What Is A Tent Pole Movie

Tent-pole (entertainment) – Wikipedia

As used in broadcast programming and motion pictures, the term tentpole refers to an episode of a television show or a film that helps to boost the financial performance of a film studio or television network. It is intended to be an analogue for the way a strong center pole offers a secure framework to a tent construction. It is possible that a tent-pole picture will help to increase the sales of tie-in items.


When it comes to the film industry, tent-pole films are frequently extensively disseminated initial offerings in a run of releases, and studios anticipate them to earn a profit in a short amount of time. This type of programming is frequently backed by greater budgets and extensive marketing. The term tentpole movie refers to a film in which a large number of tie-in items, such as toys and video games, are expected to be produced in conjunction with the film.


When it comes to television, an example of this strategy is to schedule a popular television program alongside new or unknown programming in an attempt to keep audience viewers watching after the flagship program has concluded; a prominent example of this strategy is the long-running Star Trek series. Similarly, in broadcast programming, if a network has two tent-pole series, it may increase the performance of a weak or fledgling show by putting it in-between the two tent-pole series.

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These are film industry phrases that are used to describe a film’s box office performance, both in the real world and in the predictions of critics. Both phrases allude to large-scale studio films that are intended to produce the greatest amount of profit. Movies made on a low budget that earn a profit are typically referred to as “breakout hits.” BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES are films that break the fourth wall. These are studio films that are frequently huge in scope, budget, and theatrical distribution since they are produced by major studios.

  • Despite the innovative accounting techniques that studios frequently employ, blockbuster films typically generate a profit for investors.
  • It is possible that blockbuster films will be a financial success at the box office.
  • MOVIES ABOUT TENTPOLES According to several characteristics, such as related films, talent, release date, topic, and audience, the tentpole picture is the closest thing to a sure-fire smash that can be anticipated with reasonable certainty.
  • Studios aim to spread their financial risk over their whole slate of films because just one out of every 10 films generates a profit on the box office.

With global box office receipts from production averaging around $1 billion and production costs averaging $200 to $300 million, successful tentpole films must be exhibited in theaters all year long (a wide theatrical window), appeal to a four quadrant audience (men, women, boys and girls), and contain universal and culturally relevant themes to be considered successful.

  • As a result, studios rely on international box office to produce up to 80 percent of their total revenue.
  • China, Russia, India, the Far East, Brazil, and the Middle East are among the most important emerging markets.
  • High-concept films are often the highest-grossing films at the box office.
  • Action is the best genre for predicting box office success since it is the most popular among audiences.
  • Most countries develop their own dramas and are not interested in purchasing a large number of them from the United States.
  • Each of these films is a major production in every way.
  • They are also the most expensive to create in terms of money.

When it comes to predicting box office results, pre-awareness is equally important.

The stakes in action films have to be life or death for the main protagonists, or perhaps the survival of mankind itself, in order for them to be successful.

They must be well-known, self-assured, and relevant in today’s society.

From May through August/September, this is the most common timeframe.

Aside from the season, distributors seek to release films over significant holidays in international markets, such as Christmas and New Year’s Day, to maximize exposure.

When it comes to big-budget films, casting is becoming an increasingly critical factor to consider.

Even when all of the elements have been taken into consideration to reduce risk, certain tentpole films have failed to spark the box office.

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Definition of TENTPOLE

Recent Web-based illustrations The Tom Cruise tentpole will now premiere on July 14, 2023, after Paramount and Skydance moved the opening date from September 30, 2022 to July 14, 2023. —Aaron Couch, The Hollywood Reporter, published on January 21, 2022. Along with his work in front of the camera, Bogdanovich was one of cinephilia’s most enthusiastic supporters, having seen hundreds of films a year since infancy and subsequently regretting the shift away from independent cinema toward tentpole franchises.

—Andy Yamashita, The Indianapolis Star, published on December 10, 2021 After all, the city’stentpolecommunity athletic event is one of its most cherished traditions, right up there with Broadway as one of its most cherished traditions.

24th of November, 2021: Ananya Bhattacharya, Quartz Every year, thistentpoleproject is a massive undertaking that requires many hands to complete, and for each of my three years as a reviewer at The Times, the guide has necessitated a new approach.

—New York Times, December 8, 2021 Glenfiddich dipped into Forbes’ trusted editorial voice and tentpoleForbes 400 franchise to display their brand’s research study on success, as well as to establish an entirely new list—The Richest 25.—Sonya Matejko, Forbes, November 12, 2021 — These sample sentences were compiled automatically from multiple internet news sources to reflect current use of the word ‘tentpole.’ You can also view these example sentences in context.

It is not the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors that the viewpoints stated in the examples are correct.

tentpole movie – Wiktionary

It’s a play on words for the way a supporting tentpole keeps up the construction of a tent.


Tentpolemovie is a movie about a tentpole (pluraltentpole movies)

  1. (US,idiomatic,film) In the case of a blockbuster motion picture, the production costs are high, but the film is projected to earn large money for the studio and its investors.
  • According to Steve Persall’s review in the St. Petersburg Times on August 11th, 1995, “Critic’s Notebook: Previews whet our cinematic appetites,” United Artists hasn’t flourished in recent years, so a box office smash from itstentpole movie franchise is vital
  • Todd McCarthy’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” was published on December 3, 2005. Variety (as of the 28th of September, 2012): It also, ironically, affords the ability for the kinds of expensive computer-generated effects that are now commonplace in blockbuster movies. The Washington Times published a review of “The 1997 Summer Movie Review” on May 25, 2007, which was retrieved on September 28, 2012: “The tentpole cinema is an attraction popular and exploitable enough to hold up the whole moviegoing tent for several weeks or even months.” “Piracy Puts Film Online One Month Before Its Release,” Brian Stelter, The New York Times, April 1, 2009. “We’ve never had a high-profile picture—a film with this budget, a tentpole movie with this box office potential—leak in any form this early,” he stated in an interview with the New York Times on September 28th, 2012. “Guillermo del Toro to direct Emma Watson in “Beauty and the Beast,” IFC (retrieved 28 September 2012): “Guillermo del Toro to direct Emma Watson in “Beauty and the Beast”,” IFC (retrieved 28 September 2012): According to Variety, del Toro will helm the film, which will star Watson as the eponymous Beauty. In other words, we’re thinking bigtentpole movie vs introverted indie.


While business policies in Hollywood fluctuate, with few exceptions, each of the major film studios regularly emphasizes the value of “tentpole” films as a means of attracting new audiences. What exactly are they? A studio’s release calendar might be built around the release of large, boisterous, and expensive films. In addition to being released during the two major box office seasons — November through December (for the holidays) and May through July (for the summer), tentpole films are frequently based on previously published literary material (e.g., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, Spiderman) or previously released original films (e.g., The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Lord of the Rings) (e.g., Star Wars, Indiana Jones).

  • Because their major role is to hold up (perform well) at the box office, raking in a large sum of money in a short period of time, and by doing so, they help to maintain the balance of a studio’s whole slate of film releases, which is why they’re referred to as “tentpole” movies.
  • throughout the previous several decades than Warner Bros.
  • is looking forward to 2009 and even 2010 with fewer than usual large budget tentpole pictures: This is the type of picture that Warner Bros.
  • With a massive budget for top-tier cast, elaborate action scenes, and special effects, it has the potential to be a significant moneymaker for the studio’s various divisions, including television, home video, merchandising, and videogames, as well as for the film industry as a whole.
  • had its way, the studio would release at least four of these blockbusters per year.
  • Make the most of the year 2009.
  • It will continue to release 25 films every year, as it has in the past.

It appeared like classic superheroes and fantasy epics would be unable to compete until Warner Bros.

The current WGA strike was one of the most significant factors: “There’s no doubting that we were impacted,” Horn recalls.

“It was the tentpoles that were the most painful.” Alan Horn, President and Chief Operating Officer of Warner Bros.

The normal road to a tentpole movie is, as previously said, a pre-existing literary or original motion film, although a writer may have had an excellent concept, written a book or script that later became the basis of a successful series at some time (e.g., Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Shrek).

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By the way, when it comes to creating tentpole films, there are no hard and fast rules or scientific approaches.

As at the time of writing, it appeared to be a conventional mid-budget, high-concept film starring a competent, but not A-list piece of talent (Ben Stiller).

Tentpole films are films that are made for a large audience. Do you have a picture of one in your head? Archive of previous comments

What is a “tentpole movie”?

During my reading of a Variety article, I came across the following sentence: “It’s beneficial for the stars to appear in tentpole films.” AndReeves appears to be an excellent choice for the role of the extraterrestrial Klaatu; he exudes an otherworldly serenity that suits well in the film.” Is there such a thing as a tentpole movie? Thank you for asking the inquiry. For the same reason, I’ve seen this word repeated over and over in the Hollywood trade press and have been really fascinated about it as well.

  • So let’s have a look around a little bit.
  • Do you think it’s reasonable?
  • On the first Google search, I hit a home run!
  • Furthermore, a study article from Harvard Business School exposes the dangers of current production corporations’ overall “tentpole movie” strategy: The performance of the box office will be more reliant on a small number of blockbusters.
  • On a general basis, emphasis will be focused on the most promising projects (also known as “tent pole” or “event” films).
  • Because blockbuster movies continue to earn a larger percentage of total box office income, this looks to be a viable business approach.
  • In addition, I’ve had three films gross more than $100 million in box office income apiece in 2003 (accounting for 14 percent of the total for the year), compared to only two in 1998.
  • If a so-called tentpole movie costs $100 million or more to produce and fails to earn money, it will have a significant impact on the bottom line of any corporation, let alone one as hazardous as a movie production company.
  • Now that we understand what a tentpole movie is and why it may not be the best approach for the movie studios, we can discuss why we think it is.

It’s not all terrible, though, when it results in some of the fantastic big-budget films that we’ve been able to enjoy in recent years. Are you a movie buff? Then followFilmBuzz on Twitter for your daily dose of entertainment news!

What Is Tent Pole Movie

As used in broadcast and motion picture programming and films, the term “tent-pole” refers to a program or film that is important to the financial success of a film studio or a television network. It is reasonable to anticipate that a tent-pole picture will generate significant revenue from the selling of tie-in items.

What is a tent pole film?

: a high-budget film whose revenues are projected to more than offset the losses suffered by the studio on its other films.

What do tent poles do?

Steel poles produce a robust framework that can withstand high winds rather than deforming as a result of gusts of wind. However, this robustness comes at a cost in terms of weight, and larger tents may be difficult to pull into place and transport between the home, car, and pitch. Steel poles are coated to prevent corrosion, but they must be serviced on a regular basis (see top tip).

What is a tentpole brand?

Although it originated in the entertainment industry, tentpole marketing was originally used to describe the excitement generated ahead of major film releases in general. Simply said, it’s a method of getting people enthusiastic about a certain event or holiday, whether it’s a holiday celebration or a marketing event.

Where did he pitch the tent?

(2) Where did he decide to set up his tent? He set up his tent on the level green surface just before the hollow on the hill, just before the hollow below the hollow before the hollow on the hill.

What is a blockbuster or tentpole film?

Filters. (From the United States, idiomatic, film) A blockbuster motion film that was expensive to develop but is predicted to earn considerable money for the studio that produced it and the investors who invested in it. a noun of 0 syllables

What’s a tentpole moment?

There are three phases to mastering tentpole marketing opportunities. Almost every company has a tentpole marketing moment – a time of year when the company’s reputation is at its highest point. In addition, the company conducted its largest-ever campaign on YouTube in order to maximize reach and effectiveness.

What does tentpole mean in marketing?

Tentpole marketing is a tactic used by most artists, filmmakers, and media production businesses to capitalize on the excitement generated by an event – a trend, or a moment – in a way that is beneficial to them and their careers.

Can you fix a broken tent pole?

A pole repair sleeve is the quickest and most convenient method of repairing a damaged pole. This little tube, which is also known as a splint, is frequently included with your tent. If you don’t already have one, go out and get one. Pole repair sleeves should be somewhat bigger in diameter than the pole they are intended to fix so that they do not move about too much.

How do you fix a bent tent pole?

A pole repair sleeve is the most convenient and time-saving method of repairing a damaged utility pole. Short tube that is commonly included with your tent, this item is also known as a splint or a splint tube. If you don’t have one, go out and get one. Pole repair sleeves should be somewhat bigger in diameter than the pole they are intended to fix so that they do not slide about excessively.

Can I make my own tent poles?

Making tent poles is not a common ‘do it yourself’ pastime in the United States.

Bending and cutting metal that would be used for tent poles necessitates the use of sophisticated instruments. The fact that campers rarely have these means that they feel it advantageous to create their own. Tent poles are one of the most important reasons to purchase high-quality tents.

What is Disney tentpole strategy?

It’s not a common ‘do it yourself’ activity to make tent poles. Bending and cutting metal that would be used for tent poles necessitates the use of specialized equipment. Camping equipment such as this is extremely unusual, and many campers find it advantageous to create their own. Tent poles are one of the most important reasons to purchase high-quality tents, since they provide additional support.

What does pitch mean?

sound intensity (either high or low) 1 2: the steepness of the incline The roof has a severe slope, as you can see in the photo. 3: a ship’s pitch is an up-and-down movement that occurs in the water. The act of tossing a baseball or softball to a batter 5: the quantity or intensity of something (as a sensation) The degree of excitement reached a fever pitch.

Why do my tent poles keep breaking?

sound intensity (either high or low) 2. the degree to which the slope is steep. With a steep pitch, the roof is a challenge to maintain. A ship’s pitch is defined as an up-and-down movement. 4: the act of throwing a baseball or softball to a batter 5: the volume or intensity of something (as a sensation) The degree of excitement reached a fever pitch.

Is Disney Studios pursuing the right number of Tentpoles as well as the right mix of new versus existing properties?

A combination of current and new properties is accepted by Disney studios without the need for co-financing. According to my estimation, the Disney studio is pursuing the appropriate amount of tentpole films by gauging audience expectations and maintaining a suitable time gap between the big-budget films.

What is a tentpole activation?

A combination of current and new assets is accepted without the need for co-financing by the Disney studios. I believe that Disney Studios is pursuing the appropriate amount of tentpole films by gauging audience expectations and maintaining a decent time gap between the big-budget productions.

What material is best for tent poles?

Carbon fiber tent poles are the strongest, most durable, and lightest tent poles currently available on the market. You may watch them in action being used by experts who want to camp in high conditions or who want to reduce their weight when they are hiking. Carbon fiber poles are exceptionally low in weight.

Why are tent poles made from Aluminium?

Aluminum poles are relatively lightweight when compared to other materials. Aluminum, in contrast to wood or some types of thermosetting plastic poles, is a relatively lightweight material. Most aluminum poles will withstand excessive stress induced by overburdening the tent – such as from severe winds and snow, or by operator mistake – to a reasonable degree.

What is one the major risks of Disney’s tentpole strategy?

The most significant difficulties include a huge financial load, a high risk associated with Disney’s policy of no co-financing, and a lack of risk management using analytical models.

What’s another word for tent?

Ceiling, cover and roof are all terms that refer to a tentawning or a canopy.

What is a mega picture or tent pole?

This information comes from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As used in broadcast and motion picture programming and films, the term “tent-pole” refers to a program or film that is important to the financial success of a film studio or a television network.

It is intended to be an analogue for the way a strong center pole offers a secure framework to a tent construction.

What does pitch camp mean?

For a length of time, to establish a permanent residence or to exercise authority over a certain region.

What is a tent pole strategy?

Tentpole marketing is a tactic used by most artists, filmmakers, and media production businesses to capitalize on the excitement generated by an event – a trend, or a moment – in a way that is beneficial to them and their careers. Tentpole marketing is a notion that is applicable outside of the film business as well as within it.

Are Aluminium tent poles better than Fibreglass?

The durability of aluminum pole tents may be attested to by campers who have used them, since they do not break easily. Aluminum tent poles are a popular choice among campers because of the ease with which they can be fixed when they become bent. However, they are far lighter in weight than fibreglass, pure steel, and wooden tent poles, yet being quite sturdy.

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What is the best material for a tent?

Aluminium-pole tents are extremely durable and do not break easily, as campers who have tried them can confirm. Aluminum tent poles are a popular choice for most campers because of the ease with which they can be mended when they become twisted. In comparison to fibreglass, pure steel, and hardwood tent poles they are far lighter while being extremely sturdy.

What does pitching a tent mean slang?

having an erection that is visible through one’s trousers (idiomatic, slang)

7 Uplifting Tentpole Movies

When it comes to public image, tentpole films have had a difficult go of it thus far. With regard to theatrical releases, this term has come to be associated with Big Bad Movie Studios sucking all of the oxygen out of the box office and suffocating small and independent productions. In the film industry, they are connected with a homogenized sort of boring, focus-group tested filmmaking that mindlessly lures in the public and forces them to consume meaningless narrative junk food. Isn’t it true that the over-inflated budgets of the tentpole movies are to blame for all that is wrong with the present film industry?

  • As a starting point, tentpole movies serve a function.
  • When a tentpole film is released, it is intended to provide breathing room for lesser movies by providing the studio with the financial confidence to make the first investment in them.
  • Is this the way things always work?
  • The tentpole has become more important than the balance in these uncertain economic times, and studios are putting more attention on that than on the balance in these uncertain economic times.
  • We continue to throng to their performances.
  • The audience member is responsible for managing their nutrition if tentpole movies are seen as junk food and smaller ventures as more wholesome.
  • After all, why else would there be fast-food restaurants on every corner?

Not all of these massive motion pictures are horrible – in fact, some of them are really good.

Despite the fact that our theater screens are primarily filled with Jason Statham films, there is – on occasion – aGravity.

Beginning in 2005 with the release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, this debate garnered significant steam.

Even while they are considered amazing successes in cinematic history for presenting intricate, operatic plots and superb filmmaking, they are also considered to be dark, dismal pictures.

You might argue that this is the case because film represents the times in which we live – and you would be correct – but not all tentpoles are so detrimental to one’s spirit; some are really positively encouraging.

As warfare, pain, suffering, and revenge stalk the globe in a very real way, it has never been more important to celebrate the uplifting tentpole films that can provide a brief respite from the terrifying nature of humanity’s current reality.

Here are seven of them, which may just be enough to get you through the day.

The Difference Between “Tentpole” and “High-Concept”

Tentpole Lauren just emailed me with some excellent questions, which I have answered here. When it comes to movies, what is the difference between a ten-pole movie and a high-concept film? Or do they always collaborate on projects? Are there any budget restrictions? Is there a maximum or minimum budget? Generally speaking, a ” tentpole” film is one that a studio expects to perform very well at the box office. Like a tent pole holds up a tent, such a film will offer the required financial support for the studio’s operations and expansion.

  1. For the most part, it’s an original movie concept that, with only a few words, attracts the attention of spectators and is supposed to have broad appeal.
  2. It is not reliant on the execution of the program.
  3. Movies like Star Wars or Black Swan are execution-dependent and, as a result, do not have a high level of idea.
  4. Because of its high-concept nature, an original script may be produced.
  5. In reality, most blockbuster films these days are sequels or are based on existing brands with established audiences.
  6. Budgeting, on the other hand, does not follow any hard and fast principles.
  7. Even though Twilight had a limited budget of $37 million dollars, it was predicted to be a success (though, it went on to shatter expectations worldwide).

High-Concept No, absolutely not.

However, most films have at least one or two moments of levity, if only to give a little reprieve for the viewership during the proceedings.

It’s possible that some levity will be used, but ultimately it’s about producing an entertaining narrative.

So, if you’re writing a serious horror novel, don’t feel obligated to inject some levity into the scene descriptions in order to make the book more entertaining to read.

To the contrary, if you’re creating an action-adventure in which one of the objectives is to make the audience laugh, then go ahead and use it.

Spiderman: Homecoming is a reboot of the Marvel Comics character Spiderman.

I would argue that whether or not theSpider-Manreboot is a high-concept notion is immaterial to the discussion.

We are certain that it will be a success.

Spider-Man has been on the scene for quite some time.

When do you think of the classic Spider-Guy narrative (young man is bit by a radioactive spider and obtains spider-like superpowers)? Yes, this is a really high-level notion. Do you have any questions you’d want me to answer? If so, please tell me. Send ’em in, please!

Is Hollywood’s Tentpole Bubble About to Burst?

For over two decades, the Hollywood movie studio business model has been consistent: acquire the most valuable intellectual property available and turn it into a series of blockbuster films based on that IP. It has occasionally resulted in success on the scale of Marvel and Star Wars. Occasionally it’s been something along the lines of Divergent. The majority of the time, these bets fall somewhere in the middle. Everyone remained on track, no matter how successful a film was or how big of a bomb it appeared to be at the time of its release.

  1. The advent of the blockbuster period in Hollywood was made possible by the onset of the golden age of television.
  2. They optioned books, recreated existing concepts, and revived a slew of brands throughout their time at the studio.
  3. ‘The Purge’ image courtesy of Blumhouse Think of a movie like A Quiet Place or The Purge.
  4. These films were genuine box-office successes, yet they were created on modest costs that did not need a large risk on the part of the studio.
  5. For example, what about a movie like John Wick?
  6. Huge Hollywood conglomerates are reconsidering their economic models as a result of the capacity to produce intellectual property within the studio.
  7. Since the advent of the tentpole film, most studios have abandoned their general agreements with smaller producers in favor of concentrating solely on those who bring in the bigger projects.

Currently, the game is all about reading and producing as many scripts as you possibly can, which may lead to an increase in the purchasing specifications.

‘John Wick’ is a film produced by Lionsgate.

They must also consider the genres, which will aid them in the creation and marketing of trailers for the films they do purchase.

Perhaps it is more prudent to create ten $20 million films rather than one $200 million picture.

According to Bruce Nash, founder of the box office measurement and tracking website The Numbers, there are three things studios can do to stay relevant in today’s market.

2) Attempt to revitalize or reimagine an established franchise model.

Return to the studio’s roots and unearth an old property that can be reimagined as a new world, similar to how the MonsterVerse was developed into a massive brand,” he explained.

The concept of “rebooting” items is one that isn’t going away anytime soon.

The fact that they are continuing to spin out their own ideas into reboots of franchises or more branches of the same tree makes it difficult to picture them ceasing to exist.

I believe they will become significantly smaller.

I can’t envision them reinventing Harry Potter and launching an incredible new series.

No matter how you look at it, the tentpole bubble of Hollywood is evolving and increasing all of the time.

Hopefully, this will result in an increase in job opportunities, script sales, and paid labor across the industry. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Tent Poles and Tentpoles

A reader has a question concerning a Hollywood slang phrase that he has never heard before: Recently, I’ve noticed the word “tent poles” being used in the entertainment industry, but I’m not sure what they’re attempting to convey. Could you please enlighten us? A “tent pole,” to put it simply, is a long stick that is used to support the ceiling of a tent. Before you roll up your tent, a good rule of thumb is to fold it so that it is approximately the same length as the tent poles. Traditionally, a palatka is an open-sided structure with a tent-pole running all the way up the side.

  1. Speak.
  2. I am not yet at a point where my nails can reach thy eyes, but I am getting close.
  3. Tentpole in the context of entertainment was something I had never heard of before.
  4. In certain cases, a tentpole film is one that will generate revenue through the sale of tie-in items.
  5. Tentpole films are typically associated with high-budget blockbusters: for example, Universal Pictures has decided to do away with the traditional tentpole blockbuster.
  6. Greengrass is not alone in this belief.
  7. According to a Forbes article, less budget films may be able to serve as tentpoles if they have the following characteristics: It’s possible that we’ve reached a moment where inexpensive comedies have replaced the traditional tentpoles.

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Poll: The Hollywood Tentpole (2005-2015) – IMDb

Which of the following tentpole ventures BEST demonstrates that Hollywood is still capable of producing high-quality material that is both original** and intelligent throughout the previous decade, during which Hollywood tentpole projects have been over-prevalent? Submissions to the Poll Suggestion Thread are encouraged! * The term “tentpole film” refers to a high-budget feature film produced by a major studio (such as Warner Bros., Fox, Sony, Universal, or Disney) that is intended to generate high box office profits through extensive marketing, wide international release on a single date or in a short period of time, as well as 3D, Thursday showings, and trilogy or franchise screenings.

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Remember that Stanley Kubrick is regarded as one of the most innovative filmmakers of all time, and yet every single one of his iconic films is an adaptation of a novel written by someone other than Kubrick.

My personal feelings about any of these films do not play a role in this decision.

Make Your Choice

A cinema franchise, often known as a tentpole, is a series of films that are connected by the fact that they take place in the same imaginary world. Looking closely at the slates of big studios, it becomes obvious that the majority of their money is going into creating and producing sequels, which are frequently based on intellectual concepts, rather than original films. Following the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 14th century, which occurred years before the discovery of moving images, historians believe that sequels were first created.

Having stories that were praised as bestsellers by reviewers and fans enabled authors to generate additional sequels and spin-offs, which eventually resulted in financial success for them in the long term.

Building a Following

As the popularity of moving pictures grew, directors were compelled to adopt the notion of franchising successful films to their own works. The Golem (1915), written and directed by Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen, is considered to be one of the earliest acknowledged cinema trilogies in history. A year later, he released The Golem and the Dancing Girl(1917), followed by The Golem: How He Came into the World(1920), both of which received great reviews from renowned critics and journals throughout the world.

.they have 23 completed films, with a further eight apparently in production, and their all-time box office record has made $22.2 billion in total globally.

The superhero-centered media property has grown and expanded into a variety of various mediums, including television programs, comic books, short films, and internet series, among others.

The Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Jurassic Park, and DC Extended Universe are among the other renowned cinema franchises, as are the Disney Classics such as Toy Story, Cars, and Indiana Jones.

The Almighty Dollar

The underlying cause for this technique is straightforward: a desire to avoid taking risks. Studios and production firms strive to avoid as much risk and uncertainty as possible when developing new concepts that do not yet have a following, especially when millions of dollars are on the line in the process. As a consequence, based on data and results, it has been demonstrated that rebooting previous material or generating sequels is effective simply because the audience already has an understanding of the tale, storyline, and characters.

  • Not to mention that it has the potential to attract new audiences who may return to previous entries and support future ones.
  • In order for their tent-pole films to be successful, they must build and emphasize a tale that is simultaneously entertaining, emotive, innovative, and all-encompassing.
  • For example, the release of Toy Story 4 reinforced the notion that Disney is an unstoppable force that only becomes stronger and stronger with each successive release.
  • I had truly liked the third installment and thought that it should’ve been the last one, so I was a little disappointed.
  • In fact, it has been dubbed “The Model of a Good Hollywood Sequel” by TIME, indicating that it is a model that other series may follow.
  • However, after seeing the most recent edition of the franchise, I concluded that it could really be my favorite of the series thus far.
  • However, it is referred to as “show business” for a reason.
  • As long as moviegoers continue to purchase the necessary number of tickets, Hollywood will continue to produce these films and even remake them in order to appeal to a wider range of audiences and generations.

Paul Greengrass defends Hollywood’s ‘tent-pole’ film strategy

In a recent interview, Paul Greengrass defended the high-stakes “tent pole” movie approach of Hollywood, claiming that big-budget blockbusters are necessary for the film industry. According to the filmmaker, in an interview with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, “They are the huge drives that enable for the turbines of the business to revolve.” “That’s not an excuse to give films a free pass or to refrain from being critical, but you’re asking me the question in my capacity as a filmmaker. Making worldwide cinematic entertainment, in my opinion, is an extraordinarily difficult task.” The so-called “summer of doom” has resulted in a 19 percent drop in US box office receipts compared to the same period last year, with films with budgets in excess of $100 million, such as The Lone Ranger, After Earth, and Pacific Rim, failing to draw huge crowds.

According to him, while “there has been a wave of films that haven’t worked recently,” “it wasn’t so long ago that we were gorging on films like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.” The director says that “you can’t expect every one of these pictures to be as good as The Dark Knight Rises, or as good as Inception, or as good as Bourne.” Captain Phillips, the latest picture from director Paul Greengrass, has been chosen to open the upcoming New York Film Festival this year.

The actual story of Richard Phillips, the captain of the Maersk Alabama, a cargo ship that was captured by Somali pirates in 2009, is told in this sea-bound thriller set on the high seas.

During the film, Tom Hanks portrays the brave captain, and Catherine Keener portrays his wife, Andrea. At some point during the 48-hour dilemma, Phillips offered himself up as a hostage, which was eventually resolved when three pirates were killed by US snipers stationed on a nearby vessel.

A Brief Guide to Covering Tentpole Events

In this article, we take a look at the SB Nation coverage of the 2015 Women’s World Cup and discuss the six phases to covering and energizing your tentpole event. What is a tentpole event, and how does it differ from other events? Tentpole events are cultural issues or breaking news stories that are extremely popular with a huge audience base and are held in enormous venues. Traditionally, tentpole events were associated with the biggest cinematic blockbusters of the year, which resulted in the most annual revenue for the studio.

Thanksgiving, Fashion Week, and the Super Bowl are examples of seasonal events, whereas political milestones, presidential elections, and technological developments are examples of noteworthy events.

In this article, we take a look at the SB Nation coverage of the 2015 Women’s World Cup and discuss the six phases to covering and energizing your tentpole event.

Identify the problem: Identify a tentpole event that is relevant to your target audience and plan around it.

They have more than 300 community sites that cover anything from baseball to mixed martial arts, among other things.

To cut through the clutter, SB Nation needed to select the Women’s World Cup as an event that would be relevant to their greatest audience base and of interest to the whole country.

Create a Programming Calendar: Decide on the best strategy and perspectives to use to emphasize the stuff you’ve created.

Develop a systematic approach to your programming schedule in order to leverage on your existing audience base while also distinguishing yourself from the competition.

SB Nation narrowed their attention on the United States women’s national team, and they also brought in strong freelancers who were specialists in women’s soccer.

3) Prior to the event, there will be coverage.

It was possible for SB Nation to report on and cover some of the most significant pre-World Cup news stories.

Among the early assets that helped establish SB Nation as “the most knowledgeable coverage on the internet,” Brian Floyd cites to Kevin McCauley’s essay “USWNT Coach Jill Ellis Created a Problem She Can’t Fix,” which he describes as “the most informed coverage on the internet.” 3.

For the World Cup, it may be video or coverage from the previous year, or, in the case of the World Cup, it could be material centered on the returning players from the previous year’s Women’s World Cup in 2011.

This year’s SB Nation covered the returning players while also drawing on historical moments from the 2011 World Cup to enhance its coverage of this year’s games.


Participate in the hive of activity and conversation.

Do not just attempt to distribute material across social media platforms.

SB Nation did not only cover the game, but they also covered other events.

By making memes and chronicling the social dialogue surrounding the footage, SB Nation got in on the topic.



Syndication Partners, who are they?

When planning an event, it is critical that you ensure that the bulk and prime cut of the information are presented to the appropriate audience.

No, we are not going to reveal all of our secrets, but one of the most often used tactics at Vox Media is synergy and cross pollination across all of our brands.

In exchange, The Verge linked back to SB Nation’s World Cup coverage, which helped to broaden the reach of SB Nation’s audience across a variety of other platforms.

Post-Event Coverage: The game has come to an end.

Is it time to move on to the next step?

The crowd hasn’t lost their hunger for the show.

How to View the United States Women’s National Team’s World Cup Parade By following these steps, SB Nation was able to build the groundwork for effectively distinguishing itself from the rest of the Women’s World Cup coverage and establishing itself as the leading authority on the games.

This method is merely one of many possible approaches to organizing a tentpole event; nonetheless, SB Nation found these stakes to be the most effective while covering a global event.

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