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In this guide, I’ll walk you through my best 6 person tent reviews, which you can find on Amazon. When it comes to purchasing a new tent, one of the first things that comes to mind is the quality. My first camping trip was a disaster because I made the mistake of buying a tent based only on its aesthetics. I discovered the hard way that there are several crucial elements to consider when buying a tent if you want your trip to go successfully. At the end of the day, who wants to retire to a sagging, wet tent after a day of exploration in the great outdoors?

Gone are the days when I had to contend with heavy winds and storms, shattered tent poles, tight quarters, and being cooked in my sleep to survive.

What Factors Should You Look For In A 6-Person Tent?

The importance of space cannot be overstated. As any seasoned camper will tell you, just because a 6-person tent can accommodate 6 people does not always imply that those 6 individuals will be happy sleeping together within. Not everyone like to sleep in a single sleeping bag, so if you want to sleep on an airbed, be sure to take the following factors into consideration: the size of the tent, the number and size of airbeds, and the placement of the tent poles. A central tent pole (such as that seen in a teepee type tent) can also restrict the number of sleeping positions available.

Storage Capacity

Given that it is not always practical to leave bags and valuables in a car, check out the storage space available before spending your money on a camping tent. If you’re traveling with a party of six individuals, you may need to bring six sets of baggage. Some tents are well-suited for this purpose, with porches, screen doors, and even storage space built into the roof structure. Those who are not accustomed to traveling light will undoubtedly need to take this into mind when packing. Even a modest tent should have a little additional room after sleeping zones have been established.

Personally, I find it boring to have to sift through bags and mounds of items in order to find something specific.

Quality Of The Tent Poles

Tent poles are available in a variety of materials, the most popular of which being fiberglass and aluminum. Steel poles and air tubes are also available for purchase. Joints and poles are frequently profiled for ease of pitching; this also aids in increasing the pitch of your tent walls, allowing you to have more room within your tent. Keep an eye out for color-coded poles, which make pitching a lot more convenient. If a manufacturer goes out of their way to achieve this, it’s typically regarded as a positive indicator.

Aluminum poles are robust and durable, but they are also heavier and more costly than steel poles.

Air tubes are lightweight and handy, however they are susceptible to puncture, lose air, and require extensive monitoring. Personally, I would recommend either fiberglass (along with a repair kit or spares) or aluminum as a construction material.

How Waterproof Is The Tent?

I recall a camping trip where we were soaked through for the whole weekend due to heavy rains. That’s when I discovered that my supposedly high-quality tent wasn’t quite up to the task after all. Six of us crowded inside the tent to get away from the hardest downpours, and that’s when the tent decided to give out. The quality of the rainfly had a significant role in this. When I first started camping, I didn’t think about the ergonomics, and the angle of my rainfly meant that the rain was driven directly onto the tent entrance.

In addition, the seams on the floor were not sufficiently waterproofed because it was not a ‘tub’ floor (bathtub type).

Here’s What To Look Out For:

  • The tent is constructed of nylon or polyester, correct? If that’s the case, it’s a solid start. It may be made of canvas or poly cotton that has been coated with PVC, but it isn’t what I would choose first. In an ideal situation, your tent will be made of polyester that has been treated with polyurethane. Rather than being sewed separately, the groundsheet should be correctly stitched into place, preferably in a tub shape so that the seams do not touch the ground. Instead of directing water down the tent walls, your rainfly should extend beyond the tent walls and direct it onto the floor. Although this is an extreme comparison, you may think of it as a mushroom, with the tent body serving as the stem. Guy lines should also be used to secure your rainfly in place so that it is not blown away by the wind. The seams and stitching should be strong, and preferably, the seams should be double-stitched together. Waterproofing will not be possible if you can see through the seams to any significant degree. To be sure, I always use a silicone seam sealer to protect the seams of my tents.

Does It Get Plenty Of Air?

Sweating inside your tent is the last thing you want to be doing, whether it’s due to the intense sun rays or the high humidity. When purchasing a 6-person tent, the number of windows and the quality of the insect-proof netting are important considerations. A mesh inner door, which allows me to keep the tent closed while still obtaining air, and at least one mesh window are features that I look for in a tent. If it has smaller vents near the floor, that’s even better, and roof ventilation is a surefire way to avoid problems.

Best 6 Person Tents For Groups and Family Camping

Pixabay user Riya Mishra contributed this image. It seems like you’ve won the tent jackpot when you walk into your first 6-persontent. You can expect the highest ceilings you’ve ever seen, a spacious floor layout, and, if you’re lucky, a whole covered front porch if you’re moving up from a two- or four-person model to this one. In terms of shelter, the finest 6-person tents are the perfect option for families and small parties looking to go vehicle camping in elegance and comfort. You’re presently in the domain of queen-sized mattresses.

Stand up straight and go for a pleasant morning stretch around the neighborhood.

Our Favorite 6-Person Tents of 2021

These characteristics, as well as all the outdoor essentials such as material quality, weatherproofing, and ease of use, were taken into consideration when evaluating all of the best 6-person tents currently available on the market. We ultimately decided on the six models listed below as the cream of the crop for 2021. The backcountry mansion you deserve may be found on the list below, regardless of whether you’re seeking for the very finest or merely the best on a specific budget.

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The North Face Wawona 6

Northface The North Face Wawona 6 takes the cake as our best 6-person tent of 2021, thanks to its spacious vestibule garage, expanded dome design, and easier setup. The fact that it is not even in the race for the title of most expensive tent on our list just adds to the allure. Whereas other tents either charge extra for a carport or don’t provide one at all, the North Face Wawona insists on include one, which we much appreciate. And although that feature alone is sufficient justification for Wawona’s asking price, there are a number of additional premium amenities included in the pricing as well.

Their color-coding makes the process of setting them up much simpler and faster. The one thing that this tent is lacking is a footprint, but that could be said for many of the more costly tents on our list, so we won’t be too vocal about it.

REI Co-Op Kingdom 6

The Kingdom tents from REI Co-op have always been popular, and their most current iteration, the Kingdom 6, has even more to offer than previous models in terms of features. The almost vertical walls, six-foot ceilings, and open floor design combine to create a large, airy interior that seems more like a small cottage than a tent for camping. Another feature that we like about the Kingdom is that it includes a room divider, which allows you to change it from one large sleeping area to two smaller sleeping quarters, with each room having its own entrance and exit door.

Everything considered, the Kingdom is an amazing tent for the money, offering plenty of wonderful features at an affordable price.

When you consider the pricing, we would have liked to have seen the additional poles/guy lines needed to convert the awning included as part of the package.

Similar reasoning applies to the REI’s “mudroom” extension, which costs an additional $100 and changes the Kingdom’s ordinary vestibule into an expanded garage large enough to accommodate a few chairs, bikes and other items of varying sizes and shapes.

Nemo Wagontop 6

Nemo The Nemo Wagontop is a large group camping tent with a plethora of amenities that checks off nearly every one of our checklist items for big tent characteristics. Among its many features are vertical walls that extend nearly all the way to the tent’s impressive 80-inch peak height, a massively extended vestibule that’s large enough to stand in while stripping off wet gear, panoramic windows that allow for tons of ventilation, and a surprisingly simple four-pole design that makes setup far simpler than most tent designs of this size.

There’s also over 97 square feet of floor area for the entire tribe to spread out.

To be clear, if the large extended vestibule isn’t quite large or extended enough for your needs, Nemo also provides a companion “garage” for the Wagontop that is large enough to store bicycles, kayaks, coolers, and then some beneath with plenty of room to spare.

Kelty Rumpus 6

A full-sized shelter that doesn’t break the bank is available from department stores, which makes the Kelty Rumpus 6 a good choice for those seeking for a full-sized shelter without breaking the bank. Notable among these features is the substantially enlarged rainfly, which you won’t find on any other 6-person tents in this price range (or even some well above it). It also has a considerable peak height of more than 6 feet at its tallest point, and despite the fact that the typical dome roof of the Rumpus tapers down toward the sides, you can very much saunter casually through the rear entrance and out the front owing to the sheer scale of the structure.

In order to keep the price as cheap as possible, Kelty employs fiberglass poles rather than premium aluminum ones. However, there is no other 6-person tent available for this money that is this excellent at this level of quality and value.

Eureka Boondocker Hotel 6

Eureka The Boondocker Hotel 6 is Eureka’s flagship 6-person tent, and it makes a compelling case for its high price tag by including a number of innovative features. The first and most apparent of these is Eureka’s original take on the entire extended vestibule idea, which is described above. For begin, you’ll note that the Boondocker Hotel has a gear garage on the side of the building. We enjoy that the main entrance has been left unobstructed since it allows the Boondocker to have a great “pass-through” floor layout, which you’ll appreciate if you have four or more sleepers inside.

Vertical walls, six-foot ceilings, excellent ventilation, and a streamlined setup are all features that add to the overall appeal.

Eureka Space Camp 6

Eureka If you like the Eureka tent but aren’t quite ready to spend your Boondocker money on one, the Space Camp 6 could be a good option for you. In fact, the Space Camp’s virtually vertical walls reach a maximum height of over six and a half feet at their highest point, making it the tallest dome-style tent in our collection. Given the vaulted ceilings and the decent 83 square feet of floor area, it’s safe to conclude that interior space will not be an issue. And while the Space Camp does not have a gear storage, like some of the other tents on our list, it does have a distinctive dual-vestibule design that sets it apart from the competition.

The rear vestibule, on the other hand, is about the same size as the front vestibule, but it employs a simpler single zipper design to provide a basic shelter for your items outside the back entrance as well as within.

Important Features To Consider In 6-Person Tents

Upgrading from a two- or even four-person tent to a six-person one is a significant step forward. These tents are significantly larger in size, and as a result, they can accommodate a greater number of creature comforts in their design, which you should keep an eye out for.

Multiple Doors

Because 6-person tents are frequently shared with other friends or family members, having a separate means of exit for each group increases the overall livability of a tent by a significant amount.

It’s bad enough that you have to wake up your lover in the middle of the night by crawling over them to go outdoors and urinate. Don’t make the same mistake with your guests.

Extended Vestibules

A.K. Porches on the front porches of the nation. One of the most significant distinctions between having a huge tent and having a 6-person tent that truly jumps out is the additional space provided by an expanded vestibule (sometimes known as a bonus room). Some of them are just places to store your backpack, shoes, and any other little goods you want to keep out of the rain for the time being. Others are so large that you can practically put a pair of mountain bikes underneath them to keep them out of the elements and out of sight, or you can simply set up a couple of camp chairs and a cooler below them and relax in the shade.

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What’s the harm in trying?

Vertical Walls

Yes, interior peak height is crucial, but wouldn’t it be preferable to be able to stand up anywhere in the tent rather than only in the center of it? Tents for six people that are the most handy on the market feature “cabin” type walls, which means that the walls stretch virtually straight up until they reach the top of the tent. The ideal result is a tent that is six feet tall (or greater) from wall to wall, so that you never have to kneel down inside, no matter where you are standing.

Room Dividers

6-person tents are the first size at which the possibility of dividing a tent into two rooms becomes a serious possibility. While most tents either don’t have the space or don’t offer the feature, if you’re planning on splitting your 6-person tent with another couple or want some privacy from the kids, having an interior room divider will provide you with some extra privacy for changing clothes and other activities while you’re camping in a tent.

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What are the Best 6 Person Tents to Buy? Feb 2022

Because we all have varied requirements, it is impossible to pick a single one and term it “the finest.” This is especially true because I have personally selected 43 different six-person tents from 12 different manufacturers. For us to compare, there should be a variety of sorts, sizes, and prices. So that we may compare apples with apples, I separated the 6 person tents into five portions, which are depicted below. This will allow us to compare apples with apples in terms of price and quality.

  1. Prices can now range from as little as $76.02 to as much as $899.99info outline Maybe you’re just searching for a good deal on a 6 person camping tent.
  2. I’ve taken all of the ones that are now under $125 and put them all in one column that is updated every day at 4:30 p.m.
  3. Some of the tents are far larger than the ones that are meant to accommodate eight people.
  4. Some may even be deemed inadequate for a family with six children.
  5. It’s also possible to learn about the most popular Sometimes a product may not fit neatly into a single category, but it does have a large number of satisfied customers.
  6. Often, a little more money can get you a whole lot more.

Then there are individuals who just have outstanding evaluations; for whatever reason, they have excellent ratings and a large number of them. In a hurry to go through each section? No problem. You may go directly to the finest 6 person tents from each of the groups by clicking here.

Top Rated 6 Person Tents

Four of the six-person tents have received high ratings and a large number of reviews. Kodiak’s Flex Bow Deluxe 6 Canvas tent first arrived on the market around 11 years ago, during the start of the 2011 camping season. Every year after then, it has continued to get raving reviews from the general public. Chris provides us with an update after two years in the video below, which pretty well covers up all you need to know about this high-quality tent and its manufacturer. Quality, on the other hand, comes at a cost.

  1. It can be set up in a matter of minutes and is the least complicated.
  2. While the smaller 9 person version costs around $140 more, the larger 9 person version is a good deal for those who want more space and privacy while still staying within the same price range.
  3. For two or three people, this would be a wonderful big tent, since it’s the smallest of the four and even smaller than the largest of the four 4 person tents.
  4. At the present, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate this earlier version.
  5. The last of the four tents is one of the biggest in the Browning collection.
  6. I first saw sales of this tent in early 2015, and I believe it is still in production.
  7. As more people get familiar with the brand, sales begin to increase dramatically in the next year.
  8. Another page with a total of thirty-six tents, each with a large number of reviews and excellent ratings, that I follow on a daily basis, highlighting the many types of tents available on optimumtents.com.

Six Person Tents Representing Great Value

Today, seven of the 6 person tents were reduced by 20% or more, bringing the total reduction to 20% or more. It goes without saying that selecting a product purely on the basis of the fact that it is significantly discounted might be troublesome. There are three 6 person tents mentioned below that have excellent overall ratings and are now available for purchase for far less than the average price per square foot for all 6 person tents on this website.

It will only cost you $1.96 per square foot for the most costly of the three options. When compared to the average price of $2.14, it is an excellent value when purchased at a discount. The discounts stated below and above were computed this morning and are reflected in the table below.

  1. Coleman’sSteel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Screeneddiscounted23 percent
  2. Coleman’sSteel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Screeneddiscounted23 percent
  3. Coleman’sSteel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Screeneddiscounted23

The Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Screened produced by Coleman”pictured below”is the best of the three options listed above, and it is now available for purchase for the cheap price of $175.99info outline With 5 foot. 08 inches of headroom and 90 square feet of sleeping area, it is significantly less than the biggest 6 person tents, which are discussed in the next section.

The Largest 6 person Tents

Only one of the 43tents has a floor space of 125 square feet or greater. The Browning’s Big Horn Two Room Tent with 150 square feet of floor space and 7 foot. 03 inches of headroom is in a league of its own. Although it is described as being appropriate for up to 8 people, it is significantly larger than the majority of tents available. This tent is ideal for families with adolescents who are planning a trip that will last longer than a weekend since it has two huge rooms, each with its own doors and windows.

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The 6 person version does not merit inclusion in this section on its own; but, the bigger 8 person version, which has 120 square feet of space and 6’5″ of headroom and only costs a few dollars more, deserves to be included.

The model, which was first released in 2016, is available in five distinct sizes, all of which have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Cheapest 6 Person Tents Under $125

Three of the tents were still available for purchase for less than $125 this morninginfo outline One of these even came in at less than a hundred dollars. Among this set of three, while most of them perform admirably in all categories, the two “mentioned below” stand out as particularly noteworthy because neither is generally reduced at this level, making them both excellent buys at their current prices. Another one that does well is the “Evanston Screened 6,” which is detailed in further depth below in the section on the best-selling tents.

  1. Discounted by 46 percent to $76.02, Coleman’sSundome 6 is now just $76.02. Coleman’sSundome 6 is now only $76.02, a 46 percent savings.

Another one that stands out is the Salmon River2 room tent, which can be seen in the photo below. Mountain Trails, a division of Wenzel, manufactures this product. With 112 square feet of living area and a maximum ceiling height of 6′ 9″ in the middle. At this price, it represents excellent value. Also noteworthy is the fact that it is one of the largest tents available on the market in this price range. New campers who are not wanting to spend a lot of money on a tent that they may only use once may do a lot worse for a lot more money if they shop around.

The Most Popular 6 Person Tents

Coleman essentially owns this segment, with eight of the top ten-selling six-person tents now in stock and ready for immediate purchase. It is important to note that six of the eight are now being phased out, since they are no longer visible on the manufacturer’s website. In 2018, a slew of new models took the place of long-standing classics. The Instant 6 stands head and shoulders above all of the competition. More information about the advantages and disadvantages of Coleman instant tents may be found on a website dedicated to the first generation of Coleman instant tents, which initially debuted on the market in 2011.

  1. There is just one element that prevents this tent from becoming a truly fantastic tent, and that is the lack of “headroom,” which is only 5’8″ in the middle.
  2. In-depth analysis of theEvanston Screened 6 has been written by me.
  3. A page dedicated to the Weathermaster Model contains information on it, as well as the “Elite and Standard versions” of that model.
  4. In the absence of anything manufactured by Coleman, Browning’s Big Horn 8 falls to the bottom of the top ten, making it the best-selling firearm of all time.

Another slips in, this time it’s the Mammoth from Suisse Sport. It’s a well-known tent that has been around for quite some time and has received positive feedback.

Top Five 6 Person Tents

The greatest tent is never easy to choose, especially when you’re comparing 43 different models side by side to see which one is the best for you. Campers have a separate set of requirements. After doing so, I’ve narrowed it down to five based on the facts. These very much cover all of the bases and should be sufficient to meet the demands of the vast majority of people.

Browning Big Horn 8

Following your reading of the various parts above, it is unlikely that you will be surprised to learn that Browning’s Big Horn 8 has risen to the number one spot on the list. It truly exceeds the competition in virtually every category. Information outlineIt is the largest of all of them, has a huge number of positive ratings, and is not too costly at the current price of $ 271.00

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 6

Two more tents are worth considering if you are ready to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars on a high-quality tent. These tents are both recommended by the manufacturer. The second of the five is Kodiak’sCanvas Flex Bow Deluxe 6, which has received very positive feedback. This is the sort of tent that will last you for a long time and is quite durable. It is a durable canvas tent that is suitable for camping in any weather conditions. The main disadvantage is that it is fairly modest when compared to the largest 6 person tents available on the market.

Sean Kent also gives it a massive thumbs up, as you can see in the video at the top of the page.

Eureka Copper Canyon 6

Campers are familiar with and rely on the Eureka brand name and its reputation. Copper Canyon 6 is displayed below, and it, like Kodiak’stent above, excels in all respects except size; yet, other from this, they are a fantastic alternative for smaller gatherings that do not want a lot of floor space. I’ve written a section on thebest rated tentspage where I go into much more depth on Kodiak’s tent. More spacious and comfortable versions of these two tents that would still be suitable for parties of six people looking for a bit more room and comfort can be seen on the Cabin Tentspage.

Coleman Sundome 6

Frequently, they are available for less than $100. Coleman’s Sundome 6 is an excellent choice for first-time campers who want to get a feel for the outdoors. A 95 percent overall rating, 6 feet of headroom, and hundreds of good reviews make this tent an excellent alternative for folks who do not want to spend a lot of money. Information outline The last time I checked”this morning,” it was just $ 76.02

Core Equipment Instant Cabin 6

The last, but certainly not least, of the five is one who rose to prominence in 2016. In its first year on the market, Core Equipment’s Instant Cabin 6out sold a large number of the popular models that have dominated the industry for many years.

As claimed, it is easy to set up and can be completed in a matter of minutes. It is not prohibitively pricey, and to say that the reviews have been positive would be an understatement. In this Interactive Comparison Table, you can see how each of the six-person tents stacks up against the others.

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