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Tent Trailer Rentals – Tent Trailers for Rent from $9.47/Day

Tent trailers (also known as pop-up campers) are getting more and more popular as the camping season approaches. Their portability, affordability, and ability to be kept practically anyplace make them an excellent choice. RVshare is here to assist you in locating a tent trailer rental that matches all of your needs and requirements.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Tent Trailer?

On RVshare, you can discover a variety of tent trailers for hire in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, with prices ranging from as little as $50 per day to as much as $175 per week. You get what you pay for in life, as with everything else. When it comes to quality, tent trailers are often built to similar standards; however, investing an additional $75 for an additional slide out or dinette may be well worth it for you and your family. In the event that you’re planning a solitary trip and don’t mind staying in a smaller, cozier place, a tent trailer rental for $50 per day might be ideal.

Looking for tent trailer rentals on RVshare is a fantastic way to begin your holiday, and we will do everything we can to match your expectations!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tent Trailer Camping

Your research on tent trailer pricing has led you to the conclusion that hiring a tent trailer is the best option for your needs. “What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a tent trailer?” you’re probably asking now. Let’s have a look at some of the positive aspects.

1. An assortment of vehicles can tow Tent Trailers easily.

In part due to the fact that tent trailers can be disassembled and have “soft sides,” they weigh less than half as much as a pull behind trailer. Especially if you’re towing in a compact truck or SUV, this makes it easy to maneuver. Make certain, though, that you conduct thorough investigation. Be sure to double-check how much your car is capable of towing before you decide to hook up the hitch and hit the road!

2. Storing Tent Trailers is easy.

This is more or less an advantage for the owner of the tent trailer in this situation. This kind, on the other hand, can be stored practically anyplace if you decide to pick up your rental a few days before your camping trip. Because Tent Trailers can be folded down, they may be stored in a garage without causing any difficulty (depending on how long and wide your garage is).

3. You’re able to go, well, anywhere.

It is possible to fold tent campers down and take them into the wilderness, which is not possible with a pull behind or a motorhome. (Retain in mind that the Tent Trailer is not yours to keep, and if any damage occurs, you will be responsible for the costs.) These models are ideal for folks who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with minimum interruption. In addition to the advantages of hiring tent trailers, there are certain disadvantages to consider, such as:

1. Set up and take down can be tricky.

In order to physically build up camp, you must first physically put up the complete model. As a result, it might become exhausting and annoying.

It is your responsibility to physically unfold, take out, and set up all of the features that these trailers include. In contrast, you can level a pull behind or RV in less than five minutes and have camp set up in less than ten minutes with a tent.

2. Not so great in bad weather.

Winds that are strong enough to knock you about will make you feel like you’re on an amusement park ride, and this is due to the weight of the tent trailer. This can result in uncomfortably close sleeping quarters. It’s important to remember that severe weather won’t last for long! Prior to departing, plan your journey and check the weather as thoroughly as possible.

3. Lack of privacy.

The exterior walls of a Tent Trailer are extremely thin, and there is little to no insulation between the walls. Because the inside walls are often constructed of a textile material, it is difficult to maintain privacy. If you’re not comfortable with every sound you make being heard by everyone around you, they may not be the best option for you.

Final Decision

There are certain disadvantages to renting this model, just as there are with everything other. The disadvantages of hiring a tent trailer are not quite as awful as they appear, as long as you are aware that you will have to physically put up your site, schedule your trip around the weather, and are not concerned about having thin wall construction. Tent trailers are an excellent option for individuals who want to get out of their usual comfort zone and experience the beauty of nature while remaining in the comfort of their chosen location.

Need a Tent Trailer for Rent?

You’ve come to the right place! We have a large number of owners that are interested in renting out their tent trailers on RVshare. In the event that you require the rental of a pop-up tent trailer, we can accommodate your needs. Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about their experience renting a tent trailer from us: “The property is in excellent shape, and communication with the owner is simple. “It was quite convenient to pick up and drop off at the pop up shop.” -Brittany “The RV was ideal for our family, and it made a significant difference to our camping experience.” -Maria We’re happy that you chose RVshare for your rental and look forward to working with you.

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Pop up Camper Rental: Pop up Tent Trailer Rental Near Me

RV types vary as much as the individuals who hire them, and this is true for both. No two recreational vehicles are alike, whether they are luxury motorhomes or no-frills campers, or anything in between. Pop-up tent trailers, commonly known as pop-up campers, are among the most lightweight and adaptable forms of recreational vehicles. If you’re searching for a low-cost RV rental option, a pop-up camper could be your best bet.

What is a Pop Up Tent Camper?

Tent trailer rentals are a great option because they are lightweight and simple to maintain. In essence, they’re just boxes on wheels that you can pull behind your car or truck. To set up camp, just “pop up” the tent component of the camper, which can be done in seconds. You’ll use a hand crank to lift the roof piece of the camper, and then the heavy durable canvas sections will pop out and serve as the walls of the vehicle.

Make no mistake about it: just because they have canvas sides does not mean they are fragile. A pop-up camper will still keep you comfortable and safe, plus it will provide you with more conveniences than a traditional tent.

Pros and Cons of Pop Up Tent Trailers

As with any recreational vehicle, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. Listed below are some considerations to keep in mind if you’re considering renting a pop up tent trailer.

Pop Up Camper Pros

  • First and foremost, a pop up tent trailer rental will not set you back an arm and a leg in financial terms. They are some of the least expensive solutions available because they are not motorized and they are not extremely large
  • Nonetheless, Pop-up campers, on the other hand, are extremely portable. That means you may even be able to tow one with your automobile if you have the right equipment. They weigh an average of 2,800 pounds, and most cars are capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds. The fact that they have a low profile means that they don’t swing as much as travel trailers or fifth wheels do. For those who are inexperienced with towing, this is excellent news
  • Because they are smaller, you will have greater independence when camping. Because of their small size, they may be used to camp in places where larger RVs cannot be used. Pop up campers, despite their modest size, provide a lot of storage space on their sides. Many camper versions include a cargo hatch built into the body of the vehicle. Some trailers are equipped with storage boxes that are affixed to the outside of the vehicle. On the support racks, you’ll also discover storage for outdoor items such as bicycles and kayaks
  • Even the smallest pop-up trailer will have places to sleep and dine, regardless of its size. A full kitchen, toilets, and showers will be included in the larger versions. Whether you like to camp simply or luxuriously, there will be no restrictions on your choices. Pop-up campers have a number of sleeping compartments. Models with two bedrooms are often designed with a bedroom on either side of the central living space, with curtains that can be drawn when it’s time to go to bed. A convertible dinette in the living space means that they can accommodate up to six people, which makes them a great choice for camping in pleasant weather conditions. They feature mesh “windows” throughout the camper, which means you’ll always have a pleasant breeze blowing through it.

Pop Up Camper Cons

  • Of course, there are disadvantages to any sort of recreational vehicle. One of the most common concerns about tent camper rentals is the amount of time it takes to set up and take down the tents. In order to get inside your tent, you’ll need to unfold and crank open the door, which may be exhausting at the end of a long day on the road. They’re also not the most enjoyable way to camp in a storm. Indeed, the expense of their small weight is significant. During stormy weather, they have a tendency to bounce back and forth a lot, and the canvas sides aren’t exactly wind-proof either
  • In a pop-up trailer, you won’t have much privacy, so make sure you’re tight with your traveling companions! Everything in pop-up campers is divided by curtains or thin plastic walls
  • Even the bathroom is divided by curtains or thin plastic walls. After all, if you’re going to be spending the most of your time outdoors, it doesn’t matter.

Is a Pop Up Trailer Right for Me?

Because of all of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as all of the other camping alternatives available, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. We’ve put up a brief checklist to help you decide whether or not you should hire a pop-up tent trailer for your event. If any of the following apply to you, a pop up camper may be the best option for you:

  • You’re traveling with only a small group of people, and you’re not bothered by the lack of privacy
  • Obviously, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You want to go camping in a more rustic way, but you don’t want to sleep in a traditional tent
  • “Stealth camping” refers to setting up camp in areas where bigger RVs would be noticeable. You’re new to towing and want something a little less scary
  • Camping in regions with warm weather patterns throughout the less stormy seasons of the year is something you want to do.
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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Pop Up Tent Trailer?

Assuming you’ve chosen on a pop-up tent trailer, you’re probably wondering how much pop-up tent trailers for hire would set you back. As previously said, they are frequently the least priced alternative available! In most cases, older pop-up campers with limited space rent for $60-$80 per day on the road. Pop up trailers that are newer and larger can cost you between $100 and $150 each day. In most circumstances, it is still less expensive than staying in a hotel! Keep in mind that, because we are a peer-to-peer rental network, you have the option to directly bargain with the property owner!

Take the initiative and inquire – you could just receive a terrific price!

Closing Thoughts

Pop up tent trailer rentals are a terrific option for individuals who like a more conventional camping experience with a few more conveniences that a basic tent would give on their own. Furthermore, you will benefit from the fact that you will save money while still having enough space to transport your outdoor equipment! Visit our listings page to begin your search for pop up campers in your region if you believe that a pop up camper is your vacation-dream-come-true. Have a great time camping!

Outdoorsy Pop Up Camper Rental

The pop up tent trailer, often known as a pop up camper or folding trailer, is one of the many different types of recreational vehicles available. Due to the fact that it is lightweight, economical, and simple to put up, this style of RV is quite popular with campers. So, what exactly is a pop-up camper trailer, exactly? Essentially, it has the appearance of a box on wheels. You pull it behind your vehicle, and when you get at your location, you unfold the camper’s tent portion. However, it is much more than simply a conventional tent in terms of functionality.

  1. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to hire a pop-up camper rather than a conventional travel trailer.
  2. 1.
  3. A pop-up camper weighs around 2,800 pounds on average, and most cars are capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds.
  4. Due to the fact that they are not huge and do not have motors, a pop up trailer rental is one of the most affordable solutions available today.
  5. You will also have additional camping alternatives if you hire a pop-up camper because of its tiny size, which will allow you to fit in places where larger RVs will not be able to.
  6. In fact, some of the bigger campers are equipped with full kitchens, bathrooms, and showers as well as other amenities.
  7. When it comes to sleeping arrangements, most pop-up campers include more than one sleeping space.


Some types have a cargo hatch built into the body of the camper, while others have storage bins that are connected to the exterior of the trailer’s frame.


When the weather is lovely, they are excellent because they allow for a pleasant breeze to circulate through the camper.

You may search for a pop-up camper by city, date, and price on the peer-to-peer rental network.

Outdoorsy is the perfect place to begin your search for a pop up trailer rental, as it will prepare you for an amazing trip ahead.

Outdoorsy ensures the best degree of security for every owner and tenant, allowing you to concentrate on creating experiences that will last a lifetime.

Our recreational vehicles (RVs), travel trailers, and campervans have logged more than 60 million miles and 800,000 scheduled trip days.

Of all the reviews we’ve gotten on those bookings, we’ve earned 93 percent of 5-star ratings, which is fantastic! Outdoorsy is based on the foundation of trust. Check out what our customers have to say about us.

Pop Up Camper Rental // Pop Up Tent Trailer Rental Near You

Rent with Outdoorsy and receive a $50 savings (discount applied at checkout). VIEW RENTAL OPTIONS Are you considering renting a pop-up camper and want to get the best value possible? We were, too, so we looked into how to get the greatest pop-up camper rentals at the most reasonable pricing. We discovered several fantastic advantages and disadvantages, as well as how much it costs to rent a pop-up camper, among other things. Click here to see the best pop up tent trailer rentals available near you right now, or continue reading to hear our top ideas!

You will not be charged any additional fees because of this.

Renting a Pop Up Camper Vs. Other RV Rentals

Pop-up campers are a fantastic way to get the most out of an RV trip. When compared to other recreational vehicles such as motor homes or camper vans, these campers provide you the freedom to go nearly anywhere!

Pros and Cons of Pop Up Tent Trailers

Take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of renting a pop-up camper, shall we?

Pros for a Pop Up Camper Rental

You have the option of detaching your tow vehicle. A pop-up travel trailer must be pulled in order to be used. Thus, the popup camper may be detached from the tow vehicle and used to go grocery shopping, hiking, or visiting any other exciting sites without the need for a tow vehicle. You have to disconnect and transport that enormous rig wherever you go if you have a motor home, unless you pull a car behind you (which further affects your already dismal gas mileage). You have the freedom to travel nearly anyplace.

Even if your preferred site is in the midst of a desert, at the top of a mountain, beside a waterfall, or on the beach, if your car (and your pop-up tent trailer) can transport you there, you’ll be able to remain.

Small (and huge) things are likely to cause you anxiety while hiring a popup camper or an RV, regardless of the type of vehicle you choose.

With a pop-up camper, you can put the majority of your concerns to rest.

Cons of a Pop Up Camper Rental

Of course, there are several different sorts of recreational vehicles for a purpose! Each has its own set of disadvantages. Those drawbacks are as follows for pop-up campers:. You’ll be setting up and breaking down camp on a regular basis. One of the most time-consuming things you’ll have to deal with while using a pop-up travel trailer is putting it together. Although setting up camp is not too difficult, putting everything back in its proper position is a major pain in the buttocks. Especially if the weather isn’t cooperating on the day you’re planning to go.

  • Consider the following Ploofdog video to have a better understanding of how to set up and take down your popup camper rental: There will be no bathroom for you.
  • A nice feature of a larger truck is that you can get up and go to the restroom or work on your laptop while someone else is driving, which is convenient.
  • When it’s the middle of the night and you have to go, it’s a real pain in the buttah to deal with.
  • RVing in the rain isn’t usually that terrible if you plan beforehand.
  • Rain will be your adversary if you hire a pop-up RV for your vacation.
  • They’re far smaller than the majority of other recreational vehicles.

Having saying that, you’d be shocked at how large certain pop ups can be! Even some with a complete queen bed have been spotted. They’re the ideal little rig for a road trip with the family.

How Much Does a Pop Up Camper Cost to Rent?

Pop up camper rentals typically cost between $50 and $100 each night, depending on the size of the unit. However, depending on the rental area, time of year, model, and age of the RV, you may be able to get them for a lower or higher cost depending on your budget. In other cases, folks will even let you rent their pop-up tent trailers for as little as $50 per night! And if you’re staying for an extended period of time (a month or more), you can frequently negotiate even cheaper prices with RV owners.

A few months ago, we worked with Outdoorsy and conducted a research to determine how much it costs to rent an RV.

Is a Pop Up Trailer Camper Right for Me?

If any of the following apply to you, a pop up RV camper is the best option for you:

  • You want to save money (they’re one of the cheapest options available while also providing more space than other inexpensive options such as teardrop trailers)
  • You want to travel light (they’re one of the smallest options available while also providing more space than other light options such as teardrop trailers)
  • Traveling on shorter excursions is more convenient (longer journeys without a shower might be exhausting!). You aren’t bothered by the limited space (other RVs have far more capacity than pop ups)

Where to Rent a Pop Up Camper (Best Deals in 2022)

It is important for you to save money (trailers are one of the cheapest options available while also providing more space than other inexpensive options such as teardrop trailers); you want to travel light (they are one of the lightest options available while also providing more space than other light options such as teardrop trailers); Traveling on shorter excursions is more convenient (longer journeys without a shower might be challenging!).

In spite of the limited capacity (other RVs have far more space than pop-ups), you are content with your purchase.

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Our tiny 16ft Coachmen was listed on RVezy in the middle of last summer as a means to earn some additional money while on vacation. We received booking inquiries within a few days after opening our doors. The reaction and number of rentals were excellent. We were pleased with the financial outcomes so much that we decided to acquire a second unit this year. I was able to rent my RV on the very first day I signed up with RVezy! When I first joined the site, Kyle and Michael took the time to individually answer all of my inquiries.

This crew has made the process of selling, booking, renting, and paying for my RV ridiculously straightforward.

In the last two years, we’ve hired an RV from RVezy a total of five times.

Their selection of recreational vehicles is tremendous, ranging from RVs to tiny trailers.

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To find out more about RVezy, please visit their website! More information may be found here.

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Compare several RV models to see which one would be the best fit for your needs. More information may be found here.

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We’ve been in business for 38 years! Since 1984, Utah RV Rentals has been providing recreational vehicle rentals to the public. It is our mission to “please the consumers by being courteous and honest in all dealings, and to make their experience a pleasant one – from beginning to end!” We understand that winning the trust of our clients and having them return year after year is essential. This ideology has guided us from a one-pop-up tent trailer operation to a firm with more than 50 units in our fleet.

  • In addition, we have listened to our consumers and have expanded our available options to include generators, tow hitches, equalization hitches, Kitchen Kits, Linen Kits, and even propane fire pits, among other things.
  • It is our pleasure to have assisted families just like yours in having an enjoyable and peaceful holiday since 1984!
  • Every one of our rental units is clean and in excellent condition when you arrive.
  • We provide a large selection of new-model travel trailers, tent trailers, and motor homes to make your vacation as easy, convenient, and fun as possible.
  • It should not be one of your worries while camping to have to search for dry wood to make the fire with.
  • Each unit is equipped with an inside propane burner that allows you to relax in the great outdoors while cooking excellent comfort food and creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • It is recommended that you make your reservation as soon as possible in order to ensure that you have the finest choices of design and size of our RV units.

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Popup Camper Rental – Popup Tent Trailer for Rent Near Me

When venturing into the great outdoors, some individuals want to feel as though they are participating in as authentic a camping experience as possible. RVs are fantastic, but some people believe that they are just a mobile hotel on wheels. In terms of trailers, popup campers are the ideal option if you’re looking for something a little more outdoorsy. As soon as you arrive at your campground, you may unfold and extend your pop up camper to accommodate your needs. When they are fully inflated, some popup campers can accommodate up to eight people!

What is a Pop Up Camper?

What precisely is a pop-up camper or tent trailer, folding trailer, or folding tent camper, and how do they differ from one another? A popup camper is known by many different names, and there are three well-known examples of popup campers. Let’s delve a little more into these examples so that you can become more comfortable with the terminology. A popup camper is one of the smallest and most cheap types of recreational vehicles available for hire. Pop-up tent trailers are small, lightweight trailers that may be towed behind a truck or a sport utility vehicle.

Pop-up camper rentals are widely available online, which is a welcome relief.

Types of Pop-Up Tent Trailer Rentals

Because there are various different types of popup campers to choose from, renting a popup camper might be a bit perplexing. Among the many various varieties of popup campers available for hire on online peer-to-peer RV rental platforms are a variety of different styles and models, as well as varied floor layouts and designs. Renting a popup tent trailer may be divided into three categories:

  1. When the camper is open, a soft canvas canopy covers the living space, giving the impression of being outdoors. There are sleeping spaces on either side of the structure, which stretch out from the roof and are covered in canvas with mesh screen sides, similar to a tent in appearance. Despite the fact that they might be more compact in size, they have the benefit of being easier to set up and more economical than larger models. They also weigh less than the other varieties of popup campers, making them easier to transport
  2. And they are more compact.

The primary living space of a Hard-Roofed Tent Trailer is protected from the elements by a fiberglass roof when the camper is in the open position. In order to allow for ventilation, the sides that extend out on either end are covered with a canvas top with mesh-screened apertures. Hardtop popup campers provide the impression of being in a tent, but they offer a bit more protection from the elements than a traditional tent. Additionally, hardtop popup campers have the ability to accommodate a rooftop air conditioner, which is a luxury that every camper wishes they could have on hot summer days.

The majority of popup campers are equipped with a toilet, but some even include a shower!

They have a hard exterior on all sides, which provides protection as well as discretion.

A-frame campers are the most convenient to set up, but because of their form and size, they have less internal headroom and floor area than other types of campers.

They can comfortably accommodate up to three people, although certain versions may have pop-up dormers that may be used to create an extra sleeping room.

Is a Popup Trailer Right for Me?

If you are searching for a very economical RV rental that is simple to pull, sleeps up to eight people, and is equipped with all of the essentials, then a popup camper rental may be the right option for you! This checklist will help you choose whether or not you should hire a popup tent trailer:

  • You’re looking for a reasonably priced RV solution. When it comes to sleeping, you enjoy the sound and feel of a tent but prefer the comfort of sleeping off the ground on a comfortable mattress
  • You require a lightweight camper that can be towed simply by your car. You’ll need a location that can accommodate four to eight individuals.

If you require all of the aforementioned features, a popup camper rental may be the best option for you. Pop-up camper rentals are readily available online, which is a blessing. You may look for a great price on a popup camper to hire for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months and be ready to hit the road for your next fun camping excursion in a matter of minutes. The next section will explain why you should use a popup trailer.

Why Rent a Pop Up Tent Trailer?

An cheap popup trailer rental that serves as a home away from home when you’re on the road for your popup trailer rental vacation is a good investment. This is an excellent destination for any RVer who wants to disconnect and appreciate nature. A popup trailer rental is a convenient and economical way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Before you make your final choice on whether or not to hire a pop-up camper, consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Pros and Cons of Popup Trailers

A popup trailer rental is a low-cost option that serves as a home away from home when you’re on the road for a popup trailer rental trip. It is ideal for any RVer who wishes to withdraw from the world and take in the beauty of nature. A popup trailer rental is a convenient and economical way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of popup campers before making a final selection on your rental.

Popup Camper Pros

  1. Affordability: Because they are not powered and are simple in design, pop-up camper rentals are among the most affordable RV rentals available. Lightweight: Trucks and SUVs can tow them effortlessly, and some are light enough to be towed by your automobile. Towing is simple. Because they have low wind resistance, such as a travel trailer or fifth wheel, they do not swing
  2. They are small. Because of their tiny size, they can be used to camp in places where larger RVs are not permitted. In some cases, even on tent camping grounds
  3. There is a lot of storage space. Many camper versions include a cargo hatch built into the body of the vehicle. Some trailers are equipped with storage boxes that are affixed to the outside of the vehicle. Some toy hauler popup tents even feature storage space for a motorbike, ATV, bicycles, or kayaks
  4. However, these are not standard. Bathrooms: Even the most basic popup tent trailer will come equipped with a tiny kitchen and dinette for your convenience. Additionally, larger versions will have full kitchens, toilets, and showers, making camping a highly convenient experience. A shower is included in some of the packages. There are several sleeping areas. A fold-down bed on either side and a dinette that can be converted into a bed allow them to accommodate up to six people in total. Slide-outs: Slide-outs are often seen in newer popup camper types, which provide even more inside space. Getting a Feel for the Great Outdoors: Two foldout beds have mesh sides, which gives the impression that you are camping in a tent, which is one of my favorite features. However, you are not lying on the dirt
  5. Instead, you are lying on a comfortable mattress.
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Popup campers, regardless of its form or floor plan, are less expensive to rent than other recreational vehicles with equivalent characteristics. The budget-friendly nature of these tent trailers makes them an excellent alternative for any RVer seeking for a low-cost camping excursion. Popup campers, on the other hand, are not without their drawbacks. Let’s look at it a bit more closely now.

Popup Camper Cons

There are, of course, disadvantages to every style of RV, and popup campers are no different in this regard.

  • One of the most significant disadvantages of a popup camper is that it must be set up and taken down every time it is moved from one location to another. To get into your tent, you’ll have to unfold it and crank it open from the outside, which might be exhausting at the end of a long day on the road. Wind Preparations are Limited: Although a popup camper may be used to ride out a storm, the canvas sides are not completely windproof. A strong gust of wind will cause them to sway, as can most recreational vehicles. Privacy:A popup trailer does not provide a great deal of privacy. The bathroom in a popup camper may simply be separated by curtains or thin plastic walls, but let’s face it, there isn’t much privacy in most RVs to begin with.

Perhaps you’re still on the fence about popup trailers, and that’s perfectly understandable. Instead of purchasing a popup trailer, renting one might be a more cost-effective choice. Now that you’ve learned about the many varieties of popup trailers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of what they have to offer, let’s talk about renting one.

Why You ShouldRentA Popup Camper

There are a variety of reasons why you would choose to rent a pop-up camper trailer. It’s possible that you are new to RV camping and want to give it a try rather than spending another weekend in a tent and on the ground.

Alternatively, you may be contemplating acquiring a pop-up camper trailer. If this is the case, we usually recommend renting an RV before purchasing one. Despite the fact that most pop-up campers are quite inexpensive, we highly advocate renting one BEFORE purchasing one for a variety of reasons.

  • Discovering the Features:You should rent a popup trailer first to evaluate what features you like about the rental popup trailer before purchasing one. For example, you may realize that you prefer a bathroom with firm walls, and you will know to hunt for that characteristic when purchasing a bathroom. Learning What Doesn’t Work: When you rent before buying, you will learn what you don’t like about a certain property. Consider the following scenario: you hire an A-frame popup tent and realize that you want extra headroom in order to feel comfortable. Affordability: If you decide to rent a popup trailer, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. After you have taken a trail popup trailer on a trip, you will be able to determine whether or not it was the right option and whether or not to acquire one.

The fact that we leased an RV before purchasing our own is a blessing in disguise! That is why, anytime someone inquires about renting before purchasing, we always advocate renting first because it is a cost-effective approach to become a fully informed consumer.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Popup Camper?

When you look into popup campers for rent, you’ll find that the costs range from as little as $50 per night to as much as $175 per night, depending on where you live. The great majority of popup camper rentals, on the other hand, are priced between $50 and $90 per night. Owners are allowed to set their own prices for their tent camper listings, but you are free to negotiate the price and terms of any popup campers that you are interested in purchasing from us. Many popup camper owners will offer you a lower fee if you hire their camper for a week or longer than that.

Where Can I Find the Best Popup Camper Rental?

We believe that the greatest location to discover the best bargain on a popup camper rental is on the Outdoorsy RV Rental platform, which is why we recommend it. Outdoorsy is the world’s largest peer-to-peer database of RV rentals, and it offers a wide variety of popup camper rentals to pick from, including many different sorts, styles, and designs. You might wonder, what exactly is peer-to-peer renting. A peer-to-peer rental is when a popup camper owner lends out his or her vehicle to an outdoor enthusiast on a regular basis.

  1. RV owners who aren’t using their RVs put them for rent when they aren’t using them, along with photographs, specs, and other information that may be found by simply searching for your exact requirements.
  2. Furthermore, those organizations have a tendency to nickel and dime you for every add-on, and the salesmen are likewise well-versed in haggling, so I can nearly promise you won’t get the best value possible there either.
  3. In order to limit down your search results to only particular types of RVs, such as popup campers, you may use the search filter.
  4. Every item contains images of the RV’s inside and exterior, as well as a thorough description from the owner, so you can get a feel of whether or not it will meet your needs for your trip.
  5. Your RV rental will almost certainly be the most affordable option on Outdoorsy.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection to the RVs you’re interested in renting, you may contact the owners and negotiate a lower price or more favorable terms, making your rental even more reasonable overall.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Pop Up Camper?

When looking for popup campers for hire, you’ll find that the rental fees for popup campers may range from as little as $50 per night to as much as $175 per night, depending on the season and location. However, the great majority of pop-up camper rentals are priced between $50 and $90 per night, depending on the location. Owners are able to set their own prices for their tent camper ads, which means they may charge anything they want. However, you are allowed to bargain over the price and terms of any popup campers that you are interested in.

Why Outdoorsy is the Best Option

We believe that Outdoorsyis the best location to rent an RV since we compared them to the other leading rental companies in the industry. We discovered that they had the greatest RV variety, insurance, customer service, and customer ratings of any of the companies we researched. We also prefer peer-to-peer rentals over renting from large national rental businesses because you have a far greater number of RV models and kinds to choose from, there are more included amenities, and you have the ability to bargain for a better pricing and more favorable conditions.

They provide a variety of RV rentals, including fifth wheel rentals, motorhome rentals, travel trailer rentals, toy hauler rentals, camper van rentals, truck camper rentals, popup camper rentals, luxury RV rentals, and more!

Tips to Save Money on Your Tent Trailer Rental

Beyond saving money on Outdoorsy, we have some more suggestions for saving a few extra dollars once you have rented your popup camper.

  • Book Your RV Rental As Soon As Possible: Because many RVs are in high demand, it’s important to reserve your RV as soon as possible. Because there is less competition for your trip dates the sooner you book, you may be able to negotiate a cheaper price
  • The earlier you book, the more options you have for customization. The Best Time to Travel is in the Off-Season: Because prices are always more affordable in the off-season, this is the most affordable time to hire an RV. Negotiate for the Lowest Possible Price: Negotiate the rental price, generator time, and cleaning cost, among other terms and conditions. All of these goods will not be discounted, but you should be aware that they are all negotiable when you speak with the store’s proprietor.

When purchasing or renting a popup trailer, there are several factors to consider. However, if you know what sort of popup trailer you want, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and what its price range is, you should have no trouble finding the perfect option for you and your family. With the assistance of Outdoorsy, you may enjoy the most amazing vacation you could possibly imagine. If you use our unique discount code, you might save up to $100 or even more on your purchase!

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