How To Make A Big Top Circus Tent Cake

Big Top Circus Cake

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  • 1Preheat the oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans)
  • 2prepare and bake the cake mix according to the package directions for a 13×9-inch pan. Allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan to cooling rack. Allow for thorough cooling (about 1 hour). 3. Place cake on a plate or cardboard, such that the short edges of the cake serve as the top and bottom of a tented structure. Four, using a serrated knife, cut two corner triangles off the cake’s top, going five inches down the cake’s long sides to make a tent top
  • And five, using half of one container frosting, apply a thin coat over top of the cake. Finish by frosting a second time using the remainder of the frosting in the container
  • 5Use red gel food coloring to tint the remaining container of frosting the desired shade of red. Place the red frosting in a decorating bag fitted with a star tip and seal the bag. Pipe a horizontal line of stars across the cake to distinguish the top of the large top from the base of the big top. Use red frosting to pipe stripes on the cake, leaving a bigger portion of white icing in the middle to fit the number
  • 6Use any remaining red frosting to pipe stripes on the big top, starting broad at the base and increasing narrower until they meet at the top of the cake. 7Cut a 4-inch piece of the straw and place it in the center of the cake to represent the desired number. Attach the long end of the paper triangle to the straw using a piece of tape. Make a hole in the top of the cake with the base of the straw.

Tips from the Betty Crocker Kitchens

  • Tip 1Instead of red, substitute your chosen primary color, such as blue or yellow, in this recipe.


550 calories, 24 grams of total fat, 2 grams of protein, 82 grams of total carbohydrate, and 18 grams of sugar

Nutrition Facts

Calories550 210 calories come from fat 24 g (36 percent) of total fat 6g29 percent of total fat is saturated fat. Trans Fatty Acids4 1/2g Cholesterol is 45 milligrams (16 percent). Sodium430mg 18 percent of the population Potassium70mg 2% of the population Carbohydrates in total: 82 g 27 percent of the population Dietary Fiber0g0 percent of total calories Sugars18g Protein2g Amount of vitamin A in the body: 0 percent Vitamin C is 0 percent of the total. Calcium (eight percent) eight percent Iron is 4 percent of the total.


1-1/2-cups sugar; 0 fruit; 4 1/2-cups carbohydrates; 0 skim milk; 0 low-fat milk; 0 milk; 0 vegetable; 0 very lean meat; 0 lean meat; 0 high-fat meat; 4-1/2-cups fat; 4 1/2-cups sugar

Carbohydrate Choice

Five-and-a-half-percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a diet of 2,000 calories. ®/TM General Mills All Rights Reserved 2022 ®/TM General Mills

How to Make a Big Top Circus Cake

Using a star impressions pin, roll red and yellow modeling paste together.

Make eight yellow stars and eight red stars out of construction paper. Allow for overnight setting.


Make the tent forms out of popped rice cereal by melting 50 grams of butter and 200 grams of marshmallows in the microwave for 90 seconds, then stirring in 150 grams of popped rice cereal until well combined. Allow for 5 to 10 minutes of cooling time. When you can roll the mixture into a ball without it crumbling, the mixture is ready to work with.


Prepare a funnel with a 4 inch diameter and fill it to the brim with the rice mixture. Place the cake on a cake board after pressing it in firmly. A dowelling rod should be threaded through the funnel and into the rice mixture. Remove the tent form with your fingers and lay it aside for an hour.


To prepare the rice mixture, grease a 4-inch diameter funnel and fill it to the top. Place the cake on a cake board after pressing it firmly into the top. A dowelling rod should be threaded through the funnel and into the rice mix. Remove the tent form with a tap and let it aside for an hour to dry out completely.


Making the little tent is as simple as rolling up a 3.5-centimetre ball of rice mixture and pushing a dowelling rod through the centre of it. Place the dowel on a cake board and create a model around it. Allow time for setting.


The height of the tent should be measured, and a template should be made for cutting triangles with a 3cm base to fit. Divide the circle of the tent by three to get an idea of the number of triangles you’ll need, half of which should be white and half of which should be red.


Slice red and white sugarpaste into triangles with a pizza cutter or ruler, following the template’s instructions to the letter. Removing the dowel and applying buttercream to the triangles will help them attach to the rice tent. Insert the dowel again and smooth the edges together with your fingertips. Trim the points and re-insert it. Repeat the process until the little tent is completely covered with 1.5cm wide triangles.


To finish, cut a 5 cm blue sugarpaste circle and place it on top of the rice mixture disc, poking a hole through it with a dowel all the way through. Using your fingers, smooth the joints of a strip of yellow sugarpaste over the edge of the cookie sheet.


Use your dowel to create a hole all the way through a 5 cm blue sugarpaste circle that you will set on top of your rice mixture disc. Using your fingers, smooth the joints of a strip of yellow sugarpaste over the edge of the cookie tray.


White sugarpaste should be used to cover the top of the 4 inch cake. Attach a blue rectangle with a width of 4 centimetres to the side of the curtain to create the interior of the curtain. Cover the top of the 8-inch cake with yellow sugarpaste that has been embossed with yellow stars. Red and white sugarpaste stripes should be added around the outside of these levels at 1.5 centimetre widths. To make sure the stripes are straight, use a set square and an icing smoother to smooth them out.


Using white sugarpaste, cover the top of the 4 inch cake. Make the interior of the curtain by taping a blue rectangle 4 centimetres wide to the side.

Use yellow star embossed sugarpaste to cover the top of the 8-inch cake. Red and white sugarpaste stripes should be added around the outside of these levels at 1.5 centimeters intervals. To guarantee that the stripes are straight, use a set square and an icing smoother.


With an embossing pin in the shape of a star, roll out a thin layer of red modelling paste and press it down firmly. Make two squares that are 9 by 9 centimetres in size. Produce a folded fabric impression by draping the paste over five dowels and pressing more dowels into the paste in the spaces between the lower dowels to create a folded fabric effect.


Remove the dowels from the folds and gently squeeze them together at one end to form a curtain rod.


Stick one side of the blue door over the other, spreading out the folds. Then repeat the process for the opposite curtain.


Make red swags for the 6 inch cake by cutting 6 by 6 cm modelling paste squares and using the same procedure as for the 6 inch cake. Place a ball of yellow sugarpaste in each indentation created by the bone tool. Use the bone tool to push the ends of the swags onto the cake.


Make a row of bunting for each of the layers of the structure. Embellish with a star impressions pin the blue sugarpaste that has been rolled out. Make a straight line down the wall and use the tip of the crown cutter to cut out bunting flags along the length of the wall.


Attach the bunting flags to the yellow bands on the three levels and the disc using double-sided tape. Utilizing rolled yellow sugarpaste and the tip of an icing nozzle, create micro circles by pushing the circles out with the end of a small veining tool (not included). Attach a yellow circle to the center of each flag. To decorate the 8-inch cake, cut two 4-by-2-centimetre strips of yellow sugarpaste, each with a ‘V’ cut into the end, and place them on the cake using glue. Add a yellow sugarpaste strip of 8 by 2 centimetres on top, followed by a printed sentiment.

Coolest DIY Birthday Cakes

A friend asked me to make a cake for her 4-year-old son that was “circus themed.” I had made hundreds of cupcakes and, because it was a friend, I didn’t want to say no to the request. What started out as a straightforward request turned into hours and hours of research! I looked up “carnival themed cakes” on Google and. Read moreI was tasked with creating a large cake with a huge top. After much anticipation, I began with a cake dummy measuring 7′′ in diameter, which I covered in white icing before leaving overnight to dry.

  • Then there’s the next.
  • He had a carnival-themed birthday party for his friends.
  • After that, I coated it with fondant.
  • My daughter’s 4th birthday was celebrated with this Circus Tent Cake, which I created.
  • It was made with a moist pound cake, which I filled and iced with buttercream.
  • The cake’s base is simply a 9-inch round cake pan, with the sides carved inward to allow the “tent” fondant to properly lay on top of the cake.
  • We decided to have a Circus/Carnival-themed party for my son’s 4th birthday, so I made a Homemade Big Top Birthday Cake (which was an adaptation of a cake one of my friends had made) to serve at the party.

I baked three 9 x 13-inch cakes and stacked them together, icing the tops and sides.

I celebrated my birthday with a circus theme.

I made some decorations for the.

The Circus Cake was baked in two round pans, with each pan being cut in half to create four layers of cake.

In this case, the icing was yellow buttercream colored with food coloring and red icing from a tube (as I quickly discovered.

I found this Circus Tent Cake idea on this website and tweaked it to fit her party’s theme and color scheme. It took two separate mixes to make this cake. I started with a 9 x 13-inch cake and a box of. More information can be found here.

Quick Answer: How To Make A Big Top Circus Tent Cake

Make use of a piece of aluminum foil. The most straightforward method of using it is to just place a sheet of aluminum foil between the cake and the heating unit on top. The next trick is particularly useful if the top of your cake is already solid and will not adhere to the foil you will use to cover it as it rises.

Does Walmart do ice cream cakes?

Ice Cream Cake from Carvel, with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, serves 24 people – – –

How easy is it to make a tent at home?

15 Different Ways to Make a Tent (DIY tents) So let’s get this party started: Make a canopy bed using an embroidery hoop and cloth using this easy DIY project. Make a no-sew tepee out of bamboo and thread to keep warm in the winter. Make a reading nook in the kids’ room for them. Making an outdoor playhouse for the summer, courtesy of a children’s activities site. Make a play tent out of a clothesline. This toy tent is constructed from dowels.

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What size is a 8 inch cake?

8-inch cakes may be served to 14 people if they are sliced into slices that are approximately 2 14 inches wide across the back. The spoon portion of a tablespoon measures around 2 14 inches in length. 8-inch cakes can also be cut in the manner of an occasion. It is possible to serve up to 24 people by cutting an 8 inch cake event style.

Should you cover a cake with foil when baking?

For cakes that are browning too rapidly, it is advisable to attempt to protect the top of the cake with a piece of aluminum foil or baking parchment (parchment paper), which will reflect a portion of the heat from the oven and prevent the cake from browning more. This is sometimes advised near the conclusion of a food’s cooking period, depending on the recipe.

Why did my yellow cake turn brown inside?

If your cake is turning a little too dark, it is most likely because you have overcooked it or because the oven was set too high. If the top of the cake is starting to seem a little too brown, you may easily cover it with tin foil to keep it from being too brown. It is also possible that the recipe contains an excessive amount of sugar.

How much does a 9 cake serve?

Cake Baking and Serving Instructions4-Inch-High Cakes It is assumed that a two-layer, four-inch-high cake is used in the calculations for 2-inch pans. Half- to two-thirds of the way fill the pans. Size of a Pan Form Round Dishes for a Party 8 in. 20 in. 9 in. 24 in. 10 in. 28 in.

Can I cover cake with foil while baking?

In the case of a cake that is overbrowning, the oven temperature may be too high. This is because the cake cooks from the outside in, scorching the exterior before the interior is cooked. Because the cake must first form a crust during the second half of the cooking period, you may want to cover it with aluminum foil to keep it from burning.

Who invented circus?

A former cavalryman, Philip Astley (1742–1814), is generally referred to as the “founder of the modern circus” because of his six-foot height and military background. After marrying Patty Astley in 1768, the couple opened Astley’s Riding School in London, where Philip would instruct in the mornings and perform equestrian stunts in the evenings.

How much is a 10 inch round Carvel cake?

The Price of Carvel Food in 2021Food Size Price Round 8′′ $19.99 Round 10′′ $26.99 Sheet Medium $36.99 Sheet Large $52.99 Round 8′′ $19.99 Round 10′′ $26.99

Do any circuses still exist?

There are still circuses in operation in the United States today. Loomis Bros Circus, Jordan World, Carden International, Royal Hanneford, and CarsonBarnes are just a few of the circuses that are now in operation.

How long can a fondant cake sit out?

Cakes made of fondant may be kept at room temperature for three to four days if they are kept in a cool, dry environment and if the filling that is placed within the cake does not require refrigeration.

How do you make a number 2 shaped cake?

Methods that are different from the norm. Bake a single cake in a big square or rectangular cake tray for about an hour at 350 degrees. When you have finished printing and cutting out a number 2, make it slightly smaller than the cake and then, once the cake has cooled, set it on top of the cake and use a shape knife to cut around it. Remove the paper and use it to ice or decorate the cake.

Why is ice cream cake so expensive?

Butterfat is responsible for the richness, density, and exquisite texture of ice cream. It is the most important — and, historically, the most expensive — raw ingredient used in the production of ice cream. The higher the percentage of butterfat in the recipe, the richer it tastes and the more expensive it is to create.

How do you make a circus tent model?

STEP 1: Download and print the template. Print any of these circus tent templates on A4 or Letter-size cardstock to use as a backdrop for your next event. 2Paint the template in your favorite color. There is one little triangle on the third page, as well as two large circles. 3Cut the template out of the paper. 4Put glue on the tab at the top of the top. 5Use your fingers to shape the top into a cone. 6Fold the flaps all the way down. 7 Make the stem of the flag.

What is the easiest way to make a tent?

Make a basic tent by tying a string between two solid points and stretching it. A sheet draped over it in an a-frame form may be used to construct a basic, quick-to-assemble tent. Add some pillows to the bottom of the bed and you’re set to go. Another alternative is to thread a dowel beneath the cloth and then connect strings to the end of the dowel to hang it from the ceiling.

Is the circus dead?

15th of January, 2017, 12:04 p.m. Feld Entertainment announced today that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus would stop in the spring of 2019, bringing the circus’ 146-year career to a conclusion. 15th of January, 2017

How do you ice an awkward shaped cake?

I’ve found that using an ice cream scoop is the most effective method of getting cake mix into oddly shaped tins. With better control, you’re less likely to get it all over your greaseproof paper and the sides of your baking pans. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees Celsius and bake for 1 hour 30 minutes, or until a spear comes out clean.

What is the name of a circus tent?

The “Big Top” was the name given to the huge tent that held multiple rings and stages during the circus. This moniker stuck and has become synonymous with circuses everywhere!

Who sells the best ice cream cakes?

My Approach to the Problem Carvel. Baskin-Robbins. BenJerry’s. Häagen-Dazs.

Friendly’s. The chocolate ice cream on top of the cake, which has a creamy consistency that reminds me of frozen custard, was my favorite portion of the dessert. Dairy Queen is a fast-food restaurant. I experimented with a round chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake from DQ. It was delicious.

How do you ice a Number 2 cake with fondant?

One of the simplest methods is to roll a long piece of fondant and cover the sides of the cake first, followed by covering the top separately, and then smoothing the join all around the edge until it is practically undetectable (see photo). Someone else might be able to provide a more efficient and straightforward solution.

Circus Tent Cake: 1st Birthday

It’s going to be a really exciting week around here. There’s the HUGE Craftsy Cake Class sale, followed by the HUGE Pazzles Giveaway (which you should enter right away!). In fact, I couldn’t wait to get this Circus Tent Cake into your hands! It’s all about the thrill, the excitement, and the EXCITEMENT! Do you recall me telling you about darling Aiden? Do you remember what I said about him? A few months ago, when he was scheduled to have heart surgery, I made theAnatomical Heart Cookies for him (or, more accurately, for his mother).

  • Isn’t he one of the most endearing children you’ve ever met?
  • In honor of his birthday celebration and cake, his mother, Leslie, picked a circus theme, which I thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating.
  • First, I created the seal (a tutorial will be available soon!) and then I created the bear.
  • You can witness the drama unfolding right now on Facebook.
  • I think he was my favorite of the bunch!
  • It was simple, yet it worked nicely with the overall design.
  • I made two 4″round cakes for the tent, as well as a little half ball in a 4″ Pyrex dish, to use as a centerpiece.

My first step was to cover it all with homemade marshmallow fondant, following the same procedure that I did for the Rocket Ship cake: covering the top first, then wrapping the sides around the cake (see how to do thathere).

FMM straight frill cutter and silicone pearls mold were used to create the trim for this project.

I also hand-cut the “1” in the center of the flag.

Aiden’s name was cut out with the Fox Run letter cutters, and I finished off the trim work on the plaque using my extruder, which I purchased from Amazon.

Leslie had not requested a smash cake, but I had some extra batter left over at the end of the day, so I created a single layer 5 layer cake for her instead “cake in the shape of a circle Then I completely forgot about it.

Although it wasn’t my greatest effort, it was amusing.

Photographs of Aiden taken by his mother Leslie and used with permission are shown.

My Cake in the Shape of a Circus Tent!

Readers’ feedback is really appreciated, so please leave a remark and I’ll try my best to respond!

As a baker and cake designer, she has written several books.

She is also the wife of Richy and the mother of six amazing children. A number of publications, such as American Cake Decorating Magazine, Cakes Decor, Pretty Witty Cakes Magazine, the Huffington Post and Cake Geek Magazine, have published articles on her work. More information may be found here.

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How to construct a cake topper in the shape of a circus tent


Step 1: Get it out of the way. Prepare the 14′′ silver board by dusting the top with a little layer of piping gel and gluing it together. Roll out red fondant to an eighth-inch thickness and place it on the board. Using a craft knife, trim away any extra material. Using a glue stick, attach the ribbon to the edge of the frame. After that, colour 1/4 lb. fondant royal blue and 1/4 lb. fondant yellow to finish the cake. Put it aside for a moment. How to Make a Circus Tent Cake Topper (with Pictures) More information may be found at: Create your own birthday cake online.

  1. For the tent’s roof, use the following materials: Place one 8-inch cake layer on a piece of 8-inch spherical cardboard, then adhere with a dab of buttercream to the cardboard.
  2. By making a series of downward cuts with a cake knife, mold the peaked form to your liking.
  3. Refrigerate the tent roof once it has been iced.
  4. Each tier should be chilled until it is very firm.
  5. More information may be found at: how to create buttercream frosting for a cake.
  6. Working quickly, wrap the fondant over the cake, smoothing it down and adhering it with your fingers.
  7. Make a mental note to put it away.

Making use of blue fondant, roll and reduce a rectangle (4′′ x cake height) that will be applied on the outside of the cake.

Make a note of the location of the blue rectangle and drape the fondant over the cake, allowing the fondant to hold away from the underside of the tier as much as possible.

Using a paintbrush and a small amount of water, fold the fondant “doors” back into place and adhere them to the cake (safe briefly with toothpicks if vital).

Reduce the peak of the tent foundation cake to four straws and insert them.

Step 4: Make it better Roll out yellow fondant to an eighth-inch thickness and cut four triangles for the tent roof.

Stitch the edges together using the design tool.

Attach to the bottom of the tent with the design tool and sew.

If necessary, trim the material using a craft knife.

Reroll the pink fondant and cut strips of trim using the scallop cutter to finish the look.

Make embellishments with your sewing machine.

Draw a criss-cross pattern on the entrances and stripes on the tent with food coloring markers to make it look more realistic.

Add some flags and a clown to the mix. Learn more about how to create abud light cakes by reading this article. Family Cuisine – Step-by-step instructions, how-tos, and recipes for delectable foods to prepare every day for your family members.

Circus Cake Tutorial

The Circus Cake I prepared for my son’s 2nd birthday celebration has finally been documented in an instructional format. As far as specialized cakes are concerned, I would categorize this as a “beginning” effort. so don’t be scared:)) To see the tutorial and further information, please see the link below. Cake in the Shape of a Circus Tent You’ll need: *4 8-inch circular cakes that have been cooked. You may make a recipe from a box or your favorite handmade dish. The Wilton brand of 8-inch cake pans is a good choice if you don’t have any on hand.

  1. Red and yellow food colors are optional (or whatever color you want for the tent stripes).
  2. Purchase it from Walmart for around $1, and use at least half of the container to achieve a “true red” rather than a dark pink color instead of a dark pink.
  3. Place the second cake layer on top of the first and frost the top of the cake.
  4. Stack the remaining two cakes together using the same procedure as in step one.
  5. Begin cutting the edges of the cake into a “cone” form with a serrated knife, working your way around the cake.
  6. The following may become a bit tangled:) Place this piece on top of the cakes that have previously been placed on the cake stand.
  7. Step 5: THIS STEP IS COMPULSORY, however it is recommended.
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Because the cake will be frosted using an icing tip rather than a spatula, it is not necessary to use a crumb coat.

Step 6: Place the 789 decorating tip in the 16-inch icing bag and seal the bag.

Using the flat side of the icing tip, point it in the direction of your mouth.

Working from the bottom up is the most efficient method for me.

Woops: (Do you like my crooked stripe?

Instead of frosting a straight line from the bottom to the top, gently curve your icing tip as you travel up, making the line thinner at the very top of the cake (this just makes the tent look more realistic.) Step 9.

Step number ten. You may either leave the cake as is, or you can decorate it with a small topper and a small flag. My version was created by cutting a cone shape out of cardstock (tutorialHERE). Afterwards, I created a flag out of construction paper, tape, and a toothpick!

30 Circus Birthday Party Cake Ideas

The following is a table of contents:

  1. One of the most popular themes for birthdays is circuses. Two of the most popular themes are big top circuses and circus cakes. Three of the most popular themes are big circuses and circus cakes. Four of the most popular themes are big circuses and circus cakes. 11. Cirque du Soleil
  2. 12. Brayden’s first birthday
  3. 13. Circus’s first birthday 14. The First Circus
  4. 15. The Circus as a Feature
  5. Ideas for a Circus-themed birthday party
  6. 17. Birthday Cake for the Circus
  7. Carnival Birthday
  8. 19. Circus Birthday Cake
  9. 20. Conner’s 2nd Birthday
  10. 21. Vintage Circus 1st Birthday
  11. 22. Carnival Themed 1st Birthday
  12. 23. Christian’s Birthday
  13. 24. Carnival Birthday
  14. 25. Carnival Themed Birthday Cake
  15. 26. Circus Spectacular
  16. 27. Circus Birthday
  17. 28. Vintage Circus
  18. 29. Dumbo Circus Birthday Cake
  19. 30. Carnival Circus Bonus: Instructions on How to Make Clown Cake-Pops
  20. Make your own circus cake masterpiece with the help of the following wonderful supplies: Take a look at some more fantastic circus party ideas. In addition, don’t miss out on these 26 Circus-themed birthday celebrations.

Come one, come all, and let’s get this party started! This week, we’re highlighting one of the most popular birthday party themes for people of all ages throughout the world: circus-themed birthday cakes. You’ll have a great time looking through the decorations, favors, and games created by parents and vendors who have successfully used party goods and their own ideas to create the most beautiful festivities possible. A circus birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without a cake, so that’s what we’ll be concentrating on today.

1. Circus-Themed Birthday

From Moondance Photography to Spaceships and Laser Beams, there is something for everyone. Isn’t this birthday cake for a small boy’s birthday celebration really adorable? With its striped straw poles and little circus animals, it has the appearance of a miniature carousel. I really like how straightforward the cake’s foundation is. You may make your own version of this cake using plain white icing and a piped outline. Take note of the charming clown cupcakes, which were fashioned using sugar ice cream cones and printed cupcake wrappers, as well as the adorable clown cake.

2. Big Top Circus Cake

From Astonishing Cakes to Zebra Celebrations, there is something for everyone. A lovely cake was the inspiration for this blogger’s entire Big Top Circus Party, and we can certainly understand why. A basic white cake is coated in fondant and topped with a charming circus tent, complete with a little balancing elephant, for a birthday celebration. The amount of detail in this cake is just beautiful, and I like all of the vibrant colors that the designer chose to incorporate into it!

3. Circus Cake

From the perspective ofI’m Topsy Turvy Ashley from I’m Topsy Turvy is always coming up with new and creative ideas, and her circus cake creation is no exception to that rule. This cake, which was created for a circus-themed baby shower, is full with beautiful decorations and has a very distinctive design that your guests will like. An cute fondant elephant, lion, monkey, and zebra help to raise a carved large top tent on a carved wooden platform.

4. Big Circus

Invento Festa is reached by Hostess. It’s a giant circus birthday cake with a lot of color, colorful patterns, and precisely on-theme accents, and it’s one of our all-time faves. It is layered with layers of cobalt blue, black and white checkered, blazing red, and golden fabrics before being finished with a feathered top hat from the ringmaster’s hat collection. This cake is likely to be the focal point of any dessert table featuring a circus theme.

5. Circus Carnival Party

This image is from of Sweet Candy Couture and Kara’s Party Ideas This stunning two-layer birthday cake looks so festive, and it’s simple enough to make at home, too!

The extra-tall bottom layer is adorned with colorful confetti sprinkles and a badge bearing the birthday boy’s name, which is placed on top of the cake. A bunting banner with a large number one perched on top of a tinytop layer made of fondant coated rice krispy treats decorates the upper tier.

6. Circus Party

The source of the green grass is unknown. This lively circus cake is simple and bright, and it is the perfect cake design to do on your own for a circus-themed celebration. Make a cake with the flavor of your child’s choice, frost it with basic vanilla icing, and decorate it with simple fondant circus animals. Roll out red, green, blue, and yellow fondant and cut out little circus animals and the letters of the birthday boy’s name with cookie cutters to make a birthday cake for him.

7. Dessert Feature

FromEye Candy Cville, with thanks to Amy Atlas No one is surprised that you must have a ticket to attend the circus, and this very fun cake has plenty for everyone to enjoy. Admission one tickets customized with the children’s names and printed on edible paper in delicate pinks, oranges, and reds are used to cover the lovely and exquisite three-tiered cake. It is beautifully arranged with a variety of other delights, including candied apples, funnel cake cupcakes, and ferris wheel cookies with monograms.

8. First Birthday

Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Sutterby on Flickr. It’s impossible to look away from this vividly colored circus-themed cake, which features a lovely elephant and a friendly clown. A variety of brilliant colors and dramatic patterns are used to embellish each layer, which also includes those lovely fondant molded creatures. I particularly like the small first birthday cake that is tucked away to the side, which is wonderful for that traditional first birthday cake photographs.

9. Circus Party

With thanks toPottery Barn Kids and One Charming Party Making a cake for your young guy’s special day is a great idea. Consider using a cake topper that will astound your visitors! The downloadable template from One Charming Party, which contains a handful of our favorite circus performances, is one of our favorites right now. Simply print out these images of a tightrope walker, a trickster seal, and a balancing elephant to decorate a simple white frosted cake with a little personality. Decorate the cake with fondant balls and a piped banner for an extra touch of sweetness.

10. Circus Party

Party Inspirations received this recipe from De La Rosa Cupcakes. De La Rosa Cupcakes created this simple yet exquisite three-tiered circus cake, which I just like. On the third deck, there are beautiful golden curtains that have been drawn back, as if beckoning you to enter the circus arena below. From the sidelines, you will be greeted by a lovely fondant monkey and lion. With a modern circus theme in mind, this cake would be ideal for a birthday party or baby shower celebration.

11. Circus Work

Indulgy received this information from Studio Cake Design. There are so many exquisite touches in this decadent big top circus birthday cake that you will be daydreaming about it for years to come.

Each of the three topsy turvy layers is embellished with realistic carousel animals, a large top tent, and a miniature train that transports all of the circus delights you could imagine. Consider cotton candy, circus peanuts, and freshly popped popcorn as examples.

12. 1st Circus Birthday

Indulgy has obtained this information from Studio Cake Design. There are so many amazing touches in this decadent big top circus birthday cake that you will be daydreaming about it for years. Each of the three topsy turvy layers is embellished with realistic carousel animals, a large top tent, and a miniature train that transports all of the circus delicacies you can imagine. Consider cotton candy, circus peanuts, and freshly popped popcorn as examples of what you may expect.

13. Brayden’s 1st

From “The Most Delightful Occasion” A straightforward birthday cake with a unique twist! The bright aqua elephants and cherry red embellishments on this stunning fondant cake truly stand out against the white foundation of the dessert. The design is simple but really charming, with red and blue scallops running around the bottom of the cake and small elephants strolling along the edges of the dessert table. In addition, the red and white starred ribbon that is wound around the white cake dish is beautiful.

14. 1st Circus

From KLM Events with thanks to Catch My Party Clowns, stripes, and polka dots are sure to bring a huge grin to the face of the birthday kid when he sees this adorable first circus cake. With its vibrant colors and name tag on the front, this cake is the perfect way to add a personal touch to a party or special occasion. Aside from the lovely clown, who is perched on the edge of that second deck, everything about this place is wonderful!

15. Circus Feature

From Jayme Marie Designs, with thanks to Amy Atlas. A circus cake with a harlequin design full of vibrant color and pattern is a unique twist on the traditional circus dessert. It’s fantastic! Especially when topped with the birthday boy or girl’s first initial, this modern twist on a circus-themed cake makes for a fantastic centerpiece for a birthday party dessert table! These mustache-topped cupcakes and glass jars of assorted sweets were the ideal complements to this harlequin-themed celebration cake.

16. Circus Birthday Party Ideas

From spaceships to laser beams, there’s something for everyone. The fact that these adorable clown cupcakes are made using our own downloadable clown cupcake wrappers forced me to include them on this list. Cupcakes were topped with ice cream sugar cones that had been garnished with some little candies to resemble clown hats, which were then placed on top of the cupcakes. Furthermore, I am confident that you will be impressed by how simple it is to assemble these clown cupcakes.

17. Circus Birthday Cake

From Tutulicious to Zebra Celebrations, through A and B. Take inspiration from this enormous top cake and its smaller, matching smash variant, which were both created for a charming circus-themed first birthday celebration. The large cake is designed to resemble a circus tent, complete with red and white stripes and curtains that have been drawn back. Likewise, the little companion cake is painted in the same colors as the larger cake, making it ideal for snapping photos of the birthday boy or girl bashing into it.

18. 1st Carnival

From the perspective of a dreamer’s joy The colors used for this party were red, white, yellow, and teal, with magnificent circus-themed elements included throughout the decor. The quirky cake, which included three wonderfully adorned layers that blended in nicely with the vintage carnival theme, was the focal point of the celebration.

A harlequin print, lovely red banners, and a circus tent were all brought together with the help of adorable fondant creatures to create a stunning display.

19. Circus Birthday Cake

Thanks to Isa through Flickr, we have a cake that stands out from the crowd. On a cherry red fondant backdrop, harlequin diamonds, stripes, and stars, as well as the birthday boy’s name in elegant calligraphy, stand out against the bright yellow and white background. A friendly clown sits at the very top of the cake, tying the entire theme together in a whimsical way. This cake is ready to be served during a celebration!

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20. Conner’s 2nd Birthday

courtesy of J.Lynne Photography This circus-themed second birthday party is a stunning interpretation of the theme, with its use of strong patterns and vibrant colors. The two-tiered cake stands out from the crowd because to its bright polka dot base. The cake, which is decorated in light teal, stark white, and cherry red, features the birthday boy’s name in harlequin diamonds on the top layer, which is shaped like a circus tent on the bottom.

21. Vintage Circus 1st Birthday

Spaceships and Laser Beams are featured in the latest issue ofIDEA! event + style. A tame lion sits on top of a bright yellow and green background, creating a vibrant circus color motif.

22. Circus-Themed 1st Birthday

From Piece of Cake to Cake Central and back again Any circus loving birthday boy will fall head over heals for this very exciting birthday cake. It’s dressed up with brilliant colors, stunning patterns, and plenty of circus related elements. The top tier is a giant jar of popcorn, with fondant popcorn pieces pouring into the cake! You will also notice a bundle of birthday balloons, the birthday boy’s age, and an elephant balancing right on top.

23. Christian’s Birthday

From Roxanne M., courtesy of Catch My PartyWhirligigs and lollipops take center stage on this bright and cheery-looking dessert. A day at the circus is brought to life with super-fun décor that will take you right back there. I appreciate how many minor, yet important, elements the cake designer put to truly make this cake stand out. The top tier is designed to resemble like a large circus tent, and the admission one tickets located around the lower tier are adorable.

24. Carnival Birthday

The following is from Adriana Garcia, through Design Dazzle: This first birthday circus themed cake is filled with a plethora of vibrant and youthful hues. The major hue is a bright yellow, with polka dots and carnival figures adorning the design. Especially stunning is the level of detail in the cake topper! I adore all of the fantastic bold patterns and brilliantly colored letters spelling out the birthday boy’s name that have been created for this celebration.

25. Carnival Themed Birthday Cake

From Kawea, courtesy of Cake CentralMade for a beloved niece’s fifth birthday, this stunning cake is adorned with a plethora of intricate decorations. Each layer, which is painted in teal blue, cherry red, bright yellow, and crisp white, contains a new design that is much more entertaining than the previous one. Stars, polka dots, stripes, and harlequin diamonds are all used to decorate this cake, which is capped with a fondant circus tent and the recipient’s birthday age.

26. Circus Spectacular

From Partylicious, courtesy of Catch My Party. Even though a red and white tent is basic, it makes for the ideal cake for a circus-themed party celebration. The bright red and white stripes transport me back to my childhood memories of attending to the circus as a child and all of the excitement that went along with it.

Combine candy embellishments, yellow fondant streamers, and a brilliant blue flag to create an attractive birthday cake that will be the talk of the party.

27. Circus Birthday

The cake was created by Cara Lee Cupcakes and Cake. A charming little elephant stands at the tent opening of this huge top cake, just waiting for the party to start! If you have fondant and rice krispy treats on hand, you can make your own version of this cake. The rice krispy treats help to make the circus tent nice and strong, and the cake below is beautifully embellished with harlequin diamonds in red, blue, and yellow to complement the circus theme.

28. Vintage Circus

Celebrations from 5 to 9 p.m. on the blog through A to Zebra Sometimes the simplest solution is the best! This elegant white cake is embellished with only confetti sprinkles and a little pennant banner hung between two striped straws to complete the look. Alternatively, this would be an excellent way to make a store-bought cake a bit more unique while still fitting in with your circus-themed birthday celebration. Wrap the base of a cake stand with bright red polka dot wrapping paper to add to the festive atmosphere.

29. Dumbo Circus Birthday Cake

Immaculate Confections is the source of this information. This cake has it all: bunting banners, a large top, and the cutest tiny elephant you’ve ever seen! This cake was initially created for a christening, but it would also make an excellent dessert for birthdays and other circus-themed celebrations. Located front and center at the entrance to the circus tent, Dumbo is a well-known figure that all of your children circus enthusiasts will recognize and enjoy seeing.

30. Carnival Circus

Cake Sisters, courtesy of Cake Central Four layers of celebration equals four times the fun. This carnival circus cake is pretty remarkable, and it is filled with a plethora of creative and amusing touches. Yellow stars, bright yellow and red backdrops, and an enormous circus tent perched right on top are all lavishly embellished with fondant clowns and circus animals to create a carnival-themed cake. This incredible cake would make any birthday child giddy with excitement.

Bonus:How to Make Clown Cake-pops

Blogger at FromBird’s Party Blog These clown cake pops, perfect for a circus-themed birthday party or baby shower, are really adorable. They are also really simple to build – you can even engage your children in the process! You can make these clown pops at home by following the simple step-by-step directions and using standard cake pop ingredients, as well as some little candies and ice cream cones.

Create your own circus cake masterpiece with these great supplies:

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  • A set of nonstick silicone baking mats, an Elite 3-tier cooling rack, reusable silicone baking cups, a three-piece silicone spatula set, a cake decorating set, mixing bowls made of standard weight stainless steel, a 6-speed classic stand mixer, heat resistant cooking utensils, and a cake decorating set are all included. 9-inch round cake pan in two pieces
  • Mini springform pan
  • Covered cake pan
  • 9-inch round cake pan in two pieces

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Plus, don’t miss out on these26 Circus Birthday Parties …

I decided on a circus-themed celebration for my son’s last birthday since, after all, he’s my little acrobat who believes that anything higher than his waist is intended for climbing on, and he lives in a circus fantasy world. This is a fairly straightforward technique that involves using a star tip to create a ruffled appearance on the cake. This approach was used for all of my novice cakes since if you make a mistake, it merely blends in with the general fluffy appearance. So, if this is your first time trying your hand at cake decorating, I encourage you to go for it!


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius). Prepare the cake batter and divide it among the pans and Pyrex dishes as needed. Before putting the pans in the oven, tap the pans on the counter to expel any air bubbles that may have formed in the batter. Bake the round pans for 35- 40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. The bowl will require an additional 10 minutes of cooking time. Placing cakes on a cooling rack and allowing for thorough cooling is recommended.

Prepare the Icing

  1. In order to make this cake, you will need four recipes worth of cream. Fill one-third of a cup with yellow gel coloring and one-third of a cup with blue gel coloring, using the food coloring. Dividing the remaining ingredients in half, one half should stay white and the other half should be colored red. Remove from consideration

Shape the Cake

  1. Removing the dome portion of the cakes’ tops with the leveler is a good idea. The cakes should be flat and level at this point. One circular cake should be placed on your cake board. Red cream should be piped into an icing bag. Start at the outside edge of the cake and work your way around in a swirl until you reach the center. If you don’t have a tip, you may use your fingers to squeeze out the cream. Smooth out the cream with your frosting spatula before putting the second cake on top of the first one. Repeat the process with a second layer of frosting and a third cake atop the first two. Cut around the edges of the cakes using a sharp knife, preferably a serrated knife, until you have a lovely, even, circular-looking cake on your hands. Using a rotating stand when shaping this section will make it easier to get an equal shape
  2. To make the top of the tent, cut the remaining dome-shaped cake into a cone form using a sharp knife. Place the cone on top of the top cake and use your frosting bag to create a swirled circle of icing around the top of it
  3. Once you are pleased with the general form of the cake, pipe white cream around the entire cake and flatten it evenly with a spatula to finish it off. Always use more icing than you think you’ll need because you’ll be removing a lot of it when smoothing it out. When it comes to cake shape, it’s simplest when the cakes are hard and set in place. Using them straight from the freezer is my preferred method of dealing with them, especially when I’m going to be shaping them, like I did with this tent-shaped cake. If you’re short on time, simply store them in the freezer for about an hour, or until they no longer have that fresh, soft feel to them.

Decorate the Cake

  1. Remove the dome portion of the tops of the cakes using the leveler to make them more even in height. They should be flat and even on the tops and bottoms now. Using a cake board, place one circular cake on top of it. Using red cream, fill an icing bag. Start at the outside edge of the cake and work your way around in a swirl until you reach the center. If you don’t have a tip, you may use your fingers to help you out. Smooth out the cream with your frosting spatula before layering the second cake on top of the first one. Repeat the process with a second layer of frosting and a third cake atop the first two
  2. To make an even, circular-looking cake, cut around the edges of each cake with a sharp, preferably serrated knife until you get a good, even circle. It will be easier to get a uniform shape if you use a rotating stand when shaping this portion. Make a cone shape out of the remaining dome-shaped cake to use as the tent’s roof. Use your icing bag to create a circle of frosting on the top cake and set the cone on top of it once again. As soon as you are pleased with the general form of the cake, pipe white cream around the entire cake and equally flatten it with a spatula to finish it off. Extra icing should always be applied because it will be removed in large quantities while smoothing it out. Shape cakes while they are still hard and set for the best results. Using them straight from the freezer is my preferred method of dealing with them, especially when I’m going to be shaping them, like in this tent-shaped cake. If you’re short on time, simply store them in the freezer for approximately an hour, or until they no longer have that fresh, soft feel to them Circus Two Birthday Cake Topper, Vintage Tent Big 2nd Cake Topper for Kids 2nd Birthday Party Decorations Supplies : Toys & Games

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