shore, this option is a good choice.
  2. All merchants reload inventory after 7 in-game days (if you chose to).
  3. Isn’t it possible to just use another tent or the deployable bed instead?
  4. I like the plant tent since you are not impacted by the weather and you will not hungry every time you sleep for the next seven days in the tent.
  5. Another advantage of locating the tent in town is the ability to readily purchase any more supplies from local vendors.
  6. LAAAME.
  7. It makes the process of running back and forth simpler.
  8. However, I am unable to afford it.
  9. In addition to spending the money you earned to purchase anything else, LAAAME.
  10. Allows you to sprint back and forth more easily Suddenly, you don’t seem so lame.
  11. So you’ll be travelling to the conflux while also gathering everything you discover there to sell for E Z silver in the meantime.

Now It Is the Time for You to Venture into the Conflux Repeatedly

Are you making your final preparations? You should have a sufficient supply of food, bandages, water, and a deployable little bed (which will replenish your stamina and health) in your current inventory at the very least. You’re going to need it. also… If you don’t get away quickly, the hyenas will pursue you to the ends of the world. You’d best get out of there fast. Kill them in order to obtain more food, but be cautious about contracting an illness if you are bitten repeatedly:p To locate the unique conflux entry known as Heroic Kingdom’s Conflux Path, search for the two bridges that connect it to the main path.

The door will be waiting for you.

After you have defeated the troglodytes in the second image, there will be a hole on the left side of the screen that you must pass through.

We’ve come to take out the mechanical adversary since it’s blocking us from unlocking a chest in the same chamber.

Spike traps should be avoided at all costs.

Examples of what to anticipate if you’ve started looting a location.

There are two elevators in the same room, which is convenient.

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone see you.

There are two mana bugs on the prowl, ready to turn you into a pancake.

This is the place where you will relax.

You wish to spend the next week resting in the plant tent for 24 hours each day.

Make a point of visiting the merchant’s refreshed inventory to sell what you’ve acquired and to purchase what you’ll need for your crafting projects. If the present inventory doesn’t fit your needs, you can re-roll as many times as you like while sleeping to find something that does.

Ending / Summary

  • Preparing consumables is essential. Run to the spot (this will be significantly faster if you are wearing merchant attire)
  • Enter a heroic conflux of emotions
  • Kill the mechanical adversary and take its treasure trove
  • To sell, gather whatever items you can from the conflux. Toss yourself back into Cierzo and sleep for a whole week
  • Make an appointment with the vendor. Sell, purchase, and reroll in order to craft

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