How Much Is Tent Camping At Disneyland

Tent Camping at Fort Wilderness

My family and I have never lived in the South, but I’ve learned enough about it to know that if someone from the South says you, “Bless your heart,” you could be doing something stupid. After revealing my plans to tent camp at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, I had this response on more than one occasion in my personal experience. I began to question whether or not it was a horrible idea. You had to believe that it couldn’t be so horrible, because else the resort wouldn’t have survived so long, right?

The experience of tent camping in Disney World wasn’t too horrible, and I’d want to share my thoughts on what it’s like to tent camp at Disney World with you.

I grew up camping in the northeast and continue to camp for enjoyment on a regular basis (I know, shocker!).

Keep all of this in mind if you’re reading this and debating whether or not camping is a good fit for your lifestyle.

  1. Nonetheless, if you’ve never gone camping before and aren’t intimidated by the prospect, Fort Wilderness is a fantastic spot to begin your camping experience (and regulars too).
  2. Just because you’re in a Disney bubble doesn’t mean you should relax your security precautions.
  3. Due to the fact that you are still so near to civilisation, camping at Disney is also a fantastic experience for first-timers.
  4. You can stroll to a nearby store, where you’ll more than likely find what you’re looking for in terms of most essentials.
  5. Disney has a plethora of dining options.
  6. There are plenty additional locations to visit that provide indoor activities.
  • Tent or pop-up campsites ($60-$145 per night) are available. It has enough space for a pop-up camper or a camper van-type vehicle, as well as up to two tents. Campsites with full hookups (ranging from $90 to $175 per night) — Space for an RV as well as a tent
  • A preferred camping spot is available for $100-$190 per night. RV and small tent parking available, as well as easy proximity to the Marina. Camping at a premium ($105-$200 per night) — There is space for a larger-style RV.

Equipment size requirements vary from one location to the next, so be sure you book one that will accommodate your needs. In my situation, simple tent camping necessitated the use of the first option. The majority of tent or pop-up campsites feature a space for paved parking, as well as a softer area for setting up the tent. There are power hookups, a picnic table, and a charcoal barbecue available at all of the sites. Consider whether or not your campground is pet friendly if you want to bring a pet or want to prevent being bitten by another guest’s pet.

  1. In my situation, I was looking forward to the opportunity to use one of the several drive-up check-in windows available.
  2. In the event that you’ve been there previously, I’d be interested in hearing about your experience, including whether you were able to use the drive through or the check-in desk.
  3. Even the soda machines are decorated with a theme!
  4. They go through your reservation details with you and tell you all about the resort’s amenities.
  5. The attendants will also advise you to drive gently around the resort and to be alert for walkers and golf carts, which some people rent to go about the property.
  6. The resort of Fort Wilderness spans over 700 wooded acres and is served by a variety of transportation options.
  7. We have a fantastic piece on the transit issue here, but I’d like to provide a concise synopsis of what has happened.

There are several options for getting around the resort: you may stroll, cycle, rent a golf cart, or ride the internal transportation system.

Because it is such a tranquil resort, I preferred to walk everywhere unless a bus chance to pass by.

They had designated parking places throughout the resort, and they looked like a lot of fun, especially the ones that were decorated.

Comfort Stations, as they are referred called by Disney, are strategically placed around the resort, ensuring that you are never more than a short walk away from one of them.

I’m assuming the men’s is similar, but I wasn’t ready to take a chance on it, even for the sake of you.

Hooks and seats are strategically positioned for convenience, and shower curtains are offered for more privacy in the bathroom.

It happened to me only once in the morning when all three shower stalls were occupied, and one shower became accessible after a short period of time of waiting.

Information about the park and campsite is shown on notice boards.

EntertainmentRecreation One of the advantages of going around is that you get a better sense of the resort and the activities that are offered.

There were several playgrounds scattered throughout the resort, and they also had two swimming pools for cooling down in the summer.

Tennis courts, running pathways, volleyball nets, shuffleboard games, basketball courts, and a tether-ball pole may be found throughout the resort, as well as other recreational facilities.

You may even practice your archery skills if you like.

Sing-A-Long, Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ are some of the events planned (closing at the end of the year).

Perks The same benefits as other onsite resort guests, like as complimentary transportation, early FastPass+ access, and extended magic hours, are available to Fort Wilderness guests even at the cheaper pricing tier. Visitors to Fort Wilderness may take use of many more amenities, including:

  • There are no parking fees at Fort Wilderness campgrounds
  • Visitors are permitted to park one car at their campsite for free. Because Disney just implemented the tax at other resorts, this is a significant benefit at Fort Wilderness. Large parties will find it convenient — each campground can accommodate up to 10 people. Easy access to nature and animals — It took me a long time to set up my tent because I couldn’t quit staring at all of the brightly colored birds that came by to say hello to me. It was a joke (to myself, don’t judge) that I was having a true Disney princess experience since so much animals was flocking to my side to see me. It is true that for some individuals, this will be a significant drawback, particularly in the event that a troublesome squirrel or raccoon appears instead of curious small birds. The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle, while still being within a short drive of the theme parks, was the right combination for me. There are so many activities

Negative aspectsCamping, of course, has its negative aspects as well:

  • Exposure to the elements — With Florida’s unpredictable weather, you never know what to expect. I was fortunate in that it didn’t rain much during my journey. With the proper gear, I’ve tented in the rain with no problems, and you can too if you plan beforehand. However, if I had come across any thunder or lightning, I’m confident that I would have escaped to my vehicle. You have no control over the temperature, which is similar to the first disadvantage I mentioned. You are at the mercy of the weather. You can’t adjust the temperature in your tent as you can in a room since the tent is enclosed. This turned out to be the only concern I had with the resort. My nap-oholic tendencies made it nearly hard for me to sleep in the heat of the day with the light beaming through my tent. Because I had previously said that my feelings of safety were unshaken, it was important for me not to let my guard down. In the tent, I didn’t leave any valuables or money. Even when I had to go to the restroom, I made sure to lock the car and take the keys with me. It takes more thinking and effort to keep your things safe in this environment than just locking your resort door on your way out to the parks. Transportation can be difficult to navigate – Because the resort is so dispersed, the transportation system can be a source of frustration for some. The majority of people will not appreciate taking a bus simply to go to another bus that will transport them to the parks. Additionally, depending on where you are positioned, it is a lengthy walk or a long ride to the pool, eateries, and mug refills
  • Shared bathrooms — You will not have your own private bathroom five steps away from your bed, as you would at any other resort
  • Instead, you will share a bathroom with other guests.

My overall experience at the resort was excellent, and I can’t wait to return. I’m curious what you think about camping at Fort Wilderness National Park. You could be a frequent visitor to the resort, or perhaps you look at it and say, “No way, that’s not a holiday!” Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Question: How Much Is Tent Camping At Disneyland

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort room rates for the year 2021 are available here. Tent or pop-up campsite with a date range and season From April 18 to May 27, Spring 102/137 dollars Memorial Day Weekend, May 28-May 30, $142 Summer rates are $111/$125 for the period May 31-July 1. Independence Day is on July 2nd and 10th, and it costs $142.

How much does it cost to tent camp at Disney?

Disney provides four different types of sites (from from the least costly to the most expensive, with rates varying depending on the season): Tent or Pop-Up Campsite ($60-$145 a night) — This style of campsite has space for a pop-up camper or a camper van-type vehicle, as well as up to two tents (not included). Full Hook-Up Campsite ($90-$175 per night) — This site has enough space for an RV and a tent.

Are tents provided at Disney campground?

Previously available mainly to group campers, Walt Disney World now offers tents and cots for rent at a reasonable price. You won’t have to bother about setting them up or taking them down, which is a huge convenience! That’s just how things work.

How do you get free stuff at Disney?

Everyone can take advantage of this offer. Buttons to commemorate special occasions. Pay a visit to one of the Disney Resorts. Photos of the PhotoPass cast members. Autographs of the characters. Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunts are a lot of fun. Disney’s Play App is a game developed by Disney. Those that use sorcery in the Magic Kingdom. Water on ice.

How long can you stay at Disney campground?

You are permitted to make a reservation at the Fort Wilderness Campsites for a period of 30 days in advance of your arrival. If you want to extend your stay for another 30 days, you may create another reservation that will begin on the day of your previous reservation’s check-out date. You are free to continue doing this for as long as you like.

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Does Fort Wilderness have pool towels?

The pools at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are sure to provide you with a splashtastic time, and I’m happy to share that although complimentary pool towels are not currently provided at either the main Meadow Swimmin’ Pool or the quieter Wilderness Swimmin’ Pool, guests staying in the Cabins are welcome to bring their own. 15th of March, 2018

Does Disney campground have showers?

There are a number of comfort stations located around the Disney campsite, ensuring that facilities and showers are never too far away from guests. A camp shop provides the essentials in terms of food and supplies.

Are there snakes in Disney World?

Due to the fact that Disney World is located in a swampland, there are several snakes, gators, and other wildlife that you should be careful of. Keep an eye on your children, even while you’re at a theme park, and be alert of your surroundings.

Do u have to wear a mask at Disney?

The use of face masks is mandatory for all Walt Disney World guests aged 2 and up, and certain types of facial coverings, such as neck gaiters, bandanas, and face masks with valves, are prohibited in the park.

Is it cheaper to camp at Disney?

When you consider that even Disney value resorts are nearly twice as expensive as Fort Wilderness, and you’re getting all of the amenities of a moderate resort, Fort Wilderness is not only the cheapest accommodation on Disney property, but it’s also the cheapest lodging even when compared to off-property bottom-budget motels (which really take you away from the Disney magic).

How much is a tent site at Fort Wilderness?

During the year 2020, the fees for tent camping at Fort Wilderness will vary from $60 per night to $138 per night. Because there is such a wide variety in rates, I recommend that you plan your vacation dates carefully! 5th of June, 2020

Do you have to wear a mask at Fort Wilderness?

In the Resorts and Spas When Disney Vacation Club Resorts are open for business As on June 22, when Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds reopen to the public, face coverings will be mandatory for all Cast Members and guests when in public resort facilities such as lobbies, pool areas, gyms, and other public places. When visitors are swimming in the pools, they will not be forced to wear face masks.

Do you need a golf cart at Fort Wilderness?

The golf cart is by far the most popular form of transportation at Fort Wilderness Resort. Visitors can either hire or bring their own golf carts to the campsite, depending on their preferences. All of the important areas, including the pools, bus station, and the marina, have designated parking spaces for golf carts.

Can you rent a camper at Disney World?

Renting an RV to visit Walt Disney World Resort® in Florida may be a relaxing and stress-free way to spend your time on vacation. Luxury RV rentals from Allstar Coaches LLC will allow you and your family to totally immerse yourself and your family in a Disney vacation. To learn more, call us at 866-838-4465 or fill out our online quotation request form immediately.

How much is a cabin at Fort Wilderness?

Vacation Rental Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are $346 ($66.5) per night.

Are the pools open at Fort Wilderness campground?

Both pools at Fort Wilderness have reopened, and you might be able to get away with having them almost entirely to yourself this summer.

Are the pools heated at Fort Wilderness?

Throughout the year, the pools are kept at 82°F/28°C temperature. A hot tub is also available at Fort Wilderness, which is located near the Meadow Swimmin’ Pool.

Can you see fireworks from Fort Wilderness campground?

Pro-Conservationists at Fort Wilderness You may enjoy the campground’s beautiful pool area, which includes a water slide, as well as a variety of on-site activities and boat transportation that takes you straight to the Magic Kingdom. From the beach area, you can see the Electric Water Pageant as well as the Magic Kingdom fireworks display.

Can you bring a fire pit to Fort Wilderness?

The use of campfires is permitted at your Fort Wilderness Campsites, but you must comply to the resort’s laws and regulations. There are no open fires permitted, and any individual campground fires must be started in a completely self-contained pit that you must construct for yourself if you want to stay warm.

How do you camp at Disney?

You should plan a campground that can fit your tent if you’re ready to completely commit to camping at Disney World.

If you want to camp at Fort Wilderness, you’ll need to bring your own camping supplies, such as a tent and sleeping bags, along with you. The pad measures 10 ft by 25 ft in size. This offers enough space for a pop-up camper as well as up to two tents.

How much does it cost to stay at Fort Wilderness campground?

Rates for Fort Wilderness in 2021 In 2021, the price per night will be determined by the date. The 27th of May Thu, $494.00 Fri, May 28th, $577 The 29th of May Sat: $577.00 30th of May, Sun $577

Who has to wear a mask at Disney?

Face masks are no longer required for visitors passing through outdoor common areas, including the entrances to Walt Disney World’s four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Instead, visitors can choose to wear them while passing through outdoor common areas.

What month is the least crowded at Disney World?

The busiest times of the year are around the Christmas season, school breaks, the majority of summer vacation, and weekends all year long, with the exception of holidays. Visits to Disney World are least congested in January and early February (at the height of winter), and right after school starts in early September to mid-November (when it is least popular in the fall).

How strict is Disney on masks?

As far as enforcement during the day in the parks is concerned, it is also rather stringent in those areas. Approximately 95% of those who are required to comply, in my opinion. Whenever a Cast Member notices someone wearing their mask incorrectly, they will admonish them to cover their noses.

Our Fort Wilderness Camping Experience

This look at our recent tent camping adventure in Fort Wilderness brings to a close the sequence of “final” activities we participated in while visiting Walt Disney World BC. The Moonlight Magic Party was our last night at Magic Kingdom, and our last wonderful supper at Epcot’s most upscale restaurant were previously discussed. Both were really memorable events that we thoroughly enjoyed. It is not true to say that the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness ResortCampground are “roughing it” in the traditional meaning of the word.

  1. Regardless, it was a memorable and enjoyable experience.
  2. Having visited the Cabins at Fort Wilderness numerous times as adults, it is one of our favorite resorts for large groups of friends and family.
  3. Up until the opening of Shades of Green in 1994, Fort Wilderness was my family’s favorite vacation spot, and we spent at least a half dozen nights there in our truck camper while growing up.
  4. Unfortunately, the specifics of a campsite are not the type of thing that leaves a lasting effect on a child who is familiar with the rest of Walt Disney World outside of its limits.
  5. Theme parks were a popular springtime visit, with state and national parks serving as summer vacation destinations.
  6. The fact that anyone had problems differentiating between West Virginia and Walt Disney World is possibly the first time in history.
  7. In the first place, we hadn’t tented in over two years before to this trip (all of our nice gear is still in our California storage unit).

We frequently go camping as a means of getting there, rather than for the experience itself.

Although we do not detest tent camping, we prefer to utilize a vehicle because it is easier and frequently more pleasant.

Those, as well as a variety of rudimentary campsites or random locations while trekking, are available.

All of the campgrounds listed above are in close proximity to well-known attractions and are in great demand.

Yet, even in that case, Doheny State Beach, which is located on some of California’s most valuable real estate and offers campsites with ocean views, is the only campground that is even in the same ballpark as Fort Wilderness when it comes to pricing.

It is true that everything in Walt Disney World is more expensive because of the premium for being on-site, thus the exorbitant price makes sense.

Walt Disney World could do more to discourage this type of conduct, which is sad.

The first type can hold two tents, whilst the subsequent four categories can all accommodate an RV and a tent.

At little under $100 per night, our tent campground was roughly the same price as a Value Resort for the days we were there.

All campsites at Fort Wilderness are equipped with electricity hookups, a picnic table, and a charcoal barbecue for your enjoyment.

In addition to a sewer hookup, all RV campsites at Fort Wilderness include concrete slabs ranging in size from 10 by 45 feet to 18 by 60 feet.

Comfort Stations are strategically placed around the Fort Wilderness Campground, and most campsites are within a 5-minute walk of one or more.

These Comfort Stations are exceptionally well-kept and attractive, even by campground standards.

When you consider the extensive daily programming roster, it’s easy to understand why so many ” Fort Fiends ” spend so much time at the campsite and so little time (relatively) at the theme parks.

Playgrounds, athletic facilities (basketball courts, volleyball courts, jogging pathways, and so on), a marina for boat rentals, and a variety of other amenities can be found throughout Fort Wilderness Campground.

There’s nothing particularly exciting about it, but it’s certainly better than what you’ll find at other campgrounds.

Fort Wilderness is a 750-acre forest of pine and cypress trees that feels a world away from the rest of Walt Disney World’s theme parks and attractions.

A tranquil and pleasant respite from the rush and bustle of the amusement parks, it is.

Long hikes, the use of a golf cart, or the use of the Fort Wilderness internal transit are all necessary for getting about.

There have undoubtedly been times when the bus transit at Fort Wilderness has been a source of frustration for us.

As a result, it was most likely a mistake to remain at Fort Wilderness at the time.

It’s a more laid-back time and place, and that has to appeal to you as well as fit with your holiday preferences at Walt Disney World Resort.

If you don’t mind having a more relaxed encounter, it could be a good fit.

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Furthermore, we like taking long hikes in the woods, so the vastness of Fort Wilderness was a major plus for our family.

The walk there took us less than ten minutes, which we considered to be fair (you could easily be that far from the lobby at almost any hotel).

The construction was only truly visible to us from the vicinity of the Settlement.

Still a long way from perfect, and we aren’t thrilled about Disney Vacation Club extending to a rural region that has some of the oldest-growth trees in all of Walt Disney World, to be honest.

), which was one of the highlights of our trip on a strange and weird note.

I’ll have to add “musty old wood from the Meadows Trading Post” to my list of the Top 10 Scents at Walt Disney World to keep up with the times.

As I was browsing around Meadows Trading Post, I came upon one of my favorite pieces of Walt Disney World souvenirs from the previous decade–the piece of art seen above.

We’ll have to see whether it’s still there the next time we visit Fort Wilderness.

I’m definitely going to keep my eyes out for one in my size that isn’t too insanely expensive!

Neither Sarah nor I were able to achieve our dreams of seeing an armadillo, nor did we get the opportunity to indulge in fried chicken and ribs at Trail’s End.

Despite these significant flaws, it was quiet and relaxing–a welcome change of pace from our usual Walt Disney World experiences.

This stay at Fort Wilderness provided the ideal balance of being in the great woods while also remaining connected to civilisation.

It’s amazing how that works!

You can find out more about hotels on ourWalt Disney World Hotels Reviews page.

Read ourTips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Ticketspost for information on how to save money on tickets and which kind to purchase.

Our Walt Disney World Ride Guideswill assist you in deciding what to do and when to do it. It’s best to start with our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide, which contains everything you need to know about planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

Your Thoughts

Have you ever tented in Fort Wilderness National Park? I’m curious what you thought of the whole thing. Is there anything else you’d like to add that we didn’t cover? Is it correct to say that you agree or disagree with our opinions? Do you have any queries for which we can provide answers? If you have anything to say, even if you disagree with us, it is fascinating to us and valuable to other readers, so please share your opinions in the comments section below.

2022 Fort Wilderness Campsites Rates

  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Room Rates in 2022 for the Campsites at the resort
  • The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are notable for the following reasons: Return to the main list of resorts
  • If you are contemplating a stay at The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, be sure to read our advice and discount information for room-only reservations as well as vacation package reservations. Not sure what the advantages and disadvantages are? Check out our comparison of booking packages versus renting a single room

The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Room Rates for 2022

  • All of the prices given are full price, often known as “rack rates,” and include a 12.5 percent sales tax that is rounded to the nearest dollar. There are many ways to obtain savings on these charges
  • Nevertheless, It should be noted that when there are two pricing for a period (e.g., $111/$222), the first price is for Sundays through Thursdays and the second price is for Fridays and Saturdays. Disney no longer provides particular season designations (e.g., New Years, Value, etc.) for its attractions. We have picked names that have been used for similar date ranges in prior years for the sake of consistency
  • We occasionally find brief (1-2 day) intervals that do not correlate to any normal season and do not coincide with any evident holiday or event. These have been designated as “Special.”
Date Range Season Tent or Pop-Up Campsite Full Hook-Up Campsite Preferred Campsite Premium Campsite
Jan 1-Jan 5 New Years $169 $200 $215 $223
Jan 6-Jan 8 Special $108 $140 $151 $169
Jan 9-Jan 13 Value $91/$102 $122/$132 $129/$141 $141/$154
Jan 14-Jan 16 MLK Day $108 $140 $151 $169
Jan 17-Jan 22 Value $91/$102 $122/$132 $129/$141 $141/$154
Jan 23-Feb 10 Spring $107/$144 $148/$176 $181/$204 $189/$214
Feb 11-Feb 13 Value 2 $145 $177 $204 $216
Feb 14-Feb 16 Spring $107/$144 $148/$176 $181/$204 $189/$214
Feb 17-Feb 19 Value 2 $145 $177 $204 $216
Feb 20-Feb 26 Spring $107/$144 $148/$176 $181/$204 $189/$214
Feb 27-Mar 3 Regular $132/$152 $198/$233 $222/$254 $234/$269
Mar 4-Apr 23 Easter $179 $220 $240 $251
Apr 24-May 26 Spring $107/$144 $148/$176 $181/$204 $189/$214
May 27-May 29 Memorial Day $146 $178 $208 $217
May 30-Jun 30 Summer $114/$127 $150/$168 $181/$204 $190/$214
Jul 1-Jul 9 Independence Day $145 $189 $213 $226
Jul 10-Aug 6 Summer 2 $107/$138 $144/$170 $169/$196 $178/$206
Aug 7-Sep 1 Fall $74/$101 $112/$132 $125/$137 $134/$151
Sep 2-Sep 4 Labor Day $101 $133 $147 $162
Sep 5-Sep 29 Fall $74/$101 $112/$132 $125/$137 $134/$151
Sep 30-Oct 6 Fall 2 $100/$114 $135/$147 $144/$158 $154/$172
Oct 7-Oct 9 Special $120 $156 $163 $187
Oct 10-Oct 27 Fall 2 $100/$114 $135/$147 $144/$158 $154/$172
Oct 28-Oct 31 Thanksgiving $123 $159 $165 $195
Nov 1-Nov 2 Fall 2 $100/$114 $135/$147 $144/$158 $154/$172
Nov 3-Nov 5 Special $120 $156 $163 $187
Nov 6-Nov 18 Fall 2 $100/$114 $135/$147 $144/$158 $154/$172
Nov 19-Nov 25 Thanksgiving $123 $159 $165 $195
Nov 26-Dec 1 Fall 2 $100/$114 $135/$147 $144/$158 $154/$172
Dec 2-Dec 8 Winter $132/$172 $205/$216 $224/$233 $236/$242
Dec 9-Dec 15 Regular $132/$152 $198/$233 $222/$254 $234/$269
Dec 16-Dec 25 Holiday $180 $219 $244 $252
Dec 26-Dec 31 Holiday 2 $186 $226 $252 $261
Date Range Season Premium Meadow Campsite
Jan 1-Jan 5 New Years $241
Jan 6-Jan 8 Special $182
Jan 9-Jan 13 Value $152/$166
Jan 14-Jan 16 MLK Day $182
Jan 17-Jan 22 Value $152/$166
Jan 23-Feb 10 Spring $199/$225
Feb 11-Feb 13 Value 2 $228
Feb 14-Feb 16 Spring $199/$225
Feb 17-Feb 19 Value 2 $228
Feb 20-Feb 26 Spring $199/$225
Feb 27-Mar 3 Regular $245/$285
Mar 4-Apr 23 Easter $272
Apr 24-May 26 Spring $199/$225
May 27-May 29 Memorial Day $230
May 30-Jun 30 Summer $215/$241
Jul 1-Jul 9 Independence Day $240
Jul 10-Aug 6 Summer 2 $188/$218
Aug 7-Sep 1 Fall $142/$160
Sep 2-Sep 4 Labor Day $172
Sep 5-Sep 29 Fall $142/$160
Sep 30-Oct 6 Fall 2 $178/$198
Oct 7-Oct 9 Special $215
Oct 10-Oct 27 Fall 2 $178/$198
Oct 28-Oct 31 Thanksgiving $219
Nov 1-Nov 2 Fall 2 $178/$198
Nov 3-Nov 5 Special $215
Nov 6-Nov 18 Fall 2 $178/$198
Nov 19-Nov 25 Thanksgiving $219
Nov 26-Dec 1 Fall 2 $178/$198
Dec 2-Dec 8 Winter $250/$256
Dec 9-Dec 15 Regular $245/$285
Dec 16-Dec 25 Holiday $289
Dec 26-Dec 31 Holiday 2 $298

The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Notes

All of the information on this page, including accommodation prices and season dates, was current at the time it was prepared. (This information was originally acquired in the middle of 2021.) Disney has been known to make last-minute changes to pricing and policies, though this is a rare occurrence these days. It is recommended that you use the information on this page solely as a basic guideline. It is a campground resort, and the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are no exception.

A single kid under the age of three who is sleeping in a crib does not count toward the maximum occupancy.

Room Notes

  • Bed arrangement for a tent or a pop-up camp site: There is enough space for a pop-up camper or a camper van-type vehicle, as well as up to two tents. The following is the bed layout for a full hookup campsite: There’s enough space for an RV and a tent. Campsite with the following bed configuration: There’s enough space for an RV and a modest tent. Premium Campsite: The following is the bed configuration: There is enough space for a bigger size RV. Premium Meadow Campsite: The following is the bed configuration: There is enough space for a bigger size RV.

Camping at Disney World: Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground Guide

My family and I slept at the campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness ResortCampground this past February in order to receive the whole camping experience at Walt Disney World. We had a fantastic time. I’m not sure what took me so long to realize that Fort Wilderness is the most economical option to stay on Disney World property, so I’m not sure what I was thinking. Here’s what to anticipate while camping in Disney World, as well as some helpful hints and suggestions for having a fantastic day!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness ResortCampground Overview

This past February, I camped in one of the campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness ResortCampground to enjoy the whole camping experience in Walt Disney World, and I had a fantastic time! I’m not sure what took me so long to realize that Fort Wilderness is the most cheap option to stay on Disney World property. Learn what to anticipate while camping at Disney World as well as some helpful hints and suggestions for a memorable vacation!

  • Campsites for tents or pop-ups
  • Campsites with full hookups
  • Preferred campsites
  • Premium campsites

A paved road, picnic table, charcoal grill, power, and water are all provided at each campground. Campsites with full hookups, preferred sites, and premium sites are also available. The Fort Wilderness Resort also features four restaurants, two pools, playgrounds, two supper performances, and an abundance of recreational opportunities.

Fort Wilderness Campground Map

Fort Wilderness, as you can undoubtedly assume from this map, is a massive area. It is divided into 28 loops, each containing campsites and Wilderness Cabins, as well as a check-in center, multiple pools, three restaurants, and numerous other facilities. The distance between the Check-In facility and the opposite end of the campground is more than a mile. There are several internal buses that link the various districts of Fort Wilderness, making it simple to travel about.

Tent Camping at Disney World: Fort Wilderness Campsites

Each tent site at Fort Wilderness is equipped with a tent pad, a grill, an electric hook-up, a picnic table, and a water hose for your convenience. WiFi is also provided throughout the campground at no additional charge! The following is a picture of my campground taken from the road. There is enough of space in the driveway for a car, a pop-up camper, and a golf cart to park. Two tiny tents (those that sleep less than four people) or one large tent might be set up in the sandy tent area. Each campsite in Fort Wilderness can accommodate a maximum of ten people at a time.

Another advantage of tent camping at Fort Wilderness is the ability to save money on food.

Because to the presence of animals such as gators in Disney World’s waterways, it is important to remain away from them.

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Although I did not photograph one, there is a “comfort station” in each campsite circle, which I did not photograph.

Bathrooms, sinks, and shower facilities are located in this section of the building. We had a fantastic experience with the showers in the comfort station, which were perhaps the best we’d had at any campground anyplace.

Camping at Disney: Tent Camping Loops at Fort Wilderness

The loops 1500 and 2000 are the most suitable for tent camping at Fort Wilderness National Park. All of the campsites in these two loops fall into the category of “Tent or Pop-Up Campsites.” When making a reservation with Disney, you will have the option of selecting a specific campground category. While tent campers at Fort Wilderness can remain in other types of campsites (such as Full Hook-up or Preferred sites), they will not have access to a sand tent pad. They will have a concrete pad, and you will most likely not be able to peg down your tent on this location.

Fort Wilderness Campground Rates

During the year 2020, the fees for tent camping at Fort Wilderness will vary from $60 per night to $138 per night. Because there is such a wide variety in rates, I recommend that you plan your vacation dates carefully! At order to give you an idea of how much tent camping in Fort Wilderness costs, below are some example pricing for Tent or Pop-Up sites (exclusive of tax) at various times of year in 2020 (excluding tax). For costs for particular dates, I recommend receiving a free quotation from my Disney travel specialist Siera at Destinations in Florida, who can assist you with planning your trip.

From January 21 to February 13, the rate is $75 per night.

3/8 – 4/27: 138 dollars per night From May 27 to June 27, the rate is $90 per night.

$75 per night from October 14th through November 7th December 20th to December 31st: $134 per night

Renting an RV at Fort Wilderness

If you’re not interested in tent camping at Fort Wilderness, you may also hire an RV for the duration of your visit! “How in the world am I going to get an RV to Fort Wilderness and get it set up?” you might be wondering to yourself. Do not be concerned; there are firms that will bring your RV to your location and set it up for you. It’s almost as if you’re checking into a hotel room, except that the room is in the form of an RV. Rental of an RV is recommended by me through RVshare, a well-known and trusted website that connects RV owners with renters.

Many RVshare owners will bring the RV to your campsite at Fort Wilderness for FREE if you schedule a minimum stay of three nights through the site.

Renting an RV for your Disney World vacation is a terrific way to save money on your vacation.

Aside from that, renting a spacious RV with a living room throughRVsharecan save you a significant amount of money as compared to reserving many rooms at a Disney resort.

Campsites may accommodate up to ten people, allowing two families to easily share a site and a large RV – some RVs can sleep as many as ten people!

Fort Wilderness Pools

My campground was only a short walk away from the Meadow Pool, which is considered the “feature” pool at Fort Wilderness. For children, there is an entertaining water play area with a playground, water elements, and these two little slides. There is also a waterslide and a huge hot tub on the property. Neither water play areas, nor water slides, nor hot tubs can be found at any of the other “Value” hotels at Walt Disney World. Being able to use this pool while staying in the campsites at Fort Wilderness is a great bonus of staying there!

I came here for lunch and had some delicious nachos, which I highly recommend.

Another, smaller pool may be found in the loop with the Wilderness Cabins, which is accessible by a short walk (between the 2500 and 2700 loops).

Fort Wilderness Dining

The famed Hoop Dee Do Revue supper performance is a popular reason for many tourists to visit Fort Wilderness for the first time. It is a favorite of many guests and can be found in Pioneer Hall, which is located at the back of Fort Wilderness. Trail’s End, an eating establishment connected to Pioneer Hall, is a hidden treasure. Some of the same foods as Hoop De Doo are available at a lower price in this buffet restaurant. In addition to being the most reasonably priced buffet on Disney World property, it offers delectable fare for breakfast (until noon) and supper.

You can even purchase fast service food from Trail’s End at PJ’s Southern Takeout, which is located just next door to the establishment.

Located just next to Trail’s End, Crockett’s Tavern has a walk-up window from which you may purchase beverages and sit on the porch to enjoy them.

More information on the show may be found here.

Fort Wilderness AttractionsRecreation

With so much to see and do at Fort Wilderness, you could easily spend your whole holiday there, without ever visiting any of the theme parks. I was especially looking forward to seeing Cinderella’s ponies, which are kept at the Tri-Circle D Ranch, which is close to Pioneer Hall. Aren’t they just the cutest things ever? The ranch also serves as a home for all of the other horses who work at Walt Disney World and its surrounding areas. You may take a trip inside the horse barn and learn about each individual horse.

  1. Pony rides are available for purchase at the Tri-Circle D Ranch for children over the age of two who are under 48 inches tall and under 80 pounds in weight.
  2. to 5:00 p.m., seven days a week for $8 per person.
  3. They commence outside of Crockett’s Tavern and last 25 minutes, beginning in front of the building.
  4. They last 45 minutes and are suitable for visitors aged 9 and up.
  5. Reservations may be made by dialing the toll-free number 800-WDW-PLAY.

There are a variety of different recreational opportunities accessible at Fort Wilderness. Some of them include archery, bike rentals, and canoeing. When you check in, ask for recreation information so that you can get all of the facts!

Camping at Disney World: Fort Wilderness Transportation

Because of the large size of Fort Wilderness, there is an internal transit system. It may appear difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. The internal buses can transport you to the Outpost at the entrance of the resort, where you can board buses to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs. The external buses can take you to the Epcot International Airport. The Settlement Depot may also be reached by using one of the internal buses.

Other boats circulate between Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, and the Contemporary Resort, among other destinations.

I was able to get to where I wanted to go promptly since the buses arrived swiftly when camping at Disney World.

What Disney Benefits Do I Get When I Stay at Fort Wilderness?

They’re all of them! When you book even a one-night stay at Fort Wilderness, you will receive the following benefits:

  • All guests on the reservation will receive complimentary MagicBands
  • Complimentary airport transfers on the Magical Express
  • Access to Extra Magic Hours
  • And complimentary transportation throughout Walt Disney World. You will have the option to include a dining plan in your reservation.

In addition to everything else that is typically included with a Disney World resort hotel stay. I was able to upgrade my one-night stay at Fort Wilderness to include a food plan as well as a park ticket, and I even got to use my refillable mug during my stay!

Best Campsites For Tent Camping at Fort Wilderness

In terms of tent camping, I believe that loop 1500 is a far better option than loop 2000. I stayed in Loop 1500, which was about a 5-minute walk from the main Meadow Pool, fast service eateries, and a grocery shop. This circle is considerably more compact, and all of the sites are only a short walk from the bathrooms. By calling Disney at 407-W-DISNEY, you may request that a request be added to your reservation at Fort Wilderness ResortsCampground. My request for a site in loop 1500 was approved, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Fort Wilderness Cabins

Staying in Fort Wilderness’ Wilderness Cabins, which start at roughly $350/night, is another option for those visiting the park. In this essay, you’ll learn how the Wilderness Cabins stack up against the other Disney Moderate Resorts.

Camping at Disney World TipsTricks

  • Meadow area has a weekly bonfire with free marshmallow toasting in the evenings (weather permitting). A performance by ChipDale is included in the event, as well as a sing-a-long! When you check-in, ask for the timing for this (seasonally). When I went in February, the campfire was at 6:30 p.m.
  • After the campfire, a “Movie Under The Stars” was being screened every night
  • And after the movie, there was a bonfire. For the pool at Fort Wilderness, you’ll need to bring your own towels, as opposed to the pools at other Disney resorts, where towels are provided. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent with you on your trip. From the beach at Fort Wilderness, you can view the Electric Water Pageant in action. It arrives at 9:45 p.m. every night
  • Make sure to carry an outside extension cord with you so that you can charge your gadgets while inside your camper. I brought one with me and was quite pleased with it
  • The likelihood of rain during your stay is high, so bring a tent with an attached rain flap that goes all the way to ground level. The sand-like substance in the tent mats WILL find its way inside your tent. Ensure that your tent is kept clean by bringing along a small dustpan and brush. Even if you are staying at a camping, you may take use of the Magical Express luggage delivery service. Simply dial the phone number provided at check-in once you have arrived at your destination and it has been at least 5 hours since your airline landed. Your belongings will be transported to your campground via van.

I hope this essay has addressed all of your questions concerning camping at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. Alternatively, you may submit any questions you have in the comments section below or join the debate in The Budget Mouse private Facebook group.

Camping at Disneyland, Campsites around Disneyland California

I hope this essay has addressed any of your questions regarding camping at Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World! Please leave any remaining questions in the comments section below, or join the debate in The Budget Mouse’s private Facebook community!

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