What Is The Best Beach Tent

Stay cool with these portable and protective beach canopies and tents

Cooler, that’s a given. Sunscreen is checked off the list. Beach toys are checked off the list. The question is, what about a source of shade? While temperatures rise and UV rays become more intense throughout the summer, consider bringing a high-quality beach tent or canopy to ensure that your beach vacation is stress-free. Beach tents are a terrific way to get some sun protection and comfort while spending the day at the beach. In addition, a large number of tents may be utilized for picnics in the park or as an extra source of shade in your own lawn when necessary.

Furthermore, our selections aren’t too expensive; we identified alternatives starting at only $16.

Best canopies and tents for the beach

This reasonably priced and tiny tent is ideal for a single person’s needs. There is no need for construction – simply unfold and snap it open to use! Aside from that, it’s waterproof and UV-resistant, and it comes with a waterproof bag to make transportation easier.

2.Active Era Pop Up Beach Tent

This beach tent also boasts a simple setup process that does not require the use of tent poles or complicated instructions. Simply unfold the tent and take advantage of everything it has to offer. It also comes with a protractible sheet to place on top of it for extra comfort.

3.MF Studio Beach Canopy

This huge yet reasonably priced beach umbrella promises to accommodate up to four people and weighs only four pounds. Fill the pockets of the sandbag with sand to keep it firmly planted on the ground.

4.Sport-Brella Vented SPF 50+ Canopy

How about an umbrella that also serves as a canopy? There’s nothing else to say. This canopy provides UPF 50+ shade and weather protection on the top and sides, as well as on the bottom. As an extra benefit, there are two storage pockets on the sides of the jacket.

5.Picnic Time Sun Shelter Pop-Up Tent

With this patterned pop-up tent, you can add a touch of style to your beach vacation! Picnic Time’s colorful tent is a great combination of style and usefulness, and you can select from three different beachy hues.

6.VIVOHOME Slant Leg Outdoor Easy Pop Up Canopy

Looking for a basic canopy to add to your beach gear? You’ve come to the right place. This pop-up canopy can be adjusted to three different heights, and it comes with a carrying bag for all of your stuff.

7.Oileus X-Large Beach Tent

This large beach tent boasts an easy setup, mobility, and long-lasting construction. More than 2,300 five-star reviews on Amazon demonstrate that Amazon customers concur with this perspective.

8.Neso Tents Beach Canopy

After being diagnosed with early stage skin cancer as a result of excessive sun exposure, the creator of Neso Tents was inspired to develop lightweight yet effective solutions to assist outdoor enthusiasts with long-term sun protection. There’s nothing wrong with this canopy, which weighs only four pounds and promises to shield you from 98 percent of dangerous UV radiation. Furthermore, there are a total of 20 distinct patterns to choose from.

9.BaiYouDa Beach Tent Tarp

You’re throwing a beach party, right?

This tent is 18×18 feet and can accommodate up to eight people comfortably. It may also be utilized for other activities such as picnics, hiking, camping, and so forth.

10.Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Pop Up Beach Tent

Are you throwing a beach party? It is possible to accommodate up to eight people in this 18×18 foot tent with ease. Also suitable for picnics, hiking, camping and any other outdoor activity you can think of.

11.CoolCabana 5 Canopy

Are you throwing a party at the beach? This 18×18-foot tent has enough room to accommodate up to eight people comfortably. It may also be utilized for a variety of other activities such as picnics, hiking, and camping.

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The best beach tents help you keep your cool even on the hottest days

They say that life is like a beach, and that is true. until you get a sunburned. Then life may be a living hell, and the beach can be the most agonizing, depressing place you could ever be. Beach towels and beach chairs are excellent for a while, but if you want to get the most out of your day, you’ll need a bit more protection from the sun’s exhausting, potentially hazardous rays (and perhaps a spot to comfortably catch a few Z’s). Fortunately, there are several options available. Your delightful day shouldn’t be cut short by sun weariness or sunburn, and that’s where a good beach tent may help.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the best beach tents on the market.

  • The best beach canopy tent is the Neso Tents Gigante Beach Tent
  • The best beach cabana tent is the Qipi Beach Cabana
  • The best baby beach tent is the Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome
  • And the best beach cabana tent is the Qipi Beach Cabana. Pacific Breeze Beach Tent is the best easy-to-set-up beach tent
  • Coleman Beach Shade is the best cheap beach tent.

Why you might need a beach tent or canopy

In order to make days at the beach more pleasurable and safer, it is necessary to invest in beach shade structures. When you’re out in the sun for long periods of time, even the most effective sunblock won’t be adequate to protect you from damaging ultraviolet radiation. Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School Dr. Jennifer Lin believes that the false sensation of absolute protection afforded by sunscreen might lead to greater difficulties. She has published a paper on this topic.

Lin explains, “Many studies have showed that those who use sunscreen tend to stay out in the sun for a longer amount of time, which may actually increase their chance of developing skin cancer.” Beach umbrellas are an option for providing sun protection, but putting them up and taking them down may be a hassle.

In addition, strong gusts might cause umbrellas to fly off the table.

Unlike umbrellas, the best beach tents are more readily transportable, with many models being able to be folded into a compact backpack or carrying bag.

They may be securely fixed into the sand to withstand strong winds on stormy days.

They’re convenient and may let you enjoy the beach for longer periods of time—and who wouldn’t want that? Related: Do you want sun protection that is more conveniently transportable? Take a look at the greatest beach umbrellas available.

Want a beach tent that can hold up well to the wind?

Windy days may be difficult, if not downright dangerous, for beachgoers whose beach umbrellas or beach tents become dislodged from their anchors and hurtle across the sand. It’s not a good idea for your tent to fly as you sleep. One of the reasons that canopy-style tents are the greatest sun shelters for windy weather is that they provide the most protection. Consider how a palm tree sways but never snaps as an example of how these more open-style tents may flex with the wind and remain in place: Look for beach canopy tents that have numerous levels of security, such as posts, anchors, and sandbags, to provide a safe and secure experience.

Beach canopy-style tents have a wider roof with more shading and open walls than other types of tents.

Look for designs that are fashionable and have bright, vivid colors or patterns that are UV protected.

Best beach canopy tent:Neso Tents Gigante Beach Tent

This enormous beach umbrella (eight feet tall with 11 feet by 11 feet coverage) can accommodate a large group of people while maintaining a casual open-air appearance. This UPF 50+ tent weighs 9.5 pounds and collapses to 19.5 inches in length when fully collapsed and transported. It withstands the wind effectively, yet it does not give any privacy protection.

Want a little beach club vibe to go?

Cabana-style tents are fashionable and sophisticated, which is one of the reasons why you’ll see them around the perimeter of upmarket resort pools and along the beach. Furthermore, they are really useful. You may bring your favorite beach chair or beach recliner underneath the conventional rectangular form, which provides a well-structured sun shade for your enjoyment. It also gives you a greater sense of security (as well as privacy) because you are not continually exposed to passersby with your back to them.

Beach cabana tents are often constructed with an umbrella-style roof and four additional poles (commonly covered in fabric) that give a room-like structure.

As with any beach tent, you should look for many layers of grounding to keep it from blowing away in the wind.

Best beach cabana tent:Qipi Beach Cabana

This portable shelter (measured 6 feet by 6 feet) comes with a carrying bag, as well as sandbags and posts to keep it from blowing away in windy conditions. Your day at the beach will be transformed into a premium beach club experience thanks to the use of vibrant designs and forms.

An attachable sidewall and pockets at each of the four corners are included, which are ideal for storing water bottles, sunscreen, or books. The most significant feature of this beach cabana tent is that it is waterproof and UPF 50+ rated.

Want to take your baby for safe a day at the beach?

Even for families with very small children, a vacation to the beach may be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, there are a variety of environmental factors that a newborn cannot handle, including the heat, sand, and wind—basically, anywhere near the water. Fortunately, there are tents available that are expressly designed to address this issue. The best baby beach tents will provide a secure and pleasant environment for your child to relax or snooze. Look for lightweight, collapsible playpens that have connected, completely zippered sun coverings and have appropriate ventilation to accommodate your child’s needs.

For somewhat older children, beach tents with extras may be found that will keep them entertained while yet keeping them secure.

Best baby beach tent:Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

With this futuristic-sounding baby dome, you won’t have to worry about spending a long day at the beach with your infant. This canopy playspace (complete with detachable toys) provides UPF 20 sun protection, while mesh panels provide ventilation and protection from insects and other pests. Moreover, it is foldable and has handles, which make it convenient to carry about.

Looking for a beach tent that’s easy to set up?

Some outdoor canopies and beach tents are quite hard to construct and require the assistance of more than one person. Even while the end result is a strong piece of shade, this type of intricate building isn’t always the best option depending on the scenario. Fortunately, there are several sun shelters available that are simple to erect. As a result, you don’t want to be sweating profusely while attempting to keep your cool, or that you could pass out before you can get any relief. Another thing to think about is how you’re going to transport your shelter.

It’s difficult enough juggling chairs, refreshments, and children without having to add more beach items to the mix.

Best easy set-up beach tent:Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

With a hub system that allows for quick set-up without the need for complicated directions and parts, this tent also has five sand pockets and four stakes for further security in windy circumstances. In addition to being UPF 50+, the XL deluxe version can accommodate three to four people, even bigger adults, making it ideal for a small family. All of your beach essentials may be stored in the inside pockets and hanging hooks on the bag. When it comes time to move it, it can be folded down to a manageable size that fits into the carrying bag that comes with it.

Looking for a beach tent that won’t cost you a lot of money?

The majority of goods designed for outdoor usage can be expected to show signs of wear and tear over time. However, although this may be a compelling justification for investing in a more costly alternative made of a stronger, more lasting material, it is also a compelling case for purchasing something less expensive with the awareness that it would be thrown away regardless of price. Fortunately, there are lower-priced solutions that don’t sacrifice safety or convenience, and they will give you with many beach days packed with fun and excitement that you will likely enjoy even more knowing that you saved a few dollars.

When determining which one is best for you, it’s crucial to consider the convenience with which it can be assembled, the materials used, and the safety features included.

Best budget beach tent:Coleman Beach Shade

Coleman, a well-known name in camping equipment, provides this lightweight pop-up tent with UV 50+ protection that is simple to assemble (think five minutes). The four ground anchors that are included with the simple tent help to hold the tent in place. It has extended front floor zips for privacy, as well as a back window that can be unzipped to allow for air. Convenience features such as integrated storage compartments and a dry line for hanging damp garments contribute to the overall experience.

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And it’s not only for sand; this is a great shelter to carry in the van for spontaneous picnics or long days at the soccer field, among other things.


Yes, tents provide protection from the sun—at least, if you’re talking about beach tents. The majority of beach tents do give UV protection, however the majority of camping tents do not. Consequently, if you’re seeking for something unique to use on the beach, you might consider investing in a specialist beach tent.

Q:Are beach tents waterproof?

The answer is yes, if you’re talking about beach tents, they provide protection from the sun. Beach tents are often UV-protective, whereas camping tents are typically not so. When looking for anything to use on the beach, it’s best to purchase a beach tent that’s designed exclusively for this purpose.

Q:How do I keep sand out of a beach tent?

Using an extra-large blanket or sheet underneath the bottom of your beach tent can help prevent sand out of your tent while still providing individuals with a place to kick off flip flops and shake off excess sand. If you’re using a bucket of water for a quick wash, here’s a secret: sand is actually easier to shake off when your skin is entirely dry, so wait until your skin is completely dry before you do so. It’s simple to remove sand from your body with a dry towel if you take the time to do so after swimming.

The final word on the best beach tents

Even though sunscreen is undoubtedly one of those beach basics, it may not be sufficient on its own, especially for those of us who have more delicate skin types. In addition to ensuring longer days at the beach, more UV protection, privacy, and the opportunity to build a portable “home base,” investing in the finest beach tent will help to make the overall beach experience more pleasurable for all those involved. Before settling on the perfect Beach accessories, think about the size of your family or beach crew, how much mobility you’ll want, and how often you expect to be on the beach.

The Best Beach Tents for Blocking UV Rays and Pesky Bugs

Staff, Bring a beach tent or canopy with you on your next vacation to the beach to make the most of your time in the sun. Image courtesy of Mobihome. A beach tent is a worthwhile summertime purchase since it provides additional protection from UV rays, wind, mosquitoes, and sand, as well as a convenient storage space for your belongings. After extensive research, we discovered the finest beach tents for families, groups, children, newborns, and total safety.

What to Consider

Consider the size of the beach tent while deciding how to select the best one for your requirements. Sunshades range in size from tiny, enclosed tents for newborns to gigantic canopies that can accommodate a big group of people. The size of the tent should be determined by the number of people in your group, but bear in mind that larger tents are typically heavier and more difficult to put up than their smaller counterparts. Immerse yourself in the water with these best swim goggles for pool laps and ocean swims|

Sun canopies are often constructed from a big sheet of cloth that provides overhead protection from the sun, whereas tents provide protection from the wind, sand, and sun from various directions.

For those who want to keep their feet as sand-free as possible, a tent with a covered floor is a preferable option.

Similarly to camping tents, beach tents are at risk of being flattened or being blown away in strong winds. To keep your parasol in place when you’re at the beach on a windy day, use a mix of man lines and heavy things such as sandbags to anchor it to the ground.

How We Selected

When deciding on the finest beach tents, I looked into features such as portability, simplicity of setup and takedown, shade coverage, and durability among others. I spend the majority of my personal time at the beach, and a significant portion of my working time attempting to find reasons to be near water. In addition, I’m the founder of The Salt Sirens, a website dedicated to ocean exploration and exploration. In addition to my professional suggestions, the beach tents on this list include popular options among frequent beachgoers as well as top sellers from reputable beach tent manufacturers.

  1. Overall, the best Pacific Breeze Deluxe XL is a deluxe version of the Pacific Breeze.
  2. It is simple to set up and take down after use.
  3. When you need additional sun protection, however, you should open the movable shade curtains.
  4. The Most Effective Sunshade for Large Groups Key Specifications for the Neso Grande Sunshade Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 83 in.Weight: 6.5 lbsDimensions: 110 x 83 in.
  5. The shelter’s construction is straightforward: install two poles on one side of the structure and then four sandbags at its base.
  6. Also available from Neso are theNeso Gigante for even bigger parties and theNeso 1 for groups of two to four individuals.
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Extensive shadow coverage
  • Several color options

The simplest to assemble and disassemble Sport-First Brella’s Public Performance Specifications that are important Width: 96 in.Weight: 8 pounds Unlike your typical beach umbrella, the Sport-Brella Premiere is an 8-foot-wide umbrella that rests in the sand and has side panels that provide more shade choices than your typical beach umbrella. Additionally, it has side vents that allow for additional circulation, and its base can be tilted to provide a little more shade when the sun is directly overhead.

In order to accommodate bigger groups, the Sport-Brella Premiere XL provides an additional foot of coverage.

Specs for the Babymoov Anti-UV Tent Dimensions: 39 x 35 x 33 in.Weight:1.7 lbsDimensions: 1.7 pounds In the Babymoov Anti-UV Tent, babies may be sheltered from the sun, sand flies, and mosquitoes while out in the fresh air.

Once you have the hang of it, this pop-up type tent is simple to set up and take down once you’ve gotten the feel of it. A covered floor keeps sand at bay, and movable mesh doors keep bugs at bay while still allowing for some air circulation.

WhiteFang Deluxe XLKey Specs is the best budget beach tent on the market. Weight: This information is not available. The following are the dimensions: 99 x 55 x 59 in. With an expanding floor that can be converted into a front screen for increased privacy, the WhiteFang Deluxe XL is a robust and roomy beach tent with a lot of space. It’s large enough to accommodate two adult beach chairs comfortably, with more room above them. Once you get the hang of it, assembly is quick and easy, but you’ll want to view the instructional video first before attempting it on your own.

  1. Specifications that are important Dimensions: 84 x 90 in., weight: 7 lbs, weight: 7 lbs It is manufactured from a single piece of washable elastic spandex that is pushed up on four poles to form the Sun Ninja 4-Person Tent.
  2. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a shelter that will give adequate shade overhead for four persons while still providing enough of space to stand or lay below.
  3. Families with young children will benefit from this option.
  4. The Redmon for Kids Beach Baby Family Size Pop-Up Tent is a multi-purpose shelter that is particularly useful for road trips with the family.
  5. Set it up in a grassy rest stop or on a sandy beach to avoid crowds.
  • Setup is simple, and the mesh screen keeps pests out. UPF 50+ protection

The best option for those who value privacy. a shade structure on the beach called Coleman Beach Shade Specifications that are important It weighs 6 pounds and is 90 x 53 x 57 inches. The Coleman Beach Shade is a best-seller from a long-standing camping company, and it looks like a standard tent but has an extra-wide opening for easy access. The extended floor may be zip-zipped up and used as a front wall for further seclusion, while a mesh window on the rear panel allows for additional airflow.

  1. Large and simple to assemble Key Specifications for the Mobihome Beach Canopy Sunshade 14 pounds in weight 99 × 99 in.
  2. For added sun protection, the Mobihome Beach Canopy Sunshade features an adjustable wall that can be adjusted to fit any size of sunshade.
  3. For accommodating beach chairs, sandcastle construction locations, and picnic blankets this is a fantastic option to consider.
  4. It takes only a few minutes to put up and stow away the AquaBreeze, allowing you to spend more time at the beach.

In addition, fillable sand bags and guy line loops safeguard the tent from collapsing in strong winds. It takes a few tries to get the hang of packing down a pop-up tent, as it does with most other types of tents.

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The 10 Best Beach Tents of 2022

Discover more about our review method here. Our editors independently investigate, test, and suggest the finest goods. We may gain a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Chloe Jeong is a TripSavvy contributor. The importance of being shaded and cool at the beach cannot be overstated—not only for your own comfort, but also for the protection of your skin. Beach tents are a good example of this. Their presence on the sand provides some shade and serves as a barrier between you and the sun’s scorching ultraviolet radiation.

Discover the best beach tents for your next oceanside excursion in our guide.

Best Overall: Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

Thanks to Amazon for providing this image. The Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent is the ideal all-arounder, and it is available in a variety of colors. Its hub technology, in particular, is a strong point, since it allows for rapid and simple configuration. It is also quite big, measuring 87 by 47 by 49 inches, and it comes with compartments for easy storage of personal belongings. Designed with a fiberglass structure to endure rain, wind, and other outdoor activities, this tent is exceptionally robust.

  1. Furthermore, the tent is equipped with UPF 50+ sun protection as well as wide windows for ventilation.
  2. For example, in the case of severe winds or even a light drizzle, the two mesh windows on either side of the vehicle may be locked in place using hook-and-loop fastening strips.
  3. Two mesh pockets are located at the top of the central part, which are ideal for keeping mobile phones or other small items that you want to keep out of the way of sand and water.
  4. You have enough space for two adults and a little child or two if you don’t use the seats.
  5. It can be set up in minutes and is perfect for any occasion.

It’s important to remember that because it’s not very deep, it can only give safety for a number of individuals at a time. Product TesterTripSavvy / Kimberly Holland —Kimberly Holland, Product TesterTripSavvy / Kimberly Holland

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Alvantor UPF 50+ Beach Tent

One other excellent option is the Alvantor UPF 50+ Beach Tent, which offers a fair price while also offering quick setup, mobility, and a stylish design. With only a few throws of the beach tent in the air, it instantly opens up in less than 30 seconds, making it the most convenient beach tent ever. The mid-sized beach tent has dimensions of 70 x 53 x 48 inches and can accommodate two to three people. It will also keep you cool at the beach, thanks to the water-resistant fabric with UPF 50+ protection and mesh windows.

  • Although it is lightweight, it does not sacrifice durability; fiberglass frame poles ensure that the tent remains in good condition for extended periods of time.
  • According to TripSavvy, The Alvantor Coolhut Beach Tent is a cost-effective alternative to more difficult tents if you want an extraordinarily simple setup and a cool, covered inside.
  • According to the tent’s maker, it is windproof up to 25 miles per hour in gusts.
  • The tent did sway a little in the wind, but it never seemed dangerously unstable.
  • The simplicity of this tent is well worth the money you spend on it.
  • Because of its modest size, it is particularly well suited for a couple or a small family, as it eliminates the need to purchase one of the bigger, more expensive models, which may be cumbersome to say the least.

Best Budget: iCorer Pop Up Beach Tent

The iCorer pop-up sun shade is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t scrimp on functionality. This tent, which is made of sturdy nylon, provides UPF 50+ protection against the sun’s harmful rays to keep you safe. Aside from that, it is equipped with six metal pegs and sandbag pockets for additional stability, which will come in useful on windy days at the beach. The lightweight tent also requires no assembly because it unfolds in less than a second after being unpackaged. To store it, you merely need to twist and fold it many times.

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The spaciousness of this tent was praised by reviewers, who claimed that it could comfortably accommodate two adults.

Most Versatile: Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Sun Umbrella

The Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather Sun Umbrella is a hybrid of a beach tent and an umbrella that features a unique design. With an 8-foot canopy that is water repellent, has a UPF 50+ rating, and is composed of 210-denier polyester, you’ll be sheltered from all sorts of weather with this umbrella. In addition to providing excellent circulation, its side windows let you to sit in the shade and watch friends and family enjoy themselves at the beach. There are top wind vents to provide even more ventilation, as well as side panels to provide complete covering from the sun.

  • Choose from a selection of hues such as blue, red, and turquoise to complement your outfit.
  • During one especially windy day, the pole struggled to maintain its position in the sand when it was just weakly secured; however, this was more due to human mistake than anything else.
  • With more roughness in the ground for the metal anchors, we can envision it being much simpler to utilize in dirt and grass settings than it would be in concrete or asphalt.
  • The umbrella’s unfortunate poor pole design means that we will not be able to use it as a regular upright beach umbrella; instead, it will be used as a canopy rather than a standard umbrella.

Despite its small size, it can comfortably seat at least two people and will serve you well when camping and other outdoor activities. Danielle Directo-Meston is a Product Tester for a large corporation. Danielle Directo-Meston is a TripSavvy contributor.

Best for Sun Protection: Lightspeed Outdoors Sun Shelter

When it comes to high-quality beach tents, Lightspeed Outdoors does not disappoint, but their Sun Shelter distinguishes out from the crowd due to its excellent sun protection. With its big front overhang, the tent provides lots of shade, and its front porch can be closed off to provide further security and seclusion. You will still be able to enjoy views of the beach since the mesh windows provide not just ventilation but also 360-degree viewing due to their design. This beach tent, like most others, has a UPF 50+ certification, which is standard in the industry.

In addition, the tent’s side-pull hub technology makes it simple to set up and take down.

Best Features: Coleman Beach Shade

Walmart provided this image. All of the features you’d expect in a beach tent are included in the Coleman Beach Shade, and it comes at a fair price. This pop-up tent is simple to put up and features zippered doors for privacy as well as a back window that can be unzipped to allow for more circulation. Other notable features include storage compartments for personal belongings and a drying line for hanging wet swimsuits and towels once they have been dried. Additionally, the tent is composed of Polyguard material, which ensures that it will survive season after season in addition to providing UPF 50+ protection.

Best Setup: WolfWise Easy Pop Up Beach Tent

It just takes a few seconds to pop up the WolfWise Pop Up Tent, which requires no poles or other attachments to be ready for use on the beach. The tent includes entrances on each of its ends, as well as two wide mesh windows that allow for plenty of ventilation while keeping mosquitoes at bay. There are additional storage compartments beneath each window, which may be used to store sunglasses, sunscreen, and other small personal things. This 86 x 57 x 47-inch tent is small in stature, yet it’s still large enough to accommodate three to four people comfortably.

The WolfWise also folds neatly into a disc that can be conveniently stored in the supplied bag, despite how simple it is to assemble.

Best for Babies: Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

The Monobeach Baby Beach Tent allows you to enjoy a day at the beach while keeping your children secure. The tent, which is intended for children aged 3 and younger, has a little pool, which allows your child to continue to play in the water without having to leave the tent. Its zipped curtain and UPF 50+ protection, on the other hand, guarantee complete protection from the sun’s damaging rays. The tent is 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.5 inches in size and weighs 1.8 pounds. It comes with a carry bag to make transporting the tent a breeze.

Best Lightweight: Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter

This tent can accommodate four people (two adults and two children), yet it only weighs four pounds, making it a fantastic choice if you have a long trip from the parking lot to the coast to complete. This tent is outfitted with pegs, guylines, and sand pockets to allow you to anchor it down securely in the sand.

The robust, tough-and-ready polyethylene material of the tent floor can withstand a lot of tiny feet stomping about on it as well. Additionally, it provides 99 percent UV protection, which keeps you out of the sun.

Best for Pets: CoolerDog Pop Up Dog Shade Tent Kennel

Because it only weighs 4 pounds and can accommodate four people (two adults and two children), it is an excellent choice if you have a long journey from the parking lot to the beach. To ensure that it is securely planted in the sand, it is supplied with stakes, guylines, and sand pockets. With its sturdy, rough-and-ready polyethylene material, the tent’s floor can withstand tons of small feet stomping about on it. It also provides 99 percent UV protection, which keeps you out of the sun. Added bonus:

Final Verdict

It is the clear winner when it comes to what to bring to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. The Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent is lightweight, easy to pop up, and quite roomy. It is also intended to provide UPF 50+ sun protection, ensuring that you are protected from harmful UV rays while you are cooling down beneath its cover.

What to Look for in Beach Tents

However, although plain nylon might be weak and shred after a little of roughhousing, there are a variety of sturdy synthetic fabrics available these days that can help your tent last for several beach seasons. Look for materials with excellent durability, such as Polyguard, and check to see whether the fabric you’re considering provides protection from water and the sun.


Consider how much money you are willing to spend on a tent; normally, the more features a tent has, the more expensive it is. In any case, most beach tents have a few internal pockets to store all of your things for a day at the beach, whether they are zipped or just basic slip pockets. The presence of zippered windows that allow for cross-breeze circulation as well as a drying line for wet towels and swimsuits are also important considerations.


It’s important to think about the tent’s total footprint as well as its height. When it comes to room, larger tents provide more flexibility, but smaller tents may be suitable as a kid-friendly sanctuary if that is what you are looking for.

Setup and portability

Some beach tents can be put together quickly by a single person, while others require more effort (and coordination) to get it done correctly the first time. Most models compress into a small package for mobility, however if you’re going to be walking for an extended period of time, certain types may be more difficult to carry. Frequently Asked Questions are included below.

  • Some beach tents may be put together quickly by a single person, while others require more effort (and coordination) to get it done correctly the first time around. However, if you’re planning on taking a long stroll, certain models may be more difficult to carry than others because they compress into a little package for convenience. A List of Commonly Asked Questions

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Jessica Macdonaldis a subject matter expert who draws on her own personal experience to choose the finest of the best items available on the market. Her roundups also entail countless hours of study and review-reading, as well as periodic consultations with other specialists, in order to compile the most useful selections possible.

Reviewers Say This Lightweight Beach Tent Works “Even in the Wind”

Amazon Without the proper beach basics, it’s easy for a great day at the beach to turn into a nightmare. The greatest beach chairs, the best beach umbrella, the most durable beach bag, and the best beach tent that won’t turn over in the wind are all essential for making the most of your beach day to its utmost potential. A study conducted by the Good Housekeeping InstituteTextiles Lab discovered the finest beach tents available online that give protection of UPF 50 or higher, had excellent reviewer ratings, are manufactured by top-performing companies, or are the most searched for on Google.

  1. It’s also important to consider the size of each tent, especially if you’re planning on utilizing it for a group of people, pets, or children.
  2. Beach Tent with Simple Setup The Coleman Canopy Tent Beach Sun Shelter is the best value for money.
  3. WolfWise Beach Tent is the best beach tent for families.
  4. Beach Tent for 3-4 People Sport-Brella XL Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella Tent is the best beach canopy umbrella tent on the market.
  5. Kinbor Air Anti-UV Beach Tent is the best beach tent for toddlers and children.
  6. The Alpine Mountain Gear Sun Shelter1 is the best beach tent for camping.
  7. Pinned to the ground using pegs and sandbags, according to the manufacturer, this structure is robust enough to withstand high winds.

Several Amazon reviewers have stated that the tent is simple to put up, with one stating, “The tent truly takes all of 30 seconds to erect, and it is just as simple to take down.” Then she goes on to say, “It’s the finest $70 I’ve ever spent on beach gear!”

Amazon You may easily ruin a good day at the beach by not employing high-quality beach supplies. The greatest beach chairs, the best beach umbrella, the most durable beach bag, and the best beach tent that will not turn over in the wind are all essential for making the most of your beach day. The Good Housekeeping InstituteTextiles Lab identified the finest beach tents available online that provide UPF 50 or greater protection, had excellent reviewer ratings, are manufactured by top-performing companies, or are the most often searched.

  1. Maintain an awareness of each tent’s measurements as well; this is especially important if you intend utilizing it for a group of people, dogs, or children.
  2. Pacific Breeze is the best overall beach tent.
  3. Coleman Canopy Tent Beach Sun Shelter: The Best Value Beach Tent Neso Portable Beach Sun Shelter is the best beach tent for high winds.
  4. Pop Ups are simple to create.
  5. LightSpeed Outdoors XL Sport Shelter is the best extra large beach tent on the market today.
  6. Arcadia Trail Outdoor Ultimate Shade Tent is the best beach tent for dogs.
  7. An easy-to-set-up beach tent that is the best all-around choice Because of its popularity, the Pacific Breeze beach tent is one of the most often searched for beach tents on the internet today.
  8. In addition to being lightweight and providing UPF 50+ sun protection, the tent also features wide windows for ventilation.
  9. “It’s the finest $70 I’ve ever spent on beach equipment,” she continues.
  10. To keep it from moving around, it comes with four sand bags, and the cloth is water resistant.
  11. Several Amazon customers have stated that it performs admirably against severe winds.

“The poles did not bend, nor did they seem weak or cheap,” claims one of the reviews. “Even with the wind blowing around, this stuff held up well.” OTHER RELATED ARTICLE: 15 Easy Beach Outfits You Must Try This Summer

4Best Beach Tents for Families to Consider Pop Ups are simple to make. Beach Tent for 3-4 People Lexie Sachs, Director of Textiles at the Good Housekeeping Institute, uses this beach tent with her children. She claims that it is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for taking to the beach. The fact that it includes built-in sand bags to weigh it down and keep it from blowing away is also a plus, says the homeowner. For those hot summer days, there is also ventilation in case you need a cool breeze.

5Best Beach Canopy Umbrella TentXL (Best Beach Umbrella Tent) Umbrella with a Canopy for Protection from the Sun and Rain Thisbeach umbrellatenthas has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, based on more than 6,000 customer reviews.

The tent has zippered side windows to allow for circulation, as well as top wind vents.

  • Some automobiles have difficulty accommodating a vehicle with a large surface area.

6Best Extra Large Beach Tent XL Sport Shelter (Extra Large) The brand’s claims that this tent is spacious and “certainly satisfies the concept of fast setup” are backed up by customer reviews. Even though it has a floor area of 34 feet, it can be transported and stored in a small space. According to reports, the large room accommodates four people, and the floor is dog and child friendly. In addition, it provides UPF 50+ sun protection. (7) The Best Beach Tent for Toddlers and Young Children Tent for the beach that is resistant to ultraviolet rays This brilliantly colored one-touch beach tent provides a safe haven for children to play in while their parents relax.

See also:  How To Make Kids Tipi Tent

Construction of the tent consists of lightweight fiberglass poles and a large, water-resistant polyethylene floor.

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  • (7) The 7 Best Beach Tent for Toddlers and Children a beach tent that is resistant to ultraviolet rays This brilliantly colored one-touch beach tent provides a safe haven for children to play in while their parents are at work or school. Kids can crawl in and out of a rear tunnel hole that is connected to the main entrance with velcro. Construction of the tent consists of lightweight fiberglass poles and a roomy, water-resistant polyethylene flooring. For improved ventilation, the sides are composed of mesh material. RELATED: The Top 20 Pool Toys for the Most Relaxing Summer Ever
  • Because the Velcro entryway is not zipped, pests can get inside

8Best Beach Tents for Dogs to Consider With a front awning tent, you may enjoy the ultimate shade outside. Even if your dog is a little rough with his claws, the woven textiles on this tent, according to the manufacturer, are purportedly resistant to tearing and ripping. In addition, a front awning provides protection from the sun. To make traveling with the tent even easier, it comes with a convenient storage bag that can be carried about in your pocket or purse. 9Best Beach Tents for Camping in the Summer Shelter from the sun Those looking for a tent that they can use for both the beach and overnight camping may find this sun shelter from REI to be a suitable alternative.

It features a roomy interior that can accommodate two people and comes with a carry bag for transport. 20 Ingenious Camping Gadgets for Any Outdoor Adventure (See Related Article)

  • A minimum of two individuals are required for setup. When it’s windy, this isn’t the greatest option.

Shanon Maglente is a Product and Reviews Editor at Consumer Reports. Shanon formerly worked as the former ProductsReviews editor for the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she was responsible for finding the greatest discounts and goods across a variety of categories such as home, appliances, health, beauty, and parenting. This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.

Best beach tent 2022: bring your own shade to the seaside

Most of the time, beach tents are lightweight shelters that are meant to give protection from the heat and wind in an area that is often exposed to the elements and devoid of natural cover. A beach tent will meet all of your needs, whether you’re searching for a sand-free location for your picnic, a place to keep at least some of your clothing dry and salt-free, a safe area for your kid to snooze, or a place to change in solitude. Despite the fact that this is a pretty specialized product, there is still a large selection of beach tents available to pick from.

  1. While the best beach tents will provide adequate protection, it’s crucial to keep a look out for the UV rating of unbranded choices as well; you don’t want to end up accidently frying in apparent shade.
  2. In contrast to the finest tents for camping, they need relatively little effort to set up, and beaches may be quite accommodating places to set up a shelter if you have the necessary equipment for the task (such as a beach umbrella).
  3. Similarly, sandy terrain makes regular pegs ineffective, but sandbags are a fantastic idea.
  4. A beach tent makes for an excellent base for spending the day at the beach.
  5. But for the time being, let’s get started with our rating of the finest beach tents available right now.
  • Here are the finest travel towels for drying off without adding to your luggage weight. And what about the food? These are the greatest portable grills for the beach or the backyard that we’ve found. These are the most comfortable flip flops for walking that you can find.

Best beach tent 2022 ranking

(Photo courtesy of LittleLife.)

The best beach tent all-round

Photograph by LittleLife (Credit: LittleLife).

Reasons to buy

+The inside is pleasant and spacious.+ Stability is improved by sand pockets. It’s easy to store in a tiny space.

Reasons to avoid

-There are no inside pockets-It is rather hefty. The LittleLife Family beach shelter is our top selection for the best beach tent on the market. After unfolding, this deceptively little box expands to provide an ample shelter large enough to accommodate a whole family – perfect for when you are caught in an unexpected light shower or just want somewhere to sit under the shade for an afternoon beach picnic. The sun is kept out by a 50+ UV rating, and a tiny ventilation panel at the back allows for some airflow through the room.

Although it will withstand severe winds because to its geodesic construction, there are pockets around the outside that can be filled with sand to provide additional protection if you are concerned about it blowing away.

In fact, the lack of inside pockets was the only significant drawback we discovered when doing our LittleLife Family beach shelter review. (Photo courtesy of Glymnis)

2. Glymnis Pop Up Beach Tent Hydraulic Sun Shelter

UV protection factor: 50+ Dimensions (when in use): 215 x 170 x 115 cm Dimensions (when packed): 68 x 10 x 10cm Weight:1.62kg

Reasons to buy

Internal pockets are provided by a hydraulic quick-pitch mechanism, as well as zipperable mesh curtains.

Reasons to avoid

-It might be difficult to go up and down the stairs. A spacious 3-4 person shelter with all of the modern conveniences, the Glymnis Pop Up Beach Tent is the kitchen sink of beach tents. A complete set of guylines, sandbags, and pegs as well as a highly-engineered ‘hydraulic spring design’ quick pitching mechanism that claims to have this up and ready to go in three seconds will have your beach neighbors green with envy. An especially noteworthy feature is the two windows with mesh panels and rollable curtains, which allow you to let in the air while yet maintaining some shelter from the hot sun.

An inside pocket holds your phones and other things, and the bag has an SPF 50+ UV rating.

In essence, if this beach shelter does not offer what you require, you will be forced to rent a caravan.

(Image courtesy of Babymoov.)

3. Babymoov Anti-UV Tent

UV protection factor: 50+ Dimensions (when in use): 100 x 100 x 80cm Dimensions (when packed): 60 cm Weight:0.7kg

Reasons to buy

The following features are included: +High sun protection+Lightweight+See-through ventilation panels

Reasons to avoid

-It is designed to fit newborns and toddlers. In the event that you’re looking for a safe, shaded spot for a small child or infant to hang out while on a family beach excursion, this Babymoov product may be the perfect beach tent for you. Because the front is made of mesh, you can zip it up entirely while still seeing your child – great for keeping pests and curious dogs out, as well as stopping your child from embarking on an unintended expedition the second you take your gaze away from them.

When not in use, this Babymoov tent folds up into a small, extremely light circular bag with a shoulder strap for convenient transport – but, as with all popup tents, the packed version is a little awkward, and putting it up and taking it down for the first few times can be perplexing (luckily there are YouTube videos dedicated to the art).

(Photo courtesy of Coleman)

4. Coleman Weatherproof Sundome Outdoor Shelter

Rating for ultraviolet radiation: 50 Dimensions (when in use): 118 x 248 x 216cm (HxWxD). Dimensions (when packed): 51 x 11 x 11cm Weight:1.9kg

Reasons to buy

The material is strong but flexible, and it is reasonably waterproof. The door may be zipped all the way up.

Reasons to avoid

-A design that is less contained than others Our favorite beach tent from one of our favorite outdoor companies, the Coleman Sundome, is a more minimalistic version of the Coleman Sundome. Despite the fact that it is not a popup design, it is of great quality, simple to assemble, and the fibreglass poles are both sturdy and flexible. Everything combined results in a beach tent that is a little heavier than some other options, but if it is durability and longevity that you are looking for, this would be a smart investment.

In addition to providing SPF 50 UV protection, the shelter can be fully zipped up for further wind protection while the poles keep it in place, and it has an HH rating of 500mm, which means it will keep the rains out as well.

5. SKLZ Sport Brella Umbrella Shelter

UV protection factor: 50+ 52 inches in length (when in use). Not specified in terms of size (when packed). Weight:3kg

Reasons to buy

Rating for ultraviolet radiation: 50 or above. 52 inches in length (when in use) There is no information on the size of the package. Weight:3kg

Reasons to avoid

-There is no floor-It may not be able to withstand strong winds. Despite the fact that it is not lightweight, the SKLZ Sport Brella effectively justifies its own weight. For starters, it’s enormous — tall enough to fit an adult on a camping chair and broad enough to comfortably accommodate three people. It’s also incredibly tough, thanks to an ingenious umbrella design that includes side flaps for full-coverage protection and, we guess, to keep you from being blown away in the wind. It comes with two sets of spikes that can be used on a variety of different surfaces, making it a great option for use as a camping shelter as well.

6. Easthills Outdoors Easy Up Beach Tent

UV protection factor: 50+ Dimensions (when in use): (WxDxH) 85 47 46″ (plus a 43″ front porch) 8″ x 39″ (diameter and height) when packed 5-pound (2.2-kilogram) weight

Reasons to buy

+Relatively light for the size+ Large enough for adults and children. Windows on the inside

Reasons to avoid

-This may be a bit excessive. Despite the fact that the Easthills Outdoors Easy Up Beach Tent appears to be something you’d expect to find on a commune in the California desert, it’s really a very practical alternative for family outings, whether it’s for a day at the beach or an extended camping vacation. Pop-up tents are often on the smaller side as a trade-off, but this huge shelter makes no such sacrifices. It has enough space for two people to sit comfortably, or it may be used as a separate foundation for children and dogs.

It’s available in two colors: a subtle sand or a more noticeable baby blue, and if this size isn’t quite big enough, there are larger sizes available in the range as well.

7. Cressi 1946 Pop Up Beach Tent

UV protection factor: 50+ In-use dimensions (WxDxH): 200 x 120 cm; 130 cm (height). Not specified in terms of size (when packed). Weight:1kg

Reasons to buy

Excellent sun protection that pops up into position. Brand with a good reputation

Reasons to avoid

-When packed, it is rather large. When it comes to pop-up tents, nothing beats the ease with which they can be put up, and this ingenious solution from dive specialist Cressi takes the same concept and applies it to an inflatable beach tent. With just a few simple steps, the Cressi 1946 beach tent can be transformed into a wide covered room with a high anti-UV rating, which is precisely what you want from a beach tent. You can accommodate three to four adults in this, though they will have to sit up, and it comes with its own carry bag – however keep in mind that, like other popup choices, it collapses into a giant flat disc that is light but hard to transport.

8. Vango Sentinel AirBeam Windbreak

UV-protection: 0 Dimensions (when in use): (HxWxD) 126 152 152 cm Size (when packed): 75 x 25 x 25cm (LxHxW). Weight:6.15kg

Reasons to buy

rating of 0 for ultraviolet radiation 126 152 152 cm in height, width, and depth (when in use) Dimensions: The following are the dimensions (in inches) of the bundled item: 75 x 25 inches. Weight:6.15kg

Reasons to avoid

-There is no sun protection. Using hessian and sturdy larch poles, the ominously-named Vango Sentinel Airbeam takes on a problem that hasn’t been handled since the Victorians, earning it a spot on this best beach tent list for “blind creativity at any cost.” The Sentinel Airbeam is a contemporary update to the familiar British beach vacation windbreak, using inflatable Airbeam poles (no more hammering wooden poles into compacted gravel) as well as guylines for extremely windy locations.

Given its enormous size and weight (a hefty 6.15kg), this is no lightweight, and there’s no sun protection to speak of, but for serious beachgoers and formal beach-based events, it’s a bit of a winner – especially thanks to the panoramic windows that allow the views in while keeping the wind – and the sand – at bay.

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