How To Zip Tents Together To Make A Tent City

These Modular Tents Zip Together to Create a “Super Tent”

Sleeping beneath the stars seems wonderful in principle, but in practice, it necessitates a significant investment in equipment. RhinoWolf has made the decision to simplify your outdoor shelter by eliminating the need to haul around a tent, poles, and sleeping accoutrement. Described as a “mega tent,” RhinoWolf is a portable, modular camping shelter that includes a mattress and sleeping bag that may be used as a sleeping bag (which is technically more of a synthetic or heavier duck down blanket that zips into the bottom of the tent).

“For many years, I accompanied groups of young people exploring the outdoors.

What is it about this tent that makes it so special?

These two pieces zip together, and the additional fabric and loops help to keep the structure in place while keeping the weather out.

In addition, it can all be transported in a single six-pound bag.

The colorful RhinoWolf tents, which are already fully funded on Kickstarter (having raised more than 20 times their funding target after only a few days on the crowdfunding website), start at $199, representing a significant discount above the ultimate retail price of $349.

An excerpt from this story appeared in the InsideHooknewsletter.

Clever modular tents zip together for easy group camping

It’s a problem when it comes to camping: should you bring a single tent for a personal shelter or a larger one for a group of friends? The single option offers greater privacy while also weighing less. The more spacious variant provides more area for socializing. However, the new modularRhinoWolftent system does not force you to make a decision—that is, assuming you can get all of your camping mates to purchase one as well. RhinoWolf tents were created to be zipped together to form bigger constructions, allowing you to camp alone or with a group.

Campers who are concerned about their weight will be pleased to find that the RhinoWolf weighs only 5.5 pounds.

Thin nylon fabric with silicon coating on both sides is used for this project.

The premise is sound—similar it’s to zipping two sleeping bags together to create a larger sleeping bag.

Rhinowolf is presently soliciting funds for manufacturing on Indiegogo, with a single tent beginning at $179 and a single tent starting at $179. Watch the company’s mildly entertaining promotional film, which is embedded below: Via:Designboom,Indiegogo

How To Connect Two Tents Together: 4 Simple Methods

Considering combining tents with friends or family to make additional space for yourself and your belongings? Do you wish there was an easy method to join tents together to form a massive mega-tent like the one in the video? You are not alone in your feelings. It’s one of the most straightforward things in the world logically, but it’s a little difficult to figure out in practice. Fortunately for you, we’re here to assist you. The following is a guide we developed after conducting extensive research (and numerous failed attempts) on how to connect two tents together successfully.

Purchasing tents that are designed to connect together, zipping or binder clipping the doors together, constructing a tarp hallway, and using a larger canopy to hold part of a smaller tent inside are all common methods.

4 Ways To Connect Two Tents Together

This section will walk you through the process of connecting two tents together using our easy methods step by step. Any links on this page are affiliate links, which means we receive a small profit if you purchase something via them at no additional cost to you.

Use A Tent Meant For Connecting

This is the quickest and most effective approach. Some tent manufacturers provide tents that are particularly intended to link together like pods. These tents are quite convenient (usually through zipping). This approach has two major drawbacks.First, you wouldn’t be able to use it with random friends and family unless they all bought the same brand of tents.Second, these tents tend to be more expensive.Not that they aren’t of high quality, but they are more expensive on average.A good example of this can be found with the company calledPodTents.All of these features are available at a higher price than the average tent.

Zip Or Clip Doors Together

This is the quickest and most effective way available to us today. There are certain tent manufacturers that produce tents that are expressly designed to link together like pods (usually through zipping). This approach has two major drawbacks.First, you wouldn’t be able to use it with random friends and family unless they all bought the same brand of tents.Second, these tents tend to be more expensive.Not that they aren’t of high quality, but they are more expensive on average.A good example of this can be found with the company calledPodTents.

Tarp Hallway

It is still feasible to connect tents with a big tarp even if there are no clips or if the doors are not the same size as the rest of the tent. All you’ll need for this approach is a huge tarp and a length of accordion line. (Click here to see what the current Amazon price is.) Approximately 5 feet (1.52 m) apart, position the tents so that their doors face one another. Fold over the tops of both tents and draw on the string to make a tight knot. Consider placing a tent stake at either end of the tent.

Place tarp stakes along the edges of the tarp to ensure that it does not blow away.

Using this method, you might build a boxer hallway form with more space to move around in.

It is possible to lengthen the hallway, but this will put additional strain on the tarp, causing it to droop in the centre further.

Large branches to support up the tarp and distribute the weight among a larger number of items may be required if you wish to create a longer hallway. Related Reading: What Kinds of Materials Are Used to Make Tents?

Cover Over A Smaller Tent Door

The final approach is perfectly functional, but it has a few more needs. In order to construct a more hub-like unit with numerous tents, this can be used in conjunction with other techniques. To use this strategy, you’ll need to build up a much larger tent or canopy in the center of the room. The one listed below is our recommendation. Place the tent door just within the wall of the bigger tent or canopy, so that it is easily accessible. Drape a tarp over the wall or secure a tarp with fasteners to keep it sealed in.

The greater the number of detachable or draped walls, the greater the number of tents that may be accommodated.

Why Would You Want To Connect Two Tents Together?

When you combine your tents, it’s a lot of fun, but some of you might be questioning why you would want to do something like this in the first place. Some typical reasons why individuals combine tents are as follows:

  • People have their own bedrooms
  • People may sleep on their own schedules (this is especially convenient for children)
  • It helps to keep gear and belongings separated and more organized
  • On poor weather days, it provides greater space for bigger gatherings of people. When camping, it creates a more stable feeling home environment.

Why Wouldn’t You Want To Connect Two Tents Together?

As a result of this, there are several situations in which you may not want to link tents together. It is not appropriate in every occasion, and the following are some reasons why you may decide not to:

  • Tents that are larger and more linked are more susceptible to wind damage. Tents are more expensive as the number of tents increases. It takes more time to set up
  • Increases your closeness to others (which is beneficial if you value privacy and space more). Because of this, it is more prone to leak (unless you choose for a connected tent design).
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Another Option: Multi-Room Tents

If you and your immediate family are the ones who wish to link tents, you may find that purchasing a multi-room tent is both cheaper and easier in the long run. Multi-room tents function in the same way as pod tents or linked tents. In comparison to pod tents, they are a little less expensive in the long run, and you do not have to purchase many tents to make them stay together. Because they are meant to be used together, they will not leak or require clipping, as opposed to just attaching tents.

If you’re already going through the trouble of linking tents, it could be more cost effective to just acquire the multi-room tent instead of two separate ones.

This one by Ozark is a favorite of ours.


We really hope you find our tutorial on how to link two tents together to be of assistance. Some of these four approaches are more effective than others, but they’ll all suffice in an emergency. The clipping doors together and tarp hallway options are the two that the majority of people will employ. No matter the method you choose, simply give it a try and enjoy the time spent with friends and family in the great outdoors!

Modular Pod Tents bring campers together under the one roof

Every day, new evidence emerges showing the globe is getting more linked as a result of technological advancements. Activities that were formerly done alone or with a small group of friends are now shared with nearly everyone you’ve ever met through social media sites like Facebook. Even camping, which was formerly associated with tranquil, lonely retreats into nearly uninhabited natural places, is not immune to the current trend of increasing human population. Campers may become more sociable by using POD Tents, which were developed by M2C Innovation in the United Kingdom.

  1. To be fair, camping is frequently seen as a social activity in and of itself, providing opportunities for families and groups of friends to spend quality time together away from the distractions of regular life.
  2. The interior of the tent is where M2C Innovation makes camping even more communal than it already is.
  3. Eventually, the collective is broken up into smaller couples and groups, each of whom retreats inside their own little, private dome, not to be seen again until the next morning’s dawn.
  4. The modular camping system is made up of various tents that may be joined together with connecting tunnels using zip ties or connectors.
  5. Tent for eight people made by POD Maxi.
  6. They are available in two sizes: the eight-person Maxi and the four-person Mini, both of which have eight sides.
  7. When the Mini is purchased, it has an interior sleeping cell that divides the sleeping space into two two-person chambers; a similar cell can be purchased and installed in the Maxi to divide it into two two-person sleeping sections and a separate lounge area.

Campers have the freedom to walk between tents without having to leave the grounds, which opens up new possibilities for indoor activities.

In order to create shelters of any design or size, PODs may be stacked together.

When you consider that the tents cost £499 for the Maxi and £399 for the Mini (about US$780 and $625, respectively), they are already rather pricey for what they are: big automobile camping tents constructed of basic materials such as polyester ripstop and fiberglass.

Consequently, if you want to establish a large communal shelter built on PODs, you’ll either have to spend four figures on all of the tents and tunnels or spend a lot of time encouraging everyone you camp with to invest in POD equipment.

It’s worth noting that, while M2C is working on creating a higher-end “Elite” line that will launch around 2016/2017, the company has no imminent plans to create a lower-cost line.

When compared to the regular versions, the upgraded tents had superior components and specifications, such as aluminum poles.

The Maxi Elite is expected to price for £525 to £599, while the Mini is expected to retail for £425 to £499, according to M2C. POD Tents and supporting equipment are currently available for purchase and can be transported to any location in the world. POD Tents is the source of this information.

Party Tents Zip Together With Mattress Built In Floor

Festivals? Camping with a group? ‘Polyslumbering?’ These tents have air beds and sleeping mats built in, and they are easy to put together. Construct an ever-expanding camp tunnel for yourself! If you have a brand name like RhinoWolf, you’d expect them to create something truly savage. This product, on the other hand, is certainly. intriguing. The RhinoWolf modular tent, which is now available on Indiegogo, claims to take the “trouble out of camping” by including an air mattress and sleeping bag into the design.

RhinoWolf Modular Tent

On paper, the RhinoWolf appears to be a serviceable camping tent. 15-denier ripstop nylon is used to construct this one-person sleeper. It has a footprint of 85′′ x 27.5′′, with 38′′ of headroom, and weighs around 5.5 lbs. In addition, it has only one pole, which is both fascinating and problematic, and it does not have a rainfly. The tent’s main body is “windproof and water resistant.” Two big mosquito net doors with enclosed vestibules provide cross ventilation and provide cross wind. When you open it up, you’ll discover that it also includes a built-in Klymit Static V air mattress, which is touted to inflate in “just 10-15 breaths.” It also happens to make an excellent sleeping pad.

This is beneficial since the pad is a vital aspect of the tent’s construction.

  1. RhinoWolf should be unpacked and unrolled. Make a loop with one rod and thread it through it. Inflate the air mattress to its maximum capacity.

Not only that, but RhinoWolf also includes a duck-down sleeping bag as a bonus. To be more specific, according to the brand, “the RhinoWolf sleeping bag isn’t truly a sleeping bag at all.” This is more like a comfortable blanket that zips right in and puts you in cozy town.” That sounds very fantastic – on to Snug Town we go! The sleeping bagcomfy blankets are available in three temperature ratings: 40 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pods Land As U.S. Braces For ‘Social Camping’

Campers are not required to apply – Pod Tents provide a whole new level of luxury to the world of glamping. More information may be found here. After all of that hyperventilating and cozy town chit-chat, you’re probably ready to cross the sparkling bridge into Dreamland. Never fear, Rhinowolf has the perfect solution to keep you from dozing through your whole camping trip: sharing your tent with an endless number of friends and family members! It is possible to zip together other RhinoWolf tents because of the modular architecture of the RhinoWolf tents.

Aside from “festifarians,” backyard sleepovers, and maybe groups of friends and family, the RhinoWolf is likely to find a market among those who like outdoor festivities.

RhinoWolf will cost between $539 and $619, depending on the temperature rating (with no mattress or blanket, the price is $359 for the tent alone). Everyone have a good night’s sleep! Who’s the one snoring now?

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National Park of the Great Smoky Mountains Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a national monument in South Dakota.

Zion National Park is located in the United States of America.

  • Acadia National Park:Bangor International Airport, Bangor, Maine (1 hour), Portland International Airport, Portland, ME (2.5 hours), or Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport, Trenton, Maine (30 minutes)
  • Bryce Canyon:Cedar City Regional Airport, Cedar City, Utah (1 hour)
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  • Grand Canyon:Bangor International Airport, Bangor, Maine (1 hour
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  • Mount Rushmore: Rapid City Regional Airport, SD (1 hour), or Denver International Airport, CO (5 hours)
  • Yellowstone:Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Bozeman, MT (2.5 hours)
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By 10 a.m., you must check out of the hotel.

Can you tell me if there is power in the tents?

There are, however, battery-operated fanslanterns with USB connectors that allow you to charge at least two cell phones at the same time.

The availability of powered batteries is determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yes, we utilize solar pathway lighting throughout camp, but we make an attempt to keep light pollution to a minimum in our environmentally aware sites, so you can enjoy your 1,000-star hotel room!

Additionally, there are lights atop the reception tent, in the communal restrooms, and all tents have USB-powered lamps that can be used both inside and outside the tent.

Camp maps are provided online at the bottom of each camp page, if you want to look them up.

Please keep in mind that we cannot promise camp sites, however we can accommodate special requests.

The tents do not have any type of locking mechanism.

We recommend that you keep all valuables, such as cash, jewelry, cameras, passports, and other important documents, with you or in a secured car.

Our camp staff is ready and on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to supervise and assist you.

Let us help you have a pleasant, safe, and peaceful glamping experience.

Are you a pet-friendly establishment?

We charge a $25 pet fee per night, per pet.

We ask that they be kept on a leash at all times and that their owner cleans up after them.

When it comes to cancellations, what is your policy?

If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days before your scheduled check-in date, we will return you 95% of your money.

This policy applies to your tent as well as any add-ons or improvements you book, as well as any applicable taxes.

For $25 a night, we can provide a camp cot with bedding for a youngster who is 18 years old or younger.

No additional charge is required for the addition of pack-n-play cribs to any tent type.

Is there a fire pit outside each of the tents?

and 10 pm every night between July and August.

S’mores are, after all, the highlight of any camping trip.

Is there access to the internet?

As a result, we do not provide WiFi access at any of our sites.

Check out ourCamp Programming page for an example of a list of on-site programs that may be available during your time here at Camp.

Because of differences in geography and service providers, the quality of coverage might be variable.

Is it possible for me to video or photograph during camp?

It is possible that location fees and proof of insurance may be requested.

Due to the high risk of injury to our guests and members of the public, recreational drone use is not authorized on or above any of our properties for safety reasons.

This includes utilization in conjunction with special events, marketing, and film/photo productions, among other things.

Make care to check the weather before you arrive and to dress appropriately for any and all weather situations.

It is also recommended to bring a rain jacket in case of rain!

Our packing lists are available on our blog if you want a comprehensive list of what to bring to a certain destination.

Throughout the campgrounds, there are central parking areas where people may store their vehicles.

In the event that you require assistance moving about, please let us know and we will provide you with a golf cart or request a tent that is closer to the parking lots for your convenience.

All of our tents, with the exception of our Kids Tents, are equipped with a wood burning stove.

Firewood, as well as a firestarter and matches, are all included.

We encourage you to reach out to our camp staff for assistance if you are having problems getting the fire started!

Our tents are not equipped with air conditioning.

They do have USB fans and misting systems to assist keep the tents a little more comfortable throughout the summer.

Our Yellowstone camp is the only location that has access to a hot tub and pool on our adjoining property, The Bar N Ranch.

There is no pool at any of the other locations.

The implementation of an overnight stay requirement is not always possible.

The majority of our customers stay for numerous nights to take advantage of our wonderful mattresses, breathtaking views, and our staff’s efforts to make you feel at home!

Active AARP and military members receive a 10 percent discount on their purchase.

During the check-in process, proper identity will be verified.

Are children permitted?


For an additional $25 per night, children under the age of 18 can enjoy a camp cot with bedding (including a pillow, blankets, and a foam mattress topper for added comfort!) for an additional $25 per night.

cots and pack and plays are subject to availability and must be requested in advance.

Yes, our staff is on hand to encourage quiet time between the hours of 10 p.m.

What should I do if I realize I’ve forgotten something at camp?

For each camp, a unique client identification number is assigned, which you will use to report and search for your misplaced belongings.

The Grand Canyon has a phone number of 89068.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: 50552 76102 Yellowstone National Park 61902 is the zip code for Zion.

Please ensure that you check the weather before arriving and that you are prepared for any and all weather situations.

Occasionally, especially during a particularly dry summer, a fire ban may be imposed in a specific location. We recommend that you come prepared for colder evenings, especially if you plan on using your wood stove, which may be difficult due to fire restrictions.

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