Which Coleman Tent Is The Best

What is the Best Coleman Tent for Rain?

In terms of tent brands, Coleman is one of the better options if you’re searching for a low-cost, well-made tent that can withstand a range of weather situations. However, if you’re searching for the finest Coleman tent for rain, it might be a bit difficult to figure out where to start. As a matter of fact, Coleman manufactures over 120 distinct tent varieties that are available in a variety of forms and sizes. So we conducted some research to determine which Coleman tent is the best for rainy weather.

A large rainfly with fully taped seams, a waterproof bathtub floor, and inverted seams make the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent the best Coleman tent for rain.

More information about the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent can be found by continuing to read the article below.

The Best Coleman Tent For Rain:Coleman WeatherMaster

Designed for use in rainy conditions, the Coleman WeatherMaster tent is among Coleman’s top offerings. It is available in both six- and ten-person configurations. This Coleman tent is certainly the “Cadillac” of tents, as it comes equipped with about every feature you could possibly desire, as well as a few you’ve never heard of. However, the hinged door, which swings open for easy access and departure, is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive aspects of this Coleman tent. Other amenities include a wide screen room to keep the pests at bay, several storage pockets for all of your belongings, multiple screened windows to allow for plenty of air, and even an E-port for charging your electronic devices.

The 6-person or 10-person versions are quite spacious, and there is enough space for the entire family to stay in one room.

How Much Does the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent Cost?

Coleman’s WeatherMaster Tent is one of the most costly tents the company manufactures, costing over $1,000. As an example, the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent for six people has an average retail price of $240, whereas the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent for ten people has an average retail price of $280.

Why the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent is the Best Tent for Rain

Even though Coleman produces several excellent waterproof tents, we thought that the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent went above and beyond when it came to protecting us from the elements and rain.

Because to Coleman’s WeatherTec® System, as well as a slew of additional features, this tent is the finest choice for rain and wind protection.

  • With fully taped seams, the large rainfly protects all of the tent’s doors and windows. It is constructed of 75-denier polyester taffeta and covers all of the tent’s doors and windows. A weather-resistant fabric is used in the construction of the tent, which is covered with a waterproof coating and constructed of anti-wicking thread and webbing to prevent water from seeping through. Seams that are protected– All seams are reversed, which conceals the needle holes where the pieces of cloth are bonded, hence reducing the likelihood of water leaking in
  • Completely covered zippers– All of the zippers on the tent are equipped with zipper cuffs, which are a layer of cloth placed over the zipper to keep water from entering the tent. Bathtub Floor– The bathtub floor of this tent significantly lowers the probability of water leaking into the structure. In order to prevent groundwater from entering the tent through the bottom seam, the bathtub design raises the bottom seam of the tent approximately 6 inches onto the sidewall. Coleman went to considerable pains to make the tent as robust and stable as possible in wind or thunderstorms, including developing the tent poles to be stronger and including a unique guy-out triangle design to anchor the tent and boost performance.

Other Coleman Tents that are Great for Rain

In addition to being one of the greatest rain tents available on the market, the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent is not the only Coleman tent that is suitable for rainy days and inclement weather. In reality, Coleman manufactures a broad selection of tents that do an excellent job of keeping you dry no matter how hard it may be pouring out there outdoors. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of runner-up Coleman tents that are also extremely durable in rain and other adverse weather conditions.

Coleman Sundome Tent

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-6 (depending on size)
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Average Retail Price:$80
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-6 (depending on size)

Coleman’s original Sundome Tent is the most popular tent the company creates without a doubt. It presently has a 412 star rating on Amazon and almost 30,000 reviews, making it the most popular Coleman product. The Coleman Sundome Tent is quite popular on Amazon and other online retailers because it is a very strong, well-built tent that is available at a reasonable price for a reasonable price. A number of weather protections, including Coleman’s WeatherTec® System, are provided by the Coleman Sundome, which is a quarter of the price of the more expensive Coleman WeatherMaster Tent.

Another excellent feature of this tent is that it is really simple to set up and take down; in fact, you can set up this tent in as little as 5 minutes.

Coleman Montana Tent

  • The average retail price is $130
  • The sleeping capacity is 6
  • And it is waterproof.

When you’re ready to upgrade from the most basic of Coleman Tents and are searching for a tent that provides more space and comfort features, the Coleman Montana Tent is a great option to consider. In addition to providing good protection from the elements (rain and wind), this Coleman tent boasts various high-end features such as a wide rainfly with an extended dry awning and slanted windows that allow you to leave them open even while it is pouring. This tent also accommodates those who want a lot of space, since it can accommodate two queen-sized air mattresses with plenty of room to spare.

Coleman Skydome Tent

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-8 (depending on size)
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Average Retail Price:$80
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-8 (depending on size)

A tent with larger headroom, such as the Coleman Skydome Tent, is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking for one. As a result of its innovative design, it gives 20% greater headroom than more standard dome-style tents of the same size. It will be much simpler to stand up and move about within the tent as a result. Nonetheless, the tent’s distinct design element is not the only advantage it possesses above its competitors. Furthermore, it includes several excellent waterproofing and weather-resistant characteristics that make it an excellent choice for wet days, such as welded corners, inverted seams, a huge rainfly, a robust frame, and a bathtub-style floor, among others.

You can really set up this tent in as little as 5 minutes, exactly like the Coleman Sundom tent, which is another great option.

Are Coleman Tents Waterproof?

All Coleman tents are waterproof, making them an ideal choice if you’re searching for a reasonably priced tent that can withstand the rare rainstorm or thunderstorm when camping. Nonetheless, it’s vital to remember that there are different levels of waterproofing, and while Coleman tents are waterproof, they aren’t the most waterproof tents available on the market. AsColeman tents often have a 3-season rating rather than a 4-season rating, making them the most waterproof and weather-resistant tents available on the market today.

A complete rainfly that reaches all the way to the ground, for example, is standard in four-season tents since they must be able to survive the most harsh weather conditions.

Aside from that, because 4-season tents are more carefully built than 3-season tents, they often cost a significant amount more than 3-season tents.

How Coleman Waterproofs their Tents

Camping equipment manufacturer Coleman goes to considerable pains to ensure that its tents are as weather-resistant and waterproof as possible. As you can see in the video above, Coleman puts all of their tent designs through rigorous testing before releasing them to the public. But, how does Coleman keep its tents waterproof? To begin, Coleman treats all of their tent materials with a polyurethane waterproof coating process, which provides a waterproof rating of 1000mm in all weather conditions.

Due to the fact that they’ve also incorporated a number of design characteristics to their tents, they are entirely waterproof no matter how hard the rain falls or how strong the wind blows outside.

Coleman’s WheatherTec System

  • Tent fabric consisting of anti-wicking thread and webbing that is weather-resistant
  • Waterproof tub floors that are patented and have welded corners and floor seams
  • Seams on the Rainfly are completely taped
  • Tent seams that are inverted
  • Strong frame design with shock cord poles that can withstand winds of up to 35mph
  • Full zipper cuffs on all external zippers
  • Full zipper cuffs on all internal zippers

Do Tents Need to Be Waterproofed?

Tent fabric constructed of anti-wicking thread and webbing that is weather-resistant. Welded corners and floor seams on the patented watertight tub floor; Seams on the Rainfly have been completely taped. Tent seams that have been inverted. All external zippers have full zipper cuffs and can withstand winds of up to 35mph thanks to the strong frame design with shock cord poles.

How Do You Waterproof a Tent?

Water repellent spray and seam sealant are the two most important materials you’ll need if you want to completely waterproof a tent, and they’re both available at most hardware stores.

When it comes to waterproofing a tent, water repellent spray is used to protect bigger portions of the tent, such as the rainfly, while seam sealant is used to add an extra layer of protection to tent seams, which are frequently the first to get compromised.

Popular Waterproofing Products

Check out the price of Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant Spray on Amazon. Gear Aid Seam Grip Sealant for Tents – See Amazon for Pricing. This fantastic how-to tutorial on REI’s website provides a comprehensive step-by-step guidance on how to waterproof a tent in any situation.

The Best Coleman Tents For 2021

*We are sponsored by our readers and receive affiliate commissions when you make a purchase via our links. There are several Coleman tentscombinations available, each of which is designed specifically for a certain retail or wholesale seller, making it difficult to choose which tent is the best fit for you. In order to help you better understand which Coleman tent would work best for you, we’ve simplified the process by breaking down the many Coleman tent sizes and kinds.

Coleman 2 Person Tent

In addition to being a superb warm weather tent, the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent is also extremely roomy, with a footprint that is large enough to accommodate a queen air mattress. In addition to the unique WeatherTecTM system, the Coleman 2-person Sundome Tent comes with a rainfly and a robust structure that can resist winds of up to 35 miles per hour. If your Coleman Sundome 2 person dome tent is not fastened down or loaded with heavy items, it may still’sturdily’ fly away. Coleman’s Sundome tent is the most popular tent for camping during the summer months or in warm weather, according to the company.

Coleman 3 Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome Tent 3 Person is significantly larger than its little sibling, the Coleman Sundome Tent 2 Person. An inflatable mattress of a queen size and a handful of suitcases may be accommodated within the 7′ x 7′ footprint of the vehicle. In addition to wide windows and a floor vent for increased circulation, the Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent is lightweight and portable. It is equipped with Coleman’s unique WeatherTecTM System, which includes Insta-ClipTM Pole Attachments for increased stability in the face of wind.

Coleman Go 3 Person Dome Tent

The Coleman Go 3 Person Dome Tent is a more weather-resistant alternative to the Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent, which is available in two sizes. They both have a footprint of 7′ x 7′, however the Coleman Go 3-Person Dome Tent is a 3-season tent with a larger rainfly than the other two models. A combination of polyurethane and polyester is used to construct the floor, tent, and rainfly, making this an extremely durable three-person tent. A nice alternative for a camping tent that can be used in the spring and fall as well as the summer months is the Coleman Go 3 Person Dome Tent, which is available in several colors and sizes.

Coleman 4 Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome 4 person tent is a big four-person dome tent with a footprint of 9′ x 7′ that can accommodate up to four people. With their proprietary WeatherTecTM system, which incorporates a rainfly and is rated to resist winds of up to 35 mph, this tent is ideal for summer and warm weather camping trips. In addition to two enormous doors that zip down into windows, the Coleman Sundome 4-person tent also comes with a floor vent to ensure that you get the most ventilation possible.

When you stand in the Coleman Sundome 4 person dome tent, which has a central height of 4′ 11″, you can almost stand up straight.

Coleman Highline 4-Person Dome Tent

The Coleman Highline 4-person dome tent has the same footprint as the Coleman Sundome, which measures 9′ 7′ in diameter and 7′ in height. While Coleman incorporates their WEatherTec system, be aware that the Coleman Highline has received negative reviews owing to a fly that does not effectively keep the rain out of the camper. Not the WeatherTec system, which prevents rain from entering your tent, but rather the fault is with the tent itself. Realistically, the problem is that the rain fly does not extend deep enough down the canvas, allowing strong winds and rain to enter your tent.

Coleman 4 person instant tent

The Coleman 4 person quick tent, which can be set up in less than 60 seconds, is one of the most simple tents to put up ever created. Among their most popular products is their Coleman 4-person fast cabin tent, which comes with pre-attached poles, making construction a breeze. In comparison to the Sundome and the Highline, the Coleman 4 person quick cabin has an 8′ x 7′ footprint, which is 7 square feet smaller. One particularly convenient feature is that the rainfly is built into the design, so you don’t have to worry about putting it on or taking it off.

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It is possible that you will enjoy the Instant Cabin enough to consider upgrading to the Juniper LakeTM 4-Person Instant Dome Tent with Annex if you do.

This space may be utilized for another person or you can press the sleeping bag ends together to create an additional 2+ square feet of accessible floor space in the main room.

Coleman 4-person pop-up tent

It is possible that the Coleman 4-person pop-up tent with preassembled poles is the quickest pitched tent on the market; this tent can be completely functioning in less than 10 seconds. Yes, this is not a typo, and the time is not 10 minutes and 10 seconds. Basically, all you have to do is open it up and it will instantly appear. The Coleman 4 person pop up tent is quite nice, but it has certain restrictions that must be considered. Coleman, for example, proposes that it be used for festivals and beach vacations without explicitly stating that it is intended for overnight usage; they anticipate that you will not attempt to sleep in it.

It also doesn’t have a lot of headroom, having a maximum height of 3′ 11″ at the highest point of the vehicle.

Coleman 6 person tent

Coleman has a variety of 6 person tents to choose from to meet your specific camping needs.

When selecting a Coleman 6 person tent, you may look for qualities like as rapid setup, a height that allows you to stand up in, and a dark inside during the day. Coleman tents for six people are a wonderful choice because many of their tents have many features that work well together.

Coleman 6 person instant tent

Coleman’s 6 person quick tent is included as standard equipment with all of their high-wall cabin tents. The Coleman 6 person quick cabin tent has center heights of 6′ 4″ and is available with a variety of add-ons, including cupboards, a screened porch, and the elite system, among others. The majority of customers who purchase a Coleman 6-person quick cabin tent do so because they desire greater luxuries from their tent and are ready to pay a little more money. In addition to the Coleman proprietary Weathertec technology, user reports reveal that the quick cabin tent performs admirably in wet conditions.

Coleman sundome 6 person tent

The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is one of the most popular six-person tents on the market today, according to sales figures. It is Coleman’s reinterpretation of the conventional dome tent, with two poles threaded through sleaves in an X arrangement, and their ends secured to four cleats on the ground. With their Coleman 6 person dark room rapid pitch dome tent, they do have certain alternatives that you may want to consider including in your tent. The Coleman 6-person dark room rapid pitch dome tent comes with pre-attached poles that are easily color-coded to assist you in setting up your tent much faster than you would otherwise.

Another excellent application for darkroom technology is for persons who want to sleep in later in the morning or nap during the day.

Coleman 8 Person Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 person tent is the company’s entry-level beginning model, and it is the only one that does not come with a quick setup feature. It has a massive 16′ x 18′ floor footprint and can be quickly and easily set up by putting the tent poles into the tent sleeves and securing them with their revolutionary pin and ring system, which they invented. The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is equipped with the company’s industry-leading WeatherTec system, which keeps the wind and rain at bay when camping.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent is a good option.

In order to meet your specific requirements, you can select from a variety of different nightlight settings.

Finally, the Elite Montana is equipped with automatic roll-up windows to ensure that you have the best possible airflow.

Coleman Cimmaron 8-person Modified Dome Tent

The Coleman Cimmaron 8-person dome tent is as straightforward as they get. To erect this tent, you’ll need to thread six poles through their sleeves and insert each end into the innovative ring and pin system on each side of the tent. The center height is 6′ 2″ so that you can stroll around inside comfortably, and the footprint is 14′ x 8′ so that two queen beds can be accommodated.

Because of the innovative WeatherTec system, the Cimmaron provides excellent weather protection; nevertheless, the rain fly is a little short, thus this tent is best suited for summer camping.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent

Tenaya Lake rapid pitch cabin tent with closet for eight people by Coleman. The Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent has a footprint that is 13′ by 9′, making it one of the smallest Coleman 8 person tent choices available. It can still accommodate two queen beds, and they all come with a closet that can accommodate a substantial amount of belongings. Having a central height of 6′ 8″ and incorporating their rapid pitch technology into the cabin design makes it easier to stroll about in them. In comparison to the Cimmaron and Montana 8 person tents, the Tenaya Lake is significantly easier to set up due to the fastpitch technology.

Coleman 8-person Red Canyon Tent

Tenaya Lake cabin tent with closet for eight people by Coleman. Its footprint is 13′ x 9′ and is one of the smallest Coleman 8 person tents available, making it one of the most compact Coleman 8 person tent alternatives available. They all include a closet that can accommodate a significant amount of belongings, and they can accommodate two queen beds. They are appealing because they incorporate their rapid pitch technology into the cabin layout, which makes it simple to move around in with a center height of 6′ 8.” In comparison to the Cimmaron and Montana 8 person tents, the Tenaya Lake is significantly easier to set up thanks to the fastpitch technology.

Coleman 10 person tent

If you are thinking about purchasing a Coleman 10 person tent, you have three alternatives. If you are willing to push two queen air mattresses close to one another, these Coleman tents for 10 people can accommodate up to four queen air beds in an astounding amount of space. We’ll go through the differences between the Coleman 10-person dark room tent, the Coleman WeatherMaster tent, and the Coleman Signature tent.

Coleman 10 Person Dark Room Instant Cabin Tent With Rainfly

The 14′ x 10′ footprint of the Coleman 10 person dark room instant cabin tent is the same as that of the Coleman Signature tent. It is possible to fit four queen beds in this tent if two queen mattresses are placed on either side of the tent. With a center height of 6′ 7″, you’ll have plenty of headroom, which is something you’d expect from a cabin type tent like the Coleman. Because the Dark Room technology blocks out 90 percent of the sunlight, you can put your children to bed earlier, take midday naps, or sleep in.

One of the most notable features of this tent is the rapid setup technology, which allows one person to pitch the tent in less than 60 seconds by simply extending and attaching the pre-attached poles.

Coleman Signature 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The main difference between the darkroom tent seen above and the signature tent is that the dark room technology is not included in the signature tent. Everything else remains unchanged. See the preceding paragraph.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

It takes the longest to set up the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person tent, which is among the most difficult Coleman tents to set up. This tent is enormous, having a size of 17′ x 9′, and it requires a significant amount of effort to get it up and running. This unit can easily accommodate four queen air mattresses and a slew of luggage, or possibly a few more floor sleepers, thanks to its large size. This tent is made of 2x tough polyguard tent fabric, which makes it sturdy and constructed to last season after season.

A comparison of the differences between a dome tent, a pop-up tent, an instant tent, and a rapid pitch tent will also be discussed.

It’s also important to remember that a two-person tent will barely accommodate two people.

In addition to a four-person Coleman tent, my husband and I backpack with a three-person tent because it is wonderful to have just a little additional space while we are out in the wilderness.

We have family property in the mountains a few hours away, and when we go camping there for a few days, we use a six-person tent; don’t be afraid to invest in a larger tent; you won’t be disappointed. If you have the opportunity, go for it.

Coleman Dome Tents

Can you tell me whether there is a difference between Coleman Dome Tents and Sundome Tents? The Coleman Dome, often known as the most popular Coleman Sundome, is a traditional two-pole dome tent that has been popular through the years. A Coleman dome tent is put up by inserting each pole through a sleeve that is attached to the exterior of the tent from corner to corner, starting at one end of the canvas and working your way around. The pole ends are then inserted into a metal cleat positioned at each corner of the tent, which secures them in place and forces the tent to rise into a dome-shaped configuration.

Thedome tent is a conventional tent configuration that may be found in less costly and simpler designs than other types of tents.

Coleman Skydome Tent

It is essentially a Coleman Sundome tent with higher ceilings and bigger openings, as opposed to the Coleman Skydome tent. A Skydome tent is created by extending the poles 20 percent longer than the typical Sundome tent and adding a little additional tent fabric to the top, resulting in a central height of more than 6 feet. The Coleman Skydome Tent is an ideal upgrade to consider if you want to stand up in our tent and the setup is similar to that of a Sundome. The Coleman Skydome Tent can be set up in around 5 minutes and is similar in appearance to a Sundome.

What Is A Coleman Instant Tent?

With taller ceilings and larger doors, it’s similar to a Coleman Sundome Tent, but it’s a little more luxurious. Coleman creates a Skydome tent by making the poles 20 percent longer than their standard Sundome tents and adding a little additional tent fabric to the top, resulting in a central height of more than 6 feet. The Coleman Skydome Tent is a fantastic upgrade to consider if you want to stand up in our tent and the setup is similar to that of a Sundome. The Coleman Skydome Tent can be set up in approximately 5 minutes and is similar in appearance to a Sundome.

Coleman Cabin Tent

The Coleman Cabin Tents are appropriately titled since they are shaped in the manner of a log cabin. You will like the ability to stand up within the Coleman Cabin Tents, and you will appreciate the variety of choices available, such as the addition of cabinets. All Coleman Cabin Tents come with their quick tent pole bundle, which allows them to be set up in less than 60 seconds with no effort.

Coleman Fast Pitch Tent

Unlike typical dome tents, the Coleman Fast Pitch Tent is even easier to erect than they are to take down. While the setup is still carried out with two poles being linked corner to corner, the Fast Pitch approach makes it much more straightforward to do. The Fast pitch system, which includes pre-attached poles that are color-coded to make pitching the tent faster, as well as fast fit feet and snag-free insta-clip suspension, allows you to pitch the tent in less time.

Coleman claims that the fast-pitch system can be set up 45 percent to 55 percent faster than the traditional method, which may save you a few minutes.

What Is A Coleman Elite Tent?

Coleman Elite tents are an unique add-on that you can purchase for certain of their tent series that significantly elevates the experience of staying in a tent. Your tent will be equipped with an integrated LED lighting system, which will give you with overhead illumination while you are inside the tent if you pick a Coleman Elite model. To turn on this light, you will need to utilize an illuminated wall switch that has numerous light settings ranging from high to low, as well as a few night light settings for when you sleep.

A hinged door is the final luxury featured with an Elite Coleman tent, making it much easier to enter and exit your tent.

Coleman Darkroom Tent

A special add-on to certain of Coleman’s tent series, the Coleman Elite tents are a luxurious addition that elevates your camping experience to a whole new level. Your tent will be equipped with an integrated LED lighting system, which will give you with overhead illumination while you are inside the tent if you select a Coleman Elite model. An illuminated wall switch with numerous light levels, ranging from high to low, as well as a few night light modes, will allow you to turn on this light while you sleep.

A hinged door is the final luxury offered with an Elite Coleman tent, making it much easier to enter and exit your Elite Coleman tent.

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The Best Coleman Tents in 2021

Coleman is a brand that is connected with camping. Coleman began operations in 1990 with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to creating some of the most cheap and long-lasting products on the market today. Thus, it should come as no surprise that their camping tents are so widely used. Finding the ideal Coleman tent to take on your next vacation may be difficult, especially with so many different models to pick from. Look for the following three characteristics in a Coleman camping tent when shopping for one:

  • Capacity. Coleman manufactures tents that can accommodate groups ranging from a couple to a maximum of ten people. Shape. The design of the tent has an impact on how well it performs in the wind and how large it is on the inside. Water-resistance. Those built using Coleman’s WeatherTec technology are the most suitable for usage in damp and windy weather.

Coleman Tents. Guide for the Purchaser The six most popular Coleman tents are featured on this page to assist you in determining which one is the most appropriate for your needs. A buyer’s guide is also available so you can learn all you need to know about these tents before making your final decision.

Most popular Coleman camping tents

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • Measurements for the floor are as follows: 96 x 72 inches
  • Center height is 4′ 7 inches
  • Weight is 8.8 pounds/4.0 kilograms.

For those who enjoy spending their free time backpacking through remote wilderness areas for days or even weeks at a time, the Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent may be the perfect solution. Weighing only 8.8 pounds (4 kilograms), this versatile shelter is one of the lightest backpacking tents available on the market, making it one of the most portable options available. In order to make packing up your camp each morning easier, Coleman created this tent with a full-coverage rainfly that keeps water out at all costs.

The Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent has the company’s proprietary WeatherTec system, which includes fully welded floors and inverted seams to stop water in its tracks. Additionally, this tent has a dome shape design, which allows it to withstand harsh conditions without breaking.

  • Waterproof. Fully enclosed rainfly with WeatherTec protection
  • Storage for equipment. With one spacious vestibule and two inside storage pockets, this bag is windproof. The dome form is great for dealing with strong winds.
  • The use of a single door makes entering and exiting more difficult

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • 4′ Center Height
  • Floor Dimensions: 84 x 60 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds (3.4 kilograms)

Camping in the Coleman Sundome 2P Tent is a good choice if you’re looking for a comfortable tent for warm weather camping. This tent, which was created with summertime vehicle camping excursions in mind, provides plenty of airflow owing to its four huge mesh windows. In order to enable hot air to escape on humid evenings, these VariFlow windows are strategically placed at the top of each wall. This tent also has a rainfly with inverted seams to aid in the prevention of rainwater seepage. Because of its dome form, it can resist gusts of up to 35+ miles per hour if the weather decides to be uncooperative on your journey.

As a result of the inclusion of two similar poles and the fast-clip technology, setting up this shelter when you arrive at camp is quick and simple, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

An integrated E-Port allows you to bring electrical power into your shelter without compromising the tent’s weather-resistance by connecting it to an extension cord.

  • Good ventilation is essential. There are four huge windows to provide for ventilation. Strong construction that can resist winds of up to 35 miles per hour
  • Simple to assemble. It is possible to pitch in as little as 10 minutes.
  • The central height is low. There isn’t enough space to stand up straight

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • Coleman is the photographer.

The Coleman 4P Skydome Tent is the ideal size for a small family and is a versatile solution for parties that love vehicle camping as well as the odd hiking excursion. A rapid pitch design allows you to put up your tent in less than 5 minutes, and it is lightweight and portable. Due to the fact that it comes with pre-attached poles, you won’t have to worry about guessing or the inconvenience of clipping in poles while you pitch your tent. Greater to the point, Coleman constructed this tent with sides that are virtually vertical, which allows it to give more headroom throughout the tent than you’d ordinarily find in a tent with a central height of 4′ 8″ (1.4m).

In terms of weather resistance, this tent is equipped with WeatherTec welded corners and inverted seams for added protection.

As a result of its design for small parties, the Coleman 4P Skydome Tent features an enlarged door for simpler access and escape.

  • Five minutes are allotted for set-up time with this quick pitch design. Larger doors, which make it easier to enter and escape
  • More headroom is provided by walls that are almost vertical.
  • Durability Because of the virtually vertical walls, there is concern about the wind.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • Size of the floor: 204″ by 104″, height of the center: 6′ 8″, and weight of 41.0 pounds (18.6 kilograms).

When comfort and livability are important considerations, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 should be at the top of your list of options. This tent is fully equipped to serve as your home away from home while you are enjoying the great outdoors. It includes a big screen porch where you can sit and relax without having to worry about mosquitoes. This screen porch also has plenty of room for storing damp clothing, boots, and other outdoor equipment that you don’t want to bring inside with you. A surprising 6′ 8″ (2m) of spaciousness is available within the tent, which can accommodate two queen-size beds.

To offer enough ventilation, this tent is equipped with big mesh windows that allow for plenty of airflow even when it is raining.

Oh, and owing to its steel frame, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 is well-suited for use in extreme weather conditions. However, if the weather is beautiful, you can roll back the rainfly to reveal the tent’s mesh ceiling, which provides a fantastic view of the night sky above.

  • Porch with a screen for bug-free outdoor life
  • LED lighting is used to offer illumination at night. Wind-resistant structure constructed of steel poles for long-term durability.

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • It has a floor dimension of 192″ by 84″, a center height of 6′ 2″ (1.9m), and weighs 25.0 pounds (11.3kg).

Even if inclement weather isn’t enough to discourage you from venturing out, the Coleman Elite Montana 8P Tent is a reliable shelter to have on hand for your outdoor excursions. This tent is constructed with WeatherTec inverted seams and a bathtub-style welded floor to keep you dry while you’re out camping. It also includes slanted windows that allow you to get enough of circulation during a storm without allowing water to seep in, even if you leave the integrated fabric panels unzipped (which is recommended).

In addition, the tent includes a built-in charging station that can be used to charge all of your tiny electrical devices at night.

An overhanging canopy above the entrance provides a little sun and rain protection throughout the day as well as a little shade.

  • Design that is completely waterproof. Ideal for damp weather situations
  • LED lights that are built in. Provides a solution for illumination throughout the night
  • A charging station that is built in. Charge your electrical gadgets while you’re on the go.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 10

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • Weight: 31.0lbs/14.1kg
  • Floor Dimensions: 204×108
  • Center Height: 6′ 8″/ 2m
  • Weight: 31.0lbs/14.1kg

A sturdy shelter for vehicle camping in all weather, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 10 Tent is designed for big groups of people who don’t want to be held back by a little bit of rain. When the sun isn’t shining, this tent’s sturdy Polyguard fabric will keep you dry and protected from the elements when the sun isn’t shining. WeatherTec tub flooring is also included, with welded corners and inverted seams that help to keep your sleeping bags dry when it rains. When it comes to wind resistance, the steel pole frame of this shelter is built to withstand gusts of more than 35 miles per hour.

It is rather simple to enter and exit the tent at night thanks to the movable entrance on the side.

Finally, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 10 Tent includes a detachable room divider that can be used to divide the tent into two distinct sleeping rooms for increased privacy.

  • Room divider that may be removed for more privacy at night
  • Design that is resistant to the elements. This product is ideal for wet settings. A sturdy framework. Steel poles are extremely durable in windy conditions.
  • Breathability. Durable Unlike cotton, polyguard fabric is not extremely breathable.

Coleman Tents Buyer’s Guide

Coleman’s tents are jam-packed with technology, which explains why they are so popular among campers who enjoy staying in their tents. In order to make an informed decision when purchasing a Coleman tent, the following are some of the most important factors to consider. Coleman tents are available in four basic configurations, each with its own set of pros and cons. What you need to know is as follows:

  • Cabin tents, such as the Coleman 4P Skydome Tent, feature walls that are virtually vertical, allowing for plenty of headroom and comfort when camping. The disadvantage of this type of tent is that it is less sturdy in the wind than other types of tents. Dome-shaped tents, such as the Coleman Sundome 2P Tent, are extremely compact and simple to erect, making them ideal for small spaces. Despite the fact that they don’t offer much headroom, they are quite durable in the wind and rain. Dome tents that have been modified offer much of the same durability as dome shelters, with the added benefit of a big screen area or awning for increased usability. These tents, such as the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6P, are less packable and can be more difficult to put up, but they are quite comfortable to camp in
  • They are classified as specialty tents. Coleman also manufactures a line of specialized tents for use in a variety of different camping conditions. When camping with a big party, they might include tents that can be connected together to form distinct living quarters. Generally speaking, this form of tent is pretty pleasant for camping, although it is sometimes a little less weather-resistant when it comes to bad weather.

Tent capacity has a significant impact on your camping experience since it directly influences the number of people who can sleep comfortably within a shelter at one time. Tents for two people, such as the Coleman Hooligan, are ideal for backpacking; meanwhile, tents for eight to ten people, such as the Coleman Elite Montana 8PandColeman Elite WeatherMaster 10P, are ideal for vehicle camping. The great majority of Coleman tents are marketed in quantities of two (e.g., two, four, six, eight, ten people), while some other firms do manufacture three and five person models.

However, even while a 5 person family may theoretically fit in a 5 person tent, most people choose to purchase a model that is somewhat larger than their actual needs, such as a 6 person model such as the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6P.

That’s because an additional square foot of room in a little bigger tent allows for greater gear storage and overall relaxation. As a result, Coleman, which is geared toward family camping, tends to adhere to tents that are designed to accommodate the most popular family and group sizes.

Where to buy Coleman tents?

Coleman tents are quite popular, so you should have no trouble finding one. Here are some of the most common places to shop for a Coleman tent in the United States and Canada.

  • Amazon. Coleman tents are among the many items available for purchase on Amazon, and they are no exception. Coleman tents are accessible from this internet retailing behemoth with the touch of a mouse, and they are available in virtually every model offered. The retailer Walmart has become a highly popular place to purchase camping equipment, and Coleman tents are typically available in their locations. Walmart’s price is frequently fairly affordable, and they have stores all around the United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • Target’s pricing is frequently extremely cheap, as well. Despite the fact that Target is better known for their home décor and clothes, they do carry a solid range of outdoor recreational items and Coleman tents as well. Target has a store in every state in the United States, and the corporation sells the majority of its merchandise online for rapid delivery to your house
  • Cabela’s is a sporting goods retailer. Cabela’s is a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops, both of which are well-known retail establishments for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. They feature a vast selection of outdoor equipment, including the majority of Coleman tents. Consequently, if you need to stock up on a large amount of camping equipment before your next vacation, Cabela is a fantastic place to go.

Each and every Coleman product, including tents, is covered by a limited warranty that begins to run on the date of purchase and continues for the life of the product. We have included a one-year guarantee with each tent on our list, which covers any flaws in craftsmanship or materials. This implies that damage caused by normal wear and tear or overuse will not be covered under the warranty policy. Keep your original purchase receipt since you’ll need it to lodge a warranty claim with Coleman.

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You’ll need to get in touch with the company directly in order to obtain a return permission before mailing your tent back.

If this is the case, they will either replace the tent or give you store credit if the tent is no longer being made.

What is the difference between Skydome and Sundome tents?

Comparatively speaking, the Coleman Skydome is a cabin-style tent as opposed to the Sundome’s dome shape. This camper features vertical walls and a more roomy inside with 20% greater headroom, making it suited for campers who are taller than 6′ in height. The bigger doors make it simpler to get air mattresses, sleeping bags, and camping equipment in and out of the cabin.

Are Coleman tents waterproof?

The majority of Coleman tents, such as theColeman Elite Montana 8P, are equipped with WeatherTec, which produces a waterproof tent with welded floor corners and inverted seams, as well as welded floor corners and inverted seams. You may also reapply DWR (durable water repellent) spray after every few visits to keep the waterproofing in good condition.

Are Coleman tents well ventilated?

Many Coleman tents, notably theColeman Sundome 2P, are equipped with VariFlowtechnology, which combines huge windows with built-in vents near the ground to provide enough ventilation. This aids in the creation of a steady flow of air for the greatest possible comfort while in your tent.

What is Coleman tent Dark Room Technology?

In order to minimize the quantity of sunlight that enters the tent, Dark Room technology has been developed. In versions such as the Coleman Skydome 4P, this feature is included to keep the tent cooler and more comfortable to sleep in when camping in warmer climates.

Where are Coleman tents made?

The majority of Coleman tents are manufactured in other countries, however some are produced in the company’s factories in Kansas and Texas. Because they do not specify production sites on their website, it is recommended to contact customer service if you have any queries about a certain tent you are interested in.

Gaby Pilson

Gaby is a trained mountain guide with a master’s degree in outdoor education.

She lives in the mountains with her family. In her spare time, she may be found hiking, climbing, skiing, sailing, or paddling in some of the most incredible areas on the planet. She typically works as an expedition guide in the arctic regions, but she also enjoys exploring other parts of the world.

Best Coleman Tents [Buying Guide] – Gear Hungry

If you don’t know who Coleman is, I’m curious as to where you’ve been hiding all of these time. Anyone who is familiar with camping and outdoor living will be familiar with the Coleman brand, which is well-known in this industry for providing quality, versatility, and a variety of budget-friendly options, all of which are backed up by their professional customer service and exacting levels of support. However, although Coleman manufactures much more than just tents, it is tents that they are likely most well-known for, which is not surprising considering that they have over 40 distinct types available at the time of writing.

For the most part, Coleman categorizes their tent models into four main categories, so before you make your final decision on which tent to purchase, think about what sort of tent you want to invest in.

Consider the following reasons why we believe you should consider purchasing a Coleman tent as your next camping destination.

Why Choose a Coleman Instant style tent

To put it simply, pitching! The primary advantage of using a Coleman Instant type tent is that they are extremely quick to set up, in some cases taking as little as one minute, while more cautious estimates are three to five minutes, giving you plenty of time to go exploring thereafter. Consider setting a new Coleman world record in tent building and dismantling if you are extremely proficient and experienced at these tasks. Coleman offers some excellent budget-friendly alternatives with a wide range of amenities that can accommodate one person up to a group of up to six people in this category.

Dome style tents and why Coleman excel in this category

Coleman created the Sun dome as an entry-level tent for those who are new to outdoor adventure. It is meant to be simple to build and, in general, has a price that is within their budget. If you’re not sure whether you’ll become a seasoned camping pro, a Sundome is a good alternative, and if you choose one of their roomier versions, you’ll be able to have a more pleasant first camping trip. Modified dome style tents- Once again, Coleman offers a wide range of alternatives in this area for you to explore, including their Montane model, which is seen above.

It’s an excellent pick since it offers a plethora of essential features and benefits at a reasonable price, plus it has those all-important privacy dividers, which are essential for any home.

Usually, you’ll discover that they come with a few useful extras, such as an extending porch, that you may use to your advantage.

Do not, however, rely just on our assurances; the proof is always in the pudding, so choose which tent you would like to take on your own journey and begin setting it up immediately.

There is no better time than the present to acquire your very own Coleman tent, and we challenge you and your family not to enjoy hours of fun together in it.

Things to consider when purchasing Coleman tents:

Size -Again, this is dependent on your personal choice as well as the amount of others (adults and children) that will be camping with you on a regular basis. Generally speaking, though, you should be estimating that each individual need 30 square metres of room. Remember that there will be more than just physical people in your tent, so make sure you have enough of space for all of your necessities, such as bedding, clothing, and luggage, among other things. A tent with an extensible part or a vestibule area allows you to spill out and use additional spaces for storage rather than using up valuable inside space.

  • The form you choose will be influenced by a number of factors, including the number of people you need to accommodate, the sort of camping excursions you want to take, and, of course, your own particular style and taste.
  • You guessed it: this is going to be perfect for Spring, Summer, and Autumn outdoor camping when mild weather circumstances, rather than extreme weather conditions, are more likely to be the norm.
  • Summer camping will need you to be more concerned with ventilation and air flow, as well as ensuring that your tent is of a lightweight and breathable build, so that you can sleep peacefully through the night while out in the great outdoors.
  • Choose a tent that has been manufactured from a good quality and weather resistant fabric so that you can be confident that your investment will last for many years.
  • Poly cotton, cotton canvas, and a high-grade polyester are some of the materials you may choose from in this category.
  • If you’re going hiking, you’ll want something that is both lightweight and portable.
  • The last thing you want to be concerned about is lugging about a heavy tent all day, so make sure you choose a model that is appropriate for your specific camping needs.
  • Making an attempt to fold and pack your tent using the original folds as a guideline may be more manageable at this point.
  • Assuming that’s the case, a nice method is to approximately fold your tent to the same size as your tent poles before starting to roll and store it back into its original box to save space (if you still have it after all these years).

This is excellent for your next back packing vacation, depending on the size and type of the tent that you end up purchasing. Otherwise, with a little bit of patience and practice, you will soon be able to pack down your Coleman tent with the same ease with which you assembled it.

Coleman Tent FAQ

A: Okay, so you probably already know the answer to this question, don’t you? My is especially true if you’ve taken the time to read this review. There is no such thing as a “best pick,” simply your favourite one. Camping is a popular activity for many people, and Coleman manufacture an exceptional range of high performance tents to meet all of their needs. Which tent you choose will largely depend on important considerations such as how often you’ll be camping, when and where (i.e. the seasons and terrain), how you intend on getting there (some of these tents are large and require a car rather than a backpack), and, of course, how many of you will be sleeping under a canopy together.

If you’re looking for a tent to take camping with you, the weight and mobility of the tent are important considerations.

If you know that your particular preference is for lakeside camping and that you enjoy the idea of going fishing on a regular basis, you should pay close attention to the water-resistant features of your tent.

Are Coleman tents resistant to water?

Q: Are Coleman tents waterproof?

A: In a nutshell, yes, they are. Yes, without a doubt. Coleman tents, in fact, are well-known for their WeatherTec system, which has been trademarked and copyrighted. They have put their products through rigorous and exhaustive testing to demonstrate just how water resistant they truly are. The amount to which a tent is waterproof or not is determined by a measurement known as the hydrostatic head of the tent. A drop of water will seep through a cloth if it can store a certain amount of water in millimetres, which is what this phrase signifies in daily language.

In the case of Coleman tents, the groundsheets are made of polyethylene, which is heavy and guaranteed to be water resistant even when subjected to a great deal of foot pressure from frequent going in and out of the tent over an extended length of time.

Q: How Do I Setup a Coleman Tent?

A: The type of Coleman tent you choose will have a significant impact on how you put up your tent. A variety of models are available, each with its unique set-up features. Some companies even go so far as to put the all-important assembly instructions on the carry bag itself, so there are no excuses for forgetting them. Despite this, most Coleman tents are built around the shock corder system, which allows them to be set up in a fraction of the time of their competitors. First and foremost, you’ll want to determine the most appropriate area to serve as your home away from home base camp.

  • This will let the water to flow freely and prevent standing water from forming in your tent.
  • Tent-pitching on rocks should be avoided at all costs for the benefit of your own comfort, sleep, and sanity.
  • After that, start working on building a sturdy foundation for your Coleman tent.
  • You’ll probably want to lay your claim to that small patch of land that you’ll be calling your temporary home for the next several days.
  • That being said, Coleman, being Coleman, and having considered everything, should make following the directions rather straightforward, especially for those of you who aren’t familiar with the process of building a model airplane.

Once your tent has been completely built, it’s time to start having a good time. Alternatively, you may start a campfire. You might want to double-check that everything is in working order before heading out into the woods.

Q: How to clean a Coleman tent?

A: How clean do you think your tent is? To be really honest with you, we’re wondering how often you’ve taken the time to thoroughly clean your tent. How about a BBQ? You set it up once, use it all summer, then put it away for the winter without properly cleaning it, just to have summer come around again and ugh, look at the state it was in the last time you used it! If you keep up with routine cleaning of your tent, it will become lot less of a bother. Give it a thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

You may have been out and about walking and trekking in a variety of terrains, including rocks, sand, mud, and other obstacles.

Fortunately, most Coleman tents are manufactured from a strong weather-resistant fabric that should be quite simple to keep clean.

Before putting your Coleman tent away for the season, it’s usually a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning and to make sure that it’s completely dry before you put it away again.

Q: How do I repair a Coleman tent?

A: Coleman tents are developed and made to last, therefore we sincerely hope that nothing tragic occurs while you are away on a camping vacation, causing you to lose your enjoyment or forcing you to return home prematurely. Because Coleman tents are normally sold with at least a one-year guarantee as standard, contact your store to see if they can’t offer to replace or repair it for you first. Depending on where and from whom you originally purchased your Coleman tent, it should be protected by a warranty.

Carry some duct tape with you on your next camping trip so that, if the need arises, you may perform a little amount of self-repair work in an emergency situation if necessary.

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