How Much Does A Jungle Reef Tent Weigh

Heavy Duty 15oz(509gsm) Waterproof Ripstop Canvas Wilderness Sleeper Tent – XL

Jungle Reef Heavy Duty is a heavy-duty jungle reef. 15oz (509gsm) Ripstop Canvas with a water-resistant coating Tent for Sleeping in the Wilderness Founded in 1984, Jungle Reef Outdoors is an Australian Wilderness Sleeper Tent company that offers Wilderness Sleeper Tents with every Wilderness Sleeper Tent feature imaginable. Jungle Reef is a division of the Global National Australia Group of companies, which has been in the wilderness sleeper tent business since 1984. Because it is the same manufacturer that supplies the Australian Defense Force, you can be certain that your Wilderness Sleeper Tents will be a product that will withstand everything you throw at it.

Australian designed Jungle Reef Wilderness Sleeper Tents come in three sizes: single, king single, and double.

FRONT AND TOP ENTRYJungle Reef specialize in heavy duty innovative lifestyle Wilderness Sleeper Tents which are designed with both top and front entry for easy access no matter what the weather.
FOOT WINDOW FOR GREATER VENTILATIONThe Innovative roll up foot window on these Wilderness Sleeper Tents provides a cross ventilation feature keeping you cool in hot humid climates or can be closed to provide a warm cozy environment in cold or snow conditions.
2.3″ THICK MATTRESS WITH COVERAll Wilderness Sleeper Tents Come complete with a thick comfortable high density Foam Mattress with a removable and washable cover, which folds up inside the Wilderness Sleeper Tent. The heavy duty PVC base ensures dry comfortable accommodation even when the Wilderness Sleeper Tents are positioned on soaking wet ground or torrential rain.
WRAP STRAPWilderness Sleeper Tents are designed with the latest wrap strap feature which allows the Wilderness Sleeper Tent to dry easily when rolled up and avoids having the difficulty of struggling to put your wet or soiled Wilderness Sleeper Tent inside a bag.
HIGH TENSILE POLESHEAVY DUTY CLIPS15 oz ripstop canvas is one of the toughest materials available for tents. Combine with zip up insect screens to keep out virtually all insects while allowing plenty of ventilator
4 INSIDE POCKETS FOR KEYS, FLASHLIGHT ETCThe Wilderness Sleeper Tent also comes with 4 pockets which allows you to store your keys, flashlight, and phone.
HEAVY DUTY 15OZ (509GSM) WATERPROOF RIP STOP CANVASThese High Quality Wilderness Sleeper Tents are designed with Sand Fly proof Mesh which is a unique and important feature for outback camping.
6 EYELETS WITH CORNER STITCHING FOR DURABILITYThe Wilderness Sleeper Tent comes with 3 high tensile poles, 8 ground stakes for cyclone weather and 2 guy ropes.

Australian Swags Are Coming to America. Do You Want One?

When you join up for Outside+ today, you’ll receive a $50 discount off an eligible $100 purchase at the Outside Shop, where you’ll discover a variety of brand-name goods handpicked by our gear editors. Australia’s isolation from the rest of the globe, which is marked by thousands of miles of water, has resulted in the emergence of some pretty bizarre species, such as the platypus and the kangaroo. In the same way, its camping culture has evolved in a completely different direction. Americans and Europeans choose ultralight tents that weigh little and pack down to almost nothing, but Australians spend their nights outside in large strength canvas bags that weigh hundreds of pounds and require the use of a truck to deliver them.

Will they be able to grasp the concept?

What’s a Swag?

During the time of cowboys and outlaws, a “swagman” was an itinerant laborer who roamed the nation undertaking seasonal chores such as stock roundup and sheep shearing, among other things. They often carried nothing more than a blanket and a piece of canvas to sleep beneath, which they folded up and carried on their backs. These bed rolls were known as “swags,” and over time, they evolved into more minimalist shelters as sleeping outside became less of a way of life and more of a leisure pastime for people.


ForeverWild is a lifestyle column dedicated to the exploration of nature’s wonders through adventure travel. It covers topics such as the vehicles and equipment that bring us there, as well as the people we encounter along the route. Follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See the Archive for further information. Consider the world’s heaviest bivy bag or hiking tarp, which is constructed of the heaviest conceivable materials, and you’ll have a good idea of what I’m talking about.

  1. During good weather, the swag’s entrance is enormous, taking up anywhere from half of its length to the entire length of the shelter.
  2. The majority of swags also come with a specialized foam mattress that occupies the whole inside; you just leave it and your sleeping bag inside when you wrap the entire package up and store it away.
  3. It is not so much that the complete shelter packs down as it is that it somewhat condenses into a roll that is approximately one and a half meters long and half meters in diameter with the use of a contemporary swag.
  4. It doesn’t matter if you’re crossing rivers or stuck in a once-in-a-generation wet season since the swag’s inherent weatherproofness keeps the interior dry (as I was).
  5. I tested a swag item that was designed by him, and he wants for it to be among the best on the market.
  6. “With centipedes, spiders, and snakes all attempting to bite you, you don’t want to be sleeping on the ground,” says the author.

It’s normal to bring along a tarp to put up your stuff, just to add a little extra weight and space to your bag. It keeps the red dirt off of it, but the PVC floor eliminates the need for a footprint altogether. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ellum)

Who Uses Them?

‘If you’re the type of dude who likes to be showy, then you’ll go with a rooftop tent, but most of us just swag it, pal,’ says Sam Purcell, a 44 journalist based in Sydney. “If you’re the type of bloke who likes to be flashy, then you’ll go with a rooftop tent,” he says. He looked at me as if I was insane when I explained my ultra-luxurious rooftop tent on the ground for two people camping arrangement. One waterproof bag holds everything from a cabin-size tent to a two-person mattress and an assortment of down comforters and pillows, all of which can be packed into something that is approximately the same size as a one-person swag and just slightly heavier.

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Only three inches of egg crate foam awaits you inside the swag, and you’ll be required to complete the project entirely on your own initiative.

As a reference, theNemo Wagontop 4pthat serves as the foundation for my rooftop tent on the ground weighs 18 pounds and has an internal capacity of 445 cubic feet, according to the manufacturer.

The closest solution I could come up with is a sense of nostalgia, national identity, and tradition.


Looking around at the other campers I saw on this trip and the equipment they were using, it appears that the ARB SkyDome is the apex of swag architecture. Apart from being exceedingly well-constructed, it also has a number of ingenious features that improve the overall quality of your life, such as the specific holder for large round hats that is located inside the roof, just forward of the entry path. The main body of the swag is composed of 14.75-ounce canvas, and it is mounted on a floor made of 28.61-ounce PVC that is completely waterproof.

  1. If you had a few dozen gallons of water on hand, you could definitely take a bath in the contraption.
  2. The ridge poles push them apart, allowing the swag to stand on its own.
  3. The ARB swag is intended to allow you to sleep on asphalt while yet remaining comfy.
  4. They may be staked out to promote ventilation while also keeping rain out, or they can simply be rolled up and stored out of the way.
  5. In case you’re keeping track at home, it equates to two separate layers of watertight closing on the windows.
  6. The three-inch-thick mattress within the swag spans the whole one-meter width of the swag, providing you with a generously padded sleeping area on the inside.
  7. Additionally, there are several pockets and clips inside, which may be used to store books, socks, flashlights, a stubby or anything else you would want to bring inside the house with you at night when walking around.
  8. As a result, it is referred to as the “shooter’s window.” One item that is conspicuously absent from the swag is any form of entryway.
  9. In recognition of this, ARB constructed a playfully scaled-down replica of the SkyDome, which they dubbed the ” Boot Swag.” The roof rack of this Land Rover with a lengthy wheelbase was completely occupied with six swags.

The additional 150 Lbs on the roof increased body roll in corners and while negotiating off-road obstacles. And they significantly reduced its handling. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ellum)

Using It

For the past two weeks, I’ve been driving vintage 4x4s around the Simpson Desert and adjacent locations, and I’ve been sleeping in this thing for the most of the time. This morning, it was chilly, then hot, then it rained again, and then it rained some more. It was windy, then it rained again. At this point, I’d consider myself to be a seasoned swag user. At first, I was apprehensive, to say the least. Because of the swag’s extremely low packed-size-to-internal-volume ratio, it makes no objective sense.

  1. My belongings were kept relatively dry by storing them in the ARB’s waterproof canvas swag transfer bag, which was provided by the company.
  2. Not only that you’re protected from the Fierce Snakes by a thick canvas barrier; it’s also that the all-encompassing mattress, large sleeping bag, and womb-like swag inside all work together to completely envelope you in comfort.
  3. This unpleasant dance of de-clothing externally, then fighting to unlock both doors so I could leap inside before getting drenched, gradually evolved into a well-practiced, time-saving routine.
  4. My Australian companions chuckled as I meticulously staked out the swag like a hiking tent, with each corner meticulously hammered into the hard red dirt and the tarp neatly tucked in under the shelter’s footprint, much like a backpacking tent.
  5. The ARB swag will not be moved once it has been put up, no matter how bad the weather becomes.
  6. Do you want to wake up in the rain?
  7. You can tighten it down with the help of the integrated straps and connections, and the waterproof floor rides on the outside, keeping everything inside dry.
  8. It was easy to drop sleep from tiredness after riding on the top of an ancient Land Rover in the rain every day.
  9. This inland taipan, also known as the “Fierce Snake” in local slang, is the world’s most poisonous snake and one of the most violent predators on the planet.

Despite the fact that the swag’s large canvas body and PVC floor provide no practical additional protection above a nylon tent, they certainly give you the impression of being protected from creepy crawlies like this one. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ellum)


  • It’s as if you’re sleeping in a coffin. They’ll feel perfectly at home, and as you get used to it, you will as well
  • Wind and rain have no effect on it at all. With everything zipped up tight, the thick canvas and tiny proportions help to keep the heat at bay. This is without a doubt the warmest shelter I’ve ever slept in. It allows you to keep a less-insulating sleeping bag within it than would otherwise be necessary under the circumstances. When it’s sweltering outside, the abundant ventilation is a welcome relief
  • The structure is ridiculously overbuilt. Under normal circumstances, you’d never be able to do any damage to this creature. A meter-wide mattress and sleeping sack provide you complete freedom of movement as long as you remain completely flat
  • To be able to drop bear resistant,
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  • It makes you sound like Justin Bieber when you’re talking about one of them. The most absurd packed-size-to-internal-volume ratio ever devised in the history of mankind. “Tardis-like?” This is something that is diametrically opposed to that
  • It takes strength to hoist one onto the roof of a lifted truck
  • The ARB’s transport bag isn’t nearly large enough to accommodate the swag that it is planned to accommodate, resulting in water infiltration during transportation. There is no vestibule for storing boots and other stuff outside but out of the weather
  • I’m unable to sit up inside
  • There is nothing you would want to do in one other than sleep in it
  • It is not a place to spend a rainy afternoon. You’ll never, ever, ever, ever transport one without the assistance of a car or truck

Spreader poles between the hoops allow ARB’s swag to stand independently (and incredibly solid). On warm nights, the pole above the entrance may be positioned to be offset, allowing you to fully open the canvas cover and enjoy the fresh air. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ellum)

Should You Buy One?

There is no objective argument that the swag can use to defend its position on the issue. Heavily laden and inconvenient to take about, it is also prohibitively costly. It is also unusable. Combine the weight of canvas and PVC with the size of a bivy and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Despite this, I had a great time sleeping on my own bed. So much so that I’m really mailing it back to the United States from Australia. When you use an ultralight hiking tent constructed of 7D ripstop, the sensation of security is no less than when you use a traditional camping tent, yet it still provides an enormous sense of well-being.

Travelers and expats who have spent time in the Australian Outback may find swags to be a pleasant memory of their time there when they visit the United States.

Swags, Single, Double Swags Information

A division of Global National Group of companies that has been in business since 1984 and that supplies the Australian Defence Force, Jungle Reef Outdoors has swags with every swag feature you could ever imagine. Jungle Reef is a division of Global National Group of companies that has been in business since 1984 and that supplies the Australian Defence Force, so you can rest assured that your swags will be a product that will withstand anything you can throw at it. Jungle Reef is well-known for its Australian Camping and Gear, whether you’re out trekking or taking a road trip.

In addition to having a number of unique features, these popular Jungle Reef Swags are made from some of the most durable materials available, including big tooth high quality 10 coil zips and heavy-duty 15-ounce ripstop water-resistant canvas.

All of our heavy duty 15oz rip stop water resistant canvas swags, which are available in Khaki and Camoflague, are equipped with the iconic heavy duty YKK zips. These are the hardest and only swags available in Australia made from 15oz canvas and YKK zips, making them the best choice.

Aussie swag firms such as Jungle Reef specialize in heavy-duty, inventive lifestyle swags that are created with both top and front access options to accommodate a variety of needs. Because of the innovative Foot Window on these swags, they provide excellent ventilation around the feet and even better, they promote cross ventilation. These High-Quality Swags are constructed with Sand Fly-Proof Mesh, which is a unique and crucial feature for camping in the Australian Outback. These Swags are equipped with a comfortable egg crate type foam mattress with a detachable and washable cover for your convenience.

  • These swags are constructed with three heavy-duty poles that can be folded up and stored in a compartment at the bottom of the swag’s base.
  • The Swag also has four pockets, which are perfect for storing your keys, flashlight, and phone.
  • Due to their design, these swags do not require the purchase of a swag bag.
  • Being comfortable and economical while enjoying a classic outdoor camping experience has never been easier or more affordable than it is now thanks to our Jungle Reef brand Swags.
  • All of our heavy duty 15oz rip stop water resistant canvas swags, which are available in Khaki and Camoflague, are equipped with the iconic heavy duty YKK zips.

The 5 Best Hammock Tents For Camping

The Tentsile Flite Plus camping hammock system is a one-of-a-kind camping hammock system. Because of its big, extra-spacious footprint, this lightweight hammock tent gives a great deal of space and comfort. Unlike most other hammocks, the Tenstile Flite Plus is linked to three trees rather than two, as is the case with most others. This results in a bigger living space in the Flite Plus, which provides more comfort on longer travels. Because of all of the additional living space, it can accommodate up to two individuals with a maximum weight capacity of 485lbs (220kg).

The fabric used to construct this hammock tent is 240D nylon-polyester, which is extremely robust and suitable for long-term usage.

The Flite Plus has a flat layout, which is one of its primary advantages.

Furthermore, because the Flite Plus is designed for year-round usage, you may use it even during the winter months.

Park Rules & Policies For Your Safety

Welcome! In order to provide our visitors with disabilities the best possible experience while remaining in line with the law, we have set a target for ourselves. Guest with disabilities, especially those who use wheelchairs, will find that the majority of our attractions and restaurants are easily accessible to them. You should call the Park and talk with a guest service representative at least 48 hours prior to your visit if you (or someone you are responsible for) has a specific handicap or special need.

  1. If you have a group of handicapped people, giving us a week’s notice would tremendously assist us in providing you with the best service.
  2. Guest Services can be reached at (631) 727-3600 or by clicking here.
  3. At the Park, the one concern that takes precedence above having a good time is safety.
  4. Many of the rides and other attractions at the Park include safety features that are specifically intended to suit persons of ordinary physical size and body proportion, for your protection.
  5. If you are in good health and believe that you are in a safe position to participate in activities or rides, you should only do so.
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Don’t go horseback riding if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or another heart condition, neck, back/spine or body problems, motion sickness or balance issues, recent surgery, neurological or vision disorders, conditions affecting coordination and muscle control, seizures or fainting spells, or any other medical condition that may impair your ability to fully enjoy the activity or ride in a safe and controlled manner.

  • If you have any impairment or condition that would prohibit you from using the seats and safety restraints as intended, or if you are unable to comply with any safety requirement, you should not travel on public transportation.
  • It is not permitted to ride in safety.
  • Please bear in mind that the majority of amusement and water rides exert pressures on the body and are thus not ideal for persons who have already sustained injuries or illnesses.
  • In order to prevent potential dangers linked with medical equipment or prosthesis falling loose—which can result in serious or severe injury to the rider or other people—these regulations must be followed.
  • It is possible that these gadgets may prohibit safety restraints from functioning as intended, that they will create risks for passengers entering or exiting a ride, and that they will impair the passenger’s ability to maintain an appropriately secure and safe riding posture.
  • With any queries or for more clarification on a ride-by-ride basis, please talk with a Park management before to boarding.

As a reminder, please keep in mind that there are some rides where the presence of all limbs may be required in order for you to be properly fastened. We regret that we are unable to enable any such person to participate in those rides in such circumstances, for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Ultralight Tent: 5-Week Test In Amazon Rainforest

The tent was sent by mail. However, when I first took it out of the package, I was suspicious – could this little device actually function? In order to recreate Teddy Roosevelt’s first descent on the River of Doubt, I was on my way to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The Roosevelt River, named after the expedition’s leader, continues to be an isolated, untamed stretch of water with more than 70 rapids along its course. Our squad anticipated a lot of portaging through deep jungle, so we had to reduce the amount of gear we brought.

Campsite by the jungle river that is typical.

I was delighted by how quickly it came together, as well as by the thoughtful touches, such as a beautiful tensioning mechanism.

On the whole, I was impressed with how well the tent held up over our five-week stay in the Amazon jungle.

However, even a screen tent without a fly may get uncomfortable in the Amazon.

It’s true that it’s a little space, but I’m primarily in my tent when I’m sleeping.

The use of this tent on further canoe trips in the Boundary Waters this summer and beyond is something I’m looking forward to.

Where To Put It To The Test: Mountains with rugged terrain, wild lakes and rivers with several portages, long paths, and lightweight bike rides are all possibilities.

If the tent is folded up, it is just little larger than a one-liter water bottle.

Description: Installation and dismantling: Setup is rather simple: after a few practice sessions, I was able to put up and take down the system in a matter of minutes.

The tent is simple to set up; all you have to do is lay it down on the ground, stake the six guy lines, open the entrance, and put the two collapsible poles into specific holders to create the ridgeline.

The Specialist Solo is a single-wall tent, which makes it incredibly easy to put up and carry about.

Poles weigh 3.9 ounces, while pegs weigh 2.3 ounces.

The walls, vestibule, and floor are comprised of Pertex Endurance 20D nylon shell fabric (1,000mm waterhead; 7000 mvtr rating), and the shell is surrounded by 15D waterproof nylon walls, vestibule, and floor.

Mesh panel doors are a type of mesh panel.

If you’re attempting to save every gram, you should also leave the pegs behind and instead use natural anchors.

However, as previously said, practically any tent was too hot during our vacation due to the high temperatures.

The price of this little tent is also rather high at $429 msrp (list price).

It is simple to set up and has been thoughtfully designed.

On this single-wall design that is both basic and effective, all of the features are in place.

— A crew of paddlers from across the world joined Dave Freeman on an excursion down the Rio Roosevelt in the Brazilian Amazon, 100 years after Teddy Roosevelt made his first descent down the river in 1914.

2014 was the year when Dave and his wife Amy Freeman were recognized as National Geographic Adventurers of the Year.

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