How To Paint A Circus Tent Ceiling

Create an Easy Circus Tent Ceiling

Measure the distance between the corners of your ceiling and draw a line or snap a chalk line between them to form your center point. In Step 2, cut the 12″ diameter paper plate in half to create the scalloped edge by cutting it into a half circle with a sharp knife. Alternatively, you may sketch a circle with a diameter of 12″ onto a piece of cardboard and cut it in two. 3) Position the paper plate against the top of the wall in the corner, with the flat side of the plate resting on top of the wall.

Slide the plate to the right until the left side of the scallop traced on the plate comes up with the right side of the scallop traced on the plate.

Repeat the process on the remaining walls.

Tie the other end of the cord to a pencil, making sure that the distance between the two is 12 inches.

  1. To get the 12″ distance, place a nail to your right of the pencil up against the ceiling and pull it taut to achieve the desired length.
  2. Continue to the other side of the wall.
  3. Continually go around the room in a clockwise direction.
  4. Murphey’s Law states that walls should be built in 12″ increments, therefore your walls should be 10′ x 12′ or 11′ x 13′.
  5. Depending on the height of your walls (e.g., 1′-6″ or 12′-3″), you may need to change the size of the scallops on each wall in order to avoid having a stripe that is either extremely thin or extremely wide.
  6. You could use actual curtains to complete the look, or you could use ourJust Curtains Wall Mural to maintain the hand-painted look of the wall mural.
  7. This mural is made up of only five different colors.
  8. When it comes to the curtains, you’ll need a base color for the curtains, a lighter shade of that color for the highlights, and a darker shade of that color for the shadows and highlights.

You’ll need a base color for the bows, as well as a darker colour for the shadows. That’s all there is to it! For more information on this and many other innovative ideas, visit:

How to paint a Circus Tent ceiling…

At 10:48 a.m. on September 26, 2008, This project would be fantastic in a room with a circus theme or perhaps a Princess theme. How to create a tent impression on the ceiling of a child’s room using paint. “data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=” data-large-file=” data-image-caption=”” data-large-file=” alt=”tent-ceiling” title=”tent-ceiling” src=” alt=” “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized First and foremost, locate the center of your ceiling. Making this determination may be accomplished relatively simply by drawing a line from one corner of the room to another corner of the room.

  • Then repeat the process from the two corners on the other side of the room – the point at where they connect is the center of the room.
  • Second, draw a circle on a piece of cardboard, cut it in half, and use it as a template for the rest of the project.
  • This will take less time and effort in the long run if the circle is larger.
  • Create your first “scallop” on the wall by tracing around the template’s perimeter.
  • Make sure the scallops’ edges are just barely touching each other.
  • Third, once you have all of the “scallops” drawn on the wall at the ceiling line, draw a line from the center of the room to the point at where each scallop contacts the next scallop in a clockwise direction.
  • A chalk line can be attached to the middle of the ceiling with a nail and a line should be drawn at each scallop if one exists.
  • Then, using a different color of the mural, repeat the process with the remaining “pie wedges.” Thank you to my friend Patricia Newton of Elephants on the Wall for assisting me with this endeavor.
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Planning a DIY Circus Party

It’s May, which means it’s time for the PROM! It was my turn to serve as adviser for the Class of 2017, and it was our job to prepare the formal event this year. Over the course of a year, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for this event and have even made a Pinterest board to collect as many as I can. We settled on a circus/carnival theme and had a great time making and getting creative on a limited budget! Here are some suggestions and resources to help you put together your own “Night Under the Big Top” event!

  • The space has slanted cathedral ceilings and is essentially a blank canvas, which may be intimidating when trying to fill it with furniture and decor.
  • But I quickly changed my mind.
  • Long lengths of tablecloth, together with a little rope and duct tape, served as the foundation for our shelter!
  • They were having a great time dancing beneath the big top!
  • The larger tables were draped with a striped cloth we acquired from WalMart, which we draped over our leased white linens.
  • I experimented with some poster board sheets one day during my February break and was able to make my own by cutting long strips for the sides and using three different sized mixing bowls to sketch three different sized circles for the tops!
  • The cakes were adorned by the prom committee kids with gold spray paint and painters tape, which was used to add stripes to the poster board.

To make the flags for the cake toppers, we utilized wooden skewers and scrapbook paper as our materials.

For the smaller tables, we used large mason jars that we adorned with ribbon and paper rosettes, then added cotton candy flowers to the tops of the jars (we rented a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine and had a table with food, too).

We used sewing pins to attach the flag banners to the tablecloths, which worked perfectly.

In addition to the cotton candy and popcorn tables, we leased a photo booth, hired a caricature artist, and constructed a kissing booth, all of which were mostly for the purpose of taking fun photographs and adding to our carnival theme (no making out was permitted.ha ha).

In addition, we constructed a big ticket booth to serve as the event’s entrance.

We decorated the booths with red and white spray paint to make them look more festive!

Once the letters were painted, they were affixed to the booths with Velco (but command strips or duct tape would also work).

In addition to the paper fans, we used several plastic tablecloths ($1 each at WalMart), some more fabric pennant banners (which I did at home), and some more fabric pennant banners.

We utilized Command strips and painters tape to hold everything in place without causing damage to the wall surfaces.

If you don’t want to spend the money on them, here are several methods to help you make your own!

The Etsy store owner was a pleasure to deal with and was willing to make changes to the design to suit our needs.

We did this with the help of an Adobe application that took the design and printed it out on multiple sheets of regular-size printer paper.

You may also use this free site to produce posters by following the same steps as described above.

On make them more robust, the kids glued the paper to foam board, which they then put onto the wooden coat rack I have in my classroom (the spokes to hang coats can be unscrewed leaving just the stand).

The patterned backgrounds were created using free digital scrapbook papers that I acquired on Pinterest.

Each of these was created in Word and then affixed on Dum-Dums lollipops!

These are simple to construct and can be customized with any number of sayings to match your specific occasion.

(You may follow me on Instagram for more everyday photos of my hectic teaching life)!

6 Painted Ceiling Designs and Tips for Painting Ceilings

Despite the fact that this content is sponsored by HomeRight, all thoughts expressed are entirely my own. This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. On occasion, I will lie down on the floor. For absolutely no reason at all. I close my eyes from time to time. In addition, daydream. I find myself staring at the obnoxious popcorn ceiling and wishing I had the fortitude to tear it down on sometimes. I generally come to the conclusion that I’ll hire someone to do it before I scrape the ceilings again.

  • In any case, the ceiling is typically unsightly.
  • via Should I opt with a statement-making, yet timeless black?
  • I’m not generally a fan of the color purple, but this one has me completely sucked in.
  • via Perhaps I should extend the color of the ceiling a third of the way down the wall as well?
  • via Alternatively, I could put out all of the stops and transform my ceiling into a circus tent.
  • However, I will ensure that they execute flawlessly on that ceiling.
  • I generally come to the conclusion that I don’t have the power to remove the popcorn ceilings from another room after all of my ceiling daydreaming has come to pass.
  • When I’ve accumulated enough liquid bravery to drive me insane enough to want to tear down popcorn ceilings once more, I’ll have a stunning perspective of the city from the ground level.
  • What I gained from my pink ceiling experience, to put it another way.
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Ceiling Painting Tips

1. When painting ceilings, always use flat paint. Ceilings (particularly those with popcorn removed) are prone to have numerous flaws and faults. The use of a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish will simply draw attention to those flaws and faults. Paints with a flat finish tend to conceal imperfections easier. 2. Remove the cobwebs from the ceiling. Just come out and say it. My ceiling corners are always strewn with cobwebs, and I’m sure yours are, as well. 3. Remove the tape. Remove any trim, light fittings, or other objects from the surrounding area with masking tape.

  • Masking tape will not provide you with the clean paint lines that you desire.
  • FrogTape is the painting tape that I use the most.
  • Make use of aQuick Painter program.
  • Thequick painteris a fantastic small tool that you use to suck your paint into the tool, click the pad into position, and run it along trim, light fittings, and the joint between the ceiling and the wall to finish the job.
  • 5.
  • When I paint any walls or ceilings, I use a PaintStick EZ-Twist to help me get a smooth finish.
  • You must pull back on the handle in order for paint to flow into the container.
  • Because there are no paint trays required, there are fewer visits to get additional paint.
  • 6.

Many people believe that they need wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the masking tape – this is not the case! If you wait, there is a possibility that the paint may dry to the tape and the paint will come off with the tape when you remove it.

Need Wall Painting Tips? I’ve got you covered…

So, who wants to help me remove my popcorn ceilings so that I may have beautiful ceilings throughout my home, not just in my bathroom? Yes, I had anticipated that there would be no takers. You’re well aware that you don’t want to miss any of this craziness. Sign up to receive my blog postings in your email by clicking here. Follow me on these social media platforms: Bloglovin, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. The following disclosure applies: This content was written in conjunction with HomeRight.


The circus is a favorite destination for children because of its mystical attraction and funny comedy. Every youngster is left with a strong and good impression by the fun and surreal setting, which is full of vitality and energy. By creating a kid’s room with a circus theme, you will be able to relive that experience on a daily basis while also providing a new and interesting environment for your children to play in. Remember that the circus theme does not have to be overflowing with bright colors and trinkets; the secret is in the balance and attention to detail.

  1. LEARN TO LIVE IN A CIRCULAR TENT We’ve all seen the circus tents with the red and white stripes, haven’t we?
  2. Depending on your preference, you may stretch the stripes all the way down the walls or finish them with rounded ends (see the photographs below for ideas), and, while authentic, the stripes do not have to be red and white.
  3. The decision is entirely up to you!
  4. PATTERNS OF THE CIRCUS DISTINCTIVE The harlequin or diamond pattern, in addition to stripes and stars, is a design that is particularly linked with the circus.

@studioelwa @nouvellebaba @studioelwa @nouvellebaba ART AND ACCESSORIES WITH A SENSE OF PLAY Now that you’ve created the backdrop for your circus-themed children’s room, it’s time to dip your toes into the pool of accessories and inject some personality into the space with some unique accents.

  1. In addition, when it comes to decorative garlands, especially with vibrant flags in muted tones, don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. A canopy may also be used to create an impromptu tent for the play section if you have one of these items.
  3. ikea ikea Mrs.
  4. @sonoma seven ADD MORE ACTIVITIES TO YOUR DAY Movement and action can be found around every corner in the circus, with clowns and stuntmen putting on exciting and daring performances.
  5. What a fun thing to have for releasing that extra energy!

That was all for tonight, but come back tomorrow, because Kids’ Interiors have many more exciting design tricks to share with you! ormore ideas related to baby and childrens’: FURNITUREIDECORITEXTILESITOYSI Back to Homepage I Find a kids interior shop near you Follow this blog with Bloglovin

How to Make a DIY Circus Tent Ceiling

In addition to the circus’s mystical attraction and funny humor, children like coming to the circus. Almost every youngster is positively influenced by the lively and surreal setting, which is brimming with vitality. If you decorate your child’s bedroom in the style of a circus, you will be able to relive that experience every day while also providing a new and interesting environment for your children to play in. Remember that the circus theme does not have to be overflowing with bright colors and trinkets; the key is in the balance and attention to detail that you incorporate.

  1. LEARN TO LIVE IN A CIRCUIT TENT Everyone is familiar with the red and white striped circus tents, am I correct?
  2. There are many different ways to finish your stripes, including finishing them with rounded ends (see the photos below for inspiration), and they don’t have to be red and white (although that is the traditional color).
  3. Make your decision based on your personal preferences.
  4. CIRCULAR PATTERNS THAT STAND OUT The harlequin or diamond pattern, in addition to stripes and stars, is a design that is closely linked with the circus.

@studioelwa @nouvellebaba @studioelwa AUTHENTIC AND ARTIFICIAL WHIMSICAL DECOR Following the completion of the background for your circus-themed children’s room, it is time to delve into the world of accessories and inject some personality into the area.

  • Also, when it comes to ornamental garlands, don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with bright flags in muted tones and bright colors.
  • A canopy may also be used to create an impromptu tent for the play section if you have one of these structures.
  • ikea ikea Miss Mihetto is a woman who lives in Italy.
  • Consequently, any number of activities, such as gym rings and hula hoops, may be introduced into the space.
  • @andrealingjerde @andrealingjerde pinterest Many thanks to you everyone, ladies and gentlemen.

or more ideas on the subject of babies and children’s: FURNITUREIDECORITEXTILESITOYSI Return to the Home Page I locate a children’s interior design store in your area. Bloglovin is a service that allows you to follow blogs.

How to Make a Circus Tent Ceiling

We are the best location to discover how to construct a circus tent backdrop, so please continue reading! This circus tent is constructed entirely of paper, and it is really simple and affordable to construct!

What You Need to Make a DIY Circus Tent

  • A pair of scissors
  • White and red crepe paper (you may alternatively use plastic tablecloths)
  • A pair of scissors Tape

How to Make a Circus Tent Out of Paper or Plastic Tablecloths

Follow the instructions outlined here to construct your own DIY circus tent. If you’re doing this as an engineering project with children, don’t tell them how to create it; instead, challenge them to figure it out on their own! Continue reading to find out how to construct a large circus tent! Circus theme classroom ideas may be included into this project, or it can be used as an engineering project for circus STEM experiments or circus scientific experiments, depending on your preferences.

Step By Step Directions to Make a DIY Circus Tent

Decide if you want to use crepe paper or tablecloths to construct your circus tent before you begin construction. Because the tablecloths are larger, it will require less of them to complete the project, which will save time. It will, however, be more expensive as a result. Crepe paper rolls are thin and will take a long time to construct your circus tent, but they will be far less expensive than canvas.

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Step 1

Measure the length of the space from the center of the ceiling where you want to erect the tent to the wall, and then measure the length of the area from the top of the wall to the ground. I made a tent out of the crepe paper and added a small swoop to the top to make it more tent-like. This is the length of the streamer to be cut.

Step 2

Make use of the streamer as a guide for the rest of the game. I ended up using approximately 30 strands of each color, but depending on the size of your corner, you may need more or less than that.

Step 3

Drape the streamers one at a time from the middle of the ceiling to the edge where the ceiling meets the wall, starting at the center. Allow the streamer to hang freely against the wall at its free end. I began with the four “corners” of the tent and worked my way outward from there. Switch between white and red streamers on a regular basis. Tape the streamer to the middle of the ceiling and to the wall where the ceiling meets the wall, if possible.

Step 4

You’ll have overlapped your center strips by the time you’ve finished filling in the edges. That is perfectly acceptable and should not create any issues. The more strips you can attach to the ceiling, the better, but the more you can stick, the better. So that if one streamer falls, they will not all fall at the same time. I only made three walls for our tent, but you could use this method to construct a whole tent if you wished. Bring your imagination to bear! Make the most of your circus tent-building experience!

More Circus STEM Ideas

Curious Kids Will Enjoy These 20+ Exciting and Creative Circus Art Activities! Circus Math Activities for Kids: 20+ Exciting and Hands-On Circus Math Activities Circus Science Experiments That Are Fun for Kids

Circus Tent Ceiling Design Ideas

Twin beds made of red bamboo are shared by a French dresser with navy blue lights and an octagon mirror, which is suspended from a ceiling with a circus-themed ceiling canopy. Mallory Mathison is the designer behind this piece. Red bamboo twin bed with blue and red bedding, and a blue canopy accented ceiling complete the look at the foot of the bed with demilune ottomans in blue and red. Mallory Mathison is the designer behind this piece. The red and blue children’s bedroom is decorated with vibrant flower bedding on red bamboo twin beds that are flanked by a French dresser that is decorated with navy lights and an octagon mirror.

  1. On either side of the bed, under white faux taxidermy animal heads, a white and red painted circus tent ceiling lighted by a white drum pendant light is set off by gray walls that enclose a pair of sash windows dressed in gray linen roman blinds on either side of the bed.
  2. The DHD NYCColeSon Woods Wallpaper is featured in a boys room with a forest tree-like design on the walls and blue stripes on the ceiling, as well as an oil-rubbed bronze caged chandelier.
  3. Design by Lily Z A wooden bunk bed with a stairway, dressed in white bedding with a blue border, is displayed in this room.
  4. Lily Z Design Erin Gates is the designer of this website.
  5. Ramsey Engler LTD is a limited liability company.

Architect and interior designer Andrew Howard An ivory wood beam-and-vaulted-ceiling bedroom with a ColeenCo The Tole Tent Lantern, illuminating a steel gray tufted headboard on a bed dressed in white and platinum gray hotel linen, and surrounded by peacock blue nightstands and blue jar lamps, completes the look.

  • Ellie Cashman is a singer and songwriter from New York City.
  • Judith Balis Interiors is a design firm based in Los Angeles.
  • Dag Design is based in Boston.
  • Marea Clark Interiors is a design firm that specializes in residential and commercial interiors.
  • Finished with a black and white striped canopy tent and circular cushions to surround toys in geometric bins, an unique kissing booth, and stacked acrylic book shelves, Gild and WitKids’ playroom design is complete.
  • Jessica Alba is a well-known actress and model.
  • The Grace Stories are a collection of short stories about Grace.

TS Adams Studio is a recording studio in the United States. Dark hardwood flooring are overlaid with a white cowhide rug to create a fun playroom. Lonny Magazine is a publication dedicated to the arts and culture of the world.

The Ceiling, Painted With Radial Red And White Stripes, – Painted Circus Tent Ceiling, HD Png Download(1000×1243) – PinPng

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Attack – Painting, HD Png Download


1970 72 Camaro Z/28 Paint Stencil Kit – Dribble A Soccer Ball, HD Png Download


Stripe E Racer System – Circle, HD Png Download


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Circus Filled Icono – Circus Tent Icon Png, Transparent Png


Folding Circus Tent With Custom Logo 2x2m Camping Tent – White Canopy Tent, HD Png Download


Clipart Black And White File Emojione F Aa Wikimedia – Circus Tent Png, Transparent Png


Circus Tent Clip Art, HD Png Download


Circus Tent Clip Art, HD Png Download


Circus Tent Coloring Page – Circus, HD Png Download


Vector Illustration Of Circus Tent Traditional ‘big – Carnival Tent, HD Png Download


Picture Freeuse Download Marquee Clipart Circus Tent, HD Png Download


Childs Play Tent Transparent Background Transparent – Circus Tent Transparent Background, HD Png Download


Tent Clipart Logo Png – Circus Tent Clipart Free, Transparent Png


Carnival Tent Clipart Bat Clipart Hatenylo – Transparent Circus Tent Png, Png Download


Circus Theme Party, Circus Carnival Party, Circus Cookies, – Circus Tent Transparents, HD Png Download

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What Are Your Thoughts on Painted Ceilings?

This year’s painted ceiling fad has been showing up all over the place, and while it isn’t necessarily the most practical way to employ color, it certainly makes a striking visual statement. What are your thoughts on this latest interiors craze?! Are you a fan, or are you perplexed as to how this one got started in the first place?! Since moving to the south, I’ve noticed a coastal trend in blue painted porch ceilings, which I’m sure you’ve observed as well. It turns out that the color has a special name: Haint Blue, and it is claimed to be effective for warding off “evil haints.” I understand what you’re going through.

  • In recent years, black ceilings have been increasingly popular because they may be used to disguise ugly ceilings, make a space seem cozier, or bring emphasis to a specific region or perspective in the room.
  • Not to mention that there are a host of illusion methods that may be used to assist make a room feel exactly correct.
  • But I’m extremely interested in hearing what you have to say!
  • 1st and foremost (image above) Take for example the most pop-inspired example I could find: a painted ceiling with horizontal stripes.
  • But I’m well aware that this appearance isn’t for everyone.
  • Otherwise, it might rapidly be perceived as crazy, and not in a good manner.
  • I can’t help but believe that the mustard yellow ceilings in this property were purposefully positioned to provide a visual counterpoint to the overcast Danish skies.

(Image courtesy of Remodelista) 3.While on a girls’ vacation to Chattanooga, I grabbed this picture of the powder blue ceiling.

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Despite the fact that the color choice maintains the area looking light and airy, it also perfectly matches the whimsical nature of the rest of the design.

With the addition of dark gray ceilings, this area acquires depth and warmth in contrast to the white walls and furnishings.

It’s possible that I’ll need to plan a vacation here to see it for myself.

(Image courtesy of Petit and Small) In addition to these vaulted kitchen ceilings, Holly Williams’ Tennessee home boasts a number of other distinctive original architectural features.

If it were up to me, I would have left everything white because I adore white spaces in general.

(Photo courtesy of Annie Schlechter for Country Living.) 7.The next step is.

(Photo courtesy of Tessa Neustadt for designlovefest.) Eighth, a great dark paint might assist to disguise crowded ceilings or conceal an architectural aspect that you want to tone down in an otherwise bright room (in this case the beams).

(Photo courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design) 9.Gilles and Bossier’s use of a flash of color in an otherwise monochrome area is very appealing.

(Photo courtesy of Matthieu Slavaing via My Domaine) 10.High ceilings might often appear to be a bit too high.

Aside from that, can we speak about how beautifully this color combination complements the copper ceiling light fixture?

(Image courtesy of viavtwonen) 11.The sense of space created by this ceiling is an excellent illustration of how to properly paint ceilings.

Clever! (Image courtesy of The Little Evic) That’s all there is to it! What are your thoughts?! Do you think painted ceilings in interiors are a good idea or a bad idea? What about you? If you’re a fan, do you think you’d ever try this style in your own home? SaveSave

How to Put Up a Circus Tent

Whether it is your first time putting on a circus performance or you simply want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of tent building, becoming familiar with the many aspects of production may be quite beneficial. You can create your own “huge top” if you have the right equipment, the right number of labor, and the right instructions.

Things You’ll Need:

  • The following items are required: 500 feet of rope, a central pole, individual pole bale-ring and flagstaffs, a sledgehammer, secondary and tertiary poles, tent roof canvas, and the necessary stakes for construction.

Examine the region where you wish to set up your tent. For performance purposes, most oval-style circus tents are 118 by 150 feet in size, while others can be as large as 500 feet in length. Each tent requires a smooth or nearly flat bottom (ideally dirt or sanded) in order to be effective. Make a mark on the ground around the tent’s circumference to guarantee adequate room. Mark the location of the center pole and take the diameter of each stake to use as a guideline for where to position them.

  1. Measure out each radius from the center pole in the directions of north, south, east, and west, completing a full 360-degree circle.
  2. To complete this operation, you’ll need at least two to seven other employees, as each stake has a length of between 4 and 5 feet as well as a thickness of two to three inches.
  3. In order to ensure that the tent is stable, drive each of the 300 or more pegs into the ground until two-thirds of it lies within the ground.
  4. Drape the canvas inside the perimeter of the area that has been staked off.
  5. Make a tiny cylindrical hole in the ground for the pole to be inserted into.
  6. Keep one technician at the foot of each pole with a crowbar for placement while lifting each pole sequentially with a crew of 10 to 40 pullers, using extreme safety at all times.
  7. The crowbar should be used to hold the pole firm as its girth is raised until it is exactly perpendicular.
  8. Lay out the fabric ceiling of the tent, unrolling each of its individual parts as you go along.
  9. After that, attach the regions where the different roof portions join together by rope through the fabric loops that have already been created.
  10. Pulling on the ropes that are attached to the bale-ring in an equal fall will raise the tent ceiling to the top of the center pole, which will serve as a guide.
  11. Close the seams at the bale-ring of each pole by firmly tying off each portion of the rope with a ladder once it has been tied off.

Proceed in this manner with each subsequent post until the ceiling has been completely propped. The canvas tent top should be fastened to each stake at each of the required loops, as should all other parts of the lighting and stage production be in place.


When building a traditional circus “big top,” always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your individual tent. Each tent manufacturer has a tendency to make minor modifications to each tent design, and each of these modifications must be carefully followed in order to assure the safety of your tent.


  • Tent constructing should always be done with the assistance of expert tent assemblers. If any element of the instructions is disregarded or neglected, it is possible that a severe safety issue may be unintentionally introduced. When it comes to tent installation, never skimp on the details.

How to Build Props for a Circus Themed Birthday Party

  • 6 white plastic tablecloths and 6 red plastic tablecloths
  • Twine
  • Pushpins
  • 24-inch box
  • Box cutter
  • Black spray paint
  • 6 white plastic tablecloths and 6 red plastic tablecloths The following materials: stuffed animal
  • White thread
  • Paper towel roll, two eye hooks, and tape are all you need.

Make simple circus props out of everyday materials found around the house. The addition of decorations to a party enhances the overall atmosphere of the theme. When you decorate your home with circus-themed items, your home becomes a virtual big tent, and your party becomes a virtual circus. Instead of spending a lot of money on store-bought props that you may never use again, you can construct your own at home using common household items and supplies. Making your own bespoke circus props takes little time and work, and it allows you to customize your party decorations to meet your specific demands.


Using one of the short ends of a 9-foot white plastic tablecloth, gather the ends together in a bundle. Tie a piece of thread around it, about an inch from the end, to secure it. Replace five additional white tablecloths with six more red plastic tablecloths and repeat the process with the remaining materials.

Step 2

Pushpins are used to secure the gathered ends of the tablecloths to the center of the ceiling in the main party area. To make the circus-tent stripe design, alternate the positioning of the red and white stripes.

Step 3

Stretch a white tablecloth across one of the walls, making sure to lay the tablecloth out evenly. Then, when you get to a corner of the ceiling, you may connect the tablecloth to it using pushpins, letting the end of the tablecloth to hang down. Proceed in the same manner, extending out the tablecloths to cover all four walls this time.

Step 4

To make it easier to enter and exit the room, cut a slit along the middle of any tablecloth that conceals a doorway.

Animal Cages

Draw a 22-inch square on the side of a 24-inch box, leaving a 1-inch border around the outside of the box. This is the final product. Every inch of the square should have vertical lines drawn through it.

Step 2

Cutting off the gaps between every other line with a box cutter will provide 11 1-inch bars when done correctly.

Step 3

Black spray paint should be used to cover the whole surface of the box. Allow the box to dry for at least one night.

Step 4

Stuffed animals such as tigers, monkeys, and elephants should be placed in the box. Alternatively, animal cutouts made of cardboard may be used to construct your animal cages.

Step 5

Continue the process with additional boxes until you have as many cages as you wish to use.


Make a 5-foot length of white string by cutting it in half.

Step 2

Feed the string into the middle of a paper towel roll that has been discarded. The roll should be centered on the string.

Step 3

Attach two eye hooks to the ceiling, 12 inches apart, and space them evenly around the room.

Tie the loose ends of the thread to the eye hooks with a piece of string. If desired, attach a plush animal to the paper towel roll with tape or twine to create the appearance of a trapeze performer.

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