How To Remove Sap From Tent

How Do I Get Sap Off My Gear?

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The sap from my down sleeping bag (and other items, for that matter) has gotten into my down sleeping bag. Brenda from St. Petersburg, Florida, submitted this entry. More:With Gear 360, you can browse gear reviews written by real people like you.


Pine sap is one of those things that can be a real pain in the rear end if you don’t have the proper tools to get rid of it effectively. If you have the correct materials and skills, though, it’s as simple as cleaning up a spilt glass of milk. Here are some suggestions for various sorts of equipment:

  • Clothing and other small goods should be placed in the following containers: Wait until you arrive home and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours, or until it becomes very hard and crackly. Then, using your fingers, wrinkle the sap stain and move the crease back and forth between them. The sap should be able to separate from the textile. Scrape away any remaining sap using a plastic spatula or knife in a gentle manner
  • In order to clean a sleeping bag or tent (that is too large to fit in the freezer): saturate a sponge with mineral oil and scrub vigorously. After the sap has been removed, wash the cloth with hot water. Other common home items that are effective include rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and Goo Gone. Tip: Always test a tiny, concealed area first to ensure that the fabric and/or the fabric coatings do not react with one another.
  • In order to care for boot leather, smear it with peanut butter (ideally smooth and not gritty), work it in, and then wash it off.

How to Clean Sap off Your Tent

If you’ve just returned from a few days spent in a pine forest, you might be dreading the prospect of having to wipe off your camping equipment. Fortunately, it isn’t quite as horrible as you may expect it to be. What is the best way to wipe sap from a tent? With the use of mineral oil and a sponge, sap may be removed off of tents and other surfaces. Gently rub the sponge against the tent fabric, and the sap will begin to dissolve. Always test a tiny area first to ensure that the substance is not degrading or staining the surrounding area.

Additionally, there are a few of really fantastic (and crucial) things that will assist you in protecting your gear once you have washed off the sap.

Please keep in mind that using standard detergent will almost certainly result in the removal of the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) coating on your tent.

Cleaning Sap with a Sponge and Mineral Spirits

This is perhaps the most efficient and simplest method of getting rid of modest amounts of sticky sap on the market. When used properly, mineral spirits are typically safe for the tent, provided that you don’t clean any more than is absolutely necessary. Use of a brush is strongly discouraged since it will be quite damaging to your tent. The use of a sponge or a soft cloth is recommended. Also, do not use mineral spirits to saturate the tent. Use only enough water to keep the sponge moist. Mineral spirits must be able to evaporate fast in order to be effective.

It is imperative that you thoroughly rinse the fabric of your tent after putting ANY cleaning agents on it (unless directed otherwise on label).

Your tent has a shelf life of a certain amount of time.

No matter what sort of products you use, they will almost all cause significant wear and tear on the coatings, unless the products are particularly designed to keep them in good condition. There are a few of excellent items on the market that I believe are well worth your time.

Removing Serious Amounts of Tree Sap

This simple hack can help you remove the majority of the sap from your tent if it has been assaulted by enormous globs of it: Place your tent in the freezer for at least one night. It’s obvious that a huge 16-person tent will not fit in your freezer, but if you can squeeze it in there, this is a wonderful option. A night in the freezer will harden up the sap, which you will be able to pluck out with your fingers. Whatever is left behind can be dealt with with a plastic scraper or mineral spirits, depending on the situation.

Alternative Cleaners for Tree Sap

Many of the products indicated for tree sap removal have yielded disappointing results in my experience, despite the fact that there are hundreds of them available. As a result, I’m not even going to bother with the ones that “kind of” function anymore. Alcohol-based wipes, on the other hand, are something that is definitely worth experimenting with. The fact that they’re so convenient makes it worthwhile to bring one with you so that you can spot-wash your tent (and just about anything else) before you pack up.

This is more useful for a quick spot-cleaning job on a small scale.

Protecting Tent Coatings and Waterproofing

In most cases, a quick cleaning using an alcohol-based cleaner will not result in any major issues. It’s fantastic for eliminating sap stains, but there’s a lot of delicate technology at work in your tent that has to be protected from damage. If you want to take good care of your equipment, I strongly advise you to choose a product that will not wash away the current treatments on the gear. After you’ve washed your clothes, apply a protective layer and you’re ready to go. If you want something that has been tried and tested, there are two goods that you should consider purchasing:

  1. Cleaning using an alcohol-based cleanser once or twice a week should not result in too many issues. However, there is a great deal of delicate technology at work in your tent, and it is ideal for eradicating sap splotches. If you want to take good care of your equipment, I strongly advise you to choose a product that will not wash away the current treatments on the equipment. You may finish up by applying a protection once you’ve finished washing. If you want something that has been tried and tested, there are two goods that you should consider purchasing: (1)

One of the main reasons why you should use this product instead of all of the other cleaning products available is that it is also good at UV blocking and waterproofing. Your tent is not the same as the rest of your camping equipment, for example. A great deal of abuse must be taken from it, including rain and sunlight, as well as other environmental factors. Tents deteriorate as a result of exposure to sunlight, and they will ultimately begin to leak and disintegrate. After a couple of months, your tent will be more prone to tearing than it was before.

The disadvantage of these products is that they are only poor in removing sap off surfaces.

If you use these things to wash and protect your tent, your tent will be dependable in virtually any weather condition you encounter.

Please keep in mind that if you have leaks coming in via the seams, a standard waterproofer will NOT solve the problem. A seam sealer, such as this one from Gear Aid, is required.

Remove Stubborn Tree Sap From Camping Tents

5 Methods for Getting Rid of Sticky Tree Sap The difficulties and agony of attempting to get tree sap out of your tent are well known to everyone who has experienced this. You’ve undoubtedly also heard of a slew of other methods for getting rid of it. If you have spent money on the bestfamily cabin tentmoney can buy, you might want to pause and consider your options before attacking the tree sap with the most powerful poison you can find in the kitchen cabinet. Choosing the incorrect one (often an alcohol-based one) may cause your tent’s waterproofing properties to be compromised, and you may end up with drops of water on your forehead when you’re camping through the next downpour.

  • If the stain is really tenacious, you may want to move up the list in terms of strength.
  • Look for weakening or discoloration of the fabric in any of the processes.
  • Mayonnaise and butter contain animal fats, which act as lubricants for the removal of tenacious tree sap stains.
  • Because everyone generally has some in their refrigerator, they should be the first items on your list to experiment with!
  • * Hand Sanitizer – Gentle and leaving no residue, it’s properties make it a great tree sap remover.
  • Many camper testimonies support the fact that this is an excellent tree sap remover made specifically for the purpose.* Rubbing Alcohol or Goop Hand Cleaner are also possibilities, but use caution while using these products.
  • After you’ve finished removing the tree sap, make sure to thoroughly clean the area with mild soap and water.
  • At least one of these alternatives should have been effective in eliminating the persistent tree sap stains from the carpet.
  • Any ideas for eliminating tree sap that aren’t on the list?
  • Thank you to Sam for his advice; he is an ardent camper and outdoor enthusiast.
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How to remove tree sap from a nylon tent

Despite your best attempts to keep a tent clean, the unavoidable typically happens at some point. When you bring a tent home that has areas of tree sap smeared across the nylon surface, you should remove the sticky markings as soon as possible.

Choosing cleaning solutions that will not affect the nylon surface will help to keep the tent’s water-repellent characteristics in good condition. With a little elbow grease, you can remove tree sap from a nylon tent and keep your tent fabric looking clean and appealing for longer.

  • No matter how hard you try to keep a tent clean, the unavoidable usually happens
  • As soon as you get a tent home from the store with patches of tree sap smeared across its nylon surface, remove the sticky markings as soon as possible

Isopropyl alcohol should be soaked into the sponge. The sap should be gently blotted away using a sponge. To loosen and remove the sap from the nylon, do not use more alcohol than is absolutely essential to do so. Continue to blot until you have removed as much sap as you can from the area. Removing any traces of isopropyl alcohol from the sponge and adding just enough washing up liquid to make the sponge soapy is the next step. The soapy sponge should be used to scrub the sap area of the tent to remove any remaining isopropyl alcohol from the nylon surface of the tent.

  • Remove the isopropyl alcohol from the sponge and add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid to make the sponge soapy
  • Rinse the sponge well. The soapy sponge should be used to scrub the sap area of the tent to remove any remaining isopropyl alcohol from the nylon surface.

After removing all traces of the washing-up liquid from the sponge, wring it out and use it to rinse the soap away from the nylon surface. Continue rubbing the tent carefully until all of the soap has been removed from it. Allow the tent to air dry thoroughly to ensure that the nylon is entirely dry. Repeat the application of water repellent over the region where the isopropyl alcohol was applied to ensure that the tent does not leak in this spot. Never store a tent if there is any moisture present in the fabric, since mildew will develop as a result.

How To Get Sap Off Of Canvas Tent

Pitch may be removed by freezing it and scraping off as much as you can, then using Goo Gone or some WD-40 to remove what’s left of the pitch. Simply apply Goo Gone or WD-40 on the pine sap to remove it. Both have been demonstrated to be the most effective in removing it. Neither will cause any damage to your tent.

How do you remove pine resin from a tent?

You may try to scrape the sap off the tent fabric with an ice cube held against one side of the fabric, but you’ll be lucky if you get all of it off, especially if you’ve already distributed it around with a damp cloth before you start.

How do you remove sap from a canopy?

Detailing clay, tar remover, paint cleansers, and mineral spirits are all effective to varying degrees, while isopropyl alcohol — sometimes known as rubbing alcohol – melts even the toughest sap away in seconds, making it ideal for detailing.

Does tree sap damage tents?

If at all possible, dilute them before using them since they might harm the fabric of your tent. After you’ve finished removing the tree sap, make sure to thoroughly clean the area with mild soap and water.

Will a clay bar remove tree sap?

One of the most straightforward methods of removing tree sap from an automobile is to purchase a specific tree sap remover from a hardware shop. Before rubbing the dried tree sap with a clay bar or a clay mitt, make sure the tool is well wetted with soapy water before using it. Once the sap has been removed, thoroughly rinse the area with clean water.

How do you remove sap from wood before painting?

When removing sap, use an oil-based cleanser, mineral spirits, or a professional insect and tar cleaning solution to soak up the excess. If the sap has set, keep the cleaner on the area for a few minutes until the sap melts, then wipe the area clean until the sap is completely removed. Water should not be used to clean a wood surface since it might cause harm to the wood.

Will rubbing alcohol remove sap?

Rubbing alcohol may be used to remove tree sap off garments without leaving a residue.

To remove tree sap from clothing, just massage the afflicted area(s) with a clean cloth. After that, insert the item(s) in the washing machine (together with the detergent) and wash as usual in hot water.

Does WD-40 remove tree sap?

You may use WD-40 to remove tree sap, and all you have to do is spray the WD-40 on the sap and allow it to sit for five minutes. After the five minutes have gone, you may simply wipe away the remaining residue until the area is completely free.

How do you remove tree sap from your roof?

Tree sap is extremely difficult to remove from any surface, especially if it has set on the surface in question. Instead of using harsh, heavy-duty stain removers, try using non-diluted Murphy’s Oil Soap to get the job done. To use, just blot the afflicted area with a mop or pour straight onto the surface. Allow for around fifteen minutes of resting time.

How do you remove sap from a rubber roof?

Chemicals or equipment used to remove the debris will only cause further harm to the roof. Using isopropyl alcohol to blot the sap from many trees and then washing the residue away with a little detergent and water is an effective way to remove the sap.

Does hand sanitizer remove sap from cars?

Hand Sanitizer is a product that is used to disinfect the hands. Fortunately, the most widely used and widely accessible sanitizer is alcohol-based, and its primary component (isopropyl alcohol, often known as rubbing alcohol) is responsible for removing sap from your car’s paint without damaging it.

Will Goo Gone remove pine sap?

Surface Safe Goo Gone Automotive Spray Gel is a specifically developed product for eliminating sticky, gooey, and gummy stains off automobiles and other transportation vehicles. All of this is done without causing damage to surfaces. Vehicle cleaning solution that is non-drip and non-mess is suitable for removing anything from tree sap to grime to tar to bugs to brake dust to bumper stickers and more.

How do you stop SAP?

Bringing a SAP system to a halt Alternatively, if you wish to terminate all SAP system instances operating on the same server, perform the following command: Stopsap or stopsap -t all are the new styles. If you wish to halt individual SAP system instances, you may use the following command to do so: Stopsap -t r3|j2ee -iinstance is a new style.

How do you stop Wood from leaking sap?

The most effective method of preventing sap from forming in wood is to heat the wood and adequately seal it. The worst offenders are pine and fir trees. Kiln drying wood to 170 degrees Fahrenheit will solidify the majority of the sap and prevent it from leaking.

What removes SAP from cars?

Using nail polish remover, wipe the sap with a cotton ball after putting some on it with your nails. It should be easy to remove the sap. To ensure that the automobile paint does not come off as well, wipe away any remaining residue with a paste made of baking soda and water once it has been removed.

How do you remove tree sap from a car without damaging paint?

Locate the sap stain and apply a few drops of the remover solution to a clean washcloth or terry cloth to wipe away the sap. It is recommended that you use Turtle Wax’s Bug and Tar Remover, which is available for about $10 at most convenience and auto-parts stores. You may also use rubbing alcohol in this situation.

Will rubbing alcohol damage car paint?

For freshly painted surfaces, isopropyl alcohol should not be used as a cleaning agent.

You should never use isopropyl alcohol at its maximum concentration since it might cause lasting harm to the paint of your car. When diluted properly, isopropyl alcohol may also be used to prepare surfaces for painting, glass coatings, and wheel coatings, among other things.

Does vinegar remove sap?

Wet a towel with vinegar and vigorously brush it against the tree sap to remove any remaining residue. Remove the object from the water and examine it to determine whether any sap has remained. If there is still sap on the surface, massage it with vinegar and rinse it one more.

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Can I paint over SAP?

Sticky sap may quickly seep through primers and paints, so there’s little use in trying to cover it up with anything. An oil-based primer can be used once you are certain that no more sap is leaking out of the tree and after the weather has been dry for a couple of weeks. After it has been allowed to cure fully, apply a high-quality latex exterior paint.

Why Dawn dish soap is bad?

Since Dawn dish soap includes potentially dangerous chemicals, the product is considered to be poisonous. Also included in the package is 1 4-dioxane (a known groundwater pollutant), which is a color and synthetic scent that is included in Dawn dish soap.

Does gasoline remove tree sap?

Gasoline is an extremely effective solvent. It will remove the tree sap immediately, but it may also disintegrate the clear coat and paint if used too frequently.

Does Dawn dish soap remove sap from cars?

Sap Removal: A Straightforward Cleaning Method Spoon some of the hot water straight into the sap sites to help them heal faster. Dip the microfiber cloth into the hot water and dab a few drops of dish soap over the surface of the cloth before drying. Once this is completed, properly rinse the automobile to remove all soapy residue.

How do I remove tree sap from fly? – CampingForums

  • Memorial Day weekend, I went on my first camping trip with my Big Agnes Tensleep 6 from 2016. There were no leaks in the tent even after one night of heavy rain. Maple tree sap, on the other hand, got on everything, especially the rain fly. What is the safest way to remove this off my brand new tent and fly? Simply said, it makes me sick. The Columbia Fall River 8 Instant Tent, which I purchased recently, will be used for camping in 2017.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? I’m bumping this thread in hopes that someone here can assist. I’m sorry, CampinLady, but I’m feeling sorry for you. That’s a really nice tent. I’ve never had to deal with sap. A simple online search turned up a slew of other “solutions,” which I decided to try. Naptha (Coleman white gas), Goo gone, and other such terms are used. I’m hesitant to even propose something because I have no prior knowledge in this area and I don’t want to wind up causing more harm if something isn’t done right. Have you tried contacting Big Agnes to see if they can make a recommendation? 2020: seven nights 5 nights in the year 2019 2018:20 o’clock at night 2017:19 nocturnal hours 2016:20 o’clock at night Spring-Fall:Marmots: Limestone 6P and 4P, Stormlight 3P, Tungsten 3P
  • SlumberJack Trail Tent 6P, BA
  • SlumberJack Trail Tent 6P, BA Yahmonite 5PF is a kind of jade. Spring: Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, FieldStream Cloudpeak 4P, Eastern Mountain Products Torrent 3P, Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, Cabelas Instinct Alaskan Guide 8P, Cabelas In Kelly Noah’s Tarps (20, 16, and 12), REI Camp Tarp (16), and BA Three Forks Sheltersigpic are all available for purchase in every season.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? I’ve never had to deal with tree sap, either. Some items (gum, for example) work well to freeze off, whereas others work well to heat off (adhesive). I’m not sure what to do with tree sap – perhaps freeze it off? Then maybe it’ll just fall apart on its own? “It is impossible to be a successful scientist without acknowledging that, in contrary to the general idea propagated by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a significant proportion of scientists are not only narrow-minded and boring, but also just dumb. Theodore Roosevelt, James D. Watson
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? Almost everything I’ve ever used for sap would be far worse for my tent than the sap itself would be. I agree with hoosier and encourage that you get in touch with Big Agnes as soon as possible. They’ll be the ones that know the most about which chemicals are okay to use on their tents and which ones aren’t. Best of luck. Please keep us informed of your final decision and how it turns out. So far in 2016, there have been 19 nights spent outside.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? Original post by CampinLadyView the original post Memorial Day weekend, I went on my first camping trip with my Big Agnes Tensleep 6 from 2016. There were no leaks in the tent even after one night of heavy rain. Maple tree sap, on the other hand, got on everything, especially the rain fly. What is the safest way to remove this off my brand new tent and fly? Simply said, it makes me sick. Hoosiers’ advice is reiterated, and we encourage you to return and share your thoughts with us so that we can all contribute to our collective knowledge base. Yes, but please don’t “feel ill over the sap”
  • After all, it’s simply nature’s way of doing things: yes: I’m glad to hear that the tent performed admirably in all other respects. But, hold for a sec, it DID do its task, because else the sap would have been on yer shoulders: glasses:. 2017: The annual kiddie excursion will take place from July 3 to July 16. Adult vacation from August 2 to August 14 to recuperate from the children’s expedition. Bring on the Campari, please.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? Thank you all so much for being there for me at this difficult time. I did speak with the staff at REI, where I got the tent, and they recommended nondetergent soap. I did purchase a tent cleaner/waterproofing kit from a local sporting goods store, but I’m going to follow the advice of others and contact Big Agnes directly. I’ll keep you informed as events unfold. The Columbia Fall River 8 Instant Tent, which I purchased recently, will be used for camping in 2017.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? On my tents and fabric chairs, I constantly use hand sanitizer to keep them clean. My Coleman rubber shower bag, which we hung from a pine tree for hand washing, proved to be the most difficult to clean of sap. I ended up freezing it and using baby powder on the parts that didn’t come off easily. Last edited by actad
  • 06-07-2016, 06:27 PM. Last edited by actad
  • 06-07-2016, 06:27 PM. Domes/instant cabin tents by Laura Coleman, Kamprite IPS, and Shasta Oasis 18ft travel trailer are among the products on display.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? I wanted to provide an update on the outcome. My tent’s maker, Big Agnes, advised that I purchase Nikwax Tech Wash when I contacted them about it. With my front-loading washing machine, I was able to restore my fly to its original condition. I am ecstatically relieved! I’ll be honest with you, I was a little concerned about cleaning the fly in the washing machine. (Only available for front-loading.) A bottle of Nikwax cost me approximately $10, and it will last me several washing of the goods for which it was designed. My relief that everything worked out is heightened by the fact that I am leaving for camping with my sonDIL today. Everyone have a happy and safe Christmas season! The Columbia Fall River 8 Instant Tent, which I purchased recently, will be used for camping in 2017.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? Have a nice camping vacation, and thank you for your patience as things worked out. Inquiring minds want to know, because I’m unfamiliar with large agnes tents, if the fly is still as waterproof as previously or if it has to be re-waterproofed after washing.
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? Hmmmm. I would have smeared some dirt on it and referred to it as having “character.” If man spent less time showing that he can outwit Nature and more time experiencing her sweetness and honoring her seniority, I would be more optimistic about the future of humanity. Author E. B. White
  • Re: How can I get tree sap out of a fly’s mouth? James had first uploaded this. Post a Comment Hmmmm. I would have smeared some dirt on it and referred to it as having “character.” LOL I believe that the rain fly will organically acquire a variety of components to give it individuality in no time at all. The Columbia Fall River 8 Instant Tent, which I purchased recently, will be used for camping in 2017.

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Removing Sap from Tent and Fly

Old05-02-2005, 05:09 PMPost1of(permalink)Old05-02-2005, 05:09 PM Starter of the threadJoined on April 5, 2005 Number of posts: 76 Getting Sap Out of Your Tent and Fly What is the most efficient method of accomplishing this? Any thoughts, ideas, or recommendations would be much appreciated. – When things go tough, you can count on us. We consume the one who is the most vulnerable to us. Post2of(permalink)Old05-02-2005, 05:25 PM05-02-2005, 05:25 PM We’re heading towards the mountains. Date of joining: December 2004 The location is North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

252 total posts Make use of a degreaser.

Alternatively, start with a dilution.

post3of(permalink)Old05-02-2005, 05:58 PM05-02-2005, 06:58 PM Away from the beaten path Date of joining: June 2003 Summerland, British Columbia, Canada is the location.

It is not necessary to attempt to remove a small amount because you will damage your tent; instead, consider the sap marks as proof that you used your tent; however, if the amount is significant and your tent can no longer be used, you should try using solvents; if it ruins your tent, you will not be any further behind.

I was debating whether or not to use Goo Gone, but I was wondering as to what everyone else did.

– When things go tough, we eat our weakest member of the team.

Hiking, music, painting, woodworking, and hockey are some of my favorite things to do.

1,078 total posts Eye Makeup remover is effective (if the sap has not set in.) It’s what I use to remove it off my clothes and skin.

However, test it on a little piece of test cloth to see whether it causes any reactions such as discoloration or weakening.

post6of(permalink)Old05-03-2005, 12:59 AM05-03-2005, 12:59 AM Located at the summit of a mountain Date of joining: August 2003Location: Vancouver, Canada Hiking/scrambling, backpacking, cycling, photography, traveling, and theatre/arts are some of my favorite pastimes.

1,043 total posts The goo gone substance is extremely hazardous to one’s health.

First, try it out on a little corner and see what occurs.

It is advised that you ice gum so that it hardens and then remove it with a dull knife.

You may try doing what you do with wax to see if it works.

I’m not sure if it will work because I haven’t seen the stain in person.

TAKE CARE THAT THE TOWEL IS SEALED BETWEEN THE IRON AND THE TENT, OR THE TENT WILL MELT!) It is possible that the sap will soften and melt a little onto the paper below.

In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if what I’m visualizing as sap is actually something else entirely.

It is beyond midnight.

Goodnight, and best of luck to you.

549 total posts The majority of the time, I use some type of paint thinner to remove sap, but I’m not sure what the nylon or other coatings on the cloth will look like after that.

Member since Jul 2003; now resides in, Canada.

329 total posts Take a look at this item called “Orange TKO” (“super concentrated cleaner”).

It is available at most hardware shops, and it is a highly efficient emulsifier for removing oil, gum, and maybe tree sap from surfaces.

I seem to recall using it to remove sap from a tree.

Away from the beaten path Date of joining: June 2004 Calgary, Alberta, Canada is the location.

Preparing meals for my three sons.

Holding a can of bottled air upside down, spray it onto the gum until it freezes (about 30 seconds).

It’s possible that it will work for sap as well.

– Don’t succumb to peer pressure until your buddies specifically tell you to.

Date of joining: April 2005 Number of posts: 76 I’m going to attempt some of these suggestions as soon as I can locate the fabric samples that came with the tent to use as test subjects.

We consume the one who is the most vulnerable to us.

We’re heading towards the mountains.

Woodworking, photography, model ship building, hiking, and electronics are some of my hobbies.

Get some from the mechanic at your local gas station. When I’m hiking through balsam bushes or camping beneath pine trees, I do this to my clothes and tents on a regular basis.

Best solvent for cleaning tree sap off canvas tent ends?

09-16-2012, 11:31 AM 1
Senior MemberJoin Date: Oct 2010Location: Northeast OhioPosts: 104 Best solvent for cleaning tree sap off canvas tent ends?

Anyone know if there are restrictions from using something like Goo Gone to clean pine sap off our 1007’s canvas tent ends? Any better solvent than Goo Gone you’d suggest?Thanks!

09-16-2012, 04:12 PM 2
Senior MemberJoin Date: Jun 2011Location: Kalamazoo, West MichiganPosts: 1,817 Hand sanitizer works well._2006 23B Hybrid with 10k round bar WDH2011 F150 4×4 SCREW Ecoboost, Max Tow, Integrated TBC, 3.73 LS axle, Firestone Ride Rite airbags.
09-16-2012, 07:21 PM 3
Senior MemberJoin Date: Sep 2011Location: Long Island, NYPosts: 832 I use Windex to get it off my windsheild but I don’t know how it would work on the canvas._2013 Jayco Jay Flight 26RLS – 2013 1500 Ram Big Horn2013 Jayco White Hawk 28DSBH – 2010 V8 Tundra2012 Jayco X17Z SOLD!:Beerchug:
09-17-2012, 01:29 PM 4
Senior MemberJoin Date: May 2012Location: MinnesotaPosts: 8,300 I like Goof-Off, but it is nasty nasty stuff. I would try it on the skirting somewhere out of sight and that will not matter if the waterproofing is compromised. My gut feeling is it will remove the vinyl coating. As for a cleaning agent, I would consider using a product called “Spray Power” by Crown. I bought it at Menards about $6.50/gal and I have had very good luck with it. I have not used it on my canvas yet, but my parents have and they said it cleaned their awning effortlessly. But did they have to deal with pitch?
09-17-2012, 04:27 PM 5
Junior MemberJoin Date: Sep 2011Location: Plattsburgh N.Y.Posts: 26 Rubbing alcohol warks great.the stuff u use on cuts and scraps.
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Other Outdoor Activities, Days Out and Places to VisitDiscussions on walking, climbing, cycling, fishing, sailing etc. Ideas for days out and places to visit. Please use the campsite forum for site information / recommendations View ThreadsNew Topic
Campsites and Caravan Parks
Campsites and Caravan Parks in the UKCamp Site feedbackadvice for sites and parks in England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland.Please search our campsite listings for reviews before posting. View ThreadsNew Topic
Caravanning and Camping AbroadAdvice and discussion on camping and caravanning in France, Spain, Holland, Italy, and the rest of Europe and beyond View ThreadsNew Topic
Trip Reports and PhotosIf you wish to post photos and reports from your camping or caravanning tripsplease remember to leave yourreview in our campsite listingsfirst!, and only then use this section to leave your trip report View ThreadsNew Topic
Meeting up and Getting Together
Meeting Up and Getting Together(1 sub forum) If you fancy meeting up with other members post here! When starting a new thread please ensure you include the location / area in your subject line View ThreadsNew Topic
General Discussion
Life in GeneralSubjects not covered in other forums. If you want to just chat, or say hi please use the Chat forum. Please avoid anything referring to politics and religion View ThreadsNew Topic
Chat, Games, Trivia etc(1 sub forum -Jokes) Please post chat with other members here.Jokes to go in the subforum please. View ThreadsNew Topic
Competitions, News and Website Feedback
Competitions, Industry News and Website UpdatesDetails of all the latest competitions and website updates. Plus News and reports related to caravanning and camping and the leisure industry. View ThreadsNew Topic
Feedback, Ideas and Help Requests related to this websiteFeedback and suggestions and help requests about this website and forum only View ThreadsNew Topic

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