How To Make Your Tent Cozy

8 Forgotten Ways To Make Your Tent Cozier In 2022

Mark Wilcox published an article on July 4, 2021. If you click on one of our links and make a purchase, we will receive a commission. Thanks. What do you think of when you leave your comfortable home to go camping and wind up spending the night in a depressing tent rather than a comfortable bed? The most common cause for this to occur is that individuals do not take the effort to make their tents comfortable. However, all that is required to correct this is the addition of illumination. A headlamp should be wrapped around a jug of water to make this project possible.

The tent won’t appear to be too dark at this point.

Here are seven more suggestions to make your tent more comfortable.

  1. Increase the Temperature of Your Chilly Feet – Do your feet constantly feel cold, no matter how many pairs of socks or layers of warm clothing you wear? To begin, fill your bottle halfway with hot water and toss it under the sleeping bag’s zipper. In all likelihood, it will keep your feet toasty throughout the night. Protect Your Tent From The Light – Do you despise it when the sun reflects off the interior of your tent, making it uncomfortably hot, especially in the morning? Make use of a reflective blanket on top of the tent to divert sunlight away from the structure. It’s now possible to sleep peacefully through the night and into the early hours of the morning without being overheated. Alternatively, if you are concerned about being too chilly throughout the night, point the reflecting blanket back at the tent to prevent warm air from escaping into the atmosphere. Additionally, you may read our post on how to keep your tent cool.
  1. Get the Dirt Out of Your Shoes — If you have been hiking and trekking through the woods, your shoes are almost certainly soiled from the experience. The tent will grow unattractive and uncomfortably heavy if you drag the items about. You can, however, place a shoe basket at the door to collect filthy shoes, including those of your family members if you have brought them along with you on your camping trip. The floor will remain clean as a result of this. Tent flaps – There are a few instances in which you will require the tent to be opened. If you have to hold it up just because you are not yet ready to zip up the tent, it may be unpleasant and inconvenient. Binder clips, on the other hand, will come in helpful. If you want to allow some fresh air in, you can leave the flaps open.
  1. You don’t have to sleep on the ground in your tent if you don’t want to. You are welcome to bring an air mattress with you. In comparison to sleeping on rough ground, the mattress will be far more comfortable. It’s also easier to bond with friends and family when you’re sleeping in a shared bed like you’re at a sleepover rather than when you’re curled up in a sleeping bag. Bed linens – If you are going camping, you are permitted to bring your own duvet. If you don’t have a duvet, you can bring your own blankets or bed sheets to sleep on instead. Your tent will be designed to be as close to your house as possible, ensuring that your family does not feel out of place. Make a few decorations for your tent – Regardless of how long you intend to be camping, you can always brighten the atmosphere in your tent by hanging a few decorations about it. Remember, you’re trying to feel comfy, so you may do anything you want to make yourself more comfortable (though avoid adding anything fragrant, since this may attract wildlife to your tent). Hanging streamers at the entrance of your tent is a low-cost and straightforward method to brighten it up.

How To Make Your Tent More Comfortable

Here are seven suggestions for making your tent more comfy.


Camping with your friends and family is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do together. It allows you to take in the beauty of nature while still having a good time in an outdoor environment. When sleeping in a tent, it is not always simple to maintain a decent level of comfort. Sleeping on air mattresses or inflated pads, which provide minimal support and comfort for the back and joints, is standard practice for most campers and RVers. On top of that, it takes effort just to pull yourself up and off the ground.

You will not wake up sore and stiff in the morning if you use a cot as your sleeping surface for your tent flooring surface area.

Aside from that, cots may be folded down into little packets that are easily transported by most vehicles.

Take a look at some of our favorite cots.

Stay Warm Or Cool In Your Tent

Camping in chilly weather may be a challenging experience. Keeping warm when camping may be accomplished in a variety of ways. The most effective method is to pack a tent heater. Check to see that the heater is rated for camping usage and that you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use of hand warmers in your sleeping bag or clothing is another alternative that will help you stay warmer as well as keep your hands warm. When it comes to keeping cool in the summer, there are just two alternatives.

I’ve even used a tiny battery-powered fan in my one-person traveling tent to keep the temperature comfortable.

You will be astonished at how much more comfortable you will feel when there is a gentle breeze blowing. Another approach is to immerse yourself in warm water before retiring for the evening. You will become cooler as the water evaporates from your body.

3. Ground Cover

One of the most unpleasant experiences a camper may have is to sleep with nothing but the tent floor separating them and the earth. There are a variety of goods available for purchase that can help you get a better night’s sleep by providing more cushioning. If you aren’t planning on going on a wilderness adventure, foam or aircell cushions are the best option. Hikers can also use inflatable or air pads, which are less cumbersome and take up less room than traditional pads. Alternatively, the foam floor tiles that are commonly used in children’s rooms will also provide a softer sleeping surface for the youngsters.

4. Eye Mask And Ear Plugs

It might be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night when you are exposed to unexpected sounds from nature, no matter how comfy the tent is. Put some earplugs in your ears or listen to music or an audio book through a set of ear buds to fall asleep to. An eye mask is also a wonderful technique to keep out the bright brightness of the early morning sun or any other light that is interfering with your ability to sleep. Tents are composed of thin material and contain ventilation and other openings to enable natural light to enter, which may be quite inconvenient when it is hot outside.

5. Organization

The ability to keep a tent orderly is essential for comfort. Tents may become exceedingly cluttered in a relatively short period of time. There are a number of various hanging closet organizers that are great for use in a tent, allowing all clothing and other goods to be kept neatly and safely out of the way while remaining out of the way. Another option is to stretch a rope from one side of the tent to the other and use many carabiners (those clippy things used by climbers) to hang anything with a handle from the rope.

6. The Right Site

The spot where you pitch your tent may make a significant difference in your level of comfort. Opt for a spot of ground that is preferably level, rather than one that is on an incline. Avoid walking on rough, sandy, or wet ground. Keep your tent away from natural water sources such as rivers, ponds, and lakes that may flood during a storm as this will help to prevent flooding. Higher ground is usually preferred when it comes to setting up a perfect campground.

7. Toilet Time

No one likes to have to stumbling about in the dark in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Finding shoes, falling over tent lines, and spraining knees and toes is not a pleasant experience. Before you go to bed, make two trips to the restroom. If you find yourself in this situation, have a pair of sandals close by, just outside the tent door, in case you need to leave. Remember to have a lamp or torch near by, as well as solar-powered rechargeable lights to line the route leading to the bathroom.

How To Make Your Tent Darker

Wearing a mask while sleeping can help to keep the early morning sunlight out of your eyes, and it can even be worn for a short nap later in the day!

During a camping trip, this is the most straightforward approach for keeping the light out and gaining better sleep. An eye mask, on the other hand, isn’t going to do anything to keep the tent and its occupants from becoming hotter and hotter by the minute.

2. Blackout Materials

An extensive selection of blackout items are available that are particularly designed to be placed over tents to make them appear darker. These items are typically black in color, and as a result, they absorb sunlight, making the tent appear darker. These blackouts are great for tents that are brightly colored or have a lighter tone. While the absorption of light by the black material will make it hotter, the increased temperature within the tent will make it even hotter. Although this is the most effective method of achieving increased darkness during the day, it will not make your tent any more pleasant to sleep in.

As a result, the brilliantly colored tent will be able to do its job and deflect solar rays, reducing overheating, while the interior will remain a darker refuge.

3. Reflective Blankets

When it comes to blocking out excess light, those silvery emergency blankets are a terrific option. The reflective surface of the tent successfully reflects the sun’s rays, making the tent appear darker and cooler. It is advised that you peg the blanket to the side of the tent that will receive the maximum amount of early sun, rather than the other side. Due to the fact that these emergency blankets are thin and fragile, they aren’t perfect for completely covering the exterior of the tent. Furthermore, if they are not securely fastened, they are liable to blow away with the slightest breeze.

4. A Tarp

It is best to cover the tent with a tarp to keep the sun out as well as to protect the tent from the other elements of Mother Nature’s harshness. In order to lessen light and temperature, it is recommended that you use a white or cream tarp to reflect the UV rays. However, because of the weight of the tarpaulin, condensation may form within the tent as a consequence of the lack of adequate ventilation. As a result, it is preferable to construct a separate structure to hold the tarp over the tent rather than installing it directly on top of the tent as previously suggested.

5. Rugs or Children Foam Puzzle Flooring

Rugs or foam puzzle flooring pieces for children may be used to make the floor of your tent more comfortable, softer, and more visually appealing. A tent may be made more comfortable in a variety of methods that are inexpensive and effective.

6. Reflectix

Reflectix is a building industry insulating material that is used for soundproofing. However, the camping and hiking community has discovered other use for it. Reflectix is described as follows by DoItYourselfRV: “Reflectix is polyethylene bubble wrap that has been enclosed in reflective aluminum foil.” “The bubble wrap acts as an air gap insulator and offers strength to maintain the reflective foil surface,” says the designer. Reflectix may be used in a variety of ways to improve the comfort of your tent camping experience, including: By tucking it beneath your rainfly, you may use it to keep your tent warm in cold weather.

You may use it to make pouches that can be used to keep dehydrated foods warm until they are eaten. The pouches may also be used for a variety of other things, such as sitting or kneeling pads. In the cold, you may even wear an emergency hat.

Camping Essentials

When it rains or snows, the purpose of a tent is to keep you dry and warm. In addition, it will protect you from any pests or animals that may be crawling around on the ground beneath you. Tents are not intended to be comfortable. Employing the suggestions in this article, you may make your tent more comfortable. You may also be interested in our advice on how to keep your tent dry while camping in the rain.


A cot is required for a comfortable camping experience. When you’re an adult, getting up and down from the ground might be very difficult for you. While camping, having a cot makes it easier for us to move about. Cots are available in a variety of sizes, including ones that can accommodate a pair if you choose to sleep with your spouse. Remember to place a sleeping pad or an air mattress on your crib for the best possible sleep comfort. More information about selecting a camping cot may be found here.

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Quilts Or Blankets

A regular sleeping bag is no longer a favorite of mine. Camping quilts are what I myself prefer. Which has the appearance of a sleeping bag without a back. I like them since I’m a large man (I’m 6’4″) and have a hard time fitting into a sleeping bag. They were designed specifically for hammock camping. Aside from that, the section of a sleeping bag on which your body sits does not give any warmth since the insulation has been crushed. If you’re automobile camping, on the other hand, you may carry along traditional blankets with you.


Make careful to dress appropriately for being outside and for the weather. You may learn more about how to prepare for cold weather camping by visiting this page.


As soon as the sun sets, it becomes really dark when we’re out camping. Bring along at the absolute least a high-quality headlight with a redlight for each member in your group. LED lanterns are also handy in a variety of situations. Also, whether your campground has power or if you have a generator, you should bring along a set of LED string lights.

Food And Drinks

Camping necessitates the consumption of food and liquids. You also don’t have to limit yourself to dry foods, beans, or tuna canned in water. For further information, please see our camping cookbook. In addition to being able to drink anything you want while camping (check with the campground about bringing alcohol), make sure to carry along enough water for sanitation, cooking, and hydration (at least 1 gallon per day per person). Bringing less water to the campground if there is potable water available on site will help you save money on your camping trip.

It is possible to use an empty 2-liter soda bottle or two Smart water bottles that have been filled at home.

You can see our whole list of 41 must-have camping items right here on this page. And make use of the other suggestions in this article to figure out what things you’ll need for a comfortable camping trip.

How To DIY Glamping Camp Site

Glamping is a mix of the terms “glamour” and “camping,” and it is becoming increasingly popular. Glamping began as a marketing gimmick for resorts in rural places with pleasant weather, and it has grown into something much more. Guest may sleep in canvas tents with hotel beds and standard resort facilities such as a private bathroom and maid service, or they could sleep on the floor of the tents. The popularity of glamping is continuing to increase. According to Google Trends, the number of people searching for it more than doubled between 2019 and 2020.

  • The suggestions in this article will aid you in your endeavor.
  • Because the better you sleep on a camping vacation, the more you will enjoy yourself on the trip.
  • Remember that as we become older, it becomes more difficult for us to get up and down from our seats.
  • It also makes getting dressed and undressed a lot less difficult.
  • You should place your camping chair directly near to the front of your tent, even if you opt not to use a cot and instead sleep on the ground.
  • Finally, make sure you have pajamas for sleeping in.
  • Make sure you include warm, comfortable socks only for sleeping purposes.
  • More information about glamping may be found in our article on the subject.

Cool Things To Put In A Tent

Tents are a terrific way to have fun and stay comfortable while spending time in the great outdoors, but they can also be a hassle if you don’t know what to put inside of them! Here is a list of some great items that you should certainly bring on your next camping trip, based on my own experience:

Lighted Tent Stakes

This is a nice item to consider for your next camping trip, even if it is technically “outside” the tent. The UCO lit tent pegs are a good example of this. It is possible to find your way back to camp after dark with the assistance of a tent stake and an LED lamp. It also lessens the likelihood of you stumbling over your tent stakes at night when you are out camping.

Tent Stake Hammer

Although it is not as visually appealing as the lit tent pegs, it is a helpful tool nonetheless. The item in question is a tent stake hammer, which allows you to drive the tent stake into even the most difficult terrain. And, perhaps more importantly, it makes it simple to take the tent stake out when it’s time to head back home.

Hand Warmers

Bringing hand warmers is one of my favorite camping hacks for staying warm in the tent.

When it becomes chilly, I tuck them behind my back and even into the folds of my beanie cap to keep myself warm and toasty.

Add A Side Table

In a camping environment, horizontal surfaces are extremely useful. One of the reasons I like to bring a side table with me when I go car camping is so that I can use it to hold my fan and phone while I’m sleeping on my cot.

Bring A Portable Power Station

Despite the fact that camping is a wonderful way to withdraw from the outside world, many of the technologies we use to make our camping experience more comfortable require energy, even if they are battery-powered. A power station such as a Jackery is an example of this. More devices can be charged by one Jackery and over a longer length of time than can be charged by one portable battery pack. Jackery also manufactures a solar-powered charger. I have one at home in case the power goes out at some point.

Sleeping Bag Liners

If you sleep in a sleeping bag, you should think about investing in a sleeping bag liner. They will boost the warmth of your sleeping bag and can also be used as a sleeping bag in warmer weather. They are also less difficult to clean than your sleeping bag, which is a bonus. One of the best ways to make camping more enjoyable is to bring along some additional amazing devices to make the tent camping experience even better. The easiest approach to enjoy your camping vacation is to ensure that you have all of the required goods with you so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re out in the wilderness.

This includes food, water, sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, first aid kits, lanterns, fire starters, matches, batteries, and a variety of other essentials such as batteries.

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20 Hacks to Make Any Tent Feel Like a Luxury Hotel When Camping

Camping has remained popular despite the growth in the number of luxury hotels and holiday packages. Camping enthusiasts adore the sensation of sleeping beneath the stars in the big outdoors. Many campers like the daring walks, swims, and vistas that the outdoors has to offer, and the wide variety of campsite kinds may be thrilling – no two trips are ever the same! Although camping is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, there are many tourists who do not appreciate the outdoors as much but still enjoy the adrenaline rush of sleeping in the wilderness.

Aside from that, there are a plethora of hacks available to make your camping experience a little bit more comfortable.

Many seasoned campers have come forward to share their best tips and tricks for getting the most out of their camping experience.

Check out some very amazing tricks that will make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel while still getting to enjoy the thrill of sleeping beneath the stars.

20Use a Double High Inflatable Mattress: The Feeling of a Real Mattress For a Fraction of the Price If you’re planning on camping in a tent rather than “glamping” in a camper or log home, investing in an inflatable mattress is a good idea. They’re a hassle to inflate up at the beginning of your vacation, but your back will thank you at the end of the day when you’re done. If you do decide to get a new inflatable mattress, make sure to get one that is double thick. It will feel much more like a real bed and will remain fluffy for a much longer period of time. Always check several reviews before making a mattress purchase to ensure that you are obtaining a high-quality product.

19Bring a Good Cooler for Food: It’ll Hold Ice For Days A fantastic cooler is yet another piece of camping equipment that is really necessary. A well constructed cooling container may really keep ice cold for several days at a time! This means that you won’t have to resort to making regular ice trips or settling for heated food and beverages. It’s a horrible sensation to go camping in the middle of summer and discover that you don’t have a single item that has managed to keep cool! However, while Yeti is always a fantastic option, there are numerous other solutions that will almost certainly work just as well.

If you camp frequently, it will be well worth it!

18Add Twinkly Solar Powered Lights: Make Your Site Homey and Cute Who doesn’t like the sparkle of twinkling outdoor lights? They’re all the rage right now in home décor, so this is a perfect addition to your campground if you want to bring some sweet yet modern decorations. You should leave them out throughout the day so that they can charge up from the sun’s rays, but be aware that many of them will not shut off at night! If you require full darkness to sleep, this might be a source of concern. Numerous campers opt to purchase solar-powered lights that have an on/off button and are easy to set up.

17Throw In Some Scented Candles: Bring the Aroma of Home

Candles with pleasant scents are popular with many people, so why not include them in your camping supplies as well? You should bring your characteristic smell from home, if you have one, so that you can obtain your customary “homey” aroma when you’re out and about. If not, experiment with a few other smells to determine which one you prefer. Having classic smells around the campground may make it feel a little more civilized and sophisticated, according to many campers. From inexpensive scented candles (which you can easily get at the dollar store) to more premium handmade soy candles, there are many of alternatives available.

16Set Up a Nice Place to Eat: Make Your Dinner Look Pretty Whether or whether you prepare your own meals, setting a beautiful table nearly always improves the flavor of the food. There are a plethora of possibilities available here. Traditionalists will bring glass or metal plates from home, along with a fine linen tablecloth, to the event. The use of wicker baskets and gingham or plaid tablecloths may also be used to give it a more “campy” appearance.

A plastic tablecloth can spare you the trouble of having to wash it, or you may pack a variety of linens – one for each night – to save even more time. It’s also a great touch to bring plastic (or glass, if you’re feeling adventurous) drinking cups or canteens for beverages.

15Bring a Comfy Chair: A Place to Read That New Book One issue with camping is that, while you might carry a slew of stuff for usefulness, there aren’t always a lot of places to sit when you’re out camping. Unless your campsite has a picnic table with seats and you bring chairs, your options are limited to either sitting on the ground or in your tent. However, while many people remember to bring outside chairs, remembering to pack a chair that will fit inside your tent is a fantastic addition to your relaxing time. Blowup chairs are extremely simple to use and function in a similar way to air mattresses.

14Bring an Indoor Side Table for Ambiance: A Place For Cups, Lighting, and Momentos If you have the space, bring along a small side table that will fit in your tent’s inside space. The alternatives are numerous, and some of them even fold entirely flat to take up little more than a few inches of space while being transported by car or airplane. Though a little detail, it has a significant impact on the overall feeling of your tent’s luxury. During the night, you may place an indoor lamp on it or put a glass of water next to your bed. If you’re simply hanging out in your tent for some quiet time, it’s also a fantastic snack to have on hand.

13Bring Sheets and a Comforter: Feel Like You’re in Your Bed at Home Despite the fact that many campers only carry a sleeping bag, they are often unaware of the significant impact that genuine sheets and a comforter can make. There just isn’t a comparison to be made! When traveling to a chilly climate, a sleeping bag may appear to be the most comfortable option. However, a quality padded or goose-down blanket will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. It doesn’t matter if you merely bring your oldest sheets and comforter to use as a sleeping bag underneath, you’ll wake up feeling much more rested in the morning.

Because you most likely already have these goods on hand, this is a fairly simple addition to your tent that will make a significant impact.

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12Add Throw Blankets and Pillows: Cozy, Comfy, and Color Coordinated Throw blankets and pillows have a way of making a bed appear cozier and more inviting than it actually is. If you really want to go all out, color match your entire tent! You can bring your own throw cushions and blankets, or you can purchase them at a reasonable price at Ikea or on Amazon. Pinterest provides a plethora of fantastic ideas for making your tent seem just adorable. Throw pillows and blankets will not only improve the appearance of your tent, but they will also make your bed more comfortable and keep you warmer during the night.

11Get a Cute Outdoor Table Set: A Place to Hangout With Little Hassle Because not all campgrounds have private picnic tables with seats, it is worthwhile to invest in a simple outdoor table set that can be assembled in minutes. In fact, this one folds totally flat and will rest flat on the floor of your car during the trip. It takes up no space yet provides four chairs, with additional seating space available on the ends! A table and chairs are in helpful for a variety of activities such as dining, relaxing, and playing cards or other camping games.

Camping tables, to many people’s surprise, are not pricey. It’s possible to get them at any outdoor store or even on Amazon a few days before you’re scheduled to arrive at your spot.

10Invest in an Outdoor Rug: An Extra Layer of Home Nothing completes a space quite like a well-chosen complementary rug, and this is true for camping as well. It not only brings everything together in terms of color, but it also makes your tent much cozier! In this case, you have a few of options: you can either set the rug inside your tent to make it feel more like a genuine room, or you can use it outside beneath a table or just on the ground for a picnic. Purchasing an outdoor rug is typically the best option due to the fact that it is more durable.

Whatever color scheme or style you choose, it’s a simple addition to your camping “room” that instantly makes your campsite feel more like a second home.

9Bring a Cafetiere for Coffee: Make Your Mornings Luxurious A cafetiere is an absolute must-have if you enjoy your morning coffee. It produces far better coffee and is significantly easier to use than a camping coffee maker. The cost is reasonable, and you can even find one that has been used by other campers on Facebook or on the website LetGo. You may select between a highly sophisticated version (which is significantly more expensive) and a pretty simple piece that nevertheless produces excellent coffee. Make sure you’ll have a place to plug in the cafetiere and that you’ll have all of the necessary supplies, such as milk, creamers, sugar, and, of course, coffee mugs on hand.

8Bring Insulated Mugs: Keep Your Drinks at the Perfect Temperature All Day Insulated mugs are a godsend for those of you who consume numerous cups of coffee or who need to hold any other beverage. Warm liquids remain hot, whereas ice-cold beverages remain very cold. There are several reasons why insulated mugs are particularly useful: they are ideal for any walk or adventure, they are temperature resistant, and they keep your beverages clean throughout the day or even during the night. Insulated mugs are not difficult to get by. You can find excellent alternatives either online or at most department and even supermarket shops.

Insulated mugs are an absolute must-have for such a low cost and minimal effort to obtain.

7Rig a Tarp Below and Above Your Tent: Stay Dry No Matter What Do you despise waking up in a beautiful tent only to discover that your bedding has grown somewhat damp due to the nighttime dampness from the outdoors? Dew may creep into your room and make absolutely everything (your bedding, your change of clothing, and even your meals) wet and squishy with moisture. Fortunately, there is a quick and simple solution. Setting up a tarp over your tent will provide you with an extra layer of protection, which will keep you dry for the duration of your vacation.

Another tarp can be placed below your tent if you want to go the additional mile. This, together with the additional layer of protection provided by your tent, will make you and your belongings practically completely waterproof.

6Set Up a Mirror In Your Tent: An Unknown Addition That Changes the Whole Tent Despite the fact that many campers are familiar with the small details that may make a tent luxury, few remember to carry a mirror with them! Not only does the reflection make your little tent area appear far larger, but it is also highly useful because mirrors are difficult to come across on campgrounds. We recommend that you bring a standup mirror because there isn’t much of a wall to put it on in this location. Some mirrors may be found for a reasonable price on the internet, and you can even find ones that are shatterproof and designed expressly for camping excursions.

5Use a Solar Powered Portable Speaker: Music Ambiance is Key! When it comes to creating an atmosphere, nothing beats music. Fortunately, there are a plethora of portable speaker alternatives available, some of which are even solar-powered if you do not have access to energy. Make sure to leave it out throughout the day! Waterproof speakers are the perfect option if you don’t want to have to worry about your speaker becoming wet all the time. You may get two speakers that are linkable and set them at either end of a large campground if you have a large one.

Aside from that, you’re ready to rock out for the remainder of the journey!

4Bring a Paper Towel Roll: A Lifesaver For Any Camper Although it appears to be ridiculously simple, many campers fail to remember not just paper towel rolls, but also paper towels themselves! Many factors contribute to the necessity of utilizing a paper towel roll, but the convenience with which it can be utilized as well as the fact that it is conveniently located are two of the most important. Using any form of roll stand, everyone on your vacation will be able to tell you exactly where the paper towels are at all times. There are many different types of paper towel rolls available, some of which are designed expressly for use when camping.

It’s such a simple addition that there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your home.

3Use an Eye Mask: A Simple Alternative to Curtains Because the sun rises so early in the summer, those who are light sleepers may have a difficult time obtaining enough sleep. Keep in mind that you don’t have the same kind of blackout curtains that you would have at home! A decent eye mask is a quick and easy cure. Generally speaking, it’s best to carry one for each individual who will be accompanying you on your vacation. Even if not everyone makes use of theirs, it is better to be safe than to be sorry! Some businesses sell eye masks for less than $2 per mask, which is a significant savings.

2Bring Spices for Cooking: Eat Gourmet in Luxury Camping cuisine has a reputation for being boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case! By employing a few basic techniques, you may make your cuisine taste just as delicious (if not better!) than the food you prepare at home. Spices are a must-have for accomplishing this goal. To begin, always ensure that you have salt and pepper on hand. You can’t produce anything until you have these two ingredients! Second, take into consideration the sorts of meals you intend to prepare. If you’re making fajitas or tacos, fajita seasoning is the ideal spice to use, but if you’re making something else, experiment with various spices.

Camping spice sets are available for purchase, you may construct your own little spice jars, or you can simply bring your own set from home. It’s an absolute must-have that will make you feel like you’re enjoying the high life!

1Bring Snacks: Food is the Most Important Part! Finally, what is a camping vacation without a substantial amount of food? Snacking is really necessary. Consider carrying a large number of individually packaged snacks in case someone becomes hungry throughout the day (or even at night). Another type of food that may be enjoyable to create is peanut butter balls. Other ideas for snacking include tomato salad, cheese and meat spreads, and cheese or hummus dips that are stacked. A camping trip would be incomplete without a campfire and s’mores!

Prepare a delicious treat by layering the brownies with melted chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, and serving it immediately.

How to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

When it comes to spending time in the great outdoors with your family, tent camping is a fantastic option. It is, however, not always the most comfortable experience, let’s be honest about that. I’m sure practically every tent camper has had a difficult night’s sleep on the cold, uncomfortable ground at some point in their lives. Furthermore, dealing with weather, mosquitoes, filth, and other natural annoyances must be factored in as well. Fortunately, while tent camping, you won’t have to give up any of your comforts.

Here are some of our favorites: Here’s how to make tent camping a pleasant experience on your next adventure.

It All Starts with the Right Campsite

First and foremost, take the time to select the most appropriate campground. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you’ve made a campground reservation in advance (which is a good idea in the summer) without first seeing the site in question. However, even if you have a pre-arranged campsite, you can typically find a level patch of land that is large enough for your tent to sit on and is primarily flat in a matter of minutes. Ideal locations for tent pitches include being in the shade (particularly if you predict hot weather) and being somewhat raised above the rest of the ground (especially if you expect rain).

How to Make Your Tent More Comfortable

Perhaps even more essential than picking a suitable campground is having the appropriate tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping surface with you on your trip (sleeping pad, camping cot, or air mattress).

Choose the Right Tent

Choosing the proper tent is critical to enjoying your camping trip to its fullest. Although any tent can suffice in an emergency situation, there are two important considerations to bear in mind:

  • Capacity –Make certain that your tent has adequate space for your gathering. Tent capacity is often determined by the number of adults that can fit inside the tent. To have a little more comfort, go up a size.
  • Seasonality – Your tent must be able to resist the weather conditions that are predicted. If you only camp in the summer (in which case a two-season tent will suffice), I recommend a three-season tent for the majority of campers.

It is crucial to consider the tent peak height, wall construction, simplicity of assembly, breathability, and entrance design in addition to capacity and seasonality while purchasing a tent.

Simply told, there are a plethora of considerations to be made while selecting the ideal tent. We have a tent buyer’s guide and a family tent buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the most comfortable camping tent for your needs.

Bring a Comfortable Sleeping Bag

It’s hard to imagine anything ruining a camping trip faster than a chilly night of sleep. That’s why packing a warm, comfy sleeping bag is so important when camping. First and foremost, check the temperature rating of the bag. In the manufacturer’s estimation, this is the coldest tolerable temperature for the average user who will be sleeping in the sleeping bag. Personally, I usually deduct 15° from the temperature rating of a sleeping bag before using it. In other words, I choose a 32° F bag while the forecast calls for 45° F evening temperatures.

  • If you’re feeling too hot, simply unzip the bag to allow more air to circulate.
  • Another element to consider is the form of the sleeping bag.
  • A mummy-shaped bag is a lighter and warmer option for hiking or winter camping than a traditional sleeping bag.
  • You aren’t even required to share your bed with someone else (although that is exactly what they are designed for).
  • Our camping sleeping bag buyer’s guide lays down everything you need to know about selecting the most comfortable sleeping bag for your camping trip in one convenient place.

A Pad, Cot, or Air Mattress is a Must

Of course, you could just lie directly on the cold, hard ground, but even a thin barrier boosts comfort while also providing a significant improvement in insulation and heat retention.

Sleeping Pad

Because of their light weight, modest size, and relatively low cost, sleeping pads are the preferred sleeping option for the majority of campers. The greatest sleeping pads are also quite comfortable, however the level of comfort varies depending on the specific style of sleeping pad you pick. Generally speaking, when it comes to sleeping pads, there are three primary options:

Closed-Cell Foam

A sleeping pad made of closed-cell foam is the most affordable and long-lasting solution. Their popularity among travellers can be attributed to the fact that they can be carried on the outside of the bag. However, they are less comfortable than other alternatives for tent camping, therefore they are an excellent choice for that as well. Another advantage is that closed-cell foams are unquestionably the warmest of the available options, due to their superior insulation from the surrounding environment.

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An inflatable sleeping pad packs down to a tiny size, but when inflated, it expands to provide a comfortable resting surface (with your mouth or a hand pump). The majority of the time, they are far more comfortable than their closed-cell foam counterparts, however they often provide less insulation.


In some ways, a self-inflating sleeping pad is a cross between closed-cell foam and an inflatable sleeping pad.

They often combine closed-cell foam with a blow-up design in a single container.

Why Not Both?

Camping in the winter requires the use of both a closed-cell foam mattress and an air mattress, which I personally like to carry with me. Furthermore, not only does it give the most comfortable sleeping arrangement possible, but it also provides the finest insulation possible with this camping sleep configuration.

Camping Cot

A camping cot is a good option for those who desire a bit more comfort than what a sleeping mat can offer them. There are a plethora of various types to choose from, ranging from the basic and budget-friendly to the luxuriously comfy yet pricey. I like a basic cot, such as theREI Co-op Camp Folding Cot, although I’ve heard great things about theHelinox Cot Max Convertible, which is perhaps the gold standard of camping cots (although I haven’t tried one myself). An additional benefit of using a camp cot is that it keeps you off the cold ground as you sleep in the evenings.

Air Mattress

If you really want to splurge, an air mattress is unquestionably the most comfortable alternative available. Despite the fact that there are a plethora of possibilities, I recommend purchasing a model that is primarily made for camping rather than for home usage. These are far more sturdy and will last significantly longer. Anything from Exped, such as the (Exped MegaMat 10 Sleeping Pad), is unquestionably the greatest camping air mat money can buy, and theREI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bedis a terrific pick that won’t break the budget.

Plan for the Weather

If at all possible, schedule your trip to coincide with the weather. Choose camping dates when the weather prediction is fair – not too hot, not too cold, and with no rain. However, with a little forethought and preparation, you can camp comfortably in any weather condition.

Do You Need Rain Gear?

While camping in the rain, it is entirely feasible to maintain a level of comfort. The trick is to prepare ahead of time by packing at the absolute least a waterproof tent (a rainfly with complete coverage is required) to keep you dry during the night. Additionally, having some form of rain cover or pop-up canopy makes camping in the rain much more pleasant and pleasurable by providing a dry spot to hang out throughout the day while it rains. It goes without saying that a decent pair of waterproof boots and an ample supply of additional clothing are also required.

Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

When camping, hot temperatures may be just as tough to deal with as rain or other inclement weather. The selection of a camping location is quite critical in this situation. You want to make sure you choose a spot that has enough of cover so that your tent doesn’t have to stay out in the scorching sun all day. A tent that is both breathable and well-ventilated is also recommended. Leave the rainfly off to increase ventilation even further, ensuring that your tent remains cool by the time nightfall arrives.

The best models are battery-powered, so they won’t require you to plug them in while you’re at the campground.

Air conditioners for use while camping are also swiftly rising in favor at the present time. Our guide on staying cool when camping in the summer heat delves into the specifics of how to remain cool while camping in the heat of the summer months.

Consider a Tent Heater for Cold Weather

If you’re like most people, winter is the last time of year you’d consider going camping. However, with the proper clothing and equipment, it may be downright pleasant and comfortable. For starters, you’ll most likely want a little more robust camping equipment (unless your winters are quite mild). A winter tent as well as a winter sleeping bag are required. A thick closed-cell foam sleeping pad will assist to further insulate you from the cold earth beneath your feet. In terms of winter camping comfort, theCabela’s Alaskan Guide Tentis an excellent four-season tent.

  • As with any outdoor activity, it’s critical to keep your entire body warm and dry with appropriate winter camping apparel.
  • Last but not least, a portable heater is essential for the ultimate in winter camping comfort.
  • Heater Little Buddy is one of my favorites.
  • You may even use a portable wood burner in canvas tents that are compatible with it.

How to Make Your Campsite More Comfortable

Only a few components of your overall camping setup include your tent and sleeping system. It’s likely that you’ll spend a significant amount of time at camp as well. In this case, the remainder of your campsite should be equally as pleasant as your tent.

Plentiful Lighting

String lighting is my preferred method of illumination while camping, although a high-quality camping lamp can also suffice. It is not only able to see and execute camping duties at night when there is ample illumination, but it also creates a nice environment and atmosphere at your campground. For your convenience, we’ve analyzed the top rechargeable camping lights to assist you in selecting the most appropriate type that doesn’t require batteries.

Comfortable Chair and Sturdy Table

Sure, a picnic table can suffice, but a comfy camp chair is a luxury to be enjoyed when camping. I just can’t stand the thought of being without it. Given the likelihood that you’ll be spending a lot of time at your campground, having a comfy spot to sit is essential. View some of our favorite lightweight, portable backpacking chairs by clicking on the link. When camping in an area where there is no picnic table (for example, when RV boondocking), a camping table is quite useful. A picnic table, on the other hand, might be beneficial for cooking meals when camping with a group of people.

TheREI Co-op Camp Roll Tableis a wonderful option for this purpose.

Bring a Bug Shelter

I enjoy practically everything about camping — with the exception of mosquitoes, which I despise. In order to keep these bothersome pests at away when camping during the bug season, I usually bring some form of bug shelter with me. My preferred option is theNemo Bugout Camping Screen Room. Not only is it effective at keeping pests away, but it’s also roomy and comes with a waterproof canopy that can withstand light drizzle while still providing plenty of shade.

In my perspective, a screened-with camping mosquito shelter is a vast improvement to dousing oneself in insect spray before heading out for the day.

Consider a Camp Rug

It is certain that you will get dirty when camping – but it is not necessary to become too muddy. A camping rug can assist to keep your campground a little cleaner, especially if it is used outside of your tent as a place to take off your boots before entering your tent at night. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about your outdoor camping rugs becoming wet because they are composed of robust, all-weather fabrics.

Cook Delicious Camping Meals

One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping, in my opinion, is sharing excellent camping meals with friends or family. I prefer to go all out while vehicle camping, despite the fact that you can get by with very little cooking equipment while camping (even as little as a basic backpacking burner), since it allows me to be more creative. Putting together a full-fledged camp kitchen isn’t all that difficult or expensive. It also doesn’t take up a lot of room in the car. What it does, however, is enable you to prepare delectable meals for your loved ones.

You can find a plethora of camping recipes and food ideas on our site to peruse through.

Do You Need Your Own Toilet or Shower?

In many established campsites, such as those located in state parks, there are dedicated restroom facilities with flush toilets and hot showers. Most other established campsites, including national forest campgrounds, are equipped with at least vault toilets, if not more modern facilities. Dispersed camping, on the other hand, is nearly invariably accompanied by a lack of infrastructure. Some campers, even at a campsite with toilets and showers, choose to have their own private facilities, even though the park has these amenities.

The same may be said for a portable solar shower system.

Use Portable Power to Charge Your Devices

For me, having a portable power device when camping is a game changer. A portable battery pack, at its most basic level, allows you to charge all of your vital gadgets, such as your smartphone or GPS device. However, the most powerful portable batteries for camping can offer continuous power for an electric cooler (such as the Dometic CFX3), a CPAP machine, and a variety of other devices. The portable power stations fromGoal Zero are among my personal favorites, but those fromJackery and Bluetti are also fantastic options.

This allows you to charge your portable power station only using solar energy, allowing you to travel anywhere.

Other Tips to Make Camping More Comfortable

Packing the appropriate camping equipment may go a long way toward making tent camping more comfortable. However, the camping tips that follow will make your camping experience much more enjoyable.

  • Bring Your Own Pillow — If you want a better night’s sleep, bring your own pillow from home rather than relying on a camping pillow.
  • Regular Bedding – Bringing your comforter/duvet, quilt, or other blanket from home will also help to make your camping sleep experience a little more comfortable.
  • Warm Up Before Bedtime – Going to sleep chilly is the worst feeling in the world. Before bed, curl up in front of the campfire or turn on a tent heater to keep warm. Warming your hands with a hand warmer or a hot water bottle also works exceptionally well.
  • Keep Things Clean – A clean tent is a comfy tent, so keep your tent clean. As a result, keep your tent clean by brushing it out on a regular basis when camping. To avoid mold and mildew growth as well as foul odors, keep your tent outside of its storage bag while you’re not using it.
  • Make Sure to Bring a Lot of Clothes — Bringing a lot of clothes (particularly socks, underwear, and tee shirts) is one of the most effective strategies to make tent camping more comfortable in my opinion, especially on extended camping excursions.
  • Don’t Forget Your Ear Plugs and Eye Coverings – Ear plugs and eye covers are especially useful if you’re camping with someone who snores or who stays up late reading in the evening. However, they are handy even in the most remote and darkest locations. I appreciate that they allow me to sleep in

Comfortable Camping Alternatives

Even with all of the above-mentioned tips and tactics, tent camping is not for everyone.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of different solutions available for creating a comfortable camping experience without the need of a tent.


If tent camping isn’t comfortable enough for you, then glamping is most likely the best option for you. Glamping, which is a combination of the words glamorous and camping, is luxurious camping elevated to the next level. By purchasing your own glamping tent, you may create your own DIY glamping experience. However, if you want to experience true luxury, I propose renting a glampsite. We’re presently compiling a list of the top spots to go glamping in each of the 50 states.

Hammock Camping

It’s understandable that some individuals find sleeping on the ground in a tent to be very uncomfortable. It is recommended that you attempt hammock camping if you are having difficulty getting a decent night’s sleep when tent camping. Another of my favorite hammocks is theENO DoubleNest Hammock. Although it is intended for two people to use at the same time, sleeping in it alone is a dream come true.

Car Camping

Why not try something different when you go vehicle camping? Car camping, or sleeping in your car while camping, is an excellent method to get the most comfort out of your camping trip. Despite the fact that comfort levels differ from car to car, almost any vehicle may be modified for camping, but SUVs, pickup trucks, and, of course, vans are the most practical.

RV, Trailer, or Van

You don’t find tent camping to be comfortable enough? It’s possible that camping in an RV, trailer, or camper van will be right up your alley! You can anticipate a waterproof and well-insulated sleeping area (often on a regular mattress), as well as a kitchenette and, most likely, a private bathroom regardless of whatever option you pick. If you don’t already have a van, trailer, or RV, we’ve put together a complete guide on renting a trailer or RV to assist you in finding the appropriate rig for your trip.

Despite the fact that there are other excellent RV rental options available, Outdoorsy remains our top pick for 2021.

Do You Have Any More Tips?

It’s actually rather simple to make tent camping a comfortable experience. All you need is the necessary equipment, a few creature comforts from home, and a flat, shaded camping spot to get started. We’d like to hear from you right now. Any more suggestions for making tent camping a more comfortable experience would be much appreciated. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Camping is a blast!

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