How To Get Jason Mask In Tent Virtual Cabin Ps4

Friday the 13th: The Game – All Jason Masks in Virtual Cabin 2.0

Tress, snowballs, and all of that other holiday nonsense. How to discover all of the Jason masks in Friday the 13th: The Game’s Virtual Cabin 2.0 and win the hidden patch in Friday the 13th: The Game December202017

Vermintide Xbox One X enhancement update and sequel coming to console

What a week it’s been, with 4K support and Vermintide 2 confirmation! Developers Illfonic have recently released the new Virtual Cabin 2.0 version on Friday the 13th, which includes the following features: The Game, which provides users with an offline Friday the 13th museum to explore in their leisure time, is available for download. There are various puzzles hidden throughout the Virtual Cabin, and completing these puzzles will provide the player with special secret patches that can only be obtained by completing them.

Friday the 13th: The Game – Jason Mask Puzzle in Virtual Cabin 2.0

To gain entry to the Virtual Cabin on Friday the 13th, follow these steps: To begin the game, pick Offline Play from the Main Menu and then Virtual Cabin from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve arrived to the Virtual Cabin, proceed to the computer station. Check for updates may be found under the computer programs section. When asked, type in the password: mother to continue. In order to access different features around the Virtual Cabin, you must first log in.

Collect All Jason Masks

It is necessary to gather all of the Jason masks that have been dispersed around Virtual Cabin 2.0 in order to complete the Jason mask puzzle in this version of Virtual Cabin. There are three masks that you will need to gather. The remaining Jason masks are hung on the wall in the upper hallway. Here’s where to look for each mask that’s gone missing:

  • A box beside the wheelchair contains Jason Mask (Part 3), which can be found below through the red door on the right. a tent in the kid’s room upstairs, where Jason Mask (Part 7) may be found (last door on the left). To enter the tent, you must crouch. In the basement, inside the fireplace, Jason Mask (Part 9) hangs from the rafters.

Hang the Jason Masks on the Wall Display

Once you’ve located and collected all three of the Jason masks that have been concealed throughout the Virtual Cabin, the following stage is to arrange them on the mask display in the correct sequence. There’s a Jason mask wall exhibit right up the stairs, behind a sign that reads ‘Stillwater,’ which is easy to miss. You must hang each Jason mask in the order in which they appear in their appropriate Friday the 13th film, beginning with Part 3 of the franchise. The following is the order in which the Jason masks are worn:

  • Mask with red markings that is clean
  • The top of the mask has a cut in it, and the blood is still fresh. Mask with blue cheek marks that is clean
  • Mask with a gash on the upper left side
  • Filthy
  • The mask is soaked and has a piece cut out of the lower jaw. Mask with fading marks and a dirtier appearance than the original one
  • The smallest and most damaged mask, with a gash cut out of the right temple and into the eye aperture

It is expected that the three masks you acquired around the cabin will now be shown in the first, fifth, and seventh locations on the display screen.

Remove the Third Mask

It is necessary to remove the third mask from the set, which is the Part 5 Jason mask with blue markings, once you have properly hung all of the Jason masks in the proper sequence. Remove this mask, and the Jason mask hidden patch will appear in the dresser drawer to the right of the display, indicating that the mask has been removed. After following the instructions in this tutorial, you should have the secret patch necessary to solve the Jason mask puzzle in Friday the 13th: The Game’s Virtual Cabin 2.0.

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Friday the 13th: How to Beat Offline Mode

While it is true that Friday the 13th now has a singleplayer option, Virtual Cabin 2.0 is not your typical offline experience. Here’s how to get through this bizarre Easter egg challenge. Even though it’s been a long time since the release of Friday the 13th: The Game, counselors may now practice for online bouts against Jason (or vice versa) with a fresh new offline mode that is provided free with all copies of Friday the 13th: The Game. Bots aren’t the only new feature — if you’re up for it, you can also explore a massive, puzzle-filled lodge if you’re prepared to put your brain to the test.

This lengthy Easter egg quest is filled with bizarre hurdles, and you’ll get a peek of something very fantastic if you manage to complete it all.

The Gamefans are on the prowl for new vistas to conquer on Friday the 13th.

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How to Beat the Offline Mode Easter Eggs | Virtual Cabin 2.0 Guide

In this guide, you will only find answers to the riddles that are presented in a linear form. The videos posted by YouTuber SuperMilkbox assisted in the resolution of the majority of the remaining riddles. There is an offline, singleplayer option referred to as “Virtual Cabin,” and completing it needs three distinct, full in-game “runs”; once you have finished with the Virtual Cabin, there is another set of puzzles to solve and a final boss to face off against. You’ve arrived in the Virtual Cabin!

The First Loop is the first of two loops.

  1. On the computer, click on “Check for Updates.” To activate further functionality, enter the password “Mother” in the appropriate field.
  • Crouching should now be possible, as should the ability to interact with various things.
  • Grasp all three figurines on the dresser, which is next to the doll home behind the computer
  • Collect three additional dollhouse figures from the neighboring room by going to the adjacent room. In the bathroom, look for the final figure you can find. It’s tucked away in a stack of corrugated cardboard crates. Place the figurines in the adjacent room dollhouse (Step3) in the following arrangement, starting from the left:
  • Step 2: Arrange the figurines in the main room of the dollhouse in the following arrangement, from left to right:
  • The first patch can only be unlocked by arranging the figurines in the precise sequence. Take it from the open drawer in the cabin where it’s been left
  • Following that, you’ll need to locate and retrieve a succession of Jason masks that have been buried throughout the cabin.
  • Display Room: Inside an open cardboard box next to a wheelchair, inside an open cardboard box
  • 2F Bedroom: In the tent on the second floor, inside a tray, in the second floor bedroom
  • Crouch down and you’ll see this mask concealed in the embers of the blazing fireplace
  • Ascend to the second floor and search for the wall beneath the “Stillwater” flag. You’ll need to arrange the Jason masks in the proper sequence. Basically, arrange the masks in the order in which they appear
  1. Brown with three red spots on the cheekbones
  2. In the forehead, there is a bloody wound. Blue symbols on a white background
  3. Red mark on the brow
  4. A grey color with damaged borders
  5. Yellow / brown, a little dirty-looking
  6. The most severely harmed
  • Place all seven masks in the proper order on the wall, then remove mask3 (the one with the blue symbols) off the wall. Another drawer will be opened, revealing yet another patch to be collected. Following that, you’ll need to collect movie props from various locations within the cabin.
  • Room for Display: Look for the Sheriff’s badge by the pool table, close to the wheelchair. In the bathroom, look for the red bandanna on the toilet seat. Taking the blue hat from the coat rack at the front entrance is a good idea. 2F Bedroom: In the second-floor bedroom, near the tent, look for the blue yo-yo in the box on the shelf
  • 2F Bathroom:
  • The props must be put on podiums in each of the four rooms.
  • Police badge: Display the badge on a pedestal in the second-floor bedroom, under the two blue birds emblem. Placing the red bandanna on the platform in the Display Room, behind the green pear emblem, is recommended. Placing the Blue Hat on the podium in the back room of the cabin, near the kitchen, and placing it under the four red birds sign is recommended. The Yo-Yo should be placed on the pedestal in the Toy Display room, beneath the artwork of three brown birds.
  • With the third patch, if you place all of the things on the appropriate podiums, a drawer will be opened. It should be collected. After that, go to the phone in the Main Lobby room and dial a certain number
  • Dial the number 1-555-342-9277
  • Once you have dialed the number, the drawer under the phone will open. Remove the patch from its storage location.
  • Place all four patches on the board that is fixed on the wall in the kitchen. Each patch corresponds to one of the forms depicted on the board. The door to a secret room will be opened. After you’ve finished placing the four patches, go back to the Main Lobby and utilize the computer there.
  • Change the date by selecting “Change Date” and entering “JULY 13, 1979”
  1. Make your way down to the secret basement chamber that was accessible when the patches were placed
  2. To finish the first loop, pick up the phone and call someone.

The Second Loop (sometimes known as the Third Loop) After collecting four patches in a somewhat secure setting, the action is going to heat up as we hunt down three patches while escaping the attentions of an extremely enraged Jason. I hope you can handle the jump scares!

  1. The second loop is far more terrifying. Select “Change the Date” from within the Virtual Cabin mode and enter “JUNE 13, 1979.” Answer the phone at the basement display room, which is located in the basement. After witnessing the scenario, take your time approaching the axe that emerges in the wall.
  • Continue upstairs, keeping an eye on the various situations as they unfold, before returning downstairs and approaching the hammock.
  • When you close the door to the chamber, you’ll discover a body hanging from the ceiling. Take the key from the body, then return to the top floor and depart the cabin through the smashed door.
  • To get access to the maintenance shed, use the key that you obtained from the deceased counselor. Go and get the shovel out of the shed
  • Continue along the cemetery walk, and use the shovel to level the area of earth at Jason’s tombstone. When the body has been exhumed, the casket should be opened.
  • To enter Jason’s body, locate the Fence Post in the shattered fence behind Jason’s grave and insert it into his body.
  • After stabbing Jason with the post, wait for the accompanying cutscene to play out, and the first of three patches will emerge in the coffin as a result of your actions. Take it with you before you go
  • Go to the wooded trail opposite the graveyard and pick it up there. At this moment, Jason is on the prowl for you, and if you take the wrong turn, he will murder you. You’ll have to follow a very particular course, which will entail a lot of trial and error on your part. Unless you stay on the invisible road, Jason will arrive and murder you, resulting in you being forced to start over from the very beginning.
  • After you’ve gotten to the machete, turn right and proceed toward the heart-shaped etched into the tree. When you reach the tree’s base, turn left
  • Go to the tree with the arrow protruding from its branch. Face the direction the arrow is pointing when you’re touching this tree, then walk directly toward the duck after you’re finished. When you get to the duck, turn left and start digging in the pile of soil.
  • Use the shovel to dig up the earth at the last place before moving on. You may pick up your second patch right here. After that, walk to the automobile that is parked outside the cabin and open the padlock on the refrigerator
  • And
  • To unlock the padlock, enter the code “5312” into the lock’s keypad.
  1. Jason’s mother’s head should be placed on the altar in Jason’s cabin, according to the story. As soon as the head is in position, the final patch will show
  2. All of the patches should be placed in the pedestal housing the gas can on the beach. The display case will be unlocked, allowing you to finally collect the gas you’ve been waiting for. Utilize the gas in the neighboring boat engine to get away, which will lead to a second ending cutscene. There’s only one more circle to go

The Third Loop is the last loop. As we tear down the boundaries of reality and gain an incredible view into Jason’s future in the third loop, things get pretty crazy (and meta) for the characters.

  • For PC, use the arrow keys to go up and down and to the left and right and the letter A
  • For Xbox One, use the arrow keys to move up and down and to the left and right and the letter A
  • And for PlayStation 4, use the arrow keys to move up and down and to the left and right and the letter B.
  • If you have entered the code correctly, the Debug Menu will display
  • Otherwise, nothing will happen.
  • “Show FPS” and “Show Collision” should be enabled. If you turn off “Map Collision,” an error warning will show
  • Otherwise, leave it turned on.
  • Exit the building and go to the Display Room, where you will pass through a bizarre, glitch-untextured door. You’ll find yourself in another odd, untextured environment.
  • In this strange chamber, listen to the radio and gather the glitch patches that have fallen off the walls
  • When you re-enter the cabin, look for the glitchy patch trail, which should now be considerably more glitchy
  • The trail runs all the way down to the basement level. Continue to follow the trail of patches after the bloody body has been thrown through the window.
  1. Collect the three patches from the three Jasons in the basement exhibition area, which is accessible only by open hands. Continue to follow the new patches up to the second level and into the “Coming Soon” area, where you will find yourself. As you go through the odd spacecraft hallway, pull up on the lever to allow you to access the space station. You’ll come upon a surprise – yeah, it’s Jason X — as you proceed.
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On top of that, Jason X is here to murder and tease you at the same time. Just try to take it all in, and let’s all look forward to the release of a new level set on the virtual reality Camp Crystal Lake. Image courtesy of:

Friday the 13th: The Game – Full Guide to Virtual Cabin 2.0

There is a step-by-step instruction for all of the stages in VC 2.0, in case you get lost or simply want to get it over with.

Beta 1.0

To complete this step, simply go to your computer and click on the “Check for updates” page, where you will input the password “Mother.” Once you’ve completed 1.0, you’re finished with it. This, however, was only the first stage in the process.

Beta 1.1

Now that you can squat and pick up stuff, you have gained access to a new area of the game world. You must, however, collect four badges in order to advance.

Badge 1: Masks

This one requires you to locate and arrange all of the masks on the mask exhibit upstairs in the proper chronological order. In the main chamber, you may find Part 9’s mask behind the fireplace, so simply crouch down and pick it up. You’ll find Part 7’s mask upstairs, in the room with the tent, just beside the door that says “COMING SOON.” Take a crouch inside the tent and reach inside the box to retrieve Part 7’s mask. Part 3’s mask may be found in the newly accessible chamber, in a box at the table next to the table with the toy car on it, near the table with the toy car on it.

The sequence is as follows: The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth installments are as follows: Pick up Part 5 Jason’s mask after everything is in working condition.

Take the badge from the table.

Badge 2: Phone

Find and arrange all of the masks on the mask exhibit upstairs in chronological sequence, which you must do for this challenge! In the main chamber, you may find Part 9’s mask behind the fireplace, so simply crouch down and pick it up! Located upstairs in the room with the tent, near the “COMING SOON” entrance, is the mask from Part 7. Grab Part 7’s mask from its box, which can be found inside the tent. A box beside a table adjacent to a table with a toy car on it contains Part 3’s mask, which was discovered in the newly opened chamber.

Specifically, it is as follows: Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Chapters Pick up Jason’s mask from Part 5 after everything is in order.

Obtain your identification card.

Badge 3: Toys

There are two models based on two scenes from the films: Two endings are available: the barn finale from P3 (which may be found in the unlocked chamber) and the P9 conclusion (In the main room). There are dolls in the wrong sequence, as well as dolls that are simply missing. Take every doll from both models and put them all together. The following is the order for P9’s model: Girl with a Knife – Chapter Nine The loser in the letterman jacket is Jason.

The following is the order for P3’s model: Ali – The Third Part Jason and Chris are a couple. Chris may be spotted in the restroom Jenny is using, peeking his head out of a box next to the shower. Jenny is the one who discovered Chris.

Badge 4: Pedestals

To do so, you’ll need to track down the following items:

  • In the unlocked room, on the table with the toy vehicle, there is a police badge. Using a bandana in the bathroom or on the toilet is recommended. Yo-Yo– in the tent room, in the closet (beware of spiders)
  • In the tent room, in the closet In the living room, just next to the door, is a cap.

Take these items and place them on the following pedestals:

  • Bandana– Pear pedestal, which may be found in the unlocked chamber. The badge is on a blue bird pedestal in the tent area upstairs. It is located in the upper weapons room, on the Ducklings pedestal. Hat– Red birds pedestal, in the room with the shoes next to the entrance, with the shoes next to the door

If you complete all of these steps, a badge will emerge from the hat pedestal. Take it in your hands. Now that you’ve received your badges, proceed to the kitchen and pin them on the board on the wall opposite Deborah. The door to the Jason room will automatically open. Enter it, then walk up to the phone that is ringing and pick it up. You’ve finished the Virtual Cabin!. well, not really. It’s time to bring in the New Game +, baby.

New Game +

Hello and welcome to New Game +. Make a trip to your computer and set the date to June 13, 1979, before you start anything. Changing the date is accomplished by hovering your mouse cursor on a number and scrolling down with your mouse wheel. Go to the Jason room and answer the phone there after you’ve completed this task! The lights will go out, and now everyone in the cabin will perish as a result of Part 3 of the plot. Jason managed to get himself out of his display box. To be able to depart, you must inspect each and every body.

  1. But hold on a minute!
  2. … There are badges to collect.
  3. Oh, and Kenny is wearing his keys around his neck.
  4. Make sure to travel to your right when you emerge and unlock the shed in order to obtain the shovel.

Badge 1: Woods

There are some woods nearby with a machete and blood in front of it, which is close to the cabin. Don’t merely go into the room; else, Jason will murder you and restart the game. You must proceed in a certain order based on what is on or near a tree. The following is the sequence:

  • Tree identification (one of those obnoxious “X + X” things with a heart around it)
  • An arrow with a yellow tip at the end of it
  • Ducks (this may be a little difficult to locate)
  • A mound of dirt

Once you’ve arrived at the dirt mound, dig it up and you’ll discover the delicious body of a canine companion. In addition to a badge. Take use of the badge.

Badge 2: Pamela’s Head

An ancient refrigerator, which is secured with a padlock, is located next to the two-seater outdoors. The code for the padlock is “5312.” When you open it up, you’ll find Pamela’s decaying head within it. Picking it up (because, why not?) and transporting it to the hut on the hill adjacent to the cementary is a simple task. A rock will flip over once you have set her down, displaying the badge you have been looking for. Take it with you and go out of here.

Badge 3: Jason Lives

The simplest of all badges. Jason’s tomb may be found in the cemetary, which you should visit. Tommy-style, dig it up, and open the coffin to reveal Jason, who is completely coated in maggots. Then proceed to the right side of the fence where you will find a stray pole to pick up. Then, in true Tommy fashion, thrust it into him. He, of course, is resurrected and kills you as a result. Once you’ve faded back into view, simply take the badge from his casket and you’re finished. Drive to the beach, place all of the badges in the display case with the gas, and then pick it up from there.

Proceed to the boat, fill it with water, and set sail. In addition, keep an eye out for swamp youngsters in the lake. And that concludes your New Game + experience! What’s more, guess what? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Let’s get this party started.

New Game ++

This is the end of the road. It’s time for the grand finale.

Konami Code

This is the most difficult phase in the entire process. It is necessary to enter the infamous Konami Code. On a PC, you must use the arrow keys to complete the Up Up, Down Down, Left Right-Left Right sections of the step, and then you must click your right mouse button followed by your left mouse button to complete the step. If you try to do this rapidly, it will not work. You will then be able to access the debug menu. Deactivate the collision setting and proceed to the room that you unlocked all the way back in version 1.1 of the game.

Simply go into it.

The Room

After that, you’ll find yourself in a bloodied chamber with no texture. Jason enters the room where the developer is working and kills them if you are listening to the radio. Take advantage of a glitched badge that will display. You will fall through the floor because your ears will be damaged by the loud music, therefore dial down the volume on your device before you arrive. The game will crash and the cabin will reload if there is a problem.

Glitched Cabin

You will begin your journey in the tent room. To go downstairs, follow the trail of glitched badges until you reach the point when Chuck from Illfonic is flung out the window. Interact with his corpse and then follow the badges once more until the end. All of the exhibit cases in the Jason area will be smashed, although some Jasons will be clutching badges in their hands as they walk about. Take the badges, and the last one will murder you if you don’t get his badge back once you take it.

The Door

All of the cases have been emptied, and a fresh trail of badges has been established. Follow them to the second floor, where the “COMING SOON” door is located. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see the breathtaking conclusion of VC 2.0. You have now completed your work using VC 2.0. Congratulations!

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Level 1Also, does anyone have any insight on why it was structured in this manner? Shouldn’t this be on the Megathread, rather than here? 2nd levelI wasn’t sure if it would be OK to publish it on the mega thread or if it would be the appropriate location for such a lengthy post. level 1: How does the Konami code function on the xbox 360? The order of the letters should be up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, O, X, and so on for level 2. 1st levelThere is more to the cabin than what is mentioned here, so take your time exploring it.

level 2This is a walkthrough that takes you all the way to the finish; it is not intended to lead you to any easter eggs; rather, it is intended to bring you to the section when you see the new Jason and map.

You also supplied the same link twice for the part 3 and part 9 scenes, which was confusing.

I simply figured I’d write one long post with everything in it because people have been asking questions about different areas of the game on Reddit, but no one has written a comprehensive guide that teaches you everything. Oh, and thank you for the link, I didn’t know I’d missed it.

Friday the 13th Update 1.25 Changelog for PS4 and Xbox One

Friday the 13th update 1.25 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now available for download for users. It has been revealed that Friday the 13th 1.25 patch notes have been released, and that the game has received a new single-player mode as part of the update. Players may now put their talents to the test as Jason Voorhees by eliminating all of the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake in each of the ten different scenarios available. Each level has unique cinematic kills that can only be obtained via participating in Single Player Challenges.

  • See the rest of this page for further information.
  • A new game option called Single Player Challenges, which will be accessible on Friday the 13th, has been added to the game.
  • You can take on the role of Jason in whatever manner you like.
  • Additionally, there are 30 new unlockable emotesthat may be acquired in the Single Player Challenges!
  • Victoria Sterling has been added as a new playable counselor.

Victoria has a level requirement of 42 and the following stats to meet that criteria: 4Comfort – 8Luck – 8Repair – 3Speed – 4Stamina – 7Stealth – 7Strength – 2 Composure 4Luck 8Repair 3Speed 4 Advantages that are unrivaled Changes to Perks Advantages that are unrivaled There has been an increase in the rarity of perk tiers!

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Legendary perks are currently the most difficult to earn of all the perks that may be obtained.

All Legendary bonuses are enhanced by the addition of one more good characteristic!

The following are the characteristics that are associated with each Legendary perk: Total Physical and Mental Stamina Swimming Without Using Your Senses Fear Reduction on a Broad Scale Total Physical and Mental Stamina Keep Sense to a Minimum Keep Sense to a Minimum SpeedXP for Melee Attack Increase your car’s top speed.

  1. Healing in the First Aid Situation Police Response Time (in Minutes) Fear Reduction on a Broad Scale Starting a car at a high rate Fear Reduction on a Broad Scale Fear Penalties from the Darkness have been reduced.
  2. Tommy suffers weapon damage.
  3. Firecrackers Radius of Stun Swim at a faster pace and gain more stamina.
  4. Speed of a melee attack Reduced the chance of stumbling Voip Distance is the distance between two phones.
  5. Melee Damage is the amount of damage dealt by a single blow.
  6. The following benefits have had their potential values increased or decreased: In comparison to 1 percent – 10 percent, this modification increases the Radio proximity recharge rate by 10% – 40% (from 1 percent – 10 percent).
  7. It also increases weapon durability by 5–15 percent (it was previously between 5 and 25%).
  8. – Decreases the risk of detecting Sense by 5 percent to 20 percent (it was previously 1 percent to 25 percent).
  9. Increases the swimming speed of the Counselor by 5 percent to 35 percent (it was formerly 1 percent to 15 percent).
  10. In order to aid players who are color blind, a numbered system has been introduced to the perk image in order to differentiate between rarity and commonality.

Players will be able to attach a variety of weapons on each Jason in the future. This feature becomes available to players after they reach level 113 and allows them to shift between the following weapons:

  • Pickaxe, Machete, Axe, Fire Axe, Battle Axe, Spear, Pig Splitter, Shears, and more implements

Jaime’s Animation of a Swing The swinging animations of all of Jason’s weapons have been changed to swing lower to the ground to make them more effective. This patch should make it less likely that Jason’s swings will miss players who are crouched or on uneven ground. Jason’s Take Away Changes With the addition of a new animation and sound effect, Jason’s grab has been improved. These modifications should more appropriately portray the distance traveled by Jason’s grasp and should also make landing a grab on a counselor seem more satisfying.

  • When a door was closed, players could initially commence battle from both sides of the locked door.
  • Because to the nature of fighting, there was limited opportunity for counter-action to these occurrences.
  • Jason, on the other hand, will retain the ability to inflict damage on counselors who are standing in close proximity to the entrance.
  • The pips that represent the weapon stats in the How to Play section have had their values per pip modified in order to make them more consistent in their representation.
  • The following items are needed: 2X4, frying pan, fallen tree branch, baseball bat, metal pipe, wrench, and a cooking pot.

Changes in the Matchmaking Process System of Infractions A new infraction system has been implemented in order to address the issue of players quitting matches too soon during matches. Infraction points will now be awarded to players that engage in any of the following activities during a Quickplay match:

  • The following scenarios are possible: exiting as Jason
  • Exiting as the Host
  • Exiting the match while still alive as a Counselor
  • Exiting the match as Jason while in the process of being murdered

System of Preferences for Spawns We added a “ticketing” mechanism to the Spawn Preferences in the December patch of last year in order to address some of the concerns players were experiencing with the Jason choosing process. This patch contains a number of improvements to the Spawn Preferences, all of which are intended to enhance the system. The most notable change is that this system is now linked to each individual player’s account, which is a significant improvement. Thus, a player’s likelihood of being picked as Jason will now continue even if the player switches between other lobbies.

The likelihood of a player being selected as Jason is influenced by their preference settings as well as the number of Jason games they have played recently.

However, the player’s likelihood of being chosen as Jason “recharges” swiftly over time, and this method will have no long-term consequences for the players.

Keybinding SupportKeybinding Support is now available on the PC for players who like to utilize a keyboard and mouse to control their characters. This function may be accessible by going to the Settings menu. Keybindings Changes to the overall design and bug fixes General

  • A new free emote has been introduced! The Poppin’ Robot is a robot that pops out out of nowhere. The weapons and skins that the Jason player has equipped will now be displayed throughout the intro and outro cinematic sequences. The ability to rain has been restored
  • Multiple concerns with the Sweater have been resolved
  • Update 1.25, released on Friday the 13th, adds countermeasures to various character selection vulnerabilities.
  • Part 5 of the series Jason now has a new color variation for his default skin that he may choose from
  • Please keep in mind that the level requirements for bloody skins are the same for both the blue and green color variations.
  • Keep in mind that the level requirements for bloody skins are the same for both the blue and green color variations.


  • When the Jason player leaves the game after the kill process has been begun, XP will now be awarded for killing him. In addition, bear traps cannot be set inside tents any more. In addition, when an equipped item is changed out for another item, it will now seek to identify the best available space to be put (which is usually the ground).
  • Take note that this was done in order to fix the issue where players were able to stack things on top of each other indefinitely until an item became inaccessible.
  • When the Bear Trap is activated prematurely, a bug caused the arming animation to continue to play. This problem has been fixed. Fixed a problem that was allowing counselors to attempt to trigger Jason’s vulnerable state during the sweater stun kill sequence an excessive number of times. When the player enters a Bear Trap while calling, the phone calling animation will not stop playing. This has been fixed. Corrected a problem in which, when a Counselor started phoning the police and simultaneously steps into an entrapment trap, the phone would continue to flutter around like a ghostly ghost while the Counselor attempted to escape the trap
  • And It has been resolved an issue in which the emote wheel would remain visible on the screen after the player was killed. Fixes a problem in which the player may become interaction locked if they repeatedly pressed the engage button on the phone while Jason was deconstructing the phone box
  • Fixed a problem in which putting Bear Traps in specific areas would cause the player to be launched into the air on occasion
  • An issue where the player’s terror effect would remain during the outro cinematic has been resolved. An problem where the map would be dropped as an item when the player was killed in certain hiding areas has been resolved. A bug in the Friday the 13th patch 1.25 that caused an erroneous animation to be played when some Counselors would direct strike a wall with the Baseball Bat
  • Perks
  • And other weapons was repaired. An bug with the Slugger perk was resolved, which resulted in the produced baseball bat possessing inaccurate stats. Corrected an issue in the Teamwork perk that was causing the attack strength reduction to not function properly
  • Physicists have developed improvements to the way that automobiles are impacted by their surroundings. Improvements in automobile handling were achieved by switching the vehicles from rear-wheel drive to front wheel drive. In version 1.25, which was released on Friday the 13th, a minor invincibility frame was introduced to the game for the brief duration while a counselor is departing a car. When automobiles reached high speeds, they would become “jittery” or unstable, and this has been resolved. The brakes on automobiles have been upgraded. Using the hand brakes, cars may come to a complete stop more rapidly, allowing players to “drift” around the track. Countermeasures have been implemented to prevent Counselors from standing on top of automobiles. It is now possible to access the rear view camera that is available when driving in reverse at any moment while driving by pressing and holding the Rear View button (default: R, Triangle, or Y) while driving. On Friday the 13th, version 1.25 corrected a problem that prevented the vehicle beginning animations from playing


  • In all maps, Repair Parts that have been dumped into the lake should now respawn near the beach in a more regular manner. It is now possible to lock and unlock regular doors (that do not have a barrier attached) from both sides
  • Update 1.25, released on Friday the 13th, put blocks to graves to prevent automobiles from passing through
  • Several exploit spots across all maps have been addressed. Several spots on all maps where the environmental kills were inaccessible or not functioning correctly were addressed
  • Once a drawer has been opened, the enlarged collision volume of the drawer will no longer be available. Friday the 13th, version 1.25, made lighting adjustments throughout the multiplayer levels

Jarvis House is a private residence in the town of Jarvis in the county of Jarvis in the state of Jarvis House

  • Various cabins have been modified to avoid Repair Parts from spawning in inaccessible locations
  • The lights in the Vacation House will now be correctly off after the associated power box has been removed
  • And several other changes have been made.
  • Fixed a problem in which one of the doors in the Halfway House could only be opened from the outside by Jason, and An problem where parts of the shorelines had improper collisions was resolved, allowing players to escape the water in certain spots. Added an interaction button to a bed that had been missing. It was decided to change the date that appears in the opening cinematic clip from 1986 to 1989.

Crystal Lake is a lake in the United States of America.

  • A problem in the Friday the 13th patch 1.25, released on Friday the 13th, caused Rob to seem bleeding in the opening cinematic clip on occasion
  • This bug has since been rectified.
  • There was a glitch that prohibited Bear Traps from being placed in two of the cabins, which has been fixed.
  • Improvements made to the behavior of artificial intelligence in general
  • Friday the 13th version 1.25 includes enhancements to the AI’s interaction with cars
  • The AI will now attempt to engage with or avoid Jason’s traps
  • And other bug fixes. Bear traps will now be able to be placed by AI, and radios will also be able to be turned on as a diversion by AI. The difficulty setting in Offline Bots will now have the following effects on the bots:
  • Ranged accuracy
  • Weapon selection preferences
  • Item location awareness
  • Starting items and preset perks
  • And more.
  • Distance accuracy
  • Weapon selection preferences
  • Item location awareness
  • Starting items and preset perks
  • When at the Jason selection screen, the Controller Bumpers should now move in the correct way. The Single Player Challenges have been added to the How To Play section, which has been modified.

Check your game’s update status and download the most recent Friday the 13th update 1.25 to your computer.

Steam Community : Guide : Complete Virtual Cabin 2.0 Walkthrough and Secrets Guide

Changes have been made to the log. 12/21/2017 – The Counselor Database has been updated with three newly found passwords. – A new advice has been included for when phone calls do not go through despite the fact that the proper number was dialed. 12/20/2017 – Corrected an error in the Konami Code for the Third Run, which had A and B in the wrong places. – Images have been added to the First Run section. – Images have been added to the Second Run section. – Images have been added to the Third Run section.

  • During the patch trail, you will need to engage with a dead body in order to go farther along the route.
  • I’ll update this area if any further miscellaneous suggestions spring to mind.
  • I’ve just completed the fantastic Virtual Cabin 2.0 mode and saw that there are no guidelines available – therefore I decided to put down everything I’ve learned so far.
  • Please keep in mind that this is intended to be a “answers only” type of tutorial.
  • However, certain riddles will be left unsolved, and it is up to you to figure out how they were solved.
  • Tips When using a variety of controllers, how to enter the Konami Code It is necessary to enter the Konami Code in the Third Run, which is as follows: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN.
  • Change the buttons B and A on the Playstation Controller to O and X.

Alternatively to B and A, I’ve been informed that you may use the LEFT and RIGHT CLICK keys instead – although I haven’t tried this myself.

To dial, use the number keys on your keyboard, and be sure to wait for the small white light to come back on before dialing each number in the list.

First Run Once in the game, select Offline ModeVirtual Cabin from the menu.

2)You now have access to an inventory as well as the ability to crouch and interact with drawers and other items.

Take the time to collect all three figures.

Purchase all three of these figures as well, since there will be another diorama to display.

Take this and return to the side chamber where the diorama is located.

Put the figurines in the following order: Jessica, Jason (without a weapon), and Steven are the characters in Part 9.

8) Collect the masks from the locations listed below: i.e.

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b) Get down on your knees to get the mask from within the fireplace.

9) Make your way to the upper area near the television set.

To complete the task, we must arrange them in the following sequence, from left to right (I’ll describe their appearance because they can be difficult to distinguish): Bloody Gash with 3 Red Marks on White Background 2 Blue Marks on the Page 1 Red Dot on the Graph a little bit harmed Yellowish The majority of the damage has been repaired.

  • Take note of the badge that is within.
  • B) Sherif Badge, which is displayed on a table in the display area beside a wheelchair.
  • d) A blue hat taken from the coat rack adjacent to the front door Do not forget to put these four things on the Podiums in the following positions: a) A red bandana draped over the podium in the Display Room behind a painting of a pear.
  • On a podium in the Item Display Room, between a desk full of masks and an archery target, there is a Yo-Yo painted under the painting of Three Brown Birds.
  • 13) A Patch will slide out of a drawer on the Podium, as seen in the picture.
  • Go to the phone in the Main Lobby and dial 1-555-342-9277 to reach the receptionist.
  • 15) Go to the kitchen and look for the board on the wall that has the outlines of the patches you’ve gathered thus far.


This will make a phone in the basement operational.

18) Walk to the furthest corner of the room and pick up the phone.

To begin, go to your computer and change the date to JUNE 13, 1979.

3) After the sequence, proceed to the Axe that is hidden in the wall.

5) Go downstairs to the room where the girl in the Hammock is staying with her family.

6) Take the key from the dead body on the other side of the door and exit the room.

8) Take a right and enter the Shed using the key on the wall.

10) Make your way down the path to the cemetery.

11) Take the coffin out of the casket.

Take this with you.

14) After the cutscene, go to his coffin and take the Patch out of it.

16) This part operates in a manner similar to the video game “Operation.” If you deviate off the route, Jason will murder you and you will have to start over at the beginning of the Maze.

Step b) Walk over to the Heart Carving in the Tree, making careful to smush up against it to get a good look at it, and then turn left.

Make certain to smush-look once more.

In front of you, on the ground, there’s a duck that’s hard to see since it’s dark.

g) Walk over to the pile of dirt and sit down.

18) Make your way to the car parked close to the cabin.

Pick up Pamela’s head from the Fridge at number 20.

Obtain the Patch and proceed to the beach.

Take a deep breath and press on.

25) Take a ride on the boat and take in the scenery.

1) As soon as you get into the cabin, start typing the Konami Code on your keyboard: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

3) As soon as you get into the cabin, start typing the Konami Code on your keyboard: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B, A.

2) In the Debug Menu, select “Display Frames Per Second” and “Show Collision.” Toggle “Map Collision” to “Off” and the message “unknownError” will appear.

3) Make your way to the Display Room (the one with the wheelchair and the Red Door).

5 ) 5) Turn on the Walkie Talkie Radio that’s sitting on the table.

6) Return to the Cabin after collecting all of the Glitching Patches in the room.

As you progress down to the Basement, make sure to collect all of the Glitched Patches that will lead you there.

Following up on what you’ve done so far 9) Collect the Glitch Patches from the three Jasons who are each holding a patch out to you.

11) Make your way through the ship until you come upon a Door with a Lever on it.

12)Pull the Lever and enjoy the cutscene; you have completed the game.

Secret messages are revealed after entering these passwords.

This page will be updated as soon as the passwords are cracked.

Passwords that are well-known: WISEAU is a novel by Brandon A. Williams. Horo Inc. (Mark Reiss): 131313 Mark Reiss Brad Powell Cottman’s phone number is 123456. Chris Winfield’s phone number is 123456. Pierce R. Alexander’s number is 123456.

Friday the 13th Trophy Guide •

Please accept my greetings and welcome to the Friday the 13th golden trophy guide. This is an asymmetrical survival game in which Jason (Jack of all Jasons) is up against a group of up to seven counselors (seeSuper Fan). Jason “wins” by murdering all of the counselors participating in the match, while the counselors “win” if they manage to flee from the murderer before time runs out. There are several methods to escape, and you can even murder Jason if you follow a few simple guidelines (seeRoll Credits).

  1. There are several extraneous jobs that must be completed multiple times in order to get more trophies, but this will all be completed before you have completed even a fifth of your counselor matches or Jason matches.
  2. Because each match is two minutes in duration at the bare minimum, and assuming that each match lasts that long at the bare minimum, it would take approximately 67 hours to complete the game’s platinum requirement.
  3. If you believe you are up to the task, the game does not demand any expertise because you will be enhancing everything, which is at least a consolation prize if you are not.
  4. Overall, this game had the potential to be fantastic if the makers had been able to provide better support and maintain the licensing, but it has regrettably slipped into the “meh” category due to these issues.
  5. Once you have completed all of the random trophies, the only thing left to do is grind through the matches.

Jason Side

  1. It is recommended that you use a smaller map just to make navigation easier

Boost Jason’s damage output with his knives and in general by 2X by altering the match parameters. Change the counselor’s settings so that they have half-health at the start of the session to avoid confusion. Have your boosting partner (the counselor) inform you where they are, and then teleport to that spot right away.

  1. Hold and push the button, then choose the place on the map that comes after that.

Press and hold to prepare a throwing knife, and because the damage is enhanced, you will be able to take out the counselor in a single strike if you do.

Counselor Side

  1. Take a look at the Jason Side technique, except instead of selecting a Jason, you will select whichever Counselor you find most appealing.

A benefit is a booster you are able to equip that is applied to your counselor. They may be unlocked by “rolling” for new ones, which are generated at random using a random number generator. Customization Points (CP) are required for each roll. CP are acquired after every match and at an extremely fast pace, making each roll highly expensive. Particularly by the time you reach the finish of the game, you will almost certainly have more than 1 million points remaining.

The benefits are available in a variety of rarities, which affects how much of an influence they have, although in the end, rarity does not make a significant difference. If you are able to obtain some of the advantages listed below, they will be of great assistance.


– Used to grab counselors. – Pressing Up on the D-Pad opens up the scoreboard showing who has died/is alive.
– Throws a throwing knife from inventory (holding it down lets you aim). – Pressing Down on the D-Pad will place a bear trap that Jason has (seeEenie Meenie Miney Mo).
– Performs attack with the weapon that Jason uses (example: Part 2 uses a Pickaxe). – Must be used by holdingfirst. This is used to activate Jason’s ability:Sense. While this is helpful to detect counselors, since you will be boosting this game it is not a useful ability.
– Hold this and then pressorororto use that specific ability. This will also block while in combat, but you should never need this while earning the platinum. – Must be used by holdingfirst. This is used to activate Jason’s ability:Morph. This is the most helpful ability since it will allow Jason to teleport to an area they choose on the map.
– This will open your map. Jason’s map shows different icons not seen on the map with the counselor. – Must be used by holdingfirst. This is used to activate Jason’s ability:Stalk. While this is helpful to sneak up on counselors by lowering Jason’s music, since you will be boosting this game it is not a useful ability.
– Used for general movement.- Runs or fast walks; depends on the Jason if he can run. – Must be used by holdingfirst. This is used to activate Jason’s ability:Shift. This ability is a weaker version of Morph that only allows you to move forward a short distance, but it is recommended to just use Morph.
– Used for general camera movement.- Enters combat stance, but this is never required for anything. – Pressing this will open the Pause menu (this is the same as with counselors).


– Aim your weapon to attack or used to dodge in combat. – Displays the scoreboard (pointless while boosting).
– Turns on your flashlight, which has unlimited battery. – Will drop the current item in your inventory (small items).
– Attacks with your weapon, or uses whichever larger item you have equipped (not inventory items). – Switches small items in your inventory.
– Shows you the camera behind your character or blocks in combat. – Interacts with objects around the map: doors, windows, items, repair items. Also used to break free from Jason’s grasp.
– Opens your map and shows the counselors status. – Crouches down and holds breath to help hide from Jason (pointless while boosting).
– Used for general movement.- Will make your character sprint/swim faster (length of time is based off Stamina stat). – Uses an ability (if applicable) or emotes (if equipped).
– Used for general camera movement.- Enters the combat stance (useless if boosting). – Uses whichever small items is equipped from inventory.


– Reverses vehicle (car or boat). – Used for general camera movement.
– Forward in vehicle (car or boat). – Exits your vehicle.
– Honks horn (only car). – Shows the camera behind you.
– Used for steering the vehicle (car or boat). – Brakes your vehicle immediately.

With various area versions available, if you chose to stack the platinum with other versions, you’ll be in luck since autopopping trophies will make the process much faster than it would have otherwise been. The following is a step-by-step summary of what you need to do to ensure that all of the trophies for the other areas pop.

Trophy Requirement Trophy Requirement
Head Counselorand all subsequent trophies playing as a counselor Play 1 match as a counselor The Final Chapterand all subsequent trophies playing as Jason Play 1 match as any Jason
Roll CreditsandGoalie Kill Jason again (must be Tommy when you kill him) and make sure you pick up his mask (as Tommy) Gotta Kill Em Alland all subsequent trophies for killing counselors Kill 1 counselor in a match
One For Good MeasureandDoomed, you’re all doomed! Kill all 7 counselors and Tommy Jarvis Jack of all Jasons Play 1 match as any of the 6 required Jasons
Super Fan Play 1 match as any of the 10 required counselors Grease Monkey Repair a car 1 time – may need to fully repair the car
Shipwright Repair a boat 1 time – may need to fully repair the boat Shock Jockey Repair an electrical box or phone box 1 time
Operator Call the police 1 time – if playing with more people you must be the one to call Disc Jockey Call Tommy Jarvis 1 time – if playing with more people you must be the one to call
Friday Driver Escape as the driver of a car Along For The Ride Escape as a passenger in a car 1 time
Aye Aye Captain Escape as the driver of a boat I’m On A Boat Escape as a passenger in a boat 1 time
It’s A Trap! Trap Jason 1 time with a bear trap Heeeere’s Tommy! Play as Tommy Jarvis 1 time
That’s A Good BoyandNew Threads Stun Jason with Pamela’s Sweater 1 time Voodoo Doll Hit a counselor with a throwing knife 1 time
Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Trap a counselor with a bear trap 1 time You Died Alotand the subsequent trophy for dying to Jason Die to Jason 1 time
Slam Jam As Jason, stop a car 1 time Crystal Lake Five-O Escape to the police 1 time
Flaring Up Hit Jason with a flare 1 time Snap, Crackle, Boom Stun Jason with firecrackers 1 time
Get Out Of Jail Free Break free from Jason 1 time with the pocket knife Face Off Knock off Jason’s mask 1 time
This Door Won’t Close Perform the Door Smash kill once This Door Won’t Open Break down 1 door as Jason
Windows 99 Jump through 1 closed window as a counselor A Classic Perform the Sleeping Back kill once
Cooking With Jason Voorhees Perform the Fireplace kill once Smash Bros Hit Jason with a baseball bat 1 time
I Need A Medic! Use a first aid spray 1 time This Is My Boomstick! Shoot Jason with a shotgun 1 time
Let’s Split Up Perform the Machete Dismemberment kill – Jason Part 7 Chad Is A Dick Escape in a car or boat while leaving another counselor alive (they can not be a passenger)
A Ph.D. in Murder Probably still the most temperamental trophy since it still does not pop right away for most people, but the best way to tackle this one is to take care of the specific kills mentioned and their respective trophies and then just go through the list once again if the trophy still has not popped.

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