How To Do A Table Tent In Design

How To Do A Table Tent In Design

Check out the following four suggestions for making table tents work for you. 1) Make an informed decision about your promotion. 2) Get the Message Across Correctly. Pay Close Attention to the Design. 5) Make an investment in printing.

What’s a table tent?

A Table Tent is a self-standing promotional unit that is made from printed and folded paper. It is very handy. Table tents, as the name indicates, are intended to be set on well as on countertops, desks, and any other horizontal surface, such as a floor. Table tents, sometimes known as tent cards, are little billboards that may be placed on tables.

How do you print on pre cut place cards?

How to Make Place Cards on a Printer 1st step: Download a free Microsoft Word place card printing template from the internet. Step 2 – Launch Microsoft Word and open the Template File. 3rd Step – Enter the names and table numbers of your guests. Time to print out the final step! Step 5 – Fold and finish the project. There have been four comments.

What size is a table tent?

What are the normal sizes of table tents? The conventional sizes for an a-frame are 4′′ x 6′′ panels, 5′′ x 6.5′′ panels, and 8′′ x 4′′ panels, with the exception of 8′′ × 4′′ panels. Triangle panels are typically available in three sizes: 4′′ × 4′′ panels, 6′′ x 4′′ panels, and 8′′ x 4′′ panels.

How do I make a digital business card in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop tutorial on how to create a business card. Photoshop should be opened. Create the following parameters in a new window by typing them in: To make changes to the bleed area, go to “View” — “Rulers.” Fill up the blanks with relevant content: Make changes to your design: If you want to be able to make changes to your design at any time, save your work in PSD format. Save your file in a format that is suitable for printing.

Why is tent cards important in a restaurant?

Table tents can help you increase your sales. Table talker is considered to be one of the most powerful tools you can add to your menu, and it may offer significant value to your business. It may be used to promote specials and drive upsells in addition to that.

How do you print a tent on both sides of a table?

What is the best way to print a tent card on both sides at the same time? To begin, launch the word processing program on your computer. Make sure you have the text tool selected in the drawing toolbar, which is commonly represented by a button with the letter “T.” Fill in the blanks with the name that will appear on the tent card. To select the full text box, click along the perimeter of the text box. Select the first text box from the drop-down menu. Obtain a copy of the page.

How do I print a tent table in Word?

What is the best method for printing a tent card on both sides at the same time? The word processing program on your PC should be launched now. Make sure you have the text tool selected in the drawing toolbar, which is usually represented by a button with the letter “T.” Fill in the blanks with the name that will be printed on the tent card if applicable. To select the full text box, click on the text box’s edge. The first text box should be selected. The page may be printed out.

What is the importance of tent cards in a restaurant?

Tactile marketing tools like as tent cards have become popular in recent years, and you’ve probably seen them when sitting in restaurants.

As well as providing you with something to look at while waiting for your dinner, well-designed menus may communicate discounts or promotions that your consumers will find interesting.

What are the uses of a tent card to customer?

A common application for tent cards is at restaurants, pubs, and hotels, where they are used to advertise new goods or services, special discounts, forthcoming events, and other similar promotional messages.

What size is a tent card?

Tent cards are typically A5 in size, which is the industry standard. Other frequent sizes are 46 inches, 69 inches, and so on. We can also make tent cards in your custom size if you place a minimum purchase of 100 pieces with us. Custom forms can also be created using a laser die cutting process.

How do I print name cards in Word?

Once you’ve opened Microsoft Word, navigate to the “File” tab and then to the “New” option in the left-hand pane. Look for the phrase “Business Cards” in the search box at the top of the browser window. A vast number of template options will be displayed. Browse through the collection of business card templates and select the one that appeals to you the most.

How do I rotate text?

Rotate a text box in any direction. Select ViewPrint Layout from the drop-down menu. Select the text box that you wish to rotate or flip, and then choose Format from the drop-down menu. Select Rotate from the Arrange drop-down menu. The rotation handle on an item may be dragged to rotate a text box to any degree desired. Choose one of the options from the list below: Right-click and choose “Rotate 90 degrees.” Rotate to the left 90 degrees. Turn the page vertically. Flip the page horizontally.

How do you make a name tent in Publisher?

In the Envelopes and Labels pop-up box, pick the Labels tab and then Options from the drop-down menu. In the Label Products drop-down menu, choose Other from the list. Select New Label from the drop-down menu and fill out the form below. Choose a descriptive name for the label, such as “C-Line 87517 Large Name Tent,” for example.

How do you make a tent card with names on both sides?

There isn’t a single one that’s upside down. In the second field, type the name of the first person you met. In the fourth box, type the name of the second individual. Place the Avery 5305 sheet face down in the printer and press the print button.

How do I create a table name tag in Word?

Open a new Word document. Click on the word “Open.” Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Select the “Page Layout” tab from the drop-down menu. Create a text box using your cursor. Select the “Insert” tab from the drop-down menu. On the tab’s ribbon, click the “Text Box” button to insert a text box. In the Text Box, enter your name. To enter text into the text box, click inside it. Change the font to suit your needs. The text should be highlighted.

How do I create a place card in InDesign?

1. Create a design for your invitations and party cards. Open the InDesign program. Choose New Document from the Welcome box, or navigate to FileNewDocument from the Start menu. In the New Document box, leave the Intent field as is, select Print, and set the Number of Pages to two in the Number of Pages field. Once folded, each card will measure 110 mm in width and 50 mm in height when opened.

How do you make your own place cards?

Your guests will appreciate the ease with which you may direct them to their seats with Word’s place card designs and name card generator.

Select a Name Card Generator from the list below. Select the Most Appropriate Template. Start by launching the Template. Fill in the blanks on the card. Personalize the Card with your own information. Insert images and your company logo. Make a selection for the background. Save Your Work of Art.

Table Tents You Can Design & Print Online [110+ Templates]

The addition of table tents to your bar or restaurant may seem like a little enhancement, but they may have a huge impact on your bottom line. However, whereas people may ignore posters, throw away fliers, or ignore direct mailings, table tents are simply impossible for them to miss when they’re placed right in front of them. Table tents, when built properly, may increase brand awareness, provide entertainment for visitors, and drive sales of your most popular (and profitable) products and services.

  • Many people will even take up table tents and fiddle with them while they are waiting, making it a tactile kind of advertising that will get your message noticed more than anything else.
  • Place a huge, easy-to-read title beside a mouth-watering image, and you’ve just sparked an entirely new sale for your company!
  • If you don’t want to spend the money on a graphic designer, you may sit down at your computer and develop a professional-looking table tent design in a matter of minutes instead.
  • There is no need for prior design expertise!

Beautiful Table Tents with Unlimited Customizations

Table tents are unquestionably popular at hotels, restaurants, and pubs, but they may be used for a variety of other purposes as well. Table tent cards are also ideal for a variety of different events because to their portability and ease of setup, such as trade fair exhibits, conference tables, farmers’ market booths, cash register counters, and temporary display tables outside brick-and-mortar stores. A tent can be set up almost wherever there’s a level surface and a few inches of space available!

Moreover, there’s no need to be concerned about picking a certain template because every design aspect can be modified or tweaked with a few simple clicks.

With our simple drag-and-drop editor, it’s simple to construct table tents that are completely unique to you:

  • Upload your company’s logo and any other brand materials you may have. Make use of our color picker to get the right color palette for your company. Photographs may be used as a subtle background element or placed front and center to attract the most attention. Select a professional-quality image from our free stock photo library and place it into your text to add visual interest
  • To focus attention to the most crucial text, experiment with different font combinations and sizes. Create new shapes, solid color fills, or fascinating backdrop patterns by modifying existing ones. Text and photos may be moved around to create the most effective arrangement for your specific message.
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Do you need a complete collection of print materials for your hotel, restaurant, or bar? Look no further. Use our editor to create full-pagemenus, brochures, flyers, and other printed materials.

By repeating a few design elements, you can create a cohesive, well-branded set that appears to have been professionally designed but is significantly less expensive to produce. (And you can order your menu and table tent printing at the same time!)

Standard Table Tent Size | TwoThree Sided

We have printed table tents in a variety of sizes that are handy for you:

  • Four by six inches: This traditional two-sided table tent design folds into a tall triangle with an upward pointing triangle. 4″ x 6″ on each of the two sides, which corresponds to the dimensions of a normal picture print A triangle that folds into a triangle that rests on its side, along the edge of the paper, measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ and is 5.5″ high. Each square is 5.5″ x 5.5″ and is divided into three equal squares.

Try combining both of these table tent types on a single dining table to provide some extra visual interest! Use the larger size to highlight your most lucrative item, while the smaller size may be used to highlight seasonal specials or consumer favorites.

Table Tent Printing in Large or Small Quantities

Ordering prints is as simple as modifying your design when using MyCreativeShop as your online design studio. Simply save your project and examine it in print presentation mode to see how it will seem once it has been printed, folded, and stapled. If you’re pleased with the design, you may get started on printing table tents rightaway! Print orders as little as 25 table tents and as large as 2,500 table tents are available via us. Every order comes with confirmed delivery dates, as well as the option of urgent or expedited shipment if needed.

They are printed on standard paper that is flexible enough to allow for hassle-free folding while yet maintaining a little glossy, professional appearance and feel.

Download a PDF and Print Your Tent Cards Locally Instead

Do you already have a go-to table tent printer in your neighborhood? That’s also not an issue at all! To save money on printing costs, you can obtain a print-ready PDF with full-bleed configuration instead of purchasing printed tent cards from us. After that, you can take your print-ready file to any local printer or online printing service of your choosing for printing.

Get Their Attention with Your Next Table Tent Design

Consumers are already patiently waiting at your dining tables, bar counters, and pay registers on a daily basis—so why not fill those empty areas with something intriguing that would encourage customers to spend more money? It is simple to complete the full procedure with MyCreativeShop, which includes everything from designing to customizing to printing table tent cards. You’ll have bespoke table tents ready to fold and display in no time if you choose your preferred template today!

How to Make a Double-Sided Table Tent in Word

Image courtesy of Hero Images/Getty Images/Hero Images Table tent and tent card are both names used to refer to a printed advertising display that is put on a table at a restaurant or during a gathering. The exhibit is constructed from folded paper stock or cardboard that has been printed on both sides so that it can be read by someone sitting on either side of the table. It can be difficult to create one of these displays since the text must be flipped in order to appear appropriately on both sides.

Table Tent vs. Tent Card

However, despite the fact that table tents and tent cards serve the same purpose, their designs are slightly different. An open table tent is folded into a triangular shape, with one side acting as a basis for the table tent. This form of display is extremely long-lasting. For example, a restaurant may set up table tents with pictures of exceptional delicacies or beverages to attract customers.

In the same way as greeting cards are folded once, a tent card is also folded once. As a place card or to convey information about a culinary item, it is a temporary kind of display that can be used during an event.

Tent Card Template in Word

Create a new Word document and search online for a template that contains the phrase “Microsoft tent card.” This will bring you to a Microsoft tent card template that you can use for free. At least one template is now available that allows for the printing of four tent cards on a single standard-sized sheet. The text is entered correctly sideways, and Word automatically flips it upside down as needed. Create a new document using the template that you have downloaded. Then, to make the design more personal, use text and images.

Table Tent Template

In the event that you choose to make a table tent, you should be able to discover a basic template in Word that includes two table tents per page. When using the Microsoft template, text is presented horizontally, even when editing; nevertheless, when the table tent is printed, cut out, and constructed, the text is displayed correctly. Third-party websites may be able to provide you with a more complex table tent template, but always download templates from reliable sources in order to prevent the risk of installing malicious software.

Avery 5305 Template

If you want to construct a tent card and have it professionally printed, you might want to consider using the Avery 5305 template from Avery. Following the creation of a free Avery account on the company’s website, you may use this template using Avery DesignPrint, an online design program, or you can download the template for use with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, depending on your preferences. You have the option of printing the final design yourself or having Avery print it for you.

Table Tent Design Essentials – Resources

Table tents are an excellent method to promote a product, service, or event in a variety of settings such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and other similar establishments. Table tent design is critical to attaining a good return on investment, but first and foremost, you must capture the attention of the audience and then persuade them to make a purchase. The task is difficult, but it becomes significantly less difficult if you adhere to the following table tent design basics.

Design for visual stimulation

You want your table tents to be visually appealing and to convey to the emotions and passions of your audience. Just one glimpse at your table tents should be enough to pique someone’s interest and entice them to take a closer look, so make your headlines and graphics stand out. The bottom line is that you want your audience to believe that taking advantage of your offer would make their lives better.

Capture the mood

Table tents may be vibrant and colorful, or they can be stylish and discreet – and they can be anything in the middle. What matters is that your table tent design conveys the tone of your offer, allowing your audience to picture the pleasure they will feel if they take advantage of it. For example, a table tent for a restaurant’s wine list should conjure up pictures of luscious grapes growing in a lush vineyard, but a table tent for a family fun center should portray families enjoying not just fun, but the very best time of their life.

Each of your table tents’ color schemes, graphic components, photos, and arrangement will add to the overall atmosphere that you want to create. It is important to remember your goal: you want your table tent to encourage your audience to go to the next stage of the purchase process.

Design both sides

However, some table tents are constructed with the same graphics on both sides, which some people believe is a waste of important space on the table tents. It appears as though two schools of thought are at work: one contends that the most attention-getting design should be used on both sides of the table in order to reach both sides of it simultaneously; and another contends that the other side offers the ideal opportunity to provide additional information or promote a second product, attraction, or menu item.

You should also be aware that the majority of people will flip their table tents around to view what’s on the other side, and that many people enjoy reading while they are dining.

Use a template

In addition to being scored, folded, and die cut, table tents are also distinctive. A table tent template is the most effective method of ensuring that your table tent design is properly positioned. Table tents are wonderful marketing tools for attracting customers and upsells for hotels, restaurants, and bars. They may be used to promote pay-per-view movies, special events, drink and dessert menus, and more. Follow these table tent design suggestions to get the most out of your table tent purchase and maximize your return on investment.

Table Tent Card (Three Side)

Table tent cards will get the conversation going about you among the table occupants. Table tent cards have the capacity to draw attention to you and perhaps get people talking about what you’re selling. You may now create table tent cards (three-sided cards) for your company on your own. Create visually appealing designs by utilizing our online design tool. Make use of your own brand components, such as your logo and color scheme, as well as stock photographs of your service and unique content.

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An online designer tool that has extensive options for creating customised layouts.

Edit content to ensure that your own message is conveyed.

Size Quantity Price
15 x 8 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 18.75
50 $ 35.00
100 $ 65.00
250 $ 150.00
500 $ 275.00
1000 $ 550.00
15 x 5 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 12.60
View More

10 Daring Designs for Dazzling Table Tents

Table tent cards are a great way to get people talking about you. A table tent card has the potential to draw attention to you while also encouraging others to speak about you. Designing table tent cards (three-sided) for your company is now possible for you as well. Create visually appealing designs using our online design tool. Brand features such as your company’s emblem and color scheme, stock photographs of your service, and personalized writing should all be included. 1. An online designer tool that includes extensive capabilities for creating personalized layouts and designs 2.

3.Premium quality printing with both a glossy and a matt finish.

Here are 10 unique table tent designs that are elevating the lowly table tent from clutter to eye-catching.

The use of these is a fantastic method to build interest in a restaurant, café, or fundraising event of any kind. Despite the fact that they are officially table tents, the design of them virtually defies the definition of the name. Your audience is drawn in by a vibrant display of delectable delicacies that entices them to explore the inside. With a few amazing typefaces in various sizes, you can keep their curiosity piqued while also ensuring that the contents are equally vibrant and energetic as the outside.

We have no notion what to do.

These table tents, in lush shades of cabernet and rose, are truly delicious. Consider using gold foil accents to complement the deep undertones of your regal design and to add a touch of opulence.

2. Pyramid

Exactly what does great wine have to do with finance is a mystery. We have no notion what to do. Pyramids, on the other hand, have been raising the notion of riches to unprecedented heights for thousands of years. These table tents, in lush shades of cabernet and rose, are truly delicious. Consider using gold foil accents to complement the deep undertones of your regal design and to add a touch of opulence.

3. Gatorade

Gatorade has created an empire on the backs of athletes’ accomplishments, and this table tent capitalizes on that relationship. Running is a basic gesture that allows this topper to connect with the spectator, relying on the brand awareness that their iconic colour of orange has built up over the years. A couple of one-liners and a fast pitch on the back and they’re off to a fantastic start.

4. Energy and Power

Table tents are typically associated with food, but these ones really take the cake in terms of creativity. Colorful drawings and vibrant colors combine to create a tactile experience that leaves your audience wanting to know more. Make use of a complementary banner or creative typefaces to keep the reader’s attention. The use of great imagery increases the size of your audience and the amount of anticipation they have for your product or service.

5. Tiger

It’s enough to make even the most audacious marketing executive take a step back! But have a look! This one has been turned into a simple yet entertaining little game. They are already engaged with your brand and having fun, regardless of whether they choose to blow their sleeve intact from the straw or ball it up and launch it by hand. Who knew that a table tent could be used for so many different things?

6. Myths and Legends

The term “mainstream” does not always imply “boring.” Considering that podcasts are available everywhere, it’s easy to become lost in the avalanche of new ones that are being released on a regular basis. The Dragon has arrived! The use of messy, thick brush strokes and burnt hues creates a feeling of chaos and dynamism in the painting. Sulfur and smoke can nearly be smelled in the air. This will almost likely get folks interested in this brand!

7. Steele

For the most part, this table tent is self-explanatory in terms of its design. When it comes to creating an effect, it pays to stick to the basics. Similar to a fashion advertisement right out of Vogue, everything about this piece is loud and vocal, and everything about it is larger than life. It will not accept anything less than excellence. With its ‘Follow me’ attitude, it successfully generates a feeling of mystique and provides the target demographic with something to speak about in their social circles.

8. Geo-metric

This design, which is a clever twist on an old concept, steps things up a notch and elevates table tents to a whole new level. It was this designer that gave substance to a customer’s desire to communicate about the geothermal heat that was being used in their kitchens. That is, a geometrical form! We adore the way the word ‘geo’ is used in this design in a variety of ways, as a game of concepts.

It demands to be touched, picked up, rolled, and, of course, read. It is bright and cheerful, and it is printed in primary colors. The typefaces are very organic, and they make all of the information readily accessible at the same time.

9. Everyday Magic

For office workers all across the world, the healing properties of coffee might appear to be nothing short of magical. Nonetheless, sharing the pleasure of your favorite hot beverage with pals (whether at the workplace or out) may elevate an ordinary occurrence into something extraordinary. That was, without a doubt, the intention behind the creation of this advertising piece. You, too, can share that experience with your friends and clients, thanks to the wonder of die-cutting technology. That type of daily magic isn’t a difficult concept to grasp, and this design is no exception.

With the addition of a few whimsical typefaces and a subtle usage of color, we have ourselves a winner!

10. What is It?

Despite the fact that this design was created as a mock-up for a fictitious product, it is nothing short of outstanding. Aside from the fact that it may be used as a centerpiece or gift bag, this piece of inspiring art has many other appealing qualities. Anyone may try their hand at a black and white design, but it takes talent to create a product that is both appealing and functional. Graceful typefaces with gold accents add a lovely touch to this presentation’s overall design. We are left wondering what this thing is and where we might obtain one, rather than being distracted from the overall impression by them.

Our skilled designers at PFL, however, can work with you to create the marketing campaign of your dreams, using your ideas and their knowledge of the industry.

Call 800-930-6040 to get started and take advantage of table tent printing services now!

Use Free inDesign Layout Guidelines for Table Tent

Free Table Tent templates are available from PrintMagic, and they are simple to download and alter for use in your company’s promotional efforts. Our Table Tent Templates are available for download in a variety of styles, depending on the sort of Table Tent you wish to print. Table Tent Templates are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Table Tents may be printed in a variety of sizes, including 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 5.5″, and more, to guarantee that your items have the precise measurements that you desire.

In order to advertise offers and discounts to clients, custom printed items are required by every company.

Follow the steps in the graphic design on this page to make your own Vertical Table Tent, and your Vertical Table Tent will turn out just how you imagined it to be! Table Tents may be printed on both standard and high quality paper material, such as Standard Gloss, to provide stunning results.

Tips for designing inDesign Table Tents for your brand

Here are some helpful hints for putting together your Table Tent and obtaining spectacular results!

  • Maintain a clean and uncomplicated style that draws attention to your products, services, and brand
  • Make use of easily legible typefaces and designs that are immediately comprehensible
  • And Examine and confirm that the measurements, paper material options, and coating selections are appropriate. InDesign Table Tents that stand out should be made out of clear and high-resolution photos. First and foremost, proofread and double-check the design and content at least twice to ensure that there are no problems.

How to make advantage of the Free Table Tent Templates available at PrintMagic. PrintMagic’s Free Download Table Tent Templates may be easily adjusted and modified as needed without the requirement for specialized knowledge. Fill up the blanks with your company’s logo and design using the downloaded template, which includes the essential safety, cut, and bleed margins. Make your unique Table Tent stand out from the crowd by having it printed with stunningly beautiful graphics. Whenever you print Table Tents with us, we will provide you with skilled Design Services at a reasonable price.

Apex Die Corporation » Resources

Table tents have been piqueing the interest of customers at the point of sale for several decades. They may be found almost anywhere, including restaurant tables and supermarket aisles, auto rental companies, and retail shop checkout counters, among other places. Aside from their efficiency, table tents continue to be popular due to their ease of building and variety in use. Simple, on the other hand, does not always imply uninteresting. Create one-of-a-kind designs that capture the attention of your target consumers by using die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, and UV coating techniques on your printed materials.

  • Interlocking tabs or adhesive flaps can be used to join the base panels to the frame.
  • Table tent shapes aren’t confined to the traditional “wedge” shape, as some people believe.
  • The usage of other formats, such as “cube” designs with four or five visible panels, can help you optimize brand visibility while still meeting certain end-use specifications.
  • Look for Part Two, which will be published next week, in which we’ll discuss decorating options and provide some useful table tent planning advice.
  • Part Two will cover various decorating possibilities as well as useful project planning advice.
  • Several finishing processes are available to assist you in creating an appearance that matches your requirements.
  • If you want to draw attention to your table tents, use die cutting to create arrows or starbursts on the surface of them.

These table tent decoration techniques, whether used alone or in combination, lend refinement to table tent applications such as invitations, place cards, and promotional pieces for high-end items. Planning Suggestions and Techniques

  • Table tents are frequently subjected to abuse by end users, whether they’re placed on restaurant tables or in strongly visited retail establishments. For maximum protection against spills, scratches, and other hard handling, we strongly recommend that you apply film lamination or UV coating to your table tents. If you’re making a larger, heavier table tent, consider using a glued base design. In comparison to interlocking tabs, overlapping bonded panels provide greater strength and longevity. If you’re limited on shipping and storage space, bear in mind that table tents with adhesive bases require twice the amount of room as interlocking tab designs before they can be assembled.
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Table Tents: B & J Printing – Washington, MO – Printing – Copies

When it comes to marketing, table tents are ideal for places where people congregate such as restaurants, lobbies, front offices, service desks. conference tables, and trade show booths. To publicize new items, advertise future events, and raise general brand recognition in the neighborhood, use them to distribute flyers. Having trouble making use of unused exhibit space in your office or lobby? Table tents can be put to use for you!

  • Promotion of ongoing discounts, sales events, and limited-time deals may be done in an unobtrusive and efficient manner. If you want to make your message stand out from the crowd and boost the longevity of your table tent, choose a glossy aqueous coating in addition to four color printing. A table tent placed at your point of sale will provide a quick and easy upselling opportunity

  • The majority of table tents, particularly those that incorporate color pictures, are printed in full color. If your table tents will not be printed with color pictures, you might want to explore an alternative choice. Two-color printing, as the name indicates, makes use of two different colors of ink. Traditionally, one is black, however this is not always the case. One-color printing makes use of a single color of ink to produce a single image. Once again, black is the most frequent color, but you may select a different one if you like one that is more vibrant. Most table tents benefit from full-color printing since it gives them the most impact and aesthetic appeal. A well-conceived two-color or even one-color design, on the other hand, might prove to be a suitable option if your budget is restricted. ? Various color options are available, including: full-color front, full-color back, two-color front, and one-color back.

*Shrink Wrapping

  • Shrink-wrapping keeps printed materials well-organized, under control, and simple to maintain. It protects against humidity, dust, and dirt, as well as damage from bending, ripping, or folding. When printed materials are shrink-wrapped together rather being put freely in a pile, they are much simpler to carry and store.
  • Bundles of 25
  • Bundles of 50
  • Bundles of 75
  • Bundles of 100
  • Bundles of 125
  • Bundles of 150
  • None

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Table Tent Printing Services, Design Templates, & Graphic Design Services

$8 for a simple text change With this level of service, we’ll make minimal text adjustments to your design, such as changing a phone number or address, but nothing more. The cost of redesigning is $98. We’ll take your design and make it print-ready with this level of service. Simply send us your design and tell us how you want your prints to appear. Typesetting:$38 You’ll be responsible for sending us all of the copy (text) and visuals (includingpictures, logos and illustrations). We’ll prepare it for printing by converting it to a print-ready format.

  • The cost of typesetting is $38.
  • 178 dollars for a custom design We’ll design your work from the ground up, using photos you submit as well as stock imagery to produce it.
  • You should get your first proof within 3 business days after submitting your request.
  • From your account menu, select “I Only Need Design, I Will Order Printing Later” from the drop-down menu.
  • Your first proof will typically be available within 3-5 business days.

Make Table Tent Promos for Your Restaurant

Modifications to Text: $8 When you choose this level of service, we will make just the most basic text modifications to your design, such as changing a phone number or an address. $98 for the redesign Send us a design of how you want your prints to appear, and we’ll redesign it so that it is print-ready with this level of service, at no additional charge. Typesetting:$38 The copy (text) and visuals will be provided by you (includingpictures, logos and illustrations). We’ll prepare it for printing by converting it to a PDF file.

Typography costs $38.

You’ll still be required to produce a copy of the original documentation.

The cost of a custom design starts at $178.

It typically takes 3-5 business days until you receive your first proof. From your account menu, select “I Only Need Design, I Will Order Printing Later” under “I Only Need Design.”

How to Create Table Tents for Your Restaurant:

With more than a decade of expertise in generating templates for the restaurant sector, we take great delight in producing visually appealing and practical marketing materials that complement your business goals. Our amazing design team designs table tent templates that are exclusive to each restaurant, ensuring that you will locate the correct design without having to go through a slew of unused templates to find it. Additional marketing materials such as business cards, comment cards, rack cards, and more will be made available to you as part of your subscription.

Table Tent Design Tool

You can easily design a table tent that is unique to your company and event by using our simple drag and drop editing interface. Simply select a table tent template from our library that has been professionally created and customize it to include your company’s logo, fonts, colors, and message. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful Customer Service staff. They are prepared to assist you in creating the ideal marketing partner for you to exhibit.

Table Tent Printing and Delivery

Once you’ve finished designing your table tent, all you have to do is purchase the prints, and we’ll take care of the rest of the details. They are available in a 4×6 inch design that folds into an A-frame and is printed on strong paper that is suitable for lamination. Also, if you already have a holder, you might want to consider checking out ourtabletop inserts! We have earned the G7 Master Qualification in printing, which is a certification that demonstrates our commitment to the highest levels of accuracy, consistency, and quality in full-color printing.

Professional printing combined with speedy delivery ensures that you will be leveraging the marketing potential of your tables in no time.

Table Tent

Table tents are three-fold dimensional sheets of heavy paper material that may be set on tables, counters, and other surfaces to provide shade. Table tents, which form a three-dimensional triangle, allow you to display your photos and messages on two of the three sides of the triangle. Graphics and phrases on table tents can be printed in color and on high-quality matte or glossy paper, depending on the design and message. Table tents are an excellent marketing tool for restaurants, special events, and a wide range of other product and service-driven companies, among other things.

Advice from the Marketing Pros: Effective table tents have an attractive offer that is presented in an eye-catching design and picture.

Great photography sells, so be certain that you utilize high-quality photographs.

You may send the print-ready file to our website and we will take care of the printing and assembly for you if you already have a design in mind.

You may create a personalized design that is ready to print using our user-friendly Online Designer tool.

You have the ability to update the content, change the colors, submit your logo, and make other modifications.

Packages include a totally customized design as well as one round of changes to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the final product.

The color mode is CMYK.

Max File Upload Capacity: 50 Megabytes Number of Files: There is one file on each side.

Instantaneous Online Verification: You will be able to inspect and approve an immediate proof once it has been created.

Please keep in mind that files that are not successfully produced may cause a delay in the order. Please make use of our downloaded templates for the best outcomes; all of the templates provided already have the right proportions, including bleed, included.

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