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Yurts,Canvas Cottages,Tipis, & Wall Tents

Rainier Outdoor is where you’ll find handcrafted yurts, canvas cottages, canvas tents, and tipis, as well as other outdoor furnishings. Since 1896, we have been committed to supplying clients with high-quality items. Get in touch with us right now to begin experiencing your journey!

Order Placed

Fill up your order on the go using your preferred desktop or mobile device.

Order Prep

Get ready to be ecstatic because we are working on your order! Lead times will vary depending on the things you have added to your cart. Do not be concerned, we will keep in touch with you throughout the process.

Order Shipped

It’s GO TIME, and your order is on its way to you right now. If you’ve ordered a Yurt, Cottage, or Tipi, you’ll receive a confirmation email. More information may be found HERE, so you can be better prepared to arrange and get your order goods.

Happy Dance Time

Your order will be delivered today, so mark your calendars! Those placing orders for Yurts, Cottages, or Tipis should have a work party ready since you WILL require assistance! These floor plans, developed by our Yurt Specialist Dana, are downloadable and serve as inspiration pieces to demonstrate just how adaptable and pleasant life in a Yurt (or numerous yurts) can be!

Buy a Yurt — Traders of Tamerlane – Camping Yurts for Sale and Rent

There is no charge for a double-wide door. Our basic door frame is three feet in width (About the average size of any doorway in your house). We can increase the width of any yurt 16′ and up by an additional 6′ at no additional expense. There is no charge for a separate door flap. Our standard canvas wall is long enough to overlap the door frame by several feet, resulting in a built-in door that is not visible from the outside. It is possible to have a separate door flap that is not attached to the wall at no additional charge if you prefer.

  1. Sunforger canvas.
  2. In addition, we offer 12.6 oz.
  3. Add 10% to the standard price of the canvas to make it flame retardant.
  4. $150-350 depending on the size of the stained building We have over 100 stain options for your yurt, so you can make it a more vibrant structure.
  5. The stain is applied to the walls, door frame, rafters, roof ring, and dome to create a finished look that contrasts nicely with the canvas and other materials.

Tall wall options range from $350-650 depending on the size of the room. All of our yurts come standard with a 6′ wall height; however, for those that want a little more room, we also offer a 7′ tall wall option.


Each of our yurts is created to order, and we demand a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost before we can begin construction. The remaining payment (plus tax, if applicable) will be invoiced after your tent is ready, and it must be paid in full before your tent will be dispatched for shipping. You have the option of paying this sum in full sooner if you so want. Unless otherwise stated, all additional choices must be paid for at the time of your first transaction. Shipping -Shipping costs will be estimated and paid to you at the time of completion of your purchase.

  • Our Ewing, NJ location also provides in-person pickup, and we can direct deliver within a 100-mile radius of the area.
  • The building of your tent will take 3-5 weeks, so please plan ahead of time.
  • Especially if you need your tent by a specified date, we recommend placing your purchase as soon as possible.
  • When your order is ready to ship, we will notify you.

Ready to buy or have more questions?

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  • Time: the earliest possible conclusion
  • Time: it has just recently been listed
  • Price + shipping is ordered from lowest to highest
  • Price + shipping is ordered from lowest to highest
  • Distance is prioritized as follows: closest first

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Everything from your favorite brand is available in one convenient location. Now is the time to shop. You may also be interested inSlideof- You may also be interested in

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Durable, Spacious and Comfortable yurt tents

(There are 7032 goods available.) Square meters are priced between $950.00 and $1,000.00. $180.47-$226.88/ Piece for 1.0 Square Meters (Minimum Order) The minimum order quantity is 50.0 pieces at the price of $125.99-$127.99 each piece. The minimum order quantity is two pieces at a cost of $200.00 to $300.00 per square meter. A surface area of one square meter (Min. Order) $950.00-$1,000.00 per square meter1.0 square meter $950.00-$1,000.00 (Min. Order) Sets range from $169.00 to $210.00 each set (Min.

  1. The price for one piece (minimum order) is $313.75 each piece (shipping is between $169 and $275 per piece).
  2. order) ranges from $165.30 to $227.90.
  3. The minimum order quantity is 2.0 pieces at a cost of $241.00-$315.00 per piece.
  4. 500 Pieces (Minimum Order)$7.99-$22.99 per piece (depending on quantity).
  5. 50.0 Pieces are available (Min.
  6. Matreials Tent with seam taped cover canvas with a PVC coating PVC ground sheet; galvanized steel tubing for the pole.
  7. It is water-resistant.

a tent for all four seasons 3.

In addition, you can select polyester bell tent packaging and shipping packaging.

China’s port of Shenzhen Dimensions of a carton The dimensions of one piece are 70*20*20cm and the weight is 19/18kg.

$169-$245.00 per piece (minimum order)$169.00-$245.00 per piece The price for 2 pieces (minimum order) ranges from $28.12 to $39.84/pair.

Order) Pieces range from $59.30 to $198.10 The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces at a cost of $285-$350.00 each piece.

Prices range from $50.00 to $140.00 per square meter.

Order)$31.90-$163.90/ Square Meter$31.90-$163.90/ Square Meter 1.0 Square Meters (Minimum Order)$955.00-$1,061.00/ Set$955.00-$1,061.00/ Set 1 Set(Min.

Order) Mongolian Yurt Tent Bell Tent specification (diameter * lateral) description Common Standard MOQ: 5 setsamp;Phi; 3 M * 1.8 M ; 3 M * 1.8 M 1.

frame: galvanized steel tubing and plate iron in a circular shape 3.


5 years of quality assurance are provided.

Pieces are available for $350.00.

12 square meters are available (Min.

The price per piece ranges from $18.07 to $22.90 for 50 pieces (minimum order).

The price per piece ranges from $6.99 to $22.99 for a minimum order of 300 pieces.

Pieces Count: 2.0 (Min.

These waterproof and mouldproof tents are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and durable, providing you with luxury and dependability.

Concerning the items and suppliers: Increase the quality of your camping trip by choosing from the extensive selection ofyurt tents available on Alibaba.com.

Yurt tents are your home away from home when you’re on an exciting holiday, giving relief from harsh weather conditions and extreme heat and humidity.

Manyyurt tents are also equipped with groundsheets, which serve to protect you from irritants like as moist dirt, insects, and other potential irritants.

As a result, they are perfect for both individual customers and bulk buyers who require them for the purpose of setting up awareness or medical camps.

There are a variety of materials available for use in both tropical and freezing climates.

Yurt tents, in addition to providing shelter from the elements (wind, water, and sun), may also provide protection from dangerous UV radiation.

On Alibaba.com, you may be confident that you will discover the yurt tents that meet your specifications.

With such a diverse selection of things to choose from, you are likely to find something you like. Shop right now to take advantage of the best offers being given by the most dependable suppliers and manufacturers.

You Can Buy A Yurt Tent For Your Backyard On Amazon

(A total of 7032 goods are now available. ) A square meter costs between $950.00 and $1,000.00. Unit Price: $180.47-$226.88/ Square Meter (Minimum Order) The minimum order quantity is 50.0 pieces at the price of $125.99-$127.99 per piece (including shipping). $20.00-$300.00 per square meter (minimum order of 2) Square meters: one square meter (Min. Order) The price per square meter is between $950.00 and $1,000.00. (Min. Order) 169-210 dollars per set5 sets$169-210 dollars per set (Min. Order) a piece for $334.00 The price for one piece (minimum order) is $313.75 per piece (shipping costs are between $169 and $275).

  • $1,042.00/Piece (minimum order quantity of one piece) (Shipping) The cost per square meter ranges between $80.00 and $120.00.
  • 199.00-211.00 per piece (minimum order of 50 pieces) The minimum order quantity is one piece at a price ranging from $209.50-$301.89 per piece.
  • The price for one piece (minimum order) is $215.89 per piece (shipping is between $169 and $275).
  • The minimum order quantity is one piece at a price between $270.00 and $290.00 per piece.
  • Order) Basic facts about the outside waterproof four-season family camping yurt bell tent Size 200cm in height at the top and 300cm in diameter.
  • 2.
  • a screen against mosquitos Set up and fold your clothes according to your instructions.

Carry bags are provided for each individual.

Size of the carton The dimensions of one piece are 70*20*20cm and the weight is 19/18kg (gw/nw).

A single piece (minimum order quantity) costs between $169 and $245 per piece.

Order) Pieces range from $59.30 to $208.10 The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces at $285-$350.00 per piece.

The minimum order quantity is 50 sets at a cost of $50.00 to $140.00 per square meter.

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Order) Mongolian Yurt Tent Bell Tent specification (diameter * lateral) description Common Standard MOQ: 5 setsamp;Phi; 3 M * 1.8 M; 3 M * 1.8 M The outer-inner layers of the surface are divided into three layers.

The third point is the construction: the frame structure, high frequency welding 4.

5 years of quality assurance is provided.

a piece for $350.00 $38.00/square meter for 1 piece (minimum order) A total of 12 square meters has been allocated (Min.

The price per piece ranges from $18.07 to $22.90 depending on the quantity ordered.

Piece Price: $38-$41.00 for 2.0 Sets (Minimum Order Quantity: 5) The price per piece ranges from $6.99 to $22.99 for 300 pieces (the minimum order quantity).

Pieces Count: 2.00 (Min.

These waterproof and mouldproof tents are stunning, one-of-a-kind, and durable, providing you with luxury and dependability.

Products and suppliers are described as follows: Yurt tents are available for purchase on Alibaba.com, allowing you to elevate your camping experience even further.

The yurt tent serves as a temporary home away from home when on an exciting trip, giving relief from harsh weather conditions and extreme heat.

In addition, many yurt tents are equipped with groundsheets, which help to keep you protected from irritants such as wet soil, insects, and other insects, among other things.

As a result, they are perfect for both individual customers and bulk buyers who require them for the purpose of establishing awareness or medical camps.

Tropical and freezing environments require different types of materials, which are accessible.

Some yurt tents, in addition to providing shelter against the elements (wind and water), can also provide protection against dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UV rays).

Yurt tents of all shapes and sizes may be found on Alibaba.com to meet your specific needs. With such a huge selection of things to choose from, you are likely to find something you like. Visit us today and discover the best bargains available from the most dependable vendors and manufacturers.

5 Yurt Kits for Modern Nomads

The most succinct definition of a yurt is the original little home on wheels, sans the tires. Turtles, or yurts, are spherical, tent-like buildings that are designed to be collapsed, packed, and assembled rapidly in order to be transported easily.

What Is a Yurt Kit?

Turtles, or yurts, are spherical, tent-like buildings that are designed to be collapsed, packed, and assembled rapidly in order to be transported easily. It is the collection of pieces that are necessary for the yurt’s assembly that is known as a yurt kit. Yurts gained popularity among counterculturalists and hippy homesteaders in the 1970s due to the fact that they were very simple and inexpensive to construct. It was thousands of years ago when Eurasian tribes and warriors such as Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan chose to live in these small, ramshackle structures.

There are five yurt builders that provide prefabricated kits that you may put together yourself if you want to live like a contemporary nomad.

Freedom Yurt Cabins

  • Yurts for Rent in Freedom Collapsible wood frames and packable fabric walls, exactly like their ancient forebears, are used to construct several modern modifications of the conventional yurt structure. Fabric walls, on the other hand, tend to wear out more quickly than solid walls. Furthermore, mice may nibble through them, and extreme weather might cause them to be damaged. As a result, many manufacturers state that fabric walls require frequent maintenance and eventual replacement in order to keep a yurt in peak operating condition. The Yurt Cabin by Freedom Yurt Cabins is a conventional yurt that does not have any of the drawbacks. The strong walls of the little spherical movable housing have been constructed to last for a lengthy period of time. It takes only a few hours to build and disassemble. And to make things even better, each Yurt Cabin is equipped with extras that you won’t find in a regular conventional yurt, such as double-hung glass windows, insulation, and built-in floor coverings. Continue to the second of five sections below

Colorado Yurt Company

  • Company that makes yurts in Colorado The majority of yurts are equipped with windows. However, it is the dome, which is the building’s crowning splendor, that permits the most natural light to enter the inside. That is why investing in a high-quality dome skylight is a wise decision. The one on this Colorado Yurt Company residence is made of strong acrylic that is weather- and UV-resistant. In addition to being impact resistant, it has a crystal clear appearance. The firm also sells dome improvements, such as a lifter that opens the dome to allow for air flow and a golden tint that helps to keep the yurt cool during hotter months. As an additional option, while the dome is open, you may add a bug net or shade cloth to keep insects and strong sunlight out of the room. In addition, you may add insulation for colder seasons. Continuation to number 3 of 5 below

Pacific Yurts

  • Yurts.com The possibilities are that Pacific Yurts was involved in the construction of your yurt vacation rental. With its establishment in 1978, it established itself as the world’s first contemporary yurt firm. In addition to being ideal for moderate climates, its regular prefab yurt kits are constructed of architectural textiles that have been created to exceed structural and performance criteria that are generally reserved for construction materials. It also comes with a solid wood front door, transparent vinyl windows, and a dome skylight, among other features. If you want an all-season yurt that can resist harsh winter weather, you’ll need to include a few strengthening elements in your package, which you can do using the Yurt Builder 3D pricing tool to create a customized price quote. It will also enable you to personalize your yurt by choosing the appropriate size and outside colors. Energy-efficient glass windows, gutter systems, and snow and wind kits are among the structural changes that can be purchased for an extra fee. Continuation to number 4 of 5 below

Smiling Wood Yurt

Yurt with a grin on its face Who says a yurt needs to be movable in order to be useful? The yurt shell kit from Smiling Wood Yurts was used to construct this small dwelling, which was erected on a concrete slab. Each kit contains all of the components you’ll need to build a finished small home shell from the ground up. The following items are included in a basic package:

  • Doorways and windows that have already been put in the walls
  • Exterior trim package to provide a completed appearance for the outside corners, windows, and door on the outside of the house
  • Kit for the roof, which includes the skylight dome
  • Manual of hardware and building techniques
  • The price of this kit does not include insulation or flooring. According to the firm, it takes an average of three to seven weeks for consumers to design their own yurt package with the assistance of a designer, followed by a permitting and production phase that lasts between two and sixteen weeks. Then, depending on how complicated your package is, it should take between 10 and 34 weeks to construct your yurt. Please proceed to number 5 of 5 in the list below.

Rainer Yurts

  • Rainier.com Every construction byRainer Yurts is meticulously “manu-crafted” with care. In the words of Rainer’s employees, it is a term that sums up their unique production method, which mixes cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship. The firm provides prefab kits that are constructed of high-quality materials, including some of the strongest lattice available and structural textiles that are resistant to the effects of the weather and climate. It is even possible to personalize the interiors with various contemporary conveniences such as electricity, plumbing, and central heating and cooling. In the larger kits, you may even customize them by adding room dividers and a loft. Additionally, the organization provides advice on how to include a kitchen and bathroom into your yurt.

Yurts for Sale – New and Used Yurts on the Yurt Market

Select a locationSelect a categorySelect an option We have yurts available for purchase! On this market, you can purchase both new and old yurts. Do you want to sell your yurt but don’t know how? The Yurt Market is the most convenient location for getting things done quickly.

Yurts for sale – Buy or sell new and used yurts.

Specify a location and/or a category of interest. Our company is selling yurts. Yurts are available for purchase on this market, whether they are brand new or second-hand. A yurt for sale is something you may be interested in selling. When you need anything done quickly, the Yurt Market is the ideal option. The overall cost ranges from $7,500 to $18,000. DetailsDomes

Metal Roofed Dome Houses with Platforms

I’m now on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I’m only doing this. Essentially, these are 2v. DetailsDomes are priced at $16,000.

$3800 for safari tent/pod cabin tents Brand New!

Only USD3800 for a 7*5m safari tent! Tents that are ideal for use as vacation park tents and glamping tents Brand… USD3800 for a 7*5m safari tent! Used as a vacation park tent or glamping tent, these tents are perfect. Brand…

Beautiful Brand New 20′ Yurt for Sale

20-foot Ohana yurt with handcrafted doors, an insulated ceiling, and unique sail cloth. Yurts for $16,000DetailsYurts

original traditional Mongolian yurts export

We are seeking for a reseller or business partner that is interested in the camping sector and would like to sell our KhaanGer brand products on a regular basis. DetailsYurts are available for $3,950.

Mongolian traditional yurt

We are Mongolia’s first and only traditional yurt manufacturer. We are seeking for a reseller or a camping site. The entire cost is $3,950. Details

Recently Added

Price: $3,950 in total Details

Metal Roofed Dome Houses with Platforms

  • Alvin Z3,944 views
  • 1 year ago
  • Domes
  • All Other Locations
  • Alvin Z3,944 views

The entire cost is $3,800.

New 30′ Yurt

Total cost: $3,800.

original traditional Mongolian yurts export

  • Yurt Mongolia5,076 views
  • 2 years ago
  • Yurts
  • All Other Locations
  • Mongolia

Mongolian traditional yurt

  • The Mongolian Yurt5,076 views
  • 2 years ago
  • Yurts
  • All Other Locations

The entire cost is $3,950.

Yurts Kits

Living Intent Yurts are constructed from high-quality, sustainably sourced materials for homesteaders, landowners, retreat centers, and anyone else searching for shelters that are both easy on the environment and easy on the budget.


We begin with one of our base model floor plans, which serves as our starting point. In order to better meet your individual requirements, we may provide numerous customized alternatives from there.


  • Area of the interior: 201 sq ft
  • Wall height: 81″
  • Height of the center ring: 10′

Base Price: $8,000

  • Internal floor space is 315 square feet
  • Wall height is 81 inches
  • Center ring height is 11 feet.

Base Price: $10,400

Living Intent is committed to producing a superior product. It’s a wonderful, polished product. As a finish carpenter, I’m always on the lookout for such details.

Dave – Finish Carpenter

So you’re considering making the transition to yurt living. There have been social media posts, a rental on Hipcamp or Airbnb, and perhaps even the opportunity to view and stay in one yourself. You’ve been bitten by the bug in one way or another.

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It appears that you are contemplating a move to a yurt. You’ve seen the social media posts, a rental on Hipcamp or Airbnb, or perhaps you’ve even had the opportunity to visit and stay in one. You’ve been bitten by the bug in one form or another.


Installation, dismantling, and transportation of Living Intent Yurts are made as simple as possible. Full-sized yurts measuring 14′-20′ can be constructed in as little as one to two days by a team of two first-time yurt builders.

We’d love to hear from you

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. In traditional Mongolian culture, yurts are spherical tent constructions with cloth-like exteriors that are semi-permanent in nature. Traditionally, nomadic tribes from all across Central Asia utilized them as a form of transportation. Today, they can be found all over the world, and they are particularly popular with those who want to live in minimalist homes that are also environmentally mindful in their design.

  1. In the next section, you’ll find seven of the greatest locations to buy yurts and yurt kits.
  2. Price:Begins at $5,825Area: (115 square feet) Pacific Yurts, Inc.
  3. They get their wood from firms that have been recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and promise that at least 25% of the electricity they use originates from renewable wind sources.
  4. Photograph courtesy of Jeff Greenough The inside of Blue Ridge Yurts Cost:Starts at $7,445 per square footArea:16 feet in circumference (200 square feet) Woman-owned East of the Mississippi, Blue Ridge Yurts is the largest provider of yurts in the world.
  5. A day and a half should be enough time to finish the installation of your yurt and all of its accessories.
  6. Additionally, all top and side coverings are backed by a pro-rated 10-year guarantee, and yurts may be customized with wood stoves, lofts, and other features.
  7. It starts at $26,027 and extends to 20.5 feet in diameter (320 square feet) For both their guests and their workers, Smiling Woods Yurts believes that emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness are critical to their well-being.

The Sequoia model from the firm may be used as a single-family residence and has a porch that wraps around the entire building.

Your skill level and the amount of preparation work you have done to the site will determine how quickly you can have your Rainier yurt up and ready to use when you get it.

Installation of your Freedom Yurt Cabin might take anywhere from three to five days, depending on how many people are assisting you with the job.

Cost: The starting price is $6,650.

The smallest models may be built in two to three days by a three-person crew, however the larger models will take longer and will require more complicated technology to finish the manufacturing process.

With more than a decade of expertise in the mortgage market, Lauren Wellbank is a freelance writer specializing in the area.

Her writing has also featured on several other websites, including HuffPost, Washington Post, Martha Stewart Living, and others. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her expanding family in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, where she resides. Follow Lauren

Authentic Mongolian Yurts For Sale

When it comes to the life expectancy of an authentic Mongolian yurt, is there a warranty available? Mongolians believe it will persist for up to 100 years in the wild. On our end, we make every effort to use high-quality materials in the construction of our yurts, allowing them to adapt effectively to the more humid conditions of North America. The wood construction and felt insulation will survive for dozens of years if they are cared for properly. When the exterior canvas cover starts to show signs of wear after a few years, please contact us because we have replacements available at very reasonable costs that we have in stock.

  • Although we make every effort to find the highest-quality materials for our yurts, we cannot guarantee what, how, or where those materials will be utilized.
  • The canvas cover on the exterior of the yurt is the most likely portion of the yurt to deteriorate with time, especially in more humid areas.
  • In the event that you had to replace it twice over the life of your yurt, the cost would still be far less than that of any other covering on the market.
  • Do your yurts have the ability to withstand severe winds and snow loads?
  • The fact that they are generally not tied to the ground means that they are aerodynamic and can withstand the harshest winds (Mongolians do not want to hurt the Earth).
  • A ring that is bolted to your platform can be used.
  • We have a great deal of knowledge and expertise to contribute on the issue, and you can find further information in our installation notice.
  • However, for the sake of safety, we recommend that our clients clear the snow from their roofs on a regular basis.
  • Are the yurts able to withstand the elements?
  • In addition to being extremely durable, our cotton-based canvas is also water resistant.

Even while they are not always 100 percent natural, the following are some suggestions for adapting your yurt to extremely humid conditions: A layer of house wrap (Mento 1000 is the best choice) between the felt and the exterior cover on the roof and walls is strongly recommended in most cases.

  • In the event that you aren’t utilizing the above-mentioned wrapping and you see damp places after heavy rains, heat the yurt for 30 minutes over a big wood fire in the stove.
  • If necessary, special canvas produced in Canada can be provided.
  • The toono (central dome), which is quite large in an original Mongolian yurt, allows natural light to enter the yurt from all sides and illuminates the whole inside.
  • We leave it up to the client to decide whether to add glass, plexiglass, screen, or a mix of those, or we can provide them as options.
  • Every one of our toonos (central domes) is supplied on the front half with four window frames that are covered with a very simple transparent vinyl cover (one of them having a hole for the stove pipe).
  • You may simply cover the remainder of the toono with Lexan if you want to let in more light (high quaity Plexiglas).
  • Bow windows are now available for our yurts in sizes ranging from a 4-wall (16ft) to a 12-wall (40ft).

Up to three parts of a bow window can be joined together to form a bigger window. A yurt may only have a certain number of parts added to it at a time. If you already have a yurt, it is feasible to add a bow window to it.

Best Yurt Tents For Camping

Is there a warranty on an authentic Mongolian yurt, and how long does it last? Approximately 100 years, according to Mongolian estimates. Choosing high-quality building materials for our yurts is important to us since they allow them to perform well in the humid climates of North America. The wood frame and felt insulation will survive for dozens of years if they are cared for properly and regularly. When the exterior canvas cover begins to show signs of wear after a few years, please contact us since we have replacements available at very reasonable costs that we have in stock.

  1. The materials we use for our yurts are of the highest quality we can find; nonetheless, we cannot control what, how, or where they will be utilized.
  2. Particularly in more humid conditions, the canvas cover on the outside of the yurt is the most susceptible to deterioration.
  3. Even if you had to replace it twice throughout the lifetime of your yurt, it would still be far less expensive than any other covering available on the market today.
  4. Do your yurts have the ability to withstand high winds and heavy snowfall.
  5. However, they are not usually attached to a foundation and are aerodynamic and resistant to the greatest winds (Mongolians do not want to hurt the Earth).
  6. To make a ring, simply bolt it to the platform.
  7. More information on this issue may be found in our installation notice, which contains a wealth of knowledge.

Our clients, however, are advised to periodically clear the snow from their roofs in order to ensure their safety.

The yurts are made of waterproof materials, correct.

Our cotton-based canvas is of exceptionally high quality and is water-resistant in nature.

Even if they are not always 100 percent natural, the following are some suggestions for adapting your yurt to extremely humid conditions: A layer of house wrap (Mento 1000 is the finest choice) between the felt and the exterior cover on the roof and walls is strongly recommended in general.

After heavy rains, if you aren’t utilizing the above-mentioned wrapping and you see humid places, heat the yurt for 30 minutes with a nice wood fire in the stove.

If necessary, special canvas produced in Canada can be supplied.

When it comes to true Mongolian yurts, the toono (central dome) is quite broad, allowing for plenty of natural light to stream in from all directions.

This allows you to close the yurt and yet see out while maintaining the authentic Mongolian appearance.

However, depending on the diameter of the yurt, you can choose a certain number of windows or extra doors.

Half of the surface is often covered by the urgh (top flap).

To provide the best possible light and rain protection for the toono, we now supply transparent vinyl top flaps as an alternate solution.

Each of the portions of our bow windows is available in either a fixed (non-opening) or an open configuration.

For a bigger bow window, three or more parts can be linked together. Adding parts to a yurt is only possible in a limited number of combinations. You can add a bow window to an existing yurt, if the structure is suitable.

What Is A Yurt Tent

A lot of campers are unfamiliar with the concept of a yurt tent, despite the fact that they have been around since 600 BC. A huge spherical tent with a cabin-like look is typical of this type of structure. Their initial purpose was to be utilized as dwellings; nevertheless, the western variants deviate significantly from the original Central Asian design. Yurt camping is now considered to be a sort of glamping in the majority of situations in the current day. In the eyes of some of the more radical campers, this isn’t even considered camping.

  • However, this is not always the case.
  • There are several options for yurt camping if roughing it isn’t your thing but you prefer the concept of a tent and don’t mind spending a little extra money.
  • Whether you rent, purchase, or spend the night in a permanent yurt tent, there is something for everyone.
  • They include a number of characteristics that make lengthy journeys more pleasant for the passengers.
  • It’s absolutely worth your time to look into them and determine whether or not they’re a suitable fit for you and your next vacation.
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Compare Yurt Tent Options

Among the many yurt tents available on the market today, this White Duck yurt is one of my personal favorites. It has a plethora of useful features for lengthy camping excursions, including some pleasant aspects of the quality of life. One of the most appealing aspects is that it is a four-season tent, which makes it very appealing. This distinguishes it as a unique tent, as there aren’t many of them available on the market today. Most tents these days are built to be used in three seasons, leaving you scurrying to find a winter tent if you are courageous enough to withstand the severe temperatures during the winter.

Comes In Multiple Sizes

If you’re concerned about running out of space or not having enough space, there are three different sizes available for this White Duck tent to accommodate your needs. A 13-foot-square floor design is the smallest available, followed by 16.5-foot-square and ultimately the astonishing 20-foot-square yurt tent. This large range of possibilities is something I appreciate since it provides individuals with more choices. Despite all of the positive aspects of this tent, there is one feature that makes it particularly suitable for lengthy excursions.

  • I believe that having the ability to use a stove when camping is a significant advantage.
  • Fortunately, it is composed of a fire resistant material as well, so you will be safer in the event of a fire.
  • If you’re planning on cooking inside a yurt tent, this will provide some additional protection.
  • Compared to many other types of tents, this one requires more effort to set up.

It is possible to complete the task by one person, but it is substantially simpler and preferable to do it with two individuals. However, because you normally camp in the same location for a longer amount of time, the time it takes to put up a tent is, in my opinion, immaterial.

Portable Yurt Tent For Camping

When I discovered this Ozark Trial yurt tent, I was a little taken aback. I had no idea these were available, so discovering them was a pleasant surprise. Ozark has a stellar reputation when it comes to manufacturing high-quality, dependable affordable camping equipment. In the case of this particular yurt tent, I was interested in seeing if the tendency continued. It’s a fairly large tent with enough of headroom for the majority of people who will be using it. What you want in a yurt tent is a comfortable environment.

It’s an excellent solution for folks who go camping and don’t want to be exposed to the elements.

FastEasy Set Up Yurt Tent

The setup of this tent isn’t too difficult and doesn’t take as much time as it does with some other tents. Setting it up and taking it down will become second nature as you become accustomed to doing so. It should only take around 10 minutes to set up and take down. As a result, it is more portable than the majority of other yurt tents. Due of how quick and simple it is to set up, I’ve even seen folks use this tent as their primary overlanding tent because of its portability. There is one advice, though, that I believe I must make in this context.

Then you may complain that it’s too short as a result.

The Downsides…It’s Cheap

There are two drawbacks to this tent, one of which is disclosed to you and the other which is not so much. The first is that, unfortunately, this is not a four-season tent. The second issue is that I believe it is not sufficiently waterproofed, something that is not disclosed to you. Although you may coat it with a waterproofing sealant to make it more resistant to rainy weather. While the waterproof negative may appear to be a poor investment at first glance, for the price of this tent and some waterproof spray, you’re getting a fantastic value.

Ground-level features such as the e-port, hanging storage sleeves, and windows are all available.

All while keeping insects out owing to the mesh material used in the construction.

Lightweight Camping Yurt Tent

This is one of the most lightweight yurt tents available, which means it can be used for a few more activities than other tents. This is due to the fact that it only weighs 25 lbs, making it far lighter than other tiny standard tents. Consequently, this is a fantastic solution for individuals who desire a little extra room without being burdened by a big tent. It is available in two distinct sizes, with the larger one providing somewhat extra space for those that require it. With one giving 13 feet of space and the other measuring 16.4 feet in circumference, there is plenty of room for everyone.

Having options is usually a good thing!

This is made possible by the several windows, each of which has a cover, as well as the three ventilation apertures. This provides some flexibility in terms of when you may use the tent.

Heavy Duty Materials

The fabric used to construct this tent is a 300D Oxford silvered coated polyester cloth. This does provide a significant level of water resistance, as well as UV protection, for the product. What this implies in layman’s words is that it’s a sturdy tent that should last you for a long period of time. Unfortunately, the cloth is not heat resistant, which is a disappointment for those who wished to install a stove jack. This is, in my perspective, a discouraging disadvantage. However, if you are not planning on using a stove jack, this is a high-quality tent that I would suggest without hesitation.

Best Winter Yurt Tent With Stove Jackets

This Danchel yurt tent is distinguished by its high level of craftsmanship. It is, in my view, one of the highest-quality yurt tents available now on the market. This is due in large part to the 300GSM cotton fabric that was used to construct the tent. It’s a high-quality, heavy-duty cloth that’s suitable for a variety of weather situations, including rain and snow in considerable amounts. Because it is available in four different sizes, this tent provides plenty of options for those who want variety.

The other available lengths are 13.3 feet, 16.6 feet, and a whopping 20 feet in length.

Want A Stove Jack With Your Tent?, Have 2!

The stove jacks are one of the most useful elements of this yurt tent. They are also one of the most expensive. As one of the few alternatives that has two stove openings, it is a good choice. It includes two vents, one on the top and one on the side of the tent, both of which may be utilized to accommodate a stove. The second one is located on the side of the tent, so it may be used for other items such as air conditioning or power cables if you have access to them. Alternatively, if your stove is configured in a different method.

  1. Because of the 16.6-foot-tall one’s weight of 83 pounds.
  2. Because it is constructed of high-quality materials and breathes very well.
  3. The ability to camp year-round is beneficial for people with bigger families who enjoy spending time outside.
  4. The fact that it comes with two stove jacks is incredible, and it is probably enough of a reason to purchase the tent.

Best Canvas Bell Tent

The size of this yurt tent is one of the most generous I’ve seen in my own experience. It is available in a variety of sizes, the biggest of which is 23 feet. This provides a significant deal of area for both equipment and people, making it ideal for big parties. This also makes it extremely convenient for huge family gatherings. It is also available in a variety of smaller sizes, offering you a wide range of possibilities. The standard sizes, such as 9.8 feet, 13 feet, 16.4 feet, 19.6 feet, and that astonishing 23 foot option, appear to be the most common.

Other sizes include 9.8 feet, 13 feet, 16.4 feet, 19.6 feet, and that unbelievable 23 foot option. As a result, there is a significant probability that it will have anything to meet your requirements.

4 Season With 5″ Stove Jack

Fortunately, it is equipped with a stove vent, which allows you to prepare meals within the tent. Unfortunately, it only has one stove port, as opposed to the Danchel tent mentioned above, which has two. It also has the capability of being covered in the event that you no longer require it. The hole around the stove jack is likewise made of fire-retardant materials. Setting up takes a little time, with one person requiring around 20 minutes to complete. The process of taking it down is a little quicker, but you’ll want to be sure to wrap it up tightly.

This is common with most tents, therefore it shouldn’t deter you from purchasing this tent.

It can result in an inability to sleep, which I believe is something that no one enjoys.

My favorite sound is more of a gentle rustle in the breeze, which I find to be more calming than any other type of sound.

Best Bell Glamping Tent

When they refer to this yurt tent as a Dream home, they are not exaggerating; it is a magnificent structure. This Dream House tent is so comfortable that I wouldn’t be shocked if you decided to leave your house and live in it full time! It’s a high-quality tent constructed of water-resistant cotton canvas that also happens to be quite fashionable. It is available in four different sizes as well, which is a nice feature to have. Smallest of the sizes is 9.84 feet, followed by 13.1 feet, 16.4 feet, and the longest, which is 19.7 feet in length.

Stove Jack On Most Sizes

Depending on the model you choose, a stove hole is included, with only the lowest size without one. Depending on your scenario, this might be a hit or miss proposition. In the event that you don’t require the extra space of a large yurt tent but still want the stove hole, things might become a bit complicated. It would be preferable, in my opinion, to opt for the extra space and stove jack option instead. One thing to keep in mind about the type of cloth used to construct this tent is that it may leak a little bit the first time it is exposed to water.

This is due to the fact that the cloth will shrink the first time it is wet, but that after it has dried, the holes will have been filled up as a result of the shrinkage.

To put it another way, the fabric isn’t extremely UV resistant, therefore it won’t hold up well to being exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

However, if you are quite bent on having this yurt tent, you may use a waterproofing spray that also contains UV protection to preserve it from the elements.

Regardless of whether or not the tent has previously been waterproofed, this is something you should perform with each new tent you purchase. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of being protected, is there?

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