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2021: Tent Size Calculator

Trying to figure out what size tent you’ll need is equivalent to sitting in high school math class — it’s not the most enjoyable aspect of the planning process for your event. Make use of the calculator to estimate the total number of square feet you will require. As a bonus, I’ve put together a chart as well as some basic principles to get you started with your preparation. And if arithmetic isn’t your thing, you may reach out to [email protected] for assistance. We are more than pleased to take care of the drudgery for you.

Event TentSizes SquareFeet of GuestsCeremony/Theatre Style of Guests atRound Tables ApproximateCost to Rent
10×10 100 15 10 people at 1 tables $50 – $150
20×20 400 68 40 people at 4 tables $280 – $350
20×30 600 90 60 people at 6 tables $400 – $550
20×40 800 100 80 people at 8 tables $520 – $650
20×50 1000 150 100 people at 10 tables $600 – $700
30×60 1800 245 180 people at 18 tables $900 – $1400
40×60 2400 342 240 people at 24 tables $1600 – $1850
40×100 4000 600 400 people at 40 tables $3000 – $3500

The interior of a frame tent does not contain any poles.

Item SquareFeet Needed Each
48″ Round Table(seats 6-8) 80
60″ Round Table(seats 10) 100
72″ Round Table(seats 12) 120
6′ Rectangle Banquet Table(seats 8) 80
8′ Rectangle Banquet Table(seats 10) 90
Buffet Table 100
Bar 100
Dance Floor 2-4 per guest
DJ Area 100

The inside of a marquee tent has the peaks but no poles, but the outside does not. And, as if picking out the size wasn’t difficult enough, you’ll also need to choose what kind of tent you want.

Type Description
Pole Secured with stakes – can’t be used on concrete or asphalt. Poles create peaks and dips which makes it look very elegant
Frame Free standing so can be set up on any surface. There are no poles inside so you don’t have to worry about planning or decorating around those
Marquee Hybrid of the pole and frame tent. They give you the elegant peaks of the pole tent but are free standing like the frame tent
Frame Structure Has wider openings and taller ceilings than the standard frame tent. Can support more weight than other types of tents, and has tighter fitting sections and walls, making it the best option for heating and air-conditioning

Tent with a Frame Structure – This is the finest option for heating and air conditioning because of its structure. Take a look at this blog for some inspiration. It has images of various different styles of tents, all of which are quite stunning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size tent do I need for a gathering of 50 people? If your guests will be seated in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 10 x 30 tent for your event. When visitors will be sitting at tables, you will want a tent of 20 x 30 feet. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent. What size tent do I need for a party with 100 people? If your guests will be seated in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 20 x 40 tent to accommodate them.

  1. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.
  2. If your guests will be sitting in a ceremony manner (as opposed to at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 2050 tent to accommodate everyone.
  3. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.
  4. An event tent 30×60 feet will enough if the attendees will be sitting in a ceremonial manner (rather than at tables) or standing around cocktail tables.
  5. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.

I recently helped plan a 150 person wedding.

To create place for the guests’ tables, buffet table, bar and dance floor, we had to clear a lot of space.

We decided on the pole tent in order to keep our costs under control (usually the most economical). Here’s how the math came out in the end:

  • For the guest tables, 1000 square feet will be available, as well as 100 square feet for the buffet table, 100 square foot bar, 300 square feet of dancing space, and one hundred square feet for a DJ.

We needed a total of 1600 square feet so we went with a 30 x 60 tent. The cost for the tent was $750. A frame tent would have cost about $1,100. Here are some other, related blogs that you might find helpful: Types of Rental Chairs Table Sizes and Seating: How Many People Will Fit?!? What Size Linen Fits My Table? How much does it cost to rent table place settings? Calculating Dance Floor Size + Average prices in Austin Hopefully this gives you a good starting point. If you have questions, email us [email protected].

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What Size Tent Do I Need For 50 Guests?

Are you hosting an event for 50 people and wondering what size tent to use for that number of people? Read on to find out. You’ll need a frame tent that measures 20′ x 20′ or 20′ x 30′. In the case of many inexperienced persons looking for party tent rentals, they feel that the only thing they need to consider is the amount of guests they intend to attend their event. While the quantity is significant, the seating arrangement is also vital. Let’s have a look at the various seating layouts and see how they effect the size of the tent you should rent:

Theatre-style seating

The term “theater-style seating” refers to exactly what it sounds like. You should arrange the chairs in rows, with all of them looking in the same direction, towards the stage, the ceremony arch, or any other focal point you want to emphasize. Depending on whether you’re hosting a wedding or an outdoor conference, you can either divide the rows into two sections to make an aisle or keep them all together. Because this seating configuration allows for the chairs to remain close together and does not necessitate a bigger area for tables, you can accommodate a large number of people in the tent at the same time.

In order to accommodate 50 people in a theater-style setting, you’ll need a frame tent 20′ X 20′ in dimensions.

Banquet seating

A medieval-themed party, a big event or an intimate wedding are all possibilities for you. You’ll feel right at home in the banquet-style seats. It is planned to include long guest tables in the seating configuration. Include a buffet dining setup to complete the whole appearance. Because straight tables take up less space while still providing ample space for your guests, you only need 10 square feet per person. This implies that if you are anticipating 50 people, you will need a frame tent measuring 20′ x 30′.

Cocktail setup

Guests can relax and speak at tall tables set up for a cocktail reception. The tables are frequently set up such that standing room is required, with a few seats distributed around. This layout is often included into the main event, although other individuals choose to have their events solely in a cocktail-style setting. Instead of a full dinner or buffet, appetizers are offered in this setting. The tables where the attendees would eat and drink should be carefully considered when planning this sort of gathering.

Each visitor will require only 8 square feet of space even with the tables in place, allowing you to accommodate a big gathering of people without the need for a huge tent. A frame tent of 20′ X 20′ is required for 50 guests.

Sit down dinner

Company parties and picnics, weddings, and business gatherings with catered cuisine are all common occasions for sit-down dinners. When you host a sit-down dinner event, the attendees are seated around circular tables, which allows the caterers to set up the tables with meals to pass around or to deliver pre-plated dishes to the table. Because of the vast amount of area taken up by the circular tables, this seating arrangement takes up the majority of the available space, with each visitor requiring around 12 square feet to be comfortable.

Other factors to consider when renting a tent

Aside from the amount of people who will be attending the event and the seating arrangement, there are a slew of other considerations to take into account when hiring an event tent. These considerations are as follows: Surface on which to set up the tents: What type of surface will you be using to set up the tents? Is the surface made of grass, concrete, wood, or asphalt, or any other material? This will influence how you will set up the tent as well as what tools you will need to complete the job.

Is it better to do it at night or during the day?

tents for accessories: Will you require a beverage service station, catering preparation station, or a tent to display focal pieces such as a wedding cake or sculpture?

If you want to obtain a decent rate, rent the tent from the same business that booked the main tent for your event.

How To Rent A Wedding Tent (Plus Prices)

As an event planner, I’m going to share a little secret with you that I discovered early on in my professional career: you can control a large number of things, but the weather will never be one of those things. I understand what you’re going through. This isn’t what you’re looking forward to hearing. No one wants to spend money on a wedding tent. They may be prohibitively expensive and intimidating to contemplate, and the sky is particularly beautiful at this time of year. When it comes to renting a wedding tent (and don’t kid yourself: an outside site with no backup plan and a high possibility of rain is a no-brainer).

Because there is actually quite a bit (surprise) that you need to know, including:


It’s critical to consider if you’ll need to rent a wedding tent early on in the planning phase to avoid disappointment later on. Consider the cost of a tent while evaluating potential sites, especially if there are no indoor choices available at the time of your search. Renting a tent should be included in the “book your venue” task on your to-do list if you’re considering outdoor venues and there is a greater than remote chance of inclement weather on your wedding date (I believe this applies to pretty much the entire Eastern Seaboard?

), rather than being a separate task. When it comes to weddings, tents may be rather expensive (depending on a variety of circumstances, which we’ll discuss below), so be sure to incorporate this into your budget before falling in love with your dream site. So, what happens next?


If you’re just getting started with your party planning, you might not have exact numbers yet, and you might not have decided what kind of party you want to throw yet either (sit-down, buffet, cocktail, punch and pie, etc.). You will, however, require a preliminary estimate at this time in order to receive a pricing quotation. This spreadsheet will provide you with a high-level overview of how much square footage is required for various sorts of functions. DOWNLOAD SAMPLE OF THE APW TENT SIZE GUIDELINE SPREADSHEET As a general guideline, you’ll want to select the squarest tent that your site will allow.

A squarer tent will have a taller ceiling, which will not only appear nicer but will help keep the tent cooler in addition to looking better.



Tents are available for hire in a variety of types, but the most common are frame tents and pole tents. There are three major factors to consider when deciding which style of tent to rent: space logistics, aesthetics, and (of course) your financial constraints. The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pole Wedding Tent

  • Pros:Pole tents are generally considered to be the most aesthetically beautiful alternative
  • They are the tents that have the sweeping ceiling
  • And they are less expensive. PRO:Pole tents are less costly than canvas tents. PRO:Pole tents will have center poles or impediments
  • CON:Pole tents will be expensive. PRO: There is no need for liner because there is no frame to cover up. Pole tents need less time to put up than other types of tents. CON: The stakes must be driven into the earth. In order to set up a pole tent, there must be enough space on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes (often between five and eight feet on each side).

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Frame Wedding Tent

  • PRO: It may be built on any surface (asphalt, roofs, etc.)
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport. PRO: Because they can be joined, you have additional design possibilities when it comes to shape and structure, and you can connect various rooms together, such as a pathway from the ceremony to the celebration. PRO: There are no center poles or other barriers in the way. CON: Pole tents are almost always more expensive than canvas tents. INCONVENIENCE: The frame is visible from the inside—many people do not like the way the frame looks, and the remedy is to purchase a pricey liner to conceal it. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to set up. It has the advantage of being able to be left up for an extended period of time (for instance, if you wish to live at your wedding for a while).


If you already have a decent notion of the size and style of tent that you want, it’s crucial to think about all of the extras that you might want or desire before receiving a pricing quotation. These add-ons have the potential to significantly alter your pricing quotation. In contrast to white tents, clear top tents are a highly popular choice that often does not cost much more. Keep in mind, however, that if any part of your event takes place during the day, the sun may transform your transparent top tent into a large, sweating greenhouse if the weather is warm.

  • In movies and publications, you’ll notice gathered, silky-looking cloth used to line the interior of tents. This is a liner. It’s pricey and unnecessary, especially if you choose a pole tent, which is what I recommend. If you really must have a lining, be aware that they might cost up to three times as much as the tent itself! A colored liner is also available, although it will come at a higher price point. (Hint: you can achieve the same effect with lighting for far less money.)
  • Solid walls, transparent walls, cathedral walls (with windows), and fabric walls are the most common types of walls. The average temperature determines whether or not you require walls. If you’re getting married in a hotter region, you can forego the walls entirely. If you live in a colder environment, it is generally a good idea to have walls built. Even if downpours are frequent, walls will assist in keeping things dry. In the cold or rain, fabric walls will not protect you
  • They are mostly for aesthetic purposes. There are several possibilities for flooring, including plain old ground with or without a dance floor, or a whole floor below the tent. Naturally, the least expensive choice is the ground, but there are several disadvantages to doing so. If it rains in the days leading up to your wedding, the ground may become squishy and slippery. It’s also vital to point out that plain ground can be difficult for visitors to walk/dance on in high heels (which is why it’s critical to notify your guests that they would be best served by outdoor-appropriate footwear). If you’re erecting your tent on terrain that’s sloping or otherwise uneven, you might want to consider installing flooring to help level things out. It is possible to get flooring for as little as $1-4 a square foot, which may not seem like much until you do the math! In the event that you are unable to afford full flooring, consider simply installing a dance floor (which will be much, far less expensive). Illumination —If your wedding is taking place at night, you’ll need to provide some lighting for your guests inside the tent unless you want them to have the sensory experience of dining and dancing in the dark. You may use anything from bistro lights strung across the ceiling to lanterns, twinkle lights, can lights hung on the ceiling, or dramatic style stage lights with gels to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. You may also have the lighting set to a dimmer to create a more intimate atmosphere when dancing with friends. Couples who opt to DIY their lighting should be aware that the tent business will not hang them for them and will demand you to remove them before the tent is due to be dismantled before the ceremony begins. The availability of power is another factor to consider when deciding on your lighting options
  • If your location does not have access to electricity, you will need to hire a generator. Heating and cooling —If the weather is expected to be hot, you’ll want to make sure you have some cooling equipment on hand. Because tents are notoriously expensive to air condition, fans are often the most cost-effective choice. Because tents are not sealed nor insulated, they necessitate the use of a significant amount of electricity to remain cool with air conditioning—on the order of an industrial generator. Fans are excellent for circulating the air, and renting huge fans is often a cost-effective option. A tent heater with a thermostat may be rented to warm up the tent if your wedding is taking place during the lower months of the year. It has been brought to my attention that some couples are interested in renting patio heaters to use inside the tent, but I am extremely concerned about this because they can pose a fire risk and take up valuable space, whereas a furnace is usually placed outside the tent where no drunk people can knock it over
  • Tent for catering services — Your caterer may require what is known as a Catering or Cook Tent, depending on the size of the event. Typically located adjacent to the bigger tent, this is a smaller structure where the food is cooked and plated, as well as where items such as dirty dishes and trash cans are stored out of sight from your visitors. Essentially, it’s a little kitchenette. Depending on whether you’re having a food truck wedding or drop-off buffet catering, or if you have another covered place for food preparation, you may not need a secondary tent at all. Confirm with the folks who will be supplying food and/or personnel that you have everything they require. Keep in mind that your catering tent will require lights (which might be industrial or utilitarian in nature) and energy to function properly. Confirm with individuals who will be using the tent if they will require cooling (i.e. fans) or heating based on the time of year and weather conditions
  • And
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Now that you have a reasonably good notion of what you’re searching for, you can start contacting rental firms for bids. But where do you begin looking for rental companies to contact? Inquire around; your caterer and venue should be able to supply you with a list of reliable vendors to consider. Otherwise, a Google search for “event rentals + your location” should turn up a slew of results; simply read online reviews to get a sense of who delivers high-quality service and who does not. When seeking quotations from firms, you’ll want to make certain that the following components are included in the proposal:

  • Payment for delivery, labor and setup (including all accessories), fire and zoning permits (if applicable), and teardown.

Also, be certain that you understand and agree with the cancellation and modification policies. With so many factors that may change between when you book and when the wedding takes place, having the opportunity to adjust the size of your tent or even cancel it if the weather looks like it’s going to be absolutely perfect is a must-have feature. Before you send over any money, double-check that all of these issues have been addressed in writing. When acquiring a quotation, make sure to inquire about how long the setup time will take.

  1. In the event that it is possible at your location, you may want to have the tent set up and ready to go a few days before the wedding—this will give you plenty of time to decorate and experiment with the layout.
  2. There is a small price for this service (which is normally used against your rental rate if you sign a contract), but you may find the piece of mind to be well worth it.
  3. Final point: try to hire from a firm that specializes in more than just tent rentals if at all feasible.
  4. If you rent the bulk of your things from a single location, you will only have to deal with one delivery fee and one vendor, and everything will arrive at the same time, saving you time and money on logistics.

As an example, here are a few genuine quotations from clients that I have received over the last few years:

Sample Wedding Tent Prices

The Hamptons: Pole Wedding Tent $12,600 for 250 guests, seated dinner, and dancing with a live band

  • Tents: Sailcloth Pole Tent $5,500
  • Clear Sidewalls $675
  • Dance Floor $1,200
  • Stage (for eight-piece band) $675
  • Bistro Lighting $3,100
  • Caterer Frame Tent with Sidewalls $700
  • Caterer Tent Lighting $250
  • Marquee connecting catering to main tent $500
  • Bistro Lights $3,100
  • Main Tent Lighting $250
  • Marquee connecting catering to

Pole Wedding Tent $16,492 for 200 guests at a cocktail party on Long Island (photo above)

  • $4,600 for the Sailcloth Pole Tent (44′ x 83′), $540 for the clear sidewalls, $500 for the perimeter lighting (on dimmers), $7,200 for the whole subfloor (plywood), and $4,600 for the carpet installed over the subfloor.

Frame Wedding Tent $2,000 for 125 guests at an outdoor ceremony in Brooklyn. Pole wedding tent for $1,810 in Southeastern Pennsylvania for 100 guests for a buffet dinner and dance (photo above)

  • 40′ x 60′ Century Pole Tent $1,390
  • 15′ x 16′ Oak Parquet Dance Floor $420
  • 40′ x 60′ Century Pole Tent $1,390

Pole Wedding Tent $3,355 for 175 people, buffet dinner and dance in Upstate New York: Pole Wedding Tent

  • 60′ x 70′ Century Pole Tent $1,875
  • 20′ x 20′ Century Pole Tent (caterer with three sides) $255
  • Perimeter Lighting$260
  • Lighting (caterer) $130
  • Window Side Wall$260
  • 20′ x 20′ Dance Floor $575
  • 60′ x 70′ Century Pole Tent $1,875

The Pole Wedding Tent in Upstate New York can accommodate 145 guests for a buffet dinner and dance (photo above)

  • 60′ x 70′ Century Pole Tent $1,350
  • 20′ x 20′ Century Pole Tent (caterer with three sides) $255
  • Perimeter Lighting $240
  • Lighting (caterer) $30
  • 60′ x 70′ Century Pole Tent $1,350
  • 60′ x 70′ Century $240 for a window side wall
  • $460 for a 16′ x 20′ dance floor.

Frame Wedding Tent $1,575 for 75 guests for a ceremony and partial cocktail reception on a New York City rooftop.

  • The cost of a 20′ x 40′ frame white tent top is $600, and the cost of tent lighting (side pole mount Par 38) is $300. $120
  • 6 Tent Side Wall Clear (20′ x 40′ and 8′ x 20′) $120
  • Dimmer Kit is $25
  • Safety Kit (2 Fire/2 Exit) is $90
  • And Dimmer Kit is $25. a total of 12 sand bags for side walls for $60
  • Four tent weight stacks for $60
  • Rooftop installation for $500

Pole Wedding Tent $1,175 for 70 people, welcome dinner buffet (no dance floor), Upstate New York: Pole Wedding Tent (photo above)

  • The cost of a 30′ by 30′ Century Tent is $500
  • The cost of Event Deck Flooring is $675.

Upstate New York: Round Pole Wedding Tent $2,982 for a 100-person ceremony and cocktail reception.

  • Upstate New York: Round Pole Wedding Tent $2,982 for a 100-person ceremony and cocktail hour.

Pole Tent $1,255 for a 100-person ceremony and cocktail reception in Upstate New York.

  • Pole Tent $675
  • Perimeter Lighting $220
  • Side Walls $360
  • 30′ x 60′ Pole Tent $675


Keep in mind that if you obtain a quotation that appears to be “too good to be true” when compared to the other quotes you have received, the chances are that it is. The majority of rental firms will charge about the same amount. Your selection should basically come down to who has the most aesthetically beautiful options, as well as who was the most pleasant to deal with over the entire process (because that will seriously come in handy later). This piece was first published in February of 2015 and has since been updated.

Wisconsin party & event tent planning guide for Milwaukee & Madison areas

We provide a large selection of party rental tents in a range of styles and sizes. Making the proper choice for your event might seem more complex than selecting table linens for a wedding reception, but we are always here to assist you in sorting through the various options and determining what style and size is ideal for you. You may use the following recommendations to obtain a decent estimate of how much space you’ll need for each guest beneath your tent or canopy as a starting point for pre-planning your event:

TENT TIP: Plan For The Worst…Weather Wise

In order not to come out as a pessimist, while choosing on a tent for your event, you should prepare as though it is going to rain. Trust us when we say that the last thing you want is a freak storm forcing 100 people to seek shelter under a tent that can only accommodate 50 people. If anything, get a tent that is somewhat larger than you anticipate you will require. The added space is always a welcome addition. It is not usually a deluge that may cause havoc at a gathering or function. The weather might be oppressively hot and sunny at times.

Even if you are confident that there will be no rain, you will still want to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Ceremony (within the confines of the aisle). 9 square feet per person
  • Cocktail Party/Standing Room Only. 5.6-7 square feet per person
  • Cocktail Party/Seated.10 square feet per person
  • Reception/Partial Seating.8 square feet per person
  • Dining/Oblong Tables. …………… Dining/Round Tables. The Cathedral Seating (in rows) is 15 square feet per person, while the Dance Floor Area is 6 square feet per person. ……………………… 2 to 4 square feet per person

Of course, no event can be reduced to a simple arrangement of people sitting at tables. A buffet area, a dance floor, and a stage are frequently present. The general rule of thumb in such situations is to add 100 square feet for every buffet table and 400 square feet for a small dance floor or a stage. We also recommend that at a wedding reception, you have 100 square feet for every four guests. Please keep in mind that this is only a general guideline and may not be applicable to all situations.

It is always our goal to assist you in making the best decisions possible for your specific event—whether it is an intimate back yard get-together for 50 guests or an elaborate gala for 500 guests. See our Tent Diagram Guide for more information.

Number of guests: Recommended tent size:
50 20’ x 40’ (seated), 20’ x 30 (standing)
100 30’ x 50’ (seated), 30’ x 30’ (standing)
150 40’ x 60’ (seated), 40’ x 40’ (standing)
200 40′ x 80′ (seated), 40′ x 60′ (standing)
300 60′ x 80′ (seated), 60′ x 60′ (standing)

Stripes or No Stripes – We Have Both

Striped tents are popular for a variety of events, including festivals, concerts, and parties of many kinds. Tents with blue and white stripes, red and white stripes, and blue and yellow stripes are all available for hire. Striped tents are suitable for practically every type of occasion, with the exception of weddings. This is why we provide white tents in all of our wedding tent rental packages. You should indicate if you want a white tent for a wedding when buying a tent for a special occasion.

How Far In Advance Should You Rent a Wedding Tent?

However, although we emphasize the necessity of preparing ahead of time, arranging a wedding the day after you become engaged is definitely a little early. Six months before the big day is a good time to start planning, although making arrangements a year in advance for huge parties is not unheard of. If you wait until a month before your wedding day, you may find that all of the available rental tents have already been reserved. Then you’re completely at the mercy of the weather in Wisconsin.

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June through September are the most common months for weddings in the United States.

Also within this time period, there are four holidays that do not lend themselves well to weddings because the majority of individuals have other commitments:

  • Father’s Day is on June 18th
  • Independence Day is on July 4th
  • Labor Day is on September 4th
  • And Yom Kippur is on September 30th.

So that’s four weekends you can pretty well rule out for a weekend wedding, which increases the demand for rentals on the remaining sixteen weekends even more significantly. And don’t forget about the hundreds of festivals and other events that take place throughout the year during the warm weather months. To put it another way, demand is strong during the peak season. As a result, we strongly advise you to make your arrangements well in advance of the big day.

Consider a Package Deal

In addition to our standard tent rental packages, we now provide table and chair rentals for those who want to go the extra mile. When you finish your online checkout, you will be able to pick any extra rentals you may require as add-ons to your order. Online Reservations for a Package

Articles of Interest:

  • The following are the tent rental packages that we offer: tent, tables, and chairs (for a total of three people). When you finish your online checkout, you will be able to pick any extra rentals you may require as add-ons. Make an online reservation for a package.
For more information or a quote, contact the location nearest you:
Madison Party RentalServes the Madison area and surrounding cities, including:Cottage Grove, Dane, Deerfield, Dodgeville, Cambridge, Fitchburg, Fort Atkinson, Janesville, Kegonsa, Lake Mills, Middleton, Monona, Mt. Horeb, McFarland, New Glarus, Pine Bluff, Spring Green, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, Oregon, Paoli, Verona, Vermont, Waterloo, Waunakee, Whitewater, Wisconsin Dells Brookfield Party RentalServes the greater Milwaukee area, including:Brookfield, Bayview, Brown Deer, Delafield, Elm Grove, Fox Point, Franklin, Germantown, Glendale, Grafton, Greendale, Hales Corners, Lannon, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Port Washington, River Hills, St. Francis, Shorewood, Sussex, Wauwatosa, Whitefish Bay

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Wedding Tent Rental 101

Planning outdoor gatherings for special occasions, such as wedding receptions, is critical because you must be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. A tent may assist you in this endeavor, and it is a good investment. There are many different types of tents, tent accessories, and tent sizes to select from, which may make the process seem incredibly daunting at first.

Having over 40 years of combined expertise in the tent rental industry, our staff at Baystate TentParty Rental is here to guide you through the whole tent rental process.

Why Rent a Tent?

Due to the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature, not all sites have a separate indoor alternative large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Intense rain and heat might put a damper on your celebration, but having a backup alternative that can accommodate all of your guests, as well as their tables and chairs, a dance floor and food tables, will allow you to continue your wedding and reception in almost any location, regardless of the weather.

Calculating Your Tent Size

Because there is such a huge number of tent sizes to pick from, it can be difficult to choose which size tent you require. Take the following aspects into account when renting a tent to ensure that you rent the suitable size:

Guest Count

Get your final guest count and decide on the size of the tables and the number of seats you’ll be providing for your visitors. Our 60-inch circular tables easily seat 8-10 people and require a 10-by-10-foot floor space. To get the ultimate tent size, you’ll need to multiply the number of visitors you’ll have by the number of people who will be sitting at each table. Then you’ll multiply the square footage required for a table by the final tent size to arrive at the final tent size. Example: 200 attendees divided by ten guests each table = twenty tables in total.

Bridal Party

If your wedding will take place at a conventional head table, how would you arrange your bridal party? You’ll want to take the total number of guests you’d want to sit at the head table, plus the bride and groom, then divide that number by four to get the total number of head table seats. This will provide you with the number of 8-foot rectangular tables that you will require to make the whole head table arrangement. For each table that makes up the entity of the head table, you should leave a 100-square-foot area to ensure that there is adequate room in front of and behind the table for people to move about.

400 square feet is required for four 8-foot tables.


You’ll be utilizing the same size and shape tables for the buffet as you would for the head table, so you’ll need 100 square feet each part of the buffet for the whole event. You will be informed by your caterer of how many buffet tables you will require once you have confirmed the menu for your wedding.

Miscellaneous Items

Apart from guest seating and the buffet, you’ll also want to think of any other things you’ll want, such as a stage for your band or DJ, a dance floor, or even food machines if you’re hosting a large event. You’re going to need more space than these goods really require, so make sure to round up and include these figures in the calculations you did previously. When all of these figures are added together, you’ll get the bare minimum size tent you’ll require. Always plan for additional space to provide for extra breathing area for attendees, as well as camera and videography equipment, a table for presents and seating numbers, and any other extraneous objects you might want to include in the mix.

Please keep in mind that while placing your order for tent rentals, you should also take into consideration any tent accessories that you may want or want, such as tent walls. Please contact Baystate TentParty Rental at (978) 851-2002 for all of your wedding tent rental requirements.

Tent Rental

On February 8, 2022, there were 0 comments. Having a Successful 2022 as a Newlywed couple is important. When you get married, you’ll want to make the most of your first year together by doing all you can. So, here are four things to add to your “must do” list as a newlywed couple. Make a list of common objectives. When you and your partner are on the same page about what you desire.

Wedding Trends That Will Top the Charts in 2022

Comments Off on ByJim Dzengeleski|January 22, 2022| 0 Comments The top ten wedding trends for 2022 are as follows: Trends have long held a fascination for fashion designers and stylists. A number of renowned design companies, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of all things “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding trends in 2022. In order to assist.

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Start the New Year on the Right Foot

The following is a guest post by Jim Dzengeleski on January 22, 2022. In 2022, the top ten wedding trends will include Trends have long been a source of fascination for fashion designers and stylists. Multiple prominent design firms, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of anything “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding fashion in 2022. So that I may assist you,

Dallas / Fort Worth Party & Event Rentals

A real hybrid event tent that is a favorite for backyard weddings as well as merchants at festivals and other outdoor gatherings. With its cross cable system integrated into its frame, the High Peak Frame Tent combines the functionality and aesthetics that come with a normal frame tent with the appealing appearance that comes with a pole tent. High Peak Frame Tents are distinguished by having their center pole erected overhead, 8 to 10 feet above the ground, giving the tent an eye-catching sweeping high peak without the need to build around a central support structure.

Our High Peak Frame Tent Rental may be set up on a variety of surfaces including grass, concrete, asphalt, and gravel.

Concrete anchors, concrete blocks (ballast), stakes (grass or asphalt), and, in some cases, water barrel drums are used (smaller tentsizes).

High Peak Frame Tent Rentals

The Center Pole is suspended over the head on a cross cable system, which is a plus. This allows for a high sweeping peak to be achieved without the need of any interfering center poles. Tents for backyard weddings and gatherings, as well as vendor tents, are all available. CONS: Only available in 10′, 20′, and 30′ widths (the biggest being a 30″ x 40′ Hex Tent), and only in 10′, 20′, and 30′ lengths.

Structure Tents / Gable Tent Rentals

Is a popular choice for high-end weddings and business gatherings of many kinds. The structural tent is constructed with kedered channels, which ensure that the vinyl tops and sides remain tightly sealed during the duration of the show. The performance of the structure event tent is excellent for both short-term and seasonal applications alike. Gable ends provide an ideal branding opportunity since they provide an elevated vertical space for the installation of event or corporate logos, among other things.

It is highly open and airy since there are no obstructive poles in the interior of the tent and vertical perimeter poles spaced out every 20′ feet, which gives it a very open and spacious feeling inside.

The structure tent may be set up on a variety of surfaces, including grass, concrete, asphalt, and gravel.

Installation of the tent may be done with or without gable ends (triangular shaped vinyl on the short side of the tent), which eliminates the need for “restricted view seats” and allows for high clearance drive through tent installations.

Structure Tents

  • White or clear vinyl tops are available
  • They are ideal for weddings and corporate events alike. There will be no blocking center poles. Designer lighting, flower arrangements, and A/V equipment may be installed on the roof’s frame work because of the high roof line. Kedered Channels maintain the tightness of the top and sidewalls (for a clean, sharp appearance)
  • Available in a variety of widths including 20′, 30′, 40′, and 50′.

CONS: A higher price point is involved.

How Much Do Wedding Tents Cost?

Do you have visions of a garden wedding? However, if your wedding venue requires a tent (or if you require one as a weather backup plan), the costs of your wedding tent can quickly add up. While the great outdoors can provide an amazing scenic backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception, the costs of your wedding tent can quickly add up. If you don’t budget for those extra bucks, your perfect wedding venue may end up costing more than you anticipated. So, how much do wedding tents set you back in terms of money?

  1. There are other simple methods to save a significant amount of money on the cost of a wedding tent, so keep reading!
  2. The first thing you should know about wedding tents is that they can be divided into two categories: pole tents and frame tents.
  3. However, while the materials used to construct them and the forms and patterns of their general structures might differ significantly, you can get a better notion of the type of tent you’re searching for by determining which of the two you prefer the most.
  4. In most cases, they feature at least one center pole, but many couples choose to have many (which they typically adorn with fabric, flowers, or vines, among other things).
  5. A pole tent with side walls that look like French windows.
  6. Because there are no poles within the tent, you will have more square footage inside because you will not have to organize your seating around the poles.
  7. A frame tent with side walls that open like French windows.
  8. While you may have a preference for one style of tent over another, you will have to choose the wedding tent type that is most appropriate for your venue.

Sperry Tent Wedding Tent Size: A Sperry Tent Wedding Tent There are a plethora of formulae available to assist you in determining what size tent you’ll want, taking into account factors such as the number of tables you’ll have (square or round), the number of guests attending, and whether or not you’ll have a dance floor, among other things.

However, I would not get too caught up in that because you will most likely receive all of that information from the tent company at your initial visit or phone contact. For your convenience, the following are some general size requirements for pole tents that you might anticipate to encounter:

  • Up to 100 people may be accommodated in a 30×60 pole tent
  • Up to 140 guests can be accommodated in a 40×60 pole tent
  • And up to 200 guests can be accommodated in a 40×80 pole tent.

Illumene has created wedding tent chandeliers. After you’ve decided on your basic wedding tent construction, you’ll need to pick which of the following extras you’ll require:

  • Flooring, side walls, liners/draping, lighting, heaters, fans, and air conditioning (If your location does not have a kitchen or covered setup space, you may need to rent an additional, smaller tent for this purpose.)

The following are some questions you should be prepared to ask your wedding venue and tent rental providers before you can determine how much a tent will cost you: In regards to the wedding tent company:

  • Is labor included in the cost of the tent rental? If not, what is your anticipated labor cost for the tent rental? What is the length of the tent rental time
  • Does the tent require a permit or is it included in the price
  • What is the cost of the tent rental
  • Do you know if the tent is weatherproof? What is your policy on cancellations? How are orders placed at the last minute handled
  • What are your delivery and pick-up rates
  • What size do you propose
  • And other questions. Are the sidewalls, the floor, the lighting, and any other components included? When renting other equipment from you (tables, chairs, and so on), are there any savings available to me
See also:  How To Keep Tent Dry In Rain

In terms of the wedding venue:

  • For the ceremony and/or reception, do I have to rent a wedding tent from a third-party vendor? If not, what is the venue’s contingency plan in case of bad weather? How many hours do I have allotted for setup and break-down time? (It can take 6-8 hours to set up a tent and half that time to take it down, on average). What would be the cost of additional rental hours if they were required
  • Is there a power supply for a tent, or do I need to bring my own generator? In what dimensions would we be tenting
  • What are the dimensions of the place we would be tenting? Is it mandatory for me to hire a tent from a certain company? And, if not, which ones would you recommend?

A glimpse of some general wedding tent rental costs* is provided below: Depending on size, design, and other factors, a basic tent structure can cost anywhere from $500 for your smallest tent (such as the one you could use for your caterers) to $5,000 or more. Flooring:Tent flooring can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot, so plan on spending $300 to $2,000 or more depending on the kind (plastic, wood, etc.) Generator:$500-$1,250 Chandeliers:$50-$500/each Side walls: These are charged by the linear square foot, with prices ranging from $1 to $4 per linear square foot.

A standard estimate for liners in a 40’X60′ tent, according to Pacific Party Canopies, is around $1,080.

REMEMBER: As with other wedding providers, pricing varies widely depending on location (for example, the cost of a wedding in New York City will be far more than the cost of a wedding in Detroit).

  • If you’re choosing a venue because it’s less expensive than other options you’ve considered but it requires a tent, you’ll want to factor in the cost of the tent into your overall budget for the location. Depending on the cost, you may want to choose a different site that is more expensive but does not require a tent
  • For wedding tent rentals, inquire with the wedding venue or caterer about whoever they recommend. If possible, choose a tent rental provider that has worked in the area previously and is familiar with the terrain
  • This will save you time and money. The cost of a catering tent (as indicated above) will also have to be considered if your entire wedding reception will take place outside and caterers will be required to set up a kitchen.

How to Save Money:

  • You can omit the liner. In many cases, these are more expensive than the tent itself, despite the fact that they are very appealing. In order to achieve the drapey aspect, a pole tent should be used instead
  • Fabric walls will be more expensive to install. Solid, transparent, or windowed walls are best for keeping the price as close to the average as possible. It is not necessary to purchase flooring for your complete tent. As an alternative, choose to only have a dance floor. While heaters are necessary during the colder months (and are very affordable), air conditioners are prohibitively pricey (and tent companies rarely suggest you get one). Instead, use fans to cool the tent down if it becomes too hot inside. As a result of the complicated ceiling design and the fact that you will almost certainly have to line them (unless they are transparent), frame tents may be more expensive. Instead of a traditional tent, consider a pole tent to save money.

Are you looking for more specific wedding pricing information? Take a look at how much wedding flowers cost and how much wedding photographers cost to see what you may expect. While we only link to items and services that we believe you will enjoy, some of the links on our site are monetized to help us keep the lights on. Purchasing something after clicking via our links may result in us receiving a commission, which allows us to continue providing you with excellent content! All of our opinions are entirely our own.

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  • Looking for more specific information about wedding costs? Examine the prices of wedding flowers and wedding photographers to have a better idea of what to expect. Some links on our site are monetized, despite the fact that we only connect to items and services we believe you will like. Purchasing something after clicking via our links may result in us receiving a commission, which allows us to continue providing you with valuable material! Everything we say and do is based only on our own personal experiences.

We Have It All

  • We have more than just tents on hand! From seats and tables to linens and lighting, as well as pool coverings, trade show drape, and lounge furniture, you will find everything you need for your next event here! The cost of setup is included in our price structure. Our tents may only be set up by our staff who are U.S. Tent Licensed and Insured. Find out more about it

Join Our Team

  • Help Is Needed! Tent Foreman and Tent Installers are needed by U.S. Tent Rental. Click here to apply. You must have a minimum of four years of experience and a clean driving record to be considered (foreman). Tents with frames, pole tents, and clear-span structures are all options (optional). Competitive compensation and a rapidly expanding corporation
  • “Your staff could not have been more professional! The same level of effort, professionalism, and good attitude that your team shown would be appreciated by any vendor. Thank you for everything! I’ve validated with my team on several occasions that US Tent is now our preferred supply of tents.” Tina-Gravina Smith’s full name is Tina-Gravina Smith. Public Relations
  • MatteArnold Marketing and Public Relations
  • The tent, lounge chairs, lights, and lovely linens elevated our celebration to a whole new level, and everyone from the event coordinators to the field crew was a delight to work with throughout the process. It is without reservation that we would suggest them to anybody! Shannon Sloan (Florida)
  • Everything was delivered on time, and we were able to get our hands on just what we wanted. Thank you for your assistance in the construction of our wedding location! Natalie Nesius, from Florida
  • Thank you so much for being a part of making our wedding day so memorable. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to dance the night away! I would strongly suggest you to anyone who is searching for excellent and timely service in the rental industry! Chelsea Ann Chavez, FL
  • The installation crew was fantastic. The contrast between professional and prompt service was night and day, and we will never use anybody else again. Florida’s Micheal Yankey says, “U.S. Tent Rental provided us with everything we required to make our event a rousing success.” Thank you so much, U.S. Tent Rental, for everything! Jane Banks Kerrigan, FL
  • Jane Banks Kerrigan, FL

Party, Event, and Wedding Tent Rentals in Minnesota

The use of a beautiful and accommodating tent for any occasion, from outdoor weddings to corporate parties and beyond, is a terrific way to make the most of any occasion and present your guests with a unique yet pleasant location to congregate. For tent hire, Lefty’s TentParty Rental is glad to provide a wide range of solutions to suit events of all shapes and sizes. We provide tents in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1010 (100 sq. ft.) to 60270 (16,200 sq. ft.), allowing you to find the ideal solution for any space restrictions or guest accommodations you may be experiencing.

Right from the start, you can be certain that you will receive nothing less than the finest in terms of tent materials and setup when you hire from Lefty’s TentParty Rental.

Furthermore, when we put up your tent, we do so in a methodical and measured manner, ensuring that there are no setbacks or concerns that might negatively impact your event once the tent has been installed.

We have rentals to perfectly accommodate your visitors, and we provide two separate tent options for your convenience: the deluxe tent and the economy tent.

  • The use of a beautiful and accommodating tent for any occasion, from outdoor weddings to corporate gatherings and beyond, is a terrific way to make the most of any occasion and present your guests with a unique yet pleasant gathering space to congregate. Lefty’s TentParty Rental is glad to provide a wide range of tent rental choices to fit events of all sizes and sorts. Depending on your needs, we have tents ranging in size from 1010 (100 sq. ft.) to 60270 (16,200 sq. ft.), providing the ideal solution for any space restrictions or guest accommodations you may be experiencing. It is possible for us to erect the tent you require. Right from the start, you can be certain that you will receive nothing less than the finest in terms of tent materials and setup when you work with Lefty’s TentParty Rental. Providing only the most beautiful tenting solutions that are also extremely durable and suitable for any weather situations is something we take great pleasure in. We also take a methodical and strategic approach to setting up your tent, making certain that there are no setbacks or complications that might negatively impact your event once it is in place. Whether you know precisely how many people will be attending your event or you want some assistance in the form of experienced event planning, you can rest certain that you will be in excellent hands with our team of event professionals. In order to accommodate your visitors to the greatest extent possible, we have two different tent solutions available to you:

No matter what type of event you are planning, our professionals will be pleased to assist you in selecting the most suited solution for your requirements! It makes no difference whether you’re having a small family reunion for 50 people or overseeing and planning a large business event with hundreds of participants; make sure you use Lefty’s TentParty Rental for your tent rental. Together, we will identify exactly what you want and ensure that everything from delivery to setup and take-down is taken care of to your satisfaction.


10′ Wide
10×10 $150 100 10×10 Marquee $125 100 10×20 Marquee $200 200 10×30 Marquee $300 300 10×40 Marquee $400 400 10×50 marquee $500 500 10×60 Marquee $600 600 10×70 Marquee $700 700
15′ Wide
15×15 $145 $225 225 15×30 $275 $385 450 15×45 $550 675 15×60 $675 900
20′ Wide
20×15 X2 Gable End $207 300 20×20 $200 $300 400 20×30 $300 $450 600 20×30 X2 Gable End $413 600 20×40 $400 $550 800 20×50 $650 1000 20×60 $750 1200 20×70 $850 1400 20×80 $975 1600 20×90 $1075 1800 20×100 $1200 2000 20×110 $1320 2200
30′ Wide
30×30 $495 $720 900 30×40 $660 $960 1200 30×45 $742.50 $1080 1350 30X50 $825 $1200 1500 30×55 $1320 1650 30×60 $990 $1440 1800 30X65 $1072.50 $1560 1950 30×70 $1680 2100 30×75 $1237.50 $1800 2250 30X80 $1320 $1920 2400 30×90 $1485 $2160 2700 30X95 $1567.50 2850 30×105 $1732.50 $2520 3150 30X110 $1815 3300 30×120 $2880 3600 30×125 $2062.50 $2016 3600 30×135 $3240 4050
40′ Wide
40×40 $880 $1360 1600 40×50 $1700 2000 40×55 $1870 2200 40×60 $1320 $2040 2400 40×65 $2210 2600 40×70 $2380 2800 40×75 $2550 3000 40×80 $1760 $2720 3200 40×90 $3060 3600 40×100 $2200 $3400 4000 40×105 $3570 4200 40×110 $3740 4400 40×120 $2640 $4080 4800 40×140 $3080 5600 40×160 $3520 6400 40X180 $3960 7200 40X200 $4400 8000 40X220 $4840 8800 40X240 $5280 9600
50′ Wide
60×60 $2340 3600 60X80 $3120 4800 60×90 $3510 5400 60X110 $4290 6600 60×120 $4680 7200 60X140 $5460 8400 60×150 $5850 9000 60X170 $6630 10200 60×180 $7020 10800 60X200 $7800 12000 60×210 $8190 12600 60×230 $8970 14400
20X10-WHITE $175 200 20X15-WHITE $262.50 300 20X20-WHITE $350 400 20X25-WHITE 437.50 500 20X30-WHITE $525 600 20X35-WHITE $612.50 700 20X40-WHITE $700 800 20X45-WHITE $787.50 900 20X50-WHITE $875 1000 20X60-WHITE $1050 1200
40X10-WHITE $500 40X15-WHITE $750 40X15 CLEAR $1200

Siding is an optional feature that may be added at an additional cost. We offer a variety of alternatives to pick from.

Item Price
Mesh Panels Starting at $1.15/ft
Solid White Panels Starting at $1.50/ft
French Window Panels Starting at $1.75/ft
Solid White Panels for X2 tents Starting at $2.00/ft.
French Window Panels for X2 tents Starting at $2.37/ft.

COVERING THE CENTER POLE Pole coverings are available in either white satin or black satin and are placed during the setup process. The sleeves are close fitting, but the slips are a little looser fitting, giving them a billowing appearance. Decorative corner curtains are made of coordinating satin and should be installed the day before your event. The side pole coverings are made of a white poly/cotton mix material. They may be placed up throughout the setup process, covered, and then taken down on the day of your celebration.

Item Price
Slips $59.00 per Pole
Sleeves $30 – $40 per Pole(depending on center pole size)
Side Pole Covers $8.00 each
Corner Curtain $9.00 each
Custom Decor $50.00 per hour
Item Price
15ft Gutter $15.00
20ft Gutter $20.00
30ft Gutter $30.00
40ft Gutter $40.00
Item Price
24,700 BTU Air Conditioner*Requires a generator to operate. $300.00
170,000 BTU*Requires two 100lb Propane Tanks $150.00
80,000 BTU*Requires two 100lb Propane Tanks $119.00
Collapsible Stylish Patio Heater*Includes 20lb tank $95.00
Patio Heater*Includes 20lb tank $75.00
*Ask for current propane prices
Generator (2000w Honda) $75.00

**Asphalt fees are $3.50 each stake punch and an extra $3.50 per fill. Mileage expenses are not included. The rental of any item is subject to sales tax and a damage waiver. Sets that are out of the ordinary may be subject to additional charges. * Prices are effective as of December 2020 and are subject to change without prior notification. In order to ensure that there are no subterranean utilities present, we require a 72-hour notice for the majority of tent rentals.

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