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2021: Tent Size Calculator

Trying to figure out what size tent you’ll need is equivalent to sitting in high school math class — it’s not the most enjoyable aspect of the planning process for your event. Make use of the calculator to estimate the total number of square feet you will require. As a bonus, I’ve put together a chart as well as some basic principles to get you started with your preparation. And if arithmetic isn’t your thing, you may reach out to [email protected] for assistance. We are more than pleased to take care of the drudgery for you.

Event TentSizes SquareFeet of GuestsCeremony/Theatre Style of Guests atRound Tables ApproximateCost to Rent
10×10 100 15 10 people at 1 tables $50 – $150
20×20 400 68 40 people at 4 tables $280 – $350
20×30 600 90 60 people at 6 tables $400 – $550
20×40 800 100 80 people at 8 tables $520 – $650
20×50 1000 150 100 people at 10 tables $600 – $700
30×60 1800 245 180 people at 18 tables $900 – $1400
40×60 2400 342 240 people at 24 tables $1600 – $1850
40×100 4000 600 400 people at 40 tables $3000 – $3500

The interior of a frame tent does not contain any poles.

Item SquareFeet Needed Each
48″ Round Table(seats 6-8) 80
60″ Round Table(seats 10) 100
72″ Round Table(seats 12) 120
6′ Rectangle Banquet Table(seats 8) 80
8′ Rectangle Banquet Table(seats 10) 90
Buffet Table 100
Bar 100
Dance Floor 2-4 per guest
DJ Area 100

The inside of a marquee tent has the peaks but no poles, but the outside does not. And, as if picking out the size wasn’t difficult enough, you’ll also need to choose what kind of tent you want.

Type Description
Pole Secured with stakes – can’t be used on concrete or asphalt. Poles create peaks and dips which makes it look very elegant
Frame Free standing so can be set up on any surface. There are no poles inside so you don’t have to worry about planning or decorating around those
Marquee Hybrid of the pole and frame tent. They give you the elegant peaks of the pole tent but are free standing like the frame tent
Frame Structure Has wider openings and taller ceilings than the standard frame tent. Can support more weight than other types of tents, and has tighter fitting sections and walls, making it the best option for heating and air-conditioning

Tent with a Frame Structure – This is the finest option for heating and air conditioning because of its structure. Take a look at this blog for some inspiration. It has images of various different styles of tents, all of which are quite stunning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size tent do I need for a gathering of 50 people? If your guests will be seated in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 10 x 30 tent for your event. When visitors will be sitting at tables, you will want a tent of 20 x 30 feet. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent. What size tent do I need for a party with 100 people? If your guests will be seated in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 20 x 40 tent to accommodate them.

  • If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.
  • If your guests will be sitting in a ceremony manner (as opposed to at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 2050 tent to accommodate everyone.
  • If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.
  • An event tent 30×60 feet will enough if the attendees will be sitting in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables.
  • If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.

I recently helped plan a 150 person wedding.

To create place for the guests’ tables, buffet table, bar and dance floor, we had to clear a lot of space.

We decided on the pole tent in order to keep our costs under control (usually the most economical). Here’s how the math came out in the end:

  • For the guest tables, 1000 square feet will be available, as well as 100 square feet for the buffet table, 100 square foot bar, 300 square feet of dancing space, and one hundred square feet for a DJ.

We required a total of 1600 square feet, therefore we chose a 30 x 60 tent to accommodate us. The tent was purchased for a total of $750. Purchasing a frame tent would have cost around $1,100 dollars. The following are some other, related blogs that you might find useful: Various Types of Chairs for Rent Table sizes and seating arrangements: How Many People Will Fit in This Space?!? What Size Linen Should I Use for My Table? How much does it cost to hire place settings for a dinner table? Calculating the size of the dance floor in conjunction with average costs in Austin Hopefully, this will serve as an excellent beginning point for you.

Having poles in the center of your tent will make it more difficult to schedule your activities around them.

Candace Leak is the author of this work.

What Size Tent Do I Need For 50 Guests?

Are you hosting an event for 50 people and wondering what size tent to use for that number of people? Read on to find out. You’ll need a frame tent that measures 20′ x 20′ or 20′ x 30′. In the case of many inexperienced persons looking for party tent rentals, they feel that the only thing they need to consider is the amount of guests they intend to attend their event. While the quantity is significant, the seating arrangement is also vital. Let’s have a look at the various seating layouts and see how they effect the size of the tent you should rent:

Theatre-style seating

Are you hosting an event with 50 guests and wondering what size tent to use for that number of people? Read on to find out. For this, you’ll need a frame tent measuring 20′ by 20′ or 20′ x 30. In the case of many inexperienced persons looking for party tent rentals, they feel that the only thing they need to consider is the amount of attendees they anticipate attending their event. However, seating arrangements are just as significant as the amount of people in the room. Look at the following examples of seating layouts to understand how they impact the size of tent you should rent:

Banquet seating

A medieval-themed party, a big event or an intimate wedding are all possibilities for you. You’ll feel right at home in the banquet-style seats. It is planned to include long guest tables in the seating configuration. Include a buffet dining setup to complete the whole appearance. Because straight tables take up less space while still providing ample space for your guests, you only need 10 square feet per person. This implies that if you are anticipating 50 people, you will need a frame tent measuring 20′ x 30′.

Cocktail setup

Guests can relax and speak at tall tables set up for a cocktail reception. The tables are frequently set up such that standing room is required, with a few seats distributed around. This layout is often included into the main event, although other individuals choose to have their events solely in a cocktail-style setting. Instead of a full dinner or buffet, appetizers are offered in this setting. The tables where the attendees would eat and drink should be carefully considered when planning this sort of gathering.

Each visitor will require only 8 square feet of space even with the tables in place, allowing you to accommodate a big gathering of people without the need for a huge tent. A frame tent of 20′ X 20′ is required for 50 guests.

Sit down dinner

Company parties and picnics, weddings, and business gatherings with catered cuisine are all common occasions for sit-down dinners. When you host a sit-down dinner event, the attendees are seated around circular tables, which allows the caterers to set up the tables with meals to pass around or to deliver pre-plated dishes to the table. Because of the vast amount of area taken up by the circular tables, this seating arrangement takes up the majority of the available space, with each visitor requiring around 12 square feet to be comfortable.

Other factors to consider when renting a tent

Aside from the amount of people who will be attending the event and the seating arrangement, there are a slew of other considerations to take into account when hiring an event tent. These considerations are as follows: Surface on which to set up the tents: What type of surface will you be using to set up the tents? Is the surface made of grass, concrete, wood, or asphalt, or any other material? This will influence how you will set up the tent as well as what tools you will need to complete the job.

Is it better to do it at night or during the day?

tents for accessories: Will you require a beverage service station, catering preparation station, or a tent to display focal pieces such as a wedding cake or sculpture?

If you want to obtain a decent rate, rent the tent from the same business that booked the main tent for your event.

Tent Finder

When deciding the appropriate size for your event tent, it’s crucial to remember that the number of guests attending isn’t the sole consideration. Seating options, as well as any food arrangements, may have a significant impact on the size of your tent. Aside from that, you’ll need to make place for a dance floor or other forms of entertainment. All of this is taken into consideration when deciding the size of tent you’ll want for your particular occasion. Seating charts, food selections, and entertainment are all important considerations.

Why Use Our Calculator?

Not all tent-sizing calculators are made equal, though. A lot of the time, tent calculators are only useful for a single design of tent or a specific type of event. We created our party tent size calculator to be flexible and adaptable to any occasion. Our tent calculator takes into consideration the kind of tent as well as the seating arrangement, allowing you to correctly determine the amount of tent you will want for your specific occasion. A wedding tent size calculator or other instruments are not required to be obtained separately.

It doesn’t matter what sort of outdoor event you’re planning, from birthday parties and weddings to outdoor concerts and ceremonies, our tent size calculator can assist you in determining the best size tent for the situation.

How to Use This Tent Size Calculator?

You won’t have to sift through a complex guide to figure out what size tent you need because our calculator will take care of everything for you. The American Tent tent size calculator is simple to use. Simply complete a few questions about your event, and our calculator will pull up all of our products that will be suitable for your occasion.

Online Tent Capacity Calculator

1. The total number of people that came to the event. The total number of people who will be staying in your tent will be the most important consideration in deciding the size of your tent. You’ll need a tent large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably without becoming too crowded or uncomfortable. Make sure to include everyone who will be attending your event who isn’t considered a guest when calculating this figure. Caterers and event personnel will still need to be able to move about comfortably in the tent, and their numbers should be factored into the overall number of people when determining the best tent size for everyone.

  1. Arrangements for Seating The seating arrangement will also play a significant role in determining the appropriate size tent for your event.
  2. It is critical to understand the type of seating that will be provided at your event before determining the appropriate size of your event tent.
  3. The amount of floor space required Finally, don’t forget about all of the additional room you’ll want in addition to merely sitting everyone within your tent.
  4. Don’t forget to plan out these additions and factor them into the tent size calculator while you’re calculating the tent size.
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What Size Tent Do I Need, and How Much Will It Cost Me?

It might be difficult to determine the precise size of tent you will want for an outdoor event. While the number of guests is important, it is not the only consideration, and attempting to figure it all out on your own may be stressful. When you make use of a tent size calculator, you can streamline the process and ensure that you have the right size tent for your occasion. It is our passion at American Tent to assist you in finding the ideal tent for your event, including calculating the appropriate size.

Listed below are some of the most common frame tent sizes, as well as the number of people they can accommodate and their prices, to get you started:

Tent Size Square Feet Amount of guests for Cocktail seating Amount of guests for Sit Down Dinner Seating Cost to Buy
10’ x 10’ 100 12 8 $1,589.96
15’x30’ 450 56 36 $3499.96
20’x40’ 800 100 66 $5524.96
30’x45’ 1350 168 112 $9099.96
40’x40’ 1600 200 133 $11,849.96

Tent Size FAQs

When there are just 25 people, a 10 x 20 pop-up tent is the best solution for an informal backyard celebration or get-together, according to the manufacturer.

In order to accommodate gatherings with extensive seating and entertainment under the tent, we offer several bigger alternatives, such as our 15 x 30 Frame Tent and the20 by 20 pole tent!

What size tent do I need for 50 guests?

Frame and pole tents are a fantastic alternative for medium-sized events with a lot of people. Using our 20 × 20 frame tent, we could comfortably hold a casual cocktail gathering for 50 guests. We also have a gorgeous 20 x 40 clear top tent that would be perfect for hosting an extra-special, extravagant event with sit-down supper seating.

What size tent do I need for 100 guests?

In a mid-sized tent, 100 guests may be accommodated for a variety of events, depending on the seating arrangement and amount of additional room you require. A 20’x40′ frame tent with cocktail-style seating can accommodate up to 100 individuals. If you intend to hold a seated meal with everyone seated at a table, a bigger tent such as the 30’x45′ frame tent will be required.

What size tent do I need for 200 guests?

For 200 people, you’ll need a huge event tent with plenty of floor space for food and entertainment, as well as additional floor space for food and entertainment. Despite the fact that a 40’x40’frame tent can accommodate 200 people, this is only in a cocktail-style sitting configuration. Other seating arrangements will necessitate a larger tent, such as the 40’x60′ frame tent for a sit-down meal or banquet-style seating.

Tent Size Calculator

When it comes to selecting a tent, it might be difficult to determine exactly what you’ll require. As an example, in order to determine the type and size of tent you will require, it is necessary to compute the following factors:

Expected Guests

Calculate the approximate number of persons that will be attending your event. This would include all of the persons who are actively participating in the event, eliminating those who are serving or attending as observers.

Event Type

The sort of event has the largest impact on the amount of space required. For cocktail parties and standing tables, double the number of guests by 3 square feet. 8 sq. ft. per guest is recommended for a buffet or reception. A seated supper might need up to 12 square feet of space per person.

Floor Space

Aside from a meal, do you plan on having a stage or a dance floor for your event? These extra floor area considerations will need to be taken into consideration while selecting the most appropriate tent for your requirements. A dance floor, in addition to the guest area, might take up a large chunk of the available space on the floor. Calculate at least 250 square feet for a dance floor, with extra space considered if the guest list is greater. Some occasions necessitate the addition of a separate lounge/reception room distinct from the eating area.

If the space is intended to be used as a through-space, it can be made smaller.

Unlike a conventional quartet or band, which would likely require nothing more than the bare necessities, a “huge band” would require, in addition to a reinforced stage, a significant amount of floor area to accommodate all of the members, as well as space for a speaker.

Will the tent be needed for hours, days, weeks or months?

Structure tents are more suitable for long-term installations than other types of structures since they can resist all types of weather.

Will weather be an issue?

A Structure Tent is the most appropriate choice for large tents that need to be weatherproofed. A frame tent is a good choice if the primary purpose of the tent is to give shade in an area that will not be subjected to strong winds or snow.

Tent Layouts & Seating Capacity Chart – AA Party and Tent Rentals Dallas – Fort Worth

SIZE Square Feet Stand-Up Cocktail (chairs only,no tables) of chairs will seat (using 8′ rectangles) of chairs will seat (using 60″round tables)
10×10 100 16-20 10-12 10
10×20 200 32-40 25-27 20
10×30 300 48-60 37-40 30
10×40 400 65-80 50-55 40
10×50 500 81-100 62-68 50
10×60 600 97-120 74-81 60
20×20 400 65-80 50-55 40
20×30 600 75-100 60-75 60
20×40 800 85-120 70-100 80
20×50 1000 95-140 80-100 100
20×60 1200 105-160 96-120 120
30×30 900 150-180 96-120 72
30×50 1500 188-250 150-188 120
40×40 1600 260-360 200-230 160
40×60 2400 400-480 300-340 240
40×80 3200 530-640 400-455 320
40×100 4000 650-800 500-550 400

Tent has a floor area of 0 x 20 ft.

6-6′ Tables 48 Chairs 8-6′ Tables 52 Chairs
4-60″ Tables 32 Chairs 5-8′ Tables 48 Chairs
6-8′ Tables 54 Chairs

Tent with a floor area of 20 x 30 feet

8-6′ Tables 64 Chairs 9-6′ Tables 72 Chairs
6-60″ Tables 48 Chairs 7-8′ Tables 70 Chairs
8-8′ Tables 76 Chairs 100 Chairs

Twenty-foot-by-thirty-foot tent

10-6′ Tables 80 Chairs 12-6′ Tables 96 Chairs
10-60″ Tables 80 Chairs 10-8′ Tables 100 Chairs
10-8′ Tables 100 Chairs 130 Chairs

Tent with a floor area of 20 x 50 feet Tent measuring 20 x 50 feet with eight-foot tables Tent 20 x 50 feet with two 60-inch-long third tables Tent with a floor area of 20 x 60 feet THERE ARE 20 X 60-FRAME-TENTS AND BANQUET-TABLES Tent with two 60-inch rd tables (20 x 60). Tent with a 30′ x 30′ footprint

8- 8′ rectangle tables w/ 64 chairs and dance floor 12- 8′ rectangle tables w/ 96 chairs
8- 60″ rd. tables w/64 chairs 7- 60″ rd tables w/ 2-8′ rectangle tables, 56- chairs and dance floor

Tent measuring 30 feet by 50 feet

12- 60″ round tables, 120 chairs, 1- 9′ x 12′ dance floor, 1- Bar, 2- 8′ tables, 1- 48″ round cake table Cathedral Seating 250 chairs
Seating for 120 guests 5 foot spacing between tables 18- 8′ tables, 120 chairs

30-by-fifty-foot structure

16-60″ round tables, 128 chairs 12- 60″ round tables, 2- 8′ tables, 1- 6′ table, 1-12′ x 12′ dance floor. 96 chairs
18- 8′ tables, 3- 6′ tables, 114 chairs 3- 6′ tables, 14- 8′ tables, 112 chairs,1- dance floor
20-8′ Tables, 160 chairs
30-8′ foot Banquet tables, 240 chairs 24- 60″ round tables,192 chairs
16-60″ round tables, 2- 8′ banquet tables, 136 chairs, Head table seating 8, 16 x 16 dance floor. 16 4×4 dance floor sections

Tent Rental Size: What Size Tent Should You Rent for Your Party?

In order to prepare for their party visitors and make the preparation process a lot simpler, many Floridians have depended on party rental equipment. The utilization of tents, as well as the size of the tents, is a significant consideration for many events. In this section, we’ll go over several considerations to consider when determining the appropriate tent rental size for your forthcoming celebration or gathering.

Consider the Available Space for Your Tent

When determining the size of a tent hire, the most apparent factor to consider is the amount of available area for the event. It is also possible to have two or more tents if the area is large enough, in case you need to divide up activities or groups. You’ll only want to bear in mind some of the other considerations that we’ll discuss further down.

Calculate Number of Guests

The number of attendees that you intend to attend your event will be the second most essential element in deciding the size of your tent after that. If you are utilizing 60-inch circular tables that seat eight people and you have 150 guests, you would need around 19 tables, each of which will require 100 square feet of space. Tables that are square or rectangular will require calculations that are similar.

Don’t Forget About the Buffet

Tent rentals frequently include a buffet, which must be factored into the total cost. To accommodate each 8-foot buffet table, you’ll need a space of 10 feet by 10 feet in size. This will provide enough space for the tables themselves as well as the buffet line. In this case, it is beneficial to work with a caterer who will assist you in making these calculations to ensure there is adequate space for everyone.

Decide on Other Party Needs

Along with tent accessories, you may want to include in the cost of additional rental goods while doing your estimates. As an example, if you’re intending to have a dance floor, you’ll probably need a larger tent to accommodate it. Same goes whether you intend to have a stage, a live music performance space, or even a concessions section. Additional space should be provided for people to congregate around the item, in addition to the item’s physical dimensions.

Work with a Rental Professional

Because party planning requires so much effort, why not enlist the assistance of a professional? Whenever you hire a tent from a reputable event rental business, they will work with you to determine the most appropriate tent rental size depending on your available area, number of attendees, and other factors.

This will assist you in ensuring that everything works well and will relieve you of some of the burden.

Contact Elite EventsRentals for Tent Rentals in Tampa

The event rental equipment in Tampa provided by Elite EventsRentals includes tents, tent accessories, tables, chairs, dinner and glassware, catering equipment, audio/visual equipment, concessions, and more. Contact Elite EventsRentals now for more information. If you have any questions about our services or would like more information about tent rental sizes, please contact us at (727) 791-7082 for a no-obligation consultation.

What Size Party Tent do I Need for My Party Rental Company?

Having a vast number of alternatives is generally regarded as a positive development by the general public. As the old saying goes, “There is no such thing as having too many alternatives.” However, there are occasions when having too many alternatives is not a good thing, don’t you think? What about wedding cakes? There’s one of them. Puppies? No one has the ability to choose only one. Furthermore, with so many various types, colors, forms, and sizes available for party tents, having a huge number of alternatives might be overwhelming.

  • Associated News: Tent Types Explained in Detail: Pole Tent vs.
  • The cost and difficulty of setting up larger tents will obviously be higher, but they will be able to host larger parties and give event or wedding planners with more useable and practical indoor space.
  • What you should truly be asking is: what size party tent is appropriate for my company’s demands as well as the needs of my customers?
  • After all, there is no such thing as having an excessive number of canopy tents.
  • We were unable to locate any goods that matched your criteria.

The `Perfect’ Canopy Tent Size? Not So Fast …

As a preface, let me state that there is no such thing as a “ideal” size for a party tent. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all canopy tent that can be used for every imaginable circumstance. Tents are available in a wide range of sizes and designs since there is an almost endless number of tent configurations and layouts that may be used for various events and occasions. What works wonderfully for one outdoor wedding may not work flawlessly for another, and what works brilliantly for one trade exhibition will not work perfectly for another.

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This is a related story: How to Heat a Party Tent in the Winter: What You’ll Need As a beginner in the tent rental business, concentrate on obtaining a couple of the most popular tent sizes (we’ll get to those in a moment), and try to be as diverse as possible in your selection.

If you can only afford one size, choose the medium for the time being because it is the most adaptable.

It is not “what size party tent do I want,” but rather “what tentsizes, plural, are the most beneficial for the greatest number of events?” In the case that you can only afford one party tent, you’ll want to get the one that will accommodate the most number of events.

In the event that you’re purchasing more than one tent, you’ll want to make sure that the tents you purchase cover as much of the potential spread as feasible.

Transforming Yourself into a Tent Size Calculator

When measuring the square footage of a party tent, there is a very broad and oversimplified formula to follow. Using this basic rule of thumb, event planners and party planners have been calculating tent space requirements for decades, and it will work for you in the vast majority of cases: simply multiply the estimated number of guests for the event by ten, and you’ll know how many square feet of tent space you’ll require. If you assume that each visitor will be seated in a chair at a table, the rule of ten square feet per person will help you to predict approximately how much comfortable seating will be available for your event participants.

  1. This would result in 1800 square feet (30*60), which is typically considered to be adequate for around 180 visitors (180*10).
  2. Will your visitors be seated or standing throughout your event?
  3. If you’re using a pole tent, have you taken into consideration the amount of space required by the center poles?
  4. We’d suggest taking some graph paper and sketching out various layouts, making sure to scale them down as closely as possible.

The Party Tent Size Calculator Cheat Sheet

You won’t always have the luxury of taking the time to sit down and thoroughly sketch out a plan of your party tent setup from top to bottom. And your consumers aren’t always going to want to wait for you to create a floor plan and calculate all of those statistics, so make it a point to keep them entertained. In order to do this, we’ve designed a simple party tent size calculation cheat sheet that will assist you in painting a wide, generic image for your consumers on the spot. These figures are not intended to be extremely exact.

Having said that, we feel that our “cheat sheet” will be beneficial to your event and party rental company, as well as to you in answering the question, “What size party tent do I require?” – a great deal more precisely.

Dimensions Square Footage Dinner Seating Buffet Seating Row Seating Cocktail Party
10×10 100 8 10 12 15-20
10×20 200 16-17 18-20 20-25 30-40
20×20 400 30-40 40-60 50-70 70-80
20×30 600 50-60 60 75-100 100-120
20×40 800 66 80 100-133 140-160
30×30 900 75 90 112 160-180
30×40 1200 120 150 160-180 180-200
40×40 1600 83-133 100-160 125-200 200-320
30×60 1800 150 180 220-225 340-360
40×60 2400 200-240 240-300 300-350 400-480
40×80 3200 266 320 400 640
40×100 4000 333 400 500 800
60×90 5400 540 675 740-780 900
60×120 7200 720 900 1000 1200
60×150 9000 750 900 1125 1800

What Size Party Tent do I Need? It Varies

As we got began, we asked what should’ve been a fairly straightforward question, but unfortunately wasn’t. In what size of a party tent do I need to invest? For my event and party rental business, what size is the most appropriate? The easy response is that, well, there isn’t a straightforward one in this case. If your clients have shown an interest in renting party tents, or if you’ve had phone calls asking for them, make a note of the sorts of events they’re trying to schedule, as well as the size of those gatherings.

  • Also, spend some time to become familiar with the distinctions between the many types of tents available on the market.
  • This will allow you to cover (pardon the pun) a wide range of various event kinds.
  • However, one again, this is dependent on what your clients request, what sorts of events you hope to give services for, and how many attendees, on average, parties in your region can accommodate.
  • Finding the right size party tent for your needs might be difficult at first, but after a few rentals under your belt, you’ll be more confident in your ability to calculate space on the fly and properly estimate how much room a prospective client will want.

Moreover, if you have any queries, please submit them in the comments section below or call our tent specialists at 1-716-832-8368 for assistance.

Tent Rental

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Comments Off on ByJim Dzengeleski|January 22, 2022| 0 Comments The top ten wedding trends for 2022 are as follows: Trends have long held a fascination for fashion designers and stylists. A number of renowned design companies, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of all things “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding trends in 2022. In order to assist.

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The following is a guest post by Jim Dzengeleski on January 22, 2022. In 2022, the top ten wedding trends will include Trends have long been a source of fascination for fashion designers and stylists. Multiple prominent design firms, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of anything “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding fashion in 2022. So that I may assist you,

Tent Rental Guide – Choose the Right Tent

Are you planning a special event for 20 people – or 20,000? You may rent a tent to provide the ideal setting for your outdoor reception or backyard get-together. In order to meet your specific requirements, Arena Americas has a comprehensive inventory of tent kinds. When you’re ready to hire a tent, go through our guide to discover more about the numerous types of tents available, how to size a tent, and what kind of terrain is required.

Step 1: Pick a Tent Type

For the vast majority of short-term tent rentals, we’ll propose one of three types of tents based on your outside surface, price, and personal taste for style. Is it planned to put up the tent on grass or on asphalt? Consider using a pole tent or a tension tent. They feature a traditional appearance and may be anchored straight into the ground or asphalt for further security. (Not to mention that they’re the most cost-effective option.) Will the tent be set up on a concrete slab or on grass? You’ll need either a frame tent or a clearspan tent, depending on the square footage of your space.

Do you require an internal place that is entirely open?

Choose a frame tent or a clearspan tent if you want to create an open space with no center poles.

Step 2: Help Arena Estimate a Tent Size

You won’t have to worry about figuring out what size tent you’ll need since we’ll take care of it for you! However, it is good to be aware of the following:

  • How many people will be in attendance
  • Is the food served or is it available as a buffet? Is there going to be a dance floor? Will you be serving at a head table? Perhaps a cake and/or a gift table would be appropriate.

We’ll utilize the specifics of your event to decide the ideal size tent for you, and we’ll work with you to make sure it fits in the outside space available for the event.

See Sizing Recommendations for further information.

Step 3: Measure Your Open Space

This means that there should be no brick or concrete patios, decks, overhanging trees or shrubs, or other obstructions in the way of your tent footprint. Is there enough free area for your tent to be set up?

  1. Take a measurement of the flat backyard area where you intend to set up the tent
  2. If you’re considering a pole tent or tension tent, allow approximately 5 feet on each side for set-up and stake-down. If you want to pitch a tent that is 20′ by 20′, you’ll need a space that is at least 30′ x 30′.

Next Step: Contact Arena Americas

We recommend that you reserve your tent rentals as soon as you’ve decided on a date for your event. It goes without saying that the tent is a very vital component of any outdoor event – after all, it serves as your location! Request a Price Estimate

Choosing a Tent

If you are unclear of the size of tent you will need to hire for your event, you may use our fun calculator tool to receive an estimate right away. Using the brief form, you will be able to get an estimate of the size of tent you require. Browse through our rental selection to see photographs and pricing information. Make use of our Tent Size Calculator. Consider looking at our CAD layouts as well. We can design a 3-D plan for your event to offer you piece of mind in knowing that everyone and everything will be able to move about easily.

Some Things to Consider

The selection of the appropriate tent or canopy for your special event is crucial to the comfort of your visitors as well as the smooth flow of traffic across the event grounds. You will have to take this into consideration.

  • Is there a specific surface on which the tent will be set up? Grass, concrete, asphalt, and a wood deck are all examples of natural materials. What kind of living space do you have? Specifications for a tent site
  • Do you want to accommodate a certain number of guests and in what configuration? Everyone sat at tables, partial seating, a cocktail party atmosphere
  • In addition to the goods listed above, what more would you like to have beneath the tent? Buffet, bar, cake table, dance floor, stage, and so on
  • A variety of other amenities. When will your event take place, and what hour will it be? Will you require lighting and/or heating? Is there access to a power source on the premises? Please tell me about your power requirements. You have the option of enclosing a piece of the tent. Whether you require accessory tents for a caterer’s prep station, a beverage service station, or to highlight a focal point such as an ice sculpture or a wedding cake, you should consider your options.

With four different kinds of tenting to choose from, the first step is to get you into the product that is most suited for your event. When it comes time to rent your tent, having this information on hand will guarantee that you have the finest possible coverage for your big occasion. The following are some examples of standard tent sizes:

  • One hundred people may be seated theatrical style (in rows of seats with an aisle running down the middle) or 64 people could be seated at circular tables of eight in a 20′ x 40′ tent. An event tent 30′ x 60′ could hold 225 people theatrical style, 144 people sat at circular tables of 8, or 180 people seated cafeteria style (rows of 8′ banquet tables). A 40′ x 60′ tent with a buffet, bar, cake table, and dance floor could fit 120 people sitting at round tables of eight.
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This location has all of the equipment and accessories you will need to create a distinct and original atmosphere for your party. Our individualized service extends from consultations and site assessments all the way up to professional and courteous installation and removal. Please contact us to schedule your complimentary personal consultation.


All of your outdoor party rental needs may be met in one convenient location. Tents with frames and poles for rent, lease, and sale

  • Bil-Jax stages with stage tent covers are available in heights of 12″, 24″, and 36″. The dance floor is made of oak parquet with gold accent. Decks, sub-decks, carpets, and AstroTurf for the whole tent’s flooring are all included. Global, cafe, Italian perimeter, chandelier, up, can, pin point, and speciality lighting are examples of types of lighting.

We have a large selection of clean, colorful tents in both frame and pole styles for you to choose from to host your event beneath and keep you protected from the elements in the Chicagoland region during all four seasons. Please see our party packages for information on how to accommodate your guest seating list. They include the tent, set up and takedown, as well as the delivery of tables and chairs for the customer to put up and take down. Please contact us if you need assistance with planning your next outdoor event.

We take care of the details so that you can enjoy a stress-free celebration.

Now is the time to call 847-336-9199 and ask for Marlene.

Party Tent Rental Company in Lancaster PA

Planned an outdoor wedding, party, shower, or graduation ceremony or reception? A tent provides the ideal atmosphere for intimate gatherings that are both relaxed and glamorous. Hess Tent Rental LLC is the most popular party tent rental company in Lancaster County, as evidenced by our selection as “Couples’ Choice” Award Winners on WeddingWire. No doubt, the many various types of party tent rentals, sizes, and tent accessories, as well as our great customer service, contributed to us earning that distinction!

See all of our event tents for rent below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information on any of our rentals!

Party Tent Rentals for Every Occasion

As a company, Hess Tent Rental LLC believes that there is always a reason to rejoice! Planning for that party, on the other hand, should be enjoyable rather than stressful. Our tent rental company takes great pride in being your one-stop-shop for everything related to party planning. Eliminate the trouble of searching for vendors by utilizing Hess Tent Rental LLC for everything from the tents itself to magnificent lighting and accessories that are currently on fashion, tables and chairs, and even décor for your event.

Find out how simple it is to reserve your party tent rental– and how you can benefit from a complimentary CAD layout of your tent– by getting in touch with us now.

Trendy Event Tents to Rent

Our Lancaster, PA tent rental company is pleased to provide two distinct types of tent rentals. Please see below for more information. While both are long-lasting, sophisticated, and reasonably priced solutions, choosing the one that will best meet your individual requirements is the most effective approach to determine which is ideal for you: Tents on poles are available for rent.

  • Event tents for hire are quite popular since they are designed as one large, open room with support poles in the center
  • They may be customized with solid white sides or cathedral windowed side curtains. It may be used in both grass and pavement situations. Renting a party tent is the most cheap option. Sizes of pole tents that are available for rental include: 20×20, 20×30, 20×40, 30×30, 30×40, 30×45, 30×60, 30×75, 30×90, 30×105, 30×120, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80, 40×100, 40×120, 40×140, 40×160, 40×180, 40×200, 40×220, 40×240, 60×60, 60×80, 60×90

Do I Need a Large or a Small Tent? Tents on a frame for rent:

  • Renting the most exquisite, regal, and expensive party tent is a must. Decor choices that are very customizable, such as cloth ceilings and Kendered sidewalls, among others
  • In addition to being able to be erected in both grass and pavement environments, it can also be installed in situations where driving stakes into the ground is not an option. 20×20, 20×30, 20×40, 20×60, 20×80, 20×100 frame tent rental sizes are available, as are the following: 30×15, 30×30, 30×40, 30×45, 30×55, 30×60
  • 40×30, 40×40, 40×45, 40×55, 40×60
  • 40×70, 40×75, 40×85, 40×90, and 40×100 frame tent rental sizes (the smallest size available is a 10

Do I Need a Large or a Small Tent?

Reserve Your Tent Rental in Lancaster, PA Today!

When it comes to your wedding or other outdoor occasion, Hess Tent Rental LLC should be your first choice for tent rental services in the area. Since 2008, we have been providing service to South Central Pennsylvania and the neighboring areas, and there is nothing we like more! In order to assist you in creating the perfect day, our staff is prepared to go above and beyond by aiding you with planning, measuring, envisioning, and being accessible at all hours of the day and night. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our low-cost event tent rental options!

Wisconsin party & event tent planning guide for Milwaukee & Madison areas

We provide a large selection of party rental tents in a range of styles and sizes. Making the proper choice for your event might seem more complex than selecting table linens for a wedding reception, but we are always here to assist you in sorting through the various options and determining what style and size is ideal for you. You may use the following recommendations to obtain a decent estimate of how much space you’ll need for each guest beneath your tent or canopy as a starting point for pre-planning your event:

TENT TIP: Plan For The Worst…Weather Wise

In order not to come out as a pessimist, while choosing on a tent for your event, you should prepare as though it is going to rain. Trust us when we say that the last thing you want is a freak storm forcing 100 people to seek shelter under a tent that can only accommodate 50 people. If anything, get a tent that is somewhat larger than you anticipate you will require. The added space is always a welcome addition. It is not usually a deluge that may cause havoc at a gathering or function.

The weather might be oppressively hot and sunny at times. On such days, a properly sized tent may be a welcome respite, especially in areas where there are no trees to give shade. Even if you are confident that there will be no rain, you will still want to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Ceremony (within the confines of the aisle). 9 square feet per person
  • Cocktail Party/Standing Room Only. 5.6-7 square feet per person
  • Cocktail Party/Seated.10 square feet per person
  • Reception/Partial Seating.8 square feet per person
  • Dining/Oblong Tables. …………… Dining/Round Tables. The Cathedral Seating (in rows) is 15 square feet per person, while the Dance Floor Area is 6 square feet per person. ……………………… 2 to 4 square feet per person

Of course, no event can be reduced to a basic arrangement of people seated at tables. A buffet area, a dance floor, and a stage are frequently present. The general rule of thumb in such scenarios is to add 100 square feet for every buffet table and 400 square feet for a small dance floor or a stage. We also recommend that for a wedding reception, you have 100 square feet for every four attendees. Please keep in mind that this is only a general guideline and may not be appropriate to all situations.

It is always our objective to assist you in making the best selections possible for your unique event—whether it is an intimate back yard get-together for 50 attendees or an elaborate extravaganza for 500 guests.

Number of guests: Recommended tent size:
50 20’ x 40’ (seated), 20’ x 30 (standing)
100 30’ x 50’ (seated), 30’ x 30’ (standing)
150 40’ x 60’ (seated), 40’ x 40’ (standing)
200 40′ x 80′ (seated), 40′ x 60′ (standing)
300 60′ x 80′ (seated), 60′ x 60′ (standing)

Stripes or No Stripes – We Have Both

Striped tents are popular for a variety of events, including festivals, concerts, and parties of many kinds. Tents with blue and white stripes, red and white stripes, and blue and yellow stripes are all available for hire. Striped tents are suitable for practically every type of occasion, with the exception of weddings. This is why we provide white tents in all of our wedding tent rental packages. You should indicate if you want a white tent for a wedding when buying a tent for a special occasion.

How Far In Advance Should You Rent a Wedding Tent?

However, although we emphasize the necessity of preparing ahead of time, arranging a wedding the day after you become engaged is definitely a little early. Six months before the big day is a good time to start planning, although making arrangements a year in advance for huge parties is not unheard of. If you wait until a month before your wedding day, you may find that all of the available rental tents have already been reserved. Then you’re completely at the mercy of the weather in Wisconsin.

June through September are the most common months for weddings in the United States.

Also within this time period, there are four holidays that do not lend themselves well to weddings because the majority of individuals have other commitments:

  • Father’s Day is on June 18th
  • Independence Day is on July 4th
  • Labor Day is on September 4th
  • And Yom Kippur is on October 30th.

Father’s Day is on June 18; Independence Day is on July 4; Labor Day is on September 4; and Yom Kippur is on September 30; all of these holidays are observable.

Consider a Package Deal

In addition to our standard tent rental packages, we now provide table and chair rentals for those who want to go the extra mile.

When you finish your online checkout, you will be able to pick any extra rentals you may require as add-ons to your order. Online Reservations for a Package

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