How To Make A Glamping Tent

How To Make A Dreamy DIY Glamping Tent

Summary of the post: Glamping at my campsite? Please accept my invitation! How to make a glamping tent at home or on a campsite using just household items. Glamping, as it’s more widely known, is something I really like and would recommend to everyone. Yes, I am more than capable of roughing it, but the novelty of setting up a luxurious outdoor setup somewhere breathtakingly gorgeous is something I enjoy doing. We had planned a delightful two-night kid-free weekend to go luxury camping, but when that didn’t work out, we came up with the idea of building our own DIY glamping tent in our garden instead.

Because we enjoy a good challenge and a good design (have you seen our 1979 camper remodel?) we decided to explore what type of glamping setup we could come up with for less than a hundred dollars.

If you don’t have access to those two items, it will almost certainly cost you more than $100.

You may use your glamping supplies over and over again once you have made your first investment, allowing you to glamp anywhere you want whenever you want.

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  • For the ultimate camping experience, stay at a luxurious campsite. Learn how to glamp in the comfort of your own home. Ideas and inspiration for glamping in a tent

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See how we created our own glamping setup and what we were able to accomplish in the video below. All of our gear needed to be able to go light with us so that we could set up in the same manner whether we were vehicle camping in Arches National Park or at a local campground.


Let’s go through everything that goes into creating a glamping setup that can compete with the likes of a luxury glamping experience in order to understand what it takes.


The first thing you’ll need is a tent that is both roomy and comfortable to sleep in. Typical glamping tents are made of canvas bell tents, like seen above. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive, making them an unnecessary purchase if you do not intend to set it up and use it on a regular basis. On the off chance that you’re still interested, you might check out this highly rated one on Amazon. However, if you have a lot of money to spend, they are the perfect dreamlike complement to your backyard glamping experience.

It’s a large camping tent with enough room to accommodate up to eight people.

Its tallest point is 6’10” so you can stand up (crouching around inside your tent is NOT glamping), it features room separators (which are ideal for families), and, my personal favorite, it has a stiff door that can swing open.

Those types of modest elements are what lift you from a camping experience to a glamping one.

I also enjoy that you can zip down portions to create windows if you want your tent to have an open, breezy feel, or you can zip them all the way up if you want more seclusion. Other excellent tents for glamping include:

  1. Among the options are the Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent, the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent, and the Coleman Tent with Screen Room.

Consider the real-world uses of your tent while purchasing a new one when you’re shopping for one. We selected a tent that would allow us to still go camping with it. You might purchase a large tent, such as this four-room tent, but keep in mind that campgrounds can be tiny and may not be able to accommodate a large tent. However, if you’re planning on using it in your backyard, it won’t work in a National Park. Find a nice medium between the two extremes.


Making a comfortable bed is essential when transitioning from camping to glamping. The majority of people recommend an air mattress as an upgrade from a sleeping bag. I have strong feelings about air mattresses, and to be blunt, I loathe them. I don’t know why, but I do. You will never be able to persuade me that an air mattress is pleasant! Even though the product promises to have a high concentration of pillow top – gel foam-down feather-organic cotton, the truth is that it does not. Not to add that air mattresses do not provide any insulation, so you will wind up cold in your luxurious glamping tent, no matter how luxurious it is.

  1. Air mattresses have been subjected to three distinct tests in order to bolster my anti-air mattress stance.
  2. Never, ever again!
  3. We really adore them!
  4. How do I find out?
  5. They were warm and comfortable, and we woke up with no body pains in the morning!
  6. To make your mattress more cozier (although, honestly, you don’t have to because Therma A Rest mattresses are that fantastic), you can layer down mattress topper on top of your pad set.
  7. You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag, however there is no law stating that camping requires the use of a sleeping bag as a requirement.
  8. Due to the fact that we already had sleeping bags, we used our Kelty Galactic Down Sleeping Bags for our glamping setup.
  9. For couples who want to take their glamping experience on the road, the Kelty Doublewide sleeping bag is a great option to consider.
  10. Regardless of the type of sheets you choose, you’ll want to add a lovely blanket to the top of your bed to make it more comfortable.
  11. Although the blanket we use is no longer available for purchase, you may browse through the other wonderful Pendleton blankets available.

As a last note, avoid the use of small camping pillows that are intended for travelers. Please bring your own cushions from home with you! I’ve been using acontour memory foam cooling pillow for years and haven’t looked back.


Lighting is essential for creating a DIY glamping tent that looks and feels high-end while being low-cost. On the side of our bed, we have an LED camping lamp, and we also have LED flickering candles for added atmosphere. Real candles may be more aromatic and realistic, but they pose a severe fire threat in a tent, therefore I recommend using worry-free battery-operated candles rather than real candles. You’d be shocked at how realistic they appear during night time. Furthermore, if you have children, it’s a no-brainer.

This camping lamp with a vintage appearance that also serves as a power bank is one of my favorites.

In addition, we installed solar-powered cafe lights in the outside seating area.

Finally, you may decorate the interior of your tent with battery-operated fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere.


When you go glamping on your own, you’ll want to establish comfortable locations for sitting, reading, relaxing, and dining both inside and outside the tent. It was necessary to position two side tables from iClimb in order to provide a frame for the bed. Not to mention the practicality of having side tables in the room! Ours are designed exclusively for camping and fold up into a small, lightweight bag, making them ideal for transport. Although we like the natural wood tables, they are also available in a range of different colors.

  1. We created a layered, boho aesthetic by layering rugs that we already possessed.
  2. Turkish towels are my favorite since they can be used in a variety of ways, including as a towel, a picnic blanket, a throw, or a shawl.
  3. They’re the ideal multi-purpose item for a glamping getaway.
  4. For our purposes, we placed our sitting arrangement directly outside the tent.
  5. The finishing touch is a hammock or swing chair, which may be hung between two trees for added comfort.
  6. Individual sizes and children’s sizes are also available.


This is where you can truly make your DIY glamping tent stand out by including some rich details. It was important to us that our decor be lightweight and portable so that it could be taken to a camping. Rugs, wildflowers, macrame plant holders, and a homemade chandelier served as the basis for our interior design. We purchased a 1000-piece bag of natural wooden beads as well as a spool of blue jute rope in order to create our DIY chandelier. We made a spherical center out of an old wire hanger and strung the beads together with blue yarn to finish it off.

  1. Considering that we already had macrame and plants from our camper, we decided to use them for our backyard glamping.
  2. Our copper camping cups from United by Blue were the perfect way to add even more life to the tent, so we collected some wildflowers from our yard and placed them in them.
  3. Having said that, it is unlawful to gather flowers in any National Park and it is not advisable to take flowers from public grounds.
  4. We have a whole page dedicated to the glamping basics that you may use to complete your DIY glamping tent setup.

Check it out! Things like warm slippers and a solar power charger are the proverbial icing on the cake when it comes to a luxurious glamping trip. Check out our piece on the best glamping accessories to add to your luxury camping experience for more information.


If you are going to put in the effort to create your own glamping setup at home or in a camp, then eating properly should be a top concern. When we go camping, we use a Coleman camping stove, which is quite reliable and does an excellent job. It’s an excellent first stove for anyone who is new to camping. Nevertheless, to be quite honest, it is not a glamping stove in the traditional sense. Do you have any idea what it is? TheCamp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a great addition to any camping trip.

  1. All I could think about was how they were going to win.
  2. It’s impossible to beat having an oven for baking chocolate chip cookies and a burner for frying omelets.
  3. It’s great and ideal for anyone who wants to go backyard glamping but doesn’t have access to a fire pit.
  4. Finally, put up a sophisticated lunch charcuterie dish with anOpinel picnic knife, a herringbone cutting board, and stemless silicone sleeve wine glasses for a special occasion.
  5. Yes.


The following is a breakdown of how much money we spent. As I previously stated, we hoped to obtain everything from what we already have on hand. The items listed below are what we purchased to complete our glamping setup.

  1. What we spent was broken down into the following categories: According to what I previously stated, we intended to obtain everything from what we already had on hand. Everything you’ll need to complete your glamping experience is listed below!





We had a great time building our own Glamping Tent from scratch! We hope you will use our tips on how to glamp your tent to create your own backyard memories and share them with us. Alternatively, you could even take it on the road to a camping! If you have any queries, please leave a comment below. Save This for Later

Easy DIY Backyard Glamping

To have an unforgettable glamping experience, you don’t have to go far from your house. I’ll show you how to enjoy D.I.Y.Backyard Glamping in the comfort of your own home.” I’ve developed a new passion. Glamping. Perhaps you’ve heard about it before? It turns out that not many individuals have done so. Allow me to inform you a little more. A “luxury camping experience” is defined as “glamorous camping” or a “luxury camping experience.” Does this seem like a misnomer? I mean, who would ever consider sleeping in a tent inside a sleeping bag to be anything but a luxury experience?

  1. And, even though my husband and I adore camping, we’ve never been known to rough it in the wilderness.
  2. Our air bed was more than just a mattress; it was elevated off the ground on a frame.
  3. I was a glamper long before it was fashionable to do so, and I was completely unaware of it.
  4. When my husband traveled from Ohio to Oregon and returned this past summer, I attempted, but failed, to arrange a glamping location for us in Yellowstone National Park for our one-year wedding anniversary celebration.
  5. As were all of the other campsites in the surrounding region.
  6. For work, my husband travels frequently, and I’ve been trying to figure out how I might make his time at home more memorable.
  7. Imagine setting up camp in our backyard for a DIY Backyard Glamping event.
  8. Is it possible to have a romantic weekend away for my spouse and me without having to travel?
  9. In addition, we have a property in the country with 300 acres of land that we rent out.
  10. Take a look at the teepee glamping tent that I made up in the style of the American Southwest.
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Check out these glamping blogs if you’re interested in glamping but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up your own site: Glamping in Ohio: Visiting the Mohicans Treehouse Village and Other Unique Properties: More Unique Properties: A Stay at the Wigwam Motel in Kentucky, which is known for its ultra-retro design.

Make a reservation for your stay in the Hocking Hills. Caboose When you stay at this incredible Ohio property, you can sleep in a treehouse. Yellowstone National Park’s Roughrider Cabins are a great place to stay.

Setting up your DIY Backyard Glamping Site

The first thing we needed to do was figure out where we were going to set up our tent. Initially, I thought it would be wonderful to have our glamping tent put up on the outskirts of the woods, but my husband had a better idea and had done some research beforehand. He believed it would be better if the tent was closer to the pond, so that when we woke up in the morning and looked out of the tent from our bed, we’d have a beautiful view. It turns out that the area he proposed was the superior choice.

  • We could have utilized our pop-up tent, which is one of my favorite things.
  • I definitely had visions of something a little more opulent.
  • My husband constructed a frame out of wood pieces he had lying around the home, which we then wrapped with canvas drop cloths.
  • To make things even better, my husband built a floor for the tent.
  • We utilized four wood pallets as a base for our bed and another as a headboard, which we painted white.
  • No matter how many times you’ve tented in chilly weather, the air mattress always seems to become cold at night, so the mattress topper was the ideal solution.
  • You can find the comforter, duvet cover, pillowshams, and throw pillows all in one place at this store.

It has a really romantic appearance without being too frilly.

I also included a shag area rug in the tent, as well as a basket full of cushions, in case we felt the urge to recline on the ground while camping.

A eating space outside the tent with plenty of lighting was something I had originally envisioned.

No need to be concerned about our candles being blown out by the wind because we had plenty of space for everything.

Things you would not think of bringing on a camping vacation, but that will make your experience a little more memorable.

While I had intended for this to be a romantic getaway for my husband and me, our children were pleased by our efforts and joined us on a few of our excursions.

We stayed on a glamping site for many days.

However, we only stayed in the tent for one night, which was quite an adventure for us to do in the middle of November in Ohio.

We were feeling very cozy and at ease.

After my husband discovered a tick on him and we discovered other ticks inside the tent, we opted to stay indoors for the night.

PSA: If you live in a tick-infested region, make sure to inspect yourself well before going outside. Tick-borne illnesses have the potential to be quite dangerous. Believe me when I say that I understand. Additionally, you may be prepared by packing tick repellant with your glamping equipment.

What you need for a great DIY Backyard Glamping Experience:

To erect your tent, you’ll need the following items: hand tools and power tools (my husband recommends Ryobi brand tools). Two by fours or whatever other timber you have laying about the house Drop Cloths Made of Canvas To adorn your tent, use the following items: Mattresses with air chambers Mattress Pads are used to provide additional comfort. Bedding- I utilized sheets, analternative goose down comforter, a warm blanket, a white shabby chic duvet cover, pillows, and pillow shams to create my bedding ensemble.

  1. Flower lights strung together in a cluster (on headboard) Candles in a variety of sizes—I used white 4 x 6 candles in burlap bags, but I really enjoy the LED light candles since you don’t have to worry about the flame catching on fire.
  2. Candles are packaged in burlap bags.
  3. Flowers Carpets for a large area or numerous rugs Lanterns made of paper and lights that hang from the ceiling Throw pillows are arranged in a large white basket.
  4. There are affiliate links in this article.

Best Tents for Glamping: Create a DIY Glamping Experience –

People are going to the great outdoors for getaways and vacations now more than ever before, and for good reason. The concept of “roughing it” with traditional tent camping, on the other hand, is not for everyone. Glamping, often known as glamorous camping or luxury camping, is the answer. A growing number of incredible glamping destinations are cropping up all over the world, and you’ll discover many of them right here on our website. However, why not make your own DIY glamping experience using our list of the finest tents for glamping to save money?

We’ve included mobile glamping tents for weekend trips, semi-mobile glamping tents for longer-term luxury camping, and semi-permanent glamping structures for glamping sites that may be rented out on a regular basis.

In addition, we will discuss some of our favorite glamping gear as well as luxury camping needs to complete the glamping experience from start to finish.

Luxury Glamping Tents for Sale

Price:Premium 2-8 persons can be accommodated. Semi-mobile and semi-permanent glamping are also possible applications. Lotus Belle is the photographer that captured this image. The Lotus Belle Tent is one of the most sought-after glamping tents on the market right now. Although the Lotus Belle premium mix of quality, beauty (it is designed to seem like an upside-down lotus flower), and elegance comes at a premium price, it is well worth it for those who want to be astonished. These showpieces are available in 13 ft, 16 ft, and 20 ft lengths, as well as Hybrid, Outback, and Deluxe designs, each of which offers a range of door and window options for excellent ventilation.

If you want to get a sense of how big it is, the 16′ by 16′ glamping tent can accommodate up to six twin beds. Order a Lotus Belle Tent today to create your own DIY Glamping experience and watch as others get envious of your accomplishment!

Free Space Canvas Bell Tent for 4 Seasons

Price:Budget Up to 4 persons can be accommodated. Suitable for:Glamping on the move Amazon is credited with this image. Consider this Free Space Glamping Bell Tent if you’re searching for something that’s comparable to the Lotus Belle tent above but on a tighter budget. In addition to being a fraction of the cost, it is also available in either a 13 foot or a 16 foot size. It’s composed of 100 percent breathable cotton canvas and comes with a groundsheet to keep you dry and comfortable. In warmer weather, the sides of the tent may be raised to create a more bohemian atmosphere, allowing you to rest in the shade while taking in everything that nature has to offer.

Pacific Domes Geodesic Tents

Price:Premium 2-8 persons can be accommodated. Appropriate for:Semi-permanent glamping location Geodesic domes from Pacific Domes are all the rage these days, and are being used as miniature eco-homes, greenhouses, for special events, and, of course, as glamping tents. For more information, see Pacific Domes. Because these glamping dome tents are only semi-portable, it is advisable to place them somewhere where they can be visited anytime you like. It’s like having your own own glamping camp!

They are available in a variety of sizes and may be tailored to meet your specific luxury camping requirements.

Fernweh Bell Tent

Price:Mid-point 2-8 persons can be accommodated. Suitable for:Glamping on the move Amazon is credited with this image. Designed for two queen-size mattresses, this 16-foot glamping tent is of military-grade construction and offers military-grade quality. The walls of this bell tent are about 5.5 inches higher than the walls of a normal bell tent, providing additional comfort and flexibility of movement within. We use strong duty waterproof natural cotton canvas that is mold, rot and fire resistant.

There are several more additions and small elements that contribute to the overall success of this glamping bell tent.

Danchel Yurt Bell Tent

Price:Mid-point It has a capacity of 2-4 persons. Suitable for:Glamping on the move Amazon is credited with this image. Because of its durability and water resistance, this Danchel Cotton-Canvas Bell Tent is an excellent all-season mobile glamping tent. It comes with two stove jacks as well. In hotter regions, the sides may be be rolled up to allow for optimal circulation while providing shade shelter. The tent is also rather large, with enough space inside for up to four people.

Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

Price:Mid-point 2 to 10 persons can fit in the space. For semi-mobile glamping, this product is ideal. Amazon is credited with this image. The Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is a premium tent camping option that has the appearance of a log home. Aluminum frame, waterproof canvas cover, and free-floating PVC floor are all included as standard features, as are stove jacks and a variety of other useful accessories. A porch may also be purchased if you want to get the complete glamping experience.

This tent is enormous, and while it packs up easily and is certainly portable, the set-up requires at least two people and may be a bit much for a quick weekend escape. Aside from the fact that, after you’ve set up your canvas wall tent glamping location, why would you want to leave?

Vidalido Tipi Style Glamping Tent

Price:Budget 4 persons can be accommodated. Suitable for:Glamping on the move Amazon is credited with this image. Inexpensive and lightweight, this Tipi Style Glamping Tent is an excellent choice for a brief glamping adventure on a budget. The tent is approximately 12 feet wide, and it is actually two tents in a single structure. You may take the outer shell off and put it up on its own if you like. A netting tent, as well as a shelter or shade tent, are available as options as well. It is made of anti-tear 190T patterned polyester as well as 150D Oxford fabric for long-term durability and performance.

Because of this low price, you’ll have lots of spare cash to spend on glamping accessories and other luxurious amenities.

Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge

Price:Budget 4 persons may be accommodated in this room. Applicable for:Glamping on the move Amazon is the source of this image. For a brief glamping holiday on a tight budget, this lightweightTipi Style Glamping Tentis an excellent choice! In actuality, the tent is two tents in one, with a width of around 12 feet. You may take the outer shell off and put it up on its own if you so choose. A netting tent, as well as a shelter or shade tent, are available as additional options. It is made of anti-tear 190T patterned polyester as well as 150D Oxford fabric for long-lasting performance and durability.

At this price, you’ll have plenty of spare cash to spend on glamping gadgets and other luxurious amenities while on your camping adventure.

Glamping Accessories

If you order now, we’ll include some glamping gear and luxury camping supplies to complete your DIY Glamping Experience. Here’s a comprehensive list of accessories to enhance your glamping experience. Keep in mind that the goal of DIY glamping is to create a pleasant environment and mood. Putting the correct products along with the proper glamping tent is a big part of the enjoyment of the experience!

Lounging and Sleeping

Designed for camping, the Legit Camping Double Hammock is ultra-lightweight, luxuriously comfy, and available in a variety of colors. A hammock is a must-have for every glamping site. Helinox Chair that gives ultimate comfort in a lightweight, totally collapsible compact is available for purchase. Perfect for lounging around a campfire with friends. The GCI Freestyle Rocker will contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of glamping as you sit and rock with a glass of wine while gazing at the stars in the sky.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories

If you’re planning on doing your own glamping, you’ll need an outdoor camp kitchen. There are two side tables, three zipped storage bags, and a cook table for a stove included with this kitchen stand’s purchase.

For real all-weather camping, a Wood Burning Tent Stove is an absolute essential. When it’s positioned inside your glamping tent, it can be used to both heat the room and prepare meals for you and your guests.

Miscellaneous Glamping Accessories

If you’re planning on doing your own glamping, an outdoor camp kitchen is an absolute must-have! There are two side tables, three zipped storage bags, and a cook table for a stove included in this kitchen stand package. For real all-weather camping, a Wood Burning Tent Stove is a must-have. Incorporated within the interior of your glamping tent, this device may be used to heat the room as well as to prepare food.

Glamping 101: How to Go From Camping to Glamping – REI Co-op Journal

“Glamping” has risen to become the most popular of all outdoor keywords in recent years. In the history of camping, there has always been a spectrum of experiences, from minimalists camping in isolated wilderness locations to RVers camping in parking lots. While glamping has evolved as a method of pushing the limit on the luxury end of things, often in stunningly lavish ways, it can also be a lot more straightforward than that.

What is Glamping?

The name “glamour camping” is, unsurprisingly, a combination of the words “glamour” and “camping.” Glamping, like conventional camping, has always existed on a continuum, just as it does now. Those seeking utter luxury will find it in uber-luxe alternatives, which are effectively five-star hotel suites situated in a magnificent outdoor environment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, where the majority of glampers reside, there are others who simply elevate their vehicle camping arrangement so that it feels more like a comfortable home.

What Makes Glamping Different From Camping?

The most significant distinction is one’s degree of comfort. You’re living in a semi-rough situation. Having said that, there are no hard-and-fast guidelines to follow. Depending on the operator, you may be able to enjoy comforts such as a spa-like private shower or a “closet” in your tent where you can unpack and hang your things when you book a glamping holiday. Every encounter, on the other hand, will be distinct. Additions such as a larger tent, a plusher mattress, or gourmet kitchenware may make glamping more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Whatever appeals to you in terms of an artful rug, a French coffee press, a string of LED cactus lights, or an attractive camp chair is a good contender for your glamping space.

How Do I Glamp?

When it comes to your outdoor holiday, glamping may be the best option for you. There are several alternatives available. Make a reservation for an all-inclusive glamping getaway: Traveling all-inclusive is frequently the most costly way to experience glamping. A significant advantage of delegating all of the specifics to an industry expert is that you will only have to show up and relax instead of worrying about anything. Alternatively, you might check into glamping-specific travel services or established travel companies that have included glamping in their trip offers.

  1. Relaxing details like morning coffee and post-hike foot soaks served by the campground’s camp host contrast with days spent participating in outdoor activities like as hiking, white-water rafting, and zip-lining.
  2. Discover the REI Adventures Signature Camping experience.
  3. If you conduct an internet search for glamping listing sites, you will discover alternatives that are affordable for a variety of budgets.
  4. Also available from our colleagues at Hipcamp (see below) are a variety of fantastic glamping rentals.
  5. Become a do-it-yourself glamper: Among the earliest examples of the glamping movement are kitschy equipment like as theRolla Roaster marshmallow utensil (to take the place of a pointy stick scavenged from the ground).

The following are some suggestions for your DIY glamping experience. Despite the fact that we’ve included purchasing links for your convenience, borrowing house furniture while glamping is normal practice.

7 DIY Glamping Tips

Bring Cozy Bedding with You Having a lovely, comfortable bed to relax to at the end of the day is the actual secret to glamping success. Create a comfortable basis for your child, such as an elevated crib or a hugely fluffy sleeping mattress. Make the bed with an insulating layer, some soft sheets, a comforter, and a slew of pillows to keep you warm. Add side tables, a rug and slippers to round out the space, as well as your favorite reading material. A word of caution: you may have difficulty getting out of your tent first thing in the morning.

  1. Sleeping Setups are available for purchase.
  2. Incorporate personal touches from your own home.
  3. Have a good time and be creative.
  4. Simply said, don’t bring anything that is too fragile or that you are concerned about damaging.
  5. 3.
  6. Mini-LEDs and artificial candles strategically positioned in tents and around your lounge area create the most authentic glamping experience possible with the least amount of effort.
  7. Solar and electric lighting are available for purchase.

You have the option of going large and luxurious with your chairs or going for a more contemporary look.

Cupholders, whether built into your seats or built onto your tables, make it easier to keep your favorite camping elixir near by.

If you want to include a campfire centerpiece, you need make a genuine commitment to it.

A high-tech fire pit isn’t only eye-catching; it also allows you to manage your flame more accurately and prevents your site from becoming scorched.

5.Prepare Delectable Gourmet Dishes With no restrictions on weight when automobile glamping, you may bring a cooler and cast iron skillet with you to prepare delicious front-country dinners.

Bring a multi-burner stove with you to make planning more intricate dinners a breeze.

Take a look at some of our most popular recipes.


In order to keep youngsters fairly clean, a handwashing station with soapy and clean water, sanitizer, and towels is highly recommended.

A s’mores station in the evening with a range of options will allow guests to get creative with this campfire staple.

Bring Your Entertainment With YouGames of all kinds are significantly more enjoyable when played outside.

Glow sticks provide hours of entertainment for children when the sun goes down.

Camp Games are available for purchase. Do you have any further recommendations for glamping? Show us your setup on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram!

DIY Glamping Ideas: 18 Ways To Make Camping More Glam

Glamping (sometimes known as “glamorous camping”) is becoming increasingly popular. It seems like wherever you look, there are glampsites, luxury camping resorts, and glamping experiences cropping up. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. You get all of the benefits of camping — being near to nature, having wide spaces, and breathing fresh air — without compromising the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a conventional holiday. However, as the popularity of glamping trips has grown, so has the price tag, which no longer makes sleeping beneath the stars a budget-friendly vacation option anymore.

Take some time to think outside the box and put out a little more work, and you can quickly (and affordably) transform your ordinary camping setup into Glamping Heaven.

Make your tent more luxurious

It is becoming more popular to go glamping (luxurious camping). It seems like wherever you look, there are glampsites, luxury camping resorts, and glamping experiences springing up! And, to be honest, it’s not a huge surprise. The benefits of camping — proximity to nature, wide spaces, and fresh air — are preserved without losing the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a traditional vacation. However, as the popularity of glamping trips has grown, so has the price tag, which no longer makes sleeping beneath the stars a budget-friendly vacation option for most people.

Turning your standard camping setup into a glamping paradise can be done quickly (and affordably) if you are imaginative and put forth a little effort.

01 Pretty lighting

Glamping (or “glamorous camping”) is becoming increasingly popular. Glampsites, luxury camping resorts, and glamping experiences are springing up everywhere. And, to be honest, it’s hardly a surprise. The benefits of camping — proximity to nature, wide spaces, fresh air — may be enjoyed without losing the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a traditional vacation. However, as the popularity of glamping trips grows, so does the price tag, which no longer makes sleeping beneath the stars a budget-friendly vacation option.

Put in a little creativity and work, and you can quickly (and inexpensively) transform your ordinary camping setup into glamping bliss.

02 Hang some bunting

It may be a touch cheesy and a little noughties, but glamping isn’t glamping unless there’s some sort of bunting on display.

It may be used to line the guy ropes of your tent or to hang over the entrance of your tent. It will instantly soften the utilitarian appearance of your tent and transport you to another period in an instant.

03 Cosy flooring

By putting down a blanket or rug in your tent, you may provide some extra comfort underfoot. No camp shoes are permitted inside the tent, and the room will seem instantly welcoming and snug as a result of the addition of this feature.

04 Storage basket

Put down a blanket or rug in your tent to provide some underfoot luxury. No camp shoes are permitted inside the tent, and the room will seem instantly welcoming and snug as a result of the addition of these items.

Make your bed, the cosy way

Having the ability to transform restless, fitful evenings at camp into restful and warm snoozes is a true luxury that cannot be measured in dollars. You’ve almost got glamping down down if you make your bed as comfy as you possibly can!

05 Air mattress

The most important factor in getting a good night’s sleep is your mattress. For those who sleep on an air mattress, you may make it more cozier by placing a mattress topper or duvet on top of it. When the weather is chilly, place a blanket below the mattress to provide a little more insulation from the cold.

06 Duvet cover / camping quilt

Sleeping bags are no longer necessary. DIY glamping at its finest! Instead, bring your own bedding from home to sleep on. Make sure you have a duvet cover that is bright and fresh in order to match the rest of your glamping décor and be comfortable. Alternatively, if you want to spend a little more money, a warm camping quilt is a more practical and durable alternative that can be used outside as well.

07 Cushions

Sleeping bags are no longer required. Camping on a budget has never been more affordable. As an alternative, you can bring your own duvet with you. Make sure you have a duvet cover that is bright and fresh in order to match the rest of your glamping décor and complement it. In the alternative, if you want to spend a little more money, a warm camping quilt is a more practical and durable solution that can be used outside as well as within the house.

Dress up your camping dinner table

It wouldn’t be a luxury vacation without at least one or two upscale meals. In addition, while you may not be able to bring along your own wait staff, a little bit of forward planning can transform a sloppy camping table into a gourmet outdoor dining experience to remember.

08 Table cloth

Whatever the condition of your table, if you cover it, it will not matter. The tablecloth, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be very elegant because you will be filling it with excellent food and adorning it. It is quite OK to use an old sheet or tablecloth from a thrift store.

09 Jars for wine glasses

Jam jars with tight-fitting lids make excellent, spill-free wine glasses. They are very stunning, and they are the epitome of practical glamping if ever I saw it! Start putting money aside in jars right now.

10 Jars of flowers

Fill those oddly shaped jars you’ve collected, or the ones you’ve misplaced their lids, with flowers to make a centerpiece. Make sure not to select any protected plants, and don’t run around pulling up everything you see. If you’re not sure what to put in the jars, you may always fill them with gorgeous grasses and foliage from the trees.

11 Tin can lanterns

Clean out your empty tins of beans, gently puncture them with holes in a design of your choosing, and voila!

You’ve got yourself a lantern on your hands! Once again, girl-lighting triumphs!

12 Napkins weighted with stones

Clean out your empty tins of beans, gently puncture them with holes in a design of your choosing, and voila! You’ve got yourself a lantern on your hands. Another victory for female illumination!

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13 A campfire meal

Nothing brings a glamping dining experience to a close quite like a great campfire-cooked supper to finish it off. With campfire cooking, there’s a lot that can go wrong, so keep it simple by using a dutch oven or by making this simple grilled pepper and halloumi stew.

Create a chillout area

One of the most enjoyable aspects about glamping is having all of that additional time to simply rest and unwind. Remember, this is slow-paced camping at its finest! Create a relaxing room apart from your eating and cooking areas where you may relax and unwind. There should be someplace to read a book, stare at a campfire, strum a guitar, tell a tale, or just relax and sleep.

14 Firepit

It is one of the most enjoyable aspects about glamping to have all of the additional time to just rest and unwind. Remember, we’re talking about leisurely camping! To relax and unwind, create a separate room apart from your dining and kitchen areas. There should be someplace where you can read a book, sit by the campfire, play guitar, tell stories, or just relax.

15 Shelter

One of the most enjoyable aspects about glamping is having all of that additional time to just rest and unwind. Keep in mind that this is slow-paced camping! Create a relaxing location apart from your eating and cooking areas where you may relax and unwind. There should be someplace where you may read a book, stare at the campfire, play guitar, tell stories, or just relax.

16 Furnishings

If you have camping chairs, wrap them in throws, blankets, and cushions to make them more comfortable. Alternatively, if you want a more relaxed ambiance, spread a blanket on the ground beneath your shelter and cover it with cushions and beanbags for additional lounging space!

17 Suitcase table

Coffee (or cocktail!) tables made of hardshell suitcases are excellent options. Alternatively, you may utilize it for an evening of board games and cards. It also works well as a place to store all of the soft furnishings that you don’t want to leave outside over the weekend.

18 Ambient lighting

Coffee (or cocktail!) tables made of hardshell suitcases are excellent options. Another option would be to play board games and cards with your friends. Furthermore, it is ideal for storing all of the soft furnishings that you don’t want to leave outside throughout the course of the night.

How to do homemade DIY glamping ( With Tips and Tricks )

Getting a taste of nature used to be reserved for those who were willing to rough it. But times have changed. But today, with all that the twenty-first century has brought us, there’s glamping to enjoy. It has been popular, resulting in the establishment of several glamping resorts. However, you may also do it yourself at home. Glamping allows you to have a taste of the great outdoors without having to give up all of your comfort and luxury. People have discovered a method to combine the pleasure of being outdoors with the comforts of a resort holiday by coining the word “glamorous camping,” which came up as a result of combining the phrases “glamorous camping” and “resort vacation.” It may appear to be a bit of an oxymoron, but there is a method to achieving success with it.

There are several resorts that provide these and other amenities, such as running water, WiFi, and television, among other things.

Despite the fact that it appears to be a simple outdoor motel, you are not need to rely on others in order to enjoy the experience.

So, what is the best way to go glamping on a budget?

This can be accomplished by doing small things such as adding string lights to the interior of your tent or bringing soft, comfortable blankets for bedding. Here are the stages that we will go through in order to get you ready for your own handmade glamping adventure: 1.

  • Build or purchase the appropriate tent
  • Make sure you have the correct bed
  • Make some fantastic chairs
  • It’s time to relax. You’ll need a table
  • Get some glam lighting
  • And get ready to party. You’ll need a power source to complete your project. Make some delicious dinners
  • Keep the drinks and meals as cool as possible. Bring some glitzy accessories with you. Articles that are related

Build or buy the right tent

The correct tent should be constructed or purchased. Make sure you have the proper mattress; Invest time and effort into creating some outstanding chairs. You’ll need a table; invest in some glitzy lighting; and prepare to party. In order to operate, you will require an electrical supply. Preparing delicious meals is essential. Cold beverages and food should be served. Please bring your best accessories; this is a special occasion! Articles related to

Get the right bed

Similar to not wanting to crawl through a hole into your temporary home, not wanting to zip yourself into a sleeping bag for bedtime is not an option either. Nothing screams “roughing it” quite like mummifying oneself on the cold, hard ground at the conclusion of a long day of exploration. This may also be glammed up a bit. An air mattress is the most convenient way to elevate yourself off the ground. These are very reasonably priced, small, and simple to inflate. A mattress pad may be used to make the bed a bit more luxurious.

  • A warm, cozy embrace is provided by the use of plush blankets and pillows during the camping experience.
  • They’re ideal for making your area appear inviting while also providing a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Despite the fact that it appears to be above and above what you have at home, there is a valid explanation for this.
  • All you need is a couple of rods or poles, as well as some robust pegs to screw them into place.
  • After that, the only thing left to do is choose out your curtains or netting.
  • To learn more, please visit this page.

Make some great chairs

People frequently seek out natural settings for leisure and relaxation. It might be something as easy as putting your feet up and reading a book to relax. However, because this is glamping, any old camping chair will not suffice. Ambitious do-it-yourselfers have created upholstered chairs that are uniquely theirs. The chair’s structure is that of a standard camping chair, but the exterior is much more elaborate. Making a cover for these upholstered chairs is as simple as sewing two pieces of your favorite fabric together.

Pin the seams together so that your chair resembles a jacket, and then sew them together.

Suddenly, it has transformed from dreary to fantastic! These chair coverings are simple to construct, and utilizing a camping chair makes it simple to pack and unpack when traveling.

Build a table

A table will be required in addition to the chairs. Tables are a pretty simple commodity to get, especially collapsible ones that are convenient for transporting. It’s as easy as a tablecloth that transforms it into something that fits the glamping theme. Choose anything that fits the mood you’re in, then sit back and enjoy! Another alternative is to take an old portable table and decorate it with stencils to give it a more upscale appearance. Gold and silver paint may be used to lend a touch of glitz to just about everything, and this is true in this case as well.

Get some glam lighting

When it comes to after-dark activities, put away your old flashlight and lantern. Glamping should be a relaxing experience with plenty of light coming from safe sources, but not too much. Candles are OK as long as you keep them outside of your tent, in a safe location, so that you don’t have to worry about starting a fire while you’re camping. Certain scented candles, such as those scented with cedarwood, lavender, and eucalyptus, can even assist to keep pests away from your home or business.

  • They provide two distinct functions.
  • The second reason is because these are frequently a really attractive, personal touch, and that is exactly what glamping is all about!
  • It is by no means required, but, let’s face it, it is the icing on the cake that brings your photos to a whole new level of completion.
  • You may choose a variety of lighting fixtures that are designed specifically for patios that will work nicely in your tent.
  • As soon as you’ve decided on your patio chandelier or lantern, it’s time to channel your inner boy- or girl-scout and learn how to tie some knots.
  • If it’s out of reach, you can use LED lights to illuminate it until you can reach it.
  • Voila!
  • If you want to make things as basic as possible, fairy lights are the way to proceed.
  • There’s nothing worse than having all of your hard work and creativity go to waste because of a lack of lighting!
  • Check it out by clicking here.

You’ll need some power

Some campgrounds have access to electricity, but if you are glamping in an area that does not provide electricity, there are other options. Other sources of energy may be required, which necessitates the use of a modern marvel: solar panels, which are incredibly convenient. Solar panels are a wonderful investment since they are very inexpensive. Almost all of your modern equipment will be able to run on the energy they generate. When you’re glamping at a campsite where electricity isn’t commonly available, a generator is your best bet for getting by.

Connect a fan to the wall!

Connect your light to the wall! Are you ready for dinner? Prepare your hot plate by heating it up. You’ll have to remember to eat in the midst of all the excitement! The importance of having an abundance of snacks, just like with ordinary camping, is critical to keeping you fueled and happy.

Have some great meals

Preparing large dinners should be planned ahead of time, and you should bring a few extra pots and pans. Some folks may even find success with one-pot dinners or dishes that are ready to prepare. Pre-prepared meals, like as breakfast burritos and grilled cheese, are available on the Food Network, which you can just toss over the fire. Aluminum foil will be a valuable ally in preparing these delectable dishes in a short amount of time. Alternatively, there are several possibilities for gas burners and ovens, as well as electric models, providing you have a power source that is capable of handling the duty in question.

What exactly can you cook over an open fire?

Keeping drinks and food cold

Bringing a decent mini-fridge for keeping food and drinks cool is a fantastic idea if you have access to a reliable power supply. If you don’t have access to electricity, a decent cooler will suffice. Even if power is only available intermittently (for example, by operating a generator for a few hours), there are coolers that can be plugged in while power is available and will keep your food cold for several hours even if there is no electricity. Don’t forget to bring along some excellent reusable mugs and plates to complement your picturesque surroundings.

When camping, here’s how to keep food cold.

Bring some glam accessories

Many seasoned glampers advocate using area rugs to keep your feet warm and comfortable while you’re out in the wilderness. They offer a lovely finishing touch to the overall aesthetic while also providing a comfortable fit for your feet. Besides cushions and throws, you may bring tiny end tables, small side tables, and a variety of other decorative items. You should bring everything that will make your experience more enjoyable and glam. Even if you have all of the eye candy in place, there are a few more time-consuming details to keep in mind.

Yes, you’re becoming one with nature, but you can still maintain your surroundings clean and orderly.

Every individual or group is likely to have a unique set of preferences and styles, which will make every glamping experience unique.

If you mix and match your facilities and activities, all of the hard work you put into your handmade glamping will be remembered for years to come.

Make sure you read it by clicking here.

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