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a rating of one out of five stars After the first four-night journey, tears and holes appeared. On October 24, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States. This product is far too thin to be effective in its intended application. Even if the tarp is not the exact size, it would be preferable. A fresh new tent was the reason for this purchase; I planned to use it on a four-night trip of the Canyonlands in Utah, where I knew the terrain would be stony desert, rather than a grassy spot.

We experienced wind gusts and rain one night, and while I believe the material helped to keep the rain at bay, there are multiple holes and a few of tears in the fabric (the tent has some too).

They are still in excellent condition.

Top reviews from the United States

On July 16, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States. 2-Person Capacity Purchase that has been verified Making use of the same material as the tent (thin nylon), this footprint is secure thanks to securing straps. If you need a footprint though, you’d be much better off going to Harbor Freight and purchasing a much cheaper and significantly stronger tarp, as well as some extra material for under both of the vestibules. Please remember to thank me afterwards. On April 24, 2020, the United States will conduct a review.

  1. I assumed I needed this for the interior of the tent, but there was no floor in it.
  2. I’m apprehensive about putting my feet on the earth.
  3. And I was apprehensive about setting it up in my yard.
  4. I watched a couple of tutorials to get an idea of how to put everything up.
  5. I looked everywhere, and no one had this floor saver!
  6. *** Has anybody else observed that no matter if you set warranties on purchased things, the item will always read “window closed” on the screen?
  7. Sure enough, Amazon said that the Windows were closed!

This allowed me to go back and listen to it again.

However, it said unequivocally that “it appears that your Asurion security plan has been hijacked!” Amazon took advantage of the discount code.

So they’ll finally announce that you’re welcome to come back?!

Since then, I’ve been dissatisfied with Amazon.

I am not regarded as a valued client or as a prime member of the company.

According to the United States government, on February 13, 2019, 4-Person Capacity Purchase that has been verified So far, this “floor saver” has shown to be rather effective.

This evening, I took it out of the stuff sack to give it a look.

The thickness was 4 mils, according to our measurements ” (0.004″).

In our last tent, we employed a 7 mil thick Tyvek ground cover, sometimes known as a “floor saver.” I read all of the reviews about how this “floor saver” is a little thin, but I decided to go ahead and get it anyway.

For us, the expense vs the effort spent searching for a less expensive or thicker option was a “no-brainer.” We’ve gone down that road a number of times over the previous two decades and have never been satisfied with the less expensive choices.

After checking it out, it’s no trouble to put it back in the bag that was given.

The fit was excellent, and it reached right up to the side of our tent.

We took advantage of the “floor saver” for the first time today while camping for four nights.

On August 20, 2019, a review was conducted in the United States.

Kelty and other companies are developing better perfect matched footprint solutions, in which the same four stakes hold both the tent and the footprint in position.

It was purchased for use in an 8×8 Eureka.

On evenings when there was a chance of rain, I tucked the additional cover back under the tent and anchored the corners just outside the tent entrance.

Unstake the front, then just roll the extra two feet back and re-stake the position.

Comes with a bag that is well-fitting.

On November 5, 2020, the United States will conduct a review.

The main drawback is that the material is extremely thin, which means that there is a trade-off.

The floor saver will not provide any further protection if the tent floor is pierced by a sharp stick or rock, in my opinion.

I’d use it mostly as a dirt and muck barrier, rather than for any other purpose.

5-Person Capacity Purchase that has been verified The fit is excellent, and the material looks to be lasting.

ALPS tents are high-quality goods that, if properly maintained, should survive for years to come.

It is MUCH more cost effective to purchase this footprint and use it till it wears out rather than having to replace the entire tent.

We unfold the tent and go around the perimeter, utilizing the footprint to correctly define and clear the tent site.

This way, we can fold and store the tent while also drying the footprint, which takes very little time compared to having to locate somewhere to dry the whole blasted tent!

2-Person Capacity Purchase that has been verified ADDED ON MARCH 27, 2017: So I went camping in Texas’s Big Bend National Park for nine days with this tent floor saver and ALPS Mountaineering’s 2-person Taurus tent, which I purchased from Amazon.

There will be no grassy campsite.

The floor saver, on the other hand, worked flawlessly.

This floor protector protected anything from poking through the floor of my tent for the whole 7-day camping trip (we changed to a different park for the last two days to enjoy some grass and shade).

When I got home, I put out the floor saver for examination, knowing that it would see some wear and tear.

There are no holes.

Simply wiping it off with a towel and some weak isopropyl alcohol (it was really dusty at the campsite) restored its pristine appearance.

I am quite pleased with this floor saver, and it performed admirably! Excellent floor protection that may be used under your tent, especially when you consider that it is many times less expensive than the tent itself!

Top reviews from other countries

3.0 stars out of 5 for this product It can be used as a light-weight underpinning. On November 13, 2018, a review was conducted in Mexico. Size: 4-Person Purchase with Verification As a low-lying aislante and moisture-repellent floor, I find it to be really useful. Pros or Cons: It’s lightweight and easy to transport and store, and it fits well in my four-person home. Contras: I was hoping for something a little more rugged because I was heading to the mountains and needed something to protect the lower level of the camp house.

  • I would recommend it.
  • Purchase Verified by Two People in Size: 2-Person Purchase It does not match the current version.
  • I purchased a footprint that measured 5 feet 6 inches by 7 feet 6 inches.
  • With the 5x7ft6inch measurements, this should be a perfect match for my upcoming tent (ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent), which should arrive in the mail shortly.
  • 1 out of 5 starsexcessive expenditure On February 12, 2021, a review will be conducted in Mexico.
  • 2-Person Capacity Purchase that has been verified At first glance, it appeared to be too thin, but after some experimentation, it appears to be a strong material, albeit still thin.
  • This tarp is thin enough to wrap around the tent, allowing the tent and tarp to be used together.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Les deux font la paire Reviewed in Canada on August 28, 2019Size: 2-PersonVerified Purchase J’ai acheté la tente, donc je ne pouvais pas manquer de prendre la bâche de sol.

Quick Answer: Alps Mountaineering 4-Person Floor Saver Tent Footprint How To Use

It is important to understand that a tent footprint is a piece of protective fabric or material that you place under your tent to act as a moisture barrier while also protecting your tent floor from abrasion and punctures.

A tent footprint serves as a protective barrier beneath your tent, absorbing any damage and preserving the integrity of your tent floor.

Which side of tent footprint goes down?

So, to put this debate to bed once and for all, the dull side of the footprint should be placed on the ground and the glossy side should be placed against the tent floor. The “bright” side with the waterproof coating should be placed higher on the shelf.

What makes a good tent footprint?

It is critical to have a robust material between your tent and the ground (as well as pebbles, twigs, gravel, and other debris) in order to keep your tent safe and to extend its life. Tent footprints that are designed particularly for a specific tent type will attach to the tent’s body, which will aid in keeping the footprint in place while the tent is in use.

Is it good to put a tarp under a tent?

Placing some form of ground cover or tarp beneath your tent is vital for ensuring the longevity of your tent as well as keeping it warm and dry throughout the winter. Even dew will run down the tent walls and pool beneath your tent if the tarp is stretched too far out from the tent. A tarp should not be placed underneath the tent when camping at the beach, but rather inside the tent.

What should I put on my tent floor?

When it comes to camping tent flooring, foam mats are a great option for families with children. They provide a secure, comfortable surface for children and adults to sleep on, as well as padding for bare feet while walking over pebbles and gravel in the outdoors. Simply simply, they make an already enjoyable camping vacation even more enjoyable!

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Why do tents get wet inside?

What is the source of condensation in tents? Because of the presence of people, heaters, and a lack of ventilation, the air temperature in the tent might become warm and humid. During the condensation process, moisture condenses into liquid form when the heated air within the tent comes into contact with the comparatively chilly tent fabric.

Should tent footprint be smaller than tent?

What should the footprint of a tent be in terms of size? The footprint of a tent should, in most cases, be somewhat smaller than the base of the tent. This is done in order to prevent water from collecting between the footprint and your tent, which would completely contradict the purpose of the footprint!

Can you wash a tent footprint?

After each camping trip, you’ll need to wash down the footprint of your tent to keep it looking clean and fresh. Using cold water and a sponge, wash them thoroughly, and if the dirt does not come off with the water alone, use a tent-specific wash. The coating on your footprint will not be degraded by using a tent-specific wash.

What happens if a tent gets hit by lightning?

Unfortunately, tent safety in the backcountry during a thunderstorm may be incredibly difficult to do successfully. If your tent is taller than neighboring items or if it is located beneath a tree, you may be at greater danger of being struck by lightning, as well as being exposed to sideflash and ground current, both of which can be lethal if they occur simultaneously.

Why do you need a ground sheet under a tent?

Do you require a ground sheet for your camping trip? While a ground sheet under your tent, whether it is built-in or external, is not essential, it will give additional comfort, protection, and warmth from the elements while also increasing the life of your tent’s frame.

Does a tent footprint go inside or outside?

The groundsheet (not a “tarp”) is placed beneath the tent to prevent it from contact with the ground.

It has nothing to do with wetness. Rain may flow off the tent walls and down the groundsheet when it rains, if the groundsheet extends beyond the tent walls. The rain may run down the groundsheet and down the tent floor. This is not good.

Can I use a tarp instead of a footprint?

A tarp can be used as a tent footprint, but it must be cut to the exact dimensions of the tent. You’ll have to trim the tarp down to a size that is somewhat smaller than the size of your tent because most of them are offered in generic sizes. It is entirely up to you whether or not the inconvenience is worth the minor savings over a tent footprint in your situation.

Is a ground sheet the same as a footprint?

A tent footprint, which is also known as a ground cloth or a groundsheet, is a waterproof sheet that is placed between the floor of your tent and the ground of the surrounding forest. These items can also assist you with a variety of additional tasks like as preventing water from leaking into your tent, cushioning the ground, insulating the floor, and keeping your tent clean.

How thick should a tarp be under a tent?

The outer measurements of your tent should be 2-3 inches less than the outside dimensions of your tarp. This will aid in the prevention of pooling. Prepare the area where you will be erecting the tent by clearing it of debris. You want to get rid of all of the branches and jagged rocks in the area.

Is it worth buying a tent footprint?

When a footprint is manufactured by the same manufacturer as your tent and is built particularly for your tent, it will have the same qualities as your tent floor. If your tent pitch is soaked as you’re setting up camp, using a footprint will make a significant difference in keeping the interior of your tent dry.

Will a tent protect you from lightning?

It’s important to remember that a tent provides NO protection from lights. Maintain a safe distance from water and wet goods such as ropes, as well as from metal objects such as fences and poles. Even though water and metal are not attracted to lightning, they are great carriers of electrical current. The electricity generated by a lightning flash is capable of traveling large distances with ease.

How thick should a tent footprint be?

What size should the tent’s ground footprint be? It is preferable to get one that is approximately 2 inches smaller in circumference than the bottom of the tent. If it rains while you’re camping, you won’t have to be concerned about water seeping underneath the shelter and dampening the entire ground under you.

Tent Footprints

Mountaineering footprints from ALPS Mountaineering are an excellent complement to any tent purchase. They are cut to a size that is slightly smaller than the dimensions of the tent floor, and they are equipped with corner attachments to assist hold them in place. Simple, quick, and all for an extremely reasonable price.

7711044 Acropolis Footprint 3-Person Navy
7711045 Acropolis Footprint 4-Person Navy
7711023 Aries 2 Footprint Coal
7711906 Aries 2 Footprint Navy
7711924 Camp Creek 4 Footprint Gray
7711925 Camp Creek 6 Footprint Gray
7711926 Camp Creek Two-Room Footprint Charcoal
7711908 Chaos 1 Footprint Navy
7711909 Chaos 2 Footprint Navy
7711910 Chaos 3 Footprint Navy
7711917 Extreme 2 Footprint Gray
7711008ox Extreme 3 OF Footprint Green
7711042 Helix 1-Person Footprint Charcoal
7711043 Helix 2-Person Footprint Charcoal
7711913 Lynx 1 Footprint Navy
7711914 Lynx 2 Footprint Navy
7711915 Lynx 3 Footprint Navy
7711041 Lynx 3 Footprint Brown/Coal
7711916 Lynx 4 Footprint Navy
7711919 Meramac 2 Footprint Gray
7711920 Meramac 3 Footprint Gray
7711921 Meramac 4 Footprint Gray
7711922 Meramac 5 Footprint Gray
7711923 Meramac 6 Footprint Gray
7711900 Mystique 1 Footprint Navy
7711901 Mystique 1.5 Footprint Navy
7711002 Mystique 2 Footprint Brown/Coal
7711902 Mystique 2 Footprint Navy
7711911 Tasmanian 2 Footprint Gray
7711912 Tasmanian 3 Footprint Gray
7711927 Taurus 2 Footprint Gray
7711928 Taurus 4 Footprint Gray
7711929 Taurus 6 Footprint Gray
7711046 Trail Tipi Footprint Navy
7712007 Two-Room Footprint Brown/Coal
7711903 Zephyr 1 Footprint Navy
7711904 Zephyr 2 Footprint Navy
7711905 Zephyr 3 Footprint Navy
7711003 2-Person Footprint Brown
7711013 3-Person Footprint Brown
7711930 3-Person OF Footprint Brown
7711004 4-Person Footprint Brown
7711931 4-Person OF Footprint Brown
7712005 5-Person Footprint Brown
7712006 6-Person Footprint Brown

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ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Floor Saver Reviews

The brown footprint (also known as the floor saver) is made of ripstop nylon. There are six reinforced grommets for the tent poles to be inserted through. Six male 3/4-inch buckles are attached to the tent fly buckles with a snap. Works in snow and ice conditions. When you initially obtain it, make sure it’s completely sealed to ensure that it doesn’t leak. The one I purchased did not have taped seams, which was a disappointment. Washable. Tasmanian 2 vestibules are not covered by this section of carpet.

There is a three-person version available. The Tasmanian 3 tent, which sleeps three people, will not fit in this one. The ripstop waterproof fly with grommets and buckles may be used for a variety of different purposes as well as for fishing. Pros

  • Strong, lightweight, and water-resistant
  • Machine washable It performs admirably in snow and ice. It is not inexpensive – it is more expensive than a tarp —
  • Specifically, it does not extend beneath the Tasmanian 2 vestibules. It extends 1 inch beyond the tent’s base, which is ideal for winter use. There were no taped seams included

The Tasmanian is available in a 2-person version. 2. For the Tasmanian, this footprint is the equivalent of three people. 3.Must-have item – Tasmanian tent flooring are not made of Ripstop material. Much more effective than a tarp:

  • The Tasmanian is available in a 2-person capacity. 2. The footprint of the Tasmanian devil is the size of three people. A third item is required since the floor of a Tasmanian tent does not have a Ripstop coating. Definitely preferable than a tarp:

Brown is the color of choice. In the pouch, the item measures 2 x 7.5 x 12 inches. Use the pouch for anything else while you have it attached to your tent. It corresponds to the six-sided Tasmanian 2 floor plan. Weight of the item is around 1/2 pound. Approximately 0.65 pound in shipping weight

  • Tent floor saver made of nylon
  • Corner and center attachments made of reinforced grommets. 3/4 inch Female Buckles
  • For ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person Backpacking Tent
  • Lightweight
  • Easily fits into tent bag
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Tent Footprints Reviewed – OutdoorMeta

While a solid tent footprint is one of those pieces of equipment that may be easily neglected, it can make all the difference when it comes to putting up the ultimate camping setup. They are an excellent method to protect the floor of your tent from wear and tear, which is especially essential considering how difficult it is to locate a patch of level ground that is completely devoid of branches, plants, rocks, and whatever else you might come across. A good tent footprint is lightweight and durable, and it will withstand a significant amount of the abuse that the bottom of your tent (also known as the outer floor) would normally endure.

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So without further ado, please continue reading to learn about our selection of the best tent footprints now available on the market.

Just What Is A Tent Footprint?

It is necessary to have a tent footprint to protect the bottom of the tent. While some people choose for a basic tarp, which is certainly preferable to nothing, a genuine footprint is a fantastic piece of camping equipment that is spread down below the actual tent, offering an additional layer of protection from the elements. There are even some huge tents that come with a basic tent footprint that has to be set up and anchored in before the tent can be placed on top of the footprint. Our top ten picks for the best tent footprints (with quick buy links and reviews) are as follows:

  • Outry multi-purpose tarp
  • OUTAD Waterproof camping footprint for tents
  • Morrison Mountainsmith tent footprint
  • Tri-Wonder footprint tarp
  • Archer Outdoor Gear footprint
  • OUTAD Waterproof camping footprint for tents Bluecell thick tent footprint
  • GEERTOP tent tar footprint
  • Terra hiker tent footprint
  • ALPS Lynx tent floor footprint for camping
  • ALPS mountaineering tent footprint
  • Bluecell thick tent footprint

Many seasoned campers have regarded this as their top pick.

OUTAD Waterproof Camping Tent Footprint

The tarp/footprint created by the OUTAD company is one of the highest quality footprints available for protecting tent floors. You will be hard-pressed to find a better or more dependable footprint than the one supplied by this firm. Tent footprints from this manufacturer are available in a variety of hues, including green, dark green, blue, and orange, in addition to being built from high-quality materials that will withstand the wear and tear of long-term usage and exposure to the elements.

Additionally, they are quite adaptable, and may be used as a sheet for putting out a picnic or in any other outdoor setting where a tarp would normally be used to protect your tent’s floor from excessive wear and tear.

Depending on the size, the small ones weigh 11 ounces and the huge ones weigh 17 ounces (1 pound, 1 ounce). When you include in the cheap, low cost of this specific piece of outdoor equipment, it becomes clear why it is so popular.

Morrison Mountainsmith Tent Footprint

The Mountainsmith Morrison tent footprint is a traditional charcoal gray tint that doesn’t come in a lot of other colors or with a lot of bells and whistles – but it is a good tent floor saver that performs its job well. This footprint is fire resistant rather than water resistant, thanks to a fire retardant coating, but bear in mind that this does not imply it is fully free of these possible threats. The inclusion of Bartak and Grommet reinforcements helps to ensure that this Mountainsmith tarp and/or footprint is fully functional for a variety of applications, and at.55 lbs, it won’t add a significant amount of weight to your pack.

According to Amazon, as of this writing, this is one of the highest-rated models on the whole site, and it is not going to lose its top-ranking position any time soon.

Tri-Wonder Outdoor Waterproof Tent Tarp

Tri-Wonder waterproof tent tarps (a favorite among many outdoor professionals) are available in three sizes: small, medium, and big. They are an outstanding piece of equipment that is also widely used as a tent footprint to help protect the floor of your tent over time. This material, which is made of the remarkably robust 190T Polyester Taffeta, is meant to be not only lightweight, but also waterproof and forceful. Among the best ground tarps available, this one features three different footprint sizes that have the following dimensions:

  • 98.4 by 59 inches for the small size, 118.11 by 86.6 inches for the medium size, and 118.11 by 118.11 inches for the large size.

Choose the one that is most appropriate for the size of your tent and your unique requirements. However, while the most of the time this will be used as a tent footprint, it may also be used as a sunshade, beach picnic arrangement, hammock rain fly, or even as a basic tarp structure. The choice of this camping footprint for your tent will not leave you disappointed if you are looking for an exceedingly dependable and adaptable footprint for your tent!

Archer Outdoor Gear Ultralight Tent Footprint Pad

The thermal aluminum foil that covers the whole outer layer of the Archer ultralight footprint pad, which weighs just 0.5 lbs and has an incredibly unusual appearance, contributes to the lightweight and extremely unique appearance of the Archer ultralight footprint pad. In addition to being an eye-catching piece of outdoor gear, this premium-quality camp mat has the added benefit of being useful as a signaling tool in an extreme emergency case. Overall, Archer’s contribution to outdoor gear is quite remarkable.

While it is often set up to be used as a tent footprint, there are a variety of additional applications for it.

This ground pad is also highly compact, lightweight, and easy to fold up or roll up for the smallest possible amount of storage space, depending on your particular space requirements. This is even one of the few cushions that may provide considerable assistance while camping in the cold.

OUTRY Waterproof Multi-Purpose Tarp

The OUTRY is a fantastic price alternative, which is unexpected considering the fact that some basic tent stakes are supplied with the OUTRY. It is commonly used as a floor preserving footprint for most middle-sized tents, and it is available in three different sizes to best fit your needs no matter what size tent or camp you are using it for. Its strength and waterproofing are aided by the use of a special Oxford fabric, which makes it an excellent choice for safeguarding your tent floor by acting as a protective footprint.

Depending on the size, they may weigh anywhere from 12.7 ounces on the smallest one to 20 ounces on the heaviest/largest one, indicating that they are lightweight in all of their forms.

As of the time of writing, the three sizes are as follows:

  • The protective footprint is minimal. tent footprints: small tent footprints (4.9 x 7.2 ft)
  • Medium tent footprints (5.6 x 7.2 ft)
  • Large camping footprints (7.2 x 7.9 ft)

Bluecell Black Color Thick Tent Floor Saver

The Bluecell camping footprint and floor saver, which is made from the popular Oxford cloth material that many other companies have chosen for their versions of a protective tent footprint, makes our list as a highly rated option that is extremely popular among a variety of tent campers looking to extend the life of their tents. A little over 12 ounces in weight with a diameter of 57 inches and a length of 77 inches, the Bluecell floor saver is black in color, sturdy in substance, and moisture proof as well as abrasion proof, according to the manufacturer.

In general, the Bluecell floor savers have a wide range of applications, which makes them quite versatile.

As you go on one outdoor excursion after another, they are an excellent investment to extend the life of your favorite family tents and to turn them into an investment that pays off over and over again!

GEERTOP Tent Tarp Footprint (1-4 people)

GEERTOP, with some of the highest ratings of any tarp or tent footprint currently available on, provides an extremely intriguing option when it comes to delivering an absolutely outstanding quality footprint that is capable of handling the needs of smaller tents without sacrificing durability. The fact that they are a relatively new name on the industry does not diminish the fact that they are already giving some real quality that helps them get the job done correctly. Made from 20D duplex silicone coated lattice nylon, they are able to produce strong, waterproof ground sheets that are incredibly lightweight, even by backpacking standards, without sacrificing any of the durability or quality that you would expect from a high-quality piece of camping gear, such as a sleeping bag.

This means that no matter what size one to four person tent you have, you should be able to locate a GEERTOP tent footprint that will work for your exact needs and specifications.

That is the kind of assurance that many campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts appreciate. The current sizes are as follows:

  • The following sizes are available: Medium: 2 11 11 (5.6 ounces)
  • Large: 4 3 11 (6.7 ounces)
  • X-Large: 4 9 11 (7.4 ounces)
  • XXXL: 8 6 11 (133.8 ounces)
  • Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra

Even the largest choice weighs less than a pound, which means that these are typically ideal for any form of roughing it camping experience you can imagine.

Terra Hiker Camping Tent Footprint

The Terra Hiker form of tent footprint is a welcome addition to our list, and it is available in a variety of hues including blue, green, and dark green. Additionally, this low-cost option from the Terra Hiker brand is available in three different sizes and is both durable and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for the majority of campers who value having a high-quality footprint that will help the floor of their tent last even longer, extending the overall life of the tent in most cases.

This speciality tarp is made of 210D Oxford cloth and has been treated with a proprietary waterproofing method to ensure that no matter what the weather brings, you will be safe and well protected.

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Being well-prepared and protected will go a long way toward ensuring that you camp in the proper manner, which will increase the likelihood that you will be satisfied with your outdoor experiences.

  • The Terra Hiker form of tent footprint is a welcome addition to our list, and it is available in a variety of hues including blue, green, and deep green. Additionally, this low-cost option from the Terra Hiker brand is available in three different sizes and is both durable and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for the majority of campers who value having a high-quality footprint that will help the floor of their tent last even longer, extending the overall life of the tent in the majority of instances. When it comes to preserving the life of your tent, getting the proper footprint size may make a significant difference no matter how frequently you go camping. Because it is made of 210D Oxford fabric, it is additionally treated with a proprietary waterproofing procedure to ensure that you are protected from the elements no matter what the weather conditions are. When it comes to outdoor camping, this may definitely provide a great deal of comfort and security. To camp out the proper way, it’s important to be prepared and protected. This will increase your chances of having a positive experience with your outdoor excursions. The three sizes available at the moment are the following:

Additionally, this camping footprint for tents is packaged in a simple drawstring carrying bag, which makes transferring the footprint to and from a campground much simpler.

ALPS Mountaineering Tent Floor Saver

Built with ALPs climbing tents in mind, these tents are also popular with other tent owners because of their size and high craftsmanship. When you consider that the products produced by this line are renowned for being extremely high quality, reliable, and durable in even the most difficult of terrains and situations, it should come as no surprise. This is exactly what you would expect from a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of outdoor gear for mountaineers. The time to be concerned about your gear being too poorly designed and built is not when you are climbing a mountain.This is one of the top rated camping footprints for a reason, and while it is a little more expensive, it is built to the high quality standards you would expect from the ALPS Mountaineering company.One of the really interesting aspects that sets these apart from others is not that they come in many sizes – most of them are the same size as the footprint you are using.

It makes it simple to ensure that you are purchasing the correct one for your requirements.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Person Tent Floor Saver

This is an exceptionally popular and well rated floor saver that has a very strong rating as well as a large and loyal following. It is also quite affordable. Because of the exceptionally excellent quality of ALPS Mountaineering equipment, this isn’t unexpected. This product would be higher on the list based on on quality and rating if it weren’t for one extremely significant and evident flaw: this tent floor saver is only intended to work with one specific style of tent. Even while it may still be suitable for some other extremely small tents, the floor saver for the ALPS Mountaineering Lynxtent is specifically built for that one-person tent, as seen by the dimensions of 87 by 29 inches and the weight of 0.4 lbs.

This set of tent footprints is of exceptional quality, and they perform admirably in their intended role. In the event that you own a single person Lynx tent, you should certainly have a look at this piece of protection equipment.

In Conclusion

If you have a high-quality tent, you should obviously take precautions to keep it safe. Due to the fact that it lasted for many years, my brother and I have many fond recollections of the large cabin-style family tent our father purchased. When you purchase a high-quality tent and take good care of it, you may save a lot of money in the long term. Being able to put a footprint below your tent and protect the bottom from the worst of the many sharp items in the ground means that your tent will survive much longer, providing you with the fantastic and extended run of usage that you would expect for.

Invest in one of these tent footprints to keep your tent protected today?

Good beginning YouTube video about tent footprints

The weight of your tent’s footprint is measured in kilograms. The weight of this one is 7.4 ounces. More than half of all backpackers utilize a manufacturer’s tent footprint inside their tent when going on overnight hiking journeys in the wilderness. These precautions are taken in order to protect the bottom of their tents from sharp pebbles and sand that can shred or puncture their tent floors, to increase the water resistance of their tent floors, or to keep their tent clean and mud free, which makes it simpler to pack.

When camping in abrasive sand, mountain campsites with sharp rocks, ancient tents with holes in their flooring, or even modern tents with impossibly thin 7 denier polyester or nylon floors, an additional layer of protection under the tent floor may be quite advantageous.

Tent Footprints Are Heavy

Manufacturer tent footprints, on the other hand, are heavy and costly. What if you could provide the same degree of protection while utilizing a groundsheet that is far less in weight and costs significantly less? The two most common ultralight groundsheets are manufactured from an industrial plastic called Polycryo (which is marketed by Gossamer Gear) and Tyvek, both of which are created from recycled materials. The use of window wrap plastic insulation as a tent footprint alternative is quite effective.

Window Wrap

Window Wrap is the plastic covering that you place over your windows and blow dry to insulate them during the cold winter months. It is possible that a single piece will survive a season or longer, depending on how frequently it is used. One of the most popular products is Duck Brand Window/Door Shrink Film ($4.88), while another is Frost King Stretch Window Kit ($7.70).

A number of small-scale producers also offer it under the brand name Polycryo, although at a hefty premium. It’s the same stuff as before. They just purchase it in large sheets and tear it up before reselling it. Tyvek HomeWrap is heavier than Window Wrap, but it is also more durable.

Tyvek HomeWrap

Building with Tyvek HomeWrap is a great way to keep drafts out of your home by creating a vapor barrier between your internal walls and the exterior siding of your house. It is lightweight, waterproof, and puncture resistant, which is why it is commonly used as an ultralight groundsheet due to its characteristics. The fact that it is so durable means that it will survive for several seasons. On eBay, you can get Tyvek HomeWrap by the foot, which is cut from a 9′ roll. also sells Tyvek groundsheets that are specifically scaled for the tents they sell, which range in price from $12 to $15.

The weight of a Tyvek groundsheet for a one-person tent ranges from 2 ounces to 5 ounces, and for a two-person tent, the weight ranges from 5 to 8 ounces.


If the weather circumstances necessitate the use of a tent footprint, but you want to save money by not purchasing one, or you want to minimize the weight of your stuff in your backpack, try constructing an ultralight groundsheet out of window wrap insulation or Tyvek instead. It’s worth noting that some of the lightest and least priced camping equipment isn’t actually backpacking equipment. NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: If you’re considering about purchasing gear that we’ve reviewed or recommended on SectionHiker, you may contribute to our fundraising efforts.

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent Floor Saver

General Dimensions: 2.0 inches (H) x 9.0 inches (W) x.25 inches (D) (D) WARNING:According to the State of California, this product may contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive damage. The Target PlusTM Partner contributed the information about the items listed above. Target makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of this material. Manufacturers may make changes to their products and change the labels on them from time to time.

Alternatively, you can review the item’s label, contact the manufacturer directly, or call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 if you have a specific query about it.


By using a tent floor Saver, you may extend the life of your ALPS tent by several years.

Placing the Floor Saver between the ground and your tent will help to keep the bottom of your tent looking like new for longer. If any of the above-mentioned item specifics are incorrect or incomplete, please let us know.

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