What Is The Best Tent For High Winds

6 Best Tents For High Winds [Buyer’s Guide] (Nov. 2021)

Wind is one of the most destructive forces you’ll encounter when camping, and it’s one of the most difficult to manage. High winds have the potential to completely ruin your tent, tearing it apart or uprooting it from its foundation. So, whether you want to camp in strong winds or just want to be prepared in case the weather takes a turn for the worse, you’ll want to make sure you have the finest tent for high winds in your possession. Designed to resist high winds, tents are constructed of robust, long-lasting materials that can endure the strain exerted by powerful gusts.

Are you looking for the finest tents for high winds in 2021?

We’ve taken the uncertainty out of this selection by putting over 60 tents through rigorous testing.

Best Backpacking Tent for High Winds–NEMO Galaxi

Max. Occupancy: 2 person
Tent Material: Nylon
Pole Material: Aluminum
Weight: 6 lbs

As a traveling camper, you’re probably looking forward to long journeys into wilderness locations. When you’re out in the elements for an extended amount of time, there’s always the possibility that the weather prediction could turn sour on you. The likelihood is that, unlike other campers who can pack up their belongings and drive away when a strong storm is expected, you will be obliged to stay put and weather the storm in your tent. Having a tent that can resist strong winds is essential in these types of circumstances.

  1. We believe that the Nemo Galaxi is the best option for travellers who are planning for high-wind treks.
  2. It weighs 4 pounds and can be packed into a small drawstring stuff sack, making it suitable for transporting on lengthy journeys in a backpack.
  3. It goes without saying that if you are planning for severe winds, you should also be prepared for heavy rain.
  4. Additionally, it includes a rainfly that gives complete covering.
  5. We also thought the quantity of supplementary stuff that came with the tent was a lot more than we expected.
  6. And, despite the fact that this is a tough tent, it comes with a repair kit in case you need to mend it while you’re on the road.

When backpacking, it is vital to have high-quality, dependable equipment. When you’re caught out in the wilderness and the heavy rains fall down, you need a tent you can rely on, and that’s why we recommend the Nemo Galaxi from Mountain Hardwear. Pros

  • Extremely light and portable
  • Extremely water resistant
  • A substantial quantity of supplementary equipment

Best Canvas Tents for High Winds–KODIAK Flex

Max. Occupancy: 6 person
Tent Material: 100% duck canvas
Pole Material: Steel
Weight: 84 lbs

The Kodiak Flex canvas tent, on the other hand, is at the opposite extreme of the weight scale. It’s rather hefty, therefore it’s not the best choice for travelers. It is, nevertheless, one of the most robust and waterproof tents on our list, as seen by its high rating. Canvas tents, in general, are 100 percent waterproof and one of the most wind-resistant types of tents available, but the features included with this tent set it apart from the competition. It is constructed of sturdy galvanized steel poles and marine-grade fabric, which together make for a tent that is extremely robust.

  • This tent will outlast any normal nylon tent by a long shot.
  • There are also two funnel flow vents, four huge windows, and two doors, all of which assist you in better regulating airflow and temperature regulation.
  • This tent has a lot of headroom, which you’ll appreciate.
  • The price of this tent is the most significant drawback, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the construction or the amenities it offers.
  • However, you will get a lot of use out of this tent because it is really durable.
  • Not to mention the fact that the quality and dependability alone are well worth the extra cost for the correct camper or trailer.
  • Pros
  • In comparison, the Kodiak Flex canvas tent is on the heavier end of the scale. Although it’s a good tent for travellers, it’s also somewhat hefty. Although it is one of the most expensive tents on our list, it is also one of the most sturdy and waterproof. Canvas tents are waterproof and one of the most wind-resistant types of tents available, but the features included with this tent set it apart from the competition. A combination of robust galvanized steel poles and marine-grade fabric results in a tent that is exceptionally durable. Choosing a tent that will last for many years is a wise decision. Every other type of nylon tent will be outlasted by this one. In contrast to traditional canvas tents that utilize paraffin or oil to treat the fabric for waterproofing, the silicone dry-finish used to treat this tent is breathable and allows moisture to escape, resulting in less condensation in the inside. Aside from that, there are two funnel flow vents as well as four huge windows and two doors that allow you to better adjust airflow and temperature control. Don’t like crouching in a tent when you’re sleeping? With this tent, you will have plenty of headroom. Having a 6’6″ high ceiling allows adults to stand completely erect while changing and hanging out in the tent, which is a genuine pleasure while changing in a tent. No matter how high the quality of the building or how many features this tent has, its most significant drawback is the cost of ownership. In terms of pricing, it is a high-end tent that may be out of reach for the average camper. Even with that being stated, this tent will last you for a very long time. Consequently, while the initial outlay may be substantial, you may end up saving money in the long term by lowering replacement expenses. The quality and dependability alone are worth the extra money if you are looking for the proper camper. A canvas tent is the best option if weight and budget aren’t important considerations, and you place a high value on durability and weatherproofing over anything else. Pros

Best Family Tent for High Winds–Coleman Elite Montana

Max. Occupancy: 8 person
Tent Material: Polyester
Pole Material: Steel
Weight: 27 lbs

The Kodiak Flex canvas tent is at the other extreme of the weight scale. It’s a bit hefty, so it’s not the best choice for travelers. Although it is one of the most expensive tents on our list, it is also one of the most sturdy and waterproof. Canvas tents are waterproof and one of the most wind-resistant types of tents available, but the features included with this tent make it stand out from the crowd. It is constructed of sturdy galvanized steel poles and marine-grade fabric, which combine to create a tent that is extremely durable.

  1. This tent will outlast any other nylon tent by a long shot.
  2. There are also two funnel flow vents, four huge windows, and two doors, all of which assist you in better regulating airflow and temperature management.
  3. You’ll like the amount of headroom given by this tent.
  4. The price is the most significant drawback of this tent, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the construction or the amenities it offers.
  5. Having saying that, you’ll get a lot of use out of this tent.

Not to mention the fact that the quality and dependability alone are well worth the extra cost for the correct camper or RV. The Kodiak Flex canvas tent is the best option if weight and budget aren’t a concern, and durability and weatherproofing are your top priorities. Pros

Best 2 Person Tent for High Winds–The NorthFace Stormbreak

Max. Occupancy: 2 person
Tent Material: Polyester
Pole Material: Steel
Weight: 5 lbs

In addition to being a great two-person tent option, the Northface Stormbreak is also an excellent option for taller people who want a little more height than what the NEMO Galaxi provides. It’s 43 inches, which is a long way from the peak height of the Kodiak Flex canvas tent, but it’s still quite generous considering the style and purpose of this tent, which is primarily intended to provide wind resistance. Backpackers will like its portability, although it is a few pounds heavier than the NEMO Galaxi, which is a disadvantage.

  • Because it’s a feature that we’re accustomed to seeing, the absence of this function comes as a bit of a disappointment.
  • The materials used are of poor quality, and they are prone to breaking.
  • Using this function, you may customize your storage and weather protection to meet your specific needs.
  • In addition to taking into account the demands of campers when the weather is bad, Northface keeps clearer sky in mind.
  • It is not only more comfortable to approach and depart the tent in this manner, but it also provides a greater view of the surroundings when the canvas is opened up.
  • There are a few of other tents on the list that perform better than it.
  • Pros
  • Aluminum stakes that are poorly constructed
  • Lack of a ceiling lantern hook.

Best Bang for the Buck–Kelty All In

Max. Occupancy: 3 person
Tent Material: Polyester
Pole Material: Aluminum
Weight: 3 lbs

The Kelty All Inn is a great choice for budget travelers searching for a combination of quality and savings in a convenient location. This tent is not only resistant to severe winds, but it is also water resistant. It will also keep you dry if the rain starts to fall on you in torrents. It is equipped with a rainfly that has shown to be dependable even in heavy rain. When it’s raining, the visor is a great accent to your outfit. It allows for more ventilation and condensation reduction within the interior without allowing any rain to enter.

  1. Despite this, it is a little more expensive and does not come with a footprint, like the Nemo Galaxi does.
  2. Realistically, a three-person tent like this will be perfect for two people and will still have enough of space for their belongings.
  3. One of the most appealing aspects of this tent is the way it is laid up on the inside.
  4. When compared to a dome tent, this configuration is perfect since it gives good headroom in the center but not around the edges.
  5. There is one main entrance and two doors on either side.

It’s a terrific all-around tent that can accommodate a wide range of camping requirements. The Kelty All Inn is available in two sizes. With this tent, you get a big, lightweight shelter that has been constructed with quality in mind at a fair price. Pros

  • Because of their light weight, vertical walls provide additional headroom. Rainfly that is dependable

Best of the Rest-Big Agnes Copper Spur

Max. Occupancy: 1-4 person options
Tent Material: Nylon
Pole Material: Aluminum
Weight: 2-6 lbs

The Big Agnes Copper Spur tent provides excellent protection from the wind at any time of year. In addition, with capacity options ranging from 1-4 people, there’s a tent to meet the space requirements of many different sorts of campers. Camping in the winter might put you at risk of being exposed to some severe weather. Even though winter storms are no laughing matter when they come blasting through, you’ll be safe thanks to the Big Agnes Copper Spur. The vestibule at the front of the tent is well-planned, incorporating two extra poles that were specifically created for this purpose.

  1. It’s a fantastic feature for those hot summer days when you want to be protected from the heat but don’t want to be confined to your tent’s inside.
  2. It’s hard to overstate how excellent the Copper Spur is when it comes to ventilation adaptability.
  3. When the weather is favorable, it also allows you to remove the rainfly completely, allowing for total ventilation.
  4. It allows you to roll up the door and stow it at the top of the door opening, where it is out of the way.
  5. There are separate electrical compartments as well as a mesh gear loft to help you maximize your storage space.
  6. Travelers who want to carry a light load may welcome the huge reduction in pack weight.
  7. The Copper Spur is one of the most adaptable tents on our list, and it is also one of the most expensive.
  8. Pros
  • Tent for four seasons
  • Vestibule in the manner of an awning
  • Very lightweight.

What are the Best Tents for High Winds?

We utilize affiliate links, and we may gain a small profit if you make a purchase via one of them. More information about us may be found here. If you’re going to be camping in a windy place, you’ll want to be sure that your tent won’t collapse on you in the middle of the night! The design of a tent, for example, is one of the factors that contribute to its overall resilience in strong winds. We’ve taken a look at the many different tent styles available for your windy trips and reduced it down to a few that we think would work well.

We’ll discover which of these strong tents is the best for severe winds in both a smaller and a larger tent by testing them side by side. The following are the tents that are being considered: The Best 4-Person Tents for High Winds on the Market The Best 8-Person Tents for High Winds on the Market

These are some of the features to consider when you’re looking for a high-wind-resistance tent:

It’s usually nice to have a tent with plenty of headroom, but if you’re camping in a windy place, you may have to give up some of that extra space. You’ll get better shelter from unexpected gusts of wind if your tent has a lower profile than the surrounding terrain. If possible, pick a tent with enough height so you can hang a lamp from the ceiling and hook stuff to a few loops along the sides without feeling too claustrophobic on the inside. Because your boulder-shaped tent will have sloping sides that provide less space for campers, make sure you select a footprint that is large enough.

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Although having two doors in a tent might be a convenience, having two doors in a tent in an excessively windy environment is not recommended. Have you ever heard of the term “wind tunnel effect”? In heavy winds, this can result in pressure on the walls and tension on the tent’s seams, which can cause the tent to become unstable. Consider if windows can be closed and whether door seams are sealed, as well as whether a flap covers the door zipper to minimize wind drag.


If you want to keep the inside of your tent clean and neat, you’ll still need a carport or vestibule in front of the tent door. During periods of heavy rain, this is where you and your other campers will leave your muddy shoes and wet rain slickers to dry off. In addition, it provides an additional layer of protection from frigid breezes blowing through the tent door in the winter. Your vestibule will need to be staked out just as tightly as the rest of the tent if you want to have a wind-resistant structure.

Tent Weight

Tents with single walls are lighter, less bulky, and easier to erect for the ordinary camper, hence they are preferred. In contrast, if you’re going to be camping in strong winds, you’ll want to invest in a double-walled shelter. They’re tougher and more durable in the wind, and they have a breathable inner lining as well as a durable outer shell that can withstand inclement weather. Heavy fabric and appropriate staking will help to prevent the continual flapping that may drive you insane and make sleeping nearly impossible.

Tent Poles and Stakes

The greater the number of tent poles, the greater the wind resistance of your tent. This may increase the cost and weight of your adventure, but you will be grateful for the extras when the winds pick up. Aluminum tent poles are a fantastic choice for weekend campers since they are both robust and lightweight, but they are not the greatest choice if you are setting up your tent in a windy environment because they are not wind resistant. Fiberglass poles are heavier than aluminum poles, which means your tent will be more wind resistant.

In addition to using sleeves instead of tie-downs or clips for the poles to increase strength and stability, this feature is beneficial no matter what type of poles you use.

If you’re using tent pegs, the longer they are, the more support they’ll provide for your structure. And while v-shaped or y-shaped stakes are more difficult to drive into the ground, they have significantly greater staying power and are thus required for high-wind camping.

Our Selections

We chose a mid-size and a big tent in each of the three pricing groups in order to provide you with the greatest possible selection of wind-resistant tent options. All of them are good high-wind tents, and while the higher-end models will provide you with additional features, not everyone has an infinite camping budget. It all boils down to how much money you have to spend and how much roughing it you want to do.

Entry-level Tents

  • Wind Resistance:
  • Value:
  • Weight:(9.4 pounds)
  • Footprint:(102 x 90 inches)
  • Wind Resistance

Despite the fact that this 4-person tent does not have sleeved tent poles, it does include a vented rain fly that completely protects the tent on all sides. Pole clips make it easier to put up the tent, and the poles are constructed of fiberglass, which, while not as sturdy or heavy as steel, does contribute weight to the overall structure of the structure. When a powerful gust of wind threatens to blow your tent away, this will come in handy! The tent has a relatively low profile, measuring 52 inches in the middle, which helps to reduce its wind resistance.

It also includes factory-sealed seams and a waterproof covering to protect against the elements.

The wire stakes, on the other hand, aren’t going to hold up in heavy winds, so you’ll need to update to more durable ones.

  • This 4-person tent does not have sleeved tent poles, but it does feature a vented rain fly that completely covers the tent on all four sides and provides excellent ventilation. By employing pole clips, it is easier to put up the tent. The poles are constructed of fiberglass, which, while not as sturdy or as strong as steel, still adds weight to the overall structure. A powerful gust of wind that attempts to blow your tent away will be greatly aided by this technique. The tent has a relatively low profile, measuring 52 inches in the middle, which helps to reduce wind resistance and save on weight and space. However, although the Taurus has two doors, both of them have vestibules, which is a bonus. A waterproof coating and factory-sealed seams complete the package. There’s enough room for a queen-sized bed, but there’s just about two feet left over for other things. Although the wire stakes will hold up in light gusts, you’ll want to upgrade to heavier-duty stakes in heavy winds for maximum protection.

CORE 8-Person Extended Dome Tent

  • In terms of value, the following are important: weight (20 pounds), footprint (142 by 108 inches), wind resistance

The CORE Dome Tent, like the ALPS Taurus, is equipped with a rain flap that covers the whole tent. Even though the tent’s central height is 72 inches, the roof slopes down to two extensions on either side, giving it a lower profile than the main height would imply. Despite the fact that the poles are constructed of fiberglass, they are reinforced with shock rope on the inside, making them more difficult to break. An overhead hammock for lightweight stuff is strung from the ceiling, with a lantern hook in the middle and pockets around the walls.

For a windy campground, the fact that there is just one entry to the CORE is a bonus.

It has received positive feedback from customers who have stated that it keeps up well in heavy winds when compared to other tents and that it is simple to set up in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Tent stakes appear to be fragile and susceptible to breaking
  • It is likely that further waterproofing will be required before usage.

Mid-Range Tents

  • Tent stakes appear to be fragile and susceptible to bending. Perhaps more waterproofing will be required before usage.

Two features distinguish this tent from the ALPS Taurus: it is a dome-shaped 4-person tent with a rainfly that gives total covering and it has two entrances with vestibules, both of which are identical in size. The Slumberjack has fiberglass poles with shock cords, and it has a little greater headroom in the center, with 59 inches of headroom. It also features convenient inside storage compartments, however the rain fly isn’t vented, which is a disappointment. There are a few loops and connections attached to the ceiling that you may use to hang things.

It is advised that you stake the mid-points of each vestibule fly in order to provide ventilation for the vestibules.

Users praise the Slumberjack for its simplicity of setup, which is aided by the color-coded clips. As with the other two entry-level tents, you’ll want to upgrade the pegs that come with it to ones that are more resistant to high winds.

  • When compared to the other tents covered in this post, this one is heavier.

NTK Laredo Sport Camping Tent

  • Wind Resistance:
  • Weight:(24 pounds)
  • Footprint:(180 x 120 inches)
  • Overall Value:

A total of 74 inches of headroom is provided in the centre of this tent, which also has one door. In addition, it incorporates a completely ventilated rainfly with heat-sealed seams that is coated in polyurethane and aluminum. There is no vestibule, but the door has an overhang of several inches, which serves as a substitute. A specific NANOFLEX fiberglass with shock cables is used to construct the poles, which are characterized as follows: The inside tent is made of extra-fine mesh to keep out the “no-see-ums,” and there are pockets for storing items within the tent.

Several customers expressed satisfaction with the fact that the rainfly reaches all the way to the ground, and the inside was regarded as being well-ventilated by the manufacturer.

The tent is simple to set up, and one user reported that it remained up and in use for a whole year without incident.

It is claimed by the manufacturer that NTK tents were created to withstand the tough conditions of the Amazon jungle.

  • The tent is enormous, and the rainfly provides adequate covering. Holds up well in storms
  • Provides excellent customer service

High-end Tents

  • Wind Resistance:
  • Value:
  • Weight:(8.6 pounds)
  • Footprint:(98 x 83 inches)
  • Wind Resistance

The Pacific Crest has 53 inches of headroom, which is comparable to the ALPS Taurus, but it has a smaller footprint than the Slumberjack, which is a mid-range priced vehicle. At about a pound less than the Taurus, it is the lightest of the three tents. It is also the most compact. According to the maker, it was created to be sturdy in severe winds and to handle a little amount of snow weight. The tent is supported by fiberglass poles, and the entire rain cover creates a vestibule of 3 feet by 3 feet in front of the single door.

This tent, like the Slumberjack, would be best classified as a 2-person type, but the large vestibule provides additional storage space for gear and shoes.

Inadequate ventilation and leaks during a heavy downpour were two issues raised by consumers.

  • The ventilation is not as effective. Despite having a fully enclosed rainfly, there have been instances of leakage. It is necessary to stake all four corners for the rainfly, else it will fly.

NTK Arizona Sport Camping Tent

  • Wind Resistance:
  • Value:
  • Weight:(26.4 pounds)
  • Footprint:(208 x 96 inches)
  • Wind Resistance

The Arizona is a touch larger than the CORE Dome 8-person tent, which is the entry-level model. It’s a two-room tent with a partition, and the ceiling height is 72 inches, which spans across the majority of the inside. In addition, there is a rainfly with breathability and heat-sealed seams that provides complete covering. It, like the NTK Laredo, is equipped with shock-cord NANOFLEX fiberglass poles. This model also has an anti-fungal floor with a thermal silver coating, as well as a tub-design that helps to keep water out of the tub.

In addition to the protection provided by the entire rainfly, each of the three windows and two doors has a modest overhang to keep out the rain and keep the house cool.

The form is streamlined and rounded on one end, which allows you to position it in the most advantageous wind direction. Users have praised the ease with which it can be set up and the fact that it can be left up for weeks at a time without being affected by the weather.

  • Exceptionally large and roomy
  • Extremely weather-resistant
  • Excellent client service
  • Poles that are color labeled to make setup easier
  • Ample and uncluttered space. Extremely resistant to the elements
  • Durable. Customer service that is second to none Setup is made easier with color-coded poles.

Our Best Pick for High-Wind Camping

Using a combination of factors, including wind resistance and price, we selected the best tent for strong winds from among the 4-person and 8-person tents. Other considerations were the value for money as well as comfort features like as ventilation and spaciousness, among others. The ease of assembly and the additional storage space provided inside were minor factors. Here are our top picks for tents for camping in the wind: The ALPS Taurus was the only one of the smaller tents that was truly large enough to be designated a 4-person tent, despite the fact that the other two billed themselves as such.

  1. It did have two doors, which is why we deducted a half point from its wind resistance rating for that reason.
  2. In addition to being long and thin, the CORE Dome Tent had a rainfly that did not reach all the way to the ground.
  3. The NTK Laredo looked extremely similar to the updated NTK Arizona, but it had the same amount of space on the interior.
  4. Because of all of these wonderful characteristics, I believe you could say that it completely blew us away!

Best Tent for Rain and Wind: Camping in Bad Weather

The MSR Hubba Hubba tent, which is in a league of its own, is our choice for the finest tent for rain and wind protection. It outperforms the competition by mastering the main factors that go into making a storm-resistant tent of superior quality. This lightweight tent is designed for extended hiking journeys since it is small and weights less than other 2-person tents on the market. For daily 8-hour excursions in mild rain and wind, this is the ideal setting. The tent’s resilience, on the other hand, is not compromised by the 3-pound weight.

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Despite its thinness, the 20D ripstop nylon that is used to construct both the canopy and the rain fly is quite durable.

In conclusion, the MSR Hubba Hubba is the finest waterproof tent we tested, and it is also the most wind-resistant of all the tents we tested.

How to Choose the Best Windproof Tent for Inclement Weather

Among the best rain and wind shelters, we recommend MSR’s Hubba Hubba tent, which is truly exceptional. In terms of storm-resistant tent design, it outperforms the competition by mastering the basic factors that go into making a good one. This lightweight tent is tiny and weights less than other 2-person tents, making it ideal for extended hiking journeys. For daily 8-hour excursions in moderate rain and wind, this is the ideal configuration. Its durability, on the other hand, is not compromised by the 3-pound weight.

Both the canopy and the rain fly are made of 20D ripstop nylon, which is quite durable despite the fact that they are both very thin.

In conclusion, the MSR Hubba Hubba is the finest waterproof tent we tested, and it is also the most wind-resistant of any of the tents we tested. As one of the best weather-resistant tents available, it is lightweight, easy, and long-lasting.

WindWater Protection

Everything that goes into the construction of a tent has an impact on how well it protects you and how durable it is going to be. As a general rule, pay attention to the denier rating and water resistance of the cloth. When measuring the thickness of fibers in a cloth, denier (abbreviated D) is employed. It depicts the length and weight of the fibers or yarns that are woven together to form the tent’s structure. 40D or 40 denier is the denier of nylon, which is often used for outdoor activities.

  1. It should be noted, however, that the floor may have a greater denier rating than the walls due to the nature of the material.
  2. Tents must be able to withstand both the wind and the torrential precipitation that is unavoidable when the weather becomes windy.
  3. Although seams may appear to be tightly sealed, unless the product’s description specifies that it is waterproof, it may leak.
  4. Small sleeves on the sides of doors and windows should be used to conceal the openings.
  5. Make sure the rainfly or the wall of the tent has a water-resistance rating more than 1500 mm, and that the floor has a rating of 4000 to 8000 mm.

Full-Coverage FlyClosable Mesh

For reference, a double-wall tent has two layers: a fly on the outside and an inner canopy with closable mesh regions on the inside. The fly is the second and outermost layer of protection, and it is responsible for keeping campers safe from the elements. Flies in tents are especially beneficial in rainy, damp, and humid conditions because they assist to ventilate the tent, expelling heat and moisture from within the tent and preventing dew from developing. Wind-resistant tents with huge, low-positioned fly that cover every nook and corner are quite effective.

They also provide plenty of storage space within the vestibule for your shoes and other belongings.

Due to the lack of mesh “windows” on the tent, it is subject to dew drop formation.

Stakes, Guy Out PointsGuy Lines

Stakes are the pegs that you drive into the ground to hold your tent in place while you sleep. If you push them into the ground completely vertically, they will perform the best. Don’t merely press the pegs halfway into the ground to anchor your tent. They should be buried deep enough for you to be able to tie a string around them. Guy lines, like stakes, are used to add additional solidity to a structure. These are the visible loops or man lines that are strategically positioned around the rain fly to keep it in place.

In the end, they are able to prevent the entire edifice from being destroyed. And, while they’re essential during storms, they’re primarily employed as a last resort in pleasant conditions.

Pole Structure

The tent’s skeleton is made up of poles. And the rule of thumb is that the more intersections a frame contains, the more robust it will be in general. When tent poles need to “criss-cross” each other in order to hold the tent up, they intersect. Look for tents that have a significant degree of junction in their overall structure. – The perfect number is difficult to pin down, although it shouldn’t be lower than 3. Also keep in mind that a large number of junctions makes setting up the tent more difficult.

  • Aluminum or carbon fiber pole constructions of excellent quality are available for use in the pole construction.
  • However, it dents with use and may develop problems at the ends of the poles that are placed into the shafts.
  • It is only when they are subjected to extreme strain that they begin to break down.
  • MSR, Big Agnes, and other well-known businesses rely on their Wind Lab-tested poles for their products.

FAQs on making your Tents Wind-Resistant

Strong winds are unavoidable on mountain summits. In order to prevent your tent from being blown away, use these simple procedures to keep it secure:

  • Strong winds are inescapable on mountain summits, as they are elsewhere. Keeping your tent from being blown away is as simple as following these basic steps:

2. Where should I position my tent to avoid strong winds?

When it comes to the great outdoors, having a suitably covered location might be the difference between life and death. Finding a suitable location that is protected from the wind is therefore essential. To begin, determine the direction from which the wind is blowing. Pitch your tent a few paces behind a substantial rock formation, a tree, or a shrub to provide some protection from the elements. As previously said, inspect the area for any debris that might prove to be hazardous in the future.

However, if you are unclear about the presence of loose debris, it is best to move to a more secure location.

3. Should I use a tarp under my tent in rainy and windy conditions?

Tarps come in quite handy when there is a lot of rain. So, if the weather forecast appears to be poor, don’t leave home without a jacket. Place the tarp below your tent as an additional base layer to keep it from being too hot. It helps to shield the floor from sharp rocks and gravel, as well as keeping you dry and toasty during a heavy rainstorm. Just make sure it’s properly secured, tucked inside the tent’s base and away from the fly of the tent. A section of the tarp that is exposed to the elements might gather water dropping from the fly and funnel it into the base.

4. What’s the highest wind force that a tent can withstand?

Always inquire about the tent’s maximum wind speed before purchasing.

Extremely durable wind-resistant tents should be able to withstand gusts of up to 31 mph (50 kph) or even higher, without falling apart or having their poles snap. The wind speed ranges from 7.5 mph (12 kph) to 15.5 mph (25 kph) for regular quality weather-resistant tents.

Best Tents for Rain and Wind Reviewed

The Flytop 2-Person Tent is the greatest choice for hikers and campers on a tight budget who are new to the great outdoors. Even though it is a low-cost tent, it does not shy away from providing rain and wind protection, as well as having simple tent features and standard materials. The Flytop, in contrast to the 3-season Hubba Hubba, is designed to be used in all seasons and weather situations. This implies that it may also be used as a snow tent. The anti-tear checkered polyester fabric is robust and resilient, allowing it to keep the interior dry even in colder weather and temperatures.

Especially beneficial on days when the landscape is new and the weather conditions are wild and unpredictable, such as when there is sudden snowfall or a thunderstorm, this tent may be really handy.

Moreover, it does not have enough of its rainfly to accommodate a larger vestibule space.

  • It has a capacity of two people and is suitable for three to four seasons. It weighs 5.94 pounds and has floor measurements of 6’11” by 4’11.
  • Price on a tight budget
  • Tent for all seasons
  • Durable fabric
  • Snow skirts to keep the ice out
  • Lightweight
  • Small vestibules and mediocre ventilation characterize this heavy and clumsy vehicle.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

For those who are new to camping and the outdoors in general, the final option on our list of the best tents for windy situations is a good choice. If you’re searching for a storm-resistant tent on a budget in the mid-range, the Taurus may be a good fit for your requirements. Its 4-person tent is equipped with durable poles that can withstand high winds and a bathtub-style floor that can be extended up to 4 inches to keep water out during a storm. It features a conventional dome form, as well as a simple frame structure.

  1. The tent fabric can also withstand tough weather and moderate abuse, ensuring that even novice users will not have too much difficulty with the tent’s upkeep.
  2. Two meshed doors, two apertures on the front and rear sides, and a meshed roof are included in the price.
  3. Because you won’t be able to close the windows, you’ll have to rely on the rainfly to provide protection.
  4. Finally, this tent is somewhat heavier and thicker than the Flytop 2-person tent, which is unexpected.
  • Three-season tent with a capacity for four people
  • Weights seven pounds
  • Floor measures seven feet six inches by five feet.
  • Ample ventilation is provided by the main canopy. It is really simple to pitch
  • Roomy

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2

The Hubba Hubba NX 2 from MSR, which was chosen as the winner of this competition, is a lightweight and compact tent that can withstand strong winds. This ultralight camping tent weighs less than half the weight of a regular 2-person tent and just a few ounces more than many other ultralight tents on the market. And while these sorts of tents are notorious for seeming lightweight and frail, the Hubba Hubba is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventure. Due to its high-quality nylon fabric, aerodynamic form, and sturdy frame, it can withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

  • The unified hub-and-pole design provides for a smooth and simple set-up that is simple to learn.
  • The rainfly, while its ordinary size, makes up for it with rain gutters integrated into each of its doors.
  • It’s tough to identify flaws in a tent that has been so meticulously designed.
  • Purchasing the full collection will almost certainly necessitate a larger financial commitment than you are accustomed to.

However, despite its high price tag, the Hubba Hubba does deliver on its promise of comfort and convenience. Overall, this is our top selection for the finest rain and wind resistant tent.

  • Capacity: 2 people
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Dimensions: Dimensions of the floor: 7 x 4 2 feet
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Strong wind-resistant structure that is simple to assemble
  • Easy to transport Nylon fabric of superior quality
  • A multifunctional rain fly with two doors and built-in rain gutters, as well as a stargazer’s perspective
  • Simple to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Strong wind-resistant frame
  • Easy-to-use a nylon fabric of superior quality A multifunctional rain fly with two doors and built-in rain gutters, as well as a stargazer’s view

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

The Flying Diamond was created with the entire family in mind by Big Agnes. Even though it can accommodate up to 6 people, gathering inside the space is simple due to the fact that it is divided into two rooms of varying proportions. The smaller room is ideal for children, while the larger room is excellent for adults. A detachable curtain door can be used to create a barrier between them for privacy. The extended dome tent is strong and durable enough to be used in all weather conditions. With four junction points, it features a weather-resistant structure that can withstand heavy downpours, high-speed winds, and even snow.

  • However, there is a cost associated with this.
  • The full-coverage fly of the tent has been modified to include a larger vestibule, which allows for improved ventilation, storage, and utility.
  • Many adults find it to be too short at this point.
  • Having to hunch over or crawl might be aggravating, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on a supersized 6-person tent for camping.
  • 3- to 4-season
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Floor dimensions: 12’6″ x 8’/ 7′
  • A sturdy, storm-resistant structure
  • Two spacious and practical vestibules
  • And a spacious interior. Rooms of various sizes and shapes
  • Privacy curtains for each individual
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The North Face WAWONA 6

Two large and practical vestibules; a sturdy, storm-resistant structure rooms of various sizes; privacy drapes for partitions; spacious rooms

  • Three seasons and a 6-person capacity are available. 20.9 pounds
  • Floor dimensions: 9’11 x 8’5
  • Weight: 20.9 lbs
  • Three seasons and a 6-person capacity are provided. 20.9 lbs
  • Floor dimensions: 9’11 x 8’5
  • Weight: 20.9 lbs
  • Single-wall construction does not provide adequate ventilation during the summer months. This is not a four-season tent.

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7 best tents for rain and wind: extreme weather tents for 2022

Links to affiliate sites and images from the Amazon Product Advertising API were used in this post. It was last updated on February 2, 2012.

7 best tents for rain and wind

A budget-friendly tent that is BOMB-PROOF

  • Available in one, two, or three-person configurations
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Has two entrances and two vestibules
  • Is double walled.

The North Face Stormbreak 2 is the most affordable rain and wind tent on this list, and it is also the most lightweight. However, don’t be fooled by this. The North Face is one of the most well-known outdoor gear manufacturers for good reason, and the Stormbreak tent has proven to be a popular choice among campers searching for a low-cost shelter that can protect them from wind and rain. Despite the fact that it was designed primarily as a summer tent, the Stormbreak’s ergonomic shape makes it ideal for use in severe winds and rain.

  • A bathtub-style floor with a polyurethane covering has been added to prevent water from seeping through the seams, which were factory sealed.
  • If you have a limited amount of room in your sleeping area and wish to keep your possessions in the foyer, this is the solution.
  • Because it is so sturdy and resilient, it can resist severe thunderstorms with gusts of more than 30 mph and sideways rain.
  • Despite its ergonomic form, it has enough headroom to allow you to comfortably sit up and maybe squat if necessary.
  • It isn’t the lightest option on this list, but if weight isn’t a concern, it is still a good option for backpacking and bikepacking.
  • Its inexpensive price, impressive features, and long-lasting durability make up for the fact that it is heavy.
  • If the 2-person tent is utilized as a 2-person tent, then the vestibule will most likely need to be used to store heavier items such as your bag and boots, which will take up valuable space (the superb rainfly will keep them dry).

However, if you want to use it as a solo tent, the internal space would most certainly be spacious enough to accommodate all of your belongings. Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 Person tent

For bigger families, a natural cotton canvas alternative is available.

  • Available in four, six, or eight-person configurations
  • The tent is made of 100 percent cotton duck canvas that has been treated with HydraShield
  • It is tall enough to stand up in
  • It has two D-shaped entrances on either side of the tent.

Wind and rain protection make this the ideal tent for families seeking for a tent with these features. The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow gives enough of space to roam about, live in, and connect with others. For those searching for a true camping vacation tent that will not blow over in a storm, this is the ideal choice. In nearly any situation, theKodiak Flex Bow can survive anything, and it is one of the few tents that is easily capable of lasting 15 years or more. We guarantee that it is the most bomb-proof holiday camping tent you will ever buy.

  1. Even in the face of strong winds and rain, the durable canvas keeps the tent from moving, allowing you to sleep soundly or find shelter from a rainstorm to sit and relax in peace and quiet.
  2. The combination of duck canvas and HydroShield assures that your tent will not leak even in the heaviest rain.
  3. Despite the inclement weather outside, your tent will be comfortable on the inside.
  4. With a weight of 79 lbs, this tent is obviously designed for vehicle camping.
  5. There are several organizer pockets strewn throughout the tent, as well as a spacious, customisable gear loft where you may store additional items and hang lights.
  6. In addition, the tent has a head height of 6 feet 6 inches, which provides you with enough of room to move about comfortably.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

An all-around excellent pick for harsh weather conditions.

  • There are two huge doors with built-in rain gutters to keep water from gathering
  • It is quick and easy to set up with color-coded poles and grommets
  • It is double walled. Available in one or two-person capacities.

MSR’s best-selling and award-winning backpacking tent, the Hubba Hubba NX, is now available. It’s nearly identical in every manner to the venerable Elixir in that it’s robust, capacious, and capable of withstanding wind and rain like a beast. The Hubba Hubba NX is somewhat heavier than the Elixir, which is a significant difference. The Hubba Hubba was created with backpacking in mind, and it is significantly lighter than the Elixir in weight. From the minute you begin erecting the tent, you will realize that it was designed specifically for use in windy circumstances.

  1. You can avoid having your tent blow everywhere or away when you’re trying to pitch your tent in less than ideal weather by using this method.
  2. It can resist anything from snow blizzards to thunderstorms and everything in between with ease.
  3. In addition, it is dry.
  4. With a weight of 3.9lbs, it isn’t the lightest choice on the list, but it is light enough to carry on the majority of camping, bikepacking, and hiking adventures.

The Hubba’s interior storage choices are limited, with only two pouches at either end of the tent, making it a weak aspect of the tent. However, although it isn’t a deal-breaker, it is a simple modification that can make tent life a bit more pleasant. Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

Wind and rain protection in an ultralight trekking tent

  • 1 to 4 person capacity
  • Two big dual zipper doors and two vestibules (except for the 1P, which has only one vestibule and one door)
  • Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4-person capacity
  • Offered in two colors: orange and green olive
  • Double-walled

For wind and snow, the Big Agnes Copper Spur tent is one of the most well respected on the market. A significant improvement over the original Copper Spur UL, the HV UL 2020 (high volume, ultra-lightweight) is available. In addition to delivering 25 percent greater strength, the HV UL provides extra headroom so you can sit up comfortably. All of this is accomplished without adding any more weight. Despite the fact that it is made of a lightweight and extremely thin material, it is quite resilient.

  1. A same statement cannot be made about many other tents.
  2. It is the lightest tent in this category, and it has twin walls, making it the most versatile.
  3. It enables the rainfly to withstand the rigors of wind and rain while keeping your living space dry and gale-free at the same time.
  4. It is the lightest tent available, weighing only 2 lbs 12 ounces and being able to endure strong winds and rain.
  5. Located at the foot of the tent, the innovative 2-D bin’mezzanine’ gives a large, off-the-floor room for storing goods that you don’t want to get wet or damp.
  6. There are also a handful of media pockets for storing phones and other small items, as well as earbud wire routing.
  7. There are two good-sized vestibules on either side of the tent, which are ideal for storing heavier goods.

Paria Outdoor Products Bryce UL

Big Agnes Fly Creek on a budget, yet with all of the quality

  • Available in 1- or 2-person capacities
  • Made of Dyneema composite guy lines
  • Comes with a footprint
  • Available in 1 or 2-person capacities

TheParia Outdoor Products are a line of outdoor products manufactured by TheParia. The Bryce tent has an appearance and feel that is quite similar to the considerably more expensive Big Agnes Fly Creek tent. Its features and specifications are out of this world when compared to the price, and it is one of the few tents that has a footprint as standard. Despite their inexpensive price, the materials used to construct the Bryce tents are quite durable and of great quality. Paria has created a tent that is ideal for adverse weather conditions while maintaining a low price range.

  • Even though the tent has a bathtub-style bottom that is quite water-resistant, any additional water-resistance is always nice.
  • The rainfly is made of a combination of silnylon and polyurethane, which is the ideal material for preventing moisture absorption.
  • A distinguishing characteristic of this tent is that not only does it come with plenty guy lines and stakes, but the guy lines themselves are constructed of Dyneema composite, which makes them extremely durable.
  • As a result, as long as you stake and guy out the tent using the materials provided, the tent will not blow away in moderate winds.
  • It isn’t ultra-lightweight, but for the price, it is amazingly light and is than appropriate for hiking.
  • In addition to the large main compartment, there are two tiny mesh pockets on either side of the tent for storing accessories.

The vestibule is fairly small, but it is spacious enough to accommodate your shoes/boots and a little amount of additional belongings. Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

Kelty Salida

A low-cost tent that outperforms most others in terms of rain and wind resistance.

  • Suitable for up to two people
  • Exceptionally simple to erect
  • Extra-strong aluminum DAC pressfit poles
  • Color-coordinated rainfly loops
  • Lightweight and portable.

The Kelty Salida is another another excellent budget tent from a well-established brand. While it is not the lightest tent you could possibly get, it is unquestionably one of the lightest tents you can purchase in this price range. The Kelty Salida will outperform the majority of other budget tents in both harsh rain and wind situations, as well as in moderate rain and wind. In addition to being extremely waterproof, the rainfly, when staked and guyed out properly, allows water to be kept out of your living space.

  • It can endure gusts of up to 30mph+ without the poles snapping, the tent drooping in, or the sensation of being about to jump out of your tent and run away.
  • You’ll never have to worry about getting wet.
  • Again, it is not the lightest tent on the market, but it is over $100 less expensive than the majority of ultralight tents, making it a very good value.
  • There are also loops in the ceiling that may be used to hang lights from.
  • Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx

This is an excellent first-time tent that can withstand wind and rain.

  • Available in 1- or 2-person configurations
  • Spacious vestibule
  • Quick and simple 2-pole set-up
  • And more.

Available in 1- or 2-person configurations; spacious vestibule; quick and simple 2-pole assembly; and more.

Recommended Accessories

When it comes to dealing with high winds and torrential rain, robust, high-quality tent pegs are just as crucial as the tent you choose. The majority of tents are delivered with low-quality stakes that are frequently not even worth including. Tent pegs that are suited for use in adverse weather are essential for ensuring that your tent is firmly planted and that you do not wake up with your tent in your face.

Eurmax heavy duty tent stakes

The Eurmax high duty tent pegs are available in a box of ten and are an excellent choice for automobile camping trips. They’re made of galvanized steel, which makes them exceptionally sturdy, rust-resistant, and capable of withstanding severe winds. However, they’re too heavy to be carried when hiking. Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

MSR groundhog lightweight tent stakes

While lightweight enough for hiking, the groundhog tent stakes from MSR are sturdy enough to hold your tent down during a thunderstorm. Each pack contains six items. They are constructed of aluminum and are available in both tiny and normal sizes. Aside from their capacity to endure wind, they are also excellent for a wide range of terrains, including sand and difficult ground. Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.


A great strategy to maintain and extend the life of your tent is to leave footprints on the ground.

They keep your floor from ripping when it comes into contact with rocky terrain, and, most significantly, they keep water from seeping up through your floor during severe rains. The following are matching footprints for some of the tents that were previously recommended.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 footprint

Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 footprint

Check Amazon for the most up-to-date prices.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 footprint

Check Amazon for the most up-to-date pricing.

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