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In 2021, MTR wishes to congratulate ANGIE GRANT, Event Specialist, on her 5th anniversary with the company, as well as Crew Leader ROBBIE BASKETTE, who is celebrating his 11th anniversary with the company. Experience the MTR difference for your event — the highest-quality equipment paired with excellent professional service to create an unforgettable experience. Our commitment is to be on time and flexible in order to provide the ideal atmosphere for your event while maintaining the highest standards of excellence and honesty.


Macon Tent Rentals constructs tents of the greatest quality in a professional and timely manner. The opportunity to provide consumers with immaculate tents and responsive, accessible service is an amazing joy for us, given our 30 years of experience in the sector. Frame tents, pole tents, and marquis tents are among the options available in our tent collection. We also have climate-controlled tents, clear-top tents, and other options available.

Event Accessories

We are glad to provide consumers with a comprehensive selection of tent and event accessories, which includes Request Your Free Estimate Right Now!


Whether it’s a last-minute table and chair order or a large tent event on campus that requires weeks of planning, I can always rely on the dependability and accessibility of Macon Tent Rentals’ event production team to provide best-in-class service while paying close attention to safety and the highest-quality rental equipment to ensure the success of Mercer events. SUBJECT: JOHN STEELE, SUPERVISOR OF CAMPUS SERVICES | MECCA UNIVERSITY I want to express my gratitude to you and your organization for providing exceptional service to Central Georgia Technical College in our preparation for the ‘Move on When Ready’ seminar held yesterday.

  • The convenience of doing business with a locally owned firm cannot be overstated.
  • When we conduct similar events in the future, we will not hesitate to suggest your firm to our partner organizations as well, as we have done in this case.
  • The following is written by ANITA MARTIN, a marketing specialist at Central Georgia Technical College.
  • It was nothing short of spectacular.

I thought the tents and candles were simply stunning. We were quite delighted with how everything came out, and we owe you a debt of gratitude for your assistance. Thank you so much for helping to make my special day so lovely and memorable. SETH| GRIFFIN, GEORGIA | STEPHANIE

Party Tent Rental and Wedding Tent Rental in Chicago and the Western Suburbs

Everyone enjoys an outdoor party or a wedding reception in their lawn! However, the weather in Chicago’s suburbs might make it difficult to hold outdoor activities. A party tent rental or wedding tent rental from Affordable Backyard Tents might come in handy for these types of occasions.

Party Tent Rental

Whether you’re planning an outdoor party, a backyard wedding or a business event, ABT can provide you with the perfect rental tent. In addition to small frame tents, high peak tents, and pole tents, we now provide tents designed exclusively for events held on grass. Also available for rental are tent sides and outdoor tent heaters to ensure that your visitors remain warm and dry when inclement weather threatens. Consider first looking at ourtent rental packages, which include some convenient combination options.

All of our packages may be tailored to match your specific party tent rental requirements.

Wedding Tent Rental

Do you want to have an outdoor wedding? Affordable Backyard Tents has you covered — both literally and figuratively. Our stunning high-peak tents are ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as other special occasions. We are able to combine many tents to create a stunning outdoor ballroom. With our wedding rental tents, tent sides, and rental tent heaters, you can ensure that your guests are kept warm and dry. Check out our pricing page once you’ve had a look at our tents to see if there are any packages that fit your needs and your budget.

Depending on your needs, we may create a package tailored to your exact needs.

Party Equipment Rental

Party tent rental and wedding tent rental aren’t the only services offered by Affordable Backyard Tents. We have all of the party rental equipment you may possibly need. For further information about any of the items listed below, please click on the link. Chiavari chairs and folding chairs are two types of chairs that may be used. Tables for banquets, circular tables, and highboy cocktail tables are all available. Fill ‘n’ Chill beverage tables are available. Light bulbs in the shape of globes Bars that are transportable Dance floors are a must-have for every party.

Rental Tent Delivery and Setup

Party tent rental and wedding tent rental aren’t the only things Affordable Backyard Tents does. Every piece of party equipment you may possibly need is available for rent. More information may be found by selecting any of the items listed below. Chiavari chairs and folding chairs are two types of chairs that are commonly used. Tables for banquets, circular tables, and highboy cocktail tables are among the options. Beverage tables that are ready to be filled and chilled Luminaires en globule Bars that can be moved around the room Floors for dancing linens for the table

Nolan’s Rental Inc

Rochester, the Finger Lakes, and CentralWestern New York are served by Nolan’s Rental, which provides a comprehensive range of tent and party rental services.

No matter if you’re organizing a wedding, a corporate conference, or a little party, we have everything you need to make it a success! We can provide anything you need for your next event, from tents to tables, linens to lights, chairs to chafing dishes.

Customer Success Stories

  • Because the delivery personnel was so accommodating, we have hired them for a variety of occasions, including high school, college, and PhD graduation celebrations, wedding and baby showers, and July 4th barbecues. They have the ability to do it all. They also pick up anything with the deftness of ninjas (you dont need to be present). Hardy-Rondash, Carmen Hardy
  • There are no words to adequately convey my thanks to Ela and her team for bringing my goal and vision to fruition! The ballroom that we used for our wedding reception was really stunning! People are still talking about it more than two months after it happened! It was a true joy to collaborate with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Shana Marie is a woman who lives in the United States. I can’t say enough positive things about this organization. They provided us with seats to rent. For a very nominal cost, they set them up and took them down for you. They were excellent in making recommendations and then listening to my wedding planner’s thoughts as well. The people I worked with were really wonderful. We had 30 people cancel just two days prior, and they still allowed me to reduce the amount of chairs available. Extremely professional. They sent me an email to confirm my reservations. Everything was done over the phone or over email from our Brooklyn location. I would return to this establishment in a heartbeat since the personnel was so helpful and courteous. They feature a large selection of wedding rental items. It came in handy because we were having an outdoor wedding. Eric
  • I recently hosted a birthday party for my 6-year-old son and was quite satisfied with Bernie’s Bouncers. The facility was really professionally operated, highly clean, with friendly employees and was extremely well organized! Katie Green is a young woman from the United Kingdom.
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We have employed the delivery team for a variety of occasions, including high school, college, and PhD graduation celebrations, wedding and baby showers, and Fourth of July barbecues. They have the ability to accomplish everything and anything. Like ninjas, they pick up everything and everything (you dont need to be present). Hardy-Rondash, Carmen Hardy- My appreciation to Ela and her team for bringing my idea and vision to fruition is inexpressibly strong. For our wedding reception, the ballroom was just stunning!

  1. The opportunity to collaborate with you was a real joy!
  2. Shana Marie is a young woman who lives in the United States with her family.
  3. Their seats were available for rental.
  4. When they made ideas, they listened to my wedding planner’s thoughts as well.
  5. We had 30 people cancel just two days prior, and they still allowed me to reduce the amount of chairs.
  6. Everything was handled over the phone or over email from Brooklyn.
  7. A large selection of wedding rental items is available.
  8. The bouncers from Bernie’s Bouncers were fantastic for my 6-year-birthday old’s celebration this past weekend.
  9. Green, Katie; Green, Katie; Katie Green

A-1 Rentals

Because the delivery personnel was so accommodating, we have hired them for a variety of occasions, including high school, college, and PhD graduation celebrations, wedding and baby showers, and Fourth of July barbecues. They are capable of doing everything. They also have the ability to pick up anything like ninjas (you dont need to be present). Hardy-Rondash, Carmen; There are no words to adequately convey my thanks to Ela and her team for bringing my dream and vision to reality! The ballroom that we used for our wedding was really stunning!

  1. It was a real joy to collaborate with you!
  2. Shana Marie is a young woman who lives in the United States.
  3. They provided us with chairs to use.
  4. I like how open they were to giving comments and then listening to my wedding planner’s recommendations.
  5. We had 30 people cancel two days prior, and they still allowed me to reduce the amount of chairs available.
  6. They sent me an email with confirmations.
  7. The staff was quite helpful and courteous, and I would return to them in a heartbeat.
  8. It was especially useful because we were having an outdoor wedding.

Eric; I had a birthday celebration for my 6-year-old son this past weekend and was quite satisfied with Bernie’s Bouncers’ services. The facility was really professionally operated, extremely clean, with friendly employees and was extremely well organized! I’m Katie Green; I’m Katie Green

20,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

Please come and see our 20,000 square foot facility. We have a showroom staffed by knowledgeable rental professionals who are happy to assist you. A-1 Rentals has over 25 years of expertise in providing a complete choice of tents and party rental equipment to ensure that your event is a perfect success. The tents and equipment offered by A-1 Rentals are available in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate any occasion, whether it is a wedding, business event, reunion, carnival, or backyard party.

  1. Contact us now to learn more.
  2. Atlanta and North Georgia are served by this location.
  3. Make a point of stopping by to see our assortment of tents, tables, chairs, crockery, concessions, and other items.
  4. We’d be delighted to meet you.

Our Fleet of 8 trucks are ready to deliver to you!

If you are planning a wedding, make your reservations as soon as possible. We only have a certain number of each tent size available. A decent rule of thumb is to book at least 6-12 months in advance. You may always make changes to the precise number of tables, chairs, and tableware once you receive your RSVPs, which should arrive approximately a month before your big event. There is a significant need for portable restroom trailers. We only have two bathroom trailers, and they are only available for use on weekends during the wedding season.

Graduation Party Suggestions

Graduation season for high school and college students normally takes place in May and June, respectively. It’s the busiest period of the year for us at this time. Graduations, marriages, school gatherings, and religious festivals are all common occurrences. Every year about this time, we run out of space for all of our tents, tables, and chairs. Try to book your graduation celebrations three to six months in advance.

Christmas/N.Y.E. Suggestions

Please place your orders as soon as possible for the upcoming holidays. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of our busiest rental times. The rental of items like as dance floors, cabaret tables, staging, china and champagne glasses as well as red and green tablecloths, pipe/drape, and tent heaters is always in high demand, so don’t wait until the last minute to make your reservation!

Party, Wedding and Tent Rentals in Houston TX

Aztec Events has been providing party rentals and tenting in the area for over 33 years, making them the best company in the area. Aztec Events boasts the biggest collection of event rental items in the greater Houston region, according to the company. Our Event Specialists deliver exceptional customer service to ensure that any size and style of event is a complete success. Our range of event rental products is always being replenished with new and fascinating items. Any size event, from a family BBQ to a huge corporate retreat, may be handled by our knowledgeable operations and sales team, which is available 24/7.

With our extensive event rental inventory and imaginative tenting designs, our party planners and design team can transform a parking lot into an exquisite, one-of-a-kind party setting in a matter of hours.

Please contact us for more information. We invite you to visit our showroom and speak with an Event Specialist about your next event.

Event Tent Rentals

Tents For Rent is a company dedicated to bringing your fantasies to reality in the great outdoors. We, as a tent rental company, believe that arranging an outdoor event should be simple and stress-free for everyone involved. Forget about the weather because our tents will keep you and your visitors safe while still enabling you to enjoy the great outdoors. If you have ideas of a romantic wedding tent, a backyard party tent, or an event tent for a business occasion, allow us to surpass your tent rental expectations.

Take a look at our tent images for some ideas.

Contact us now to learn more.

Serving these LOCATIONS:

Ephrata, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Annville, Bangor, Bethlehem/Bensalem, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Chester/Chambersburg, Coatesville/Easton/Elizabethtown/Enola/Gettysburg/Hamburg/Hazleton/Hummelstown/King of Prussia/Lansdale/Lebanon/Manheim/Mechanicsburg/Middletown/Millersville/Montgomer

New Jersey:

Lititz, Ephrata, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Allentown, Annville, Bangor, Bethlehem, Bensalem, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Chester, Chambersburg,Coatesville, Easton, Elizabethtown, Enola, Gettysburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Hazleton, Hummelstown, King of Prussia, Lansdale, Lebanon, Manheim, Mechanicsburg, Middletown, Millersville, Montgomery County




Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery County, Rising Sun, and Towson are some of the cities in Maryland.

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New York

A list of the cities and counties in Maryland that include Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery County, Rising Sun, and Towson

Luxury Tents

Around the world, luxury tents are available for hire, as well as canvas tent rentals that you won’t want to miss: the ultimate luxury tent hotel experience! Here is where you can get the best luxury camping tent rental.

Want Safari tent rental and luxury glamping tents? Glamour camping tents for rentcamping tent rentals here: The best places to camp + tent rentals in luxury! Canopy rentalsmore await

Have you ever experienced glamping (glamorous camping) in a tent? Tents have evolved from being plain and basic to being magnificent camping tents. Because they are opulent, they are referred to as glamping tent rentals. Camping in a tent is similar to what it used to be, only nicer. So stop looking for a simple’rent camping tent’ or’renting tents for camping’ on the internet. With Glamping Hub, you will discover comfortable decor, excellent bedding, and five-star hotel amenities: these huge camping tent rentals near me give all of the benefits of being in the outdoors without any of the difficulties, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Consider them to be a high-end tent hotel experience!
  • These glamour camping rentals, also known as glam camping tents to rent, are the ideal camping house rentals.
  • Even better, have a camping trip in a luxury tent!
  • Take a look at these luxurious glamping tents available for hire for your next camping vacation.
  • Obtaining your glamping tent rental and high-end camping tent rental is the first step in planning your deluxe camping tent holiday!
  • Still not sure where to find tents for rent ‘around me’?
  • By booking your stay with Glamping Hub, you can make the process of renting a camping tent a little bit simpler on yourself.
  • If you’re looking for an unforgettable camping experience, this is it – reserve your luxury camping tent now!

All of these glitzy camping tents will leave you breathless, prompting you to look for ‘where can you hire a tent camping’ for your next weekend vacation. The greatest glamping rentals can be found right here!

Rent a luxury camping tent! Book the top luxury camping tents here! Find high-end camping tents for worldwide glamping vacations. Check out the tents to rent, here. A camping canopy awaits

Do you want to rent glamping tents to have a true glamping experience? Would you want to spend the night in a luxurious tent? Camping in tent rentals is the most convenient alternative, as it provides visitors with easy access to nature while also keeping the high-end facilities necessary to give a luxurious camping environment. You can trust us when we say that glamping in a tent is a memorable experience, and there are several luxury tents available for hire all over the world! Consider taking a peek at our variety of glam camping tents to see if there’s anything that catches your eye!

  1. Come on, these huge, opulent tents are impossible to resist.
  2. There aren’t many individuals who can turn down the opportunity to camp in a magnificent rented tent, and after you see some of the examples on Glamping Hub, you’ll understand why!
  3. Put an end to your search for camping tents ‘near me’ and make a reservation immediately.
  4. Here, you may get canopy rentals as well as a wide variety of other interesting lodgings.
  5. There’s nothing quite like sitting back under a cool camping canopy to get some rest and relaxation.
  6. You will not be disappointed!

Michigan’s Most Highly Rated Tent Company!

Structure Tents for Commercial Use The ideal structural tent for your corporate event, dry storage, heated industrial project, or virtually any other occasion may be rented from us! Rental options are available for both short- and long-term periods. Rental Products can be found here. Tent Flooring with a Hard Surface Business-grade hard surface interlocking event flooring is an excellent choice for any commercial or residential event when you want a long-lasting, solid flooring solution that is easy to clean.

  1. Products for the Rental of Floors Rental of a dance floor Elegant wood dance floors, which are available in a variety of colors and sizes, will complement the overall aesthetic of your occasion.
  2. Please Visit This Site Outdoor Seating for a Restaurant Increase the number of people that can sit at your table by providing a beautiful heated dining space.
  3. More information may be found here.
  4. Tents can be found here.
  5. Farm Chairs are a stylish option to seat your guests during any event or reception.
  6. Make a choice between Cream and White color pads to complement your color scheme and other accessories.

Chiavari Chairs may be found in a variety of styles. Tents made of sailcloth are available for rent. Tents made of rustic wood poles that are semi-transparent. Farm Tables and Chairs are a highly suggested alternative for pairing. View our selection of Sail Cloth Tents. PreviousNext

Canopy & Party Tent Rentals

Structure Tents for Commercial Applications The ideal structural tent for your corporate event, dry storage, heated industrial project, or virtually any other occasion may be rented from us! A variety of rental choices are available, including short and long term rentals. Renting Products may be found here. Tent flooring has a hard surface. The use of commercial-grade hard surface interlocking event flooring is an excellent choice for any business or residential event that requires a long-lasting, robust flooring solution.

  • Produits de location de sol The use of a dance floor Your event will be completed with an elegant wood dance floor that is available in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • For further information, please visit this site: Dining Outside at a Resturaunt Enhance your seating capacity while also providing a beautiful heated dining space for your visitors.
  • Details may be found here.
  • Tents for Sale rustic farm furniture – Rustic Farm Furniture is a type of furniture that has a rustic appearance.
  • Tables and chairs for the countryside A stunning option for any event, Chiavari chair rentals from GoldCrystal are a great choice.
  • Chiavari Chairs may be found here.
  • Farm Tables and Chairs are a highly recommended combination.
  • PreviousNext

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infographics and infographics and infographics and infographics and infographics and infographics

M M Party Rentals -Your Canopy and Party Tent Rental Headquarters

When looking for canopy and party tent rentals online, there are several options to choose from. What if, on the other hand, you had access to all of the greatest selections in one place? When planning a party or event in the Santa Cruz County region, M M Party Rentals is your one-stop shop for everything you need. The equipment you need to host a party, event, wedding, or memorial is virtually entirely available at our location. This includes tents. We offer a variety of alternatives for keeping guests comfortable that go beyond the largest tent you have ever seen.

  • Of course, we can assist you in keeping your event within a realistic price by providing you with sizing recommendations when you phone us.
  • The primary purpose of renting a party tent is to keep the sun and rain off of your guests while they are enjoying themselves outside.
  • Birds can be unwanted participants in activities that take place near bodies of water, to finish it off.
  • In addition to Astroturf, we have grass to prevent guests from sliding on the grass or tracking mud inside the buildings when it rains.
  • If you are arriving by plane from another location, you may find that you need to rent a tent in Santa Cruz County when you arrive.
  • Last-minute tent rentals during a conference might be tricky, thus it is advised that you reserve your tent well in advance.
  • It is not necessary for party tent rentals to create the impression that everyone is camping.
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We also have various tent accessories available for rent if you want to make the outdoors feel more like you’re inside a structure.

We can also provide heating and lighting for your party tent if you choose.

What occurs when you order a tent for a party or event is described below.

Tents and canopies do not have to be set up on concrete or asphalt; instead, they can be anchored down securely in the grass or soil.

In addition, there should be 10 square feet each person, plus an extra 20 square feet per person for walking area, per person.

We will charge you for mileage, labor, and time if you live outside of the Santa Cruz County delivery region.

Canopies, tents, and their frames, with the exception of smaller versions, must be built by specialists, for reasons of safety and security. To guarantee safety in the case of heavy winds, framed tents and canopies must also be secured to water barrels.

Sizing Options

Free-standing frame canopies may be set up on any surface, including grass, concrete, dirt, or blacktop (see illustration). How to figure out what size canopy you’ll need is as follows: You’ll need 10 square feet every individual who will be seated. You’ll need 100 square feet for each additional table. (Food, for example) Example Seating for 40 persons under a 20×20 umbrella covering 400 sq. ft. Consider the square footage of the dance floor, as well as the space for food tables, a bar, a cake table, and other amenities when determining the size of the canopy you’ll need.

A 4040 canopy is too small for 1600 square feet; a 4050 canopy is too large for 2000 square feet.

All frame canopies must be anchored or secured in place with water barrels to prevent them from blowing away.

Delivery and pick-up fees are calculated based on the location of the delivery.


10 x 10 Customer Set-up (EZUp) $50.00
10 x 10 Frame $135.00
10 x 15 Frame $190.00
10 x 20 Frame $225.00
10 x 25 Frame $270.00
10 x 30 Frame $300.00
10 x 35 Frame $340.00
10 x 40 Frame $375.00
10 x 45 Frame $420.00
10 x 50 Frame $550.00
10 x 60 Frame $620.00
20 x 20 Frame $275.00
20 x 30 Frame $375.00
20 x 40 Frame $495.00
20 x 50 Frame $675.00
20 x 60 Frame $795.00
20 x 70 Frame $845.00
20 x 80 Frame $995.00
20 x 90 Frame $1095.00
20 x 100 Frame $1295.00
30 x 30 Frame $695.00
30 x 40 Frame $775.00
30 x 45 Frame $875.00
30 x 55 Frame $975.00
30 x 60 Frame $1075.00
30 x 70 Frame $1175.00
40 x 40, 1 piece $995.00
40 x 60, 1 piece $1500.00
40 x 80, 1 piece $2450.00
40 x 100 $3050.00
40 x 120 $3500.00
Marquee Canopy Entrance 7x7x8 $75.00
White Sidewalls $2.00/ft
Panorama/Window Sidewalls $3.00/ft
Canopy Lights (Installed) $15.00 each
Canopy Heaters (Forced Air) $75.00 each
Rain Gutter $3.00/sq. ft.
Astroturf 25¢/sq. ft.

The Old Toll Gate Inn Tent Rentals

$125.00 for a 16×16 inch canvas. It has a capacity of 25 persons. Striped20X20 – $125.00 – Red and white stripes It has a capacity of 40 people. Striped in Red and White Striped in Blue and White Striped in Green and White Striped in Red and Yellow $150.00 for 20×30 inch canvas. It can accommodate 60 people. Striped in Green and White Striped in Blue and White The price for YellowWhite Striped20X40 is $175.00. It has a capacity of 80 people. Striped in Red and White Striped in Green and White Striped in Blue and White The color white is used throughout (used for weddings only) $800.00 for a 30×60 inch print Fits a total of 195 people White-3 Peak Tension TentAll White FrameTent20X20 – $250.00 White-3 Peak Tension Tent a 20×30-inch canvas for $300.00 The cost of 20X40 is $350.00.

Additional Options

6 ft. Round Tables are available for $15.00 each (We have 12) 6 foot banquet tables are available for $5.00 each (We have 50) Chairs are available for $1.50 apiece. Brown or white are the options. 20ft sections of white sides with windows are available for $25.00 apiece. Tent lights are available for purchase at $25.00. $50.00 Drinking Fountain – On the dance floor (Call for size and price info) – Delivery and pick-up are included in the price of the table and chairs. We are not responsible for setting up the tables and chairs.

The price of the tent includes delivery, set-up, and teardown, as well as sales tax.

Tent Care Instructions

The following are the directions for taking care of the tents, tables, and chairs. Please take your time to read through it.

No Gas or charcoal grills are permitted under the tent.

My hubby is a physicist. During my August 2021 wedding, we hired AcSons for rentals (such as linens and candles), sourcing of real Eucalyptus garland and bundles, as well as a Design Consultation and Day-of Coordination, among other services. This service has exceeded our expectations in every way! Stacey, Bill, and the other members of the team were extremely responsive, and they scheduled meetings on short notice. It was a breeze to collaborate with them on finding inspiration and ideas for our décor, and they relieved a lot of my worry by making the process of renting and organizing setup as simple as possible.

The Day Before Coordination was excellent, and it helped to ensure that the entire process ran well. They are really knowledgeable in their field, and I would definitely suggest them; we will be utilizing them for all of our events moving ahead.

Google Review

I discovered that I was treated quite well in this place. They were more than ready to assist me in planning a surprise celebration. I would absolutely suggest them, and I plan to use them again in the future as well. -David Barr, DDS, Ph.D.

Google Review

This firm is a pleasure to do business with. They are adaptable, fast, and their equipment is in excellent condition. -Michael Loomis, author

Facebook Review

I was quite pleased with the work done by Bill and his crew on our wedding rental for my daughter’s wedding! They were really helpful and readily accessible to answer all of my inquiries! If you are planning an outdoor wedding, I strongly advise you to do so! Everything worked out well! Thank you very much! -Noel Phelps, n.d.

Facebook Review

I had communication with Bill, and he was quite kind and helpful throughout the process. When we went to pick up the chairs and tables, his kid was quite kind; I would certainly rent from him again. Thank you, Bill, for being so accommodating in terms of receiving and returning the tables and chairs! -Truth Lor

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