How To Make A Large Tent For 400 People

How To Make A Large Tent For 400 People

There are 40 people in total who will be seated just at the bar buffet. 400 square feet, 20 feet by 20 feet 600 square feet (20 x 30 feet) 60 x 30 x 60 ft 600 sq. ft. 800 square feet (20 x 40 feet) Eighty-two 20-by-40-foot spaces totaling 800 square feet 1000 square feet on a 20 x 50 foot canvas 90 30 x 30 ft (900 sq ft) 30 x 30 foot 30 × 40 feet (1200 square feet)

How big of a tent do I need for 500 guests?

In a Single Glance Standing Cocktail Structured Dinner Size Standing Cocktail Structured Dinner Tents are split 50/50. (2500 sq. ft) 400-500 200 400-500 200 50 66 50 66 50 66 50 66 (3300 sq. ft) The 520-650 260 50-82 (4100 sq. ft.) and the 680-820 320 are the same size.

What size dance floor do I need for 100 guests?

The size of a 1212 dance floor is appropriate for a gathering of 100 people. This will comfortably handle 30-40 people dancing at the same time in this space.

How big is a 20X40 tent?

A chart illustrating the capacity of tents*TENT SIZE SQUARE FEET SIT DOWN DINNER 12SQ.FT/PERSON 20X20 400 33 20X30 600 50 20X40 800 65 20×60 12000

How many chairs and tables do you need for 100 guests?

When serving buffet style, with lines flowing along both sides of the table, you will typically need two 8-foot tables for every 100 persons at your party.

How big is a 6 person tent?

This is the maximum capacity for a normal dome tent, and the minimum capacity for a cabin tent. Both designs are usually found in the 6-person tent capacity size range. These tents have a floor size of around 90 to 120 square feet as well as a standing height of approximately 6 feet. Along the walls, these tents might measure 11′ by 11′ (square) or 12′ by 8′ (rectangular), depending on the size.

How many tables can you fit under a 20X30 tent?

The 20 x 30 tent has enough space for six enormous 60-inch round tables and up to 60 people.

How big should a dance floor be for 50 guests?

Each individual should have 4.5 square feet of space, and each couple should have 9 square feet of space. If you are holding a 100-person event, you may expect 50 individuals or 25 couples to be on the dance floor at the same time. Our dance floor panels are available for hire in 3’x3′ panels in increments of three.

How big of a tent do I need for 30 guests?

When guests are sitting ceremony style (as opposed to at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 1030 tent to accommodate them. When visitors will be sitting at tables, you will want a tent of 20 x 30 feet. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.

How many tables can you fit in a 20X20 tent?

In the case of a 2020 canopy, a maximum of six 6′ banquet tables and 48 seats might be accommodated (36 chairs if not using the table ends).

How much does it cost to rent a big white tent?

Large tents may be rented for $500 to $1,500 per day, depending on their size. These sorts of tents will have a total floor area of 1,200 square feet. This will easily accommodate between 60 and 120 persons. Giant tents may be leased for $500 to $800 per day, plus a $1,000 setup cost, depending on the size.

How much does it cost to buy a tent?

The majority of tents range in price from $35 to $1000. The cost of a tent will vary depending on the size, weight, and features of the tent.

The process of determining how much money to spend revolves around analyzing your requirements and choosing a tent that meets those requirements. Despite the fact that the relationship is not perfect, the more money you spend on a tent, the bigger tent you will normally receive.

How many rectangular tables fit under a 10×20 tent?

Can you tell me how many rectangular tables will fit under a 10×20 tent? A 20 × 20 tent has enough space to accommodate up to 48 people comfortably. 6 tables may be accommodated under this size tent if the tables are 8 feet long and rectangular in shape. Each table comfortably accommodates 8 people, which is how we got up with a total of 48 people.

How many chairs can fit under a 10×10 tent?

Tents TableChairs and Chair Information SIZE The number of people that a square foot of chairs can seat (using 8′ rectangles) 100 tens of a tenth 10-12 1020 200 25-27 1020 200 25-27 1020 200 25-27 ten thirty three hundred 37-40 1040 400 50-55 1040 400 50-55

How big of a tent do I need for a family of 4?

Approximately 60 square feet is required for a four-person dome-style tent, which provides enough space for a full-size air mattress and two people, as well as their gear, or for three occupants sleeping on more-common camping pads, as well as their stuff.

How big of a tent do I need for 50 guests?

The tables where the attendees would eat and drink should be carefully considered when planning this sort of gathering. Each visitor will require only 8 square feet of space even with the tables in place, allowing you to accommodate a big gathering of people without the need for a huge tent. A frame tent of 20 feet by 20 feet is required for 50 guests.

How much is a tent for a wedding?

A wedding tent can range in price from $400 to $25,000, or even more, depending on its features. Everything is dependent on the style, quality, and size of your wedding tent. A pretty normal 2020 wedding tent will range in price from $700 for a consumer grade Weekender pole tent to $3,100 for a top of the line twin tube high peak tent, depending on the quality and brand.

How much does a 40X60 tent cost?

For a 4060 tent, the basic construction might cost anywhere from around $3,500 to $5,500 in price. In this quotation, the fabric draped poles as well as the canopy liner are included. The tent you’ve chosen will cost you $5,000.

How many round tables fit under a 20X40 tent?

Do I Need a Large or a Small Tent? Tent Dimensions in Square Feet 5′ Round Table with Seating (8 people) 10X20 200 20X20 400 32 10X20 200 20X20 400 20 x 30 x 600 (48) 2040 x 800 pixels 64

How big of a camping tent do I need?

Many forums recommend a decent rule of thumb of 20 square feet for each person who will be sleeping in the tent, according to these sources. When purchasing, it’s a good idea to consider that recommendation as the very smallest size available. As much as 40 square feet per person is recommended by some experienced campers, however 30 square feet per person might be considered a reasonable compromise.

How much does it cost to rent a 20×40 tent?

Generally speaking, a 2020 party tent rental will cost between $200 and $500, while a normal 2040 party tent would cost between $300 and $750 per day, depending on how it is purchased.

How many people can a 20X20 tent accommodate?

A 20 × 20 tent has enough space to accommodate up to 32 people comfortably. There are four tables that will fit under this size tent if you use 60-inch round tables.

Is a tent wedding cheaper?

Renting a tent is pricey (beginning at $1,500 for 100 guests), and you’re also responsible for the costs of all the extra rentals, décor, and equipment that are required to transform the bare area into an enticing ambiance for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Tent Size Calculator

When it comes to selecting a tent, it might be difficult to determine exactly what you’ll require. As an example, in order to determine the type and size of tent you will require, it is necessary to compute the following factors:

Expected Guests

Calculate the approximate number of persons that will be attending your event. This would include all of the persons who are actively participating in the event, eliminating those who are serving or attending as observers.

Event Type

The sort of event has the largest impact on the amount of space required. For cocktail parties and standing tables, double the number of guests by 3 square feet. 8 sq. ft. per guest is recommended for a buffet or reception. A seated supper might need up to 12 square feet of space per person.

Floor Space

Aside from a meal, do you plan on having a stage or a dance floor for your event? These extra floor area considerations will need to be taken into consideration while selecting the most appropriate tent for your requirements. A dance floor, in addition to the guest area, might take up a large chunk of the available space on the floor. Calculate at least 250 square feet for a dance floor, with extra space considered if the guest list is greater. Some occasions necessitate the addition of a separate lounge/reception room distinct from the eating area.

If the space is intended to be used as a through-space, it can be made smaller.

Unlike a conventional quartet or band, which would likely require nothing more than the bare necessities, a “huge band” would require, in addition to a reinforced stage, a significant amount of floor area to accommodate all of the members, as well as space for a speaker.

Will the tent be needed for hours, days, weeks or months?

Structure tents are more suitable for long-term installations than other types of structures since they can resist all types of weather.

Will weather be an issue?

A Structure Tent is the most appropriate choice for large tents that need to be weatherproofed. A frame tent is a good choice if the primary purpose of the tent is to give shade in an area that will not be subjected to strong winds or snow.

2021: Tent Size Calculator

Trying to figure out what size tent you’ll need is equivalent to sitting in high school math class — it’s not the most enjoyable aspect of the planning process for your event. Make use of the calculator to estimate the total number of square feet you will require. As a bonus, I’ve put together a chart as well as some basic principles to get you started with your preparation. And if arithmetic isn’t your thing, you may reach out to [email protected] for assistance. We are more than pleased to take care of the drudgery for you.

Event TentSizes SquareFeet of GuestsCeremony/Theatre Style of Guests atRound Tables ApproximateCost to Rent
10×10 100 15 10 people at 1 tables $50 – $150
20×20 400 68 40 people at 4 tables $280 – $350
20×30 600 90 60 people at 6 tables $400 – $550
20×40 800 100 80 people at 8 tables $520 – $650
20×50 1000 150 100 people at 10 tables $600 – $700
30×60 1800 245 180 people at 18 tables $900 – $1400
40×60 2400 342 240 people at 24 tables $1600 – $1850
40×100 4000 600 400 people at 40 tables $3000 – $3500

The interior of a frame tent does not contain any poles.

Item SquareFeet Needed Each
48″ Round Table(seats 6-8) 80
60″ Round Table(seats 10) 100
72″ Round Table(seats 12) 120
6′ Rectangle Banquet Table(seats 8) 80
8′ Rectangle Banquet Table(seats 10) 90
Buffet Table 100
Bar 100
Dance Floor 2-4 per guest
DJ Area 100

The inside of a marquee tent has the peaks but no poles, but the outside does not.

And, as if figuring out the size wasn’t difficult enough, you’ll also need to consider what kind of tent you want.

Type Description
Pole Secured with stakes – can’t be used on concrete or asphalt. Poles create peaks and dips which makes it look very elegant
Frame Free standing so can be set up on any surface. There are no poles inside so you don’t have to worry about planning or decorating around those
Marquee Hybrid of the pole and frame tent. They give you the elegant peaks of the pole tent but are free standing like the frame tent
Frame Structure Has wider openings and taller ceilings than the standard frame tent. Can support more weight than other types of tents, and has tighter fitting sections and walls, making it the best option for heating and air-conditioning

Tent with a Frame Structure – This is the finest option for heating and air conditioning because of its structure. Take a look at this blog for some inspiration. It has images of various different styles of tents, all of which are quite stunning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tent do I need for a gathering of 50 people? If your guests will be seated in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 10 x 30 tent for your event. When visitors will be sitting at tables, you will want a tent of 20 x 30 feet. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent. What size tent do I need for a party with 100 people? If your guests will be seated in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 20 x 40 tent to accommodate them.

  1. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.
  2. If your guests will be sitting in a ceremony manner (as opposed to at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 2050 tent to accommodate everyone.
  3. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.
  4. An event tent 30×60 feet will enough if the attendees will be sitting in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables.
  5. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.

I recently helped plan a 150 person wedding.

To create place for the guests’ tables, buffet table, bar and dance floor, we had to clear a lot of space. We decided on the pole tent in order to keep our costs under control (usually the most economical). Here’s how the math came out in the end:

  • For the guest tables, 1000 square feet will be available, as well as 100 square feet for the buffet table, 100 square foot bar, 300 square feet of dancing space, and one hundred square feet for a DJ.

We required a total of 1600 square feet, therefore we chose a 30 x 60 tent to accommodate us. The tent was purchased for a total of $750. Purchasing a frame tent would have cost around $1,100 dollars. The following are some other, related blogs that you might find useful: Various Types of Chairs for Rent Table sizes and seating arrangements: How Many People Will Fit in This Space?!? What Size Linen Should I Use for My Table? How much does it cost to hire place settings for a dinner table? Calculating the size of the dance floor in conjunction with average costs in Austin Hopefully, this will serve as an excellent beginning point for you.

Having poles in the center of your tent will make it more difficult to schedule your activities around them.

Brief SynopsisArticle Title Calculator for Tent SizesDescription An easy-to-use calculator to assist you in determining the size of the party tent you require. Candace Leak is the author of this work. Publisher NameReventalsPublisher Logo Publisher NameReventals Publisher Logo

Tent Layouts & Seating Capacity Chart – AA Party and Tent Rentals Dallas – Fort Worth

SIZE Square Feet Stand-Up Cocktail (chairs only,no tables) of chairs will seat (using 8′ rectangles) of chairs will seat (using 60″round tables)
10×10 100 16-20 10-12 10
10×20 200 32-40 25-27 20
10×30 300 48-60 37-40 30
10×40 400 65-80 50-55 40
10×50 500 81-100 62-68 50
10×60 600 97-120 74-81 60
20×20 400 65-80 50-55 40
20×30 600 75-100 60-75 60
20×40 800 85-120 70-100 80
20×50 1000 95-140 80-100 100
20×60 1200 105-160 96-120 120
30×30 900 150-180 96-120 72
30×50 1500 188-250 150-188 120
40×40 1600 260-360 200-230 160
40×60 2400 400-480 300-340 240
40×80 3200 530-640 400-455 320
40×100 4000 650-800 500-550 400

Tent has a floor area of 0 x 20 ft.

6-6′ Tables 48 Chairs 8-6′ Tables 52 Chairs
4-60″ Tables 32 Chairs 5-8′ Tables 48 Chairs
6-8′ Tables 54 Chairs

Tent with a floor area of 20 x 30 feet

8-6′ Tables 64 Chairs 9-6′ Tables 72 Chairs
6-60″ Tables 48 Chairs 7-8′ Tables 70 Chairs
8-8′ Tables 76 Chairs 100 Chairs

Twenty-foot-by-thirty-foot tent

10-6′ Tables 80 Chairs 12-6′ Tables 96 Chairs
10-60″ Tables 80 Chairs 10-8′ Tables 100 Chairs
10-8′ Tables 100 Chairs 130 Chairs

Tent with a floor area of 20 x 50 feet Tent measuring 20 x 50 feet with eight-foot tables Tent 20 x 50 feet with two 60-inch-long third tables Tent with a floor area of 20 x 60 feet THERE ARE 20 X 60-FRAME-TENTS AND BANQUET-TABLES Tent with two 60-inch rd tables (20 x 60). Tent with a 30′ x 30′ footprint

8- 8′ rectangle tables w/ 64 chairs and dance floor 12- 8′ rectangle tables w/ 96 chairs
8- 60″ rd. tables w/64 chairs 7- 60″ rd tables w/ 2-8′ rectangle tables, 56- chairs and dance floor

Tent measuring 30 feet by 50 feet

12- 60″ round tables, 120 chairs, 1- 9′ x 12′ dance floor, 1- Bar, 2- 8′ tables, 1- 48″ round cake table Cathedral Seating 250 chairs
Seating for 120 guests 5 foot spacing between tables 18- 8′ tables, 120 chairs

30-by-fifty-foot structure

16-60″ round tables, 128 chairs 12- 60″ round tables, 2- 8′ tables, 1- 6′ table, 1-12′ x 12′ dance floor. 96 chairs
18- 8′ tables, 3- 6′ tables, 114 chairs 3- 6′ tables, 14- 8′ tables, 112 chairs,1- dance floor
20-8′ Tables, 160 chairs
30-8′ foot Banquet tables, 240 chairs 24- 60″ round tables,192 chairs
16-60″ round tables, 2- 8′ banquet tables, 136 chairs, Head table seating 8, 16 x 16 dance floor. 16 4×4 dance floor sections

Tent Rental for 200+ People

Remember that people require space to breathe, and a little amount of extra space around tables is often a welcome sight. When you are looking at these schematics and placing your order for your tent, there are important rules to bear in mind: Experimenting with different tent packages– The tent packages listed below are intended to provide you with ideas on how to structure your tent and observe how people will be positioned under your tent. These packages are intended to serve as starting points that can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

  1. Five-foot-circle tables and eight-foot tables are both intended to accommodate a maximum of eight persons comfortably seated at the tables.
  2. Due to the fact that many customers have requested more people to sit at the tables since their yard can only accommodate a smaller size tent, this has occurred.
  3. Making the decision to have the equipment professionally installed– We normally install the equipment 1 to 2 days prior to your event and take up the equipment 1 to 2 days after your event, depending on the equipment.
  4. We are limited in how far we will drive to construct tents with a capacity of 50 or less people because of shipping constraints.
  5. Choosing between a Canopy Tent and a Frame Tent– Canopy tents are lightweight and may be set up by a homeowner.
  6. The fact that you may choose from a variety of colors is one of the most appealing aspects of a canopy tent (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow).

However, there are certain disadvantages to take into consideration – Up to 20 mph winds are guaranteed for installation on grass only (Service charge to come out again to set up if blown down), In the centre of the tent, a pole must be placed, and the tent must be staked out 6 feet on both sides.

Frame tents are heavy-duty commercial tents that are guaranteed to withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

The sole disadvantage of the frame tent is that it is only available in white. A frame tent, on the other hand, provides the security of knowing that it will endure strong winds.

Quality 400 people big party tent Perfect For All Events

Concerning the items and suppliers: has the best assortment of 400 people huge party tents, all of which are sturdy, luxurious, and artistically pleasing enough to make you lift your brows in admiration. All forms of exhibits, outdoor events, and other meetings or parties may be held in this large party tent, which can accommodate 400 people. It is excellent for any area. These 400-person large party tents are available in a variety of styles to suit a variety of needs. It is possible to rent a 400-person large party tent from us, which is constructed of the highest-quality materials that contribute significantly to its overall durability and performance.

  1. The frame of these luxurious400-person huge party tents is constructed of strong metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and other similar materials to provide a durable construction for these tents.
  2. These waterproof, sun-proof, and windproof 400-person large party tents are built to last a long time.
  3. The 400-person large party tent may be set up on any sort of ground surface, including asphalt, marble, grassland, concrete, and other materials, among others.
  4. These devices are available for purchase as OEMs and have received ISO and CE certification.

Pricing in Hillsborough Township, NJ

Above All Party Rentalsin Hillsborough Township, Lebanon, and Bound Brook, NJ, will provide you with a bespoke pricing quotation on our goods and party rental services. If you have any questions, please contact us. Pole tents must be set up on grass and supported by stakes and poles to function properly. Frame tents are free-standing tents that may be set up on any firm surface, such as a concrete slab. All of our tents are high-quality, white, and composed of 16-ounce polyethylene. Material should be blocked off.

Style Seats
10×10 Pop Up Tent 8 – 10 People/1 Table
15×15 Pole Tent 20 – 32 People/4 Tables
20×20 Pole Tent 32 – 40 People/4 Tables
20×30 Pole Tent 48 – 60 People/6 Tables
20×40 Pole Tent 64 – 80 People/8 Tables
10×10 Frame Tent 8 – 10 People/1 Table
10×20 Frame Tent 10 – 20 People/2 Tables
10×30 Frame Tent 24 – 30 People/3 Tables
15×15 Frame Tent 20 – 32 People/4 Tables
15×30 Frame Tent 45 – 64 People/8 Tables
20×20 Frame Tent 32 – 40 People/4 Tables
20×30 Frame Tent 48 – 60 People/6 Tables
20×40 Frame Tent 64 – 80 People/8 Tables
20×50 Frame Tent 80 – 100 People/10 Tables
20×60 Frame Tent 100 – 120 People/12 Tables
30×30 Frame Tent 72 – 90 People/9 Tables
30×40 Frame Tent 96-120 People / 12 Tables
30×50 Frame Tent 120 – 150 People/15 Tables
30×60 Frame Tent 144 -180 People/18 Tables
30×70 Frame Tent 168 – 210 People/21 Tables
30×80 Frame Tent 192 – 240 People/24 Tables
30×90 Frame Tent 216 – 270 People/27 Tables
30×100 Frame Tent 240 – 300 People/30 Tables
30×110 Frame Tent 264 – 330 People/33 Tables
30×120 Frame Tent 288 – 360 People/36 Tables
30×130 Frame Tent 312 – 390 People/39 Tables
30×140 Frame Tent 336 – 420 People/42 Tables
30×150 Frame Tent 360 – 450 People/45 Tables
40′ Hexagon Tent 72-90 People/9 Tables
40X40 High Peak Pole Tent 128-160 People/16 Tables
40X60 High Peak Pole Tent 192-240 People/24 Tables
40X80 High Peak Pole Tent 256-320 People/32 Tables
40X100 High Peak Pole Tent 320-400 People/40 Tables

We invite you to contact Above All Party Rentals for a unique pricing quotation on our goods and party rentals in Hillsborough Township, Lebanon, and Bound Brook, New Jersey. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Pole tents must be set up on grass and held up by stakes and poles to be effective for outdoor events.

Unlike other types of tents, frame tents are self-supporting structures that can be set up on any flat area. The material used to construct our tents is 16oz. high grade white canvas. stuff that has to be blocked out


Style Price
White Sides $1.50 per ft.
Clear Sides $1.50 per ft.
French Window Sides $1.50 per ft.


Click here to see our Linen Color Chart in its entirety.

Pipe and Drape – 8ft – $4/ft installed

Please contact us for pricing information.

Lighting Available for All Tents

Size Price
6 Candle Light Black Chandelier $60.00
String Globe (60 ft.) $40.00
Bistro Lights (48 ft.) $30.00
Chandelier $40.00
Light Dimmer $10.00
Clamp Lamp $15
12-Light Chrome Chandelier $95.00
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Style Capacity Price
30″ Cocktail Table (Available in sitting and standing height) Seats 2-4 $13.00 each
36″ Round Seats 4-6 $9.00 each
48″ Round Seats 6-8 $10.00 each
60″ Round Seats 8-10 $11.00 each
6ft Rectangular Seats 6-8 $10.00 each
8ft Rectangular Seats 8-10 $11.00 each
6ft Kids Table Seats 8-10 $11.00 each
Serpentine Table $12.00 each
5Ft Half Round Table $12.00 each
Fill/Chill Table Fill with drinks or food items to keep them cold. $35.00 each
Fill and Chill w/ Expansion Kit and Skirt $55.00 each
Farm Table $75.00 each
72″ round tables Seats 10-12 People $13.00 each
36 x 36 Square Card Table Seats 4 People $7.50
4Ft Table Seats 4-6 People $8.50
Make 6′ x 18″ Conference Table $11.00
Make 8 ‘ x 18″ Conference Table $12.00


Style Price
Black Folding $1.75 each
Brown Folding $1.60 each
Wedding White $2.25 each
White Resin Chairs $3.85 each
White Wicker Chairs $25.00 each
Kids Blue Chair $1.60 each
Kids Red Chair $1.60 each
Kids Folding Black Chair $1.60 each
Kids Folding Blue Chair $1.60 each
High Chairs $10.00 each
Bar Stool $8.00 each
Chiavari Chair Gold $7.50 each
Bar Stool – Ladder Back $12.00 each
Farm Benches (96″ x 12″) $35.00 each

Bounce Houses

Size Price
Air Dancer $75.00
15’x15′ Castle $275.00/Day
15 x 15 Fun House $275.00/Day
13’x31′ Wet/Dry Castle Combo $385.00/Day
30 ft Inflatable Slip N’ Slide $300.00/Day
18 ft Dry Inflatable Slide $400.00/Day
18 ft Wet Inflatable Slide $450.00/Day
5-in-1 Combo 20’L x 19’W Wet/Dry $400
Wacky JR Obstacle Course $425
15 x 18 Combo Castle w/ Slide $375
13’W x 23’L Obstacle Course w/ Slide $350

Dunk Tanks

Style Price
Popcorn MachineSupplies (60 Servings) $85.00
Cotton Candy MachineSupplies (60 Servings) $85.00
Snow Cone Machine (60 Servings) $75.00
Hot Dog Machine $60.00


Style Price
4 ft Black Marble Bar $60.00
4 ft White Bar $60.00
4 ft Walnut Bar $60.00
6 ft White Bar $80.00

Dance Floors

Custom sizing is available upon request. Please contact us for pricing information.


Style Price
Patio Heater $75.00
80,000 BTU Tent Heater Call for pricing
170,000 BTU Tent Heater Call for pricing


Style Price
Single Speaker Sound System – IPOD, MP3, Computer hook up capabilities – 1000 Watts RMS $75.00
Microphone Stand $5.00
Single Wireless Microphone System $10.00
Four Way Wireless Microphone System $40.00
5 Channel Audio Mixer $10.00


Type Price
3 ft Propane Grill $90.00
5 ft Propane Grill $130.00
3 ft Charcoal Grill $40.00
5 ft Charcoal Grill $55.00
5 ft Charcoal Grill With Rotisserie $110.00


Style Price
Standard Unit $220.00
Maxim Unit(includes foot pedal sinkflushing) $320.00
Hi Tech Unit (same as maxim unit plus has lighting inside) $420.00
Portable HandiWash Sink ~ 600 Washes Call for pricing
Restroom Trailer, 100 Person Max Call for pricing
Restroom Trailer, 200 Person Max Call for pricing

There is a discount for purchasing several units. Please contact us for further information and pricing.


Glassware and flatware are available for purchase. Please contact us for pricing information.

Type Price
5 Gallon Water Jug $15
Cambro 4.75L Drink Dispenser $15
Cambro, Single (Holds 4-8QT Pans) $15
Waiter Stand $5
Waiter Serving Tray $3
Coffee Percolator – 100 cup $20.00 each
Stainless Steel 8 qt. chafing dish $15.00 each
Sterno Fuel $1.50 each
Serving Spoons $2.50 each
Serving Tongs $2.50 each
Baker Sheet Pan Rack $40.00 each
Sheet Pans $5.00 each
Bus/Utility Pan $3.00 each
Coffee Pump Pot $8.00 each
Thermal Creamer $3.00 each
Carafe (Water, Wine) $2.00 each
Mirror Finish Chafing Dish $18.00 each
6 QT Oval Chafing Dish Gold Accent $15.00 each
3.5 Gallon Champagne Fountain $75.00
Wine Chill Buckets $15.00 each
6qt Punch Bowl $10.00 each


Type Price
12×20 Carpet(Grey) $25.00/roll
12×30 Carpet(Grey) $40.00/roll
Red Carpet Runner 4×20 $50.00
Red Carpet Runner 4×30 $60.00
Red Carpet Runner 4×50 $80.00


Size Price
9×12 $240.00
12×18 $480.00
12×24 $640.00
Stairs and Railing (Needed for 2′ High Stage) $50.00
Podium $60.00
Barricade 8′ x 3 $20.00
Step Box $20.00

Custom sizes are available upon request. Please contact us for pricing information. Tent flooring is available upon request. Please contact us for pricing information.


Item Price
30 Gallon Trash Can $5.00/Day
Coat Rack $10.00/Day
UmbrellaStand $12.00/Day
Extension Cord $5.00/Day
Fire Extinguisher $10.00/Day
Exit Sign $10.00/Day


Item Price
Giant Kerplunk $30.00
Mamba Gaga Pit $275.00
Baseball Pitch $30.00
Tailgate Toss (Cornhole) $35.00
Clown Bean Bag Toss $40.00
Driving Range $35.00
Fat Cats – Tip the Cat $65.00
Football Toss $30.00
Ring Toss $65.00
Break a Plate $85.00
Giant Jenga $25.00
Giant Connect Four $40.00
Kan Jam $20.00
Polish Horseshoes $30.00
Croquet Set $25.00
Spike Ball $30.00

Tent Rental

On February 8, 2022, there were 0 comments. Having a Successful 2022 as a Newlywed couple is important. When you get married, you’ll want to make the most of your first year together by doing all you can. So, here are four things to add to your “must do” list as a newlywed couple. Make a list of common objectives. When you and your partner are on the same page about what you desire.

Wedding Trends That Will Top the Charts in 2022

Comments Off on ByJim Dzengeleski|January 22, 2022| 0 Comments The top ten wedding trends for 2022 are as follows: Trends have long held a fascination for fashion designers and stylists. A number of renowned design companies, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of all things “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding trends in 2022. In order to assist.

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Start the New Year on the Right Foot

The following is a guest post by Jim Dzengeleski on January 22, 2022. In 2022, the top ten wedding trends will include Trends have long been a source of fascination for fashion designers and stylists. Multiple prominent design firms, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of anything “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding fashion in 2022. So that I may assist you,

Wedding Tents – Big Tent Events

Backyards, churches, public parks, and private venues are the most popular locations for outdoor wedding receptions, with backyards and churches being the most popular. The size and style of tent that can be used for the wedding reception may be limited by the location of the event. Backyards, churches, and private venues such as country clubs often have limited space for tents to be set up, but they are typically more accommodating when it comes to delivery and removal of equipment. However, while public venues such as forest preserves and park district properties typically offer limitless space, they have restrictions on when the space can be used, resulting in specific delivery and removal times.

  1. Are there enough to accommodate all of your guests?
  2. You may need to hire portable toilets or a mobile unit.
  3. Inquire about the amount and location of electricity that is available, how far away the power source is from the tent, and how many 20 amp circuits are required by your tent rental company, your caterer, and your DJ or band.
  4. As a result of the use of tent stakes, all tent rental companies are required by law to contact the JULIE one-call service in order to have any potential public utility lines marked.

Line marking must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the installation date with JULIE. The property owner is responsible for marking any non-public lines that may exist on the property, such as a sprinkler system, landscape lighting, a swimming pool, a septic system, and so on.

Banquet Marquee for 400 People – Gala Tent for Banquet – Party Tent Sale

Whatever your needs are for social events such as yearly banquets, anniversary celebrations, or private activities such as open-air caterings and garden parties, the 20 meters x 30 metersbanquet marqueewill be your ideal venue choice. The tent has a total floor space of 600m2/6458ft2 and can accommodate up to 400 people at round tables at the same time. It’s perfect for outdoor gatherings because of the openable PVC vinyl wall. The cover can resist inclement weather and wind speeds of up to 100km/h without breaking down.

It is made of aluminum alloy and covered with a PVC tarpaulin that is resistant to water, UV rays, and tears, among other things.

Tenting is simple and can be done in a matter of hours with no special tools or knowledge.

Of course, we may create bespoke sizes for your project if that is your preference.

Personalized Interior Layout

There are no poles within the tent, and you may outfit the tent with our extra accessories such as windows, doors, a flooring system, lighting, lining, a stage, and an air conditioner, among other things (click here to check more accessories). For any immediate outdoor event, our staff would provide you with a turnkey solution that would allow you to rapidly install the tent. The M-Series

High Quality Material

Main Profiles: Available Sizes:112mmx203mmx4mm, 166mmx88mmx3mm,120mmx200mmx4mm, 120mmx250mmx4mm
Material:Hard pressed extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/ T6
Cover: Roof:850g/sqm block-out white PVC tarpaulin, 950g/sqm transparent PVC fabric
Side Walls:650g/sqm translucent white PVC fabric, 950g/sqm transparent PVC fabric, glass wall, glass door, sandwich panel, ABS wall
Features:Water proof, UV resistance, fire retardant (DIN4102, B1, M2)
Components: Superior enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel


Item Width Eave Length Ridge Height Longest Parts
M010005 10m 3.95m 5.60m 5.60m
M011005 11m 3.95m 5.75m 6.00m
M015005 15m 3.95m 6.40m 8.10m
M016005 16m 3.95m 6.55m 8.60m
M020005 20m 3.95m 7.30m 10.70m
M021005 21m 3.95m 7.35m 11.20m
M025005 25m 3.95m 7.96m 10.70m
M030005 30m 4.00m 8.95m 10.70m
Shelter M Series Tents are based on a bay distance of 5.00m.

10 x 20 meters Banquet Tent 15 x 20m for a wedding Tent 20 x 20m Mariage Tent 20 x 25m Wedding Marquee 30 x 35m Party Tent 20 x 25m Wedding Marquee Shelter Tent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. retains ownership of the copyright. All Intellectual Property Rights Are Reserved.

Tents & Accessories

The TENT MATRIX is intended to serve as a fast reference for estimating the size of the tent you will require. Only suggestions are made for tent sizes, and they do not represent the full range of sizes and styles available. For a bespoke tent size, please contact one of our event advisors at the following number: 240-651-5948

40 20’ X 20’400 SQ FT 20’ X 30’600SQ FT 20’ X 40’800 SQ FT 8’ X 12’
60 20’ X 30’600 SQ FT 20’ X 40’800 SQ FT 20’ X 50’1000 SQ FT 12’ X 12’
80 20’ X 40’800 SQ FT 20’ X 50’1000SQ FT 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 12’ X 16’
90 30’ X 30’900 SQ FT 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 30’ X 50’1500 SQ FT 12’ X 16’
100 20’ X 50’1000 SQ FT 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 40’ X 40’1600 SQ FT 16 X’ 16’
120 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 30’ X 50’1500 SQ FT 30’ X 60’1800 SQ FT 16’ X 20’
180 30’ X 60’1800 SQ FT 40’ X 60’2400 SQ FT 40’ X 80’3200 SQ FT 20’ X 20’
240 40’ X 60’2400 SQ FT 40’ X80’3200 SQ FT 60’ X 60’3600 SQ FT 20’ X 24’
320 40’ X 80’3200 SQ FT 40’ X 100’4000 SQ FT 60’ X 120’7200 SQ FT 24’ X 30’

Ten feet by ten feet costs 160.00 dollars for a seat up to ten feet ten feet by twenty feet costs 295.00 dollars for a seat up to ten feet ten feet by thirty feet costs $440.00 ten feet by forty feet costs $ 585.00 ten feet by forty feet costs $ 585.00 twenty feet by twenty feet costs 395.00 dollars for a seat up to forty feet twenty feet by thirty feet costs $595.00 dollars for a seat up to sixty feet twenty feet by forty feet costs $

It’s My Party Rental

Our StoryIt’s My Party, a family-owned and run business, has been providing services to the Central Valley for more than two decades. When you phone our showroom, you will always get a friendly voice on the other end of the line. You can count on us to assist you with every stage of the planning process whether it’s for a business event, wedding, anniversary, graduation party, or backyard BBQ. In addition to linens, china, glassware, and other household items, we now provide custom embroidery!

Our showroom is updated on a regular basis, with fresh concepts on exhibit at all times. We invite you to stop by to say hello and to hear some suggestions for making your event stand out from the crowd. Fresno, California

“Let’s get this partystarted!”

The working week is Monday through Friday. 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays are only available by appointment. SundayClosed​​` If you prefer, you can send us an email using the form located at the bottom of this page.

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Chairs that fold up in plastic with a metal frame Wedding White.1.25Black.1.25White.1.00Brown.70White.1.25White.1.00 chair with cushioned seat that folds up Wood in its natural state. 3.50 Resin in a black color. 3.00 Resin in white color. 3.00 Chairs with a Difference Chair with a cross-back made of wood. 9.00 White slatted garden chair with a curved back. 2.50 Bistro chair in white. 1.25 White resin patio chair with a wicker seat. Children’s Chairs (one dollar) Folding chair in white with a cushioned seat.


Banquet Table in Rectangle Seats are 8′ x 30″ in size and are made of wood. Seats are 8-10.8.006′ x 30″ in wood or plastic. Tables for 6-8.7.00 people around a round table The 72-inch seats 10-12.12.0060-inch seats 8.8.0048-inch seats 6.6.50-inch Children’s Tables are available. Wooden rectangle measuring 8′ x 30′. Wood rectangle measuring 8.006′ x 30″. Wood, 8.0048″ in diameter. Cocktail tables, 42″ tall or 30″ short, $8.00 each Metal top with a 30″ or 24″ square bottom. wood tabletop, 36″, 30″, or 24″ circular tabletop, 15.00 8.50Wood top with a 30″ square top and a 24″ square bottom.

  1. The Farm Style Bench is 8′ in length and costs $70.00.
  2. Umbrella with base (21.50).
  3. Table with a 15.0060″ square top.
  4. 8.50In the shape of a heart.
  5. 6.50


90″ x 156″ Rectangle Banquet Linen, available in white or color. It measures 18.0090″ by 132.25″ in either white or color. Specialty colors measuring 17.0060″ x 120″ Colored or white paper 8.5060″ x 120″ 8.0052″ x 114″ in either white or colored vinyl. 6.50 Round Linen132 x 6.50 “Color or white can be used. 15.00120 15.00120 15.00120 15.00120 15.00120 “Color or white can be used. 12.00108 12.00108 12.00108 “Color or white can be used. 11:09:90 11:09:90 11:09:90 “Color or white can be used. 8.00 Square Linen (90 cents) “Colors that are unique.

  • 6.5072 x 100 = 6.5072 x 100 = 6.5072 x 100 = 6.5072 “Color or white can be used.
  • 5.00 Napkins, 20″ x 20″ in a variety of colors.
  • 15.00Table skirt, 10.5′ in length, in either black or white.
  • 12.00 Runner for the table.
  • 1.50Chair sash with a tassel.
  • 1.00


Cascade, Simple Ivory Pattern: Sold as a single piece. Plate for dinner, Salad plate, Bread plate, Coffee cup, Saucer, Wide Rim Soup Dish, Fruit Dish, and Salt and Pepper Set The price of CreamerSugar (packet Style) is per unit. Fleur de lis, glass with floral etching, 50 florets per piece The following items are sold individually: 40Dinner plate; Salad plate; Bread plate; Coffee cup; Saucer; Luncheon plate; Deep Salad plate; Fruit Dish; Punch Cup Tetra; Square Glass. 45Plates for dinner, salad plates, and soup bowls Royal White and Bright White are priced per piece.

  • Each piece of the Milano dinnerware set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, fruit dish, and bread plate in a simple bright white pattern.
  • For the table: 40dinner plates and salad plates and bread plates and cups and saucers and snack plates and cereal bowls Set of salt and peppercorns 2.00 Serving Bowl, Platter, or Plate Each piece of 3.00 Octime, Black Octagon costs $3.00.
  • 40Dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, coffee cup in blue enamel: per piece.
  • The price is for one dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, rectangular cup, white plate, and one white plate.

Dinner Plate No. 35 CHINA WITHOUT A COMMON THEME Charger with a choice of black or white glass. 1.50 Charger, available in Red, Silver, Copper, and Gold Lacquer colors. 1.25Cocktail Plates, Soft White.40Cocktail Cups, Soft White.


Midnight: Each and every piece. Tableware: forks (dinner and salad), knives, and teaspoons Marquette: Each and every one of them. Tableware: forks (dinner and salad), knives, and teaspoons Each and every piece has been hammered. 50Dinner fork, salad fork, knife, and teaspoon are all included. Nova: Each and every one of them. 50Dinner fork, salad fork, knife, and teaspoon shell: one piece each Every piece of 30Dinner fork, salad fork, knife, and teaspoon has a star on each side. 30-dinner fork, dinner fork with salad fork, knife, and teaspoon Each and every piece of the Chateau.


11 1/2 oz. Water Goblet with Lid (3711). Water Goblet with a Black Stem (#30). a water goblet with a blue swirl on it 4Oz. Champagne, Flute, 40Champagne, Flute (3795). 60oz. Champagne in a Flute with Black Stem 50oz. 50Champagne, Saucer, 4 oz. 50Champagne, Saucer, 4 oz (3777). 30Catalina Champagne, 5 oz. per person (3822). 50White 6 oz. Wine Glasses 50 (3766). 30Rose-colored 6-ounce wine glass (3769). thirty-nine and a half ouncesVino Grande (8420). Balloon Wine 12 oz. 60Grande Balloon Wine (8415).

  1. of Poco Grande Wine (3717).
  2. Citation Wine 11 oz.
  3. Thirty-one ounce stemless wine glass Wine Glasses with No Stem 11 3/4 oz.
  4. 15 oz.
  5. 50Beer Goblet with 12 oz.
  6. Beer Mug with a capacity of 10 oz (5010).
  7. 16 oz.

capacity (3705).

bottle (2338).

Gibraltar Rocks (Gibraltar Rocks 9 oz (15244).

40Footed Rocks (3746).

50Footed Highball (ten ounces) (3737).

of cordial (3790).

of liquor (8455).

50Highball with 9 ounces of rum (2325).

50-ounce glass of sherry (3788).

Clear Coffee Mug, 50 oz.

Beverage Service

The Champagne Fountains are 3 gallon stainless steel fountains. Stainless steel tank with a capacity of 35.005 gallons. Stainless steel tank with a capacity of 40.007 gallons. Brushed aluminum, 45.005 gallon capacity. Punch Bowls (for $40.00) Stainless steel, 3 gallon capacity. Stainless steel 12.005 gallon capacity. Stainless steel 15.007 gallon capacity. Silver with Tray and Ladle 20.00 18.00Cut glass, 2 1/2 gallon capacity 10.00Aluminum that has been polished. Plastic 15.003 gallon container with ladle.

Coffeemaker with 12.0055 cup capacity, stainless steel.

Using Spigot, 15.0010 gallon of hot or cold water.

Temperature Servers/Pitchers/Carafes – 20.00 Cold Brew Coffee Thermal (White) 40 oz. 1.25 Stainless Steel Coffee Thermal, Bronze 40 oz. Pitcher made of plastic for $1.00. 1.50Glass Wine Carafe.1.00Glass Water Pitcher.1.50Glass Water Pitcher.1.50Glass Water Pitcher.1.50Glass Water Pitcher.

Food Service and Preperation

Stainless Steel Chafing Dishes with Sterno The standard size is 8 Quart.25.00 and the round size is 5 Quart.22.00. The brass trim size is 8 Quart.25.00 and the brass trim size is round 5 Quart.25.00. The brass trim size is oval 5 Quart.25.00. The new york style is 8 Quart.45.00 and the new york style is round 5 Quart.25.00. The new york style is round 5 Quart.25.00 and the new york style is round 5 Quart.25.00. 6 Quarts (liters). Standard Pan Inserts are priced at 35.00. Inserts for half pans are 3.00.

  • 2′ x 5′ Charcoal Barbecue Grill for 60.00 dollars BBQ Grill, Propane, 2′ x 6′ w/ Hood, 40.00 USD Barbecues need a cleaning deposit of $200.00, which is refundable.
  • A 16-quarte cooking pot with a lid costs ten dollars.
  • cutting board (18″ x 24″), $4.00.
  • 15.00Roaster with an electric motor.
  • 50.00Popcorn Machine with Cart Included Machine to make snow cones for $65.00 Cotton candy machine with bubbles for $45.00 Hot Dog Cooker with Bun Warmer (Price: 50.00) Bingo Cage and Balls for 40.00 15.00Bingo Cards are available.
  • 15.00 Bars and other portable equipment Green Cambro 5′.45.00Black Cambro 5′.45.00 5′.
  • Bar with black skirting and two tiers for 40.00 Icing Chest (164 Qt.) 60.00 15.00Ice Chest (including tax).

A large, round galvanized ice tub is available for $8.00.


6.0024 Quart, Plastic.

5.0015 Quart, made of plastic 4.0010 Quart, Plastic.

3.004 Quart, made of plastic 1.50Long and narrow, 14″ x 19″.

3.00Flowers in white or clear glass vase.

The price is 8.00 for a 16-inch round silver disc.

Flor de Lis Round, 22″, Polished Aluminum, $2.00 8.00Beaded Edge Square 12″ in Polished Aluminum with Beaded Edge.

Three-piece stand in white.

Tray Stand with 2 White Platters (valued at $10.00).

Cake Stand with Beaded Edge, Lg.8.00 Cake Stand with Beaded Edge, Med.7.00 Cake Stand with Beaded Edge, Sm.6.00 Cake Stand with Scallop Edge, Lg.8.00 Cake Stand with Scallop Edge, Med.7.00 Cake Stand with Scallop Edge, Sm.6.00 Candy Jar, Large 10.00Candy Jar in a little size.

0.50Cake Knife and Serving Dish Candy Scoops are $1.00 each.

Awaiter Tray with an oval shape measuring 22 inches by 26 inches for $2.00 Miscellaneous 4.00Jack Stand.3.00Bus Cart.8.00Bus Tub.

4.00Jack Stand.3.00Bus Cart.8.00Bus Tub. Salad Bar with a Tabletop. 1.00 25.00Hot Food Carrier with four pans. 20.00Hot Food Carrier with six pans. trash can with a capacity of 30 gallons 25.00 5.00

Wedding Decor

Arches/Gazebos/Arbors Brass Arch.30.00Brass Arch in the shape of a heart. white wood arch 45.00 white wood arch Deluxe 40.00 white wood arch The following items are available: 60.00 White Resin Trellis Arbor.150.00 White Wood Gazebo.125.00 Brown Resin Pergola (Lakewood). 200.00​ColumnsColonnades The following items are available: 30″ White Round Column, Pair.16.0040″ White Round Column, Pair.18.0072″ White Round Thin Column, Pair.24.0096″ White Colonnade Arch.250.00 Other Tabletop Wishing Well made of white wood.

Bud Vase, $5.00 1.00Bubble Bowl 8″ in diameter 3.00Bubble Bowl 10″ in diameter The Hurricane with a Glass Base is priced at 5.00.

7 p.m.Compote with a foot.

3.00Sherbert Bowl(Footed Supreme) 17 3.00Sherbert Bowl(Footed Supreme) 17 3.00Sherbert Bowl(Footed Supreme) 17 3.00Sherbert Bowl(Footed Supreme) 17 3.00Sherbert Bowl(Footed Supreme) 17 3.00Sherbert Bowl(Footed Supreme) 5/50 oz./0.50 mercury glass gold pillar holder 8″5.00mercury glass gold pillar holder 10″6.00mercury glass silver pillar holder 8″5.00mercury glass silver pillar holder 10″6.00mercury glass silver pillar holder 8″5.00 Mercury Glass Silver Pillar Holder 10″ 6.00 Mercury Glass Silver Taper Holder 11″ 4.00 Mercury Glass Silver Pillar Holder 10″ 6.00 Mercury Glass Silver Taper Holder 11″ 4.00

Tents, Dance Floors,

Stage Section measuring 4′ x 8′. 40.00-inches in height Stage skirts are available in three different lengths: 8″, 16″, and 24″. 1.00Steps. 15.00 Lighting, heating, and air conditioning Cafe lights on a 48-foot string. Outdoor patio heater with propane for $25.00 80.00Fan on a pedestal. 40.00Barrel fan with remote control. 30.00Port-a-Cool. 150.00Extension cord is included. 5.00 Conferencing and Meeting Equipment Aluminum easel with natural wood finish and a white back. 15.00Lectern in dark wood with white and silver accents.

150.00 White Plastic Stanchion with a black base.

1.00 Stanchion made of black metal.

1.00Garment Hanging Rack 15.00-Hangers and Shakers (50 pack).

– Dance Floor Colors available for 3′ x 4′ panels include: black, white, checkered, dark oak, and cherry wood.

200.0012′ x 12′ x 200.0012′ (32 people).

365.0015′ x 16′ (365.0015′ x 16′) (52 people).

580.0018′ x 20′ (inches) (80 people).

1,100.003′ x 3′ 1,100.003′ All of the panels are white.

The dimensions are 235.0012′ x 15′.

300.0015′ x 15′ x 300.0015′ (50 people).

After the client has authorized the placement of the built floor, there is an additional cost.

Canopies are 10′ wide and 10′ x 10′ in size (100 sq ft).

150.0010′ x 30′ x 150.0010′ (300 sq ft).

120.0016′ x 24′ (120.0016′ x 24′) (384 sq ft).

220.0020′ width x 20’20’ deep (400 sq ft).

280.0020′ x 40′ 280.0020′ x 40′ (800 sq ft).

440.0020′ x 60′ (inches) (1200 sq ft).

600.0020′ x 80′ x 600.0020′ (1600 sq ft).

420.0030′ x 40′ 420.0030′ x 40′ (1200 sq ft).

650.0030′ x 60′ 650.0030′ x 60′ (1800 sq ft).

The dimensions are 850.0030′ x 80′.

920.0030′ x 90′ (2700 sq ft).980.0030′ x 100′ (800 sq ft).920.0030′ x 100′ (800 sq ft) (3000 sq ft).

1200.0040′ x 50′ 1200.0040′ x 50′ (2000 sq ft).

Twentieth Century Tent Walls Solid white for 20′.

Special Tents are priced at $40.00.

A 20′ x 40′ peak tent is available for $200.00.

Clear Top, 20′ x 20′, 500.00 $ (400 sq ft).

TENT ACCESSORIES – $ 200.00 Tent heater that runs on propane .

Rain gutters are $50.00 per foot (10′, 20′, and 30′ sections).

Tents are mounted on 7-foot-tall legs for $50.00.

Any time a tent needs to be moved after it has been erected, there will be additional charges.

RESERVATIONSMost reservations need to be made well in advance.

This is a non-refundable guarantee should you cancel the contract less than 10 days prior to your event.

We accept all major credit cards and cash.

Late returns will result in an extra charge.

DELIVERYWe offer delivery and pick up on all orders at an additional charge.

On pick-up we reserve the right to enter your yard to collect our property.

Set up and tear down service is also available at an additional cost.

LOSS OR DAMAGE Your rental items were carefully counted prior to your receiving them.

Please inform of us any discrepancies immediately.

Your rental items will be recounted when returned and you will be notified of any shortages or damage.

This includes but is not limited to wax, ink, stains, glue, burn holes and tears.

CLEANINGRental items are clean and ready for use when received.

A linen bag has been included for your use. Please shake debris from linens and place in linen bag for return. Do not place linen in plastic garbage bags! Tableware should be rinsed and placed back in the same container it arrived in. Please reload

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