How To Print Your Own Tent Cards Online

How To Print Your Own Tent Cards in Microsoft Word

Do you host business conferences on a regular basis? Are there huge workplace lunches or meetings where everyone must know where to sit? If so, you might consider using a seating chart. Alternatively, are you a wedding planner looking for a cost-effective and adaptable method of producing tent cards for each wedding you plan? Make your own tent cards by printing them! When you print your own tent cards, you can personalize them for each meeting, lunch, wedding, and other event. Instead of paying for pre-printed tent cards or worrying about whether they will get all of the names correct, you can create your own.

For the sake of this piece, we’ll utilize Awesome Bob’s University as an illustration.

Afterwards, we’ll go over the procedures for printing their own tent cards for the family gathering.

Step 1: Download the Tent Card Template

Download the Microsoft Word template for blank note cards to use on your computer.

Step 2: Open the Template in Microsoft Word

Open the Microsoft Word document containing the template you just downloaded (some may have opened automatically). You’ll note that the template has already been filled with text. Because it is a note card template, the text has been formatted so that it may be printed on a note card. In the event that you intend to have text printed on the inside of the tent card, it is important to pay special attention to how the information is set up. If you want to print text on the inside of the card, you’ll need to print on both sides of the sheet of paper you’re using for the card.

For the sake of this example, we’re going to put text on the inside of our tent card.

Step 3: Design Your Tent Cards

Enjoy yourself in this area. You may incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and other branding elements. Although we’ll be utilizing Microsoft Clip Art in this example, you should utilize images or pictures from your organization instead. Never forget that the tent card has two sides, as opposed to one on the inside. The name of the individual may be printed on both sides of the chair, or the person’s name can be printed on one side of the chair and your company’s information printed on the other.

  1. Using a mail merge, you can quickly and simply include all of the names on your list without having to create individual cards for each and every person.
  2. Take note of how the text in the upper right corner (the Thank You) is written upside down.
  3. If you want the text to appear upside down, you must first convert it to Word Art.
  4. Alternatively, we could turn the panels over such that the inner text appeared on both sides of the front panel.
  5. We already know that Text Direction can be used to rotate text such that it appears sideways, so let’s just rotate the entire page!
  6. (: When you change the page layout from Landscape to Portrait, the table will, as you might expect, get jumbled.
  7. Then, with the right mouse button on the table, select Table Properties.
  8. Automatically resizes to accommodate the contents (if checked).
  9. Text size should be increased to 1.

The following is an example of what your new template will look like when you’ve moved the text to the relevant panels: Without having to worry about using Word Art to turn your text upside down, you can quickly and effortlessly create a graphic for any occasion.

Step 4: Print Your Tent Cards

Your tent cards should be printed at this point. A few test prints on plain paper should be sufficient to verify that your layout is right. Make a comparison between the printed sheet of paper and the note card paper to ensure that everything is in alignment. Here’s how it panned out for us. How did it turn out for you? Would you want to get the completed template that was built in this tutorial? You may get a copy of it here! Most importantly, be sure to have a look at our tent card paper selection!

If you like the templates, just wait till you see what we have to offer (: The following organizations are not linked with or supported by: A registered trademark of MICROSOFT, INC.

Custom Place Cards – Weddings, Reserved, Meetings

Starting at $10.50 (or $0.42 per card), 25 cards are available. Dimensions

2″ x 3-1/2″ (HxW)

Cardstock is a type of paper that is used to make cards.

Material Weight (lb / gsm) Thickness (pts / mm) Brightness
Matte White 100 / 270 12 / 0.305 98

Please keep in mind that because of the coating on WePrint items, they cannot be printed on with personal inkjet or laser printers. My order has not yet been delivered. What is the best way to find out what is going on? It’s easy to check on the progress of your order by going to: In this section, you’ll find information about your current pending order(s), as well as information about your prior orders. Once your order has been sent, you will be able to see your tracking number on this page as well.

  1. You have the option of uploading your own design or personalizing one of our professional templates using the free Avery DesignPrint program from Avery.
  2. For information on how to upload designs, please see ourArtwork Guidelines.
  3. Follow our step-by-step sizing guide to ensure that you get the perfect fit.
  4. In the event that you have any issues about artwork, please contact our Consumer Care Center at (800) 942-8379 or send an email to [email protected] for more assistance.
  5. Yes, and it’s a really simple process.
  1. When you go to the My Account section at the top of the website
  2. As soon as you save a project, you will be requested to register for an account. When you arrive at the checkout

Simply log in the next time you visit or place an order after you’ve created your account to begin using it. What are the different shipping options and delivery times that I have to choose from? The following shipping methods are available: (for US residents only)

  • Economy shipping takes 5-9 business days through USPS
  • Standard shipping takes 5-7 business days via UPS
  • Priority shipping takes 4-5 business days via UPS
  • Rush shipping takes 3-4 business days via UPS.

The distinction between waterproof and water-resistant labeling is as follows: Water-resistant labels are useful for objects that may be splashed, washed, or wiped off, but will not be submerged in water, such as food containers. Product labels that state “waterproof” are more effective on things that will be submerged in ice or water, or that will be subjected to harsh temperatures or outdoor conditions. What is the nature of your guarantee? You should be fully delighted with your order, and we want you to be.

  1. You can contact our Consumer Care Center within 30 days of receiving your order if you are dissatisfied with the items or printing and we will do everything we can to make things right.
  2. There are no difficulties or obstacles.
  3. See all of the reviews I used this card material to create personalised gift cards, and it was of excellent quality.
  4. They sent me an email with a layout issue, which I corrected.
  5. The cards turned out perfectly, exactly how I had imagined they would.
  6. Cards were sent just as I requested and on schedule.

I will absolutely use this company again! I had no trouble laying out the pieces on the postcard, and being able to examine the product before purchasing it was a huge advantage. The item was delivered on schedule and at a reasonable price.

Custom TentPlace Cards by Avery WePrint

From wedding receptions to Sweet Sixteens and everything in between, Avery WePrint TentPlace Cards are specially designed to commemorate life’s most memorable occasions. It is available in two finishes: traditional matte white and exquisite glossy white, and in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Make elegant and dazzling place, table, and tent cards for a variety of events like baby and bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and retirement parties with our gorgeous free place card designs or uploading your own design.

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* The flat-rate shipping offer is only valid for budget delivery options.

If you choose a different shipping method, additional fees may apply.

Offers are subject to change without notice.

How To Print Place Cards

Folding blank place cards in the colors MATT Light Sky Blue (on the left) and Powder Pink (on the right) (right).

How to Print Place Cards at Home in 5 Steps

It is covered in this lesson how to create and print your own personalized place cards, which you can do using our free place card template and your home printer. In addition to hundreds of colors and finishes, our folded, tent style place cards are available in square and rectangular shapes, as well. As an illustration, we will use rectangular place cards that are 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches in size. Shop Place Cards can be printed or left blank. Let’s get this party started!

Step 1 – Download Free Microsoft Word Place Card Print Template

To begin, download the print template that corresponds to your product from ourFree Print Templatespage and save it to your computer. Place cards are available in two sizes: 3 x 3 and 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches. Fold cards templates are available on the template page in theFold Cardssection, which includes both sizes. Please see the section below. Please keep in mind that we also have inDesign templates available, but this guide will only cover Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – Open the Template File in Microsoft Word

Open the.doc template file in Microsoft Word to see how it works. Concerning the Template:

  • Placed at the open, unfolded dimensions of place cards: (4.5 x 5 inches in this example)
  • 0.25 inch margins on the left, right, and bottom sides
  • 2.75 inch top margin to allow for the back side, which will not be printed
  • And 0.25 inch margins on the top and bottom sides Text in black with a preset font that may be customized to your preference

Step 3 – Enter your Guests Names and Table Numbers

Modify the sample place card text to include the name and table number for one of your visitors instead of those in the sample. You may customize the font, size, and color of the text if you like. Adelicia Script is the font used in this example. You have completed the setup of your template and are ready to print a test copy! Tip: For the test print, we recommend cutting a plain piece of paper to the size of your place card at this stage. You will not squander any of your playing cards in this manner.

Step 4 – Time To Print!

We must first determine the custom document size for our place card before printing it. The printer assumes that we are printing on a regular 8 1/2 × 11 sheet if we do not specify otherwise.

Please note that we are using Word version 16.24 on a Macintosh computer in this example. If you have a different version of Word or are using a PC, the instructions may alter somewhat, but the core concepts will remain the same regardless of the platform.

  • Go toFilePage Setup
  • If 4.5 x 5 is not already listed as your page size, use the drop-down menu to selectManage Custom Sizes to include it
  • Then click Save. Click the +button and type 4.5 x 5 inches into the text box. You may rename the file if you like, then clickOk. To access the print interface, selectFilePrint from the drop-down menu. You can make any required adjustments to the tray configurations or paper type before clicking OK to print your test

Step 5 – Fold and Finish

Navigate toFilePage Setup; if 4.5 x 5 is not already listed as your page size, use the drop-down menu to selectManage Custom Sizes to include it. Enter 4.5 x 5 inches by using the +button. If you want to rename something, just clickOk. To launch the print interface, selectFilePrint from the drop-down menu. You can make any necessary adjustments to the tray configurations or paper type before clicking Ok to print your test;

Not Up for It? Let Us Print Your Place Cards for You!

  • Instead of printing your own place cards, you may take advantage of our printing services and have us do it for you. Everything about it is professional, quick, and really handy! To place an order, simply pick your place cards, font, and ink color, and then provide us your guest list. We will take care of the rest. We’ll take care of the rest! We can print in color, black, or white ink (which has a very striking appearance on dark place cards)! Shop Folding Place Cards with a Pop of Color
  • Place cards with a matte texture and black printing on a blush pink background. Choose from one of our fonts or give us your own font at no additional cost. Place cards in square black (Ebony) with white printing are displayed here. With this photo, you can see midnight blue place cards written in white ink.

Table Tents You Can Design & Print Online [110+ Templates]

The addition of table tents to your bar or restaurant may seem like a little enhancement, but they may have a huge impact on your bottom line. However, whereas people may ignore posters, throw away fliers, or ignore direct mailings, table tents are simply impossible for them to miss when they’re placed right in front of them. Table tents, when built properly, may increase brand awareness, provide entertainment for visitors, and drive sales of your most popular (and profitable) products and services.

  • Many people will even take up table tents and fiddle with them while they are waiting, making it a tactile kind of advertising that will get your message noticed more than anything else.
  • Place a huge, easy-to-read title beside a mouth-watering image, and you’ve just sparked an entirely new sale for your company!
  • If you don’t want to spend the money on a graphic designer, you may sit down at your computer and develop a professional-looking table tent design in a matter of minutes instead.
  • There is no need for prior design expertise!
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Beautiful Table Tents with Unlimited Customizations

Table tents are unquestionably popular at hotels, restaurants, and pubs, but they may be used for a variety of other purposes as well. Table tent cards are also ideal for a variety of different events because to their portability and ease of setup, such as trade fair exhibits, conference tables, farmers’ market booths, cash register counters, and temporary display tables outside brick-and-mortar stores. A tent can be set up almost wherever there’s a level surface and a few inches of space available!

Moreover, there’s no need to be concerned about picking a certain template because every design aspect can be modified or tweaked with a few simple clicks.

If you want to have complete creative flexibility, you may even start with an abank table tent template. With our simple drag-and-drop editor, it’s simple to construct table tents that are completely unique to you:

  • Upload your company’s logo and any other brand materials you may have. Make use of our color picker to get the right color palette for your company. Photographs may be used as a subtle background element or placed front and center to attract the most attention. Select a professional-quality image from our free stock photo library and place it into your text to add visual interest
  • To focus attention to the most crucial text, experiment with different font combinations and sizes. Create new shapes, solid color fills, or fascinating backdrop patterns by modifying existing ones. Text and photos may be moved around to create the most effective arrangement for your specific message.

Upload your company’s logo and any other brand materials you might have. Make use of our color picker to get the right color palette for your company; Create a subtle backdrop with photographs or put them front and center to attract the most attention possible. To add a professional, high-resolution image to accompany your content, browse through our free stock photo library. In order to focus attention to the most crucial information, experiment with different font pairings and sizes; New forms, solid color fillings, and fascinating background patterns can be added.

Standard Table Tent Size | TwoThree Sided

We have printed table tents in a variety of sizes that are handy for you:

  • Four by six inches: This traditional two-sided table tent design folds into a tall triangle with an upward pointing triangle. 4″ x 6″ on each of the two sides, which corresponds to the dimensions of a normal picture print A triangle that folds into a triangle that rests on its side, along the edge of the paper, measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ and is 5.5″ high. Each square is 5.5″ x 5.5″ and is divided into three equal squares.

Try combining both of these table tent types on a single dining table to provide some extra visual interest! Use the larger size to highlight your most lucrative item, while the smaller size may be used to highlight seasonal specials or consumer favorites.

Table Tent Printing in Large or Small Quantities

Ordering prints is as simple as modifying your design when using MyCreativeShop as your online design studio. Simply save your project and examine it in print presentation mode to see how it will seem once it has been printed, folded, and stapled. If you’re pleased with the design, you may get started on printing table tents rightaway! Print orders as little as 25 table tents and as large as 2,500 table tents are available via us. Every order comes with confirmed delivery dates, as well as the option of urgent or expedited shipment if needed.

They are printed on standard paper that is flexible enough to allow for hassle-free folding while yet maintaining a little glossy, professional appearance and feel.

Download a PDF and Print Your Tent Cards Locally Instead

Do you already have a go-to table tent printer in your neighborhood? That’s also not an issue at all! To save money on printing costs, you can obtain a print-ready PDF with full-bleed configuration instead of purchasing printed tent cards from us. After that, you can take your print-ready file to any local printer or online printing service of your choosing for printing.

Get Their Attention with Your Next Table Tent Design

Consumers are already patiently waiting at your dining tables, bar counters, and pay registers on a daily basis—so why not fill those empty areas with something intriguing that would encourage customers to spend more money? It is simple to complete the full procedure with MyCreativeShop, which includes everything from designing to customizing to printing table tent cards. You’ll have bespoke table tents ready to fold and display in no time if you choose your preferred template today!

Online Business Card Printing and Flyer Printing

Custom table tents are excellent for attracting the attention of clients in any sector. All of our table tent advertisingcards are completely customizable, and they can be tailored to fit a variety of different events and businesses. When it comes to event planning, ourtent card printingservices will provide you with exactly what you need. Whether you’re a restaurant looking for a new and exciting way to present your specials menu, an event organizer aiming to keep your tables numbered and clearly signposted, or a manager looking for a fun way to alert staff to an upcoming event, ourtent card printingservices will provide you with exactly what you need.

Using our free tent card design templates is the quickest and most efficient method of creating artwork. Set the size of your document(s) to the appropriate level:

  • A5: 148mm x 210mm (154mm x 216mm with bleed)
  • A6: 105mm x 148mm (111mm x 154mm with bleed)
  • A7: 105mm x 148mm (111mm x 154mm with bleed)
  • A8: 105mm x 148mm (111mm x 154mm with bleed)
  • A9: 105mm x 148mm (111mm x 154mm with
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It is possible to develop your print design in one of two ways: 1. Create it on your own. The completed size of this print item with bleed is as follows: A5: 154mm x 216mmA6: 111mm x 154mmThe finished size of this print item without bleed is: For further instructions on how to prepare this for printing, please see our artwork and design center for additional information. 2. Take use of our free templates. After you’ve added this item to your cart, click on “customize a free template” to explore our whole collection of design templates for it.

  1. Also available is the option to begin with a blank template, allowing you to create a design from the ground up.
  2. Using our online proofing tool, we will check for typical errors and provide a “proof” for you to see and approve before confirming your order.
  3. Alternatively, if your file is larger than 20MB, you can send it to us over WeTransfer.
  4. Before going to print, every piece of artwork is double-checked by our studio team.
  5. Alternatively, you may contact our Personal Artworker team at [email protected] and we would be pleased to assist you!
  6. If you approve your order by 6:30 p.m., we’ll ship it out the same day for delivery the next business day.
  7. Consider the following scenario: If you authorized your order by 6:30 p.m.

Turnaround in Terms of Value If you’re not in a hurry, why not take advantage of our value turnaround option and save some money?

Please note that if your delivery address is within one of the postcodes designated as an extended region on our delivery information page, delivery will be delayed by one additional working day.

Deliveries are monitored by DPD and are included in our normal delivery fee of £4.99 (including VAT).

Orders above £75 qualify for free standard delivery.

Is it important which side I select for side 1 and side 2 of the equation?

What is the benefit of lamination?

After your cards have been produced, lamination is put over the top of them to provide an additional layer of protection for them.

What type of lamination should I use?

For the time being, we can only offer anti-bac gloss lamination on our A6 tent cards, which is a standard option.

It is a wonderful choice for drawing attention since it increases the high-gloss finish and intensifies the colors used to create it.

Velvet is our high-end lamination, which gives tent cards a velvety, matte appearance while also imparting a gentle touch.

What kind of material is used to print tent cards?

This is a thick card that has a tiny bend to it when pressed down, making it simple to build while also ensuring that it will remain upright when used.

What is the best way to build my tent cards?

Then, following the creases, spread the bottom out to form a foundation and you’re done!

There is no need for adhesive or adhering.

Simply place your purchase in your shopping cart and then submit your artwork.

Each side should be uploaded individually.

Even if you haven’t received your artwork, you can still make an order with us.

Simply email your artwork to [email protected] or post it to us. with your order number, and a member of our team will get in touch with you with a proof for you to review before we submit it to the printing department for production.

Tent Cards

The best source of future clients is your existing customer base. Custom tent cards allow you to carry your advertising investment straight to your customers while they are still in your establishment. Do you have a special sale going on? Make excellent improvements to your show with the help of our table tent printing. Your welcome area’s use of custom tent cards is an unmatched technique to communicate with everyone who walks through the door.

A Restauranteur’s Dream

Custom table tent cards are unbeatable when it comes to promoting your restaurant or pub. Using our table tent printing, you can create unique tent cards that can be used for anything from special menu items to wine and beer lists to calendars of forthcoming events and anything else you can think. When you show your consumers everything you have to offer while they are enjoying their meals and beverages, you can be sure that they will come back for more!

A Great Advertising Investment

Tent cards that have been personalized are both eye-catching and affordable. You may choose from a number of different sizes. Find the perfect template for your company or create your own one-of-a-kind design using our design tool. The printing process for our table tents is simple! Simply upload your photographs, graphics, and text, and you’ll be well on your way to a more effective manner of advertising. A semi-gloss treatment is applied to the exterior surface of the piece, while a matte finish is applied to the inside.

These cards are made from 380-micron board, which is quite thin.

These Small Tent cards are made of high-quality premium, heavyweight cardstock that allows for frequent turns, making them ideal for use as business companions at weddings, as place cards on buffets, or as product description cards in shops, boutiques, trade shows, and farmers markets, among other applications.

We employ the most up-to-date printing technology to provide your company the greatest possible appearance.

Order prints in quantities ranging from 200 to 50,000 and have them delivered in 2 to 5 business days.

Our services include rapid turnaround, local pick-up, and 24-hour service.

Customers’ review

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Table Tent Card (Three Side)

Table tent cards will get the conversation going about you among the table occupants. Table tent cards have the capacity to draw attention to you and perhaps get people talking about what you’re selling. You may now create table tent cards (three-sided cards) for your company on your own. Create visually appealing designs by utilizing our online design tool. Make use of your own brand components, such as your logo and color scheme, as well as stock photographs of your service and unique content.

An online designer tool that has extensive options for creating customised layouts.

Edit content to ensure that your own message is conveyed.

Size Quantity Price
15 x 5 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 12.60
50 $ 25.20
100 $ 50.40
250 $ 125.00
500 $ 250.00
1000 $ 500.00
15 x 8 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 18.75
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