How To Make A Tent Out Of Construction Paper

Camping Themed Paper Tent Kid Craft Idea For Summer Camp Plans

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we’re sharing another Paper Tentkid craft idea, this time themed around camping! That is a mouthful to pronounce, but I assure you that while the name is lengthy, the craft itself is not unduly complex! Simple paper DIY that can be customised with your child’s image as the focal point will just take a few minutes to do, and it will only cost you a few dollars. Furthermore, we have included a free tent form template to assist you in getting started quickly and easily with your project.

Start this year’s round of summer crafts with our easy-to-follow tutorial, which you can find below.

Happy creating, my dear friends, and don’t forget to share images of your finished products with the rest of the group!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  • A 46′′ Printed Body or Facial Picture, as well as optional embellishments such as gold star stickers, glitter glue, and craft jewels
  • White Cardstock Paper, Color Printer, Black Construction Paper, Various Colored Paper Scraps, Colorful Scrapbook Paper, Pencil or Pencil and Paper Craft Scissors, Tape Runner Adhesive, and a Basic Triangle Tent Shape Printable are all required.

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  • First and foremost, please print our FREE “tent form” printable from the link provided above. The printable will serve as your “stencil,” allowing you to build the tent form as many times as you’d like using only one sheet of paper. You will be able to reuse this item over and over again, so make a copy of it when you are finished constructing. Take use of the printable by trimming away the triangular form and also cutting following the lines that have been drawn in it. Excess paper should be discarded. Then, on the reverse of the scrapbook paper, place the triangle form that you just created. Using a pen or pencil, trace along the edge of the paper shape After you have removed the paper stencil, cut out the triangle pattern with your scissors, being sure to chop up the center of the triangle design, just like you would have done with the original tent form. Set it away for a while. Take a black sheet of paper and a photograph of yourself
  • If necessary, trim the photo to fit the black paper and glue it to the bottom/center of the black paper to secure it. You can place the tent piece on top of the paper to have a better sense of where it should go
  • Now take your scrapbook paper piece and fold up the flaps of the “tent” a little to allow your photo to peep through a little
  • Glue the paper tent on top of the black paper using a strong adhesive. Finally, the most exciting part! You’ll use star stickers, hand-cut trees, a paper campfire, and whatever else comes to mind to help create the scene for your crafting heart. Make use of our images as inspiration
  • When you’re finished, just put it on display for everyone to see! Keep in mind to write your name and date on the reverse of the piece so that you can remember when you made it
  • PAIR YOUR FINISHED PIECE WITH OUR —Handprint Campfire Keepsake On Paper – Summer Kid Craft— TO COMPLETE THE SET

Don’t have access to a printer? There’s nothing to worry about! In spite of the fact that we’ve provided a free printable in this article, it is not absolutely required to be able to finish the project. Always remember that you may freestyle your triangle form while still following the instructions outlined above to create a fantastic camping-themed artwork! Also, I recently came across this set of OUTDOOR SCRAPBOOK STICKERS on Amazon that would be perfect to incorporate into this project! PAIR YOUR TENT CRAFT WITH OUR —Do It Yourself Stained Glass Camping Lantern—

AtGlued To My Crafts, we LOVE sharing paper craft ideas with our readers! So before you leave, if you loved today’s paper tent craft tutorial, please check out our newly postedChalk Art PeacockandSandpaper Starfish Cardtutorials! Both of which are super easy to recreate AND have free printables as well!

  • • 1 gluing tool (new or used)
  • • 1 greeting card (new or used)
  • 1 sheet of colorful construction paper (about 9×12 inches)
  • 1 pair of child-safety scissors (optional). 3/16-inch core foam board
  • 1 bottle white craft glue (optional)
  • 1 sheet of foam board Colored pencils or markers

By constructing a miniature campground, you may bring the “Great Outdoors” into your home. Make use of this art project to assist children through lessons on campground safety, animals, ecology, and the importance of protecting the environment. A camper’s first order of business after arriving at a new campsite is to set up his or her camper’s tent. It is simple to construct a model paper tent. You’ll need a few basic art supplies, most of which you’ll probably already have around the house, as well as a large work space.

Step 1

Using a glue stick, apply glue on the exterior surfaces of the greeting card and let dry. Place the card in the center of a sheet of construction paper, such that the exterior sides of the card are completely covered with paper (see illustration). You should be looking at the inside surfaces of the card, which is the area where the preprinted message is most typically visible. If you do not see this, it is likely that you have attached the card on the construction paper from the wrong side. Firmly press the card on the table.

Step 2

Using scissors, trim away any excess construction paper from the card’s perimeter.

Fold the card in half and push along the fold to seal it. By laying the closed card on the table and firmly swiping your palm across the card, you may smooth out any paper creases.

Step 3

To decorate the card, open it up and set it flat on the table. Make the outside of the “tent” unique by decorating it with crayons, markers, and other art items.

Step 4

Turn the “tent” over and hold it like you would a greeting card that has been opened. To finish the card, gently squeeze a line of glue down the two vertical sides of the card, starting at the bottom and working up. It is OK if part of the glue runs down the edges of the container. Once the greeting card is fastened to the foam board, the interior of this “tent” will be difficult to see through to the outside.

Step 5

Place the “tent” on the foam board once it has been turned over once more. Upon completion of this step, the card will be standing on its side and its binding will be facing upward. It will have the appearance of an inverted “V.” If necessary, apply additional white craft glue around the edges of the card and on the foam board. Your “tent” is up and ready for use. Allow time for drying.


Allowing youngsters to utilize their imaginations while constructing this paper campground is highly recommended. Encourage the children to remember that the majority of tents are only available in one or two colors, and that they are simply decorating the tents “for fun.” On the side of the “tent,” perhaps they will want to draw a window to let in more light. Place dirt and rocks on the foam board and have them plant “trees” (small sticks or flower stalks) around it. They may also make a fire pit out of stones and red and yellow construction paper flames to burn.

DIY Mini Camping Set Craft with Sticks and Paper

Using sticks and paper, create a mini camping set for your small toys and take them on a camping adventure. Beginner-friendly summer projects that are perfect for pretend play include this DIY Mini Camping Set Craft with Sticks and Paper that is simple to make but looks complex when finished. These miniature craft items, which are made simply from pattern paper and a few other ingredients, are a fantastic summer boredom buster idea! With the help of some little toys, you can bring the campground to life at home and believe you’re camping in a national park.

Supplies for the Camping Set Craft:

  • Craft supplies: Glue gun, popsicle sticks, patterned paper, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, etc.

For the Campsite

  • Artificial stones
  • Twigs
  • Patterned blue paper for the lake
  • Artificial flowers
  • The grass is made out of a green felt sheet
  • A red pipe cleaner

To make the Camping Tent Craft –

Cut a rectangle out of your patterned paper or cardstock that is 12 inches by 6 inches. We utilized a 1212 paper that had been sliced in half. You might also make it smaller by decreasing the size of the paper to the same ratio, for example, 94.5 or a 63.3 Make a mark on the paper at 3.9 inches with a ruler. Make a tent shape out of the rectangle by folding it three times at exactly 3.9 inches apart and pasting the extra space over the other end to make a triangle as shown in the illustration below.

  1. Attach four popsicle sticks, two at each end, with a low-temperature hot melt glue gun.
  2. Place the blue cardstock at the bottom of the Campsite to serve as the foundation.
  3. Create a wavy form to simulate a real grassland close to a lake by cutting it out.
  4. Finally, a red chenille stick that simulates fire is used.
  5. We’re going to construct a DIY tent that’s simple enough for kids of all ages to put up, and it’ll be simple enough for YOU to put together in minutes!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today! There are a plethora of choices with this one. There will be no more waiting! Let’s get those resources together and start working on your own uniqueDIY Mini Camping Set Craftpiece with your youngster now.

Check out our other Nature inspired crafts:

Let’s go camping together! Caitie enjoys camping in the wide outdoors, but she also has some excellent suggestions for simulating a camping trip at home with her friends. With this simple cut and paste exercise, you can create a camping craft to bring home with you to finish off your at-home camping experience. Use our printable to add a few surprises to your image, or use your own photo to personalize it even more! To find different species, you may even switch out the creatures hiding beneath the flaps.

Let’s get down to business!

Things you’ll need

  • Optional: Make a craft printable. To make the tent, we used construction paper in a variety of colors: green, brown, dark blue, and orange. We also used a pencil, white craft paint, scissors, a gluing stick, and a ruler.


If you’re using the DIY printable, make sure you cut out all of the pieces. Alternatively, you might use a photograph of your own, cut out animals from a magazine, or even create your own! Fold a piece of construction paper in half to create the tent — you may use any color construction paper to create your tent. Mark the top center point with the folded edge at the top, and then draw two lines down to the corners, producing a huge triangular shape with the folded edge at the top. To produce two triangles of the same size, cut out both layers of the paper.

  1. To build the tree trunks and branches, cut strips of brown construction paper to fit together.
  2. The smaller shapes will be the flaps that will conceal the individual animals within the larger shapes.
  3. Then attach the enormous tree top foliage forms into their respective positions.
  4. Glue the tent flaps to the two side edges of the second triangle after they have been folded open on the first.
  5. Large and little stars may be created by dipping both ends of a pencil into white paint and stamping them onto the sky.
  6. This makes them look more like trees!
  7. Then add and the smaller tree foliage to cover each animal.
  8. Glue the folded edge onto the tree to make a flap.
  9. You can also add a picture of yourself and join them camping!
  10. While Tobee is camping for the first time, he has high hopes of seeing an owl.
  11. There are lots of new sounds you can hear when you go camping… Can you find where the sounds are coming from in the trees?

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Build Your Own Collapsible Cardboard Tent

Tents made from scratch are all the rage right now. They’re really adorable, and they’re also quite simple to create. But what if you’re like me and aren’t especially adept at working with power instruments? What if you have a youngster that enjoys producing things and is always willing to provide a hand? What then? Well, I’ve come up with the ideal craft for you! Today, we’ll be building a portable tent from scratch. out of cardboard! Yes, cardboard is used! Children who are naturally creative will like participating in the construction activities, and you will appreciate being able to store the toolbox in the closet.

What You Need

  • Paint (I used craft paint and tempera paint)
  • Paint brushes
  • Duct tape
  • Masking tape
  • Exacto knife
  • Tape measure
  • White craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter


1st step: Your cardboard TV moving box will be sent in two pieces: an inner box and an exterior box. 2nd step: Pull them apart and use one of them to construct the tent structure. On each side of the tent, cut out two rectangles that are comparable in size. Make sure that the height of your rectangle is less than the width of your craft paper before cutting it out. The holes in the craft paper must be covered with the paper. Using a sharp knife, cut straight through the middle of the tent to allow it to open.

  • In the beginning, I used scissors, but I eventually converted to a box cutter.) Then, using a piece of craft paper that is slightly larger than the rectangular holes, cut out the shapes you want to use for the rectangular holes.
  • Using another piece of paper, repeat the process once more.
  • Step 4After your two sheets of craft paper have dried, tape them to the inside of the tent on both sides.
  • Then I used duct tape and an exacto knife to thoroughly cover the edges of the duct tape.
  • You now have a portable, lightweight tent that can be simply opened for play and folded up to be stored around the house when not in use, saving you time and money.
  • It’s a really amazing collaborative project that really stimulates imagination!
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Scout Crafts: Origami Tents

  • 1st step: Your cardboard television moving box will be sent in two parts: an inside box and an exterior box. 2nd step: Take them apart and use one of them to construct the tent structure. On either side of the tent, cut out two rectangles of identical size. Make sure that the height of your rectangle is less than the width of your craft paper before you start cutting. The holes must be covered with the craft paper. Now, cut right through the middle of the tent, allowing it to open up completely on the inside. Trim the bottoms of your legs so that the tent lays flat on the ground while you’re not walking around. In the beginning, I used scissors, but I eventually moved to a box cutter. Then, using a piece of craft paper that is slightly larger than the hole, measure and cut the rectangular holes in it. Protect the place where you’ll be working (I laid an old tablecloth across the floor.) Invite the children over and have them create a design on the paper using tempera paints. Using another sheet of paper, repeat the technique above. Step 3: Have even more fun with your painting by using craft paint to design the exterior of your tent. Using masking tape, attach the two sheets of craft paper to the tent’s two sides when they have dried. Step 4 I started by taping the paper in place using bits of masking tape. Using duct tape and an exacto knife, I was able to completely cover all of the exposed edges. Tada! You now have a portable, lightweight tent that you can simply open for play and fold down to keep around the home when it is not in use, saving you time and effort. Don’t you think doing this with the kids would be a great weekend project? It’s a really fun collaborative project that really fosters creativity! The ideal hiding area for youngsters to hide, read, play, and dream:)))) Happy crafting till the next time! Have a great time!

Instructions: To begin, take a solid square piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. It is important to remind your Scouts to line up the edges and crease their folds as they are working with this activity. Fold the paper in half once more. Then fold it back in half. You’ll now do a few of diagonal folds to bring your middle crease closer together. These will be the flaps for the tent. When folding your tent, make sure to fold it all the way to the edge. This will help it hold up better.

You may then raise the corners of the tent flaps so that you can see inside the tent interior. You may now use a photo of your Scout to decorate the interior of the tent. It’s a wonderful personal touch that your Scouts will appreciate. And that’s only for a single individual!

Another tent idea:

Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half diagonally across the middle. Make another diagonal fold in the opposite direction of the first one. Fold the paper in half once it has been unfolded. Remove the paper from the fold; there should be three creases, one horizontal and the other two pointing toward the corners. Make a depression in the center of the crease where all of the wrinkles meet by pressing your finger against it. The paper should be folded back in half until the horizontal crease end points all come together.

To make this hourglass shape, take the rounded “bases” of the hourglass and press them down toward the middle, where you are holding the horizontal end points together.

Your paper should be shaped like a triangle with four flaps on each side.

Make a flare at the bottom and fold the extra within to finish.

51 Funnest Camping Crafts for Kids of All Ages!

Take a square of paper and fold it in half diagonally across the middle. Make a diagonal fold in the opposite direction of the first. Fold the paper in half once it has been unfolded Remove the paper from the fold; you should see three creases, one horizontal and the other two extending toward the corners. Make a depression in the center of the crease where all of the wrinkles come together with your finger. Pull the paper back in half until the end points of the horizontal crease are met. The paper should resemble an hourglass if you hold the horizontal end points in place.

Flatten the surface using your fingers.

Make a crease in the center of each flap on both sides; there should be some extra extending down.

The ultimate output should be a triangle tent with a square foundation, as shown in the diagram.

S’more Camping Crafts for Kids

S’mores are a typical camping must-have, and they’re probably the favorite part of every kid’s camping experience (unless they’re a fire bug like my preschooler!). Here are some fantastic s’mores projects that you can make with your child!

1. S’more necklace

Make this adorable s’mores necklace (as well as other camping necklaces!) with only a little clay and paint! Summer camp will be remembered fondly by the kids who made their own s’more to take home with them.

2. S’mores Made from Popsicle Sticks

A huge fan of Glued to my Crafts’ work, and her adorable pop-sicle s’mores project does not disappoint! See it for yourself here!

3. S’more Pretend Play DIY

The ideal type of play for children is imagined play, which you can encourage with this adorableDIY s’mores playground!

It’s easy to put together, and the kids will have a blast with it for hours!

4. Felt S’more

The ideal type of play for children is imagined play, which you can encourage with this adorableDIY s’mores playground. This toy is simple to assemble, and the children will have hours of fun with it.

5. S’mores cups to go!

This delicious s’mores activity is sure to be a success at your next camp-themed party or gathering! The following recipe is for you if you want to forgo the actual s’more making but still get to have fun with the ingredients.

Campfire Crafts for Kids!

When you have a camp themed party, this edible s’mores activity will be a big success. If you want to forgo the real s’more cooking but still have a good time with the ingredients, thiss’more cupis for you!

1. Recycled Glowing Campfire!

Instead of throwing away that next plastic bottle, recycle it and use it to create a beautiful glowing campfire project! It’s simple to paint, and it’s satisfying to get a second use out of something you already own!

2. Handprint Campfire Craft

With an adorable campfire hand print, there’s no better way to remember your first camping experience, or even a memorable camp themed party. Once you arrive home, you may frame it with the help of the charming printable pattern that is included!

3. Tissue paper and cup campfire craft

This campfire is great if you’re trying to stay away from using paint (see it here!) and it also helps youngsters with their fine motor skills! Also, it’s realistic-looking and adorable!

4. Tissue paper on construction paper campfire craft

Alternatively, if you do not want to gather any plastic, let the children to shred up some tissue paper and transform it into a bonfire! It’s simple, entertaining, and completely mess-free!

5. Campfire Crown!

This is ideal for camping activities with children, such as who can put together campfire supplies the fastest, who can create the finest s’more, and so on. What youngster wouldn’t be enthralled by an aflame crown?

6. Cardboard tube campfire

When it comes to creating, a little paint can work wonders, and in this case, it transformed something mundane into something spectacular — a campfire! Take a look at it here!

7. Campfire safety craft (that you can eat!)

The importance of learning about campfire safety cannot be overstated, and because children learn best through play, why not add a little extra inspiration in the form of tasty goodies to truly get them enthused about learning about wildfire safety? This little campfire activity makes use of food to help students learn the importance of safety. and it’s never looked more delectable than right now!

8. Sew your own cute campfire set!

Here’s an adorableDIY campfire sewing tutorial for the mums who are REALLY into crafting! It’s so incredibly adorable that I’m thinking it could really motivate me to pull out my sewing machine. I’m sure my children would like it!

9. A large pretend campfire for parties or school!

If you’re planning a camp-themed week or party, the charming tiny crafts listed above may not be enough, and you’ll need a campfirediy that everyone can enjoy! This large campfire is ideal, and it is rather simple to construct (she also gives additional suggestions for camp-ifying your space!)

10. “Campfire Pokey” song and flannel board!

However, even though I had only recently discovered about flannel boards, I am eager to try out the campfire pokey because it is both adorable and stimulates movement via singing!

The components are simple to cut out, and the melody is enjoyable to sing along to!

Tent camping crafts for kids

Tents have always been a great way to get away for both kids and adults! Take a look at these tent projects that are almost as entertaining as going camping!

11. Cute fold out tent craft (starring your little camper!)

This is easy to do (you only need some paper and glue!) and inexpensive. However, I appreciate the fact that your child can be included! Take a look over there!

12. Popsicle stick camping tent craft

Popsicle sticks are a lot of fun to work with, especially when you’re making something entertaining with your preschooler, like a tent! Another simple yet adorable way to celebrate a camping theme is with this tent popsicle project!

13. Footprint “Happy Camper” tent craft

Is camping a favorite pastime of yours, and you hope your child will feel the same way? Start with this adorable tent footprint project to remind yourself of how little their feet were when you went on your first camping trip!

14. Origami tent (for older kids or heck… adults!)

This thing appears to be real, and I honestly believe I would make it just for myself as a piece of decor. Please take a look at this origami camp tent– it even includes a video for those of us who struggle with this type of project.

15. Camping tent favor box

Honestly, I believe I’d create this simply for myself as a piece of decor, because it appears to be real. This origami camp tent is really cool, and it even includes a video for those of us who aren’t very good at this sort of thing.

16. Paper tent camping scene

I really like how this tent craft gives you the opportunity to conceive and sketch an entire tent camping scenario from scratch! The tent is simple to construct, and children may decorate the remainder of the paper anyway they see fit!

17. STEM tent project!

Using just toothpicks, a tissue, and gumdrops, kids can construct a tent that can provide shade for an animal in this STEM tent activity. Of course, I’d substitute marshmallows for the gumdrops (provided they still functioned the same way!).

18. DIY Cardboard play tent

Now we’re going to move on to tents that have enough space for children to run about in! This cardboard tentis a fantastic way to recycle those large, uncomfortable cardboard boxes that we always seem to end up with. and it’s much more entertaining because it lets the kids to design it themselves!

19. No sew camping reading tent

While it might be utilized indoors, its simple design is particularly well suited for usage outside on hot, sunny days! Having a no sew tent is fantastic since it makes it much more approachable for someone like myself who can be frightened by sewing lessons.

20. No sew tablecloth playhouse tent

Even though this is not a standard camping tent in terms of design, there are quite a few available in this configuration! Furthermore, if you have more than one child to enjoy with a tent, you’ll want the additional area that thisplayhouse tablecloth tentprovides!

Camping Lantern Crafts

There is something wonderful about an old-fashioned camping lantern, despite the fact that we tend to use plastic lanterns these days (or, let’s be honest, phone flashlights!) Take a look at some of the lantern projects that your children will like!

21. Glowing water bottle lantern craft

This camping lantern craft in the ” coleman” stylerecycles a plastic bottle and some construction paper to create a charming lantern that kids can carry!

“Rip and Stick” tissue paper lantern (with bears!)

A little modge podge and tissue paper can transform a plain piece of paper into something quite wonderful!

Consider trying out this entertaining sensory-based camping light project that the kids may personalize with their favorite animal!

22. Fine motor hole punch lantern craft

For kids who wish to construct a lantern, this is unquestionably the finest option! This incredibly easy yet lovely activity can be found in the OT toolbox, and it is something that toddlers can really complete on their own!

23. Tin can camping lantern

I adore how well-suited his lamp is for both entertaining and practical use at a campground! Because it’s made of tin, it can withstand some hard play and regular usage! Take a look at it here!

24. String lantern lights

Following the Boston Lantern Parade, this mother was inspired to create her own lanterns. I really like this for larger groups to thread about the campsite or for incorporating a fun campy feel into the classroom.

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25. Peanut butter jar lantern

Peanut butter jars are the ideal shape for creating a lantern, especially when you consider the color and texture of the lid! This one even makes use of lovely tissue paper to add a little extra flair!

26. Plastic cup tissue paper lantern

Even children can learn how to create these simple camping lanterns in only a few minutes! It would be enjoyable to design a simple plastic cup with tissue paper and a handle! Take a look at it here!

27. Bear silhouette camping lantern craft

This is very stunning, and it’s quite simple to make! Allow the children to choose their favorite animal in order to truly customize their lantern!

28. Doll camping lantern!

This little doll lantern is ideal for children who like role-playing with their dolls and other toys. Made from one of those little prescription cups that come with children’s medications, it’s adorable! Take a look at it here! (For the sake of completeness, scroll approximately half way down the page).

29. Super mini pom pom lantern!

Speaking of dolls, this one is much more little than the last one! It really makes use of a pom pom for the “lighted” lantern component of the design! This does not come with directions, but it appears to be made from a button, a pom pom, and perhaps another button on top!

30. Mini bead and sequin camping lantern craft

Another adorable little lantern project! It appears like they used a green bead, a clear bead, and then another green button or sequin in this one, but there are no instructions for it. Additionally, it may be fastened on your child’s clothing because it is attached to a safety pin (exactly like the one seen above!)

Outdoor crafts and activities to do while at camp

We’ve covered all of the camp-inspired crafts for kids, now let’s have a look at some fantastic projects you can make while really camping! Due to the fact that I have preschoolers and younger children, many of these activities will be geared toward the younger crowd; nonetheless, it is amazing how much older children like camp activities! A number of these are inspired by nature or may be completed with the help of printouts that you can prepare ahead of time. Really, it’s the ideal method to keep the kids occupied while you’re camping so that you can rest yourself.


30. Camping scavenger hunts (this has 4 printables included!)

The following has got to be one of the simplest ways to keep a youngster occupied while camping: print out one of these scavenger hunts (sensory, experiences, alphabet etc.) and let them go hunting for the items on it.

31. Play Camping BINGO!

These camping BINGO cards are useful to have since they can be used as conventional BINGO cards, or they can be transformed into a scavenger hunt because all of the objects on the list can be found at a campsite!

32. Make some “Sensory Soup” with items from around camp!

It’s no secret that children enjoy playing in water, and sensory camp soup, when combined with a fun “recipe” component, becomes a success! There are four recipe cards that may be printed out to inspire your young camp cook to be creative!

33. Make a campsite sign!

Allow your children to identify each new campground as their own (while also keeping them engaged as you set up camp!) with a homemade camping sign. It’s entertaining to let your child explore camp and attach anything they discover to their sign (plus, it provides for a nice memory to take home with them).

34. Use playdoh and nature to create something awesome!

When was the last time you played with playdoh at home? It’s actually a fantastic medium for creating buildings, animals, and entertaining murals. Bring your playdoh to camp and have some fun making things!

35. Clean the rocks!

When was the last time you played with playdoh at your house? Construction of dwellings, animals, and entertaining murals is possible with this medium. To make some entertaining masterpieces, bring some playdoh along to camp.

36. Crate a special hiking stick with your kids!

Especially if you intend on visiting the area surrounding camp, your children will enjoy the opportunity to completely create their own walking stick! Paint, thread, and whatever else they can come up with will serve as a fun remembrance of their fantastic camp vacation when they go back home!

37. Make some rock pets!

As fact, rocks were offered in “rock pet sets” in stores for a purpose. adding some paint and googly eyes to a rock can be a lot of fun. While at camp, bring it down to the fundamentals with this collection of entertaining rock pets!

38. Create leaf people with leaves from around camp!

It’s great fun to use all of the different shapes and textures of leaves to create leaf people, because there are so many different kinds of leaves! To engage smaller children, draw an outline of a figure and invite them to fill it in with leaves.

39. Speaking of leaves… make leaf rubbings!

With so many different textures, leaves may be transformed into beautiful works of art when colored over in this manner. Nature’s splendor is very breathtaking!

40. Paint with marshmallows

Any camp vacation with children is nearly always a highlight, so why not utilize marshmallows for something other than eating, as seen here.

41. Build with Marshmallows

Continue with marshmallow activities for camp by checking out this creative concept for building with marshmallows! It turns out that they are quite durable, as well as delicious!

42. DIY Marshmallow shooters!

This one will almost certainly be the most popular with the youngsters thus far. and it’s actually rather simple to put together! Try to shoot some cups (or each other, let’s be honest!) with these marshmallow shooters to see who can get the most points!

43. Build a twig boat!

Fun will be had by everyone as you join sticks together to form a little boat! Kids will enjoy experimenting to discover the greatest design (such as this one!) for themselves.

Do you have any awesome kids camping crafts to add?

This collection contains some of the greatest camping crafts available on the internet – if you would like to have yours included, please send me an email! Crafting is a favorite pastime for children, and even better, it keeps them occupied when camping!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here! I managed to get a picture of all three of my children in the same frame — my preschooler enjoyed the camp crafts last season, and I’m certain that my now toddler twins will like them just as much this year!

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Crafts are only one aspect of the camping experience; continue reading for additional camping how-tos and activities! Stacy Bressler is a mother of three who resides in Jackson, Wyoming, and is an ardent outdoorswoman, wife, and mother of three. She is passionate about camping and appreciates sharing useful suggestions, entertaining activities, and amusing learning experiences that she has encountered along the road. She narrates her adventures in the great outdoors through the lenses of comedy and optimism on her website, “The Crazy Outdoor Mama.” Stacy Bressler’s most recent blog entries (See all of them)

Camping Craft for Kids

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. Whenever I’m looking for simple projects to do with my preschoolers, I come across things like this paper plate camping activity. If you’re planning a camping trip with your family, this project is guaranteed to make your kids excited about the adventure ahead of them. If you’re planning a camping theme with your preschoolers, they’ll have a blast putting together a campground out of paper plates and construction paper.

Camping Craft for Kids

With the help of a free printable pattern, this activity is simple to prepare as well as simple to make. Should it be required, moms and instructors may choose to precut the craft pieces for smaller children to make preparation even easier.

What You’ll Need

To print the paper plate campfire craft template, go to the bottom of this page and click on the link provided. Cut out all of the template pieces and trace them onto a piece of construction paper or cardstock in the color of your choice. Remove all of the colored pieces off the sheet. You may alternatively print the template on white cardstock and color the parts with markers or crayons after they have been printed. The tent pole should be glued to the rear piece of the tent, and the tree trunks should be glued to the tops of the tree trunks.

  • Finish assembling the separate elements by gluing the tent flaps to the front of the tent and the flames to the firewood to complete the construction.
  • Green and blue are the colors I’ve chosen for the grass and the sky.
  • Glue these to the inside of the plate with a glue stick.
  • When you’re finished, glue all of the parts together.


Fill your book basket with a fantastic assortment of picture books about camping. Your local library or secondhand shop will likely have most of these titles available. If you have trouble locating them, you may get them through my Amazon affiliate links, which can be found by clicking on the photos below. Good Night Campsite– Get your small camper ready for your next camping trip by getting it ready the night before. A beloved campground and all of the wonderful outdoor activities that go along with it, such as hiking and swimming, will be explored by your child and their friends.

Included are roasted marshmallows over an open campfire!

While hiding in the woods, he comes face to face with a woodland beast, which sets off a chain of even more bizarre events in the life of the cheeky monkey!

Llama Llama Enjoys Camping–When Llama Llama goes camping for the first time, he learns a vital lesson: what appears to be frightening may actually be quite enjoyable.

More Camping Fun for Preschoolers

Camping has never been so cozy before! Set up camp in the playroom with this charming, personalized campout kit, which includes a smiling marshmallow, a water flask, and a bonfire to keep the kids entertained. Camp Charades is a fun interactive game that will make your camping vacation entertaining. With 17 pages of fascinating charade cards (8 cards each page), your campfire gatherings will be even more entertaining. Your children will have all they need for a delightful (believe) trek in the woods if they have a felt hiking map, compass, and hatchet.


  • Construction paper, paper plates, scissors, glue stick, and a pencil are all needed.


  1. To print the paper plate campfire craft template, go to the bottom of this page and click on the link provided. Cut out all of the template pieces and trace them onto a piece of construction paper or cardstock in the color of your choice. Remove all of the colored pieces off the sheet. You may alternatively print the template on white cardstock and color the parts with markers or crayons after they have been printed. The tent pole should be glued to the rear piece of the tent, and the tree trunks should be glued to the tops of the tree trunks. Assemble the firewood and then attach the yellow flames on the orange flames to complete the project. Finish assembling the separate elements by gluing the tent flaps to the front of the tent and the flames to the firewood to complete the construction. Measure the inside of the paper plate and cut two half-circle pieces of craft paper to fit the interior of the plate. Green and blue are the colors I’ve chosen for the grass and the sky. If you like a night sky instead of a day sky, use black paper instead of blue. Glue these to the inside of the plate with a glue stick. After that, glue the constructed craft pieces to the interior of the plate craft so that it seems like a campground is being built. When you’re finished, glue all of the parts together. You’ve completed your task

Campfire Craft Template

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Camping has been a favorite pastime of mine for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, most of my summer vacations consisted of camping, which was generally on one of the gorgeous sandy beaches of Lake Powell. Fortunately, I married someone who shares my enthusiasm for spending time in nature. Over the years, our basic car camping visits evolved into extended hiking expeditions in the wilderness. We’ve had the good fortune to camp in several very distant, yet gorgeous, locations throughout the years.

  1. And one of the most enjoyable ways we’ve discovered to share our love of camping with her is to make these amazing Camping Crafts for Kids!
  2. We tried again this summer after she didn’t manage to stay in the tent for the whole night the first time.
  3. In front of our fire pit, we gathered around a roaring fire and enjoyed s’mores made with toasted marshmallows.
  4. We made it through the night, and our little nugget has been begging us to go camping with him every night since then.
  5. She constructed a bonfire complete with toasted marshmallows, a smiling s’more, evergreen trees, tents for her dinosaurs to enjoy, and her very own (working) camping light.
Handprint Campfire

When I came across this funHandprint Campfireidea over on the Glued to My Crafts blog, I knew it would be a hit with our little nugget. It is necessary to have the following things in order to make your own handprint campfire: White paper or card stock, paint (red, orange, and brown), and a sponge applicator are all you need to make this project (or paintbrush). When it comes to handprint painting, we’ve found that sponge applicators are the most effective tool for us. A paper straw and a few of cotton balls are also useful if you want to bake some marshmallows on the fire (since, after all, what is a campfire without marshmallows?).

  1. Make a handprint by placing it down on the paper on the left-hand side and pressing down hard to make a mark.
  2. Apply red paint to your child’s other hand and use it to make a final handprint in the middle of the two orange prints you’ve just created.
  3. Remove the paint from your child’s hands with soap and water.
  4. The logs were made by our daughter sliding her paint-covered finger in a huge “x” shape below the flames, below the flames.
  5. Using our glue gun, we adhered our cotton balls to our paper straws and then stuck our marshmallow stick to the top of our bonfire to complete the look.

If you’re roasting marshmallows over a campfire, chances are you’re getting ready to make some s’mores, which are notoriously tasty but notoriously messy camping treats. The flavor of roasted marshmallows by itself is rather pleasant. But, you have to have at least one s’more, don’t you think?

Smiley S’more

When I was enjoying Stacey’s handprint campfire project (found on theGlued to My Craftsblog), I happened to notice a photo of herPaper Plate S’morescraft, which I immediately pinned to my Pinterest board. We were inspired by that one photograph to make our very own happy s’more! Our graham crackers and chocolate were ready to be wrapped up in different colors of brown paper, until I realized that it would be more interesting to use some sandpaper for our graham give a fun texture aspect!

  • We started by cutting a piece of white card paper to the size that we wanted our s’more to be in total.
  • After that, we used construction paper to make a square of dark brown chocolate to attach in the centre.
  • After we had adhered our cotton balls (marshmallows) across the middle of our s’more, we made sure not to completely cover the chocolate layers with the marshmallow glue.
  • Good luck with your meal!
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Paper Straw Trees

A camping trip would be incomplete without the presence of trees. We are fortunate in that we have a large number of beautiful green trees in our backyard. One of my favorite things to do while camping is to sit and watch the aspen leaves blowing in the wind on a bright day.both it’s enchanting and hypnotizing to watch them. Given the abundance of pine trees in Colorado, I thought it would be fun to make some basic evergreen trees out of green and white paper straws for a festive holiday decor project.

  • A strip of glue was piped onto the back of two straws, which were then glued together in a triangle configuration on the green construction paper.
  • We used the same procedure to create a second, shorter tree.
  • A brown rectangular trunk was attached to the bottom of each tree using adhesive to complete the appearance.
  • My favorite thing about them is that they give a much-needed natural aspect to all of our camping projects.
Popsicle Stick Tents

Even if there were no trees, it would still be considered camping. We are fortunate in that we have a large number of beautiful green trees in our yard. Aspen leaves blowing in the wind on a beautiful day is one of my favorite things to do when camping.both it’s enchanting and hypnotizing to watch them. I felt it would be nice to make some simple evergreen trees out of some green and white paper straws because we have a lot of pine trees here in Colorado as well. Glue and a pair of scissors were also necessary for this project, as was some green and brown construction paper.

Our tree’s base was made from another straw, which I trimmed to size.

We cut around the trees and around the outside border of the straws when the adhesive had set fully.

A brown rectangular trunk was attached to the bottom of each tree using adhesive to finish the appearance. This is a doddle. Their addition of a much-needed natural aspect to all of our camping crafts is something I really appreciate.

Mini Tealight Lanterns

These little tealight lanterns are by far the most popular of all of our camping crafts, and the whole family loves them! It’s most likely due to the fact that they are entirely functional.and adorable to boot! My excitement level skyrocketed when I came upon this incredibleLED Tealight Lanternsidea, which I discovered on Atomic Shrimp. I was absolutely giddy with excitement! Take a look at them, for example. I’m still crazy with excitement! We have them hanging on our dining room art wall, among other camping crafts, and I love that we can turn them on at night to add a little atmosphere to the area.

To create your own little tealight lantern, you’ll need the following materials and tools: sheets of projector film or a similarly shaped piece of plastic (in our case, we recycled the plastic from the front of an old cheap picture frame), scissors, permanent markers, tealight candle, double-sided tape, colored paper or card stock, a hole punch, yarn or string, and Elmer’s glue (hot glue will melt the plastic film; we used Elmer’s glue because it was the only thing we had on hand).

  1. To begin, cut the plastic film to the appropriate size.
  2. Using scissors, trim the length to roughly 8 cm tall.
  3. Despite the fact that I adore the stained glass appearance that they employed on Atomic Shrimp, I simply lacked the patience for that type of design.
  4. Apply some double-sided tape to the edges of the tealight candle to hold it in place.
  5. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and wrap the bottom of the plastic film around the candle, starting at the top of the film (making sure the marker-side is facing inward).
  6. If required, you may also use a little piece of transparent tape to hold the two pieces together.
  7. Then, using the same colored paper, cut a little circle for the next step (I traced the rim of a small drinking glass).

Glue or tape the cut-out sections of the circle together to form the top of the lantern in the shape of a conical cone.

Small pieces of yarn should be used for this project.

Make a knot out of it.

Pulling up on the slack in the yarn will result in the creation of the lantern handle.

This is a craft that can be a little difficult.

I am so smitten with our camping crafts!

Another one of our favorite camping activities is stargazing, and we really enjoy the spectacular night skies that we encounter when we go away from the city.

It’s possible that we’ll have to take the plunge and venture into the woods in the coming weeks! As a temporary solution, we’ll turn to stargazing with our Starry Nights Sensory Bottle. START DISSEMINATING THE INFORMATION!

Question: How To Make A Model Of A Tent With Paper Triangle

Set up your tent by tying one end of your rope around a tree, far enough away from the trunk so that when it is hanging loose, it reaches the middle of the location you have in mind for your tent. In case the tree is too high to reach or shimmy up to knot one end, toss the rope over the tree and work with the double length instead! 2.

How do you make a tent out of newspaper?

Instructions: Take two sheets of newspaper and lay them out flat, one on top of the other, so that they are completely flat. Begin rolling the stacked newspapers from one corner to the other, clockwise. You may use as many newspaper rolls as your children will let you to! Using your newspaper rolls, create triangles by taping the ends together to form points at the top and bottom.

How do you make the perfect fort?

Clothes pins can be used to keep sheets together. The use of pillows or books as weights to hold fort walls in place is recommended. Covering chairs and the edges of couches with blankets is a good idea. Clamps, chip clips, and rubber bands are useful for holding sheets and blankets in place on the backs of chairs, couch cushions, and other furniture.

How do you build a makeshift shelter?

Several items are required to construct a homemade tent: rope or some other line to stretch between two trees, a tarp to hang from the rope and something to use as a ground anchor to secure the tarp to the ground. If you don’t have any of these items, you can borrow some from a friend. Instead of using rope or thread, you can utilize a sturdy limb wedged between two trees several feet above the ground if you don’t have any available.

Why do you put a tarp under a tent?

Placing some form of ground cover or tarp beneath your tent is vital for ensuring the longevity of your tent as well as keeping it warm and dry throughout the winter. Even dew will run down the tent walls and pool beneath your tent if the tarp is stretched too far out from the tent. A tarp should not be placed underneath the tent when camping at the beach, but rather inside the tent.

How do you build a shelter without tools?

A lean-to shelter does not necessitate the use of a great deal of resources. The lean-to shelter is considered to be one of the most traditional types of emergency shelter. Nothing more complicated than locating two trees that are around six feet or so away from one another. Place a pole between the two trees and bind it with vine, shoelaces, twine, or rope to keep it from moving.

How do you make a tent at home in bed?

Make a basic tent by tying a string between two solid points and stretching it. A sheet draped over it in an a-frame form may be used to construct a basic, quick-to-assemble tent. Add some pillows to the bottom of the bed and you’re set to go. Another alternative is to thread a dowel beneath the cloth and then connect strings to the end of the dowel to hang it from the ceiling.

How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?

Drink a cup of tea before going to bed. Alternatively, another hot beverage. Make some physical activity a priority.

Consume a tiny amount of food. Make sure you’re wearing long underwear and fresh socks. Place dry garments inside your sleeping bag to keep you warm. Wear a cap made of knitted yarn. Warm water bottle by your bed as you sleep. Close the sleeping bag all the way.

How do you make a good fort without a chair?

In order to make the floor more comfortable, place some pillows, like as this Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, or cushions in each corner of the fortification. Additional blankets and sleeping bags should be placed on the floor. Get the Coleman Sleeping Bag by clicking here right now! To properly cover the furniture, the blanket must be large enough to accommodate all of the pieces.

How can I make my tent look pretty?

When camping, here are 20 tips to make any tent feel like a luxury hotel. 17 Add a few scented candles to the mix to create a homey atmosphere. Add twinkling solar-powered lights to your site to make it feel more homey and cute. 19 Bring a large cooler for your food; it will keep ice for several days. Make use of a double high inflatable mattress, which provides the feel of a real mattress for a fraction of the cost.

How do you make a tent house in bed?

15 Different Ways to Make a Tent (DIY tents) So let’s get this party started: Make a canopy bed using an embroidery hoop and cloth using this easy DIY project. Make a no-sew tepee out of bamboo and thread to keep warm in the winter. Make a reading nook in the kids’ room for them. Making an outdoor playhouse for the summer, courtesy of a children’s activities site. Make a play tent out of a clothesline. This toy tent is constructed from dowels.

How do you build a shelter in the jungle?

To make a simple rain shelter, just tie a poncho or piece of plastic between four trees to create a canopy over your head. To make a tent shelter, thread rope through the center of the poncho between two trees, then stake the sides into the ground with sticks to form an A-frame with your poncho.

How do you make a tent out of cardboard?

Let’s get together and pitch a tent! Detailed InstructionsYour cardboard TV moving box will be sent in two parts: an inner box and an exterior box. Measure the rectangular holes and cut a piece of craft paper that is slightly larger than the hole from the same sheet of paper. Continue the painting fun by using craft paint to adorn the exterior of your tent! Have fun with it!

How do you make a shelter in the woods with nothing?

How to Make a Shelter: Locate a single, long, and robust branch. If possible, it should be a few feet longer than you are tall. One end of the branch should be propped up on a tree stump or wood. Shorter branches should be leaned against the main branch. Cover the frame with leaves, branches, or other types of brush to complete the look.

What is the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent?

Some of the things I’ve done to stay warm while yet being comfortable include the following: Place thin foamies, foam squares, or really thick woolen blankets under the air mattress at the bottom of the tent to keep it from sinking in. Thick wool blankets should be placed on top of your air mattress, and then a fitted sheet should be used to keep that insulating layer intact.

How do you make a wigwam out of paper?

How to Make a Wigwam out of Paper (with Pictures). Pour the glue into a shallow dish and use a paintbrush to adhere the construction paper pieces to the cardboard strips, starting at the bottom of the dish.

Allow the pieces of paper to dangle over the cardboard strips a little. Allow for some drying time once the cardboard pieces have been coated before proceeding with the project.

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