How To Start The Real Game In Nightmare Bab’Ys Tent

Minigame Tents

The Minigame Tents are a small area in Baby’s Nightmare Circus, but they are nonetheless worth seeing.


The Minigame Tents are made up of three circus tents that are arranged in a row in front of a vast area of greenery. The furthest tent is divided by a metal fence, and the moon can be seen in the sky above it. It is yellow and white on the left tent, blue and white on the right tent, and red and white on the middle tent on the right.


During three of the minigames, the player will visit the Minigame Tents: Bon-Bon Rules, Bonnet Rules, and Miniireena Rules, among others. The place is completely black, and only when the flashlight is switched on can anything be seen. To accomplish the minigame, the player must hold his or her ground against the active animatronic for a total of 250 seconds. The behaviors required for each animatronic are distinct, and therefore must be mastered prior to beginning the minigame. Failure to perform the proper action at the appropriate moment, or taking the incorrect action, will result in a jumpscare and the game being terminated.


  • It is necessary for the player to visit the Minigame Tents when participating in three of the minigames: the Bon-Bon Rules, the Bon-Bon Rules II, and the Bon-Bon Rules III. The surrounding is black, and only when the flashlight is switched on can you see what you’re trying to find. To finish the minigame, the player must hold off the active animatronic for a total of 250 seconds. Before beginning, it is necessary to learn the acts that must be performed for each animatronic in order to succeed in the minigame. An unexpected jumpscare and game over will occur if you fail to perform the appropriate action at the appropriate moment. There are a few ground rules to remember:

Nightmare Bon-Bon

  • It is necessary for the player to keep their light on until Nightmare Bon-Bon leaves the left tent
  • If Nightmare Bon-Bon is present in the center tent, the player must flash their flashlight once and wait for Bon-Bon to depart. The player must constantly flash their light on and off until Nightmare Bon-Bon exits the correct tent if Nightmare Bon-Bon is in the correct tent.

Nightmare Bonnet

  • To get Nightmare Bonnet to go away from the left tent, the player must flash her repeatedly until she does. If Nightmare Bonnet is near the appropriate tent, the player must turn off his or her flashlight completely. Unless Nightmare Bonnet walks away from the center tent, the player must keep the flashlight trained on her until she does.


Nightmareena is located on the left side of the screen. The Nightmare Bonnet is located in the distant middle. Bon-Bon, the Nightmare Bon-Bon, is on the far right.

Nightmare Baby

Baby’s Nightmare Circus is named after the title antagonist, Nightmare Baby. She, like the other animatronics, is essentially a nightmare-inducing, distorted version of the original Circus Baby.


Nightmare Baby has a moderately malformed face, as well as holes and scrapes all over her face and body, which makes her look like a nightmare. It’s as if she doesn’t have any eyelids since her eyes are wide open, and her mouth is lined up with teeth and fading lipstick. Her pigtails are lifted up, rather than down, and her body has been shredded and torn in several places. Her ice cream dispenser fan is still in good condition, albeit the orange writing surrounding the fan is beginning to fade slightly.

She has minimal damage to her skirt, with little black wires emerging from various places on the skirt.

She is still sporting her red and white elf shoes, which have a little gold bell attached to the end of the heel.


“Circus Baby doesn’t seem to be the same person she used to be. Always check in on her tent to see if there is any unusual behavior going on there. If she looks to be closer than usual, quickly return to your starting point!” – When first visiting Baby’s Tent at the Circus for Newbies, the description is as follows: In her tent, Baby will appear, and she will make an unsuccessful attempt to escape it in order to murder the player.

If the player enters her tent and shines the spotlight on her when she isn’t looking, she will retreat to the boom box and hide there. If Nightmare Baby arrives in the player’s face right away, they will have to flee back quickly or else they will get jumpscared by her and lose their lives.

Classic mode

In Classic Mode, Nightmare Baby only appears on the menu; however, her Withered counterpart may be found in the game’s gameplay.


  • Getting Rid of Nightmares Baby’s night rewards you with a gold coin
  • In Funtimes and Funtimes Round 2, Nightmare Baby is replaced byNightmare Funtime Freddy
  • Nightmare Baby is replaced byBabygeistduringBabygeist Attacks
  • Nightmare Baby is replaced byBa When Nightmare Baby and Nightmare Funtime Freddy interact, they operate in a manner that is similar to the way Fredbear and Nightmare interact in FNaF4


The jumpscare sound from Nightmare Circus. Animatronics who leap frighten the player will all have access to this information. WARNING! VERY, VERY, VERY LOUD!


Circus Hidden beneath the left speaker is a baby. Baby We’re getting closer to the door. The player is about to be attacked by a baby. Baby’s jumpscare is located within her tent. The baby’s jumpscare is taking place inside someone else’s tent. The baby’s jumpscare is located outside the tents. In the extras, you can see the baby’s entire body. Making BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyMaking BabyThe Golden Baby Head trophy

Baby’s Nightmare Circus ReviewAmino

Correction: I forgot about the night with Mr.Afton. Hello there, hello there! Sam is back, and now I’m bringing you a fan game review of Baby’s Nightmare Circus, which you can read here. What is the Baby’s Nightmare Circus, and how does it work? A fan game created by Mixlas and published on GameJolt, Baby’s Nightmare Circus takes the Sister Location characters and, well, turns them into “Nightmares,” and the entire game is set inside the mind of, by my best guess, Scott Cawthon for reasons that are explained in the 2.0.1 section of this review.

  • Version 1.1.1 is now available.
  • After defeating this monster, you unlock The Babygeist End, which is the game’s final boss and marks the conclusion of the game’s narrative.
  • There are four of them: Baby’s Tent, BidyBab’s Tent, Ballora’s Tent, and what I’m dubbing the “Music Tent,” because it contains a musical instrument.
  • If Baby is right in your face when you use the flashlight, you must leave immediately to avoid a jumpscare.
  • The flashlight is required to function correctly in Ballora’s Tent since she appreciates people watching her dance and you must shine your light on her in order to keep her happy while she is dancing.
  • Circus for Newbies, The Easy Way, The Medium Way, The Hard Way, Funtimes, and Funtimes Round Two are some of the gamemodes available.
  • It has been revealed to be rather difficult, but not completely impossible.

when everything comes crashing down and Ballora captures me.

When I fail, it gets me angry since I had a system in place and I can’t see anything else in the game when it comes to the “nights” because I can’t even defeat the medium method.

(Please keep in mind that I did not participate in The Hard Way or any Funtime “Nights”).

Minigames discussion: Now that there are just three tents, the minigames are much easy to complete.

I did make a few mistakes (see the movies given), but they were the result of my stressing and using the wrong flashlight.

(Please note that I did not participate in Ennight or Babygeist Attacks.) The ultimate score for 1.1.1 is 6/10.

I just can’t play this version of the game for some reason.

“Classic Mode” is now available in version 2.0.1.

After Night 1 things take a turn, and it is not a nice one, in which Bidy modifies the game and you no longer have access to doors.

As in the original game, you’ll be facing the animatronics with a flashlight throughout this time period.

There is a hidden here if you hold S without moving, however the main gameplay consists on crawling through the vent and listening to the auditory cues to avoid being scared by Nightmare Funtime Foxy during the nighttime hours.

You must move bottles around to obscure their line of sight on the third night, which is when the BidyBabs make an appearance.

Night four is interesting since it incorporates Pong, air vents, and cameras.

As far as I can tell, the cameras are completely ineffective.

Returning to the Pong minigame, you will get jumpscared by Nightmare withered Baby after twenty hits of the ball.

Interestingly, the fifth night is much more like the fourth, in that you must utilize the flashlight to redirect Nightmare Bidy’s attention away from you while simultaneously having the opportunity to drain his energy reserves.

What was it about Scott Cawthon that drew my attention?

After beating night five, you’ll be able to open an ancient book, and at the end of it will be Mr.

The moment you click on his shadow, a new night will begin with only him present.

Classic Mode, 1.1.1 modes, and more variations are available.

Classic mode rating: 7/10 for the following reasons: it is a really interesting twist on an already interesting game, but it does not correspond to what “Classic Mode” sounds like in the first place.

Rating for the 2.0.1 update: 7 /10 Reasoning: I attempted The Medium Way again, and while it was still challenging (Ballora’s bar lowers far too quickly for it to be considered “Medium difficulty”), the timer for the night appeared to go by more quickly than it did in 1.1.1, which helped to balance out the difficulty a little.

  1. However, I was able to drain all of Bidy’s power and still the game continues to operate as if his strength is still present, so I had to dock him a point for that.
  2. Is this a game that I would recommend?
  3. Despite the fact that I am unable to play it properly, it delivers a challenge that has not previously been seen in any of the other big fan games of FNaF, and if you want a good challenge, this is the game for you.
  4. 1.1.1 It’s time for the nightmare to begin!

FnaF Fan Game Reviews #1: Baby’s Nightmare CircusAmino

Hello there, everyone. Tyler is calling, yayaya. Anyway, today I’m bringing you a new feature I’m launching called FnaF Fan Game Reviews, which you can read about here. It’s the stage at which I select one game to evaluate, and, well, you get the picture. First, we had Baby’s Nightmare Circus, and here is the second installment. Let’s get things started right away!:D Baby’s Nightmare Circus by Mixlas is the featured song today. This fan game is being developed by a user named Mixlas, and it appears to be his first game ever.

  1. In any case, you are a man trapped in a horrific circus, where you must defend yourself against the Nightmare Sister Location bots.
  2. GraphicsThe game was created using the Clickteam program.
  3. To be quite honest, they aren’t that horrible and even have a unique appearance.
  4. That is one of the reasons why I am amazed by the character models.
  5. Then there are the visuals for the locations.
  6. The tents and everything else appear to be in good condition.
  7. Overall, the graphics are appealing to me!
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Gameplay Now for the actual gaming.

During the tutorial night and the first five nights of the course, you will be in a group of four tents.

Nightmare Baby and Nightmare F.

If you notice them near the front of the tent, you flash them and run away to avoid their being startled.

In order to keep the Nightmare Bidybabs from escaping, you must check the purple tent next door to the Baby tent whenever the lights flicker to make sure they are not escaping from the tent.

Foxy will be hiding, will have to be checked for signs of their presence.

It will be necessary to check the tent next to the Ballora tent, where you will be required to wind the music box all the way up to full volume.

Now, it is quite intriguing and nearly novel, but the one drawback is that it may be difficult at times.

Freddy is fricking OP in Funtimes Round 2.

Then there are the three minigame evenings.

You will be relocated to a different location with three tents (one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right).

When you hear a jitter noise, you’ll either have to flash the light, hold the light, or turn off the light completely.

Bonnet randomly kills you.

When you return to the circus, you will be placed in the four-tent structure, with Nightmare Ennard serving as the first boss night.

BabyGeist is the final boss of the night.

You must repeat this process nine times.

It’s true that Ennight might seem difficult, but it’s actually rather simple if you know what you’re doing.

That sums up my feelings on each of the Gameplay scenarios for each individual night of the week.

Story In the end, there is a category called tale.

However, the central plot concept is that you are caught in a circus as part of a psychological game and are attempting to escape from it.

You do manage to get away, but you have no idea what exactly occurred to you.

Final score for the story: 5 out of 10.

It’s time to sum together all of the scores to get a final score.

Baby’s Nightmare Circus was one of the finest fan games I’ve ever played, and it’s still one of my favorites.

I strongly advise you to check out this game.

Overall, this concludes the first installment of FnaF Fan Game Reviews.

Your views and ideas are much appreciated in the section below. In the comments section, you may tell me what you think of the game or even ask questions. We’ll talk again later. LeaderReview CuratorReview is a service that provides reviews on products. FnaF BNC is an abbreviation for “FnaF BNC.”

Baby’s Nightmare Circus (Video Game)

You aren’t prepared for what is about to happen. So you’re almost through with your most recent video game. I mean, it has horrific robotic abominations and a scary atmosphere, which is exactly what you want in a FNaF game, right? You make the decision to get some rest for the night. After that, you wake up in the fresh air. Is it next to a fence? A mysterious voice resonates in the darkness, telling you that you’ve become disoriented and lost in your thoughts. In the middle of a nightmare Something, somewhere went horribly wrong, and the only way to find out what happened is to go through the game yourself.

  1. Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a fangame created by Mixlas.
  2. The game is, without a doubt, based on theFive Nights at Freddy’sseries, namely the fourth and fifth games, and is a combination of the two; it takes the theme and characters from the fifth game and places them in the location and aesthetic of the fourth game.
  3. The game is available for PC and Mac.
  4. As of March 29, 2017, the game has been upgraded to include a new mode dubbed “Classic Mode,” which may be unlocked either completing the main game or by pressing the C key on the keyboard.
  5. has additional work by Mixlas; check it out.

‘Baby’s Nightmare Circus” provides examples of:

  • What is ahead of you is completely out of your comfort zone! Thus far, your most recent game has been completed. I mean, it has horrific robotic abominations and a scary atmosphere, which is exactly what you’d expect from a Final Fantasy game, right? This evening, you make the decision to sleep in. then you come to, outside, and you’re refreshed. What if you’re close to a fence. You’re buried in your thoughts, says a mysterious voice echoing through the darkness. In the middle of a nightmarish nightmare The only way to find out what went wrong is to complete your own game, which you must do in order to find out. Welcome to Baby’s Nightmare Circus, a place where everything has a personal vendetta against you! Developed by Mixlas, Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a fangame. A lot of the game is based on theFive Nights at Freddy’s series, namely the fourth and fifth games. The game is a hybrid of the two, taking the theme and characters from the fifth game and putting them in the atmosphere, style, and setting of a fourth game. As an anonymous creator trapped in his own mind, you must defend yourself from Nightmare versions of the Funtime animatronics while travelling from tent to tent in order to keep them at arm’s length. In addition to GameJolt’s website, the game was launched on the 24th of October, 2017. As of March 29, 2017, the game has been upgraded to include a new mode dubbed “Classic Mode,” which may be unlocked either completing the main game or by pressing the C key on your keyboard. SeeTykeSons Lumber Co. for further work by Mixlas.
  • When in “Classic Mode,” this is proven to be the case. After compelling the player to participate in his “games,” Bidy grants the player access to the other side of the screen. just to deceive the gamer at Night 5 by claiming that there isn’t an escape route available. As a result, he receives a No-Holds-Barred Beating and ascends to the position ofFinal Boss.
  • Babygeist is an Eldritch Abomination. JustBabygeist. It must be stunned with a special weapon, and it must be stunned promptly, or else it will kill the player immediately unless the special weapon is used. Not to add that, at the end, the player is able to erase the item from the game. What ever happened, it will always return, no matter how hard you try. There is no escaping the Babygeist
  • It is impossible. Expy: It’s a nightmare Funtime Foxy and Ballora are somewhat similar to the Puppet in that they will attack if their music box is not wound or if they are not given enough attention. However, Foxy and Ballora are more aggressive than the Puppet.
  • Baby and Freddy behave in a similar way as Nightmare Foxy in that they must be checked on on a regular basis in order to keep them in their tents. The Bidybabs, who are a trio of Mini Mooks who look just like the Freddles, must also be kept an eye on in order to keep them at bay. Bon-Bon, the Minireena, and Bonnet all function similarly to Plushtraps, with the exception of the fact that you must set them in a certain location. You just gotta fend them off in this situation
  • Ennardis essentially Nightmare Fredbear, in that he assumes the role of every other animatronic that has been encountered thus far
  • Because it is a far more powerfulPalette Swapof a previously existing character, the Babygeist is an apparent one of Nightmare’s characters.
  • In fact, the game explicitly states that Ennard is a “highly clever entity” right at the start
  • The Babygeist is most likely the villain with a larger scope. Is That a Whirring Machine in Hell? All of the animatronics use the same Jump Scaresound, which is aptly the sound of very loud mechanical whirring.
  • The sound is interrupted by the game over screen, however it sounds like a Screaming Woman when played in its full. See this page for further information.
  • There are three potential possible outcomes in this game:
  • The first is the Babygeist epilogue. Completing all of the levels — including the last one, “BabygeistAttacks” — is all that is required. Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll be rewarded with the conclusion, which has the anonymous voice returning and informing the Player Character that the Babygeist has been wiped. However, it is possible and likely that you will return. Babygeist’s endoskeleton is unlocked as a prize
  • The Treasure ending is then unlocked. You will receive a mystery key after completing Ennight. When you return to it, you’ll discover a treasure trove within. The voice speaks again, advising you to just open the box if you so like, as the contents are completely ineffective. The hidden treasure is an ancient plushie that has become withered. The plushie in the Prize Corner has been unlocked, but it has no name and accomplishes absolutely nothing. Last but not least, the ‘broken’ conclusion. If you fail the minigames that are reminiscent of Plushtrap, you will almost always receive a consolation reward. A strange, blocky Fredbear-esque creature may be found in the Prize Corner, and one of them is in the Prize Corner. By clicking on it, it will begin to speak to the player, instructing them to “look at the sky,” “find the red line,” and to hold the keys B, I, D, and Y while clicking to end the game prematurely. Bidy, the chubby purple-and-blue-clad person in the background, will become agitated as a result of this. If you manage to disrupt the game, he will initiate a minigame in which you must click on pixelated replicas of himself in order to cause their faces to melt. A boss fight of some sort gets triggered while you’re in the middle of this. After destroying Bidy, the player character finds himself trapped in a void, all alone and for all time. As a prize, you receive an arcade machine, which, when a specific combination of buttons is pressed, displays Super Mario Bros., but with the figure on the right, facing Mario
  • Nothing Is Scarier: While Babygeist is given some type of explanation, no information is provided as to what it truly is or how it came to be in Nothing Is Scarier. For a more plain example, Bidy knows very nothing about him, except than the knowledge that he has the ability to ruin the game and must be “destroyed.” Because he’s basically the Big Bad, Classic Mode reveals the reason why. Babygeist is the true final boss of the game. The aforementioned Babygeist and Nightmare Ennard, as well as Bidy in the backdrop, are examples of walking spoilers.

‘Nightmare Alley’ Review: Seeing Is Believing. (Suckers!)

Assembled of gargoyles, Guillermo del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley” gets its game on as it takes place in the sleazoid world of back-road carnivals in the 1930s. A psychic reads naive minds in the midst of tattered tents and garishly painted placards, while a contortionist twists like a soft pretzel in the midst of the chaos. It all appears to be rich terrain for del Toro, who appears to be drawn to the darker, spookier corners of the imagination in his films. Consequently, when a carnival barker promises a large audience a fantastic performance, it is easy to image del Toro nodding his head in agreement as he says, “Step right this way, guys,” while the throng cheers.

  1. As a director, del Toro enjoys laying a full table, and there’s a lot to take in at the carnival, including the pickled infant, christened Cyclops Boy, and a miserable guy known as the Geek, who is an alleged wild man who chews the heads off chickens, among other things.
  2. The show’s cast of weird and pretending to be charming charlatans eventually includes Stan, who has empty wallets and a mystery history, and although others may run screaming, he quickly joins them.
  3. Edmund Goulding’s 1947 noir film of the same name, which starred Tyrone Power in a similarly ominous setting, may have piqued your interest.
  4. In part because it is not restricted by Hollywood self-censorship, the new version, which was written by del Toro and Kim Morgan, is more accurate to the novel than the previous one.
  5. Shortly after becoming a carny, Stan begins cycling through women, starting with a clairvoyant (Toni Collette) whose broken-down husband (David Strathairn) used to do a successful mentalist performance in the past.
  6. In fact, it’s an ideal position for an opportunist, which is a part that perfectly matches Cooper, who is known for allowing his audiences to view the inner workings of his characters.
  7. They are successful in their endeavors and also encounter a smooth number (Cate Blanchett), who appears to have stepped out of a different, less entertaining film.
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Cooper infuses the plot with charm and an uneasy undercurrent, while the old-timey carnival setting lends the film character and a sense of wonder.

Whatever their shortcomings, these concerts provided performers with salaries and housing, creating a society like the one immortalized in Tod Browning’s scandalous 1932 picture “Freaks,” which del Toro considers to be a personal favorite of his.

Whatever his motivations, del Toro enjoys his monsters, and he seems right at home at the carnival, which he adorably adorns with his own monsters.

Collette’s moments with Cooper generate electrifying sparks, producing heat that temporarily relieves Stan’s coolness and brings you closer to him for a brief moment.

It is difficult to forget Colette when her character leaves, which occurs all too quickly because Stan has other places to go and more people to cheat on than you can keep track of.

“Nightmare Alley” is a game that plays with the logic of the visible: what Stan sees and doesn’t see, what patrons (including you) see and don’t see, and so on.

But at what price?

By the time Stan meets with a psychotherapist, Dr.

Even though Del Toro is a master at world building, he may struggle to bring some of his inventions to life, as is the case here despite the efforts of his excellent ensemble cast.

However, once he’s completed with the preliminary work, he finds it difficult to bring the many disparate elements together to form a living, breathing whole.

It is a beautiful show, and everything shines from having been meticulously cleaned and repolished, but it is also lifeless, more museological than cinematic in its presentation.

The sequences with Lilith are particularly important in this regard, yet they are also the parts where the film’s already sluggish pace comes to a grinding halt.

Lilith should, in principle, be a formidable opponent for Stan.

Nightmare Alley has been rated R for its graphic brutality. The film has a running duration of 2 hours 30 minutes. It’s playing in cinemas.

r/fivenightsatfreddys – Baby’s Nightmare Circus Review (so I can remove this game out of my system)

Because I just played the game in its entirety an hour ago, I’m going to write a review on it, because why not? MECHANICST They’re essentially a collection of “forcing the player to look at the camera” techniques, but without the cameras. There are four tents, each of which has a different personality. If the baby is Foxy, all you have to do is keep an eye on her and flee back when she gets close (she is eventually replaced by Fun). fuck you, Freddy’s a cunt and I despise him; he’s responsible for the fact that it took me all day to complete the game fuck you).

  • They also do some adorable postures while you hold the beam on them.
  • A music box (you know, the coolest mechanic ever) and a Foxy who is basically a copy of herself (she is eventually replaced with Fun.
  • There are also two “boss” foes in the form of Ennard and Babygeist.
  • Babygeist is a strange creature; you must hunt through all of the tents in order to locate her, and once you do, you must shock her.
  • TL;DR: It works, and it is both entertaining and tough, but it is not really creative.
  • This section of the game is fantastic since the animatronics are quite impressive (at least as impressive as Nightmare animatronics can be).
  • Gameplay: 7/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Story: 3/10
  • Overall rating: 7/10.

A Window Onto an American Nightmare

Mentally ill people on the streets account for approximately half of the homeless population, according to some estimates, and this is often attributed to “deinstitutionalization,” which began in the 1950s and intensified after President Jimmy Carter, concerned about the conditions of mental institutions, directed federal funds to community-based care centers instead of hospitals. The next year, President Reagan cancelled that funding, leaving patients stuck between the old and new methods of treatment for the rest of their lives.

For those of you who have ever been on a vacation when you were bumped off a flight and were forced to spend two days in an airport with no accommodations, you know how debilitating it can be.

Anthony’s, exclaimed, “I need a glass of wine!” “This is the way people’s lives are day in and day out out here.” They have no idea when the plane is going to arrive.” Following the closure of Hillary Ronen’s navigation center, she became persuaded that inadequate mental-health services were at the root of her district’s difficulties.

  • The proposal, which is currently in the early stages of implementation, would establish a mental-health clinic where anybody who is homeless, uninsured, or mentally impaired in San Francisco may receive free treatment.
  • He remarked that dealing with hair on the street was difficult.
  • “Hugo and Martin are the types of people that other people would intentionally photograph and post on the Internet, claiming that ‘this man needs to be taken down by the authorities,'” Bransten explained.
  • A mosque, AlSabeel Masjid Noor Al-Islam, is located just a few yards up the block.
  • After receiving several complaints about tents, the city organized a partnership known as the Healthy Streets Operations Center, which is now commonly accused of attempting to chase away the city’s homeless population with the help of law enforcement officers.
  • “I don’t believe that law enforcement is the best method,” he informed me before to assuming the job in question.
  • “During the first two years, we made significant headway in cleaning up the places where we concentrated our efforts.

In 2010, Newsom, who was then the mayor of San Francisco, proposed a “sit-lie” ordinance, which would have allowed police to penalize anybody who were reclining on sidewalks between the hours of 7 a.m.

It was passed by the voters, but enforcement was suspended due to controversy.

Breed has lent his support to the cause.

In order to engage in meaningful talks with individuals and gain a knowledge of the issues they are facing, she went out with a group of people twice.

After a late lunch with Couper Orona, a former firefighter who had resigned at an early age due to a significant back ailment, I had a chance to catch up with him.

EMT talents were put to use in the encampments, where she cleaned wounds and revived overdose victims, among other things.

It’s “not like we’re used to being treated nicely,” she explained.

ORONA (pronounced “O-RON-a”), who identifies herself as butch, was dressed casually in a fauxhawk and flannel shirt, with an earpiece attached to a police scanner in her right ear, which she uses to follow “sweeps” of tents.

The claim is that some cops scare individuals away with threats of arrest and label their goods as “abandoned,” allowing it to be thrown away without further investigation.

However, this is never the intention.”) Homeless persons have expressed concern about losing their identification cards, HIV drugs, even the ashes of a deceased family.

In an interview, Orona stated, “I want London Breed to accompany me for twenty-four hours, with no cameras, no nothing.” “I’m going to dress her down and put a baseball cap on her.” I want to take her to the Bayview and show her the sweeps, as well as the way her cops handle the folks who are being detained there.

  • “I’m not fucking joking when I say this.” “My mother would have a fit,” she said.
  • Many people in California attribute this to stifled home construction and Proposition 13, which mandates that property taxes be calculated based on the worth of a house when it was acquired rather than its current value.
  • Zoning and building rules in California are quite strict, making it difficult to balance supply and demand in the state.
  • YIMBYs (short for “Yes, in my back yard”) are supporters of zoning deregulation and dense urban development in the manner of Manhattan.
  • Breed has made significant investments in affordable housing, but he has also been a vocal critic of regulations and bureaucracy that he believes are impeding growth.
  • Moreover, she claims that the city’s subsidy coffers are already overburdened by the influx of needy immigrants like Hickson.
  • In addition, there are a number of other cities that are not contributing to the solution, and I feel that larger cities wind up with more than their fair share.

Jennifer Friedenbach, the executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness, an advocacy organization, is concerned that easing the regulations would favor the wealthy first, as do many others who are opposed to YIMBY-style development.

Despite the fact that she acknowledged that the city’s approval process for new building is time-consuming and prone to friction, she asserted that it is the only lever activists have for convincing large, profitable projects to include more affordable homes.

However, some homeless service providers told me that, aside from a few highly strategic efforts—such as a thirty-million dollar initiative launched by Marc Benioff, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Salesforce—the industry’s gestures can be naively misdirected.

In 2017, the Coalition on Homelessness advocated taxing firms with gross receipts of more than fifty million dollars and directing the proceeds to homeless programs.

Even though the mayor was opposed to the idea, it garnered support from local leaders such as Benioff and Pelosi, and was ultimately passed as Proposition C.

However, for the time being, that money is inaccessible due to legal challenges brought by members of the business community.

Upon entering, I was escorted down the hall by a waiter dressed in a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie to a private dining room, where I met Mimi Silbert, who has been the director of the Delancey Street Foundation, which is responsible for the restaurant’s parent organization, since the nineteen-seventies.

  1. Unlike many San Franciscans who feel that the solution to homelessness lies in the hands of external forces, Delancey Street thinks that the solution begins with the person.
  2. Homeless people, gang members, neo-Nazis, and other untouchables arrive to Delancey, where they are given short haircuts and are forbidden from using the phone for three months.
  3. They eventually receive vocational training and have the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency diploma.
  4. Anyone who uses drugs or threatens violence will be expelled from the school.

The goal, according to Silbert, is to “create an outside version of you.” “We don’t go in and perform therapy until we have an outside version of you that is effective,” he explained. Residents are returned to the outside world after a minimum of two years at the facility.

15 Of The Best Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of horror video games that follows a brand of “child-friendly” restaurants that take a horrific turn when its animatronic characters are haunted by the spirits of their customers. Despite the fact that the games began out as relatively straightforward jump scare-filled entertainment, the narrative of the game has grown into a tangled web of bizarre plot beats that the gaming community enjoys picking apart. Fan-made games based on the series have, unsurprisingly, been developed by fans for fans.

  1. They range in complexity from simple to complex, following predictable narrative or gameplay progression, while some venture into area that no one could have predicted, and the results are truly beautiful.
  2. Roy Hall: I’d want to thank you for your service.
  3. Scott Cawthon is no longer with us, and Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach has yet to be launched, although it is expected to do so later this year, according to reports.
  4. Who could blame him, after all?
  5. In this case, we’re talking about games that, if it weren’t for those pesky little copyright regulations, would easily make a killing on Steam.
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15The Freddy Files

The Freddy Files is a video game developed by Awfy (previously AwXthority). Note that this is not to be confused with the canon handbook of the same name. Throughout the game, the 16-bit player must navigate their way around the pizzeria in a manner reminiscent of the classic game Kings Quest, collecting goods and clues while avoiding the potentially lethal animatronics. Awfy is particularly remarkable during jumpscares, as the pixelation detail is dramatically increased to fully showcase what the character is capable of.

14Sinister Turmoil Sewers

Sinister Turmoil Sewers is a wonderful sample of what could have been from the production teamANGUs-GAMEs, since only a demo was ever published before they decided to discontinue the project. The demo, on the other hand, is sufficient in conveying the overall impression of how captivating the complete experience was intended to be. It is necessary for the player to navigate a wide sewage system in order to do generator maintenance while staying away from the savage Mangle and his tattling companion Cupcake.

Even though there are only two animatronics to contend with, Mangle stampedes through the tunnels at breakneck speeds, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. Trust us when we say that Mangle has had enough.

13Dayshift At Freddy’s: Remastered

Dayshift at Freddy’s, according to its creatorDirectDoggo, is as follows: Remastered is less of a horror game and more of a parody visual novel in comparison to the original. There’s lots to do and even more to mock in this game, which appears to be tired by the dismal tones of its official equivalent’s official counterpart. A bunch of stock photos and memes have been spliced together to create something that is both humorous and (hopefully) hilariously horrible in its visual presentation. There are eleven different endings to discover, as well as a complete cast of recognizable individuals to mock and tease you along the way.

12Super FNAF

Super Five Nights at Freddy’s, developed by LSFDevelopment, is a superbly polished pixelated sidescrolling adventure game in which the player controls the animatronics from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s instead of the “helpless” security guard from the original game. The goal of the game is to examine the instances of missing children. The players take on the role of the missing children. This meticulously built game, which includes everything from sidequests to mini-games and even a free-play mode, manages to carry the weight of nostalgia for a fading gaming type with more grace and beauty than a narrative about dead children driving fuzzy mechs has any right to do.

11TykeSons Lumber Co

SUPER FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S, developed by LSFDevelopment, is an exquisitely polished pixelated side-scrolling adventure game where the player controls animatronics from the original FNAF instead of the “helpless” security guard from FNAF 1. Investigate cases of missing children in order to solve them, as if you were one of the children who went missing. This meticulously built game, which includes everything from sidequests to mini-games and even a free-play mode, manages to carry the weight of nostalgia for a fading gaming type with more grace and elegance than a tale about dead children driving fuzzy mechs has any right to carry it.

10Baby’s Nightmare Circus

Babies Nightmare Circus is a fan game developed by Peeblo that is mostly inspired by the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location and incorporates the characters that were introduced in that game, particularly Circus Baby and his friends. An amusement park is used as the setting for this game, rather than a pizzeria as it was in the original games. A Guide to Unlocking All of the Mini-Games in Every Game (FNAF) Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a game that is quite similar to the original games in that the primary aim is to keep the terrifying animatronics from approaching you.

9The Joy Of Creation: Story Mode

Based mostly on the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location and including the characters that were introduced in that game, Circus Baby, Baby’s Nightmare Circus is a fan-made title by developerPeeblo. An amusement park is used as the setting for this game, rather than a pizza, as it was for the previous games. What Is The Best Way To Unlock All Of The Mini-Games In Each And Every Game? Compared to the previous games, Baby’s Nightmare Circus is quite similar in that the primary goal is to keep the terrifying animatronics away from you.

However, in this game, the player is allowed to explore the many circus tents at their leisure, and it is the flashlight that protects the beasts from attacking.

8Jolly 3

Babies Nightmare Circus is a fan game developed by Peeblo that is mostly inspired by the video game Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location and incorporates the characters that were introduced in that game, particularly Circus Baby. Instead than taking place in a pizzeria, like in the previous games, this game takes place in a circus setting. GameFAQs: FNAF: How To Unlock All Of The Mini-Games Within Each Game Compared to the previous games, Baby’s Nightmare Circus is quite similar in that the primary aim is to keep the terrifying animatronics away from you.

7Fredbear’s Fright

Fredbear’s Fright is a fan game developed by Garrett McKay that takes the myths and legends about what happened at the restaurants in the original series and puts a new spin on them, according to the designer. In this game, a series of horror attractions have arisen that are based on the dark, “fictional” past of Freddy’s Fazzbear’s Pizzeria, which is the setting for the game. Fredbear’s Fright shares some of the same locales and characters as Fredbear’s Nightmare, but that’s about where the similarities end.

6Five Nights At Freddy’s Reborn

According to the game’s designer, Goldguy0710, Five Nights at Freddy’s Reborn is unusual in that it isn’t a completely different game or plot. The game is essentially an updated version of the original FNAF, with significant gameplay improvements and changes that make it far more interesting, exciting, and horrifying than the original game. Jump scares, camera glitches, and sound effects have all been added to the game by Goldguy0710. It also grants the animatronics additional powers, such as the ability to shift the cameras and peep at the player in a way that is less noticeable.


POPGOES is a game developed by a group of producers that began by creating a subreddit calledr/2124. The game is set in a new animatronic-based eatery called The Popgoes Pizzeria. The animatronics were taken over by a mysterious character named Fritz, who then launched his own restaurant. The player assumes the role of the night security guard, who rapidly discovers that Fritz was not only attempting to entertain families and sell pizza when he first opened his doors. POPGOES combines conventional FNAF gameplay with completely new point-and-click concepts, resulting in a plethora of inventive methods for players to thwart the animatronics’ attempts to harm them.

4Those Nights At Rachel’s

POPGOES is a game developed by a group of developers that got their start on the Reddit subredditr/2124. The game is set in a new animatronic-based eatery named The Popgoes Pizzeria, and it is available on the Nintendo Switch. Animatronics were taken over by a mysterious character named Fritz, who then founded his own restaurant. A night security officer is in charge of keeping an eye on Fritz, who rapidly discovers that he wasn’t only out to entertain families and sell pizza when he first opened his doors.

There are several inventive methods in which the players may prevent the animatronics from assaulting them in POPGOES, since the game incorporates both conventional FNAF gameplay and brand-new point-and-click concepts.

3Five Nights At Candy’s

Five Nights at Candy’s is a fan game developed by Emilmacko that takes place at a new establishment that competed with Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza until it was forced to close down in the end. In contrast to Freddy, Chica, and the other animatronics that called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza home, the animatronics at this competitor eatery are no less haunting and horrifying than the animatronics who called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza home. Five Nights at Candy’s is the first in a series of two fan games that will contain some unique and terrible animatronics.


Jollibee’s was the fourth game in the Jolly fan game franchise, and it sprang from the mind of creatorIvanG. Despite the fact that it was an extremely popular title, Jollibee’s has subsequently been removed off the internet due to copyright violation. Apparently, not all fast food establishments love being associated with wicked animatronic murders in their branding. When it was playable, however, it was effectively a reskinned version of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game, with animatronics themed to Jollibee instead of the more malevolent versions of the Chuck E.

1One Night At Flumpty’s 2

While many of the Five Nights at Freddy’s games are more gloomy and dramatic in nature, JonochromeandClickteam’s One Night at Flumpty’s is a bit more quirky and humorous experience. Now, it’s still spooky and full of jump scares, but it’s a lot less serious and lore-driven than the majority of other games in this genre. A cartoon creature named Flumpty Bumpty, an egg monster with a delightfully terrible personality, has abducted the player and wants to play a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with him.

It is the player’s responsibility to attempt to prevent Flumpty and his companions from entering the chamber.

Following that, there are several short (but terrifying) horror games worth playing.

After spending that sort of money, you’d think he’d be able to pretend to be a bit more passionate about something.

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