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22 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

Image courtesy of Asia Images/Getty Images Warm weather, a change of scenery, and a few days to unwind are just a few of the reasons we look forward to summer vacation all year. However, if you are unable to go this season or just wish to prolong the benefits of your holiday, we have created a list of 23 ideas to help you create a calm resort atmosphere in your own backyard. No matter if it’s renovating your bathroom into a spa, adding vibrant flora to your yard, or establishing a romantic outdoor dining space, a few simple improvements may turn your home from an ordinary location to a fantasy getaway (shoes are optional).

Hang a Hammock

Ellen McDermott captured this image. Nothing says R&R quite like a leisurely afternoon nap in the fresh air. The ability to swing in your backyard hammock allows you to catch up on your favorite publications (cough, that unread stack of This Old House), go through your summer reading list, or simply get some much-needed rest. Simply ensure that you have two solid, healthy trees that are spaced sufficiently apart. See How to Hang a Hammock for step-by-step instructions.

Build a Fire Pit

Kolin Smith captured this image. Relax by having a conversation over a campfire—figuratively speaking. DIY fire pits are a great way to relive your childhood campfire memories, and they’re also great for cooking tasty marshmallows and singing “Kumbaya.” The yard is illuminated by a circular stone-walled pit cut into the earth, regardless of whether or not there is a fire burning. Make sure to stock up on chocolate and graham crackers as well; s’mores are a must-have at every campfire! Check out How to Build a Firepitand our gallery of firepits for step-by-step directions on how to build your own fire pit (or to see what alternatives are available for purchasing one already built).

Trick Out Your Bedroom

Photograph courtesy of Getty Images/Dougal Waters When you’re on vacation, sleep just seems to come more easily, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of rejuvenation that comes with waking up refreshed. It’s fortunate that getting a decent night’s sleep does not have to be restricted to the days when you’re away from home or work. Simple tweaks to your existing sleeping arrangement will ensure that you and your partner sleep like you’re on vacation every night, without the need to hit the dreaded snooze button when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Cook Outside

Wendell T. Webber captured this image. Unless the kitchen is already outside, you should get out of the kitchen if you are unable to stand the heat. Taking advantage of the warm summer weather means spending more time outside, and establishing a pleasant and open place for outdoor cooking is ideal for spending quality time with family or entertaining a large group of people. Another important advantage is that you will be able to relieve your main kitchen and the rest of your house of the built-up heat from the oven and stove, which is a real summertime pain.

Check out How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen for a step-by-step guide on how to construct your own outdoor cooking place.

Build a Relaxing Fountain

Kolin Smith captured this image. To some, unwinding to the sounds of babbling brooks seems like a fantasy, one that involves sleeping in a tent beside a river beneath the stars. The oasis, on the other hand, may be brought to you with a few huge stones, a pump, and some plain old municipal water. A DIY fountain is less complicated to construct than a koi pond and less expensive than driving to a distant location. It provides the perfect combination of calming sights and sounds to provide much-needed peace to your yard.

Create a Zen Bathroom

Photo courtesy of the National Kitchen and Bath Association Despite the fact that staying at a luxury resort provides a tranquil environment, excursions to the spa may be rather expensive. Fortunately, you can get around the system (and save some money) by copying design ideas from high-end bathrooms and incorporating them into your own washroom. Smart storage to eliminate clutter, the addition of some peaceful plants, or a fresh coat of paint may all help to transform a space. If you’re looking for additional ideas on how to soften and relax your bathroom, have a look at 13 Relaxing Spa Bath Retreats.

Fix Up Your Outdoor Furniture

Photograph courtesy of Matthew Septimus When your outdoor lounger is in complete disarray, it’s nearly hard to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Good news is that even if your clothes are in terrible condition, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a completely new set of pants and a pair of shoes. Simple touch-ups and new mesh or vinyl straps can return your outdoor furniture to like-new condition, and a few further procedures will ensure that your recovered furniture lasts for the longest time possible.

Add Colorful Foliage

A change in aesthetics is one of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling to a new area, so why shouldn’t vivid and exotic plants be available for viewing on a regular basis? Adding a new flash of color or some flowers that you wouldn’t ordinarily grow might help you feel like your own garden is a new and exciting location. What’s the best part? Summer is the greatest time to see some of the most vivid blooms of the year. See our gallery of the Best Garden Flowers for Color Throughout the Summer if you want to see the best garden flowers for summer-long color.

Make the Deck New Again

Photograph courtesy of Paul Bardagjy The inability to get into the holiday mood when your deck appears more like a dried-out splinter trap than a welcome hangout makes it difficult to get into the vacation vibe. Furthermore, the ugly mold and mildew that collected throughout the fall and winter months must be addressed. To get your deck ready for the season and to enjoy being outside again, carefully wash and bleach it first, then wait a few days before applying a fresh stain and sealant. See our step-by-step guide on how to Refresh Your Deck for more information.

Dine Al Fresco

Photograph courtesy of Dan Duchars/IPC Images Even if dining outside may seem like a luxury in many vacation destinations due to the nice weather, you don’t have to limit yourself to cafés and restaurants in order to enjoy your meals outside. Finding the proper patio and deck dining set, whether for a romantic dinner for two or a huge family gathering, can make eating outside feel like a delectable vacation. Just make sure that the table and chairs are sturdy enough to survive the weather while still being pleasant and complimentary to your outdoor décor design.

Visit our gallery of Patio Dining Sets for further ideas and inspirations. Alternatively, if purchasing a complete new piece of furniture is out of your price range, check out 25 Thrifty Ways to Create Outdoor Dining.

Kick Up Your Feet

Julian Wass captured this image. An Adirondack chair is one of the most iconic pieces of outdoor furniture that screams summer. The low-slung, slanted-back seat is ideal for lazy loungers, and the design itself is engineered for comfort, so there is no need for an additional cushion. What’s the best part? Not only does the one-of-a-kind design evoke picket fences and look fantastic on your yard, but it’s also much simpler to construct than it appears. Instructions on how to build an Adirondack chair are available at How to Build an Adirondack Chair.

How to Make a Westport Chair from Scratch.

Add a Private Reading Spot

Kolin Smith captured this image. If there’s anything better than cuddling up in a reading nook indoors, taking advantage of the summer and constructing one outdoors is precisely what an arbor bench provides: a comfortable outdoor space for reading, napping, or simply relaxing. Designing and building your own home is a labor of love, and the architecture is a beautiful addition to your land. Put some foliage around it to make it more interesting, or let it to stand alone. Visit How to Construct an Arbor Bench to view our design as well as instructions on how to build one for yourself.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Photograph courtesy of Shaffer Smith Photography Installing a ceiling fan is essential for creating a languid, tropical-resort atmosphere. The steady, cold air is soothing and calming, and it can change a heated room into something out of a mid-summer night’s fantasy. It helps to keep energy expenses down when the weather isn’t quite warm enough for air conditioning, and it aids in the circulation of cold air while the air conditioners are running full blast. Installing a ceiling fan is actually rather simple after you’ve decided on the style and design that would work best in your space.

Take the Party on Wheels

David Prince took the photograph. Infuse your return home with the “It’s 5 o’clock someplace” vacation mindset. Also, don’t be hesitant to unwind with something to drink (or several). Whatever your beverage of choice this summer is—margaritas, beer, or lemonade—you’ll need a strong bar cart not just to carry your libations and glasses, but also to transport them from poolside to yard to inside and wherever else you may travel. The best part is that it can be folded up for convenient storage. Visit: How to Build an Outdoor Bar Cart for step-by-step directions on how to construct your own.

Dig a Pond

Kolin Smith captured this image. A backyard pond with calm, flowing water is the ideal place to sip your morning cup of coffee or to unwind in the evening while watching the sun set over the mountains. Birds, frogs, and butterflies are attracted to the private sanctuary, and the variety of sights and sounds will make every day feel like you are vacationing in a foreign location rather than in your own backyard.

Despite the fact that the project will take approximately a weekend to complete, it will result in long-term calm and tranquility. For a detailed set of step-by-step instructions, read How to Build a Backyard Pond (in English).

Hang a Porch Swing

One of the most enjoyable pleasures of summer is to spend time on the front porch, soaking in the sights and fragrances of the season’s bounty. Try swinging on a swing to amp up the level of relaxation even further. A porch swing, in addition to providing a peaceful atmosphere, may also enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior by adding a touch of elegance and design. You don’t even need a porch to hang a rocker; a deck or garden is an excellent location for a free-swaying piece of furniture.

Make Your Porch Into Another Room

Tria Giovan captured this image. After you’ve finished cleaning, priming, and getting your porch ready for summer, it’s time to start thinking about decorating. Create a porch that reflects your personal taste, whether it’s exotic, tropical, or more traditional in nature. An Out of Africa-Style Porch is a romantic option if you enjoy the look and feel of natural materials such as bamboo seats, tribal designs, and white drapes. Check out Create an Open-Air Dining Room for a warm and inviting gathering room that includes a large farm table and a sideboard for additional storage.

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Choose the Right Air Conditioner

Warm weather is one of the pleasures of summer, but when the temperatures soar to dangerously high levels, you’ll want to take a break from the elements and stay indoors. It’s time to turn on the air conditioning. Choosing the appropriate air conditioner may be difficult, and for those who do not have central air, it is critical to choose a device that meets their demands. Visit How to Choose an Air Conditioner for a more in-depth look at the mechanics of selecting this vital equipment.

Build a Screen Door

Kolin Smith captured this image. It’s one of the most pleasant noises of summer to hear the back door creak and then smack when it closes behind you. Having a screen door keeps mosquitoes and other unwelcome guests out while allowing in the brilliant sunlight, soft summer breeze, and other calming sounds of the season to enter. A wooden door is usually the finest choice, and you can even install it yourself, as demonstrated in How to Build a Screen Door.

Keep Your Pool in Tip-Top Shape

Craig Raine captured this image. In the summer heat, a cold, peaceful swimming pool is a welcome respite from the intense sun. It’s a vacation in and of itself to spend the day on a deck chair, staring out at the sparkling blue ocean. But, before you get started, there are a few important issues on the maintenance checklist that need to be addressed first. To keep your pool in healthy, crystal-clear condition, it’s vital to do the following steps: clearing away trash, setting up the vacuum, and changing chemicals.

Hang a Tree Swing

Wendell T. Webber captured this image. Make sure to include the small ones in your plans; summer is a season-long vacation for them, and working on a family project will be enjoyable not just once it’s finished, but also during the construction process. As a first step, consider making a tree string out of string. A swing under a large shade tree will be a favorite summertime hangout location for kids who don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of a full-sized play equipment.

A rope, a seat, and a solid branch are all that are need to have hours of free-flying entertainment. Instructions on how to build a tree swing may be found at How to Build a Tree Swing.

Build a Lemonade Stand

Wendell T. Webber captured this image. The basic lemonade stand is the best method to get your youngster started in business (and keep him or her from becoming bored). The new local cantina will be up and running before you can say, “25 cents, please,” thanks to a few basic components that need to be cut and put together. How to Make a Lemonade Stand from Scratch.

Arizona Unplugged: 5 Digital-Detox Getaways

Take a moment to recall your most recent vacation. Perhaps there was a beach, or a spa, or even winter skiing available to you. Without a doubt, a smartphone was used in this situation. In the case of a few exhausted people, there may even have been a laptop available. Despite the widespread use of digital gadgets, the pendulum is beginning to swing in the opposite direction. Glamping, off-grid glamping, and resorts that provide a sleeping bag for your phone are all examples of the new “it” vacation: the tech-free escape.

Here are five different methods to go about it:

Retreat into luxury, slowly

Every area of the CIVANA Spa, ResortSanctuary has been created to promote rest and relaxation. Lisa Diederich shot the images for CIVANA. The CIVANA Spa, Resort Sanctuary encourages guests to take their time acclimatizing to a digital-free environment. Although you may bring your phone to this health retreat in Carefree, Arizona, and even get a signal there, the 20 acres of surrounding desert encourage calm contemplation. Furthermore, the activities create a compelling reason for putting your gadget down.

Explore remote lands

Nestled in the Aravaipa Canyon, the calm and charming Aravaipa Farms Orchard and Inn welcomes you to its welcoming grounds. The photographs are courtesy of the owners. Aravaipa Farms Orchard and Inn, located between Tucson and Phoenix, is the ideal destination for a relaxing retreat surrounded by natural beauty. It is surrounded by 700 fruit trees and theAravaipa Canyon Wilderness, and it has an organic garden and orchard. There is only sporadic Wi-Fi and no televisions at this inn. Hiking, bird viewing, and eating the farm-to-table dinners, which are served four times a week, are all options for guests who stay here.

“I believe that people desire it more than they realize.”

Practice mindfulness

The digital-device-free zones at Miraval ResortSpa guarantee that the focus stays on leisure. Miraval Resorts provided the images used in this article. Miraval Arizona, which combines the benefits of a resort with the contemplative atmosphere of a retreat, provides a variety of monthly health workshops and events, as well as all-inclusive meals. The smartphone “sleeping bag” supplied upon check-in at this 400-acre, “digital device-free” resort north of Tucson may, however, be the most life-changing experience offered at this resort.

In three designated locations, guests can continue to use their electronic gadgets, but the resort encourages guests to cultivate mindfulness and learn how to be present in the moment.

Glamp at the Grand Canyon

Under Canvas in the Grand Canyon has perfected the art of glamping. Under Canvas provided the images used in this post. Guest experience the finest of the natural world (160 acres of woodland near Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim) while also having just enough conveniences to make city slickers happy at the safari-styleUnder Canvas® Grand Canyon. Relax in a huge tent decorated with rustic-chic furnishings, a genuine bed, and a private bathroom to get away from it all. Spend the day participating in outdoor activities such as horseback riding and whitewater rafting.

The purposeful lack of Wi-Fi is intended to encourage guests to interact with nature and become more active outside.

Gaze at the cosmos

Relax in the natural hot springs and luxurious facilities at Castle Hot Springs, which offers a tranquil setting. The property provided the photographs. Castle Hot Springs, located an hour north of Phoenix, requires tourists to travel seven miles on gravel roads before arriving at the world’s hottest non-volcanic natural spring, which is known as the “Hot Springs of the World.” However, the secluded location in the Bradshaw Mountains is well worth the effort of traveling there. Guests may relax in thermal pools, dine on organic fare, and, because Castle Hot Springs is a haven from urban light pollution, they can gaze at the night sky via one of several telescopes on the grounds.

Make your fall bookings as soon as possible.

If You Go

With natural hot springs and luxurious facilities, Castle Hot Springs creates a tranquil environment for visitors to enjoy. Property provided the photographs. In order to reach Castle Hot Springs, which is located about an hour north of Phoenix, tourists must travel seven miles on gravel roads before reaching the world’s hottest non-volcanic natural spring. However, the secluded location in the Bradshaw Mountains is well worth the effort of making the trek. Because Castle Hot Springs is a shelter from light pollution, guests may enjoy views of the night sky from one of the numerous telescopes on the site while soaking in hot pools or dining on organic fare.

Take care of your fall bookings right away!

Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Welcoming you to the place where Mother Nature waved her enchanted wand and created one of the most natural of all wonders: Natural Hot Mineral Water. These crystal clear carbonated waters, which are heated deep under the soil, are renowned across the world for their mineral richness and mythical medicinal properties. Following each usage, these waters are pumped into contemporary outdoor jetted hot tubs, which are then emptied and disinfected. HOT SPRINGS, North Carolina, nestled among the banks of Spring Creek and the French Broad River, is a historic hamlet that exudes natural beauty.

  1. Our 100-acre ResortSpa is situated in the center of Hot Springs, North Carolina.
  2. To complement your soaks or to provide a completely unique service, we have a nationally recognized and state-licensed staff of massage therapists on hand.
  3. You can discover peace of mind at this place, as well as ease and comfort.
  4. Hot showers (available seasonally) and clean restrooms are available at the on-site comfort station.
  5. Whatever your reason for visiting, whether you’re returning from a long trek on the Appalachian Trail or simply passing by, the Hot Springs ResortSpa is a destination not to be missed.

The hotel has four luxurious suites, each of which has a jacuzzi tub and mineral water in the room. Additionally, we offer a premium cottage with an outside jetted tub that is full size.

These Luxe Destination Spas Are a Road Trip Away

When it comes to rest and relaxation, nothing beats the experience of receiving a luxurious spa treatment in a picturesque setting. However, there is a common misconception that those seeking tranquility must go to a faraway country (such as Bali or the Maldives) in order to benefit from the mind and body refreshment provided by an award-winning spa. What is the reality? There is almost certainly a luxury spa within driving distance of where you are. A domestic spa location is waiting to be discovered by you whether you’re looking for a memorable solitary experience, shopping for a mother-daughter getaway, or looking for the ideal occasion to gather your pals for some much-needed pampering.

  1. No matter what, we guarantee that you will be satisfied.
  2. Located in the shadow of the Berkshire Mountains, the historic Bellefontaine Mansion and Integrative Health Center is home to a 100,000-square-foot spa that includes saunas, cold-dip pools, and inhalation chambers, all of which are designed to promote relaxation.
  3. It was formerly utilized as a Jesuit seminary and is now a museum.
  4. Castle Hot Springs, which reopened in 2019, is an oasis in every sense of the word, from the mineral-rich natural hot springs at the heart of the property to the farm-to-table eating available at the on-site restaurant, Harvest.
  5. Kennedy as well as the Wrigleys, Roosevelts, and Astors, provides spa treatments in bespoke cabanas placed along the spring water creek and beneath towering palm trees.
  6. Now is the time to book.
  7. Dunton Hot Springs is a tiny, private resort in a picturesque old mining town nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies.

It is possible to soak in the healing bicarbonate waters of the nearby hot springs, which are rich in dissolved iron and manganese, either at the source, in one of the property’s pools, or even in a restored 19th-century bathhouse.

4 Salamander Resort and Spa is located near Middleburg, Virginia.

A total of 23,000 square feet is devoted to Salamander Spa, which provides integrative and regionalized treatments, as well as result-driven therapies, all with a focus on assisting guests in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Now is the time to book.

In the heart of the Sonoran Desert and surrounded by the gorgeous Santa Catalina Mountains, Miraval’s 16,000-square-foot Life in Balance Spa will not only relax you, but will also leave you feeling awe-inspired.

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It is the ideal place to practice mindfulness while indulging your spirit’s desire for the finer things in life, according to the spa’s website.

A view of the Golden Door at San Marcos, California.

(It’s worth noting that Oprah Winfrey is also a fan of the show).

The bathhouse also offers a variety of luxury beauty and body treatments, ranging from exfoliating body washes to hydrotherapy pools.

In Water Mill, New York, there is a spa called Shou Sugi Ban House.

The spa is inspired by the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi and a spirit of openness and exploration.

Now is the time to book.

A fitness and wellness spa with a French rural feel, Cal-a-Vie is located amongst huge fields of grapevines and lavender.

Whether you’re indulging in antioxidant-rich vinotherapy or getting a massage in the watsu pool, the 450-acre SoCal location is the perfect setting.

Now is the time to book.

Spa Montage at the Montage Palmetto Bluff offers a variety of massage therapies, facials, and body treatments that are inspired by nature and designed to help guests relax and unwind in the tranquil surroundings of the property’s serene waterways and moss-laden oak trees.

The Salt Spa at the Reeds at Shelter Haven is a luxury spa with a distinct focus on rejuvenation that is unlike any other.

11Surya at the Santa Monica Proper in Santa Monica, California is currently available for booking.

Elle Decor A-lister created the design.

Now is the time to book 12Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ten Thousand Waves is a boutique hotel and restaurant located on 20 acres just outside of downtown Santa Fe and minutes from a protected national forest.

Call to Make a Reservation13Willowbrook Spa at the Lake House, Canandaigua, NY The Willowbrook Spa at the Lake House at Canandaigua provides guests with a contemporary take on ancient purification rituals, including creekside saunas, custom-blended herbal tinctures, and customized spa therapies, among other amenities.

  • Booking 14The Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee is now available for booking.
  • The spa menu is fittingly inspired by the region’s forests and gardens, with signature treatments like Appalachian Body Purification, as well as Reiki and Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery, all in service of the Blackberry Farm philosophy of an appreciation for natural balance.
  • Pete Beach, Florida The Don CeSar’s 11,000 square-foot full-service Spa Oceana features 16 treatment rooms offering a range of services from sound healing to scalp massage.
  • Afterward, guests can unwind in the eucalyptus steam rooms and whirlpools or on the rooftop garden overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Guests often emerge reporting a one to three pound per day weight loss—as well as clearer heads and brighter eyes and skin.
  • Book Now17 Gurney’s Newport, Rhode Island The first Gurney’s in Montauk is a celebrity and influencer hot-spot, and the Rhode Island outpost promises to deliver on the same mix of low-key opulence and impeccable taste.
  • The spa’s amenities are designed to cleanse, calm, beautify, and enhance overall well-being.
  • The property also frequently hosts waterfront Pilates and yoga classes at The Spa Deck.

Book Now19 The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania It used to be that New Yorkers searching for a luxurious destination spa experience had to board a plane, until the Lodge at Woodloch (just two hours from NYC) arrived in 2006 with 57 nature-inspired rooms (each with a private veranda) and a 40,000-square-foot spa.

Book Now20Westglow ResortSpa, Blowing Rock, North Carolina Two peaceful hours from Charlotte is nestled this idyllic Blue Mountain escape in a restored Greek revival mansion.

When you come back to reality, enjoy state-of-the-art spa services in the all-inclusive facilities.

Book Now22Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah is a luxury resort.

It is impossible to describe how luxurious Amangiri’s spa facilities are: you can meditate in the Floatation Pavilion (which is a pool in which the water and air temperature both match your body temperature), relax in a heated stone-lined pool, or alternate between the soothing steam room and the cool plunge pool.

  1. It’s coming.
  2. The Signature Massage is one of their most popular services since it is customized for each individual visitor based on their specific needs.
  3. The Fairmont Grand Del Maris Spa is one of only 25 five-star spas in the country, and it is located on the property.
  4. During treatments, the spa exclusively employs products from their own custom-made organic product line, making for an even more personalized experience.
  5. If you haven’t heard of The Ranch in Malibu, it is one of Hollywood’s most exclusive spas and is frequented by celebrities.
  6. Hiking, yoga, and a daily massage are all included in this four-day detoxification program, which also includes wonderful vegetarian meals served in a private greenhouse.
  7. 26 Marathon, Texas is home to the Gage Hotel.

In this charming resort, guests can enjoy relaxed luxury with a spa that offers a variety of day packages.

After that, you may stroll around 27 acres of beautiful gardens, go on a wildlife trip, or simply stargaze under Marathon’s pitch-black sky.

27 Hidden Pond is located in Kennebunkport, Maine.

An elevated staircase braided between trees will take you to the treetop treatment rooms (suspended eight feet above ground), where items manufactured from organically cultivated herbs, flowers, oils, and grains will be utilized in the spa’s treatments.

Now is the time to book.

Make time for the spa at this ranch and resort, which is set beside a creek in a gorgeous meadow, in between horseback riding and mountain biking adventures on the property.

Signature treatments include the “Cowboy Soak,” which consists of a moonlight soak in therapeutic copper tubs while seeing a mountain range.

Maybourne Beverly Hills is a prestigious address in Beverly Hills.

The mineral wellness pool at this Beverly Hills luxury hotel spa is the focal point of the facility.

Schedule an Appointment30Ame Spa and Wellness Collective Turnberry Isle is located in Miami, Florida.

This spa, which focuses on body therapy, will leave you feeling rejuvenated after receiving Fijian body butter massages, Ayurvedic treatments, steam cocooning, and other treatments.

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The Most Romantic Places to Stay in the World

Everything about receiving a luxurious spa treatment in a beautiful setting is designed to promote rest and relaxation. A common stereotype holds that those seeking tranquility must travel to exotic locations (such as Bali or the Maldives) in order to benefit from award-winning spa treatments that are designed to rejuvenate both mind and body. How does it actually work in practice? A luxury spa is almost certainly within driving distance of your location.

  • So block out a weekend on your calendar and prepare for a blissful experience at one of these tranquil retreats.
  • 1 In the Massachusetts town of Lenox, there is a ranch called Canyon Ranch Lenox.
  • The spa is equipped with saunas, cold-dip pools, and inhalation rooms.
  • It was previously used as a Jesuit seminary.
  • Morristown, Arizona’s Castle Hot Springs After being completely restored in 2019, Castle Hot Springs is an oasis in every sense of the word, from the mineral-rich natural hot springs at its heart to the farm-to-table dining available at the on-site Harvest restaurant.
  • Kennedy as well as the Wrigleys, Roosevelts, and Astors, offers spa services in custom cabanas situated along a spring water creek and beneath towering palm trees.
  • Schedule an appointment today.

The wood cabins are conveniently equipped with Wi-Fi, and the spa is open year round.

Schedule an appointment today.

A total of 23,000 square feet is devoted to Salamander Spa, which offers integrative and regionalized treatments, as well as result-driven therapies, all with a focus on assisting guests in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Schedule an appointment today.

As much as it will help you relax, Miraval’s 16,000-square-foot Life in Balance Spa will leave you in awe of its setting in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by the majestic Santa Catalina Mountains.

It is the ideal place to practice mindfulness while indulging your spirit’s desire for the finer things in life, according to Miraval.

San Marcos, California’s Golden Door Famous people like Liev Schreiber and Susan Sarandon have endorsed Golden Door’s holistic approach, which is backed by research.

At the bathhouse, you can choose from a variety of luxurious beauty and body treatments ranging from exfoliating body scrubs to hydrotherapy baths.

Located in Water Mill, New York, Shou Sugi Ban House has a spa.

The spa is inspired by the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi and a spirit of openness and exploration.

Schedule an appointment today.

Awarded fitness and health spa Cal-a-Vie is nestled between vast fields of grapevines and lavender, in the heart of the French countryside.

Every treatment, from the facials to the body scrubs, is infused with aromatic oils and restorative lotions.

Schedule an appointment today.

The Spa Montage is a must-see destination on the 20,000-acre South Carolina Lowcountry estate.

Now is the time to reserve your space.

Located in the Reeds at Shelter Haven, the Salt Spa is a luxury spa that is primarily focused on rejuvenation and relaxation.

11Surya at the Santa Monica Proper in Santa Monica, California is currently available for reservation.

Elle Decor A-lister designed this piece.

Click Here to Make a Reservation12Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico It was founded in 1981 and is modeled after the great Japanese mountain hot springs resorts of the time period.

The property includes 14 unique guest rooms, each with a private hot tub suite, as well as an izakaya-style small plates restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining.

The lake vistas and private garden access are merely the icing on the cake of Willowbrook’s rejuvenating cake; a range of express treatments and a dedicated shop space allow even the most pressed for time customers to partake in the Willowbrook tradition.

Once inside the Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm, a luxury resort on 4,200 acres in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll be immersed in the peace and tranquility of the area.

All of these treatments are in service of the Blackberry Farm concept of appreciation for natural balance.

Pete Beach, Florida, United States of America The Don CeSar’s 11,000-square-foot full-service spa is located on the property.

While the Atlantic Ocean serves as a source of inspiration, the Spa Oceana cuisine incorporates cutting-edge technology with foods sourced from around Southern California and the United States.

After that, guests may rest in the eucalyptus steam rooms and whirlpools or on the rooftop garden, which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding area.

California’s We Care Detox Spa is located in Desert Hot Springs.

When guests leave, they frequently report a one-to-three-pound weight loss every day, as well as clearer brains, brighter eyes, and glowing skin.

Now is the time to book17.

While the original Gurney’s in Montauk is a popular destination for celebrities and influencers, the new Rhode Island location promises to deliver on the same combination of low-key luxury and immaculate taste.

The spa’s facilities are intended to cleanse, relax, and beautify the body while also improving general well-being.

The Spa Deck, on the property’s waterfront, is also a popular location for waterfront Pilates and yoga lessons.

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This rambling retreat is about an hour’s drive from Santa Fe, and there’s really only one thing you need to know about it: there are seven different bodies of water for you to enjoy, including four natural springs and a mud pool, as well as several regular old pools filled with healing arsenic and iron waters.

  • Hawley, Pennsylvania’s The Lodge at Woodloch is a luxurious retreat.
  • The Lodge at Woodloch boasts 57 nature-inspired rooms (each with its own private balcony) as well as a 40,000-square-foot spa.
  • There’s also TRX, spin, and yoga classes if you want to get your heart rate up and burn some calories.
  • These magnificent gardens are a particular attraction, as they allow visitors to lose themselves in the splendor of bygone times while ambling around.
  • Book a room at the 21Mayflower Inn in Washington, Connecticut, now.
  • Reservations are now being accepted for 22Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah There are few places on the planet that can compare to a spa hidden away in one of the most beautiful canyons in the world if you’re searching for a really secluded retreat.
  • The Waldorf Astoria, Chicago is now accepting reservations.

Located in Chicago’s Near North Side area, this luxurious spa offers amenities such as a lap pool, a gym club, and some very exceptional spa treatments for a daylong pampering experience.

Fairmont Grand del Mar in San Diego is now accepting reservations.

All of your favorite treatments, including as therapeutic massages and deep-cleansing facials, are available, as well as a relaxation pool, wet and dry saunas, and an indoor whirlpool.

25The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California is currently available for booking.

The Ranch 4.0 at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village offers unrivaled splendor without the hassle of a large crowd.

Schedule an appointment today.

In western Texas, the Gage Hotel is a great place to unwind and decompress.

Try a lemon verbena body polish to detoxify and rejuvenate after a long day at the office.

Schedule an appointment today.

Located within 60 acres of birch woodland, this luxury cottage resort provides an escape into the treetops.

You might also try a “Maine Honey Body Buzz” or a bamboo treatment massage to relax and rejuvenate.

Located in Granby, Colorado, the 28C Lazy U Ranch.

There are two massage tents hung over the river with glass flooring (talk about a spectacular view!

Click Here to Make a Reservation29 Maybourne Beverly Hills is a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills.

The mineral wellness pool is the focal point of this Beverly Hills luxury hotel spa.

Schedule an appointment today30Ame Spa and Wellness Collective Miami, Florida’s Turnberry Isle With a variety of amenities, such as a salt room, float tank, and weekend getaways, this premium spa is a must-visit destination.

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These Glamping Destinations Across the U.S. Are Seriously Gorgeous

Yes, we can all appreciate the wonderful outdoors—but only from a safe distance away from it. But just because we enjoy reading nature quotations and gazing out the window at our own backyard doesn’t imply we’ll leap at the chance to spend a weekend in the woods if the opportunity presents itself. After all, taking a chance on Mother Nature is a very serious business decision. Glamping is a luxury camping craze that aims to make the great outdoors a bit more bearable for individuals who may be intimidated by the prospect of erecting a traditional camping tent in the first place.

What does “being one” with nature look like to you?

Then you’ve arrived to the correct location.

Even camping opponents will want to pack their bags as soon as they see these accommodations, which range from geometric alpine pods to decked-out shelters and beautiful escapes by the coast.

Camp ComfortComfort is located in the state of Texas.

However, although the campsite, which has four rooms and two cabins, does not have a front desk, it does have a courtyard with public fire pits, and it also has a social hall with tables and chairs, a coffee bar, and fresh cookies that are offered to all visitors on a regular basis.

Skiing, hiking, bicycling, hunting, fishing, antiquing, and great dining are all within a short drive of the property’s convenient position in the heart of Vermont.

At Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you’ll feel right at home in the heart of the Teton wilderness.

In addition, Jeep rentals, a laundry facility on-site, and pet-friendly accommodations are available at the resort.

PLAN YOUR VISITCollective Yellowstone National Park Montana’s Big Sky Country At Collective Yellowstone, you’ll find breathtaking sunsets, a chef on site, and breathtaking landscape, among other things.

It’s one of the most luxurious glamping experiences available, as shown by the fact that these tents are completely booked for the most of the year.

That’s because you’re in luck, since the legendaryLa Quinta ResortClub has brought the Waldorf Astoria experience to Joshua Tree National Park.

Waldorf Astoria beds, s’mores, butler service, and other luxuries are waiting to be discovered.

Garden City, Utah is a city in the state of Utah.

The inclusion of plush pillows, in-unit toilets, and a massage tent elevates this location to the top of the must-see list.

When that’s the case, this beautiful ranch with teepees can be a perfect alternative for you, especially because it’s pet-friendly!

MAKE PLANS FOR YOUR VISITEastwind HotelBarWindham, New York City The Eastwind HotelBar is the perfect spot to spend the weekend if you’re seeking for a warm and welcoming environment.

Each Lushna is equipped with a queen bed, a private bathroom, and Faribault wool blankets for the ultimate in comfort.

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIPM endocino Grove is a type of tree that grows in the endocino grove.

The overwhelming majority of five-star reviews on sites such as Airbnb and Trip Advisor speak volumes.

Relax on the wooden platform of the shelter, where you may sit on leather butterfly seats and reflect on your day.

Lake Wales is a city in Florida.

Glampers of all stripes may now take use of the property’s 20-unit luxury camping, which is inspired by the cowboy lifestyle.

That’s something we’ll “yee-haw” to.

With such luxurious furnishings, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were in the middle of the vast outdoors.

The high-end retreat is ideal for getting away from it all, but it also intentionally lacks Wi-Fi to encourage guests to connect with others around them.

The hardwood flooring, king- or queen-size beds, battery-powered lights, and private tented balconies of this luxury safari-inspired site elevate the experience of glamping to a new level of sophistication.

Additionally, you and your companions can form bonds with other campers in the center “fire circle.” MAKE A PLAN FOR YOUR TRIPA Glamping near Sheville Asheville is a city in North Carolina.

For those who prefer something different, Airstream rentals, yurts, safari tents, and a recently constructed tree house are all available on the property.

This series of outdoor oases, which was the first Huttopia to make its way to the United States, allows you to create your own journey based on your tent selection and group size.

PLAN YOUR TRIPVentana Big Sur, an Alila Resort, is a beautiful destination.

When Ventana was forced to close for renovations when the sole bridge into Big Sur was damaged, the owners decided to expand the resort by building 15 luxury tents in a 20-acre redwood canyon below the main building.


This hotel/campground in the artistic desert paradise offers a variety of glamping options, including canvas safari tents, Sioux-style tipis, Mongolian yurts, and restored vintage trailer accommodations.

Keystone is a town in South Dakota.

The accommodations range from safari-style tents with king-size beds and wood-burning stoves to suite tents that are large enough to accommodate an additional lounge area with a queen-size leather sleeper sofa.

Under Canvasglamping resorts may also be found in Zion, Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Grand Canyon, among other locations.

Visitors to this resort on the outside of Capitol Reef National Park may choose between staying in the main lodge, a luxury cabin, or a tipi.

Despite the fact that the wagons are based on 19th-century designs, you won’t be living like a pioneer because they are all air conditioned and have private restrooms just a few feet away from your accommodation.

In the winter, you can stay in one of the eight glamping tents atDunton River Camp, which Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine is a great place to start planning your vacation.

For those seeking an even more unique experience, Sandy Pines also provides small A-Frame huts and Camp Carriages (also known as Shepherd’s Huts), which are also available for rent.

Philipsburg, Montana is a town in the U.S.

The glamping “tents” of The Ranch at Rock Creek, a five-star dude ranch in western Montana, are more of a hybrid cabin-tent mix than true glamping.

PLAN YOUR TRIPCollective Governors Island is a great place to start.

The retreat, which is located on the west side of the island and faces the Statue of Liberty, comprises bell tents with sharing toilets as well as a separate section of luxury glamping tents, each of which has its own private en-suite bathroom.

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIPLE TRIPLE TRIPLE TRIPLE Little Raccoon Key is a small island off the coast of Georgia.

The boat journey to the island, which is included in your stay, is likely to be interrupted by pods of dolphins swimming alongside you or pelicans attempting to catch fish.

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIP Guerneville, California is home to AutoCamp.

It doesn’t matter if you want a traditional Airstream trailer, a luxurious tent, or a miniatureHappier Camper; each style of lodging includes Casper mattresses, Malin + Goetz bath products, and access to the Russian River.

Wimberley, Texas is a town in the state of Texas.

It has a king-size bed, a claw-foot bathtub, and a kitchenette, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home while yet feeling like you’re far away from it all.

Greenough is a town in Montana.



An en suite bathroom with heated flooring is a must-have, as is a separate bedroom.

PLAN YOUR TRIPBellfire TipiRoxbury, New York, United States The little village of Roxbury, located in New York’s Catskills highlands, is one of the greatest sites in the state for stargazing, according to the National Geographic.

Make a weekend out of it by staying there.

Make a plan for your trip, Lyndsey Matthews.

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