How To Make Tent Cards For Tables

How to Make a Double-Sided Table Tent in Word

Image courtesy of Hero Images/Getty Images/Hero Images Table tent and tent card are both names used to refer to a printed advertising display that is put on a table at a restaurant or during a gathering. The exhibit is constructed from folded paper stock or cardboard that has been printed on both sides so that it can be read by someone sitting on either side of the table. It can be difficult to create one of these displays since the text must be flipped in order to appear appropriately on both sides.

Table Tent vs. Tent Card

However, despite the fact that table tents and tent cards serve the same purpose, their designs are slightly different. An open table tent is folded into a triangular shape, with one side acting as a basis for the table tent. This form of display is extremely long-lasting. For example, a restaurant may set up table tents with pictures of exceptional delicacies or beverages to attract customers. In the same way as greeting cards are folded once, a tent card is also folded once. As a place card or to convey information about a culinary item, it is a temporary kind of display that can be used during an event.

Tent Card Template in Word

Create a new Word document and search online for a template that contains the phrase “Microsoft tent card.” This will bring you to a Microsoft tent card template that you can use for free. At least one template is now available that allows for the printing of four tent cards on a single standard-sized sheet. The text is entered correctly sideways, and Word automatically flips it upside down as needed. Create a new document using the template that you have downloaded. Then, to make the design more personal, use text and images.

Table Tent Template

In the event that you choose to make a table tent, you should be able to discover a basic template in Word that includes two table tents per page. When using the Microsoft template, text is presented horizontally, even when editing; nevertheless, when the table tent is printed, cut out, and constructed, the text is displayed correctly. Third-party websites may be able to provide you with a more complex table tent template, but always download templates from reliable sources in order to prevent the risk of installing malicious software.

Avery 5305 Template

If you want to construct a tent card and have it professionally printed, you might want to consider using the Avery 5305 template from Avery. Following the creation of a free Avery account on the company’s website, you may use this template using Avery DesignPrint, an online design program, or you can download the template for use with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, depending on your preferences. You have the option of printing the final design yourself or having Avery print it for you.

How to Make Meeting Table Name Cards in Microsoft Word

When preparing a meeting, there is normally a flurry of activity, including making reservations, gathering documents, and spreading the news about the event. However, you don’t want to be confronted with a stampede of guests when they arrive. Make use of your Microsoft Word program to provide table name cards to meeting attendees so they will know exactly where they should go.

Table name cards, which are also known as seating cards or table tents, are made from a standard-size sheet of paper and are a simple and flexible way to direct visitors to their assigned tables.

Open Word

  • Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Select the “Page Layout” tab from the drop-down menu. Select “Orientation” from the drop-down menu. When you select “Landscape,” Word automatically adapts your page to a landscape orientation.

Draw a Text Box

  • Select the “Insert” tab from the drop-down menu. On the tab’s ribbon, click the “Text Box” button to insert a text box. Select the “Draw Text Box” option from the drop-down menu. When the cursor switches to a plus sign, draw a text box on the bottom half of the page using the black marker. The card will be able to be folded in the area provided above

Type a Name in the Text Box

  • To enter text into the text box, click inside it. Table 1 or Table A can be designated by typing the name of the person who will be seated at the table or the name of the table, for example.

Change the Font as Desired

  • The text should be highlighted. Select the “Home” tab from the drop-down menu. If you want to change the font, you may do so by selecting a different font from the font option. While the text is still highlighted, select “Font size” from the drop-down menu. Make sure that the text fills the whole text box without hyphenating or continuing onto another line by increasing the size of the font. When there are a lot of letters in a table or a person’s name, the text will be larger or smaller depending on the font.

Save the Table Card Document

  • To access the “File” menu, select “File.” Select “Save As” from the drop-down menu. To save the table card document, provide a file name for it and click the “Save” button


  1. These instructions are written with the assumption that you are using standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper, which is the most popular choice for tiny, inexpensive printers that are not capable of printing unique table name cards. To alter the paper size, select the “Size” button from the “Page Layout” tab and then follow the remainder of the instructions on this page. Even while printing on card stock is desirable, the printed paper may always be bonded together with other materials to form the tent structure. When you want to create a double-sided table name card that will be doubly useful to table seekers, simply click once on the text box that contains the table name. To replicate the box, hold down the “Ctrl” and “C” keys at the same time. To paste the copy into the document, press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys at the same time, then drag it to the top of the page. The text is now oriented in the incorrect direction. Hover the pointer over the green dot at the top of the text box to see what it says in the box. Twirl the pointer about 180 degrees when the rotate sign appears on the cursor to flip the text box when it appears. Even though the text box seems to be upside down on the Word page, you’ll have a text box that can be read from either way, which is excellent for when you fold the paper down the middle and use it as a tent on the table

How to Make & Fold Table Tents

  • Cardstock, printer, computer, MS Word or graphics program, rubber cement or glue stick, scissors, ruler, and other supplies are required.

Table Tents are tiny, free-standing signage that may be used for a variety of purposes. Frequently, they are placed on restaurant tables to advertise special meals or drinks, as well as forthcoming events in the area. Hostesses use them as place cards on the dinner table, and brides may even use them as thank-you notes at each guest’s place setting, depending on the occasion. Depending on the occasion, they may be color-coordinated or feature patterns or photographs. Table tents can also be engraved or printed in color using a laser printer or color copier.

Step 1

Decide on the size of the table tents you wish to purchase. A sheet of 8 1/2-by-11-inch cardstock can be used to produce two of them if you want them to be around 4-by-4 1/4 inches in size. Check to see that the paper will fit through your printer’s feed chute.

Step 2

Set the paper orientation in Word or another graphical software to portrait mode. Set the top and bottom margins to 1 1/2 inches in both directions. Set the side margins to be one-half inch on either side of the page.

Step 3

Set the page orientation to portrait in Word or another graphics software. Specify 1 1/2 inches for the top and bottom margins. Set the side margins to a half-inch on either side of the document.

Step 4

Calculate the total number of lines in the document and divide the result by two. That will be the location of the horizontal fold. It will be contained beneath this “middle line” where your content will appear. Fill in the blanks in the lowest sector (below the center line) of each column with your content. Examine it in “print preview” mode and make necessary adjustments to the text to ensure that there is appropriate white space above and below the text.

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Step 5

Obtain a copy of the page. Using your fingers, fold back 1 1/2 inches along the top edge of the paper and 1 1/2 inches along the bottom border of the page. Fold the paper back along the horizontal center line until it is completely closed. Calculate the middle of the page by measuring it from right to left. To make two identical long pieces of paper, cut down this line (from top to bottom of the page) starting at the top and ending at the bottom.

Step 6

Make sure that each tent is folded in half along the middle horizontal line of the tent. Fold the bottom 1 1/2 inch of the tent’s edge up and over. Apply some rubber cement (or use a glue stick) around the bottom half inch of the piece. Fold the back of the top margin over the glue-covered edge of the bottom margin and press firmly to seal the two together. These 1 1/2-inch top and bottom margins are now used to construct the table tent’s framework.


Before printing on cardstock, print a test version on standard printer paper to confirm that the margins and text are where they should be before proceeding.


Watery glue should not be used since it may cause the paper to buckle, resulting in the table tent sitting incorrectly.

How To Print Your Own Tent Cards in Microsoft Word

Do you host business conferences on a regular basis? Are there huge workplace lunches or meetings where everyone must know where to sit? If so, you might consider using a seating chart. Alternatively, are you a wedding planner looking for a cost-effective and adaptable method of producing tent cards for each wedding you plan? Make your own tent cards by printing them! When you print your own tent cards, you can personalize them for each meeting, lunch, wedding, and other event. Instead of paying for pre-printed tent cards or worrying about whether they will get all of the names correct, you can create your own.

For the sake of this piece, we’ll utilize Awesome Bob’s University as an illustration.

Afterwards, we’ll go over the procedures for printing their own tent cards for the family gathering.

Step 1: Download the Tent Card Template

Download the Microsoft Word template for blank note cards to use on your computer.

Step 2: Open the Template in Microsoft Word

Open the Microsoft Word document containing the template you just downloaded (some may have opened automatically). You’ll note that the template has already been filled with text. Because it is a note card template, the text has been formatted so that it may be printed on a note card. In the event that you intend to have text printed on the inside of the tent card, it is important to pay special attention to how the information is set up. If you want to print text on the inside of the card, you’ll need to print on both sides of the sheet of paper you’re using for the card.

For the sake of this example, we’re going to put text on the inside of our tent card.

Step 3: Design Your Tent Cards

Enjoy yourself in this area. You may incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and other branding elements. Although we’ll be utilizing Microsoft Clip Art in this example, you should utilize images or pictures from your organization instead. Never forget that the tent card has two sides, as opposed to one on the inside. The name of the individual may be printed on both sides of the chair, or the person’s name can be printed on one side of the chair and your company’s information printed on the other.

  • Using a mail merge, you can quickly and simply include all of the names on your list without having to create individual cards for each and every person.
  • Take note of how the text in the upper right corner (the Thank You) is written upside down.
  • If you want the text to appear upside down, you must first convert it to Word Art.
  • Alternatively, we could turn the panels over such that the inner text appeared on both sides of the front panel.
  • We already know that Text Direction can be used to rotate text such that it appears sideways, so let’s just rotate the entire page!
  • (: When you change the page layout from Landscape to Portrait, the table will, as you might expect, get jumbled.
  • Then, with the right mouse button on the table, select Table Properties.
  • Automatically resizes to accommodate the contents (if checked).
  • Text size should be increased to 1.

The following is an example of what your new template will look like when you’ve moved the text to the relevant panels: Without having to worry about using Word Art to turn your text upside down, you can quickly and effortlessly create a graphic for any occasion.

Step 4: Print Your Tent Cards

Your tent cards should be printed at this point. A few test prints on plain paper should be sufficient to verify that your layout is right. Make a comparison between the printed sheet of paper and the note card paper to ensure that everything is in alignment. Here’s how it panned out for us. How did it turn out for you? Would you want to get the completed template that was built in this tutorial? You may get a copy of it here! Most importantly, be sure to have a look at our tent card paper selection!

If you like the templates, just wait till you see what we have to offer (: The following organizations are not linked with or supported by: A registered trademark of MICROSOFT, INC.

Creating Tent Cards

Louise asks whether there is a quick and simple method to produce tent cards for a dinner table that she can share with friends. She would want to have a design or logo created, followed by the person’s name printed on both the back and front of the shirt. In order to print business cards, you must first determine the size of the cards you wish to print. Why is this the first stage in the process? Because the maximum card size controls the number of cards that may be printed on a single sheet of paper.

  1. Consider the following scenario: you want to create a little tent card with a final dimension of 3 inches by 4 inches; this is your final card size.
  2. When using this size card, you may fit six of them on a single page of paper.
  3. In the instance of the 3 x 4 cards, the length of two cards placed side-by-side lengthwise requires 8 inches of clearance.
  4. For the record, I say “theoretically” since certain printers are incapable of printing closer than a quarter-inch to the edge of the page.
  5. Using the 3 x 4 cards as an example, you would need 9 inches to stack the cards three high if you were stacking them three high.
  6. All that remains is for you to design the actual playing cards.
  7. If you want to use a text box, construct a text box that is the same size as one of the faces of your tent card.

When you’re designing the text box, you’ll also want to include a border, which will be useful when it comes time to place and cut the cards.

For the 3 x 4 cards, you would end up with a table with three rows and four columns, with each row representing a card face.

You’ll almost certainly want to include a border around the cells in the table, just like you did with the text boxes.

You may now personalize your tent cards by adding text and photos.

then pick the text box (not the text contained within it), and then click Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy it.

You should now have two tent-card faces in your document if you press the Ctrl+V shortcut.

Continue the copying, pasting, and positioning operation until your tent cards occupy the entire sheet, if that is what you prefer.

Type your text into the upper-left cell of the table, and then drag and drop your image into that cell.

This just alters the text; you’ll need to rotate the picture by dragging the rotate handle to the desired position to make it seem as you like.

Now, put the insertion point into the second cell of the first row by pressing the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

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Keep repeating this method for each of the remaining card faces on the page until you have the desired number of cards.

If this appears to be a lot of effort — and it can be, depending on how many cards you wind up with on each sheet of paper — you might want to consider trying an alternative strategy instead.

The employment of specialist software that can automatically create tent cards is still another option.

The program is inexpensive (as of this writing, it costs little less than $30), but it is capable of much more than simply printing tent cards.

You might also check out Microsoft’s website, which contains pre-made Word templates.

Several websites provide further suggestions for how to make tent cards, including the following ones: WordTips is your one-stop shop for low-cost Microsoft Word training.

In the realm of word processing software, Microsoft Word is the most widely used program. This tip (13466) is applicable to Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016, among other versions.

Author Bio

Allen Wyatt is an internationally renowned author who has written more than 50 non-fiction books and several magazine pieces to his credit. Sharon Parq Associates, a computer and publishing services firm, is where he works as president. Learn more about Allen’s background. Recognizing and Utilizing the Normalize Text Command Word provides a plethora of internal commands that you may use to personalize your system as you see fit. The Normalize command is one of these. Read on to find out more Scrolling is done automatically.

It’s possible that one of Word’s secret scrolling instructions is the letter a.


Table Tent Card (Three Side)

Table tent cards will get the conversation going about you among the table occupants. Table tent cards have the capacity to draw attention to you and perhaps get people talking about what you’re selling. You may now create table tent cards (three-sided cards) for your company on your own. Create visually appealing designs by utilizing our online design tool. Make use of your own brand components, such as your logo and color scheme, as well as stock photographs of your service and unique content.

An online designer tool that has extensive options for creating customised layouts.

Edit content to ensure that your own message is conveyed.

Size Quantity Price
15 x 8 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 18.75
50 $ 35.00
100 $ 65.00
250 $ 150.00
500 $ 275.00
1000 $ 550.00
15 x 5 inch (Three Side) 25 $ 12.60
View More

Table Tent Cards Large Format 8 1/2 x 14

With pre-scored and pre-perforated table tent card paper, you can easily create big format table tent cards for use as wedding decorations or company marketing items. Large format table tent cards are simple to create with your inkjet printer or laser printer. With a typical 8 1/2″ width, it is quick and simple to set up and print, and it can be used with both inkjet and laser printers. Table Tents may be used for a variety of activities such as table readings, actor panel quizzes, podcasts, and judging tables, among others.

  • Per sheet, there is one table tent. Each set contains 25 table tents. Per sheet, there is one table tent. 8 1/2″ x 14″ is the size of the sheet. Color: smooth white finish with a satin sheen 65 pound card stock is used for this project.

Each of the table tent card stock sheets has been pre-scored to make folding them a breeze. Size of the finished table tent: 8 1/2 x 5 In order to examine the gridlines while working on your project within our template, go to the top of your MS Word screen and select Home. Select a border line from theBorder Box on theParagraph Tab of the Paragraph Editor. Before you print, turn the border on to preview and work on your project, then turn it off before you print.

  • Per sheet, there are two table tents. Each set contains 50 table tents. Per sheet, there are two table tents. 8 1/2″ x 14″ is the size of the sheet. Color: smooth white finish with a satin sheen Card stock with a weight of 65 lb. Each of the table tent card stock sheets has been pre-scored to make folding them a breeze. Table Tent Dimensions: 4 1/4″ x 5″ when completed

Place a table tent display at the reception desk or checkout counter of your company so that everyone who comes in will be able to see and understand your message.

1 per sheet or 2 per sheet MS Pub Template for Large Format Table Tent – Microsoft Word 1 per sheet or 2 per sheet

Table Tents Card Stock for Inkjet and Laser Printers

Using 1 up or 2 up Table Tents, you may make your own tents, name displays, and signage by printing them on your inkjet or laser printer. Our free tented card templates are provided to assist you in creating your own tented greeting cards. A variety of blank, full-size sheet tent cards are available in smooth or textured finishes. They are scored and perforated for easy folding and display on tabletop surfaces such as kitchen countertops, office desks, and other flat surfaces. Tactile tent cards may be used for a variety of applications including trade exhibits, wedding table decorations and schools.

One table tent per sheet25 table tents per package1 table tent per sheet25 sheets per packageSheet size – 8 1/2″ x 11″Weight: 65 Lb card stockTable tent card sheets arepre scored for easy foldingno perforations on 1 up tent cardFinished Table Tent Size:height 3 3/4″ x width 8 1/2″ Two table tents per sheets 50 table tents per package2 table tents per sheet25 sheets per packageSheet size – 8 1/2″ x 11″Weight: 65 Lb card stockTable tent card sheets arepre scored, die cut andperforated for easy separationFinished Table Tent Size:height 3 3/4″ x width 4 1/4″

Table tents are simple to produce with pre-scored and pre-perforated table tent card stock and may be used for wedding table decorations or company advertising material. Table tents can be printed on with your inkjet printer or laser printer. Table Tents have the following characteristics: a small physical footprint Setup and printing are quick and simple. It is intended for use with both inkjet and laser printers. Table tents may be used in a variety of settings, including restaurants to showcase unique meals or specials and trade exhibitions.

Table tents are available in two different forms, two different colors, and three different finishes: Formats: Per sheet, there are two table tents.

Colors and finishes include: white linen finish.

Templates are readily available.

Diy place cards/table tents

Do you have any recommendations for a low-cost method of making your own table place cards? The only thing I’m lacking is a program that will allow me to upload everyone’s names. I have a wonderful color printer and could easily get some decent card paper; all I need is a program to do it.

  • November 2020 is going to be fantastic. Natalie· The Avery brand provides pre-perforated tent cards, as well as a template that may be downloaded and used. It is really simple and affordable! They are available for purchase at a variety of retailers, including Walmart, Office Max, and Amazon. Rockstar The month of October 2022 MichelleOnline· Check to ensure that cardstock is being fed through your printer. For the most part, at-home printers are incapable of printing on anything thicker than normal copy paper. Therefore, visiting Staples or a local printer will be your best option. Melanie· Look on Etsy for inspiration! They have various templates that are less than $10, and you can customize them by adding your own names and printing them. I also recommend the Avery pre-perforated tent card, which I believe is a good product. I use them to print on a regular basis for my company at home. They’ll save you a tremendous amount of time
  • Rockstar April in the next year, 2021 Michelle· I purchased mine for $7 on Master The month of July 2019 HannahOnline· View the Quotation Comment This is something I agree with. My escort cards were printed on Avery tent cards, which I obtained from a local office supply store. The template was simple to use, and printing all of the cards I needed took almost no time (and cost me very little money). Legend Mele’s birthday is on June 1st, 2019. The only thing you’d have to do is purchase your own paper and print the template, which you could find in abundance online. Expert May of the year 2021 Erin· I simply used Microsoft Publisher to create my place cards
  • You can adjust the printer settings to accept thicker or thinner paper
  • It is not difficult to do so
  • My printer handles it without issue. Savvy December of the year 2021 Carla· If you want to save money on wedding supplies, you can visit Avery or Vista Print. You can also visit Hobby Lobby, where wedding supplies are half off every other week and flowers are half off every other week. You can also visit their website and print a 40 percent off coupon if you visit when they are not having a sale
  • Dedicated March 2017. Barbara· We took our guest list to a small, local printer. Using our sketch, he helped design the card, i.e., size, font, font size, recommended weight card stock. He printed the names and professionally cut them (no dotted lines to tear on) (no dotted lines to tear on). We then used a stamp matching our theme to complete the look. It wasn’t very expensive and I appreciated not having to work on it entirely alone
  • Savvy September 2022 Kimberly· If you don’t mind paying for it, I know etsy has a ton of affordable digital downloads you can use
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How do I make a table tent in Word?

  1. OpenWord. Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Draw a text box by selecting the “Page Layout” tab and clicking it. Select the “Insert” tab from the drop-down menu. Using the “Text Box” button on the tab’s ribbon, enter your text. In the Text Box, enter your name. To enter text into the text box, click inside it. Change the font to suit your needs. Draw attention to the text
  2. Save the TableCard Document to your computer. Select the “File” option from the drop-down menu.
  1. To begin, create a new document. Navigate to the Envelopes and Letters area of the new document that has been opened. Select Options from the Labels tab after clicking on it. Alternative Label Products can be found in the Label Products pull-down box. Then choose the Product Number/Label Name that you established in the previous stage, when you built the name tent template.

A second question is how can you flip text in Microsoft Office 2010. Launch Word 2010 and then choose the text you wish to flip, using “Ctrl-C” to copy it to the clipboard after it has been highlighted. Open Paint and select the ” Rotate ” command from the Home tab of the program. If you want to flip the text upside down, choose ” Rotate180,” or ” FlipHorizontal,” to make a mirror copy of it. So, how can you create a tent place card in Microsoft Word? How to Create and Print Your Own Tent Cards Using Microsoft Office

  1. Step 1: Save the Tent Card Template to your computer. You may get a blank note card template for Microsoft Word here. Step 2: In Microsoft Word, open the template file you saved earlier. Open the Microsoft Word document containing the template you just downloaded (some templates may have opened automatically)
  2. The third step is to design your tent cards. Tent cards should be printed in Step 4.

What is the best way to reflect text? Make use of a text box.

  1. Format the text box by selecting it from the context menu (right-clicking the text box). Select 3-D Rotation from the left-hand menu. Adjust the X axis to 180 degrees
  2. When you click OK, Word automatically turns the content in the text field, creating a mirror image. By turning the Y axis to 180 degrees, you may construct an upside-down mirror picture of yourself.

Table Tent Cards

When it comes to special promotions, restaurant menus, or general informative reasons, Table Tent Cards are an excellent way to reach out to your consumers directly. They are available in two common sizes and will help you to connect with your consumers effectively and efficiently without difficulty.

Table Tent Cards are supplied flat in order to save you money on shipping and time. They are also super simple to build! Table Tent Cards with Reduced Printing Costs Have the Following Features:

  • Available in two sizes: 4″ x 16.25″ and 5″ x 16.25″
  • Matte/Dull Finish
  • UV Coating
  • 5-7 Day Turnaround
  • Custom Sizes Available. There are quantities ranging from 250 to 25,000 available.

Table Tent Cards Have a Variety of Applications:Special Promotions- It is important to ensure that once a consumer walks through the door, they will continue to do business with you. For businesses planning a major event, table tent cards are an excellent method to get the word out about their upcoming event. Make sure to include basic information about the event, such as cost and dates, as well as a website where they can obtain further information about the event if they so like. Product suggestion and upselling in restaurants are two of the most successful strategies available today for product recommendation and upselling in restaurants.

  • Put prominently on display popular drinks or high-ticket menu items that you are attempting to sell.
  • Using them in this manner saves time and money by notifying customers at the restaurant during off-hours about upcoming events or special menus.
  • The usage of information is widespread among hotels and rental property owners, who make extensive use of it.
  • A table tent card with instructions on how to connect to the Internet or how to operate the entertainment center, for example, may be created if you own a property that is utilized as a summer rental property.
  • If you need help purchasing or customizing your personalized table tent cards, please call us at 888-888-0649 orclick hereto utilize our onlinesupport contact form.
  • We will carefully review your file for the most typical issues that may arise.
  • Do not be concerned if your files are not flawless the first time you upload them to the server.

If, after placing a purchase for a product covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee, you discover a lower-priced version of the same product in the same quantity within three business days, we’ll reimburse you the difference between the two prices.

*** 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We provide a Money Back Guarantee to our first-time RETAIL clients who place print orders totaling up to $100 or less.

The completed printed product that is covered by this guarantee can be returned to us for a full refund of the printing costs alone, if you are not completely pleased with it.

It is advised that you place a modest purchase first before placing a large order in order to ensure that this promise is honored.

**** WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE ***** ***** ***** We promise that all of our orders will be free of faults in manufacturing.

GUARANTEE OF TURN-AROUND TIME (*****) With the addition of 1-day rush service, we promise that your order will be sent the next business day, or we will refund you the full amount of your rush service fee.

* Client responsibility for providing print-ready files in accordance with the recommendations on our “preparing files” page rests with the customer.

So we check your files – but please understand that we do not check for spelling errors, factual data (such as phone numbers, names and addresses), text or any other content of your writing – we only check for the technical setup of your file to ensure that it will comply with print industry standards when it is printed.

For example, if your file has a low resolution, we will not be able to increase the resolution of the file – this is considered impossible.

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Despite the fact that we make every effort to fulfill all advertised turnaround times, our STANDARD turnaround time is intended to be used as an estimate only and not as a promise.

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