How To Put Up A Canvas Tent


Watch this video to learn about the free features and options available on our popular Wilderness Canvas Wall Tent.


The Canadian Rangers used our tentstoves in -42 degree weather on January 17th. We’ve purchased tents and will be utilizing them this winter. The best investment I’ve ever made. -42 degrees this morning, and we are as warm as we possibly can be. Thank you so much, Kevin Lafferty. CANADIAN RANGERS are a baseball team based in Canada. Last year, I purchased three tents from you for use in my outfitting company. Your tents are incredibly well constructed, and I require tents that are as resistant as yours.

In addition, I will be getting another 3 this autumn from the same supplier.

  1. The Outfitter, Al “Excellent tent.
  2. Taylor This is a fantastic tent.
  3. I had no idea it was possible for an entire tent to be so well-protected, especially with the eave webbing, D rings in place of grommets, and a second layer of canvas covering the roof.
  4. Roger My brother has an outfitting business and recently purchased four of your Wilderness tents.
  5. I’d like to order a 12 x 14 canvas.
  6. Thank you very much for all of your suggestions.
  7. I’m sure I spoke with each and every salesman at least once.

After all of my queries and your advice, I was able to purchase the most appropriate tent bundle for my needs, which was a relief!

Leo My shipment was misplaced by FEDEX.

I really appreciate the excellent customer service you provide.

Hank My contentment with my 12 x 14 canvas wall tent, which I have been using for the past two seasons, would be appreciated if I could submit feedback to The Tent Shop about it.

Because I was setting it up by myself, I wished I had gone with a smaller 10 x 12 instead.

This last season was the first in which we had to put up the canvas tent on snow and cope with snow for the entire week-long hunt, which was a first for us.

I am quite delighted with the product, and I have no issues about the overall quality of your tent.

Regards, Robert.

I’ve had a handful of occasions to put my 12 x 14 to good use thus far.

Each night, it rained and I was able to put it to good use.

This evening, I’ll be camping in my backyard because I have some housework to complete.

I’ll have the damper turned down to the lowest setting and will be delightfully warm.

I am, of course, yours truly, Brian’s phone number is 1221.

In order to complete my tent frame angle kit, I recently purchased 1″EMT electrical metal tube conduit.

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When I went to set up my wall tent at hunting camp, the frame was the ideal match.

I must add that the quality of the canvas and the double stitching have left a lasting impression on me.

A double layer of canvas was also used to strengthen the ridge, something I didn’t understand was a regular feature until I saw it.

Once again, thank you so much.

I just wanted to express how much I loved browsing around your website prior to making my purchase of a wall tent.

However, it was the hundreds of reviews I saw on Facebook, your website, and Google that sealed the deal for me to make a purchase from your company.

I would highly recommend your company.

Thank you very much.

He is completely enthralled by it.

Your tent is just fantastic.

The Yukon 5 stove kept us quite warm in the nights, and we cranked it up to full blast in the middle of the night for all-night heat. I’m looking to purchase a 14 x 16 as well as a Yukon 5 stove. I can’t wait to put it to use. Thurston click here to find out more

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Stories of Adventure and Hunting The chapter has been completed.

I drew my Hoyt and scoured the area for my anchors.

More information can be found at Adventure StoriesHunt StoriesChange of Attitude Brown bear hunting is a whole other experience.

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I was now less than 15 yards away.

More information can be found at Stories of Adventure and Hunting The Pursuit of Velvet During the 2020 application season, I knew I wanted to pursue velvet mule deer above the timberline, so I began planning my trip.

  • After much deliberation, I decided to go all-in for an archery tag in Colorado.
  • The majority of you agree that Remi is one of the most intriguing persons on the planet, and that he also serves as one of the most effective ambassadors for the hunting community.
  • I didn’t have any special plans with Remi; we were just hanging around.
  • Just about anything and everything came up in conversation, including life, parenting, and anything else that came up.
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  • As part of our discussion, we discussed gun safes, including why we should all have one, as well as the process of obtaining and installing a safe in your residence.
  • Take a look at this little film.

We spent a considerable amount of time discussing John Browning and the various contributions he made to contemporary weapons as well as to our military.

Listen In this episode, I talk with Dean Capuano, a representative from Swarovski.

Since then, we’ve gone hunting in Austria, Africa, Mexico, and a slew of other places in the United States.

Listen Roy Grace has been bowhunting for the most of his life, and he has hunted every species the western United States has to offer.

During this episode, we discuss why the record book is essential and why we should all think about submitting a prize if it meets the criteria for inclusion in the “Book”.

If you are interested, the following link will take you there: Listen Electric assisted bicycles (e-bikes) are rapidly gaining in popularity across the world.

In this episode, I get down with Bakcou founders Bryan and Dave to talk about their company, their bikes, the present state of hunting with e-bikes, and the future of hunting with electric bikes.

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Their viewpoint and knowledge are unrivaled due to their years of industry experience.

As you listen to this episode, have a look at their bicycles.

Warner and Wendy Glenn lived in the same nation for the majority of their lives and raised their son Cody and daughter Kelly.

His relationship, as well as the Glenn family’s, had a profound impact on my life.

Construction of fences and corrals, branding calves, and learning to labor 16 hours a day on the ranch that my family has held for more than 100 years were all part of my responsibilities.

In this episode, I sit down with Kelly to talk about the reality of modern ranching, their family history, and “the wall” that separates the United States and Mexico.

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