How To Make A Circus Tent For A Party

DIY Carnival Party Big Top Tent

Ok. You could object that this isn’t Halloween! But, as far as I’m concerned, what says Fall/October more than a carnival.all right. Perhaps Halloween communicates the season better than a carnival. BUT. I assure you that you will still like this. And if you don’t, you’ll be glad to know that there’s always tomorrow! Also, I’m thinking a carnival theme would be a fantastic theme for a Halloween party, don’t you think? First and foremost, you must have a Big Top. You begin with one of these, an industrial-grade hardwood spool, as your starting point.

That’s a good question.

Starting with your power provider or any other firm you can think of that could have enormous wooden spools built for carrying large items such as wire, start by contacting them.

The point is, you’ll have to do some digging, but you’ll be able to find one, and you’ll most likely not have to spend a thing for it!

  • Purchase many tiny pieces of flexible PVC (1/4′′ or 1/2′′ in diameter) that can be bent easily, as well as enough couplers to connect the sections (or get the kind like we did that fits end to end).
  • Take a piece of wood; I used a circular piece that had been left over from a mirror project, but any shape would do for this project.
  • Measure and cut several lengths of durable thread or rope.
  • Also, make certain that the lengths are the identical or you’ll end up with a shaky tent.
  • Using a staple gun, attach each string to the top of your PVC pole at the point where it meets the part of wood you’ve already fastened to the top of your pole.
  • Did you know that 100-foot rolls of plastic tablecloth material are available?
  • However, they do.

In addition, you may make advantage of your 40% off coupon, which is becoming increasingly available as the holidays approach.

Simply roll out a strip of plastic, attach it to the wood portion at the top of your pole, and alternate your colors: red, white, then back again!

If you’re like me, you’re under the impression that you’re building a tent large enough to have parts that extend all the way to the ground while still seating your visitors and being functional.

It will be necessary to go back and clip out all of those areas, which will be a complete waste of time and money in the long run.

I apologize for the oversight.

A Big Top for your next Carnival-themed party is a great idea.

More ideas for your Halloween (or not) celebration will be shared in a future post about my son’s 1st birthday, which will be themed around carnivals. A Carnival 1st Birthday Party may be viewed in its entirety by clicking here. Jamie Lott is a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom.

How to Make a DIY Circus Tent Ceiling

In the event that you are planning a circus-themed party or looking for circus STEM activities for your students, chances are you have thought about how to create aDIY circus tent. Children like the circus (as a fully grown adult, they still make me a little excited), so why not indulge their fascination with a large-scale circus tent built entirely of paper? Follow along with our step-by-step instructions for creating a circus tent out of paper, which are included below. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can put together a circus engineering challenge or a circus background for your classroom.

How to Make a Circus Tent Ceiling

We are the best location to discover how to construct a circus tent backdrop, so please continue reading! This circus tent is constructed entirely of paper, and it is really simple and affordable to construct!

What You Need to Make a DIY Circus Tent

  • A pair of scissors
  • White and red crepe paper (you may alternatively use plastic tablecloths)
  • A pair of scissors Tape

How to Make a Circus Tent Out of Paper or Plastic Tablecloths

Follow the instructions outlined here to construct your own DIY circus tent. If you’re doing this as an engineering project with children, don’t tell them how to create it; instead, challenge them to figure it out on their own! Continue reading to find out how to construct a large circus tent! Circus theme classroom ideas may be included into this project, or it can be used as an engineering project for circus STEM experiments or circus scientific experiments, depending on your preferences.

Step By Step Directions to Make a DIY Circus Tent

Decide if you want to use crepe paper or tablecloths to construct your circus tent before you begin construction. Because the tablecloths are larger, it will require less of them to complete the project, which will save time. It will, however, be more expensive as a result. Crepe paper rolls are thin and will take a long time to construct your circus tent, but they will be far less expensive than canvas.

Step 1

Measure the length of the space from the center of the ceiling where you want to erect the tent to the wall, and then measure the length of the area from the top of the wall to the ground. I made a tent out of the crepe paper and added a small swoop to the top to make it more tent-like. This is the length of the streamer to be cut.

Step 2

Make use of the streamer as a guide for the rest of the game. I ended up using approximately 30 strands of each color, but depending on the size of your corner, you may need more or less than that.

Step 3

Drape the streamers one at a time from the middle of the ceiling to the edge where the ceiling meets the wall, starting at the center. Allow the streamer to hang freely against the wall at its free end. I began with the four “corners” of the tent and worked my way outward from there. Switch between white and red streamers on a regular basis. Tape the streamer to the middle of the ceiling and to the wall where the ceiling meets the wall, if possible.

Step 4

You’ll have overlapped your center strips by the time you’ve finished filling in the edges. That is perfectly acceptable and should not create any issues. The more strips you can attach to the ceiling, the better, but the more you can stick, the better.

So that if one streamer falls, they will not all fall at the same time. I only made three walls for our tent, but you could use this method to construct a whole tent if you wished. Bring your imagination to bear! Make the most of your circus tent-building experience!

More Circus STEM Ideas

Curious Kids Will Enjoy These 20+ Exciting and Creative Circus Art Activities! Circus Math Activities for Kids: 20+ Exciting and Hands-On Circus Math Activities Circus Science Experiments That Are Fun for Kids

How to Build Props for a Circus Themed Birthday Party

  • 6 white plastic tablecloths and 6 red plastic tablecloths
  • Twine
  • Pushpins
  • 24-inch box
  • Box cutter
  • Black spray paint
  • 6 white plastic tablecloths and 6 red plastic tablecloths The following materials: stuffed animal
  • White thread
  • Paper towel roll, two eye hooks, and tape are all you need.

Make simple circus props out of everyday materials found around the house. The addition of decorations to a party enhances the overall atmosphere of the theme. When you decorate your home with circus-themed items, your home becomes a virtual big tent, and your party becomes a virtual circus. Instead of spending a lot of money on store-bought props that you may never use again, you can construct your own at home using common household items and supplies. Making your own bespoke circus props takes little time and work, and it allows you to customize your party decorations to meet your specific demands.


Using one of the short ends of a 9-foot white plastic tablecloth, gather the ends together in a bundle. Tie a piece of thread around it, about an inch from the end, to secure it. Replace five additional white tablecloths with six more red plastic tablecloths and repeat the process with the remaining materials.

Step 2

Pushpins are used to secure the gathered ends of the tablecloths to the center of the ceiling in the main party area. To make the circus-tent stripe design, alternate the positioning of the red and white stripes.

Step 3

Stretch a white tablecloth across one of the walls, making sure to lay the tablecloth out evenly. Then, when you get to a corner of the ceiling, you may connect the tablecloth to it using pushpins, letting the end of the tablecloth to hang down. Proceed in the same manner, extending out the tablecloths to cover all four walls this time.

Step 4

To make it easier to enter and exit the room, cut a slit along the middle of any tablecloth that conceals a doorway.

Animal Cages

Draw a 22-inch square on the side of a 24-inch box, leaving a 1-inch border around the outside of the box. This is the final product. Every inch of the square should have vertical lines drawn through it.

Step 2

Cutting off the gaps between every other line with a box cutter will provide 11 1-inch bars when done correctly.

Step 3

Black spray paint should be used to cover the whole surface of the box. Allow the box to dry for at least one night.

Step 4

Stuffed animals such as tigers, monkeys, and elephants should be placed in the box. Alternatively, animal cutouts made of cardboard may be used to construct your animal cages.

Step 5

Continue the process with additional boxes until you have as many cages as you wish to use.


Make a 5-foot length of white string by cutting it in half.

Step 2

Feed the string into the middle of a paper towel roll that has been discarded. The roll should be centered on the string.

Step 3

Attach two eye hooks to the ceiling, 12 inches apart, and space them evenly around the room. Tie the loose ends of the thread to the eye hooks with a piece of string. If desired, attach a plush animal to the paper towel roll with tape or twine to create the appearance of a trapeze performer.

Planning a DIY Circus Party

It’s May, which means it’s time for the PROM! It was my turn to serve as adviser for the Class of 2017, and it was our job to prepare the formal event this year. Over the course of a year, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for this event and have even made a Pinterest board to collect as many as I can. We settled on a circus/carnival theme and had a great time making and getting creative on a limited budget! Here are some suggestions and resources to help you put together your own “Night Under the Big Top” event!

  1. The space has slanted cathedral ceilings and is essentially a blank canvas, which may be intimidating when trying to fill it with furniture and decor.
  2. But I quickly changed my mind.
  3. Long lengths of tablecloth, together with a little rope and duct tape, served as the foundation for our shelter!
  4. They were having a great time dancing beneath the big top!
  5. The larger tables were draped with a striped cloth we acquired from WalMart, which we draped over our leased white linens.
  6. I experimented with some poster board sheets one day during my February break and was able to make my own by cutting long strips for the sides and using three different sized mixing bowls to sketch three different sized circles for the tops!
  7. The cakes were adorned by the prom committee kids with gold spray paint and painters tape, which was used to add stripes to the poster board.

To make the flags for the cake toppers, we utilized wooden skewers and scrapbook paper as our materials.

For the smaller tables, we used large mason jars that we adorned with ribbon and paper rosettes, then added cotton candy flowers to the tops of the jars (we rented a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine and had a table with food, too).

We used sewing pins to attach the flag banners to the tablecloths, which worked perfectly.

In addition to the cotton candy and popcorn tables, we leased a photo booth, hired a caricature artist, and constructed a kissing booth, all of which were mostly for the purpose of taking fun photographs and adding to the carnival vibe (no making out was permitted.ha ha)!

The jar was awarded to the person who made the correct guess!

Both booths were constructed using low-cost wood paneling and 2×3 boards purchased from Home Depot (the wood paneling was purchased at a 75 percent discount in the “damaged” area of the store).

(That would be me, hanging out in my backyard, with the unpainted kissing booth.) We utilized our school’s projector to copy the letters onto foam board from the Dollar Store, which we then cut out with an Exacto knife to make the writing for both of the booths.

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However, we did set up a table with some finger appetizers and beverages for our kids to enjoy before they went to prom on Saturday night.

Everything you see here, including the striped tablecloth and the paper fans, came from Oriental Trading Company.

Rather than purchased paper rosettes, the ones shown in the image below were produced by hand from a combination of scrapbook and wrapping materials.

So, instead of spending money on ticket printing, I purchased an affordable digital design from Etsy and printed the tickets on card paper at my local community college.

In the same way, we utilized the same design and made it into a large poster that we displayed on the wall during the event.

After that, you’ll cut and glue each piece of paper together to form a large poster, much like a puzzle.

I created the little ‘circus’ signage in Photoshop and then printed them on ordinary printer paper (11×17) for a more professional look (two signs per sheet).

If you have Powerpoint, you could potentially build your own signage because that tool allows you to layer photos on top of one another and move them around.

No prom would be complete without a small gift and a kind reminder for the students to take with them as they depart the premises!

In addition to being amused, it served as a gentle reminder to make cautious decisions!

They also make great party favors for attendees!

Even though planning and creating and emailing and decorating and cleaning up for 450 students was no easy task while also managing my regular teacher workload, having students come up to me during and after prom to say “thank you” and that this was “the best prom ever” more than made all of the hours I spent planning and creating and emailing and decorating and cleaning up worth it!

Circus Tent Cake

Step 1: Plan ahead of time Prepare for the 14th “Make a silver board by brushing it with a thin layer of piping gel over the top. 1/8 inch red fondant rolled out “put it on the board by lifting it up a little bit. Using a craft knife, trim away any extra. Using a glue stick, adhere the ribbon around the perimeter of the frame. After that, colour 1/4 lb. fondant royal blue and 1/4 lb. fondant yellow to make the flowers. Make a mental note to put it away. Step 2: Make an ice tent. Pour some buttercream on a piece of 8” circular cardboard and adhere it with a dab of it.

  • Place the 1/2 ball cake on top of the layer and ice the top of the layer with buttercream.
  • (Please keep in mind that getting the cake to the perfect point will be tough.) Finish with a dab of buttercream on top to complete the peak).
  • Fill and freeze the last two 8-inch layers of the remaining 8-inch cardboard to create the tent base.
  • Step 3: Cover and assemble the tent To make the tent roof, roll a white fondant circle 1/8 inch thick “thick and substantial enough to completely cover the tent roof Working quickly, wrap the fondant over the cake, smoothing it down and adhering it with your fingers.
  • Make a mental note to put it away.
  • Make a rectangle out of blue fondant by rolling it out and cutting it (4 inches by 4 inches) “x the height of the cake) and place it on the front of the cake.
  • Note where the blue rectangle is located on your cake and use it to guide your fondant placement.

To reveal the blue underlying the white fondant, slice it open vertically using a craft knife, starting at the front and working your way back.

If necessary, trim the edges of the fondant at the bottom of the tent using a craft knife to make it more rounded.

On top of the foundation, pipe a few dollops of buttercream, and then stack the tent roof layer on top.

Decorate 1/8 inch yellow fondant rolled out “thick and cut four triangles for the tent’s roof out of the remaining material.

Stitch the edges together using the design tool.

Attach to the bottom of the tent with the design tool and sew.

If necessary, cut the edges using a craft knife to make them fit.

Reroll the red fondant and cut strips of trim with the scallop cutter to finish the look.

Decorate with stitches. Roll out blue fondant and cut out polka dots with a bigger circle cutter to finish the design. Making use of food coloring markers, decorate the doors and tent with a criss-cross design and stripes, respectively. Add some flags and a clown to the mix.

Top 15 Trendiest Tent Ideas to Celebrate in Style

Organizing an event or a birthday celebration often takes a significant amount of planning. It can take place either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Organizing a large event outside might be more difficult since there are so many factors to take into consideration.

1. Number of Guests

Are you planning a small, private gathering with only your closest family and friends in attendance? Or are you planning a large gathering with more than a hundred people in attendance? When deciding on the sort of tent to use, you must take all of these factors into consideration. In a 30-inch yurt, you won’t be able to accommodate a hundred visitors, together with food and entertainment. It’s possible that a huge pole tent or a sailcloth tent would be preferable. It wouldn’t be nice either if you had a large-sized tent with just 50 or fewer people in attendance.

2. Bugs

When you are outside, you are more exposed to mosquitoes, flies, ants, and other insects that are flying around. Your guests will appreciate knowing that your centerpieces will consist of citronella candles and flowers that are repellent to insects. These will prevent the pests from buzzing around and stinging individuals who are simply attending a wedding celebration to have a good time with their friends.

3. Food

Taking care of food outside is more dangerous than taking care of food inside for an event. It is possible that you will want a cooler pack and more ice to keep your food fresh. Using fabric food coverings to keep birds, bugs, and other critters away from your lunch or dinner is also a smart idea. For any outdoor gatherings, keep in mind to serve food that will not deteriorate quickly.

4. Weather

When you first arrive to the party, the weather is beautiful and lovely, and you feel comfortable. However, it is conceivable for a shift in weather to occur in a matter of seconds. When planning an outdoor event, it would be ideal if you were prepared for any changes in weather and temperature. If you anticipate that rain may fall, a wedding tent with walls may be preferable than a canopy tent. If the weather is too hot, request that air conditioners be installed in the tent to keep visitors more comfortable.

5. Type of Tent to Use

After taking all of these considerations into consideration, it is time for you to determine which sort of tent would be most ideal for your occasion. It is important to consider factors such as the size and kind of your gathering, as well as party decorations such as twinkling lights and entertainment options. In order to assist you in determining what sort of event tents you will want, the following are the varieties of event tents that may be used for any occasion:

Pole Tent

The pole tent is one of the most popular forms of tents, and it is suitable for a variety of different events. This sort of tent is available in a variety of sizes and with high tops. It makes it appropriate for a big-day event such as a wedding, fundraising activity, business event, or graduation celebration, among other things.

Another drawback of this party tent is that the view is limited by the center poles that support it, which is a major drawback. In order to build up a tent of this nature, you will need a vast area of grass to work with.

Frame Tent

The frame tent may be set up on a variety of surfaces, including grass, tarmac, concrete, decks, and patios. In contrast to a pole tent, you do not need to post any poles into the ground in order to keep the tent in place. Furthermore, because there is no pole constructed in the middle, guests enjoy a clear view without being distracted by the central shaft. For the frame tent, you may choose from a variety of various forms. It may be set up in either an L-shaped or a T-shaped configuration. It also needs a huge amount of space in order to fit the overall size of the frame tent.

Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth tents have sculpted peaks and are generally made of lightweight and transparent fabric, which allows them to take advantage of the natural light available during the day. This tent is available in two different configurations: pole and frame. It is rounded at the ends, with wood poles serving as supports.

Tent with Sidewalls

If you intend to use the canvas for an extended amount of time, a tent with sides is the best option. In the absence of a central pole, a sidewall tent is often constructed of aluminum frames for strength and longevity. Additionally, it can accommodate the installation of an air cooler or heater in order to regulate the temperature of the building.

Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is frequently used for outdoor events such as festivals, wedding receptions, and shows throughout the summer months. A gable-end structure with side poles, king poles, and stakes, it is often associated with an English rural outdoor wedding and celebration. The varied poles and takes give each of the event tents its own own form.

Clear or Transparent Tent

Clear tents are frequently used to provide a touch of elegance to parties and other special events. The translucent material reflects the natural light of the sun and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the evening hours. Daytime visibility is unhindered, and nighttime visibility is excellent, allowing you to see the brilliant stars clearly.

Canopy Tent

A canopy tent is frequently used for large-scale public events such as flea markets, community days, and other public gatherings with huge audiences. Tents of this sort are more commonly used for their practicality than for their aesthetic appeal. Its objective is to provide guests with protection from the sun and water rain due to the use of a lightweight material. If you anticipate severe winds or heavy rain, you may want to invest in a more durable party tent.

Concession Tent

The term “concession tent” refers to a DIY tent that can be set up and taken down quickly for outdoor events such as booths, trade shows, and educational fairs. Also suitable for use during registrations for events or the evaluation of products as well as for outdoor fun games. You may also have this outdoor tent personalized with the graphics and designs of your choice.

Carnival Tent

A carnival tent is an excellent choice for a children’s birthday celebration.

Children will experience a real carnival atmosphere at an outdoor celebration thanks to the red and white stripes on the tee. You may incorporate food machines and carnival games into your carnival tent decoration ideas to make them even more entertaining.

Teepee Tent

Teepee tents are set up for a sleepover party birthday celebration. If you choose, you may host it indoors or on your patio or in your port. This type of tent is simple to construct, and you can customize it to include your own party themes.


A yurt is a circular, movable tent that is supported by flexible poles and covered with fur or cloth. It has the appearance of a gazebo with a roof. A yurt can be utilized for a unique wedding day, birthday party, baby shower, or any other occasion that necessitates the use of a strong tent, such as a camping trip. Whatever style of tent you decide to utilize, here are some tent decoration ideas that you may employ for your next party if you haven’t done so previously.

Top 15 Tent Decorations for Parties and Events

When guests are visiting an event, the first thing that catches their attention is the entry to the tent. Using an original tent entrance, you will be able to establish the proper tone for your party and impress your guests. You could wish to utilize flower arrangements or a brightly colored drape to draw the attention of every visitor. Alternatively, if you are hosting a themed party, you might have a tent entrance inspired by Morocco. Any other themed-inspired tent entry may be utilized for a birthday party, baby shower, business event, or wedding reception location, among other things.

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2. Choose Suitable Centerpieces

There are a plethora of materials that may be used as table centerpieces for occasions of all kinds. They can occasionally serve more than just as ornaments; they can also have a functional purpose. In order to keep undesirable pests and mosquitoes away, you can burn citronella candles or grow insect repellent plants. In addition, you might want to go all out with your brightly colored centerpieces. Along with increasing their visibility, they may also prevent any white tent from seeming boring and flat.

3. Brighten the Night with Lights

Hanging a large chandelier in the center of a room for a party or event that will go till the wee hours of the morning is never a terrible idea. Aside from adding elegance to your wedding decorations, it also provides the illumination you will want as the night falls. Tent decorations for weddings, birthday celebrations, and graduation parties are made even more vibrant by the addition of strands of fairy lights to the structure. The swinging of these string lights around the tent may create a beautiful and fantasy-like mood for any event or occasion.

This custom continues to be a wonderful and romantic thing to do with your guests while celebrating a special occasion with them.

4. Use Draperies

Draping is one of the simplest, but most attractive, methods to transform the interior of a tent’s interior into a glamorous space. You may use the curtains in conjunction with your chandelier or string lights to add a touch of elegance. It will draw the attention of every guest all the way up to the tent’s ceiling, if you have one.

It is one of the most simple wedding ideas, but it is also one of the most elegant. You may customize the curtains for a birthday party, graduation celebration, or baby shower by using different colors based on the color theme and the color of your table linen.

5. Bring Green Colors Inside

It is the ultimate purpose of throwing your party outside to be at one with the natural world. In this way, including natural components in your tent decorations can give your outdoor wedding or event a more environmentally conscious feel. One of the eco-friendly wedding ideas is to wrap the tent poles with attractive trailing plants to create a more natural look. It contributes to making the poles less obvious. Plants may even be placed next to one other, with the hanging lights delivering brightness and tranquillity together as a result.

To create a sense of being one with nature, you may also utilize wild, vibrant flowers and decorative plants to decorate your event space.

6. Use Real Fruits for Ornaments

Hanging genuine fruits from the ceiling and in every area of your tent will give it a more natural appearance. Photographs of these fresh fruits will turn out to be quite attractive. You may even ask your visitors to collect these fruits towards the conclusion of the event if you choose. Young and old alike will love the simple process of collecting the hanging fruits with their own hands, exactly as they would in a genuine verdant setting, which will be enjoyed by everybody.

7. Create a Living Room

When planning your wedding, don’t forget to include a location for entertainment as part of your décor. When the evening becomes dreary, live music and performances may be exactly the thing to break the ice. Make certain that the area designated for the orchestra or wedding band, whichever is most appropriate for your needs, is spacious enough to prevent congestion.

8. Have a Room for Entertainment

When planning your wedding, don’t forget to include a location for entertainment as part of your décor. When the evening becomes dreary, live music and performances may be exactly the thing to break the ice. Make sure that the area designated for the orchestra or wedding band, whatever you want, is large enough to accommodate everyone without being too crowded.

9. Make a Space for Dancing

A live band means that there will be music, which means that there will be dancing at some point. Make sure you have enough space in your tent for a dance floor because it will always be accompanied by some form of entertainment. It’s possible that this may be one of the greatest wedding ideas you’ll have for your tent. A dance floor is often reserved for special occasions such as weddings, celebrations, and business gatherings. It will undoubtedly keep your guests amused and less bored at any occasion you are hosting them at.

10. Prepare for Unforeseen Weather Conditions

The weather may be unpredictable. It is possible for it to be bright for a brief while before light rain begins to fall. Prepare for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or baby shower by acquiring the appropriate tent.

Purchase a tent with drape that you may raise or lower as needed depending on the situation. Leave it open to allow a soft breeze to pass through, or pull it down to keep the rain from entering the house.

11. Take advantage of the natural light and surrounding

You can convert a transparent tent into a natural canvass, allowing you to take in the beauty of your surroundings while being dry. The sunlight will reflect off of the canvas’s translucent material, providing a naturally luminous backdrop for everyone in attendance. During any occasion, the magnificent scenery surrounding the tent may serve as the decoration in and of itself. Nighttime will bring you the opportunity to observe and dance under the light of the moon.

12. Display an Exquisite Exterior

It is not just the interior of your tent that is significant, but it is also the exterior of your tent that is vital. The addition of color to a basic white tent fabric will breathe new life into a gathering. To break up the repetitive tone of the tent’s outside, you may also employ colored drapes to your advantage.

13. Let the Air Flow

Sheer draping will enhance the overall appearance of any wedding celebration, making it as trendy and beautiful as possible. Pulling up the drape will enable the wind to freely blow into the venue, making your guests more comfortable with the cool air that will fill the room. You may add string lights and miniature chandeliers to the curtains at night to give them a dazzling appearance.

14. Have a Tent for Cake Cutting

Although it may take up a little extra room, having a separate cake-cutting tent will help to make your wedding event more personal. The importance of the major event of the evening will be demonstrated by separating the reception area from the area where the cake will be served.

15. Swing the Blues Away

Not only would the installation of swings within a tent enhance the appearance of the tent, but it will also keep the youngsters occupied. Adults will find it to be the ideal location for capturing the greatest shot of the whole day.

Why You Should Use Tents?

Outdoor event and wedding planning is more difficult than you may imagine, especially in the summer. The size, height, and quality of the material used in the tent are just a few of the aspects that event planners take into account. This is something that you will not have to worry about if you have your party in a standard function space. For everyone, coming up with the most creative ideas for events, parties, and wedding decorations is a difficult task. Having your party outside, on the other hand, has its perks.

Large groups of people and a large number of visitors are notoriously difficult to accommodate in a single space.

A tent can be used to expand the length of a basic gazebo.

Why Rent a Tent for Your Next Party?

Tents are ideal for keeping visitors comfortable at outdoor events such as weddings, business gatherings, birthday parties, and even backyard barbecues. Tent rental is an excellent choice for gatherings, and here’s why:

Pros of Tent Rentals

  • Renting a party tent is less expensive than purchasing a new one. Renting a party tent can cost between $500 and $1,500 per day, depending on the size of the tent. Because the rental providers will already be aware of your requirements, it will take less time and effort to choose the right tent for you. All you have to do is submit the number of attendees, the occasion, and any other pertinent information, and the event rentals will take care of the rest. Setting up and taking down the tent will no longer be a concern for you. The tent rental business will take care of everything, including erecting the tent, setting up chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, and decorating the space. It also involves the dismantling and packaging of the equipment after the event
  • Rental providers are easily found. It is possible to find one by conducting a Google search, and you will be presented with several options


Organizing an outdoor party can be both challenging and enjoyable. It provides you with a one-of-a-kind experience as well as the flexibility to take in the beauty of nature.

Using a well-decorated tent, any flat area may be transformed into an attractive, entertaining, and exciting event space. The success of any event is dependent on the selection of the appropriate tent type, size, height, and material. Big Top Circus Tabletop Booth (almost 4 feet tall) Carnival Party Decor : Home & Kitchen

On October 25, 2020, a review was published in the United States of America. PVC plastic is extremely thin and fragile. However, the design and directions are excellent, but the plastic frame is simply too thin. PVC is inexpensive, and I believe that if they had simply increased the size of the plastic pipe from which the frame is constructed, it would have been far more durable. The cloth cover is attractive, but it is far too hefty for the frame, in my opinion. I believe it could have been constructed of a lesser weight material, such as flag material, and would have been just as beautiful and strong while not being as heavy and bulky as it was.

  • Purchase that has been verified It is sturdy enough to be placed on a table.
  • Aside from that, the product is of high quality.
  • Purchase that has been verified It was simple to construct and appears to be of high quality.
  • It’s not very robust, and there was a component missing from it.
  • This product was reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2019.
  • The canopy appeared to be in poor condition.
  • Posted on June 12, 2019 in the United States of AmericaVerified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards(What is this?) Decoration for Halloween.
  • On June 3, 2019, a verified purchase was reviewed in the United States.
  • It was reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2019 and was verified as a purchase.
  • The product is extremely light in weight, and several of the sticks became bent throughout the assembling process. Circus Tent Mylar Birthday Party Balloon : Toys & Games

On January 26, 2012, it was reviewed in the United States, and it was verified as a purchase. During my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, this balloon was battered and bruised by over a dozen toddlers, yet it survived! Even after all had been said and done, the building was still standing! It was a big hit with the kids! Easy to fill, and the balloon remained inflated for an extended length of time after the celebration! For the price, you get a high-quality balloon. I used lower-quality balloons that burst as soon as we started filling part of them.

  • On December 3, 2010, a review was published in the United States, and a verified purchase was made.
  • After the party, it remained in the basement for 2 1/2 months, during which time it was still floating (barely but still).
  • On October 28, 2014, it was reviewed in the United States and verified as a purchase.
  • This was perfect for my children’s birthday celebration, which was themed around a carnival!

On February 11, 2013, a review was published in the United States, and the purchase was verified. There’s nothing else to say. We purchased this for our child’s birthday, but when we attempted to fill it with air, it would not retain the air.

Carnival Tent Rentals, New York

To talk with a representative, please call In New York, do you have a neighborhood carnival or a large-scale event on your schedule? If you’re planning a private birthday celebration or want to entertain a big group of people, look into the carnival tents available for rent from Using our traditional red and white striped tent, you can stage carnival games or serve snacks and delicacies to your guests in style. Transform your celebration into a spectacular occasion that will be remembered forever!

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Choose your tent and the best package for your party, which may include live entertainers, balloon twisting, a bubble show, face painting, and a magic show with a live rabbit!

Our performers are professional and entertaining, and they assist children and their parents have memorable, exciting parties and events.

With carnival party rentals from, you can create a memorable occasion for your guests.



GOLDIncludes All Activities


PLATINUMIncludes All Activities

The following activities are included in the 2HOURUP TO 50CHILDRENCALLALL PACKAGES:

1 Female Clownand 1 Male Magician

WHY SHOULD YOU USE CLOWNS.COM? AN A+ BBB REVIEW 15+ Years of Event Planning and Management Licensed and insured in every state Hire Certified is an official vendor for the New York Department of Education. Children’s Actors and Dancers 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Guaranteed Inquire About a Phone Call


What our clients say was recommended to me by a friend, and I had no idea what to anticipate; yet, all I can say is thank you and congratulations on a job well done. The performers were excellent; they kept the children delighted from beginning to finish, they were kind and professional, and even if some of the older children did not wish to participate, they made every effort to ensure that everyone was involved and that everyone participated. Thank you for helping to make my son’s birthday a wonderful occasion, and I will definitely recommend you to anybody searching for children’s entertainment in the future.

  1. These clowns were fantastic from the beginning, they were quite amusing while still being professional when it was necessary.
  2. They maintained a high level of excitement throughout the celebration, which allowed the children to participate and enjoy every aspect of the presentation and games.
  3. There are no complaints.
  4. All of the children were delighted and expressed a desire to see the performers again.
  5. is a fictional character created by George C.
  6. The customer care representatives were knowledgeable, and the group who worked on my party did an outstanding job!
  7. Every child and adult enjoyed themselves, from the cotton candy to the face painting!

The crew was appropriately attired for the occasion, and the costume (I opted for Mickey Mouse) was a true representation of the character!

This is a company that I will absolutely use again, and I would recommend them to all of my friends!

(Angela C.) Extremely professional!

They was incredibly nice on the phone and sensitive to every request.

The staff arrived bright and early to put up the bouncy house and showed me how to use it without any issues, which was very appreciated.

Believe me when I say that it is totally worth it!

To top it all off, I had the greatest performers anybody could have asked for.

The children had a great time.

two thumbs up for this!

is a writer and editor based in New York City.

It was a pleasure to watch the artists!

We had a clown and a magician on hand to entertain us.

Children were treated to face painting and cotton candy making, as well as dancing and playing games with them.

Parents enjoyed it as well since they were able to dine and mingle while their children were having an enjoyable time.

The kids really liked it. Honestly, this was the finest money I’ve ever spent! It seemed like everyone, including my friends and family, couldn’t stop raving about them. I would HIGHLY suggest them to anybody looking to have a fantastic children’s party! Rosa R. is a member of the Rosa R.

The Best Circus Party Ideas – Games, Food, and More

Your guests will remember this as the best party they have ever attended thanks to these circus-themed ideas. This collection of circus birthday ideas includes everything from popcorn cupcakes to circus bingo, making it suitable for people of any age, any color scheme, and anyone who simply wants to have a fun time at a circus! This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. In the event that you make a purchase after clicking on one of my affiliate links, I may get a small compensation at no extra cost to you.

Why a Circus Party?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have watched The Greatest Showman when it was released in theaters last year, or when it was released on DVD and Blu-Ray this year. But if you haven’t, you should. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re losing out on a great experience. In my opinion, it’s the best circus movie ever made, as well as the best movie musical I’ve ever seen. And it’s sparked a worldwide trend for circus themed parties. And the circus-themed party trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Dumbo is still one of the most popular even though it’s sort of stupid attraction at Walt Disney World.

Dumbo is considered to be one of the most legendary films of all time.

The Best Circus Party Ideas

In light of The Greatest Showman and Dumbo, I’m betting the circus party theme will continue to be popular for a long time to come. Not only that, but it’s also a lot of fun. Color, junk food, and daring entertainment combine to create one spectacular celebration! These circus party ideas can assist you in throwing the best party of your life!

Circus Theme Party Food Ideas

The best cuisine is one of the most significant aspects of any circus show. And I’ve compiled a list of some of the prettiest circus party ideas you’ve ever seen, presented in the shape of delicious cuisine. You may even argue it’s the best menu you’ve ever seen in your life. With everything from popcorn to circus animal cheesecake, there is something for everyone of any age, with any appetite, and with any color scheme! Peanuts from the Elephant Circus, courtesy of The Sweetest Occasion Mess for Less’ Circus Popcorn Cupcakes are a fun way to celebrate the holidays.

Vendor boxes from the production of Bringing Home Ezra Gwynn Wasson Designs’ Cotton Candy Cones are a sweet treat for any occasion.

Sugar Chic Design creates custom circus cookies for your event.

Weddings by SusanSno-Water Elephant Fruit Salad is a recipe from their website.

Cupcakes in the shape of cones (with clown hair on top) from The Partioligist Amee’s Savory Dish has created the cutest clown cupcakes ever. Cake from Aww: Circus Animal Cheesecake Sam Kiddie Foodies’ Grape Balloon Animals are adorable.

Circus Theme Party Decorations

A circus party isn’t a circus party unless and until it has the appearance of a circus. Large canvas tents, red and white stripes, and – most importantly – an abundance of color are all on the menu. The following are some of the most adorable circus decorations (as well as circus party items) that I could discover! Dumbo’s mother would be pleased with him. Lola Tangled created a Popcorn Balloon Arch. Clowning Around Noses Created as a Result of this The Parties That Pop Circus Party Rosettes are available for purchase.

DIY Nice People Stamp has a tablecloth circus tent backdrop that you may use.

Starlit Nest has a fabric banner with a carnival theme.

Party Monkey’s vintage circus party invitations are perfect for any occasion.

Circus Theme Party GamesActivities

The entertainment provided by any circus is one of the centerpieces of the event. A circus is defined by the entertainment it provides, whether it’s seeing someone swing from a trapeze or witnessing a lion jump through a fiery hoop of doom, for example. Choose any of these entertaining activities to make your circus experience almost as entertaining as a genuine one. Almost! Delightful Learning has a high wire walk (as well as other circus ideas) on their website. Obtain food for the Elephant Game from Planet of the Apels East Coast Mommy’s Candy Guess the Number Game is a fun way to pass the time.

The Inspired Treehouse has a circus activity called Flaming Hoops that you may do.

Play Party Plan also offers a variety of other DIY carnival games.

Circus Party Favors

You can’t send folks home with nothing in their hands! Instead, use one of these fantastic circus theme party gifts or goody bags to help them remember what a wonderful time they had at your circus party! Josie Kat Strunk created these vintage circus animal favor bags. Putting Fish in a Bag Soaps made by the Mad Hatter Party Michelle’s Party Plan-It has vintage animal jar favors that are perfect for any occasion. Cotton Candy Circus Favors from Just Baked SweetBig-Top Box Favors from M Gulin Paper Crafts Cotton Candy Circus Favors from Just Baked Sweet

Other Circus Party Supplies

  • Tablecloth with red and white stripes
  • Circus photo booth backdrop
  • Red clown noses
  • Barnum’s Animal Cracker Boxes
  • Circus play tent
  • Red and white stripes

Coolest DIY Birthday Cakes

A friend wanted me to prepare a cake for her 4-year-old son that was “circus themed.” I had made hundreds of cupcakes and, because it was a buddy, I didn’t want to say no to the request. What started off as a straightforward request turned into hours and hours of investigation! I looked for “carnival themed cakes” on Google and. Read moreI was tasked with creating a large cake with a huge top. After much anticipation, I began with a cake dummy measuring 7′′ in diameter, which I coated in white icing before leaving overnight to dry.

  • Then there’s the next.
  • I discovered this Circus Tent Cake concept on this website and tweaked it to meet her party’s theme and color scheme.
  • I started with a 9 x 13-inch cake and a box of.
  • He had a carnival-themed birthday party for his friends.
  • After that, I coated it with fondant.
  • My daughter’s 4th birthday was celebrated with this Circus Tent Cake, which I created.
  • It was made with a delicious pound cake, which I filled and frosted with buttercream.

The cake’s foundation is just a 9-inch circular cake pan, with the sides shaved inward to allow the “tent” fondant to properly sit on top of the cake.

We decided to have a Circus/Carnival-themed party for my son’s 4th birthday, so I prepared a Homemade Big Top Birthday Cake (which was an adaption of a cake one of my friends had made) to serve at the celebration.

I cooked three 9 x 13-inch cakes and layered them together, frosting the tops and sides.

My daughter’s 5th birthday was celebrated with the Coolest Circus Cake, which I created.

In order to make the circus tent, I used Wilton’s Giant Cupcake Pan, which is a giant circular cake pan with a hole in the center (you need to use a dowel or something to hold weight of heavy circus tent).

Read moreWe celebrated my son’s third birthday with a circus-themed party.

Lemon and cherry fillings were used in conjunction with chocolate cake. In this case, the frosting was yellow buttercream colored with food coloring and red icing from a tube (as I immediately discovered. More information may be found here.

Party Tent Circus

Please keep in mind that installation should be done with care, and that regular installation should not be torn. Greetings and introductions: Because we are unable to be there to put up this canopy for you and because we have no control over your local weather, wind, or soil conditions, it is ultimately up to you to evaluate whether or not your set up and anchoring of this canopy are suitable. When you have at least two individuals to help you with the setup, it is much easier. We will not be held liable for any damage to the unit that occurs while it is being constructed in windy or other harsh weather circumstances.

We strongly encourage customers not to keep them up overnight or during periods of high winds and rain, since this might cause harm.

All sales are final; this item is not returnable under any circumstances.


Exceptional steel and polyethylene materials, as well as superb workmanship and thorough attention to detail An object that is weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use in particular.


  • Polyethylene is used for the roof, while iron is used for the frame. Suitable installation surfaces include: grass and lawn
  • Level of assembly required: complete assembly is required.

This was utilized for my baby’s first birthday celebration, and it was a huge hit. It provided excellent shade, and I was able to personalize it. It can accommodate around 5 tables, maybe even more. The reason for my rating of 4 stars is because there was a 6in. rip in the fabric that we spotted as soon as we pulled it out of the box. 2020-07-09 11:57:22 Isabel Hansen, ID Isabel Hansen

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