How Waterproof Is The Kelty Airlift Tent

Quick Answer: How Waterproof Is The Kelty Airlift Tent

Summary of Kelty Tents This tent has enough space to comfortably accommodate four guests. There is plenty of space inside, as well as a huge entrance, and the tent is made of a polyester material that is both waterproof and lightweight.

Are Kelty tents waterproof?

Summaries of Kelty Tents This tent has enough space to comfortably accommodate four guests. – There is plenty of space inside, as well as one huge entrance, and the tent is made of polyester, which is both waterproof and light in weight.

Are Kelty tents good?

Kelty tents are the best choice for camping and backpacking trips because of their lightweight design. Their price is often less expensive than the tents from the above-mentioned companies, but they are also heavier and less appropriate for use in adverse weather conditions. Kelty tents can accommodate from one to six people and are extremely versatile, making them ideal for both camping and hiking trips.

What is the best backpacking shelter?

Tents for Backpacking in the Best Conditions Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2UL3. ZPacks DuplexTriplex. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2UL3. MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 is a two-wheeled vehicle. Passage 2 of the REI Co-op. SlingFin Portal. Quarter Dome SL 2 from REI Co-op. Half Dome SL 2+ from Marmot Tungsten 2P UL from REI Co-op.

How long does Waterproofing last on a tent?

Not everyone is aware of this, but a tent will not remain waterproof indefinitely. Tents that have just been purchased from the store frequently require an additional application of waterproofing right away. Then there will be more applications six to twelve months later.

What is the best brand of tents?

The following are our top selections for the best tent manufacturers: Hilleberg. Agnes the Great. MSR. Vango. The North Face is a brand of outdoor clothing. Black Diamond is a rare and valuable gemstone. Alpkit. Nemo.

Does Kelty make good backpacks?

Since 1952, Kelty has been manufacturing tough, long-lasting, and high-quality backpacks. Their previous customers’ testimonials say it all: everyone is awestruck by the high level of quality and functionality that each of their designs possesses. These bags are definitely worth the investment, and they come with a lifetime warranty to provide that extra peace of mind.

What is the advantage of an air tent?

The most significant feature of an inflatable air tent is the ease with which it can be put up. There is no way to go wrong with an inflatable air tent, no matter how inexperienced you are at camping. If you have a foot pump, you can simply and quickly set up an inflatable air tent by yourself without encountering any serious difficulties.

Can you machine wash Kelty tent?

Using a front-loading washer on the gentle cycle with cold water and light soap, wash the item by hand. It is not recommended to use a top-loading washing machine.

Are air tents good in strong winds?

Inflatable tents can endure heavy winds quite effectively because of the flexibility given by the inflated poles that support them. It does not matter how or when a classic poled tent collapses; they remain collapsed! 14th of February, 2020

Who makes the best tents in the world?

Brands of Tents to Consider Coleman, M.S.R. Agnes the Great. Kelty. The North Face is a brand of outdoor clothing.

Black Diamond is a rare and valuable gemstone. Nemo. Nemo was a latecomer to the outdoor market, having only entered in 2002, when it was already oversaturated. Mountaineering in the Alps. Alps Mountaineering was established in 1993 and has been producing high-quality outdoor gear ever since.

Where Are Big Agnes tents made?

Camping Equipment headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado The name of the firm was inspired by Big Agnes Mountain, which is located just north of Steamboat Springs, where the company’s headquarters are located. Tent manufacturer and retailer Big Agnes is celebrating its 17th year of producing and selling award-winning tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camping chairs.

Do air tents leak?

Condensation in Tents Made of Air The formation of water on and subsequent flowing down the beams of an air tent, as well as water pooling at the foot of the beams, may be observed if the tent is equipped with an air tent. Because of the insulation and warmth provided by the beams, the air that moves around them is comfortable.

How do you care for a Big Agnes tent?

Warm water should be used to damp down your tent, which you may do in the shower, bath tub, or backyard. Use a tent-specific wash to clean your tent. Using the soap and sponge, gently lather your tent in preparation for use. Remove it from the water and carefully rinse it. It should be hung up to dry. When your tent is completely dry, fold or stuff it and stow it in a stuff sack as large as you can manage.

Do tents lose their waterproofing?

Here in the United Kingdom, the weather is never completely predictable. When this coating wears away over time, it will need to be replaced with tent waterproofing spray – otherwise, you and your belongings may find yourselves waking up a little moist after a downpour!

Can I wash my Kelty tent?

LIQUID LAUNDRY: Use technical gear wash or mild soap to clean your gear in cool water. Normal detergents should not be used since they will break down the components and reduce the performance of the product. Hand wash or use a mild cycle in a front-loading washer to clean. While drying, fluff with your hands every few minutes.

Are air tents reliable?

Air tents are built to an exceedingly high quality and are no less trustworthy than their poled counterparts in terms of durability and reliability. Regular tents can resist a significant amount of abuse, but they will become destroyed if not properly cared for, and the same is true for inflated tents. Punctures, on the other hand, are exceedingly rare.

Does Kelty have a lifetime warranty?

A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship is provided to the original purchaser on Kelty branded tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and child carriers purchased exclusively from authorized vendors.

What is the best waterproofing for tents?

The finest tent sprays for keeping your tent dry. Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof is a solar-resistant coating. One of the most effective techniques of tent waterproofing is really a preventive measure. Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent is a water repellent that is effective in all weather conditions. Nikwax Tech Wash is a multi-purpose cleaner. Star Brite Waterproofing Spray, Stain Repellent, and UV Protection is a multi-purpose product. Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield is a water-resistant coating that protects against the elements.

How often should you waterproof your tent?

As a general rule, if you only use your tent for 2 or 3 weeks a year on average, proofing it every couple of years should be sufficient to ensure that it retains its waterproofness.

If you’re ready to take a chance, simply wait till it starts to leak, and then go ahead and do it. 20th of April, 2018

Are Big Agnes tents worth the money?

The Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 tent is a real 2-3 person trekking tent that is well worth considering if you are looking for a true backpacking tent. It is constructed with an excellent weight-to-space ratio and a sturdy frame to withstand the weather. : Kelty Airlift 6-Person Tent : Sports & Outdoors

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product The first night in the rain was fantastic. I’ve completed the scouting badge requirements! Just in time for scout night, according to a review published in the United States on August 29, 2015. Even with the rain, it was a snap to put it up. There has been almost an inch of rain, as well as considerable wind. We kept dry and had a wonderful night’s sleep. In addition, the air tubes were the buzz of the town during scout camp. We started with 28 children and woke up to find the camp completely devoid of children.

Reviews with images

On August 29, 2015, a reviewer in the United States confirmed that they had made a purchase. The delivery was made just in time for scout night. Even with the rain, it was a snap to put it up. There has been almost an inch of rain, as well as considerable wind. We kept dry and had a wonderful night’s sleep. In addition, the air tubes were the buzz of the town during scout camp. We started with 28 children and woke up to find the camp completely devoid of children. Those who did not have a Kelty appeared to have returned home soaked.

  1. I’ve completed the scouting badge requirements!
  2. Even with the rain, it was a snap to put it up.
  3. We kept dry and had a wonderful night’s sleep.
  4. We started with 28 children and woke up to find the camp completely devoid of children.
  5. The photographs in this review On July 7, 2015, a review was conducted in the United States.
  6. I think it’s brilliant that they’ve used air as a frame instead of wood.
  7. There is plenty of space, and it is simple to set up and take down.

Dimensions: 6 Persons, reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2016.

The first night we used it, it poured out, yet we kept dry the entire night.

Purchase that has been verified I’ve never had a tent that was so easy to work with.


Purchase that has been verified Excellent tent that is simple to erect.

On September 23, 2014, a review was conducted in the United States.

It is really quick and simple to set up.

For two one-week travels this summer, I took advantage of the blow-up, pole-free tent and could not have been happier with it.

During a rainstorm, the vestibule ceiling does not have enough angular separation from the peak to shed rainwater.

When it’s dry, it doesn’t make a difference because it’s not noticeable enough to be noticed within the vestibule.

We wet everything, including our shoes, down jackets, bags, guitar, and other belongings.

It’s a shame, since this airlift mechanism is really fantastic in its own right.

If they can resolve this issue, I would consider purchasing it again.

On October 15, 2015, it was reviewed in the United States and verified as a purchase.

If it succeeded, it would be a fantastic concept.

Dimensions: 6 people So far, everything has been fantastic.

Holds a lot of air.

Six people might be a squeeze, but it’s doable.

It appears to be in excellent condition.

It may even be preferable if Kelty produced a single “XL Airlift 6 Footprint” tarp that could be used to cover both the sleeping and vestibule areas. Kelty Airlift 6 Footprint Dimensions

Kelty AirLift 4 Review

On August 29, 2015, a verified purchase was reviewed in the United States. For scout night, the package arrived just in time. It was a snap to put it up in the rain, too. An inch of rain fell, along with a strong gust of the breeze. We did not get wet and had a wonderful night’s sleep. The air tubes, on the other hand, were all the rage at scout camp! It was a quiet morning when we awoke to find the camp completely vacant. Those who did not have a Kelty appeared to have returned home soaked and cold.

  1. Staying in the rain for the first time was fantastic!
  2. Just in time for scout night, according to a review in the United States on August 29, 2015.
  3. An inch of rain fell, along with a strong gust of the breeze.
  4. The air tubes, on the other hand, were all the rage at scout camp!
  5. Those who did not have a Kelty appeared to have returned home soaked and cold.
  6. United States of America: On July 7, 2015, a review was conducted Purchase has been verified What a fantastic tent you have there!
  7. This tent is one of our favorite things.
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The first night we used it, it poured out, yet we remained dry throughout the night.

Purchase has been verified No other tent has ever been so straightforward to manage.


Purchase has been verified Excellent tent that is simple to up and disassemble.

on the 23rd of September, 2014 in the United States.

This system is extremely simple to set up and maintain.

For two one-week travels this summer, I took advantage of the blow-up, pole-free tent, and I couldn’t have been happier with it.

There isn’t enough angle off the peak of the vestibule ceiling when it rains, causing it to flood.

The fact that it was dry didn’t matter at all; the amount of moisture within the vestibule was insignificant.

Everything, including our shoes, down jackets, bags, guitar, and other belongings, was saturated in the process.

The unfortunate thing is that this airlift mechanism is really fantastic.

My guitar, on the other hand, is still a source of irritation.

A problem with the inflation.

Reviewed on January 15, 2016, in the United States.

Setup is simple and fast.

According to my estimation, it can accommodate 3-4 persons.

For extended walks, it’s a little too hefty.

Several “Kelty Airlift 6 Footprint” tarps, one for under the sleeping space and another for under the vestibule area (it would be excellent if the tarps were less than $40 each) would be recommended.

A second option is for Kelty to create a single “XL Airlift 6 Footprint” tarp that could be used beneath both the sleeping and vestibule areas of the rig. Airlift 6 Footprint – Kelty Airlift

Kelty Airlift 4 Tent



This item has been sold out. We regret that this item is temporarily out of stock. Please use the following discount coupon to receive an additional 5 percent discount during the checkout process: H30404


Season 3 Season
Fly Material 68D Polyester, 1800 mm
Wall Material 68D Polyester
Freestanding No
Pole Material Air Tubes
Doors 1
Clip/Sleeve No
Floor Space 59 sq ft / 5.48 sq m
Interior Height 72 in
Vestibule Yes, 47 sq ft / 4.37 sq m
Seam Sealed Yes, Taped floor seams
Ventilation High and low fly vents
Packed Size 12 x 26 in / 30 x 66 cm diameter
Weight 18 lb / 8.16 kg
Recommended Use Camping, Backyard Camping
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime

Description: Kelty Airlift 4 Tent

Making additional hang-out time by pitching your tent in record time is a terrific approach to maximize your camping experience. The Airlift 4-person tent will wow your entire group since it can be set up in less than a minute owing to AirPitchTM technology, which is included. AirPoles, which are both inflatable and robust, inflate quickly and easily with the help of the accompanying pump to provide a spacious shelter (and they deflate just as fast). You’ll be able to spend more time around the campfire because of helpful features such as a large vestibule that keeps your belongings safe and secure.

  • Setup and dismantling are both quick and simple. Fully built tent (inside tent, fly, and pole)
  • Poled vestibule
  • Dual action pump included
  • Comes with everything you need. Construction with all seams taped together
  • Guylines that are attached
  • Pockets for storing things on the inside
  • D door with a simple entrance
  • Vestibule doors with zippers on both sides
  • Vestibule windows
  • (3)
  • Doors / Vestibules (1)
  • Poles (2)
  • Pole type (Airpole)
  • SEASONS (3)
  • DOORS (1)
  • Four-person tent made of 68D polyester with No-See-Um netting on the wall, 75D polyester on the floor, and 68D polyester on the fly. Ground floor area is 59ft2 (5.48m2), and the vestibule is 47ft2 (4.37m2) in size. Packaged weight is 19lbs (8.62kg). Dimensions (L x W x H): (96 x 94/84 x 72 in), (244 x 239/213 x 183 cm)
  • (96 x 94/84 x 72 in), (244 x 239/213 x 183 cm)
  • Dimensions when packed: 12 x 27 in / 30 x 69 cm

Inflatable Tents: 10 Superb Options for Quick and Easy Camping

Inflatable tents are not a new notion as an alternative camping tent, and in recent years, the huge developments in the designs and technology underlying inflatable tents have seen them progressively increase in popularity as a result of their increasing versatility. Surely, tents with actual poles have been providing humanity with adequate protection from the elements for hundreds of years? Is it true that inflatable tents are all they’re hyped up to be, or is it all just hype and hot air? Nothing can be said about the fact that, on the surface, inflatable tents appear to be nothing more than a money-making scheme.

The comparison table below provides a high-level overview of the top inflatable tents currently available in 2022, with many more fantastic alternatives listed in ournotable mentions area below.

Product Capacity Good for Weight Cost
“>Heimplanet Fistral 1-2 people Backpacking 2.5kg $$
“>Heimplanet Cave 2-3 people Car camping 4.8kg $$$
“>Kelty Airlift 4 people Car camping 8.16kg $
“>Heimplanet Nias 4-6 people Car camping/base camp 6.8kg $$$$$
“>Berghaus Air 6XL Inflatable Tent 6 people Family camping and glamping 6.7kg $$$$
“>Quechua 6 Person Inflatable Family Tent 6 people Family camping 25kg $$
“>Vango Inspire 600 6 people Family camping 17.5kg $$
“>Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Vario 6 people Family camping and glamping 50.8kg $$$$$$
“>Outwell Grandville 8SA 8 people Family camping and glamping 52.6kg $$$$$$$$
“>Gybe Bus Tent n/a Van life 11kg $$$$$$

What is an inflatable camping tent?

You wouldn’t be the first person to imagine oneself futilely attempting to retain your privacy in one of those see-throughbubble tents, and you’d be right. Despite how amazing they are, they don’t quite meet the mark when it comes to portable inflatable camping tents. In terms of functionality, inflatable camping tents are very identical to regular camping tents. The most significant distinction is that they do not have poles! At least in the manner in which we are used. Columns of air or tubes of compressed air are used in place of fiberglass, steel, or aluminum poles.

Isn’t that clever?

The benefits of inflatable tents

So, how effective are inflatable tents in terms of protection?

Yes, in a nutshell, is the answer to this question. Because of their advancements throughout the years, they have become a very sought alternative to more traditional designs of camping tents. The reason behind this is as follows:

01 They are easy to put up and take down by one person

In contrast to almost all other large family tents, inflatable tents are simple to erect on your own with little to no assistance. During the process of connecting this pole to that pole, you won’t need a second pair of hands to hold things in place. This is especially important if you are camping with young children who need to be closely monitored at all times. The process of erecting an inflatable tent is as simple as securing the tent’s base with pegs or stakes, pumping up the inflatable poles, and pegging the supporting guy lines into place.

Tents that are inflated are even simpler to take down: simply untangle the guy lines, open the valves to deflate the tent, and un-peg the remaining tent stakes.

02 They take no time at all to set up

For some campers, spending a few of hours perfecting their tent pitching is an important aspect of the whole camping experience. And for the rest of us, getting it up and running as fast as possible allows us to get back to performing more enjoyable activities. It may be a tedious procedure to put up massive marquee-sized tents that take a couple of hours to build at the best of times, especially when the weather is bad. No matter how large the inflatable tent is, it takes less than 10 minutes to set it up.

03 You don’t need an instruction manual to set one up!

It’s all part of the camping experience for some individuals to spend a couple of hours carefully pitching their tent. To be sure, putting it up as fast as possible allows us to go on with our lives and enjoy our hobbies even more. Putting up massive marquee-sized tents that take a couple of hours to build may be a time-consuming and uncomfortable job even in the ideal circumstances. No matter how large the inflatable tent is, it takes less than 10 minutes to erect it.

04 Inflatable tents hold up really well in high winds

Surprisingly, the tubes of air that support inflatable tents perform an outstanding job of withstanding strong winds, despite their relatively small size. Wind may make even the strongest poled tents struggle, especially larger family tents, which are especially vulnerable. Windy conditions can cause solid poles to flex and become deformed or crack, which can result in the fly sheet being ripped as a result of the damage. The same way that solid poles bend, inflatable poles flex in the same way, but instead of becoming distorted and broken, they simply pop back up to their original shape nearly quickly.

Also advantageous is the elimination of the need to brave the elements in pajamas to inspect the damage.

05 They are very durable in bad weather

It is possible that a single storm will be enough to damage or snap the poles of a standard tent. However, over time, the elements would damage the poles in the same location again and over again, finally causing them to collapse. The tubes of inflatable tents, on the other hand, are constructed from extremely resistant and durable materials that are intended to be subjected to continual pressure.

Moreover, although it is recommended that you always carry a puncture repair kit when camping in an inflatable tent, you will be extremely unlucky if you ever have to use it more than once.

06 They do not puncture as easily as poles break

Early inflatable tents have problems with blowouts when used in hot weather. As the air swelled inside the tubes as a result of the heat, the pressure built up, and the delicate inner tubes were forced to rupture due to the increased pressure. Since then, not only have the tubes gotten more harder, but the systems have also been equipped with pressure releasing valves to alleviate pressure buildup. When the temperature rises over a certain point, they automatically release little amounts of air.

07 Inflatable tents stuff away easily

Despite the fact that most inflatable tents are larger and slightly heavier than their solid pole equivalents, the lack of poles allows them to be packed considerably more compactly when not in use. Not only do you not have to strain to roll up your tent package to the precise length of your folded poles, but you also do not have to battle to get everything into its bag. Just cram it in there! This is perfect for canoeists to fit into a dry bag, for cyclists to push into a pannier, and for bikepackers to place into a saddle bag.

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08 They are easy and cheap to repair

The enhanced durability and inflating mechanisms of today’s inflatable air tents make them more reliable than they have ever been. However, this does not imply that they are invincible! To be safe, always have a puncture repair kit with you when camping in case you manage to get a hole in the air beams of your tent. However, inflatable tents are simple to repair and do not require the purchase of replacement pole components from specialized providers, making them an excellent DIY project. Continue reading to learn how to repair an inflatable tent at a campground.

How to repair an inflatable tent

Any tent that fails on you while you’re out in the field is really inconvenient. However, repairing a broken air pole is far simpler than repairing a shattered or bent solid pole. If your tent does not come with a repair kit, you may useTear Aid patches, which are elastic and resilient while also being incredibly simple to apply. Inflated pole inner tubes may be repaired in a manner similar to that of bicycle inner tubes: remove the tube from the inflatable panel, find the puncture, patch up the hole, and replace the tube with a new one when needed.

The best inflatable tents in 2022

There are a slew of factors to consider when purchasing a tent, just as there are when purchasing any other type of item. Take a look at our buying guides for backpacking tents and family camping tents to gain a better understanding. These inflatable tents are suitable for both lightweight hikers and family vehicle campers, as shown in the selection below.

Heimplanet Fistral

Sleeps:1-2 Weight:2.5kg This Heimplanet tent is yet another feasible alternative for hikers who want to keep things light and simple in their accommodations. When sharing a space with a second person, the 2.4kg tent’s two entrances and vestibules make it extremely user-friendly and convenient.

Additionally, the distinctive designs of Heimplanet tents are just as enticing as the high quality and durability that they provide. Find the most up-to-date pricing on: Amazon|REI

Heimplanet Cave

Sleeps:2-3 Weight:4.8kg However, despite the fact that the Cave tent’s innovative and extremely robust construction appears to be quite difficult, it couldn’t be much easier to put up. The Cave is inflated with a single valve, and like all of the Heimplanet tents, it is equipped with a Multi Chamber Safety System for further protection. As soon as the tent is filled, the mechanism splits the inflatable chambers such that even if one of them is punctured, the remainder of the tent will remain intact.

Find the most up-to-date pricing on: Amazon|REI

Kelty Airlift

Sleeps:4 Weight:8.16g The Kelty Airlift is one of the more reasonably priced inflatable tents we’ve seen so far in our research. Setup and takedown are a pleasure thanks to the integrated fly sheet and dual action pump (both included). In fact, it takes less than 60 seconds to put up and take down (or so Kelty claim). This is a wonderful, no-fuss option for a couple of luxury vehicle campers or a small family who want to appreciate the finest things that camping has to offer without having to deal with a lot of planning and hassle.

Amazon has the most recent price information.

Heimplanet Nias

Sleeps:4-6 Weight:8.8kg The Nias is another another incredibly unusual design from Heimplanet, and it will not just impress your camping neighbors with its remarkable appearance. The tunnel type tent, which achieves geometric stability through the use of air beams, also offers unparalleled adaptability, with two roomy and detachable sleeping cabins, a central vestibule with two entrances, and lots of ventilation. The total weight of everything is an amazing 6.8kg. This tent is ideal for families or as a base camp shelter for people who have a lot of stuff.

Berghaus Air 6XL Inflatable Tent

Sleeps:6 Weight: 36.7 kg The Berghaus Air 6XLis a huge inflatable tent that can accommodate the entire family, even the kitchen sink! Tents are typically divided into three primary components. There’s a sleeping section with storage pockets and roll-away partitions that’s been darkened. You may pick between a three-bedroom, a two-bedroom, or a one-bedroom configuration. A huge living room with an easily removable divider and a separate entrance is next on the itinerary. A covered porch space is also available for use as an eating area or a place to store bikes, among other things.

This is an inflatable family tent that may be used throughout the year and in all four seasons.

Because of its durability, it may be used in severe rain, high winds, and even snow.

An air pump, value tightener, repair kit, and a wheeled storage bag are all included with the tent. Furthermore, it can be set up in less than 10 minutes! Amazon has the most recent price information.

Quechua 6 Person Inflatable Family Tent

Sleeps:6 Weight:25kg The 6 Person Inflatable Family Tent from Quechua provides plenty of living space, with two darkened bedrooms, a big center vestibule, and a retractable third bedroom. Each bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate two single air mattresses (each measuring 70cm in diameter) and is furnished with dark fabrics that allow you to sleep in late and comfortably. The center hub has 210cm head height and has storage pockets, a vented flysheet, two large entrances, and windows with blinds.

The tent’s fabric offers 50+ UV protection, and the 2,000 mm polyurethane-coated polyester flysheet can resist rain comparable to that of a tropical cyclone without tearing.

Decathlon has the most up-to-date pricing information.

Vango Odyssey Air 600 Tent

Sleeps:6 Weight:17.5kg It is one of the greatest value alternatives for group and family camping, especially if you will be exposed to the weather. It is made of incredibly good quality materials and is one of the best values available. The Odyssey Air 600 is equipped with a Protex 70D polyester flysheet that is both sturdy and rugged, and has a waterproof rating of 4,000mm HH. The straightforward design provides ample sleeping room for six campers, as well as a spacious porch to relax on – making it an excellent choice for families and vehicle campers who like having lots of space without sacrificing on durability and quality.

Amazon has the most recent price information.

Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Vario

Sleeps:6 Weight:50.6kg If you’re looking for a large quantity of living space, then the Outdoor Revolution Ozone 6.0XTR Vario is the model for you. It has two separate bedrooms and a large porch space that can be separated into an open porch and a closed inner vestibule, which can accommodate up to six individuals. Outdoor Revolution claims that the Ozone inflatable tent is the fastest to set up on the market, with a set up time of less than 5 minutes! This is one of the greatest inflatable camping tents available in terms of living area, but it is also one of the heaviest at 50.6kg!

Outwell Grandville 8SA

Sleeps:8 Weight: 52.6 kg If you value spaciousness and comfort above all else, the Outwell Grandville 8SA could be a good option for you to consider. This extremely large tent can easily accommodate eight guests in four bedrooms that are each amply proportioned and darkened. However, it also includes a large center vestibule with double doors at either end, as well as a porch on the front. The ‘QuickQuiet’ interior doors of this tent, which provide a great deal of adjustability, are a standout feature.

Although it is possible to unzip each side of the door independently, it is also possible to just roll the door away altogether.

With some really intelligent design elements, this family tent is a true standout in its class. Outwell has the most up-to-date pricing information.

Gybe Bus Tent

Sleeps:8 51.26 kilograms Considering the Outwell Grandville 8SA may be a good option if room and comfort are your main requirements. A total of eight people may sleep peacefully in four spacious and well-lit chambers within this extremely large tent. A large center vestibule with double doors at either end, as well as a front porch, complete the picture. The ‘QuickQuiet’ interior doors of this tent, which provide a great deal of adaptability, are a vital feature. You may enter and depart the bedroom regions without waking anyone up because of the magnetic center closure’s magnetic center closure technology.

In fact, the mesh windows on the entrance are covered by zipped curtains, allowing you to choose between more ventilation and seclusion.

Outwell is where you can get the most up to date pricing.

What are the problems with inflatable tents?

Choosing the right tent for you is a very personal decision that involves weighing a variety of criteria. Consequently, when you consider your alternatives, consider the following reasons why you might prefer a traditional tent over a pop-up or inflatable tent.


In general, inflatable tents are slightly heavier than solid pole tents, particularly when taking into consideration the presence of a pump. It’s not a big deal while you’re vehicle camping since the weather is nice. Furthermore, the smaller 1 and 2 man tents discussed in this article are lightweight enough to accommodate the addition of a lightweight pump. It is common for the extremely big inflatable family tents to be significantly heavier than their non-inflatable counterparts. And it’s much bigger when it’s compressed.


Although most inflatable tents are reasonably priced, when compared to their non-inflatable counterparts, they are on the pricier side.

5 Best Inflatable Tent for Family in 2022

  • Tent that is lightweight and simple to put up. Airbeams are extremely long-lasting and airtight. Tent for 1-2 people that is sturdy.


  • Accessible by wheelchair
  • 3 rooms
  • 3000mm waterproof certification
  • Lights-out design
  • Pumps included
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance


  • There are two enormous doors and several windows, as well as enough spaciousness to stand up. There are three rooms and a two-way pump.


  • It is well aired and well protected from the weather
  • It has three doors and is very big.


  • Water-resistant
  • Accommodates up to four people
  • Has a lounge space. Inflatable tubes that are both durable and airtight


If you plan on doing the most of your camping in your car, weight will not be an issue for you. While traveling alone, and especially when camping, a lightweight and compact tent may be the best option if your itinerary calls for it. During the warmer months, especially, you will want tents that have a decent ventilation system. It is critical that your tent has vents, especially if it is raining and you need to cover the windows. Vents allow air to circulate throughout the tent and keep you comfortable.

  • The use of big mesh panels also aids in the flow of air, allowing for the infiltration of fresh air.
  • If you have a family with children or an elderly member, you will enjoy the complete drop down doors, which allow for easy entry with a pram or a wheelchair.
  • You may use it to store your bicycles to keep them from getting wet or to prepare your camp meals.
  • If you want to spend the most of your time camping with your family, a large tent will provide you with greater comfort.
  • You’ll also need space for your camping equipment, such as a bug out bag, in your vehicle.

Anything with a precipitation total more than 3000mm renders the cloth waterproof. In most cases, higher-quality materials are used to construct inflatable tents. When compared to standard tents, you will discover that they are often more water resistant.

As inflatable tents use Air Beams to have the tent stand up, there is a possibility of getting punctures which may cause the tent to collapse.

Inflatable tents are more expensive than pole tents since they are often constructed of a more durable material. Some inflatable tents are equipped with a pump, while others are not. So if you already have a pump for your inflatable kayaks, you won’t need to purchase a second device to use with them.

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Especially when coming back from a long day ofhiking, you will not want to find yourself spending hours figuring outhow to set up a tent. And if you are travelling solo, you want a tent that can be easily set up without any help.

For those of you who are still unable to make a decision and require a final recommendation, we propose HEIMPLANET Original to enrich your camping experience. You will no longer have to worry about snapped poles and will be able to take it anywhere with ease because it is extremely lightweight, making it quite portable. You can rely on this brand since the quality is long-lasting and the tent is dependable. It is considered to be one of the best backpacking tents available. The style of the tent is so futuristic and amazing that you’ll want to purchase one of your own as soon as possible.

If you are a first time camper and just want to try out a basic tent, then check out our picks for4 person tent. Alternatively, if you have a large group of campers to house, you can check out our reviews on the12 person tent.

Despite the fact that air tents (also known as inflatable tents) are not well recognized, they are growing in popularity and improving in quality all of the time. Instead of depending on the standard pole design – whether it is made of aluminum or fiberglass – an inflatable tent will have a tube construction that will become stiff after it has been filled with air. While this may not appear to be particularly stable, inflatable tents have really gone a long way in terms of durability and stiffness, and you can find certain inflatable tents that are designed to withstand the most harsh mountain conditions available.

Choosing An Inflatable Air Tent

In the first place, why did you pick an air tent? Their absence of poles, which makes them quicker to pack up and transport, also makes them relatively simple to set up, especially for one person to do so independently. There’s nothing to it except staking down the corners and pumping it up; you could blow it up manually if you wanted, but most tents come with small, lightweight pumps, and some employ inflatable sacks to force air into the tent more rapidly (the same way most packrafts are inflated).


This is due to the fact that the rapid and simple assembly of an inflatable tent makes putting together huge tents, which are typically complicated and time-consuming, considerably simpler.

Just get your blood pumping and go.

Durability And Weatherability

And while there is always the possibility of the tubes being punctured or damaged, this happens far less frequently than you might imagine. Although they are not as rigid as poles, they are less fragile than a pole that could snap easily, and they actually hold up quite well in adverse weather conditions such as high winds; their inflatable poles may not be as rigid as poles, but this again prevents them from snapping in extremely high winds.

As with fixing a bike tube, you’ll want to keep a repair kit on hand at all times in case you experience a leak while traveling. However, they have proven to be fairly durable.

Are They Lighter Than Regular Tents?

This will, of course, be determined by the model. Even though you won’t find any lightweight versions, certain inflatable tents will be lighter than heavier pole tents, so keep that in mind while shopping (under 2 pounds). While inflated tents have certain advantages, the thickness required for durable fabric outweighs these advantages, making them unsuitable for long-distance, lightweight camping. For example, the HemiPlanet Cave weights a total of ten pounds. Our selections for the Best Inflatable Air Tents of 2018 are listed below.

Best Inflatable Air Tents Of 2018

The Nemo Morpho Elite, which has enough space for two people and weighs just 5.2 pounds on the trail, may be the finest option you have for a lightweight air tent for hiking if you’re looking for a lightweight alternative. The weight of an inflatable tent is not exactly as light as that of a traditional tent, but it is on the lighter end of the spectrum. Silnylon is used for the walls, which is not very breathable, and OSMOTM fabric for the top, which is extremely breathable and allows moisture to leave fast.

Nemo’s AirSupported Technology is what the “poles” are made of.

It packs down to 7″x14″, inflates swiftly and painlessly, and is durable enough to be used all year long.

HemiPlanet Fistral

The Fistral is a lightweight inflatable tent for hiking that is not as light as the Nemo Morpho Elite, but it is still rather portable. It weighs 5.5 pounds and has 45 square feet of floor area, which is plenty for two people, but it is still tiny enough to justify taking it for one person. With its innovative geodesic shape, Hemiplanet provides increased stability and resilience to high winds, while still being aesthetically pleasing and functional. In order to reduce waste, the airframe is constructed completely of recycled materials.

For the purpose of allowing moisture to escape, there are four doors, two vestibules, and two vents that may be opened or closed.

This heavy-duty tent, however, will withstand any 3-season use and can be set up in seconds because of the remarkable quality of the construction and engineering.

Vango Odyssey 800

If it isn’t obvious, this tent is enormous. An 8-person tent designed exclusively for Amazon, it provides ample space and five different sleeping areas for when you’re traveling with a large group of friends or family. Therefore, it weights an impressive 50 pounds and does not fold up very compactly. However, if there are eight of you, you are probably not too concerned about your weight. Sleeping quarters are located on each end of the Odyssey 800, and a wide open area in the middle is used for storing stuff, changing clothes, and just hanging out.

It is equipped with Vango’s TBS II tension band system, which provides additional tension and stability, as well as transparent PVC windows that allow light to pass through.

However, if you want to use it in the snow, the inflatable poles may not be able to withstand the weight of the snow building up on top of them.

All that is required to set it up is the connection of the pump and inflation. Again, this tent isn’t your first pick for a hiking excursion, but it’s a good alternative for a large group campout because it’s spacious and well-designed.

Kelty Airlift Tent

In all, the Kelty Airlift weighs 18 pounds and has 59 square feet of interior area. It can accommodate up to four people in comfort. Again, it is not very lightweight, but it is flexible, sturdy, and pretty simple to operate. In addition, it is one of the more affordable alternatives for an inflatable tent. The inflatable AirPitch beams, in conjunction with the attached flysheet, make setup a snap for everyone. Because of this, Kelty constructed the inflated tubes with a PE fabric on the inside and thick, heavy-duty 210 denier polyester on the outside, resulting in a very robust and sturdy frame structure.

Overall, if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of poles, this 4-person, 3-season tent is a wonderful choice for you.

HemiPlanet Mavericks

Do you want to go all-out? And we’re talking about going all out? The HemiPlanet Mavericks is a very expensive vehicle, costing $6500. This is without a doubt the most expensive tent we’ve ever seen. It’s designed to withstand extremely harsh circumstances. It goes without saying that it is rather huge, with an internal size of 142 square feet and a height of 7 feet and eight inches. It has the same geodesic frame construction as Hemiplanet’s other tents, which is referred to as the Inflatable Diamond Grid, but it is considerably more remarkable and complicated in this case, and it is built to resist winds of up to 111 mph.

  • In this way, if one of the cylinders bursts, the others will still be functional, making the tent more sturdy and maintenance work more simpler.
  • Additionally, snowflaps are included to guarantee that nothing enters the tent while you are working.
  • Both sheets are machine washable.
  • The weight of 55 pounds makes it far from lightweight, but it was never intended to be.
  • All of this, while remaining incredibly simple to set up and use.

Wenzel Vortex

The Wenzel Vortex is available in three different sizes: four-person, six-person, and eight-person. It may be the only air tent that is even more cheap than the Kelty Airlift. The 4-person couch has a floor size of 67 square feet and weighs 11 pounds, 1 ounce. It sleeps four people comfortably. Although the Vortex makes use of Wenzel’s AirPitch technology, which is comparable to that of most other air-tent systems, the Vortex does include two air ports to allow for even quicker inflation if you happen to have two pumps.

The fly is made of polyester, while the floor is made of polyethylene that has been welded together.

It’s more of a weekend sleeper for the family, and at this cheap a price, it’s a really appealing alternative. Never let the low price deceive you though; this is a high-quality tent that will serve you well for a reasonable price.

Moose Outdoors 6-Person Tent

The Moose Outdoors 6-person inflatable tent is a relative newcomer to the inflatable tent world, but it finds an excellent mix between huge size and heavy-duty construction for rough use in a small package. It is constructed of 100 percent PES polyester that has been coated in PU to achieve a waterproofness of 3000mm and waterproof sealed seams. It’s best suited for three-season use, with the possibility of winter camping at lower elevations. The inflatable beams are referred to as Qwikframe by Moose Outdoors, and they are used to construct a tunnel-shaped tent with four arch-shaped air beams that divide the tent into three rooms – two sleeping zones and a sitting/storage area in the middle – with a total floor area of 150 square feet and enough space to accommodate six people.

  • The Moose is not known for his lightning-fast pitching.
  • However, according to the manufacturer, it would take around 7 minutes to completely spread it out and pump it up to maximum capacity.
  • Final ThoughtsObviously, the greatest tent for you will be determined by the activities you intend to do with it.
  • Yes, it is expensive, but the construction is bulletproof, and the geodesic design cannot be overstated in terms of effectiveness.
  • If you’d prefer a little more space, the HemiPlanet Cave is an excellent choice, and if you’re looking to accommodate a large party, the Moose Outdoors is also a fantastic choice.

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