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Camping Tents – Dome & Truck tents

One of the great pleasures of the summer months is packing up your car and heading off to enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends. However, in order to properly enjoy nature and all of the pleasure that comes with “roughing it,” you’ll need to set up a temporary shelter for the night. Let’s take a look at some of the most often asked questions to assist you make an informed decision about your new tent purchase.

What tent is best suited for my getaway plans?

If you plan on camping, attending music festivals, or simply sleeping outside in your garden as part of your trip, the size and weight of your tent will be important considerations to choose. Smaller, lighter tents are great for small parties and shorter journeys because they are easy to assemble with clip suspension and shock corded poles, and they allow for rapid disassembly. For longer vacations, bigger family tents are more comfortable but are more difficult to travel and build. They are more expensive and take longer to put together.

What type of tents can I choose from?

Today’s tents can be readily attached to the back of a pickup truck, despite the fact that camping is traditionally linked with striking stakes into the ground and sleeping on a “earth’s mattress.” The ability to avoid sleeping on damp or rough ground is a significant advantage when traveling. There are also tents that can be attached directly to the back of a car or SUV, allowing you to enter your vehicle without having to leave your tent, so expanding your protected space and making access to your stuff easier.

What important features should I consider when buying a tent?

When purchasing a tent, space and size are critical considerations, just as they are when purchasing a house or apartment. In contrast to real estate, tent size is determined by the number of people who will be sleeping in it. Always bear in mind that, while the conventional tent sizes given represent the maximum number of people who may sleep in that tent side-by-side, there is no provision for storing additional belongings in such tents. A 2-person tent can do if you want a nice holiday with your mate, but if you need more inside room for your clothing and other camping goods, you may want to consider upgrading to a bigger tent size.

The addition of a washtub basin will provide additional durability, which is particularly important if you will be wearing shoes inside.

Also, if you’re very tall, double-check the tent’s dimensions to guarantee you’ll have enough room to stretch out. Finally, seek for a fly that can be removed so that you may stare at the stars on a warm, clear night or keep it on in chilly or wet weather, as appropriate.


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Watch this video to learn about the free features and options available on our popular Wilderness Canvas Wall Tent.


The Canadian Rangers used our tentstoves in -42 degree weather on January 17th. We’ve purchased tents and will be utilizing them this winter. The best investment I’ve ever made. -42 degrees this morning, and we are as warm as we possibly can be. Thank you so much, Kevin Lafferty. CANADIAN RANGERS are a baseball team based in Canada. Last year, I purchased three tents from you for use in my outfitting company. Your tents are incredibly well constructed, and I require tents that are as resistant as yours.

  • In addition, I will be getting another 3 this autumn from the same supplier.
  • The Outfitter, Al “Excellent tent.
  • Taylor This is a fantastic tent.
  • I had no idea it was possible for an entire tent to be so well-protected, especially with the eave webbing, D rings in place of grommets, and a second layer of canvas covering the roof.
  • Roger My brother has an outfitting business and recently purchased four of your Wilderness tents.
  • I’d like to order a 12 x 14 canvas.
  • Thank you very much for all of your suggestions.

I’m sure I spoke with each and every salesman at least once.

After all of my queries and your advice, I was able to purchase the most appropriate tent bundle for my needs, which was a relief!

Leo My shipment was misplaced by FEDEX.

I really appreciate the excellent customer service you provide.

Hank My contentment with my 12 x 14 canvas wall tent, which I have been using for the past two seasons, would be appreciated if I could submit feedback to The Tent Shop about it.

Because I was setting it up by myself, I wished I had gone with a smaller 10 x 12 instead.

This last season was the first in which we had to put up the canvas tent on snow and cope with snow for the entire week-long hunt, which was a first for us.

I am quite delighted with the product, and I have no issues about the overall quality of your tent.

Regards, Robert.

I’ve had a handful of occasions to put my 12 x 14 to good use thus far.

Each night, it rained and I was able to put it to good use.

This evening, I’ll be camping in my backyard because I have some housework to complete.

I’ll have the damper turned down to the lowest setting and will be delightfully warm.

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I am, of course, yours truly, Brian’s phone number is 1221.

In order to complete my tent frame angle kit, I recently purchased 1″EMT electrical metal tube conduit.

When I went to set up my wall tent at hunting camp, the frame was the ideal match.

I must add that the quality of the canvas and the double stitching have left a lasting impression on me.

A double layer of canvas was also used to strengthen the ridge, something I didn’t understand was a regular feature until I saw it.

Once again, thank you so much.

I just wanted to express how much I loved browsing around your website prior to making my purchase of a wall tent.

However, it was the hundreds of reviews I saw on Facebook, your website, and Google that sealed the deal for me to make a purchase from your company.

I would highly recommend your company.

Thank you very much.

He is completely enthralled by it.

Your tent is just fantastic.

The Yukon 5 stove kept us quite warm in the nights, and we cranked it up to full blast in the middle of the night for all-night heat. I’m looking to purchase a 14 x 16 as well as a Yukon 5 stove. I can’t wait to put it to use. Thurston click here to find out more

Best tent brands on the market in 2021 in Canada

The Canadian Rangers used our tentstoves in -42 degrees Fahrenheit weather on January 17th, 2017. The tents we purchased will be used this winter. Investment that has paid off in spades -42 degrees this morning, and we are as warm as we possibly can be in our lovely nook. Kevin Lafferty, thank you very much. RANGERS FROM CANADA Several years ago, I purchased three tents from you for use in my outfitting company. My demand for robust tents is being met by yours, which has great quality. Wilderness canvas tents 14 x 16 are what I’m looking for.

  • Please accept my sincere gratitude once more.
  • “This is a fantastic tent!
  • Taylor This is a wonderful tent!
  • I had no idea that an entire tent could be so well-protected, thanks to the eave webbing, D rings in place of grommets, and a second layer of canvas on the ceiling.
  • Roger My brother is an outfitter, and he recently purchased four of your Wilderness tents for his business needs.
  • My preferred size is a 12 × 14 inch canvas.
  • Greetings and thank you for all of your suggestions.

I’m sure I spoke with each and every salesman at least once throughout the course of my business.

After all of my queries and your advice, I was able to purchase the most appropriate tent bundle for my needs.

Leo I had a shipment that FEDEX had misplaced.

Thank you very much.

The best treatment I’ve ever had has been provided by this organization.

It has completely transformed my life, and I am relishing every moment of it.

Because I was setting it up by myself, I wished I had chosen a 10 x 12 instead.

This last season was the first in which we had to put up the canvas tent on snow and cope with snow for the entire week-long hunt, which was an experience in itself.

On the subject of the quality of your tent, I am quite delighted, satisfied, and have no concerns.

Regards, Robert.

A number of times, I’ve been able to put my 12 x 14 to good use.

Each night, it rained and I was able to utilize it.

I’m camped out in my backyard tonight since I have some housework to do before I sleep.

Because I’ll have the damper turned down to a low setting, I’ll be nice and toasty.

Dear Sir/Madame/Madame, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Prior to my hunting expedition, I didn’t get a chance to thoroughly examine my canvas tent.

In order to construct my wall tent structure, I cut the EMT steel tubing according to your directions.

As soon as I finished erecting my canvas tent, I checked it over thoroughly.

Massive steel D rings and dense webbing on the eaves provide incredible strength.

To summarize, the wilderness wall tent is the most fortified and highest-quality wall tent I’ve ever seen, bar none.

To express my appreciation for your website prior to purchasing my wall tent, I’d want to express how much I liked browsing it.

Nonetheless, it was the hundreds of customer reviews I saw on Facebook, your website, and Google that sealed the deal for me to make the buy.

He was really knowledgeable and patient as I went through the process of picking the tent size, treatment, stove, and other accessories I required.

Thank you so much.

It’s a huge hit with him.

Wow, that tent is incredible!

The Yukon 5 stove kept us quite warm in the evenings, and we cranked it up to full blast in the middle of the night for all-night warmth. Ideally, I’d want to purchase both a 14×16 and a Yukon 5. Using it will be a delight for me. Thurston see this page for further information


This firm, which was founded in 1895 by W.C. Coleman, a steamboat engineer, has been in operation for more than 100 years and is the largest manufacturer of camping equipment in the United States. Their tents are well-made, but they lack several features seen on other brands, such as mesh panels or windows that open from both sides; on the other hand, they offer a wide range of sizes to select from, making them a good value.


This German firm began by concentrating in climbing equipment before expanding its product line to include backpacks, outerwear, and other outdoor equipment in general. There is no denying that they are well-known for their lightweight, high-performance equipment.


They began as an outdoor merchant in Arkansas and have now evolved into a manufacturer of camping equipment with contemporary designs.

Big Agnes

Based on the belief that something was missing from all other camping brands on the market at the time, they now manufacture many different types of hybrid sleeping systems ranging from bedding to camp furniture to basecamp equipment – you name it! They were founded by Rob Rauch, who believed there was something missing from all other camping brands on the market at the time. Their goods have been used on trips all around the world, and they have earned the trust of a large number of outdoor enthusiasts.

The North Face

For any traveler or outdoor enthusiast looking for a quality product, The North Face’s more than 50 years of experience are an excellent choice. Their items are built to last, and they have a fantastic guarantee policy in place if you aren’t completely happy with your order.

Sierra Designs

For any traveler or outdoor enthusiast looking for a quality product, The North Face’s more than 50 years of experience are a great choice. In the event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, they have an excellent warranty policy in place to help you.

Best-Selling Tent Brands in Canada | Comparison Table

  • Ten feet by nine feet plus five feet by sixty-eight inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds. Dark Room capability that is exclusive to Coleman. Rainfly and windows that have been specially built and coated to shield the morning and evening sun Tents that are treated with UV protection are 98 percent less hot than tents that are not treated. Improved design: the rainfly has been removed from the screen room to provide a more open screen porch effect. Fast Pitch allows for up to a 45 percent faster setup time. Eport provides simple access to electrical power

Best Value

  • Dark room technology prevents 90 percent of sunlight, allowing you to sleep in past daybreak
  • It also lowers the temperature inside the tent, allowing you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Keeping dry is made possible by the Weathertec system, which has a tub-like floor, unique corner welds, and covered seams to help keep water out. The sturdy structure has been proven to resist gusts of more than 35 mph. The E-port makes it simple to bring electrical power inside your tent from outside. It measures 9 ft. by 7 ft. with a center height of 4 ft. 11 in.
  • It accommodates one queen-size airbed.

Most Popular | Best Trusted

  • An 8-person, two-room tent with a hinged door that measures 16 feet by 7 feet (footprint) and 6 feet in height in the center, and can accommodate three queen airbeds
  • When the doors and windows are open, the cabin-like architecture and specially-angled windows assist keep rain out. Excellent outdoor living area may be found on the front porch and wings. Enhanced storm protection provided by the WeatherTec System. A patented hinged door that allows for rapid and simple entry
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Marmot Crane Creek 2-Person Backpacking and Camping Tent, Macaw/Crocodile

  • 2 person 32 square foot lightweight tent excellent for backpacking or camping
  • Has a seam-taped, full-coverage waterproof rain fly
  • Weighs less than 2 pounds. Aluminum poles from the 7000 series are strong and long-lasting. There are two D-shaped doors for convenient access, as well as two above vestibules for additional storage space. Interior height is 43 inches
  • Floor measurements are 50 by 88 inches
  • Trail weight is 4 pounds, 13 ounces
  • Pack weight is 5 pounds, 5 ounces
  • Floor space is 32 square feet
  • Weight is 4 pounds, 13 ounces.

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11′ x9′

  • It can accommodate two queen air mattresses and sleeps six people. CORE H20 Block Technology and an adjustable ground vent are included in the center height of 72. This tent has a gear loft with a lantern hook and compartments to keep belongings organized and off the tent’s floor. When not in use, the access point for the electrical cable can be completely closed. The package includes a rain fly, tent poles, and a carry bag.

Napier 19022 Backroadz Truck Tent, Full Size Regular Bed, Grey/Green

  • Ample ventilation is provided by two wide windows. With more than 5.6 feet of headroom, the cabin is spacious. The installation of extra storm flaps covering the windows and doors, as well as a full rainfly, gives the best weather protection.

Napier 19066 Backraodz Truck Tent, Compact Short Bed, Grey/Green

  • Air is blown through the house via two huge windows. With almost 5.6 feet of headroom, the cabin is spacious. Additional storm flaps on the windows and doors, as well as a full rainfly, give the best possible weather protection.

GEERTOP 2 Person 4 Season Backpacking Tent for Camping Hiking Travel Climbing – Easy Set Up

  • TENT FOR 4 SEASONS THAT IS WATERPROOF The Geertop 4 season tent is constructed of high-quality materials that are completely water-resistant and exceptionally lightweight. This anti-tear checkered polyester coating has a 3000mm water-resistant finish and high UV resistance
  • It is made of 210T anti-tear checkered polyester. Because of its slick surface, it is capable of swiftly shedding snow and rain. Tent with two layers of fabric. This twin two-layer camping tent for two people may be set up in two different ways. The inner and outer tents are superimposed to provide a windproof shelter. Use the inner layer as a ventilated tent on its own. Excellent tent for use in every weather condition. Additionally, double stitched seams are precisely sealed to boost the waterproofing and keep the garment dry. TENT FOR BACKPACKING THAT IS SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT The weight of this 2 person 4 season tent is merely 6.4 lbs. DIMENSIONS – The outer layer is 82 (L) by 102 (W) by 45 (H) inches in size. Inner layer dimensions are 78 (L) x 55 (W) x 41 (H) inches. Package dimensions are 17.3 (L) x 6.7 (W) x 6.7 (H) inches. A single person can easily set up the tent with the flysheet in a matter of minutes, making it a quick and simple setup. A lightweight portable carrying bag is included, allowing you portability wherever you go. Geertop dome tents are ideal for camping, hiking, trekking, outdoor sports, and travel, among other activities. 2 PERSON TENTThere is enough space for two persons. Carrying it in your backpack is not a problem because it is small and lightweight. This jacket is ideal for spring camping, trekking, and climbing in the summer and fall, and will keep you warm and dry even in the heaviest wind, heaviest rain, or the coldest snow.
  • Compact folding poles that are easy to transport in a backpack Color coded clip and fly attachments, as well as Gearloft loops Carry bag with a roll-top closure, Quick and simple set up
  • Freestanding design. Tent walls made of fabric or netting
  • Kelty hug clip, Easy entrance D door, Kelty hug clip Pockets for storing things on the inside Construction with all seams taped together
  • There are three seasons and one number of entrances and vestibules. There are two numbers of poles. Capacity: 2 people
  • A total floor space of 30.5 ft2 (2.83 m2) and a total vestibule size of 10 ft2 (0.93 m2)

Sierra Designs Convert 2 Tent – 2 Person, 4 40147118

  • 20D polypropylene, 20D polypropylene ripstop, 20D polypropylene ripstop (nylon) are the materials used. Capacity: for two people
  • Seasons: four distinct seasons
  • Double-wall construction is used. Yes, it is self-contained.

Big Agnes Unisex’s Copper Spur Tent, Orange, 3 Person

  • As a result of the design, high-volume pole architecture is possible, resulting in steeper walls. High-volume angle hubs improve stability and strength while also providing the most usable space possible. Includes a front entrance and a vestibule, both of which have storm flaps on the vestibule zippers. Stowing an unzipped tent body door is made simple and quick with the Quick stash on tent body door
  • While the two-tone mesh gives seclusion, it also allows for clear stargazing visibility.

Vaude Drive Wing Unisex Outdoor Tent Available in Sand – One Size

  • Fits most basic minivans, including the Volkswagen Caddy, the Renault Kangoo, the Opel Combo, and others. great air circulation is provided by mesh windows
  • The location is free
  • And there is no need for a car steep entryway to make it easier to get in

The North Face Wawona 6P, Agave Green/Asphalt Grey, OS

Instant tents are the quickest and most convenient to set up and take down, which is ideal if you camp or trek frequently. They’re also simple enough to be set up by a single person without the need for assistance.

How to choose a tent

In order to sleep in a tent after spending the entire day outside when camping or hiking, you’ll need to bring one with you. There are a plethora of tent options to pick from, including models from manufacturers such as MSR, Big Agnes, Sierra Designs, andMEC, but how do you determine which tent is most suited to your camping preferences? When purchasing for a tent, there are a number of variables to consider:

  • You’re going camping in the following categories: You’re either driving to a provincial park camping or going deep into the woods
  • The choice is yours. Number of people:Do you want additional space in your tent or are you ok with a tight fit? Weather conditions and time of year: Choose a tent that is appropriate for the weather conditions you anticipate
  • The following are characteristics to look for: Tents are available in a variety of styles, from bare bones minimalism to ultra luxurious, and everything in between – decide which features are most essential to you. Tent accessories and add-ons include the following: Learn about additional camping equipment that can make your camping trip more enjoyable.

Tents for your type of camping

Depending on the sort of camping you want to perform, the type of tent you should choose will be determined by your needs. Whether you’ll be camping at a provincial park site near your vehicle or transporting your tent into the backcountry by backpack or canoe, it’s important to plan beforehand.

Camping with a car or vehicle

Depending on the sort of camping you want to perform, you’ll want to choose a different style of tent.

Plan on camping at a provincial park near your vehicle, or will you be transporting your tent into the backcountry by backpack or canoe?

  • Ample headroom (most people can generally stand up in them)
  • Large and roomy with plenty of legroom. Lots of windows were used in the design
  • Often the largest tents available — for example, if you’re searching for a tent to accommodate a family of eight, you’ll most likely be looking at a tent made for vehicle camping
  • It is not intended to be extremely lightweight or compact

“When you’re loading your van for a camping trip, make sure to put your tent and sleeping gear last.” In this manner, it will be easy to locate it and put it up first when you arrive at the campground.” – MEC staff member’s advice

Backpacking, hiking, canoeing or bike touring

“When you’re packing your van for a camping trip, make sure to put your tent and sleeping gear in last place.” When you get at the campground, you’ll be able to quickly locate it and put it up first. Tip from the MEC team

  • Lightweight and compact, allowing you to save valuable packing room. The size is tiny enough to fit into small wilderness campsites. It’s important to remember that smaller weights mean lesser durability and less inside room, so you’ll have to consider these variables carefully while making your decision.
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“All of the MECSparkandExpeditiontents are equipped with top-of-the-line tent poles from DAC. Along with being exceptionally robust and lightweight, they’re also anodized to avoid corrosion – and DAC has developed a green anodizing technique that is healthier for the environment by eliminating the use of nitric and phosphoric acids from the manufacturing process.” – MEC tent designer & manufacturer

Number of people

Each tent on mec.ca has a capacity rating, which indicates the maximum number of people that can fit inside the tent. A tent that can accommodate 6 people does not necessarily imply that you will want to pack in there with 5 of your best friends every time you use it. A tent’s capacity is not measured according to any industry standard; nevertheless, in general, a tent’s capacity is defined as the number of sleeping bags that can be accommodated in the tent with a few centimetres of space between them.

Most other campers, on the other hand, would probably prefer a bit more wiggle room or storage space for their excess stuff.

Bringing your dog camping, or having a growing family, is something else to think about while planning your trip.

Weather and seasons

All of the tents supplied by MEC are built of high-quality materials with waterproof coatings, properly sealed seams, and long-lasting poles to ensure years of use. Even if you choose a high-quality tent, the sort of weather in which you want to camp might have an impact on the type of tent you purchase. Camping in the spring, summer, and fall is possible. The majority of tents are intended for three-season use (which means all the seasons except winter). 3-season tents are effective at keeping out rain and wind, but they are not designed to sustain significant snow loads on the roof or wind gusts of Himalayan magnitude.

Rain or shine, campers should pick a tent with a full-coverage rain fly that extends all the way down to the ground rather than one that only extends part of the way down to the ground.

These shelters are ideal for ski touring, winter camping, and climbing expeditions since they are built to withstand heavy snowfall and strong winds while providing a safe haven from the elements.

Features to look for

If you’re camping with a friend or family member, having more than one door means you’re less likely to have to step over someone while going to the restroom at night. However, because adding more doors increases the weight and size of the bag, some hikers choose to travel with only one door.


Vestibules are the garages, mudrooms, and front porches of the camping world, and they serve a variety of functions. Use them as a place to put your backpack, take off your shoes, or simply to hang out in the shade away from the rain or insects. Their sizes and forms are many and varied in nature. Most tents come with a vestibule (or at the very least an awning), but some tents also offer extra add-on vestibules if you wish to increase the amount of room available.

Easy set up

The majority of contemporary tents are simple to erect. Tents with color-coded poles and accessories will allow you to pitch your tent in the shortest amount of time. Some tents even come with the set-up instructions printed directly on the bag, so you’ll never have to worry about misplacing them. In addition, while it should go without saying, larger tents with more poles will require a little more effort to erect than smaller tents. “Practice putting up your new tent in your home or a local park before on your first camping trip.” When you get at the campsite, you don’t want to be fumbling around with an unfamiliar tent in the rain or the dark.” – MEC staff member’s advice

Pockets and organization

When you’re camping, it might be difficult to keep track of your belongings. (Which reminds me, where did I put my vehicle keys again?) Pockets and organizers come in helpful in situations like these. A few tiny pockets will be found in some tents; but, larger and more expensive automobile camping models may include many more.

Tent accessories

If your tent didn’t come with enough pockets to accommodate all of your belongings, you might want to consider adding a gear loft. These fabric shelves or hammocks are ideal for storing little items such as spare socks or flashlights that are not too heavy. Check to see whether your tent has loops on the ceiling or walls that will allow you to attach a gear loft to the tent.


It is a piece of tough material that is custom-sized to fit under your tent and known as a footprint (also known as a ground cloth). It protects against abrasion and guarantees that the waterproof coating on the tent floor lasts for an extended period of time. It’s also tailored to the exact proportions of the tent, because any material that protrudes might cause rain to pool underneath the structure. You might consider utilizing a footprint if you are camping on rocky terrain or are using a very sensitive lightweight hiking tent.


You may either purchase a tent that comes with built-in lighting or you can create your own by purchasing additional lights. Many tents feature a loop at the top where you may hang a small battery-operated lamp if you want to be extra safe.

Roof Top Tents, Awnings & Adventure Gear

After moving up to the light and airy Breezeway Series, which is perfect for the adventurer who needs all-season capability, we arrive at our top-of-the-line Walkabout Series, which is the pinnacle of durability as well as all-season comfort.

This is the culmination of years of research and development.

Vehicle Mounted Awnings

Our selection of Awnings gives instant protection from the elements in a matter of minutes. The poles are stored in the Twin channel alloy profiles, which makes assembly simple. The same 280GSM Ripstop poly cotton fabric with PU coating that we use on all of our Breezeway and Walkabout Series Roof Top Tents ensures that you will remain dry and protected with an awning that is built to perform and survive for years to come.

Wingman Of The Road – All-In-One motorcycle camping system.

02/06/2021 The product was delivered precisely when they stated it would be delivered. Waiting for it was definitely worth the effort. The tent is really robust, and I have no worries that it will survive for many years to come. Amazing airflow, and it is absolutely water resistant. Overall, it was an excellent piece of equipment for my trips. Kevin Freedman is a writer and entrepreneur. 26/07/2020 This is a fantastic product. Setup is simple and quick. It kept me completely dry in some very bad wet circumstances in the West of Ireland, and it folds up quickly and easily.

Definitely consider the Wingman Goose if you’re looking for a one-person motorcycle tent with a lot of space.

An incredible unbreakable tent made of material that is well worth the investment.

When it comes to the outer, it is incredibly water resistant; I was once awakened in a puddle one inch thick and yet I was completely dry on the inside.

After around 60 nights of use, it still seems to be brand new.

18/04/2019 Currently, I am not aware of any other motorcycle camping system that is designed by motorcyclists for bikers rather than by a corporate entity.

I was really pleased with the experience.

James Jordan is a professional basketball player.

When it comes to motorcycle camping systems, this one is unquestionably “suited for purpose.” It is simple to erect and dismantle.

Very comfy, and thanks to the fly screens, I was able to sleep beneath the stars without having to worry about mosquitoes.

There is no need to be concerned about punctures or air loss, which might occur while inflating mats.

Steve Mac is a fictional character created by Steve Mac.

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