How To Decorate A Pole Tent For Graduation

Awesome Tent Decorating Ideas a Graduation Party

Graduation day is the culmination of four years of dedication and hard work in the classroom. For the graduate, this day carries with it a sense of pride and success, as well as the opening of a door to new and exciting adventures in both continuing education and life beyond graduation. When it comes to graduation, we at Economy Tent International(ETI) understand how significant this day is for graduates and their families. In order to accommodate all of your outdoor tent graduation celebrations, we offer the newest in Trio Tents, Traditional tents, High-Peak Tents, andTension Tents, among other options.

In addition to sending invites, ordering a cake, booking entertainment, and renting a robust and sturdyTrio Tentfrom ETI, there are a few additional things to think about.


Choose a graduation event theme

Before you can begin the decoration process, you must first pick the appropriate graduation party theme for your event. What is it like to be an ecstatic graduate? Is he or she looking for a sports-themed party, a masquerade party, or a formal event with banquet-style tables and decorations? Some of the questions that need to be answered before you start decorating your tent are as follows: 1. Also, will you be painting the tent in the colors of your college? Alternatively, how about traditional blue and white colors that capture the ideal intellectual appearance?

Once everyone has decided on a theme, you can go to work on decorating and customizing the tent in the manner that you wish.

Which tent decoration colors should you consider?

Colorful tents and accessories will bring a pop of color to your graduation party. In addition to plain colors, ETI offers Trio Tents in a variety of 30-inch stripes and 18-ounce solid colors. Our tent coverings are available in a variety of colors, some of which are shown below:

  • The colors yellow, dark green, and yellow/white are all available
  • Black, orange, green, and blue/white are all available
  • Gray, rust, navy blue, and green/white
  • Beige, red, royal blue, and red/white are also available.

The color scheme you chose for your graduation ceremony should be in keeping with the general concept of the event. For example, graduation celebrations with earthy or old-school hippy themes would benefit greatly from the use of dark green and green tents. The Red/White tents, on the other hand, are suitable for sporting events, while the Gray tents are perfect for laid-back, casual family graduation celebrations.

Don’t forget the balloons

Regardless of the graduation party theme you choose, nothing says “joy and happiness” like a bunch of colorful balloons. Our tents are large enough to accommodate enormous helium balloons, which may be released as needed as needed. Additionally, our robust coverings are great for taping balloons to the inside or outside of walls on the inside or outside. We propose customised lettered balloons such as “Congratulations!” to express your joy. “Your moment has come!” or “Congratulations on your graduation!” You may even purchase balloons in colors that are close to those of your selected tent – or choose colors that are diametrically opposed to your chosen tent for the ideal balance.

Our tents may also be used to create archways for balloons – simply thread them together and connect them where needed to complete the look. Helium-filled balloons may also be used as ornamental components for centerpieces, and can be placed on chairs or tables as decorative elements.

Create a memorable centerpiece

Every outdoor event need the presence of a focal point or centerpiece. Our tents are artistically beautiful and provide a touch of visual appeal to any graduation celebration. Furthermore, when not in use, they are wind- and water-resistant, and they are simple to construct and dismantle when not in use. Even yet, a giant graduation cap serves as an excellent centerpiece, whether inside or outside the tent. The cap is also wonderful for concealing party favors behind it, and it is a fun way to engage with your guests as well.

This will help to ensure that your graduation celebration is consistent and follows a set format.

Use ETI tents as backdrops for photo collages

Outdoor tents are not only for keeping your guests cool and comfortable during an outdoor party; they may also be used for other purposes. They may also be used as picture backgrounds or as the backdrops for photo collages on the walls. Why not create a collage of photographs of the graduate dating back to the day he or she was born and ending with the day of graduation? A graduation ceremony is the ideal opportunity to commemorate the graduate’s life and educational achievements. It’s as simple as pinning a string of images to the inside of the tent to complete the look.

If the celebration is scheduled to last into the wee hours of the morning, you may also use lighting accents or string lights to highlight this “memory walk.”

Create a graduation photo booth inside the tent

As an alternative to the traditional picture collages, how about a graduation photo booth set up within the tent? This is a fantastic concept for capturing photographs with family members, friends, and fellow students, and it is simple to implement. Simply create a small space within the tent with a background that corresponds with the party’s theme and you’re good to go! If you want to capture these memorable moments on camera, you may also use props such as wigs, false mustaches, hats, spectacles, and other fun-filled accessories.

We also have bandstands, DJ booths, and other equipment available.

Our knowledgeable staff can also assist you with space allocation and the best practices for ensuring that there is enough of space within the tent.

Add Memory Screens inside the tent

Why not have a video presentation of the graduate’s favorite moments shown on a wide screen? This is a day to recognize and appreciate his or her educational and personal achievements throughout life. Incorporating a memory screen with looping movies and photo slideshows is one of the most effective methods to commemorate those memorable occasions in the graduate’s life. You may also use draperies and college banners to embellish your tents, which can be hung from the sides or the top. In addition, adding pillars or arches to the doorway can give your gathering a more official feel.

You may also decorate the interior and exterior of your graduation party tent with flags, garlands, textures, and a variety of other creative items. Sarah Lapping2020-05-14T19:46:25+00:00 2020-05-14T19:46:25+00:00 a link to the page’s load

Graduation Party Ideas and Why to Rent a Tent for It?

The 26th of March, 2019 Tents are the best option. One minute they’re celebrating their kindergarten graduation, and the next they’re raising their caps in the air, ready to embark on the next chapter of their journey through life. Whether you are graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, this is a momentous occasion that needs to be commemorated in a dignified manner. The significance of organizing a great graduation celebration without breaking the budget is something we understand at American Tent, and we’ll do everything we can to help you make the most of this momentous event!

Why Should You Rent a Graduation Tent?

As the school year draws to a close, it’s time to start planning your graduation celebration. What better way to thank the guest of honor than to spend the entire day outside, taking advantage of the warm and beautiful weather? Investing in a reasonably priced poleorframe tent is one of the most creative outdoor graduation celebration ideas. Our favorite thing about these event tents for graduation parties is that they give enough of area to accommodate all of your guests while still keeping the party going strong.

Fortunately, you’ll have your tent to shelter you if the weather turns bad, making this an excellent backyard graduation party option.

How to Decorate a Tent for a Graduation Party

Do you want to know how to arrange a tent for a graduation celebration? Fortunately, we’ve got some great graduation party decoration ideas for you. Read on for more information. One thing to keep in mind at all times is that this is supposed to be a joyful occasion, so have fun with your decorations! While a grad party may be as lavish as you want it to be, there is no need to spend a lot of money on decorations. Decorations for your graduation celebration might be difficult, but we have some suggestions that will help you keep within your budget while also allowing you to express yourself creatively!

1 Create a Photo Booth

When it comes to decorating a tent for a graduation celebration, photo booths are one of the most popular additions. This entertaining item not only looks excellent in the venue, but it also serves a vital purpose in helping the graduate remember all of the wonderful grad party memories and attendance. Fortunately, you can make these booths for your graduation party tent on your own and they are really simple to put up. All you need is a frame or a moveable wall, as well as a backdrop of any sort.

Your graduation tent photo booth is ready to go as soon as you add some entertaining graduation-themed items.

2 Light It Up

Even though the day has turned to night, the celebration has not yet come to an end – in fact, it has only just begun! Keep in mind that when you’re setting up a tent for your graduation party, you should also consider hanging some LED lights to keep the celebration going after the sun goes down.

Incorporating lights into your tent may be a charming and simple way to dress it up and tie everything together. If you want to give your party an additional kick, consider using lights in your school colors to keep things bright while also infusing a little extra school pride into it!

3 Picture Perfect

Some childhood images of the honored visitor wouldn’t be complete without include them in the celebration. Making a poster board picture collage is a meaningful approach to acknowledge and appreciate all that has gotten you to where you are now. It also serves as a fun display for family and friends to enjoy and reflect on. The most enjoyable aspect of this graduation tent concept is that you may personalize your poster board whatever you like. Add some bright colors, stickers, sketches, and whatever else you like to your images to let them stand out and serve as a lasting reminder of the years that have led up to this great day.

The fact that you can make the entire thing yourself makes this one of the most affordable graduation tent decorations available.

What to Do at a Graduation Party

Remember to keep the guest list in mind while you arrange your event. Remember that you will have individuals of various ages in attendance while brainstorming ideas for your college or high school graduation celebration. Listed below are some recommendations from us that are sure to impress visitors of all ages while also assisting you in planning the graduation celebration of your dreams.

1 Hot Dogs!

What is the most popular fashion trend this year? Hot dog stands complete with all of the condiments. This idea is very excellent, regardless of whether you have a grill master on hand or a tray full of precooked franks. Dress it up by serving it on fine china, or keep it casual by serving it on paper plates and napkins. Any way you look at it, a hot dog buffet is likely to delight. Include some regional flair: if your graduate is off to tour the globe, consider including selections such as Chicago, New York, European-style cuisine, and California-style cuisine as possibilities.

2 Dessert First

Cupcakes! – all of the delectableness of a cake, but in a more manageable, delectable compact! Cupcakes are a delicious and convenient way to give dessert to your loved ones without having to deal with the mess that comes with cutting a cake. Cupcakes allow you to give a wide variety of delicious and unique flavors for your guests to pick from, ensuring that everyone gets precisely what they want! In addition, you may build up a cute cupcake stand tower to showcase your delectable delicacies in a stylish manner.

Slushies are delightfully refreshing beverages to have while celebrating beneath a gorgeous American Tent graduation party tent with friends and family.

3 S’more Fun

Will your graduation party tent be set up in a location with a fire pit that is at a safe distance from the tent? Make a s’mores station for your guests! Prepare everything inside the tent and then send visitors outside to cook over an open fire.

Alternatively, for an added touch of luxury, use Sterno cans for a more glamping-inspired approach. Be prepared for the inevitable sticky hands that will inevitably result from this activity by stocking your kitchen with plenty of wet wipes.

4 Two Words: Taco Party

There isn’t a party quite like a taco party, mostly because taco parties are. amazing. Set up a table with as much cheese, salsa, cilantro, guacamole, and other condiments as your visitors could reasonably desire. Allow them to select from hard shell, soft shell, or taco salad options, and then let their imaginations and appetites go wild with possibilities.

5 Game On

If there’s one thing you should be aware of while planning your grad party, it’s the necessity of keeping your guests amused. Because it is, after all, only a party. Think about activities such as charades, cornhole, and card games when planning a high school graduation celebration for your graduating seniors. Simple games like these are a great way to pass the time and enjoy the company of your friends while keeping it casual and relaxed. These games may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, making them perfect activities since they allow everyone to participate and enjoy themselves!

Celebrate With Us

This event is the ideal chance to spend quality time with your graduate as they prepare for their next chapter in life. The future holds greater and better things, so take a minute to reflect on the time you’ve spent so far, as well as the people you’ve encountered along the road who have made it all worthwhile. No matter where you choose to hold your graduation party, we at American Tent want to assist you in planning a faultless day for your celebrations. We are convinced that having one of our tents in your graduation setup will meet all of your aesthetic and practical requirements.

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How to Decorate a Tent for a Party in 12 Simple Tips

Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, backyard barbeques. there are a plethora of outdoor events when a party tent may make a significant difference to the overall experience. Using a party tent allows you to provide your guests with fresh air and beautiful outside scenery while still keeping everyone comfortable and out of the weather. It’s not immediately evident, however, how to decorate a tent for a party from the beginning. Party tents are quite functional even when they are not embellished with decorations.

So, what precisely are our objectives when it comes to designing a party tent?

  • First and foremost, ensure that the tent is attractive. Decorate in accordance with the theme
  • Find reasonably priced decorations and supplies
  • Decorate the party tent to make it look spectacular without making your pocketbook look sad
  • And Make advantage of decorations that may be stored and re-used later.

Let’s have a look at how to design a tent for a party utilizing 12 straightforward suggestions. We attempted to engineer this list so that the most expensive elements are all things that can be used and reused over and over again, as well as things that can be used in other applications.

Everything else should, ideally, be done on a tight budget or for no money at all. We hope you find these suggestions useful!

Tip 1: Choose the Best Party Tent for the Job

It is not only important to know how to design a tent for a party, but it is also important to know which party tent would work best for your occasion. Each party tent design is unique, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to spend some time learning about the four primary party tent designs –pole tents, frame tents, high peak tents, and pop-up tents — and how they differ from one another before making your final decision. Related: Understanding the Four Fundamental Party Tent Designs

Tip 2: Your Party Tent is a Blank Canvas

Don’t consider your plain party tent to be drab, uninteresting, or unsightly. Instead, consider it functional. Consider it to be a blank slate. You are not attempting to conceal the unattractiveness of the party tent’s metal structure and tent poles, nor are you attempting to conceal the large slate of white vinyl tent top and tent sidewalls. Rather, all of that simplicity leaves you with a lot of vacant, empty space to fill whatever you see fit with your own ideas. Changing your frame of mind will go a long way toward assisting you in the process of decorating your party tent.

Consider decorating a tent for a party as an exercise in making the most of available space rather than just filling the available area.

Tip 3: Don’t Overwork Your Party Tent!

Almost everything goes when it comes to decorating your party tent. Almost. Your party tent, on the other hand, has certain physical limits. It’s not a good idea to expose your tent fabric to extremely low temperatures, and the structure and poles of your tent can only support a certain amount of weight before they become dangerous. If anything is heavy enough to make you wonder whether or not the party tent will be able to support it, the answer is usually negative, the tent will not be able to support it.

In order to ensure the safety of your visitors and the lifespan of your tent, you’ll want to discover alternate methods of suspending these sorts of decorations that do not include your event tent.

Tip 4: Fabrics, Ribbons, Rustics, and More

Whenever someone is asked to come up with a creative way to decorate their tent for a party, the majority of people immediately think of what is undoubtedly the most common go-to tent décor option: utilizing fabric, ribbon, or rustics. If anything can be draped, wrapped, hung, or knotted, it will contribute to the overall appearance of your party tent. Make use of brightly colored textiles and drape them from the tent’s frame or tent poles to make a statement. It’s possible that you’ll want to combine a few different tones of the same hue to enhance depth without creating too much clutter.

Ribbons can be wrapped around poles or hung from ceilings to provide greater visual depth to a space. As well as adding rustic elements (such as trees, flowers, and other such things), you may tie everything together with an overall outdoor theme (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Tip 5: Lanterns, Lamps, and Other Standout Decor

Lightweight decorative objects are usually a favorite, and they may make excellent use of the extra space beneath the tent’s upper canopy. Paper lanterns, orbs, and even vegetation such as flowers give you more options for adding color to a place without making it appear cluttered or cluttered.

Tip 6: Focus on Obscuring the Less Attractive Areas

Tent frame and fabric seams may not be considered “ugly,” but they are also not considered “aesthetic bonuses.” If at all possible, use your decorating efforts to conceal any unattractive tent characteristics that you may have discovered. Because of the way most party tents are made, you may discover that blocking out certain regions creates vibrant patterns that can be seen all over your tent and surrounding area.

Tip 7: Furnishings

Are your visitors having a meal? You’ll want to think about renting folding tables and chairs for your event. Do you wish to set up a dancing area for your guests? It would be ideal if you could incorporate a portable dance floor into your arrangement. Make sure your visitors have comfortable places to sit and rest when they aren’t cutting the rug, as well. The beautiful thing about foldable furniture is that it can be used in a variety of situations. Folding tables and folding chairs will always have a place in your life, regardless of whether or not your party tent is put up.

Tip 8: Tent Sidewalls are a Must

Even if you have a beautiful outside location, the concept of hiding people behind tent sidewalls may seem like a major turnoff if you have an especially beautiful outdoor place to begin with. Except, of course, when the sky opens unexpectedly and you find yourself scurrying to get people and furniture out of the way of the incoming downpour. Wind, rain, and the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays may completely alter the memories that your visitors take away from any party or event. Tent sidewalls help to reduce, if not completely eliminate, your visitors’ exposure to the weather.

It should be mentioned, however, that there are a variety of sidewall design styles to pick from, and you may chose not to adorn them at all if you want.

Tip 9: To Floor or Not to Floor?

It’s understandable that the thought of hiding people behind tent sidewalls may be off-putting if you had a very beautiful outdoor setting. Except, of course, when the sky opens unexpectedly and you find yourself scurrying to get people and furniture out of the way of the incoming rainstorm. Guests’ recollections of your party or event might be permanently altered by the wind, rain, and damaging UV radiation from the sun. Your visitors’ exposure to the elements is minimized, if not eliminated, by tent sidewalls.

However, it should be mentioned that there are a variety of sidewall design styles to pick from, and you may chose not to adorn them at all if you so like.

Tip 10: Don’t Skimp on the Tent’s Exterior

Knowing how to arrange a tent for a party does not only imply being familiar with how to adorn the interior of the structure. It’s possible that you’ll wish to improve the appearance of the outside as well.

Do you have any leftover fabric? You could use it as a valance to line the area where your tent top and tent sidewalls meet, or you could drape it down in regularly spaced portions around the outside of your tent sidewalls to provide shade. Don’t be scared to use your imagination!

Tip 11: Making a Grand Entrance(way)

Entrances to party tents constructed with tent sidewalls are quite straightforward and uncomplicated. In most cases, it is just more sidewall rolled up to the top, or two different portions divided and tied off to the sides. Furthermore, for some occasions, this will be totally acceptable practice. What about the rest of you? It’s possible that you’ll want to go the additional mile with something a little nicer. It is rather simple to add some flair to an entranceway. Simply line the tent’s entrance with the same fabrics and decorations that you’ll be utilizing inside the structure.

In other words, these entranceway decorations are a subtle effort to prepare your guests for what they will face inside.

Tip 12: Tent Lighting Can Make All the Difference

Want to make your party tent stand out both literally and figuratively? Here’s how to do it. Party tent lighting is an excellent method to draw attention to your tent while also cascading your fabric shades across the whole venue. Also included is the apparent benefit of illuminating the interior of the tent.

That’s It! Now You Know How to Decorate a Tent for a Party!

Knowing how to design a tent for a party isn’t quite as difficult as some people believe it to be. All you have to do now is spend some time looking about the room and imagining how you want it to appear when finished. Additionally, spending a little time on the internet to get ideas is a fantastic idea. If you are looking for party tents, tent sidewalls, tent lights, tent heaters, folding tables, party chairs, or portable dance floors, please visit our website or contact us at 1-716-566-5804 to discuss your needs.

Top 15 Trendiest Tent Ideas to Celebrate in Style

Organizing an event or a birthday celebration often takes a significant amount of planning. It can take place either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Organizing a large event outside might be more difficult since there are so many factors to take into consideration.

1. Number of Guests

Are you planning a small, private gathering with only your closest family and friends in attendance? Or are you planning a large gathering with more than a hundred people in attendance? When deciding on the sort of tent to use, you must take all of these factors into consideration. In a 30-inch yurt, you won’t be able to accommodate a hundred visitors, together with food and entertainment. It’s possible that a huge pole tent or a sailcloth tent would be preferable. It wouldn’t be nice either if you had a large-sized tent with just 50 or fewer people in attendance.

2. Bugs

When you are outside, you are more exposed to mosquitoes, flies, ants, and other insects that are flying around.

Your guests will appreciate knowing that your centerpieces will consist of citronella candles and flowers that are repellent to insects. These will prevent the pests from buzzing around and stinging individuals who are simply attending a wedding celebration to have a good time with their friends.

3. Food

Taking care of food outside is more dangerous than taking care of food inside for an event. It is possible that you will want a cooler pack and more ice to keep your food fresh. Using fabric food coverings to keep birds, bugs, and other critters away from your lunch or dinner is also a smart idea. For any outdoor gatherings, keep in mind to serve food that will not deteriorate quickly.

4. Weather

When you first arrive to the party, the weather is beautiful and lovely, and you feel comfortable. However, it is conceivable for a shift in weather to occur in a matter of seconds. When planning an outdoor event, it would be ideal if you were prepared for any changes in weather and temperature. If you anticipate that rain may fall, a wedding tent with walls may be preferable than a canopy tent. If the weather is too hot, request that air conditioners be installed in the tent to keep visitors more comfortable.

5. Type of Tent to Use

After taking all of these considerations into consideration, it is time for you to determine which sort of tent would be most ideal for your occasion. It is important to consider factors such as the size and kind of your gathering, as well as party decorations such as twinkling lights and entertainment options. In order to assist you in determining what sort of event tents you will want, the following are the varieties of event tents that may be used for any occasion:

Pole Tent

The pole tent is one of the most popular forms of tents, and it is suitable for a variety of different events. This sort of tent is available in a variety of sizes and with high tops. It makes it appropriate for a big-day event such as a wedding, fundraising activity, business event, or graduation celebration, among other things. Another drawback of this party tent is that the view is limited by the center poles that support it, which is a major drawback. In order to build up a tent of this nature, you will need a vast area of grass to work with.

Frame Tent

The frame tent may be set up on a variety of surfaces, including grass, tarmac, concrete, decks, and patios. In contrast to a pole tent, you do not need to post any poles into the ground in order to keep the tent in place. Furthermore, because there is no pole constructed in the middle, guests enjoy a clear view without being distracted by the central shaft. For the frame tent, you may choose from a variety of various forms. It may be set up in either an L-shaped or a T-shaped configuration. It also needs a huge amount of space in order to fit the overall size of the frame tent.

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Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth tents have sculpted peaks and are generally made of lightweight and transparent fabric, which allows them to take advantage of the natural light available during the day.

This tent is available in two different configurations: pole and frame. It is rounded at the ends, with wood poles serving as supports.

Tent with Sidewalls

If you intend to use the canvas for an extended amount of time, a tent with sides is the best option. In the absence of a central pole, a sidewall tent is often constructed of aluminum frames for strength and longevity. Additionally, it can accommodate the installation of an air cooler or heater in order to regulate the temperature of the building.

Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is frequently used for outdoor events such as festivals, wedding receptions, and shows throughout the summer months. A gable-end structure with side poles, king poles, and stakes, it is often associated with an English rural outdoor wedding and celebration. The varied poles and takes give each of the event tents its own own form.

Clear or Transparent Tent

Clear tents are frequently used to provide a touch of elegance to parties and other special events. The translucent material reflects the natural light of the sun and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the evening hours. Daytime visibility is unhindered, and nighttime visibility is excellent, allowing you to see the brilliant stars clearly.

Canopy Tent

A canopy tent is frequently used for large-scale public events such as flea markets, community days, and other public gatherings with huge audiences. Tents of this sort are more commonly used for their practicality than for their aesthetic appeal. Its objective is to provide guests with protection from the sun and water rain due to the use of a lightweight material. If you anticipate severe winds or heavy rain, you may want to invest in a more durable party tent.

Concession Tent

The term “concession tent” refers to a DIY tent that can be set up and taken down quickly for outdoor events such as booths, trade shows, and educational fairs. Also suitable for use during registrations for events or the evaluation of products as well as for outdoor fun games. You may also have this outdoor tent personalized with the graphics and designs of your choice.

Carnival Tent

A carnival tent is an excellent choice for a children’s birthday celebration. Children will experience a real carnival atmosphere at an outdoor celebration thanks to the red and white stripes on the tee. You may incorporate food machines and carnival games into your carnival tent decoration ideas to make them even more entertaining.

Teepee Tent

Teepee tents are set up for a sleepover party birthday celebration. If you choose, you may host it indoors or on your patio or in your port. This type of tent is simple to construct, and you can customize it to include your own party themes.


A yurt is a circular, movable tent that is supported by flexible poles and covered with fur or cloth. It has the appearance of a gazebo with a roof. A yurt can be utilized for a unique wedding day, birthday party, baby shower, or any other occasion that necessitates the use of a strong tent, such as a camping trip. Whatever style of tent you decide to utilize, here are some tent decoration ideas that you may employ for your next party if you haven’t done so previously.

Top 15 Tent Decorations for Parties and Events

When guests are visiting an event, the first thing that catches their attention is the entry to the tent. Using an original tent entrance, you will be able to establish the proper tone for your party and impress your guests. You could wish to utilize flower arrangements or a brightly colored drape to draw the attention of every visitor.

Alternatively, if you are hosting a themed party, you might have a tent entrance inspired by Morocco. Any other themed-inspired tent entry may be utilized for a birthday party, baby shower, business event, or wedding reception location, among other things.

2. Choose Suitable Centerpieces

There are a plethora of materials that may be used as table centerpieces for occasions of all kinds. They can occasionally serve more than just as ornaments; they can also have a functional purpose. In order to keep undesirable pests and mosquitoes away, you can burn citronella candles or grow insect repellent plants. In addition, you might want to go all out with your brightly colored centerpieces. Along with increasing their visibility, they may also prevent any white tent from seeming boring and flat.

3. Brighten the Night with Lights

Hanging a large chandelier in the center of a room for a party or event that will go till the wee hours of the morning is never a terrible idea. Aside from adding elegance to your wedding decorations, it also provides the illumination you will want as the night falls. Tent decorations for weddings, birthday celebrations, and graduation parties are made even more vibrant by the addition of strands of fairy lights to the structure. The swinging of these string lights around the tent may create a beautiful and fantasy-like mood for any event or occasion.

This custom continues to be a wonderful and romantic thing to do with your guests while celebrating a special occasion with them.

4. Use Draperies

Draping is one of the simplest, but most attractive, methods to transform the interior of a tent’s interior into a glamorous space. You may use the curtains in conjunction with your chandelier or string lights to add a touch of elegance. It will draw the attention of every guest all the way up to the tent’s ceiling, if you have one. It is one of the most simple wedding ideas, but it is also one of the most elegant. You may customize the curtains for a birthday party, graduation celebration, or baby shower by using different colors based on the color theme and the color of your table linen.

5. Bring Green Colors Inside

It is the ultimate purpose of throwing your party outside to be at one with the natural world. In this way, including natural components in your tent decorations can give your outdoor wedding or event a more environmentally conscious feel. One of the eco-friendly wedding ideas is to wrap the tent poles with attractive trailing plants to create a more natural look. It contributes to making the poles less obvious. Plants may even be placed next to one other, with the hanging lights delivering brightness and tranquillity together as a result.

To create a sense of being one with nature, you may also utilize wild, vibrant flowers and decorative plants to decorate your event space.

6. Use Real Fruits for Ornaments

Hanging genuine fruits from the ceiling and in every area of your tent will give it a more natural appearance. Photographs of these fresh fruits will turn out to be quite attractive.

You may even ask your visitors to collect these fruits towards the conclusion of the event if you choose. Young and old alike will love the simple process of collecting the hanging fruits with their own hands, exactly as they would in a genuine verdant setting, which will be enjoyed by everybody.

7. Create a Living Room

When planning your wedding, don’t forget to include a location for entertainment as part of your décor. When the evening becomes dreary, live music and performances may be exactly the thing to break the ice. Make certain that the area designated for the orchestra or wedding band, whichever is most appropriate for your needs, is spacious enough to prevent congestion.

8. Have a Room for Entertainment

When planning your wedding, don’t forget to include a location for entertainment as part of your décor. When the evening becomes dreary, live music and performances may be exactly the thing to break the ice. Make sure that the area designated for the orchestra or wedding band, whatever you want, is large enough to accommodate everyone without being too crowded.

9. Make a Space for Dancing

A live band means that there will be music, which means that there will be dancing at some point. Make sure you have enough space in your tent for a dance floor because it will always be accompanied by some form of entertainment. It’s possible that this may be one of the greatest wedding ideas you’ll have for your tent. A dance floor is often reserved for special occasions such as weddings, celebrations, and business gatherings. It will undoubtedly keep your guests amused and less bored at any occasion you are hosting them at.

10. Prepare for Unforeseen Weather Conditions

The weather may be unpredictable. It is possible for it to be bright for a brief while before light rain begins to fall. Prepare for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or baby shower by acquiring the appropriate tent. Purchase a tent with drape that you may raise or lower as needed depending on the situation. Leave it open to allow a soft breeze to pass through, or pull it down to keep the rain from entering the house.

11. Take advantage of the natural light and surrounding

You can convert a transparent tent into a natural canvass, allowing you to take in the beauty of your surroundings while being dry. The sunlight will reflect off of the canvas’s translucent material, providing a naturally luminous backdrop for everyone in attendance. During any occasion, the magnificent scenery surrounding the tent may serve as the decoration in and of itself. Nighttime will bring you the opportunity to observe and dance under the light of the moon.

12. Display an Exquisite Exterior

It is not just the interior of your tent that is significant, but it is also the exterior of your tent that is vital. The addition of color to a basic white tent fabric will breathe new life into a gathering. To break up the repetitive tone of the tent’s outside, you may also employ colored drapes to your advantage.

13. Let the Air Flow

Sheer draping will enhance the overall appearance of any wedding celebration, making it as trendy and beautiful as possible. Pulling up the drape will enable the wind to freely blow into the venue, making your guests more comfortable with the cool air that will fill the room. You may add string lights and miniature chandeliers to the curtains at night to give them a dazzling appearance.

14. Have a Tent for Cake Cutting

Although it may take up a little extra room, having a separate cake-cutting tent will help to make your wedding event more personal.

The importance of the major event of the evening will be demonstrated by separating the reception area from the area where the cake will be served.

15. Swing the Blues Away

Not only would the installation of swings within a tent enhance the appearance of the tent, but it will also keep the youngsters occupied. Adults will find it to be the ideal location for capturing the greatest shot of the whole day.

Why You Should Use Tents?

Outdoor event and wedding planning is more difficult than you may imagine, especially in the summer. The size, height, and quality of the material used in the tent are just a few of the aspects that event planners take into account. This is something that you will not have to worry about if you have your party in a standard function space. For everyone, coming up with the most creative ideas for events, parties, and wedding decorations is a difficult task. Having your party outside, on the other hand, has its perks.

Large groups of people and a large number of visitors are notoriously difficult to accommodate in a single space.

A tent can be used to expand the length of a basic gazebo.

Why Rent a Tent for Your Next Party?

Tents are ideal for keeping visitors comfortable at outdoor events such as weddings, business gatherings, birthday parties, and even backyard barbecues. Tent rental is an excellent choice for gatherings, and here’s why:

Pros of Tent Rentals

  • Renting a party tent is less expensive than purchasing a new one. Renting a party tent can cost between $500 and $1,500 per day, depending on the size of the tent. Because the rental providers will already be aware of your requirements, it will take less time and effort to choose the right tent for you. All you have to do is submit the number of attendees, the occasion, and any other pertinent information, and the event rentals will take care of the rest. Setting up and taking down the tent will no longer be a concern for you. The tent rental business will take care of everything, including erecting the tent, setting up chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, and decorating the space. It also involves the dismantling and packaging of the equipment after the event
  • Rental providers are easily found. It is possible to find one by conducting a Google search, and you will be presented with several options


Organizing an outdoor party can be both challenging and enjoyable. It provides you with a one-of-a-kind experience as well as the flexibility to take in the beauty of nature. Using a well-decorated tent, any flat area may be transformed into an attractive, entertaining, and exciting event space. The success of any event is dependent on the selection of the appropriate tent type, size, height, and material.

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Graduations Tents and Ideas –

Take advantage of the nice weather that graduation season provides, and get out of the home and have a good time. We have a vast number of tent sizes available, with the most popular being the 2030, which can accommodate 40-60 people. In sizes ranging from 1010 to 2020, pole tents are supported by center poles, side poles, ropes, and stakes, with a canvas top that is kept in place by the poles. Pole tents are ideal if you want to set up your tent in your yard, over asphalt, or anywhere else. Frame Tents are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 1010 to 2040.

There is also a 15×15 Canopy available.

  • Tables, chairs, grills, linens, cotton candy machines, slushie machines, a hot dog rotisserie, and a variety of other items are available.

Estimate/Reservation for a Graduation Party

Tent Decorating Ideas to Make Your Next Party a Hit

When planning a garden wedding, birthday celebration, informal luncheon, graduation party, neighborhood BBQ, or any other sort of event, tents are an excellent choice for providing quick and simple shelter. Alternatively, plain, simple tents might appear dull or drab, but thankfully, there are a variety of incredible methods to decorate a tent in order to bring flare and elegance to any event.

A Variety of Tent Decorating Ideas for Any Event When it comes to decorating a tent, there are several alternatives to pick from depending on a variety of aspects such as the type of tent, the event you’re intending to attend, your budget, and the ambiance you want to create.

  1. It’s Time to Turn It On The addition of lights to a tent creates an ethereal glow around the venue. The most common options are string lights and fairy lights, but you could also use hanging lanterns or globes, clusters of Edison bulbs, net lights, or even crystal chandeliers to create an absolutely breathtaking effect. Use Draping to Make a Statement The way a tent is set up may make a significant impact in its overall look. A tent with more ripples, folds, and swags is more sumptuous, and the additional fabric adds texture and beauty to the tent’s overall structure and design. In order to add even more flare, utilize different hues to create more differentiation. Tents with a variety of colors Choosing a tent with a variety of colors naturally adds a decorative element to your event’s overall atmosphere. Use brightly colored swags and buntings to provide an unexpected flash of color to a plain white or neutral tent, or choose for a tent in two or more complementary colors for an upbeat vibe. Colorization that is astute Choosing a basic tent allows you to customize it in a variety of ways with color. Wrapping support poles or hanging floral garlands from beams with strands of streamers, grass, ivy, or floral garlands can bring bursts of color that will transform even the most simple tent into a spectacular event
  2. Completing a task in part When planning your party setup, consider employing a partial tent with areas left open to the outside to enable natural views to become a part of your overall setting. A garden or other picturesque location would be excellent, and panels may be tied back or dropped as needed in the event of poor weather. Textures are a good option. Instead of a tent made entirely of one material, use a variety of materials, including sheer or translucent alternatives, to create a more intriguing structure for the tent. Different textures may also offer a sumptuous impression to a tent room, as well as aid in controlling light and even allowing for winds to enter the tent space. Make a Statement With Balloons Balloons are a simple and entertaining way to adorn a party tent. Helium balloons may be easily floated to the top of a tent to conceal structural beams and provide a splash of color, or they can be looped around pillars, fastened to corners, or twisted into arches to offer a splash of color wherever. Animated Screens on the Move Display a picture slideshow or a moving light show on the wide panels of your tent’s walls to serve as fast decorations. The tent may also be customized by displaying a corporate logo or even an educational presentation onto it. Exceptional Height Don’t be hesitant to use extra-tall centerpieces or hanging centerpieces that will assist fill the space created by the tent’s vertical structure. When done correctly, this sort of design can be gorgeous and dramatic without making the area appear cluttered or overfilled. Don’t Forget About the Ground Floor The absence of a floor in your tent means you’ll be passing up a terrific decorating opportunity. Outdoor carpets and portable dance floors are popular choices, but you may also use simple floor decorations, potted plants, and other embellishments to designate aisles and other locations. Entrances that are breathtaking A spectacularly adorned tent requires an equally spectacular entrance to greet your visitors. Arches, trellises, topiaries, and pillars are just a few of the many possibilities available to you. Luminarias may be used to illuminate the pathway leading up to your tent, and outside posters or welcome boards can be used as additional decorations. Finishing Touches Give your tent the finishing touch by decorating the outside so that it appears just as great on the outside as it does on the inside. Flags are a fun alternative for decorating the top of a tent, and balloons that are properly tied may be a colorful addition. To improve the aesthetic attractiveness of the tent from all sides, garlands may also be hung along the outside edges of the structure.

Given the abundance of beautiful alternatives for decorating a party tent, it’s tempting to go overboard and completely overwhelm your visitors. Consider your options carefully, and choose decorations that will complement your event without clashing with the mood you hope to create or the purpose of the party you’re hosting. The correct tent decorations can ensure that your next party will be a smashing success with all of your attendees!

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Originating material provided by Epic Event Rental, which has extensive expertise assisting residents of Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Chaska, Bloomington, Minneapolis, and other towns in the celebration of their important occasions.

Where to Begin

The first order of business should be to book tents, tables, and chairs many months in advance, since ALL rental establishments in the vicinity will be completely sold out of their stock. Our 20 x 20 frame tent is the most popular choice for grad celebrations because of its size and affordability. TENTSThe most popular size is a 20 foot by 20 foot frame tent (seen above), which is approximately the size of a conventional two-car garage (see illustration). A frame tent is less complicated to erect than other types of tents since it does not require a central pole.

Please check the examples of graduation party orders provided below.

Tents must be set up on a level area, and they can be anchored into the grass or weighted down if they are set up on a hard floor.

It is necessary to use a sledge hammer rather than a typical home hammer.

Sprinkler lines must be marked by the homeowner (not just the sprinkler heads).

The weights for the tents are concrete discs that each weigh 60 pounds.

7 Ways to Add Style Under Your Wedding Tent

Some women are content with a pure white tent top as their wedding canopy. For those who are more artistically inclined and want to go all out, consider decorating the area beneath your tent as an option. Consider the following seven ideas for creating an enchanting event that reflects your style and personality while optimizing the decoration area beneath your tent:

1. Enchanting Lanterns

If you want to create a “cozier” atmosphere in your tent, consider using lights to help fill up the area around you. Lanterns can be strung in a variety of configurations, with variable sizes, colors, and numbers of lanterns. Consult with an expert to determine an appropriate minimum number of lanterns, since too few lanterns might appear like an afterthought. Also, bear in mind that lanterns are beautiful decorations, but they are not always a suitable source of light, so you’ll want to include string lights in your plans as well.

2. Sparkling String Lights

Do you enjoy the look and feel of Christmas lights or the atmosphere of a Venetian trattoria? Lights may add romance and elegance to any party, making it even more memorable. Have fun with it and be creative: you may wrap the lights around the center or outside poles, thread them from the peaks to the sides, or even from peak to peak, depending on your preference.

3. Fabulous Fishing Line

Visit our Pinterest board for even more wedding tent decoration inspiration. Do you believe that fishing line is just used for catching dinner? Reconsider your position! Decorations that match your theme may be hung from the underside of the tent with fishing line, rope, or twine, depending on your preference.

Imagine floating over the heads of your guests images of you and your beau, Chinese paper lanterns, a garland, or even moss to create a magical atmosphere. The sky’s the limit, to put it mildly.

4. Flowing Flowers

If you decide to go with the fishing line idea, try incorporating a lush, natural appearance into your tent. Your florist can assist you in creating decorations that are appropriate for your theme. If you’re working with a limited budget, look outside the box: wildflowers, baby’s breath, and long grasses may be the ideal complement for your wedding theme and color scheme.

5. Beautiful Branches

Create an indoor/outdoor environment by hanging branches or tiny trees of your preferred tree species to either the center or outside poles of the tent. Birch trees are a highly popular choice for many people. Brides who have been inspired have even incorporated lights to their arrangements by winding them around the branches or hanging them from the branches. This creates a lovely ambience with a gentle glow that transports you back to nature.

6. Uplifting Up-lighting

Colored lights projected from the ground up into the tent may be coordinated with your theme and used to energise your visitors. This is referred to as up-lighting. For each stage of the wedding ceremony, supper, and reception, colored gels placed on a timer may be used to vary the color scheme within the tent using colored gels. Besides having a striking visual effect, it may also significantly warm up a room and enhance the appearance of your tent.

7. Great Gobos

The use of gobos is similar to that of up-lighting in that they allow you to construct and display a picture on the tent ceiling or walls. You have the option of having your initials, “Mr.Mrs.”, or a personalized logo illuminated. Your theme will come together more effectively if you can include your personal flair all the way to the top of your tent. If you select one of these inventive ideas, be sure to consult with your tent supplier on the necessary installation and removal procedures to ensure that you do not harm the tent throughout the process.

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