How To Make Digital Food Tent

Make Table Tent Promos for Your Restaurant

Make a Table Tent for your table. Do you want to dress up your dining room table? Do you need to make an important announcement? Do you want to draw attention to your weekly specials? With a free-standing table tent, you can do it all! Whether for your tables or bars, these eye-catching designs are the ideal accent to advertise everything from holidays to happy hours, QR codes to house rules, and everything in between. It’s one of the most straightforward methods of communicating with your consumers!

It’s as simple as selecting a template, making text and color changes, inputting images, and then placing an order with our experienced team to have your prints delivered.

How to Create Table Tents for Your Restaurant:

With more than a decade of expertise in generating templates for the restaurant sector, we take great delight in producing visually appealing and practical marketing materials that complement your business goals. Our amazing design team designs table tent templates that are exclusive to each restaurant, ensuring that you will locate the correct design without having to go through a slew of unused templates to find it. Additional marketing materials such as business cards, comment cards, rack cards, and more will be made available to you as part of your subscription.

Table Tent Design Tool

You can easily design a table tent that is unique to your company and event by using our simple drag and drop editing interface. Simply select a table tent template from our library that has been professionally created and customize it to include your company’s logo, fonts, colors, and message. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful Customer Service staff. They are prepared to assist you in creating the ideal marketing partner for you to exhibit.

Table Tent Printing and Delivery

Once you’ve finished designing your table tent, all you have to do is purchase the prints, and we’ll take care of the rest of the details. They are available in a 4×6 inch design that folds into an A-frame and is printed on strong paper that is suitable for lamination. Also, if you already have a holder, you might want to consider checking out ourtabletop inserts! We have earned the G7 Master Qualification in printing, which is a certification that demonstrates our commitment to the highest levels of accuracy, consistency, and quality in full-color printing.

Professional printing combined with speedy delivery ensures that you will be leveraging the marketing potential of your tables in no time.

Take Better Food Photos: Build A Light Tent

You have arrived to the following page: Build A Light Tent To Take Better Food Photographs | Home | Tips I’m a poor photographer, to put it mildly. I have a Nikon d40 Digital SLR camera that has the ability to capture excellent images, but the person who presses the button does not even bother to turn it off the “automatic” setting. So I’ve been doing some study lately to learn how to take better shots of all of the food I prepare for my family and friends. There is nothing more aggravating to me than preparing or eating an extraordinarily wonderful dinner that has been elegantly served, only to snap a mediocre image that does not reflect the entire majesty of the food in question.

Because I conduct the most of my cooking at night, I am unable to rely on the natural light that I enjoy.

As a result of coming across this very wonderful post about How To Make An Inexpensive Light Tent, I decided to give it a shot.

Even with the camera’s “automatic” mode set, there is a noticeable change immediately. Wow! If you want to make immediate improvements to your images without spending a lot of money, here is a fantastic (and inexpensive!) suggestion: Here’s everything you’ll need to get started:

  • The box should be made of sturdy cardboard, and you should be able to acquire it for free. It is preferable to have a square on, and it may be any size. It had to be large enough to hold a dinner plate for me
  • Otherwise, it wouldn’t work. Joann’s fabric had a yard of white muslin fabric for $2.99 a yard, so I used it as my fabric (you could use others, or even white tshirts or a white bed sheet). You just need roughly 2 yards, however the amount you require may vary depending on the size of your box. White Bristol Board: This is a heavyweight paper, similar to oak tag, that is used in the arts for sketching and other mediums. I found mine at Michael’s and just needed two pieces to complete the project. I believe they were around $2 a piece. Masking Tape
  • Glue Stick
  • And a Work Station on Wheels Lighting Fixture: You might also use a desk light for this task. It cost roughly $7 to purchase my clamp-on work light from Home Depot. The usage of a “daylight” bulb will provide the impression of natural light. Scissors, tape measure, straight edge, box cutter and pencil are among the tools you’re likely to have on hand.

Everything you need for the full light box and light fixture is roughly $25 in supplies alone. It’s an incredible deal when you compare it to the prices of many light boxes and light fixtures on the market, which can easily cost upwards of $70-100. Everything you’ll need for the light box will be provided. *I recommend that you go through all of the instructions before beginning so that you have a broad understanding of how to construct the light box. A picture is also worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

  1. 1)Turn the box over on its side.
  2. Then, using a straight edge, join the markings you’ve drawn together.
  3. You are essentially laying up a blueprint for where the holes will be made in the box.
  4. When you are completed, your work will look somewhat like this: 3) Cut the bristol board into two-inch strips and set aside.
  5. Once you have the strips, adhere them to the interior of the box with a glue stick (use a lot of glue and push down firmly on the cardboard or else they will not stay).
  6. Please make certain that any lines you created on the bristol board are on the glued-down side and are not facing outward: 4) Measure the width of the inside of the box and cut a piece of bristol board to fit.
  7. You want it to organically curve from the top-back edge of the box to the bottom-front edge of the box, as shown in the illustration.

Apply masking tape to the box to keep it in place.

If you want to observe how the illumination changes, you may try moving the light source closer and further away from the box to see what happens.

Cloth is extremely combustible!

As a result, it served as an excellent test subject for the new light tent.

Now, if you position your camera so that it is directly in front of the entrance of the light box, the flash on your camera will no longer be required, and the result is this stunning photograph: And here are some of my first attempts at photographing food using the light box.

Lighting is really important for taking good images.

In addition, I am a complete amateur when it comes to photography. My camera is just set to “auto” and I’m capturing pictures as I go: A photo of the deliciousTaccozzette con Stracotto (Pasta with Braised Pork Shoulder Ragu) is shown below. In addition, here is a photo of the Winter Caprese Salad:

Reader Interactions

Etsy is a global marketplace for one-of-a-kind and creative goods, offering anything from handcrafted items to antique finds that are ready to be loved again. It’s also the home of a slew of one-of-a-kind goods that have been created with love and amazing care. While many of the goods on Etsy are handcrafted, you’ll also find craft materials, digital objects, and other items on the site, among other things. Delivery rules differ from seller to seller, however many of our vendors provide free shipping with your transaction.

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You’ve found something you like, but you want to make it even more personal to you.

Many merchants on Etsy specialize in custom-made, one-of-a-kind products.

  1. Open the listing page and select the options you’d want to include in your order. This will vary depending on the alternatives that are available for the item in question. The text box under “Add your personalisation” will allow you to tell the vendor all they need to know. Fill up the blanks with the necessary information. Then click “Buy it now” or “Add to basket” and go to the payment page.

If you don’t see this option, please let us know. It’s possible that the seller will still be able to customise your item. Find out by sending them an email or contacting them through Messages. Absolutely! Our worldwide marketplace is a thriving community of genuine people who have come together to exchange unique commodities. We assist creative entrepreneurs in the start-up, management, and scaling of their enterprises via the use of sophisticated technologies and services, as well as expert assistance and education.

In addition, we produced 2.6 million employment in the United States, which is enough to employ the whole city of Houston, Texas!

Etsy sellers have created some of the most popular digital tent cards, which include the following:

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product It is simple to use and really effective. However, it is a little fragile. On June 23, 2020, the United States will conduct a review. So far, I’ve only used them a couple times. Pros include the fact that they are effective at what they do. The disadvantage is that they are a little fragile. When I opened the package for the first time, there was a minor tear. It wasn’t enough to allow any bugs to infiltrate, but I expect the situation to deteriorate with time.

The items, on the other hand, are excellent.

In the backyard, I used them to cover a fruit dish, as well as some dip and chips They are a little flimsy and may come off in a strong breeze.

You have a great deal of them, which is fantastic.

In general, I’d rate them a 4 out of 5. I’m not sure how long they’ll last, but they’re functional and effective for the time being. A 12×12 bowl is shown in the first shot, and the cover fits snugly over it without difficulty. The minor rip may be seen in the second photograph.

Top reviews from the United States

The rating is 4.0 out of 5. Straightforward to use while yet being efficient This is a sensitive situation. On June 23, 2020, the United States will conduct a review of this document. This product has already been used a couple of times! It is advantageous in that it is effective. Cons include the fact that they are quite fragile. The first time I opened one, there was a minor rip visible. However, I believe it will become more severe with time. It was not enough for any bugs to gain access. The mesh is extremely fine and thin.

  • Even so, the items function flawlessly.
  • I used them outside to cover a fruit tray, as well as some dip and chips for my guests.
  • Everything turned out well because I just put something on the verge of caution.
  • Consequently, it is an excellent bargain.
  • They are functional and effective, but I am unsure of their long-term durability.
  • Small rip is seen in the second photograph.

Top reviews from other countries

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product Excellent for personal hygiene. On November 13, 2021, a review will be conducted in Canada. 8-pack in terms of size Purchase that has been verified It’s simple to keep flies away from food, but it can be finicky to use since the ends are prone to popping off. I used adhesive to hold it in place, something I should have done during the production process. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Calidad On May 2, 2021, a review will take place in Mexico. Size: a six-pack Purchase that has been verified The size, colors, and overall quality and design are really appealing to me.

  • 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Protect yourself against fruit flies.
  • Size: a six-pack Purchase that has been verified Handling is straightforward.
  • I’d want to have a protective barrier against fruit flies, in order to save my ripe fruit from spoiling on the ground.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Protect yourself against fruit flies.
  • Handling is straightforward.
  • I’d want to have a protective barrier against fruit flies, in order to save my ripe fruit from spoiling on the ground.
  • The photographs in this review 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product This is an excellent product.
  • Size: a six-pack Purchase that has been verified

George Washington’s Marquee Tent

The marquees, which were eighteenth-century generals’ and field commanders’ tents, were owned by George Washington throughout his military career, and they functioned as his headquarters when no neighboring magnificent mansions were available, as well as eating and sleeping rooms for his troops. The large, oval-shaped tents were among the most vital and useful pieces of military equipment for any general’s military equipage since they were so versatile. Given their extensive usage and exposure to the weather, notably during the eight-year-long American Revolutionary War, Washington went through multiple pairs of breeches during his lifetime.

  • They serve as iconic emblems of the conflict and of his military leadership in the years that followed.
  • 1 Although Washington was appointed as commander of the Continental Army in June 1775, his headquarters were located at the Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Spring 1776 saw the dispatch of Adjutant General Joseph Reed to Philadelphia, when he placed an order with and delivered two new marquees from Plunkett Fleeson, a Philadelphia upholsterer, on behalf of Washington.
  • Pickering noticed that “tents are the most expensive important component of camp equipage,” and he went on to become the Adjutant General (later Quartermaster General).
  • 4 A rectangular core section measuring nine feet four inches in length, with eight feet six inch sloping, semicircular extensions put at either end, making the total length of the structure twenty-six feet and four inches, according to the 1781 Continental Army requirements.
  • As a result of the overwhelming demand for such critical components, there is now a substantial backlog of orders.
  • A reoccurring challenge throughout the war was keeping up with demand for tents, particularly the bigger and more ornate marquee tents.

6The two marquees that Reed had purchased barely lasted until the winter of 1777-1778, when Washington was stationed at Valley Forge, according to Reed.

This package included a dining tent as well as an office tent with a built-in sleeping room for a smaller group of people.

In the words of Washington’s step-grandson, George Washington Parke Custis, the dining tent had the capacity to accommodate up to fifty guests.

Duckboards were used as a temporary floor, with wooden slats forming a low platform that could be readily carried while keeping the marquee and its people out of the muck.

The tent components were maintained at Mount Vernon by the Washington family, and they later came into the possession of George Washington Parke Custis, who was known for giving out little sections of the tent as keepsakes to visitors.

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Custis subsequently handed the tents on to his daughter, Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee, who was married to Robert E.

In the course of the American Civil War, Union forces took Arlington House and confiscated the tents, along with other belongings of the Washington family.

for protection in January 1862.

They were not restored to the Washington-Custis family until 1901, when President William McKinley ordered that they be returned to the descendants of George Washington.

The other pieces were purchased by the National Park Service in 1955, and the collection was reassembled in the Yorktown Visitor Center the following year.

Colonial Williamsburg’s First Oval Office project was inspired by revived interest in the marquee tents following a successful repair.

As of today, the Smithsonian Institution owns the eating tent, while the Museum of the American Revolution owns the office tent and the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center owns the sleeping chamber.

He and other generals used them as both private areas where the man who had such a profound impact on the establishment of America could spend time meditating and preparing for America’s prosperity and more public locations where many crucial military and political choices were made.

George Washington University is a public research university in Washington, DC.

The footnote “Diary Entry, August 7, 1770,” which reads, “Diary Entry, August 7, 1770.” The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition: Revolutionary War SeriesVolume 3.


Theodore J.

“Pickering to Washington, 8 February 1782,” vol.

72-73, Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2008.

“Pickering to Washington, 8 February 1782,” vol.

72-73, Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2008.

Collection of Revolutionary War Records (National Archives Microfilm Publication M853, reel 26), Record Group 93, National Archives, Washington.

(4) Humphrey Bland,Treatise on Military Discipline (London, 1762), page 289 5.

The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition: Revolutionary War SeriesVolume 3, Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2008; “George Washington to Samuel Washington, September 30, 1775,” in The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition: Revolutionary War SeriesVolume 3, Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2008.

  1. 6.
  2. “Joseph Reed to George Washington, May 11, 1776,” according to the letter.
  3. (7) George Washington Parke Custis’s “Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington,” published in Washington, DC in 1859, page 44.
  4. The author is a research assistant at The Museum of the American Revolution.
  5. “Mary Custis Lee Unpacks the Washington Relics: A Revolutionary Inheritance in Museums, 1901-1918,” a publication by the Mary Custis Lee Foundation.
  6. dissertation in 2016.
  7. James, and others On October 20, 1999, the Daily Press published an article entitled “Yorktown is Raising Funds to Restore Washington’s Tent.” Hatton, E.
  8. Neal Hurst is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom.

Author of the following Museum of the American Revolution articles, Associate Curator of Costume and Textiles at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the following Colonial Williamsburg Foundation articles Museum of the American Revolution,”For George Washington,”Museum of the American Revolution, “Safe Keeping,”Museum of the American Revolution, “Surviving the Civil War,”Museum of the American Revolution, Washington’s Headquarters Tent,”Museum of the American Revolution, “Surviving the Civil War,”Museum of the American Revolution, Washington’s Headquarters Tent,”Museum of the American Revolution, Washington’s Headquarters Tent,” Putman, Tyler Rudd, and others “Exploring the History of George Washington’s Tent,” says the author.

Enfilade, 14th of April, 2014.

Rees is a professor of English at the University of Virginia.

49, no. 3 (Fall 1997), pp. 98-107, is a publication dedicated to military collectors and historians. Sullivan, Bill, and others “Catch a Glimpse of the First Oval Office,” as the saying goes. Making History Now, a Colonial Williamsburg blog, published on December 30, 2013.

Food Vendor Tents – Custom Printed

The shop will not function properly if cookies are deactivated on your computer or device. It consists of the following items:

  • (2) 10×10 Tents with Full Digital + Frame
  • (2) Tent Storage / Transportation Roller Bags
  • (1) Set of 4 Mesh Full Walls (3 with service windows, 1 with center zipper)
  • (1) Double-Sided Water Base Retractable Banner Stand – Vinyl with Bag
  • (1) Double-Sided Water Base Retractable Banner Stand (1) 6′-8′ Convertible Table Cloth (Full Digital
  • Fully Customizable
  • Includes:

Was$4,190.27 $2,878.00 (Special Pricing) With our customized food service package, you’ll be ready to enter the culinary industry in style. Due to its thoughtfully constructed design, which takes into account the demands and requirements of a food service booth, the customized kit has become the talk of the town. Portable in nature, it is a go-to kit for every occasion, whether it an event, a workshop or just another stand in a mall or an exhibition center, amongst others. The set includes a tent, portable roller bags, a banner stand, and a tablecloth that can be converted into a table.

This aids in the allocation of space for the working area as well as for customer engagement.


  • Design that is one of a kind, with enough of room for storing food goods and interacting with consumers
  • You will have plenty of area to display the design of your choosing on the vinyl stand, tent canopy, and convertible table cloth, whether it be a logo, brand, or any other text message. The retractable platform is equipped with a fine water base to provide additional stability in the event of mild winds or a large crowd. The set includes two tent storage or transportation roller bags, which increase the mobility of the tent while also providing additional storage space.

That’s useful to know.

  • Digitally printed with high grade dye ink that is both water and UV resistant, the Customizable kit is a great addition to any business. Additionally, the brilliant colors attract customers and are excellent in communicating the message clearly
  • In addition to having a long life, they are also attractive to the eye. The mesh walls are ideal for adding a professional touch to the construction
  • They are also lightweight. There is plenty of room to promote your company. In order to direct consumers to your stand, you may display the double-sided retractable banner beside the tent or at the entrance to the mall or event venue. Reasonably priced, this is a worthwhile investment that can be utilized in a variety of settings and for an extended period of time. Combine this Food Service Kit with Helium Inflated Spheres and Helium Inflated Blimp to create a unique display.

Food Tent Vs. Cart

Mobile food businesses allow you to serve hungry audiences at festivals and on street corners by bringing your food out into the open air and serving it to them. Carts and tents are both examples of transportable food installations that offer a wide range of options while also having certain limits. The sort of mobile business you choose may be determined by your budget, the location, or the type of cuisine you provide. Some food vendors even run both tents and carts, utilizing one or the other at any given site based on the number of people expected or the amount of space available.


Carts and tents may be licensed on an annual basis by health departments, and carts and tents may be licensed on an event basis by health departments. When it comes to a single event, the cost of setting up a tent is generally less expensive than the cost of obtaining an annual permission to run a cart. The cost of obtaining licenses to set up a tent at many events throughout the year, on the other hand, is typically more than the cost of obtaining a single annual permit for your cart. Special allowances for mobile food enterprises operating out of tents are frequently made at some locations, such as farmers’ markets.

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At the time of writing, the cost of a food cart ranges from around $3,000 to approximately $20,000 depending on the simplicity or sophistication of the appliances that you select. An average mobile food tent costs between $2,000 and $6,000, which includes the cost of the tent, tables, cooking appliances, coolers and signage, as well as the cost of the tent and tables.

It’s also less difficult to outfit a tent on a limited budget since you may start with basic equipment and enhance over time, whereas a cart must be built from scratch from the beginning.


In many communities, local health officials mandate that all cart food preparation be done on the cart, and that all materials and paper products be stored on the cart as well. As an added precaution, several regulatory authorities mandate that all cold storage on a cart be contained within mechanically refrigerated devices, such as refrigerators that are powered by an extension cable or a generator. As a result, your cart’s sales capacity may be restricted by the amount of perishable items that can be stored in your refrigerator at any given time.


If you have a very simple mobile food establishment, such as a hot dog or tamale stand, a cart is suitable for you. Because of its limited size and storage capacity, a food cart is most effective when your menu consists of only a few easy stages, such as boiling a hot dog, moving it to a bun, and adding condiments to the finished product. A tent, on the other hand, provides you with the space to set up a wide range of equipment, such as stoves with multiple burners and prep tables for more intricate construction.

For the past 30 years, she has owned and operated small culinary enterprises.

Restaurant Table Tent Printing: Guide To Everything Table Tents

9th of May, 2019 The Printing Authority is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of printing technology. Let’s speak about table tent printing for a minute. This is the perfect spot for anybody searching for a dependable table tent printing partner for their franchisees, as well as anyone looking for a fresh strategy to drive orders in their own restaurants. Throughout this table tent printing guide, we will cover a variety of topics, including everything from table tent size and style to what to put in your table tent advertisement.

Why Use a Restaurant Table Tent?

People make decisions about what they consume in the blink of an eye, according to recent research findings. In order to lead new guests around your restaurant, there is no better way to do it than by placing an alluring, simple to read table tent on every table in your establishment. What other way will potential customers learn about the offers and promotions available at your establishment? Even more so when those customers arrive at your table for the first time and are perplexed as to what to choose from your menu.

Consider These Four Things For Table Tents

Okay, so you already know that you’d want a table tent for each of your restaurants, but you have questions regarding the details of what you’re looking for.

In order to place an order for a table tent, it is important to consider a few factors when working with a print fulfillment business such as The Print Authority.

Restaurant Table Tent Designs

The A-Frame table tent design is the most prevalent style of table tent design. When used on a double-sided table tent, these conventional A-Frames are ideal for promoting one or two pieces of information. The Standing Triangle is a table tent design that can accommodate three pieces of information when used for table tents that are intended to transmit numerous pieces of information. This table tent style is best suited for restaurants with larger menus and a variety of daily specials. The Pyramid Tent is one final table tent style to consider.

Restaurant Table Tent Size

“Can you suggest something to promote on the table tent?” “Can you tell me what you want the design to be?” “Can you tell me how much it will cost?” All of these are queries that we regularly receive at The Print Authority in regards to a table tent printing work. And, of course, calculating the size of the table tent is the first step in deciding the answers. The following are the usual table tent sizes for the A-Frame table tent design:

  • Panel sizes include: 4″ x 6″ panels, 5″ x 7″ panels (the most popular), 5 x 6.5″ panels, 8″ x 4″ panels, and so on. Panels of any size (we can make them to order)

For the Standing Triangle table tent, the following are the conventional table tent dimensions:

  • Panel sizes include: 4″ x 4″ panels, 6″ x 4″ panels (the most frequent), 8″ x 4″ panels, and custom sizes (which we may accommodate).

For the Pyramid Triangle table tent, the following are the normal table tent dimensions:

  • A 3.4″ pyramid (with 3.4″ diagonals and 3.9″ base edges) is the most common size
  • A 4.25″ pyramid (with 4.25″ diagonals and 5.1″ base edges) is the second most common size. 5″ pyramid (five-inch diagonals, five-inch base borders)
  • Custom-sized pyramids (this is something we can accomplish)

Paper Options

The type of paper to be used in a restaurant table tent printing project is the next consideration to be made. Table tent paper comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples:

  • 100Uncoated Cover 14pt
  • 120Gloss Cover 14pt
  • 120Matte Cover 14pt

Our table tent printing services are available on a variety of various types of paper, but we always recommend printing on a thick, high-quality cover material for the best results. Find out more about the many types of paper.

Restaurant Table Tent Advertising

It is the goal of a restaurant table tent to direct clients to your greatest foods, promotions, and bargains while they are dining in your establishment. Consider the question, “What do I want to sell more of?” Ask yourself this question. You should advertise on your restaurant table tent if you want to know the solution. It is important to check off several points on the checklist when creating an efficient table tent advertisement.

  • Attention! An attention-grabbing title (e.g., “Limited-Time Offer!”) should entice customers to read on and learn more (e.g., “Limited-Time Offer! “).
  • There’s a lot of interest! As soon as you’ve captured their attention, it’s time to pique their curiosity. Include anything in your advertisement that will pique their curiosity (for example, “Buy 1, Get 2”). Desire! Food photographs taken by professional photographers may successfully depict “desire” in a restaurant setting. Is there a commercial for cheeseburgers? Engage the services of a food photographer to build the most appetizing cheeseburger possible, and then make the image the focal feature of your advertisement
  • Take Action! This is our favorite part. If you have successfully captivated a customer’s attention, piqued their curiosity, and created a desire for the product or service you are advertising, the only thing left is to enlighten them on how to proceed. Today, place an order with your server for one.

When all of these parts come together, you’ll have a very effective restaurant table tent on your hands! Now, following our own advise, it’s time to issue a call to action to everyone. We can assist you if you are wanting to print restaurant table tents for your franchisees or for your own restaurant location. Get in touch with one of our professionals by calling 615-468-2679 or using our contact form to learn more about this service, as well as our print fulfillment service.

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