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Printing Lingo: What is a Table Tent?

Table Tents, when strategically positioned in high-traffic locations, are a cost-effective and straightforward manner of displaying a company’s promotional message. ATable Tentis a self-standing promotional unit made of printed and folded paper that is both handy and affordable. Table tents, as the name indicates, are intended to be set on tables.as well as on countertops, desks, and any other horizontal surface, such as a floor. Table tents, sometimes known as tent cards, are little billboards that may be placed on tables.

Both upright panels (from either side) can be printed with the same artwork, or each upright panel can be printed with a separate image to ensure that the artwork is seen from both sides.

This offers the stiffness required to maintain one’s standing position.

A table tent is a promotional tool that is often used in restaurants, pubs, and hotels to advertise new goods or services, special discounts, forthcoming events, and other similar marketing messages to patrons.

Table tents can be made to order in a variety of sizes, while conventional sizes are usually the most cost-effective option.

Alternatively, if you already know your parameters, you may use our quotation request form by clicking here.

Take precautions!

Table Tent Cards

The most recent revision was made on May 5, 2016.

  • In what way does this policy serve a purpose? Who is in charge of and authorizes the ads on table tents
  • At any one time, how many table tent cards have been authorized and are on display
  • How long may a table tent card be on display before it is considered expired
  • Describe the information that must be included on the table tent cards. What is the best way to submit my table tent card for approval? In what manner will I be notified whether my table tent card has been authorized
  • What should I do once my table tent card application has been approved? What is the best way to divide my table tent cards? In order to determine how many table tent cards to print, I need to know: In what ways are the various parties engaged in the approval and presentation of the table tent cards responsible for each other’s actions
  • Definitions

What is the purpose of this policy?

This policy establishes particular protocols for the display of folded tent cards that promote an activity or event at the NIH-managed dining centers, including on and off-campus, in accordance with federal regulations. To guarantee that this advertising resource is used appropriately and equally throughout the NIH, policies and procedures must be established and implemented in the dining facilities of the National Institutes of Health.

Who manages and approves the table tent card advertisements?

Office of Research Services (ORS) oversees the contracts and usage agreements for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) dining centers, both on and off-campus.

The DATS is part of the Office of Research Services (ORS). When DATS has authorized the cards in advance, NIH organizations can market their activities in the NIH eating facilities by placing table tent cards on the tables in the dining centers.

How many table tent cards are approved and on display at any given time?

DATS restricts the number of table tent cards that can be authorized and displayed each week to three (3) in order to avoid an excessive amount of table tent cards being displayed at any same time. Before making a reservation, it is suggested that you contact DATS at (301) 402-8180 or through e-mail [email protected] in order to ensure that your selected dates are available.

How many days can a table tent cards be on display?

Table tent cards may be shown for a maximum of two (2) weeks at a time on a table. Please contact the office if you would like to extend the time your table tent card will be displayed. If there is available space on the schedule, you may request clearance. Please keep in mind that table tent cards that advertise several days for an event throughout the year will need to be authorized as separate requests for each event date advertised.

What information is required on the table tent cards?

  • A statement indicating which NIH entity(s) is/are supporting the event, as well as the NIH and DHHS logos and/or identifying Provide the following information: a name, phone number, and website address (if relevant)
  • Designed appropriately, the cards must be able to stand upright on their own, with a face side that is no larger than 6″ × 6″ (6″ x 6″), but lower versions are preferred. Please include the following text on all cards, with the exception of those that are solely informative, such as those for the Combined Federal Campaign:

How do I submit my table tent card for approval?

It is possible to submit a PDF file copy of the table tent card to the following email address: [email protected], or fax it to 301-435-1999. A TTN: DATS Quality Assurance Specialist is a person who works in the DATS Quality Assurance Department.

How will I know if my table tent card is approved?

Withing two (2) business days after receipt of your table tent card, the DATS Quality Assurance Section will give you a copy back with the following annotations:

  • Approval or disapproval (together with an explanation and any needed revisions)
  • The QAS’s name, contact information, and signature
  • And the dates on which the table tent card may be shown are also required.
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What do I do when I receive my table tent card approval?

It will be necessary for the seeking office to make multiple copies of the approval and distribute one copy to each of the Dining Center Managers before to placing the tent cards on the tables.

How do I distribute the table tent cards?

To ensure that the tent cards are placed on the tables, it is the requestor’s obligation to do so.

How many copies of the table tent cards should I have printed?

There are a total of 585 tables available in all of the DATS-controlled eating centers combined.

  • 83 for the Building 10/2nd Floor ACRF Cafeteria, 200 for the Building 10 B1-level Cafeteria, 25 for the Building 12B Cafeteria, 130 for the Building 31 Cafeteria, 40 for the Building 35 Cafeteria, 35 for the Building 38A Cafeteria, 45 for the Building 45 Cafeteria, 15 for the Rockledge Two Cafeteria, and 10 for the Bayview Cafeteria.

What are the responsibilities of the various persons involved in the approval and displaying of the table tent cards?

  • Getting in touch with the DATS QAS to find out which dates table tent cards can be exhibited
  • And Obtaining permission for the table tent card arrangement from the DATS Quality Assurance Section
  • The process of manufacturing the desired quantity of table tent cards. Providing one copy of the authorized table tent card (as determined by the DATS QAS) to each separate Dining Center Manager
  • And, putting the table tent cards on the dining center tables
  • And,
  • Making sure that the dates and amount of table tent cards that are presented are accurate
  • Providing the Dining Center Managers with a monthly table tent card calendar
  • And Responding to requests for table tent cards within two (2) business days, explaining in writing by fax or email what, if anything, needs to be modified in order for the request to be approved
  • And, maintaining a file of replies to requesters’ queries.
  • Obtaining a copy of the table tent card that has been authorized before to placing it on the tables
  • It is necessary to confirm that the table tent card advertisement dates are recorded on the monthly calendar. The event sponsor(s) is/are granted permission to post authorized table tent cards on the tables
  • Removing all table tent cards that have not been authorized by DATS
  • And, Removing all table tent cards at the conclusion of the two-week advertising period
  • And


  • All on-campus dining facilities, as well as two (2) off-campus dining facilities, provide seats for its clients. These operations are carried out by third parties under the terms of contract or use agreements that are controlled by DATS.
  • In this position, the vendor’s representative is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the specific eating facility.
  • The Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) is a DATS employee that is responsible for ensuring that the NIH Food/Concessions Programs fulfill the needs of NIH employees, visitors, and patients. They also communicate with requesters who want to plan a table tent event and have the table tent cards authorized.

What are tent cards – Table talkers & Tent Cards

Tent cards are available in a variety of sizes and orientations, including portrait and landscape. We have a wide range of paper types and weights available, including recycled and uncoated options. In order to truly attract your customer’s attention, consider adding soft-touch, matte, or gloss lamination or colourful foiling! Tent cards (also known as table tents) are normally comprised of two big vertical panels and a smaller base panel that come together to form a triangular ‘wedge’ shape when assembled.

These signs are commonly found in restaurants and bars, where they advertise new menu items or table numbers, among other things.

A static marketing solution such as a ‘We Prefer Contactless’ sign, for example, does not need the sign to be moved or rotated, and instead displays its main message from one or two panels – ensuring that it is visible from both the front and the back of the sign.

Your tent cards will be sent flat, with interlocking card tabs that are simple to install, ensuring that your card stands are secure. Simply unlock the tabs, fold them flat, and store them for future use when you’ve finished with the promotion!

Tent Card Uses

Consider using a custom printed tent card to advertise promotions or table numbers, which is one of the most common tent card applications. This is an excellent option for the hospitality industry, particularly bars and restaurants; tent cards may be used to advertise new products on the menu as well as limited edition beverages. The use of tent cards for reserved signage, holiday decorations, and providing clients with information – such as how to buy via a QR code – are all excellent options.

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Price Lists

Include a pricing list on a tent card so that customers may easily access it. The perfect addition to a bar, hairdressers, or beauticians, these smart little gadgets may be placed on counters for your customers to enjoy while they are receiving a service; they also serve as excellent advertisement for future visits.

Instructional signs and Customer Notices

It’s the perfect tool for giving your consumers instructions! In addition to communicating messages such as ‘This station is closed’ or ‘Pay by contactless,’ tent cards may also offer information about your business to guests in a simple and straightforward manner. Especially beneficial in the present environment, where tent cards may be used to display social distance norms or reminders to wear a mask or wash hands, among other things.

Tent Card Design Elements

You may create your own tent card using our handydownloadable templates, or you can hire us to make it for you. Our talented team of graphic designers will work with you to develop fully unique artwork that meets your requirements. We have a large selection of paper types and densities to choose from, as well as alternative finishing options. Consider gloss or matt lamination for added durability, or soft-touch lamination for a more luxurious appearance and feel. Spot UV or colored foiling may be added to your personalized tent card to make it stand out even more.

Table Tent Card (Three Side)

Table tent cards will get the conversation going about you among the table occupants. Table tent cards have the capacity to draw attention to you and perhaps get people talking about what you’re selling. You may now create table tent cards (three-sided cards) for your company on your own. Create visually appealing designs by utilizing our online design tool. Make use of your own brand components, such as your logo and color scheme, as well as stock photographs of your service and unique content.

An online designer tool that has extensive options for creating customised layouts.

Edit content to ensure that your own message is conveyed.

Size Quantity Price
15 x 8 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 18.75
50 $ 35.00
100 $ 65.00
250 $ 150.00
500 $ 275.00
1000 $ 550.00
15 x 5 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 12.60
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Tent Card

Make a standing card that has a window in it.


  • Attach one of the 4″ patterned paper squares to the front of the card using double-sided tape (optional). Unfold the card and adhere the die-cut shape on the front of the card. Feed the opened card with the die through the die-cut machine to create a window in the card.

Step 2(Optional)

  • Attach a frame around the window with double-sided tape. Tip: Make the window on the card one size larger than the opening of the frame. This will save time. In order to cut the frame, two Classic Circle NestabilitiesTM were used. The waves were created using a wave dice from The Cat’s Pajama.) The following link will take you to a tutorial on cutting frames with necessitites.

Step 3

  • Create a stamp image, color it, then cut it out. Attach it to the window or suspend it from the window

Step 4

  • The 4-by-4-and-a-quarter-inch sheet of paper is scored at 1, 2, and 3 inches on the 4″ side

Step 5

  • In a mountain/valley style, fold the score lines in half. When folded, the central fold must face upward (mountain), and the two outside folds must face downward (valley).

Step 6

  • The initial fold of the folded cardstock should line up with the bottom of the back of the card. (Optional) Observe that the second fold of the folded cardboard piece is pointing upward
  • This is an important step.

Step 8

  • Attach the second 4″ square of patterned paper to the inside of the card with double-sided tape.

Step 9

  • The adhesive lining on the opposite edge of your folded sheet should be removed. Assemble a card front by adhering its bottom to the edge of its bottom fold.

Step 10

  1. Other card sizes are available. Tent cards are available in a variety of sizes. The bottom of the card is simply scored at 1″, 2″, and 3″ on the 4″ side of the card, multiplied by 4″ to get the desired width.

Your Turn

You’ve watched the lesson; now it’s time to put it into action! Tent Card will have its own part of the gallery, which will be dedicated to it. Try out this approach, and then post your artwork to the gallery to show it off.

Show us what you’ve been up to! *** Please keep in mind that Internet Explorer/Edge is not a supported browser and will not allow you to see the videos on this website. To see our training videos, we recommend that you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Table Tent Cards

When it comes to special promotions, restaurant menus, or general informative reasons, Table Tent Cards are an excellent way to reach out to your consumers directly. They are available in two common sizes and will help you to connect with your consumers effectively and efficiently without difficulty. Table Tent Cards are supplied flat in order to save you money on shipping and time. They are also super simple to build! Table Tent Cards with Reduced Printing Costs Have the Following Features:

  • Available in two sizes: 4″ x 16.25″ and 5″ x 16.25″
  • Matte/Dull Finish
  • UV Coating
  • 5-7 Day Turnaround
  • Custom Sizes Available. There are quantities ranging from 250 to 25,000 available.
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Table Tent Cards Have a Variety of Applications:Special Promotions- It is important to ensure that once a consumer walks through the door, they will continue to do business with you. For businesses planning a major event, table tent cards are an excellent method to get the word out about their upcoming event. Make sure to include basic information about the event, such as cost and dates, as well as a website where they can obtain further information about the event if they so like. Product suggestion and upselling in restaurants are two of the most successful strategies available today for product recommendation and upselling in restaurants.

  1. Put prominently on display popular drinks or high-ticket menu items that you are attempting to sell.
  2. Using them in this manner saves time and money by notifying customers at the restaurant during off-hours about upcoming events or special menus.
  3. The usage of information is widespread among hotels and rental property owners, who make extensive use of it.
  4. A table tent card with instructions on how to connect to the Internet or how to operate the entertainment center, for example, may be created if you own a property that is utilized as a summer rental property.
  5. We may be reached at 888-888-0649 or through our online support contact form, if you need assistance placing your purchase or designing your personalized table tent cards.
  6. We will carefully review your file for the most typical issues that may arise.
  7. Do not be concerned if your files are not flawless the first time you upload them to the server.

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