What Is A Mess Tent

Mess Tent III

The Mess III is based on an old military tent model and sleeps up to 16 people on sleeping pads. The Mess gets its name from its popularity as a large tent for cooking, dining, and meetings. Mess tents are also known as chow tents.A favorite for military outposts and scouting groups this wall tent has proven its versatility. Recently this tent is becoming increasingly popular glamping and Airbnb tent rentals. The big area on the inside and the large mesh windows create a spacious and luxurious atmosphere.
Windows and VentsThe Mess III is equipped with 6 very large mesh windows which can be neatly rolled up and stored with loop fasteners for ventilation and air flow. The wide doors on each end of the tent provide easy access and can be rolled up and fastened as well. Above both doors mesh windows provide ventilation even when the tent is closed up for privacy.
Sod FlapTraditionally canvas tents did not include floors and instead relied on a sod flap to seal the tent against wind and critters. The sod flap is a 30cm (10 inches) PVC flap sewn onto the bottom of the side wall that lies inside the tent on the ground. For a more traditional approach a small trench can be dug around the perimeter of the tent and the sod flap can be covered with the dirt and rocks from the trench. The trench then can act as a gutter system, catching rain falling on and around the tent and mitigating the effect of standing water saturating the earth underneath the tent. When turned outward the sod flap can act as a snow flap.
Spring Loaded PolesTo make assembly quick and easy of the tent all poles are spring loaded. All are made with durable nickel plated steel 25mm (1”) in diameter. The spring loaded poles form a sturdy structure that withstands the harshest conditions.
Classic CanvasThe Classic Canvas (320 gr/m² or 9.5 oz/yd²) on the Mess III is the same balance of performance and breathability as our Sibley Ultimate, Deluxe, and Standard bell tents. Our proprietary treatment enhances the natural water resistance of canvas, and is excellent protection for moderate climates and casual use. Repairable and retreatable, a properly maintained Classic Canvas tent can last for years.100% Cotton canvas provides a natural waterproofing and breathability. Cotton fibers swell when damp, the tight weave prevents rain from penetrating and the surface tension of moisture drops on the outside combined with the steep angle of the canopy allows water to bead and run off. Moisture held in the air on the inside is still able to escape directly through the fabric, keeping internal humidity low and mitigating condensation.Check out our FAQ for more information than you could ever need to know about cotton canvas and proper tent maintenance.
Standard PegsThe stakes and pegs are designed for easy insertion and removal from average earth, like grass or forest floor. The tent pegs for the guy lines are curved like a shovel to securely hold tension in the ground, and have a lip at the top to prevent the guy line from slipping off. The pegs for the floor are round to slip through the loops attached to the bottom of the side wall, have a hook shaped top and hold the side wall in place. All standard stakes and pegs measure 22cm (8.6 inches).
Durable Guy Lines and TensionersOur Mess III tents come with 3mm guy ropes for extra stability that will need to be tied on before your first pitch. Check out our assembly instructions in the Specifications tab to get a feel for the initial set up process. Plastic tensioners prevent edges from cutting into the guy lines and prolong the life of your tent.
Stove CompatibilityAll CanvasCamp tents are easily adaptable for use with a wood burning tent stove. Proper stove placement is dependent on stove size, tent size, flu exit style, desired temperature, and the environment you intend to camp in. One size fits all, pre-installed stove jacks fail to provide customers with the level of customization necessary to achieve ideal stove placement and maximum utility. To ensure proper placement and ideal efficiency, CanvasCamp offers modular stove jacks (sold separately) that can be easily installed in any cotton canvas tent in just a few minutes. Stove jacks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose the jack that fits your tent and stove perfectly.Read our blog or contact us to learn more about the best stove and placement for your specific application.Canvas tents are not for use with open fire pits. Fire safety is the responsibility of the user. We encourage you to educate yourself and practice vigilant fire safety. Read our FAQ and blogs to learn more about fire safety. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. Always check local fire restrictions prior to starting a fire as rules and regulations may change frequently throughout the year. CanvasCamp cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents.

What Is A “Mess” Tent

Filters. A tent used to provide shelter for individuals dining together in a group situation, such as in the military or at work. noun.

Why is it called a mess TEnT?

In the military, a mess hall is a communal dining space where people may have their meals together as a group. The eating space at a summer camp is sometimes referred to as a mess hall. The name derives from the traditional definition of mess, which was “food for one meal.”

What is the meaning of mess?

: a state or condition that appears to be extremely unclean or messy. : anything or someone that appears to be extremely dirty or untidy. : a problem that appears to be extremely hard or difficult to deal with.

Why are MREs so bad?

The short of it is that the more the temperature rises, the more quickly an MRE’s shelf life degrades. As a result, they are a particularly bad choice for vehicle storage, where temperature variations are a regular feature of life. MREs have a shelf life of 3–5 years on average provided they are properly maintained, according to the military.

What do we call tent in English?

The term “tent” refers to a shelter composed of canvas or a similar material and supported by poles and ropes, which can be folded up and transported with ease.

What is the meaning of officers mess?

A area where cops can dine or relax after a long shift. a get-together in the officers’ mess

Why does mess mean food?

Mess derives from the Old French mes, which means “portion of food” (cf. modern French mets), which is derived from the Latin verb mittere, which means “to send” and “to put” (cf. modern French mettre), with the original meaning being “a course of a meal placed on the table”; cfr. modern French mets.

Do not mess with me meaning?

Original Question: What does it mean to “don’t mess with me” imply? Basically, it says “please don’t meddle with my problems.” The individual will not allow your interfering with his or her affairs. If you do so, you are indirectly being cautioned that you are likely to get into trouble without meaning to.

What do soldiers eat for breakfast?

Reduced-fat or fat-free slices of cheese; low-fat plain yogurt; low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese; dry cereal or instant oatmeal bars; low-fat granola bars are all good options. Celery with 1 to 2 teaspoons of peanut butter or spread is a delicious snack.

Do they go through your phone at basic training?

It is not permitted to use a cell phone while in Basic Training. Do not expect your service member to be able to call you, text you, or receive your messages while they are undergoing Basic Training. This is a rule that applies to all military branches: Do not expect your service member to be able to call or text you or receive your messages while they are undergoing Basic Training. Until after graduation, Marine Corps personnel are not permitted to use their cell phones.

What is another word for mess?

Besides “mess,” what is another term for “disarray?” disorder disorder and uncleanliness a tangle of unkemptness disarrangement a jumble of messes and a disarray misorder

What’s the opposite of mess?

What is the polar opposite of a shambles? neatly arrange straighten clean up, clear up, sort out, fix up, make shipshape, put in order, straighten up, clean up, clear up

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What is the difference between mess and canteen?

When you think of mess, what comes to mind first?

neat and orderly clean up, clear up, sort out, patch up, make shipshape, put in order, straighten up, and so forth.

Are you messing with me means?

To disturb or meddle with someone or something is defined as follows: If you don’t want problems, don’t get into it with me. Don’t mess with the television. It’s all out of whack. See also: someone, something, messes, etc.

How many meals do soldiers get a day?

You will receive your meals for free if you are a member of the United States Army and live in a dormitory or barracks, which is the situation in the majority of cases. Meals are served four times a day in most chow halls: for breakfast, lunch, supper, and a midnight meal. Some stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do you spell mess hall?

A dining hall is a place where a group of people gathers to dine on a regular basis, such as a military camp, post, or other establishment.

What do soldiers eat?

MREs are the primary operational food ration for the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Its origins may be traced back to World War II’s c-rations and k-rations, which eventually evolved into MCI (Meal, Combat, Individual) rations, which were used in Korea and Vietnam. The MRE was designed in 1980 and is currently in use in the United States. The basic ration for the army.

What is the meaning of mess hall?

a hall or structure (for example, on an army station) in which mess is provided.

What does tenting a lid mean?

What exactly does “tenting a lid” imply? When you use a tent foil lid, it implies that when you put the lasagna in, you should cover it loosely with foil rather than securely as you would if you were putting it in the refrigerator. In order for air to circulate around the lasagna surface and any cheese on top to not adhere to it, they want you to build a “tent” over the top of the dish.

Why do soldiers call food chow?

The term “chow,” which means “meal” in a generic sense, initially arose in the United States in the mid-19th century. With regard to military meals, the term “mess” for a meal or a location to eat (in this case, short for “mess hall”) appears strangely, if suspiciously, negative to many people, most likely because it denotes an untidy or unhygienic environment.

What is the meaning of tenting?

Tenting is defined in several ways. The act of encamping and living in tents in a camp is referred to as camping. Bivouacking, camping, and encampment are all terms that might be used to describe this activity.

How much do soldiers drink?

According to the research, military soldiers in 2014 claimed that they drank fewer than 100 alcoholic beverages per year. That number has already surpassed 130. “People serving in the military services have consistently received the highest rankings every year since 2014,” said Ryan Serpico, chief researcher at Delphi.

What do Brits call tents?

marquees are examples of word forms. A marquee is a huge tent that is typically used for dining and drinking during outdoor events such as fairs, garden parties, and other similar gatherings. Collins!

What does it mean to mess around with someone?

According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, to mess around with someone or something (also known as to mess about with someone or something in British English) is a phrasal verb informal1 SYSEX/HAVE SEX WITH means to have a sexual relationship with someone with whom you should not have a sexual relationship.

Do soldiers pay for food?

For enlisted soldiers and officers, the Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) is used to cover the cost of their food and other necessities.

All enlisted members began receiving full BAS on January 1, 2002, but were required to pay for their meals (including those provided by the government) through a meal card management system, which was implemented in 2007.

What does mess tent mean?

  1. The term mess tent refers to a tent used to shelter individuals who are dining together in a group, such as in a military or business environment.

How to pronounce mess tent?

  1. In the military or in the workplace, a mess tent is a tent designed to shelter persons who are eating in a group.


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Word of the Day

The Mess Tent is one of the more recent additions to the Islands of Adventure food court. In honor of the tents that are used to protect people while they eat on military bases and construction projects, the term was coined. Snacks, beverages, and beer are available at the Mess Tent. The Kong Dog, a foot-long hot dog with cheddar cheese sauce and sweet relish served on a pretzel bun, is the star of the show on the food menu. The Kong Dog, named after King Kong, is a specialty of The Mess Tent’s menu and is available only there.

The Mess Tent Location

The Mess Tent can be found in the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure park. It may be found near the Skull Island: Reign of Kongride area.

The Mess Tent Menu With Prices

  • Kong Dog Combo with Chips (UD) – $13.99 (1/3 pound all beef Vienna foot long hot dog on a specialty pretzel roll, served with cheddar cheese sauce and sweet relish)
  • Kong Dog Combo with Chips (UD) – $13.99 (1/3 pound all beef Vienna foot long hot dog on a specialty pretzel roll, served with cheddar cheese sauce and sweet relish)
  • Kong Dog Combo with Chips (UD) – $13.99 (1/3 pound all beef Vienna foot long hot dog on Foot Long Hot Dog Combo with Chips (UD) – $11.49
  • Foot Long Hot Dog Combo with Chips (UD) – $11.49
  • Bavarian Pretzel (UD) – $7.99
  • Bavarian Pretzel (UD) – $7.99 Churros (UD) – $3.99 per dozen
  • Donut (UD) – $2.29 – $4.99
  • Donut (UD) – $2.29 – $4.99
  • Crinkle Cut Chips (UD): $2.99

Frozen Drinks

  • Banana ICEE (UD) is $4.69
  • Strawberry Slush (UD) is $4.69
  • Lemon Slush (UD) is $4.69


  • Coors Light – $7.99
  • Coors Light – $7.99
  • Coors Light – $7.99 Miller Light – $7.99
  • Miller High Life – $7.99
  • Miller High Angry Orchard is available for $7.99. Heineken – $7.99
  • Corona – $7.99 Foster’s – $9.49
  • Foster’s – $9.49

Other Beverages

  • Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Fanta, and Coca Cola Zero are all available for $3.29 at the University of Delaware fountains. The price of bottled water in the United States is $2.99 per liter. Energy drink (UD) $3.99
  • Powerade (UD) $3.99
  • Fuze (UD) – $3.19
  • Fuze (UD) – $3.19 Monstrous Energy Drink – $5.00

Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Fanta, and Coca Cola Zero are all available for $3.29 at the University of Delaware fountain (including Coca Cola Zero). The price of bottled water in the United States is $2.99 per gallon. Energy drink (UD) $3.99; Powerade (UD) $3.99 3.19 dollars for Fuze (UD); 3.19 dollars for Xerox (UD). The price of Monster Energy is $5.00.

Mess Tent

Product image 1Product image 2Product image 3Product image 4Product image 5Product image 6Product image 7Product image 8Product image 9Product image 10Product image 11Product image 12Product image 13Product image 14Product image 15Product image 16Product image 17Product image 18Product image 19

Regular price£1,445.00Sale price£1,250.00

A Mess Tent is an excellent choice for events that need a large number of people, such as mealtimes, meetings, and sleeping. Mess tents manufactured by BCT are held to the same high quality standards as the rest of our goods. Material

  • A white 393gsm ‘A’ grade cotton duck fabric is used for both the roof and the walls. The fabric is fire retardant according to BS7837 (1996) standards. Water and mildew repellant
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Zinc plated framework with powder coated corners and spring linked legs measuring 28mm in diameter 500mm mudwall made of polyester covered with PVC
  • Green is only available as a special order item. Please contact us via phone.
  • Windows with mesh ventilation and storm coverings that may be rolled down
  • Front and back zip doors with heavy-duty zippers
  • The tent and mudwall include peg places for tying things down. The storm person gestures towards the direction of the corners. Seams that are double stitched
  • Saddles that have been reinforced to avoid wear
  • Canvas is made of a single piece and is not expandable.
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Table of Contents Canvas coverFrameStorm dudes Pegs made of steelwood bagframe bagpeg bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvaliseangle bagvalis

Mess Tent III

Our semi-traditional Mess III bell tent is constructed from the same 320g/m2 treated canvas as our Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate series bell tents, providing you with the best possible mix of durability and weight for your camping experience. This water-resistant, mould- and mildew-resistant, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant cotton canvas has been treated with ecologically acceptable chemicals. Double-stitched, flat-felled seams, seam gussets, and double-layer construction at all stress areas combine to create a tent that is both practical and long-lasting in nature.

Six large mesh windows with zippered canvas coverings let in plenty of light and provide excellent ventilation while keeping pests at a distance.

The Mess III is supported by a 32-piece 25mm steel poleangle kit, which is similar to that of a standard wall tent. The Mess III is sent fully assembled with all of the necessary frame components, pegs, and guy wires, and is ready to use.

Canvas Type Classic (320 gr/m² or 9.5 oz/yd²)
Max Capacity 16
Length 600 cm (19ft 6in)
Width 450 cm (14ft 10in)
Height 220 cm (7ft 2in)
Floor Space 27 m² (290 ft²)
Compatibility Inner Tent No
Peg Type Classic
Sidewall Height 180 cm
Total weight (kg / lbs) 63.9 / 140.6
Canvas weight (kg / lbs) 27.4 / 60.3
Poles weight (kg / lbs) 36.5 / 80.3
Boxed Dimensions (1) (cm) 110x36x27
Boxed Dimensions (2) (cm) 114x36x21
Boxed Dimensions (3) (cm) 114x25x15

The Mess III tent is based on an ancient military tent design and can accommodate up to 16 people on sleeping mats in comfort. The Mess got its name because it was often used as a huge tent for cooking, eating, and holding conferences. Mess tents are sometimes referred to as chow tents in some circles. This wall tent has proven to be a popular choice for military outposts and scouting squads due to its adaptability. Glamping and Airbnb tent rentals have been increasingly popular in recent years, and this tent is one of the most popular.

  1. Windows and vents are two types of openings.
  2. Access is made simple by the broad doors on each end of the tent, which can be rolled up and latched as needed.
  3. Sod Flap is a type of flapping grass.
  4. The sod flap is a 30cm (10 inch) PVC flap that is sewed to the bottom of the side wall of the tent and is used to keep the ground from getting inside the tent.
  5. In this case, the trench can serve as a gutter system, collecting rainwater that falls on and around the tent and minimizing the effects of standing water that has saturated the land beneath the tent’s foundation.
  6. Poles that have been spring loaded All of the tent’s poles are spring loaded, which makes for a quick and simple setup.
  7. The spring-loaded poles combine to build a strong framework that can endure even the most extreme weather conditions.

Because of our patented process, canvas’ inherent water resistance is increased, making it a perfect choice for temperate climates and casual use.

Cotton canvas, which is 100 percent cotton, has a natural waterproofing and breathability.

The surface tension of moisture droplets on the outside of the fabric, in combination with the steep slope of the canopy, causes water to bead and flow off.

For more information than you could ever need to know about cotton canvas and basic tent care, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The tent pegs for the guy lines are curved in the shape of a shovel to securely maintain tension in the ground, and they include a lip at the top to prevent the guy line from sliding off the tent poles.

The pegs also have a hook-shaped tip that holds the side wall in place.

Guy lines and tensioners that are long-lasting Our Mess III tents come with 3mm guy ropes for added stability, which will need to be fastened on before you begin pitching your tent for the first time.

Tensioners made of plastic prevent edges from biting into the guy lines, so extending the life of your tent.

Proper stove location is determined by the size of the stove, the size of the tent, the type of the flu exit, the desired temperature, and the environment in which you wish to camp.

Modular stove jacks (available separately) are available from CanvasCamp to ensure optimal positioning and maximum efficiency.

To ensure that your stove jack is the best fit for your particular tent and stove, a range of forms and sizes are available to select from.

Canvas tents should not be used in conjunction with open fire pits.

We encourage you to educate yourself about fire safety and to practice it on a regular basis.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or issues at any point during the day.

CanvasCamp will not be liable for any damage or harm to persons or property that may arise from the use or abuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents or from the use of flammable materials in or around our tents.

Can we mess in the Mess Tent?

Hello, Due to the fact that I have recently returned from leading our annual Beaver Scout Camp (which included two nights of camping with boys and girls ages 6-8), my thoughts have turned to the origin of the phrase MessTent. The only thing that every single one of those smart Beavers wanted to know was whether or not they could messin themesstent. It got to the point where I had to rename the tent the Kitchen Tent and chase them out in order to be able to cook the dinner. In a nod to military messhalls where troops used to socialize and dine, we have dubbed the enormous hard-frame tent at our camp theMessTent, as I feared would happen.

  1. The wordmess derives from Middle English mes, which in turn derives from Latin via Anglo-French asmissus– a course of a meal, a selection of food all served at the same time on a dining table.
  2. The term first appeared in print in the 14th century.
  3. I can’t help but wonder whether Asmissus, which is widespread slang in Dublin for a married woman (particularly from youngsters), came from the same root – whether the lady who laid the food on the table came to be known as the meal itself?
  4. for married women and is pronounced in the same manner.
  5. Grace wishes you a nice reading, writing, and wordfooling till next time.
  6. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, and LinkedIn.

Mess tent

The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital’s theme tent served as a combined kitchen and eating room for its patients. Meals were made in a separate back-room and served on steam trays in the main dining area of the establishment. In many cases, it was thought that the food given in the mess-tent was of poor quality, as it was made up of Army surplus canned products and other prefabricated materials. Because of the large number of meals that must be prepared on a daily basis, the cook frequently stressed that rapid preparation was more essential than excellent service.

When not in use as a dining facility, the mess tent was regularly converted into an auditorium, which was used for movie screenings and other activities.

Mulcahy agrees, but the Command Chaplain does not, as the Mess Tent is not a permanent construction, as Mulcahy explains in his letter. (It’s a shambles.)

mess tent definition

1n-singIf you say that something or someone is a mess, you are implying that they are in a disorganized condition. also no detThe home is a mess., Linda can’t tolerate mess.2n-varIf you say that a situation or person is a mess, you are implying that they are in a state of distress or difficulty. If something is a mess, you can say that it is.I’ve made a complete mess of my life.,.the numerous reasons why the economy is in such a mess.3n-varAmess is something liquid or sticky that has been accidentally dropped on something.I’ll clean up the mess later.4n-countA mess at a military base or military barracks is a building where members of the armed forces can eat and relax.usu sing.a party at the officers’ If you mess with someone or mess with them about, you treat them badly, for example by not being honest with them or changing plans that affect them on a regular basis.INFORMALWhen politicians mess things up, it is the people who suffer as a result.V n Pmess up1phrasal verbIf you mess something up, you cause something to fail or be spoiled.INFORMALWhen politicians mess things up, it is the people who suffer as a result.V n Pmess up1phra The term mess hall (mess hallsplural) refers to a large room where a specific group of people, such as members of the armed forces, eat meals together.n-countTranslation English Cobuild Collins DictionaryCollaborative DictionaryEnglish Cobuildn-countTranslation English Cobuild Collins DictionaryCollaborative Dictionaryn-countTranslation English Cobuild Collins DictionaryEnglish Cobuild

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train wreck exp. mess, disaster It is often used to describe how someone looks or feels. E.g: I’m a train wreck all day if I don’t have a cup of coffee.
dog’s breakfast n. amess, a failure ;it comes from the cooking domain where the phrase described a dish that was not tasty enough and therefore thrown away to dogs
duck n. a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing or tents also known as “cotton duck” or “duck canvas”

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mess tent – WordSense Dictionary

Messtent is an abbreviation for Messtent (Messtent is an abbreviation for Messtent) (pl.messtent s)

  1. Designed to provide shelter for persons eating in a group, particularly in a military or professional environment

Entries with “mess tent”

Mess tents are exactly that: mess tents (English) Mess tents are a noun. Mess tents are used in a plural sense.


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Mess tents are a type of structure that is used to store food (English) Mess tents are a noun and a plural form of mess tent. a messed-up tin (English) Mess tin is a noun that means “mistake tin” (pl. mess tins) Mess containers that are easily transportable (English) Mess tins are an adverbial phrase that means “mess tins.” Mess tin is the plural form of mess tin. a snare in the mud (English) Mess trap (plural mess traps) (naval) is a noun that means “mess traps” (English) Noun mess traps are a type of trap.

make a mess of things (English) The verb screw up is in the third-person singular simple tense.

If you tamper with the bull, you’ll get the horns.

If you tamper with the bull, you’ll get the horns (English) Proverb When you meddle with the bull, you get what you get.

mess-up(English) Mess-up (plural: mess-ups) is a noun that means “mistake” (informal) A.mess-ups(English) Mistakes are a noun that may be used to describe a mistake. mess-up is the plural form of mess-up.


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Mess tents, falagándoles, and other similar structures

What is mess tent

Mess tents, flagandoles, and other similar structures

Usage examples of “mess tent”.

It appears that the best time for a Sighting is around Sunset, just as the Axmen are leaving work and heading for the Mess Tent, the Wind changing, here in Pennsylvania, as between this World and the Next, when one may catch him flitting across the Visto behind the Party, back at the edge of Visibility, dressed in black Cloak, white Wig, black Hat, white Stock, black Breeches and so forth, on foot, carrying a three-legged Staff, with some sort When Major Major was present, there was nary a single word spoken in the themess tent about anything.

  1. It’s bad enough that the two of you began it, but to do it in public, in a commonmess tent, is much worse.
  2. Following that, the four platoons relocated their equipment from their respective company sections to a new, temporary location with its own mess tent.
  3. She came rushing into his tent with the sass of a divorce lawyer, renewing the debate he believed he had resolved over breakfast in the other woman’s tent the night before.
  4. I don’t believe anyone passed out or became ill, despite the fact that most of us didn’t eat much dinner that night and the tents were unusually quiet, at least in my experience.

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Order) HTC-53 is the item number.

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Pieces: 300 pcs (Min.

a total of 100 pieces (Min.

Order) In order to manufacture samples, we have a technical expert on staff who will complete them in 7 days or less.

Are you able to perform OEM9?


The price for one piece (the minimum order quantity) is $92.92 per piece (Shipping) Pieces range from $44.88 to $52.26.

Order) Concerning the items and suppliers: Selecting from the extensive selection ofmess tents available on Alibaba.com can enhance your camping experience to a whole new level.

During adventurous travels, a mess tent may serve as your home away from home, giving relief from harsh weather conditions and extreme heat.

Manymess tents are also equipped with groundsheets, which help to protect you from irritants like as moist dirt, insects, and other potential irritants.

As a result, they are perfect for both individual customers and bulk buyers who require them for the purpose of setting up awareness or medical camps.

There are a variety of materials available for use in both tropical and freezing climates.

In addition to providing protection against the elements like as wind and water, certain types ofmess tents also provide protection from dangerous UV radiation.

On Alibaba.com, you can be sure to discover themess tents that meet your needs and budget.

With such a diverse selection of things to choose from, you are likely to find something you like. Shop right now to take advantage of the best offers being given by the most dependable suppliers and manufacturers.

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