How To Sleep Pop Tent Take On Mars

Does every family camping trip end with, “We need a bigger tent?”

In August, my family and I went automobile camping in the woods. We are a group of four people. We’ve had our Coleman Instant Cabinsix person tent for a little over six years now, and we love how economical and simple it is to set up. It has never failed to meet our expectations. * Tent” data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” src=” alt=”Camp Coleman Instant Tent 6″ data-large-file=” src=” alt=”Camp Coleman Instant Tent 6″ srcset=”615w,200w,300w,768w,891w” sizes=”615w,200w,300w,768w,891w” (max-width: 615px) Tent with 100vw and 615px”> When I returned home, one of the first things I did was start looking into new tents (after taking a lengthy shower and donning clothing that didn’t have the odor of cigarette smoke in them).

According to the reviews I read, the phrase “Honey, we need a bigger tent!” appears to be a rather typical one.

A set of Disc-O-Beds has become my new favorite auto camping gear, which I’ve previously written about.

Lifting two of our four sleeping positions off the floor made for a significantly improved storage situation, as well as a far more comfortable walk to the door.

The Mosquito Frame, which was put on the Cam-O-Bunk It is possible that the cots will fit in our Coleman tent, but just just.

Because of the inward slope of the walls leading up to the roof, when the top bed is piled, it presses against the fabric, resulting in minor protrusions visible from the outside of the bunkhouse (approximately 1 inch).

It is customary for children to make the mistake of reaching up to touch the tent just over their heads.

Natural consequences are the most common way for most children to learn “why we shouldn’t poke the tent.” However, while it is true that current tent fabrics are far better at avoiding such leaks, I believe that it is always best to be cautious than sorry when it comes to remaining dry when sleeping outside.

The view from the back of the tent, as viewed through the tent entrance ” data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” data-small-file=” camp disco bed camocot xl in tent by door src=” h=300″ alt=”Camp Disco-Bed Camo-Cot XL in tent by door” the dimensions are: width:225; height:300; ” h=300 225w, h=600 450w, h=200 150w, h=600 450w” srcset=” This is the last view, as seen through the tent door.

  1. Our present tent is 9 by 10 feet.
  2. Alternatively, as seen in the photo of the cot visible through the Coleman tent’s entrance, we could easily make do with the same size we already have.
  3. In my ideal world, I would have two sets of Cam-O-Bunk cots that I could stack together to accommodate our family of four.
  4. Having two bunk beds would not only allow us to sleep off the ground but it would also allow us to store all of our clothing and personal belongings beneath a bunk, out of the way but not in direct contact with the potentially moist side walls of our tent.
  5. No doubt I’m not the only adult who wished to stroll right into the center of their tent, leaving their beds crammed against either side wall as a result of the open center.
  6. It might be feasible to enter our tent while the cot was still in place, but it would be quite inconvenient.
  7. Is it possible that I will purchase a tent that is almost comparable to the one we already have in order to fix this problem?

We will most likely purchase a second, bigger tent to utilize for longer journeys or travels where there is a higher likelihood of rain.

I have yet to come across another tent that is as simple to set up as the one we have.

It measures 8.3 feet by 12.5 feet, which is virtually precisely the size I’m looking for.

The availablefloor-lessgarage seems like a dream come true for damp excursions or sandy ***areas, given that a combined 27.5′ length would suit the offered space on the property.

The Kingdom 8 measures 104 square feet, which is not significantly larger than our Coleman Instant Cabin – 6, which is around 90 square feet.

However, the Coleman Instant Cabin – 8/10 (retail $310) is readily available for less than half the price of the REI tent, but its 140 square feet are still structured in a more square-ish 10’x14′ configuration.

Also worth remembering for first-time campers is that having greater volume inside your tent means that it is less likely to feel cozy owing to the warmth of your family’s bodies, which might be uncomfortable.

With a suggested retail price of $529, the Kingdom 8 tent is not a good choice for a first-time camper on a tight financial budget.

Because of the importance of quality and comfort, you should avoid purchasing the cheapest tent you can locate for your first camping adventure.

When my family went camping during my childhood, we had an heirloom (ancient!) canvas and wood tent that absolutely, positively leaked in the rain if a youngster poked it with a finger when it was raining.

With a lot of swearing, my father spent a long time setting it up and he required my mother’s assistance to control the beast.

In addition, these new tents kept us drier.

A tent may be viewed as a sensible investment that will provide many years of economical family holidays in a comfortable environment.

Before purchasing your first tent, you may want to consider how you want to utilize the inner area.

Families who share queen-size air mattresses would like the more rectangular tents, such as Coleman’s Instant Cabinline, which is available in many sizes.

Taller folks may also appreciate the fact that open space has been reserved in the tallest, center section of a family tent.

The majority of the time, this is due to user mistake, however better designs reduce the likelihood of a failure.

Condensation can be prevented by providing adequate airflow, for as by keeping the mesh windows partially open at night rather of zipping everything up tightly.

***If you do not remove your shoes every time you enter the tent, the floor will become extremely gritty and scratchy. Having children virtually ensures that this will happen. Keeping a small brush and dustpan at the door can assist with this, but it is an unavoidable aspect of tent camping life.

Geodesic Dome Kits

In August, the whole family went automobile camping. We’re a group of four people, including the author. The Coleman Instant Cabinsix person tent has been a favorite of ours for a little more than six years now since it is inexpensive, quick to set up, and provides excellent value. Our trust in it has always been unshakeable. The Camp Coleman Instant Tent 6 is a tent that has been designed by Camp Coleman. It is available in two sizes: medium and large, and it is available in two sizes: medium and large, and it is available in two sizes: medium and large.

  1. According to the reviews I read, the phrase “Honey, we need a bigger tent!” appears to be a very typical occurrence.
  2. A set of Disc-O-Beds has become my new favorite auto camping gear, which I’ve previously written about here.
  3. Lifting two of our four sleeping positions off the floor made for a significantly improved storage situation, as well as a significantly more comfortable walk to the door.
  4. However, our Coleman tent is just barely big enough to accommodate the two cots.
  5. Because of the inward slope of the walls leading up to the roof, when the top bed is piled, it presses against the fabric, resulting in minor protrusions visible from the outside of the bunkhouse (approximately 1′′).
  6. It is customary for children to make the mistake of reaching up to touch the tent just over their faces.
  7. Naturally occurring consequences teach the majority of children the importance of not poking the tent.
  8. This is why I would be happy if my tent were at least six inches longer in the door-to-back-wall orientation, in order to minimize additional wear and strain on the sidewalls of my tent.

the data medium file the data large file the data large file Image size: 300 pixels, height: 300 pixels, alt: “Cabin Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Cot XL in tent by door, camp disc-o-bed cam-o-cot xl in tent by door,” the following dimensions: width:225; height:300 In the srcset=” “, the values are as follows: H=300 225W H=600 450W H=200 150W “, the values are as follows: p sizes=”(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px”>Finish view, as viewed from the tent door We have yet to come across a campground that would not accept a tent that is only somewhat longer than the one we already have, especially given the fact that I do not believe it is necessary for it to be broader at the same time as it is shorter.

  1. This is the size of our existing tent, which measures 9 by 10 feet.
  2. Alternatively, as seen in the photo of the cot visible through the Coleman tent’s entrance, we could also make do with the same size we already have.
  3. I’m talking about two sets of Cam-O-Bunk cots that I’d stack together to accommodate our family of four in a perfect world.
  4. All of our clothing and personal belongings would be able to be stored beneath a bunk bed, out of the way but not in contact with the possibly moist side walls of the tent if we had two bunk beds, which would be ideal for us.
  5. No doubt I’m not the only adult who want to stroll right into the center of their tent, leaving their beds crammed against each side wall as a result of their decision.
  6. The cot would be able to be brought into our tent, but it would be extremely inconvenient and obnoxious.
  7. In order to fix this problem, am I planning on purchasing a tent that is almost comparable to the one we already have?

It is likely that we will purchase a second, larger tent to be used for longer excursions or excursions where there is a higher likelihood of rain.

Another tent that is as simple to set up as the one we have is something I have yet to come across.

It measures 8.3 feet by 12.5 feet, which is about the precise size I’m looking for.

The availablefloor-lessgarage seems like a dream come true for damp travels or sandy ***areas, given that a combined 27.5′ length would suit the offered space on the lot.

The Kingdom 8 measures 104 square feet, which is not significantly larger than our Coleman Instant Cabin – 6, which is around 90 square feet.

For less than half the price of the REI tent, there’s a ColemanInstant Cabin – 8/10(retail $310) that’s readily accessible, but its 140 sq.

are still laid out in a 10′ x 14′ configuration.

New campers should be aware that having greater volume within their tent reduces the likelihood that they will feel comfortable owing to the heat generated by their family’s bodies.

Due to the Kingdom 8 tent’s retail price of $529, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is just starting out camping and has a limited financial budget.

It’s also not a good idea to get the cheapest tent you can find for your first camping trip because of concerns about quality and comfort.

While camping with my family as a youngster, we used an heirloom (old!) canvas and wood tent that absolutely, positively leaked in the rain if one of my siblings poked it with a finger.

With a lot of swearing, my father spent a long time setting it up and he required my mother’s assistance to keep that beast under control!

We were also able to stay drier thanks to our newly purchased tents.

A tent may be viewed as a sensible investment that will provide many years of economical family holidays in a comfortable setting.

Before purchasing your first tent, you might want to consider how you want to use the inner area.

In particular, rectangular tents such as Coleman’s Instant Cabinline will appeal to families that use queen-size air mattresses as a shared sleeping space.

The ability to reserve free space in the highest, center section of a family tent may also be appreciated by those who are taller than average.

Although user error is the most common cause of failure, smarter designs can reduce the likelihood of failure.

Air circulation, such as keeping the mesh windows partially open at night rather than zipping everything up tightly, can help to prevent condensation.

Having children almost ensures that this will occur. It is possible to manage this by keeping a small brush and dustpan at the door, but it is an unfortunate reality of tent camping.

About us

FDomes Glamping is a business that was born out of a love for camping in 2016. Our origins, on the other hand, date back to 2008, when we established Freedomes – World in a Sphere. As a result, we have supplied hundreds of geodomes to customers all around the world. In the past, we’ve worked with companies like as Audi, Ford Mustang, Lady Gaga, and we’ve provided structures for films such as Ridley Scott’s “The Martian.” Outside of work, our passion for travel is fueled by our strong connection to nature and our constant search for new locations to explore.

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Worldwide delivery

One of our logistical partners will transport the FDome in its entirety to the place of your preference. All of the pieces are shipped in plywood boxes to keep them safe. Lead times vary based on the accessories selected and the amount of domes ordered; however, on average, we send most orders within 3 – 6 weeks.

3-Years Warranty

We take great effort to provide the highest-quality constructions, which is why every single component is subjected to stringent quality check before leaving our facility. In the odd event that a product develops a flaw as a result of poor craftsmanship or materials, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.

Quick ROI

The length of time it takes to get a return on investment depends on a variety of circumstances, however the majority of our clients say that they see a complete return on their fully equipped dome purchases within one busy season! Examine the work of our clientele. Dome FrameworkA dome framework made of galvanized steel that is strong and strengthened. It can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Bay Window with a Panoramic View Provides approximately 180-degree panoramic views, and may be outfitted with curtains for more privacy.

  1. Solar-powered fanA solar-powered fan assists in natural ventilation and adequate air circulation by circulating warm air.
  2. Coverage on the outside PVC architectural membrane that is the best in its class.
  3. There are six distinct colors to choose from.
  4. Insulation liner is a type of material that is used to insulate a building.
  5. Entrances DoorsA diamond-shaped door or a lockable, aluminumglass wing-door placed at the back of the dome are available for use.

Complete package

Our geodesic dome kits include with practically everything you need to get started with your glamping business.

Your getaway will be ready for guests in no time if you only add furnishings and appliances! Specification in its entirety The video element cannot be shown because your browser does not support it.

Premium modules

We provide geodesic dome kits that include practically everything you’ll need to get started in the glamping business. Your getaway will be ready for guests in no time if you only add furnishings and appliances! Details of the product The video tag cannot be shown because your browser does not recognize it.

Interior design

Bring your guests into a whole other environment. Comfort and elegance can be brought to even the most isolated settings. The enthralling architecture of our domes will encourage your guests to take advantage of everything your property has to offer. More information may be found here. It turned out to be a wise investment for us. Price-value ratio is in good balance. Because the reservations are pouring in at such a rapid pace, we will need to erect another F.Dome in the near future to keep up with the demand.

  1. We are receiving a large number of requests, as well as new business, as a result of them.
  2. Jussi Pietikaeinen (Jussi Pietikaeinen) Harriniva Lapland is a region in northern Finland.
  3. They may not be the same as visiting the Red Planet, but for those who enjoy space tourism, they are a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that is much closer to home.
  4. Experience A desert dome camp on Mars is home to life on Mars.

They trusted us too

Customizable to an extreme degree There is a large selection of membrane and interior colors, as well as doors, windows, and other accessories. Create your own own Glamping Dome with our cutting-edge 3D Configurator. Adaptable: available in a variety of sizes There are five different sizes to choose from: 20, 30, 40, 50, and 75m2. Increase the variety of your offering by including intimate, romantic pods for couples as well as big glamping apartments for entire family groups. All-year, all-weather, and all-climates availability All of the rooms are completely sealed and watertight.

  1. Proven in the harshest and most extreme environments.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) is quick.
  3. Planning clearance is not required.
  4. All of these factors contribute to a seamless application procedure for planning authorization.
  5. Corrosion protection is provided for all steel components.

DIY Assembly in a jiffy All FDomes are pre-assembled and include with tools, step-by-step instructions, and video tutorials to make the process as simple as possible. It takes only a few hours to put one together. In addition, assembly service and/or training are provided.

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5 small but mighty camper vans you can buy now

A tiny camper that can fit in your garage, can be used as a daily vehicle, and can yet sleep two to four people for short weekend camping excursions has been lacking from the North American RV market for years. This is something that many explorers have expressed a need for. It’s what has made the Volkswagen California van, which is sadly not available in the United States, so popular in other parts of the world. Do you enjoy camping and trailers? Come and participate in our community group. The good news is that Things are evolving at a breakneck pace.

Camper van manufacturers large and small have responded to the demand, resulting in a slew of new and inventive models.

One vendor is even converting a minivan — the Toyota Sienna — into a weekend getaway vehicle for his customers.

Now we’ll take a look at the newly competitive small camper van market, where we’ll present you with five options that are guaranteed to wow.

The Weekender by Mercedes-Benz

There has long been a void in the North American RV market for something that so many explorers appeared to desire: a tiny camper that can be stored in your garage, can be used as a daily vehicle, and can yet accommodate two to four people for short weekend camping excursions. For this reason, the Volkswagen California van, which is sadly not available in the United States, is quite popular in other countries. Campers and trailers are among your favorite things. Consider becoming a member of our neighborhood association.

Situations are rapidly shifting.

Companies large and small have noticed the need, resulting in the introduction of a new generation of creative camper vans.

The Toyota Sienna, a minivan sold by one vendor, is being converted into an overnight retreat.

Now we’ll take a look at the newly competitive small camper van market, where we’ll present you with five options that are guaranteed to wow.

The Free Bird from Caravan Outfitter

The 2019 Free Bird SV+ has a starting price of $37,165. Details: Free BirdfromCaravan Outfitter is based on the Nissan NV200 cargo van and features a handy slide-rail system that allows it to be converted easily from camper van to cargo hauler in seconds. Installing or removing all of the components is accomplished in less than two minutes thanks to the slide-and-glide method. There are several bins in the main cabin that contain everything you need for camping. The kitchen is accessed from the rear of the vehicle by a slide-out kitchen box; it is equipped with a portable butane burner and two storage drawers for additional storage.

The cushions come together to make a 76-inch full-size bed with enough space for two persons to sleep comfortably.

Oasis Campervans

Van modifications start at $4,000 and go up from there. Details: Unlike other tiny camper van firms that employ Nissan or Mercedes vans, Colorado-basedOasis Campervans modifies the all-wheel-drive Toyota Sienna minivan into a mobile home-on-wheels for its customers on the road. The inside of an Oasis Campervan conversion includes a main living space with pull-out drawers, a completed floor, and a mobile table for working or entertaining guests. One of the most creative aspects of the design is a folding chair that converts into a portion of the bed with a convenient back rest.

  • On the same principle as an eardrop trailer, the van’s back section opens into a compact kitchen with an electric sink, running water, drawers and storage as well as a huge counter top.
  • More information may be found here.
  • Details:Recon Campers makes use of the Nissan NV200 commercial grade van to manufacture campers that provide you with the freedom of VanLife at a fraction of the expense of many bigger custom builds.
  • Down below, the Envy has a special rear bench seat—made of breathable multi-density foam—that can be folded flat to create a lower bed that measures 42 inches by 72 inches, making it ideal for a pair.

Recon Campers briefly halted taking orders in 2018 in order to expand manufacturing, but they expect to resume sales in the spring of the following year. Here’s where you can learn more about the Envy.

Cascade Campers

Cost: The Cascade Camper modification is available for Ram Promaster City Cargo vans manufactured after 2015 and costs $7,000 to purchase. Details:California-based For the installation of simple, no-frills kits, Cascade Campers use a Ram Promaster City (which is smaller than the larger Ram Promasters) that provides only what you would require for life on the road and nothing more than that. Cascade Campers, in contrast to other camper kits that you may put together yourself, undertakes all of the labor.

Insulation, wall, and ceiling panels have been added to aid with heat retention, and the only rear seating option is a long, futon-style sofa on the driver’s side.

A tiny kitchen, which runs down the passenger side of the van and contains a sink and a Dometic refrigerator, is provided for culinary purposes.

More information may be found here. The Martian: Stranded on Mars, one astronaut fights to survive eBook : Weir, Andy: Kindle Store

“Brilliant… a celebration of the achievements of human creativity For many years, this was the finest example of real-science science fiction. “It’s really intriguing.” The Wall Street Journal published an article stating that “Outstanding work, a sizzling excellent read that space travel enthusiasts will eat like sugar. This novel works on multiple levels and for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its unexpected believability.” —U.S. News & World Report “An astonishingly geeky first outing.

  • And, frankly, how can anyone not support for a normal person who will demonstrate that the United States of America still has the Right Stuff?” -The Weekly Entertainment Guide “Captivating.a hero who can solve practically any situation while being amusing at the same time.
  • “I received an A.” — “With The Martian, Andy Weir produces a masterpiece.
  • interstellar travel in the future, as depicted by a genuine representation.” The Associated Press reported on this.
  • Clarke penned stories for readers.” -San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, California “By far, this is one of the greatest thrillers I’ve read in quite some time.

“It’s like Apollo 13 ten times over.” Author Douglas Preston, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Impact and Blasphemy, says: “This was a book I couldn’t put down!” An extremely unusual mix of a decent, unique storyline, wonderfully genuine people, and amazing technical precision is found in this film.

“This is the finest book I’ve read in a long time.

It will steal your breath away faster than a hull breech when you read this article.

A MacGyver-trapped-on-Mars storyline that is just as genuine and terrifying as the true tragedy of Apollo 13 has been sculpted by Weir into a survival thriller that is endlessly fascinating and imaginative.” —Ernest Cline, author of the New York Times bestselling novel Ready Player One “Gripping.takes on the structure of Defoe’sRobinson Crusoeas as if it were written by someone a little brighter.” -Larry Niven, author of theRingworldseries and theLucifer’s Hammer series, who has won several Hugo and Nebula Awards.

  • In The Martian, human ingenuity (mixed with more comedy than you’d imagine) is pitted against the most monumental task of our time: surviving on Mars.
  • “It was fantastic!” -Daniel H.
  • “You can’t get away from the notion that this may all actually come to pass.” —Patrick Lee, author of The Breach and Ghost Country, who has written for the New York Times.
  • It’s Robinson Crusoe on Mars, but in the twenty-first century.
  • You’re going to need it because you’re not going to be able to put the book down.” Author Steve Berry (The King’s Deception and The Columbus Affair, both New York Times bestselling novels) says: “An outstanding debut novel.
  • In the face of tremendous difficulties, one man’s tenacity and resourcefulness is rewarded in this neatly built and perfectly credible tale of creativity and strength.” -Booklist “With just the perfect amount of geekery.
  • He demonstrates an extraordinary capacity to write about extremely technical circumstances without losing sight of the fact that his audience is following along.
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With the addition of a nail-biting life-and-death crisis on Mars and a sarcastic and wisecracking geeky hero, Weir has crafted the ideal blend of action and space adventure.” -Journal of the Library (starred) “The Martian is a near-perfect novel in virtually every regard, and it may already be the finest book of 2014 in my opinion.” Crimespree Magazine published this article.

“A page-turning suspense novel. This survival story with a high-tech edge will captivate you from the first page.” —Suspense Magazine, a monthly magazine dedicated to suspense and mystery

8 Tips for Surviving on Mars from Andy Weir

You’ve decided that you want to live on Mars. Possibly you are drawn to the area because of the tough terrain, attractive scenery, or enormous natural environment that exists there. Or maybe you’re simply a nutcase who wants to make it through a dead wasteland of bleak ruins. Whatever your motivations, there are some factors you should be aware of: 1: You’ll need a pressure vessel for this project. The atmospheric pressure on Mars is less than one percent of the pressure on Earth. So, in essence, it isn’t anything.

  1. You’d best bring along a great, strong container to keep the air in the container.
  2. As a result, make it as large as you possibly can.
  3. You’ll most likely want to be able to breathe during your stay, therefore you’ll need something to put in that pressure vessel.
  4. Although the atmosphere is extremely thin, it is nevertheless existent and nearly completely composed of carbon dioxide.
  5. There are a variety of options available, including complicated mechanical oxygenators or just growing plants.
  6. The liquid core of the Earth generates a magnetic field that shields us from the majority of the harmful radiation emitted by the sun.
  7. Solar radiation of all types reaches the earth’s surface.

The quickest and most effective method of accomplishing this is to bury your foundation in Martian sand and pebbles.

4: You’re going to need to drink a lot of water.

The Curiosity spacecraft just revealed that the soil on Mars contains a significant amount of ice.

Simply scoop it up, heat it up, and filter away the excess water is all that is required.

5: You’re going to need something to eat.

They have a chicken flavor to them.

Everything is fine, everything is fine.

You’ll have to do the work yourself to get it.

The day/night cycle on Venus is nearly comparable to that on Earth, which is why Earth plants have evolved to optimize for it.

However, it is not possible to just grow plants on the cold, near-vacuum surface.

And it’s possible that one will have to be rather large.

I’m hoping you enjoy potatoes.

7: You’re going to require a lot of energy.

You’ll have to cope with a variety of issues, including the heating of your home and greenhouse.

Not to mention the other life-sustaining systems, the most important of which is your oxygenator.

On this scale, a biosphere would be far too dangerous.

Why would you go out of your way to endanger your life?

Do you want to start your own civilization?

What about setting up a base with a large death ray so that you can speak to the United Nations while wearing a frightening mask and demanding ransom?

Because, at the end of the day, Mars is a harsh and hazardous environment, and if something goes wrong, there is no way to be rescued.

Whatever your motive is, it had better be worth your time and effort. – This paragraph refers to an alternatekindle editionedition of a book that was previously published.

Mercury is in retrograde in June — here’s how you can harness its energy

Is there anything unusual that happens while Mercury is in retrograde, and how does this effect us? Although many astrologers think that the retrograde motion of the planets sets in motion a cycle of misfortune, how accurate is this belief? Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion, which implies that the planet seems to be travelling backwards from our point of view on the planet Earth. It is predicted by astrologers that technology and communication will be hampered during this imagined backwards motion, which will put a damper on everyone’s summer attitude.

How can it Mercury retrograde affect you?

Traditionally, astrologers have regarded Mercury as the planet that governs expression and communication. The astrological community believes that this retrograde motion will have a negative meaning in the coming months. Researchers have carefully examined the possibilities that may occur during this three-week period, which is considered to be one of the most nerve-wracking occurrences in astrology. Some astrologers feel it has the potential to lead to.

  • Friendships that have broken out
  • Miscommunications that have occurred Travel, rationality, and communication are all thrown off balance
  • Emails getting misplaced
  • Flights getting delayed
  • And other disasters are all possibilities.

When will Mercury be in retrograde in 2021?

Mercury will be in retrograde three times throughout the year 2021. According to the website, they are as follows: Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from the 30th of January to the 19th of February in 2021, beginning on the 30th of January and finishing on the 19th of February. According to popular belief, when Mercury retrogrades in a water-based star sign – such as Pisces – the emotional and psychological well-being of people who are afflicted may be impaired. A Pisces is considered to be a dreamy, imaginative person who is filled with intense emotions and feelings.

Some believe that it is an excellent time for a Pisces to concentrate on their inner self rather than on more exterior endeavors, such as business.

The month of September 2021 During the month of September, Mercury will remain retrograde, and it will conclude on the 16th of October, also in Libra.

How can you harness the energy of Mercury being in retrograde?

Is it important to you to make the most of Mercury’s retrograde motion this year? In the opinion of Daisy Foss, an international healer, the impending Mercury retrograde will occur under the sign of Gemini, which is the governing sign of Mercury, heightening any urges for independence or exploration. “The energy of Gemini is highly amorous, passionate, and brilliant, constantly seeing two sides to everything,” Daisy said to “However, when mixed with the interrupted cycle of its ruling planet in retrograde, these two weeks may be emotionally turbulent.” If you happen to have a crystal at home, this is the perfect opportunity to put it to use.” Because of the strong Gemini energy present at this time of transition into June, thecrystal Amazoniteis particularly effective at this time “Daisy gives her opinion.

Use a radiator or a candle to warm an Amazonite crystal and release the relaxing and neutralizing energy it contains.”

How can Mercury being in retrograde affect your friendships?

According to Daisy, Mercury’s retrograde motion might result in significant interpersonal difficulties like as adultery, betrayal, or a loss of intimate closeness. “As this planet looks to be retreating, you may feel as though everything is going wrong in your love relationship, as you bring up issues and disputes from the past,” she explains. Communication is essential, and with Mercury, the planet of communication, appearing to be in reverse, you’ll have to work even harder to get your message through.

What else we know about the retrograde

Mercury is the planet that lies nearest to the sun and is just slightly larger than the Earth’s moon. Mercury is the smallest of the planets. It’s also the fastest planet in our solar system, which means it goes into retrograde roughly three to four times a year, lasting durations of three weeks each time it does. Like what you’ve read so far? Sign up for our newsletter to have more stories like this one delivered directly to your inbox on a regular basis. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Are you looking for some inspiration?


16 of the best family tents to buy in 2021, including Black Friday deals

Tent for eight people BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: WAS £699.99, NOW £449.99 for the Vango Marino 850 XL AirBeam 8-Man Inflatable Tent The Marino 850 XL AirBeam from Vango is an eight-person inflatable tent that is great for family camping trips and long weekends away from home. It’s roomy, simple to pitch, and has darkened areas to keep you comfortable. The family tent is constructed from Vango’s new Sentinel Active Plus Fabric (4,000mm HH), providing you with the assurance that your tent will function no matter what the weather throws at it.

  • It is intended to be a comfortable and roomy alternative that is also constructed with usefulness in mind.
  • Other appealing elements are the inside storage pockets, five windows, and lantern hanging places, among other things.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.
  • The family tent is delivered as one extra-large room with a retractable partition curtain, allowing you to divide it into two different spaces if you so like.
  • Tent for eight people Polycotton Tent from Berghaus Air in 6XL size.
  • When it’s hot outside, you’ll love the ventilated bedrooms, and the extra-large windows with integrated curtains allow you to manage the amount of natural light that comes in.
  • Tent for three people Eurohike Ribble 3BLACK FRIDAY: USED TO BE £160, NOW £60.

The interactive door may be used as a sun shelter, porch area, folded up or completely closed.

Outwell Arizona 300 Tent, which sleeps three people THE OUTWELL Arizona 300 family tent, which was formerly £350 but is now £245, is the perfect choice for people who like a little additional headroom.

The huge front entry and smaller side entrance provide for convenient access while also allowing for plenty of light and ventilation.

Tent for three people Tent Vango Tryfan 300 x 300 x 300 WAS £230, NOW £172.50 DURING BLACK FRIDAY Vango’s Tryfan 300 is ideal for small families since it offers a generous amount of interior space and a comfortable head height.

The family tent is erected from the inside out, and it can only be pitched from the inside out when it is really hot.

Tent for six people Easy Yurt Tent for Camping in the Moonlight This family tent can accommodate up to six glampers and is constructed with pre-angled fiberglass poles to provide enough headroom throughout.

A broad, fold-flat entrance and PVC windows for inside lighting are provided, as are privacy drapes that can be raised and lowered as needed.

Tent for eight people Decathlon Quechua Air Seconds 8.4 XL Decathlon Quechua Air Seconds 8.4 XL Tent for a Family Camping Trip in the FreshBlack Color It is designed for big families of eight and is simple to set up and take down.

For those who like less heat and light in their tents, this is an excellent option, since it gives them more control over when they wake up.

When used for lengthy camping excursions, it comfortably sleeps six people and can be quickly pitched by a single person.

With the use of BlackOut Bedroom® Technology, up to 99 percent of light is prevented from entering the sleeping environment, which is kept 5 degrees Celsius colder during the day and 1 degree Celsius warmer at night.

Tent for six people The Great Divide RT by Jack Wolfskin It can accommodate up to six people and has three entrances, one of which is on the side and is protected from the elements by a mosquito mesh screen and rain protection.

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We appreciate that the space may be expanded if there are only three of you, allowing you to have a comfortable living place to relax in after a long day.

Additionally, it has a separate groundsheet tarp to protect the tent floor from stones and to prevent water from entering the tent.

When used in the sun, the fabric helps to keep the interior of the tent cooler, and the black fabric helps to keep the sun from waking you up in the morning if you’re spending the night outside.

The inside is really big, and the blackout bedroom is a wonderful touch.” Tent for six people Chinook salmon from Robens Ursa S Tipi Tent for 6 People Are you looking for a tipi that can accommodate more than two people?

Isn’t that great?

The Bedouin-style family tent is extremely popular in hot climates, so if you’re looking for something that you can take with you on vacation, this is a good option to consider.

Tent that sleeps four people and has blackout bedrooms This huge family tent for four people features an enlarged open front porch area that provides greater living space while still providing shelter from the elements during the hot summer months in the United Kingdom.

Terrific head height throughout the tent, as well as a lightweight packaging and numerous large windows for ample of natural light, make this a great choice for camping.

On the windows, you’ll also discover zippered window shades, which allow you to customize your amount of seclusion.

Tent for four people Hartland’s Trail is an outdoor trail.

Users who are pleased with the product have stated that it is “simple to construct,” “lightweight,” and “suitable for short, family camping vacations.” Meanwhile, one camper said that they were first-timers to camping and were able to set up their tent in 20 minutes.

The 3000mm Hydrostatic Head for rain protection, as well as the bedrooms with sewn-in groundsheets and privacy doors, are among our favorites.

This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration. You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website

The Survival Simulation Megathread – The Something Awful Forums

Apr 10, 2006Fire Down Below: Crab Company 2 Everyone always talks about survival horror games but where is all the love for just good old fashioned survival games? Granted there wasn’t much produced over the years and the games that are about wilderness survival tend to have another gimmick to mix up the gameplay. Because let’s face it, if the game just put you on an island without much danger, finding water in coconuts can only be so fun. Most of these games have some kind of sci-fi or supernatural aspect to them to keep them from being food eating simulators.This thread is not for Survival Horror games, for that discussion pleasego here.�The Long Dark(PC)Released: Still in developmentThe Long Dark is a first-person open world survival simulation video game in development by Canadian company Hinterland for multiple platforms.

Wikipedia posted:

During the course of the game, Wilson, a scientist, finds himself in a dark and gloomy world and must live there for as long as possible. In order to accomplish this, the player must maintain Wilson healthy, nourished, and emotionally sane while avoiding a range of bizarre and otherworldly foes that will attempt to murder or consume him. Wilson is pitted against the game’s antagonist, Maxwell, in the game’s “Adventure” mode, which adds depth to the game’s otherwise sparse plot. �UnRealWorld(PC) The film was first released in 1992.

UnReal World is a Finnish Iron Age survival game that takes place in the present day.

Wikipedia posted:

“In the game, the action takes place in a realistic gameworld that incorporates themes from Finnish mythology and culture. You play as a member of one of the 10 Finnish civilizations with realistic jobs, such as a fisherman, a hermit, a trapper, or a tradesman, as opposed to the conventional AD D character classes.” The game incorporates both real-time and turn-based gameplay mechanics. Survival is the most important component of the game. Unexpected situations, such as a snowfall, might result in the player character’s death quite quickly.

A great deal of realism, such as frostbite of various bodily parts, is simulated in the game.

It is possible for the player to move freely across the globe and influence a variety of factors such as hunting and skinning animals, creating shelters, and so on.

TresTristesTigres posted:

A cross between Harvest Moon and the adventure mode of Dwarf Fortress, Unreal World is a game that is both challenging and rewarding. Making a character who can survive for an extended period of time is difficult at beginning, but it is extremely satisfying once you succeed. For me, the most important thing is being able to kill a large elk, deer, or bear within the first couple of weeks and surviving long enough to smoke the meat and bury it – if you can do that, you will most likely have enough food to survive the first winter and will be able to concentrate on trading for clothing and armor in coastal cultures that have shops.

  1. I also recommend that you maintain track of where your dogs are at all times during fight, otherwise you may inadvertently shoot them with an arrow and then feel awful about yourself in real life.
  2. 5/5 Birdshit-Water Enemas are effective.
  3. resp The cost is $6.
  4. A comprehensive interface, replete with a surgical system, is used by them.
  5. It’s one of my favorite sections of Requiem because of the damage system.
  6. When the various issues are overcome, the overall experience is quite pleasant to say the least.
  7. Day One: Garry’s Incident (PC) was released on the same day as the game.
  8. HavenHearth (PC) was first released in 2008.
  9. There is no charge for this service.
  10. Alpha is the current state of affairs.
  11. Because the Forest is based on The Descent: The Game, it contains all of the standard survival elements, with the only real risk coming from some cannibalistic tribes.

Possesses some undeniable promise 3/5 In 2014, the PC game Birdshit-Water Enemas Wayward was released. Beta is the current state of affairs. Freeware is available. WolfLion (PC) was first released in 1994/1995. Goon’s point of view:

TresTristesTigres posted:

Wolf was a fantastic concept for a game, but the novelty of it rapidly wore off. Even if it is quite informative, you are always being hunted down by roving hunters or machinegunned from helicopters since the game is attempting to make a point with it. My suspicion is that one of the creators was also a homosexual furry because their self-insert wolf persona was able to mate with other man wolves and produce babies. The visuals were acceptable, and the music was excellent. Frontiers (PC) has not yet been released.

Wikipedia posted:

However, the game’s “random island” option is wrapped up in a tale in which the player is left on an abandoned island, therefore it may be considered a campaign mode. It is critical to the gameplay that the player character manages his or her resources properly since he or she is constantly hungry and thirsty, and he or she must sleep. Throughout the game, there is a cycle of day and night. Sleeping in the open causes injury to the player, unprocessed food is ineffective in combating hunger, and hostile animals pose a threat to the player’s safety.

  1. Each structure that is completed will unlock a new, more advanced building, and so on until the player is able to construct a raft that would allow him to flee the island and return to his hometown.
  2. There are also various mini-missions, such as rescuing kiwi birds or fending off a swarm of bloodthirsty raptors, that must be completed within a set amount of time.
  3. Many of these fan-made maps can be seen on the Stranded home page and may be downloaded for free.
  4. Scavenger of the NEO (PC) Dates of publication: 2003-2007 Version 1.0 is now available for download at no cost.

Wikipedia posted:

In addition to health, the player must keep track of hunger, thirst, and tiredness temperature, which are all shown as percentages. The completion of “everyday” chores such as eating, drinking, and sleeping, as well as the execution of hunting, cooking, and collecting tasks as well as the discovery of an appropriate resting area, are all prerequisites. The item-creation mechanism is yet another crucial feature of the game to consider. Many things are necessary, but they are not present. The game, on the other hand, allows the player to design tools, weapons, and other equipment that will aid the player character in his or her survival.

  1. Numerous objects such as kindling and arrows decay over time, eventually requiring the construction of more items to keep up with demand.
  2. With its non-linear nature, the game allows the player to move through the game without having specific goals in mind other than obtaining the basic essentials of living, allowing the player to explore new territory.
  3. The game even handles like an old Sierra game from the 1980s, which is a shame because the graphics are stunning.
  4. Survival is the ultimate test of will and determination.

The visuals are rather appealing to the eye, and it will most likely operate on your laptop without issue. This game, which was launched in 2000, was most likely produced in a Russian sweatshop. Ice Water Games is developed by Eidolon. Steam will be released in 2014.

StarkRavingMad posted:

Eidolon is likely to be included in this group as well. Despite the fact that it is mostly a relaxing exploration game, you will have to search for food and will be in risk of dying from starvation, cold, disease, and other causes. This is not a particularly tough task. Giant Bomb ran a fast search just today, and the results may be found here. IonFX is the developer of Miasmata. Released in 2013 on Steam and GOG.

StarkRavingMad posted:

Miasmata is also a member of this group. It’s about exploration and survival as you battle a strange illness and try to discover its cause, all while keeping an eye out for a giant unknown creature out in the woods. Here’s a short glance at the Giant Bomb.

IonFX posted:

Description of the Game:Miasmata is a first-person survival adventure game that was developed separately by brothers Joe and Bob Johnson in their spare time. The Plot: You take on the role of Robert Hughes, a plague-stricken scientist on a quest to find a cure for the disease. Your journey begins on the shores of Eden, a secluded island in the Pacific Ocean. In the distant past, Eden was home to a community of indigenous people, whose monuments may still be found dotting the island’s terrain today.

  • It is unfortunate that you will quickly learn that something has gone horribly wrong.
  • Our objective was to design games that went against the grain of conventions.
  • The player will come face to face with a mystery and dangerous entity throughout the course of his journey.
  • The player may be able to evade the beast if he or she treads cautiously and silently.
  • The island of Eden is home to hundreds of different plants and fungi, many of which have therapeutic capabilities that are unique to them.
  • Because exploration is a major component of Miasmata, we created a unique mapping system for the game.
  • Jumpstart Interactive is the company that developed Biosys.

Demiurge4 posted:

Biosys was a pretty cool game.You were a scientist with amnesia trying to survive in the biodome he built on a remote mountain. There was some sort of accident involving biodome 4 which was being constructed as a tourist resort and was completely dead and polluted.

You had to open this dome to the rest of the system and distribute the smog and pollution to the other domes without killing them so you could revitalize the systems and escape.Let’s talk about Survival games!Toadsniff fucked around with this message at 16:07 on Aug 10, 2016

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