How To Set Up A Coleman 8 Person Tent Coleman Camping Tent

According to the United States government, on April 9, 2018, Tent in the style of Dimensions: 16 x 7 Green is the color of choice. Purchase that has been verified This tent was purchased for a camping vacation with my spouse and son that took place this past weekend. The Coleman WeatherTecTM system, which has patented welded floors and inverted seams, is described as follows: “If it rains, the included rainfly and the WeatherTecTM system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams will keep you dry.” Unfortunately, it rained, and the tent’s floor and sides began to leak.

When they got home after their excursion, my husband informed me that his new tent had started to leak.

Customer support informed me that the tent was not waterproof and will leak if left out in the rain.

At that time, my husband decided to write a review of the tent in order to communicate his dissatisfaction with not just the tent, but also with Customer Service as a whole.

  1. The first time I used this tent, it leaked.
  2. Their comments are as follows: “They do not come with a guarantee that they will not leak.
  3. Thank you for your contribution; we hope to publish it next time!” Buyers should be warned that if you do not discover any ratings lower than 4 stars, it is possible that they have chosen not to publish them.
  4. Best of all, choose a firm that will stand behind its goods and its consumers.
  5. This tent was purchased for a camping vacation with my spouse and son that took place this past weekend.
  6. It was an unpleasant experience.
  7. I advised him to contact Coleman and talk with a member of the customer care team.
  8. It was once again mentioned that the “WeatherTec system that would assist you in staying dry” was not waterproof when he brought it up again.
  9. Coleman’s website contains an article written by him “This tent has a leak.
  10. When I called customer support, they were unwilling to even address the matter further.

They are only water resistant to a certain extent.” It appears to be really dishonest.” Coleman responded to him this evening, stating that he had gotten a message “Our team has reviewed your evaluation and appreciates your input, despite the fact that it did not adhere to all of our website policies.

  • A word to the wise: unless you enjoy raining on your parade, choose a different tent for your event!
  • The photographs in this review On May 18, 2018, a review was conducted in the United States.
  • Purchase that has been verified It was not possible to load the media.
  • If it rains, you will be wet and miserable in this tent.
  • It’s great if it’s a hot afternoon or something since it’ll keep you cool.
  • Please see the accompanying video.
  • Tent in the style of Dimensions: 16 x 7 Green is the color of choice.

It’s not the finest tent, and there are some not-so-great qualities as well as some decent things to consider.

Here are some of the good (+), mixed (), and negative (–) aspects of it to consider: + It’s fairly durable, extremely simple to put together, and a fantastic occasional-camper tent that will serve you well in a variety of situations.

It takes about ten minutes to set up without the fly, and it’s rather tall as well.

+ It’s definitely spacious.

The tent has plenty of space for us to move about in and store all of our stuff without tripping over it.

In addition, there are stars!

As soon as you figure out how to put it on, you can put it on rather quickly, which is useful when it begins pouring unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

The door is a creative and functional concept that works rather nicely.

The process is not particularly difficult.

It is the one thing that my family always curses at me over.

Although some people have advised that you seal the seams and treat it with silicone before using it, we haven’t had to do so yet because we’ve been camping in dry weather for the most of our trips.

In all seriousness, just throw it away or use it for another purpose.

Instead, a good-sized, standard tarp will suffice.

Plus, I wish they were a little bigger and there were four of them.

They are made of bent strong wire around 6 inches in length that is capable of pulling itself out of the ground with the slightest breeze.

There are no points to connect any guylines to if the fly is not there.

It will not stand up straight since there are no true guyline points.

When you’re finished, it’ll come down with no effort.

Rather of attempting to cram everything into the original bag, buy a decent-sized, affordable duffel bag to keep everything in, including the better stakes, the regular-sized tarp, and the original bag that it came with.

The bag is a marketing ploy (have a look at how little it is!) and has been machine packed and is therefore unused. Gather your belongings in a duffel bag, roll up your tent, and pitch it in 15 minutes or less. You will be grateful to me.

Top reviews from other countries

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product Very large, but really cold! On November 28, 2017, a review was conducted in Mexico. Tent in the style of a tentSize: 8-Person Blue is the color of choice. Purchase that has been verified The store is quite large! It’s simple to put together and keep safe. I’ve like it a lot up to this point. The only disadvantage is that if you go to a place where it gets cold at night, if you don’t put some cobijas in the mosquiteros that are in the techo, you may congeal since the toldo protector does not protect you from the cold air that may get in through the opening.

  • On October 5, 2020, a review will be conducted in Canada.
  • Purchase that has been verified This is the first time I’ve had a large tent of this kind.
  • In addition to being comfy, the tent is large enough to accommodate two queen-size beds (although three would probably fit as well), and it allows me to stand in the center (I’m 187cm/6’1″ tall).
  • The only negative aspect is the door.
  • The ‘locking’ mechanism, on the other hand, is made of velcro – the velcros on the tent and on the door are extremely tiny, do not always line up, and the door does not close smoothly.
  • Additionally, I could need additional inside compartments (sometimes known as “shelves”).
  • 4.0 stars out of 5 for this product It’s a good thing that it’s dry.

Tent in the style of a tentSize: 8-Person Blue is the color of choice.

Bisagra-style door with a lot of functionality If they fit well, you can get away with 3 matrimonial colchones if you want something a little more apretados.

Contraries: The house seems quite cold in the morning, and I believe that the upper-level windows are particularly exposed to the outside.

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product That’s a nice tent!

8-Person Tent in the Lighted Tent Style Blue is the color of choice.

The good news is that we haven’t experienced any issues with leaks.

We went camping once and just had a little rain, but otherwise had no problems.

Cots may easily be accommodated in this space.

We also added some adorable lights to the front canopy and got some carpets, among other things.

Ultimately, if you wish, you can convert this tent into a glamping experience.

Once you “get it,” setting up the tent isn’t difficult; it’s just a little challenging for a little person, given the sheer size of the structure.

Again, if you are a little person, having two persons makes this process simpler.

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product A good, though not particularly exciting, option for milder climates or less frosty conditions.

Tent in the style of 8-Person Capacity Blue is the color of choice.

In terms of height, there are no problems with your feet because they are in the center.

The bad news is that the screen appears to be quite delgad, and with the linterns inside, it is possible to see a little bit from the outside.

However, for those who camp in a forest or in a cold climate, the capote that is transported is insufficient, and the water becomes quite cold.

Although it just has one door, I believe it should have two entrances in case the terrain is difficult and you need to position it along the length of it.

There aren’t any divisions.

We arrived at $3500, which was a hot selling price at the time.

The price was reasonable at the time. It falls within the middle of the spectrum. Nothing pro, but also nothing chafa, so I’d say it’s a good size for the price. However, I believe it will continue to be a very conventional store that doesn’t provide anything extra for the price it’s asking.

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product A good, though not particularly exciting, option for milder climates or less frosty conditions. On November 25, 2021, a review will be conducted in Mexico. In terms of size, there are two queen-sized beds in the center, which is quite convenient because it allows you to arrange everything better. In terms of height, there are no problems with your feet because they are in the center. The door incorporates a varilla to ensure that it is secure, which makes it quite practical.

  1. In addition, it transports large regions of red, particularly in the techo, which is ideal for those who camp on the beach.
  2. It is possible that the lateral ventilas will close by chance.
  3. There are some difficulties in getting it together because the varillad does not have clear sealizaciones; but, it will last you up to an hour if you are just starting out, and up to twenty minutes if you have some experience.
  4. It should be possible to separate rooms with such a large size, and if you are traveling alone or with a small group, you should be able to keep more heat, but this is not the case.
  5. The price was reasonable at the time.
  6. Nothing pro, but also nothing chafa, so I’d say it’s a good size for the price.

This Roomy 8-person Tent Is so Spacious, It Has Its Own Closet

Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. With the school year coming to a close and the formal start of summer just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to get outside and enjoy nature. While the concept of family camping may conjure up visions of the worst aspects of an Uncle Clark holiday, be assured that this does not have to be the case.

Traditional dome-style tents are distinguished by their name, and cabin tents — such as this Coleman eight-person tent that Walmart buyers can’t seem to get enough of — are distinguished by their design.

It has become one of the most popular tent models among the brand’s respectable alternatives, with the following characteristics: Non-stop standing room only (as long as you’re not taller than 6’8″), but it also features a built-in wardrobe with shelves and a hanging bar to keep your clothing and gear tidy while you’re out and about.

  1. Cabin Tent for 8 People with a Closet Walmart provided the image for this post.
  2. Customers who have already tried it out say the partition makes sleep a breeze, and the high ceilings allow it to easily accommodate a Pack ‘n Play and a toddler cot while still providing plenty of space to walk around.
  3. According to the manufacturer, their system of pre-attached color-coded poles is supposed to allow for “55 percent faster set-up than ordinary Coleman tents.” It also creates a strong barrier between you and the elements, just like any other Coleman tent does.
  4. Reviewers have noted that the popular tent is as small when not in use as it is vast while it is — this is attributed to the wheeled carry bag into which it almost completely folds.

For a comfortable way to spend the summer nights beneath the stars with your family, head to Walmart and pick up one of the best-selling cabin tents that buyers will be using all summer.

Coleman 8 Person Instant Camping Tent 14 x 10 – Express Setup

The Coleman 8 Person Instant Camping Tent is a very spacious and tall 2-room tent that can accommodate up to 8 people. It has an easy setup and comes at an unbelievable price. It is equipped with a rain fly that is built in. Tent for eight people by Coleman that comes with a built-in rain flap.

Key benefitsfeatures

  • This is an incredibly simple setup that can be completed by one person
  • Price is quite reasonable. Rain fly that is built in
  • Design using a single layer of material
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Tent that stands alone
  • 8 large windows
  • 2 entrance doors
  • 2 rooms Tent that is extremely tall

Confusion with the name

It should be noted that there are two different variants of this tent. The one seen here is 14 by 10 feet; the other is 14 x 8 ft and, according to what I’ve heard, comes with a rain fly attached to it. However, the 14 x 10 version, which includes the auxiliary fly, is also available as an alternative. As a result, do not be alarmed if you come across conflicting descriptions on the Internet.

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What type is this

The Coleman 8-person instant cabin tent is a cabin-style tent that can be set up in seconds. This means that the tent’s poles have already been attached, and all you have to do is unfold it and extend the telescopic poles. Having nearly vertical walls and a height of nearly two meters are the characteristics that distinguish it as a cabin type tent. Please refer to my separate text for more information on terminology. Quite large and freestanding The Coleman Instant Cabin tent 8 has a large number of windows.

  • This is both a blessing and a curse.
  • The solution: buy a second set of window panels.
  • This is a very stable freestanding structure that you can pitch on any terrain, literally, and move around once it has been set up.
  • So you do not have to stake it out, but stakes and guylines are provided, and you should take advantage of this opportunity whenever it is available.

Who is it for

This tent has a large floor space, which is amazing. You have 140 square feet (12.9 square meters) to work with. You will see from the comparison table below that this is more than what you get in the Core 9 tent of the same type, which is technically designed to accommodate nine people. However, you do not have a vestibule, and all of your belongings must fit inside. So, if you’re doing this for a bunch of people at an open-air celebration, you’ll be just fine. However, if this is about families, you would use it for parents and a maximum of 3 – 4 children.

Transport and weight

This tent weighs 36.3 lb (16.5 kg), which is a significant amount of weight. The packaged size is also not particularly outstanding; you get a carry bag that measures around 47 x 10 inches (120 x 25 cm). As a result, you’ll need a vehicle or some other mode of transportation, and the tent may only be utilized in areas with easy access by automobile.

How about beds

Two full-size queen beds may be accommodated in the tent, one in each of the two chambers of the tent. Take, for example, this Coleman Queen size camping bed, which is another equipment from the same manufacturer. It will be a simple fit. In addition to using bunk beds, which are especially advantageous in this situation since the walls are steep here and the tent is so high, it is simple to fit such bunk cots inside. Here are some fantastic models to check out. It should be noted that in any form with beds (cots), there is always room beneath the beds, which may be used to store your belongings.

In any tent, sleeping off the ground is significantly preferable to sleeping on the ground. This tent offers 1.5 square meters of area per person, which is significantly bigger than many other tents on the market today. But take a look at these beautiful windows.

Is Coleman 8 person instant up tent a winter tool

Single-layer constructions are the only thing that this tent has in common with winter tents, which are often (but not always) single-layer structures. However, do not even think of using this tent in a winter setting; this is primarily a tool for relatively moderate weather conditions and for the summer season. However, you may use it in high mountain passes in the summer as long as there are no severe winds blowing at the time. This closed design, which does not include any netting, is excellent for preserving the warmth within the tent.

Weather protection

Fully waterproof, the Coleman 8 person instant up tent can accommodate up to eight people. Rain protection is provided on all windows by panels that are installed from the inside (the outer layer is a mesh against insects). The panels are closed by zippers, and you may open them from the outside. The horizontal flaps are placed in such a way that water will not enter. When there is rain and high wind, the problem with vertical flaps can arise because the water can be forced to the sides and beneath the flaps, causing the zippers to become clogged.

The use of flaps on the doors creates a much better scenario.

As a result, no water can get in, regardless of how strong the gusts are.

The floor

I don’t care for the fact that the floor is not of the bathtub variety. However, what you have here is what they refer to as a WeatherTec patented technology, which makes use of welded flooring. This type of welding is sometimes referred to as plastic welding, and it produces the strongest and most lasting seals available. They are impervious to the passage of time and are much more durable than the surrounding material.

What if the rain continues

The disadvantage of this design is that when it rains, the panels must be closed to keep the rain out. If you find yourself in one of these scenarios, this tent will not be a very comfortable place to stay because it does not have netting on the ceiling, which is normal for summer tents that have a separate cover. Consider the prospect of preparing meals in such a confined environment. Because there is no vestibule in this building, everything must be done inside, which is not ideal.

Should you buy a rain fly

If you click on the links provided in the text, you will learn two important things:

  • There is also the option of purchasing the tent with the fly included. It is also possible to order it individually, which you may do by visiting this page.

So, should you go ahead and do it? Yes, I believe so. This will, at the very least, set your mind at ease in regards to the roof. The rain fly will ensure that it is completely waterproof. However, it should be noted that the fly mostly protects the roof (as shown in the photo below), but there is some protection for the zippers as well. You still don’t have a vestibule, to make matters worse.

So it is all up to you, and it is dependent on where you want to use this tent. If I were to travel to the Alps, I would definitely bring an umbrella; we get plenty of rain there, and it may persist for hours at a time. The tent is seen here with the optional rain fly attached.


The structure is made up of six spider legs that all come together to form a focal point on the roof. Because both the top poles and the side poles are straight, the walls are similarly straight and virtually vertical in appearance. The initial element of the setup entails spreading the tent out on the ground. They spread the’spider legs’ at this point. They begin to extend the telescopic poles at this point. The final pole has been stretched, and the task is complete! Perhaps it is beneficial to witness this in person, since they set it up in less than 2 minutes:

Other features

All of the materials utilized here are quite robust, which accounts for the substantial weight of the piece. As a result, the fabric is 150D; there aren’t many tents made of such robust materials. 63D is available in the Eureka Sunrise EX 6 tent, which is less than half the price. The poles are similarly constructed of heavy-duty steel. The main six poles are 16 mm in diameter, while the roof poles are 12 mm in diameter.

Expandable bag

As you are aware, when you are in a hurry, you may not pack the tent to the lowest possible volume, making it difficult to return it to its original location. As a result, the bag has been built to be extendable. What this means is that there is a tear-away strip on the bottom of the bag, and beneath it is a gusset, which is a type of baffle that allows the bag to expand. With two handle straps and a zipper, the bag seems to be a travel bag in appearance, which is appropriate given its purpose.

Storage pockets

This section is a little disappointing, as there are only two little mesh pockets for storing items here. I’m curious as to what they thought. As a result, they lost a chance to make this tent more more habitable by utilizing the available space under the windows.

The divider and 2 rooms

The presence of a barrier that provides some seclusion is a good touch in this setting. The divider has a central zipper, and when it is not in use, you can roll it up and hang it from the ceiling; you may do this with each of its two wings independently. Some toggles and loops are used to attach it to the side walls of the room. As a result, you get two large rooms on the first floor. Both of these rooms are large enough to accommodate queen-size bed frames.

Two doors

This is still another extremely handy feature; you have two doors with distinct patterns; one has a zipper in the style of an inverted T, and the other has a zipper in the shape of a D. Both are made of panels and mesh, so you may put windows in the doors if you want them to be transparent.

Great headroom

Another excellent aspect is that you are 6 ft 5 in (77 in; 1.96 m) tall in the center. Remember that this is not a dome-style tent, which means that you have a significant amount of headroom practically anywhere in the tent. The first crucial thing to consider is the sense of loudness. This, together with the high ceilings and numerous large windows, creates the feeling of a warm and welcoming home environment.


There should be no problems with ventilation or condensation in this tent because of the large number of mesh windows. However, if it is pouring and you choose to keep the panels closed, the scenario is not as favorable. I’ve previously indicated that the weight of the tent is not always a negative characteristic; this is because the materials used in its construction are quite durable. You’d be driving in any case, so a kilogram or two extra isn’t going to make a difference in terms of transportation.

For as long as there aren’t any prolonged periods of rain, this tent is quite satisfactory.

The windows are a wonderful feature, but they are also the spots where you may anticipate water to seep through the vertical zipper parts, which is unfortunate.

The packed size is not very generous, but in this instance, you would be using the automobile in any event, so the 47 inches (120 cm) of packed length may not be a significant issue.


  • Three-season instant cabin (freestanding, immediate cabin type)
  • A total of 8 persons may be accommodated
  • The weight is 36.3 lb (16.5 kg). Dimensions: 14 x 10 ft (168 x 120 in
  • 4.3 x 3 m)
  • Floor space: 140 ft2 (12.9 m2)
  • Area per person: 17.5 ft2 (1.61 m2)
  • Peak height: 6 ft 5 in (77 in
  • 1.96 m)
  • Height at the top of the stairs: 6 ft 5 in (77 in
  • Height at the top of the stairs: 6 ft 5 in (77 Packing dimensions (L x D): about 47 x 10 in (120 x 25 cm)
  • A one-year limited warranty is included. Two ventilation vents, two doors, and seven windows are provided by the fabric of 150D polyester. In addition, stakes and guylines are supplied (please note that the bag is extensible).

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent vs Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

See how these two tents compare in terms of structure and design by comparing them side by side. More information may be found by visiting the Core 9 website. 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches (122 x 28 x 27)

My verdict, rating, proscons

This Coleman 8 Person Instant Camping Tent review would be incomplete without emphasizing once more that this is a well constructed tent that has several helpful features at an affordable price. The pricing is more than a bargain for such an excellent tent. Keep in mind that this is a summer-type tent, and if you decide to get it, be sure to include the fly, even if it may appear to be unnecessary. Overall, there are many positive aspects to its design, but there are also some negative aspects, so proceed with caution.

Because this Coleman 8 person quick tent has been around for a long time, there are several reviews available.

It has gotten a very positive overall rating.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

  • Very simple to set up
  • Excellent size
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Extremely tall tent
  • Freestanding
  • Two doors and two chambers


  • There are no vestibules. The packing size isn’t that great
  • Heavy
  • There are few pockets
  • It is not recommended for severe rains and winds.

If this tent isn’t exactly what you’re searching for, take a look at the rest of our website. Because our entire site is dedicated to family camping tents, you will almost certainly find something that suits your needs; just go through the categories listed above. There are also more options to choose, such as thisRed Canyon 8 tent from the same manufacturer with over 16 square meters of floor space, or thisWeatherMaster 6 tent with an extra-large screen room. Another excellent option is this Browning Big Horn tent, which is one of the highest tents currently available.

This Vango Odyssey 800 Air tent is worth checking out.

Wishing you a pleasant day.


MONTANA Before you begin, consider the following: Before you begin, make sure you have read all of the instructions. In order to erect your tent, choose a level location that is free of rocks, branches, and other hard or pointy items. WARNING: Keep a safe distance between you and overhead electricity wires. It is not recommended to pitch your tent beneath a tree during stormy weather due to the possibility of lightning strikes or falling tree branches. Secure the area with all of the stakes and guylines that have been given to avoid property damage or injury.

  1. When it comes time to build the tent, enlist the assistance of at least one other person to assist you.
  2. The main body pole is black in color.
  3. (See Fig.
  4. Assemble all of the poles by interlocking the portions that have been shock corded together.
  5. Make sure the black Main Body Poles overlap the grey Side Body Poles while building the structure.
  6. 1) Sleeves with a grey edging Tent in the foreground Main Body Poles in black with shock cords Side Body Poles with Shock Cords in Grey 4.
  7. (See Fig.
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Insert a pin into the end of each pole at the sides and corners of the tent.

22A.) 6) Attach the frame clips along the tent’s borders to the black Main Body Poles and grey Side Body Poles.

2B.) 7.

(See Fig.

1Sleeve withGrey TrimDoorMODEL 20000015942CHinged, Rigid DoorMODEL 20000015942CHinged, Rigid Door Assembly of Vertical Door Pole (shorter black pole with plastic tips);insertion of vertical door pole into zippered vertical pole sleeve on hinged side of door.

3) 2.

Vertical pole sleeve with a zipper closure.

45.) Install the Door Pole (a longer black pole with plastic cap tips) and put it into the zippered pole sleeve at the top of the door (see illustration).

6) 4.

(See Fig.

Pull the pole sleeve closed around the door pole.

8) The Vertical PoleSleeveDoor Hinge is shown in Fig.


(See Fig.

(See Fig. 9) (Continued on the other side of the page) Fig. 2Door2A2BFig. 4Fig. 5Fig. 7Fig. 8Fig. 9Fig. 2Door2A2BFig. 2Door2A2BFig. 2Door2A2B Sleeve with a Rainfly RainflyPoleDoor with RainflyBlack RainflyPole

Coleman 8 Person Camping Tents for sale

  • Fast Pitch Setup Screen Room – Blue | Coleman Carlsbad 8-Person Fast Pitch Setup Screen Room – Blue 5 stars out of 5 for this product. 1,135.00 New
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  • Total of 1 reviews 4.5 stars out of 5 for this product Total Ratings 39,$255.78 New
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  • Coleman 2000023236 8 Person Instant Tent with Carry Bag
  • Coleman 2000023236 8 Person Instant Tent with Carry Bag 4.3 stars out of 5 for this product The Coleman 2000008494 8 Person All Season Dome Tent – Gray has a total of 19 ratings and is currently on sale for $308.67. 4.9 stars out of 5 for this product The Coleman Montana 8 Person Dome Tent has 4.8 out of 5 stars in total ratings and is available for purchase for $126.99. 30,$132.99 New (total ratings) Coleman 2000029969 8 Person Cabin Tent5 out of 5 stars for $73.04 new
  • Coleman 2000029969 8 Person Cabin Tent5 out of 5 stars for $73.04 used
  • Coleman 2000029969 8 Person Cabin Tent5 out of 5 stars for $73.04 new
  • Coleman 200002 Ratings total: 1,$247.65 brand new
  • Coleman Instant 8 14 x 8 Tent4 out of 5 stars Coleman Evanston 8 12 x 12 Tent (New) has a total of 25 reviews and is priced at $49.99. 5 stars out of 5 for this product. 7,$149.88 New
  • Total Ratings 7,$149.88 New

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  • Time: it has just recently been listed
  • Price + shipping is ordered from lowest to highest
  • Price + shipping is ordered from lowest to highest
  • Distance is prioritized as follows: closest first

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  • It is SPONSORED.

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car 8 Person, Blue

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Coleman Oasis 8 Person Outdoor Camping Tent 17’ X 10’

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Coleman 8 person.SkyDome tent!

  • Offers totaling $130.000 Shipping is $85.67. Ending on February 9th at 10:36 a.m. PST6d 11 hrs Purchase It Right Away

8 Person Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent, 1 Room, Teal

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Coleman Blue Springs 8-person Tent

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8 Person Tent Outdoor Camping Hiking Sport Goods Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin

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Coleman 8-Person Tent Accessory RAINFLY 14ft X 8ft TENT NOT INCLUDED NIP

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Coleman 8-Person Cabin Tent With Built-in Closet Hanger Bar 13′ x 9′ Multicolor

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Coleman Bayside Orange 8-Person Tent Three Season Hinged Door Dome Carry Bag

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Coleman Skydome Tent Screen Room Rockgrey

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Coleman Tent 8 Person WeatherTec Red Canyon Black Outdoor Camping Shelter 200001

  • 5 stars out of 5 for this product. Coleman 2000007824 has a total of 7 customer reviews. 15×12 ft. 8-person Evanston Tent in green with white trim $175.00$104.13 shipping & handling 19 people are watching

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent Blue

  • 5 stars out of 5 for this product. 6-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent Blue (Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping) – 6 product reviews SPONSORED
  • $223.52$72.24 freight
  • $223.52

Coleman Montana Tent Outdoor Camping 8 Person Sleeping Shelter Blue 2000018292

  • 5 stars out of 5 for this product. Coleman 8-Person Elite Montana Cabin Camping Tent with LED Lighting System has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews. $249.95 plus $61.81 for freight

NEW! Winter Wonderland Dream Tent – As Seen On TV –

Everything from your favorite brand is available in one convenient location. Now is the time to shop.

Top Rated

See Everything – Top Rated

  • Coleman Montana 8-Person Dome Tent has a rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon. Overall, 30.84 percent of those who voted agreed. – Compact and lightweight$132.99 New Coleman 2000008494 8 Person All Season Dome Tent – Gray (previously owned for $73.04) 4.9 stars out of 5 for this product 16,87 percent of those who voted agree – Coleman Evanston 8 12 x 12 Tent (New) for $126.99 (Lightweight). 5 stars out of 5 for this product. 7,66 percent of those who voted agreed. The Coleman 2000007824 Evanston Tent 15×12 ft. 8 Person – Green, which is lightweight, costs $149.88 new and is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. 7,100 percent of those who voted agree Tent with closet, Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8 Person Cabin Tent with Closet – Blue, $204.49 new, lightweight 4.5 stars out of 5 for this product Overall, 39,66 percent of those who voted agree. – Lightweight$255.78 New
  • Coleman 2000023236 8 Person Instant Tent with Carry Bag – Brown
  • Coleman 2000023236 8 Person Instant Tent with Carry Bag 4.3 stars out of 5 for this product Overall, 19,47 percent of those who voted agreed. The Coleman Instant 8 14 x 8 Tent is a lightweight tent that costs $308.67. 4 stars out of 5 for this product Overall, 25,90 percent of those who voted agreed. The Lightweight is priced at $49.99 USD new.

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Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Wilderness Redefined is made possible by the help of its readers. Because I am an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make eligible purchases. Congratulations on visiting our Coleman Montana 8 Person Tentreview! We’ve examined hundreds of tents of varying shapes and sizes, so we know just what to look for when selecting the most appropriate one for your needs and requirements. This tent is a good deal, but don’t expect anything extraordinary from it. It performs the bare minimum well, and if that’s all you’re looking for, it may be the ideal fit for your requirements.

Continue reading to find out whether this Coleman tent will provide you with significant discounts or leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Is the Coleman montana a good buy?

If you don’t have time to read the entire review with us (which is great; we’ll keep it in mind for the next time you want to tell us a tale! ), here’s a brief synopsis of what we thought. The Montana is a straightforward tent that would be ideal for first-time campers. You’ve discovered your tent, it appears to me. If it describes you, then congratulations! There are no difficult setups or fussy pieces to worry about. The extended entrance awning and slanted windows in the tent are excellent additions for weather protection when in the camper.

Is it good value?

If you want to go above and beyond the most basic dome design, you’ll have to shell out a bit more money. Despite the fact that this is not the cheapest tent that Coleman has to offer, it may be one of their greatest value for money options. Because of its exceptional value, it is considered to be one of the finest budget 8 person tents available. So, if this tent sounds like the one for you, have a look at the pricing.

What’s the difference between the Coleman Elite Montana and this version?

The Elite model is equipped with a battery-operated LED light system that is perfect for sleeping with the family or hanging out with friends at nighttime events. There is a light switch at the entrance that allows you to select the desired setting. Additionally, it contains a USB connector for charging gadgets. That will be really useful on those lengthy vehicle rides back home. The auto-roll windows, which are another important feature of the Coleman Elite Montana, are even another reason to consider upgrading.

More information may be found in our Coleman elite montana 8 person tent review.

Does the Coleman montana have enough space for your needs?

The Coleman Montana 8 person tent is ideal for large families, large groups of friends, and large amounts of fun. It’s the most basic form of tent, but it can be blown up to accommodate up to eight people, making it a perfect place to sleep and converse while traveling through the night. Have the youngsters gotten into a fight about who gets to use the mallet to drive the tent stakes in the ground? Or, maybe even more probable, have two of your pals gotten into a fight about it? No issue, the tent is large enough for them to stand and pout on opposite ends of it without bumping against one other.

I have this tent, which was given to me as a present.

I’d say it’s adequate for the task at hand. Even though I am 6’3″, I have no trouble moving about in it. Very roomy, especially for a family of your size. You won’t have any problems fitting a tall queen-size air mattress inside of it either. Review by a consumer

Is this a good tent for eight people?

During the day, the Coleman Montana 8 person tent can comfortably accommodate eight people. Remove some chairs from the room—perhaps some beanbags for the kids—and gather around to talk if you aren’t in the mood to go outside. Its central height is high enough that you may forgo the seats and just stand around instead—but make sure you’re under 6’2″ in height before doing so. By night, though, things are rather different. The single-room tent can accommodate up to 8 people on three queen-sized airbeds and two singles, however it will be more comfortable if the singles are not used.

Is this a good tent for backpacking?

Due to the size and weight of the Coleman Montana 8 person, it is not suggested to go backpacking with it. If you’re traveling with a large group, smaller, lighter tents are preferred over larger, heavier ones.

Is this a good tent for family camping?

When planning a camping vacation with your family, the Coleman Montana 6 person Tent is an excellent choice, even if it is not a tent you would wish to carry into the wilderness with you. While the 6 person model isn’t large enough for families with more than four members, this version can accommodate up to six people, making it a better choice for bigger groups. The tent would be much appreciated by families, particularly those with a large number of little children. The arrangement is basic enough that the tiniest children will not become bored, yet it is simple enough that the older children will be able to assist.

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The front awning, for example, is great for providing a protected area for parents to rest while watching their children play in the yard.

Using the electricity, you may recharge any electronic devices you’ve taken along with you, which will come in useful before the lengthy vehicle trip home at the conclusion of your adventure.

Storage Options

When camping with a family or in a group, internal storage is essential in a tent. Because you’re in such close quarters and not everyone can stand up straight, it’s easy to be negligent and tread on someone’s smartphone or, worse, a beloved teddy bear while you’re playing. The tent is equipped with extensible net storage compartments that are accessible from your mattress and are located low to the ground. However, while the tent does not have a vestibule, it does feature a large front awning that serves as an entry screen.

Once it begins to rain, you’ll obviously want to take precautions to avoid getting your boots soaked.

Weather resistance: how does the Montana 8 perform?

Although it may not keep you completely dry in a torrential downpour, the overall weatherproofing of this Coleman tent was impressive to us.

This is a three-season tent that is best suited for camping in calm weather with occasional light rains.

Is the Coleman Montana Tent Waterproof?

Because of the Coleman Weathertec system, the Coleman Montana tent is reasonably water-resistant under most conditions. However, some users have reported a few leaks when it has rained heavily. Waterproofing spray can be used to remedy these problems. This is the tent that we have. However, it does leak a little bit during storms due to its large size, strong ventilation, and breathtaking view (when the fly is removed). We sprayed it, though, and everything is back to normal. It was unquestionably a wise buy.

Extended Awning

Although we’ve conceded that this isn’t the most waterproof tent on the planet, the awning will assist to keep you dry while you’re inside the tent. Part of the rainfly, it is located above the movable door and is made of metal. Because the door of the Coleman Montana 8 person tent is partly mesh, the presence of an awning is a brilliant design decision. If the rain is heavy, it will be more difficult to squirm through the opening. Although a more angled awning would be preferable for keeping the rain out, you could drape a tarp from it to increase the awning’s ability to keep the rain out.

), but hanging one in front of it allows you to depart without difficulty.

It also allows you to establish a dry place outside the tent where you may remove your boots or other wet items without getting soaked.

Is condensation a problem in the rain or cold?

Condensation is not an issue in this tent because of the cooling mechanisms that have been implemented. Using the ColemanComfort System, you may let air to flow into the tent, bringing in fresh air through the cool-air vents and exhausting humid, hot air through the mesh ceiling. Even with the rainfly in place, there is no discernible variation in the flow of air, and condensation should not be a source of worry for the user.

Angled Windows

The angled windows are more effective at keeping items dry inside the tent while yet allowing air to circulate through the space between them. Unless the rain is splattering off the ground, you should be quite safe from accidents. Because of these windows, you won’t have to worry about having to choose between letting in rain or allowing condensation to build up.

Protection from the wind

Despite the fact that Coleman claims to have tested all of their tents in gusts of up to 35 mph, customer comment on how well the Montana keeps up in the wind has been varied. Campers who upgraded their tent pegs to more expensive, heavy-duty posts noticed that their tents held up well in adverse conditions. Generally speaking, users think that the 6-person model is more adept at surviving strong winds than this eight person version. If high winds threaten to disrupt your camping experience, you may want to consider upgrading to the smaller tent.

Handling the summer heat

When it comes to protecting yourself from the scorching summer heat, this may not be the finest tent for you to choose.

It does have some useful features, such as a front awning that offers shade, and the ventilation system within the tent is functional and efficient. This tent, on the other hand, may have difficulty dealing with dust or sand, which might be a problem in hot weather or when camping during the summer.

Withstanding the winter cold

The fact that this tent is at the lower end of the 3-season spectrum means that we would not recommend using it in the winter. Traveling in it is acceptable for fair-weather excursions, and it can withstand a little wind and rain. It will not, however, give you with sufficient protection from the cold, wind, or snow to ensure a pleasurable – or safe – excursion.

Durability: What Can It Withstand?

The lifespan of this tent will be significantly reduced if you plan to go camping on a regular basis. The cloth may last a year, two, or three years if you’re lucky, but something will ultimately shred the fabric or buckle the poles. At this price, it was never intended to be a camping companion for a lengthy period of time. Customers have reported varying levels of satisfaction with the product’s durability over the course of their ownership. The cloth, according to some, is lightweight yet surprisingly resilient, and they haven’t had any unfavorable encounters with it.

There have also been multiple complaints of leakage, making it less robust when the rain comes down; consider sealing the seams, waterproof-spraying the cloth, and purchasing a tarp to assist the rainfly in its job.

How easy is setup?

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that there are tents that are easier to put up than others. Unlike the Sundome, this is not a pop-up or immediate model, but instead relies on an expanded dome form that is pretty straightforward to use, but slightly more difficult than a regular dome-style tent such as the Sundome. Even so, with the snag-free continuous pole sleeves and the pin and ring system, a seasoned camper should be able to complete the setup in less than 15 minutes. For less experienced campers, it may take a bit longer, but you may enlist the assistance of your family and turn it into a pleasant family activity.

Can you do it alone?

It’s much simpler to set up a tent with a little assistance, but not everyone has access to an additional set of hands. Because this is a huge tent, two persons will be able to complete the setup in less time. Don’t be concerned if you’re the only one in your group who knows how to put up a tent. You still have time to complete the task.

How to Setup the Coleman Montana

Follow our setup instructions, whether you’re on your own or with a friend:

  • Place the tent on level ground with the door facing the direction in which you want the entrance to be
  • Set up the tent stakes
  • Build your tent and put the fiberglass poles through the snag-free, continuous pole sleeves to secure it in place. The tent should be stretched taut until it stands free and big
  • Attach the rain fly if necessary.

It is recommended to stake out the guy lines from the tent body if there is a lot of wind to give the Coleman 8-Person Tent extra strength. If you’re having trouble with the set up, viewing a video of someone else erecting a tent might be really helpful.

Is It Easy to Carry?

Yes, this tent is lightweight and portable, and it comes with a carry bag that can be expanded. When compressed, the dimensions are 27.5 x 9.25 x 9 inches (70 x 23.5 x 23 cm). When it comes to weight, it’s a little more than 20 pounds, which isn’t too much for a healthy adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is enough space for three queen-sized air mattresses, which will provide a comfortable night’s sleep for six campers.

What is the benefit of an E-Port?

If you are having trouble sleeping or are imprisoned inside your tent due to midday rain, the e-port is a fantastic addition.

Install an outside extension wire from your house to your car, and don’t forget to include the auto adaptor. You may now do the following:

  • Ensure that your phone is charged. In order to watch movies on your laptop, you’ll need to charge it. Set up some string lights in the tent to illuminate the space
  • If it’s cold outside, turn on an electric heater.

Even while it is a wonderful convenience, the ability to use electrical power indoors is mostly for the purpose of creating pleasant environments in which to spend time with your family. Alternatively, you might start a new fight with your friends—you’ve settled the tent discussion, but now who gets to choose the movie?

How is the hinged door feature useful?

Rather of constantly zipping yourself in and out of the tent, you may swing the hinged door open and run out into the wilderness with gusto. This makes transporting young children and small animals out of the tent much simpler than it would otherwise be. Additionally, it gives your tent a more homey feel—after spending a long day participating in outdoor activities, you can simply swing your door open, kick off your shoes, and fall right into bed. If you’ve had a frustrating day, which is enough to make a person angry, the hinged door makes it possible to remove some of the frustration that a difficult or stuck zipper would bring, as well.

Is This a Good Tent for Eight People?

Yes, this is an excellent tent for eight people, and it is also larger than many other tents of a comparable size available on the market. Having said that, you’ll be more comfortable in this product with a group of six individuals.

Alternative tents

The Coleman Montana 8 isn’t the best tent for everyone, and that’s okay. That’s perfectly OK! Take a look at our reviews of the following various 8-person capacity tents that are comparable to the Coleman Montana 8:

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

15 minutes of setup is too much for some people, no matter how quickly the time passes. Furthermore, 6’2″ central height is insufficient for taller individuals. A privacy screen and the same innovative welded flooring as the Coleman Montana 8 tent are included in this fast tent that pops up to 6’7 in 60 seconds and features a privacy screen on the inside. The Coleman quick cabin differs from the other tents in the following ways:

  • Lower floor space, higher ceilings, more rapid assembly, more cost, and larger windows

Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

If you enjoyed the tent above but thought it was a little too expensive, here’s a more reasonable option to the Coleman Montana 8 person tent, which has received a lot of positive feedback as well. There is a divider inside that allows you to divide the space into two distinct rooms. If you want to sleep in the screen room, you will have a third private sleeping area. It’s undeniably a tent that prioritizes personal seclusion. However, you’ll need to cover the windows and screen room with tarps in order to have seclusion from the outside world as well.

  • Screen room
  • Interior dividers
  • Large windows that allow for plenty of natural light
  • Additional ventilation

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas 8-Person Tent

If your party falls in love with camping and wants a more durable tent that will last for years to come, here’s a tent that will do the trick. A canvas tent is used, which lasts far longer than other types of tent material. Setup is quick and simple, and the doors and ceilings are both tall, allowing for easy access to electrical outlets. The TETON has also received a lot of positive feedback. In comparison, the Coleman Montana tent lacks the following features:

  • A tough outer layer of material
  • Awning that is exceptionally big
  • Two doors, one of which is particularly wide
  • Organizers for the loft and on the walls
  • It comes at a high cost.

The Coleman montana 8 person – Staked Out

As a whole, our study of the Coleman Montana 8 person tent concludes that it is an outstanding tent for six to eight people in dry weather. If you take good care of it, it will function in the rain as well.

Nothing special about it; it’s a basic beginner tent with a few of extra-desirable features. It serves its purpose as a refuge for large groups of family and friends without being overpowering. If you’re interested in Coleman tents, have a look at our comparison of Coleman tents.

More Coleman montana and 8 person tent product reviews

Still not sure what size or kind of tent will work best for you? More of our product reviews may be found here:

  • A review of the Coleman Elite Montana 8-person tent, as well as the Coleman Octagon 98-8-person tent.

Please let us know if you like this content. That’s the only way we’ll be able to make progress.

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