How To Anchor A Tent At Burning Man

Securing Your Structure

The Black Rock Desert is known for its harsh weather conditions. While the weather is normally beautiful, you should be prepared for strong wind, lightning, rain, hail, and dust storms at any time of the year, with little or no notice. The wind’s force is the most difficult obstacle to overcome for any construction, whether it’s a modest camping tent or an 80-foot-tall timber man. Due to the nature of the environment, whatever you carry out to the field should be firmly fastened to the ground.

Keep in mind that gusts of up to 75 miles per hour are not uncommon.

Make every effort to prepare for it in the best way possible.

This includes waste, plastic bottles, paper, art and anything else.

Keeping things safe and secure means you won’t have to spend hours or even days looking for it later on down the road.

Tent Stakes

At Burning Man, a big number of individuals set up their tents and camp out. Taking a look at the stakes that came with your tent can help you determine whether or not you need them. These are often compact and lightweight, built of aluminum or plastic, and suited for hiking, when strength is sacrificed for weight savings. Consider purchasing a couple of the foot-long plastic or metal tent pegs that are commonly sold for bigger tents, because you will most likely not be carrying the burden on your back.

Keep something large and heavy in your tent when you aren’t using it if you plan on utilizing the little stakes that came with the tent, such as an ice chest, to prevent the tent from collapsing due to the weight of the stakes.

Rebar Stakes

If you’re going to be erecting anything other than a standard camping tent, such as a parachute construction, you’ll need a more effective method of anchoring your building to the earth. When it comes to anything larger than a pup tent, those large plastic stakes will be nearly worthless. A common and quite practical method of staking your project is to make use of rebar, which is often utilized as reinforcement in the construction of poured concrete. It is robust, inexpensive, and resists ripping out of the ground better than anything you can purchase at a camping supply store or online.

  1. In terms of diameter, the most common and practical size is 4 (which corresponds to 4/8′′ or half an inch in diameter).
  2. They will normally cut it in half for you at no charge so that you can fit it in your car with no problem.
  3. This will save you time and money (same price as tent stakes).
  4. You may have saved a few dollars the other way, but this is much more convenient for the majority of people.
  5. Exactly for this reason, there are a significant number of injuries during Burning Man.
  6. If you have old 1 or 2 liter plastic soda bottles lying around, you can use them to make mushroom-shaped plastic caps by turning them upside down over the end of the bottle.
  7. However, neither of these alternatives is really appealing.

Professor Flubber’s Kandy-Kane Rebar Method, which has been patented!

When utilizing standards for your building, this is a great technique to ensure that no one gets impaled, and it also ensures that the rope doesn’t fall off the end of the rebar when it’s not in use.

Use an additional stake as a convenient hook and drag the other stakes out of the earth with the extra stake in place.

One pipe should be laid flat on the ground, and the other end should be braced against your home or anything else that is vertical and substantial.

Take the other pipe and place it over the short end of the rebar that is poking out, then spin the thing over until you have fashioned a candy-cane shape out of your stake, as seen in the picture.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to carry a small sledgehammer to pound the rebar into the ground as you go through the process. It is possible that a standard claw hammer will not suffice. And there aren’t any convenient rocks to pound things into the ground in the Black Rock Desert.


The cost of excellent ropes or cable when purchasing them at a hardware shop may surprise you if you’re building anything big and vertical that will require man lines to keep it from falling over. Although 80 cents per foot may not seem like much, when you need 200 feet, it adds up. When building larger constructions, old climbing rope is an excellent alternative since it is extremely strong and has a small degree of elasticity to it, which helps a little bit in the event of a sudden wind gust.

Nevertheless, climbing gyms and mountaineering stores frequently discard their old ropes after a short period of time for safety concerns, and if you phone about to several climbing gyms and mountaineering stores, you may be able to obtain a good bargain on a 150′ coil of rope for a low or no cost.

When you have cut the rope to the desired length, take a lighter and melt the end of the rope a little, this will prevent it from unraveling further.

Elevated Platforms

Any construction intended to serve as an elevated observation platform should be carefully evaluated. How many people will it be able to accommodate, and how will it be policed? The design and construction of railings must be of high quality; how would you go about doing this? If someone manages to scale it, how does he or she get off without causing a traffic jam? Due to the fact that you will not be allowed to drill holes on the playa, you will have to utilize cable to anchor your project. Do you know what gauge cable is most appropriate for your requirements?

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Burning Man: How to Pitch a Tent

You’ve received your admission ticket to Burning Man. You’ve worked out what goggles and clothing to put on for the mission. Have you paid as much consideration to your tent as you have to your costumes? This week, you’ll be spending your nights in Black Rock Desert in Arizona, where dramatic weather changes and powerful winds may reach speeds of more than 75 miles per hour (120 kph). Maintaining the security of your tent is critical to having a good time at TTITD (That Thing In The Desert). Some pointers on setting up your tent during Burning Man are provided here.

On the playa, the wind may pick up speed unexpectedly, and if you’re not paying attention, it can even pick up and carry your tent with it. Consider the footage below, which shows a soaring tent at Burning Man that wasn’t properly anchored down.

What are “Rebar Stakes”

The Burning Man ticket is in your possession. What goggles and clothes to wear have been determined. How about your tent? Have you given it the same amount of attention that you did your costumes? This week, you’ll be spending your nights in Black Rock Desert in an area where dramatic weather changes and powerful winds may reach speeds of more than 75 miles per hour (120 kph). To really enjoy your time at TTITD, you must ensure that your tent is safe (That Thing In The Desert). Some pointers on setting up your tent during Burning Man are included below.

A sudden gust of wind may blow across the playa, and if you’re not paying attention, it can even pick up and carry your tent.

Tie me down

Guy lines are tensioned cables or ropes that are used to increase the stability of a tent. They act as a link between your tent and the pegs you’ve set up. Make a courtesy of yourself and others by lighting up your man lines so that no one trips over them. Solar string lights are a terrific alternative since they turn on by themselves at night and you don’t have to worry about having to replenish batteries. It also makes it simpler to locate your tent at night if it is illuminated.

How to Choose a Tent for Burning Man

There are many different types of tents available. Natural fibers are preferable than synthetic fibers. The Sibley tent is a favorite of ours since it is long-lasting, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. On a hot day, the sides may be rolled up to allow for more ventilation. The fact that they are designed in such a way that they do not roast you when the sun is up is important during Burning Man since you are sleeping at unusual hours. You will not be required to construct a shade structure over your tent.

They keep you cool while still being visually appealing.

Check out our Sibley 600 Twin Pro, Sibley 400 Pro, and Sibley 300 Ultimate tents, which vary in size depending on how much space you want and how many people will be camping with you.

Dusty Pro Tips

  • When you’ve finished making your bed, cover it with an additional fitted sheet to keep the dust out of your room. It will prevent your pillow and blankets from being coated in a heavy coating of dust when you get home to burrow beneath the covers
  • Door mats. Provide a location for visitors to remove their shoes before entering your tent in order to reduce the amount of dirt that gets inside your tent. If you’re going to lay a mat outside your tent, make sure you anchor it down. An inside door mat can be simply shook out, and garments may be stored in Ziploc bags or sealable plastic boxes. You have the option of keeping your garments separate and tidy. If you don’t put it on, you won’t have to worry about washing it when you get home.

Have a wonderful time at Burning Man! – If you follow our instructions on how to set up your tent, you won’t have to worry about losing track of your tent as you MOOPalong the garbage barrier.

How To Anchor A Tent At Burning Man

Use an additional stake as a convenient hook and drag the other stakes out of the earth with the extra stake in place. What you’ll need is three-foot lengths of rebar, as well as two long pieces of steel pipe to fit over the end, which should be at least four feet in length, but the longer the better.

How do you secure a tent?

Remember to pound the pegs into the ground at a 45-degree angle towards the tent body rather than straight down to provide additional wind protection.

Attach the poles to the windward corners of the tent, which you staked earlier. After that, travel to the opposite side of the tent and stake down that part as well. Attach the tent poles to this side of the structure as well.

How do you stake a tent in gravel?

Take the robust stake (one with sharp edges is best) and thread it through the stake loop, driving it into the ground with a hammer (or a larger rock if you don’t have a hammer). Then, add some gravel on top of it to hold it in position.

Can you camp on Hardstanding?

Hardstanding pitches, as opposed to grassed fields, have a firmer surface, such as spherical gravel pebbles. They’re used for storing caravans and motorhomes, but they may also be used to set up tents in some instances.

Are there showers at Burning Man?

We do not have showers or a space for you to shower on our premises. We would want you to be informed that shower water is regarded as “gray water” and a contaminant that should not be dumped on the floor. If everyone dropped their unclean shower water — which was full of slimy dead skin cells, sunscreen and body oils — on the ground, what would happen? 11th of March, 2019

How do you keep a tent from blowing away?

Unfortunately, we do not have showers or a space for you to shower on site. We would want you to be informed that shower water is regarded as “gray water” and a contaminant that should not be dumped on the lawn. If everyone spilled their unclean shower water — which was full of sticky dead skin cells, sunscreen and body oils — on the ground, imagine the chaos! on the 11th of March, 2019.

Can you lock a tent at night?

They’ll just claw their way into the building. Not only that, but locking oneself in your tent at night is also not a smart idea. It will provide no additional security and will make going to the restroom at night far more difficult.

How do you secure a tent on the beach?

Stakes and pegs for beach tents It is recommended that you pin and peg your canopy down on the sand to keep it in place. Typically, basic metal pegs are included with your canopy and perform well on dirt; however, upgrading to beach stakes will give more surface area, which will enhance friction and reduce slipping.

How do you pitch a tent on a hard surface?

Simply weave some paracord through the pegs’ hoops and attach it to a large stone to complete the project. If you repeat this process with all of the peg hoops, your tent will not move. If there aren’t any rocks nearby, you may achieve the similar result by tying your tent to two huge logs that are placed each side of your tent.

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Can you run a generator at Burning Man?

RVers who have camped at Burning Man will remember it for a long time to come. In order to be comfortable, you must avoid using connections wherever possible, maximize your resources, and think outside of the box. If at all possible, avoid using your generator, no matter how hot the weather is outside. Make an effort to extend the time that your black water tanks are in use.

How much weight is needed to hold down a tent?

Canopies with adequate weight distribution will contain at least 24 pounds each leg. One canopy maker suggests putting at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 1010 tent, and double that amount on a 1020 tent for added strength. Umbrellas should weigh no more than 50 pounds. It is important to note that the weight of signs will vary based on their size.

Can you put a tent up on artificial grass?

However, while artificial grass is comprised of a durable synthetic fiber, it is not indestructible!

Tent pegs, for example, should not be driven into your lawn since they will puncture the grass and weed layer, causing irreversible damage.

How do you camp at Burning Man?

Here are a few suggestions on how to locate a registered camp to attend: Listings of Theme Camps. Camps submit their information to us on a yearly basis for our listings. Your own own regional. Regardless of where you reside, there is almost certainly a Burning Man community in your neighborhood. Spark. Do you have a skill that you could share? Social media is becoming increasingly popular. It’s your neighborhood.

Should I lock my tent?

Installing a lock on your tent might be advantageous. Make sure you always have your lock keys with you when you are sleeping or participating in day camp activities. Not only does investing in a solid tent lock make you feel safer at night, but it also secures your goods even when you’re not at the campsite.

How do you keep things safe while camping?

Here are some suggestions for keeping your family and camping site safe and secure this summer when camping. Lock the doors of your car. Learn more about your neighbors. Make use of an extra pair of eyes. Items can be locked to a tree. Selecting the Most Appropriate Campground Keep your food in a cool, dry place. Keep an eye on Mother Nature’s activities. During the day, you can dry your gear.

How much wind can a tent withstand?

Here are some suggestions for keeping your family and camping site safe and secure this summer when camping with friends or family. Secure the doors of your car. Take the time to become acquainted with your immediate neighbors. Consider enlisting the help of an additional set of eyes. Items may be attached to a tree using a tree lock. Selecting the Most Appropriate Camping Site Keep your food in a safe place. Watch out for Mother Nature’s mood swings. During the day, you should dry your equipment.

Can you lock a tent from the inside?

A tent lock serves its purpose successfully when it is used to secure the zippers in your tent. Alternately, you may lock two zippers together, making it considerably more difficult to open the door. If at all feasible, try to secure the door from the inside as well. If you’re locking your tent during the day while you’re out exploring, make sure the lock is hidden so that others don’t see it.

How do I stop my beach tent from blowing?

In order to prevent a canopy from blowing away on the beach, tent pegs, leg anchors, sandbags, or cement-filled PVC pipes must be used to secure it. Also, try positioning the tent near a hillside, a tree line, or a group of stones to provide wind protection.

Can you pitch a tent on pea gravel?

For the sake of being on the safe side, we would say yes! All of our gravel pitches that are ideal for tents are completed with little pea gravel, which means that there will be no large sharp stones to poke holes in your tent, which is good for you. There are some folks who are adamant about pitching on gravel and will not be persuaded to change their minds.

What is not allowed at Burning Man?

Standing scooters with larger wheels, fat tire scooters, gas-powered bicycles, powered quadricycles, ATVs, mopeds, and motorcycles are not permitted on the grounds of the Burning Man festival. This section contains information on the sorts of vehicles you are authorized to operate in Black Rock City.

How To Stake Down A Tent At Burning Man

To use a padlock to secure your tent from the inside, follow these steps: Bringing the two tent zippers together will help you close the tent entrance.

Make use of your padlock to secure each zipper by threading the open end of the flexible cable through each of the zipper holes. Secure the open end of the flexible cable to the padlock, making sure it is locked in place.

What are rebar stakes used for?

A common and quite practical method of staking your project is to make use of rebar, which is often utilized as reinforcement in the construction of poured concrete. It is robust, inexpensive, and resists ripping out of the ground better than anything you can purchase at a camping supply store or online.

Can I put up a tent on the beach?

Is it possible to set up a tent on a beach in California? During the day, you can pitch a tent on the beach in California on most of the state’s beaches. Tent camping on California beaches is normally permitted during the day, but overnight camping on beaches other than those designated as campsites is forbidden.

How thick should a tarp be under a tent?

The outer measurements of your tent should be 2-3 inches less than the outside dimensions of your tarp. This will aid in the prevention of pooling. Prepare the area where you will be erecting the tent by clearing it of debris. You want to get rid of all of the branches and jagged rocks in the area.

How much weight is needed to hold down a tent?

Canopies with adequate weight distribution will contain at least 24 pounds each leg. One canopy maker suggests putting at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 1010 tent, and double that amount on a 1020 tent for added strength. Umbrellas should weigh no more than 50 pounds. It is important to note that the weight of signs will vary based on their size.

Can I use a tarp as a tent footprint?

A tarp can be used as a tent footprint, but it must be cut to the exact dimensions of the tent. You’ll have to trim the tarp down to a size that is somewhat smaller than the size of your tent because most of them are offered in generic sizes. It is entirely up to you whether or not the inconvenience is worth the minor savings over a tent footprint in your situation.

How do you secure a tent on the beach?

It is recommended that you pin and peg your canopy down on the sand to keep it in place. Typically, basic metal pegs are included with your canopy and perform well on dirt; however, upgrading to beach stakes will give more surface area, which will enhance friction and reduce slipping.

Can I use rebar to stake a tree?

It is possible to use rebar stakes or tree stakes, but we prefer t-posts since they provide additional tie off points and are constructed of durable materials that are intended to survive for many years. When it comes to smaller trees less than 12ft tall, I wouldn’t recommend using stakes that are smaller or greater than 3ft in diameter. The majority of trees simply require two to three stakes.

Is it OK to use metal stakes for tomatoes?

To provide additional support for plants, use tomato cages, wood or metal posts, or a trellis. The most essential thing to remember is to keep plants above the ground in order to avoid pests, illnesses, and rot from developing. Install tomato support structures in your garden before or at the same time as you plant the tomatoes themselves. Tomatoes will be easy to grow, prune, and harvest as a result of this.

How do you keep a tent floor dry in the rain?

Instructions for Keeping the Tent Dry Under your tent, spread a ground cloth to protect the ground.

Maintain a higher elevation for your tent than the surrounding region at all times. The use of a tarp inside the tent might assist to keep the flooring more dry if the tent’s floor has begun to leak. Make certain that you have a tent with a rain fly that provides adequate protection.

How do you secure a tent in the desert?

Larger boulders can be used to fasten the corners of your tent if the ground is soft. Depending on the size of your tent and the material used for the floor, it may be preferable to place a large rock in each corner of the tent rather than tie it down on the outside, depending on your needs. (Alternatively, if severe winds are forecast, place a rock both inside and outside the house.)

Is it safe for a woman to go camping alone?

The simple answer is yes, it is safe for a single lady to camp alone in the woods. I’ve tented alone in established campsites as well as in the bush on several occasions. The most important lesson I’ve learned over the years is that you can never be too careful, but that you can still enjoy time alone, whether it’s camping or traveling.

Can I use rebar as stakes?

Tomato plant stakes made of rebar, also known as concrete reinforcing rods, are a sturdy and economical alternative to wood. Rebar rods, as opposed to wooden stakes, will not decay or break under the weight of a large plant or tree.

Can you pitch a tent on a beach?

Is it possible to set up a camping tent near the beach? While tent manufacturers do provide beach tents that are specifically built for use on the beach, a conventional camping tent may be used on the beach as a decent replacement. While at the beach, a typical camping tent will still give adequate shelter from the sun as well as from the wind.

What angle do you put tent pegs in?

Tent pegs should be pushed into the ground at a 45-degree angle inward, towards the tent, to ensure proper alignment. During severe winds or when additional stresses are applied to your tent, this helps to keep it from blowing away from the ground.

Should you put a tarp under your tent?

The use of a tarp beneath your tent is not required but is strongly recommended. In addition to keeping holes and tears from emerging on the bottom of your tent, a tarp may keep moisture from leaking into your tent.

Can you lock a tent at night?

Locking a tent at night is merely one method of improving the overall security of your campground. A tent lock can be utilized, but you should also take precautions to ensure that you find a safe area, preferably in a campground, and that you keep valuables out of plain sight. Continue reading for more information on locking and fastening tents.

Tents and Shade

In fact, the great majority of individuals on the playa choose to sleep in tents. The most cost-effective alternative, and aside from having an RV hauled to the playa for you (which is expensive! ), they’re the simplest to navigate. What Is Important When Purchasing a Tent?

  • Sturdiness. Extremely durable. Winds in the Black Rock Desert may be quite powerful at times. Strong gale-force winds. It is essential that your tent has a sturdy metal frame and that it is securely secured to the ground with nice, robust tent stakes orlag screws. Those weak stakes that come with an el cheapo tent from Walmart will not keep your tent to the ground in a strong windstorm, and the last thing you want is to be the person who has to chase down the street after their tent because it has gotten away. We ask that you take this warning seriously. In the event that you can afford it, canvas tents are the best option because they are substantial, more dust-resistant, and will not rip in severe winds. Canvas tents, on the other hand, are quite heavy and bulky
  • Size. Although it is not absolutely compulsory, many individuals are there for a week or more at a time and it is a very demanding setting. It’s wonderful to have a little breathing room within your tent. I strongly recommend a tent that allows you to stand up comfortably

Tent Kodiak 10’x14′ with a tarp.

  • Waterproof. There are instances when it does truly rain out there, and when it happens, having a dry location to store your belongings and to rest your head is quite beneficial. In 2014, it poured down rain throughout night and into the next day. I’m lying in my comfortable camping bed, enjoying the cool weather and the sound of the rain, despite the fact that I’m completely dry. You can take a chance and you’ll most likely come out okay. till such time as you aren’t
  • Dust-proof. Whether or if this is significant is determined by your dust tolerance. Dust-proofing is important to me since I don’t enjoy living in a mountain of dust after two days, thus it is important to me. In order to avoid this, make sure that any mesh openings in your tent are covered by a solid-material flap that zips over them instead. There is no way you will ever be able to keep your tent ‘clean’ for more than a week, but there is a significant difference between a tent that is relatively protected against the dust and a tent that is not, where you can expect everything in the tent to have a fine, visible layer of dust over it at the very least. If necessary, you may always cover the mesh panels on your tent with another fabric and strong tape, or by sewing fabric over the mesh panels
  • Good, robust zippers are also recommended. You want a zipper that you can tug on firmly if required without risking breaking it or ruining your tent because of the playa dust buildup on it.
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Two separate tents, each with two people, have been utilized out there by me and my friends. 1. A 10’x14′ Kodiak Deluxe (as shown above), which costs around $650. You will have it for a lifetime if you take good care of it because it is quite durable and of superb quality. Because it’s entirely waterproof (as I learned on a Monday morning this year when it was pouring on the playa), and virtually completely dust-proof when shut up, it may be used in a variety of circumstances. Aside from being simple to set up and having some fantastic features (such as an overhead storage net and dozens of ringlets around the top to hang things from), it’s also a really nice tent in general.

  • For those of you who are just the two of you, Kodiak also provides a 10×10 that would be excellent, though personally, I’d still recommend the 10×14.
  • This shelter is based on portal pop-up ice-fishing shelters, and I think it’s a better design overall than the Kodiak.
  • The Kodiak isn’t difficult to put up, but this thing is very simple to put together and take down.
  • It also features built-in ports for ducting for air conditioning or swamp coolers.
  • However, this is only a guess.Shiftpod2 I’ve included some photos of a couple of other Kodiak configurations I’ve used, as well as the interior of the Shiftpod, further down on this page.
  • A carport canopy with a metal frame.
  • If not, the powerful winds will just tear them out of the ground completely.
  • When the sun rises over the horizon on the playa, the temperature in your tent will begin to rise.

If there is no shade, it will be a baking oven by 8:30 a.m. If you’re not a night owl, that’s probably OK with you. If you enjoy going out at night, though, this is probably not the best option for you. The following are four (among a variety of) options for providing shade over your tent:

  • Carport-style structure – This is a great choice, but it is more difficult to set up and carry than a traditional structure. It’s essentially a light steel frame canopy with a thick fabric ceiling and optional fabric walls, all of which may be customized. Simply lay it up over your tent and secure it with rebar to provide maximum security. Costco has a carport that is 10′ x 20′ in size that is highly popular. The canopy I use is from Blackrock Hardware, who are also Burners, and the revenues from their (quite popular) canopy sales are used to fund their Empire of Dirt camp in the desert. However, because you must physically pick up the equipment, you will almost certainly need to be headquartered in the Bay Area in order to take use of them. In certain cases, it may be as excellent as or even better than a carport, depending on a number of variables. You may find detailed instructions on how to construct one here. Shade cloth- Although not nearly as excellent as aluminet, shade cloth is less expensive and offers many of the same advantages. You may find it in locations like this
  • An aluminum roof is less effective than a carport, but it is far easier and more portable to install. It’s what I use to provide shade over my camping gear. You may get it from websites such as this one. It’s essentially a woven metal structure that offers shade while also reflecting solar energy back into the atmosphere. It is available in a variety of’strengths.’ The largest percentage I’ve seen is 70%, and that’s what I use (the greater the percentage, the more of the sun’s energy is reflected). I was able to sleep until 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. every morning while I had it draped over my tent, which was sufficient. Although it is not as pleasant as having a full-blown shade structure over your tent, it is less cumbersome and quite simple to put up

Other Alternatives for Cooling Your Tent

  • Fans. This is a no-brainer, but if you have access to electricity, you can use a fan to keep oneself cool. If you don’t have access to a power outlet, you may look into battery-powered fans, such as Swamp Coolers, on the internet. These operate by the use of moisture and evaporation. Both a dry habitat (such as the Black Rock Desert) and good air circulation are required for them to thrive. (There will be more to come.) They are both inexpensive to power and inexpensive to purchase. They’re also inexpensive and simple to manufacture on your own. A Burner by the name of Figjam has written a fantastic tutorial for constructing your own. My swampcooler for my Shiftpod was built in 2017, and while it didn’t do much to cool the interior (there was too much airspace in the shiftpod compared to the swampcooler’s ability to move cooler air in), when I put the flexible dryer ducting the cool air was coming out of under the sheets on my cot, it was almost too cold to sleep. Air conditioners are quite great. An air conditioner in your tent is possible if you can get an electrical connection through a camp-wide grid or by plugging into a personal generator when camping. Given the fact that you’re in a tent, I think it could be a little excessive, but to each his own. All you have to do now is make sure you have an appropriate means to vent it.

Secure Your TentStrong winds may bend and uproot most standard tent pegs, resulting in tent collapse or worse – your tent physically flying away and hurting people as it sweeps through the city. Keep something thick and hefty in your tent in case you do decide to utilize flimsy small tent stakes. That way, if there is a problem, you can be confident your tent will remain in place. For example, a cooler stocked with beverages and ice. It’s unlikely that your clothing containers will suffice.

  • Securing Your TentThe wind is no joke out there. Most standard tent pegs may become twisted and uprooted in high winds, resulting in tent collapse or worse – your tent physically flying away and perhaps hurting people as it sweeps through the city on its way. If you are going to utilize flimsy small tent stakes, make sure you have something solid and hefty in your tent so that if there is a problem, your tent will remain in place as well. A cooler stocked with beverages and ice is an example of this. This is most likely not something that your clothing containers can handle.
  • Getting rebar out of a hole may be a real pain in the rear end. An easy solution that I’ve found to be effective is to use a set of locking vice-grip pliers and clamp them onto the rebar a few inches above the base of the bar. Take a piece of strong wood (2×4 or something similar), and you may use the locking pliers to push the rebar out of the rebar. For this purpose, I utilize one of the pieces of wood that I place under my coolers to keep them off the scorching ground
  1. Organization. If you can maintain your tent orderly, you will get the impression that it is much larger. Finding that thing you know you have someplace else at the end of the week might be extremely maddening by the end of the week. If you have the room, organize your belongings in tubs or a set of plastic drawers. Keep commonly used items such as sunscreen and sunglasses at the tent’s entrance so that you may reach for them without having to inside the tent. The bed is elevated. A camping bed frame (you can find one from Coleman on the internet) that keeps your mattress off the ground is really helpful in keeping dust off your mattress and making you feel like you’re sleeping in a more normal bed. Since a bonus, it significantly increases storage space, as you can store tubs of items you don’t use on a regular basis below the bed. Protect the location where you will be sleeping. In order to protect my air mattress and pillows from any stray dust that may have gotten into the room throughout the day, I simply laid a sheet over them. Please do not enter the tent with your shoes on. The quickest technique to disperse dust over the whole playa
  2. If you must use rebar, place tennis balls on the end that protrudes from the playa. Falling on rebar may be quite dangerous, and a simple tennis ball on the end (with a slit cut in it, of course) can greatly reduce the likelihood of injury to yourself or others. Walking near rebar in general should be done with caution. One year ago, after coming into touch with rebar, I broke both of my ankles. In general, lag screws should not be used unless you are creating anything that really requires them.

Here’s my setup from the previous year. In past years, I’d traveled in RVs, but I’d decided I’d rather go camping this time around. Tent with aluminet covering over it (Kodiak 10 x 14): This year’s arrangement is as follows. The coolers and additional water were placed in a tiny space between the car and the tent, and the entire area was covered with aluminum foil. At the beginning of the week, we were inside the tent. By the end of the day, everything wasn’t quite as clean or orderly as it had been.

  • This is one of the most appealing aspects of this tent for me.
  • Placing them in the tent’s ‘attic’ proved to be quite effective.
  • Additionally, resting on a raised bed as opposed to just putting an air mattress onto the floor has a psychological benefit for some people.
  • (And, once again, the additional storage capacity is a major plus.) Here’s a photo of my 2016 arrangement, which includes the Blackrock Hardware shade structure on top.
  • However, I’m not certain that this photograph really conveys how much more roomy this seems in comparison to the Kodiak.


On The Playa, there are a variety of options for setting up a tent. There are a variety of options for creating a shelter to sleep in at Burning Man, depending on your own preferences, financial constraints, and other factors. It’s been a wonderful pleasure not to be in an RV. Camping in a tent makes me feel like a kid all over again. Some campers and entrepreneurs take the concept to its logical conclusion, creating incredible, out-of-this-world shelters. Making a nice shelter involves a great deal of self-expression and personalization, which is a lot of fun to accomplish.

There are certain crucial additional aspects to consider while creating any construction, regardless of the sort of structure you are constructing.

Stake against the wind

Seeing a person’s tent fly out of a camp and down the street doesn’t happen all that frequently. If you don’t take precautions, the wind will blow your tent away completely. Here are some suggestions for keeping your tent on solid ground. The use of excellent ropes, rebar, and tent positioning are all important elements in tent flight. Tent stakes that you are used to using will not work! Camp Preparation RVs, cars, and other camp buildings may be used to build walls around your tent to keep the wind from blowing through it.

Make sure to carry an amallotto hammer to pound them into the earth. If they don’t bend, maybe someone has a stake puller you can borrow to move them out of the way again, if not. These things are responsible for a significant number of injuries. For further information, see Rebar 101 Safety Tips.

Forget Rebar! Lag Screws Are The Future!

Lag Screws are a type of screw that is used to join two pieces of wood together. FIGJAM was responsible for the development of these revolutionary tent stakes. They are advantageous since they sit flush with the ground and do not entail the same amount of trouble or expense as rebar. Lag Screws Made to Order There are many different varieties of the Lag Screw, and here is another How To Guide that you should look at. Sand StakesThese stakes were created for the purpose of keeping tents in snow and sand, respectively.

Incorporate the rope into one of the central openings and push it down into the ground.

Tent Safety Tips

Getting your foot or worse smashed on some rebar when traveling between camps at night when you are lost and bewildered is a terrible experience. I’ve witnessed more than one instance of a person get impaled on a piece of rebar supporting a structure. Blood is not the type of MOOP you want to wipe up at any time. So, in order to avoid this from happening, use theseTent Safety Tips, or read more about Rebar Safety Tips.

  • To prevent someone from being injured, place a tennis ball or pool noodle on the ends of your rebar and secure them with duct tape. To avoid tripping over your tent lines at night, place glow in the dark gafferorsolar LED lights down the length of your tent lines. Make sure you have tarps ready before you start your tent in case it starts to rain. Yes, it does rain at Burning Man from time to time, and the mud is treacherous to navigate.
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Shade against the sun

When the sun rises in the sky, it serves as a natural alarm clock in the morning. It may get really hot. On the contrary, it may get VERY COLD at night in certain areas. A decent sleeping bag, blanket, or a warm, cuddly body may all assist to keep you warm while it’s freezing outside. Only a well-designed shade structure can provide relief from the heat of the day. There are as many different types of shade structure designs as there are different types of tent designs, but here are a few decent sources to get you started.

Protect from the dust

Before purchasing a tent, ensure that it has the ability to totally seal off from the outside. A lot of these enormous family tents that you can buy at Walmart have giant screen windows that allow the dust to easily fall through and blanket the contents of the tent. Do you appreciate the feeling of sleeping on a dirty floor? In one of these tents, your bed will have the same feel as that on the ground. Make sure you have the ability to seal off all of the vents, and use a cover sheet throughout the day to protect your bed from any remaining dust from the previous night.

n, url:, thumbnail nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn URL:, which was resolved The video was created by: youtube ” data-block-type=”32″ id=”block-yui-3-17-2-1_1527241563584_74361″> Ebony takes the audience on a tour of her tent.

Ebony on FacebookThere are a plethora of various kinds, types, sizes, and designs of tent structures to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites: Eric’s sensible advice should be kept in mind no matter which framework you choose.

The playa should never be visited by anyone who has not already rehearsed building up a structure in their own backyard. They should do this numerous times in the dark, with one hand tied behind their back and the other clutching a beer.

Geodesic Domes

At Burning Man, there is a Geodome in every direction you look. Buckminster Fuller’s design is extremely popular owing to the fact that it is long-lasting, requires minimum materials, and is adaptable. Changing the length of your poles allows you to make them larger or smaller as desired. There are a plethora of DIY manuals and kits available to help you construct your own. If you have more money and less patience, you can also purchase domes that are manufactured to order, or you may look on eBay or Craigslist for someone who is selling one.

  • Instructables How To Build Geodesic Domes
  • Desert Dome Construction Guides
  • DIY Kit by Hubs
  • How To Build Geodesic Domes


These movable shelters were utilized by nomads on the steppes of Central Asia thousands of years ago, and they continue to be used today. This is a design that is still in use today because of its robustness and mobility.

Tie it off!

There are a variety of additional tools and equipment that might help you live a bit more comfortably in your tent. When erecting a shade structure or shelter, it’s a good idea to have a few extra zip ties, ratchet straps, and other similar items on hand. Additional Shelter Suggestions Want to learn more tips, ideas, hacks, and how-to guides? Follow our Pinterest Board for more inspiration. Are you looking for further information? Please have a look at these additional articles and papers produced by other people who use fire.

Another useful site is Burning Tribei, which provides information about tents, shade structures, and insulating strategies.

It’s also jam-packed with helpful hints and connections to useful resources.

Experimental Homes

Every time I return, I like taking a tour around the camps to observe the many innovations that have been implemented by the participants. No surprise if any of the Burning Man Shelter Structural Project’s designs end up being utilised in space travel in the future. It has already been put to use in disaster relief efforts. Perhaps you will be the one to come up with the next outstanding design? It’s critical to have a comfortable spot to sleep and recharge your batteries. Because the Burn is such a sensory overload for many individuals, having a space to rest can make the difference between having a good burn and having a bad burn.

Burning Man Tent advice

Tents are used by true campers. (Not those phony recreational vehicles;) At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves all the time. In actuality, tents are used by those of us who are financially strapped. First, a little background information: Back in 1997, three of us shared a “5 person” tent with two other people. I’m very sure the tent was created for Snow White’s pals, because it would have to be extremely accommodating for 5 full-sized adults to all fit inside at the same time.

Never, ever again. In the years that followed, I utilized the 5-person tent exclusively for myself. It was acceptable, but it was far from a satisfactory answer. Here are a few of words of warning:

  1. Don’t borrow a friend’s tent unless the friend is fully aware that the tent will never be the same once it has been borrowed. No matter how many times you wash your tent, don’t expect to be able to completely remove all of the playa dust from within. It’s a hopeless situation. Make yourself one with the dust. Take it in stride
  2. Don’t acquire a tent with mesh sides
  3. You’ll be better off sleeping on the playa if you do. Ensure that you have enough guy wires/tethers if you are using a tall tent. Aim to secure your tent to your vehicle (or, better yet, to two vehicles)
  4. Using a doormat when you first walk in will help keep playa off your floors. I make use of a piece of artificial turf. I go onto the astroturf, remove my shoes, and then proceed to move around my tent
  5. The use of battery-operated LED lights on the interior is beneficial. Make use of a variety of lighting sources (strings for ambient light, but a nice lamp for searching for objects)
Kodiak Canvas Tents- OMG.Why didn’t I do this sooner?In 2015 I purchased the 10×10 Kodiak, with a 6’6″ height (yay! I can stand upright!) as my abode at Burning Man. The 10×10 was perfect for one person and all of my crap.It is a little too cosy with two beds + stuff, so if you plan on sharing a tent, consider the 10×14.The cheapest place I have found them isCompetitive Edge Productsand the tent arrived 4 days after I ordered it.I also understand that theKodiak websitewill give you a burner discount.

  1. I’m able to stand inside. Ahhhhh
  2. It’s simple to set up
  3. Even though it breathes, it is both playa dust proof and water proof when the doors/windows are zip closed. It held up perfectly in Playa gusts (including a microburst in 2017), despite the fact that I was wearing no wind protection. And after approximately 20 burns with rebar, I moved to 12″ lag bolts and an impact driver, which worked much better. I’m sold, I’ll tell you that. It is very simple to drive them in and out of the parking lot.
  1. Heavy (the 10×10 weighs 70 pounds)
  2. If it becomes wet, you must remember to bring it home and properly dry it before re-folding and putting it away again. If this is not done, mildew or mold may begin to form on the canvas.

Here’s a 2 minute video tour of my setup. Be sure to check out the inside. ShiftPodsMy friends who own them, love them.Some early models did not have floors – make sure you get one that does. They keep the dust out well and as with any tent they function best under shade, but do better than traditional tents when in the open.They are a little more expensive and I have heard reports of delays in shipping/delivery – so please make sure you speak to someone and make sure that you will get your Shiftpod in time. My old ($100) setup:In 2005 I started using a multi-dome tent and successfully used it until 2014, (Ozark trails – $90 at Wally world) andused it for 5 years with virtually no changes.

The package was a triple dome tent setup, with interconnecting tunnels.

I only use 2 domes – the larger one is my living/store room, and the smaller one was my “bedroom”.You could do the same with two tents, but the joined tents allows me to enter though my large tent, strip off my dusty clothes and shoes, and then climb through the tunnel into bed.I useradiant barrier material asinsulationbetween my rainfly and the tent, and on the East side of my tent (protects against the morning sun), as this significantly reduces the heat inside the tent.

  • The insulation allows me to sleep as late as I wish in the mornings (usually around 11am), without any serious discomfort.
  • I always set up my tent with the door facing towards the west (away from the morning sun) so that I don’t get burned to a crisp as the sun comes through my door.
  • Bring spares as you’ll likely lose at least one pair.I anchor my tent to the playa using 3′ long rebar stakes at the main corners and one in the middle.
  • I zip closed the outer door, windows, and the tunnel door.
  • I still use a “cover sheet” over my bedding – a large sheet that I use to cover all my bedding and sleepwear – and this is the last thing I do before I close up for the morning.
  • At night, I carefully fold this sheet over on itself and move it to the side – for re-use the next day.Some people I know go one step further andseal off all mesh ventswith a nonporous material and a hot-glue gun.
  • My tent only has a small skylight vent under the rainfly, so I prefer trade off the fine powder like dust that gets onto my cover sheet, in exchange for some ventilation.
  • Not only does the topper make the mattress infinitely more comfortable, it also serves as great insulation in case the nights are really cold.
  • I use a fitted sheet and a couple of pillows, with a sleeping bag as a comforter.
  • They provide great insulation well and if you seal them well, they keep out the dust.
Matt’s tent had a lot of mesh that would have made it a dust bowl at BM so. Use clips to secure an fairly precisely cut nylon sheet over vented areas Use a hot-glue gun and apply glue to the inside – to stick the nylon sheet to the vents Press the mesh to the nylon to secure the bond and seal the openings. And you have a dust resistant BM ready tent!
More info onInsulation/ Radiant BarrierMaterials- Basically you want to use some material that insulates your tent from the heat of the sun. Your bedroom tent needs material on top, and on the East side to protect you from the morning sun. Your tent needs it on top and on the East side (sunrise) and possibly to protect any heat sensitive materials like coolers. so perhaps on the East and West sides too.

  • One of the most difficult aspects of employing radiant barrier is keeping it attached to your tent and preventing it from shredding and leaking all over the playa. Some of my friends have devised an innovative INTERNAL skeleton for their tent, which they have patented. During this next year, I will put in some insulation on the east, top, and west sides of my house. More information on this endo-skeleton for radiant barrier insulation may be found at this website. While some people choose to utilize the emergency blanket material, I believe it is too thin, and your tent will sound like you are sleeping in a potato chip bag when the wind picks up speed. Due to the low cost of e-blankets (approximately $2 for a 6’x3′ piece of mylar), this is the most cost-effective alternative. In addition to making your tent less loud, you could also turn your tent into a fun house or hall of mirrors by hot-gluing it to the inner walls and ceiling. If you mistakenly or otherwise consume any magic mushrooms, this might become a serious concern for your health. However, I digress
A couple of accessories you may want to consider adding to your tent setup are aHomer Bucket Swamp Coolerand a fewLED solar powered garden lights.I use the lights to mark out the corners of my tent and/or the guy wires. Rebar vs. Lag-boltsFor 20 years I was a rebar purist. I tried candy caning them (sucks), I heated and did a 90 degree bend (much better) and then just did straight rebar capped with pool noodles.Then last year after hearing people sing their praises for several years, I tried Lag bolts.

I am sold.

It now takes seconds and no effort, for what used to take forever and require a lot of swearing.

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