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“Doctor Potter” Meme is the Closest We’ll Get to a Harry Potter Doctor Who Episode

Viaevadne Countless articles have been written about whichDoctor Whoactors have been in theHarry Potterfilms and vice versa, but have you ever considered what would happen if these two well-known worlds truly came together? It’s the “Doctor Potter” meme’s turn! With this great Tumblr mash-up, the Doctor and his newest companion make a perfectly fair argument for traveling to the wizarding realm in the TARDIS with their latest companion. The GIFs and photo manips are so well done that you can almost believe for a moment that this is a previously unreleased episode.

It’s tough to take your eyes away from the screen, in part because the editing is so sharp.

viakinghanalister Hermione appears to be the target of every invader in this GIF collection, and she appears to be unable to get a break.

viawe-reidentical However, whereas the GIFs in the preceding section create a rather gloomy and dramatic story, the “Doctor Potter” tag is primarily a collection of one-offs.

  • viaTumblrviaelectric-bluevelvet The TARDIS, on the other hand, is much more popular.
  • courtesy of Jason Welborn viabakerstreetto gallifreyviaAlex Ryan Gallifreyvia And, of course, there are the obvious jokes: viafyrefoxxviamorgick viastarchaser1874 Afterwards, there are the even better references, which have the additional benefit of being canon.
  • Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the writers included numerousPotterreferences.viamarauders4evr.including a spell that actually helps the characters save the day.
  • viaam4t3ur Natalie Zutter is a dramatist, gourmet, and pop culture blogger who lives in New York City.

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10 Things Harry Potter & Doctor Who Have In Common

Both Harry Potter and Doctor Who have achieved great success. They are both enjoyable and have played a role in the formation of many people’s childhoods, and both timeless stories are continuously being exposed to new audiences, even as individuals reach adulthood. In the fictitious universe, Harry Potter and The Doctor are two of the most well-known and cherished figures in the world. Despite the fact that one is a magical film series based on the novels by J.K. Rowling and the other is a science fiction television adventure series, the two have more in common than they appear on first glance.

10The Conflicted Hero

Harry had no desire to be chosen as The Chosen One. The Doctor did not seek to be forced to make decisions that would be difficult for others to make and that would be tough for his or her conscience. Good individuals lost their lives as a result of their circumstances. Harry saw the murder of the Weasley family’s kid, he himself lost Sirius, and he felt personally responsible for the deaths of Cedric, Moody, Remus, and Tonks, among a slew of others. Throughout history, every incarnation of The Doctor has encountered amazing, bright individuals who have died in their efforts to assist them, even if they have only known The Doctor for a matter of minutes.

9Tragic Backstory

Voldemort assassinated Lily and James Potter as part of his attempt to prevent the prophecy from coming true. Of course, as we all know, he was unsuccessful, and he abandoned Harry Potter, leaving him an orphan. As a result, Harry was forced to live with his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon, and cousin Dudley, three of the most disagreeable muggles ever to grace the lands of Little Whinging. Harry was abused and mistreated by the Dursley family, and he was never regarded as the loving son that Dumbledore had thought the Dursleys would treat him.

A lonely wanderer, the Time Lord without a home, someone who will never be able to spend forever with the ones she loves, she is Sylvia Browning.

8SmartLoyal Companions

Ron and Hermione were introduced to Harry during his first year at Hogwarts, and the three of them have been friends ever since. They were dubbed “The Golden Trio,” with each member’s unique abilities and temperaments contributing to the group’s success. Throughout his life, Harry met a lot of people, and many of them joined him in his battle against the Dark Arts. And, much like Harry, every Doctor had friends; companions who were intelligent, loyal, humorous, and consoling. Every companion contributed in a unique way, with their personality complementing the personality of the Doctor with whom they traveled.

7Witches, WerewolvesGhosts

The traditional monsters will always emerge in their familiar shapes in fictional universes, unless they undergo some type of creative transformation. Witches in Harry Potter are colorful, strong, and not at all obnoxious Halloween decorations, as opposed to their Halloween counterparts. InHarry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, the readers and viewers are exposed to werewolves from two sources: the book studied inDefence Against The Dark Arts and Professor Lupin. Ghosts make occasional appearances at Hogwarts, and the Resurrection Stone and the spell Priori Incantatem both demonstrate the presence of other astral forms.

An extraterrestrial culture known as The Carrionites is akin to the traditional witch in Doctor Who, a werewolf makes an appearance and is tied to the royal bloodline, and ghosts find a similar equivalent in The Gelth.

6A Dedicated Fan Base

There is no doubting that each of these fandoms have extremely large followings of their own. Each one is completely amazing, full of adventures, heartache, laughter, and very realistic people, and each one is unique in its own way. Similarly, both Harry Potter and Doctor Who have followers of various ages who embrace the geeky and either enjoy lightly or seriously, attending as many conventions as they can to show their affection. BothHarry PotterandDoctor Whohave people who have heard of them but have not immersed themselves in their fantastical, fantastical, fantastical universes.

5Both British

This may seem self-evident, but it’s still worth saying. They’re both from the United Kingdom. In Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, a British novelist, creates a plot that takes place in the country of her birth. Doctor Who premiered in 1963, and despite the fact that The Doctor claims to have traveled throughout all of space and time, the show constantly returns to its British origins. In both brands, the accents, tea, and environment are all very British. When the Doctor and Martha are confronted by several witches (Carrionites) in the season 3Doctor Whoepisode “The Shakespeare Code,” the Doctor and Martha utter the phrase expelliarmus, which connects them both and acknowledges the existence ofHarry Potter.

4Bigger On The Inside Technology

Harry Potter is magical, and with magic, anything is possible, even the ability to make things appear larger on the inside of things. During the Quidditch World Cup, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is taken aback by the tent in which they are camped. In the end, Mr. Weasley had to borrow the magical tent from a friend. It’s also the same tent that Harry, Ron, and Hermione sleep in throughout the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. Hermione, in the same film/novel, charms her little beaded purse to make it larger on the inside by using her charms.

There are larger pockets in the Doctor’s coat on the inside, as well as a larger TARDIS, confession dial, and a larger Dalek jail.

3Magical Ways To TimeSpace Travel

There are a plethora of magical modes of transportation available in the Wizarding World. Floo Powder, The Ford Anglia, apparating, Time-Turners, phone booths, and broomsticks were all introduced to readers and viewers via the novels and films in the series. There are various levels of comfort and danger connected with each of these options. The Doctor travels about in a telephone box known as the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, in the television series Doctor Who.

On a number of occasions, teleportation devices known as time vortex manipulators have been utilized to transport people.

2A Returning Enemy

Despite the best efforts of both heroes, their adversary is tenacious and determined. Voldemort has been a source of fear for the Wizarding World since before Harry was born, and after a period of relative peace, he has returned. Voldemort continued to make cameos throughout the series until he ultimately appeared in the flesh in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, it was only at The Battle Of Hogwarts, which took place in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, that Harry was finally victorious against him by destroying all of the Horcruxes.

The Daleks are the torment of The Doctor’s existence in the television series Doctor Who. It makes no difference how many times The Doctor feels she has defeated them; they always come back stronger and more intelligent than before.


Because both Harry Potter and Doctor Who are produced in the United Kingdom, they share a large number of performers. Bartemius Crouch Junior, played by David Tennant, had a cameo in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He is also well-known for his portrayal as the Doctor in the tenth edition of the series. The actor Michael Gambon, who is most known for his role as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films beginning with the third film, also appears in the Doctor WhoChristmas special “A Christmas Carol” as Kazran.

Black), Toby Jones (DobbyDream Lord), Mark Williams (Mr.

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It’s a Whovasion and Nothing Is Sacred

Another Doctor Who-related blog article! Since it’s been a long since I’ve written something like this, what better time than directly after another Doctor Who post? This is about the way Whovians treat everything as if it were theirs. Nothing is sacrosanct in this world. I’ll give a quick overview of some of my most interesting crossover discoveries and hypotheses that I’ve come across over my time on the internet. Not even a search for these items was required on my part. I was able to find these by just following Doctor Who’s Facebook and Pinterest accounts, rather than having to search for them on Google.

  • The popularity of Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossovers may be attributed to three major factors.
  • They are both geeky, English pastimes, and I enjoy them both.
  • The Doctor’s TARDIS is a spacecraft that on the exterior resembles a regular-sized police box, but on the inside it is far larger in size.
  • With Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia, the Quidditch World Cup tents, Hermione’s pocketbook, and the Room of Requirement, we can understand how it came to be this way.
  • Because it’s too much fun to believe that David Tennant’s participation in the film as Barty Crouch Jr.
  • And this brings us to C.David Tennant’s character.
  • Here’s a nice little tidbit to round things up.

appears in the last chapter of GoF, which is titled “The Parting of the Ways.” as well as the very first episode in which David Tennant debuts as The Doctor?

It’s really no surprise that Whovians aren’t more enthusiastic about this Wizards/Time Lords pairing.

The fictional character James Bond This one isn’t even a stretch to be honest.

Rugrats are a third option.

There’s little doubt about it: the Daleks in the lower photo are an obvious hint.

And what about Tommy Pickles’ ever-present screwdriver?

But they couldn’t have predicted the popularity of bow ties, and I’m inclined to assume that it was the makers of Rugrats and Tommy’s gorgeous bow ties who were the inspiration for 11’s love of bow ties in the first place.

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Sailor Moon (number 4) “What?

No, it did not happen that way.

Who is this sailor?


Nevertheless, I’ll put it out there: if you talk about drumming, whether it’s incessant drumming or disregarding drumming, a Whovian will be able to connect the dots back to The Master.

The Star Wars franchise Is R2D2 based on the Daleks in any way?

It was in Doctor Who’s first season, 5th episode, that the Daleks made their initial appearance.

Given their resemblance in appearance, I believe it is quite likely that the Daleks are the biological father of R2D2.

They are both fascinated by science.

Their friends are gingers, and they both hang out with them.

They are both familiar with how to use a device that allows them to travel through time, space, and other bodies.


I’m just putting it out there.

The story of Mary Poppins After all, who could really argue with that?

It’s because she’s British, that’s why.

Prior to this, it was just amusing to see her as Captain America; now, Doctor Who fans may put their own perspective on why she’s there.

I was serious when I told you.

What about the Stanley Cup?

Even for me, this is a touch out of bounds.

is the eleventh film in the franchise.

brought this upon themselves by their own actions.

The fact that Whovians have tampered with this photograph just serves to demonstrate how far they will go to make everything a small slice of Doctor Who.

Perhaps Ash was a native of Gallifrey or a distant relative of one.

Who knows what will happen.


Whovians, you’re being really greedy.

CISPALast but not least, we have this gentleman.

Guys, I’m referring to the literal sense of the word.


That is all I have for you, my lovely readers. Thank you for your time. 15 things that Whovians have somehow assimilated into their lifestyle. If anyone has any suggestions for things I’ve forgotten or haven’t heard of yet, please share them in the comments section! We’ll see you on Thursday.


Is There a Crossover Between Harry Potter and Doctor Who? It is possible for two lovely worlds to come together! When Harry Potter and The Doctor come face to face for the first time. Is this a possible crossover in the future? If this does happen, I believe it will be seen by millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that you have millions of Doctor Who enthusiasts as well as millions of Harry Potter lovers. Some people are both, like myself! Streets would be lined up with a diverse group of supporters to herald the beginning of this monumental crossover.

The Whovians would be attacked by Harry Potter fanatics wielding their wands.

In this section, I will explain why I believe this amazing crossover should go place.


In between each Doctor Who series, there is always a pause in the action. Between each Series, there is a gap of around 9-10 months. Why not create a crossover between Harry Potter and Doctor Who to fill the void? With the Harry Potter films coming to a conclusion, Harry Potter fans will be looking for something to do in the meantime.

Not Series Related!

This crossover does not have to be a part of the Doctor Who series in order to be successful. It is also not required to have any connection to the Harry Potter movie or novels. Despite the fact that Voldemort is no longer alive. There’s no reason why he can’t return for a crossover episode at some point in the future. It may be a fundraiser for a good cause. It might be for a charitable organization such as Children in Need or Comic Relief.

What Will Happen In The Crossover?

What happens if the TARDIS crashes at Hogwarts and the Doctor runs into Harry Potter? Hogwarts might be under siege from the Death Eaters, much as it was in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.’ (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) He has earned some new supporters, though, now that Voldemort is in command. As we all know, Voldemort has Dementors that have the ability to fly. Voldemort now has Daleks on his side, and the Dementors are on their way to take over Hogwarts. The arrival of a new leader may be of assistance to Voldermort.

  1. Both are extremely powerful individuals that would complement one another nicely.
  2. Both yes and no.
  3. So that may be a possibility.
  4. Then Voldemort and The Master would be able to collaborate because they are both snarky and would naturally get along.
  5. Things might go horribly wrong if this squad decides to start destroying Hogwarts and causing it to break apart.
  6. The Doctor may make an attempt to get the Timelord’s notice and beg them to assist him.
  7. As we’ve seen, many people would have perished on Gallifrey if it had been destroyed, and The Doctor was not pleased about this.

Not only that, but as we saw in ‘The Day of the Doctor,’ all of the Doctors could band together and lend a hand in their TARDISes to assist those in need.

However, it is clear that the Doctor and the Wizards are victorious in their battles against the Master and the Daleks, as well as against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

The Doctor would be astounded and shocked by what he saw.

He would follow in the footsteps of his buddies and stroll around it, noting that it is smaller on the exterior.

The three of them would then proceed to do to the tent precisely what The Doctor would do to it.

Then the Magical Adventure would come to a close for the characters.

He is a sinister Doctor, and the Harry Potter films, particularly the last two, become increasingly sinister (Deathly Hallows Part 12).

He could have a good time with the kids, and I believe he would fit in rather well with them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Matt Smith’s fans would be overjoyed if they got to see him again. The Master, played by John Simm, and the Doctor, played by David Tennant, are featured in this video.

Would The Doctor Need A Companion?

To be quite honest, I don’t believe a Companion would be required. There would be nothing for the Companion to do, and he or she would most likely become a hindrance. Clara is the current Companion as of this writing (13 December 2014). The Doctor could actually go on a solo expedition if he wanted to. We haven’t seen that in a long time, so this is a good time to view it.

How Long Would It Be?

I believe that a 30 minute – 1 hour adventure would be the greatest fit for this. After that, anything might happen. If it was going to be a part of Children in Need or Comic Relief, it would have to be something like 10 minutes long. As a result, a lengthier version would be preferable. Overall, I’d like to see this Magical Adventure come to fruition since I believe it would be enjoyed by a large number of people, including myself. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes or anything. Steven Moffat and J.K.

As the saying goes, two heads can become one.

A thrilling, action-packed adventure would be in the cards.

7 Things that Are Bigger on the Inside

Whether by magic, science, or sheer imagination, many of our favorite storytellers like creating objects with little exteriors that are excessively large on the inside, as shown in the following examples. Here are ten examples of objects that are “larger on the inside” in movies, television, and literature.

1. The Doctor’s TARDIS

Nothing else in all of geekdom can claim to be more well-known for being significantly larger on the inside than the TARDIS from Doctor Who. This ordinary-looking blue police box (a mid-20th Century phone booth used solely by the British police) is in fact an extremely advanced time machine/spaceship that can actually travel anywhere in time and space. It is based totally on science, however vague the details may be. This alternate or pocket dimension (or something like that) is home to the TARDIS’ interior, which is comprised of labyrinthine corridors connecting wildly disparate rooms such as a vast library, an observatory, a pool, collections of extraordinarily advanced technological equipment, and the Control Room, where the Doctor is famously piloted.

A warp drive, on the other hand, is likely to obtain far greater mileage.

2. Hermione Granger’s Beaded Handbag

While on the run from the greatest wizarding bad guy, Lord Voldemort, Harry, Ron, and Hermione take advantage of Hermione’s extraordinary understanding of all things magical to their advantage. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book (and second-to-last movie) in the series, our trio of heroes is constantly on the move. But that doesn’t mean they have to travel light, thanks to Hermione’s tiny beaded handbag, which is magically able to hold anything and everything they might need on the inside.

It’s the ideal vacation item, without a doubt.

3. Digory Kirke’s Wardrobe

Whenever Lucy Pevensie enters Professor Kirke’s enormous wooden wardrobe in the professor’s attic in “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,” she expects nothing more than a hiding spot where she may remain unnoticed and beat her brothers at a game of hide-and-seek. In its place, she discovers a winter wonderland populated by amazing animals such as the faun Mr. Tumnus, the magnificent lion Aslan, and the evil White Witch, among others. As previously stated in the prequel, the plot is as follows: This theory is supported by the book The Magician’s Nephew, which claims that the wardrobe was constructed from the wood of a particular tree, which sprouted from an apple that originated in Narnia, therefore creating a magical doorway between our world and the one established by Aslan.

4. Mary Poppins’ Carpetbag

P.L. Travers handed her magical nanny Mary Poppins this wonderful carpetbag that could carry everything she needed, making it one of the earliest examples of items that were larger on the inside in fiction. The contents of her suitcase included a floor lamp, a wall mirror, a potted plant, and who knows what else. It was on the day when Mary Poppins came at their house that the Banks children were able to experience the miracles of this bag firsthand; they even opened the bag and discovered it to be an apparently empty, regular bag on the inside.

A popular new fantheory speculates that Mary Poppins could have been a Time Lord masquerading as a time traveler.

5. Snoopy’s doghouse

Besides having the ability to accomplish just about anything — including outsmarting the human children with whom he spends the most of his time — the popularPeanutsdog also has a doghouse that is equally unique and wacky as he is. The house is crammed with Snoopy’s countless goods, which let him to participate in about every activity imaginable while at home. The doghouse is equipped with a den, a bathroom, a library, a fun room, a laboratory, a guest room, a basement, multiple closets, halls, and stairs, among other features.

6. Oscar’s trashcan

Everyone’s favorite Grouch lives in a trashcan that looks like an ordinary (and filthy) metal trashcan from the outside, but over the years it’s proven to be anything but ordinary. Though it’s often depicted only in total darkness, episodes of Sesame Street over the years have mentioned contents that far exceed its perceived size, such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, art gallery, kitchen, ice-skating rink, a farm, and a bowling alley.

Oscar is always grumpy and irritable. We were unaware of his interest in recreational sports and fine art until recently. Oscar also has several full-sized elephants as pets, which he keeps in his trashcan on a regular basis.

7. Ramona Flowers’ Subspace Suitcase

Scott Pilgrim’s one and only true love is always carrying a bag with her. Despite the fact that it seems like a handbag, it is actually an entire luggage, known as the Subspace Suitcase. Ramona Flowers uses her luggage to store all kinds of handy goods, the majority of which are far too large to fit into the bag under normal circumstances. It reminds me of Bugs Bunny grabbing an impossibly massive sledgehammer out of thin air (or perhaps from behind his back). The idea of subspace, which is similar to the dimensional portal of the TARDIS, serves as the literary conceit for the suitcase, and it has something to do with the bending of conventional space.

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Scott Pilgrim vs.

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Professor Who [A Doctor Who-Harry Potter fanfic] – Building the Wall

The Professor and I proceeded to stroll around the humming construction site with our eyes on the ground. The people working didn’t seem to notice us at first, but as the Professor led me farther away from the TARDIS, more of the supervisors became aware of our presence. “As you can see, there were several individuals working on the Wall at the same time. It is not only slaves, as the majority of people believe.” “Um.Professor?” “Yes? What exactly is it?” The question is, “Have you noticed that we’re being watched?” When he turned around, he noticed a couple of guards conversing with one other and staring at us.

  1. Um.
  2. “Excuse me, Miss, but you and your male partner are required to accompany me on this trip.” My back was turned so that I could face him, and I noticed another man of the same height and muscular density holding the Professor by his elbow.
  3. We will be delighted to accompany you.” However, the men didn’t say anything and instead dragged us to the edge of the building site.
  4. I ultimately decided to stop tying in order to relax his grasp before he was able to fully cut off my circulation.
  5. At the entrance of the tent, there were two guards who were significantly larger than the soldiers that were accompanying us.
  6. The inside of the tent was pitch black, and the scent of jasmine incense permeated the air to the point of suffocation.
  7. After clearing his throat and calling out, the soldier who was holding the Professor said: “What is your highness’s name?

When the woman behind him heard him mutter something back, he came out from behind the curtain to see what it was.

As both myself and the Professor looked at the man, there was an uneasy pause in the conversation.

“When you are in the presence of Emperor Qin Shihuang, you must kneel and keep your forehead pressed on the ground.” After a chuckle, the guy, who we later learned was Emperor Shihuang, reached down and snatched my hands off the floor.

She has curled her hair because she is aware of the knowledge she possesses, and the guy must act as a guardian.

“You are absolutely accurate, your highness.

I am glad to inform you that you have passed your examination with flying colors.” The Emperor raised his brows and smiled at Professor and me.

Is it possible that one of my concubines is involved?

I’m OK, I’m very fine right now.” When the Emperor saw the Professor’s flaming crimson face, he grinned to himself.

Can I arrange for you to have a concubine?” Because the Emperor broke out laughing, it’s safe to assume that my face was similarly flushed.

Perhaps some food and wine would suffice in the absence of an arranged concubine.” “Sure, that sounds wonderful,” the Professor remarked as he walked up to the table in the middle of the tent.

I followed him over to the silk cushion next to him and sat down next to him.

What exactly is the purpose of this ceremony?” “Why, it is for you and the girl to be sacrificed to the Great Dragon,” the Emperor said, wiping his lips with a silk handkerchief and smiling.

Perkins’s tent

“This was a gift from Perkins in the office, which I appreciated. He doesn’t go camping very often anymore, because he has lumbago.” — Perkins, who worked with Arthur Weasley at theMisuse of Muggle Artefacts Office, possessed atent that was ischarmed to seem bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside, most likely using the Undetectable Extension Charm.


Perkins generously donated his tent to the Weasley family in order for them to attend the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. He didn’t want it back once his lumbago worsened and he realized he was no longer interested in going camping anymore. Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger spent the night following the World Cup Final in another smaller but equally charming tent, which was also occupied by the seven Weasleys and Harry Potter. During the event, Arthur Weasley insisted on building the tent without the use of magic in order to prevent Muggles from being confused and thinking they were witnessing magic.

Horcrux hunt

Arthur Weasley loaned the tent to Harry, Hermione, and Ron for use during their search for Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes in 1997, and Hermione kept it safe in her beaded bag until the end of the series. Upon their infiltration into the Ministry on the 2nd of September, Yaxley became enamored with Hermione while she was inapparation and tracked her down to 12 Grimmauld Place. They were able to escape, but Ron was splinched and was unable to walk for a period of time. The trio then utilized this tent as their refuge for several weeks, moving it to a different place every few of days.

  1. Hermione used thecharmErecto to help her set up the tent.
  2. During the quest for Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione are seen standing outside the tent.
  3. He had a change of heart and wished to return, but he had run into the Snatchers and was unable to do so before Harry and Hermione were transferred to another place.
  4. He was unable to locate Harry and Hermione because of the spells performed on their tent and camping grounds.


Arthur Weasley loaned the tent to Harry, Hermione, and Ron for use during their search for Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes in 1997, and Hermione kept it safe in her beaded bag until the end of the year. When they were apprehended at 12 Grimmauld Place on the 2nd of September, Yaxley became attached to Hermione during their infiltration of the Ministry. But Ron was splinched and suffered from his wounded for a long period of time after they managed to get away. The trio then utilized this tent as a hideaway for many weeks, moving it to a new area every few of days to keep their identities hidden.

A charmErecto was used by Hermione to help her set up the tent.

During the quest for Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione stand outside the tent.

He had a change of heart and wished to return, but he had ran into the Snatchers and was unable to do so before Harry and Hermione were able to switch locations.

He was unable to locate Harry and Hermione because of the spells performed on the tent and the location in which they were staying. The only way Ron could find Harry, smash the Locket, and return with him to the tent was by following a doepatronus.


It is equipped with a tiny kitchen, a bathroom, and a number of little bunks. This house still had a distinct cat odor about it, and Harry Potter thought it was decorated in the way of Arabella Figg’s house, a year before he learned she was a Squib.


  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (first appearance)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (film)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (video game)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (first appearance)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Pottermore
  • Wizarding World
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • Among the titles available are LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, Harry Potter: The Character Vault, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Notes and references

Expelliarmus! Doctor Who – The Shakespeare Code – William Shakespeare vs. The Carrionites – Doctor Who – The Shakespeare Code – BBC With the phrase “Expelliarmus,” Shakespeare rescues the world from annihilation. (From the television show The Shakespeare Code) PQ Rowling and J.K. Rowling (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows; TV: The Shakespeare Code) wrote the Harry Potter series of ten novels (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles), which was published in the United Kingdom in 1997. The Adaptation of Death in Doctor Who (PROSE:Doctor Who and the Adaptation of Death) The series was turned into a series of eight films that were released between 2001 and 2011 on the big screen.

(PRONUNCIATION: A Huge Hand for the Doctor) The Doctor had read the seventh Harry Potter novel by the time of his tenth incarnation, and he had sobbed as he reached the conclusion.

The Eighth Doctor had a complete set in his TARDIS, which he brought with him.

(From the television show “The End of the World”) PQ Rowling, a descendant of Rowling, is the author of Harry Potter and the Half-Moon Dentist, which was published in 2007.


Mark Whitaker was the proud owner of first copies of several Harry Potter novels. As she trailed Whitaker’s train, Amy Pond compared the situation to a scene fromHarry Potter, in which Harry and his companion Ron Weasley chased the Hogwarts Express in a flying automobile. (PROSE: I’ve been touched by an Angel.) After reading her first book series, The Troubleseekers, author Martha Jones became a fan of the series as a youngster, and she admitted that she began reading Harry Potter after that.

  • She proposed to William Shakespeare that he use the spell “Expelliarmus” to help battle the Carrionites.
  • “The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage” is the title of the poem.
  • (AUDIO: PEST CONTROL SYSTEM ) The moment Clyde Langer andRani Chandrawer walked into Erasmus Darkening’s hidden room at Ashen Hill Manor, Clyde said, “This place is spooky.” Rani agreed.
  • (4 DOCTORS COMIC SERIES) Anders Hansen compared Erimem living in a cupboard that led to a room outside of time and space in Helena and Ibrahim Hadmani’s house to Harry Potter living in a cupboard under the stairs in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Audition Nerves (AUDIO:Stage Fright).
  • (Fugitive of the Judoon, a television show) As she was being held captive in aJudoonprison, theThirteenth Doctor reflected on how theHarry Potterseries was a “great” narrative and proceeded to begin reading from memory from the first novel, Philosopher’s Stone, as a bedtime story for herself.

(From the television show “Revolution of the Daleks”)

Behind the scenes

  • In reality, only sevenHarry Potter novels (as well as several spin-off works) have been published
  • Martha’s use of Expelliarmuscomes from the actual works (it’s the incantation for the Disarming Charm, which was introduced inChamber of Secrets and is used throughout the series)
  • And the use of Expelliarmuscomes from the actual works (it’s the incantation for the Disarming Charm, which was introduced inChamber of Secret The idea of Harry and Ron riding in a flying vehicle to Hogwarts is also a reference to canon, as the two of them rode in Mr Weasley’s magical Ford Anglia to Hogwarts inChamber of Secrets
  • In 2005,Russell T Davies approached J.K. Rowling about writing for Doctor Who. She declined, stating that she was “amused by the proposal, but simply does not have the time,” according to the article. The Doctor mentions reading the seventh book in The Shakespeare Code, which was broadcast beforeDeathly Hallowswas published and during a rerun of The Christmas Invasion
  • In The Christmas Invasion, as the Doctor considers what clothes to wear in his new incarnation, a uniform with wizards’ robes, similar to the way Hogwarts uniforms were presented in the Warner Bros. film adaptations of theHarry Pottermay be briefly glimpsed
  • In The Christmas Invasion The Doctor does not disclose the title of the book since it had not been revealed at the time of filming when the episode was filmed. In the bookThe Writer’s Taleby Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook, it is revealed that Davies considered basing the 2008 Christmas special around an appearance by Rowling
  • The fact that the Doctor was emotional about the book’s ending was an educated guess on the part of the script writer that the conclusion to the long-running book series would be an emotional event
  • Because Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were filming at the same time as Doctor Who in 2005, Russell T Davies expressed his frustration with the challenge of securing little person performers for the show. As well as the Harry Potter spin-off franchiseFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which is included inLEGO Dimensions), both brands are featured together inLEGO Dimensions.
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Cast connections

Actors that have appeared in bothDoctor Whoand theHarry Potterseries, listed in order of their first cinema appearance:

The Philosopher’s Stone

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Derek Deadman Stor Tom
John Hurt War Doctor Garrick Ollivander
Warwick Davis ” Porridge ” Filius FlitwickGriphookGringotts Head Goblin
Rusty Goffe Little John Unidentified goblinsRicbert
Kiran Shah Figure Unidentified goblin
Mark Williams Brian WilliamsMaxwell Edison Arthur Weasley
Zoë Wanamaker Cassandra O’Brien Rolanda Hooch
Sean Biggerstaff Chris ParsonsNoah Oliver Wood
David Bradley First DoctorWilliam HartnellSolomon Argus Filch
John Cleese Male art lover Nearly Headless Nick
Paul Marc Davies Futurekind ChieftainThe TricksterCorakinusCowled GhostPepé GonzalezTrave Lord Draben
Terence Bayler YendomBarrington Bloody Baron
Simon Fisher-Becker Dorium Maldovar Fat Friar
Elizabeth Spriggs Tabby Fat Lady
Adrian Rawlins Frederick AbberlineRyder James Potter

The Chamber of Secrets

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Toby Jones Dream LordKotris Dobby(voice)
Miriam Margolyes Leef Apple Glyn Slitheen-BlathereenTod Pomona Sprout
Shirley Henderson Ursula Blake Moaning Myrtle
Julian Glover Richard the LionheartScaroth /Scarlioni/Tancredi Aragpg(voice)

The Prisoner of Azkaban

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Jimmy Gardner ChenchuIdmon Ernie Prang
Michael Gambon Kazran SardickElliot Sardick Albus Dumbledore

The Goblet of Fire

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Jeff Rawle PlantagenetLionel HardingMervyn Pinfield Amos Diggory
Christopher Whittingham Carson Ministry wizard
Roger Lloyd-Pack John Lumic Bartemius Crouch Senior
David Tennant Tenth Doctor Bartemius Crouch Junior

The Order of the Phoenix

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Imelda Staunton Interface Dolores Umbridge
John Atterbury White RobotAlien guard Phineas Nigellus Black
Jessica Hynes Joan RedfernVerity Newman Jessica Hynes(voice)
Jim McManus Opthalmologist Aberforth Dumbledore

The Half-Blood Prince

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Helen McCrory Rosanna Calvierri Narcissa Malfoy
Jim Broadbent Eleventh Doctor (The Shy Doctor) Horace Slughorn

The Deathly HallowsPart 1 and Part 2

Actor Doctor Whorole(s) Harry Potterrole(s)
Bill Nighy Henry Black Rufus Scrimgeour
Graham Duff Waiter Squat, wheezy man

Other connections

  • Harry Melling, who portrays Dudley Dursley (Harry’s cousin) in the Harry Potter film series, is the grandson of Patrick Troughton, who played Harry in the series. Patrick, on the other hand, died before he was born, so he never met him. His uncle, David Troughton, is a famous actor. James Melling himself would go on to play a role in the Big FinishDoctor Whoaudio storyThe Whispering Forest
  • Alfie Enoch, who portrays Harry’s buddy and dorm-mate Dean Thomas, is the son of William Russell, who played Harry’s father in the original television series. (After the Potter series concluded, Enoch changed his given name to Alfred Enoch in order to pursue a television acting career in the United States.) As is the case with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennantis is an ardent admirer of the Harry Potter series. Tennant made his film debut as Death EaterBarty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The father of David’s character, played by Roger Lloyd Pack, appears in the same film as David. In a coincidental coincidence, the film Goblet of Fire, which features Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody morphing into Crouch, was released in British cinemas on the same day that Tennant made his first official appearance as the Tenth Doctor in theChildren in Need Specialminisode, which is set immediately after regeneration
  • Ralph Fiennes, who portrayed the series’ main villain, Lord Voldemort, is the ex-husband of Alex Kingston Redmayne also provided the voice of Newt in the LEGO Dimensions video game. The series also spawned a stage play adaptation named Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was released after the films. Noma Dumezweni played Hermione Granger in the original West End show (she was replaced by Emma Watson in the films)
  • Stephen Fry narrated the audio books that were released in the United Kingdom.

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Performances that were outstanding The Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna City Ballet perform at the Musikverein in this new episode, which marks the beginning of a new year. Hugh Bonneville serves as the host. 8:00 p.m. KOCE Crikey! It’s the Irwins on the case. When Robert and his colleagues undertake the greatest alligator capture and relocation in the history of the Australia Zoo, they will be making history. In addition, in this new episode of the unscripted series, Bindi and the Wildlife Hospital face a difficult situation with koala breeding.

  1. Animal Planet is a television channel dedicated to animals.
  2. Sarah and Nick’s (Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon) New Year’s Eve ends out differently than they expected as they join forces with the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) in a battle against the Daleks in this expanded version of the “Eve of the Daleks” episode.
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Houston Rhines, Kate Watson, Anna Dobbins, and Anna Dobbins co-star in this thriller from 2021.

Lifetime ‘Naked Singularity’ is a term that refers to a singularity that is not covered by any other term.

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