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  • One of your camping tents was the beginning of our relationship with Denver Tent, which dates back more than fifty years. The tent is in outstanding condition considering its age. The tent stakes are the only item that isn’t unique. After five decades of usage, it is clear that the quality of a Denver Tent product has not deteriorated. Jack R. Bol
  • Jack R. Bol Everything went really well and the vacation was quite fun, and the additional equipment made all the difference. Everyone remarked on the high level of quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, the comfy room after we had all of our luggage inside
  • It was fantastic! As Clay Porter explains, “We really had a major snowstorm at 12,000 feet, and when we eventually went up there to take it down, there was so much snow that the poles had been driven into the ground by at least a foot of snow and many of the poles had been bent by snow weight.” However, there was no damage to the canvas tent! We were quite impressed, and I even have photographs of the tent to prove it. You provide a fantastic product! Dana Ivers is the proprietor of Cow Creek Outfitters. To inform you that we purchased one of your tents around three years ago, and that it just met its end, not in the field, where it worked admirably, but while being stored when it was drowned in a sewage leak. I’m delighted to have been able to make such a simple option as to place an additional purchase. University of Stanford’s Anne Egger School of Earth Sciences is located on the Stanford University campus. Wow! My new WeatherMax is fantastic. Never imagined I’d be able to feel so at ease with five other huge men in such a tiny place while hunting. The tent was really warm, weathered a major snow and wind storm admirably, and I was pleased to discover that there was no condensation whatsoever. A big thank you to Denver Tent for creating such an excellent and durable product! Wow, I’ll say it again: WOW! What a fantastic hunting tent, and the WeatherMAX material is really fantastic! Mike Dilisa is a professional musician. I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team. I appreciate all that you do. This weekend, we were hit by a severe storm in eastern Utah, and my Denvercowboy tepee held up well in the storm. There are no leaks. You did a fantastic job. Shelby Standefer is a young woman who lives in the United States. Our Denver Tents have been an absolutely fantastic addition to our outdoor program here at Sacramento State – they’ve been game changers for us in terms of conceptualizing the entire notion of our mobile “Field Camp(us)” experience. The Denver Tent firm came to our rescue, thanks to David B. Rolloff, a professor at California State University. Despite only having two days notice, we were able to hire tables and chairs, as well as have two tents set up at two different sites in the Rocky Mountains! In addition to being a pleasure to deal with, their team performed really well on location. It is likely that we will hire them again whenever we have a comparable project and will give them greater notice. Kay Shaw is a woman who works in the fashion industry. If you live in Denver (or even if you don’t) and need a canvas wall tent, this is the place to go! Sean Wylde is a writer and actor who lives in Los Angeles.

The Colorado Wall Tent

Specifications: A 10 YKK zipper closes the gap in the ridge pole. Reinforced seams and corners complete the look. Door has a 3-way vertical zipper door with a nickel Fireman’s snap, D-ring closing, and weatherflap, and is made of marine-grade nylon. Army Duck Fire Resistant Canvas, 9′′ 18 oz Heavy Duty Vinyl Sod Cloth, Double Spur Grommets at each seam, 5″ Fiberglass Stove Pipe Shield standard in all FR Fabric treated tents, and High End Polyvinyl Self-Sealing Thread. Weight at the Base: 44 lbs.

Ropes and metal rope tighteners, as well as steel stakes and storage bags are provided.

Deluxe 10 x 12 12 x 14 inch Standard Deluxe 12 x 14 14 x 17 mm Standard Deluxe 14 x 17-inch 16 x 20 inch standard Deluxe (16 x 20) To clarify, as every one of our tents is handcrafted in small batches by highly trained craftsmen, the precise completed measurements may vary from one tent to another.

If you are planning on creating a deck, please wait until you have received your tent before determining your precise tent dimensions.

Denver 4 Select ZG Tent from the Tent Reviews

Current Model?Berths:Weight:RRP on date added:Bedroom inners:Living area groundsheet:Pitching Style: Discontinued4(more 4 berth tents)18.20 KG2Fully Sewn-inFly first Average User Rating:9.33 / 10from3reviewsViewed:16950 timesBack to index

Member Uploaded Images – click to enlarge

3 Reviews of the Denver 4 Select ZGBy:JoelDeeReason:I own(ed) oneMadein:2009Rating:The Royal Denver 4 is a great tent for two people. If you’re not too tall like my girlfriend and myself, around 5’5′, you can stand up in the sleeping area which makes dressing a nicer experience.We have a double air mattress and once it is in, there is still pathways down two sides to put bags and to get ready.There is a nice meshed air vent which is closable on the tent at the sleeping area side, it can also be zipped open but remains covered to keep the rain out.The front area is big enough to entertain, when our friends come camping there’s enough room to have four people sat in camping chairs comfortably inside.The Panoramic windows are just great, which also have curtains for privacy. The front area is also sealed in at ground level to keeps a lot of insects out.The front door can either be folded up or pegged out on poles, theres also a handy horizontal pole which connects the two side poles which makes a sturdier entrance which you can hang things from.There are also side flaps which can be zipped to the open door to make a kind of covered tunnel entrance which is good if it’s raining and you don’t want to be closed in.A little tip is that you can just use two of the sections of each door pole and have the sides up, which makes a lower entrance so if the rain is heavy it just rolls off the front end. (hope that makes sense).The tent is easy for one person to put up on their own.I even leave the inside bed section connected in these days when I pack the tent away and there is still room for the rolled tent in one of the bags storage sections.The reason this tent only gets 9 out of 10 is because of the following two reasons.Only the top half of the doors can be opened into mesh doors, I’ve seen this is a feature on a lot of tents now, I much prefer it when the doors can be entirely unzipped so you can have full mesh doors so that when you are layed on the bed you have full air flow and can see whats going on outside the tent without sitting up. I sometimes like, at the end of the night to lay and watch my campfire as it dies away but you can’t in this tent unless you had the doors properly open (first rule of camping Keep The Bedroom Area Closed And Free Of Insects At All Times).The other thing is that the front door only has a mesh window and not a plastic window, so if you are zipped up and it’s raining, you have the brilliant side windows but then no front window, that seems a bit silly.All in all though whenever we are away camping I rarely see a tent which I prefer to ours, it took a lot of research to find a tent as good as the Royal Denver Four.2 from 2 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?

By:TabascoukReason:I own(ed) oneMadein:2009Rating:I own this tent and it is fantastic for two people. The tent is well made great light in the living section in the tent with the windows which can be covered if desired. This is great when it rains as you still feel you are outside even though you are cosy and dry. The tent looks a lot smaller in the pictures it is very roomy. I love the porch which you can do various arrangements by zipping the sides down for added shelter or keeping them up. I had a large camp table and two chairs in the front section and there was still lots of room.The poles are colour coded which is great. Though the front two cross over and have two pegs in coming from the same hoop which can make it confusing. I have sorted this by putting coloured tape on each of the pegs. Royal instructions which came with the tent are very minimum. However it was easy to put up. A great tent and stood up well in stormy conditions. I love it.2 from 2 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?

By:Bac81Reason:I own(ed) oneMadein:2008Rating:We first used the tent in awful weather in Tewkesbury it was very easy to put up. The zipped in ground sheet is great it keeps the tent warm and dry. We managed to fit in 6 adults2 dogs in the front section of the tent when the rain was bad. You can also make the door into a porch to give you extra space this was good for cooking under when the weather was bad. It was very easy to take down and pack away.2 from 2 people found this review helpful, was it helpful to you?

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Manufacturer’s Description

Royal ZG tents with zipped on groundsheets offer the same features as our stitched in tents, but with a groundsheet that can be removed to help preserve your grass pitch Features:Ripstop polyester flysheetStitched in living area groundsheetReflective guylinesPU coated poles for additional strengthWater Column 3000mmPacked weight 18.2kg. there may be more info on theirwebsite

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Colorado’s best glamping spots offer luxury tents, covered wagons, clear-top bubbles and yurts

According to my go-to dictionary, glamping is “the activity of camping while enjoying some of the comforts and amenities of home along the way.” Possibly now would be a good moment to describe camping as follows: “a site where an army or other group of people or an individual is accommodated in a camp or in tents or other temporary means of shelter.” If you’re familiar with the concept of glamping, you might imagine a platform with a hardwood floor and an actual bed on top, all shielded by a canvas tent that’s tall enough for an adult to stand in.

  • But glamping is much more than that.
  • A light that hangs from the ceiling.
  • Glamping can be more than simply handy — it can also be opulent, as if it were designed specifically for Instagram influencers and their followers.
  • Instead, you can relax and enjoy yourself.
  • For your next accommodation excursion in Colorado, you’ll find a few variants on this theme in various locations around the state.
  • Kinship Landing in Colorado Springs provides a camping platform where visitors may put up their tents and/or hammocks and either cook on their own stoves or eat at the restaurant located downstairs in the building.
  • (This information is provided by Kinship Landing) 1.


But one of its most interesting features is its camping deck, which provides an unexpected glamping alternative.

In contrast to a conventional camping vacation, there is indoor plumbing in the form of a private restroom, as well as a restaurant on the premises.

“Others are seasoned professionals, while still others come merely to take advantage of the opportunity to relax in a hammock overlooking the Front Range and fall asleep in the fresh air.

Mikulas and his staff have a sense of humour about this strange service, which is evident in the FAQ section of their website.

Although you can text, keep in mind that, unlike the Weminuche Wilderness, you have access to our first-floor full bar and café by just descending 40 vertical feet down a class 2 staircase.

(This information is provided by Royal Gorge Cabins) A short drive west of Caon City, The Royal Gorge Cabins offers nine well-appointed contemporary cabins and eight luxury glamping tents with views of the Royal Gorge Bridge.

There are also fire pits, lounge seats on the patios, and access to outdoor activities such as cornhole, which are all available.

Andy Neinas, owner of theRoyal Gorge Cabins, stated that after witnessing a high level of demand in the tents and requests for more amenities, “it comes to the point where you wonder, ‘What really is glamping anymore?'” “We began off with basic canvas tents on wooden platforms, but people flocked to them in such large numbers that they demanded heating in the winter and air conditioning throughout the summer.” The tents range in price from $209 to $269 each night.

It was completed in 2018, and it has radiant heat concrete floors, swamp coolers, and additional space for people to spread out and relax.

While the cabins here were built with sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows on some sides, and fireplaces that can be used both inside and outside, glamping 3.0 will essentially be private hotel rooms with canvas walls and ceilings to provide a similar kind of indoor and outdoor experience as the cabins here.

  1. (Photo courtesy of Kate Osborne Photography and Vail Collective.) 3.After all, what is glamping.
  2. If you book a few nights with Collective Vail in Wolcott, you won’t have to worry about finding out.
  3. In terms of pricing and facilities, guests may pick between a Summit tent and a Journey tent, although both include electricity and high-thread-count sheets, and both have a private bathroom.
  4. With prices starting at closer to $200 per night this summer, the Journey tent – which does not have a private toilet – is the better deal.

An on-site winery and complementary Sage Social Hour for guests each night, followed by handcrafted marshmallows around the evening campfire, there’s a sense that you’re being looked after, which is what makes it feel like a luxury, rather than simply sleeping in a comfortable bed in a canvas tent.

  1. All of your meals are brought to your luxurious tent at Black Tree Resort on the shore of Lake George.
  2. (This information is provided by Black Tree Resort) Near addition, the Black Tree Resort in Lake George puts its own unique spin on the concept of roughing it in elegance.
  3. There are two queen beds in each of these tents, which are wrapped in Pendleton wool blankets to give them a Western flair.
  4. All of this for less than $600 per night.
  5. While there are a few possibilities for staying in wagons throughout Colorado, the Avalanche Ranchnear Redstoneappeared to have one of each type, including shepherdswagons and covered wagons, as well as Roma wagons and chuck wagons.
  6. In reality, these are more than just a canvas over a wagon; they have wood supporting the walls and roof, allowing them to be rented all year round.
  7. While the wagons appear to be a delightful family activity, they are actually rather little, with a capacity of only two people.

For each wagon, you’ll pay $110 per night, all year round, regardless of the season.

(This information is provided by River Run) River Run is number six on the list.

These carts have a capacity of two to four persons and are equipped with steps and a front entrance.

There are plans to expand the number of tents and yurts available at River Run, which also has Airstream trailers available for rent by the night.

(Image courtesy of Puma Hills) In Lake George’sPuma Hills, glamping meets viral dining domes and sci-fi movies, where transparent “bubble tents” let you to sleep in the luxury of a double bed while looking out over the surrounding forest.

In addition to the private changing rooms linked to each bubble, if you’re feeling really in tune with nature, you may shower beneath the stars (perhaps this is referred to as “glamering”) or in the early morning light inside a semi-enclosed outdoor stall.

A comfortable bed with thick mattresses, a sitting space, carpets on the floor, and power are all included in the deluxe tepees in Puma Hills near Lake George.

Puma Hills is just one of the locations where glampers can stay in tepees that have been lavishly furnished.

Four 20-foot-tall tepees have been built up in close proximity to the fire pit at Arapaho Valley Ranch in Granby for social gatherings around the fire pit (guests are permitted to bring their own firewood).

The fee each night is $175, and each tepee may accommodate up to four people.

When you stay in the Aspen Yurt at Never Summer Nordic Yurts in State Forest State Park, you’ll have some seclusion as well as a nice place to stay while camping.

In most cases, these circular constructions are built on a raised platform with an entrance hidden within the canvas wrapping; nevertheless, there are other modifications that include private bathrooms.

Yurts at Royal Gorge Riverside, located near Canon City in the Royal Gorge, include secluded, covered sitting spaces, as well as firepits and grills for guests to use.

Every yurt can accommodate “4 Earthlings” for $199 a night, and the goal is to enjoy an otherworldly experience while staying there.

It is possible to walk out the door and go fly-fishing, or spend the evening waving at passengers on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, which chugs past on a picturesque excursion through the forest.

Joshua Berman contributed to this article.

It’s even the zipper-down canvas windows and screens that are shaped like circles.

It’s best to pack a few of the same items you’d bring along if you were camping, including a headlamp, good walking or hiking shoes, rain gear, bug spray, sunblock, and a first-aid kit, regardless of your glamping style.

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Reserve Our Luxurious Glamping Tents in Colorado

Camping in the lap of luxury! While camping is a wonderful way to disconnect from the stresses of regular life, glamping — short for luxurious camping – takes the experience to a whole new level. Colorado glamping holidays provide the right balance for those rustic explorers who enjoy the crackling of a campfire but also the luxuries of a cabin. Colorado glamping vacations are available all year long.

FROM $209 to $269 PER NIGHT

Each of our single queen tents can accommodate two guests in a comfortable living space measuring 14′ x 16′. Building upon an attractive redwood deck, your tent includes an ultra-comfortable bed with linens, lamps and a love seat. There is also an outdoor porch with chairs and a table for you to enjoy the outdoors. From one night to as long as a week, these tents are perfect for a romantic Colorado glamping getaway. They are available for rent from May through September.

Double Queen Glamping Tents

For those early or late summer glamping excursions when the weather is cooler, our double queen tents are built on a concrete slab with in-floor radiant heat. They can accommodate up to 4 guests per tent. These luxury camping tents are equipped with two queen beds with linens, appealing lighting, wicker sitting, a desk with chairs, and a big outdoor patio with additional seating and a table, among other amenities. Double queen glamping tents are available for hire for as little as one night or as long as one week, and are available from April through October.

Luxury Camping AmenitiesDetails

  • Electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, and an evaporative cooler for summer cooling are all available. Access to the shower house is available 24 hours a day.
  • Fire ring with campfire kit
  • sCheck-in after 4 pm
  • Pet-free
  • sSmoke-free
  • Electronic gadgets, a cooler for food and beverages, and bug spray are all available.

Each luxury camping tent is equipped with many electrical outlets, allowing you to charge all of your gadgets at the same time. You will also have access to free wi-fi. The tents do not have running water or facilities, but you are just a short distance away from our shower building and restrooms (open 24 hours a day). Your Colorado glamping experience is still camping, so bring along insect repellent, and please realize leaving your door open will enable unwelcome nasty critters to join you in your tent for the night!

Shampoo, conditioner, and soap dispensers are provided in the showers in the nearby shower house, allowing you to leave your personal supplies at home.

Things to do while glamping in Colorado

Our luxury glamping tent rentals in Colorado are located one hour from Colorado Springs, ten minutes from Caon City, and near to a variety of outdoor experiences and attractions in the Rocky Mountains and Southwest. Check out ourthings to do page to fill out your glamping holiday, or ourInsider Info page for some pre-planned itineraries! We’d love to assist you in planning your dream glamping holiday trip in Colorado, so please contact us about luxury glamping in Colorado and ask to speak with one of our pleasant phone representatives.

9 Great Glamping Spots in Colorado

Who says camping can’t be glamorous? You don’t have to be Daniel Boon to enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado, after all. As a result of the recent trend in luxurious camping, there are several excellent glamping destinations for people who are eager to rough it, but only with bedsheets. Discover these glamping getaways in Colorado while enjoying the great outdoors. These are just a few of the most beautiful places to go glamping in the Canadian Rockies. A “glampsite” may be found on sites like as AirBNB and VRBO, where a variety of yurts and other unique rustic lodgings are advertised for you to choose from.

Another significant advantage of glamping is the extended season; many of these sites are equipped with heaters, allowing you to enjoy the experience well into the winter.

Some, on the other hand, do not, and are only available for summer trips throughout the season. Here are some of thebest glamping spots in Colorado, in no particular order:

1. Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Tipis at Joyful Journey Hot Springs are available for rent. Photo courtesy of the Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa Facebook page. Sitting at the base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in theSan Luis Valleyis the easygoing and relaxing Hot Springs for a Joyful Journey Three distinct pools range in temperature from 98 degrees to 108 degrees at this little hot spring that is supposed to have exceptional therapeutic properties. Several types of lodgings are available on the property, including glamping alternatives such as tipis and yurts.

Yurts at Joyful Journey Hot Springs are available for rent.

If you want a little more comfort, you may stay in one of their fully equipped and heated yurts.

Individual bathhouses are available for people sleeping in the yurts and are only a short walk away from the pools and other activities on site.

2. Arapaho Valley Ranch

Arapaho Valley Ranch’s glamping tent, which can accommodate up to six people. Photo courtesy of the Arapaho Valley Ranch Facebook page Located inGranby, Colorado, theArapaho Valley Ranchis a 200-acre, family-owned ranch that is at the base of Indian Peaks Wilderness. As well as “glamping” amenities such as tipis and tent structures, they also provide camping spots for those who like to rough it a little more. Each of the glamping tents at Miners Camp has a view of Little Indian Lake and a wooden deck, which is ideal for soaking in the breathtaking nature around you.

Simply supply your food and beverages, and the staff will take care of the rest of the arrangements.

Photo courtesy of the Arapaho Valley Ranch Facebook page The 20-foot tipis, which are similar to the glamping tents, are equipped with a Queen-size bed and a kitchen, making them suitable for a couple or a family of four.

A fantastic resort and a wonderful opportunity to get to know Middle Park, Colorado.

3. Tennessee Pass Sleep Yurts

Tennessee Pass Sleep Yurts are located near Leadville and may be found at A visit to the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center with its cookhouse and yurts is one of Colorado’s most popular destinations for outdoor activities. The Nordic Center, which is located near Leadville, has adequate terrain for cross-country skiing, superb mountain restaurants, and some of the most luxurious overnight yurt accommodations in the area. Stay in one of the sleep yurts, which are outfitted with handcrafted log beds (complete with sheets), wood stoves, a kitchenette with a sink and running water, an eating area, and solar lights to transport you to the bush.

If you decide to do some cooking on your own, the yurts will offer you with all of the required cookware and dishware for a simple meal. Of course, if you don’t want to cook, you may make a reservation at the cookhouse on the premises.

4. Green Sky Yurt Retreat

Green Sky Yurt Retreat’s yurts provide a unique experience. Photo courtesy of Green Sky Yurt Refuge on FacebookThis deluxe-rustic retreat is located outside Durango, between Vallecito Lake and Lemon Reservoir, and offers a variety of activities. The comfortable yurt is equipped with a bed, a kitchenette, a grill, a wood burner, a full bathroom, and a terrace with chairs. Taking advantage of the various outdoor activities accessible in the vicinity, such as hiking and bicycling; fishing; swimming; and even paddling with your complimentary canoe, are highly recommended.

5. Never Summer Nordic Yurts

Never-Summer Nordic Yurts are available. Photo courtesy of ladybugblue The Never Summer Nordic Yurts are located in Walden, Colorado, in the North Park basin, surrounded by more than 70,000 acres of wilderness in Colorado’sState Forest State Park, and are the perfect place to stay for your backcountry trip. They are the most basic accommodations available without truly camping, as they provide no running water, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, only outhouses, and most likely no mobile coverage.

Trails for hiking and bicycling in the summer, and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, are all easily accessible from this location.

A non-motorized trip is required to access some of the yurts, which may be accomplished with cross-country skis in the winter.

6. Royal Gorge Cabins

Royal Gorge Cabins offers glamping tents for rent. Photo courtesy of Royal Gorge Cabins on Facebook. The Royal Gorge Cabins(affiliate link), which are located in Cajon City, only minutes from the Royal Gorge recreation area, provide all outdoor explorers with contemporary lodgings that have a rustic appearance and feel to them. The resort offers a variety of accommodations, including magnificent hill-top cabins for those who want the security of four walls, as well as glamping tents for those on a tight budget who wish to feel a little more close to nature.

Each tent is outfitted with bed sheets, sophisticated furniture, a sitting space, an antique reclaimed wood desk, and a lounging area on an outside porch with seats.

7. Dunton River Camp

At Dunton River Resort, you may stay in a glamping tent. Photo byDunton Facebook The Dunton River Camp, located in Dolores, Colorado, offers a selection of handcrafted mountain or river tented cabins that provide a little touch of luxury in the great outdoors. Each roomy tent is perched atop a square hardwood platform and is equipped with all of the facilities you would expect from a five-star resort. The four mountain tents, which are nestled among the woods, provide breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains and the surrounding region.

The river tents have all of the same amenities as the regular tents, except they are located along the West Fork of the Dolores River.

Guests may also enjoy a sauna by the river, wine tastings at the resort’s own vineyard in McElmo Canyon, and relaxing nights by the fire pit with a cocktail in hand, among other amenities. During the summer months of June to October, the restaurant is only open.

8. Vail Collective Retreats

Vail Collective Retreats offers glamping tents for rent. Photograph courtesy of Collective Retreats on Facebook. If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, consider staying at the Vail Collective Retreats. Collective Vailglamping tents are guaranteed to meet your demands, whether you have a busy outdoor agenda or want to do absolutely nothing while you’re there. Upon entering one of the tent constructions, you will feel as though you have discovered lodgings appropriate for a royal court.

Other facilities include fitted sheets with a thread count of 1,500, modern décor, a sitting space, a desk with a chair, and, of course, breathtaking views of the mountains.

Horseback riding, fly fishing, and wine tasting are some of the activities that may be enjoyed in the surrounding region.

9. Black Tree Resort

Luxury camping at Black Tree Resort in Lake George, Colorado. Photo courtesy of blacktreeresort.comNestled only five minutes from Eleven Mile State Park, Black Tree Resorts provides a relaxing and rejuvenating glamping experience. It is possible to mix the conveniences of contemporary living with the natural state of mind that comes with camping in one seamless package. Lake George and Highway 24 are both less than 15 minutes away, which makes the resort extremely convenient for visitors from both Colorado Springs and Denver.

There are several activities to choose from in the nearby Pike National Forest, including rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking trails, and more.

Located far enough away from your neighbors to provide you with a private campout, the fully-furnished wall tents are equipped with two queen mattresses covered in luxurious linen, a dining table, solar-powered lighting and an outlet, as well as a wood-burning fire to keep you warm in the winter.

A covered patio, cushioned chairs, a picnic table, and a fire pit are available on the outside.

Breakfast, lunch, and supper are all included, and are brought to your glampsite.

You can enjoy the outdoors without having to sleep on the ground as well!

Royal Gorge Cabins In Colorado, United States

  • A/C, ATM, bar / lounge, bath products, a bbq grill, bedding, bedside lighting, ceiling fan, coffee maker, cookware / dinnerware / cutlery, dishwasher, dryer, electric fans, electricity – lights, electricity – outlets, fire extinguisher, fire pit / ring, fireplace, front desk, hair dryer, hammock, housekeeping, iron, kitchenette, microwave, phone, propane, refrigerator, restaurant, running water, safe – in room
  • Biking, guided tours, hiking, visiting local landmarks, shopping, nature walks, off-road vehicle trips, and rafting are some of the activities available.

  • A one-night cancellation penalty is applied to any reservations that are canceled more than 15 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. Reservations that are canceled less than 14 days before the intended arrival date will be charged a two-night penalty.
Pet Policy

The property is located on the south side of Highway 50, approximately 8 miles west of Cajon City. When you arrive, please check in at the lodging registration office, which is located at the property entrance. Drive time from Colorado Springs downtown or airport is roughly one hour. It takes around 2 hours to travel from downtown Denver, while those driving from Denver International Airport should plan on a minimum of 2 hours and 20 minutes of driving time. Take a look at Google Maps Royal Gorge Cabins is an adventure lodge just far enough in the Rocky Mountains to give a real Colorado experience with amazing outdoor excursions and attractions.

  1. Choose from the 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom luxury cabins, which are ideal for couples and families with small children, or the 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom cabin, which can accommodate a larger group.
  2. As an additional option, Royal Gorge Cabins provides two types of canvas wall Glamping tents, each of which includes sheets and towels, a private deck, an evaporative cooler for summer cooling, an outdoor dining table and a fire ring, as well as access to a nearby common bathing facility.
  3. 16 draft beers are on tap at any one time, with a focus on Colorado artisan brews.
  4. Echo Canyon River Expeditions, Colorado’s largest white-water rafting company, is also located on the premises.

When it comes to organizing the perfect Colorado vacation, the experts at Royal Gorge Cabins and Echo Canyon can help.

Great For

  • Corporate / special events families
  • Honeymoon
  • Romantic
  • Children in their infancy
  • Tiny groupings
  • Wedding


Cabins are available all year (SingleDouble King Cabins) Tents are open from May until October. Bar Open: Seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Memorial Day to Labor Day, July and August are the busiest months.


  • The use of air conditioning
  • ATM
  • A bar or a lounge items for the bath
  • Grilling on a barbecue bedding
  • Bedside lights
  • A ceiling fan is installed
  • A coffee machine
  • Cooking utensils, plates, and cutlery
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Fans that run on electricity
  • Lights powered by electricity electricity – plugs and sockets the use of a fire extinguisher
  • A fire pit or a fire ring
  • Fireplace
  • A receptionist’s desk use of a hair dryer hammock
  • Housekeeping
  • Iron
  • Kitchenette
  • Microwave
  • Phone
  • Propane
  • Refrigerator
  • Restaurant
  • Water that is flowing
  • A safe is located in the room
  • Store/shop
  • Towels
  • Tv
  • Wi-fi
  • Biking, guided tours, hiking, visiting local landmarks, shopping, nature walks, off-road vehicle trips, and rafting are some of the activities available.
  • Biking, guided tours, hiking, visiting local landmarks, shopping, nature walks, off-road vehicle trips, rafting, and other activities are available.
Pet Policy

  • The property is located on the south side of Highway 50, approximately 8 miles west of Cajon City. When you arrive, please check in at the lodging registration office, which is located at the property entrance. There is roughly one hour drive time from Colorado Springs’ downtown area or airport. It takes around 2 hours to travel from downtown Denver, while those driving from Denver International Airport should plan on a minimum of 2 hours and 20 minutes of driving time. Google Maps may be viewed.

Inside Scoop

  • From mid- to late-June is a fantastic time to vacation in this section of Colorado – the weather is beautiful, most attractions are open seven days a week but are not yet overly crowded, allowing you to be more flexible when making reservations for activities

Luxury Tent Camping near Denver

If you are seeking for a holiday destination where there are 300 days of sunlight every year, then camping in a luxury tent near Denver is the best area for you to spend your time. With a thriving art and culture scene and a world-class center for art for all ages, Denver is an excellent place to discover and express one’s inner artist while becoming involved in the city’s vibrant community. Furthermore, Denver takes great pride in the large number of gourmet restaurants that it has to offer.

Take a trip to a spa and indulge in luxurious treatments while breathing in a serene scent that will help you to rest and unwind while forgetting about your troubles.

There are no more accommodations available that meet your exact specifications.

Accommodations without filters:

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The Best Wall Tent for Hunting

Ted Karr contributed to this article. In this article, we provide a solution to the issue “which wall tent should I purchase?” We’ve done the research and testing to identify the finest products for you! Looking for a wall tent to put up against a wall? We’ve taken a close look at the best wall tents on the market today in order to save you time when it comes to researching and analyzing the best hunting wall tent on the market. As a result of our experience hunting out of a wall tent, there are several aspects that stick out to us that distinguish three of the tents on our list as “Top Shelf.” Consider the following characteristics:

  • Material quality
  • Seams
  • Stove tent hole materials
  • Tie-down material
  • Zipper construction
  • Ease of assembly
  • Options available
  • Quality Having the ability to resist strong winds

In particular, the last one (ability to withstand strong winds) is significantly higher than I would have predicted. On a night when we were planning to spike camp for an archery elk hunt in Wyoming, we received a text message with the following photograph: After further investigation, it was discovered that we were staying in a high-quality tent.but that we had used cheap stakes. We were borrowing the tent and didn’t aware there was a set of “foot long” anchors hidden at the bottom of the tent bag until it was too late.

After we re-erected the tent and ensured that it was correctly anchored, it lasted several days of really strong winds in Wyoming without a hitch. The wall tents listed below are of the highest quality and will serve you well during your outdoor vacation.

Bravo! Guide Tent

Gracias Tentación


The Bravo! tent is manufactured in Camas, Washington, and it will not let you down! Despite the fact that this is an exceptionally well-built tent, the Bravo! crew stands by their goods. Due to the fact that they also repair tents, they have gained a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and they use this expertise into the building of their tents. In addition to hunting, Josh, the head of sales at Eagle Cap Outdoors, has been using a Bravo! Tent for several years. As you can see in the photo above, he uses the tent in conjunction with another tent to provide more space while still remaining protected from the weather.


  • According to Bravo!, the Bravo! Guide Tent is equipped with a Sunforger® Marine Boatshrunk Army Duck canvas as standard equipment. They also include a heavy strength 14 oz (non-rotting) sod cloth as standard equipment. All of our tents have been treated twice for water and mildew. Their tents also have a Stove Jack in the style of the United States military. Stake loops made of heavy duty strength web
  • 4′′ long eaves with grommets
  • Overlapped double stitching seams
  • Triangulated reinforcements
  • Heavy duty strength web stake loops
  • Front entrance has a freeze-resistant, self-healing zipper and a storm flap for added protection
  • An extra-large tent bag is supplied. Several options are available, including a high wind package, severe heat shields, the rear door and door screens, the room divider, the wind stopper, the eve web strengthening, and the Bravo! frame bag.


This is taken directly from the company website: “We at BRAVO! MFG Inc. go to considerable measures to assure that your tent is free of faults. We purchase only first-quality canvas that has been completed in the United States, and all panels and seams are thoroughly examined throughout the production process. Bravo! provides a guarantee based on “common sense.” Upon discovery of a problem in the tent caused by a mistake in the manufacturing process, we will gladly repair or replace the tent at our discretion.

We believe in generating high-quality items by committing ourselves to high-quality workmanship and ensuring that our clients are happy.

Ultimately, we want to give our clients with equipment that will outperform and survive longer than they expect.

Kwik Kamp Outfitter Wall Tent

The Kwik-Kamp Wall Tent is a portable wall tent.


This tent served us well in Wyoming, and it did not let us down. There are a number of qualities that stand out, including the strong tie ropes, adaptable structures, wind and waterproofing, and the one-foot overlapping flap door. This tent is of exceptional quality and is meant to last a lifetime.


  • This tent, according to Kwik Kamp, is built of 10.10 oz. Army Duck material, which has been treated to be weather resistant, mildew resistant, and fire resistant. Upon completion of treatment, the Army Duck ends at roughly 12 ounces per square yard. In order to protect the zipper from the elements, the corners and peak of the Outfitter Tent are reinforced with a heavy-duty 40-ounce industrial vinyl. The doors include a one-foot overlapping flap to protect the zipper from the elements. The company also includes Fastex side release buckles on both the inside and outside of the door (which eliminates the need to reach through)
  • Kwik Kamp utilizes what they refer to as a double lap felled seam
  • And Kwik Kamp employs a double lap felled seam. The stove jack is constructed of silicone and has a flap for convenience. Options include: screened windows, screened door, vinyl fly, vinyl floor, and screened porch.


According to the firm, “We warrant all of our products for a period of one year against any flaws in materials or workmanship.” COST: $1500 for 12 by 12 feet (with aluminum frame, but no options) INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ORDER:Kwik Kamp Tents

Davis TentAwning

Davis Wall Tent (Davis Wall Tent)


Davis Tent and Awning is based in Denver, Colorado, and they have been manufacturing wall tents since 1955. Their tents are long-lasting and come in a variety of styles. They are geared specifically for hunters, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality tents.


  • Army Duck canvas (10.10 oz. )
  • Choice of stove jack (4 or 5.5 inches in diameter)
  • Zippered door
  • Attached sod cloth
  • Ropes trimmed to size with metal tensioners already fitted
  • Ridge pole sleeves
  • Steel stakes in their own case
  • Ridge pole sleeves 34 detached floor
  • Screened windows
  • Screen doors
  • Colorado Door storm flap
  • Eaves sleeves
  • 9 piece-3 column angle kit with bag and rubber feet
  • Wood stove
  • Canvas tent bag
  • Pole bags
  • Stove bag
  • Rain fly and awning
  • 34 detached floor
  • Eave sleeves


“If there is an issue that is caused by a material defect or our craftsmanship, we will take care of it completely,” the business states. Whenever something happens that is out of our control (brother in law cuts the canvas with his knife, you drag it over a sharp rock when folding it up, etc.), or that is out of everyone’s control (a bear gets his paw through, a tree falls, etc.), we can almost always repair those types of things at a very reasonable rate based on our seamstress’s actual time and wage (which is very reasonable).


All three of these wall tents are from the Top Shelf collection. It’s tough to elevate one above the other in this situation. You’ll notice that all three of these jackets have storm flaps on the zippered front, which is a must-have feature. They use materials that are both durable and long-lasting, such as reinforced stitching. They also provide a variety of choices to make your hunting/camping trip even more pleasurable and memorable (windows, stoves, etc.). Your decision may simply come down to which tent manufacturer supplies the size you want for your hunting group.

With that stated, I had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor of Bravo!

Not only does he construct a high-quality tent, but he also operates a tent repair business, giving him first-hand knowledge and experience of the problems that can arise with a wall tent.

Our Sales Manager, Josh, is a proud owner of a Bravo!

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