How To Do A Beer Tent

Things to Consider When Having a Beer Tent

In conclusion, ventilation is extremely crucial to the health and production of your plants, as seen above. More you rely on chance to determine airflow, the more likely it is that you will be disappointed with poor yields in the end. It is possible to exercise control over your grow tent ventilation in order to get optimal yields in a variety of methods. The one that best meets your needs, hopefully, has been found! Keep this page handy for reference anytime you have any questions. Best of luck with your growth.

Licenses, Permits, Applications

The type of licensing necessary varies according on the state, city, and, in certain cases, even county in where the beer tent is located. You’ll need a license to serve beer, a sales tax license, and a business license, at the very least. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the licence you already have for your small business will enough. Application for a beer license, which is offered as a beer and wine license, is subject to certain limitations and can cost up to several thousand dollars; the specific restrictions and fees vary by state.

You should check with the fire department and police agency to see what permits they require.

It is vital that you obtain the appropriate permissions; failing to do so might result in severe fines if you are caught.


The type of license that is necessary varies according on the state, city, and, in some cases, even county in where the beer tent operates. In order to offer beer, a sales tax license, and a business license will be required at the very least. If you own a small business, don’t assume that the license you have will suffice to meet the criteria. Application for a beer license, which is offered as a beer and wine license, is subject to certain limitations and can cost up to several thousand dollars; the specific restrictions and fees vary from state to state.

You should check with the fire department and police agency to see what permits are required.

It is vital that you obtain the appropriate licenses; else, you might face significant fines.


It is necessary to separate the beer tent from the rest of the venue so that minors cannot enter. It is not permitted to be located on school grounds. Some public parks forbid the use of alcoholic beverages, while others will provide a permission for special events that take place only once. The tent should have a restricted number of entrances that are staffed to check for identity in order to keep people under the legal drinking age out of the area. In an ideal situation, the space would be enclosed.


Serving alcohol exposes the promoters, waiters, and organizers of the beer tent to a variety of legal liabilities, including serving alcohol to minors and serving someone who is intoxicated, among other things.

When a person is wounded because they have consumed enough beer to impair their judgment, the organizers of the beer tent may be held accountable. If your small company is one of the event’s backers or organizers, you may find yourself in danger of losing your license.

Servers and Workers

Many of the people who work at fund-raising events do so as volunteers. Workers and servers at a beer tent fund-raising event should be familiar with the process of serving beer or liquor. An experienced worker understands the significance of detecting the indicators of someone who has had too much alcoholic beverage. She also understands how to serve the beer and which types of containers are permitted; for example, certain parties do not allow glass bottles on the premises. Also, a more experienced worker will be able to more correctly evaluate whether or not someone is of legal drinking age.


When deciding where to locate or how to operate the beer tent, it is important to consider the local neighborhood, which includes parks, schools, residences, churches, and businesses. They might have an influence on the granting of any permissions based on their support or lack thereof. Residents may object to the fact that alcohol is offered so near to their homes and that intoxicated drivers are on their streets. It’s possible that businesses who offer beer may not enjoy the increased competition, even though it’s just for a limited time period.

Quick Answer: How To Do A Beer Tent

In the middle of the day, the mood is still relaxed and well-mannered. When you fast forward a few hours and hundreds of thousands of liters of Paulaner, the tent becomes busier and the people more cheery. The band performs all of the best Oktoberfest tunes and gets the crowd pumped up.

How do you sell beer at events?

10 Tips for Selling or Serving Alcohol Safely at Your EventPlanning. Obtain a license to sell alcoholic beverages. Make sure that all of your servers and bartenders have completed alcohol management education. Make certain that you have enough insurance coverage for the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages. Complete a Pre-Event Site Inspection before the event. Prevent guests from bringing outside alcohol into your event. It is best not to have a “open bar.”

What is the atmosphere like in the beer tents?

In the middle of the day, the mood is still relaxed and well-mannered. When you fast forward a few hours and hundreds of thousands of liters of Paulaner, the tent becomes busier and the people more cheery. The band performs all of the best Oktoberfest tunes and gets the crowd pumped up.

Is it cheaper to supply your own alcohol for a wedding?

1. Purchase your own alcoholic beverages. Purchasing alcoholic beverages at your favorite establishment is far less expensive than purchasing beverages directly from a caterer. If your venue and caterer allow you to bring in your own liquor, wine, and beer, you may choose from a wide variety of brands without breaking your budget.

Is making your own alcohol illegal?

Making alcoholic beverages at home is against the law, plain and simple, according to federal regulations. Whiskey and other distilled spirits are taxed at the highest rate of any alcoholic beverage, significantly more than either beer or wine. (Actually, a tax on spirits was the very first tax ever imposed in the United States, having been enacted in 1790.) 10th of November, 2016

Is Oktoberfest expensive?

What is the cost of attending Oktoberfest?

Entrance to all of the tents is completely free. Beer costs around 12 EUR, and most complete dinners cost between 12 and 15 EUR. Snacks and light meals are available for around 5 EUR.

How do beer festivals make money?

Blended events are festivals that are organized by an event business in conjunction with a charitable organization, with a percentage of the revenue going to the charitable organization. Some of these events pay the brewery for the beer, while others request that the beer be provided by the brewery.

What should I bring to beer tasting?

However, if your visitors are willing to chip in, ask them to keep their beer cool, and if they are bringing food, offer starchier foods such as crackers and pretzels to keep everyone’s palates clear. Garlic and hot wings will transform practically any beer into something that tastes like seltzer.

Can you sell donated beer?

However, if your visitors are willing to chip in, encourage them to keep their beer cool, and if they are bringing food, offer starchier foods such as crackers and pretzels to help keep everyone’s palates clear. Most beers will taste like seltzer if they are flavored with garlic and hot wings.

What do you need to serve alcohol at a wedding?

The majority of experts will advise having at least two of each of the following: One red wine, one white wine; one light beer, one darker beer; one clear liquor, one brown liquor; one clear liquor, one brown liquor A sparkling beverage such as Champagne or prosecco should also be available to provide as a toasting alternative (plan for one bottle per every eight guests).

What animal roars outside the Löwenbräu tent?

This tent is difficult to miss, both aesthetically and sonically, because to the presence of an enormous four-and-a-half-meter lion, which has been guarding the entrance since 1949 and noisily roars, “Löööwenbräu,” once per minute since then.

What do you wear to a beer festival?

What to Wear to a Beer Festival Should Be Comfortable and Lightweight. Choose clothing made of breathable materials such as knits or cotton to keep you cool and comfortable. Sometimes the most sensible course of action is to wear a t-shirt and shorts that are both comfy and practical. This is the greatest option if you want to go on any exciting rides or participate in other activities.

How do you get into a tent at Oktoberfest?

The tents itself are free to enter, however by making a table reservation, you will be reserving a whole table for 8-10 people in advance. Despite the fact that the reservation is officially “free,” they need you to pre-pay for certain food and drink, which you then receive in the form of vouchers.

How many beer tents are at Oktoberfest?

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival, and the festivities take place under gigantic tents. The event, which the locals refer to as Wiesn, is comprised of 14 large tents, each of which can accommodate between 5,000 and 11,000 people and boasts a distinct personality.

Will Oktoberfest 2021 happen?

The coronavirus outbreak has forced the cancellation of Germany’s Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, which takes place every year in Munich. Officials announced on Monday that the festival will not take place in 2021. Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter and Bavararian state Premier Markus Söder came to this conclusion in a joint statement.

Is there an entry fee for Oktoberfest?

Here is all of the information you’ll need to discover the cheapest Oktoberfest tickets in the year 2021.

A 3-day ticket for a single person costs €16.80, which equates to €5.60 each day if purchased in advance.

Which Oktoberfest tent is the best?

The following are our top-ranked Oktoberfest tents: The Hofbräu Tent (Festzelt): The Hacker-Pschorr Tent (Festzelt): The Shooters’ Tent (Schützen Feszelt): The Käfer’s Oktoberfest Tavern (Wiesnschänke): The Schottenhamel Tent: The Brewer’s Rosi Tent (Bräurosl): The Oxen Tent (Ochsenbraterei): The Shooters’ Tent (Schützen

Can I make and sell my own beer?

California and the federal government both let you to brew your own beer in your own kitchen. The most fundamental rule is that the brew can only be used for personal or family consumption and cannot be sold. It is thus not possible to brew the beer in your garage and then sell it to a nearby tavern.

How do you plan a beer festival?

Spill the beans on the pros 6 Points to Consider When Organizing the Ultimate Beer Festival Recognize your target audience. For various people, the term “craft beer” signifies different things, and different audiences have varied ideas of what a beer festival should be like. Induce fear of missing out (FOMO). Beer does not constitute a meal. Location, place, and still another location. Make sure you have enough of beer and ice. Take it easy on yourself.

Is selling homebrew illegal?

People who experiment with hops and grains at home may be interested in hearing this because federal law has been pretty clear in the past: selling a home produced beer is prohibited under federal law.

Brewery Tents and Accessories for Craft Beer Festivals

Customization Making a statement with a custom-made tent is one of the most effective methods of making a statement in a crowded festival environment. At TentCraft, we are the undisputed masters of bespoke design. We can print everything from tents to table coverings to creative signs owing to our excellent fleet of digital printers and in-house production floor, which allows us to handle virtually any project. We don’t simply make tents; we also do other things. We provide one-of-a-kind, meticulously produced experiences that help to move your brand and your beer ahead in the marketplace.

  • A working toilet.
  • Countertops are the ideal option for all of your storage and organizing requirements.
  • Not only will your tent be the buzz of the festival, but it will also be the number one hangout location for people who want to discuss about your beer with other attendees.
  • It’s important to make it simple for festival attendees to locate your tent if you want to put more beer in more hands.
  • We promise that your brewery’s name and all of its grandeur will be shouted from the mountaintops wherever you go, thanks to our peak flags, bespoke signs, social media-worthy photo-walls, and LED light fixtures.
  • Some are outside, while others are inside; some are large, while others are little; some are restrictive, while others are more adaptable to the environment.

We understand what you’re saying. For this reason, our unique beer tent layouts are flexible to any scenario, allowing you to pick and choose which elements of the tent to employ based on the festival’s setting. Request a Price Estimate

Oktoberfest Beer Tents

There are too many beer tents and not enough hours in the day. Munich’s Oktoberfest offers a choice of 14 large beer tents (plus an additional 20 smaller tents) that will keep you entertained for the whole two-week celebration. However, deciding on the “correct one” might be a daunting task. How do you know which Oktoberfesttent is a suitable choice for families, which one has the greatest yodelers, or which one is the most popular with the locals? If you have a certain tent in mind that you’d want to visit, make your bookings as early in the year as possible, generally by March.

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On the other hand, even if you don’t have a reservation, some spots are allocated for walk-ins on specific days and times, such as weekends and public holidays.

Here is a list of all of the beer tents that will be open during Oktoberfest.


Getty Images / Miguel VillagranAddressAm Einlaß 3A,80469München,GermanyAddressAm Einlaß 3A,80469München,Germany Contact number: +49 89 12470524 Schottenhamel is the oldest tent during Oktoberfest, having been in operation since 1867. Many believe it is also the most significant since Schotenhamel is the starting point for everything. On the first day of Oktoberfest, at 12 p.m. promptly, the Mayor of Munich officially kicks off the festival by tapping the first keg of beer in the Schottenhamel tent with a hearty “O’zapft is!” With approximately 10,000 seats, it is also one of the largest Oktoberfest tents, and it is the place to be for young people looking to have a good time.

  • München, GermanyAddressAm Einlaß 3A,80469München, GermanyGetty Images / Miguel VillagranAddressAm Einlaß 3A,80469München, Germany +49 89 12470524 (phone) Schottenhamel is the oldest tent during Oktoberfest, having been built in 1867. It is also the largest. As the starting point for everything, Schotenhamel is considered the most significant. Oktoberfest officially begins at 12 p.m. sharp on the first day with a hearty “O’zapft is!” from Munich’s Mayor, who taps the first keg of beer in the Schottenhamel tent. There are approximately 10,000 seats in this tent, which is also one of the largest Oktoberfest tents, and it is the place to be for young people who want to party hard. As a result, it is referred to as “The Zelt der Jugend” by many Munich student organizations because it serves as their headquarters (The tent of youth).


The address is Hofbräuallee 1,81829München, Germany, and the phone number is +49 89 921050. The Hofbräuhaus, Munich’s most famous beer hall, is open all year round in the center of the city. During Oktoberfest, this iconic tent is packed with both residents and visitors from across the world. Inside, there are about 7,000 seats, and the sound of Bavarianoompah music fills the air. The tent’s mascot, Aloisius, hangs from the ceiling, along with chandeliers that are enveloped in the scent of freshly picked hops.

  • The following beers were served: Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier
  • Oktoberfest reservations can be made online ([email protected]) or in person in the beer hall at the rear of the building. Admission is free, but reservations are required.


The address is Marstallpl. 4,80539München, Germany, and the phone number is +49 89 21851940. GettyImages / Joerg Koch Marstall is the newest tent during Oktoberfest, having taken over from the legendary Hippodrom tent in 2014. It is also one of the first tents you notice upon entering the festival grounds. The lavish tent, which can accommodate 3,200 visitors, is dominated by golden horses. The atmosphere is genteel, with dancing reserved for the ground (rather than the benches), and children are welcome until the end of the night.

Even vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives are available, making this a more imaginative dining experience than usual Bavararian food. This Oktoberfest, get sekt (sparkling wine) by the stein and elevate your experience.

  • Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu is the beer provided
  • Reservations may be made online
  • Prices are as follows:


Getty Images / Andreas RentzAddressOhlmüllerstraße 42,81541München,GermanyGetty Images / Andreas RentzAddressOhlmüllerstraße 42,81541München,Germany Phone number: +49 89 51060 Hacker is another of the huge tents of Oktoberfest, with about 10,000 seats. It is located near the main stage. Its picturesque ceiling, painted in the colors of blue skies and white clouds, echoes the colors of the Bavarians’ national flag, which is also blue and white. The tent is known asHimmel der Bayern (Heaven for Bavarians) by the locals, and it has a retractable roof that may be opened on exceptionally pleasant days.

After 7 p.m., the energy level increases, and a rock band gets everyone up and dancing on the wooden benches.

  • Hacker-Pschorr beer will be served
  • Reservations can be made by visiting the website.

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Photograph by Johannes Simon, courtesy of Getty ImagesAddressNeuhauser Str. 27, 80331München, Germany Contact number: +49 89 23183257 At Augustiner, the importance of tradition cannot be overstated. This tent, where the beer is still poured from wooden kegs, is considered by many Munichers to be the greatest tent at Oktoberfest. It is also one of the most suitable solutions for families with children. Kids Day is held on Tuesdays in conjunction with Family Days, during which little visitors can eat and drink at a discounted rate in this tent.

  • Augustiner is the beer provided
  • Reservations are required. Make a reservation for a table online

Winzerer Fähndl

Contact information: Andreas SteinhoffAddress: Theresienwiese,80336München,GermanyPhone: +49 89 62171910 Oktoberfest’s largest tent, with capacity for about 11,000 people, is located at this location. Winzerer Fähndl and its world-famous Paulaner beer may be clearly identified by its revolving Paulaner beer glass, which stands six meters (80 feet) high. Enter the tent with thousands of FC Bayern Munich soccer fans and residents, both young and old, as you celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary.

  • Paulaner beer is provided
  • Reservations are required
  • Online reservations are available.


The address is Nymphenburger Str. 7,80335München, Germany, and the phone number is +49 800 52205203. GettyImages/Johannes Simon The 15-foot-tall lion that stands guard over the entrance to the Löwenbräu tent is difficult to overlook. Once in a while, it even lets out an impressive “Löööwenbräu” scream and takes a sip from its stein of beer. It’s no surprise that local soccer players from TSV 1860 and their supporters enjoy coming here; their team is known as “The Lions.” Inside, the over 6,000 seats have the impression of being contained within a massive beer barrel, which appeals to the older demographic in the area.

  • Löwenbräu is the beer offered
  • Reservations may be made online or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


courtesy of Getty Images / Johannes Simon The star of this tent is a massiveox on a spinning spit, which serves as the centerpiece.

The name “ox rotisserie” is derived from the German word for “rotisserie oven.” The tent, which has been in operation since 1881, is an excellent venue to dance to a huge brass band while enjoying the traditional feast ofochsen spieß. It’s about the cuisine just as much as it is about the beer.

  • Spaten is the beer of choice
  • Reservations may be made online or by sending an email to [email protected]

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The following information is provided by Andreas Steinhoff:AddressSparkassenstraße 12,80331München,GermanyPhone+49 89 23703703 There’s a solid reason why this beer tent is known as the “crossbow shooters tent”; a crossbow competition has been held at Oktoberfest every year since 1895, and it remains one of the festival’s most popular attractions today. Even if you are not interested in shooting sports, you may still have a good time by listening to live music, dancing, and singing along with the crowd.

  • Beverage served: Paulaner
  • Reservations: Send your written reservation request to Sparkassenstr. 12, 80331 Munich, either by fax to 089/23703705 or by mail to Sparkassenstr. 12, 80331 Munich, either by fax or by mail. Requests made through email will not be considered for consideration. More information and hours of operation are available online.


Softeis The Bräurosl beer tent, which has been serving up drinks and throwing parties since 1901, can be found after passing between two 20-meter-high maibäume (maypoles). It is still in the possession of the same family. Along with Oompah bands, the Bräurosl is fortunate to have its own original Bavarian yodeler, who performs on weekends. However, it is not fully conventional, as the first Saturday of the month is known as ” Gay Sunday “.

  • Reserve a table by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Beer served: Hacker Pschorr
  • Reservations accepted: More information on the procedure may be found on the internet.

Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke

Photograph by Alexander Hassenstein for Getty Images Want to see if you can spot any celebrities? At Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke, your odds of winning are quite good. As one of the smaller Oktoberfest tents, it has 3,000 seats and the ambiance is less frenetic and more luxurious than the other tents. The tent is also well-known for its delectable gourmet fare. It is possible to get past the velvet rope at the Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke after hours, but it is not easy to go past it once you are inside.

  • Paulaner beer is provided
  • Reservations can be made online
  • Prices vary depending on the time of year.


courtesy of Getty Images / Johannes Simon This modest beer tent, located next to the iconic Bavaria monument, is really off the main strip and is packed with residents. It used to be a somewhat quiet neighborhood, but its inviting environment has recently made it more popular. In addition to its shooting hall, which has 100 shooting platforms, it is also recognized for its restaurant. This is where the championships of the local shooting clubs are held.

  • Beer served: Löwenbräu
  • Reservations accepted: make a reservation online. Contact them at 49 (0) 89 23181224 or review their English FAQ if you have any questions.

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Fischer Vroni

courtesy of Getty Images / Johannes Simon Spend some time at Fischer Vroni to get away from all of the meat. A boat serves as the stage for this maritime tent in the heart of Bavaria, which is famed for its grilled “fish on the stick” and 16 other types of fish on the menu, which is true to its name. On the second Monday of every month, a major LGBT celebration is held at this site as well.

  • Augustiner is the beer offered
  • Reservations can be made online.


Augustiner is the beer provided; reservations can be made online;

  • More than 15 different wines and seksekts, including Nymphenburger, are provided. Reservations may be made by calling +49 (0)89 290 705 17 or sending an e-mail to [email protected] More information may also be found on the internet.

Oktoberfest tent guide – an illustrated look at the beer tents at the Munich Oktoberfest

Here is a list of the top beer tents Munich has to offer – this is the Oktoberfest tent guide! The Augustiner, Munich’s favorite beer, is served in one of the nicest beer tents the city has to offer – the Augustiner, a pretzel vendor within. Image courtesy of constantprogression. There are so many beer tents, and so little time. At the Munich Oktoberfest, there are 14 large beer tents, each of which has its own unique claim to fame. Of course, they aren’t the kinds of tents that you’d take down to the beach with your friends to go camping for a few days in the sun.

  • The sizes range from the massiveHofbräu-Festzelt, which can accommodate 10,000 revelers, to the comparatively modestKäfer’s Wies’n-Schänke, which can accommodate “just” 2,900 people both inside and outside.
  • But it doesn’t really matter because there aren’t any rotten eggs in this bunch.
  • Allow yourself to become completely immersed in the present, and you’ll have a ball.
  • The beer tents open at 10 a.m.

on weekends and public holidays. With the last drink being served about 10:45 p.m., the tents will close at 11.30 p.m. There are a few of exceptions: Käfer’s Wiesnschänke and das Weinzelt, both of which remain open until 1am with the final drinks being called at 12.15am.

The Marstall

The Marstall tent, which replaced the Hippodrom in 2014, is still considered to be a newcomer. As with its predecessor, this is THE tent to be seen in if you’re rich and famous, if you’re a Bayern Munich player, or if you’re a combination of the three. It was given this name in honor of a historic horse riding school that was established a couple hundred years ago. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on food, and you are not permitted to stand on the benches to sing and dance until after 4pm, which is unusual among the tents.

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Featured image is courtesy of the Marstall website.

Sabine and Sigfried Able are the proprietors.

:You might be able to make one by email; check out the website to see if it’s feasible.

The Fischer-Vroni

The Fischer-Vroni is a kind of Fischer-Vroni. Photograph courtesy of the Fischer-Vroni website. The pig has a key role in Bavarians’ gastronomic tradition. Folks down here can’t get enough of swine, whether it’s Schweinshaxe(pork knuckles), Schweinebraten(roast pork), orSpanferkel(suckling pig). However, there is one Oktoberfest tent that is dedicated to a whole different culinary heritage, and I admire that because it is delicious. Fischer-Vroni is known for its Steckerlfisch, which is a culinary delight that is slow-grilled on sticks and served up almost completely intact from the pond — sans the intestines.

I’ve even seen people poke their eyeballs out and eat them as well, but please don’t do this, it’s really disgusting and should be avoided.

Johann and Silvia Stadtmüller are the property’s owners.

The Ochsenbraterei

The Ochsenbraterei is a German restaurant. Pic:Wikimedia Ochsenbraterei’s galley is home to around 100 oxen that are grilled every year on long spits to provide meat for the table. You can see a list of all the names on a whiteboard to the side of the tent where they are all given before being spit roasted. It is a long-standing custom that dates back to 1881. However, aside from that, this tent has a terrific vibe and is an excellent location for a party. Oktoberfest tent details for the Ochsenbraterei may be found here.

The reservation office may be reached at +49 (89) 38 38 73 12 or by fax at +49 (89) 51 11 58 0.

Seating capacity (inside): 5900; seating capacity (outside): 1500 Beer:Spaten Reservations are accepted by phone, fax, or postal mail; contact information may be found on theOchsenbraterei website here.

The Schottenhamel

The Schottenhamel is a castle in Germany. Image courtesy of CCAbhijeetRane This is where it all begins, young people. The lord mayor of Munich swings a wooden mallet at high noon on the first Saturday of each Oktoberfest to bash a tap into the first wooden barrel of the festival. Beer may be supplied all around the Wiesn with a yell of “O’zapft is!”– It’s time to tap the tap! Having previously partied in the Schottenhamel, I’m hoping to return this year as well — it has to be one of the nicest tents at the festival, if not THE most amazing.

The specifics of the Schottenhamel Oktoberfest tent are as follows: Peter and Christian Schottenhamel are the proprietors.

Seating capacity (inside): 6000; seating capacity (outside): 4000 Beer:Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Reservations may be made by phone; contact information can be found on the tent’s website.

The Hacker-Festzelt

The Hacker-Festzelt (photo courtesy of Andreas Steinhoff). The Hacker tent, which is arguably the most attractive structure on the Wiesn, has been nicknamed the “Himmel der Bayern”– “Heaven of the Bavarians.” The rafters are dangling with banners depicting the sky and clouds painted on them. The centre of the tent is dominated by a bandstand that is rarely used. The energy in the room is palpable. For those who like a good time, this venue is a true haven. Due to the fact that it is one of the most popular tents, you should plan on arriving extra early to ensure that you obtain a spot inside.

Toni and Christl Roiderer are the owners.

Seating capacity: 6950 (inside) and 2400 (outdoor).

Check out the tent’s website for further information.

The Schützen-Festzelt

The Schützen-Festzelt is seen here. Andreas Steinhoff is a German businessman and philanthropist. Schützen, one of the oldest Oktoberfest tents, may be found on the southern end of the Wiesn, beneath the Bavarians Statue of Liberty. Many of the visitors to this venue are from Bavaria’s strongly traditional southeast section, known as Oberbayern (English: Upper Bavaria). Leather shorts and ankle-slapping dances aren’t just quaint customs in this part of the world; for many, they’re a way of life.

Suckling pig (Spanferkel) is the hallmark dish of the Schützen chef, and it is served with malt beer sauce and potato salad.

Phone: (089) 23 18 12 24 Fax: (089) 23 18 12 44 Proprietors: Claudia and Eduard Reinbold Phone: (089) 23 18 12 24 Seating capacity (both inside and outdoors): 5440 (inside and outside).

Beer:Löwenbräu is the website for this event. Reservations?: Although they are not mentioned on the website, you might try phoning the number shown above.

The Hofbräu-Festzelt

The Hofbräu-Festzelt is a traditional German festival. CCHGruber’s photograph The Hofbräu beer tent, which serves as a companion to the world-famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall in Munich’s old town, is one of the largest and most famous beer tents at Oktoberfest. It is well-known for being the tent with the most international representation. Australians, Americans, Japanese, and Brits may all be found in their masses at this location. That is not to imply that you will not come across a truckload of Bavarians while you are here; there is enough space for everyone.

Specifics for the Hofbräu-Festzelt are as follows: Margot and Günter Steinberg are the owners of this business.

Hofbräu München is a brewery in Munich, Germany.

Empty Oktoberfest tents- While the majestic beer tents of the Munich Oktoberfest are still empty, take a look inside them to see what they’re made of.

The Armbrustschützen-Festhalle

The Armbrustschützen-Festhalle is a hall dedicated to the Armbrustschützen. Photograph by Andreas Steinhoff In English, the name literally translates as “Crossbow shooters’ tent.” It is here that the shooting and archery clubs of Bavaria convene to compete. As a result, the walls are adorned with antlers from dead deer and other similar items. Despite the fact that it is not one of the most popular tents, I have never had any trouble getting into it. The Armbrustschützen-specifics Festhalle’s may be found here.

You may make lunchtime reservations via fax; the Armbrustschützen website includes the necessary information.

the Hippodrom

The Hippodrome is a performance space. Photograph by Andreas Steinhoff Despite the fact that the much-loved, celebrity-attracting Hippodrom is no longer in operation, I’ll keep it on this list for the purpose of completeness. When the tent’s owner, Sepp Krätz, was found guilty of tax evasion in 2014, the license for his Oktoberfest tent was canceled as a result. Oh, and he was sentenced to 22 months in prison and fined €570,000, so take this as a lesson to heart: if you reside in Germany, make sure you pay your income taxes!

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Reservations at Oktoberfest

But you still want to go into a beer tent despite the fact that you don’t have a reservation? The good news is that a section of the tables will be reserved for individuals who do not have reservations. In the evenings and while traveling in groups, it is common to be unable to obtain a table – or even to enter the tent since it has been closed owing to overcrowding.

Do I need to reserve a place in the beer tent?

No, not in the strictest sense. Entrance to the beer tents is completely free. A fourth of the tents’ spaces are not available for reservation. During the weekend and on public holidays, half of the seats are unavailable until 3 p.m., and after that, 35 percent of the seats are unavailable for reservation. However, the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke and Kuffler’s Weinzelt (winetent) are exempt from this restriction. Reservations may only be made for the tents’ interiors, not for the beer gardens, which are not available.

Where can I reserve a table in a tent?

There is no one point of contact for reservations. Reservations for tables are always made via the respectivetent. Reservations are required for most of the smaller Wiesn tents, and you should do so as soon as possible, especially if you’re traveling in a group and want to go in the evening. The majority of reservations are done online, with some being made by phone as well. Click here to see the tents and get the necessary information to reserve one.

Gallery: The big tents at the Oktoberfest

The majority of tents begin taking reservations for the next Oktoberfest as early as possible in the year, with the earliest dates being April or May — information can be found on the proprietors’ websites. Please refrain from: It is not possible to contact or email someone from October of the prior year.

How much does a reservation in a beer tent cost?

The reservation itself, as well as admission to the Wiesn and the beer tents, is completely free. Vouchers, on the other hand, must be purchased and paid for in advance. These are tokens, such as for 2 liters of beer and a half chicken each person, among other things.

How many people do you need to make a table reservation?

“Table for two at the Wiesn” — that’s not something we do during Oktoberfest. Because of the emphasis placed on companionship, only bookings for whole tables may be accommodated. Our tables can accommodate 8 to 10 people. It costs around 350 euros in total to purchase a table coupon, with certain tents charging much more.

How do you make a table reservation?

From the beginning of the year forward, check directly on thetent’s website to see if reservations are being accepted at this time. You have to act quickly as soon as this occurs. Even so, it’s a good idea to double-check or ask right before the start of Oktoberfest, because some individuals cancel their reservations on short notice. It is necessary for you to wait for the response once you have submitted your request. After a few days or weeks, you will receive an email confirmation.

You will then send the funds for the vouchers, and you will either pick up the tokens and admission wristbands (if applicable) from the proprietor’s normal venue or have them sent to you. That leaves you with nothing but waiting to enjoy yourself!

Can I specify a preferred time and date?

In concept, yeah, without a doubt. However, it will be pointless to attempt to reserve a table in the Schottenhamel-Festhalle on the first Saturday of the Wiesn for the tapping of the barrel! Tables in the evening are particularly in high demand on weekends and the day before a public holiday, especially during the summer. In the week, at lunchtime, and at the Oide Wiesn, it’s a little less difficult (Old Oktoberfest).

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What do I do if I have beer tokens left over after the Wiesn?

Never fear: if this occurs, you will be able to redeem your tokens for food and drink at the proprietors’ permanent venues for an extended period of time after the Wiesn.

What about Munich residents?

A unique regulation for Munich inhabitants has been in effect since 2015 during Oktoberfest: on weekends, the proprietors of the big tents are permitted to allocate 15 percent of the non-reservable seats to residents of the city. (As of 2018, this is correct.) For those interested, you must have Munich as your principal abode and provide your identification card to the respective proprietor before the Wiesn, which is typically from June. Although there is no minimum consumption requirement at this establishment, most proprietors impose a minor handling fee.

Anything else to know with reservations?

Reservations cannot be resold – if this occurs, the proprietors would typically become aware of the situation and cancel the reservations. Because of this, please refrain from purchasing table reservations through internet auctions or from any source other than the relevanttent’s owner or manager directly. Putting in the necessary work and patience may be taxing, but it is worthwhile to be on the safe side. Important: The content on this page that has not been updated applies to Oktoberfest 2019.

Hier gibt’s die großen Bierzelte

Tents & Shelters Big Tents

The large tents at Oktoberfest

Every tent, from the Armbrustschützen tent to the Schottenhamel tent, from the traditional to the cosmopolitan, exudes the spirit of the traditional Oktoberfest festival! A view of the huge tents from above.

Augustiner Festhalle

Beer brewed in oak barrels, as well as a butcher shop on the premises click here to find out more


The name says it all: this is where the crossbow heritage continues. click here to find out more

Festzelt Tradition

On the Oide Wiesn, you may celebrate in the Tradition festival tent. click here to find out more


Fischer-Vroni serves “fish on a stick” and Pink Monday on Mondays. click here to find out more


The Wiesn tent has the most romantic grand finale of the festival. click here to find out more Herzkasperl-Festzelt Hofbräu-Festzelt Käfer Wiesn-Schänke (Kafer Wiesn-Schänke) Kufflers Weinzelt (Kuffler’s Winezelt) Löwenbräu-Festzelt Marstall Festzelt Ochsenbraterei Paulaner Festzelt (Paulaner Festzelt) Pschorr-Festzelt Bräurosl Schottenhamel-Festhalle Schützen-Festzelt In the role of the Queen of Beauty

Oktoberfest Shop

23.99 Euro is the price for this item.

Important: The content on this page that has not been updated applies to Oktoberfest 2019. Because to the Corona epidemic, there will be no Oktoberfest in 2020 or in 2021, respectively.

More Content

23.99 Euro is the price for this item. Important: The content on this page that has not been updated applies to Oktoberfest 2019. Because to the Corona epidemic, there will be no Oktoberfest in 2020 or in 2021, respectively.

What’s the difference between small and large tents at Oktoberfest?

Throughout Oktoberfest, from small to large, all of the beer tents are open. Oktoberfest is by far the most important beer festival on the planet. Oktoberfest, which takes place every year in the beautiful city of Munich, attracts as many as 7 million visitors during the course of the festivities. Oktoberfest2020 will begin on September 19th with a beautiful Opening Parade and will conclude on October 4th with fireworks on the grounds of the festival grounds. So put on your lederhosen and dirndls and join in on the festivities!

  1. There are 17 huge tents and 21 mini tents to choose from.
  2. Oktoberfest trivia: The big six breweries responsible for all the fun and hydration during Oktoberfest are: Paulaner, Spaten, Hofbrau, Hacker Pschor (Hacker Pschor is a Lowenbrau), Lowenbrau, and Augustuner.
  3. According to the statistics, only 12 percent of the visitors are from other countries.
  4. Our favorite part of Oktoberfest is the small tents, which we refer to as “the hidden treasure of Oktoberfest.” You should consider staying in a small tent if you want to enjoy some of the best meals, have the authentic “umpa lumpa” experience, and mingle with the locals.

What is the difference between small vs. large beer tent?

Essentially, the difference between a small tent and a large tent is the number of people that they can hold in each. Small beer tents have a seating capacity of between 100 to 700 persons seated. Some of them also have a little beer garden outside, which is nice in the summer. If they don’t have a beer garden, they always have a food kiosk where they sell snacks. Because modest tents are well-known for their excellent cuisine, you will see that many residents prefer to eat outside of the tents rather than inside.

The huge tents can hold anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 people sitting.

“Wow.” There is a ground floor space in a large tent, as well as balconies.

They serve as the focal point of the gathering.

People dancing on the benches, which are popular with both residents and visitors, may be seen almost immediately after the tents open at 10 a.m., when the tents first open. You will have a great time regardless of whether you are on the balcony or on the ground floor.

Do they have a live band in the small tents as well?

Some of the visitors on the Bucket List were marching about the tent to the music of the band Absolutely. As a matter of fact, it’s Oktoberfest, and it’s all about those oompa tunes. In the same way as the live band performs in the big tents, the majority of the tiny tents have live music from early morning until late at night (11PM). In one of the little tents, you’ll find one of the most traditional bands. They provide a mix of German music and pop covers, among other things. What distinguishes the tiny tents from the larger tents in this regard is that the bands are generally accompanied by the well-known whip crackers.

How does it work for ordering food and beer in the small tent vs the big tent?

Taking in the Heinz Tent on the first day of the festival We’ve started a conversation. Food. If you want to eat one of the most amazing Oktoberfest meals possible, you must spend one night in a tiny beer tent with friends. Every tent has a unique menu of roasted duck or chicken, sausages, dumplings, fish, and a variety of other dishes. They are well known for their food. It has been said that the cuisine served in those tents is the greatest on the Oktoberfest grounds, and this has been confirmed by visitors.

  1. In addition to being able to sit down and pick from a menu, you can meet some new people from the surrounding area.
  2. So, what better time to do so than right now?
  3. The typical setting for a two- or three-course lunch in a small beer tent is a small beer garden.
  4. When it comes to the enormous beer tents, the focus is all on the beer.
  5. In contrast to the modest tents, everyone here receives two beer certificates and one meal voucher (usually half chicken).
  6. This will always be the finest option for you.
  7. Some huge tents now include a pre-determined menu.
  8. If you have a tent that has a set menu, bear in mind that it will be served at a specified time each day.
  9. But don’t be concerned, the beer will never run out!

In comparison to the tiny tents, the huge tents allow you to pay while you are on the road. Once you’ve used up all of your vouchers, they’ll gladly take cash. Payments made in the huge tents cannot be made using credit cards.

Why do they have both small and large tents?

When Oktoberfest initially began, it was intended solely for the enjoyment of the residents. Consequently, tiny tents were the ideal solution and were able to accommodate everyone. Nowadays, the event has established itself as the largest beer festival in the globe, inviting visitors from all over the world to attend. The little tents are still in place, as they have been from the beginning of time. Nevertheless, in order for them to be able to accommodate everyone today, they simply had to begin erecting larger tents.

Starting with a dining area for 50 individuals, the project progressed.

The fact that only the major six brewers are permitted to serve beer on the ground means that both tiny and large tents serve the same beer and are owned by the same breweries as the big six.

What is the crowd like in comparison small vs large tent?

The fun statistic of the day is that just 12 percent of those who join are tourists, which has remained true to this day. Oktoberfest is still a significant part of Bavarians’ culture, and they appreciate a nice meal and a decent beer. The little tents, on the other hand, are more popular with the natives. As per the first guideline of travel when traveling abroad: “Go where the natives go.” We like to refer to them as a “hidden gem” since you always have an absolutely wonderful time with them, despite the fact that they are not well-known to the general public.

Definitely so!

Large tents are appealing to a wide range of people!

That is true that large tents may get more boisterous, but it is understandable given the large number of people in attendance.

Do people dress up for both small and large tents?

Absolutely. As previously said, you will receive the entire Oktoberfest experience, regardless of which beer tent you choose to visit. After all, it is a formal occasion, and you will be surrounded by dirndls and lederhosen at all times. Locals take great pride in their attire and are eager to discuss the history and traditions that go along with it. If you happen to be seated next to someone from the area, it makes for a terrific conversation.

Do they have the same Opening Hours?

When it comes to operating hours, both small and large tents adhere to the same set of guidelines. Tents open at 10 a.m. and shut at 11 p.m. once the grounds are open at 9 a.m. once the grounds are open at 9 a.m. Whether you are camping in a tiny or large tent, you will always have a specific amount of time allotted to you for the duration of your reservation. It can take anything from 2 to 6 hours, depending on how many times a day they flip the tables are turned around. Evening bookings are often available from 6 or 7 p.m.

Reservations for the afternoon are available between 11 a.m.

A reservation for both a small and a large beer tent would be required for a complete Oktoberfest experience.

Small beer tents prioritize food first and beer second; huge beer tents prioritize beer first and food second; small beer tents prioritize food first and beer second.

For those who want to have the complete Oktoberfest experience while also getting the best of both worlds, check out our Oktoberfest2020 packages and make sure you do not miss out on the excitement next year!

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