How To Make A Tent For Wisemen

The Philosophy Foundation – The Six Wise Men

  • Aristotle on the distinction between parts and wholes (see quotation below)
  • Socrates on the realization that you don’t know anything
  • The work of Frank Jackson, ‘Mary and the Black and White Room,’ among others. Specifically, Russell’s theory of descriptions Plato on the distinction between particulars and universals

Teaching Strategies

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” according to a quote to be used in class (if suitable). It is attributed to Aristotle in his Metaphysics, although it is prevalent throughout the whole rather than just in one section! In his Theaetetus, Plato raises the question of how to solve it. Using mimed motions as you talk, assist the children visualize the many sensations that the wise men are experiencing while you are describing them to them. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that you memorize this narrative rather than reading it.

Almost as though you are simply stating what you have discovered.

(Years 1-5).


Many years ago, six wise men walked the streets of Delhi. Each wise man believed he understood everything there was to know about life and the universe. The good news of their amazing intelligence spread far and wide throughout India, until it reached the ears of a King. He made the decision to put the six wise men to the test in order to see whether or not they truly understood everything there was to know. He further stated in the message that thousands of people will be in attendance, and that anyone who did not accept his offer would be viewed as cowards.

  • He took them to a large tent that he had constructed in his courtyard and told them that all they had to do was tell him what was inside the tent, which they dutifully completed.
  • To which the King said, “Of course it will be simple if you are well-versed in all that is necessary.” The King then went into detail about how the exam will be done.
  • It was decided that the three wise men would each enter through a separate doorway, but they would all be blinded when they did so.
  • “However, this should not be a problem for you,” the King said, “since you are all well-versed in every subject under the sun.” “Indeed!” The wise men responded in kind.
  • He was inside the tent when he was abruptly confronted with something enormous and flat that blocked his path.
  • “I know what’s in the tent,” he declared as he stepped out of the tent.
  • He might be experiencing something very different.

The moment he walked out of the tent, he said, “There’s rope in the tent!” When the third wise man entered the tent through the third entrance, he felt something long, thin, smooth, and hard that bent slightly as it came to a sharp tip.

“It’s a spear with a bend in it!” He informed the King of this.

The fifth wise man, on the other hand, was not convinced.

It looks like a tree trunk, or it may be a tree.” When the sixth wise man arrived, he entered into the tent.

“It’s a snake!” he cried as he dashed out of the tent, chasing after it.

Aaagh!” In other words, the first wise man thought it was a wall in the tent, the second wise man thought it was rope in there, the third wise man thought it was a bent spear in there, the fourth wise man thought it was a flag in there, the fifth wise man thought it was a tree growing out of ground, and the sixth wise man thought he had met a snake in the tent.

Task Question 1:

  • Is it necessary to have six things or may it be just one thing? Is it one item or six things if there is a wall, a rope, a spear, a flag, a tree trunk, and a snake in the tent, all of which are bound together by a single rope and spear? (Taken from a Year 2 student.) After you start building a robot, you start with a lot of different parts, but when you are completed, you have a robot on your hands. So, is the robot a single entity or a collection of things? (Taken from a Year 2 student.) How many items can you find if you have a man with a spear in his hand? If you have a statue of a guy wielding a spear, how many objects do you have in your collection? If there were six various sorts of trees in the tent, could it be one thing since they are all trees, or could it be six things because there were six distinct types of trees?

Extension activity on the preceding point

On the board, write the following four numbers: After that, have the students count how many numbers are on the board. (See Plato’s distinction between particulars and universals.)

Stimulus Continued

A long time passed as the six wise men debated what they believed to be in the tent when one of them said, “Hey, maybe the King is trying to mislead us and there are six different items in the tent.” The other five wise men agreed. “Are there six distinct things in the tent?” they all asked the King as they turned to face him. “No,” the King said emphatically. In the tent there is only one item, and you have all come into contact with that one thing. As a result, please explain what it takes to pass the test.” The six wise men all glanced at each other, as though they couldn’t figure out what was going on within the tent.

Task Question 2:

  • In your opinion, what one object do you believe is in the tent that would match all of the characteristics provided

Nested Questions

  • Is it possible that something is changing? Is it feasible that there is one item that does not change, or would it be necessary to modify anything

Stimulus Continued

Once all of the wise men had spoken about what they believed to be in the tent, the King issued the order for the tent to be lifted in the proper manner. A large group of troops tugged on some ropes at the side of the tent, and the structure slowly began to rise to its full height. Following a few feet of rise in the tent, they could all see what looked to be four tree trunks, two in the front and two in the rear, standing under the tent, in the following configuration: Alternatively, if none of the students have guessed that it is an elephant so far, enable them to make another guess by anchoring them with TQ 2 once again.

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As soon as someone claims that they believe it is an elephant, instruct the class to compare it to the six descriptions, noting each item next to the initial claim:

  1. A wall serves as the body
  2. A rope serves as the tail
  3. A spear serves as the tusk
  4. A flag serves as the ear
  5. A tree trunk serves as the leg
  6. A snake serves as the trunk

It wasn’t until the tent was raised that it was realized that there was. an elephant within the tent. After discovering that none of the wise men had recognized that it was an elephant, the King told them that this test had demonstrated that they did not, after all, know everything there was to know about everything.

Task Question 3:

  • There was an elephant in the tent, and it was terrifying. In other words, was it one item or six things in the tent?

Nested Questions for further discussions:

  • Is it possible to be completely knowledgeable? Is it a good idea to believe you know everything? Is it possible that they would have uncovered what was in the tent if they had collaborated?

Extension Activities

If you lose one of your five senses (i.e., smell, touch, sight, taste, or hearing), Task Question: Can you still understand what is going on around you? If so, how would you go about it? This process should be repeated over and over again, one sensation at a time, until all of the senses have been eliminated. TQ: Is it possible to know anything if you don’t have any senses? The poem asks, “How can one know that one knows?” In ‘I Was Only Asking,’ Steve Turner expresses his thoughts on the subject.

(See Frank Jackson’s Mary and The Black and White Room for further information.) If you have a’stick man’ made up of five pencils, ten bolts, and a bowl, how many things do you think he has in his possession?

Is it three things (all of the different types of items utilized, such as pencils, bolts, and a bowl)? Is it two things (the stick guy) or one thing and two things? Or is it 17 things (the 16 things it’s made of plus the one item they manufacture) or a different number of things altogether.

Good simple TQ: How many things am I?

(This is especially beneficial for younger children, from nursery to third grade.) The Feeley-bag game consists of one youngster putting their hand into a bag that contains an item. However, they can only explain how it feels, so they have to rely on the rest of the class to guess what’s in the bag. For example, ‘It’s steep and curved.’ It’s long and slender.’ and so on.) This is an adaptation of the above game in which a table is put in the centre of the classroom and the class is divided into two groups.

While they must try to convince the opposing side to guess what it is, they are not permitted to disclose what it is and must instead explain it.

The biggest award is given to the person who makes the fewest guesses, however this is optional.

Poem: Can You Know Everything?

Is it possible for you to know everything? Is it possible to know everything? Do you happen to know anything? Will certain things be kept hidden from view, or will they be revealed? Are you going to be invisible forever? Are we always in the dark, somewhere we’ll never go again? How many numbers are remain if we count each and every one? Can another book be created with something fresh in it if we read every book -including the best-selling ones? Is it possible to invent new words? Can we continue to raise questions?

If we manage to track down the first person, humanity’s mother, where do we proceed from there if there is nothing to learn?

Will we be unable to grow any longer?

The Six Wise Men: A Novel (PDF)

The Nativity 3 Wisemen King Beards!

The following article may include affiliate links, sponsored material, and goods that were provided at no cost to the author. Wise King Beards—The Three Wisemen of Babylon Alternatively, it’s fantastic for various ages costumes! Like a magician, in fact. Create a beard in the style of Dumbledore or Gandalf! Excellent for dwarves, as well as founding fathers and presidents such as Abraham Lincoln! These are the three wise guys in my life. 2 gentlemen, to be precise. In addition, we made the female dress up as well!

  1. Every year on Christmas Eve, we put on a performance of the Nativity tale.
  2. However, it occurred to me that some facial hair would be a nice finishing touch.
  3. So.
  4. Felt may be found in a variety of colors including white, brown, tan, and black.
  5. This service is provided free of charge for personal use only.
  6. Simply right-click to save the file and then print it on a sheet of paper.
  7. If you’re planning to accomplish all three, plan ahead of time.

After that, move on to the next length.

You’ll need the elastic now, don’t you?

It will stretch and remain in place this way.

Hot glue the other end of the elastic to the edge of the beard, and you’re done!

It will be able to fit over the mouth in this manner.

Place it on and play with it for a few minutes before gluing it down. The margins of the mustache should just be faintly hot glued onto the beard. You may repeat this as many times as you want! This is perfect for a young king! Alternatively, three!

The Myth of the Nativity Wise Men

Isn’t it true that we all have pet peeves? It seems like we all have those minor irritations that appear to affect us far more than they should. After all, I hope you’ll forgive me if this seems petty, but one of my pet peeves involves the “Wise Men” (also known as the “3 Kings” or the” Magi,” depending on where you live), who are almost always included in nativity scenes and plays that are performed each Christmas season as depictions of the birth of Jesus. What is it about Wise Men that bothers me?

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I have absolutely nothing against the Magi as individuals, I am certain of that.

In reality, they didn’t appear on the scene for quite some time after that.

The First Christmas

The narrative of the first Christmas is one of those cultural touchstones that everyone seems to be familiar with at this point in time. Because Caesar Augustus had ordered a census, Mary and Joseph were had to go to Bethlehem, also known as the “City of David” and Joseph’s ancestral home (Luke 2:1). Despite the fact that Mary was well into her pregnancy, the young couple was compelled to travel. Fortunately, they arrived in Bethlehem in time to witness the birth of Mary’s child. Unfortunately, there were no open rooms at any of the inns in the surrounding area when we arrived.

That’s vital when it comes to determining where the wise men fit into the timeline: For this reason, Joseph also travelled from the town of Nazareth in Galilee all the way up into Judea to Bethlehem, the city of David, since he was descended from the house and line of David.

As the baby’s due date arrived, they were present when she gave birth to her first son, who was born during their stay.6 She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger because they were unable to stay in a guest room because there was no room available.

I haven’t forgotten about them in the slightest.

They were present: After the angels had left them and returned to heaven, the shepherds spoke among themselves, saying, “Let’s travel to Bethlehem and see what has happened, as the Lord has informed us about it.” 16As a result, they raced off and discovered Mary and Joseph, as well as the infant, who was sleeping in the manger.

Luke 2:15-18 (KJV) Because there was no room in a proper shelter for Jesus to be born, he was placed in a manger as a baby. And He was in the manger when the shepherds came to pay Him homage. However, this was not the case with the Wise Men.

A Long Time Later

The Wise Men (also known as the Magi) are first introduced to us in the Gospel of Matthew: Following Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, Judea, during the reign of King Herod, Magi from the east traveled to Jerusalem2and inquired as to “where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?” We noticed his star as it rose in the sky and have come to adore him.” Matthew 2:1-2 (KJV) Now, the word “after” at the beginning of verse 1 is a little difficult to interpret.

How long will it be after that? Is it a day?

How about a couple years?

First, take note of the specifics of Jesus’ location when the Three Wise Men finally arrived with their gifts: After they had heard the king, they continued on their journey, and the star that they had seen when it first appeared preceded them until it came to rest above the location where the infant had been found.

  1. 11When they arrived at the home, they saw the infant with his mother Mary, and they bowed their heads and worshiped him as they entered.
  2. 12And, after being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they took a different way back to their homeland.
  3. “When I arrived at the house, I noticed that Jesus was no longer “lying in a manger.” Instead, Mary and Joseph had lived in Bethlehem for a long enough period of time to be able to rent or acquire a decent home.
  4. When the Magi came, however, it was unclear how long they had been in the dwelling.
  5. If you recall the account, the Magi paid Herod a visit and asked him the following question: “Where has the one who was born king of the Jews vanished to?
  6. Hercules was an extremely paranoid and merciless monarch, and as such he had no interest in a possible opponent.
  7. Herod’s true objectives were revealed, however, when the Wise Men managed to slip past his grasp and return to their homeland by a different path.
  8. Matthew 2:16 (KJV) This was done because the Magi had given Herod the date on which they had seen Jesus’ star (v.
  9. His choice was made “in line with the time he had learnt from the Magi,” he explained.
  10. Instead, he was a wonderful toddler between the ages of 1 and 2 years old, according to his parents.

The Three Wise Men presented three gifts to Jesus before his birth: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. However, this does not necessarily imply that there were just three men there. It’s possible that a whole caravan of Magi traveled to the palace to adore the King.

Moving Forward

In all seriousness, I believe the Magi are a wonderful addition to the Christmas tale and that they should be celebrated. Their existence proves that Jesus was not born just as a Savior for Jews, as some have claimed. Instead, He had come as the Saviour of the entire world, as the Messiah. It took only two years of His existence on earth for Him to become known as an universal King, and He gained a large international following. Nonetheless, I like to be as biblically correct as feasible wherever possible.

Definition of Wise Men

EVALUATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF AFFECT AND EFFECT VERSUS AFFECT! In effect, this exam will determine whether or not you possess the necessary abilities to distinguish between the terms “affect” and “effect.” Despite the wet weather, I was in high spirits on the day of my graduation celebrations.

Words nearbyWise Men

Wise-ass, wisecrack, wise guy, intelligently, Wiseman, Wise Men, wisenheimer, wisent, wise up, wise up to, wish you were here The Third Edition of The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is now available. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company acquired the copyright in 2005. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company is the publisher of this book. All intellectual property rights are retained.

How to useWise Menin a sentence

  • According to Sandler, “I believe that for trans males who are dating, every time they hook up, they have another one coming out.” In the 1990s, it prevented homosexual men from holding positions of leadership in the Boy Scouts of America. It was via publications with covers designed to titillate heterosexual males that isolated lesbians discovered that there were other women like them. According to Agence France-Presse, security sources stated that the gas station manager stated that he knew the two individuals.
  • On websites that promoted both individuals for their speeches, the juxtaposition established the seed of an association tale. The majority of the guys jumped to their feet, grabbing spears or blades, and sprinting away
  • A tent for their ill soldiers was also provided by the Duchess, so we effectively had a tiny town of our own here, with everyone working. An assault and battery case arose between two guys called Brown and Henderson, who were both charged with the crime. Medicines derived from the soil have been created by the Most High, and a wise man will not despise them
  • In the same way that a wise man does not despise the commandments and justices, he will not be smashed to pieces by the forces of nature.
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Backyard camping

In the event that your family is ready for a camping vacation but you’d prefer to escape the chaos of crowded campsites, why not bring the excitement of a camping excursion to the comfort of your own home? If you follow these suggestions, you will have a fantastic backyard camping experience—without the stress of loading up the car!

Pop your tent

Make use of an old tent from the garage, spend a little more money on a new tent, or be creative and create a fort with the kids! To make things more comfortable, bring out cots or blow up an air mattress. It’s important to check the weather forecast to determine what kind of sleeping bags or blankets you’ll need, as well as if you need zip up the windows or put the rain cover on the car.

Start your fire

Start a fire in a pit or construct a little bonfire in your garden (per your local fire regulations). Non-stop warmth and nourishment will not only set the tone for your camping trip, but it will also keep you comfortable and satisfied. Keep a pile of dry sticks or chopped wood handy in case the fire goes out in the middle of the evening. Make sure to teach your children how to properly tend a fire, how to cook over an open flame, and how to maintain fire safety.

Prepare your menu

It’s time for some old-fashioned camping fun! Make tasty and entertaining campfire foods such as hot dogs over an open fire, toasted marshmallows for s’mores, and campfire popcorn! Ensure that you have enough camp forks (or sticks) for everyone before starting the cooking process. Bring out all of the ingredients and let everyone to dress up their camp meal, since your family will have a great time cooking for themselves.

Plan your activities

Prepare for your backyard vacay by planning some activities ahead of time. You are under no need to adhere to a timetable, but bear in mind that the purpose is to keep the family out at the campground rather than in the house watching television or glued to their cell phones and tablets. Consider the following basic yet entertaining activities to keep everyone entertained: Games to play in the backyard Consider the types of games that your family will enjoy playing together. Teams can compete in games such as whiffle ball, ladders, and cornhole, while individuals can participate in games such as frozen tag, Simon Says, or a fun card game.

  1. You may either set a timer or merely scavenge until someone comes across all of the goods you’ve hidden.
  2. Movies in the open air beneath the stars Grab the projector (you can purchase cheaply priced portable small projectors online), hang a white bedsheet, and settle in for a relaxing evening watching a family movie outside in the fresh air.
  3. This is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy some popcorn over a bonfire.
  4. Gather around the fire and let your imagination run wild.
  5. You are not required to tell ghost stories, but if it is something your family appreciates, go ahead and do it!
  6. While sitting around the campfire, people are singing.
  7. Traditional campfire tunes, popular music, or family favorites are all good choices.

Taking a look at the night sky It’s best to turn off the lights if it’s a clear night so you can look up at the night sky and view the moon, Northern Lights, the Big and Little Dipper, and any other constellations that you can spot. If you have a telescope, you’ll get extra points.

Bottom line

To have a pleasant time camping with your family, you don’t have to travel far at all. Start putting together your plans for what is sure to be a spectacular backyard camping trip now! Let’s get back to the matter at hand.

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