What Is A Tree Tent

What is a Tree Tent?

Hammock Tents and Tentsile Tree House Tents were initially intended to be used as portable treehouses, combining the portability and adaptability of a hammock with the comfort, security, and capacity to accommodate many people that a tent provides. Our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks are strung from three trees or structural anchor points, providing a safe haven for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors. They provide you with lots of space to move about within, suspended above sloping, uneven, muddy, lumpy, and bumpy ground conditions, while being completely protected from insects and other creatures at all times.

We have everything from an all-terrain camping solution to a safari safe house to a mountain/beach hideaway to a pop-up garden treehouse that avoids planning limitations.

Our Tree Tents are built to the greatest quality and safety requirements, and they are among the most durable tents available anywhere in the world.

Tentsile products are manufactured in a purpose-built facility, and each Tentsile product is quality verified before it is sent.

What makes our tents special?

We believe that Tentsile Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks provide a degree of comfort that you have never experienced before; it is the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ve ever had in a tent. Each unit has our proprietary anti-roll strap system, which separates sleeping sections so that you don’t all end up in the middle of the tent when you roll out of bed. No other outdoor equipment has features like those found in our designs, which are inventive, practical, and cutting-edge. You will never see anything like them anywhere else.

The extra bonus of utilizing the trees themselves to give shade from the sun means that you will not wake up sweltering in the morning.

With the rainfly extended, you will also acquire the large area beneath the tent, which can be used as a living room or a storage area for all of your camping gear and equipment, which will be kept dry and safe under one roof.

We are convinced that once you have tried a Tentsile, you will never go back to traditional ground camping.

Tentsile Hammocks vs. Traditional Hammocks

Traditional hammocks may be set up practically anyplace and provide a level of adaptability that is difficult to match with a traditional tent of similar size and shape. Hammocks, on the other hand, are usually designed to force you to sleep on your back with limited elbow space. Because of the sag, it is also quite difficult to share a hammock, which makes it a rather solitary experience for most people. In this construction, which has a massive tensioned fabric floor, tentsile hammocks are suspended between three anchor points, giving them a third dimension and allowing them to move freely throughout the structure.

A seat-belt webbing reinforcement is used in our hammocks, which provides a structurally supporting floor that does not droop in the same way a regular hammock does.

In addition to being capable of supporting 880lbs / 400kg, our larger units are capable of supporting more than enough weight to accommodate most parties and their equipment for any sort of excursion. Tentsile Hammocks are something to look into.

Tentsile Tree Tents vs. Standard Hammock Tents

In a previous section, we discussed the reasons why Tentsiles are more comfortable than ordinary hammocks; the same reasoning applies to camping hammock tents. Insect netting and a rainfly are included with most camping hammocks; but, you’ll be alone, your back will hurt from being trapped into a single sleeping position, and you’ll have limited room to move around. In comparison to a hammock tent, Tentsile Tree Tents provide all of the good experiences that are just not possible in a hammock tent: space to move, space for gear, space for people to enjoy the experience with, and all of that lovely ground area beneath the tent and large rain fly.

Tentsile Tree Tents are something you should look at.

Tree tent – Wikipedia

A Nubé Hammock Tent with a camping hammock is put up in this photo. The space beneath the hammock is utilized to store goods to keep them out of the weather. Putting our Tentsile Tree Tent together A tree tent is a type of camping tent that is meant to be elevated above the ground and is generally linked to or supported by nearby trees. It must be a full enclosure that can accommodate a camper and his or her belongings while being hung above the ground, just like a tent. A tree tent, like a tree house, may be accessible via a rope ladder and provides a protected area for relaxation and a variety of outdoor activities, similar to a tree house.

Some tree tents have the capacity to accommodate groups of six or more individuals.


  1. Every day, a hanging 3-person tree tent is created with fabric, rope tension, and dornob design ideas. Mother Nature Matters published an article by Shea Gunther titled “The Tentsile takes camping to a whole new (vertical) level” on April 22, 2013. “What to do in the UK this spring: new trips, events, and days out,” Isabel Choat and Gemma Bowen, “What to do in the UK this spring: new trips, events, and days out,” The Guardian, 16 April 2013
  2. Trilogy Super Hammock Tent Combo” in the town of Hammock. Hammock Town is a place where people go to relax and unwind. Retrieved2017-01-04

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First impressions of a tree tent – Bushcraft with David Willis

So, what exactly is a “tree tent,” and why would you want one in the first place? A friend characterized it as a cross between a hammock and a trampoline, and it has to be mentioned that this is a very accurate description of what a tree tent is like to experience. It is a tent that is suspended from the ground by strong webbing straps that are tied to the surrounding trees, allowing it to float above the ground while still being tethered to the trees. Why is this so? Well, to be honest, it’s because you can, and it’s also because it’s enjoyable, offering a whole new viewpoint for seeing and living more intimately with our natural woods surrounds, which is really rewarding.

Another advantage of using a tree tent over a tent is that, like a hammock, you don’t have to worry about the suitability of the ground on which you would otherwise be camping.

Using a tree tent, you may camp on uneven or sloping land, or even across a pond or stream – I’m looking forward to more demanding settings.

Tentsile Stingray

During our first night’s camping trip, we slept in the woods where I teach courses, and the first objective was to choose a good site for the tree tent, namely three trees from which to suspend theTentsile Stingraytree tent. The guidelines advocate planting trees that are a foot thick, with trees placed evenly apart from one another on the property (ideally forming or approximating to an equilateral triangle). We were in luck, as a beautiful setting directly next to our campfire circle presented itself.

  1. In order to stay warm at night, you’ll need insulation below your sleeping bag, just as you would in a tent.
  2. This fantastic Tentsile design allows for additional sleeping space down stairs if the Trillium is suspended independently and the extra side walls are installed.
  3. There are two entrances, one through a hatch underground (as shown in the photo above) and the other through a doorway (see below).
  4. We were just a few feet above the earth, but it was enough to give us a fresh perspective on the situation below.
  5. Tentsile Stingray tree tent with mug stand for a cup of tea in the morning After all, our first night in a tree tent was incredible; it was a completely different experience that was also a lot of fun and quite comfortable.
  6. How about your morning cup of tea?
  7. Taking the flysheet off allowed us to sit back and enjoy the view while sipping tea and listening to the birds fly overhead.

Are Tree Tents Safe and Comfortable?

Possibly you’ve heard about tree tents, and how they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice among individuals who appreciate spending time in the great outdoors. Consumers, on the other hand, have expressed concern over whether they are pleasant to sleep in and whether they are even safe to use in general. So, are tree tents both safe and comfy to sleep in? When used properly, tree tents may be a safe and comfortable alternative for camping accommodations. However, certain fundamental safety rules must be followed in order for tree tents to be considered safe.

Tree tents may be a popular topic in outdoor living right now, but they aren’t the only choice for camping in the woods if you want to keep things as simple as possible. Continue reading to learn more about tree tents and how people make use of them.

What Exactly Is A Tree Tent?

A tree tent is exactly what it says on the tin: a tent made of trees. It is a tent that is suspended from a tree, rather than being placed on the ground. In contrast to a hammock, a tree tent is created in a similar manner to a ground tent in that it is intended to entirely enclose the person who is sleeping within. As a result, the camper is protected from both insects and the weather. Traditionally, tree tents are set up by securing them to the branches of neighboring trees. However, many tree tents may also be set up on the ground if surrounding trees are not accessible when it is time to set up camp.

Tree tents, on the other hand, are fully movable, as opposed to tree homes.

These sorts of tents have acquired substantial appeal in recent years, owing to the fact that the materials used to make tree tents are becoming increasingly lightweight while still being able to support greater weight.

Are Tree Tents Safe?

The safety of tree tents is one of the most common worries that potential customers have about them. After all, there are several horror stories about hunters who have fallen out of tree stands and been left stranded in the woods with a broken leg or worse. However, the reality is that, once a camper learns how to properly erect a tree tent, these temporary dwellings are very safe to use. Not only are tree tents just as safe as any other tent you can put up on the ground if they are constructed appropriately, but in some camping conditions, tree tents may even be regarded more safe than ground tents.

When camping in areas where there are enormous apex predators, sleeping off the ground rather than on it might be a safer alternative.

Are Tree Tents Comfortable?

Tree tents are similar to sleeping off the ground in a hammock in that they are not as confining as a hammock. Another major question that consumers have about tree tents is whether or not they are comfortable, with the majority of people conjuring up unpleasant images of being wedged uncomfortably in a cheap backyard hammock in their minds. Sleeping in a tree tent is often significantly more comfortable than sleeping on the hard ground.This is because your body is bearing less of your own weight when you’re suspended in mid-air, and the elasticity of the tent’s bottom absorbs the impact of your body.Of course, the brand of tent you choose matters.Here is one that I recommend (Click to see Amazon Listing).

Advantages of Tree Tents

There are several advantages to utilizing a tree tent as opposed to a standard tent or a hammock for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few of the potential benefits of utilizing a tree tent while camping that you may be able to take advantage of:

  • In addition to being clean and pleasant, sleeping in a tree tent is more comfortable than sleeping on the cold hard ground, especially during the cooler months when the ground may be frozen. A nice sleeping bag may make a tree tent seem as comfortable as a bug in a rug
  • Nonetheless, a good sleeping bag is recommended. A hammock is less buggy than a tent: Tree tents provide similar comfort to hammocks, while also allowing campers to lock themselves off from mosquitoes and other pests, just like they would with a standard tent, to prevent being bothered by them. In addition, you will not be exposed to the ground pests that may find their way into a ground tent. Bonus
  • There are no tent poles to transport: Using a tree tent makes it easier to get all of your camping goods out into the woods on your back without weighing you down. Camping in difficult terrain is permitted: Do you want to camp in a muddy, rocky, or hilly environment? It’s not an issue if you have a tree tent. Additionally, you won’t have a sharp rock poking you in the ribs all night
  • You’ll be safe and sound. If you’re concerned about leaving less of a mark when you set up and pack up camp, tree tents are a fantastic alternative
  • They’re also inexpensive. Additional camping opportunities include: In contrast to a ground tent, utilizing a tree tent allows you to set up camp well away from the trodden path, ensuring that you do not wind up sleeping next to the woodland RV park. Campers who want seclusion in the woods will benefit from this since they will have more privacy.
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Disadvantages of Tree Tents

In spite of the numerous advantages that tree tents provide, there are some disadvantages to utilizing a tree tent rather than a typical ground tent or hammock as a sleeping option. The following are some of the drawbacks of using tree tents:

  • Trees are required:In order to utilize a tree tent, you’ll need trees that are strong enough to support a person’s weight as well as trees that are spread apart enough to for the installation of a tree tent. Depending on where you’re camping, this may limit your options to a certain extent. Warmth: In cold weather, sleeping in a tree tent may be significantly cooler than sleeping on the ground since the wind promotes heat loss, whereas the ground actually maintains a certain amount of warmth. As a result, tree tents may not be the best option in temperatures that are close to or below freezing. It is possible to rouse up light sleepers: Given the bouncing associated with a person moving around in a tree tent, it is possible that one person turning over in their sleep will wake up another person who is also sleeping in the tree tent as a result of the weight change. High monetary cost: Some tree tents are more affordable than ground tents, or at least comparable to them, although the truly beautiful ones may easily cost more than five hundred dollars. That’s not a little sum of money to spend on a camping tent, either. It is possible to be dangerous: if a tree tent isn’t properly set up and a person falls out of it and injures themself, they might be in serious difficulty if they’re in a remote region and don’t have access to a telephone or other means of calling for assistance. The learning curve that was involved was as follows: The process of setting up a tree tent is more complicated than ground camping, which may be done by youngsters in scout organizations. It is also more difficult to learn on the fly, which is especially true if you have no prior experience. It’s best to start by practicing at home.

How to Set Up A Tree Tent

Ground tents are quite simple to set up, however tree tents might be a little more difficult. Here are some tips to make the process of putting your tree tent together go more smoothly:

  1. First, make a reconnaissance tour of your campground. Because setting up a tree tent is reliant on having the appropriate trees, choose a suitable location for it and ensure that it has trees that are close enough together to allow you to set it up before hauling everything out. Locate three trees that are grouped together in a triangular formation. If one of your trees is closer to your tent than the other two, your tent will not install evenly and will droop in one corner, so attempt to space the trees as near to equal distances apart as possible before you begin to erect your tent. It is not required, but it does improve the overall appearance of the finished setup
  2. Attach the tent straps to the trees using twine. It is critical that the tent straps are connected to the tree at nearly the same height all the way around, or else the tent will not sit evenly once it is built. Attach ratchets to the tent straps and tighten the tent as far as possible. It is with these ratchets that you will be able to tighten the tree tent straps until the tent is taut and suspended in mid-air without any sag. This step is critical in ensuring that the tree tent remains suspended even when a person’s weight is inside of it. Ratcheting the tree tent is one of the most significant procedures in the process of constructing the tent. In order to maintain equilibrium, adjust the corners of the tent and tighten the straps even further. In contrast to a hammock, which you want to allow some sag in, a tree tent is intended to be pulled taut

Safety While Using a Tree Tent

When utilizing a tree tent, it is critical to remember the safety of those around you. In spite of the fact that many tree tents are completely safe when constructed correctly, putting one poorly might cause a tree tent to collapse when a person is within it. Therefore, when utilizing tree tents when camping in the outdoors, it is important to observe the safety guidelines listed below:

  • Hang your tree tent low to the ground in order to avoid potentially disastrous falls. Unless you have a lot of previous experience with using a tree tent, it is recommended to maintain the gap between your tree tent and the ground as little as possible, around three feet. You’ll be more protected if you erect the tent wrong and it collapses, which will reduce the likelihood of significant harm. Water, ravines, and sharp items should not be used to suspend your tree tent from: Make certain that there are no sharp branches or rocks on the ground underneath where you will be building your tree tent, and that it is not installed over a chasm or over water before proceeding. If you become trapped in your tent as a result of a collapse, this might have fatal repercussions. Food should not be kept in your tree tent. The fact that bears and raccoons are less likely to bother you in a tree tent does not imply that you should provide them with an opportunity to do so. Make sure all food is well wrapped and stored in coolers away from the camp sleeping area
  • Keep an eye out for wasps and bees while you’re out camping. Before you begin unpacking your tree tent, make sure to check the surrounding area for beehives and wasp nests on the trees where you intend to erect it. The last thing you want is to arouse a furious swarm of yellowjackets immediately after you’ve finished lugging all of your belongings out of the woods
  • Bears should also be avoided at all costs. When looking for a location to hang your tree tent, keep an eye out for any bark or low-hanging tree branches that appear to have been rubbed away from the trunks of the trees you want to use. The presence of bears in the region (the scratched-looking spots are caused by bears scratching themselves on trees) can occasionally be confused with the presence of buck deer in rut. You should be aware of your surroundings. Because you have so many possibilities for setting up a campsite with a tree tent, you might be tempted to camp off the main path with one, but be cautious not to wander too far from well-established routes. Make sure someone else is aware of your plans to go camping and the time you expect to return. Prepare your space before twilight. Nothing is more inconvenient than attempting to set up camp when it is already half-dark outside. Leave yourself plenty of time to put up your tree tent correctly before sunset, especially if you aren’t particularly familiar with it yet
  • Otherwise, you may find yourself scurrying around in the dark to finish things up. Take excellent care of yourself. No matter what style of tent you use in the woods, you’ll need to keep track of your hydration, sunscreen, and other fundamental survival needs to ensure that you stay healthy and safe while out in the wilderness. Make sure to take breaks and relax as necessary.

Ways to Make a Tree Tent More Comfortable

Inherently more comfortable than sleeping on the ground (at least according to many people who use them), there are a number of methods to make a tree tent even more pleasant and appealing to use as a camping destination. Here are some ideas about how to make a tree tent more comfortable:

  • Make use of an underquilt. A hammock underquilt is often used in place of a sleeping pad, which is typically used in most conventional tents. It is meant to prevent convective heat loss caused by chilly wind blowing beneath a sleeping sleeper while they are suspended in the air. Underquilts serve to keep campers warm by preventing them from losing heat as a result of the wind. The following is an optional tarp that I would recommend if your tree tent does not come with one: A tree tent may accommodate one person at a time. The nature of a tree tent is that it will swing whenever someone in it shifts their weight, even though many tree tents are built to support the weight of more than one individual. Light sleepers may be woken up as a result of this. Stick to one-man tree tents for the most comfortable night’s sleep in a tree tent. Make use of a knee pillow. Some individuals find it uncomfortable to lie flat out in a tree tent because it causes their knees to hyperextend, which can be painful. Making use of an inconspicuous knee cushion can induce a bend into the knee and reduce some of the strain, resulting in better overall sleep quality. If you’re going to be camping in the rain, attach drip lines to the tent straps. Drip lines allow excess rainfall to drain off the tent straps rather than flowing through them and into the tree tent itself when it is raining heavily. Allow the light to shine: Make sure you have a torch or LED bulb readily situated somewhere within your tree tent so that you don’t tumble out of a tree at two o’clock in the morning when attempting to get up and use the bush bathroom
  • Before going to bed, go to the bathroom: Just put your faith in us. It’s far simpler to take a pee break before climbing into a tree tent for the night than it is to struggle out of one in the middle of the night in complete darkness.

Alternatives to Tree Tents

For people who don’t wish to use a tree tent, there are a few options that are comparable to tree tents, including:

  • Hammocks: A hammock is similar in design to a tree tent, however it does not have the protective cover that a tree tent does. A tarp, on the other hand, can be used to simulate this effect. Generally speaking, hammocks are regarded to be less pleasant than tree tents in terms of comfort. For those of you who want to take the hammock way, here is a pretty wonderful one that I recommend: Shelter for bivouacing (also known as a bivy tent): Campers who want to keep their camping equipment to a bare minimum can choose an abvy tent, which is a temporary pup tent arrangement that can be put up in a matter of minutes. As with tree tents, a bivvy tent provides the same mobility and adaptability as a tree tent, but it does not elevate the camper over the ground, therefore it shares the drawbacks of ground tents. In case you’re interested, here’s a link to my fave Bivy that I discovered on Amazon:

Give Safe and Comfortable Tree Tents a Try

Even while tree tents have their own set of drawbacks, much like any other kind of camping, they are no less safe or pleasant than a standard camping tent or hammock in most situations. On the contrary, these tents have the potential to be far more comfortable than anything else you’ve brought into the woods thus far. If you’re looking for something different to do on your next camping vacation, tree tents are a great option. Hello, my name is Jim, and I’m the creator of this website. Survival, fishing, camping, and anything else related to the outdoors have always piqued my attention.

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In addition, I am a best-selling author with degrees in history, anthropology, and music under my belt.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!

19 of the Most Spectacular Tree Tents that Money Can Buy

Whether you name them tree tents, hammock tents, suspended tents, or whatever you choose to call them, they are part of a camping revolution. Nobody wants to hear their girlfriend say: “I’m not going to sleep on the ground!” ever again! If you aren’t persuaded yet, these photos will persuade you otherwise. Tree Tents: Hammocktown’s Favorite Selection Here are the top 19 best tree tents for you to spend your hard-earned money on.

1. Flite+ Tree Tent by Tentsile

Whether you name them tree tents, hammock tents, suspended tents, or anything else you want to call them, we are calling them a camping revolution!

Nobody wants to hear their girlfriend declare, “I’m not going to sleep on the ground!” ever again! After viewing these images, you will be persuaded otherwise. Picks for the Best Tree Tents from Hammocktown Listed here are the top 19 best tree tents for you to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Flite+ Tree Tent Need to Knows:

  • Because of its small size, the Flite+ is appropriate for anyone under 6’1″/184cm tall and weighing less than 220kg/485lbs. Seasons are divided into four categories. time for setup: ten minutes Weight: about 3.2kg (roughly 7lbs)
  • Learn how to set up your Flite+ Tree Tent by watching this video

Check Amazon for the most recent price –

2. Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock

This combination of a hammock, a tent, and a tree tent is one of the most functional hiking tree tents now available. Set up takes about three minutes, and it weighs less than five pounds, making it an excellent choice for your hiking excursions. This hammock tent has won a lot of accolades and has been voted number one by Backpacker Magazine. Outside Magazine is a publication that focuses on the outdoors. Designed for one person to sleep comfortably, we’ve put it through its paces with two people and a dog!

Lawson Tree Tent Need to Knows:

  • Weighing just 4.25 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Length 90 inches
  • Width 36 inches
  • Watch the video below to learn how to set up your Blue Ridge Camping Hammock.

Check Amazon for the most recent price –

3. TreePod Hanging Tree House

This Tree Tent is made of long-lasting nylon materials and metal structure for a long-lasting appearance. The TreePod may be mounted to any hanging point with the use of robust webbing straps and a steel quick-link system. For all-season enjoyment, the fabric is weather resistant and coated with a long-lasting water repellent. A UV-coating provides further protection from the sun’s rays. This Tree Tent features a zip-up door and mesh windows, making it a ready-to-use hideout that children will enjoy.

  • Check Amazon for the most recent price – In addition to being able to be used alone, this tree tent, also known as the movable treehouse, can be linked together with other Connect tents to form suspended mega-camps consisting of three or more hammock tents.
  • An insect mesh top (with four entrances), a detachable fly sheet for amazing views, and a rainfly that can be staked outwardly to the ground, allowing this tree tent to be used as a multi-story camping base, are just a few of the features of this stunning tree tent!
  • Overall, this is an absolutely excellent purchase.
  • “With my sting ray tree tent, I enjoy hanging it over the deep end of my swimming pool, which is one of my favorite things to do.

It’s a really adaptable piece of equipment “Blake Davis, the owner of Oasis Pool Cleaning, explains. This hammock is ideal for accommodating 2-3 people for camping or just lazing around the house. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

6. Cocoon Hanging Tree Tent

The Cocoon Treehouse Tree Tent is a spherical structure made of aluminum that is coated with a durable waterproof membrane. It may be hung from trees or set on the ground thanks to its flexible feet, which are removable. ThisCocoonTreehouse, which measures 3 meters in diameter (about 10 feet), is a modern-day camper’s dream come true!

7. Free Spirit Spheres $199 – $315 per night

This one-of-a-kind treehouse resort for adults is located in an enchanting coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, and is open all year. This is the stunning Free Spirit Sphere Eve, the first of three that will be erected. Guests may also book a stay at Eve,Eryn, and Melody for anything from $175 to $314 per night depending on the season. Make a direct reservation with Free Spirit Spheres.

8. Waldseilgarten-Hoellschlunct – $300 per night

At the Waldseilgarten-Hoellschlunct adventure camp in Bavaria, campers sleep in tents that are suspended from the branches of trees. The hanging shelters are collectively referred to as “The Hotel of 5 Billion Stars.” If you chance to be in Germany, you can stay in one of these magnificent tree tents for only $250 Euros per night. TheseTree Tentswere initially created for the (RAG) Road Alert Group in England and are now available for purchase. This group of environmental activists is protesting against the excessive construction of motorways through forests in the United States.

The Tree Tents not only give a nice place for the tree activists to stay while they are in the forest, but they also protect the trees from being chopped down, resulting in the saving of millions of trees!

The inside is furnished with a comfortable wooden sleeping platform and a spherical mattress that can accommodate 2-3 adults or 5-6 children comfortably.

During the summer months, the Hertshoorn campsite in the Netherlands offers tree tent rentals for a fee of €10 per night.

11. Nube Tree TentsHammock Shelters

It is the Nubé Hammock Camping Shelter that has completely changed the game for hammockers all over the world! The Nube has appeared on the following shows:

  • CNBC, Outside Magazine, Backpacker’s Magazine, Men’s Health, and other publications

Nubé tree tents are constructed of a reinforced fabric with seam strengths that have been quadrupled in comparison to the previous edition. Sierra Madre Research modified the designs in order to provide more inside space, which resulted in a larger gear storage area. The Nubé is considered to be a “bullet proof” fortress of protection for your camping hammock, making it ready for any expedition while being lightweight and extremely comfy!

12. Luminair Spherical Tree Tents – $12,500

When not in use, the frame is protected by a canopy made of marine-grade fabric, which may be further reinforced by adding an insulating layer and an inside liner if necessary. They are intended to fit into tight areas. they can be erected on site with minimum “carry-in” and rigged to adapt to a wide range of various trees and locations. Various access methods, ranging from a basic rope ladder to permanent stairs and platforms or rope bridges in the middle of the forest, can be constructed around the structure.

Move into the Tree Tent from its tough exterior and you’ll discover a spacious, quiet and warm room where you can take in the sounds and views of the forest from a new perspective, as well the incredible workmanship and engineering that went into the creation in the first place.

13. TreePee

A Tree Pee is a tent with a hanging teepe that hangs from the ceiling. The Treepee is a radtree tent that combines a tree house with a trampoline to create the ultimate playground for children. Standing Treepee riders, once they’ve mastered their balance, may enjoy a taste of the surfing/snowboarding experience in a safe and secure setting. The treepee is a fantastic little retreat for those children who simply want to relax and read (away from the adults). The Treepee Tree Tent has the following characteristics:

  • With a UV protection level of 50+, UV protected fabric allows youngsters to play safely in the sun while remaining shielded from dangerous rays. Four tethers, one on each corner of the Treepee®, allow it to be anchored for a less mobile experience. It is equipped with several storage compartments on the interior, and an attached bag with a pulley enables for the transportation of critical items to and from the den
  • In addition to allowing air to flow, bug netting on the windows prevent creatures from entering.

*It is advised that the maximum hanging height be 0.5m. The Treepee® is 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.6m in overall dimensions. The Treepee® is available in three colors: green, khaki, and pink.

15. Flying Tent: 3 in 1 Tree Tent

The Flyingtree Tent is one of the most unusual all-in-one hammocks available today. You will receive a 3-in-1 tent that includes a hammock, bivy tent, hammock, and rain poncho. A flying tent (FT) is an excellent choice for a mid-afternoon expedition or a cross-country camping trip in the woods. Set up the tent between two trees or on the ground as a hammock tent for one or two people to sleep comfortably. As a camper, traveler, or cyclist, smart gear lets you to sleep in situations where it would be impossible to pitch a standard tent, such as damp ground, river beds, and steep terrain, without risking injury.

If you remove the upper piece of the tent using the zipper on the side, the flying tent may be transformed into a standard hammock or rain poncho, which will provide you with additional protection from inclement weather.

  • Setup time for the flying tent is reduced to a matter of seconds thanks to its innovative pop-up design. This lightweight 3-season tree tent is equipped with fiberglass poles and storm lines to protect it from inclement weather and wind. The rainfly is constructed of ripstop nylon, with PU and silicon coatings applied on both sides for 100 percent waterproof protection. We utilize nylon-polyester for the hammock, which is additionally coated with PU and treated with silicon to make it more durable. Neither ensures a hydrostatic head greater than 5000mm nor is it robust enough for some crazy adventure. The flying tent is distinguished by a high degree of utility, inventiveness, and user-friendliness in its design. Because to the lightweight materials and high-quality workmanship, the flying tent weighs just 4 pounds. The technically unique and patented functional design is based on the simplest functionalities of throw tents and allows for a simple and rapid assembly
  • The design is also patented.

The Sky Nest is a tree tent that dangles in the air while providing all of the amenities of a traditional tent. The complete Sky Nest weighs more than 28 lbs., making it an excellent choice for vehicle camping. The durable design includes a stainless steel bottom frame, metal hooks and carabiners, as well as straps and other attachments, among other things. Because of its generous 7.2 feet by 4.25 feet base and 3.6 feet in height, the contraption can easily accommodate two people. There is under-storage for shoes, mesh windows for ventilation and breathtaking vistas, and a retractable inner lining that can be used to form a weatherproof shelter when needed among the Sky Nest features.

18. Crua Hybrid Tree Tent – $400

All of the hammock tent capabilities that a person might possibly want are provided by the Crua Hybrid tree tent for those who choose to camp in a hammock. This tree tent may also be used as a portable single-person bivy tenthammock while camping in areas where pitching a ground tent would be difficult or impossible to do. Designed with you in mind, the Crua Hybrid tree tent has several characteristics that will make your hammock excursions unique. Included is an integrated sleeping bag that can be detached from the tree tent if necessary, as well as an air mattress for the most comfortable hammock experience possible.

The Crazy Crib LEX hammock tent has a completely enclosed, zippered mosquito netting-enhanced canopy, as well as Easton 7075-T9 aluminum poles for a sturdy and durable setup.

This tree tent/hammock shelter has an inside sleeve that can be used with a sleeping pad to provide the maximum in comfort when camping.

In Tree Tent Conclusion

All of the hammock tent characteristics that a person might possibly want are provided by the Crua Hybrid tree tent for hammock campers. This tree tent may also be used as a portable single-person bivy tenthammock while camping in areas where pitching a ground tent would be difficult or impossible due to the nature of the terrain. With the Crua Hybrid tree tent, you will have an incredible hammock trip thanks to the innovative design elements included. A sleeping bag that can be detached from the tree tent if necessary, as well as an air mattress for the most comfortable hammock experience are included.

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The Crazy Crib LEX hammock tent is made of Easton 7075-T9 aluminum poles and has a completely enclosed, zippered mosquito netting-enhanced canopy.

Amazon.com : Tree Tents for Camping

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UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents, Parties, Music Festival Tent, Big, Easy Up, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer, 2 Room, Waterproof, Weather Resistant, 18ft x 9ft x78in

At checkout, a ten percent discount is applied. With the offer, you may save 10% (on certain sizes and colors). A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent. Ships to the Netherlands are available. Only 16 of these items are left in stock – purchase soon. Ships to the Netherlands are available. There are only 3 left in stock, so place your purchase now. At the time of purchase, a 30% discount is applied. With the voucher, you may save 30%. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase.

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Amazon.com : tree tent

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Brands that are associated with your search

Airborn: The 7 Best Suspended Tree Tents

Humanity was not intended to exist just on the surface of the planet. Our genetic cousins are all apes, and they spend much of their time in trees, away from the rigors of the ground and the muck of existence. In order to avoid the pests that infest our sleeping bags and the hard, damp ground on which we walk and crawl, we should not only walk and crawl on terra firma, but rather go to the woods like Robin Hood and Peter Pan, and live away from civilization. We should be sleeping in tree tents, where we will be cushioned by the air itself.

Once and for all, you will no longer have to be concerned about that one pebble that digs into your back or side even after you have swept the ground well.

No more worrying about creepy crawlies crawling into your bedroom at night, or utilizing an air mattress that will collapse the instant you lay your head on it. With one of the seven greatest suspended tree tents, you can escape the heavy pull of gravity and sleep in complete freedom.

Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2

Pro:Lightweight Cons: Only rudimentary safeguards. Double Decker (also known as a double decker): When it comes to suspended tree tents, this is about as straightforward as it gets. The Sky Tent is a simple rain fly made of ripstop nylon that can be used to cover one or two hammocks. It comes with a protective bag for your hammocks as well as an amazing rain fly. There are 2,100 holes per square inch in it, which keeps away skeeters and other biting monstrosities while also keeping the elements off of you.

The climbing rope is secured at both ends with 6mm, 770 lbs.

True YKK zippers keep the Sky Tent safe and secure, protecting you from theft by anybody who is unable to operate a zipper.

Nube Hammock Shelter

Advantage: It comes with a specific gear storage pouch. Cons: The size is not very huge. Low Hanging Fruit: The Nubé is another hanging tent designed to work with your current camping hammock. However, it provides a lot more functionality than a tarp draped over a branch would do. 40-denier ripstop nylon with twin layers of silicone on the top and bottom keeps you and your gear dry and protected from the elements. The No-Seeum polyester bug protection used in the basket area repels flyers while providing adequate air to keep you from sweating during those hot summer evenings in the city.

The overall dimensions are 13 by 10 feet, which is small enough for one person to use but large enough to bring along a friend to spoon with.

Cacoon Double

Advantage: It is simple to set up. Cons: It is not conducive to sleep. Rest & Relaxation: Not every tent is designed with sleeping in mind, and some aren’t even designed for sleeping. Only Santa’s smallest helpers will be able to create a nest out of the Cacoon, which has less than 6 feet of floor area at its biggest size. It is, however, excellent for hanging when you want a porch swing that can be moved anywhere for a little light reading or just hanging out – quite literally – in the midst of nature’s splendor.

The lowest ring pieces are made entirely of aluminum and are easily disassembled for portability.

Tentsile Connect

Advantage: There are several doorways for simple access. Cons: There is very little floor space. Prepare to get close with the Connect, which has a seating capacity of two people. This is the most basic and reasonably priced of the conventional suspended tents offered by the most reputable manufacturer in the field, and it is intended for two people only. 240 Denier inclined joint nylon-polyester is used to construct the floor, which has been pumped up and decked out with more than 15 meters of seatbelt webbing.

Straps made of industrial-grade ratchets hold the Connect in place and may be attached to just about anything. There are plenty of access and exit points with four doors. Weight reaches a maximum of around 500 lbs.

Tentsile Stingray 3

Advantage: It is constructed in the traditional tent form. Con:Heavy The Stingray 3 is the best option if you want to have a real camping experience that doesn’t depart too much from what you already know and enjoy. There are three hammocks inside this three person tree tent, which is fastened to trees, vehicles, or poles with ratchet straps to make tensioning the hammocks simple. When properly fastened, the maximum weight is 880 lbs., so go ahead and eat another bratwurst. It is possible to enter the Stingray either a conventional tent entrance or a central hole with a ladder, depending on your preference.

A mesh top keeps you cool while keeping pests at bay, and a large rain fly keeps you dry and toasty when the weather turns sour.

Aelph Omega

Built in the traditional tent design, which has its advantages Con:Heavy In terms of a real camping experience that doesn’t go too far from what you already know and love, the Stingray 3 is the best option available. Three-person tree tent with a triple hammock inside that can be easily tensioned by ratchet straps that tie to trees, vehicles, or poles. When properly fastened, a bratwurst may weigh up to 880 lbs., so go ahead and eat one more. Either either a conventional tent entrance or via a central hole with ladder, guests may get access to the Stingray.

While keeping you cool, a mesh top keeps pests at bay, and a large rain fly keeps you dry and toasty.

Cocoon Tree

Pro:It is intended for installation in a permanent or semi-permanent location. Disadvantages:Difficult to set upAbove All: To describe this as a simple tree tent is to minimize its significance: A house on a sphere of water. Because it is constructed of steel, even when empty, it weighs more than 130 pounds, therefore you won’t be able to carry it very far on your back. Upon completion, however, the construction will seem like a whole cottage with a circular bed in the center and plenty of space for stuff or even to stand up completely vertically.

Although DIY enthusiasts can set it up and take it down themselves using the accompanying ropes and ties, it is going to be a nightmare for anyone who is working on their own.

OPEONGO Tree Tent / Hammock – AERIAL A1, the best way to sleep outside

$499 Canadian dollars / $399 United States dollars

Limited Tents Available

$499 Canadian dollars / $399 US dollars


Designed to be lightweight and portable, the AERIAL has a sturdy, horizontal sleeping surface that can be strung between two trees, making it ideal for camping.

This solo camping system is highly comfortable, adaptable, and quick to assemble. It is also lightweight and compact. The AERIAL A1 is the first of its type, with an intuitive design that was created for actual campers by real campers.

ComfortComfort Comfort!

Prepare yourself for the most restful night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced. With the AERIAL, you will experience a degree of comfort that you can only dream of.

Sleep the way you want!

This elevated sleeping platform is devoid of pressure points, allowing you to sleep in any position, including the back, side, or even in the front of the platform.

Ultimate Versatility

The AERIALA1 is the most adaptable tent ever created. Not only is this tent capable of being built up over rocks, roots, and even rivers, but it can also be set up on the ground like any other tent when there are no trees present to use as a support structure when necessary.


The suspension mechanism of the AERIAL, which is inspired by slackline design, is the primary component that permits it to provide such excellent comfort and stability. The AERIAL is able to produce a four point attachment system by wrapping high tension webbing straps around the tree and drawing them back from both sides of the trunk, as seen below. We are able to build a stable, flat platform that feels the most close to a high-quality cot by utilizing this four-point system, tension, and two spreader bars.

  • From now on, I’ll always carry it with me when I go canoe camping.
  • In a long time, this has been the most inventive design in the business.
  • A freestanding tent plus a hammock in one convenient package.
  • Excellent on the ground, and much better in the air.
  • It’s fantastic!
  • My father is really envious.
  • Well-thought-out and constructed using high-quality materials.

It’s really fantastic!

What you’re about to see is genuinely groundbreaking.

The best of both worlds, resulting in a greater overall experience!

It provides all of the relaxation of a hammock without the necessity of having your feet over your head.

The A1 is a high-quality product that has been designed to endure a long time.

Get in on the next round of tents

That’s OK with me! Please allow us to keep you informed about manufacturing and tent availability.

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