How To Decorate A Camping Tent

How to Decorate a Camping Tent Like a Pro

When you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you. More information may be found here. Did you know that you can personalize your camping tent with a variety of accessories? If you answered no, this article will be of tremendous use to you. And even if you already know how to do something, you might be able to pick up one or two new tricks. It’s understandable that not everyone is concerned about how their tent appears, but doing so will make your experience more vibrant and vivid.

It is not required that camping tents be drab and uninteresting in appearance.

How to Decorate a Tent for Camping

The next section will walk you through a few different ways for decorating your camping tent. It is possible to turn it on with the proper equipment and accessories. Continue reading for more information.

1. Hang Triangle Flags

The triangular flags are the first to be seen. You may have noticed these esthetic characteristics in photographs or videos posted on the Internet. When you were at camp the last time, it’s possible that some campers made use of them. The triangular flag is a fantastic item that you can use to dress up your Coleman tent for rainy weather at any time. Whenever you want, you may build as many as you need and arrange them in any way you choose.

2. Place Woven Rugs on the Floor

Rugs may enhance the appearance of your house in the same way that they can enhance the appearance of the interior of your camping tent. One significant advantage of using rugs is that they will keep your tent floor clean and free of dirt. It’s even more aesthetically pleasing this way. If it’s okay with you, make sure to include a rug in your list of camping essentials.

3. Use Strings of Lights

Consider how stunning your tent would appear, especially at night, if you added a few strings of lights to the interior and strung them throughout. The lighting would also create a cozy atmosphere that would make you feel like you were in your own living room. If you’re concerned about spending too much money or going over your budget, you may always choose white Christmas lights that are more affordable. They are also certain to make your tent seem better. If you don’t intend to replace your camping lights on a regular basis, you should be able to use these Christmas lights for quite some time.

4. Hang Lantern Lights

In addition to vintage lanterns, you may hang camping bucket lights that you have created yourself or purchase from a store that sells them. Simply turn on the previously mentioned Christmas lights, which also serve to bring warmth to your surroundings. It is not recommended that you use these lamps for camping indoors due to safety concerns. This is due to the fact that lanterns contain open flames, which may readily ignite combustible materials.

5. Carefully Arrange a Picnic Table

In addition to vintage lanterns, you may hang camping bucket lights that you have built yourself or purchase from a store that carries them. Simply turn on the Christmas lights that we suggested previously; they will also give warmth to your home.

These lanterns should not be used for camping inside, due to the risk of electrocution. For the reason that lanterns contain unattended burning candles and can easily ignite combustible materials, this is necessary.

6. Hang Custom Signs Around Tents

It is not uncommon for campers to display personalized signage inside and outside their tents. One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is the opportunity to meet new people. You won’t want to miss out on this entertaining addition. Although you are free to put whatever you want on these signs, please keep in mind that they must not be disrespectful to others. The majority of the time, these indications are intended to be a mirror of your personality.

7. Get a Blow-Up Mattress with Fluffy Pillows

Another important factor to consider when designing summer camping tents is the mattress and pillows you choose. No issue if you prefer to go on an extreme or hard-core camping trip that includes sleeping on a thin mat or on the bare ground. All you have to do now is brace yourself for a night of lousy sleep and physical pains. The purchase of an inflatable mattress, on the other hand, is recommended for people who want to enjoy some restful night’s sleep. Having a comfy mattress, rich linen, and fluffy pillows can ensure that you have a good night’s sleep when camping.

8. Set Up a Hammock

When it comes to designing a camping tent, the hammock should not be overlooked. Hammocks strung fromDIY movable platforms are unquestionably pleasant and peaceful to sit in. Consider the following scenario: you’re laying on a perfectly stretched and decorated hammock beneath a canopy of breathtaking flora. You may have a hammock at home, but it cannot be compared to the experience of lying in a hammock in the middle of nature.

9.Decorate Your Camping Table with Flowers

A table in your camping tent could be something you’ve never considered before; you probably should. A properly decorated table would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it would also be useful for a variety of other activities that necessitate the use of a table, such as reading. Make the table look even more attractive by spreading a gorgeous table cloth across it and adding some flowers to enhance the appearance.

10. Install Hanging Canopies

In accordance with your preferences, you may either set a hanging canopy inside or outside your camping tent. Canopies that hang from the ceiling will also give elegance and a dreamlike ambiance to the space. In addition to providing a pleasant location where you can enjoy the fresh evening air, if you want to set your hanging canopy – which can be constructed by you – outside, it may also function as a shaded seating area. With a hula hoop and some beautifully designed sheets, you can create a hanging canopy that will enhance the appearance of your tent space.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to camping, knowing how to design a tent on your own will be really beneficial. Your camping vacation would be more unforgettable as a result of the benefits that come with it. Decorating your camping tent and its surrounds in a tasteful manner might help you feel more at ease when camping. Remember to choose white Christmas lights to save money while also benefiting from their long life. In addition, it is critical that you receive a decent night’s sleep, which means that you should think about purchasing a blow-up bed with rich linen and soft cushions.

Whatever the case, the amount to which your tent is decked up is entirely up to you. Just make certain that you do everything necessary to have a good time at camp.

20 Creative Ways to Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home

When you stay atKampgrounds of America, your campsite is equipped with a variety of facilities that allow you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, including picnic tables, fire pits, grills, and, in some cases, a deck or patio. But don’t be afraid to inject some of your individuality into your campground and to furnish it with some of the luxuries of home. Turn your camping vacation into a glamping experience with these 20 recommendations for adding personal touches such as customized lighting, bright décor, and culinary treats that will have the entire family begging for another trip before this one is through.

1. Make people feel welcome

Set up your welcome sign on the road leading to your campground as soon as you arrive to claim your spot when you get there. When you arrive at your destination, nothing screams “welcome” like a customised flag with a warm message and your name on it. If you choose, you may also mention your hometown, which will serve as an excellent conversation starter when you meet your neighbors.

2. Create an inviting outdoor space

To define the space, create a patio area with your favorite camp chairs, rockers, and recliners and place them around the area. Add a couple throw cushions and a blanket or two to your seats so that you may enjoy the early morning golden hour with your cup of coffee in comfort.

3. Bring a rug

Campground rugs are intended for outdoor use and have an open weave to enable sunshine to pass through while preventing water from accumulating on the surface of the rug. They are simple to clean and store, and they help to keep your tent or RV clean.

4. String up a hammock

Campground rugs are intended for outdoor use and have an open weave to let sunshine to pass through while preventing water from accumulating on the rug’s surface. In addition to being simple to wash and store, they help to keep your tent or RV clean.

5. Bring a book

This is a genuine book. Conserve your electrical resources and spend some time away from screens by curling up with a good book.

6. Show your team spirit

Another location where you may show off your decorating skills is on the awning of your RV. Custom graphics, such as the stars and stripes or sports team emblems, express your individuality and serve as a wonderful conversation starter when fans from two campgrounds down stop by to appreciate your rig. Alternatively, for those who like to tent camp, a bespoke pop-up tent over your tailgate picnic achieves the same result and is a terrific way to demonstrate your team enthusiasm.

7. Outdoor music

Portable speakers that are water resistant allow you to listen to your favorite music while on the go. For the musicians in the party, an evening campfire is a perfect backdrop for strumming your guitar or jamming with your buddies on your instruments. Just remember to be kind of your camping neighbors when you’re out camping.

8. Hang a bird feeder (if allowed)

Discover the best location in a nearby tree to hang a bird feeder so you can get a closer look at the local bird species.

To identify various bird species, use a bird-watching app (or a good old-fashioned book) to assist you. Keep a running inventory of everything you notice.

9. Dress up the table

Bring a vinyl tablecloth along with you instead of just eating on the typical picnic table to make things look more festive. Note: fasteners are required to protect the structure from blowing away. Send the youngsters on a treasure hunt in the woods, looking for flowers, seeds, pinecones, boulders, and other hidden treasures on the forest floor. Once you’ve returned to camp, arrange your treasures as a centerpiece for your picnic table and then tell everyone about your day’s experiences over supper.

10. Set up a hand-washing station

Fill a big plastic bottle with a push-button spout (empty liquid laundry detergent containers work great), set it on a table next to a liquid soap dispenser, and you’re ready to go! There is now a convenient location to wash hands before meals.

11. Find unique lighting options

Using unique illumination alternatives, such as gas lanterns and headlamps, you may create a sense of wonder throughout the overnight hours. As the sun sets, transform your campground into a warm hideaway by using solar lights. You may place them at ground level along pathways and the campsite border, or hang them in the trees to create a firefly effect. Alternatively, you may make rope light trails across your campsite and hang lights from trees or under your awning to transform even the cloudiest evenings into starry nights.

12. Use Tiki torches

They instantly create a festive atmosphere.

13. Try a table-top firebowl

Want the atmosphere of a fire without the smoke and clean-up? A fireplace is a great option. The silky fabric flames of an LED-powered electric fire or the tiny and steady blaze of a tabletop propane firebowl may be just as mesmerizing as the real thing.

14. Hold a Game Night

Pack a few simple outdoor games that you can play at camp to bring the whole family together for some friendly rivalry. Bring the kids, the grandparents, and everyone else in between. Make sure you have folding boards and bags for a cornhole competition, as well as paddles and balls for a game of beach tennis, whether you’ll be on or off the beach. Clear away the leaves and pine needles from a long and narrow strip of land adjacent to your patio in order to construct a bocce ball court for entertaining guests.

15. Pack glasses and mugs

When it comes to your camping kitchen, think outside the box if you want to enjoy some of your favorite dishes from home in the great outdoors. Using disposable wine glasses and beer steins may make happy hour even more enjoyable.

16. Mix some drinks

When making a tropical-themed beverage, a hand-crank blender fits nicely with tiki torches and other tropical decor.

17. Treat yourself to good coffee

Make your morning coffee in a French press for a richer flavor and easier clean-up than with a regular coffee maker.

18. Cook some non-traditional camping meals

Sure, everyone enjoys hotdogs and hamburgers, but it’s always interesting to try something new.

Preparing a dinner that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat when camping, such as spaghetti with pesto and veggies, can help you save time. Another option is to host a taco night with beef or chicken roasted over an open fire and a taco assembly station with all the fixings and toppings.

19. Celebrate the holidays outside

Everyone enjoys hotdogs and hamburgers, but sometimes it’s nice to branch out a little and try something else. Consider preplanning a dinner that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat when camping, such as spaghetti with pesto and veggies, or something similar. Another option is to host a taco night with beef or chicken roasted over an open fire and a taco assembly station with all the fixings and garnishes.

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20. Create your own holiday

Throughout the remainder of the year, many KOA parks organize family weekends with festive themes such as the Wild West, Hawaiian Luau, Mardi Gras, and the County Fair, among others. Using hay bales, 10-gallon cowboy hats, and stick ponies, you can transform your campsite into an Old West encampment. Alternatively, during Mardi Gras, pull out the purple, gold, and green, as well as garlands, beads, jester masks, and everything else that glitters. Despite the fact that December might be too chilly for camping in some areas, many KOA parks celebrate Christmas in July.

Perhaps Santa will pay a visit and leave a gift or two beneath the Christmas tree.

Content that is related Glamping Tips & Ideas for a Great Time The Best Way to Kick Your Camp Cooking Up a Level Take a look at some of KOA’s most popular recipes.

Campsite to Glampsite: 20 Campsite Decorating Ideas

Is there a lack of individuality, color, and pizzazz in your campground setup? During this session, we’ll go over some fantasticcampsite decoration ideas that can help you change your drab campground and outdoor patio into a fun and festiveGLAMPSITE! This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. It will not cost you anything extra if you choose to click on them. Complete disclosure is available here. Campsite decoration has grown more popular among RVers, both long-term and seasonal, in campsites and RV parks all over the world.

Consequently, how do you go about creating your own patio paradise where you can rest and entertain your friends and family members?

20 Creative and Cozy Campsite Decorating Ideas and Tips

Starting with a campground mat or outdoor carpet is important since we’re building the groundwork for developing the ideal campsite arrangement. Campsites are filthy, sand-filled, overgrown with vegetation, and generally unpleasant. You certainly don’t want to track any of stuff into your RV or put your bare feet on the ground there.

So you’ll need an outdoor carpet or a camping mat to keep all of stuff from tracking all over the place. And, to be honest, they don’t have to be attractive in order to be useful. Put some color and creativity on the ground to spice up your camping experience!

Check out each of these campsite mats below for more info:

It is customary for a picnic table to serve as the focal point of a campground. Here we congregate for meals, morning coffee conversations, children’s art projects, and board games with our friends and family. So why not use a unique centerpiece or arrangement to dress up your table for the occasion? (We’ll get to it in a moment.) Other tables will be required in addition to your campground picnic table in order to make your outdoor living space more efficient and pleasant. Get a bigger camping tablet to use as a work surface for your outdoor kitchen.

A couple of tiny foldable tables to set between your camps for beverages and snacks is also a good idea.

They are also ideal for use at a children’s table.

Check out each of these campsite tables below for more info:

It’s impossible to ignore how filthy the majority of campsite picnic tables are. The majority of them are splintering, fractured, or just plain disgusting. Who knows what’s hiding under the surface of their bodies. It is thus very necessary to use an outdoor tablecloth. Washable outdoor tablecloths, as well as vinyl tablecloths, may be purchased to be used on your outdoor tables. Don’t forget to bring your picnic table clips. On windy days, you’ll need them to protect your tablecloth from blowing away completely.

Check out each of these campsite tablecloths for more info:

Various designs, sizes, forms, and colors are available for camp chairs and loungers. Colors are also available. As a result, in your trendy seating configurations, blend comfort with originality.

Check out each of these camp chairs for more info:

Nothing beats a nap in the shade of the trees or lounging beneath a blanket of stars, to mention a couple of examples of seats. As a result, a superb zero gravity chair is an absolute must-have at every campground! They’re so cozy that you can find yourself snoozing away the entire night in them.

Looking for a place to camp under millions of stars?Where to Find Dark Sky Camping Locations

Consider the following scenario: you don’t want to haul about a large zero gravity chair in your RV, but you still want to enjoy an afternoon sleep beneath the shade of the trees. Possibly, a hammock is the solution! Camping hammocks are now available in lightweight materials that pack down to a surprisingly small size when not in use. They are also available in a wide range of colors. As a result, you may include the color of your hammock into your campsite’s design scheme.

Cozy Camping Blankets

On cold days, you may still enjoy your small bit of outdoor paradise without having to hunker down inside your recreational vehicle. Use an outdoor blanket or Mexicanserapeto to be warm and comfortable at your camping or on your patio. These blankets will not only keep you warm on chilly nights spent over the campfire or stargazing, but they will also make excellent tablecloths or picnic table bench covers to keep your buns warm.

Click on each blanket below for more info:

Outdoor cushions aren’t simply for making your camp chairs seem nice; they’re also useful. Pillows may also have a practical use! They’re perfect for sitting on hard picnic table benches or as lumbar support for people who suffer from back pain or other ailments.

Pillows are also a nice addition to your campground mat for the kids to use when playing games or sitting around the campfire. So grab a few: one for each child and a couple to adorn the seating area at your campground. Take a look at these bright and cheerful cushion sets:

Campsite Umbrella

Who said that brightly colored umbrellas were just for use on the beach? By taking an umbrella with you to your campground, you may add a splash of color and a festive feel to your surroundings! A beachumbrellais an excellent method to provide shade over a picnic table (some picnic tables have holes in the middle!) or over a hammock or camp chair on a hot day at the beach. Furthermore, because they are lightweight and adaptable, you may transfer them anywhere you need them. A means to attach your patio beach umbrella to your tent, on the other hand, will be required.

Sunshade and Windshade

While beach sunshades are similar in idea to the concept of a beach umbrella, they are not confined to usage on a beach. Creating a shaded small nest space away from the table is a breeze with these. In order to avoid getting a sunburn, place a shade near your hammock or over your zero gravity chair. However, it may also be used as a windbreak or a windbreak. They are available in a variety of vibrant hues that can instantly liven up your campground, such as any of the following three:

Dining Canopy

A lightweight eating canopy may protect your picnic table not only from direct sunlight, but also from any debris that may fall from the trees above, such as acorns, tree sap, and leaves, among other things. Here are three distinct recommendations:

Outdoor Gazebo Screen Room

In order to enjoy a camping trip, you must expect to encounter mosquitoes, black flies and gnats that want to inject, bite, and consume your flesh and blood. So, by installing an outdoor screen room, you can defeat them at their own game. However, most screen rooms, also known as screen tents or dining tents, are an unsightly shade of green and have an awkward design. However, if you decorate it properly with elegant lights, pennants, and garlands, it will not appear to be as overbearing. In addition, the following three items are absolutely ideal for establishing an outside workstation or office.

Campsite Party Lights

Lighting is one of the most straightforward methods to enhance the appearance of your campground since different types of lighting generate a variety of moods. You may go all out with lights, or you can utilize it to just illuminate the path to your RV entrance. Outdoor String Lights for Campsites that are Waterproof Personally, I adore our solar tiki torches since we don’t have to worry about transporting dangerous gasoline or sooty torches with us on our adventures. Fairy lights, on the other hand, are quite popular since they are inconspicuous and entertaining to look at as they dazzle.

In order to provide elegance and light to our RV or pathways, we strategically position them around the area.

Finally, when we’re camping in regions with a heavy rat population, we utilize red rope lights under our rig to keep the rodents at bay. Take a look at the four different lighting alternatives we propose!

Pennants, Streamers and Garlands

As a result of the variety of lights available, lighting is one of the most straightforward methods to enhance the appearance of your campground. Depending on your preferences, you may go all out with lights or merely utilize it to illuminate the path to your RV entrance. Campsite String Lights that are waterproof Personally, I adore our solar tiki torches since we don’t have to worry about transporting combustible fuel or sooty torches with us at all times. Fairy lights, on the other hand, are quite popular since they are inconspicuous and entertaining to look at as they dazzle.

In order to provide ambience and light to our RV or pathways, we position them all over the area.

Finally, when we’re camping in locations with a large rodent population, we utilize red rope lights under our rig to illuminate the area.

Flags, Windsocks, Spinners, and Signs

Lighting is one of the most straightforward methods to enhance the appearance of your campground since different types of lighting create a dazzling environment. You may go all out with lighting, or you can utilize it to just illuminate the path to your RV’s entrance. Outdoor String Lights for Campsites that are waterproof Personally, I adore our solar tiki torches since they eliminate the need to transport combustible fuel and sooty torches. Fairy lights, on the other hand, are all the rage since they are inconspicuous and entertaining to look at as they dazzle.

We install them everywhere about our RV or along paths to provide charm and light to our journey at nighttime.

Finally, when we’re camping in locations with a heavy rat population, we utilize red rope lights under our rig.

Plants and Flowers

Flowers bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees them. So, once you have your picnic table and other tables covered with a tablecloth, why not decorate them with some brightly colored flowers or plants? You can’t go wrong with brightly colored shasta daisies, white daisies, or sunflowers, which are always in season. They look well with every type of design, from country home to beach house and all in between. These three easy layouts are ideal for setting up a picnic table at your camping.


The fact that you’re at your campground does not imply that you have to eat off of paper plates. Instead, treat yourself and your family as though you’re at a backyard barbecue, complete with affordable, indestructible crockery.

Make use of your dishes and bowls to add a finishing touch to the rest of your campground decor. If you enjoy color and pattern, you may make your tableware more fun and festive. For a more understated look, choose for white or a solid hue such as these alternatives:

Drink Dispenser

By placing an ample supply of drinks at the RV’s campground table, you can prevent your children from rushing in and out of the RV looking for something to drink. The addition of some color to them makes your table seem more festive and enjoyable while also providing additional thirst satisfying options. Add a few pieces of fruit, and you’ve got a stunning addition to your campsite’s décor scheme. These three drink dispensers listed below are lightweight and indestructible, making them ideal for RV life and camping trips.

Campfire Ideas

Camping is all about the atmosphere created by a campfire. But what if the campsite doesn’t have any fire pits available for use? To do so is simple; simply bring your own. Just make sure your campground permits them before you go. There are two types of fire pits available: wood burning and propane-fueled fire pits. A wood burning fire pit is a bit larger than a traditional fire pit, making it ideal for seasonal or permanent camping locations. Because there are no burning embers or sparks, a propane fire pit is more portable and can be put up almost anyplace without the risk of igniting the surrounding vegetation.

It’s Movie Time!

After all of that, we’ve created the ideal ambience for you, complete with all of the campground decoration ideas that we’ve compiled just for you. And, we believe you’ll agree, one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is sitting around a campfire and gazing at the sky. But, wouldn’t it be great to be able to view the big screen outside as well? So, make some popcorn, keep the flame going, and project your outdoor movie onto a cinema screen to start the movie. Everyone will flock to your campground since it will be the place to be!

10 Great Campsite Decorating Tips

Colors and patterns should be used together to create eye-catching focal points that are in keeping with the rest of your campground decoration scheme. Place your fire pit on a fire retardant mat rather than on your outside carpet, since the heat or embers from the fire pit may melt or burn anything is underneath it. Red decorative lights are less taxing on the eyes, and your eyesight adjusts much more quickly, allowing you to take pleasure in gazing at the sky. Keep in mind that your outdoor lighting may have an impact on your neighbors.

  1. Two tablecloths should be purchased: one for the table and another that should be cut lengthwise to cover the picnic table benches.
  2. Purchase the biggest rectangle tablecloth that you can afford.
  3. Simply fold the table into the proper size for smaller tables.
  4. Using your serape or blanket as a tablecloth is not recommended; instead, we recommend using a transparent tablecloth to protect it from food spillage or soiling.
  5. When you are not using your blankets, pillows, and other campground decorations, store them in a camper box to keep them safe and dry during rainy weather.

Check with the campsite to see whether tying anything around the trees is permitted. Wrap a towel over the tree trunks before connecting the hammock straps to keep the bark of the trees protected from the hammock.

Enjoy your Outdoor Campsite Paradise!

We hope you found these camping decorating ideas and suggestions useful. Making your RV campground comfortable, as well as festive and exciting, will help you create wonderful camping experiences for years to come.

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How To Make A Dreamy DIY Glamping Tent

Summary of the post: Glamping at my campsite? Please accept my invitation! How to make a glamping tent at home or on a campsite using just household items. Glamping, as it’s more widely known, is something I really like and would recommend to everyone. Yes, I am more than capable of roughing it, but the novelty of setting up a luxurious outdoor setup somewhere breathtakingly gorgeous is something I enjoy doing. We had planned a delightful two-night kid-free weekend to go luxury camping, but when that didn’t work out, we came up with the idea of building our own DIY glamping tent in our garden instead.

  1. Because we enjoy a good challenge and a good design (have you seen our 1979 camper remodel?) we decided to explore what type of glamping setup we could come up with for less than a hundred dollars.
  2. If you don’t have access to those two items, it will almost certainly cost you more than $100.
  3. You may use your glamping supplies over and over again once you have made your first investment, allowing you to glamp anywhere you want whenever you want.
  4. This content is ideal for anyone who is looking for:
  • For the ultimate camping experience, stay at a luxurious campsite. Learn how to glamp in the comfort of your own home. Ideas and inspiration for glamping in a tent

THEN CONTINUE READING:25 Glamping Accessories To Include In Your Glamping Set Up Instructions on How to Introduce Your Toddler to Camping If you purchase something via one of our affiliate links, we may receive a little commission. *This DIY glamping tent post may include affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links. This service is provided at no additional charge to you! We only recommend items and services that we believe will be beneficial to our readers.


See how we created our own glamping setup and what we were able to accomplish in the video below.

All of our gear needed to be able to go light with us so that we could set up in the same manner whether we were vehicle camping in Arches National Park or at a local campground.


Let’s go through everything that goes into creating a glamping setup that can compete with the likes of a luxury glamping experience in order to understand what it takes.


The first thing you’ll need is a tent that is both roomy and comfortable to sleep in. Typical glamping tents are made of canvas bell tents, like seen above. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive, making them an unnecessary purchase if you do not intend to set it up and use it on a regular basis. On the off chance that you’re still interested, you might check out this highly rated one on Amazon. However, if you have a lot of money to spend, they are the perfect dreamlike complement to your backyard glamping experience.

  • It’s a large camping tent with enough room to accommodate up to eight people.
  • Its tallest point is 6’10” so you can stand up (crouching around inside your tent is NOT glamping), it features room separators (which are ideal for families), and, my personal favorite, it has a stiff door that can swing open.
  • Those types of modest elements are what lift you from a camping experience to a glamping one.
  • Other excellent tents for glamping include:
  1. Among the options are the Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent, the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent, and the Coleman Tent with Screen Room.

Consider the real-world uses of your tent while purchasing a new one when you’re shopping for one. We selected a tent that would allow us to still go camping with it. You might purchase a large tent, such as this four-room tent, but keep in mind that campgrounds can be tiny and may not be able to accommodate a large tent. However, if you’re planning on using it in your backyard, it won’t work in a National Park. Find a nice medium between the two extremes.


Making a comfortable bed is essential when transitioning from camping to glamping. The majority of people recommend an air mattress as an upgrade from a sleeping bag. I have strong feelings about air mattresses, and to be blunt, I loathe them. I don’t know why, but I do. You will never be able to persuade me that an air mattress is pleasant! Even though the product promises to have a high concentration of pillow top – gel foam-down feather-organic cotton, the truth is that it does not. Not to add that air mattresses do not provide any insulation, so you will wind up cold in your luxurious glamping tent, no matter how luxurious it is.

  • Air mattresses have been subjected to three distinct tests in order to bolster my anti-air mattress stance.
  • Never, ever again!
  • We really adore them!
  • How do I find out?
  • They were warm and comfortable, and we woke up with no body pains in the morning!
  • To make your mattress more cozier (although, honestly, you don’t have to because Therma A Rest mattresses are that fantastic), you can layer down mattress topper on top of your pad set.
  • You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag, however there is no law stating that camping requires the use of a sleeping bag as a requirement.
  • Due to the fact that we already had sleeping bags, we used our Kelty Galactic Down Sleeping Bags for our glamping setup.
  • For couples who want to take their glamping experience on the road, the Kelty Doublewide sleeping bag is a great option to consider.
  • Regardless of the type of sheets you choose, you’ll want to add a lovely blanket to the top of your bed to make it more comfortable.
  • Although the blanket we use is no longer available for purchase, you may browse through the other wonderful Pendleton blankets available.

As a last note, avoid the use of small camping pillows that are intended for travelers. Please bring your own pillows from home with you! I’ve been using acontour memory foam cooling pillow for years and haven’t looked back.


Lighting is essential for creating a DIY glamping tent that looks and feels high-end while being low-cost. On the side of our bed, we have an LED camping lamp, and we also have LED flickering candles for added atmosphere. Real candles may be more aromatic and realistic, but they pose a severe fire threat in a tent, therefore I recommend using worry-free battery-operated candles rather than real candles. You’d be shocked at how realistic they appear during night time. Furthermore, if you have children, it’s a no-brainer.

This camping lamp with a vintage appearance that also serves as a power bank is one of my favorites.

In addition, we installed solar-powered cafe lights in the outside seating area.

Finally, you may decorate the interior of your tent with battery-operated fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere.


When you go glamping on your own, you’ll want to establish comfortable locations for sitting, reading, relaxing, and dining both inside and outside the tent. It was necessary to position two side tables from iClimb in order to provide a frame for the bed. Not to mention the practicality of having side tables in the room! Ours are designed exclusively for camping and fold up into a small, lightweight bag, making them ideal for transport. Although we like the natural wood tables, they are also available in a range of different colors.

  • We created a layered, boho aesthetic by layering rugs that we already possessed.
  • Turkish towels are my favorite since they can be used in a variety of ways, including as a towel, a picnic blanket, a throw, or a shawl.
  • They’re the ideal multi-purpose item for a glamping getaway.
  • For our purposes, we placed our sitting arrangement directly outside the tent.
  • The finishing touch is a hammock or swing chair, which may be hung between two trees for added comfort.
  • Individual sizes and children’s sizes are also available.


This is where you can truly make your DIY glamping tent stand out by including some rich details. It was important to us that our decor be lightweight and portable so that it could be taken to a camping. Rugs, wildflowers, macrame plant holders, and a homemade chandelier served as the basis for our interior design. We purchased a 1000-piece pack of natural wooden beads as well as a spool of blue jute twine in order to create our DIY chandelier. We made a spherical center out of an old wire hanger and strung the beads together with blue yarn to finish it off.

  • Considering that we already had macrame and plants from our camper, we decided to use them for our backyard glamping.
  • Our copper camping cups from United by Blue were the perfect way to add even more life to the tent, so we collected some wildflowers from our yard and placed them in them.
  • Having said that, it is unlawful to gather flowers in any National Park and it is not advisable to take flowers from public grounds.
  • We have a whole page dedicated to the glamping basics that you may use to complete your DIY glamping tent setup.

Check it out! Things like warm slippers and a solar power charger are the proverbial icing on the cake when it comes to a luxurious glamping trip. Check out our piece on the best glamping accessories to add to your luxury camping experience for more information.


If you are going to put in the effort to create your own glamping setup at home or in a camp, then eating properly should be a top concern. When we go camping, we use a Coleman camping stove, which is quite reliable and does an excellent job. It’s an excellent first stove for anyone who is new to camping. Nevertheless, to be quite honest, it is not a glamping stove in the traditional sense. Do you have any idea what it is? TheCamp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a great addition to any camping trip.

  1. All I could think about was how they were going to win.
  2. It’s impossible to beat having an oven for baking chocolate chip cookies and a burner for frying omelets.
  3. It’s great and ideal for anyone who wants to go backyard glamping but doesn’t have access to a fire pit.
  4. Finally, put up a sophisticated lunch charcuterie dish with anOpinel picnic knife, a herringbone cutting board, and stemless silicone sleeve wine glasses for a special occasion.
  5. Yes.


The following is a breakdown of how much money we spent. As I previously stated, we hoped to obtain everything from what we already have on hand. The items listed below are what we purchased to complete our glamping setup.

  1. $21 for 2x Solar Power Cafe Lights
  2. $14 for 2x Faux Sheepskin Rugs
  3. $12 for wooden beads
  4. $7 for jute twine. 2x Side Tables: $46
  5. Solar Power Cafe Lights: $21



Here’s a brief rundown of everything we did to create our own DIY glamping tent.

  • Purchase a spacious tent that allows you to stand entirely upright
  • You may bring along your own linens and blankets from home, as well as comfy sleeping mats that can be stretched to fit a queen-size bed. Lighting and lanterns powered by solar energy may be used to create a dreamlike mood. Create comfortable reading nooks and dining tables where people may relax and unwind
  • Decorate using simple details that make a big statement
  • Consume nutritious foods. Have a good time, laugh, drink, and enjoy yourself

We had a great time building our own Glamping Tent from scratch! We hope you will use our tips on how to glamp your tent to create your own backyard memories and share them with us. Alternatively, you could even take it on the road to a camping! If you have any queries, please leave a comment below. Save This for Later

3 Ways to Decorate Your Tent for the Ultimate Glamping Experience

In terms of camping, everyone has their own definition of what it means to “rough it,” and this is especially true for young people. The all-in outdoor enthusiasts may not be thinking about tent décor, but a little glamping may make even the most difficult terrain a bit more bearable. Taking a break from the city to reconnect with nature does not imply that you have to abandon your decorative throw cushions, charming lighting, and vibrant seating arrangements. With the correct camping gear, you can make your next camping trip completely enjoyable and spectacular.

See also:  How To Make Kids Tipi Tent

Continue reading to learn how we’d create the ultimate glamping tent for the bohemian-chic camper, the minimalist, and the preppy camper in our opinion.

Perhaps you won’t be able to hang the hammock inside the tent, but you might be able to find a couple of trees nearby or set up a standalone hammock stand to create the perfect chill zone for yourself.

Fabrik Single Bed Sleeping Bag($94),Douane Fringed Hammock($61),H M Patterned Cushion Cover($18),H M Metal Candle Lantern($18),Terrain Birch Log Bundle ($22),Land of Nod Desert Mural Rug($229),HarlowGrey Gold Triangle Garland ($10),Dream House Four Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent($699),JossMain Ciara Throw($


True, this tent is designed for children, but you could simply recreate a similar design for a more adult camping experience. Make use of a colorful basket to store your card games (in gold, of course), notebooks full of camping notes, and perhaps a hidden flask of whiskey for that hot chocolate you’re craving. Lanterns may give lots of candlelight as you keep warm in a stylish sleeping bag and throw pillows with font designs on them.


A camping vacation in the prep-style glamper’s style will look something like this: pink stripes everywhere, pineapple everything, and plenty of glam accessories. You can’t go wrong with a tropical theme, whether you’re setting up your tent on the beach or in your own garden. A waterproof speaker, battery-operated string lights, and a picnic basket full of plastic pink goblets can let you keep the party going all night. Seating around the fire can be provided by a camp stool, or a tray filled with delectable beverages and food can be placed up.

More design ideas may be found on our Pinterest page, so be sure to follow us there for the latest inspiration.

Kate Thorn is a writer and actress who lives in New York City.

She enjoys producing art, traveling, and anything and anything chocolate-related.

How to Decorate a Camping Tent? Ultimate Beginners Guide

Not growing weary with the same old shabby and monotonous camping tent set up is a good thing, right? Do you want to add a splash of color and warmth to your camping experience? In fact, improving the aesthetic of your tent may have a big impact on the overall quality of your camping experience. Furthermore, decorating a camping tent is not only about making it seem beautiful, but it is also about making it feel comfortable and welcoming. Take a moment to imagine yourself lying in bed, surrounded by fluffy and soft pillows, and gazing up at the sky.

It is possible, however, to create a pleasant atmosphere surrounding your campground without any difficulty.

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular.

7 Ways to Glamp Up Your Camping Tent

Camping does not have to be filthy, unpleasant, or uncomfortable all of the time.

With all of the camping decorating ideas provided below, you can easily transform your dull camping tent into a bright and colorful one. With all of the camping decoration ideas provided below, you can easily transform your dull camping tent into a vibrant and colorful one.

1. Big Tent

First and foremost, a large and expansive tent is required for decorative purposes. Because it folds up into a wheeled carrying case that fits neatly in a trunk, it’s the perfect tent for glamping at a campsite or for traveling light. This large tent allows you to zip a piece of the canvas down to create windows if you want a more open and breezy ambiance, or close the windows if you prefer a more enclosed and private environment. As you expand your tent, you will have more room to decorate it as you expand your area.

2. Campsite Sitting Arrangements

While decorating your camping tent, you should consider creating comfortable areas for sitting, reading, relaxing, and dining both inside and outside the tent. Because not every campsite has picnic tables, you may want to bring your own portable camping tables and chairs with you. This table can be used to set up your outdoor kitchen, serve meals, and provide snacks. You may also use attractive materials to embellish your portable camping table, such as a brightly colored tablecloth or carpets.

As a result, it is simple to design adorable sitting configurations that combine both comfort and originality.

3. Dreamy Lights

When designing your camping tent, you should consider creating comfortable areas for sitting, reading, resting, and dining both inside and outside the tent. Because not every campsite has picnic tables, you may want to bring your own portable camping tables and chairs with you to avoid disappointment. It is possible to set up your outdoor kitchen on this table, as well as to offer meals and snacks to guests. Decorate your portable camping table with attractive materials such as a colorful tablecloth or a rug to make it more appealing to your guests.

As a result, it is simple to construct adorable sitting configurations that are both comfortable and unique.

4. Colorful Sun and Wind Shades

When it comes to making your camping tent more vivid and colorful, colored sunshades or wind screens are a terrific addition. Their aesthetic appeal will be enhanced by the fact that they will shield you from sunburn and strong winds. Both the sunshades and the windshades are available in a selection of brilliant colors that will quickly brighten up your camping experience. Bring some beach umbrellas with you to your campsite if you want to be more comfortable. It is simple to offer shade for your camping table and chair using this item.

Take care to keep umbrellas and sun shades a safe distance away from your fire pit or grilling area, though.

5. Blow Up Mattress and Fluffy Pillow

When you’re seeking for a more upscale camping experience, a simple sleeping bag or groundsheet may not be enough. Instead, you may boost the experience by bringing a pillow-top air mattress with fashionable bedding and plenty of fluffy pillows, as shown in the photo. Blow-up mattresses are a significant improvement over sleeping bags as a sleeping option. You may also want to bring some brightly colored bedding or a blanket.

Besides providing warmth on frigid nights, these blankets also make excellent tablecloths or bench covers to give your tent a more homey feel and appearance. Furthermore, the fluffy outdoor pillows are both utilitarian and decorative, and they will look great on the camping chair as well.

6. Hanging Canopies

A flowing canopy will be a wonderful addition to your camping tent, regardless of where you decide to install it. You have the option of hanging the canopy from the tent over your bed or from a nearby tree limb. Apart from that, you may create your own DIY canopies by using hula hoop and some sheer window curtains. They are both speedy and inexpensive. The canopy may be hung from a tree limb, and some brightly colored and fluffy pillows can be placed beneath it to create an inviting and visually appealing space outside of your camping tent.

If you want to create a pleasant atmosphere at your campground, you may also use a hammock.

7. Accessorize the Tent

There are a plethora of options for personalizing your camping tent. Area rugs are a wonderful way to add color and style to your campsite while also keeping dirt and grime at bay. A magnificent safari atmosphere may be created by arranging your favorite woven rugs in front of the entrance to your camping tent’s entrance. In addition, you may hang a dream catcher inside your tent with a twist knot from the middle of your tent to give it a bohemian and dreamlike appearance to complete the theme.

  1. They are also really simple to build and are a lot of fun.
  2. Colorful patterns, as well as themed pennants and garlands, can be used to add extra vibrancy to your campground’s interior.
  3. They’re bright and eye-catching identifiers that allow your fellow campers and visitors know which campsite is yours and which belongs to them!
  4. The majority of these campground decorations are reusable, which means you won’t have to spend a fortune every time you want to dress up your camping tent.
  5. William Arrovo is on the lookout for thrills and humor in everything he encounters.

He enjoys sharing his travel experiences with others, especially when they are related to different nations. He expresses gratitude for the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures and to rejuvenate his spirit while spending time in nature.

A GLAMPING We Will Go. GLAMPING = Glamorous Camping

What comes to mind when you think of camping? Is it a nasty and unpleasant experience that is uncomfortable, full of bugs, and lacking in any type of luxury? Many of the ladies I know do not enjoy camping unless they are in a luxurious motorhome or recreational vehicle, and the majority would prefer to stay in a luxury hotel or resort instead. Well, I set out to demonstrate that camping can be a pleasurable experience, and it turned out to be exactly the reverse of what most people expect from camping!

In celebration of our wedding anniversary, we chose to go camping in Lake Arrowhead, which is one of our favorite sites in the nearby mountains.

which translates to Glamorous Camping because I enjoy decorating so much.

“Glamping,” in my opinion, implies having all of the comforts of home all about us, as well as arranging our environment in a way that feels comfortable and homelike.

In addition, there was a shower and a flushing toilet within a couple of minutes walk, as well as eateries in the vicinity, so we didn’t have to cook or clean dishes on our own.

The photo above shows our car at the construction site after we had already unloaded almost half of its contents.

Seriously, there was no way I could have packed anything else in there!

Fortunately, my husband has never expressed displeasure and has been completely supportive of all of my decorating craziness:) So that you can get an idea of what it was like to actually be there, I’m going to publish a number of images of the event.

In the event you enjoy what you see, I would really appreciate it if you could PIN it and share it with your friends!

The photo below was taken around 25 minutes later.

Because there were fire restrictions in the forest, I utilized flicker candles that were powered by batteries.

The problem was that when we arrived, I realized that all of the trees were at least 100 feet tall, and I had no method of getting them up into the trees, so I instead scattered them over our site at various levels to create atmosphere.

He also provided us with our own firewood.

(What a lucky break!).

Later, I noticed that they were being sold on ETSY and eBay for anywhere from $50 and $150.

My hanging mason jars were transported in a crate, which I later used as a decorative piece at the camp site after I had unpacked everything in it.

This wall hanging birdcage was purchased for $3 from a thrift store in the area.


Everything about the day was amazing, and the view from our windows was breathtaking!

Furthermore, it is significantly more comfy!

It is totally flat when folded, which makes transporting it a breeze.

It was initially black, but I painted it white to give it a more shabby cottage chic appearance for a more casual feel.

Due to the fact that I used to build and sell chandeliers through an eBay business, I already had a large collection of crystal prisms in my craft area, which I opted to hang from the ceiling.

I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

It was this ancient wooden Pepsi box crate that served as the inspiration for the complete campground décor that I discovered at a flea sale a few weeks ago.

Also, because the Fourth of July/Independence Day was approaching, I thought it would be fitting to use patriotic colors.

I also added mason jars to the mix, which I used to contain our designer plastic cutlery and other little items (hehe).

It provided a nice warmth and a mellow mood to our camping spot.

It was our temporary residence for the weekend.

The framed chalkboard was created using an antique frame that I purchased for around $2.

Created from affordable old treasures, I enjoy crafting my own chalkboards.

Because I utilized LED lights, the light output is excellent, and the batteries will endure for an extended period of time.

When the marshmallows were warm and gooey, we placed them between two graham crackers and sandwiched a square of Hershey’s chocolate in the middle, waiting for it all to melt together before enthusiastically devouring our creation.

I really like this following photo, which shows all of the candles and the fire that has been lighted at our spot.

In the late afternoon on Saturday, we met up with friends at their dock on the lake and barbecued, boated, and knee boarded together.


This quaint mountain cottage is up for purchase for $16,00,000 USD.

nonetheless, 16 million.

However, I’m sure it has a spectacular view from there.

It has a boat house that is located beneath the structure.

The community of Lake Arrowhead is home to a variety of entertaining shops, restaurants, a grocery store, and other amenities.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

Imagine being able to just get in your boat and go about your business.

We assembled our automobile on Sunday morning like a jigsaw, filling in every gap and crevice with our belongings. Having had a lovely weekend, we look forward to returning to glamping at the end of the summer. Until we meet again.

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