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Wet and Cold

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About this mod

This patch enhances the AI of NPCs and the visual effects that are dependant on the weather. Unless otherwise noted, all visual effects-related characteristics apply to all of the performers in the film. SKSE is required for the operation of several functionalities. Requirements

  • This patch enhances the AI of NPCs as well as the visual effects that are based on the weather conditions. To the extent that they are not indicated differently, all visual effects characteristics apply to all actors. SKSE is required for the operation of some functions. Requirements

This patch enhances the AI of NPCs as well as the visual effects that are based on the weather conditions. To the extent that they are not indicated differently, all visual effects characteristics apply to all actors. SKSE is required for the operation of some functions. Requirements

  • This patch enhances the AI of NPCs as well as the visual effects that are based on the weather conditions. To the extent that they are not indicated differently, all visual effects characteristics apply to all actors. SKSE is required for the operation of some functions. Requirements
  • This patch enhances the AI of NPCs as well as the visual effects that are based on the weather conditions. To the extent that they are not indicated differently, all visual effects characteristics apply to all actors. SKSE is required for the operation of some functions. Requirements
  • This patch enhances the AI of NPCs as well as the visual effects that are based on the weather conditions. To the extent that they are not indicated differently, all visual effects characteristics apply to all actors. SKSE is required for the operation of some functions. Requirements


  • When utilizing Immersive Citizens, the Go Home function from Wet and Cold will be automatically removed
  • Otherwise, the feature will be enabled. If you are using Frostfall 2.0 or above, the player’s drip effects from Wet and Cold will be removed immediately. Once Get Snowy has been activated, all ice and snow effects from Wet and Cold will be turned off immediately. The horses of your followers will not drip water or breathe until you run the console command “setghost 0” on each one of them if you are using Convenient Horses. The cold features are not included since everything in this mod is applied dynamically, therefore it should work with any NPC in any place (DLC, new lands, new settlements, etc.) except for those in the cold regions. While the cold features are implemented dynamically as well, modifications or DLCs that include new places or species may require manual support. Support for cold effects for Dawnguard, Dragonborn (needs Wet and Cold – Ashes), and Wyrmstooth monsters and places.

Install/Update/Uninstall Manual: Refer to the manual installation document included in the archive for more information. Mod Managers: Please download the files and include them in your respective applications as needed. Subscribe to the Steam Workshop by using the subscribe button. With each revision, this mod automatically updates itself to the latest version. It is sufficient to delete the old version before installing the latest version when upgrading (either manually or using mod managers).

Make sure that the files WetandCold.esp and.bsa are no longer present in your Data folder before continuing.

[REL] Frostfall – Hypothermia, Camping, and Survival : V – Skyrim

Install/Update/Uninstall Installing the software by hand: See the manual installation document in the archive for instructions. Download the files and paste them into your respective applications, Mod Managers (if applicable). Subscription to the Steam Workshop is available. When a revision is made, this mod automatically updates itself. It is sufficient to delete the old version before installing the latest version when upgrading (either manually or through mod managers). When uninstalling, make a backup in an interior location where no effects are playing, and then delete all of the files that were previously installed.

  • Hypothermia- You have now accrued a certain number of exposure points. It will chill you to the bone if you are in a cold environment
  • Fireplaces and staying in warmer locales (Riverwood, Falkreath) will keep you warm.
  • Cold Water Survival- The temperature of water varies depending on where you are in the world. Riverwood, Falkreath, and the Rift are all lovely and refreshing places to visit. The water in the Reach and Whiterun sections is rather frigid. Ice-cold water may kill in minutes in the Pale and other icy areas.
  • Camping Equipment- In order to make survival with the previous two items considerably simpler, camping equipment is recommended. It includes a craftable tent, bedroll, and campfire gear, among other things. Bedrolls allow you to sleep in the open air. Tents allow you to sleep outside in inclement weather. Fire kits keep you warm, dry you off, and allow you to go more quickly. Use Frostfall in conjunction with LtMattMoo’s Camping if you want a more comprehensive camping experience or want it to be less tough. The mechanics of my game as well as his camping goods are available to you.

Upon starting the game, you will be handed a new gear called Camping Gear. The ability to make and arrange simple campground objects is provided by this feature. Despite the fact that you are not required to use it, you will also receive the Weathersense Ring, a unique ring whose jewel changes color based on the temperature of the surrounding environment. If you want to keep track of your health at all times, I propose that you hotkey this ring. (Don’t worry, messages will also show without the use of this ring when your condition changes or something requires your attention, so you won’t miss out on anything.) The Riverwood Trader has a book called “Survivor’s Guide to Skyrim” laying on a barrel inside the store.

Take a look at it when you get the opportunity, and keep it handy in case you have any questions while playing! =

  • “Does armor keep you warm?” says the interrogator. No. It is just vital that you are dressed in some way at all. This is done in order to assure compatibility with custom armor modifications created by players. I don’t want the player to have to micromanage his or her armor in order to succeed. I don’t believe it’s enjoyable. In addition, incompatible modifications are less entertaining.
  • “Do torches keep you warm?” No. If you are able to hold it in your hand and carry it with you at all times, it will not keep you warm.
  • “Doesspell recover Exposure Points?” the user inquires. No. I didn’t want to establish a link between Exposure and Magicka in my writing (which can be restored with potions, which can be bought with money). I was concerned that high-level characters might be able to “purchase” their way out of the game mechanism.
  • “Can you tell me how to swim in freezing water without dying?” Bring out the Flamecloak scrolls or spells that you’ve been hoarding.
  • “Does this mod work in conjunction with LtMattMoo’s Camping?” Yes, it is correct. This mod does not include it as part of the package. It’s worth a shot! You may still utilize the simple, handcrafted camping equipment I supply (for an added challenge) if you don’t have any of your own.

=GAMEPLAY= 1. Hypothermia= Exposure Points are a new resource available to you. Heat causes them to be gained, whilst exposure to cold causes them to be lost. Staying warm allows you to lose them at a slower rate. You will receive frequent, non-intrusive notifications regarding your current condition from time to time (getting warmer, colder, wet, being near a fire.) This does not necessitate the usage of a specific item.

From then, it gets colder and colder, until the gem is entirely black.

Keeping track of the present situation (I recommend using a hotkey!) may be done with this ring.

There are several aspects to consider:

  • The location of your character in Skyrim has a significant impact on heat loss due to exposure. I’m keeping note of where you are as well as what (I believe to be) the current ambient temperature in the region. From warmest to coldest, the places in the game are as follows:

Falkreath is a stronghold (warmest) Eastmarch The Rift is a rift in time. The Reach Whiterun Hold is a fortified fortification. Hjaalmarch The Northern Coast of the United States The Pale, as well as the Mountains (High Hrothgar, and so on) (coldest)

  • Weather- Paying attention to the weather can help you save your life in a variety of situations. In actual life, the amount of time you have to survive a snowstorm is measured in minutes (an hour or two in-game). Rain will get you wet and cause you to lose EP more rapidly
  • Dry off near a fire or wait an hour for the EP to dry naturally.
  • It’s important to stay dry since being wet will cause you to lose heat much more quickly. After swimming or getting rained on, you will be wet for a period of time. Fires will quickly dry you out if you are soaked. You’ll be dry in an hour if you do it by yourself. We’ll get into more detail on water in a moment.
  • When it comes to the time of day, Skyrim’s nights are more punishing than her days. At night, you will lose more heat than during the day.

=What factors contribute to the replenishment of EP?

  • This is the most essential of all of the heat sources: The proximity of heat sources (except torches) will significantly increase the rate at which your EP is replenished. Fire Kits can be used to warm up on the field. Standing near a fire for an extended period of time also grants you the “Warm” state, which momentarily enhances your health, magicka, and stamina regeneration
  • However, this condition is only temporary.
  • Interiors- EP will not be lost in interiors, therefore seeking cover can be a smart idea in some situations. Exteriors- EP will not be lost in exteriors. Even if you come into contact with water in an interior room because it is employed for a thematic or gameplay reason in a dungeon, it will not damage you.

There are several things:

  • Wearing clothing is essential since going around nude is a sure way to meet your demise. For each piece of equipment you use, you will gain a boost in terms of EP losses (Hands, Feet, Head, Body). It makes no difference what sort of gear or armor you are wearing
  • What matters is that you are wearing anything.
  • Frost resistance is something that Nords are naturally endowed with. Frost resistance will aid in the reduction of heat loss.
  • The following foods now receive a specific Exposure Resistance buff: soups and stews These meals have the potential to greatly increase your survival duration. Version 1.1 of the update: This benefit (+40 percent Exposure Resist) is provided by Vegetable Soup, Beef Stew, Venison Stew, and Horker stew, and it is compatible with all meal modifications.

Please keep in mind that none of these will completely prevent the loss of EP; they will only buy you additional time. The ability to survive in cold water has been added to Skyrim. Bodies of water will now have their own temperature values dependent on their location, ranging from Refreshing to Frigid, with different degrees in between. Jumping into water that is classified “Frigid” will have a number of consequences: Loss of all physical endurance occurs immediately (torso reflex, hyperventilation) Vision that is temporarily clouded (immediate disorientation) Then you have around 30 actual seconds (10 minutes in-game) to save your life before the game is over.

Water will only have an effect on you if you swim in it; simply walking or wading in will not cause any problems.

Create and store campground equipment by selecting this item from your inventory and pressing “Use” on your keyboard.

Creating something is simple.

  • Kit is on fire. 6 pieces of firewood and 1 steel ingot make up the set. There are three applications. Installs a campfire in the designated place and recovers Exposure Points (EP). Allows for rapid movement (1 firekit is expended)
  • Bedroll. Ten Tundra Cotton and five leather are used in the construction of this item. Uses that are indefinite. Allows for outdoor resting (with no EP loss)
  • Tent. Components: 5 animal pelts of any kind, any size (even mixed). There are five applications. This provision allows for the use of a bedroll while sleeping under adverse weather circumstances (rain, snow, blizzards)
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In your bag, you may fit up to 12 fire starters, 1 bedroll, and 1 tent, among other things. =REQUIREMENTS= None. It is not necessary to use SKSE or any other apps. Install it and have fun with it. =TROUBLESHOOTING= What ever I do, I’m stuck being “wet” for the time being! – Open the console and enter the command “player.removespell 03009A03” without the quotation marks. You should receive a confirmation message stating that the impact has been eliminated (tested on v1.2a and v1.4).

  • In addition, I despise you!
  • After exiting the console, wait for approximately 30 seconds.
  • It should now be operational.
  • Wait around 30 seconds once you have completely exited your inventory.
  • If nothing of these methods resolves the issue, please contact me through private message.
  • “set _DE ExposurePoints to 85” should be typed into the terminal window.
  • Then, when you go closer to a fire, observe whether you receive the message “You are starting to warm up.” Check the weathersense ring to check if your EP is increasing or decreasing.

If this does not work, please contact me through private message.

– You did not completely remove the program from your computer.

This process should be effective in removing all of the impacts from your character’s appearance.

=UNINSTALLATION= It is okay to remove this mod and then reinstall the new one if you are upgrading.

You’ve been forewarned.!

If you want to totally remove Frostfall, open your Basic Camping Supplies and scroll to Setup – Advanced Setup – Uninstall Frostfall from the menu bar.

This procedure will disable Frostfall’s features and guarantee that Fast Travel is activated, as well as the removal of all negative status effects from your character.

You’ve been forewarned.!

=INCOMPATIBILITY= This mod is incompatible with any other hypothermia-style modifications that you may have installed.

I will consider each of these on an individual basis. Fully compatible with all food modifications, lighting mods, including LtMattMoo’s Camping, as well as the vanilla game. THERE ARE KNOWN ISSUES: v1.2a Known Issues that are presently being worked on include the following:

  • Waiting outside should be disabled for the player, according to the game’s rules. At the moment, it isn’t
  • The “Wet” effect appears to be a touch phony, but this will be addressed. When it starts raining, you get soaked right away, rather than waiting a few minutes
  • After you have placed a tent on the ground, you will be unable to pick it up and move it (by pressing the “use” key). Testing this mod by teleporting to a different location with COC or other teleportation instructions may cause weather to behave abnormally. Please play the game as you would normally, otherwise things may not operate as intended (for example, hot temperatures in Winterhold, or other issues).


  • It is implied in “Survivor’s Guide to Skyrim” that eating Snowberries has negative effects. Bonuses for Lycanthropy and Vampirism
  • Cooking Pots
  • Possible racial advantages (Argonians do not suffer from the effects of water, for example)
  • Image Space Effects that are better

=THANKS= Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta testing process. To be more specific: Nitor Spiffyman Luggage Knots Thank you to sidekick for providing the inspiration for the ring design. to everyone who has contributed to the WIP thread with ideas, thoughts, and criticism. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please let me know what you think, and please feel free to provide any recommendations. This is currently a work in progress, and it is a long way from being finished.


Frostfall 3.3.1 is now available for download for both the Classic and Special Editions of Skyrim! The complete list of changes may be seen here. Frostfall is a gameplay immersion hack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that enhances the experience of playing in chilly weather. Hydrothermia, Cold Water Survival, and Camping are the three most important components of Frostfall’s gameplay. The major goal of this mod is to enhance the depth and immersion of Skyrim’s gameplay while keeping tedium to a bare minimum.

This smooth and immersive experience is made possible by a sophisticated system that tracks your location and weather conditions as well as time of day and apparel worn among other factors to establish your present status.

There are several customization options, and it is quite compatible with most other modifications, including Real Shelter, Climates of Tamriel, Wet and Cold, worn cloaks and cloaks that have been washed, food, timeline and lighting, werewolf and vampire modules.

Skyrim GEMS

Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival 50K+ endorsements.Click here for comparison to HypothermiaFrostfall is a survival-style mod that adds Cold Weather Survival elements to the game. Adds craftable camping equipment, backpacks, warm clothing and armor and more. Clothing can affect warmth (optional). Choose from 3 realism level presets.
Hypothermia Click here for comparison to FrostfallCore body temp drops and rises depending on actions/environment. Includes hand warming animation.Click herefor Hypothermia 1.5 patch.
Cloaks of Skyrim Adds cloaks that provide extra warmth for Frostfall mod
Winter is coming – Cloaks Adds thick cloaks that provide extra warmth for Frostfall mod
Footprints Players, NPCs and creatures leave footprints as they walk
Get Snowy Causes snow to lay on clothing of PC and NPCs when snowing
Wet and Cold Cold: When it’s cold, everyone’s breath is realistically visible. NPCs will equip fur hoods and gloves. NPCs will go home if there’s a blizzard. Keep head down during snow or be periodically blinded. Wet:When wet, water will drip from body parts. When it’s raining, NPCs will don rain hoods and go home. Rain temporarily blinds you when looking up.
No snow under the roof Realistically removes some snow from under porches, overhangs, etc. and adds 3D snow to the tops of houses/buildings
Real Shelter Provides shelter from the rain and snow in outdoor areas that have overhead cover. Works with Frostfall and Climates of Tamriel.Click herefor video tutorial on how to install Real Shelter with Mod Organizer
Wonders of Weather Adds rain splash effects, shooting stars and rainbows. Configurable through MCM.
Realistic Boat Bobbing Makes boats bob realistically in the water.
vwr Wet Eyes Adds a realistic blurring effect while submerged in water and briefly after.
Morning Fogs Adds a mysty fog over water from 4am – 7am at the docks of many towns.
Supreme and Volumetric Fog Same as “Morning Fogs” but also makes foggy weather much foggier
Water (The Ruffled Feather – Mod Collection) Watch comparison video(Author combined mods into a modular install that includes “Water”). Makes water look and behave more realistically – rivers flow in one direction, ocean waves flow towards coast, water drop ripples, some smaller boats bob in the water, realistic waterfalls, more.
Pure Waters Watch comparison videoMore realistic looking water with the lowest performance hit of the three water mods. (already included withPurity)
Realistic Water Two Watch comparison videoSeparates lakes, ponds, rivers and ocean waters to give each water type its own unique colors, textures, water motions, and ambient sound effects. Waterfalls flow faster and water is louder where appropriate. Makes some boats, including long boats, bob in the water. Also considerRealistic Water Two – stream Fix.Click herefor installation walk-thru video.Click herefor a comparison to Pure Waters.
Fire and Ice Overhaul Fire magic makes objects catch on fire and the fire will spread to nearby flammable objects. Extinguish fires with frost spells. Use Frost spell to create walls of ice.
Burn Freeze Shock Effects Applies realistic fire, ice and shock spell effects i.e. burnt/frosted/calcinated skin, charred or frozen bodies, etc.
Dynamic Fires Adds ability to light fires with torch or fire spell and extinguish fires with the frost spell (Note:Frostfalllets you light fires with a torch.)** Not compatible with Frostfall 2.5+ **
Fires Hurt Standing in fire will burn the player. Also considerHot Volcanic Water(boiling geysers hurt)
Smoking Torches and Candles Makes torches and candles give off smoke
Chimneys for Skyrim Adds chimneys with chimney smoke to villager’s homes in 5+ locations.
Woodcutter Use an axe to cut down any tree (you can actually watch it fall!). Also lets you craft saw horses and new work benches which will let you craft countless items including tents, barricades, furniture, clutter items, vanilla crafting stations, a new scriptorium to duplicate books and scrolls, light sources, and much much more. RequiresJaxonz Positionerto place and position the items you craft.
collecting Firewood Gives you the ability to collect firewood instead of chopping it.
Dynamic Things – Woodpiles and Barrels. ** Highly recommend also installing the patchDynamic Things – Enhancedto fix bugs and enhance compatibility (Read More)**
  • The simple act of placing something inside any container can transform it into a “safe-storage” container. (Convert any house, cave, or fort into a player’s residence.) All of the keg barrels are functioning and hold mead, water, blood, and other liquids. First and foremost, payment is necessary. Fill up empty bottles
  • Allows you to gather firewood/deadwood from bushes, trees, woodpiles, fallen trees, driftwood, and other sources of natural wood. Trees may be felled with ease. All barrels and boxes are transformed into active containers containing “intelligent” materials. The use of a training dummy or an archery target will improve the proper skill level.
Earthquakes Adds earthquake events during the game. MCM customizable. Safe and compatible with any mod.
Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM 100K+ endorsements. Makes barrel lids and drawers move realistically when checking their contents plus improves mesh on many objects.
Dead Body Collision Fix Makes dead bodies solid so you can collide with, stand on or stack any corpse including dragons, mammoths, etc.
Skyrim Hair Physics Project Makes hair move realistically
Flowing Cape With Physics Adds a cape with realistic physics
Waves Makes waves appear along the Coast
CP Apple Trees Adds harvestable apple trees around Skyrim with Havok physics-enabled apples – pluck by hand or shoot off of tree with an arrow.
A Place to Sleep Adds or modifies sleepable surfaces at locations around the world
Go to bed The current, recommended, safe-to-use Nexus mod that will show an animation of player going to sleep and waking up. Compatible with everything. Does not attach scripts to beds.
Another Sleep Mod Shows animation of player going to sleep and waking up. This mod has no issues with eyes remaining closed after waking up. (alternate download location provided in description)
Sleep Tight Changes sleepwear of sleeping NPCs and followers, adds snoring sound (optional), adds damage multiplier when attacking sleeping NPCs (optional), more.
Alcohol Drunk Effect Adds 3rd person drinking animation, animated stumble and visual blur effect when alcoholic drinks are consumed.
Get Drunk Adds progressively worse radial blur, distortion, stumbling, and other inebriation effects after consuming Nord Mead, Alto Wine, Spiced Wine, and many other alcoholic beverages
Katixas Refillable Potions Makes Stamina, Magicka and Healing potions refillable at Alchemist shops
Collect water from wells Use wells in Vanilla towns, markets and forts to fill empty waterskins/bottles with spring water. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim Adds several drinking fountains around Skyrim. Activating a fountain will give you three bottles of water. If in 3rd person, an animation will play. (Clickherefor Dragonborn expansion)
Katixas Usable Barrels Makes almost all barrels around the world usable (inns, dungeons, forts, etc.) (Gives back an empty bottle when done drinking it)
Skooma Drug Effect Adds drugged effect (see video). (Optional file – effect only in 1st person view)
Player Headtracking Your character will automatically turn his/her head to focus on other actors appropriately. similar to how NPC’s behave in the game.
HeadTrack Crosshair Makes your character look at any activatable object that you are aiming at with the crosshair. Works withPlayer Headtracking.
NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB Adds a realistic breathing motion to the standard idle animation
Syynxs Lowered Hands Removes empty fist from view in 1st person (idle fist is lowered off of the screen)
Lower 1st Person Weapons – change weapon height Lowers your weapons in first person mode. Makes weapons less intrusive, especially for dual wielding.
Skyrim Heart Rate Heart rate affects stamina regeneration. Long term stamina affects speed. Resting serves a real purpose.
Pumping Iron – Dynamic Muscle Growth Character’s weight (size) increases over time. Increases in combat skills will increase weight. Changes apply after sleeping well. Can track progress. Reach max weight around level 40 – 50.
Five O Clock Shadow Your character’s beard and, optionally, your followers’ beards will grow over time Can use a razor in inventory to trim your beard. Set growth rate in MCM.
Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS Correct Metal Hitting metal or stone with your weapon will create sparks (see video for Before After)
Equipping Overhaul An improved version ofArmed to the Teeth – easy version- all favorited weapons are visible on your character, current weapon or torch drops to the ground when fast-drawing a different weapon (optional), and torches stay lit when dropped. Compatible with Dual Sheath Redux.
All Geared Up Displays favorited weapons and shields on the character when not equipped.
Dual Sheath Redux Places staves and shield on back when weapons are sheathed. Shows both left and right-handed weapons as sheathed when dual-wielding. Compatible withEquipping Overhaul.Installation instruction video
Greatsword sheaths and scabbards Adds scabbards for 2-handed Greatswords on your back (instead of swords floating on your back)
Fully Animated Meals Potions Adds accurate eating and drinking animations for potions, meads, wines, ales, soups, cheeses, stews, sweetrolls, apples cooked beef, venison, chicken, pheasant, rabbit, horker and more. Not compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases. RequiresFNIS.Click herefor compatibility patches – Realistic NeedsDiseasesImp’s Complex Needs.
Eating and Drinking animations (looping-free) Plays brief animation of drinking or eating bread. No action needed to stop animation (only lasts a few seconds)
Dine with Followers Followers will sit and eat with you.
Better Breath Holding Lengthens the time your character can hold their breath underwater.
Cavern Pitfalls WIP Adds pitfalls to some of the Caverns that have open sky lights
Bring Out Your Dead Adds immersion by expanding theof graves given to unique PCs
Open Cities Skyrim Allows player to enter and leave the 5 cities without a loading screen. (Can ride a horse into the city).

Skyrim: 10 Essential Mods For An Immersive Playthrough (That Work On Xbox)

However, despite the fact that Skyrim’s apparently never-ending succession of re-releases has been the source of much groaning and several jokes among Bethesda fans, one highly radical innovation that theSpecial Editionrelease offered was mod compatibility for consoles. In comparison to their Playstation counterparts, Xbox gamers have unquestionably more options when it comes to customizing their gaming experiences, allowing them to explore a greater range of options when it comes to modifying their gameplay experiences.

Certainly,enormous Skyrim’s open world is already easy to get lost in, but a few balance adjustments, extra gameplay elements, and graphical upgrades may make it appear as though it is a place you can actually live and work in.

If this sounds precisely like theSkyrimexperience you’ve been dreaming of, then keep reading to learn about 10 of the most immersive Skyrimmods you can really use on the Xbox One in the next section.

10Campfire: Complete Camping System

The most significant mod on this list is the campfire mod. Apart from being required for the proper operation of its sister component, Frostfall, it also serves to provide the groundwork for your character to establish a camp, complete with tents, fires for cooking and warming, and other amenities. It also contributes far more than that. Also available are the opportunities to learn and improve in a variety of survival-oriented skills, gather firewood, and use your intuition to track down potential foes or wildlife.

9Frostfall: Hypothermia, Camping, Survival

Frostfall, along with Campfire, is an essential must-have in your load sequence if you want to have a more immersiveSkyrimexperience. Frostfall centres around the introduction of four new statistics. Warmth, Coverage, Exposure, and Wetness are the four factors to consider. Consider the first two as “defences” against the second and third, respectively. Warmth may be used to counteract exposure, and Coverage can be used to protect against wetness and moisture. Wetness, whether caused by rain or swimming, increases your exposure to climb more quickly than usual.

You can keep it at bay by dressing in warmer gear and pausing to relax beside a bonfire whenever you get the opportunity.

If you’re very dedicated, you can even use it to turn off quick transit altogether.

8Climates of Tamriel for Xbox One

Climates of Tamriel are, for the most part, an aesthetically pleasing addition to complement Campfire and Frostfall, but they also provide a variety of significant improvements toSkyrim’s weather systems in general. Given the extra emphasis placed on weather conditions by the survival mechanisms in Frostfall, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy them. It introduces an astounding variety of new weather variants, each with its own set of visual effects, as well as improvements to the effects of the already existing ones.

7iNeed – Food, Water, Sleep

Additions to the arsenal of survival-oriented mechanics, such as hunger, thirst, and exhaustion, serve to bring the whole thing together. The obvious implication of this is that your character will actually need to consume food and drink water as well as sleep in order to avoid developing life-threatening status diseases. The majority of food products will have hunger values associated with them, with cooked and prepared foods being more effective than the alternatives.

It also includes a waterskin item, which carries three “charges” of thirst-quenching water and may be recharged from bodies of water, wells, snow, or by a merchant or innkeeper.

6Wet and Cold

A broad variety of environmental effects that are depending on the weather are added by the Wet and Cold expansion, such as visible breath in colder weather and rain or snow collecting on exposed characters, among others. It also gives the player the ability to partially tweak the AI’s behavior to weather changes. As an example, NPCs may be programmed to dress in weather-appropriate clothing during a downpour, or they can be programmed to seek shelter from one. Even the ash storms of Solstheim receive some attention.

Furthermore, hostile NPCs will have a more difficult time finding stealthy targets amid adverse weather conditions that may limit their ability to see well in the dark.

5Winter Is Coming SSE

Winter is on its way. Although it is not absolutely required to include it in your load order, it does offer a lovely amount of character to the game and also provides some additional assistance with dealing with Frostfall’s exposure rules. All it truly does is introduce a new set of wearable cloaks, capes, and hoods to the game’s already extensive wardrobe. Cloaks and capes are stored in their own inventory space, thus they will not interfere with any other items already in the game. They also have warmth values associated with them, however it may be essential to use theWinter Is Coming Survival Mode Patch in order to take full benefit of this.

4Climates of Tamriel: Darker Nights

For the purpose of completeness, we’ll say that this branch ofClimates of Tamriel makes night time inSkyrimfeel a little more like actual night time, which is nice for immersion. It’s also really effective, as you’ll have difficulties navigating through the woods after dusk if you don’t have a torch to illuminate your path. It significantly contributes to the sense of realism, with varied weather patterns or occurrences such as the aurora having an impact on how dark it becomes. As an extra benefit, it gives the impression that the Night Eye effect is significant.

3Lampposts of Skyrim: Special Edition

It may appear to be a little detail, but it makes a significant difference in terms of making the environment of Skyrim feel more alive and “lived in,” to put it another way. The only thing this mod actually does is add lampposts to the numerous long roads that Skyrim has to offer. When paired withClimates of Tamriel: Darker Nights, this mod truly pops out, giving them a sense of importance and making them seem overall better-looking. Traveling at night is far more fascinating than traveling during the day, especially when you pass fellow tourists or police officers by the light of a nearby lamppost.

2Immersive Patrols

Despite the fact that it isn’t a panacea for the largely underwhelming Civil War questline, Immersive Patrols helps to broaden the scope and add a little more action to the overall concept by increasing the number of Imperial and Stormcloak patrols encountered on the road, resulting in more spontaneous skirmishes and battles to witness or participate in. Once the civil war is over, these patrols will cease to appear, providing the player with a sense of real closure once they have completed the questline.

Furthermore, it adds Skaal and Riekling patrols to Solstheim, as well as extra Dawnguard patrols for theDawnguard DLC, which is a nice little bonus.

1Wildcat – Combat of Skyrim

In a nutshell, Wildcat increases the hazard of battle in Skyrim by a significant margin. Then begins by increasing and balancing the damage benefits received by players when compared to NPCs, and it progresses to improving battle AI, making foes a little more cautious and tactical in their approaches. Furthermore, players can now inflict and receive injuries that have long-lasting and significant consequences for their performance during a battle. Injuries to the chest, for example, will deplete energy very rapidly, whilst experiencing a catastrophic leg injury would knock the character to the ground and increase the likelihood of them falling when running.

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Explanation of the New Games for February 14th On February 14, Microsoft will add two new titles to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, including a popular multiplayer game and a title that will be available on launch day.

Camping gets deep with Skyrim mod

There’s something strangely satisfying about camping out in a video game. Leave the city and walk into the woods, where you will pitch a tent and create a campfire, where you will sit and stare at the flames while the world around you progressively turns darker. In contrast to all of the monster fighting and dungeon exploring, it’s a peaceful and soothing place to rest your head. Skyrim already has a few camping modifications, the most notable of which being Frostfall, which introduces a harsh and difficult survival theme to the game.

  • You begin by gathering resources such as deadwood, branches, and stones (be sure to carry a woodsman’s axe with you).
  • No, you aren’t required to go out and collect materials physically (although I wish you were, to be honest), but instead choose the thing you want to obtain and you will be informed of how much you have collected.
  • It is possible to set up your campfire on the ground in front of you after doing some collecting.
  • Increase the amount of fuel you put into the fire, and it will increase in size, generating comfortable warmth that will provide you a benefit to your skill gains for the following several hours.
  • In addition to campfires, the mod includes various camping equipment, such as tents and tanning racks, for players to use when camping (these were in Frostfall as well, I believe).
  • For example, if you have a bedroll, a cooking pot, and an axe, you’ll see that these goods are all on your person’s back.
  • Campfire does not appear to be compatible with Frostfall at this time, however it is possible that the future version of Frostfall will have support for it.
  • For anyone interested in developing their own personalized camping gear, there is also a devkit for Campfire that can be downloaded from the official website.
  • Originally from New Jersey, Chris began playing computer games in the 1980s, began writing about them in the early 2000s, and (at long last) began getting paid to write about them in the late 2000s.

With survival games, Chris has a love-hate connection, and he has a dangerous preoccupation with the inner lives of non-player characters. He also enjoys odd simulation games, modifications, and ignoring stories in role-playing games so that he may make up his own in order to create his own.

The best mods for Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One, PS4 and PC – Part 2

Under the hood, Skyrim Special Edition is essentially the same game as the original Skyrim. Despite the fact that the game’s graphics have undergone substantial revision (as discussed in a separate comparison page), the game’s substance remains mostly unchanged. That’s not a terrible thing, because Skyrim is one of the finest role-playing games released in the previous ten years or so. In light of the foregoing, what happens after you believe you have seen everything the realm of Skyrim has to offer?

Of course, PC gamers have had access to this content for quite some time, but the upgraded visuals are causing many to rediscover the game once more.

This is the second part of a two-part series; go here to view our first set of recommendations for the best Skyrim Special Edition Mods for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Skyrim Special Edition: Where to find the mods list and how to get downloading

Okay, first and foremost, in order to obtain modifications, you’ll need to understand how to download them in the first place. In addition to the juicy’mods’ option found on the main menu, you have a plethora of other options – and it all starts at, Bethesda’s proprietary service that, lucky for them, they require you to sign up for and store your information in order to get the most out of Skyrim Special Edition’s features. To get started, navigate to the Skyrim Mods area of the site’s navigation bar.

  1. This will allow you to narrow down which platforms you wish to investigate.
  2. Therefore, not all modifications are accessible for all systems at the same time.
  3. Mods for the Xbox One may be as large as 4GB in size and can include entirely new assets such as additional models, sound, and so on.
  4. In any case, when you locate a mod you like, select ‘add to library’ from the drop-down menu.
  5. Once you’ve done so, the mod will appear in your mod list console side on the main menu choice.
  6. Advertisement.

The best Skyrim Special Edition Mods for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Knowing how to download, what precisely should you be looking for now is a question.

Let’s chat about it a little bit. Here are some of our favorite Skyrim Special Edition mods for PC and console, as well as some additional resources.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – get a little more personal

Some of the stuff the Skyrim mod community has made is genuinely insane, and this is one of those mods that, when you stop to think about it, will blow your mind. More than 5000 lines of completely voice-recorded dialogue for various NPCs are included in this version. There are more than 50 distinct sorts of voices in all in there. The mod focuses on significant characters in the game, and what’s most interesting about it is that these new lines were generated by meticulously modifying existing in-game speech.

This excellent mod is too large for the PlayStation 4, but it is accessible for the Xbox One and the PC.

Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim – mix up your level-up world

In the event that you’ve already gone through a significant portion of Skyrim, or in the event that you just want to do something with your play-through that differs from what Bethesda intended, how about fully overhauling your character building options from the bottom up? Advertisement. Continue reading for more information. Ordinator completely overhauls the game’s perk system, replacing it with over 400 new perks in the process. This is a minor mod, but it will fundamentally alter the way you construct your character, and it is possible that it may alter the way you play the game as a whole.

RainSnow FX – spruce up Skyrim’s coldest peaks

We spoke a little about WetCold and Frostfall in our earlier piece on Skyrim Special Edition Mods, and RainSnow FX gives some comparable features to those discussed previously. However, this mod is really included in the more difficult survival mod Frostfall, but if you simply want the better effects without having to deal with the challenges of the survival version, this mod will suffice. This patch essentially provides a more realistic visual impact from rain and snow – your character and NPCs will get visibly wet when they come into contact with rain or other forms of water.

When it snows, frost will build on their clothing and on their bodies.

This mod is accessible for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One; other, more extensive solutions are available for the computer.

PS4 and Xbox One Cheat Mods – for all you scumbags out there

But here’s the thing: modifications for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 already deactivate achievements and trophies. Moreover, PC gamers of Skyrim have enjoyed the benefits of console commands since since the game’s first debut in 2007. So, why not let console players in on some of the excitement as well? Advertisement. Continue reading for more information. This hack mod just adds a slew of new chests to Whiterun’s inventory space. You’ll discover everything you could possible need in those chests, including almost unlimited crafting materials and other useful stuff.



If you’re looking for spells, there’s a mod that drops chests full of doomsday spells on your head. Take note that these are incompatible with the great Open Cities mod, which was included in part one of our Skyrim SE modifications list.

Enhanced Blood Textures – for all you gore lovers

When it comes to the Enhanced Blood Textures mod, it does exactly what its very basic name suggests: it increases the quality of the blood that appears on-screen in the game. Not only does this improve the visual quality of the game’s graphics, but it also increases the quantity of blood spilt during battle and introduces entirely new blood effects, such as spurts of blood from the neck when you slice off someone’s head. Yep. This may seem like overkill, but the content of this mod is really quite amazing – some of the things it adds to the game are rather astounding, such as the fact that there are numerous sorts of blood spatter and that blood responds differently on various surfaces.

You may, however, download it right now on PC and Xbox One.

KS Hairdos Light – look your best for adventuring

To be honest, a lot of the hairstyles that come with Skyrim by default are quite mediocre at best. Some people, particularly diehard role-players, are offended by this. As a result, modders have stepped forward. Advertisement. Continue reading for more information. There are a plethora of modifications available (particularly on PC) that offer a considerably greater variety of possibilities, but there is something extremely appealing about the KS Hairdos mod in that it keeps things simple. It introduces 30 new hairstyles to the game, 15 of which are for male characters and 15 of which are for female characters.

Unfortunately, this title is not available on the PlayStation 4.

Campfire: The Complete Camping System

Campfire is a mod developed by the same team that created the outstanding and tough Frostbite survival mod, which was covered in part one of our Skyrim SE modifications guide. Campfire strives to give camping in-game the same amount of attention as any other component of Skyrim’s simulation. New survival abilities and mechanisms are introduced in Campfire, enabling you to set up a campfire anywhere in the globe and collect the necessary supplies to keep it running. There are several different types of tents available, which essentially allows you to live out in the wilderness for an extended period of time if you so choose.

It’s remarkably compact, and it’s available for both the Xbox One and the PC.

Lore-based Loading Screens – learn something new

Despite the fact that you’ve installed the fantastic load-reducing Open Cities mod (which we covered in part one of our Skyrim SE modifications guide), you’ll still see a lot of people walking in and out of buildings in Skyrim. Skyrim already has some visually appealing loading screens, but this mod seeks to improve upon them. Advertisement. Continue reading for more information. Some very serious Elder Scrolls community nerds have taken some intriguing facts from the series’ mythology and run with them, resulting in the creation of this mod, which adds over 160 new phrases to the game’s loading screens.

While you’re waiting, you can learn something new! This mod is relatively easy, and as a result, it is accessible for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, as well as the PC.

Thunderchild: Epic Shouts and Immersion – level up your dragon shout skills

If you’re a dragonborn, Thunderchild is a mod that focuses on your unique dragon shout ability, and it includes a variety of additional shouts and powers that may let you make this a much more essential part of your Skyrim experience if you so choose. And you’re the blasted Dragonborn, after all. There are 31 all-new cries included, which must be acquired via meditation in order to be used. Learning shouting via the tale will also be beneficial to your development. There are also new objectives with new prizes, as well as some quality-of-life enhancements, such as making changing shouts more convenient – with a lore explanation for why this is being done included as well.

Vivid Weathers – make Skyrim more turbulent

We’ve spoken a lot about weather-based modifications, from Wet and Coldin part one of our Skyrim SE mods guidethrough to some of the mods on this page – but Vivid Weathers is still one that deserves to be mentioned again. It adds over 500 ‘new weathers,’ which is a bit of a stretch given that many of them are transition phases, but it still makes a significant difference to the game. Advertisement. Continue reading for more information. As well as improving features like the Skybox and even the illumination indoors, this mod makes significant contributions to the overall goal of increasing your immersion.

It is accessible for both the Xbox One and the PC, and it is slightly over 100mb in size.

Dovahkiin Keep – your own little private home

Even while there are ways to acquire land in the country of Skryim in the vanilla game, for some players, this isn’t enough to satisfy their needs. If you are still dissatisfied, this mod will remedy the situation by adding a big castle that you may call your own. The castle was constructed to accommodate all of your belongings, and it is therefore crammed to the gills with chests. It also has more than 100 mannequins, which is a little creepy. You can use them to hang your unneeded weapons and armor on as a showcase piece, which seems a little insane, but it is possible.

Faster leveling up – for when normal play won’t cut it

This modification is about as straightforward as they get. Would you like to level up more quickly? This will help you to sort things out. It will increase your XP gains on nearly every action, allowing you to breeze through Skyrim’s levels with relative ease. Advertisement. Continue reading for more information. It’s one of the things I enjoy about this mod because it doesn’t just hand you experience points; you have to work for it. What it does, though, is increase the amount of XP you receive for each and every action you may perform in the game, allowing you to level up more rapidly as a result.

Remember that this mod is incompatible with the fantastic skill tree retooling that was previously presented. It’s accessible for Xbox One, PC, and, yes, mobile devices. PS4 is included as well.

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