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10 Best Grow Tents in 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

The most recent revision was made on February 2, 2022. Investing in a grow tent is a terrific way to conserve space and electricity for any size growing business, no matter how large or little. It might be difficult to purchase one of them, though, due to the fact that there are a plethora of substandard items available on the market. Dealing with issues like as light and air leakage may be fatal for a lot of grows, as the contained environment of a grow box is intended to keep things nice and constant for the plants themselves.

As a result, we have chosen to publish some of our reviews of the items we have found to be the most effective.

A Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

The VIVOSUN is at the top of our list for a couple of reasons: the construction quality and the pricing point. The fact that this device never leaks light is its most notable feature (and one that many others should strive to achieve). It’s a really durable device that has high-quality mylar inside as well as a thick canvas outside for protection. It’s the go-to choice for people looking for a no-frills grow tent that will last for modest to medium-sized grow operations. The main drawback is that the VIVOSUN is not available in large sizes.

It’s the best tent for the great majority of individuals, but those looking for rapid development should search elsewhere for accommodations.


  • The variety of sizes available is primarily confined to medium and small growth.

2. CoolGrows Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent – Best Value

Apart from the possibility of pinhole light leakage, this is a reasonably priced tent for medium-sized plants that seems durable. CoolGrows makes the list because it is one of the best grow tents for the money we’ve seen for a 48″x60″ that still has acceptable construction quality while being reasonably priced. The discovery of a pinhole light leak after our set up was disappointing, but it is not a deal-breaker in the long run. If money is an issue, this may be the best compromise to make rather than opting for something more risky like a cheap fan, which may be devastating.

We haven’t had any problems with it getting stuck yet, however it is showing signs of wear.

Pros You Might Also Like: How to Reduce Humidity in a Grow Tent

3. Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line – Premium Choice

Gorillameans huge tents, high-quality construction, and large crops, but at a high cost. After obtaining an LTGGT48, we were unable to imagine using anything else. However, due to the high price, it is beyond of reach for the majority of amateur growers. We had no concerns with light leakage, and this device appears to be strong enough to go camping with us as well. The zipper performs admirably; it does become a little tricky at times, but this is only after extensive usage, and it hasn’t become completely jammed yet.

The tent’s poles may be expanded or contracted depending on the amount of room required, and the way the tent is constructed allows for easy adaptation to these changes.

This tent has plenty of space for a large number of plants and does an excellent job of keeping the climate stable. Gorilla is a well-known brand, and for good reason. This is an excellent product for large-scale production. Pros

  • Large, well-constructed tent
  • No light leaks
  • Height that may be adjusted

4. Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent

CoolGrows’ product is somewhat comparable in terms of features and pricing range, however it is narrower at 48″x24″x60″. It’s still a good tent, and for a grower who is limited in space, this would be a more enticing alternative than the previous one. The construction quality is acceptable, with no visible light leaks that we could detect, however the zipper on this model has a tendency to get caught. What’s the deal with that? These items should have better zippers, in my opinion. The inside of the bag is quite reflective, as would be expected from high-quality mylar.


5. OPULENT SYSTEMS Water-Resister Grow Tent

Were it not for VIVOSUN’s offering, a decent, large grow tent for a medium-sized grow would be the go-to advice for medium-sized growers. Prices for the two items are nearly same, and this one only falls short owing to a minor amount of light leakage that appears to come out from around the door on a constant basis. Most growers will not be bothered by this in the least, but when compared side-by-side, this one will come out on the short end of the stick. Otherwise, it’s a robust tent with a zipper that doesn’t get caught all the time, which is refreshing, and it appears to be a mainstay for most medium-sized grow operations.

6. iPower Mylar Hydroponic Tent

A high-quality product that does its purpose, but at a size that is a little small for the price. The fact that this is an extraordinarily tall box, standing 72″, is worth highlighting. However, the increased height is offset by a reduction in width, which is just 36″, when compared to comparable alternatives in this price range. It’s possible that this is superior for certain Sativa strains, but we’re looking at the best grow boxes for general usage, and we’d have a hard time placing a specialized product at the top of the best grow boxes list.


  • Tall
  • Good construction quality
  • Optional ventilation available as a package

7. TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow’s 2-in-1 tent allows growers to handle both a nursery and growing plants in the same tent, however it may be a little too much for a typical grow. If a nursery sounds like something that would be beneficial to you, this is a fantastic offering, especially when you consider all that is included. Aside than that, it’s a somewhat narrow grow tent at a slightly higher price range than typical. Despite the fact that the build quality is excellent and there were no visible light leaks, we did not find any.


8. GreenHouser High Reflective Grow Tent

This is a tall and broad tent with a lot of highly reflective mylar that does the job as long as you handle it with care. Because of the low cost of the Greenhouse, the canvas that was used to make it is quite thin, especially around the glass panels.

If you use this, be careful not to rip any of the cloth around it. Aside from that, it’s a reasonable price for the size of the tent, provided you don’t mind dealing with the flimsy cloth used in its construction. Pros

9. Hydroplanet Canvas Grow Tent

The Hydroplanet Canvas Grow Tent is a very durable tent made of extra thick canvas that, for some reason, has the weakest zipper of all the tents we tested. The way this thing opens is a complete nightmare, and the zipper allows light to get through. Although it seems to be strong, it does not appear to have been subjected to any quality control throughout the design process. Not really recommended, but it will get the job done if you don’t mind getting really annoyed with one of the worst zippers on the market for the money.

Aside from the zipper, it appears to be constructed of a high-quality material, at least in terms of appearance.

  • When it comes to zippers, they are a complete problem. Light leaks around the zipper.

10. LAGarden Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent

The LAGarden Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent has a lot going for it in terms of space and pricing, but it falls short in other areas, including light leakage, canvas quality, and a badly constructed zipper. When everything is working well with this tent, it provides a reasonably large growing space for the money. Although there are some tiny leaks around the zipper, which gets caught regularly and seems like it may break after a few months of wear, the canvas used to construct this thing is delicate and should be handled with care.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Grow Tents

Considering grow tents from a variety of perspectives, it is important to strike an appropriate balance between the amount of money invested and the amount of space required. Whenever we are looking for them, we prefer to take into consideration a number of various elements and determine which are going to be vital during the growing process. Important considerations include the fabric’s quality and the quality of the other functioning elements, as well as the size to price ratio and the reflectivity of the mylar that is being utilized.

Consider the following points in further detail: a.

Build Quality

If you’re looking for a budget alternative, there are certain fundamental pricing ranges that specific sizes of grow tents tend to fall into, but there are some exceptions when it comes to larger sizes. Larger tents that are priced a significant amount below the regular price range of similar-sized tents tend to scrimp a little on the construction quality in one way or another to save money. The problem might be something as easy as a tiny leak that can be mended, or it can be something more unpleasant like a thin piece of fabric that shreds if you aren’t cautious with it.

When selecting a grow tent, keep an eye out for problems like these, and consider if the hassle of dealing with substandard building materials is worth saving money on a large tent.

Growing in smaller grow tents of greater quality can still result in a highly profitable harvest, especially if the plants are taught properly. Furthermore, see: How to Reduce Humidity in Your Tent!


If your tent has had a lot of usage, it may have developed light leaks of various forms. If it has a manufacturing problem, it may have developed light leaks as well. Small breaches in the stitching that emerge spontaneously over time on a large number of tents are known as pinhole leaks. It results from the stitching wearing down, and while some manufacturers have found ways to mitigate the problem, completely eradicating it is practically difficult. In most cases, just a modest quantity of light is emitted by them, which helps to preserve the surrounding environment mostly intact.

  1. Another form of leak occurs as a result of tears in low-quality cloth.
  2. They must be fixed quickly, and special attention should be paid to that part of the tent for the remainder of the growing period.
  3. Cheap zipper tracks have a nasty habit of leaking light like crazy, and there isn’t much that can be done about it.
  4. Image courtesy of faboi and Shutterstock.


Good, sturdy canvas that will endure for years. Tears are extremely rare, and they only occur after years of intense wear. Thin canvas, on the other hand, might appear to be little more than a piece of paper at times. Grow tents made of thin canvas are best avoided for this reason, unless you are confident that you will be able to keep it from breaking throughout the growing process. The extra cost is definitely worth it to prevent the agony of having to fix a huge leak in the middle of a grow operation.


Typically, we recommend mid-sized grow tents to folks who are interested in starting one of these types of operations. It’s less difficult to handle, and because there are fewer products on the market, the quality is often greater. Because of this, the Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tenthit from VIVOSUN is at the top of this list. Obviously, it’s waterproof, as it was designed for hydroponics, but the canvas is also robust and doesn’t leak like some other types of bags. Because of its medium size, it also maintains a relatively modest price in comparison to other options.

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It’s a well-known brand that doesn’t sacrifice on building materials in order to make the price as low as possible, and it will endure for a long time.

As a distinct form of knowledge than other growth materials, it is easy to disregard it as a crucial component of the jigsaw as the other materials are. Featured Source: cannabispromoter, courtesy of Pixabay

Buyer’s guide to indoor marijuana grow tents

Written byMatt Stangel (Shannon Price/AdobeStock), with illustrations by

What is a grow tent?

Grow tents, which are matte black on the exterior and shining on the inside, are temporary constructions created for cannabis production. They provide a purpose-built spot to install lights and fans without requiring the permanent modification of a residential space, which is particularly advantageous. Since the beginning of time, homegrowers have gravitated to grow tents in order to reduce the influence of an interior garden on a home while also capturing smells, encouraging plant health, and increasing yields.

Some are really simple, while others are loaded with features that we’ll go over in further detail below.

Why use a grow tent?

Aside from the comfort of having everything ready to go, gardeners utilize tents to boost the efficiency of their gardens, increase yields, and save money. It is possible that the most compelling feature of a grow tent is its capacity to collect every single beam of light emitted by energy-hungry horticultural fixtures: Because the tent walls are lined with reflective materials such as diamond mylar, light that would ordinarily fall away from the plants is sent ping-ponging between the walls, where it is redistributed and absorbed throughout the canopy.

A comparison of common reflective materials conducted by grow-light manufacturer MIGRO discovered that using industry-standard diamond mylar could result in a 33 percent increase in canopy illumination—this translates to 33 percent more weight at harvest time, so three ounces would become four, and a $600 ROI would become $800.

The use of fan ports in grow tents allows growers to exchange hot, CO2-depleted air for neutral, fresh breezes, increasing their chances of developing healthy plants and increasing their yields.

Because of the higher yields, healthier plants, and lower power expense, many hobby growers prefer to use a tent rather than constructing specialized rooms or renovating their houses for their operations.

Where to set up your grow tent

(Photo courtesy of aleksandar kamasi/AdobeStock) Before purchasing a tent, purchasers should carefully evaluate where the tent will be placed and whether or not the site is ecologically friendly and supplied with sufficient amenities.


An area large enough to accommodate a human being dressed casually is ideal for the majority of growing setups. When temperatures fluctuate by 20 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and night, weed plants are at their most content. When the lights are turned off, the temperature should not go below 64°F during veg and 54°F during flower. When they’re turned on, the temperature shouldn’t rise much over 84°F during either phase. Lights generate heat—HIDs more so than LEDs—but, in general, if the tent’s ambient temperature is about 65°F, fans should be sufficient to maintain a comfortable temperature, and you won’t need air conditioning or heaters.

Often well-insulated from daily weather variations that can be stressful to plants, basements are a great place to grow plants in both the summer and winter.

Garages and attics, for example, can experience significant temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the year and may not be ideal growing environments for rookie growers.

Heating, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and other automatic environmental control systems are frequently required when growing plants in uninsulated rooms, and these technologies can add significantly to your electricity expenditure.

Space for your grow tent

A cultivation room must be large enough to handle not only the storage of a tent, but also the erection of the tent. A foot or two of over-tent clearance is ideal for a smooth installation, allowing you enough of room to wrangle the demanding canvas shell over and around the frame while it is being constructed. Choose a probable site for the tent and draw a tape outline of the tent’s measurements on the floor to get a sense of how it will fit in the space. Is it possible for people to move around in the room?

Are there any windows or ducts accessible if a tent has to vent into the outdoors in order to alleviate odor or temperature buildups?

Safe power use

Your grow space will need to be able to sustain the electrical demands of lights and fans, as well as other equipment like as air conditioners, heaters, and dehumidifiers. if your tent setup is on the same circuit as any significant appliances such as a dishwasher or a washing machine, you’ll need to be careful where you plug it in so that you don’t blow a fuse. Consider using another room if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

What to look for in a grow tent

Here’s a list of the characteristics you should look for in a tent.


The size of a grow tent is largely determined by the type of lighting used by the grower. HID lights generate a lot of heat and must be positioned high above the plants, necessitating the use of taller tents. LEDs, on the other hand, run cool, hang low, and perform well in a short tent. When determining the height of a tent, growers must take into consideration the type of light being used, as well as the space required for an exhaust fan and carbon filter.

Frameweight capacity

A quality tent is judged by the interior frame, which is independent of the brand, price tag, or intended use. Look for metal poles with a considerable gauge as well as corner joints that are long-lasting. Check that the tent can support the weight of your equipment, including lights, fans, a filter, and anything else you might need to suspend above the plants.

Material density

Entry-level tents typically have a fabric density (measured in D, or denier, units) of 200-600D, but top-of-the-line tent canvas might have a density of 1680-2000D or more. Light leaks are prevented by using a denser fabric, which stops plants from experiencing unwanted hormonal reactions. Reflective materials and extra thermal layers contribute to the overall quality and utility of a tent as well as its general usability.

Air exchange ports

It is meant for intake and exhaust fans to be installed in these 6-8″ ports in order to provide a constant flow of fresh air going in and out of the tent. Growers require at least two ports for an LED setup and up to four ports for HID lighting systems—the latter of which frequently requires two more ports to deal with the additional heat generated by HPS or MH bulbs.

Electricalirrigation ports

Many new tents are equipped with 2″ ports, which let electrical wires to pass through without becoming tangled. Tents may quickly become overrun with cables; the greater the number of electrical outlets accessible, the easier it will be to keep everything organized and in order.

The reservoir for a hydroponic system will most likely be located outside the tent, in which case special 2″ irrigation ports will be required in order to deliver water inside the tent. The same may be said with Blumline or drip systems, for example.

Other features

Finishing touches may include the following:

  • The use of zipper flaps to prevent light leakage is recommended. Windows that allow you to check on your plants without causing temperature and humidity variations
  • Floor liners or inserts to keep spills contained
  • Tool pockets
  • Gear mounts
  • And other features.

Best floweringall-purpose grow tents

If you want to grow marijuana in a single structure, you’ll need a tent that can fit plants at their largest size, which occurs during the blooming cycle, often known as the “bloom” photoperiod. Flowering tents are taller and broader than those used purely for vegetative plant growth, and they are designed to accommodate more plants. During the first two weeks of the flowering cycle, plants will double in size, and in some cases, treble in size, depending on the cultivar and the surrounding environment.

Bud locations on a plant also require space to allow for proper air circulation.

Our pick for best flowering/all-purpose tent

CLOUDLAB 866by AC Infinity is available for $189.99. 60″ x 60″ x 80″ 60″ x 80″ The fabric is 2000D. Poles are 22mm thick steel. Weight restriction: 150 lbs. AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB 866 is a cloud computing platform. Photograph courtesy of AC Infinity For the flowering cycle, many homegrowers employ 4′ x 4′ tents, which are available in various sizes. Having said that, the 5′ x 5′ x 6’8″CLOUDLAB 866 by AC Infinity ($189.99) is my particular favorite. The additional room enhances plant health and allows me to place side lighting just below the top of the canopy, which results in a significant increase in production.

A customized cooling system for high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures can be used with three air-exchange ports in addition to the usual duct ports for intake and exhaust.

In addition, the CLOUDLAB Series includes a mounting plate put on the front for their temperature- and humidity-responsive fan controller (available separately), which allows for more efficient ventilation.

With the exception of zipper covers to prevent light leaks, the combination of high-end features and cost results in one of the finest value bargains on the market and one of the loveliest tents of any kind I’ve ever used.

Other great all-purpose tents

  • Ten t:MAXSISUN 5’x5′($124.99) is a budget-friendly all-purpose ten t. The fabric is 600D. Poles are “completely made of metal.” Weight restriction: 120 lbs. All-purpose tent with adjustable height: ULTRA YIELD 60′′ x 60′′ x 84′′ plus a 12′′ extension ($289.95) Fabric weight: 1680D. Poles are 22mm thick steel. Weight restriction: 125 lbs. Gorilla Grow is a heavy-duty, variable-height all-purpose tent that may be used for a variety of purposes. Tent 60″ x 60″ x 83″ ($388.95) with a 24″ extension ($79.95 additional). Fabric weight: 1680D. Poles made of 22mm steel. Weight restriction: 300 lbs.

Best short tents

Prior to the introduction of LED lights into the homegrow industry, hobbyist cultivators grew their plants predominantly in tents no shorter than six feet in height—tall tents designed to support high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. However, as more homegrowers abandon high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs in favor of cooler, low-hanging LED grow lights — some of which require only a few inches of clearance above plants — tents are no longer required to be exceptionally tall. In part due to the popularity of LED lighting and the strength of the Chinese OEM market, the age of economical yet sturdy 4′ x 2′ x 5′ grow tents has come.

Our pick for best short tent

The sturdy short LED blooming tent would be my choice for an à la carte short LED flowering tent. CLOUDLAB 642by AC Infinity measures 4′ x 2′ x 5′ and costs $109. The fabric is 2000D. Poles are 22mm thick steel. Weight restriction: 150 lbs. The CLOUD LAB 642 at AC Infinity (Courtesy of AC Infinity)

Other great short tents

TheBudGrower.com’s Dual Power Grow Kit($995.95) is another excellent short tent to purchase. It is equipped with LED lights, fans, and filters, a living-soil kit, timers, sensors, and hardware, as well as a 1680D-canvas tent that measures 5′ in height and has a 2′ x 4′ footprint. It is also available in a variety of colors. Although it comes with a big price tag, it’s a fantastic kit if you don’t want to have to worry about all of the details of setting up a grow environment. The Dual Power Kit for the Bud Grower.

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Specs include a spill tray floor insert, dual mesh intake vents, hydro/irrigation port, electrical port, two duct ports, and three Velcro-affixed windows, in addition to the high-end 1680D canvas and diamond mylar reflective material.

Other choices are as follows:

  • A low-cost LED flower tent: the Green Hut, which measures 48″ x 24″ x 60 ” and costs $69.99. The fabric is 600D. Steel is used for the poles. Weight restriction: 110 lbs. Value ($99.99) LED flower tent from VIVOSUN, measuring 48 inches by 24 inches by 60 inches. The fabric is 600D. “It’s all metal,” the poles say. The weight limit is not specified. Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty (48″ x 48″ x 59-68″) is a height-adjustable small tent that measures 48″ x 59-68″. Fabric weight: 1680D. Poles are made of 19mm steel. Weight restriction: 300 lbs.

Budget veg tent

For a last option, consider a shorter tent to house a specialized vegetable space. You may go even shorter than the tents listed above to ensure that plants don’t grow too large during the flowering phase. With dimensions of 24″ x 24″ x 48″, this CoolGrows tent, which costs $59.99 and has received 4.6 stars out of over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, is a great value. The 110-pound weight capacity and 600D fabric density should be adequate to keep plants happy for the first few months of their development cycle, according to the manufacturer.

(Image courtesy of CoolGrows) CoolGrows 24″ x 24″ x 48″ ($59.99) are a 24″ x 48″ planter.

Poles are made of “strong metal.” The maximum weight is 110 pounds.

Other great veg tents

  • The CLOUDLAB 422 24′′ x 24′′ x 48′′ is a high-value veg tent that costs $89.99. The fabric is 2000D. Poles are 22mm thick steel. Weight restriction: 150 lbs. Vivosun 30-inch-by-18-inch-by-36-inch short veg tent ($75.99). The fabric is 600D. Poles are made of “metal.” The weight limit is not specified.

Best multi-chamber tents (for perpetual harvesting)

Tents with many chambers are intended to make a permanent harvest possible for persons who only have a small amount of growing area. A planter that practices perpetual harvesting has a new crop available to harvest more regularly, which increases his or her profit margin. Growing seedlings or clones, vegetative plants, and flowering plants at the same time in separate chambers allows you to harvest the blooming plants while the veg plants are still in the process of blossoming and the seedlings or clones are still in the process of vegetative growth.

Maintaining separate enclosures for each crop can quickly deplete a homegrower’s financial and time resources. Multi-chamber tents are designed to overcome this issue by separating clones and vegetative plants into two levels of space and blooming plants into a bigger second compartment.

Our pick for best multi-chamber grow tent

AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB 743D is a cloud computing platform. The dimensions are 48″ x 36″ x 72″ ($169.99). The fabric is 2000D. Poles are 22mm thick steel. Weight restriction: 150 lbs. CLOUDLAB 743D is a cloud computing environment (Courtesy AC Infinity) Despite the fact that AC Infinity dominates our guide, we come to a close with TheCLOUDLAB 743D ($169.99), which has a 4′ 3′ 6″ construction, an industry-leading 2000D canvas, an all-steel frame, and a 150-pound weight capacity that I’ve come to depend on.

While AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB 743D is the clear winner in terms of materials, pricing, and overall value, Secret Jardin’s Lodge 160 ($410) is also a fantastic option that is more than twice the price of AC Infinity’s model.

It is 5.25′ x 4′ x 6.5′ and is made of M210D canvas with steel poles and polypropylene edges.

The Lodge 160 grow tent is a classic.

Other great best multi-chamber grow tents

  • The Secret Jardin’s Lodge 160 (MSRP $410) is a classic multi-chamber tent. The dimensions are 63″ x 48″ x 78″. M210D is the fabric used. Poles are 16mm in diameter and chrome-plated. Weight restriction: 66 lbs. Please take note of the plastic corner joints. Multi-chamber tent on a budget: the Mars Hydro 36″ x 24″ x 55″ 2-in-1 ($105.99) from the company Mars Hydro. Fabric weight: 1680D. Steel is used for the poles. Weight restriction: 110 lbs. Multi-chamber tent with a larger footprint: VIVOSUN’s 2-in-1 108′′ x 48′′ x 80′′ ($299.99). Fabric:600D. Poles are made of zinc-plated steel. Weight restriction: 88 lbs.

5 Best Grow Tents In 2022 (From Cheap & Effective to High-End Tents)

At first glance, a grow tent may appear to be one of those gardening products that you buy the first one you come across and then promptly forget about. you don’t understand how much money you’ve wasted on a grow tent that can’t even support the weight of a big grow light, much alone a grow light itself When it comes to cultivating plants such as cannabis, your tent should have two important characteristics:

  • Have a robust structure that can withstand the weight of large machinery, and
  • Provide a seal that is (or nearly is) light-tight

But what’s even better is that it will last you at least a few years and will come with a variety of useful growth features, which you will all discover today. Learn now which 5 grow tents deserve a position in every growing setup, as well as which one of the 5 finest grow tents deserves a spot in your growing setup, by watching the video below. That sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Let’s get this party started.

1. Mars Hydro Grow Tent (Best-Budget Tent Overall)

These grow tents are great for beginners since they provide the perfect mix between quality and price. If you’re a beginner, these grow tents are perfect for you because they provide the following benefits: Now, don’t anticipate a tent that is 100 percent flawless. It is possible that a small amount of light will pass through the zipper. However, this can easily remedied by ironing the zipper covers on the inside of the garment. This tent, although being a ‘cheap’ model, is of startling great quality.

This implies that they will last you at least a few years if you use them properly, and they can withstand heavy equipment like as an LED grow lamp.

There are also a variety of alternatives for running ventilation, which makes it simple to customize these grow tents to your exact needs. Beginners and those seeking for one of the best value for money grow tents will find it here. The Mars Hydro Grow tent is the grow tent that I would suggest.

Looking for another fantastic starter tent that is of similar quality and has an established track record of long-term dependability? Look no further. You might want to have a look at the following:

2. Vivosun Grow Tent (Budget-Tent with Best Warranty)

When it comes to grow tents, Vivosun is a relatively new participant on the scene. As another “value for money” grow tent brand, they swiftly established themselves in the market. The construction quality of this tent is somewhat superior than that of the Apollo grow tent. However, because Apollo Horticulture has a somewhat better reputation and a longer track record, it is rated slightly higher than the other companies. The agreement, however, is as follows: This grow tent is far less expensive than luxury brands such as TopoLite and Gorilla, while providing almost the same level of quality and convenience:

  • It has a heavy-duty zipper that is not likely to break quickly
  • With its strong metal frame, metal edges, and thick canvas, this piece provides dependability and longevity. A convenient approach to keep an eye on your plants is provided by the easy-view window.

What’s the best part? They provide a 2-year warranty, which is rather generous for a low-cost grow tent. This demonstrates the confidence they have in their own abilities. Because of its numerous vents and ports, this tent is also one of the simplest grow tents to set up and customize to your exact demands and requirements. If you’re a newbie seeking for an alternative to the Apollo, go no further. This is the grow tent that I would suggest. If you’re seeking for a better level of construction and are willing to pay a bit more money, consider the following:

3. Gorilla Grow TentLite Line(Most ReliableSturdy Mid-Tier Tent)

Gorilla is well-known for manufacturing top-of-the-line grow tents at a premium pricing. But what the majority of people don’t realize is that they also have something called the “Lite Line,” which is just slightly poorer quality than the main line.but it costs half as much. Gorilla grow tents are made to last a long time. And while the Lite Line is a little less robust overall, it is still more durable than the normal grow tent in terms of overall durability. A steel frame (with steel corners) and a durable, heavy-duty zipper (which is one of the toughest on the market) distinguish this bag from the competition.

It also comes with all of the fun frills and conveniences that you would expect from a Gorilla Grow Tent, including the following:

  • Plants will grow higher and produce more fruit and vegetables with the height extension kit (which makes it the highest tent on the market). You can easily keep an eye on your job because of the easy-view windows. Diamond-reflective walls that encourage your plants to grow more quickly and vigorously

If you’re searching for one of the most durable and trustworthy grow tents available at a reasonable price, look no further. You should have a look at this tent. With the Gorilla Lite Line, there is one possible issue: there appears to be a difference in the light tightness across various units. Some customers have complained about light leaking through the zipper, which you may find out on by conducting a web search. For the time being, there is no single grow tent that completely hides all light right out of the package.

4. TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Dark Room Green Box (Most Light-Tight Tent)

Premium, yet still reasonably priced. TopoLite grow tents are a step above the ‘cheap’ tents such as the Apollo and Vivosun, which are also excellent choices. The construction quality is, however, significantly lower than that of the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line. The most significant benefit that the grow tents have over the competition, however, is. The likelihood of receiving a zipper that is little too tight is significantly increased. From the moment you open the box, the inside of a TopoLite Dark Room Green Box grow tent will be pitch dark.

Now, just because something is pitch black doesn’t imply it is completely lightproof.

And, despite the fact that its build quality is not comparable to that of a Gorilla, it is still above average.

If you use these tents regularly, they will last you for at least a few years. I believe the main disadvantage is that they are more expensive and more difficult to set up than the Apollo and Vivosun grow tents. However, you will receive a greater level of quality in exchange.

5. Gorilla Grow Tent (Most AdvancedBest Overall)

When you think of a premium grow tent, what comes to mind? The Gorilla grow tent is the only one that can legitimately claim to be such a thing. The robustness and sturdiness of this tent are unrivaled in the industry:

  • Because of its extremely sturdy frame, it can withstand even the heaviest of equipment. Only the Hulk is capable of ripping the canvas
  • The zippers can only be destroyed by Hercules
  • No one else can do it. Even with heavy use, a Gorilla grow tent will last you for several years at the very least.
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If you really want to stack the deck in your favor when it comes to developing your plants, here’s what you should do: And consistently get the maximum possible output. The Gorilla grow tent makes it practically difficult for your plants to catch hermies or have their flowering seasons delayed due to light leakage, which is something you’ll appreciate. Compared to other grow tents on the market, it is the most light-tight, even more lightproof than the TopoLite Dark Room Green Box. The reason behind this is as follows: Flaps that can be pulled over the zipper provide additional security, and the canvas is so sturdy that you’ll be hard-pressed to locate any pinholes.even after months of intensive usage.

  1. In order to keep your tent from becoming too hot and causing stress to your plants, proper ventilation is essential.
  2. Any configuration is made much easier by the most ingeniously constructed vents I’ve ever encountered.
  3. Because of the easy-view panes, you can quickly keep track of the development of your project.
  4. Finally, the Gorilla grow tent comes with an extremely useful feature that other tents do not include: Despite the fact that this tent boasts some of the greatest vent holes in the market.
  5. Furthermore, an excessively high temperature in your tent can significantly inhibit the growth of your plants.
  6. It does an excellent job of dissipating heat and keeping your tent cool.
  7. if you ever find yourself in this situation.
  8. But if you want the best of the best when it comes to grow tents, this beast of a tent is for you.

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If you want to learn how to set up your grow tent, check out our step-by-step instructions on: If you want to be certain that you have everything you need to produce marijuana, consult the following guide: Alternatively, if you already have all of your materials and would want a step-by-step instruction on how to successfully complete your first grow, check out this tutorial: You may get more information about great grow lights in our advanced guide on: Listed below are some excellent choices for your first indoor grow if you’re searching for something special.

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Gorilla Grow Tent: Best Indoor Hydroponic and Soil Grow Tents For Sale

Ryan B., a satisfied customer “It was my pleasure to provide you with a completely unbiased review of your GrowTentsDedication. I’ve never experienced a year like this before in my life! Since I began utilizing my Gorilla Tent, the growth of my plants, as well as the size of the “product regions,” has grown to unbelievable proportions! I’m so impressed that I’m going to tell every single Friend That Grows about how to find the greatest in the business. Apart than that, I reside in a pretty small farming town!

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You may rearrange them by sliding them up and down on the poles as needed.

They also help to keep the walls of the tent away from my plants, which is important given the negative pressure I’m creating within the tent.

The only thing I would propose is that a single set should be sold in addition to the tents themselves.

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The height, however, is the most important factor.

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I will accept nothing less than the cultivation of my garden in a Gorilla Grow Tent on my property.

Alita A.

There are so many different heights and customizations to meet different demands!

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Consequently, if we were to do a comparison between these two reviews, Growers House has determined that the Gorilla Grow Tent is the finest grow tent available on the market.

Hydrofarm East’s Travis Miles says the following: I have a lot of customers that are really enthusiastic about carrying your tents.

Customer: I’ve owned a number of different tents in the past, but this is my first Gorilla tent.

There are several vents and high-quality zippers.


It’s simple to put together. The tent is made of heavy-duty material and appears to be built to last a long time. There are several apertures for wiring, fans, and ventilation reasons, all of which may be closed down to prevent light from entering.

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