How To Scare Someone In A Tent

Camping Pranks To Play On Your Adult Friends

Have you ever wanted to know how to prank your friends and family when you’re all out enjoying a good time in nature? As a result, here is my list of the finest adult camping pranks that I employ practically every time I go camping with other members of my family. Take a look at them and decide which one appeals to you the best! Keep it in your brain or write it down because I want you to share your favorite one with me in the comments section at the bottom of this post, so please do so. Enjoy!

Camping Pranks – Adults ONLY

1. The Missing Bed– While your victim is out doing something, remove their mattress, or even just their sleeping bag, and conceal it elsewhere. 2. The Missing Couch– When your target is out doing something, remove their couch and conceal it somewhere. Put the map showing the new position of the bed where the bed was previously located, and watch as they embark on a treasure quest to find it. If you want the best results, wait until they discover it’s gone before telling them. This will ensure that the prank will be much more effective when they are exhausted and it’s dark outside.

Pinecone Joke– Want to frighten the living daylights out of your camping companion?

  • When they try to cuddle up in their sleeping bag at night, they will experience amassivescare and will most likely flee since they will feel something hard and lumpy under their feet.
  • The Sheet– If you’re looking for something more mild to play on your victim, and it’s even better if your target is wearing sheets, you’ll like this prank.
  • 4.
  • Alternatively, you may cover their full bedding (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow) for the greatest effects.
  • 5.
  • We can take advantage of this by simply collecting some ash from the bonfire (after it has cooled down, of course) and wiping some of it onto the other person’s sunglasses lens.
  • What causes this to work?

I also like to put ash beneath RV door knobs, kitchenware, and even tent zippers to keep them from catching on fire (my favorite).

The backpack– Before you start out on a trek, remove the contents of the victim’s backpack and lay some rocks at the bottom of the bag when they aren’t looking.

Keep in mind that if you put too many rocks in, they will notice and you will have to inform them later.

Keep an eye out for their surprised expressions.

A single paper clip may literally bind someone inside their tent, preventing them from leaving!

You should allow them to open the tent a little bit before the paper clip does its work for the greatest results.


Create an artificial rubber snake and tie it to the end of a fishing line.

Make sure to do it to everyone around the campfire, when it’s dark and quiet enough to hear the leaves rustling across the ground, to get the greatest results.


A very thin string attached to a fake snake or spider and hung from a tree — above the picnic table – might be used to attract attention.

Keep an eye on things to see what happens.

The Bird Prank– This one, I believe, is more effective in terms of exacting revenge on someone.

However, as a harmless joke, it is still quite effective and entertaining. Place bird food at the entrance of your victim’s tent as a decoy. They will be awoken by a swarm of various birds fluttering about their tent as they awaken!

When Should You Use These pranks?

Despite the fact that we are all adults here, it does not follow that we will all laugh at all of the pranks described above. You must understand that certain people will not take a prank as well as someone else will, and this must be considered. Depending on who you are talking to, some individuals will find your joke amusing, while others will find it offensive. It is entirely up to the individual to decide whether they will respond negatively or positively. You’ll need to pick a suitable target since going out and pranking every single person you come across isn’t the best idea — especially not when camping, where everyone and everything is unexpected.

Choosing Someone To Prank – Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Will they become enraged
  • Will they feel the need to exact retribution? And, if so, do you think it will be excessive? Will it hurt their feelings? Will they take offense? Is it common for them to become enraged by these sorts of things

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, you should think about pranking someone else as a consequence. What they will do to gain revenge is impossible to predict, especially if you shame them in front of the entire class or organization. And it’s not as if you can put your faith in everyone these days 100 percent. Having said that, here’s another set of questions to consider for yourself.

  • What makes you think they’ll laugh it off
  • Do they generally have a good sense of humor
  • Do they frequently joke about with others
  • Is he or she a primarily upbeat individual?

If you answered affirmatively, you have a fantastic victim on whom to play your joke!

Stay Safe While Performing Pranks In The outdoors

If you aren’t cautious, a simple joke might quickly escalate into a catastrophe. As previously said, you DO NOT want to play a prank on someone who is likely to strike out at you or flee in disgrace as a result. Some individuals are easily humiliated, especially if they are self-conscious about their appearance. If you play a successful prank on someone who is constantly noisy, someone who is the jerk of the group, or the jokester of the family and/or friends, you will have a lot better chance of pulling it off.

And they will congratulate you on your success in obtaining such excellent results!

Don’t Take Unecessary Risks

Also, avoid taking any absurd risks that might put you, your family, or your friends in danger. As long as it is an entirely innocent joke, go ahead and do it. However, if you are in any danger of falling down a cliff, down a tree, into water, or any other unknown event, you should avoid it at all costs. Pranks in this post are all quite safe and simple to carry off, but I’m referring to the pranks in other articles that require you to do insane things in order to pull them off effectively. I hope you enjoyed this essay.


All of them are completely innocent practical jokes. For those who want to go all out and play a much bigger joke, be sure it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, property, or relationships before you go ahead and do it. That’s the very LAST thing you want to happen when all you wanted to do was have a nice time with your friends. However, if you are certain that your friends and family members would join in on the fun, then go ahead and prank away, my wonderful pals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 1. Do you have any practical jokes that you’d want to share? 2. Which of the recipes in this article do you want to attempt first? -BrandonCamping Mastery is a trademark of BrandonCamping Mastery.

Safe Camping Pranks

Camping pranks that are safe may offer an extra layer of enjoyment to any camping experience. Prepare your “victims” for practical jokes ahead of time to ensure that they will be amicable during the pranks.

The Out of Place Bed

Make a complete changeover of all of the bedding in the tent when no one is watching. Taking the top blanket and pillow off each person’s bedding and swapping them with someone else’s is one alternative you may consider. Another alternative is to change your sleeping arrangements by shifting air mattresses, cots, or temporary beds about your sleeping space. Separate each person’s pillow and blankets and then switch them for those on a couple of other beds if you want to make things truly perplexing for everyone.

The Princess and the Pinecone

It is a simple and effective method of frightening someone while camping to stuff something weird into the bottom of their sleeping bag. Collect some pine cones when you’re camping in the forest if you’re going to be alone. Fill the bottom of the victim’s sleeping bag with a number of them. Whenever it’s time to turn out the lights, keep an eye out for them leaping out of their beds in panic.

Post-It Attack

While your target is sleeping, cover the top of their sleeping bag with Post-It notes to give them the appearance of being asleep. While the individual is away, you may do the same thing by covering their pillow as well as the inside of their sleeping bag with plastic wrap. To play a larger-scale prank, tape Post-It notes to the interior and outside walls of your tent, lodge, or RV while everyone else is away hiking or showering.

Dress Up Time

Make sleeping campers’ experiences a bit more enjoyable by donning amusing headwear or decorating their tents. Put a little tiara on your father’s head or a huge sombrero on your younger sister’s head to celebrate. Bring along some Christmas decorations, and drape garland or tinsel over mom’s head and body while she sleeps to make her feel more festive. If your target is a heavy sleeper, he will not move much during the night and will awaken looking ridiculous. In the event that the sufferer moves a lot while sleeping, take a photo to share with others later.

Outdoor Pranks

Camping provides you with access to wide-open areas, a variety of natural objects, and the opportunity to be anonymous because people will be dispersed around the area. Try these practical jokes to fool your entire family or the entire group of people you’re camping with at the same time.

Bird Alarm Clock

This prank is most effective for individuals who are sleeping in a camper or RV, particularly one with easy access to the top. Bread crumbs should be sprinkled on the roof after everyone has fallen asleep. Because of your hidden treat, the early morning birds will begin to nibble away at the metal roof, creating a curious sound. While this prank will certainly wake up the rest of your family or group, keep in mind that it will also wake you up!

Getting up early than everyone else and spreading the crumbs may be more effective since nocturnal creatures, such as racoons, may come looking for the food throughout the middle of the night.


Make sure you have a large, empty metal coffee can before you go for camp and that you drill a hole in the bottom center of it. To close the can, thread a length of strong cotton rope through the opening and tie it inside. Take a tiny ring or other hard item and run it along the rope when it has been tightened enough. It will emit a loud, animal-like sound when it passes through the can’s opening. Bring this device with you to camp so that you may wake up the entire camp with it.

Crop Circles

If you’re camping in a huge meadow, you may trick the entire party by creating a crop circle out of grass. Drill two holes in the center of a 2″ × 4″ piece of wood, one near each end. String one end of a length of rope through one of the holes on the board and tie it off with a knot on the bottom of the board to keep it in place. Loop the rope around itself and tie the free end in the other hole with a knot to keep it in place. Make certain that you can place one foot on the board while also holding the top of the loop with one hand at the same time.

Create a large-scale pattern in collaboration with another person in a short amount of time.

Food Pranks

Camping dinners are perfect for food pranks since you normally have a large number of pre-packaged foods or snacks on hand, and everyone works together to cook the meals and clean up afterwards.

Broken Cooler

Make everyone believe that the cherished cooler is no longer functional. To complete this project, all you need is a full plastic water bottle and some Duck tape. Poke 5 to 10 holes in a circle around the opening of the water bottle with a knife or screwdriver using a sharp object. Continue to keep the lid on the full bottle for the duration of the prank. To tie the bottle to the rear of the cooler, turn it upside down and use a strip or two of Duck tape to fix it. Make a hole in the center of the bottom of the water bottle (which is now protruding into the air) to function as a ventilation hole.

The water will flow out of the bottle, forming a pool around the cooler and surrounding it.

Vegetarian for a Day

Replace all of the burgers you brought with veggie or bean burgers, which are vegetarian and contain no animal byproducts. Offer to grill the burgers over an open fire for supper one evening. Serve the burgers on buns that have been fully prepared so that no one has a chance to peek under the top bread of the burger. Everyone will be perplexed as to whether the burgers have gone bad or whether you are a horrible cook when they bite into their burger.

Pie Iron Surprise

If you’re camping and cooking over an open fire, it’s probable that you’ll be employing a pie iron. With the help of this long metal instrument, you may combine two slices of bread to create a crust for a type of pie with ingredients of your choosing. Because of the way the iron is closed, you can’t see anything on the pie. Make the most of this occasion by substituting less palatable items for the traditional pie filling ingredients in your recipe. Put red Jell-O on top of the cherry pie filling instead of the traditional filling.

After you’ve pretended to cook your pie in the pie iron, have someone else open the pie iron for you. When they open it, they’re going to be completely freaked out!

Fun for Everyone

Already, the big outdoors is a curious and a little terrifying place to be. Use nature to your advantage and perform pranks on your fellow campers to add to the mood. Camping pranks that are safe make camping excursions more thrilling and enjoyable for everyone because they do not endanger anyone’s safety. LoveToKnow Media was founded in the year 2022. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Easy Camp Pranks For Your Trip To Nature

  • As soon as it becomes dark, leap out from behind a tree. Fill a large hole in front of a tent entrance with water and leave it there for many days. Cover it with a thick layer of leaves
  • Someone’s socks were cut off at the ankles. After that, carefully fold the ends of the socks up and stuff them between the toes of the victim’s shoes
  • Take the shoes off of campers’ feet
  • Two persons who are asleep are swapped such that they wake up in the other person’s tent.
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More sleep-inducing pranks for the summer camp.

  • Dress yourself like Bigfoot and prowl about, smashing sticks and muttering to yourself and others
  • Put rocks in the soles of everyone’s shoes. (This is not your own work.) Lie down on the side of the tent where someone is sleeping and pretend to be a wild animal, smelling the side of the tent where they are lying
  • Put the bristles of a toothbrush in someone’s sleeping bag to act as itching powder. Cut the bristles into fine pieces and use them to play the itchiest of camp pranks on your companions
  • Carry along some Squishy Butter to test your ability to cram as much of it into an unsuspecting mouth as possible. Put some Oragel in someone’s toothpaste and see what happens. Plant a pair of frilly knickers in each of the lads’ tents or backpacks. Perhaps they should have their names written on them and a skidmark in them

Someone’s sleeping bag can be stuffed with toothbrush bristles to act as itch relief. Using finely chopped bristles, play the itchiest of camp pranks on your campmates. Carry along some Squishy Butter to test your ability to cram as much of it into an unsuspecting mouth as possible; Fill someone’s toothpaste with Oragel. Set up fancy knickers in the lads’ tents/bags to attract attention. Put their names on them and a skidmark in the middle of them, for example.

  • Make a bear figure out of cardboard and place it over the lens of your flashlight
  • Paint a tomato white and see who would like to play a game of softball with it
  • To get through a Mentos mint, use a needle and cotton to do it. Holding both ends of the thread, lower the Mentos into a full bottle of Coke, making sure to maintain the thread dry throughout. Trim away any excess cotton before screwing the cover back on the bottle again. Wait for the Coke-volcano to erupt whenever someone removes the lid
  • Cross a pedestrian way using a rope tied between the bottoms of the trees
  • Put dirt or water in their shoes to make them slip
  • Bang on the side of a camp-shelter with a large number of people on either side. Make a great deal of noise
  • Fill a shampoo bottle halfway with mayonnaise or honey
  • Pour water on their bed to make it appear as though they are peeing
  • Gumnuts in the sleeping bag, of course! The oldest of all camp pranks, and it’s still as successful as ever
  • When someone wakes up in the middle of the night, they should be locked out. In sleeping bags, there is anti-itching powder. (While itching powder may be used for a variety of amusing practical pranks, it is also highly harmful.)
  • In addition to sharing horror stories around the campfire, cover a buddy with leaves and place her immediately alongside you. Close and lock the door to the toilet stall, then climb over the top to get out by placing a pair of shoes on the floor and a pair of slacks hanging down over them like legs. Using an empty cup, pretend to take a sip from the very top of the container. prank on your friend by pretending to toss an imagined ‘hot drink’ in their direction
  • Prepare the floor by strewing honey all over it, just where someone’s feet will land upon getting out of bed. Everyone’s clothing should be moved around from other people’s baggage. Introduce ants into your camp pranks repertoire by using a small amount of sugar
  • Beds with dirt in them
  • “SNAKE!” shout someone as you toss a two-foot piece of rope at them in a dimly lit room. Put the same piece of rope in someone’s bedding and tell snake stories to them, for example. Toss the towels that are hanging over the door into the shower that is currently being used.

I’m going to pull my finger.

  • Put some canned soup in a bag and make sputtering noises as you dump the contents of the bag on the floor, then repeat the process. Put the soup in a bottle and spin it around on the spinner at the local park as an alternative method. Engage the services of a someone who will spin you at the fastest possible speed and squeeze the bottle at them as you pass
  • Play pranks on your buddies by bringing two campers together who are sleeping in their swags and delicately putting their arms around each other while taking a photo without waking them up (without waking them). It’s particularly effective for couples of the same sex or for two people who aren’t getting along. People should be moved out of their tents while they are sleeping. Then you may play the prank described above. Are they fast asleep on the edge of their bed? They’ll wake up wondering what happened if you put some underwear over their pants. Sugar and water can be used in place of insect spray. If it is a roll-on kind, try butter
  • If it is a stick type, try lemon juice. Place a piece of adhesive on the toilet door overnight
  • Pretend you’ve just had a conversation with a ranger, and that he’s on the lookout for your automobile since you’ve been caught doing something unlawful with it. Perhaps the ranger is a police officer on the lookout for an escaped murderer who has gotten too near to camp
  • Bedsheets that are too short
  • Set alarm clocks to go off at odd intervals during the night in different locations throughout the camp
  • Repairing someone’s jeans or a jumper’s leg hole or closing the neck hole on someone’s sweater Make a paste out of some chills and put them in a bottle of toothpaste for a tasty treat. Avoid getting it in your eyes. Attempt to dismantle the toilet’s flush mechanism or arrange the chain to fall off
  • Fill a bottle of shampoo or conditioner with Nair or another hair-remover of your choice. Personally, I believe it is more effective with hats because it just takes around 10 minutes to do. However, do not expose your skin to it for an extended period of time as it can burn. The above-mentioned camp pranks have been improved upon. Place the hair remover in the bottle of someone else’s hair gel, wax, or paste
  • Charcoal may be used to draw curled mustaches on sleeping campers. Before you offer them fizzy drinks, give them a good shake.

Check out this website for even more camp pranks this time around.

So, what d’ya think?

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Hilariously Funny Camp Prank Ideas That are Just Perfect

Pranks are intended to be amusing and entertaining. Clean pranks and practical jokes are a great way to have a good laugh while camping; they will make the experience more interesting and pleasurable for everyone. Camping and practical jokes are inextricably linked. Whether you’re doing practical pranks on your pals or pulling a vengeance prank on them, they’ll undoubtedly brighten the mood and leave a lasting impression on everyone. Pranks like the ones featured in this article are timeless classics — they’re creative, clean, and entertaining.

Second, when you play a joke on someone, you should be aware that you may become the target of their jokes in return.

* These are clean and basic prank ideas that should be done for the sake of amusement rather than causing harm to someone.

Shoe Mountain

If you want to play a practical joke on the entire group, this is the guide. During the wee hours of the morning, when everyone is sound sleeping, slip out and collect everyone’s shoes, stacking them high on the floor. When people start looking for their shoes in the morning, it will be like Hell breaking loose.

Dry Shower

Make use of a paper cup and fill it with any type of lightweight rubbish you can think of, like dust, paper fragments, dried leaves, and so on. Using a long rope, tie the cup to the table. This paper cup should be placed on top of a bunk bed or in a doorway so that the cup is not visible but the rope is visible. A person who is not aware of what is going on will want to pull the thread to find out what it is. When the contents of the box fall on him, you will burst out laughing.

The Classic

Painting a person’s face while he or she is asleep is a traditional, tried-and-true, but popular prank. Face paint, make-up, talc, and other cosmetics are all acceptable.

You may also use bold colors to paint the nails of men, such as red or pink. Alternatively, you can paint the victim’s hand when he is sleeping if you want to be sneaky. He will unintentionally create a sloppy mess of his face and belongings.

Duct Tape Prank

You will discover that duct tape is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that may be utilized in a variety of prank scenarios. When someone is asleep, you can tape his hands to his sides, or you can bind him to the bed entirely with tape.

High Rising Socks

An additional traditional and harmless practical joke that may be perpetrated on camp counselors is shown here. The ends of the person’s socks should be cut in a modest manner, and they should be neatly folded within their shoes. When the unsuspecting individual puts on his socks, the sock will come up to his knees, and you will have a good time watching him get caught off guard.

Try to Get Through This

Saran wrap, like duct tape, is a fascinating product to use for pranks and may be used in the same way. When no one is looking, tape the saran wrap to the door so that there are no wrinkles or folds evident when the door is opened. Anyone who has to get out of bed in the middle of the night will have a difficult time getting through the door.

Colorful Shower

Consider bringing drink crystals or edible food coloring with you to the camp if at all feasible. Put a handful of drink crystals in the shower head and turn on the water. The next individual to use the shower will be showered with water that is either orange, blue, or green in color.

Charmed Snake

This prank will necessitate the use of a rope. Make a knot at one end of the rope so that it resembles the head of a snake by tying it. “Snake! Snake!” shouts the attacker as he throws the rope on the sleeping victim’s comforter. Make a note of the person’s reaction. Alternatively, you may lay the rope in the victim’s sleeping bag and watch in terror as he gets dragged inside the bag by the rope.

Treasure Hunt

Collect the victim’s clothes and place them in a secure place within the tent or lodge. Take a garbage bag (which should be full with rubbish) and hang it from a tree or hang it in a spot that is difficult to reach. Inform the individual that his clothing have been stashed in the garbage bag. Keep an eye out for the expression on their face as they attempt to obtain the bag and open it. After that, they are responsible for returning their garments to the cabin. The last laugh is always guaranteed when you pull these clean camp pranks on your buddies.

Remember, even while pranks are intended to be amusing and entertaining, they should never be used to do harm to someone.


When pulling a prank on someone, it is important to be respectful and to play it safe.

Scared of Tent Camping? Here’s How to Deal With It • Reckless Roaming

With Halloween just around the corner, I decided to write about something a little more frightening: tent camping. Camping can be quite spooky, no matter how “macho” you are, which is why I believe we are all a little afraid of it.

Whether you’re frightened of bears, serial killers, or shape-shifting clowns (can you tell I just finished reading “It”), the first few nights of camping will most likely seem like they’ll be your final ones.

After all, the only thing between you and the outside world is a thin sheet of nylon. Yikes!

To be quite honest, I kind of appreciate the creepy part of the story. A Halloween custom Francis and I used to have (which was yet another item ruined by the wrath of COVID) was to go camping in the forest and watch the latest season of Stranger Things. It was a lot of fun! However, it is frightening. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to chase away the murderous dreams and “horror-movie proof” your tent. There are alternatives to drinking till you pass out (unless that’s your thing, of course).

Hey, don’t squash it till you try it.

It is quite beneficial if you can set up your campsite before the sun goes down. In fact, if you’re as skilled at planning as I am, you’ll never have to worry about setting up camp after dark!

That was a good joke.

In any case, not only is it extremely difficult and inconvenient to put up a tent at night, but it also prevents you from becoming acquainted with your immediate surroundings. It will become clear in daylight that the person observing you from a distance is actually a man-shaped tree, and the sound of a wooden bat being hauled over the ground is actually a ground squirrel excavating its way through the fire pit. It may seem like a little point, but believe me when I say that it makes a difference!

2. Drown Out the Noise

In any case, not only is it extremely difficult and inconvenient to put up a tent at night, but it also prevents you from becoming acquainted with your surroundings. It will become clear in daylight that the person observing you from a distance is actually a man-shaped tree, and the sound of a wooden bat being hauled over the ground is actually a ground squirrel excavating his way through the firepit. Despite the fact that it appears to be a little aspect, believe me when I say that it is beneficial!

3. Give Yourself a Backboard

It is beneficial to put up your tent such that the back (and sometimes even the side) of it is up against something when you are camping. There’s something comforting about being enclosed by shrubs and thickets, even if they’re only for show. If there was anything enormous in those bushes, you’d be sure to hear it awkwardly moving around, because normally large creatures (bears, cougars, and so on) despise being trapped in small, inaccessible spaces. So you can rest certain that you are at least protected on that end.

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4. Crank Up Some Tunes!

When you’re just hanging out around camp at night, listening to music may really be rather soothing — and it serves a dual function! Non-stop laughter will not only keep your spirits up and drown out any weird noises, but it will also keep any prospective predators at bay. The presence of bears in the wilderness is a serious danger, but if they hear you before they see you, they are more likely to stay away! Most paid-for music streaming services allow you to download music in advance to listen to it later when you are not connected to the internet.

Create a “Camping” playlist the day before we leave so that I can just shuffle through the songs on the way to our destination. On all of my camping vacations, I bring this Waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Amazon with me.

NOTE: I do NOT recommend listening to music out loud if you are camping near other people. Often people like to camp in silence but they’ll be too polite or too shy to say so. If you want to pump up the jams and do your own thing, look for dispersed campsites with no other campers nearby.

Due to the fact that I almost exclusively read HorrorMurder Mystery books, reading before night is not a good idea for me. However, if you’re like me and don’t care for feel-good literature, you may watch something amusing instead! Isn’t it true that no one gets murdered while viewing The Land Before Time? Just before you hit the hay, fill your head with amusing or uplifting thoughts.


Aside from just lighting up the night sky, lights can provide warmth and a sense of comfort to your camping experience. These solar string lights from REI are a must-have for every camper, but especially for those who are afraid of the great outdoors, like myself! Having a well-lit campground can make things substantially less spooky for you and your guests. Not to mention that these lights are solar-powered, really attractive, and can also be used as a phone charger.


I realize that not everyone is willing to make the investment in a rooftop tent, but I couldn’t help but bring it up nevertheless. Sleeping in a rooftop tent is much safer than sleeping on the ground for several reasons. After all, the only viable method to get entry to the tent is to ascend the ladder — another another stumbling block for would-be assassins. And when you’re nine feet above the earth, wild creatures aren’t likely to bother you.

NOTE: I usethe Smittybilt Overlander Tentand it’s THE. BEST. I’ve had no issues with leaking during heavy rainstorms, it’s easy to set up, the mattress is comfy and it stayed in good shape even after leaving it parked outside during winter months.

Use your Jetboil to heat up some water and steep some tea before bed to help you relax and wind down. I normally take a cup of Chamomile or Raspberry herbal tea with a scoop of Youtheory Sleep Powder before going to sleep. It puts me to sleep immediately!

9. Bring a Four-Legged Friend

Dogs make excellent camping companions, and they will be the first to alert you to any potential danger. However, it is important to keep your tent covered up at night to avoid your pup from snarling at every little little thing that passes by as you sleep.

If you’re considering camping with your pup,check out my essential gear for camping with dogs!

Take a long stroll, go swimming, or do anything you want. Simply engage in some form of physical activity throughout the day so that you are not confined to your bed with chronic insomnia at night. Interestingly enough, the fact that you are outside will lead you to be more weary at the end of the day (thank you, science), but it can’t harm to assist in this process!

11. Bring a Weapon

Take a long trek, go swimming, or do anything else you want to do to relax. Simply engage in some form of physical activity throughout the day so that you are not confined to your bed with sleeplessness at night. Interestingly enough, the fact that you are outside will lead you to be more weary at the end of the day (thank you, science), but it can’t harm to assist in this process!

12. Invest Ina Personal Tracking Beacon

I personally would not go to such lengths, but if you REALLY want to camp but you REALLYcan’t get over the fear that something dreadful may happen, it could be worth it to invest in a tracking beacon – if only to set your mind at ease while you’re out there. Rescuers will be alerted to your whereabouts almost immediately if you are wearing a tracking beacon. They’re fantastic for off-grid trips in the backcountry!

13. Know Your Animals – and How to Handle Them

Make sure you do your homework before you go! By listening to the sounds, you can frequently tell which animals are predators and which are prey. Bears and cougars (if they’re close by) make a lot of noise, which makes them easier to detect. Even though you’re unlikely to come face to face with a huge predator, knowing what to do will make you feel safer. And you never know what may happen! A cougar once sniffed around my tent, which I found rather amusing.

While this was a disconcerting sensation, I just kept chatting about random topics in a regular, non-heightened voice, and it gradually lost interest in me. I suppose you could argue that I’m so uninteresting that not even a cougar is interested in me.

14. Keep at it!

Make sure you do your homework before you go! Because of the sound, it is often possible to tell the difference between prey and predator. It is typically simple to distinguish the sounds made by bears and cougars (if they are nearby). Knowing what to do in the event of a huge predator will make you feel more secure, even if you never have to deal with one. You never know what could happen! A cougar once came close to my tent and sniffed around. While this was a disconcerting sensation, I just kept chatting about various topics in a regular, non-heightened voice, and it gradually lost interest in me.

Are you scared of camping? How do you fight the nighttime heebie jeebies? Tell me about it in the comments! (Funny methods and stories are encouraged.)

Make sure you do your study before you leave! By listening to the sounds, you can frequently tell which animals are predators and which ones are prey. Bears and cougars (if they’re close by) make a lot of noise, which makes them simple to spot. Even if you never come face to face with a huge predator, knowing what to do will make you feel more secure. And you never know what will happen! I once had a cougar sniffing around my tent, which was terrifying. It wasn’t a pleasant sensation, but I simply kept talking about random stuff in a regular, non-heightened voice, and it finally lost interest in me.


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How to scare your friends at a sleepover good?

In the middle of nowhere, start playing this song. Undo; mark as inapplicable


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How do i scare my friends at a sleepover?

This evening, I’m hosting a bash with my gal pals. Both my companion and I are interested in scaring the other girls! Is there anyone who knows how to do this? We want as many people as possible to participate.


  • Using plastic spiders and snakes, you may have a great deal of fun. Remove from considerationUndo

My 11 year old sister and her 4 friends are having a sleepover, in a big tent. any ideas to scare them?

Instead of putting cream on their faces or doing any other pranks on them, we want to terrify them. and without them having any reason to suspect us; right away. Thank you in advance:)


  • Make them put on a frightening mask, open the tent slowly, start yelling loudly, and move in strange ways while they are sleeping. Delete as if it were not relevant Undo

How do you scare your friends at a sleepover?

  • Make them put on a frightening mask, open the tent slowly, start yelling loudly, and move in strange ways as they sleep. Ignore this section. Undo

How do I scare my friends when we are outside at my sleepover?

  • When it’s extremely dark out, you may try hiding behind something and then jumping out in front of it to see what happens. Remove from considerationUndo

Should I ditch all my friends and my boyfriend and testify against them?

Let’s say there was a party, and my pals were harassing a girl called Jane, and she complained. They hurled fireworks at her, flung scorching hot lasagna at her, and accidentally flipped her Christmas tree (by mistake). As a result, Jane is bringing charges against all of us (including me).


  • Who cares what ur guy has to do with it all. I believe it was wise of you to convey to her who you were. Remove from considerationUndo

How to scare people?

In the morning, my closest buddy and I will be attending a sleepover at another friend’s house with a large group of people. Because we will be viewing Insidious and other frightening movies, my best friend and I want to terrify them as much as possible. We intend to slip out the back door and start a scuffle.


  • Dont. You never know when something might go wrong. A group of female students at my college was terrorized by some frat boys in the middle of the night. Delete as if it were not relevant Undo

How Do You Bear Proof A Tent?

Bears are one of the most common fears that individuals have when it comes to camping in a tent or spending time outdoors. Despite the fact that bears aren’t nearly as dangerous as they are portrayed to be, bear-proofing your tent and campsite is crucial if you want to prevent having an unpleasant experience on your next outdoor expedition. If you want to bear-proof your tent, you’ll want to set up your campsite such that your cooking area and tent are at least 200 feet apart from one another.

Make use of a bear canister or bear hung instead, and keep your campsite nice and tidy at all times to keep bears away.

Following that, we’ll go over everything you need to know about bear proofing a tent, as well as some helpful hints for reducing the likelihood that a bear may decide to roam through your campground.

How Rare Are Bear Attacks?

Attacks by bears are extremely, extremely rare. In the United States and Canada between 1900 and 2009, an estimated 63 individuals were murdered by black bears, according to a 2011 research. Grizzly bear assaults on humans occurred in North America between 2000 and 2015, according to a research published in Nature this year. The great majority of attacks occurred in Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon, according to the findings of the study. Unquestionably, every bear attack or fatality is a terrible and tragic occurrence, but when you consider the vast amount of people who spend their time outside, the odds of being attacked or killed by a bear are incomprehensibly minimal.

In most black and brown bear assaults, the bear is hungry and wants a bite of whatever you’re eating for dinner, or the humans involved have somehow (usually unwittingly) gotten in between a female bear and her cubs, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

While there have been some predatory assaults (for example, when a bear follows humans in search of food), bear researcher John Beecham says that they are extremely rare and that they are the exception rather than the norm in bear behavior.

Will Bears Bother You In A Tent?

On the whole, bears are uncomfortable being around you, just as much as you are uncomfortable being around them. In addition, because the vast majority of black and brown bears are primarily interested in food, they will only approach humans in tents if they smell anything good inside. Consequently, bears are less likely to walk into your tent area if you do not store food and other “scented” objects, such as toiletries, in your tent. When it comes to bears, avoiding an encounter is essential.

If you adhere to bear safety practices, such as putting your food in a bear canister or a bear hang (more on that later), you can avoid bears interfering with your camping experience by sleeping in a tent at night.

Will A Tent Protect Me At All From A Bear?

It’s doubtful that your tent will keep you safe from a determined bear unless you chance to buy a tent that is reinforced with steel bars. Unless they’re constructed of heavy duty nylon or polyester, most tents are composed of flimsy nylon or polyester fabric that bears may easily cut through if they’re on the search for food. Having said that, this should not be a cause for concern or a reason for you to forego going camping. As previously said, bear attacks are quite rare, and following correct bear safety measures when camping in recognized bear habitat will do far more to protect you from a bad bear encounter than the majority of people believe.

Steps To Take For Preventing Bears From Being Interested In Your Tent

When it comes to bear-proofing a tent, the most important thing to remember is to prevent bears from becoming interested in your tent in the first place.

It all boils down to correctly setting up your camp and keeping your food so that bears do not have access to it at night. Here’s all you need to know about the situation.

How To Set Up Camp In Bear Country

When hiking through bear territory, one of the most essential things you can do is make sure your camp is properly set up before you leave. If you were camping in a frontcountry campsite at a recognized campground, it’s likely that you erected your tent very near to your kitchen. You should, however, pitch your tent at least 200ft (60m) away from your kitchen and water if you are in recognized bear territory. This is around 70 adult paces away from your kitchen and water. Finding a suitable tent site that is at least 70 meters away from the nearest water source is an excellent approach to start your camping adventure (this is normally a requirement on most public lands).

Due to the fact that preparing food creates a lot of food-based odors, keeping everything contained to a single location that is separate from where we want to sleep for the night might reduce the likelihood that a bear would walk over to where we are sleeping.

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How To Store Food To Keep Bears Away From Your Tent

Proper food storage is the second factor of bear avoidance when camping that must be considered. Because bears are mostly just interested in food, they are frequently drawn to campsites in search of a small morsel of whatever you had for supper that night. We don’t want bears to eat human food for two reasons: first, it is harmful to their health.

  1. Human food is not a typical component of a bear’s diet and does not supply the necessary nourishment for them to thrive
  2. Bears that consume human food rapidly develop accustomed to human presence and behavior. This greatly increases the likelihood that they may begin to loiter around popular campgrounds or towns, or that they will attack someone. Whenever this occurs, the bear is nearly often put down, which is not a pleasant experience for anybody concerned.

As a result, understanding how to properly store your food will not only keep bears away from your tent, but it will also assist to guarantee that the bear population in our favorite camping places remains healthy and vigorous.

Food Storage Options For Camping In Bear Country

When you’re camping in bear territory, you have a few alternatives for food storage that you might consider. It is crucial to remember, however, that certain public areas have quite severe rules for the containers in which you may and cannot keep your food. These include some of the most popular national, state, and provincial parks and forests in the United States and Canada, as well as some of the most remote areas in the world. The obligation of the camper is to be knowledgeable about the regulations for wherever he or she is going to be.

The following are the four basic methods of storing food in bear country, which vary based on your geographic area.

Bear Canister

A bear canister is a container with a hard outside that has been constructed to prevent a bear from gaining access to the food within. The majority of them are composed of hard-sided plastic with specific lids that bears are unable to open. Despite the fact that bears may and do attempt to open these canisters in order to obtain the food contained therein, when utilized properly, they are exceedingly unlikely to be successful.

What’s the drawback of using bear cans? They’re large and cumbersome. However, they are also rodent-proof and quite simple to operate.

Bear Hang/PCT Method

Some property managers will require you to use a “bear hang” in locations where a bear canister is not necessary, but bears are still present. This is done to prevent hungry bears from taking your food. When it comes to lightweight backpacking options, bear hangs are a favorite since they are simple to set up and require nothing more than a piece of rope with two or three carabiners, and a bag to store your food. Unfortunately, if you’re camping above treeline, they won’t be very effective, and they won’t do anything to deter rats from stealing your munchies at night.

Bear-Proof Cooler

Bear-proof coolers are a relatively new concept in the camping industry, but they’re quickly gaining popularity at established campgrounds. Most firms that offer “bear-proof coolers,” such asGrizzly Coolers, have their goods approved by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), which puts the coolers through their paces on real bears. Having said that, these coolers are not permitted at all campgrounds, so double-check the rules and restrictions at your destination before purchasing one for your next camping trip.

Bear Lockers

Some campgrounds in national parks and national forests will have specially constructed steel “bear lockers” for storing food, which will be available for use by bears. A general guideline is that if there is a bear locker available at your campground, you must use it if there is one. Because these bear lockers are extremely effective at preventing bears from gaining access to human food, several property managers demand their usage on their properties. It is normally not permitted to store food in a car at campgrounds where a bear locker is provided; thus, make sure that all of your food will fit inside the bear locker when you leave for the night.

Can Bears Smell Through Ziploc Bags?

Ziploc bags do not have a strong fragrance, and a bear can readily detect anything you’re storing inside of them. LOKSAKIs a good option if you want to keep your food in an odor-proof bag within a bear-proof hanger or canister, locker or cooler. While camping in bear territory, these odor-proof and reusable storage bags can help keep food odors at bay, providing you with more peace of mind.

What To Do If You Hear A Bear Outside Your Tent

The fragrance of anything you’re storing inside is easily detected by a bear because Ziploc bags are not odor-proof. If you’re wanting to keep your food in a bear-proof bag within your bear-proof hang, canister, locker, or cooler, the Loksak OPSAKis an excellent solution. For additional peace of mind while camping in bear country, use these bear-proof and reusable storage bags to help seal off any food odours.

Should You Keep Bear Spray In Your Tent?

If you know how to use bear spray and have it readily available when you need it, it may be a very effective tool in repelling an angry bear. Because bear spray may be quite effective in a bear assault, you’ll want to have it close at all times during the night. To be on the safe side, it’s advisable to keep your bear spray in the vestibule of your tent rather than directly next to your sleeping bag. This is because it is conceivable, though not likely, that you will accidently remove the safety tab from the bear spray while you are tossing and turning in your bed at night.

  1. This will ensure that you are well prepared should things go wrong.
  2. The National Park Service suggests that you rinse out your eyes and skin with cold water for 15-20 minutes after the bear has left to decrease the stinging effects of pepper spray in these cases.
  3. So, before you embark on your next journey, make sure you are familiar with the local legislation.
  4. Even when I’m camping in bear territory, I always set up my campground so that my cooking and tent areas can be kept apart from one another.
  5. The same caution should be exercised by anybody planning to camp in recognized bear habitat.

Following that, in terms of wildlife safety, is: Is it safe to sleep in a roof top tent when there are bears around? Is it possible to see grizzly bears along the Pacific Crest Trail? Best Bear Spray: Proven and Effective Top 5 Options What Should You Do If You Come Across a Cougar While Hiking?

Halloween Camping: 9 Eerie Ideas That Will Stop You from Sleeping

If you’re fortunate enough to be going on a late camping trip this Halloween, make sure you’re prepared for a scare or two. Halloween camping provides the ideal chance to get into the spirit of the season by dressing up even the tiniest of details in a frightening manner. Just being out at night with the thought of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and zombies running through your brain is enough to have your heart racing and mind roaming. Examine these frighteningly fun Halloween camping suggestions, which are sure to make this year’s Halloween the scariest ever.

Keep your ghost detector on on at all times and prepare for the most terrifying experience of your life.

Make Halloween camping spooky

The most effective fright pranks are generally the ones that come as a complete surprise. This is also true when it comes to creating the atmosphere for Halloween camping. Unless you plan ahead of time, your children or friends will have no way of knowing that they are being set up for a night of dread! Here are a few quick and cheap methods to make your Halloween campground seem eerie before you even get the fake blood on the ground:

  • Camp in the woods — even a harmless rabbit trotting by in the middle of the night might seem like the footsteps of an axe murderer if you’re not careful
  • It’s best to camp away from other people since the more isolated you are, the simpler it is to create an eerie environment. Pitch your tent such that the door looks out into the woods and nothing else — this will give you a spine-tingling experience. Hang a few of eerie-sounding wind chimes in the woodland near your tent to create a spooky atmosphere. Place a pair of LED light eyeballs in the forest for your pals to come across when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

9 spine-chilling Halloween camping ideas

Disclaimer: We utilize affiliate links and may gain a small reward if you make a purchase via one of our links. Having set the stage for the most terrifying Halloween camping trip you’ve ever experienced, you can begin putting the final touches on your nefarious plans to scare the living daylights out of your friends and family. Make an effort not to have too much fun!

01 Blair Witch Project camp craft

Even if you haven’t watched the film The Blair Witch Project, these stick people are a creepy sight to behold. They are simple to build and quite effective at creating a scary atmosphere when hanging amid the trees at your campground. At the same time, you may deceive your children into learning some fundamental camping knots! Added bonus:

02 Halloween decorations for your campsite

Making and putting up the decorations around the camp will be a favorite activity for the youngsters.

Shadow puppets

As the light from the bonfire flickers across the backdrop of a “empty” forest, you may create your own Halloween shadow puppets that will multiplie in spookiness!

Paper chain

Hanging these ghoulishly simple-to-make paper chains around your campground will provide a sense of mystery and tension.

Hanging bats

In fact, these paperbats will be quite content to hang around in your tent entranceway, up in the trees, or over the camp toilet! Moreover, if you don’t have the time to construct your own Halloween decorations, here are some necessities that you should carry with you:


Make some imitation spider webs and drape them across the entrance of your tent or hang them from the ceiling. Over the top of boots and wellies is always a good idea, as is any other location where unforeseen entanglements may occur.

Fake spiders

Make use of it carefully to make these creepy crawlies even more terrifying.

Place them inside shoes, hang them in the tent, leave them lurking amid the camp utensils, or suspend them from cobwebs to keep them hidden.

Pumpkin fairy lights

Fairy lights in red or orange create a menacing atmosphere in a room, reducing the need for brighter and less eerie illumination.

Paper lanterns

Create an eerie ambiance with flickering shadows by lighting a pathway of lanterns to your tent or by placing some just away from your camp on the edge of the woodland to create an eerie mood with flickering shadows.

03 Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving is a great way to use up your pocket knife and show off your best whittling talents on a rainy afternoon. The scarier the design, the better. After dark, turn on the lights to add to the eerie glow of the campfire.

04 Zombie games in the woods

Twilight and its stretched shadows make slinking about the woodland a spooky place to find oneself unexpectedly alone, especially if there are zombies hidden out and waiting to pounce on your prey. An apocalypse-themed game in the forest is wonderful for when everyone is dressed up in costume, and there are a plethora of forest-wide activities that are suitable for groups of youngsters and adults alike. Change their appearance according to your surroundings, set the scenario correctly with a spine-chilling zombie narrative, and then flee in fear for your life.

05 A festering feast

When the sun goes dark, the ghouls come out to have a great time. Toss on your witches cap and rehearse your filthiest cackle in preparation for stirring up some potions in your Dutch oven cauldron of choice. Your young monsters will go crazy over this baked eyeball dish, which is certain to please them. It’s best served with spaghetti ‘worms’ that have been colored green with food coloring and washed down with somebats blood green slime soda. Delicious to the point of being devilish!

06 Scary campfire stories

The moment has come to become extremely dark with some truly terrifying campfire stories while those eyeballs are still slipping down. Make sure all of the lanterns and candles are lighted, that the shadow puppets are strategically arranged, and that you have a calm audio track playing with some creepy sounds. Having a few eager bodies hidden behind the woods, ready to spring out at the right time, can also create some trembling in your boots. It’s a good idea to make up stories as you go along in order to engage everyone.

However, if you really want to up the ante on the fright factor, adapt an already terrifying campfire story to the surroundings or environment in which you are camping.

Isn’t it true that no one goes out on Halloween to make new friends?

07Plan a spooky night hike

Following a terrifying evening of woodland murders, ghostly activity, and horrifying occurrences, take the quivering wrecks on a stroll in the woods after supper to clear their heads and recover their sanity. Adding to the dread, plan your trip during the day and hang your coat or blanket out of sight in the woods away from the trail.

Just a short flash of your flashlight on the scary figure swaying in the breeze will be enough to send your party into fits of laughter. After that, there is absolutely no hope of getting a decent night’s sleep!

08 Trick or treat

If you don’t throw out some campfire goodies to settle the tensions before night after all that deception, it would be one cruel act too many. Decorate hungry apples with little marshmallow fangs, flaming orange cupcakes with marshmallow eyes, and glasses of thick hot cocoa with mini marshmallow eyeballs.

09 Sleep soundly!

No matter how calm you and your Halloween campers managed to remain in the midst of the craziness of Halloween night, the mind will undoubtedly begin to wander after the lights are turned out. When there are no shouts of terrified campers to drown out the noise of the forest floor, the forest floor is deafeningly loud. Every snap and rustling will have you holding even tighter to your sleeping bag as the night progresses. After all, there’s only a thin layer of nylon between you and whatever may be lurking outside your tent entrance.

TheseTales of Terrorfrom the Dirtbag Diaries should be enough to get the job done!

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