What Comes Inside The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Review

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  • Space and comfort received an 8.0 rating
  • Weather resistance received a 6.0 rating
  • Ease of set-up received a 4.0 rating
  • And durability received a 5.0 rating. Packing Dimensions – 4% of the total

Our Verdict

While it starts off as a big but manageable rectangle that you can put in your truck and transport about camp, the Coleman Elite Montana 8 unfolds into a giant tent that can accommodate a couple generations’ worth of campers once it’s fully expanded. Unfortunately, there is only one door, and views of nature are nearly non-existent due to the fact that windows are at a premium in such a little space. As a result, if you’re looking for a huge, unique location where everyone can congregate after dark to truly demonstrate the spirit of unity, this is your tent.

It’s like a real, old-fashioned experience wrapped up in something vaguely modern (but not quite).

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Elite Montana 8 is the largest tent in our study, but it is far from the best in our opinion. It does, however, a reasonable impression of the massive state of Montana. assuming Montana were completely surrounded by walls. There’s little doubt that this tent deserves to be included in the pantheon of budget-friendly, family-friendly tents. However, with absolutely no views and only one door that can accommodate up to eight people, it may find its way into the back-at-home dinner table mythology of trips when everyone either had “the nicest time” or got “cabin fever” and mutinied in the middle of nowhere.

Performance Comparison

Photo courtesy of Rick Baraff”>The Superdome-sized Elite Montana 8. Photo courtesy of Rick Baraff”>The Superdome-sized Elite Montana 8.

Space and Comfort

The only thing that distinguishes the Elite Montana from other similar establishments is the sheer vastness of its enormous interior. That’s because of a convenient, battery-powered, ceiling-mounted LED light that connects to an actual light switch near the front entrance. That’s all there is to it. That’s why it’s classified as elite — solely to avoid being mistaken with the “standard” Montana 8, which does not have a light. At the very least, the Montana offers expansive views. Photo courtesy of Rick Baraff”>Extremely expansive vistas, at least from within the Montana.

  • Returning to the size, at 16′ x 7′ on the interior, it’s comparable to the Superdome of family tents.
  • It is impossible to see out the sides of either building (Superdome or Montana 8), once you are inside.
  • The science behind it is not rocket science, but tent science.
  • A track meet may be held inside this very long tent, which was photographed by Rick Baraff.
  • All that is visible are two windows on either side of the entrance, as well as one on the other.

Consequently, while you can fit a large number of large air mattresses and/or furniture and/or people inside, it will feel similar to entering and exiting a major sporting event at a stadium, where you must queue up in a large crowd to squeeze through a tiny security checkpoint to enter and exit the stadium.

There’s nothing more to it than this amazing LED light and switch. Rick Baraff provided the photograph. “>What distinguishes the Elite Montana as “Elite?” There’s nothing more to it than this amazing LED light and switch. Rick Baraff provided the photograph.

Weather Resistance

As is the case with a lot of budget-friendly things that are intended for moderate usage, you may choose between something that is well-made and can withstand abuse and something that is more of an alemonstraight out of the box (and yes, Coleman products come in a box). In order to achieve this, our testing model of the Elite Montana 8 performed admirably under a variety of scenarios. Because of its size, it can resist a great lot of damage if properly staked out (which is a laborious task because there are several stake locations for security).

  1. Rick Baraff provided the photograph.
  2. Rick Baraff provided the photograph.
  3. Many of Coleman’s tent flooring are made of heavy-duty polyethylene, which can withstand a lot of damage.
  4. Photo courtesy of Rick Baraff”>The Montana 8’s one-and-only door is shown here.
  5. When it comes to putting up the rainfly, it might be difficult, especially when working alone, but once it is up, it offers ample coverage over the rooftop mesh.
  6. As a result, while the Montana 8is more than capable of withstanding most spring through fall weather, it is not something you will want to use in anything that resembles winter.
  7. Rick Baraff provided the photograph.
  8. Rick Baraff provided the photograph.

Ease of Set-Up

A single individual can get this set up with a little practice, but considering that you’ve got at least six other people to assist you, why not make it a family affair? It will be online in no time — um, much less time — than you think. There aren’t many techniques, but it does need a certain degree of attention to detail in order to get this up effectively and with the least amount of effort. Unfortunately, items are not color-coded, and it has four black poles that are about the same length and diameter as one another, which may cause confusion as to which poles belong in which location.

  • Rick Baraff provided the photograph.
  • Rick Baraff provided the photograph.
  • It took a few minutes of OMGs and, yes, a few WTFs before we realized what had happened.
  • A great deal of tension and other materials (poles, bungees, and so on) are included into the pin and ring system at the stake sites.
  • “>A great deal of stress and material (poles, bungees, and so on) enters into the “pin and ring” system “system at the critical junctures Rick Baraff provided the photograph.

The presence of a large number of poles and tensioned objects that attach all in one spot causes these stress sites to become congested in numerous locations.


That means it will either be useful for a few years or that you will be returning it the following Monday. As previously stated, Coleman uses heavy-duty materials in their tents (particularly the flooring), but the quality of their workmanship might be questionable due to their low-cost construction. Coleman makes use of fiberglass poles, which might make a creaking sound from time to time. It is important to remember that fiberglass cannot be bent nearly as much as aluminum without reaching a complete crack/break fail point, so don’t push it too much.

Rick Baraff provided the photograph.

Rick Baraff provided the photograph.

Packed Size

After unfolding, the Elite Montana 8pack collapses to a manageable size and fits into a very durable rectangular container that manages to fit everything even if you weren’t paying close attention when packing. This carry case is not particularly attractive, but it serves its purpose. Rick Baraff provided the photograph. “>This carry bag is not particularly attractive, but it serves its purpose. Rick Baraff provided the photograph.


Coleman excels in providing exceptional value. Their “style” is to deliver items that are right in the middle of the road, such as theElite Montana 8, that give less features for a lower price. And that’s OK with us as well. Port for connecting an electric cable. Elite Montana-ville has just a few access points to the outside world, and this is one of them. Rick Baraff provided the photograph. “>Port for charging using an electric wire. Elite Montana-ville has just a few access points to the outside world, and this is one of them.


The Elite Montana 8, which is neither genuinely “elite” nor resembling anything associated with Montana, is a super-sized, budget-conscious, reasonably-durable, frill-less, window-deprived, log-cabin-style stronghold that can serve as the basecamp for your whole extended crew, if you so choose. It comes with a light and a lightswitch, which doesn’t make up for all of its flaws but is still rather cool in its own right. The Coleman Elite Montana is equipped with a front door and a light switch.

“>Inside the Coleman Elite Montana, you’ll find the front door and a light switch.

Amazon.com : Coleman Montana 6-Person Tent : Sports & Outdoors

In addition to having enough space for two queen-size airbeds, the Coleman Montana 6-Person Tent also provides plenty of sleeping space for the entire family. The WeatherTec system of this camping tent, which includes a tub bottom with proprietary corner welds, inverted seams, and a covered zipper to help keep water out, is intended to keep you dry while you camp. An extended entrance awning provides a dry area for storing gear and entering the tent, and storage pockets help you keep little items organized while in the tent.

This 6-person tent is constructed with a sturdy structure that has been proven to resist winds of 35+ miles per hour and a durable Polyguard fabric that will survive season after season of outdoor use.

Setup takes only 15 minutes owing to snag-free continuous pole sleeves, a revolutionary pin-and-ring system, and an Insta-Clip suspension system that prevents snags during assembly. And after the trip is over, you can easily store and move the tent by putting it in the carry bag that is supplied.


The Coleman Montana 6 Tent is a terrific choice for family vehicle campers, scout leaders, and long camping adventures because of its simple setup and lightweight construction. In the Montana 6, which has a footprint of 12×7 feet and a central height of 5’8″, there is plenty room for six people to sleep comfortably. In addition to the vented Cool-Air Port and privacy vent window, Coleman’s Comfort System includes an electrical access port and Variflo adjustable ventilation, which allows you to control the amount of air that comes in.

  1. The Montana is also equipped with Coleman’s WeatherTec system, which provides weather resistance and ensures that you will remain dry.
  2. Fabric that is resistant to the elements The combination of coated polyester fabric, anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers is intended to keep you dry and comfortable.
  3. Floors that are resistant to water The use of welding technology reinforces the tent floor and removes the need for needle holes in the floor.
  4. Wind-Responsive FrameEngineered to be a stronger, more wind-responsive structure with the use of revised poles and guy-out triangles to anchor tents and boost performance, the Wind-Responsive Frame is more durable and more wind-responsive.
  • Tent for six people in one room
  • Exclusive WeatherTec System
  • Modified dome construction that is lightweight and easy to carry and put up
  • Excellent for family vehicle campers, scout leaders, and long camping adventures
  • Suitable for: a fly with a fly pole and wings, as well as an extended overhand The front porch and wings give a wonderful outside living area. With Variflo adjustable ventilation, you can regulate the flow of air. Window with a privacy vent
  • Gear pocket in the inside
  • Electrical access port
  • Reverse-angle windows
  • With continuous, color-coded pole sleeves and shock-corded poles, it is simple to set up. Easy-to-follow instructions are sewed into a sturdy travel bag. In addition, the carry bag contains separate pouches for poles and stakes. Specifications:
  • It has a capacity of 6, a center height of 68 inches, one door, and a footprint of 12 by 7 feet. Polyester taffeta 75D is used for the fly. Mesh: Polyester 68D inner tent with a mesh lining
  • 11mm fiberglass poles and a polyethylene 1000D-140g/sqm floor are used to construct the floor. Warranty is only for one year. Coleman’s Personality Since W.C. Coleman began producing gasoline-powered lights in 1900, the Coleman Company has been developing and inventing goods for recreational outdoor usage. Coleman, the company founded by the inventor of the enormously popular fold-up camp stove, developed a plastic liner for his galvanized steel coolers in 1957, marking the beginning of the modern cooler’s utility and design. The company has continued to improve the cooler’s utility and design ever since. A wide range of items with the Coleman name are now available, including nearly everything you would need for working or playing outdoors, from tents and sleeping bags to boats, backpacks, and furnishings
  • Plus a variety of accessories.

Coleman Montana Weatherproof Family Tent, 8-Person

Camping is far more enjoyable when you can share the experience with someone else. A family-size tent, on the other hand, allows you to camp in groups, whether you’re traveling with your in-laws, your spouse and children, your closest pals, or a mix of all of the aforementioned. With tents easily accessible to accommodate two or more families, you can make your camping trip a memorable experience for the entire family. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to spend more than half of your trip putting your tent together.

  • It’s possible to assemble certain family tents in as little as 60 seconds, especially after you’ve got the hang of it.
  • Even while some tents claim to be able to accommodate up to 12 people, things can become a bit crowded if you have all of the sleeping bags fully rolled out in front of you.
  • “It’s critical to get a tent that is large enough to accommodate everyone who will be sleeping in it,” says Shawna Newman, editor-in-chief of Active Weekender and an outdoor and camping specialist.
  • “Are you going camping with tiny children?
  • “Are you going camping with teenagers or other adults?” Look for a tent with two doors so that you don’t have to go over a lot of people to get out of the tent.” Your tent will not have air conditioning, and it will get suffocating if you have a large group of people in it.
  • Some tents are also designed to block off the sun’s rays, making them ideal for people who prefer to take midday naps while on holiday.
  • Preparation is essential for severe weather, which may include rain and high gusts.

Your tent poles should be able to withstand moderate winds without bending or bending over.

As Newman points out, “it’s also critical to have a tent that is suited for the sort of weather you’ll be camping in with your family.” Using a three-season tent is the most adaptable alternative available on the market, according to the author.

Tents of higher quality will have seams that have already been sealed to keep out the rain.

She also recommends opting for a family tent with plenty of internal storage space, such as pockets and ceiling loops for holding water bottles, candles, and other small items.

“You’ll be investing in something that should last you for many years,” he adds.

Only one rule: practice setting up your tent at home beforehand. “The last thing you want is to be wrestling with it at the campground,” adds Newman.

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Wilderness Redefined is made possible by the help of its readers. Because I am an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make eligible purchases. Congratulations on visiting our Coleman Montana 8 Person Tentreview! We’ve examined hundreds of tents of varying shapes and sizes, so we know just what to look for when selecting the most appropriate one for your needs and requirements. This tent is a good deal, but don’t expect anything extraordinary from it. It performs the bare minimum well, and if that’s all you’re looking for, it may be the ideal fit for your requirements.

Continue reading to find out whether this Coleman tent will provide you with significant discounts or leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Is the Coleman montana a good buy?

If you don’t have time to read the entire review with us (which is great; we’ll keep it in mind for the next time you want to tell us a tale! ), here’s a brief synopsis of what we thought. The Montana is a straightforward tent that would be ideal for first-time campers. You’ve discovered your tent, it appears to me. If it describes you, then congratulations! There are no difficult setups or fussy pieces to worry about. The extended entrance awning and slanted windows in the tent are excellent additions for weather protection when in the camper.

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Is it good value?

If you want to go above and beyond the most basic dome design, you’ll have to shell out a bit more money. Despite the fact that this is not the cheapest tent that Coleman has to offer, it may be one of their greatest value for money options. Because of its exceptional value, it is considered to be one of the finest budget 8 person tents available. So, if this tent sounds like the one for you, have a look at the pricing.

What’s the difference between the Coleman Elite Montana and this version?

The Elite model is equipped with a battery-operated LED light system that is perfect for sleeping with the family or hanging out with friends at nighttime events. There is a light switch at the entrance that allows you to select the desired setting. Additionally, it contains a USB connector for charging gadgets. That will be really useful on those lengthy vehicle rides back home. The auto-roll windows, which are another important feature of the Coleman Elite Montana, are even another reason to consider upgrading.

More information may be found in our Coleman elite montana 8 person tent review.

Does the Coleman montana have enough space for your needs?

The Coleman Montana 8 person tent is ideal for large families, large groups of friends, and large amounts of fun. It’s the most basic form of tent, but it can be blown up to accommodate up to eight people, making it a perfect place to sleep and converse while traveling through the night. Have the youngsters gotten into a fight about who gets to use the mallet to drive the tent stakes in the ground? Or, maybe even more probable, have two of your pals gotten into a fight about it? No issue, the tent is large enough for them to stand and pout on opposite ends of it without bumping against one other.

I have this tent, which was given to me as a present.

I’d say it’s adequate for the task at hand. Even though I am 6’3″, I have no trouble moving about in it. Very roomy, especially for a family of your size. You won’t have any problems fitting a tall queen-size air mattress inside of it either. Review by a consumer

Is this a good tent for eight people?

During the day, the Coleman Montana 8 person tent can comfortably accommodate eight people. Remove some chairs from the room—perhaps some beanbags for the kids—and gather around to talk if you aren’t in the mood to go outside. Its central height is high enough that you may forgo the seats and just stand around instead—but make sure you’re under 6’2″ in height before doing so. By night, though, things are rather different. The single-room tent can accommodate up to 8 people on three queen-sized airbeds and two singles, however it will be more comfortable if the singles are not used.

Is this a good tent for backpacking?

Due to the size and weight of the Coleman Montana 8 person, it is not suggested to go backpacking with it. If you’re traveling with a large group, smaller, lighter tents are preferred over larger, heavier ones.

Is this a good tent for family camping?

When planning a camping vacation with your family, the Coleman Montana 6 person Tent is an excellent choice, even if it is not a tent you would wish to carry into the wilderness with you. While the 6 person model isn’t large enough for families with more than four members, this version can accommodate up to six people, making it a better choice for bigger groups. The tent would be much appreciated by families, particularly those with a large number of little children. The arrangement is basic enough that the tiniest children will not become bored, yet it is simple enough that the older children will be able to assist.

The front awning, for example, is great for providing a protected area for parents to rest while watching their children play in the yard.

Using the electricity, you may recharge any electronic devices you’ve taken along with you, which will come in useful before the lengthy vehicle trip home at the conclusion of your adventure.

Storage Options

When camping with a family or in a group, internal storage is essential in a tent. Because you’re in such close quarters and not everyone can stand up straight, it’s easy to be negligent and tread on someone’s smartphone or, worse, a beloved teddy bear while you’re playing. The tent is equipped with extensible net storage compartments that are accessible from your mattress and are located low to the ground. However, while the tent does not have a vestibule, it does feature a large front awning that serves as an entry screen.

Once it begins to rain, you’ll obviously want to take precautions to avoid getting your boots soaked.

Weather resistance: how does the Montana 8 perform?

Although it may not keep you completely dry in a torrential downpour, the overall weatherproofing of this Coleman tent was impressive to us.

This is a three-season tent that is best suited for camping in calm weather with occasional light rains.

Is the Coleman Montana Tent Waterproof?

Because of the Coleman Weathertec system, the Coleman Montana tent is reasonably water-resistant under most conditions. However, some users have reported a few leaks when it has rained heavily. Waterproofing spray can be used to remedy these problems. This is the tent that we have. However, it does leak a little bit during storms due to its large size, strong ventilation, and breathtaking view (when the fly is removed). We sprayed it, though, and everything is back to normal. It was unquestionably a wise buy.

Extended Awning

Although we’ve conceded that this isn’t the most waterproof tent on the planet, the awning will assist to keep you dry while you’re inside the tent. Part of the rainfly, it is located above the movable door and is made of metal. Because the door of the Coleman Montana 8 person tent is partly mesh, the presence of an awning is a brilliant design decision. If the rain is heavy, it will be more difficult to squirm through the opening. Although a more angled awning would be preferable for keeping the rain out, you could drape a tarp from it to increase the awning’s ability to keep the rain out.

), but hanging one in front of it allows you to depart without difficulty.

It also allows you to establish a dry place outside the tent where you may remove your boots or other wet items without getting soaked.

Is condensation a problem in the rain or cold?

Condensation is not an issue in this tent because of the cooling mechanisms that have been implemented. Using the ColemanComfort System, you may let air to flow into the tent, bringing in fresh air through the cool-air vents and exhausting humid, hot air through the mesh ceiling. Even with the rainfly in place, there is no discernible variation in the flow of air, and condensation should not be a source of worry for the user.

Angled Windows

In this tent, condensation is not a concern because of the cooling elements that have been included. Using the ColemanComfort System, you may let air to flow inside the tent, bringing in fresh air through the cool-air vents and exhausting humid, heated air through the mesh roof. In spite of the rainfly being in place, there is no discernible variation in the flow of air, therefore condensation should not be a source of worry.

Protection from the wind

Despite the fact that Coleman claims to have tested all of their tents in gusts of up to 35 mph, customer comment on how well the Montana keeps up in the wind has been varied. Campers who upgraded their tent pegs to more expensive, heavy-duty posts noticed that their tents held up well in adverse conditions. Generally speaking, users think that the 6-person model is more adept at surviving strong winds than this eight person version. If high winds threaten to disrupt your camping experience, you may want to consider upgrading to the smaller tent.

Handling the summer heat

When it comes to protecting yourself from the scorching summer heat, this may not be the finest tent for you to choose.

It does have some useful features, such as a front awning that offers shade, and the ventilation system within the tent is functional and efficient. This tent, on the other hand, may have difficulty dealing with dust or sand, which might be a problem in hot weather or when camping during the summer.

Withstanding the winter cold

The fact that this tent is at the lower end of the 3-season spectrum means that we would not recommend using it in the winter. Traveling in it is acceptable for fair-weather excursions, and it can withstand a little wind and rain. It will not, however, give you with sufficient protection from the cold, wind, or snow to ensure a pleasurable – or safe – excursion.

Durability: What Can It Withstand?

The lifespan of this tent will be significantly reduced if you plan to go camping on a regular basis. The cloth may last a year, two, or three years if you’re lucky, but something will ultimately shred the fabric or buckle the poles. At this price, it was never intended to be a camping companion for a lengthy period of time. Customers have reported varying levels of satisfaction with the product’s durability over the course of their ownership. The cloth, according to some, is lightweight yet surprisingly resilient, and they haven’t had any unfavorable encounters with it.

There have also been multiple complaints of leakage, making it less robust when the rain comes down; consider sealing the seams, waterproof-spraying the cloth, and purchasing a tarp to assist the rainfly in its job.

How easy is setup?

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that there are tents that are easier to put up than others. Unlike the Sundome, this is not a pop-up or immediate model, but instead relies on an expanded dome form that is pretty straightforward to use, but slightly more difficult than a regular dome-style tent such as the Sundome. Even so, with the snag-free continuous pole sleeves and the pin and ring system, a seasoned camper should be able to complete the setup in less than 15 minutes. For less experienced campers, it may take a bit longer, but you may enlist the assistance of your family and turn it into a pleasant family activity.

Can you do it alone?

It’s much simpler to set up a tent with a little assistance, but not everyone has access to an additional set of hands. Because this is a huge tent, two persons will be able to complete the setup in less time. Don’t be concerned if you’re the only one in your group who knows how to put up a tent. You still have time to complete the task.

How to Setup the Coleman Montana

Follow our setup instructions, whether you’re on your own or with a friend:

  • Place the tent on level ground with the door facing the direction in which you want the entrance to be
  • Set up the tent stakes
  • Build your tent and slide the fiberglass poles through the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves to secure it in place. The tent should be stretched taut until it stands free and large
  • Attach the rain fly if necessary.

It is recommended to stake out the guy lines from the tent body if there is a lot of wind to give the Coleman 8-Person Tent extra strength. If you’re having trouble with the set up, viewing a video of someone else erecting a tent might be really helpful.

Is It Easy to Carry?

Yes, this tent is lightweight and portable, and it comes with a carry bag that can be expanded. When compressed, the dimensions are 27.5 x 9.25 x 9 inches (70 x 23.5 x 23 cm). When it comes to weight, it’s a little more than 20 pounds, which isn’t too much for a healthy adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is enough space for three queen-sized air mattresses, which will provide a comfortable night’s sleep for six campers.

What is the benefit of an E-Port?

If you are having trouble sleeping or are imprisoned inside your tent due to midday rain, the e-port is a fantastic addition.

Install an outside extension wire from your house to your car, and don’t forget to include the auto adaptor. You may now do the following:

  • Charge your phone
  • Charge your laptop so you can watch videos
  • Set up some string lights in the tent to illuminate the space
  • If it’s cold outside, turn on an electric heater.

Even while it is a wonderful convenience, the ability to use electrical power indoors is mostly for the purpose of creating pleasant environments in which to spend time with your family. Alternatively, you might start a new fight with your friends—you’ve settled the tent discussion, but now who gets to choose the movie?

How is the hinged door feature useful?

As an alternative to constantly zipping yourself in and out of your backpack, you may swing the hinged door open and sprint out into the wilderness with renewed vitality. This makes it much easier to get little children and small animals out of the tent than it would otherwise be. It also gives your tent a more domestic feel, as you can swing your door wide after a full day of outdoor activities, take off your shoes, and fall directly into bed. In the event that you’ve had a particularly trying day, enough to drive anybody insane, the hinged door makes it easy to alleviate some of the wrath that a difficult or jammed zipper would otherwise bring.

Is This a Good Tent for Eight People?

Yes, this is an excellent tent for eight people, and it is also larger than many other tents of a comparable size available on the market. Having said that, you’ll be more comfortable in this product with a group of six individuals.

Alternative tents

The Coleman Montana 8 isn’t the best tent for everyone, and that’s okay. That’s perfectly OK! Take a look at our reviews of the following various 8-person capacity tents that are comparable to the Coleman Montana 8:

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

15 minutes of setup is too much for some people, no matter how quickly the time passes. Furthermore, 6’2″ central height is insufficient for taller individuals. A privacy screen and the same innovative welded flooring as the Coleman Montana 8 tent are included in this fast tent that pops up to 6’7 in 60 seconds and features a privacy screen on the inside. The Coleman quick cabin differs from the other tents in the following ways:

  • Lower floor space, higher ceilings, more rapid assembly, more cost, and larger windows

Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

If you enjoyed the tent above but thought it was a little too expensive, here’s a more reasonable option to the Coleman Montana 8 person tent, which has received a lot of positive feedback as well. There is a divider inside that allows you to divide the space into two distinct rooms. If you want to sleep in the screen room, you will have a third private sleeping area. It’s undeniably a tent that prioritizes personal seclusion. However, you’ll need to cover the windows and screen room with tarps in order to have seclusion from the outside world as well.

  • Screen room
  • Interior dividers
  • Large windows that allow for plenty of natural light
  • Additional ventilation

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas 8-Person Tent

If your party falls in love with camping and wants a more durable tent that will last for years to come, here’s a tent that will do the trick. A canvas tent is used, which lasts far longer than other types of tent material. Setup is quick and simple, and the doors and ceilings are both tall, allowing for easy access to electrical outlets. The TETON has also received a lot of positive feedback. In comparison, the Coleman Montana tent lacks the following features:

  • A tough outer layer of material
  • Awning that is exceptionally big
  • Two doors, one of which is particularly wide
  • Organizers for the loft and on the walls
  • It comes at a high cost.
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The Coleman montana 8 person – Staked Out

As a whole, our study of the Coleman Montana 8 person tent concludes that it is an outstanding tent for six to eight people in dry weather. If you take good care of it, it will function in the rain as well.

Nothing special about it; it’s a basic beginner tent with a few of extra-desirable features. It serves its purpose as a refuge for large groups of family and friends without being overpowering. If you’re interested in Coleman tents, have a look at our comparison of Coleman tents.

More Coleman montana and 8 person tent product reviews

Still not sure what size or kind of tent will work best for you? More of our product reviews may be found here:

  • A review of the Coleman Elite Montana 8-person tent, as well as the Coleman Octagon 98-8-person tent.

Please let us know if you like this content. That’s the only way we’ll be able to make progress.

Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent Review – 2022

Wilderness Redefined is made possible by the help of its readers. Because I am an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make eligible purchases. The Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tentreview is here to introduce you to the product. After examining THOUSANDS of tents, including all variations of the Montana, we have determined what you want from your home-away-from-home in the great outdoors. When it comes to camping, this tent is a nice upgrade over the standard model if you don’t want to rough it or just want to bring a little bit of luxury and comfort with you.

Is the Coleman Elite Montana a good buy?

When it comes to making a rapid choice, we understand that sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time to sit around and listen to everything in detail. Elite Montana tents are ideal for families wishing to update their existing tent to something a bit more comfy on their next camping trip. Important elements such as the LED lighting system and a USB connector for charging electronics make family camping a dream come true for many. Because to the straightforward design, you won’t be left scratching your head during the installation process.

Is this tent good value?

If conserving a few dollars is the most essential thing to you, we recommend that you go with the basic configuration. Despite the fact that this popular tent has excellent features that increase its worth, the cost-effectiveness of the ordinary model is superior. However, if you have the means to spend a little more money, we recommend splurging on a tent that has more features and is more comfortable. Even though theVango Odyssey 800 8 person tent was our favorite, the ordinary Montana 8 person tent is still a wonderful option if you’re on tight budget.

What Difference Does It Make? Elite vs Regular Models

The Elite version has a battery-operated LED lighting system, which is ideal for use at bedtime with the family or for visiting with friends after dark. It also has a USB port, which may be used to charge mobile devices and other electronic gadgets. It’s especially convenient for those lengthy vehicle rides back home! Another advantage of upgrading to the Elite Montana is the ability to roll the windows down automatically. When you unzip the windows to open them up, they automatically roll up perfectly, so you don’t have to fiddle with toggles or tags to get them to work properly.

Lighting System

The Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent includes a built-in LED lighting system for added convenience. A bright LED light in the middle emits up to 100 lumens of lighting, which is plenty for seeing what you’re doing in any setting, regardless of the situation. In addition, there is a wall switch at the entrance, which makes stumbling inside in the middle of the night much less difficult.

If you’re traveling with tiny children who go to bed earlier than most adults, 100 lumens would be plenty to keep everyone up throughout the night. However, the lamp also has two low brightness settings, 42 and 5 lumens. This is a great book for bedtime!

Does the Coleman montana have enough space for your needs?

This is an 8-person tent, which means that it has the capacity to accommodate eight people in total. Although it is usually the case, the tent size always relates to the maximum capacity of the camping tent, which is not very convenient. In all, there is enough space for three queen-size beds, two on either end and one in the center. If at all feasible, we recommend that you leave the centre slot unfilled. The extra space inside the tent will come in handy when you’re trying to keep your things organized or eating or hanging out when it’s pouring.

  • The tallest point in the middle is 6 feet 2 inches in height, which is the center height.
  • At the ends, though, you’ll have to squat a bit further than usual.
  • It’s also rather simple to set up.
  • Tent reviewConvenient additions such as the LED lighting system and the auto-roll windows make this tent more pleasant and liveable than the average camping tent.
  • If you require seclusion, the Elite Montana is not the best choice.
  • The Elite Montana 8 is well suited for the following applications:
  • A modest family consisting of two adults and two to three children is described. Two couples, each with a canine companion
  • Couples with multiple tiny children
  • One or two couples with several small children
  • Group of friends consisting of up to six individuals, with four being the optimal number

Is This a Good Tent for Eight People?

With the exception of an emergency situation, we would not suggest this tent for eight persons. Although it is technically feasible to pack eight people into the tent, you will be much more comfortable with five or six people in the tent. Yes, the Montana 8 is a fantastic family tent that is also quite fairly priced for the quality that it provides. The one I had for sale (just 3 days ago) was purchased by a couple of friends for usage with their two young children and dog. I truly believe it will be the ideal tent for them until their children are far into their twenties, and maybe even later if it manages to stay that long in the wilderness.

Is this a good tent for backpacking and hiking?

Because of its size and weight, this tent is not suitable for hiking. This tent weighs about 25 pounds, making it extremely cumbersome to carry when trekking. The packed size is similarly 13′′ x 33′′ x 8′′, which is a little large for a backpack, but perfect for vehicle camping or a weekend getaway. One thing to keep in mind is that the tent folds down into a square that is rather large in size.

It’s obviously not the sort of lightweight tent you’d want to bring along with you when hiking for extended periods of time. Not for ultra-high performance, but for pleasant camping, this is the tent for you.

Is this a good tent for family camping?

Families, particularly those with a large number of small children, would find the tent to be quite handy. The setup is basic enough that even the tiniest children will not become bored, and it is easy enough that the larger children may occasionally assist with it. Aside from that, there are a variety of designs that add to the usefulness of this tent for use as a family tent.

Storage: How Convenient Is It?

Extra room is essential when camping with a family or a group of friends. In close quarters, when not everyone can maintain their balance, it’s simple to trip on someone’s smartphone or, worse, a child’s cherished teddy bear. The tent is equipped with low-to-the-ground extendable net storage compartments that may be accessed directly from your bed. While the tent does not have a vestibule, it does have a front extended awning that serves as a doorway to the interior. This may be a fantastic spot for the family to keep their stinky hiking boots after a long day of trekking instead of carrying them into the shelter with them.

This family tent might have extra inside storage space to keep camping goods safe and dry while on the road.

How does it perform in bad weather?

This tent may keep you dry in light rain or moderate rain, but how does it do in heavy rain or downpours? Will it be able to withstand heavy winds, and are there enough ventilation systems to keep this tent cool in the summer?

Is the Coleman Elite Montana Tent Waterproof?

The Coleman Elite Montana isn’t fully waterproof, but it’s quite close. With its WeatherTec system and welded flooring, the tent is water-resistant and stands up well under most weather situations, even heavy rain. Because of complaints of leaking in heavy rain, it’s a good idea to invest in a totally waterproof tent or waterproofing spray, as well as an extra tarp and seam seal if you’re expecting stormy weather.

Is condensation a problem in the rain or cold?

Unless you’re camping in the deserts of Southern California, you’re sure to be surprised by a little rain at some time during your vacation. The Coleman Montana 8 Elite tent is equipped with a WeatherTec system, which has proprietary welded flooring and inverted seams to keep the dampness at bay. Put the rain cover over your head to ensure that you’re kept safe from the elements. The angled windows on both ends provide you with fresh air while also allowing rain to pour off them. This type has a mesh roof, which not only allows for lots of circulation but also allows you to view the stars when you’re out camping in the great outdoors.

You’ll lose part of this ventilation if you put on the rain fly, but you’ll be more sheltered and protected if it rains as a result of it.

A floor vent is also included in the tent, which allows for the passage of cold air throughout the night. This aids in the regulation of the interior temperature and the maintenance of your comfort when sharing a place with other people. You’ll sleep lot better as well if you’re not too hot.

Protection from the Wind

All Coleman tents are built to resist winds of up to 35 miles per hour. Some owners of this model have reported that their poles have bent somewhat after being exposed to high winds, but the product as a whole has proven to be durable.

How does the tent handle the summer heat?

Some customers have expressed concern that the tent becomes too hot as the first rays of sunlight hit it. Other customers praised the ventilation and reported that it remained chilly, leading us to think that it is a matter of weather. The tent looks to perform well in temperatures that are rather moderate.

Withstanding the winter cold

In the winter, we do not recommend using this tent outside. When used as a three-season tent, it is not very protective, and it struggles in the harsher weather of spring and fall. Traveling with this tent camping during the cold would not be pleasurable or safe.

How durable is the Coleman montana and will it last?

If you plan to go camping on a regular basis, this tent won’t survive very long in your possession. It was not intended to be used for a long period of time, like some other tents are. When it came to evaluating the Montana’s durability, campers were divided, with some raising concerns about the vehicle’s dependability. Leaking reports after a few usage are a typical source of customer dissatisfaction with performance. You may increase the waterproofing of your tent by sealing the seams or by purchasing a tarp to supplement the protection provided by the rainfly on your tent.

How easy is it to set up and take down?

This is a standard dome tent, which is only large enough to accommodate a family. In the event that you’ve ever gone camping previously, you’re likely to be familiar with the operation of these sorts of tents. The continuous pole sleeves, which are color-coded and snag-free, make your job a whole lot easier. Having a clear understanding of which poles to use will prevent them from becoming trapped on the cloth as you’re passing them through. Even if you’re not used to camping, the pin-and-ring design is simple to understand and use.

In the event that you want a speedy setup, instant tents may be a good option for you.

Can you do set the tent up on your own?

In the case of two persons, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to put it up. You’ll be able to maintain control over both ends of the pole to prevent them from slipping out. If you’re the only one putting up camp, it could take a bit longer, but it’s a rather basic operation overall.

How To Setup the Coleman Elite Montana

Despite the fact that the Coleman Elite Montana is a huge tent, it is rather simple to set up and is no different from any other large tent. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. The tent should be spread out on the ground. Make sure you’ve chosen a level location free of large pebbles or roots that might cause discomfort on the floor. Stakes should be used to anchor the tent to the ground. Separate the longer tent poles from the shorter tent poles for the middle dome of the tent. Using your fingers, unfold them and slip them through the sleeves. Make sure to unfold the shorter poles for each end of the tent and thread them through the color-coded pole sleeves. Attach the tent poles to the tent body using the proprietary pin-and-ring mechanism. Lift the tent by twisting one of the large center poles, and then attach each end of the pole to the tent with the other end of the pole. Carry out the exercise on the other side and using the shorter poles
  2. Pass the rainfly pole through the sleeve and drape the polyester material over the tent if you wish to connect a rainfly to your tent. Make that the ends of the rainfly pole are inserted into the pegs on both sides of the entrance to form the vestibule arch
  3. Maintain the tautness of the lines on both sides
  4. Secure the lines.

Is the tent Easy To Carry?

The Coleman Elite Montana tent is not a tent that you will want to carry about on your back for extended periods of time. It is not intended to be used as a camping tent since the 25-pound weight will be too much for a single person to carry. The inflatable carry bag makes it simple to repack the tent after you’re through using it.

The rip strip can be pulled to reduce the overall size of the packaged product. If you’re going to be carrying a tent on your hike, we recommend purchasing a few of smaller tents and distributing them between your carrier and your backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three queen-sized air mattresses may be accommodated in the Elite Montana by placing two mattresses at either end of the tent and one in the centre of the tent.

Is the hinged door good?

The Coleman Elite Montana has a half-moon-shaped door in the centre that makes it easier to get in and out. It is possible for persons with mobility challenges to use the zipper on the hinged door to open it completely, and the extended door awning is rather broad, but it can be a little too narrow at the bottom. The main feature of the door is that it is sturdy and closes automatically, with three velcro straps to keep it in place for further security. Those hinged doors are quite incredible, in case you haven’t experienced them yet.

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It is quite convenient to have a hinged door that automatically closes and does not require constant zipping.

Review of the tent

Alternative 8 person tents

Coleman Elite Montana has a half-moon-shaped entrance in the centre, which allows for convenient entry and exiting. It is possible for persons with mobility challenges to use the zipper on the hinged door to open it completely, and the extended door awning is substantial, although it can be too tiny at the bottom. The finest feature of the door is that it is sturdy and closes automatically, and it is secured with three velcro straps. Those hinged doors are very incredible, in case you haven’t experienced them yet.

An automatic closing hinged door that does not require zipper closure is quite convenient.

Observations about the tent

Coleman 8-Person Instant Cabin Tent

It is a bit more expensive than the Coleman Elite Montana cabin tent for 8 people, however it does not have as many distinctive features as the Elite Montana. One advantage it has over the Montana is the extremely quick setup time and the ability to open all of the walls for maximum airflow. In most cases, setting up the tent will take no more than a minute or two; simply spread the canvas and clip the poles together, and you’re done! Because you can only put two queen airbeds inside, we recommend that you use this tent for a maximum of five people.

  • Setup is quicker
  • The center height is higher
  • There is less area for sleeping
  • And there is more ventilation.

Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent

The Tent for 8 People is a good alternative if you’re on a tight financial budget. Despite the fact that it is not the most durable tent on the market, it is a nice option to have on hand if you are camping with friends or family. It is capable of withstanding mild rain, but it is not the best choice for really humid situations. The tent design, which includes two separate rooms, is great for two couples or a small group of friends who want to be together. It’s also convenient to use one side for sleeping while the other is used for storing gear, eating, or simply relaxing.

The mesh windows and roof ensure that your tent is well ventilated and comfortable to sleep in. Comparing this outdoor tent to the Coleman tent, the following advantages may be observed:

  • A screen room
  • A screened-in porch Windows and ceiling made of mesh
  • A higher ceiling and a T-style door

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas 8-Person Tent

When it comes to canvas tents, this one from Teton is an excellent investment if you’re ready to pay a little more money. Even in heavy rain, it is likely to remain water-tight because to its enhanced toughness and durability. The tent is straightforward to set up, and the door is unusually wide to allow for easy transport of your belongings both inside and outside the tent. If you’re searching for a huge outdoor tent that will last you for years and will allow you to camp out for extended periods of time, this may be the tent for you.

  • More durable
  • More waterproof
  • Plenty of storage
  • Canvas that lasts a long time.


So, you’ve made it this far in our Coleman elite montana 8 person tent review, but you’re still not sure which one to buy. Let’s have a look at the most significant elements. While this is theoretically an 8-person tent when fully inflated, we do not suggest it for this purpose. In addition to camping holidays with the family, this model is also suitable for camping trips with a small group of friends or two couples. The Weathertec system, which uses inverted seams, keeps the tent water-resistant even under severe weather, and the poles are strong enough to withstand strong winds.

The tent is equipped with a number of innovative features, including auto-roll windows, an LED light with a light switch, and a door that closes of its own own.

You can find the most up-to-date pricing information here.

Other montana and 8 person tent reviews

You may read the remainder of our reviews here if you’re still not sure which product or size is right for you.

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Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Let’s be honest about this. There are a LOT of 8-person tents available on the market. The Coleman Montana 8 person tent, on the other hand, stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. After 11 hours of investigation into this tent, weighing its advantages and disadvantages, I’m sharing my findings with you here — the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope you find this essay useful! Start with our Coleman Montana 8 person tent review, which will be posted shortly.

At A First Glance

Let’s start with some technical facts on the situation. Dimensions: 16 feet by 7 feet by 6 feet and 2 inches (length, width, center height) Dimensions when packed: 27in x 9.25in x 9in 24.5 pounds is the maximum weight. Color:There are three different colors to choose from: green, blue, and black. Because of its large floor size (112 sq. ft.) and tall center (6’2″), this tent can accommodate a large number of people, as seen by the specifications. On the negative, it is only available in three colors, so if you want to have a variety of colors in your tent selections, you may be disappointed.

Coleman Montana 8 Pros

Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we?

  • Cost-effective
  • Practical and roomy
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble


I’ve gone through a couple of dozen large capacity tents in my time. The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent is by far the most economical option while yet offering a plethora of useful features. It’s not every day that you come across a tent that can comfortably accommodate your complete family without requiring you to give up an arm and a leg in order to obtain it.

The Montana 8 really shines in this situation. You will not find a better price-to-value huge capacity tent anywhere else, and this is, in my opinion, Coleman’s most significant advantage.

Practical and spacious

Every camper, no matter how experienced they are or how inexperienced they are, understands the value of selecting a nice tent. It is possible to argue that this is the most vital piece of camping equipment out of everything else. It’s a delicate line between enjoying your camping trip and having it spoiled by inadequate shelter or sleeping arrangements. Here’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind: the tent is never intended to accommodate as many people as the name suggests. Because it is not included in the equipment, a six-person tent may really accommodate four people and their belongings.

  1. Coleman Montana, on the other hand, is the greatest in this area.
  2. However, when it is put in its original expanding bag, it takes up far less room in your home.
  3. Even persons who are over six feet tall will be able to stand and walk comfortably as a result of this.
  4. This acts as a porch in front of your tent, similar to a deck.
  5. This will provide you with the delight of being able to enjoy the rain and the fire without being soaked.


No matter how experienced or inexperienced a camper may be, everyone understands the value of selecting a quality tent. In fact, one might argue that it is the most vital piece of camping equipment out there. It’s a delicate line between enjoying your camping trip and having it spoiled by inadequate shelter and amenities. As a general rule of thumb, remember that the tent is never intended to accommodate the number of people indicated on the label. Because it is not included in the equipment, a six-person tent may really accommodate four people and their belongings in its entirety.

However, Coleman Montana is the clear winner in this division.

Despite this, when it is stored in its original expanding bag, it takes up far less room in your possession.

The ability to stand and move comfortably will be extended to even the tallest individuals.

Three chairs can be accommodated on the little front porch. Enjoy the delight of being outside in the rain and around the fire without getting soaked. Practically speaking, you may store your shoes or any of your belongings in this compartment and keep everything dry even when it rains.


Besides having a high-quality design and materials, this tent also boasts swiveling doors that can be closed with a velcro patch. What’s the big deal? I get what you’re saying. So, allow me to pose a simple question to you: So, what’s the first thing that normally breaks on a tent or a bag when it’s initially set up? Yes, you read that correctly: a zipper. This is why it’s so critical to do so. As you can see, it has doors, which reduces the need for zippers. During the day, the velcro will hold the door closed, and you will only need to use the zipper when you are sleeping or on a trek.

Easy to set up and dismantle

Please let me know if this sounds familiar: You’re going to be camping in the middle of the wilderness for the next seven days. You’re fatigued, you’re nearly out of the water, and you’re eager to get into a bubble bath as soon as you get home. However, taking a bath will have to wait since you need to disassemble your massive tent, which you anticipate would take at least an hour of your time. The grating finale to an otherwise enjoyable encounter. With Montana 8, you won’t have to be concerned about any of this at all.

  • It is constructed with high-quality stitching and pole sleeves, as well as a pin-and-ring configuration method.
  • This implies that two people can put this tent together in 15 minutes or less (and you can take it down in even less).
  • Check Amazon for the latest pricing information.
  • Check Walmart’s price for more information.

Coleman Montana 8 Cons

  • Two-season tent with a ventilation system and an interior organizing system.

Nothing in our world is flawless, and this tent is no exception. Let’s take a look at its disadvantages.

Two-season tent

Coleman Montana 8 is built of water-resistant fabrics, and it comes with a high-quality rainfly to keep you dry. However, I would not advocate utilizing it in heavy rains or high winds because of the potential danger. During my investigation, I came to the conclusion that it may benefit from a few extra guyline attachment locations. Particularly on the tent itself, because this is one area where many fall short. However, if you don’t utilize the fly, your tent may even topple over if the wind blows directly into it along the larger section of it.

Ventilation system

Because it is built of water-resistant materials, the Coleman Montana 8 is equipped with a high-quality rainfly. Strong gusts and heavy rains, on the other hand, are not recommended for use with this device. It might use a couple extra guyline attachment sites, according to my findings throughout my investigation. Particularly on the tent itself, as here is where they fall short. However, if you don’t utilize the fly, your tent may even topple over if the wind blows directly into it along the larger section of its perimeter.

Inside organization

A tidy or dirty camper, that is the question. I have to acknowledge that I am a member of the second group. I normally store half of my belongings in a bag, the other half in a backpack, or just laying around the tent in various locations throughout the property. Also included is a collection of minor goods that we constantly seem to misplace but that we always seem to need close at hand. I misplaced everything: mosquito spray, a torch, a phone charger, you name it.

This is a minor drawback, but this tent only has two very little storage compartments on the interior, which is a huge drawback. As long as you don’t have a lot of little items, it shouldn’t be a problem, but extra pockets would be really welcomed.


It’s possible that you’ve already read this review and determined that Coleman Montana is not for you. It’s understandable — I can definitely see that occurring. For family camping, though, you will almost certainly require an 8-person tent. As a result, we have provided you with three options:

NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, the NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Tent is a great option. This tent is very special, thanks to the addition of delicate elements such as storage pockets along the walls, a lantern hook, and the lantern itself. It can withstand prolonged periods of strong rain and wind, which is a considerable advantage. Consequently, if you frequently camp in stormy conditions, NTK Laredo may be a better choice than Montana 8. Having said that, I don’t believe the ventilation system performs much better than the one found in the Coleman.

Check out the price on eBay.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Consider the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent, which is a bit more affordable than the Coleman Montana, but which will stand up well in all weather conditions while appearing and acting quite comparable to the Coleman Montana in terms of appearance and performance. This tent has a 16′ x 9′ floor layout, which allows you to sleep one additional person on top of the Coleman, allowing you to have a little bit more space for your equipment. In addition, the Core 9 Person Tent holds up exceptionally well in wind and rain.

It will also assist in ensuring that cold air is taken in and heated air is allowed to exit through the modern ventilation system.

Check Walmart’s price for more information.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

If you’re searching for a larger tent, the Browning Camping Big Horn Tentis an excellent option that you should consider. No matter how many people you attempt to cram into a 150 square foot tent, it is still a large space to be in. Because I am a short female, the height of the tent center is never an issue for me. Some of my taller friends, on the other hand, would benefit greatly from the 87 inches of center height that this tent provides. It is also waterproof, but it is its ventilation system that makes it stand out from the crowd.

As if that weren’t enough, it also has two doors, which is a significant advantage.

The only drawback is that this tent does not fall into the “cheap” category at all.

Check Amazon for the latest pricing information.

Our Verdict

So, to summarize. Do you require a large capacity tent that is roomy, practical, and reasonably priced? The Coleman Montana 8with a living space of 112 square feet is the best option for you. Its simple setup, hinged doors, and velcro roof ensure that you have a stress-free and pleasant camping experience. Despite the fact that it is not intended for use in heavy rain or high winds, it will serve as an excellent shelter for the majority of your camping excursions.

So, chill your beer and have your camping chair ready to relax on your porch once you’ve swiftly set up your new home away from home after you’ve finished setting up your new home away from home.

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