Heroes Of Might And Magic 5 How To Obtain Tent Key

Keymaster’s tent

Tents for Heroes III The keymaster’s tent is a map structure used in the Heroes of Might and Magic series of adventure games. In Heroes III, it took the position of the traveler’s tent from Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty, which had previously appeared in the game. The most significant distinction is that the player does not have to memorize any passwords from the keymaster’s tent, which is a significant convenience. It also featured in the films Heroes IV and V. After a hero enters the tent, all of the player’s heroes will be allowed to pass through the border gates and border guards of the matching color after that hero leaves the tent.

Border guard

Border guards from Heroes III Similarly to the barrier from The Price of Loyalty, the border gate serves a similar purpose. Once it has been unlocked, any hero can travel through it, regardless of whether or not they have previously visited a tent.

Border gate

Border guards in Heroes III. Similarly to the barrier from The Price of Loyalty, the border gate serves a similar function here. It is open to any hero, regardless of whether or not they have previously visited a tent, after it has been opened.


Border guards in Heroes III The border gate looks a lot like the barrier from the game The Price of Loyalty. It is open to any hero, regardless of whether or not they have previously visited a tent.

Missions IV, V

The WarlockMissions I, II, and III are part of Campaign 4: The Warlock. Prior to it, Campaign 3: The NecromancerMissions I, II, and III were completed.

Campaign 3. Mission4.

Obtaining and defeating Cyrus is one of the quests. Markal has no choice but to live. The goal of this scenario is to navigate your way through a subterranean maze of passages. You don’t have to be in a great hurry. Cyrus will leave Titans to fight you behind him, so it won’t be a simple battle for you. Carry out the following actions: Attack the unit in charge of protecting the lookout point and take advantage of it. Travel north to the key master’s tent, which is located in the forest (1). Make use of the teleporter located next to the tent.

  1. Travel east, paying a visit to the Forge along the way.
  2. Continue north until you reach another viewpoint point.
  3. Now, go south to (4).
  4. The tent teleports are only good for one trip.
  5. Now go westward to your destination (6).
  6. There’s a yellow tent at the end of the walk that you may stay in (7).
  7. Look around for some potential recruiting opportunities.

In the South-Eastern passageway, you’ll find a teleportation device (9). There are two Titan units in this area – attempt to get through one of them before fighting the other. Exit the dungeon(10) and engage in combat with Cyrus.

Campaign 3. Mission 5.

Obtain the Amulet of Necromancy, which is a quest. Capture the daughter of Godric. Markal and Isabel must make it out alive. The objective of this mission is for Godric to reclaim his mines from a safe distance (if you attempt to take them away from him) and regain Isabel’s forces. She should only have one unit with her, as this is the most effective strategy to avoid the latter. Concentrate on Markal’s city, defending it and developing it as much as possible. Keep an eye out for troops belonging to the orange player’s team, which will occasionally arrive on the center island.

  • The right solution is “Tear of Asha,” so go there if you need money or experience points.
  • After that, you won’t have a spare second to your disposal.
  • A vantage point is located to the left of Newpost; make use of it.
  • Bring Godric’s daughter to Lorekeep, according to the quest.
  • Freyda is unable to be transferred to another hero.
  • You’ll be ambushed by a group of Angels as you make your way through the forest.
  • Capture Hikim, according to the quest.
  • Several additional units will emerge with him once the battle is completed.
  • If you are victorious in this combat, the amulet will be yours.
  • Missions I, II, and III are the first, second, and third missions, respectively.

Missions I, II, III

Missions IV and V of the Cultist Campaign 2: The Cultist PreviousCampaign 1: The QueenMissions IV and V: The Queen

Campaign 2. Mission 1

To make things a little easier on yourself throughout this campaign, concentrate your hero’s efforts on offensive magic and unit-enhancing spells such as “Gating.” Find a means to get to Sheogh, according to the quests. Agrael has no choice but to survive. Because speed is vital in this quest, you should begin by collecting the adjacent relic – a pair of boots that will increase your traveling range. Agrael is being pursued by two blue heroes, and you need avoid engaging in fight with them at all costs!

  1. The Blacksmith’s Shop is one of the few attractions in this town that is worth visiting.
  2. To the south-west of the city, there is a recruitment station.
  3. It is beneficial to pay a visit to a Blacksmith in the East.
  4. Remove the red post (2) in the South-West corner of the yard.

Make your way to the dungeons. Several recruitment opportunities are there, and you won’t be able to ignore them. Make your way to the opposite end of the dungeon. Leaving it this way will result in you being compelled to participate in the conflict. To bring this scenario to a close, you must win.

Campaign 2. Mission 2

Capture the Griffin’s Heart is one of the quests. Agrael has no choice but to survive. In this situation, time is of the essence. Your objective is to destroy the blue hero before the orange hero beats you to it, so don’t spend time collecting all of the little goodies scattered about the area. The route will take you to the north. Only the most important recruitment points and stables should be visited. Combat the blue hero – if you succeed, you will be assaulted and forced to engage in another battle.

Campaign 2. Mission 3

Crossing the border is one of the quests. Agrael has no choice but to survive. Once again, time is of the essence, so move quickly and with confidence. Visit all of the recruitment centers in the city’s eastern and southern regions. The short road to the East will take you to a post(1), where you will find a green unit waiting for you to explore. To complete the first quest, you must defeat it. Capture all elfish settlements is the goal of this quest. Follow the road to the east until you reach the first city, Wenlan, and capture it.

  • Visit the orange key master’s tent(2) as soon as possible to get to a recruitment point in the south-east of your city (3).
  • You are welcome to explore other tents if you so desire; they will lead you to a variety of hidden treasures.
  • Once you’ve defeated the defenders of the nearby recruitment point, you’ll be able to begin capturing additional mines.
  • After two months, when Agrael has grown in strength, you will be able to attack them.
  • To get to that point, go to the market and buy some mercury.
  • Then, to transport the units between the city and Agrael, you should hire a second supply hero.
  • Don’t sit around and wait for the enemy to reinforce his positions.
  • During the battles, you can use the “Gating” spell to keep your units safe.
  • An alternative strategy for defeating Gilraen is to quickly capture another green city to the north-west and use it to engage Gilraen’s forces with additional Sylvan units.
  • Destroy the druid grove in order to complete the quest.
  • You’ll have to travel from the north to get to the grove (4).

Kill all of the guards before going up against the druids themselves. All that remains is for you to conquer the remaining two cities in the North-West and North-East of the country. Next Missions IV and V of Campaign 2: The Cultists PreviousCampaign 1: The QueenMissions IV and V: The Queen

Year Seven, Level Two: Magic Is Might

You’ll need a Regular Wizard, a Strong Character, a Book Character, a Key Character, and a Dark Wizard to complete this level. For the First Time Right from the start, go to the right and use Reducto to eliminate the two chains that have formed. Turn on the lamp to the left of the chain with Wingardium Leviosa, then proceed to the other side of the room and turn on the lamp to the right of the bookshelf with the same herb. Diffindo may be used to wind up the toy on the wall, and then you can go forward to the front of the room.

  • Switch to Ron and use the Deluminator on the lamp on the left, then shift the light to the lamp next to the statue to complete the task.
  • To discover the key for one lock, shoot the desk, and then spin the swords on the wall to get the key for the other lock.
  • You can now proceed through the gate that had previously been locked.
  • To bring the guy inside down, place the flower on the purple point on the wall, and he will unlock the gate for you.
  • To open the elevator door, use Reducto on the lock, and then have Ron use Pigwidgeon to knock down the pieces and crawl down the tunnel.
  • It is during a battle scene with Umbridge that you will be allowed to enter.
  • Redirect her attention with the final object, then repeat as required.

After you’ve defeated Umbridge, you’ll be sent to another running scenario.

When you’re close to the finish of the running portion, you’ll come across a section that twists rather than continuing straight.

As previously said, it is incredibly difficult to obtain, and this fact contributes to the level’s annoyance: if you do not obtain it, the Dementors will track you down and send you to the end of the level, where you will have to replay the whole level in order to obtain it.

Gameplay is completely unrestricted.

Shoot each of the five ducks until the crest appears on the screen.

To obtain the Ravenclaw Crestpiece, you must use a key character to access the vault in Umbridge’s office.

Using Dark Magic, you may open the elevator door and release the student.

You’ll then have access to the tent (and, if you’re playing on Xbox 360, you’ll also be able to get the easily missed Hogwarts Has Changed accomplishment by going to the left and opening the Marauder’s Map) after that.

However, instead of heading inside, you’ll be working outside for a short period of time instead. Remove the rocks using Hermione’s bag plate, then assemble the fragments into an Apparition plate, which you may then use to advance to the following level.

Heroes of Might & Magic V on Steam

Witness the incredible growth of the genre-defining strategy game as it evolves into a next-generation sensation, fusing old deep fantasy with next-generation visuals and gameplay to create an unforgettable experience. In the famed MightMagic realm, demon swarms wreak havoc throughout the earth in a never-ending campaign of destruction. Heroic figures from a range of legendary groups must unite to protect their own causes as the destiny of the planet hangs in the balance. Live out their destinies, lead their armies to victory, and uncover the Demon lords’ hidden agenda.

  • Viewers will be able to see the incredible progress of the genre-defining strategy game as it becomes a next-generation phenomenon, fusing old deep fantasy with next-generation graphics and gameplay elements. Throughout the world-famous MightMagic realm, demon swarms wreak havoc on the earth in a never-ending assault. World peace is at danger, and Heroes from a diverse range of legendary groups must unite to protect their own ideals. Embrace their destinies, lead their armies to victory, and discover the Demon lords’ hidden agenda. Rise to the top of the strategic game world by creating your own hero characters, collecting armies, and destroying your opponents utilizing the all-new active-time battle system, which can be played both offline and online.
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Ubisoft Entertainment, Inc. reserves all rights. 2005 Ubisoft Entertainment, Inc. Heroic, Might & Magic, Heroes of Might & Magic, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. Nival Interactive was in charge of the development.

Comments 148 to 109 of 379

So far, I’m really enjoying this game! Approximately 2 hours into it, I’d say, and thus far it’s been an absolute fun figuring everything out. One problem, though, is that I can’t seem to get out of it (or perhaps I simply don’t know where the button is). However, I’ve been trapped at the “Your character received a level-up!” screen twice now and have been unable to exit the window (and there isn’t an X that I can just click to exit the window). I’m sorry, I was a complete moron and didn’t comprehend that I was expected to pick from the options that weren’t in the top two.

  • It’s impossible to enjoy it to its fullest extent unless that issue is resolved.
  • I’m hoping that a lot of the issues can be ironed out shortly.
  • Will I be able to obtain it for free on Steam because I have purchased the game?
  • Is it anything that will be included in future content?
  • D: The game has crashed since the fight has just concluded.

Push: Error during execution – Variable Index out of range- -5.mobdata(100438,28)at gml Script init mobgml Script init mob (line -1)gml Object obj placeholder Draw 64AND at gml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init Following the conclusion of the next major bout _ERROR in action number 1 of the Draw Event for the object obj placeholder: obj placeholder is not a valid object.

  • Push: Execution Error – Variable Indexout of Range- -5.mobdata(100438,28)at gml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init mobgml Script init_ (line -1) Account gml Object obj placeholder Draw 64 has been suspended.
  • I just wanted to mention that this game is fantastic and that I understand you are working on fixing the flaws.
  • I have a computer with average specifications, however the game randomly kills my computer while I am in a combat, no matter how large the battle is.
  • The game will occasionally suddenly stop up during an AI turn, with no crash or error message, just a completely frozen screen with a partly full “turn bar,” and animations of resources and other items will continue forever in the background.
  • I’ve played through the game quite a bit, and I can see how that would be problematic at this point, especially with the single player issues and bugs still being worked out.
  • Hello, I recently purchased this game but have not received any correspondence via email.
  • This game has tremendous promise, and if the issues and crashes are corrected, I can see me playing it for a significant amount of time.

For Russia, ten dollars is an excessive amount of money.

My UI size reverts after every fight, so I have to continually adjust it.


Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to close or get past the pop-up window.

Is there a close button on this screen, or am I required to do something else with this?

I’ve seen a handful of videos about your game on YouTube from developers that are interested in independent game development.

The game, in my opinion, is fantastic.

Your work is fantastic, and from a visual standpoint, I believe that having the army unit move around the heroes on the map is an incredibly brilliant concept.

I also want to mention that, as a software engineer myself, I am really amazed by anyone who is able to do such a project on his or her own (or mostly by himself).

Please proceed as planned.

As someone who adored HMM3 (despite its problems), I was immediately drawn to your game and purchased it right away.

I’m so pumped up about your game that I’m almost acting as a walking advertising for it right now:D I’m looking forward to seeing you on steam.

As a major fan of Heroes of Might and Magic III, I can see where a lot of the inspiration for the town designs, resources, magic systems, and army compositions came from in the development of this game.

I really like the transition from tactical turn-based fighting to real-time auto-battler action.

I just purchased the game today, and I really adore it!

Maybe it’s because I’m playing on my laptop instead of my gaming computer because I’m at my parents’ house for the weekend and didn’t bring my gaming computer, but I’m having a good time.

I’m having a great time with the game so far, however I’ve experienced multiple crashes during my initial gameplay. Is this anything that anyone else has experienced?

10 Tips for Tent Camping

Getting away from our hectic lives and embarking on adventures in the great outdoors allows us to disconnect from technology and reconnect with Mother Nature. Tent camping is a great way to get away from it all and reconnect with Mother Nature. If you want to make your camping vacation pleasant and pleasurable, you must first learn what you’re doing and then equip yourself with the appropriate equipment. If you don’t plan beforehand, your dream camping trip might turn into a nightmarish nightmare.

Once you have checked off all of the items on the list below, you will know that you are truly prepared to hit the road in search of your favorite KOA.

1. Practice Setting Up The Tent At Home

Sure, it appears to be a simple process to set up. “The package states that set-up will only take 5 minutes,” you remark emphatically. As you may be aware, not everyone has the necessary camping expertise. Moreover, while you’re out in the woods with just a few minutes of daylight remaining, you’re not going to want to be putting your camping abilities to the test. Prepare the tent in your living room or backyard a couple of times before stepping out into the great outdoors. Not only will this assist you in getting the feel of where everything goes, but it will also assist you in speeding up the process of setting up the tent so that you aren’t spending your valuable camping time fiddling with tent poles and other small details.

2. Pick Your Campsites Ahead of Time

There are few things more stressful than the anxious feeling you get as the sun begins to drop and you have no clue where you’re going to pitch up your tent for the evening. With our assistance, you can avoid this. By utilizing the “Find A KOA” tool, you may locate the most suitable camping grounds in a short amount of time and in advance. Search for KOA campgrounds in the places you’re interested in visiting and book a stay at one of them. After that, you may click on each particular location to view additional information about it, including amenities, activities, photos/videos, and other details.

3. Make Campfire-Friendly Meals Ahead of Time

Although camping may not provide you with the luxury of a large kitchen, it does not rule out the possibility of enjoying delicious meals. If you’re not looking forward to a can of baked beans and a couple of hot dogs for supper when camping, make some foods ahead of time that are simple to prepare over a campfire. Prepare the chicken kabobs in advance and store them in plastic bags. You’ll be able to prepare a delicious lunch over an open fire in only a few minutes if you use this approach, because the kabobs will be ready when you are.

4. Bring Extra Padding

No, camping in a tent does not have to be a difficult or unpleasant experience. There is excellent camping equipment available that is designed to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep while in your tent.

A sleeping pad of some form, or even an inflated mattress, is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever your additional padding is, be sure you don’t forget about it. We guarantee that if you are well rested, your camping experience will be far more pleasurable.

5. Bring Games

Even though you will most likely go hiking and swimming when camping, particularly if you are near water, one thing that many people forget is that there is a significant amount of down time while camping. But, after all, isn’t that the whole point? Is it possible to break away from our hectic life and just relax? We surely believe it to be the case. Moreover, downtime is an excellent chance to get out some card or board games and have some good, old-fashioned fun.

6. Pack Good Coffee

While some campers like the traditional cowboy coffee, there are some of us who are coffee “snobs” who simply cannot bring ourselves to drink coffee grounds while on the trail. Not to mention that just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy coffee that tastes just as wonderful as the cup you’d get at your favorite café. You may bring a French press or a pour-over setup, or you can get some fancy instant coffee to enjoy while you’re at the conference. If you can get that nice gasoline first thing in the morning, it will be well worth it to you.

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7. Waterproof Your Tent

Mother Nature is not only lovely, but she is also full of surprises – you can never be too prepared for what the weather may bring. One minute it may be bright and 75 degrees, and the next it could be pouring rain. And this is something for which you must be prepared while you are out camping. Waterproofing your tent before leaving for your journey is a smart idea in order to keep yourself and your belongings dry while on the road. What is the best way to go about it? Purchasing a can of silicone sealer and spraying the tent from top to bottom, left to right while rehearsing the configuration of your tent (see1) is all that is required.

If you spray every square inch of your tent with the spray, you should be OK if you find yourself camping in a deluge while out camping.

8. Go During the Week, Rather Than The Weekend

If your schedule permits you, try to go camping during the weekdays instead of weekends. On any given summer weekend, campgrounds are often jam-packed with people who are all hoping for a little respite from the heat. Consider scheduling your camping vacation during the week instead of the weekend if you want to have a more peaceful and relaxed camping experience.

9. Take Advantage of Campsite Amenities

With KOA’s detailed descriptions of each campsite, you’ll know exactly what facilities the campgrounds you’ll be visiting have to offer. Amenities such as the following are standard in KOA campgrounds:

  • To pitch a tent, you’ll need level ground. Picnic tables, water spouts, and fire pits are all available. Restrooms that are clean
  • Hot showers
  • WiFi
  • And much more

Knowing that you’ll have these and other wonderful facilities waiting for you will relieve a great deal of worry (and, most likely, the need to pack even more).

10. Leave The Campsite As You Found It

Please observe this regulation, not just out of courtesy for others who will come after you, but also to safeguard our lovely natural environment. Remove any rubbish you may have carried into the house and check to be that the fire is entirely extinguished. Also, double-check that you’ve packed everything you own and that you haven’t forgotten anything. Do you think you’re truly ready to go camping right now? With these ten suggestions in your back pocket, your camping preparations will be considerably easier, and your camping vacation will be lot more pleasurable as a result of them.

Leslie, also known as Copy Girl, is a copywriter who gets butterflies when she is able to make stories with words.

“I prefer cake than steak,” she says on a regular basis.

She also has years of experience embarking on excursions that have brought this Montana girl to some fantastic locations.

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins is a fun and flirty fragrance. Check out Leslie’s websitehere to find out what she’s been up to in the world of writing.

Maker of Sorrows – Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Armageddon’s Blade Wiki Guide

  • 1 on 1 on expert difficulty – choose from 5 Pit Lords, Loins of Legion, or Upgraded Kennels
  • Deliver the artifacts to Grand Forgesmith Khazadar, who forges Armageddon’s Blade
  • Lose Xeron and the assignment is forfeited
  • Xeron can reach a maximum level of 24 before the job is forfeited. He continues on to the next assignment with the same spells and stats that he had at the end of the previous quest.

Starting Position

There are two maps in this level. The overworld is one thing, while the underworld is another. The Grand Forgesmith Khazandar and his apprentice are the only people that the underworld is interested in. Alternatively, four castles and heroes vs six enemy castles and heroes, this level is divided in half between you (one third) and your opponent (two thirds). It’s fair to say that your heroes and castles are roughly on par with those of your opponent. Xeron begins just outside of town number one.

Mission Strategy

First and foremost, it is much easier to take out the enemies on this level before attempting to locate the gatekeeper’s tents. A large number of elementals guards each of the tents, which are denoted by a green square on the map, thus your hero will need to be extremely powerful to defeat them. You only need to proceed in a constant stream from the right in order to dispatch your adversaries. Because of the large number of opposing heroes, it is vital to assault with at least three of the heroes you begin with!

  1. Towns 8 and 9 will become the next targets after they have been reinforced.
  2. After you’ve gained control of all 10 overworld towns, it’s time to gather your forces and travel to each of the gatekeepers.
  3. Once the items have been obtained, send Xeron to stock up on soldiers before transporting him to the lone purple square on the overworld.
  4. Send Xeron to the upper blue square in the underworld, where you must pass through four border guards and the hero Inteus (both of whom are well-defended) before you can speak with Khazandar about the situation.
  5. After visiting the purple tent, proceed to the bottom blue square, where you will kill the phoenixes and enter the cabin to complete the level.

Strategy Tested

Beat the quest in 3 hours 27 minutes – 81 days of gaming time, according to the advertisement

Heroes of Might and Magic 5

Due to the fact that the game was launched without typical cheat codes, the following is accomplished through modifying the game’s scripting. According to my understanding and a significant amount of testing, the commands covered should function as intended. The fact that these are designed to be utilized by individuals in a single player setting as a method of exploring the game’s mechanics, fooling around, having some fun, and helping players who may be confused or irritated should go without saying.

Please, for the purpose of fair play and concern for your other players, conduct yourself with integrity.

@ Commands have never functioned in multiplayer, but have always worked in single player.

Every code that is no longer functional, on the other hand, has a @ equivalent. Patching or updating the game frequently involves rewriting the configuration files, which makes cheating possible. You will need to manually reedit these files, which will be discussed further below.


Wrongusernamefor most likely being the first person to share part of this information with the community. I’d like to thank Metathron for drawing my attention to a mistake in the commandadd army in my initial document. And, of course, thank you to Age of Heroes for hosting this event!


  • The simplest method (deleted in version 1.2)
  • The @ Variant:@GiveHeroSkill()
  • The Skill Names / Numbers Chart
  • And the @ Variant:@GiveHeroSkill()
  • Adding an entire army (which was previously disabled in 1.2)
  • The @ Variant allows you to do the following: add specific creatures and variable amounts
  • Remove specific creatures and variable amounts
  • Create a chart of creature names and numbers
  • And more.
  • Incorporating a specific War Machine
  • Removing War Machines
  • And a chart of War Machine names and numbers.
  • Adding all spells at the same time (this feature was deactivated in 1.2)
  • Individual Spells for Heroes
  • Spell Names and Numbers Chart
  • Adding Individual Spells to Heroes
  • Adding a specific Artifact
  • Artifact Names / Numbers Chart
  • Adding a specific Artifact
  • Adding experience (which was disabled in 1.2), changing hero stats, clearing resources (which was disabled in 1.2), adding gold only (which was disabled in 1.2), and other features. Gold and resources may be added (this feature was removed in version 1.2), as well as specific gold and resources. Other features include: seeing movement points, revealing the map, instant win and loss, as well as instant win and loss.

Activating Ability to Cheat

First and foremost, you’ll need to alter two text files (open them with Notepad or another text editor – not Word!) in order to make the console available in-game. Make sure you update the relevant files for H5, HoF, and ToE. Each of these files has its own name and extension. Applying patches will almost certainly cause the input.cfg file to be reset, and you’ll need to double-check that the hotkey hasn’t been changed.

Unlocking the console

A particular password is required in order to open the gaming console. The file to which you should put it will vary depending on your game version (GAME FOLDER is the folder in which the game is installed):

  • GAME FOLDER/profiles/autoexec.cfg
  • sGAME FOLDER/profiles/autoexec a1.cfg
  • sGAME FOLDER/profiles/start.cfg

Copy and paste the following as the final line after the linemainmenu: Define the variable dev console password as schwinge des todes.

Assigning the console’s hotkey

You’ll need to assign a special key to open the console at this point. In this case, we recommend using the top left key (above Tab, left to 1, below Escape). On English keyboards, it is represented by the tilde (‘). It is represented by a different sign in various languages, but it makes no difference because it is the key. As an alternative, you could wish to use a different (and less confusing) key, such as ‘F12.’ Simply ensure that it is not being used for something else. This time, the file to be edited is located in My Documents/My Games:

  • Heroes of Might and Magic V/Profiles/YOUR PROFILE/input.cfg
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V/Hammers of Fate/Profiles/YOUR PROFILE/input a1.cfg
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V – Tribes of the East/Profiles/YOUR PROFILE/input a2.cfg
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V – Tribes of the East/Profiles/

The following line should be added to the “Common section” (at the beginning of the file):bind show console Once again, this ties your top left key to the console, regardless of what symbol is displayed on it. Important: When the console does not open, it is typical to make the mistake of editing the wrong input.cfg file: you should modify the one in your profile under “My Documents/.” rather than the one under “GAME FOLDER/profiles/.” Note: While you’re modifying your input.cfg file, you might want to consider including the following binding: bind hide interface’CTRL’ + ‘I’ to a variable It is possible to entirely conceal the UI by hitting the Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut (press again to show it back).

It’s useful for taking visually appealing screenshots (with the PrintScreen key).

The Commands

Until the game’s version 1.2 release, there were two sorts of commands available:

  • The straightforward instructions such as add skill
  • The @ commands such as @GiveHeroSkill()
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In order to avoid cheating in multiplayer games, the first, most basic form of command has been removed in version 1.2 of the game. If you’re using an earlier version of the game, we’ve left them here for your convenience. The second type of command is the one that is utilized in the lua scripts that are used in the game. When playing multiplayer, they don’t operate at all, not even in hotseat. They are only functional in single player mode, including campaigns. It is important to note that the instructions must be put in the proper syntax, with lowercase and uppercase characters, parentheses, and quotes (either “simple” or “double” depending on the situation).

When we describe each command, we will include examples in addition to the generic code, and you may find it simpler to comprehend the mechanics of the command by looking at the examples.

You may debate this guide and ask additional questions about the hacks in the Heroes Community forum, which is devoted to this topic. Many thanks to Curio for his work on these pages!

How to Choose Tents for Camping

For the purpose of preventing cheating in multiplayer games, the first, most basic form of command has been disabled in version 1.2 of the game. If you’re still using an older version of the game, we’ve left them here for your convenience. LUA scripts, which are utilized in video games, are an example of the second sort of command. When playing multiplayer, they don’t operate at all, not even in hotseat mode. All of them, campaigns included, only operate in single player mode. Remember that the instructions must be written in the proper syntax, with lowercase and uppercase characters, parentheses and quotes (either “simple” or”double” depending on the situation) all properly capitalized.

You may find it simpler to comprehend the mechanics of each command if we offer examples in addition to the general code when presenting each command.

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Video: How to Choose a Camping Tent

For starters, pick a tent style that is appropriate for the size of your group and whether or not you will require more space for extra friends, gear, or pets. Keep in mind, however, that there is no industry standard that sets the proportions of a tent for a single person. When it comes to examining tent capacity ratings, our general recommendation is as follows: Assume that the two pieces are almost identical. Upsizing your tent by one person can provide you with additional space if you or your typical tent companion(s) have any of the following characteristics:

  • They are enormous individuals who are afraid of being cramped
  • They toss and turn at night
  • They sleep better when they have more elbow room than the usual person
  • They are bringing a little child or a dog

3-Season Tents

3-season tents, by far the most common type of tent, are lightweight shelters built for use in reasonably mild weather conditions during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. They are often supplied with a large number of mesh panels to improve air movement. Insects are kept out by mesh panels (but can still let in powdery blowing sand). 3-season tents, when properly pitched with a taut rainfly, can endure heavy downpours, but they are not the greatest choice for prolonged exposure to severe storms, powerful winds, or heavy snow.

  • Keep you dry when it rains or snows lightly
  • Protect you from pests
  • And more. Protect your privacy

3- 4-Season Tents

Extended-season (3+ season) tents are designed to be used for extended periods of time in three seasons. They are appropriate for use in the summer, but also for travels in the early spring and late fall when mild snow may be encountered. Providing a balance of ventilation, strength, and heat retention is their primary purpose. It is typical that they have one or two more poles and fewer mesh panels than pure 3-season versions. This makes them more durable and toasty than their three-season counterparts.

Extended-season tents are a fantastic alternative for folks who travel frequently to exposed, high-elevation locations and want to save money. While they are quite durable, they are not as well-protected against hard winter weather as 4-season tents.

4-Season Tents

Tents designed for mountaineering are built to endure high winds and heavy snow loads, and they may be utilized in every weather condition. Their primary role, on the other hand, is to remain sturdy in the face of extremely unfavorable weather, which occurs primarily in the winter or above treeline. Thus have more poles and heavier materials than three-season tents, therefore they are more expensive. Their spherical dome forms limit the possibility of snow accumulation on flat roof areas. They have a limited number of mesh panels and rainflies that are just a few feet above the ground.

However, as the wind picks up speed, a four-season tent provides a safe haven for the weary traveler.

Peak Height

If you want to be able to stand up while changing clothes or if you prefer the openness of a high ceiling, opt for a tent with a higher peak height to accommodate your needs (listed in the spec charts). Cabin-style tents have walls that are almost vertical to optimize total peak height and usable area, while also minimizing weight (and some models come with family-pleasing features such as room dividers and an awning, or a vestibule door that can be staked out as such). In addition to its greater strength and wind-shedding properties, dome-style tents are also extremely lightweight, something you’ll appreciate on a windy night.

Tent Floor Length

In case you’re very tall (over 6 feet) or need extra room, a tent with a floor length of 90 inches (rather than the more common 84–88 inches) can be a good option for you.


When selecting your tent, consider the amount of doors you will require, as well as the form and orientation of the doors. If you’re camping with your family, having numerous doors will save you from having to clamber over each other to get to the restroom at midnight. Tents in the design of a cabin are very popular in this area. Also take notice of how simple or noisy it is to zip up and close the doors. YKK zippers on the doors are more resistant to snagging and breaking than other types of zippers.


The structure of a tent’s poles influences how simple or difficult it is to pitch the tent. These days, almost all family tents are freestanding structures. This implies that they do not require the use of stakes to be installed. It has the significant benefit that you may take up the tent and relocate it to a different area before staking it. Additionally, before putting it down, you can easily shake dirt off of it. Setups are quicker when fewer poles are used. Attaching poles to clips is also less difficult than threading them through long pole sleeves, which may be time-consuming.

Color-coded corners and pole clips also help to expedite the setup process. Aluminum poles outperform fiberglass in terms of strength and durability.


A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover that is meant to go over the top of your tent’s roof and keep the rain out. If there is a chance of rain or dew, or whenever you want to keep a bit more warmth, use this product. There are two varieties of rainflies that are commonly encountered. Using simply the roof as a rainfly allows for greater light and vistas while providing enough rain protection. Full-coverage rainflies provide the greatest amount of protection from the wind and rain.

Tent Materials

Be aware that higher-denier fabric canopies and rainflies are more durable than lower-denier fabric canopies and rainflies when you’re purchasing. Tent floors that are lined with seam tape and high-denier textiles help to limit the likelihood of leaking.

Vestibules / Garage

In order to protect your boots from becoming dirty or dusty or to keep your bags from getting wet, you may connect a shelter or an awning to your tent. They can be included as an essential element of the rainfly or they can be purchased as separate pieces.


Tent ceilings, doors, and windows are frequently made of mesh panels, which are also used for other purposes. This provides for better vistas and increases cross-ventilation, which helps to reduce condensation. Larger mesh panels are recommended for hot and humid conditions.

Interior Loops and Pockets

A lantern loop is commonly installed in the top-center of a tent’s ceiling to allow for the hanging of a lantern inside the tent. A mesh shelf (known as a gear loft, which is sold separately) may be attached to the inside tent walls using the loops on the walls. This will keep small objects off of the tent floor. Interior pockets, in a similar vein, assist you in keeping your tent organized.

Guyout Loops

In addition to guy lines, higher-quality tents will have loops on the exterior of the tent body for connecting them. Using guy lines, you can batten down the hatches without having to worry about the canvas flying in the wind.

Optional Tent Accessories

In this case, the groundcloth (which is generally supplied separately) is custom-fitted to fit below your tent floor. Rocks, twigs, and mud can be harsh on tent flooring, but over time, they take their toll. A footprint is far less expensive to replace than a tent. This is especially beneficial for family tents that have a lot of foot activity coming in and out of the tent. Additionally, because footprints are custom-sized to match your tent’s shape precisely, they will not collect water in the same way that a generic groundcloth that extends beyond the floor boundaries will.

Gear Loft

Most tents are equipped with one or two inbuilt pockets, which allow you to store small objects off of the tent floor. Agear loft is an optional inside mesh shelf that may be used to stow larger quantities of gear out of the way when the space is limited.

Other Nice-to-Have Accessories

  • Stakes and anchors to accommodate a variety of site circumstances
  • Cleaning supplies: broom and dustpan, inside and outdoor floor mats, tent repair kit, seam sealant, utility wire, battery-powered ventilation fan

Tent accessories are available for purchase.

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